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Title: Sermo die lune in ebdomada Pasche
Author: Fitzjames, Richard, d. 1522.
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of synnes. nsufflate and gracyously brethyd in his discyples. sayeng. ¶Receyue ye the holy ghost / who so euer synnes ye forgeue. forgeuen be they at god / And whose synnes ye retayne retayned be they att god. the. xx. chapitre of Iohn / Now for as moche as euery man is a sȳner in this lyf comynly as saynt Iohn shewyth the fyrste chapytre of hys fyrst epis∣tle in thyse wordes / ¶Yf we saye y• we be no syn∣ners: we disceyue ourself. & trouth is not in vs / And not oonly in one synne we offende god: but in ma∣ny synnes: as declareth saynt Iamys in his epystle the fyrste chapytre (We all sayth he offende god in many offences & respasses. is therfor y• sacrament of penaūce. necessary to man condicionally) That is to say (yf man offēde / as we do all cominly: then̄ is y• sacrament of penaūce necessary to y• releyf of mānys synne. to put hȳ in surete of remyssion) For (penitēcia habit{us}) thabite of penaūce is not of su∣che surete as declareth mayster Dwns in the .iiij. / Then̄ syth this sacrament is of necessyte requyred to all sȳners. Crist sayeng in y• .xiij. chapytre of Lu¦ke (Wythout ye do penaunce. all shall ye perysshe) Caste not awaye this holy sacrament. ne the gra∣ce therof. Dyspyse it not / But amende we ourself in to better lyfe. takynge penaunce for oure offen∣ces by ygnoraunce commytted. leest we sodaynly prcuente wyth deth. seke for penaunce. and can not henne fynde it. ∴ ¶Thyrde I sayde the holy Sacrament of the aweer is of, necessytee
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