A parallel: of nevv-old Pelgiarminian error
Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645.


OVt of Saint Prospers Epi∣stle to Saint Austen. That God foreknew before the foundation of the world, Who would beleeue, and perseuere in that faith, which in processe should be helped by grace. And that hee Praedestinated those to his Kingdome, whom, being freely cal∣led, hee foresawe would become worthy of his E∣lection, and depart this life making a good end.

Page  [unnumbered]Out of the Epistle of Saint Hi∣lary to Saint Austen extant in the seuenth Tome of Au∣steus Workes. They (the Demipelagians or Massi∣lians) will haue Prede∣stination to reach no far∣ther then this, that God Praedestinated, or fore∣knew, or decreed to elect those that would beleeue.