A parallel: of nevv-old Pelgiarminian error
Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645.
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2 Of the meaning of the word Grace.


PRopos. 10. By the word Grace is meant, nature endued with reason and will.

Out of Aug. Epist. 105. Pe∣lagius by that Grace which he acknowledged to be giuen without any foregoing merits, did meane the nature of man, wherein wee are created. Forasmuch, as before we had any being, we could merit that wee should haue a being.


ARnoldus Ibid. pag. 158. The Gentiles by nature do the things of the Law. And how little soeuer that bee, which a man in the estate of Corruption can doe, God wil∣leth that he should do it, and when man doth this, hee v∣seth grace well.

Item pag. 157. Vpon demand whether a man in the estate of corruption can rightly vse the light of reason: he pre∣sently resolueth, that it is re∣quired, that a man in the estate of Corruption doe rightly vse that grace, which he hath, and performe what∣soeuer he can, by that Grace giuen him.

It need not seeme strange that the Arminians make Nature to be Grace, who maintaine that there is a generall grace imprinted in all men without excep∣tion. Which what can it bee else but Nature, and her endowments? Now if any shall obiect, that this in effect is nothing but an idle strife about wordes, let him consider, that this is the hidden spring of the most pestilent poyson of Pelagins. For out of this Page  [unnumbered] may they wash away and put off any thing, that is brought by the maintainers of Grace. If alle∣getion be made against him, that We are saued by grace. Their answere is ready. True. To witt by nature, which is the first and generall grace. By grace I am that I am. True. By grace, that is by nature, whereof God is the free Donor. Faith is the gift of God. True. Because out free-will, by which we ascent, is the gift of God the Creator. And if St. Austen himselfe shall presse against them, that Grace onely discernes a beleeuer from an vnbeleeuer. Why may they not answere. True sir. That is, onely Free-will, which is most freely giuen vs by God.