*. Cyril. non dicit spiritum sanctū, sed Angelos, & filium; nec fili∣um Dei, sed fili∣um solummodo, de seipso loquens ut homine; nec sibi derogans ut Deo. scit enim, ut Deus, quod ut homo ignorat. He knew the end of time, not by the na∣ture of man, but by the na∣ture of God. Hee saith not, the Holy Ghost knoweth not, but that the Angels know it not, nor the Son: neither doth he say, the Son of God knoweth not, but onely the Son knoweth not; speaking of himselfe as man, and not derogating frō himselfe as God, for he knoweth that as God, which as man he is ignorant of.

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