A deuoute treatise vpon the Pater noster, made fyrst in latyn by the moost famous doctour mayster Erasmus Roterodamus, and tourned in to englisshe by a yong vertuous and well lerned gentylwoman of. xix. yere of age
Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536., Roper, Margaret, 1505-1544., Hyrde, Richard.

¶The seuenth peticion.

SEd libera nos a malo. O almyghty father / it hath pleased thy mere and liberall good¦nesse / ones whan we were rydde from sȳne / to de∣lyuer vs by thy son̄e Iesus Christ / out of the hā∣des of our moost foule and vnclene father the de∣uyll / & to electe & take vs in to the honour bothe of thy name and thyne inherytaūce: but yet of this condycion that all the while we lyue here in erthe we shulde be in cōtynuall batell with our enemy / Page  [unnumbered] nothyng mystrust / but that thou wylte performe that whiche we desyre of the. Amen.