Adagia in Latine and English containing five hundred proverbs : very profitable for the vse of those who aspire to further perfection in the Latine tongue.
Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536., Robertson, Bartholomew, fl. 1620.
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ARcus tensus rumpitur.

To much of one thing is good for nothing: or, a bo long bent, at last waxeth weake.

Naturam expellas furca licet vsque recurrit.

A man will be a man, if he haue but an hose on his head: or, a carrion Kite will neuer be a good Hawke.

Ipsa dies quandoque, parens quandoque nouerca.

That will be shal be: or, a Dog hath a day.

Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur.

A friend will help at a dead lift: or, a friend is neuer knowne till a man haue néed.

Page  2Arctum annulum ne gestato.

Euery man knowes where his owne shoo wrings him: or, a pound of care will not pay an ounce of debt.

Similes habent labra lactucas.

Such lips, such Lettice: or, a scabbed horse is good enough for a scabbed Squire.

Omnes qui habent citharam non sunt ci∣tharedi.

All is not gold that gliters.

Nemo ante mortem beatus.

All is well that ends well.

Prestat sero quam nunquam sapere.

Better late then neuer.

Aquila in nubibus.

One bird in hand is worth two i'th wood: or, better one bird in the hand, then ten in the bush.

Ne sutor vltra crepidam.

Blind men must not iudge of colours.

Malo accepto stultus sapit.

Wit is neuer good till it bee bought: or, bought wit is best.

Piscator ictus sapit.

A burnt child will feare the fire: or, a burnt child fire dreads: or, penny wise, pound foole.

Lupus pilum mutat non mentem.

Cat after kind.

Page  3Quod tibi non vis fieri alteri ne feceris.

Doe well, and haue well.

Difficilia quae pulchra.

Deare bought and farre fet, are dainties for Ladies.

Iisdem e literis comaedia & tragedia compo∣nitur.

As sore wéepeth the child afternoone as fore∣noone.

Sera in fundo parsimonia.

Better spare at brim then at bottome.

Dormienti rete trahit.

Better to be happy then wise.

Simul & misertum est, & interrijt gratia-

Claw a Churle by the taile, and he will soile thy hand.

Sum egomet mihi proximus, tunica pal∣lio propior.

Close sitteth my shirt, but closer my skinne.

Tuo te pede metire.

Cut your coat after your cloath.

Quod satis est sufficit.

Enough is as good as a feast.

Quo plus sunt potae plus sitiuntur aquae.

Euer drinke, euer dry.

Gallus in suo sterquilinio plurimum valet.

Euery Cocke is proud on his owne dung∣hill.

Page  4Quisquis amat Ranam, Ranam putat esse Dianam. Suum cuique pulchrum.

The Crane thinkes her owne bird fairest: or, euery man as hee liketh, quoth the good∣man when he kist his Cow: or, he is a kin to the Owle, who thinkes her selfe fairest.

Dantur opes nullis, nunc nisi diuitibus.

Euery man basteth the fat hogge.

Non quiuis rem acu tangit.

Euery man cannot hit the naile on the head.

Qui non litigat, celebs est.

Euery man can tame a Shrew, but he that hath her.

Cuique suum commentum placet.

Euery man liketh his owne child best: or, euery man after his fashion.

Male partum, male disperit.

Ill got, ill spent: or, euill gotten goods neuer proueth well.

Flagitiorum turpis exitus.

Eill gotten, euill spent.

Fortes fortuna adiuuat.

Faint heart neuer won faire Lady.

Testudo intra tegimen tuta est.

Fast binde, fast finde.

Verbum sapienti sat est.

Few words to the wise suffice.

Page  5Ne panes in frigidum furnum immittas.

Fish is cast away that is cast into dry pooles.

Stultum contra stimulum calcare.

Folly it is to kick against a pricke.

Mus non vni fidit antro.

Good riding at two ankers men haue told, for if the one faile, the other may hold.

Canis festinas caecos parit catulos.

Hast maketh waste, or a hasty man neuer lacketh woe.

Capram portare non possum & imponitis bouem.

He may ill runne, that cannot goe.

Timidi nunquam statuerunt tropheum.

He that feareth euery grasse, must not piss in a medow.

Quem fortuna nigrum scripserit, hunc non vniuersum aeuum, candidum reddere potest.

He that is borne to be hanged, shall neuer be drowned.

Vindicta tarda sed grauis.

He that killeth a man when he is drunke, shall be hanged when he is sober.

Caedimus in que vicem praebemus crura sa∣gittis.

He that striketh with the sword, shall bee beaten with the scabbard.

Page  6Estas non semper fuerit componite nidos.

He that will not when he may, when hee would he shall haue nay.

Crine ruber niger ore breuis pede lumine iuscus.

Rem magnam prestas zoile si bonus es.

He that winketh with the one eye, and loo∣keth with the other, I will not trust him though he were my brother.

Virtus gloriam parit.

He is proper that hath proper conditions.

Accipe quam primum breuis est occasio lucri.

Make hay while the weather shineth.

Hold fast when you haue it.

Patriae fumus igne alieno luculentior.

Home is homely.

Somnia cuncta canum panes, ego somnio picem.

Hope well and haue well.

Si non adsunt carnes taricho contentos esse oportet.

Hunger maketh hard bones swéete.

Non est improbior res altera ventre mo∣lesto.

Hunger pierceth stone walls.

Optimum condimentum fames.

Hunger is the best sauce.

Page  7Malum vas non frangitur.

Ill weeds grow fast.

Homo homini lupus.

In trust is treason.

Noli irritare crabrones.

It is euill waking of a sléeping Dogge.

Foelix quem faciunt aliena pericula cautum.

It is good to beware by other mens harmes.

Semper tibi pendeat hamus.

It is good to haue a hatch before the doore.

Procul a Ioue pariter atque a fulmine.

Neere the King, neere the gallowes.

Botrus oppositus Botro maturescit.

One good turne asketh another.

Hostimentum est opera pro poecunia.

One shrewd turne followeth another.

Vna Hirundo non facit ver.

One Swallow maketh not a summer.

Alij sementum faciunt alij metent.

One beateth the bush, another catcheth the Birds.

Pennas nido maiores extendit.

Pride goeth before, and shame commeth after.

Merx vltronea putet.

Proffered seruice stinketh.

Multe regum aures atque oculi.

Kings hath long eares and hands.

Page  8Mandrabuli more res succedit.

It mends like sowre ale in summer: or the longer the worse, like to my old shooes.

Loripidem rectus derideat.

He should haue a haile pow, that cals his neighbour nitty now.

Difficilia quae pulchra.

Farre fet and déere bought are good for La∣dies: farre fowles hath faire feathers.

Pluris est occulatus testes vnus quam auriti decem.

I will trust my owne eyes better then your report.

Multa nouit Lupus verum Echinus vnum magnum▪

Honest simplicity is better then subtilty: or, I will doe more with my simplicitie, then you with all your craftinesse.

Si Leonina pellis non satis, est addenda vul∣pina.

What might cannot, malice shall: or, hee will either do it by slight or might.

Multa noras oportet quibus Deum fallas.

Frost and falshood will haue a fowle end: or falshood will haue a fowle end.

Dij facientes adiuuant.

What God will no frost can kill: or, help thy selfe, and God will help thée.

Page  9Cum minerua manum quoque moue.

He that will not when he may, when hee would he shall haue nay: or, lye not in the mire and say God helpe.

Lutum nisi tundatur non fit vrceus.

Win Gold and weare Gold: or, you can∣not be a scholler except you take paine in the shoole.

Artem quaeuis alit terra.

A calling no burden: or, a trades man will win his bread in any part: or, a tade is easie carried.

In puteo cum canibus pugnat.

He méetes with his match: or hee is fallen with such as he is himselfe.

Aurum habet Tholosanum.

He that washes a Black a moore, or powers water in a siue, loses his labour: or, hee will neuer go the way that he spéeds in.

Tam perit quam extrema faba.

As good neuer a whit, as neuer the bet∣ter: or, there is no reléefe for him.

Qui semel scurra nunquam pater-fami∣lias.

Once a vse and euer a custome: or, he that beggeth fiue Frydaies will not worke a∣gaine.

Page  10Occasione duntaxat opus improbitati.

Tis an easie matter to finde a staffe to beate a dogge.

Aries alituram rependit.

I knew he would doe euill for good: or, saue a theefe from the gallowes, and he will help to hang thée.

Qui canem alit peregrinum.

To kisse a mans Wife, or wipe his knife, is a thankless office: or, it is a thanklesse thing to féed another mans dogge.

Hirundines sub eodem tecto ne habeas.

Like neuer a Tale teller.

Pro meritis male tractarunt Agamemnon a Grai.

Do the best I can there is no thank for it.

Nemo bene merito bouem immolanit nisi Pyrrhias.

A thankfull man is farre to séeke.

Si quid iuues pluuia leuior gratia est.

Si quid offendas plumbeas iras gerunt.

He is neither well full nor fasting:

I know not how to serue them.

In senem ne quod collocaris beneficium.

It is lost that is done to an old man, and a yong child.

Cum paruula est, bona videtur spina.

Any young thing is pleasant.

Page  11Malum lucrum aequale dispendio

Ill got, ill spent: or, I haue lost more then I haue gained by it, or euill gotten goods thriue not to the third heire.

Ipsa senectus morbus est.

No maruell an old man be sicke.

Omnibus gallaritis oportet cristam inesse.

There is no man faultlesse.

Mens non est in centauris.

He is bigge, but hath no courage.

Ouim nulla vtilitas si absit canis.

A good King, a great Iewell.

Phryx plagis emendatur.

Well with awe, maketh the carle draw.

Arcadicum germen.

A great Lubbard with little wit.

Septennis cum sit nondum aedidit dentes.

He will neuer be wise.


BIs pueri senes.

Old men are twice babes.

Ouem Lupo commisti.

When the Foxe preaches, beware your Géese: or, thou hast giuen the Wolfe the wea∣ther to kéepe: or the Dogge hath gotten the Butter to kéepe.

Page  12Ne innerum erumpat.

Better bow then breake.

Certamen non accipit excusationes.

Need makes the old wife trot: or, I must either doe or dye.

Nihil graculo cum fidibus.

Like to like quoth the Deuill to the Collier: or, the like to the like, and a scabbed horse to an old dike.

Aliter catuli longe olent aliter sues.

There are moe maids then Maukin: or, they are very like, but not the same.

Feli Crocoton.

He is vnworthy of his place.

Alia res sceptrum alia plectrum.

He that hath many Irons in the fire, som will cole.

Induistis me leonis exuuium.

I wll neuer beare out that state.

Canis in presepi.

He will neither doe nor let doe.

Seruus cum sis comam geris.

You are farre aboue your ranke.

Extra olea fertur.

The Pri••• hath forgotten hee was euer a Clerke: or, he misknoweth himselfe.

Quae semelancilla nunquam hera.

Set a beggar on horsebacke, and hee will Page  13 ride a gallop: or, the poorest is proudest when she commeth to honour.

Diues aut iniquus est aut iniquus heres.

Riches and sinne are oft married toge∣ther.

Quantum habet, quisque tanti fit.

I know not how the world wags,

He is best loued that hath maniest bags.

Multitudo imperatorum Cariam perdidit.

One Master in a house is enough.

Nemo bene imperat nisi qui paruerit impe∣rio.

A good Prentice will be a good Master.

Arbore deiecta quiuis ligna colligit.

A man hath many enemies when his backe is at the wall: or, let him once fall, and all men will go ouer him.

Annus producit segetem non ager.

It is more through hap then good hus∣bandry.

Aquilam noctuae comparas.

An odious comparison, a Docke to a Dazie.

Leo senex vigente potior hinnulo.

An old hound byteth sore.

Crotonitarum postremus reliquorum gre∣corum primus est.

One man is worth thrée.

Page  14In agro surculario capras.

Chuse thy company before thy drinke.

Vbi amici ibi opes.

A friend in Court, is worth penny in pursse.

Nihil homini amico est oportuno amicius.

A good man can no more harme then a shéepe: or, a man is happy that findeth a good friend.

Non sunt amici qui degunt procul.

A good neighbour, a good morrow.

Nunc bene nauigaui postquam naufragium feci.

A hard beginning hath a g••d ending.

Lingua amicus.

A honny tngue, a hart of gall.

Non profert senior pannis e vilibus armos.

A broken sléeue holdeth the arme backe.

Camelus vel scabiosus complurium asino∣rum gestat onera.

A grunting horse and a groaning Wife, neuer faile their maister.

E multis paleis parum fructus collegi.

A long harust of a little corne.

Post bellum auxilium.

After meate Mustard.

Turdus ipse sibi malum cacat.

A swine ouer fat is cause of his owne bane.

Page  15Mopso Nisa datur quid non speramus aman∣tes.

After a storme commeth a calme.

Plus apud campanes vnguenti, quam apud ceteros olei est.

There is more good victuals hére, then in se∣uen other kingdomes.

Si tantum vitrum quantum margaritum.

If you care so much for the body, what should you not care for the soule.

Corui lucinijs honoratiores.

Now vertue is contemned.

Inter caecos regnat strabus.

If the blind lead the blind, both fall in the ditch.

Cocta numerabinus exta.

Praise a faire day at euen-night.

Magistratus virum indicat.

A man is best knowne when he is in autho∣ritie.

In dolio figularem artem disce.

You must spoile before you spin.

Tentantes ad troiam peruenerunt Greci.

Spaire by chance, you may come speed.

Post malam segetem serendum est.

All is not lost that is in danger.

Domesticum malum.

A misruled Wife.

Page  16Nihil graue passus es nisi tibi vindicas.

A good conscience is a continuall feast.

Emere malo quam rogare.

I will not both pay and pray.

Cygnea cantio.

A fatall song.

Tunc canunt cygni quum tacebunt graculi.

I shall haue my word about.

Fames & mora, bilem in nasum conciunt.

Speake neuer to a fasting man.

Ventre pleno melior consultatio.

When meat is in, anger is out.

Molestus interpellator venter.

Neare is my Pety-Cote but nearer is my Smocke.

Matura satio saepe decipit, sera semper mala est.

Take time when time is, for time will a way.

Ante lentem auges ollam.

You hope for that will neuer come to passe.

Informes hyemes reducit Iupiter, idem sub∣mouet.

After a storme comes a calme: or after black clouds cleare weather.

Post caenam stabis aut passus mille meabis.

After dinner sit a while, aftr supper walk a mile.

Page  17Id puto melius esse vt sint mediocria cuique·

All couet, all loose.

Mature fias senex, si diu velis esse senex.

An old sacke asketh much patching.

Fricantem frica.

An ill Cooke cannot licke his owne fngers.

Amicus magis necessarius quam ignis aut a qua

As a man is friended, so the Law is ended.

Neoptolemi vindicta.

As déepe drinketh the Goose as the Gander.

Ad suum quem{que} questum aequum est esse cal∣lidum.

As good to play for naught, as work for naught

Nihil prosuerit bulbus neruis caren••.

Aske my companion whether I be a Théee.

Tte hoc intristi tibi omne est expedendum.

As I brew, so must I néeds drinke.

Mista senum, ac Iuuenum, densantur funera.

As soone goeth the young Lambes skin to the market, as the old ewes.

Si tibi machera est & nobis vrbina est domi.

Batchellors Wiues, and maids Children are well taught.

Iupiter emeritur opes mortalibus ipse,

Sic visum vt fuerit, cuicun{que} bonoue maloue.

Be it better, be it worse, do you after him that beareth the pursse.

Page  18Mactata veniet lenior hostia▪

Beggars should be no choosers.

Edentatus vescentium dentibus inuidet.

Better to be enuyed then pittyed.

Noli mouere Camarinam.

Better children wéepe then old men.

Est melius multo fortuna saepe morari.

Scandere quam praeceps interitumque pati.

Better sit still then rise and fall.

Iactantia comes inuidiae.

He that sheweth his goods longeth to be rift

Haud malum vulpinandum cum vulpe.

It is better to kisse a knaue, then to be trou∣bled with him.

Bonum extra fumum & vndam esse.

It is good sléeping in a whole skinne.

Vltra peram sapit.

Poore and proud, fie, fie.

Tibicinis vitam viuis.

You fare well on other mens purses.

Aries cornibus lasciuiens.

He is better fed then taught.

Caprarius in aestu.

Little he can doe, and it is out of season.

Complura masculi canis cubilia.

Seldome will a Whoremaster hold him∣selfe with an honest Wife.

Rosam quae preterijt ne queris iterum.

Page  19Gréeue neuer your selfe, for that cannot be amended.

Quid de pusillis magna prooemia.

You make much adoe for nothing.

Cum Leones sint domi, ijdem in arte sunt vulpeculi.

When you agrée with your enemie, put two barres vpon the doore.

Furor post omnia perdere naulum.

Better halfe an Egge then empty shell.

Figulus figulo inuide.

One begger is woe, another by the way should goe.

Vnicum arbustum haud alit duos Erithacos.

One beggar is enough at one doore.

Candidae musarum Ianuae.

A good Scholler is euer liberall.

Optat ephippia bos, piger, optat arare cabal∣lus.

There is no man content with his owne estate.

Frenum mordet.

He would faine be out of his Prentiship.

Improbe neptunum accusat iterum qui nau∣fragium fecit.

A wit bought, is worth two for naught.

Ad amussim applica lapidem, non ad lapidem amussim.

Page  20We should liue according to the lawes.

Aequalitas haud parit bellum.

Good neighbours will not be hard.

Quae non posuisti ne tollas.

Liue on your owne.

Dat veniam coruis vexat censura columbas.

They leape ouer where the dike is lowest.

Non suadebis ne si persuaseris quidem.

I cannot beleeue it though I saw it my selfe.

Quod seruos habemus, totidem habemus ho∣stes.

He cannot loue me that is afraid of me.

Lidus ostium claudat.

He that commeth last make the doore fast.


QVid distant aera lupinis.

There is no comparison.

Valeat amicus cum inimico.

For my part burne the kill boldly.

In occipitio oculos gerit.

He hath one eye in his necke.

Homini diligenti semper aliquid super est.

A wise man cannot be idle.

Arator nisi incurnus preuaricatur.

He that goeth not skilfully to his worke can not speed.

Page  21Grues lapidem delgutientes.

They know whose arrand they go.

Post folia cadunt arbores.

If I suffer this I shall haue worse.

De pilo pendet.

His life is on his lip.

Inter sacrum & saxum.

Betwixt sinke and sie.

A fronte praecipitium, a tergo lupi.

Betwixt the Deuill and the dead sea.

Flamma fumo est proxima.

After words commeth blowes.

Caluus cum sis ne obuersa fronte obimas pa∣rieti.

Meddle with thy match.

Ne bona tu pandis ratibus semel omnia man∣des.

Put not all in hazard at once.

Pasce canes qui te lanient catulosque lupo∣rum.

Saue a thiefe from the Gallowes and he will cut thy throte.

Cantabit vacuus coram latrone viator.

The begger may sing before the thiefe.

Tanquam argiuum clypium abstulerit gloria∣tur.

The greatest talkers are the least doers.

Celsae grauiore casu, decidunt turres.

Page  22The highest trée hath the greatest fall.

Oscitante vno deinde oscitat & alter.

The young Cocke crowth after the old.

Qui nimium properat serius absoluit.

The more hast the lesse spéede.

Magis sibi placet quam Peleus in machera.

The Parish Priest forgetteth that euer hee hath béene Clerke.

Lapis obuolutus non obducitur musco.

The rowling ston neuer gathereth Mosse.

Omnem facultatem indutus est.

We can haue no more of the Foxe, but his skinne.

Nunc tuum ferrum in igni est.

When the Iron is hot strike.

Accipe quam primum breuis est occasio lu∣cri.

When the pig is proffered hold vp the poke.

Dum genua virent.

When the sunne shineth make hay.

Tunc tua res agitur paries dum proximus ar∣det.

When thy neighbours house doth burne, be carefull of thine owne.

Ni purgas & molas non comedes.

Win Gold and weare Gold.

Sero sapiunt phryges.

Wit is neuer good till it be bought.

Page  23Tacitus pasci si posset coruus haberet plus da∣pis.

You cannot fare well, but you must cry Rose∣meate.

Festina lente.

Soft fire maketh swéete Malt.

Caput artis est docere quod facias.

I pray you doe as you say.

In aere piscatur.

He may gape long ere a Bird fall into his mouth.

Piscem natare doces.

Nature passeth nourture.

Eliphantem ex musca facis.

He stumbles at a straw, and leapes ouer a blocke.

Exacta via viaticum querit.

The older the worser.

Leonis exunium super crocatum.

A faire hood on a false head.

Vino vendibili non opus est suspensa haeder.

Good Wine néedeth no bush.

Totus aechynus asper.

There commeth neuer a merry looke from him.

Minutula pluuia imbrem facit.

Many smals makes a great.

Multis ictibus deijcitur quercus.

Page  24Hair and haire will make the arle bald.

Ceram auibus addis.

He that will not bee counselled, cannot be hel∣ped.

Contingit & malis venatio.

Fortune sometimes fauours fooles.

Tranquillo quilibet gubernaor est.

Misery shaueth the man.

Oculus dexter mihi salit.

I shall haue my hearts desire.

Si libeat, seruare procul quoque numina pos∣sunt.

Hp and halfe-penny are goods enough.

Noctua volat.

Gace is good for the man.

Recte valere & sapere duo vitae bona.

A man hath no more then he hath good of.

Neque caecum ducem ne{que} amentem consul∣torem adhibeas.

When you goe to dance take héede whom you take by the hand.

Non est remedium aduersus Sycophantis mor∣sus.

You cannot stay euill hung tongues

••ustra Herculi calumniam instruis.

Do well, and let men say.

Propria vineta caedis.

You spit vpon your owne sléeue.

Page  25Extra publicam viam ne deflectes.

The high way is the best way.

Mulae manus, onus leuius reddunt.

Many hands make light worke.

Sub aliena arbore fructum coliigit.

He neur sweat for that he hath.

In magnis voluisse sat est.

He that doth as he can néeds no reproofe.

Cauda de vulpe testatur.

You may know the man by his manners,

E cantu dignoscitur auis.

You may know the horse by his harnesse.

Aquila non captat muscas.

He will not looke so low.

Asinus compluitur.

He stirreth no more then beaten Stockfish.

Ne allij quidem caput dedit.

He had rather part with his life before he wil giue a penny.

Indus Elephantus non curat culicem.

He neither doth m good nor euill.

E flamma cibum petit.

He careth not how hee hath it so hee may get it.

Non estoleum in lechito.

You seeke grace at a gracelesse face.

Nihil Inanius quam multa scire.

Leane not that is much, but that is best.

Page  26Viro lydo negotium non erat at ipse foras pro∣fectus parauit aut, callidum prandium co∣moedere.

A hasty man neuer wants woe.

Ego spem preti non emam.

I will not buy a pigge in a poke.

A micitias immortales esse oportet.

Kindnesse will créepe where it cannot goe.

Simile gaudet simili.

Like vnto like.

Ad mensuram aquam bibunt, citra mensuram offam comedunt.

A Prodigall must want.

Aliorum medicus, ipse hulceribus scates.

Loue beginneth at it selfe.

Dasipus carnes desiderat.

He will neuer be contented

Facta iuuenum, consilia meliorum, vota se∣num.

Choose the man in that he hath best skill of.

Non omnis fert omnia tellus.

Euery man hath his owne guift.

Marinam auditionem fluuiali abluit sermone.

He putteth a faire face vpon an euill fauoured tale.

Ego de allijs loquor t respondes de cepis.

I speake of wheate, and you of Horse-corne.

Stimula equum iuxta lineam.

Page  27Speake to the purpose.

Me mortuo terra misceatur incendio.

When I dye, the world dyeth with me.

Mihi istic nec serit•••ec metitur.

I haue not to doe with it.

Non luctu sed remedio opus in malis.

Sorrow neuer helped man.

Boni viri lachrimabiles.

Little knoweth the fat Sow what the leane doth meane.

Batte tune pedibus nudis perrepere montem,

Quippe rubis tribulisque viret mons vndique densis.

Looke before you leape.

Vie tibi quantumque potes prelustria vitae.

Tempore prelustri fulmen ab arce venit.

Looke not to hye, lest a chip fall in your eye.

Qui nimium emungit fortiter elicet sangui∣nem.

Better to bow then breake.

Duos insequens lepores neutrum capi.

Betwéene two stooles the taile goeth to the ground.

Obijcere canibus agnos.

Beware the Géese when the Foxe preaches.

Pares cum paribus facillime congregantur.

Birds of a feather will flocke together.

Custode & cura natura potentior omni.

Page  28Blaeke will take no other hew.

Camelus desiderans cornnua etiam aures per∣didit.

All couet, all lose.

Aequalitas non parit be••um.

Euen reckoning maketh long friends.

Policrates matrem pascit.

Faire words makes fooles fain.

Acinos sus improba pendes.

Fost and fraud haue alwayes foule ends.

Mihi ipsi Balneum ministrabo.

Giue an inch, you would haue an ell.

Quod alibi diminutum exaequatur alibi.

God sendeth cold after cloathes.

Est fortunatior quam prudentior & contingit & malis venatio.

God sendeth fortune to fooles.

Canes timidi vehementius latrant.

Great Barkers are no byters.

Bonum e terra spectare naufragium.

Halfe warned halfe armed

Obedientia faelicitatis mater.

Happy man, happy dole.

Quid nisi victis dolor.

He laughs that winneth.

Ludere qui nescit campe stribus abstinet armis▪

He that playes more then hee sees forfeis his eyes to the king.

Page  29


NOn statim cum initio apparet finis·

Hote loue is soone cold.

Vtere curru, de asinis nihil laboramus.

He that reckons without his host must reckon twise.

Lignum tortum haud vnquam rectum.

How can the fole amble when the mare trots.

Non inter pellendus latran venter.

Hungry dogs will eat durty puddings.

Quisquis amatranam, ranam credit esse Dia∣nrm.

In loue is no lacke.

Malis ter mala.

Ill gotten ill spent.

Multa caduntinter calicem suprema{que} labra.

In space commeth grace.

Cum Deo quisque aut gaudet aut flet.

It chanceth in an houre which hapneth not in seuen yeare.

Asini caput ne laues nitro.

It is a bad cloath that will tak no colour.

Qui sibi nequam cui bonus.

It is a bad bird that fileth his owne nest.

Cupidinum crumena porri folio vincta est.

It is hard to win and thriue both in a yeare.

Page  31Bos lassus fortius figit pedem, vel, habet & mus∣ea splenem.

An old dogge byteth sore.

Stultus qui patre caeso liberis pepercit, vel, mor∣tui non mordent.

Better to goe by the enemies graue then his doore.

Qui tacitus procedit, via huius ego fuero Dux▪

Euery man for himselfe, and God for vs all.

Syrus cum sis ne syrissa.

Iack would be a Gentleman, if he could speak French.

Estate penulam detrahis.

You thinke you will neuer be old.

Odi puerulos precoci sapientia.

Soone ripe, soone rotten.

Festina lente.

At leasure, as Flax groweth.

Legatus non caeditur neque violatur.

It is not mine errand I goe.

Attica fides.

As true as stéele.

Rhadamanteum iudicium.

Extreamity of the Law.

Ignis, mare, mulier, tria mala.

A wicked woman and an euill, is thrée halfe∣pence worse then the deuill.

Mulier pudica ne sola sit vsquam.

Page  30It is euill to put powder and flaxe together.

Nunc pluit & claro nunc Iupiter aethere su∣git.

It will not be ill alwaies.

Vbi non sis qui fueris non est cur velis viuere.

I will not borrow on the man that begged at me?

Ad prestina presepia.

Bring a Cow to the hall, and she will to the Byre againe.

Quod aliter condiunt coqui aliter condiam.

I will make vp-side downe.

Dextera precipue capit indulgentia mentes.

Asperitas odium saeua que bella mouet.

By wisedome peace, by peace plenty, by plen∣ty warre.

Nemo mortalium omnibus horis sapit.

It is a good hors that neuer stumbleth.

Facilis descensus auerni.

It is easier to descend then ascend.

Bonum tragedias in nugis facere.

It is good fishing in troubled water.

Malum contra torrentem niti.

It is hard striuing against a streame.

Malum pro perca scorpium vel, si vinum po∣stulet pugnos illi dato.

It is better comming to the end of a feast, then beginning of a ray▪

Page  32Priusquam mactaris excorias, vel capra non∣du peperit haedus autem ludit in tectis.

It is ill fishing before the net.

Elleborum frustra cum iam cutis aegra tumebat

Poscentes videas uenienti occurrere morbo.

It is ill healing of an old sore.

Sybaritica mensa▪

It is merry in hall when beards wag all.

Insanire facit sanoa quoque copia vini.

It is merry when knaues méete.

Nihil inanius quam multa scire.

It is not good to haue an Oare in euery man Boate.

Quo semel est imbuta recens seruabit▪ odorem esta diu.

It will not ot of the flesh that is bred in th bone.

Iucundissima nauigatio iuxta terram, ambula∣tio iuxta mare.

Light gaines makes a heauy purse.

Omni pede eundem calceum inducit.

He healeth all sores with one salue.

In alieno choro pedem ponis.

Meddle with your owne businesse.

Facile cū valemus recta consilia egrotis damu

We haue better counsell to giue then to take▪

Quarta luna natus.

He was borne to great misery.

Page  33De aieno ludis corio.

You cut large thongs of other mens leather.

Ama tanquam osurus, odi tanquam amaturus.

Mediocrity is best in all things.

Amici mores noueris non oderis.

Fall not out with thy friend for a trifle.

Salem & mensam ne preterias.

Forsake not thy old friend.

Par odio importuna beneuolentia.

There is time for all things.

Felicium multi cognati.

The fortunate hath many friends.

Ne Iupiter quidem omnibus placet.

I cannot follow all mens humours.

Coelum territat armis.

He beleeues he would beate the Deuill.

Tradebat notus hunc Boreae quandoque ve∣hendum.

Nunc rursum Zephyro tractandum tradidit eurus.

Striue not against the streame.

Mala senium accelerant.

Sorrow and an euill life, maketh soone an old Wife.

Expectat bos olim herbam, vel, expectat anus meum filium te suaniaturum.

While the grasse groweth the horse starueth.

Si vulter e expecta cadauer.

Page  34He liueth vpon other mens death.

Haud vnquam arcet ostium.

He kéepeth a good house.

Semper aliquis in Cydonis domo.

He neuer wanteth good chéere.

Fores habent tritas vt pastorum casae.

His gate is as open as the Church style.

Neque compluitur, neque sole aduritur.

He is his Mothers child.

Neque natre, neque literas.

He neither knoweth Goose nor stye.

Barbarus ex triuio.

He is a very sot.

Claudi more tenere pilam▪

Be it good or be it bad, he will maintaine it.

Equi senecta.

When he can doe no more good, then make an old horse of him.

Anus velit equus profundam habebis.

Forsooth what should be done with an old wife but make Gun-powder of her.

Ab asino delapsus.

He hath lost that he will neuer finde.

Nullam hodie lineam dxi.

I haue spent this day idely.

Neglectis vrenda fiix innascitur agris.

H that will not worke, will want,

Ignauis semper feriae sunt.

Page  35The idle haue many holy dayes.

In alieno foro litigat.

He knoweth not what he doth.

Arrepta candela candelabrum querit.

Ye are wise behind the hand.

Ne verba pro farinis.

Go to the market with your thankes.

Vmbra pro corpore.

He gets by that, as Dickins did by his dishes.

Diomedis & Glauci permutatio.

He hath cost for the worse.

Si vinum postulet, pugnos illi dato.

He is euill serued.

Multa cadunt, inter calicem suprema{que} labra.

Chance is perilous.

Nescis quid serus vesper vehat.

No man knoweth his destiny.

Si crebro Iaceas, aliud, alias Ieceris.

Giue not ouer though thy lucke be bad.

Frigidam aquam suffundit.

I can doe no more then I may.

Lachyma nihil citius arescit.

Sorrow is soone forgot.

Proto mutabilior.

He is as fickle as the Weather-cocke.

Euripus homo.

As light as the Quénes groat.

Duabus sedere cellis.

Page  36Betwixt two stooles the taile goeth downe.

Duos parietes dealbare eadem fidelia.

He maketh two sons in law of one daughter.

Thraces faedera nesciunt.

Neither word nor war can bind him.

Altera manu fert lapidem, altera panē ostentat.

He is as false as the Deuill.

Refricare cicatricem.

Ye are glad of uill tidings.

Tangere hulcus.

To och one on the sore toe.

Ignem gladio ne fodito.

I ye make it no better, make it no worse.

Temulentus dormiens non est excitandus.

Put not powder among Pitchers.

Sinapi victitat.

He is euer frowning.


A Nimus habitat in auribus

I answere you according to your asking.

Hermodij catilena.

To sing mournfully.

Admeri nenia.

A dolefull song.

Arctum annulum ne gestato.

Do not that suddenly may cause your sorrow.

Titanicus aspectus.

He looketh as he would looke through me.

Page  37Caepam edit.

He laugheth, and the teare is in his eye.

Ne sis panis mihi.

I will vse no more of your counsell then plea∣seth me.

Frontem exporrigere.

To looke blythe vpon it.

Magis gaudet eo qui senectam exuit.

He is as glad as i he had found a tresure.

Manum habet sub pallio.

He is not content with himselfe.

Helenae cibi.

A costly banquet.

Attica bellaria.

Great delicates.

Optimum condimenum fames.

Hunger is the best sauce.

Dubia caena.

Swéet meat must haue sowre sauce.

Accipit & glebam ferro.

He will take any thing before he loseth all.

Bis dat, qui cito dat.

I had rather haue it now, then twise as much another time.

Promus magis quam condus.

He neuer laboured the thing that he spendeth.

ona porcenae.

t is cheaper sold, then euer it was bought.

Page  38De plaustro loqui.

He is not ashamed who heares him scoulding.

Veritas odium parit.

All the truth would not be told.

Et dicebaris erasque.

It is true that men speake of you.

Simplex veritatis oratio.

Truth seeketh not by wayes.

Quod in corde sobrij id est in lingua ebrij.

A full man cannot lye.

In vino veritas.

When the drinke is in, the wit is out.

Lingua lapsa verum dicet.

Against his will he doth say truth.

Ficus ficus, ligonem ligonem vocat.

He tels plainely how the matter was.

Liberi poetae, & pictores.

Poets and Painters haue leaue to lye.

Superbat tan quam argiuum clypeum detra••rit.

He swaggers as if the whole town were 〈◊〉 owne.

Auro loquente nihil pollit quaeuis oratio.

The world is come now to, what will 〈◊〉 giue me.

Si caseum haberem non desiderarem abso••

He is a very Miser.

Salem lingit.

Page  39He is not worth the wooll of a dogge.

Coruum delusit hiantem.

His obligation is not better then his word.

olus ereptus ex faucibus.

〈◊〉 thought neuer to haue séene it.

urem pro leone ostentat.

is words are but wind.

arturiunt montes nascetur ridiculus mus.

is promises are no performances.

upus circa puteum chorum agit.

e hath done with his best day.

uerens obsonium vestem perdidit.

hunning the smoake, he fell in the fire.

uos insequens lepores neutrum capit.

ast and loose is no possession.

pem pretio non emo.

〈◊〉 will not buy a pig in a yoke.

uuius non semper fert secures.

uery day is not yesterday.

emper agricola in nouum annum Diues.

〈◊〉 hope to be an honest man yet.

ucleum amisi reliqui pignori putamina.

〈◊〉 beleeued to haue got the Cat with two tails.

〈◊〉 caducum parietem inclinare.

o hope in a broken bow.

••edum est & mansisse diu vacuum{que} redisse.

ou should not come for an errand, and goe home with your finger on your chéeke.

Page  40Iupiter haud quicquid animo corceperit illud perficit exemplo.

No man can haue all his wishes.

Saepe etiam est olitor valde opportuna locutus.

A foole speaketh truth at some time.

Nam illi iam non sunt, aut qui sunt, mali.

It is not now as it wont to be, or the case is altered.

Fuere quondam strenui Milesij.

There is many father worse, few father better.

Fuimus Troes.

We were sometime better then we are now.

Arabicus tibicen.

They may eare 〈◊〉 where they cannot sée him.

Dodonaeum aes.

He can neuer hold his lippes together.

Non est eiusem & multa, & oportuna dicere.

Where much is spoken, pat is spoiled.

Os infrene.

An euill hung tongue.

Sicoruus poscit tacitus pasci.

He that sheweth his goods longeth to be robd

Citra vinum temulentia.

He is ouercome with vices.

Ad vinum desectus.

He can well speake at the Table head.

Page  [unnumbered]