Search Results / A breife narration of the possession, dispossession, and, repossession of William Sommers and of some proceedings against Mr Iohn Dorrell preacher, with aunsweres to such obiections as are made to prove the pretended counterfeiting of the said Sommers. Together with certaine depositions taken at Nottingham concerning the said matter.

[Amsterdam? :: S.n.],
Anno M. D. XCVIII [1598]
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  1. A BREIFE NARRATION OF THE POSSESSION, dispossession, & repossession of w: Sommers, & of some procee∣dings against Mr IOHN. Dorrel preacher, together with an∣sweres to such obiections as are made to iustifie, or shew the preten∣ded counterfeiting of the said Sommers.
... noted of partia∣litie saue such of thē, as were enimies to Mr Dorrell. for the others if there be fault in them, let them be sent for, and punished. But it is not like that anie shalbe called till m...
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