Search Results / Of the lavves of ecclesiasticall politie eight bookes. By Richard Hooker.

Hooker, Richard, 1553 or 4-1600.
Printed at London :: By Iohn Windet, dwelling at the signe of the Crosse-keyes neare Paules wharffe, and are there to be solde,
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  1. The fourth Booke: Concerning their third assertion, that our forme of Church-politie is corrupted with popish orders, rites and ceremo∣nies, banished out of certaine reformed Churches, whose example therein we ought to haue followed.
... vsed this signe, or as it were sacrament. / 2 Concerning rites and ceremonies, there may be fault, either in the kinde, or in the number and multitude of them.[The ] / ...
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