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Nettleton, Thomas, 1683-1742. / [1722] An account of the success of inoculating the small-pox: in a letter to Dr. William Whitaker. By Tho. Nettleton, M.D.
Newcastle upon Tyne (England). Dispensary. / [1789] Proposals for recovering persons apparently dead by drowning and suffocation from other causes. Published by order of the Governors of the Dispensary:
Newton, Isaac, Sir, 1642-1727. / [1702] A new and most accurate theory of the moon's motion: whereby all her irregularities may be solved, ... Written by ... Mr. Isaac Newton, and published in Latin by Mr. David Gregory in his excellent Astronomy.
Nolan, William, 18th cent. / [1786] An essay on humanity: or a view of abuses in hospitals. With a plan for correcting them. By William Nolan.
Norris, Thomas, fl. 1780. / [1775?] A short essay on the virtues of Dr. Norris's antimonial drops. The second edition. To which is added, a catalogue of cures, incontestibly proving their sovereign efficacy in fevers: