Pigs' meat; or, lessons for the swinish multitude: Published in weekly penny numbers, collected by the poor man's advocate (an old veteran in the cause of freedom) in the course of his reading for more than twenty years. Intended to promote among the labouring part of mankind proper ideas of their situation, of their importance, and of their rights. And to convince them that their forlorn condition has not been entirely overlooked and forgotten, nor their just cause unpleaded, neither by their maker not by the best and most enlightened of men in all ages. [pt.1]
Spence, Thomas, 1750-1814.


Tune—"Britannia rule the Waves."
HARK! hark! on yonder distant shore,
The noisy din of war I hear;
The sword's unsheath'd—the cannons roar,
And Gallia's sons in arms appear,
'Tis France, 'tis France, the people cry,
Fighting for sacred Liberty.
Though num'rous armies her invade;
Of warlike slaves a barb'rous host;
Of Despots crown'd, a grand crusade,
To crush her Liberty they boast.
Page  281But France like Britain will be free,
Or bravely die for Liberty.
No more the grinding hand of Power,
The op'ning bud of Reason blights;
On eagle's wings fair Truth shall tower,
For Man begins to know his Rights.
The iron yoke we crumbling see,
Beneath the Cap of Liberty.
Go on, great souls, no dangers fear,
Your glorious Standard high erect;
Then Freemen to it will repair,
And Providence your cause protect.
Go, plant on distant shores the Tree,
Sacred to god-like Liberty.
No dreams of conquest you inspire,
Great Nature's Cause depends on thee;
Europe will catch the sacred fire,
And bid adieu to Slavery.
Then raise your warlike banners high,
And rally under Liberty.
No longer war, of Kings the spoil,
Usurping nations shall divide;
Nor stain with blood each fruitful soil,
By Nature form'd to be allied.
But Britons hope the world to see
Unite in Peace and Liberty.