Pigs' meat; or, lessons for the swinish multitude: Published in weekly penny numbers, collected by the poor man's advocate (an old veteran in the cause of freedom) in the course of his reading for more than twenty years. Intended to promote among the labouring part of mankind proper ideas of their situation, of their importance, and of their rights. And to convince them that their forlorn condition has not been entirely overlooked and forgotten, nor their just cause unpleaded, neither by their maker not by the best and most enlightened of men in all ages. [pt.1]
Spence, Thomas, 1750-1814.

A DESCRIPTION OF PRINCE LUCIFER's SUBJECTS. (From a Pamphlet entitled: The Rights of the Devil.)

ALL those men whatever description or what∣ever country they may belong to, in whom the Devil as right and property, and over whom he extends his influence, are like wolves, easily dis∣tinguished from the sheep, to which he lays claim: because there is a particular mark whereby you may know those ravenous beasts. Moreover, you will always see them exceedingly active in their monarch Lucifer's service; they are invested with full power to oppress and torture human nature, for the sake of plundering them. Their iron hearts Page  129are dead to the feelings of humanity; they regard not the cries of the fatherless, neither does the cause of the widow come near them. Cast an eye to the cruelties daily committed in the slve trade; reflect for a moment on the many thousands of wretched Africans, who are tortared out of existence year∣ly, in order to exact from their labour, to which in justice they have not the least claim. Some in the various modes of obtaining them; others suf∣focated in the floating bastiles, by the stench and corrupted air, which they breathe in the hold, while being conveyed to the land of slavery and death, in the West Indies; and those who survive the shocking treatment they experience while on board, or are not swept away by disease, have only a worse fate awaiting them; worked without intermission, and flogged without commiseration, they are hurried to their eternal home, by those savage monsters who have the charge of them. Thus are these innocent beings murdered by the agents and servants of the devil, whom they adore and serve, and whose right and property they are.

Is not the influence of Satan very visible in some other illustrious characters, the avowed enemies of the human race, who claim and lay hold upon the tenth of the product of the earth, which have been increased by improvement, and produced by the sweating brows of other men? Can there be any justice in such plundering as this? or rather, is not that man a better character who only stops you in the highway once in your life, and exacts from you your purse? You will certainly answer these questions in the affirmitive, and declare that we are completely humbugged by the priesthood. Hence arises the necessity of priestcraft to blind the eyes of the people, and render them totally ignorant and unaquainted in this important fact, that a priesthood is, and always has been a curse Page  130to all nations of the earth. Ignorance in the mul∣titude is the chief support and only nutriment by which the vmity and pride of the clergy is fed. As tythe pigs fill their filthy sties and black waist-coasts of corruption. Ah! deluded swinish mul∣titude, typified by the tythe pig; highly emblema∣tical of your wallowing in the mire of church and state, while the idle and dissipated beings who op∣press you, are rolling in luxury and debauchery, at the expence of your delusion. How long you will you not call to Belzebub to remove from you your tormentors, and take them, as his right, to his eternal kingdom?

There is another class of men, in whom Luci∣fer has great right, and are thus described by Lord Chatham: "There is," says he,

a set of men in London, who are known to live in riot and luxu∣ry, upon the plunder of the ignorant, the innocent and the helpless; upon that part of the commu∣nity which stands in most need of, and best de∣serves the care and protection of the legislature. To me, my lords, whether they be miserable jobbers of Change-alley, or the lofty Asiatic plunderers of Leadenhall street, they are all equally detestable. I care but little whether a man walks on foot, or is drawn by six or eight horses; if his luxury be supported by the plun∣der of his country, I despise and abhor him. My lords, while I had the honour of serving his majesty, I never ventured to look at the Treasu∣ry, but from a distance, it is a business I am unfit for, and to which I never could have submitted. The little I know of it, has not served to raise my opinion of what is vulgarly called the mo∣nied interest, I mean that blood-sucker that muck∣worm, which calls itself the friend of govern∣ment, which pretends to serve this or that ad∣ministration, and may be purchased on the same terms by any administration. Under this de∣scription Page  131I include the whole race of commission∣ers, jobbers, contractors, clothiers, and remit∣ters.
To these may be added, all placemen (in general) pensioners, gapers, and expectants, col∣lectors of excise and customs, proprietors of mini∣sterial newspapers, humane press-gangs, &c. &c. all come under one class or domination of Lucifer's loyal, and loving subjects, who devote their whole lives to the service of their master.

To enumerate all the various characters in the different parts of the world, over whom the devil exercises a special right and influence, would re∣quire an age. Yet you may observe. that I have pointed out to you, some of the most conspicuous persons who are the destined inhabitants of Luci∣fer's kingdom, from the regal oppressor to the meanest peasant. What mean ye, that ye beat my peo∣ple to pieces, and GRIND the faces of the poor? saith the Lord God of Hosts. Isaiah iii. 15—Therefore my people are gone into captivity, BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE; and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude (i. e. swinish multi∣tude) dried up with thirst. Therefore HELL hath en∣larged herself, and opened her mouth without measure, and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it. Isaith v. 13. For the leaders of this people CAUSE them to err: and THEY that are led of them ARE destroyed, Isaiah ix. 16. Thus you see the people are destroyed, because they rid not the earth of such hypocritical leaders, or governors, tyrants, or false teachers, and chuse from among themselves men to rule over them. Wo unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed: To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the RIGHT from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may ro•• the fatherless! Isaiah, x. 1. 2. Hence, it appears, that to take away the rights of the people is a sin, but to refuse Page  132to restore them when demanded is still worse; therefore HELL hath enlarged herself to receive them.