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Title:  An account of the European settlements in America: In six parts. ... In two volumes. ... [pt.1]
Author: Burke, William, 1730-1798.
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so dear to them in their lives, and so lamented in their death."This strange festival is the most magnificent and solemn which they have; not only on ac|count of the great concourse of natives and strangers, and of the pompous reinterment they give to their dead, whom they dress in the finest skins they can get, after having ex|posed them some time in this pomp; but for the games of all kinds which they celebrate upon the occasion, in the spirit of those which the ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated upon similar occasions.In this manner do they endeavour to sooth the calamities of life, by the honours they pay their dead; honours, which are the more chearfully paid, because in his turn each man expects to receive them himself. Tho' amongst these savage nations this custom is impressed with strong marks of the ferocity of their nature, an honour for the dead, a tender feeling of their absence, and a revival of their memory, are some of the most excellent in|struments for smoothing our rugged nature into humanity. In civilized nations such ceremonies are less practised, because other instruments for the same purposes are less wanted; but it is certain a regard for the dead is ancient and universal.Tho' the women in America have gene|rally the laborious part of the oeconomy upon themselves, yet they are far from being the