The peerage of Scotland: containing an historical and genealogical account of the nobility of that kingdom, ... collected from the public records, and ancient chartularies of this nation, ... Illustrated with copper-plates. By Robert Douglas, Esq;.
Douglas, Robert, Sir, 1694-1770.


I. LORD WILLIAM DOUGLAS, eld∣est son of William first marquis of Douglas, by lady Mary Gordon his second wife, daughter of George marquis of Huntly, was by king James I. created a lord of par∣liament, by the titles of earl of Selkirk,* lord Dair and Shortcleuch, to him and his heirs∣male whatever, by patent dated 4th of Au∣gust 1646.

He afterwards married Anne dutchess of Page  615 Hamilton, was created duke of Hamilton, and by her had issue seven sons, and three daugh∣ters, who all took the name of Hamilton.

1. James, earl of Arran, afterwards duke of Hamilton.

2. Lord William, who died without issue.

3. Lord Gharles, afterwards earl of Sel∣kirk.

4. John, earl of Ruglane, who died with∣out surviving male issue. Vide page 533d of this work.

5. George, earl of Orkney, who died also without male issue, Vide page 533d.

6. Lord Basil, grandfather of Dunbar, now earl of Selkirk, of whom afterwards.

For the other son and daughters, vide page 335th of this work.

II. Lord CHARLES, third▪ son of William and Anne duke and dutchess of Hamilton, upon his father's resignation, obtained from king James VII. the titles and honours of earl of Selkirk,* with the former precedency, confirmed to him by a charter under the great seal, to him and his heirs-male whatever, dat∣ed anno 1687, and was second earl of Sel∣kirk.

He also got the command of his brother the earl of Arran's regiment; and comin early into the revolution, was appointed one of the lords of the bed-chamber to king Wil∣liam. He enjoyed the same office under queen Anne, king George I. and II.

He was elected one of the sixteen Scotch peers to the fourth, sixth, seventh, and eighth, British parliaments, and was appointed sheriff of the county of Lanark.

He dying a batchelor, anno 1739, was suc∣ceeded by his brother, John earl of Ruglane, who was third earl of Selkirk; but he dying also without male issue, the estate and honours of Selkirk devolved upon Dunbar-Hamilton his next heir-male, being grandson of his brother lord Basil, to whom we now return.

II. Lord BASIL HAMILTON, sixth son of William and Anne, duke and dutchess of Ha∣milton, was a man of good parts, great honour and integrity.

He married Mary, daughter and sole heir∣ess of sir David Dunbar of Baldoon, Bart. by whom he had two sons, and two daughters.

1. William, who died young.

2. Mr. Basil, his heir.

1st daughter Mary, married to John Mur∣ray of Philiphaugh, Esq; hererable sheriss of the county of Selkirk, and had issue.

2. Catharine, married to Thomas earl of Dundonald, to whom she had a son, William, earl of Dundonald, a youth of great resoluti∣on and spirit, who was an officer in the army; and was killed at the taking of Cape Breton, in the year 1758. She had also another son, Basil, who died unmarried, and two daugh∣ters, lady Mary and lady Catharine.

Lord Basil died anno 1701, and was suc∣ceeded by his son,

III. BASIL HAMILTON of Baldoon, Esq; a man of great probity and merit, who marri∣ed Isabella, daughter of the honourable colonel Alexander MacKenzie, son of Kenneth third earl of Seaforth, by whom he had two sons, and two daughters.

1. Dunbar, now earl of Selkirk.

2. Basil, who died young.

1st daughter, Mary, married to Ronald MacDonald of Clanronald, to whom she had a son, who died in infancy.

2. Elizabeth, who died young.

IV. DUNBAR, fourth earl of Selkirk, eld∣est son of Basil of Baldoon, resumed the name of Douglas, the paternal one of his family, up∣on his succeeding to the honours of Selkirk, in 1745. Vide page 597.

He married Helen, third daughter of the honourable John Hamilton Esq; son of Tho∣mas sixth earl of Haddington, by whom he hath two sons, and two daughters.

1. Sholto-Basil, who died an infant

2. Basil-William, lord Dair.

1st daughter, lady Isabella.

2. Lady Helena.


Quarterly; 1st and 4th argent, a heart gules, ensigned with an imperial crown or, on a chief azure three mullets of the first, for Douglas; 2d gules, three cinquefoils ermine, for Hamilton; 3d gules, a lion rampant argent, within a border of the 2d, charged with ten roses of the 1st, for Dunbar of Baldoon.

SUPPORTERS; on the dexter a savage wreathed about the loins with laurel; and on the sinister an antelope, both proper.

CREST; a salamander in flames.

MOTTO; Jamais arriere.


At the castle of Crawfurd in the county of Lanark; at St. Mary's-Isle in the stewarty of Kirkcudbright; and at Baldoon in the county of Galloway.