The peerage of Scotland: containing an historical and genealogical account of the nobility of that kingdom, ... collected from the public records, and ancient chartularies of this nation, ... Illustrated with copper-plates. By Robert Douglas, Esq;.
Douglas, Robert, Sir, 1694-1770.
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AS the rise and descent of the antient sir∣name of Abernethy, is to be found un∣der the title lord Abeethy, page 9th of this work, to that we refer our readers, and proceed to deduce the descent of this noble family from their immediate ancestor,

IV. Sir PATRICK ABERNETHY; knight, the fourth generation of that illustrious house in the male line, who left issue three sons, and one daughter.

1. Hugh, his successor, whose male line is extinct.

2. William, progenitor of the family of Salton.

For the other two children, vide page 10th.

V. Sir WILLIAM ABERNETHY, second son of sir Patrick, flourished in the reign of king Alexander III. who succeeded to the crown of Scotland, anno 1249.

He was proprietor of the lands and barony of Salton, &c. which afterwards became the chief title of his family.

He made a donation to the monastery of Dryburgh,* of two merks per annum out of his mill of Ulkilstone, now Ugiston, in Lau∣derdale, &c. anno 1273.

He was afterwards concerned in the slaugh∣ter of Duncan earl of. Fife, anno 1288, for which he was apprehended and cast into pri∣son, where he died soon thereafter,*&c. leaving issue a son,

VI. Sir WILLIAM ABERNETHY, design∣ed dominus de Salton,* who succeeded him, and in a donation to the monastery of Dryburgh, is designed filius et haeres domini Willielmi, &c. anno 1294.

This sir William of Salton made a donati∣on to the monastery of Dryburgh, de uno messwagio in villa sua de Salton,*&c. ante annum 1300.

He afterwards confirmed his father's dona∣tions out of the mill of Ulkilston,* to the same monastery, anno 1318.

And though we find him, with many of his countrymen, submitting and swearing allegi∣ance to king Edward I.*anno 1296, yet he was one of the Scotch patriots who signed that famous letter to the pope,* asserting the independency of Scotland, anno 1320.

He had issue two sons.

1. Sir William, his heir.

2. Laurence de Abernethy,* of whom there are many documents. He was a brave and gallant soldier, but was often on the Baliol's side, and against the interest of his country. He had the better of the brave sir William Douglas, lord of Nithsdale, in five engage∣ments in one day; yet was at last defeated, and taken prisoner by the said sir William before sun-set that same day,*anno 1338.

Sir William died in the end of the reign of king Robert Bruce, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

VII. Sir WILLIAM ABERNETHY, domi∣nus de Salton.

In a donation to the monastery of New∣bottle by sir William Livingston of Drumry,*dominus Willielmus de Abernethy, Alexander de Seton, David de Wemyss, Johannes de Elphing∣ston, milites, &c. are witnesses, anno 1338.

He left issue a son and successor,

VIII. GEORGE ABERNETHY, lord of Salton, who, in his father's lifetime, is men∣tioned in a donation-charter of Walter lord high steward of Scotland,* of the patronage of the church of Maxton to the monastery of Dryburgh, in or before 1328, in which year Walter the high steward died.

He was a man of great worth and honour, a faithful and steady friend of king David Bruce,* whom he accompanied in his unfortu∣nate expedition into England, and was taken prisoner with him at the battle of Durham, anno 1346.

He obtained from that prince, for his good and faithful services,* a grant of the lands of Rothemay, which afterwards became one of the chief titles of his family.

He left issue two sons.

1. Sir George, his heir.

2. Sir John Abernethy of Balgony, who got a safe conduct to go up to England,* and from thence to return to Scotland, anno 1363. He afterwards got two charters under the great seal from king David Bruce,* of several lands in the constabulary of Kinghorn and county of Fife, anno 1368.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

IX. Sir GEORGE,* who,&c. in a charter of king Robert II. confirming the lands of Long∣formacus to sir James Sinclair, is designed Georgius de Abernethy dominus de Sawylton, miles, 22d June 1384.

He left issue a son and successor,

X. Sir WILLIAM ABERNETHY, lord of Page  604 Salton, who made a great figure under the reign of king Robert III.* but had the misfor∣tune to be taken prisoner at the battle of Ho∣mildon, anno 1402.

However he obtained his liberty soon af∣terwards; for we find Willielmus de Aber∣nethy dominus de Salton,*miles, got a safe con∣duct to go up to England, anno 1405.

He married a daughter of Robert duke of Albany,* governor of Scotland, by whom he had two sons.

1. William, his apparent heir.

2. Patrick Abernethy, who, in a charter of Robert duke of Albany,* governor of Scot∣land, to his son Alexander earl of Buchan, is designed grandson of the governor, &c. anno 1413.

Sir William,* according to Fordun, who calls him miles magnanimus, died anno 1420.

XI. WILLIAM, eldest son and apparent heir of sir William Abernethy, lord of Salton, and grandson to the governor of Scotland, was a man of great courage and resolution.

He joined the earl of Marr before the battle of Harlaw, and lost his life in that action, ac∣cording to said author, who says, Willielmus de Abernethy,*filius et haeres domini de Salton, et nepos gubernatoris, apud Harlaw occisus est, &c. anno 1411.

By Margaret, his wife, a daughter of sir William Borthwick of that ilk, he left issue a son,

XII. Sir WILLIAM ABERNETHY, lord of Salton, who succeeded his grandfather, in 1420.

When king James I.'s liberty was negoti∣ating with the English, this sir William was one of the magnates Scotiae appointed to meet his majesty at Durham, anno 1423.*

And when his liberty was concluded, he was one of the hostages for his ransom, anno 1424;* and his land-possessions were then va∣lued at five hundred merks per annum, a very considerable estate in those days.

He had issue two sons.

1. Laurence, afterwards lord Abernethy.

2. Oswald Abernethy, Esq; who will be mentioned hereafter.

He died in the end of the reign of king James I. and was succeeded by his eldest son,

XIII. LAURENCE, designed lord of Sal∣ton and Rothemay.

He was a man of parts, and in great fa∣vour with king James II.* who created him a lord of parliament, anno 1445. He sat in the parliament called to meet at Edinburgh,*anno 1456.

He left issue four sons, and one daughter.

1. William, his heir.

2. James, who succeeded his brother.

3. George Abernethy, Esq;

4. Archibald Abernethy.—These brothers are all mentioned in an entail hereafter narat∣ed.

His daughter,*Christian, was married to John, son and apparent heir of sir John Wemyss of that ilk, knight.

He died in the beginning of the reign of king James III. and was succeeded by his eld∣est son,

XIV. WILLIAM, second lord, who got a charter under the great seal, Willielmo domi∣no Abernethy, upon his own resignation, con∣taining an entail as follows, viz.

"First to himself and the heirs-male of his own bo∣dy; which failing to James Abernethy; then to George; then to Archibald, his brothers-german, and the heirs-male of their respective bodies; then to his cousin John Abernethy, son of Oswald, and the heirs-male of his body; which all failing, to his own nearest heirs whatsomever, they car∣rying the name and arms of lord Aberne∣thy; of all and haill the lands of Rothe∣may, with their pertinents, lying in the shire of Banff; also the lands of Red∣dy, &c. in Forfar-shire, and the lands of Dalders, &c. in Stirling-shire; also the lands of Glencross, &c. in Edinburgh-shire, and the lands of Salton, &c. in the consta∣bulary of Haddington, with the lands of Lileston and Ugistoun, &c. in the lord∣ship of Lauderdale, and shire of Berwick; also the lands of Prenderleith,*&c. in Rox∣burgh-shire, &c. &c."
This charter is dated 28th January 1463.

He got also a charter of confirmation of all the above lands,* dated 5th August 1464.

He sat in the Scotch parliaments as a peer,* in the years 1469, 1475, 1477, and 1482.

He at last got a charter confirming all the above lands in the said shires, with several o∣thers, in the county of Fife, &c. to the same persons in the above substitution,* only Archi∣bald, being designed quondam, was then dead. This confirmation is dated 28th January 1482-3.

He dying soon thereafter, without issue, his estate and honours devolved upon his bro∣ther,

XIV. JAMES third lord Abernethy of Sal∣ton,* who was served heir to his brother, in all the above lands, anno 1484.

He had issue a son,

Alexander, his heir,—and three daughters.

Page  605 1. Margaret,* married to John Stirling of Craigbernard, Esq;.

2. Janet, married to Walter Ogilvie, grandson and heir apparent of sir James Ogil∣vie of Deskford,* knight, ancestor of the earl of Finlater.

3. Elizabeth, married to Alexander Hay, son and heir apparent of Gilbert Hay of Ar∣dendroch,* whose posterity were afterwards designed of Dalgity.

He was succeeded by his son,

XV. ALEXANDER, fourth lord, who got a charter under the great seal, Alexandro filio et haeredi Jacobi domini Abernethy,* of the ba∣ronies of Salton, Glencross, &c. dated 9th March 1491.

He got another charter, Alexandro domino Abernethy et Salton,* of the lands of Quorsque, Knockkorth, &c. dated 10th August 1515. Which lands of Quorskque are now the pro∣perty of John Abernethy, Esq; a cadet of this family.

He afterwards got four charters from king James V.* of the lands of Auchinkerdor, Ro∣moyre, Ardmallie, Torax, Murealehouse, &c. in the year 1516.

He left issue a son,

William, his heir,—and a daughter,

Beatrix, married to Alexander Forb•• of Pitsligo, ancestor of lord Pitsligo.

He was succeeded by his son,

XVI. WILLIAM, fifth lord Abernethy, who, in his father's lifetime, got a charter under the great seal,*Willielmo, filio et haeredi apparenti Alexandri domini Abernethy, et Eli∣zabethae Hay, sponsae ipsius Willielmi, of the lands of Daldras, &c. dated 25th July 1512.

He got another charter,*Willielmo domino Salton, of the lands of Park, Corncarn, &c. to him and his said spouse, dated 27th November 1536.

He afterwards got a charter of confirmati∣on from king James V. Willielmo domino A∣bernethy, of the lands of Cromby,* Corskie, and many others, in the shires of Aberdeen and Banff, dated 11th December 1538.

Also a charter of the lands and barony of Quhelplaw,* in the shire of Berwick, dated 22d March 1542.

By the said Elizabeth Hay, a daughter of John lord Hay of Yester, and widow of George lord Seton, he had issue a son,

XVII. ALEXANDER, sixth lord, who suc∣ceeded him,* and got a charter, Alexandro do∣mino Salton, terrarum dominicalium de Strath∣islay, &c. in the shire of Banss, dated 24th January 1570.

He got other two charters, under the great seal,* of the superiority of the lands and baro∣ny of Lessendrum, &c. dated in February 1581.

This Alexander, with consent of Elizabeth Hay his mother, and his other curators, mar∣ried lady Alison Keith, daughter of William earl Marishal, 28th August 1550,* and died in April 1587, leaving issue a son,

XVIII. GEORGE, seventh lord Salton, who, in the year 1588,* married lady Margaret Stewart, daughter of John earl of Athole, lord high chancellor of Scotland, by lady E∣lizabeth Gordon, daughter of George earl of Huntly, by whom he had a son,

John, his heir,—and a daughter,

Margaret,* married to Alexander Fraser, son of sir Alexander Fraser of Frasersburgh.

He died anno 1600, and was succeeded by his son,

XIX. JOHN, eighth lord Salton, who was served heir to his father George, the seventh lord,* 29th June 1601, and to his grandfather Alexander, the sixth lord, anno 1603.

He got a charter under the great seal, Jo∣hanni domino Abernethy de Salton, of the lands and barony of Abernethy in Rothemay,*&c. dated 21st February 1603.

Also a charter of the lands and barony of Balveny,* Bartorphine, Aberlour, &c. &c. all united into one barony, 26th April 1610.

He married Margaret Stewart, daughter of Walter lord Blantyre, by whom he had a son,

Alexander, his heir,—and a daughter,

Jean, who, in 1607, was married to sir John Lindsay of Kinfauns, knight of the bath, and son of—earl of Crawfurd,* who di∣ed before his father, without issue.

He died before the year 1617, and was suc∣ceeded by his son,

XX. ALEXANDER, ninth lord Abernethy of Salton,* who was served heir to his goodfir Alexander, the sixth lord, 6th April 1658.

But he dying without issue, anno 1669, his estate and honours devolved upon his cousin and heir of line, Alexander Fraser of Philoth, son of Margaret Abernethy, only daughter of his grandfather George, seventh lord Salton, before mentioned, who thereupon succeeded to the honours of the lords Abernethy of Sal∣ton. Vide title Fraser lord Salton.

We must here observe, that though the honours of Abernethy lord Salton went to the Frasers, with the heir-female, yet there are some descendents of the male-line sub∣sisting to this day, though we do not hear of their ever having claimed the honours, Page  606viz. Abernethy of Corskie, formerly of Na∣tardale, elder brother to doctor Abernethy-Drummond of Hawthornden, descended of a younger son of the family, and documented by several charters under the great seal, whose representative now enjoys the lands of Cor∣skie, which were the property of the lords A∣bernethy in 1515 and 1538, as before observed.

Also the Abernethies of Auchnacloich, now of Mayen, who, according to Mr. Nisbet, vol. I. page 288, are descended of the lords Aber∣nethy, whose arms they bear, &c. &c.

ARMS of lord Abernethy of Salton.

Quarterly; 1st and 4th or, a lion rampant gules, surmounted of a ribbon sable, for Aber∣nethy; 2d and 3d, argent, three piles, points, conjoined in base gules, for Wishart.

CREST; a parrot seeding on a bush of cherries, proper.

SUPPORTERS; two falcons proper, arm∣ed, chased, and belled or.

MOTTO; Salus per Christum.