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II. MICHAEL de BALFOUR,Chartul. of the priory of St. Andrews, p. 2. who is one of the judges in a perambulation of the lands of Kirkness and Lochore, anno 1395.He lived after 1420, and was succeeded by his son,III. Sir JOHN BALFOUR, knight, design∣ed of Balgarvie, who got the lands and estate of Burleigh erected into a free barony,Char. in arch. Rob. II. Sir Ja. Balfour, Sir Rob Sib∣bald, and Crawfurd. to him and his heirs, by a charter from king James II. anno regni nono, anno domini 1446. He left issue two sons.1. Michael,Nisbet, vol. I. p. 169. and Chart. in pub. archiv. his heir.2. James, ancestor of the Balfours of Den∣miln, Kinnaird, Forret, and others.IV. MICHAEL BALFOUR of Burleigh succeeded,Chart. in pub. archiv. and dying about 1490, left issue a son and successor,V. MICHAEL BALFOUR of Burleigh, who got from his father the lands of Burleigh in Kinross-shire, the lands of Balgarvie in Fie, the mill of Bannockburn, or Stioch, in Stir∣ling-shire; all contained in one charter under the great seal of king James IV.Ibidem. dated 5th July 1490, in which he is designed filius et haeres Michaelis, &c.He got from the same prince,Ibidem. a charter terrarum in dominio de Stragartnie.Also a charter of the lands of Easter Bal∣garvie.Ibidem.There is likeways a charter from king James V.Ibidem.terrarum baroniae de Burleigh, Mi∣chaeli Balfour de Burleigh, &c.He married Margaret daughter of— Mushet of Tolgart or Burnbank, by whom he had a son,VI. DAVID BALFOUR of Burleigh,Ibidem. who succeded him, and got a charter from king James V. terrarum de Star, cum maresia, &c. anno 1527.Also a charter Davidi Balfour de Burleigh,Ibidem.terrarum de Kinloch, cum dimidietat. molen∣dan. ejusdem, &c. anno 1528.He died before 1542, having married Ag∣nes, daughter of—Forrester of Corstor∣phine, ancestor of lord Forrester, by whom he had a son and successor.VII. Sir MICHAEL BALFOUR of Bur∣leigh and Balgarvie, knight, who was served heir to his father in 1542, and that same year got a charter of the lands of Strickinness.Ibidem.There is also a charter under the great seal of queen Mary,Ibidem.Michaeli Balfour de Burleigh, militi, dimidietat. terrarum, et villae de Kinloch, cum molendino, Smiddielands, Brew∣lands, &c.He married Christian, daughter of John Bethune of Creich, by whom he had but one child.VIII. MARGARET BALFOUR, heiress of Burleigh, who succeeded him, and married sir James Balfour of Montwhanie, lineally de∣scended from sir Michael Balfour, who got a charter of the lands of Montwhanie from king David II. anno 1353, before mentioned.This sir James of Montwhanie, upon his marriage with the heiress of Burleigh, was afterwards designed by that last title.He was a faithful subject to queen Mary, who appointed him clerk-register;Sir Ja. Mel∣vil's memoit he was also governor of the castle of Edinburgh when the queen surrendered herself to the lords at Carberryhill.Before her majesty went to Lochleven∣castle, as an instance of her esteem and re∣gard for sir James, she gave him a small gold bell, with her name on it, and an enamelled cup and cover, said to have been king Mal∣colm Canmore's; both which are now in the possession of Mrs. Balfour, the heir of line of this sir James.They had issue five sons and three daugh∣ters.1. Sir Michael, afterwards lord Burleigh.2. Alexander, designed of Balgarvie, of whom there are several descendants in the male line still subsisting.3. Sir Henry, who was general in the Unit∣ed provinces, and served under the prince of Orange with great reputation.4. William, who went into Ireland, mar∣ried —Hamilton, heiress of Glenally, as∣sumed her name, and one of their descendants was created lord Glenally.5. David, who was a captain in his bro∣ther sir Henry's regiment, and perished at sea going over to Holland.1st daughter,—married to sir Michael Arnot of that ilk.2.—married to sir—Henderson of Fordell.3.—married to—Barclay of Collairny.IX. Sir MICHAEL BALFOUR, their eld∣est son, succeeded to both his father's and mo∣ther's estates,Chart in pul. archiv. inte ann. 1577 1600. and got charters from king James VI. of the barony of Montwhanie, Kir∣bester, and several other lands and baronies; and also a charter of the lands and barony of Burleigh,Ibid. haere∣dibus maseu lis quibuscun cognomen, earma de Bal four gerenti bus, &c. to his heirs-male whatever, carry∣ing the name and arms of Baltour, &c. dated 29th November 1606.He was a man of good parts, and much esteemed by king James VI. who was pleased to raise him to the dignity of the peerage, by