(7) The great Samuel Bochart was born at Rouen in 1599, and died suddenly in the academy at Caen, Monday the 16th of May 1667, aged 68. He was the minister of the reformed church in that town. — His principal works are his Phaleg and Canaan; works that shew an amazing erudition, and ought to be well read by every gentleman: you should likewise have his Hi∣erozoïcon, or history of animals mentioned in the sacred books. It is a good supplement to his scripture geogra∣phy. His sermons and dissertations are also very va∣luable. Brieux writ the following fine epitaph on him:

Scilicet haec cuique est data sors aequissima, talis
Ut sit mors, qualis vita peracta fuit.
Musarum in gremio teneris qui vixit ab annis.
Musarum in gremio debuit ille mori.

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