(14) That even spontaneous motion is performed by the divine power, is proved in the first part of a most ex∣cellent book, called, An Enquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul.—I shall only observe here, that motion is spontaneous, as it is begun and ended by the living Be∣ing itself, without physical necessity: but it is above the power and knowledge of the spontaneous Being, as it is performed mechanically: the motive power is immedi∣ately impressed by the Creator, who is the only mover, as well as the first mover. How adorable is this conde∣scension! the Creator exerts his power in consequence of the sponteneity of his living creatures!—But is not this low work for the Supreme Lord of heaven and earth, says the mechanical reasoner? No. Lowness of work is not applicable to the Creator of all things. He is as much the Creator of the meanest insect, as of the highest intelligence. It is his perpetual power, exerted in cohesion, that keeps all the parts of matter in the bo∣dies of living creatures together. Philosophy cannot be hurt by admitting his power. His omnipotence is dis∣played to our senses in the most despicable weed of the field as well as in the bright rolling orbs of heaven. In calling such things low work, we forget what infinite power implies, and what infinite goodness prompts.

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