(9) The Reader will find this apology in the appen∣dix to this life. By scripture and argument, without any regard to the notions of the fathers, I there endea∣vour to prove, that God the Father, the beginning and cause of all things, is One Being, infinite in such a man∣ner, that his infinity is an infinity of fulness as well as immensity; and must be not only without limits, but also without diversity, defect or interruption: and of consequence, his Unity so true and real, that it will ad∣mit of no diversity or distinction of persons:— that as to the Lord Jesus Christ, he was the servant chosen of this tremendous God, to redeem mankind; but his holy soul so far in perfection above Adam or any of his poste∣rity, and possessed so much a greater share of the in∣dwelling of the divine life and nature than any other creature, that he might, compared to us, with a just figure of speech, be called God.

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