* Inq. p. m. 12, bishop Skirlaw.—Inq. p. m. Matildis ux. Will'i Bowes, 15 bishop Langley.—Inq. p. m. Will'i Bowes Mil. 1 bishop Booth —Inq. p. m. Will'i Bowes, 9 bishop Booth.—Inq. p. m. 27 bishop Booth, Newton was then under an intail; and is described to consist of 20 mess and cccc. acres of land.

A mess. and 24 acres of land in Newton near Durham, held in cap. of Roger lord of Newton. Inq. p. m. Cuthbert son of John, Ao 10, Bury, cor. vic. in pleno Com. Dun.

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