* We find a tenement in this street called Bedforth Place.

Jac. ex una p'te cujusd. burgag. voc. Bed∣forth Place, in tenura Johis Gibson.
Fox Rot. B. Ao 1495.

John de Elvet held of the lord bishop in cap. 4 mess. in Old Elvet, of the prior of Durham by fealty, and three suits at the prior's court for the barony of Elvet, and paying hostillar. d'ci pr. v s. p' an. Also x mess. in New Elvet, of the prior, as of burgage tenure, three suits at the barony court of Elvet, and 4s. 11d. ad hostillar. pro land male. Ao 2o Joh. ep. &c. cor. R. de Laton Mil. esc. in co. Dun.—[Here we observe a line of dis∣tinction p'ainly drawn between the barony tenure and the burgage tenure; the burgage tenure being in New Elvet.]

The declaration and directions of me J. Cock, cl. v. of St Oswald's, Durham, now deprived.—He sets forth, that by his will, 27 May, 1701, he had given to certain persons therein named, 600l. in trust, and declares the trust to be to purchase freehold lands and tenements therewith; and to pay the produce thereof to the mini∣ster and church-wardens, to lay out yearly 2l. 10s. for bibles, common prayers, whole duty of man, explana∣tion of the creed, and such like, to be distributed among the poor inhabitants. To apply 5l. in physic and other relief for the sick poor; 5l. a year for cloaths for poor widowers or widows, or other poor housekeepers, and 5l in money; 4l. to teach indigent children to read, spin, knit, and sew; 6l. for setting out yearly one boy, being the son of an inhabitant, and the surplus to be applied to the like purposes. A table of which charities is directed to be written and read by the minister once a year. With directions for keeping the trust subsisting by election of trustees, and for keeping a book of account, &c.

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