The history and antiquities of the county palatine, of Durham: by William Hutchinson ... [pt.2]
Hutchinson, William, 1732-1814.


who was presented on the 3d of May, admitted the 8th, and installed the 29th of the same month, 1620. He had been rector of Fobsham; also vicar of Terrington, on the presentation of king James I. 1603, and rector of the same place, on the pre∣sentation of Sir John Stanhope, knight, 1609: Was made a prebendary in the second stall of Canterbury cathedral, in the year 1613 or 1614; and was chaplain to king James. In 1633, the dean and chapter petitioned the king, (then at Dur∣ham) for a confirmation of their charters and endowments, as in the notes§. The Page  155 dean died on the 1st of November, 1638, and was buried in the cathedral church of Durham, under the seat set apart for the prebendaries' wives: His epitaph was in∣scribed on a tablet of wood, fixed to the adjoining pillar, which not being esteemed ornamental, was taken down and thrown into the vestry-room. Willis gives the in∣scription as in the notes*.