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Title:  The life of John Metcalf: commonly called Blind Jack of Knaresborough. With many entertaining anecdotes of his exploits in hunting, card-playing, ... and also a succinct account of his various contracts for making roads, erecting bridges, and other undertakings, ...
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THE LIFE OF JOHN METCALF.JOHN METCALF was born at Knares∣borough, on the 15th of August, 1717. When four years old, he was put to school by his parents, who were working people, and continued at school two years: He was then seized with the small-pox, which ren∣dered him totally blind, though all possible means were used to preserve his sight.About six months after recovering from the small-pox, he was able to go from his father's house to the end of the street, and return, without a guide; which gave him