Poems on several occasions: By Stephen Duck.
Duck, Stephen, 1705-1756.
Page  xxxiii

Upon Her MAJESTY's Bounty to the Thresher.

Written in the Year 1730.

TO chear the Muse by Poverty opprest,
To free from meaner Cares th'inspired Breast,
To give the Genius Liberty to fly,
And mount with easier Wings its native Sky,
Was worthy HER, who always understood
The noblest Use of Pow'r was doing Good.
SO, when the oaten Pipe's melodious Strain
Reach'd CAESAR's Royal Ear, nor reach'd in vain,
Page  xxxiv Safe, and protected, for himself employ'd,
His Song, his Harvest, TITYRUS enjoy'd;
O'er his own Fields, his Flocks, and Cattle, stray'd,
And on the Mincio's Bank securely play'd.
WHAT equal Hand shall now an Altar raise,
Like that erected to AUGUSTUS' Praise?
From Pindus come, come, all ye tuneful Choir,
And in this Work with various Arts conspire;
Come all, by PALLAS, or by PHOEBUS taught,
To form the Plan, or to express the Thought:
Inscribe the Stone with CAROLINA's Name,
Sacred to Her, and her immortal Fame;
Firm fix the Basis, wreathe the Foliage round,
Begin the Rites, and let the Music sound.
Ye Sons of Cam and Isis, leave the Shade;
Be here your Duty, here your Off'rings paid;
Page  xxxv No longer let true Merit lie conceal'd,
As soon rewarded, as to Her reveal'd;
Produce your Labours on the public Stage,
And She shall raise a new Augustan Age.
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