Poems on several occasions: By Stephen Duck.
Duck, Stephen, 1705-1756.

An ODE, presented to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of WALES, in Richmond Gardens, on Thursday, May 6. 1736.

YE Muses, hail the Royal Dame,
Whose Charms Report excel;
Charms! brighter far than sounding Fame,
With all her Tongues, could tell.
O glorious PRINCE! Britannia's Pride,
Welcome to Richmond Seats,
Where Nature, proud to please your BRIDE,
Displays her choicest Sweets.
See! fragrant Beauties deck the Green,
The Branches bloom Delight;
Gay FLORA paints the verdant Scene,
To charm your CONSORT's Sight.
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Hear! how the feather'd warbling Throng
Congratulate your FAIR!
Not more melodious was their Song
To the first wedded Pair.
That Pair, in Eden, ne'er repos'd,
Where Groves more lovely grew;
Those Groves, in Eden, ne'er inclos'd
A lovelier PAIR, than YOU.
YOU! happier than the former Two,
Have nobler Tasks assign'd:
'Twas Theirs to curse the World; but YOU
Were born to bless Mankind.