Poems on several occasions: By Stephen Duck.
Duck, Stephen, 1705-1756.
Page  166

On the QUEEN's Grotto, in RICHMOND Gardens.

NOW blush, CALYPSO; 'tis but just to yield,
That all your mossy Caves are here excell'd.
See how the Walls, in humble Form, advance,
With careless Pride, and simple Elegance:
See Art and Nature strive with equal Grace,
And Fancy charm'd with what she can't surpass.
Flow swiftly, THAMES; and flowing, still proclaim.
This Building's Beauty, and the Builder's Fame;
Tell Indian Seas, thy NAIADS here have seen
The sweetest Grotto, and the wisest QUEEN;
Whose Royal Presence bless'd this humble Seat:
How small the Mansion, and the Guest how Great!
Page  167 So Angels sat in Canaan's sweet Abodes,
So rural Shades were honour'd with the Gods.
Here may her Soul th'Almighty's Wonders trace,
Far as the Worthies, that adorn the Place;
Whose awful Busts around the Grot appear,
The brightest Stars in Learning's Hemisphere:
Their Fathers dimly view'd the dawning Ray;
These rose like Suns, and brought a Flood of Day.
BUT cease, my Muse, and cast thy wond'ring Eyes,
Where PHOEBUS' lofty *Domes majestic rise;
Whose tuneful Train have sung this Grotto's Praise,
Contending each, till each deserves the Bays.
O pardon me, ye learned Sons of Fame!
Who saintly, after you, attempt the Theme;
Nor think, I rival your poetic Fires;
My QUEEN commands, and Gratitude inspires
Page  168 And You, Imperial Foundress! deign to smile,
Nor scorn the least, the latest Muse's Toil;
Who brings the tardy Off'ring of her Lays,
The first in Duty, tho' the last in Praise.