The absurdity and perfidy of all authoritative toleration of gross heresy: blasphemy, idolatry, popery, in Britain. In two letters to a friend. ... By John Brown, ...
Brown, John, 1722-1787.
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BOOKS Sold by JOHN BRYCE, at his Shop opposite to Gibson's-Wynd, Salt-market, either in Wholesale or Retail.

  • I. HENRY's Commentary, on the old and new testament 6 vols, large print. Price £ 3-10-0.
  • II. A body of divinity, wherein the doctrines of the Christian Religion are explained and de∣sended; being the substance of several lectures on the Assem∣bly's larger Catechism. In one volume. By Thomas Ridg∣ley, D. D. late dissenting mi∣nister in London. Price 11s and 6d.
  • III. The Christian in complete armour, or a treatise of the saints war with the devil, by Wiliiam Gurnal, M. A. Price 10s.
  • IV. Josephus' whole works Price 12s.
  • V. Clark's martyrology. Price 9s and 6d.
  • VI. Henry's practical works, half bound. Price 4s
  • VII. An exposition of the epistle to the Romans, with large prac∣tical observations by the reve∣rend Mr John Brown, some∣time minister of the Gospel at Rotterdam in Holland. Price 7s.
  • VIII. Willison's whole works Price 7s.
  • IX. Mr Ralph Erskine's practi∣cal works, 10 vols. Price £ 1-8-0.
  • X. The works of the late reve∣rend Mr Robert Trail, minister of the Gospel at London, 3 vols, price 6s.
  • XI. Religious cases of conscience answered in an evangelical man∣ner, by S. Pike and S. Hay∣ward, to which is now added, not in any former edition, the Spiritual Companion, or the professed Christian tried at the bar of God'sword; being some pious thoughts inanswer to thir∣ty practical questions, of equal importance with the above ca∣ses—Together with some free thoughts on the character of the happy man. Price 2s and 6d
  • XII. Familiar Letters on a varie∣ty of religious subjects, by Jo∣nathan Dickinson, A. M Pre∣sident of the College of New-Jersey. Price 2s.
  • XIII. Christ crucified; or the marrow of the Gospel evidently held forth in seventy-two Ser∣mons on the whole fifty-third chapter of the prophecy of Isai∣ah, by Mr James Duham, sometime minister of the gos∣pel in Glasgow. Price 2s and 6d.
  • XIV. The unsearchable riches of Christ, and of grace and glory in and thro' him in fourteen communion Sermons by Mr James Durham, sometime mi∣nister of the Gospel in Glas∣gow. Price 1s and 3d.
  • XV. A practical exposition of the 130th Psalm, by John Owen, D. D. Price 2s and 6d.
  • XVI Christ the righteousness of his people; or the doctrine of justification by saith in him represented in several sermons preached at Pinner's-hall, Lon∣don, by Mr. Richard Raw∣price 1s 6d
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