* Helleborus. l. 201. Many males, many females. The Helleborus niger, or Christ∣mas rose, has a large beautiful white flower, adorned with a circle of tubular two-lipp'd nectaries. After impregnation the flower undergoes a remarkable change, the nectaries, drop off, but the white corol remains, and gradually becomes quite green. This curious metamorph se of the corol, when the nectaries fall off, seems to shew that the white juices of the corol were before carried to the nectaries, for the purpose of producing honey: because when these nectaries fall off, no more of the white juice is secreted in the corol, but it becomes green, and degenerates into a calyx. See note on Lonicera. The nectary of the Tropaeolum, garden nasturtien, is a coloured horn grewing from the calyx.

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