* Chondrilla. l. 97. Of the class Confederate Males. The numerous florets, which constitue the disk of the flowers in this class, contain in each five males surrounding one female, which are connected at top, whence the name of the class. An Italian writer, in a discourse on the irritability of flowers, asserts, that if the top the floret be touched, all the filaments which support the cylindrical anther will contract themselves, and that by thus raising or depressing the anther the whole of the prolific dust is collected on the stigma. He adds, that if one filament be touched after it is separated from the floret, that it will contract like the muscular fibres of animal bodies, his experiments were tried on the Centauréa Calcitiapoides, and on artichokes, and globe-thistles. Dis∣course on irritability of plants. Dodsley.

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