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Title:  An essay on the treaty of commerce with France: with necessary expositions.
Author: Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731.
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except for a very small quantity, so great an Advance of the Price reducing the Consumption to almost nothing; and the Portugal Wines, a very profitable Trade to England, became our general Draught all over England.This is the true state of the Affair of Commerce between England and France, and thus Her Majesty found things when her Ministers came at Ʋtrecht to Treat of the Settling a New Treaty of Commerce, and from Hence it will appear that the Measures taken in the said Treaty, and the Conditions agreed on relating to our Manufactures in France, and their Wine and Brandy in Great-Britain, and taking off the Duty on either side, are not only equal and just, but are founded on the True Interest of Trade, and much more to the advantage of Britain than of France, as will appear, if the following Particu|lars are Impartially Considered.Upon this New Treaty, after having in General Agreed in the 6th Article, thus, That the Subjects of each Party shall Pay the Tolls, Customs and Duties of Import and Ex|port through all the Dminions and Provinces of either Party, as are Due and Accustomed: That is, as the Government of that respe|ctive Country shall Exact or legally Im|pose. And again in the 5th Article, 'That