Mrs. Taylor's family companion: or the whole art of cookery display'd, in the newest and most easy method, being a collection of receipts to set out a table cheap, ... To which are added, instructions for marketing, sundry bills of fare, ... The whole calculated to assist the prudent mistress and her servant, ... By Mrs. Margaret Taylor, ...
Taylor, Margaret, Mrs.
To stew Ox Palates.

Put the palates into a saucepan of cold water, and let them stew very softly over a slow fire till they are tender. Then cut them into pieces, and dish them with cock's-combs and artichoke bot|toms cut small; and garnish with lemon sliced, and with sweetbreads stewed for white dishes, and fried for brown ones, and cut also into little pieces.

N. B. This stew is generally used for im|proving a fricassee, or a ragoo of veal, lamb, abbits, &c.