The Newcastle and Gateshead directory: for 1782, 83, and 84. Containing the names, trades, and situation of the warehouses, shops, &c. ...
Whitehead, William, of Newcastle.
Page  54

From the difficulty which always attends a work 〈◊〉 this kind, especially when done alphabetically the following names have been omitted in the proper places.

  • AINSWORTH Tho. brackham-maker, nea head of Fenkell-street.
  • Alder Caleb, upholdsterer, Groatmarket, h.
  • Atkinson Henry, fitter's-office, Quay-side, m.
  • Aubone Thomas, Sun-Fire-office, Close, m.
  • Bainbridge Wm. publican, Firth-Banks, h.
  • Bilton Wm. glover, High-bridge, m.
  • Boutflower John, flour-merch. Butcher-ba. f.
  • Bryson James, shoe-maker, Westgate-street, m.
  • Coates Mrs, tin-plate-worker, &c. Side, f.
  • Greenwell & Brown, iron-mongers and Sadle Middle-street, f.
  • Humble Edward, Royal Exchange, Insurance office from Fire, Side, f.
  • Hadderwick Aaron, ingrosser and writer to a¦tornies, east end of Quayside.
  • Lushington, Rev. Mr, vicar, Westgate-street,
  • Smith Alex. china-mender, Northumb. str. m.
  • Young —, grocer and tea-dealer, Side, m.
  • Mitchel Alexander, flour-dealer, Pipewelgate,
  • Bell Mrs, publican, Pipewelgate, f.
  • Bowman John, parish clerk, Oakwelgate, m.
  • Craig James, peruke-maker, Pipewelgate, h.
  • Page  55Emmerson Nich. peruke-maker, Pipewelgate, m
  • Falcon Rev. John, curate and school-master, Hilgate, m.
  • Hawks Wm. and Co. iron-mongers, anchor∣smiths, and founders, Battle-bank, h.
  • Henderson G. publican, Ad. Rodney, Battleb f.