The bastard: A poem, inscribed with all due reverence to Mrs. Bret, once Countess of Macclesfield. By Richard Savage, son of the late Earl Rivers.
Savage, Richard, d. 1743.
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Books, Poems and Plays, Printed for, and Sold by P. Crampton at Addison's Head opposite to the Horse-guard in Dame's-street, and T. Benson at Shakespear's Head in Castle-street.

  • THE Travels of Cyrus, in a neat Pocket Volume, Paice bound a British Half Crown.
  • An Essay on the Passions and Affections, with Illustrati|ons on the Moral Sense. By Mr. Francis Hutcheson, Au|thor of the Enquiry into the Original of our Ideas of Beau|ty and Virtue. Price bound two Shillings and two Pence.
  • A Select Collection of Tracts, by Walter Moyle, Esq viz. 1. An Essay upon the Roman Government. 2. Re|marks upon D. Prideaux's Connection of the Old and New Testament. 3. An Essay upon the Lacaedemo nian Government. 4. An Argument against a standing Army. Price bound a British Half Crown.
  • Shadwell's Works, consisting of all his Plays and Poems. Price bound four Shillings and four Pence.
  • The Orphan. Price a British Six-pence.
  • Caius Marius. Price Ditto.
  • Lucius Junius Brutus, Father of his Country. Price Ditto.
  • The Spanish Fryar. Price Ditto.
  • The Double Falshood. Price Ditto.
  • The Miser turn'd Courtier. Price four Pence.
  • The Art of Shooting Flying. Price two Pence.
  • The Norfolk Steward. Price two Pence.
  • The Bason a Poem. Price a Penny.
  • A Ballad upon the Ruffs. Price a Penny.
  • Just publish'd, Cyrus a Tragedy.