A treatise of human nature: being an attempt to introduce the experimental method of reasoning into moral subjects. ... [pt.3]
Hume, David, 1711-1776.
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PAge 40. l. 14. for principles read principle. p. 61. l. 12. for it read them. p. 127. l. 2. for propensity read propensities. p. 131. l. ult. for giving a sense read giving us a sense. p. 138. l. 22. for as the violent pas∣sions hinder read as violent passion hinders. p. 154. l. 1. for but read for. p. 157. l. 19. for it read them. p. 158. l. 15. for subtle read subtile. p. 161. l. 1. for as the interest read as interest. p. 165. l. 2. for public read common. Id. l. 13. for public read common. p. 166. l. 27. for laws of interest read laws of society. p. 195. l. penult. for fidelity read infidelity. p. 230. l. 16. for touches read touch. Id. l. 27. for and read or. p. 246. l. 10. for our read his. p. 296. l. 2. for rise read rises. p. 303. l. 24. for perception read perceptions.