A new analysis of the Bristol waters: together with the cause of the diabetes and hectic. And their cure, as it results from those waters, experimentally consider'd. ... By John Shebbeare, ...
Shebbeare, John, 1709-1788.
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IT is more than a Year since I began a Course of Experiments on the Bristol Waters; but up∣on knowing that Dr Keir had undertaken the Analysis, I im∣mediately stopt my Enquiry, and awaited his Publication, in Expectation of something quite accurate and satisfactory. Upon perusal of his Book I found my self disap∣pointed, and continu'd my Experiments for these Reasons.

First, because I see no Account for the Heat and other Phaenomena of the Waters.

Next, I apprehend the Conclusions drawn from his Experiments are not just.

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And lastly, If the Waters do contain what the Doctor affirms, they will ever be irreconcilable with the Cure of a Diabetes.

I think then, there needs no Apology for an Enquiry of this Kind. It rather becomes necessary that some other should be made which may bring the Rationale and Practice of those Waters to coincide, and satisfy the Patient of the Truth of some Principles, upon which he may ground his Expectation of a Cure. Now let us suppose they con∣tain Nitre and Limestone Powder with an exceeding subtle Spirit. Is there in this City any Physician that would heartily prescribe these Waters: Or any distant Physician that would send a Patient to a Mineral either trifling, inefficacious, or of a Nature quite opposite the Cure? If then this should be the Event, which is not unlikely, it will be fatal to the Health, if not Lives, of great Numbers.

As the following Experiments are of my own making, I can the better answer for the Truth of the Facts. There has been no Accuracy wanting in discovering the Con∣tents of the Waters, and ascertaining them from Phaenomena quite definitive. I have produced also analogous Appearances by dif∣ferent Experiments, with Conjectures of their Page  3Causes; then having consider'd the Source of a Diabetes, I shew the Effects of those Con∣tents on animal Solids and Fluids as they produce the Cure.

Whatever Contradictions may be found in this Analysis to that of Dr Keir, they must not be understood to arise from any Inclination I have to contradict, but from the Truth of the Examination. And where that is the Supposition every Man will be satisfied with it, however contrary to his Sentiments.