/ Deaf Studies as a Transformed and Transformational Field: Inspirations Across Disciplines and Nations

This presentation firstly focuses on the definition and foundation of Deaf Studies as a field, both narrow and expanded to include linguistics, ethnography and other fields with deaf themes. Secondly, it focuses on innovation in the field of Deaf Studies, outlining ongoing transformations in methodology, theoretical frameworks and dissemination pathways. Thirdly, it asks whether it still makes sense to conceive of Deaf Studies as a demarcated field. Throughout the presentation, the presenter draws on research experience in Surinam, Ghana and India.  


This conference proceeding was made possible with the financial support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Digital Humanities Advancement Grants [#HAA-258756-8, 2018]; and Gallaudet University: the Office of the Chief Bilingual Officer, Yeker Anderson Club, and Department of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies.


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