Articles Assigned for Translation

This page lists articles assigned for translation but not yet published online.

French Title English Title Vol:Page #
Abari (title not yet translated) 1:11
Abatelement Abatelement (Commerce) 1:10
Abaton Abaton 1:11
Abatos Abatos 1:11
Abattre Pull down 1:11
Abattre Swing or cast off 1:11
Abattre (title not yet translated) 1:11
Abattre (title not yet translated) (Millinery) 1:11
Abattre du bois au trictrac (title not yet translated) 1:11
Abattre l'oiseau Restrain the bird 1:11
Abattre un cheval Couch a horse 1:11
Abattue (title not yet translated) 1:11
Abattures (title not yet translated) 1:11
Abavents (title not yet translated) 1:11
Abawiwar (title not yet translated) 1:11
Abayance (title not yet translated) 1:11
Abazée (title not yet translated) 1:11
Abba (title not yet translated) 1:11
Abbaasi (title not yet translated) 1:11
Abbaye (title not yet translated) 1:11
Abbaye (title not yet translated) 1:12
Abbé Father 1:12
Abbé (title not yet translated) 1:14
Abbé (title not yet translated) 1:14
Abbé (title not yet translated) 1:14
Abbecher ou Abbecquer (title not yet translated) 1:14
Abéliens, Abéloniens and Abéloites Abelians, Abelonians, and Abeloites 1:23
Aborigenes Aboriginals 1:32
Abracadabra Abracadabra 1:33
Abstinence Abstinence 1:44
Abukesb Abukesb (Money) 1:148
Académie Academy (Literary history) 1:52
Acte Act (Law. Modern history) 1:116
Acteur Actor (Theater) 1:117
Action (en Poësie) Action (in poetry) (Poetry) 1:121
Additions Marginal notes (Printing) 1:130
Affection Affection (Physiology) 1:158
Ague à rompre (title not yet translated) (Cardboard working) 1:874
Ais Paper-board (Printing) 1:239
Alectryomancie (title not yet translated) (Necromancy) 1:253
Allegorie Allegory (Literature) 1:280
Aller en galée Compose in galleys (Printing) 1:282
Allusion Allusion (Literature) 1:289
Aloé ou Aloès Aloe (Materia medica) 1:291
Alouette Lark 1:293
Amautas (title not yet translated) (Modern history) 1:317
Amazones, riviere des Amazones Amazon, Amazon River 1:318
Ambition Ambition 1:321
Ame Soul 1:327
Amende honorable Honorable amends 1:355
Amnistie Amnesty 1:365
Amour Conjugal Conjugal love 1:369
Amour de la gloire Love of glory 1:368
Amphithéatre Amphitheater (Ancient history) 1:377
Amsterdam Amsterdam 1:383
Amsterdam Amsterdam 1:383
Amsterdam la nouvelle New Amsterdam 1:383
Anatomie Anatomy 1:409
Ancre Anchor (Navy) 1:442
Androide Android (Mechanics) 1:448
Anneau astronomique, ou universel (title not yet translated) 1:480
Antimoine (verre d') Antimony (glass of) 1:505
Antiquer Gauffering (Old style bookbinding ) 1:516
Antiquités Antiquities
Aphonie (title not yet translated) (Medicine) 1:524
Apocalypse Apocalypse (Theology) 1:527
Appointé (title not yet translated) (Military arts) 1:554
Apprêter Type finishing (Typemaking) 1:557
Apurima ou Aporimac (title not yet translated) 1:563
Arabe Arab 1:566
Arabes. Etat de la Philosophie chez les anciens Arabes (title not yet translated) (Philosophy) 1:566
Arche de Noé Noah's Ark 1:606
Archet Spring of the hand-mould (Typemaking) 1:611
Architecture Architecture
Ardoise Slate (Natural history. Mineralogy) 1:628
Arithmétique universelle Universal arithmetic 1:675
Armée Army (Military arts) 1:691
Arpeggio, Arpége ou Arpégement Arpeggio (Music) 1:701
Arriver Bear up or away (Navy) 1:710
Artériotomie Arteriotomy (Surgery) 1:720
Artillerie Artillery 1:744
Astérique Asterisk (Grammar. Printing) 1:776
Atellanes Atellan farces (Literature) 1:797
Athletes Athletes (History of ancient gymnastics) 1:818
Attraction, attractio ou tractio Attraction (Mechanics) 1:846
Aubaine (title not yet translated) (Jurisprudence) 1:863
Avent Advent (Ecclesiastical history) 1:868
Baal ou Bel Baal (Ancient history) 2:3
Baal-Berith Baal-Berith (Mythology) 2:3
Baal-Gad, ou Bagad, ou Begad Baal-Gad or Bagad or Begad (Ancient history. Mythology) 2:3
Baal-Hasor Baal-Hasor (Sacred geography) 2:3
Baal-Hermon Baal Hermon (Sacred geography) 2:3
Baal-Peor Baal-Peor (Mythology) 2:4
Baal-Pharasim Baal-Pharasim (Sacred geography) 2:3
Baal-Thamar Baal-Tamar (Sacred geography) 2:3
Baala Baala (Sacred geography) 2:3
Baala Baala 2:3
Baalam Baalam 2:3
Baalites Baalites (Ancient history) 2:3
Baalmeon Baalmeon (Sacred geography) 2:3
Baaltis Baaltis or Ba'alat Gebal (Mythology) 2:4
Bacquet Tub (Printing) 2:10
Bagaude (title not yet translated) (Ancient history) 2:12
Baliste Ballista (Military arts) 2:37
Balles teigneuses Sodden ink balls (Printing) 2:42
Balustrade Balustrade (Architecture) 2:49
Banc à river Stake (Clockmaking) 2:53
Bande Iron-rib (Printing) 2:58
Banque Bank (Commerce) 2:60
Banque Bank (Printing) 2:62
Barbouiller Smudge (Printing) 2:74
Barreau Bar (Printing) 2:93
Bascules brisées de l'orgue Compound backfalls 2:115
Bascules du positif, ou Petit orgue Backfalls of the positive or Small organ 2:114
Bassine Basin (Printing) 2:126
Bataillon Battalion (Military arts) 2:135
Batte Beater (Organ) 2:147
Battemens (title not yet translated) (Dance) 2:148
Belus Belus (Mythology) 2:200
Belvedere Belvedere (Architecture) 2:200
Bengale Bengal (Geography) 2:204
Benin Benin (Geography) 2:204
Benjans (title not yet translated) (Modern history. Commerce) 2:204
Bibliothèque Library 2:228
Bigot (title not yet translated) (History. Ethics) 2:248
Bilboquet Flyer (Printing) 2:249
Billot Foot of rolling press (Copper plate printing) 2:256
Biseau Side-stick (Printing) 2:262
Blanc (title not yet translated) (Typemaking) 2:270
Blanchet Blanket (Printing) 2:272
Bleu d'azur (title not yet translated) (Chemistry) 2:282
Bleu d'émail (title not yet translated) (Chemistry) 2:282
Bleu d'Inde et Indigo (title not yet translated) 2:282
Bleu de montagne (title not yet translated) (Natural history. Mineralogy) 2:283
Bleu, mettre au Bleu Blue, to make blue (Cooking) 2:284
Bloquer Place-holding (Printing) 2:288
Boesjes Boesjes (Commerce. Modern history) 2:291
Bois d'inde, Bois de la Jamaïque, ou Bois de campeche (title not yet translated) (Natural history) 2:308
Bois de Bresil (title not yet translated) 2:308
Bois de têtes, Bois de fonds Head-sticks and Foot-sticks (Printing) 2:309
Bois rouge ou Bois de sang (title not yet translated) (Natural history) 2:309
Boîtes Boot (Organ) 2:313
Bombarde Bombarde (Musical instrument making) 2:315
Bonheur, Prospérité Happiness, Prosperity (Grammar) 2:323
Bonneterie Hosiery 2:325
Bonté Goodness (Ethics) 2:329
Botte de parchemin Bale of parchment 2:346
Bouche Mouth (Organ) 2:350
Bouche ovale Mouth, oval (Organ) 2:350
Bouillie Porridge (pulp) (Papermaking. Cardboard working) 2:357
Boulons (title not yet translated) (Printing) 2:365
Bouquet (title not yet translated) (Printing) 2:366
Bourbon, (Ile de) ou Mascareigne Bourbon Island, or Mascarene (Geography) 2:367
Bourdon Out (Printing) 2:369
Bourdon de 16 piés, ou huit piés bouché Bourdon of sixteen feet, or eight feet stopped (Organ) 2:369
Bourre, rouge de (title not yet translated) (Dyeing) 2:371
Boursettes Purses (Organ) 2:374
Boursier Purser 2:374
Bras (title not yet translated) (Copper plate printing) 2:399
Bresiller (title not yet translated) (Dyeing) 2:412
Brochettes Pins (Printing) 2:432
Broderie Embroidery 2:433
Brownistes Brownists (Ecclesiastical law) 2:446
Broyon Brayer (Printing) 2:447
Bruyere (title not yet translated) (Natural history) 2:453
Cabinet d'histoire naturelle Natural history collection 2:489
Cabriole ou Capriole (title not yet translated) (Dance) 2:495
Cadavre Corpse 2:510
Caffé Coffee (Natural history. Botany) 2:527
Cagots ou Capots (title not yet translated) (Modern history) 2:530
Cahier Gathering (Bookbinding) 2:531
Calcaire (terre ou pierre) Limestone (earth or stone) (Natural history. Chemistry) 2:541
Calcul des nombres Calculating numbers (Mechanics. Clockmaking) 2:546
Canepin (title not yet translated) (Tanning of sheep and goat leather) 2:596
Cap-Breton Cape Breton 2:625
Capitales Capitals (Printing) 2:631
Caractères et Alphabets de Langues Mortes et Vivantes [planches] Characters and alphabets of dead and living languages [plates] 19:20:1
Carcajou, Carcajoux ou Carcaiou Wolverine (Natural history. Zoology) 2:674
Cardialgie (title not yet translated) (Medicine) 2:677
Carene Careen (Navy) 2:683
Carton Board (Mechanical arts) 2:727
Casseau (title not yet translated) (Printing) 2:746
Castor Beaver (Natural history) 2:750
Cerveau Brain (Anatomy) 2:862
Chaise Chair (Mechanical arts) 3:13
Chamoiseur Chamois leather maker 3:69
Chancellerie de Dauphiné (title not yet translated) 3:114
Chant Singing (Music) 3:140
Chant Chant (Literature) 3:142
Chant Chant (Literature) 3:142
Chaos Chaos (Philosophy. Mythology) 3:157
Chapelier [planches] Hatmaker [plates] 19:29:1
Chaperon (title not yet translated) (Printing) 3:178
Chef d'Académie (title not yet translated) (Horsemanship) 3:272
Chef du nom et armes (title not yet translated) 3:272
Cheval, equus Horse (Natural history. Horsemanship. Farrier's art) 3:300
Chevalet Beam (Leather currying) 3:310
Chevalet du tympan Tympan bridge (Printing) 3:310
Chevaucher (title not yet translated) (Printing) 3:315
Chevilles (title not yet translated) (Printing) 3:319
Chevillette Sewing keys (Bookbinding) 3:320
Chevre Goat (Rural economy) 3:320
Chine China (Geography) 3:339
Chinois, philosophie des Chinese philosophy (History of philosophy) 3:341
Choix Choice 3:363
Chromatique Chromatic (Music) 3:387
Chypre, ou Cypre Cyprus (Geography) 3:437
Cire Wax (Natural history) 3:471
Clan ou gland Clamp or acorn (Parchment making) 3:503
Clavecin Harpsichord ( Musical instrument making) 3:509
Clavier Keyboard (Musical instrument making) 3:512
Clémence Clemency (Political law) 3:521
Cochenillage (title not yet translated) (Dyeing) 3:559
Colère Anger (Medicine) 3:615
Colique bilieuse (title not yet translated) (Medicine) 3:620
Collationner (title not yet translated) (Printing) 3:626
Colombier (title not yet translated) (Printing) 3:646
Comédie sainte Religious comedy (Modern theatrical history) 3:669
Comédien Player (Literature) 3:671
Comma (title not yet translated) (Grammar. Printing) 3:683
Compagnie de commerce Trading company 3:739
Composition Composition (Music) 3:771
Composteur Composing stick (Printing) 3:774
Composteur Casting stick (Typemaking) 3:775
Concurrence Competition (Commerce) 3:832
Connoisseur Connoisseur (Music) 3:898
Conquête Conquest (Law of nations) 3:899
Conscience Conscience (Natural law. Ethics) 3:902
Conseiller du roi Royal counsellor 4:30
Constellation Constellation (Astronomy) 4:59
Contre Counter
Contre-forts (title not yet translated) (Architecture) 4:134
Contre-forts (title not yet translated) (Fortifications) 4:134
Contre-forts (title not yet translated) (Boot making) 4:134
Contre-poinçon (title not yet translated) (Typemaking) 4:139
Contre-sommier Counter-summer (Parchment making) 4:141
Cor (title not yet translated) (Hunting. Sheet metalwork) 4:193
Cornières Corner-pieces (Printing) 4:255
Corybante (title not yet translated) (Mythology) 4:288
Cosse Shell (Parchment making) 4:298
Coulisse de Galée Galley-slice (Printing) 4:335
Coupés du mouvement (title not yet translated) (Dance) 4:348
Coupoir Cutter (Type foundry) 4:353
Cousoir à coudre les livres Sewing frame (Bookbinding) 4:404
Couteau à effleurer ou couteau de rivière Frizing knife or river knife 4:407
Couteau à parer Paring knife 4:408
Coûtume Custom (Ethics) 4:410
Coûtume, habitude Custom, habit (Synonyms. Grammar) 4:411
Coûtume, Usage Custom, usage (Grammar. Synonyms) 4:410
Cramoisi (title not yet translated) 4:429
Crampons ou Pattes Cramp-irons or Paws (Printing) 4:430
Crane Skull (Anatomy) 4:430
Crane (blessures du) (title not yet translated) (Surgery) 4:432
Crochet ou Eschopes Hook (Clockmaking) 4:499
Croute (title not yet translated) (Tanning) 4:516
Cuirs de balles Ball leathers (Printing) 4:536
Cymbale Cymbale (Organ stop) 4:594
Daller Dollar 4:613
Daller germanique Germanic dollar (Commerce) 4:613
Daller oriental Oriental dollar 4:613
Damoiseau, Damoisel, Damoiselle Damoiseau, Damoisel, Damoiselle (Modern history) 4:620
Danse armée (title not yet translated) 4:625
Danses militaires Military dances 4:627
Décimation Decimation (Roman history) 4:670
Déclaration Declaration (Customs. Commerce) 4:693
Dégât (title not yet translated) (Law of war) 4:751
Délit Infraction (Jurisprudence) 4:788
Démolir Demolish (Building) 4:820
Démon de Socrate (title not yet translated) (Ancient history. History of philosophy) 4:821
Dent Tooth (Bookbinding) 4:843
Dentaire (title not yet translated) (Natural history. Botany) 4:844
Dentelle Dentelle (Bookbinding) 4:847
Deserteur Deserter (Ethics. Political science) 4:881
Despotisme Despotism (Political law) 4:886
Détroit Strait (Political law) 4:904
Diabotanum Diabotanum (Pharmacy) 4:928
Diapason Scale (Organ) 4:943
Dictateur Dictator (Roman history) 4:956
Divinité Divinity (Grammar. Theology) 4:1073
Doge de Vénise Doge of Venice (Modern history) 5:11
Doubler Doublure (Bookbinding) 5:81
Doublette Doublette (Organ stop. Stringed-instrument making) 5:81
Douleur Pain (Medicine) 5:83
Drapeau Flag (History. Military arts) 5:106
Drogue Drug (Commerce) 5:113
Drogue Drug (Mechanical arts) 5:113
Droit Law (Jurisprudence) 5:116
Droit civil Civil law 5:123
Droit des gens Law of nations 5:126
Droit public Public law 5:135
Eclectisme Ecclecticism (History of modern philosophy. History of ancient philosophy) 5:270
Ecriture Writing (Ancient history. Grammar. Arts) 5:358
Ecu (title not yet translated) (Military arts. Ancient history) 5:377
Ecu (title not yet translated) (Heraldry) 5:377
Ecu de Sobieski (title not yet translated) 5:377
Egoisme (title not yet translated) (Ethics) 5:431
Elan Elk (Mechanical arts. Chamois leather dressing) 5:441
Elan Elk (Pharmacy. Materia medica) 5:441
Elan, Alée Elk (Alces) (Natural history. zoology) 5:440
Eloge de M. le Président de Montesquieu [abridged] Eulogy for President Montesquieu [abridged] 5:iii
Eloquent Eloquent (Literature) 5:531
Empire Empire (Ancient history) 5:582
Encliquetage Ratchet (Clockmaking) 5:623
Enfance de Jesus-Christ, (Filles de l') Childhood of Jesus Christ, (Daughters of the) (Ecclesiastical history) 5:652
Envie Desire 5:735
Eole Aeolus (Mythology) 5:739
Epargne Savings (Ethics) 5:745
Epingle [abridged] Pin [abridged] (Mechanical arts) 5:804
Equitation Horsemanship (Ancient history. Modern history) 5:883
Escadron Squadron (Military arts) 5:920
Escadronner Cavalry, to maneuver with (Military arts) 5:927
Esther Esther (Theology) 5:1002
Etat de la guerre State of war 6:30
Etat moral Moral state (Natural law) 6:18
Etats composés Compound states (Political law) 6:19
Ethiopie Ethiopia (Geography) 6:54
Étranger Stranger (Political law) 6:71
Excès Excess (Grammar) 6:219
Excès Excess (Commerce) 6:219
Expression Expression (Algebra) 6:315
Expression Expression (Literature) 6:315
Expression Expression (Opera) 6:315
Expression Expression (Painting) 6:319
Expression Expression (Pharmacy. Chemistry) 6:319
Façade Facade (Architecture) 6:355
Faim-vale (title not yet translated) (Farrier's art) 6:378
Fantaisie Fancy (Farrier's art) 6:403
Fatalité Fatality (Metaphysics) 6:422
Fausseté (title not yet translated) (Ethics) 6:438
Fêtes de la Ville de Paris (title not yet translated) 6:585
Fêtes des Mahométans Muslim holidays 6:565
Fêtes des Payens Pagan holidays (Ancient history) 6:564
Feu électrique Electric fire 6:614
Feu, pompe à Steam pump (Hydraulics. Mechanical arts) 6:603
Fiançailles Engagement (Ancient history. Modern history) 6:659
Fleche Arrow (Military arts) 6:850
Fleur Flower (Botany. Modern history) 6:853
Fleuret (title not yet translated) (Dance) 6:865
Fleuriste artificiel [planches] Maker of artificial flowers [plates] 21:11:1
Flotte invincible Invincible armada (Modern history) 6:879
Foi Faith (Theology) 7:7
Fonctions Duties (Printing) 7:51
Fondation Foundation (Political science. Natural law) 7:72
Fonderie des canons – [1] [Planches I-V] [planches] Cannon casting – [1] [Plates I-V] [plates] 22:3:1
Fonderie des canons – [2] [Planches VI, VII & VIII] [planches] Cannon casting – [2] [Plates VI-VIII] [plates] 22:3:3
Fonderie des canons – [3] [Planches IX - XXV] [planches] Cannon casting – [3] [Plates IX - XXV] [plates] 22:3:8
Fontaines Fountains (Architecture) 7:102
Fontaines de vin Fountains of wine (Modern history) 7:104
Forge Forge (Mechanical arts) 7:134
Format Format (Book trade) 7:172
Fou (title not yet translated) (Games) 7:212
Fragilité Fragility (Ethics) 7:273
Fraise Strawberry 7:275
Fruits Fruit (Diet) 7:357
Fust Plow (Bookbinding) 7:401
Galée Galley (Printing) 7:434
Gambit Gambit (Chess) 7:460
Garde (title not yet translated) (Bookbinding) 7:511
Gazelle Gazelle 7:533
Géant Giant (Ancient history. Modern history) 7:536
Géographie Geography (Geography) 7:608
Géographie physique Physical geography 7:613
Géomantie Geomancy (Ancient history) 7:626
Géometre Geometer (Mathematics) 7:627
Geronte Geronte (Ancient history) 7:649
Gibelin Ghibelline (Modern history) 7:657
Gigantesque Gigantic 7:660
Glace (title not yet translated) (Physics) 7:687
Glissé (title not yet translated) (Dance) 7:706
Grace (title not yet translated) (Grammar. Literature. Mythology) 7:805
Grace (title not yet translated) (Political law) 7:803
Graveur en cuivre, en acier, au burin, à l'eau forte, en bois, en maniere noire, & en clair-obscur (title not yet translated) (Modern arts) 7:866
Gravitation Gravitation (Physics) 7:871
Gravure Engraving (Fine arts) 7:877
Gravure en médailles et en cachets – Gravure en cachets [planches] Medal and seal engraving – Seal engraving [plates] 22:10:1
Gravure en médailles et en cachets – Gravure en médailles [planches] Medal and seal engraving – Medal engraving [plates] 22:10:1
Groizon (title not yet translated) (Tanning of sheep and goat leather) 7:951
Guarmay (title not yet translated) (Geography) 7:977
Guerre War (History. Military arts) 7:985
Gymnastique médicinale Medicinal gymnastics (History of ancient medicine) 7:1017
Habile Skillful (Grammar) 8:6
Harmonique (title not yet translated) (Music) 8:54
Haute-contre (title not yet translated) (Music) 8:70
Herboriser Botanize (Grammar. Botany) 8:149
Hérésie Heresy (Sacred criticism) 8:158
Hérésie Heresy (Jurisprudence) 8:158
Heroïque Heroic (Medicine) 8:181
Herse Herse (Tanning of sheep and goat leather) 8:185
Heures Hours (Mythology) 8:194
Hiéroglyphe Hieroglyph (Ancient arts) 8:205
Histoire naturelle – Règne minéral – [6] Sixième collection [planches] Natural history – Mineral kingdom – [6] Sixth collection [plates] 23:6:2
Honneur Honor (Ethics) 8:288
Hôpital Poorhouse (Grammar. Ethics. Political science) 8:293
Horreur du vuide Abhorrence of a vacuum (Physics) 8:312
Hydromantie Hydromancy 8:374
Hystérique, passion ou affection Hysterical passion or illness 8:420
Identité Identity (Metaphysics) 8:494
Idiotisme Idiom (Grammar) 8:497
Idylle (title not yet translated) (Poetry) 8:505
Ignorance Ignorance (Metaphysics) 8:549
Illusion Illusion (Grammar. Literature) 8:557
Ilotes (title not yet translated) (Ancient history) 8:558
Imagination des femmes enceintes sur le foetus, pouvoir de l' Power of the imagination of pregnant women over the fetus 8:563
Imitation Imitation (Grammar. Philosophy) 8:567
Impérissable Imperishable (Grammar. Philosophy) 8:593
Imposer Impose (Printing) 8:599
Impot Tax (Political law. Finances) 8:601
Imprimer Print (Grammar) 8:607
Inconnu Unknown (Grammar) 8:654
Indes Indies, the (Modern geography) 8:662
Indissoluble Indissoluble (Grammar) 8:684
Individu Individual (Metaphysics) 8:684
Industrie Industry (Political law. Commerce) 8:694
Ingénu Ingenue (Ancient history) 8:744
Innovation Innovation (Political government) 8:755
Inquisiteur d'état (title not yet translated) (Modern history of Venice) 8:773
Inspecteur de manufactures Inspector of factories (Commerce. Finances) 8:792
Insurrection Insurrection (Ancient history) 8:804
Intellect (title not yet translated) (Grammar. Philosophy) 8:806
Intendans [abridged] Intendants [abridged] 8:807
Intervallle Interval (Music) 8:838
Intrigue Intrigue (Literature) 8:845
Ivoire Ivory (Natural history) 9:63
Ivoire Ivory (Materia medica) 9:64
Ivoire fossile Fossil ivory (Natural history) 9:63
Jacquerie, la (title not yet translated) (History of France) 8:430
Jargon Jargon (Grammar) 8:461
Jaune de Corroyeurs Stil de grain (tanner's yellow) 8:476
Jetté (title not yet translated) (Dance) 8:528
Jettés en Chassé Jetés en Chassé (Dance) 8:528
Jeux Stops (Organ) 8:540
Jordanus Brunus, philosophie de (title not yet translated) (History of philosophy) 8:881
Journal Journal (Literature) 8:896
Judaïsme Judaism (Theology) 9:3
Juifs, philosophie des Philosophy of the Jews (History of philosophy) 9:25
Jupiter Jupiter (Mythology) 9:65
Justifieur Justifier (Typemaking) 9:102
Kraals (title not yet translated) (Modern history) 9:137
Labeur Print-job (Printing) 9:144
Labeur Labor (Grammar) 9:144
Laine Wool (Arts. Commerce. Manufacturing) 9:176
Langue de Cerf, lingua cervina (title not yet translated) (Natural history. Botany) 9:271
Lanterne magique Magic lantern (Dioptrics) 9:276
Larigot Larigot (Musical instrument making) 9:294
Lecteur Reader (Modern literature) 9:333
Lecteur Reader (Literature) 9:334
Lecture Reading (Arts) 9:335
Liaison (title not yet translated) (Metaphysics) 9:454
Liberté Liberty (Inscriptions. Medals) 9:475
Liberté Liberty (Mythology. Iconology) 9:475
Liberté civile Civil liberty (Law of nations) 9:472
Liberté de conscience Freedom of conscience 3:903
Liberté de penser Freedom of thought (Ethics) 9:472
Libertinage Libertinage (Ethics) 9:476
Limon (title not yet translated) (Medicine. Pharmacy. Cooking. Arts) 9:544
Loi Law (Natural law. Moral law. Divine law. Human law) 9:643
Loi fondamentale Fundamental law (Political law) 9:660
Loi Politique Political law (Political law) 9:667
Loup, lupus Wolf (Natural history. Zoology) 9:700
Lubeck, le droit Lübeck, the law (Germanic law) 9:709
Lutherie – [2] Seconde suite [planches] Musical instrument Making – [2] Second section [plates] 22:14:2
Lycurgées (title not yet translated) (Ancient Greece) 9:774
Machine Machine (Hydraulics) 9:794
Madere, ou Madera Madeira (Geography) 9:840
Mahlstrom ou Moskoestrom (title not yet translated) (Geography) 9:863
Maitrises Masterships (Arts. Commerce. Political science) 9:911
Maltraiter, Traiter mal Abuse, Mistreat (Grammar) 9:953
Mancenillier (title not yet translated) (Botany) 10:9
Manière Manners (Grammar. Ethics. Political science) 10:34
Manstupration ou Manustupration Masturbation (Medicine. Pathology) 10:51
Manumission Manumission (Jurisprudence) 10:60
Marbrier Marbler (Mechanical arts) 10:77
Maréchal ferrant [planches] Farrier [plates] 24:6:1
Maréchal grossier [planches] Wheelwright [plates] 24:7:1
Marionnette Marionnette (Mechanics) 10:128
Mars Mars (Mythology) 10:151
Marteau à battre les livres Hammer for beating books (Bookbinding ) 10:163
Matchez Natchez (Geography) 11:35
Matiere Matter (Metaphysics. Physics) 10:189
Médecine, parties de la (title not yet translated) (Science) 10:275
Mégie (title not yet translated) (Mechanical arts) 10:306
Mégisserie Tanning of sheep and goat leather (Commerce) 10:306
Mégissier (title not yet translated) (Mechanical arts) 10:306
Messe Mass (Religion) 10:399
Météoromancie (title not yet translated) (Necromancy) 10:445
Miel Honey (Natural history) 10:495
Missouri Missouri (Geography) 10:579
Mondificatif (title not yet translated) (Therapy) 10:641
Monnoyage [planches] Minting [plates] 25:3:1
Monstre Monster (Zoology) 10:671
Montre de seize piés Sixteen-foot Montre (Organ stop) 10:696
Morale (title not yet translated) (Science of morals) 10:699
Mordant Copy-holder clip (Printing) 10:707
Mords des livres Shoulder of books (Bookbinding) 10:709
Mords du carton Shoulder of the board 10:709
Motet Motet (Music) 10:765
Mouiller les veaux Dampening calfskins (Bookbinding) 10:782
Mouvemens de l'orgue Drawstops (Organ) 10:841
Moyenne proportionnelle arithmétique (title not yet translated) (Geometry) 10:844
Musicien Musician 10:898
Mutazalites Mutazalites (Ecclesiastical history) 10:910
Nain Dwarf (Physics) 11:7
Nantes Nantes 11:14
Nasard Nazard (Organist) 11:32
Nasard, gros Gros Nazard (Organist) 11:32
Nature Nature (Philosophy) 11:40
Nausée Nausea (Medicine) 11:61
Négoce Trade (Commerce) 11:75
Nerf Nerve (Anatomy) 11:100
Nerver un livre (title not yet translated) (Bookbinding) 11:104
Neutralité Neutrality (Political law) 11:118
Niche Niche (Theology) 11:133
Nicolaïtes (title not yet translated) (Theology) 11:135
Noir d'Espagne (title not yet translated) (Chemistry. Pharmacy) 11:188
Nombre rentrant (title not yet translated) (Clockmaking) 11:209
Normandie Normandy (Geography) 11:228
Nourriture ou subsistance des animaux Food or subsistence of animals 11:263
Nu, Nudité Nude, Nudity (Sacred criticism) 11:275
Observation Observation (Astronomy) 11-323
Observatoire Observatory (Astronomy) 11:323
Ochlocratie Ochlocracy or mob rule (Government) 11:337
Oeconomie politique Political economy (History. Political science. Ancient religions. Modern religions) 11:366
Oiseaux, action de couver des Birds, action of hatching them (Ornithology) 11:439
Ophiomancie (title not yet translated) 11:502
Orange Orange (Diet. Medicine) 11:552
Orateur Orator (Modern history) 11:573
Orateur Orator (Eloquence. Rhetoric) 11:559
Orateurs grecs Orators, Greek (History of eloquence) 11:559
Orateurs romains Orators, Roman (History of eloquence) 11:566
Oreilles Ears (Musical instrument making) 11:623
Orfèvre grossier [planches] Goldsmith [plates] 25:5:1
Orfèvre-bijoutier [planches] Goldsmith-metalsmith [plates] 25:6:1
Orgasme Orgasm (Medicine) 11:630
Orgue Organ (Wind instruments) 11:634
Orgueil, Orgueilleux (title not yet translated) (Ethics) 11:641
Ornement Ornament (Grammar) 11:657
Orner Decorate (Grammar) 11:658
Orphée Orpheus (Literature. Mythology. History) 11:661
Osculateur (title not yet translated) (Geometry) 11:681
Ourang-outang Orangutan (Natural history) 11:711
Ouverture Opening (Music) 11:721
Pacay (title not yet translated) (Natural history. Botany) 11:735
Pachamama Pachamama 11:735
Paix, Traité de Peace treaty (Political law) 11:769
Palette Slice (Printing) 11:781
Pan Pan (Mythology) 11:805
Pantomime Pantomime (Roman theater games) 11:827
Paon Peacock (Literature) 11:832
Papeterie [planches] Papermaking [plates] 22:17:1
Paquet Parcel (Printing) 11:882
Parchemin Parchment (Commerce) 11:929
Parchemin, ratissure de Parchment scrapings (Parchment making) 11:931
Parcheminier [planches] Parchment maker [plates] 25:8:1
Parer (title not yet translated) (Leather currying) 11:938
Parlement d'Angleterre English Parliament (History of England) 12:38
Parlement de Bordeaux (title not yet translated) 12:44
Partition Tempering (Organ) 12:107
Pas Step (Dance) 12:110
Pathologie Pathology (Medicine. Pathology) 12:170
Patrie Patrie (Political government) 12:178
Patriote Patriot (Government) 12;181
Pattes dans l'orgue Arms, roller 12:188
Péché Sin (Theology) 12:225
Pédale de Bombarde Bombarde pedal (Organ stop) 12:235
Pédale de clairon Clarion pedal (Organ stop) 12:235
Pédale de trompette Trumpet pedal (Organ stop) 12:235
Pédale, clavier de Pedal keyboard 12:235
Pendule Pendulum (Clockmaking) 12:298
Pensée Thought (Metaphysics) 12:308
Périgord, le Périgord, the (Modern geography) 12:357
Période Period (Grammar. Rhetoric) 12:361
Perruquier Wigmaker (Mechanical arts) 12
Persécuter, persécuteur, persécution Persecute, persecutor, persecution (Natural law. Ethics. Politics) 12:425
Peuple, le People, the (Political government) 12:475
Pié de chevre Sheep's foot (Printing) 12:564
Piece d'inde India piece (Commerce) 12:567
Pince Band nippers (Bookbinding) 12:637
Pirouette Pirouette (Horsemanship) 12:655
Pisco Pisco (Modern geography) 12:656
Plagiaire (title not yet translated) 12:680
Plagiarisme ou Plagiat Plagiarism (Literature) 12:679
Plain ou Plein (title not yet translated) (Tanning) 12:685
Plaque Plate (Musical instrument making) 12:728
Platine Plate (Clockmaking) 12:743
Plier Fold (Bookbinding) 12:770
Plioir Folder (Bookbinding) 12:772
Plomber Filling a cavity (Surgery) 12:780
Poétique, composition Poetic composition (Poetry) 12:849
Poétique, style Poetic style (Poetry) 12:849
Poinçon à river Staking punch (Clockmaking) 12:868
Poncer le parchemin Pounce parchment (Parchment making) 13:14
Populaire Populist (Moral history. Political science) 13:87
Population Population (Physics. Ethics. Political science) 13:88
Porte-feuille Portfolio (Bookbinding) 13:140
Portepage Portepage (Printing) 13:142
Portrait Portrait (Painting) 13:153
Portrait, image, figure, effigie (title not yet translated) (Synonyms) 13:153
Pouvoir Power (Natural law. Political law) 13:255
Précipice, Gouffre, Abysme Precipice, chasm, abyss (Synonyms) 13:270
Prestant Prestant (Organ stop) 13:332
Problème des trois corps (title not yet translated) 13:402
Prophetes de Baal (title not yet translated) (Sacred criticism) 13:462
Proserpine Persephone (Mythology) 13:496
Prostituer, Prostitution (title not yet translated) (Grammar) 13:502
Protestant Protestant (Ecclesiastical history) 13:506
Puissance législative, exécutrice et de juger Legislative, executive, and judicial power (Political government) 13:557
Punique Punic (Ancient history) 13:572
Pyrometre Pyrometer (Physics) 13:605
Pythagorisme Pythagorism (History of philosophy) 13:614
Quarte de nazard Quarte de nazard (Musical instrument making) 13:676
Querelle d'inofficiosité (title not yet translated) (Jurisprudence) 13:699
Querelle, sergent de la (title not yet translated) (Jurisprudence) 13:699
Querelleur (title not yet translated) (Jurisprudence) 13:699
Queue (title not yet translated) (Chancellery) 13:706
Quille Keel (Navy) 13:711
Rabat Band (Musical instrument making) 13:733
Rabattement de decret (title not yet translated) (Jurisprudence) 13:733
Rabot Plane (Printing) 13:739
Raison d'état Reason of state (Political law) 13:776
Raturer Scrape (Parchment making) 13:829
Ravaudeuse (title not yet translated) (Sewing trade) 13:830
Ravenne Ravenna (Modern geography) 13:831
Récit poétique Poetic narrative (Poetry) 13:853
Reggio (title not yet translated) (Modern geography) 14:1
Registre des baptêmes Register of baptisms (Police) 14:18
Réglettes Reglets (Printing) 14:31
Régleur Ruler (Bookbinding) 14:31
Relier Binding (Bookbinding) 14:70
Relieure, ou art de relier les livres Bookbinding (Mechanical arts) 14:70
Religieuse (title not yet translated) (Ecclesiastical history) 14:77
Religieux (title not yet translated) (French language) 14:78
Religieux (title not yet translated) (Jurisprudence) 14:78
Religion Religion (Theology) 14:78
Remaniement Rearrangement (Printing) 14:92
Remanier Rearrange (Printing) 14:92
Répétition Repetition (Clockmaking) 14:133
République Republic (Political government) 14:150
République fédérative Federal republic (Political government) 14:158
Ressort ou grand ressort Spring or mainspring (Clockmaking) 14:187
Rhinoceros Rhinoceros (Natural history. Zoology) 14:251
River Rivet, to (Clockmaking) 14:303
Rochet Ratchet (Clockmaking) 14:315
Rognure Trimming (Grammar) 14:320
Romance Romance (Literature) 14:343
Romestecq, jeu de Romestecq, game of 14:353
Royaume Kingdom (Political law) 14:418
Ruban des canons des Missels Ribbon to mark the canon in missals (Bookbinding) 14:423
Rutland [abridged] Rutland [abridged (Modern geography) 14:446
Saraceni Saracens (Ancient geography) 14:642
Sauvages Savages (Modern geography) 14:729
Scepticisme et Sceptiques Skepticism and Skeptics (History of philosophy) 14:756
Sciences – Mathématiques – Pompe à feu [planches] Science – Mathematics – Steam pump [plates] 22:2:7
Sculpture en tous genres – Sculpture en or et en argent [planches] Sculptures of all types – Sculpture in gold and silver [plates] 25:22:3
Sculptures en tous genres [planches] Sculpture of all types [plates] 25:22:1
Secret (title not yet translated) (Ethics) 14:862
Sécularisation Secularization (Modern history. Political science) 14:883
Selle à poncer Pouncing saddle (Parchment making) 14:933
Semoir (title not yet translated) (Rural economy. Agriculture) 14:947
Sibylle Sibyl (Greek necromancy. Roman necromancy) 15:155
Sissonne, pas de (title not yet translated) (Dance) 15:229
Soldat Soldier (Military arts) 15:311
Solo Solo (Music) 15:326
Sommier Summer (Parchment making) 15:339
Sommier Summer (Printing) 15:336
Sompi Sompi (Weights) 15:343
Songe Dream (Metaphysics. Physiology) 15:354
Songer Dream, to (Metaphysics) 15:358
Soufflets de l'orgue Bellows 15:395
Soulever, se soulever (title not yet translated) (French language) 15:404
Spectres Spectre shells (Conchology) 15:448
Sphinx Sphinx (Mythology) 15:460
Sucre d'érable Maple sugar (Natural history) 15:616
Suisse, la [abridged] Switzerland [abridged] (Modern geography) 15:646
Supplément d'un arc Supplement of an angle (Geometry . Trigonometry) 15:673
Supposition (title not yet translated) (Music) 15:679
Sussex [abridged] Sussex [abridged] (Modern geography) 15:701
Syndic Syndic (Government. Commerce) 15:750
Syndic Syndic (Greek literature) 15:750
Syrie Syria (Ancient geography) 15:771
Système System (Literature) 15:779
Système System (Military arts) 15:779
Système System (Finances) 15:781
Table Plank (Printing) 15:802
Tablette en cire Wax tablet (Literature) 15:807
Tablettes (title not yet translated) (Ancient history. Modern history) 15:808
Taborites Taborites (Ecclesiastical history) 15:810
Tabouret Blindweed, Caseweed, Toywort, Shepherd's purse (Natural history. Botany) 15:811
Tact, le, le tact, le toucher, l'attouchment Touch (Physiology) 15:819
Taille (title not yet translated) 15:856
Talons Studs (Musical instrument making) 15:869
Tambour Drum (Military arts) 15:874
Tambour Drum (Musical instrument making) 15:875
Taquons Slips (Printing) 15:901
Taxe Tax (Political government) 15:947
Témoin Witness (Bookbinding) 16:55
Temple de Bélus Temple of Belus (Babylonian antiquities) 16:68
Temples de la liberté Temples of liberty (Roman antiquity) 16:75
Terre Earth (Geography. Physics) 16:166
Terre Earth (Mythology) 16:179
Terre, révolutions de la Earth, revolutions of the (Natural history. Mineralogy) 16:171
Terres arctiques (title not yet translated) (Modern geography) 16:180
Théatre des Grecs (title not yet translated) (Greek architecture) 16:234
Thomasius, philosophie de Thomasius, philosophy of (History of philosophy) 16:284
Tierce Tierce (Organ stop) 16:321
Tierce double Double Tierce (Organ stop) 16:321
Tiret Tacket (Legal practice) 16:346
Tortue Tortoise (Materia medica) 16:438
Torture ou Question Torture (Jurisprudence) 16:439
Tour de Londres Tower of London (Modern geography) 16:465
Traite Trade (Canadian trade) 16:532
Traiter Trade 16:536
Traiter Contract (Commerce) 16:536
Traiter Treat (Painting) 16:536
Transilvanie Transylvania (Modern geography) 16:553
Travail Work (Grammar) 16:567
Travail Work (Sacred criticism) 16:567
Travail Work (Military arts) 16:567
Travail Work (Farrier's art) 16:567
Travail à mouiller Wet work (Tanning of sheep and goat leather) 16:568
Tremblemens de terre Earthquakes (Natural history. Mineralogy. Physics) 16:580
Tremper Soaking (Printing) 16:587
Trianon Trianon (Modern architecture) 16:617
Tringle à dorer Finishing rod (Bookbinding) 16:644
Triumvirs, des colonies Triumvirs of the colonies (Roman history) 16:666
Trompette Trumpet (Organ stop) 16:696
Trompette de récit Trompette de Récit (Organ stop) 16:696
Trompette, Double trompette Trumpet, Double Trumpet (Organ stop) 16:696
Turquie Turkey (Modern geography) 16:755
Tyrannie Tyranny (Political government) 16:785
Varsovie Warsaw (Modern geography) 16:849
Veau (title not yet translated) (Leather currying) 16:867
Vélin (title not yet translated) 16:879
Vernis Varnish (Printing) 17:78
Versailles Versailles (Modern geography) 17:162
Viande Meat (Grammar) 17:228
Viande Meat (Sacred criticism) 17:228
Vieillesse Old age (Physiology) 17:259
Vieillesse Old age (Ethics) 17:260
Vieillesse Old age (Mythology) 17:260
Village Village (Grammar. Modern history) 12:276
Vin Wine (Chemistry) 17:283
Vingtième, imposition [abridged] Five percent tax [abridged] (Political economy) 17:855
Vins grecs Greek wines (Agriculture) 17:301
Violon Violin (Musical instrument making) 17:317
Violons, roi des Violins, king of the (Music) 17:321
Visage Face (Medicine) 17:337
Visorium Copy-holder (Printing) 17:357
Vitesse Speed (Mechanics) 17:359
Voiture Coach (Grammar. Commerce) 17:426
Volition Volition (Metaphysics) 17:453
Yacht ou yac (title not yet translated) (Navy) 17:662
Yorck, la nouvelle New York (Modern geography) 17:672
Zone torride Torrid zone (Modern geography) 17:725

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