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    List of Illustrations

    Fig. 1. Detail from the poster History Is an Argument about the Past

    Fig. 2. Google Books Ngram view of the frequency of the term black Confederate from 1800 to 2000

    Fig. 3. Civil War dead—posed photo

    Fig. 4. Locating “Discussion” and “View History” tabs in Wikipedia

    Fig. 5. FileMaker Pro screenshot of sample notes on a court transcript

    Fig. 6. Google Books Ngram view of the frequency of selected words (user, producer, consumer, customer) from 1900 to 2000

    Fig. 7. Carte Figurative, by Charles Joseph Minard

    Fig. 8. Screenshot of a search for “nightclub,” “speakeasy,” and “buffet flat” under “Places” in Digital Harlem

    Fig. 9. Map of Edinburgh showing locations of game play in Pox and the City

    Fig. 10. Screenshot of text and commentary from the fall 2011 web-book version of Writing History in the Digital Age