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Title: The Dental cosmos; a monthly record of dental science. [Vol. 77]
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Print source: The Dental cosmos; a monthly record of dental science. [Vol. 77]
Philadelphia: S. S. White Dental Manufacturing Co., 1935
Subject terms:
Dentistry -- Periodicals.

A Study of the Bands of Schreger by Histological and Grenz-Ray Methods.
Practical Preventive Dentistry for Children.
The New Deal in Dental Ceramics.
Malignant Growths of the Head and Neck.
Malocclusion and Benign Gum Tumors.
Practical Hints; Chromic Acid.
Practical Hints; Adaptability and Persistence.
Correspondence; A Dental Group.
Correspondence; Teeth and Chilblains.
Correspondence; Retarded Eruption.
Correspondence; Focal Infection.
Obituary; Dr. Charles Iddings Keely.
Society Announcements; Maine Dental Society.
Infections of the Lips.
Evipal Anesthesia in Dentistry.
Etiology and Histology of Dental Tartars.
Physiologic Dentistry.
Clinical Pathology in Oral Diagnosis.
Notes of Interest; Chicago Dental Society.
Practical Hints; Time Squandering with Gold-Foil.
Practical Hints; Tooth-Pulp Therapy: A Dual Technique.
Correspondence; Fusion of Roots.
Obituary; Dr. J. A. Waas.
Obituary; Dr. Thomas Knox Aitkin.
Obituary; "In Memoriam" Resolutions. Dr. Chauncey M. F. Egel.
Society Announcements; Maine Dental Society.
Hospital Management of Gangrenous Pulps in Anterior Teeth.
Evipal Anesthesia in Dental and Oral Surgery.
Factors of Partial Denture Success or Failure.
Diet: Its Relation to Health and the Teeth.
Laboratory Diagnosis in Dentistry.
State Dental Board Examinations.
Practical Hints; Gold-Foil.
Practical Hints; Certainty vs. Uncertainty.
Practical Hints; Nature Makes an Inlay.
Correspondence; Anomaly of Eruption.
Correspondence; Gold-Foil Clinic.
Obituary; Viscount Florestan de Casa Aguilar.
Society Announcements; New York College of Dentistry.
Society Announcements; Maine Dental Society.
Prescription Writing for Dentists.
Agranulocytopenia, with Recovery.
Cervicofacial Actinomycosis: A Report of Two Cases.
The Impacted Upper Cuspid.
Dentistry as a Social Unit.
Lesions of the Oral Cavity.
Practical Hints; Guarantees.
Correspondence; Case of Tooth Fusion.
Correspondence; Retained Deciduous Cuspid.
Correspondence; A Dental Anomaly.
Correspondence; Absence of Teeth.
Obituary; Dr. Horace M. Davis.
Obituary; "In Memoriam" Resolutions. Dr. Henry W. Bohn.
Obituary; "In Memoriam" Resolutions. Dr. Harold C. Grant.
Obituary; "In Memoriam" Resolutions. Dr. David W. Johnston.
Society Announcements; Maine Dental Society.
Porcelain Inlays and Corner Restorations.
Studies on the Incidence of Dental Caries.
Tooth Decalcification Due to Hard Candies.
A Welfare Dental Dispensary.
The Ontogenetic Development of the Human Face.
The Early Recognition of Malignancy.
The Dental Problem in Economics.
Meet the Challenge.
A Standardized Technique for Oral Photography.
Infectious Diseases of the Mouth.
Practical Hints; Fillings: Good, Better and Best.
Correspondence; Case of Fusion of Tooth Roots.
Obituary; Dr. Alfred Owre.
Obituary; Dr. J. Edgar Orrison.
Obituary; "In Memoriam" Resolutions. Dr. Charles W. Hammett.
Society Announcements; Maine Dental Society.
Facial Expression in Emotional States.
Personality and Physiognomy.
Preventive Dentistry.
Block Anesthesia in Oral Surgery and Exodontia.
Root-Canal Therapy with Azochloramid.
Alveolo-Dental Periosteofibroma.
Practical Hints; Can Dental Schools Do More?
Correspondence; Case of Stone in Wharton's Duct.
Correspondence; A Case of Tooth Fusion.
Obituary; Dr. A. C. Brewer.
Obituary; "In Memoriam" Resolutions. Dr. Raymond S. Stevens.
Obituary; "In Memoriam" Resolutions. Dr. George T. Moore.
Society Announcements; Maine Dental Society.
Human Facial Types- Facial Expressions.
The Formation of Salivary Calculus.
The Face in Its Developmental Career.
Extensive Fracture of the Mandible: Case Report.
Practical Hints; New Mandibular Injection.
Vocalization and the Bite.
Calcium Compounds in Dentistry.
Osteomyelitis of the Jaw.
Actinomycosis Following the Extraction of an Upper Molar.
Correspondence; "Nature Makes an Inlay."
Obituary; Dr. Walter L. Mason.
Obituary; "In Memoriam" Resolutions. Dr. Chalmers J. Lyons.
An Objective Study of Constitution in the Child.
Horace Wells.
Discoloration of Teeth.
Oral Manifestations of the Acute Febrile Diseases.
High Heat as Applied to the Oral Cavity.
Chronic Arthritis in Relation to Dentistry.
Focal Infection from an Orthopedic Point of View.
Notes of Interest; A Proclamation.
Practical Hints; The Dental Fluoroscope.
Correspondence; Warning to Dentists.
Correspondence; Impacted Molars.
Society Announcements; Montreal Dental Club.
Society Announcements; California Board of Examiners.
Tissue Changes in Caries.
Saliva and Enamel Decalcification.
Good Silicate Fillings.
Correspondence; A Supplementary Incisor.
Correspondence; "Tooth-Pulp Therapy"
Society Announcements; Omicron Kappa Upsilon.
Society Announcements; Montreal Dental Club.
Etiology of Periodontal Diseases.
Facial Changes.
The Prevention of Caries by Proper Mastication.
A Plan for Efficient Community Dental Clinics.
Gingival Reattachment to the Enamel and Its Relation to Operative Dentistry.
Clinical Oral Pathology.
Avertin as an Anesthetic for the Removal of Teeth.
Correspondence; A Case of Tooth Fusion.
Correspondence; Pulp Stones.
Correspondence; Supernumerary Tooth.
Correspondence; Calculus in the Salivary Duct.
Heredity in Dentistry.
Bacteriology of the Vital Tooth Pulp.
The Removal of Fractured Roots.
A Report on Excessive Dental Calculi Formation.
An Opinion as to the Present Status of Dental Hygiene.
The Apparent Radiopaque Surface Layer of the Enamel.
Studies in Dicalcium Phosphate.
Electrodeposition in Dentistry- Application to Inlay Dies.
Miniature Photography in Dentistry.
Editorial Department; Catastrophe.
Notes of Interest; Warning to Dentists.
Correspondence; Pains in Ear Associated with Impacted Molars.
Society Announcements; Alpha Omega Fraternity.
Society Announcements; Michigan Dental Society.
Society Announcements; Maine Dental Society.
Index to Volume 77.