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The National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID) Currents publication connects scholarship in diversity, equity, and inclusion to practice and public discourse. Currents is a scholarship to practice journal that translates cutting-edge research into concise, accessible discussions to inform researchers, practitioners, leaders, policymakers, and the broader public conversation. All papers undergo a two part review process including a review by content experts and review for public accessibility.

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Volume 1, Issue 1 (2019-2020)

Gender-Based Microaggressions in STEM Settings

Denise Sekaquaptewa (University of Michigan)

Navigating Space and Racial Microaggressions as an Undocumented Latinx Millennial

Cassaundra Rodriguez (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

“Too Many to Count”: Experiences of Microaggressions for Latinx Students at a Predominantly White Institution in the Age of Trump

Lorraine M. Gutiérrez, Amanda Rodríguez-Newhall, Andrea Mora, Maira A. Areguin, Marissa Salazar (University of Michigan)

How Can We Talk about Race in the Classroom?

Summer Melody Pennell, Emily Stobbe (Truman State University)

What Is Deficit Thinking? An Analysis of Conceptualizations of Deficit Thinking and Implications for Scholarly Research

Lori Patton Davis (Ohio State University), Samuel D. Museus (University of California, San Diego)

The Experiences of Academic Diversity Officers at the University of Michigan

Jeffrey K. Grim, Laura Sánchez-Parkinson, Marie Ting, Tabbye Chavous (University of Michigan)

The Promise of Diversity Statements: Insights and a Framework Developed from Faculty Applications

Ching-Yune C. Sylvester, Laura Sánchez-Parkinson, Matthew Yettaw, and Tabbye Chavous (University of Michigan)