Conradi: Kurze Abhandlung von den Krankheiten der Zähne und deren Kur


Johann Conradi was a contemporary and acquaintance of Pierre Fauchard, a fact he makes very clear in this work. The book, Sr. koenigliche majest. zu Daennemark, Norwegen [et]c. Hof-Mund und Zahn-Arztes Johann Gottfried Conradi, KurzeAbhandlung von den Krankheiten der Zaehne und deren Kur ... , was written for the Danish King in 1755 as a managerial summary of the state of the art of dentistry at that time. We are one of two libraries in the world known to have a copy of this exceedingly rare work, and were privileged to receive it as a gift of the School of Dentistry under the deanship of William Kotowicz. Funding was provided by the University Libraries for the transcription, translation, and digitization of this work. The rarity of this work has made it largely unavailable to researchers in dental history, which we hope will be rectified by the provision free fulltext online of this unique resource.


Last update February 9, 2018.