Program [International Conference on AIDS (10th: 1994: Yokohama, Japan)]

Page  [unnumbered] Tenth International Conference on AIDS International Conference on STD The Global Challenge of AIDS: Together for the Future PROGRAM Yokohama, Japan 7-12 August 1994 0_ 0

Page  [unnumbered] This project has been executed with the grant of the Commemorative Association for the Japan World Exposition (1 970).

Page  [unnumbered] TENTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AIDS International Conference on STD PROGRAM Yokohama, Japan 7-12 August 1994

Page  [unnumbered] Conference Theme The Global Challenge of AIDS: Together for the Future Mission and Goals To promote a global approach to the HIV/AIDS pandemic To advance multidisciplinary and cross-cultural communication and collaboration on the biomedical, public health, epidemiological, behavioral, social, ethical, legal, educational, and economic aspects of HIV infection and AIDS 0 To promote and present HIV/AIDS-related research of the highest scientific quality and integrity in all relevant disciplines. To encourage communication and cooperation among those concerned with AIDS, in both developing and industrialized countries, by establishing a common international basis for dealing with problems related to AIDS. To promote effective interventions and to expand the availability of and access to health care. To emphasize the critical role of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the HIV pandemic and the need for effective strategies for prevention and control of HIV and STD transmission To provide for communication and collaboration on the care and support of HIVinfected individuals, and those who live with and care for them To promote respect for the human rights and dignity of HIV-infected individuals and those living with AIDS To create an environment conducive to informing the media and the public regarding HIV infection and AIDS

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Page  2 Welcoming Message On behalf of the Organizing Committee for the Tenth International Conference on AIDS/International Conference on STD, I extend a warm welcome to all who are demonstrating their commitment to this compelling global cause by participating in Asia's first International Conference on AIDS. The Organizing Committee has worked hard to ensure that the conference is significant and meaningful for all participants. I extend my sincerest appreciation to the individuals and organizations from around the world - and especially to the sponsors IAS, WHO, GNP+, and ICASO, the STD Research Organizations, and the various other supporting organizations - for contributing valuable suggestions and insights during the development of the conference. I also would like to thank the Prof. Yuichi Shlokawa City of Yokohama and the Kanagawa Prefectural Government for their Chair, Organizing Commilttee hospitality and assistance. As HIV infection spreads worldwide despite the efforts of many concerned individuals, AIDS is presenting humanity with an extraordinary challenge. The tasks that lie ahead include the advancement of basic and clinical science relating to AIDS/HIV, substantial improvement in the care and support of AIDS patients and HIV-infected persons, and increased efforts toward prevention and education. I am confident that the Yokohama Conference will facilitate exchanges of the latest information and spark lively discussions of multidisciplinary and cross-cultural issues. Moreover, considering the growing seriousness of the AIDS pandemic in Asia, the greater number of participants from Asian countries and the increase in topics of relevance to Asia will add to the importance of this landmark tenth conference. Although AIDS is a global disease calling for global action, our progress can also be measured as the sum of our efforts at the individual and community levels. Increased awareness, recognition of personal responsibility, tolerance, and compassion will help us win countless small but important victories in the greater struggle against AIDS. I strongly believe that, to meet the challenge of AIDS, we must share knowledge and experience of vital importance through frank and productive discussions. The consolidation of effort is our most effective strategy, and the Yokohama Conference is clearly the key to achieving it. I therefore deeply appreciate the participation of so many dedicated persons whose cooperation will surely bring our common dream one step closer to reality. I wish us all the greatest success in realizing the promise of the Yokohama Conference. 2

Page  3 Organization Organizer Organizing Committee for the Tenth International Conference on AIDS/ International Conference on STD Sponsors International AIDS Society World Health Organization Japanese Foundation for AIDS Prevention Cosponsors Cooperating STD Research Organizations Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS International Council of AIDS Service Organizations Supporting Organizations Japanese Society for Sexually Transmitted Diseases International Society for STD Research International Union Against the Venereal Diseases and the Treponematoses Ministry of Health and Welfare, Office of the Prime Minister, Management and Coordination Agency, National Police Agency, Science and Technology Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Home Affairs, Fire-Defense Agency, Science Council of Japan, Japanese Association of Medical Science, Japan Medical Association, Japan Dental Association, Japanese Association for Dental Science, Japan Pharmaceutical Association, Japan Nursing Association, Japanese Midwives Association, Saitama Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Kanagawa Prefecture, City of Chiba, City of Yokohama, City of Kawasaki, Keidanren, Japan Chambers of Commerce, National Federation of Health Insurance Societies, Life Insurance Association of Japan, All Japan Federation of National Health Insurance Organizations 3

Page  4 Committees International Steering Committee T.M.P. Bagasao, Philippines A. Benslimane, Morocco T.J. Coates, USA D.A. Cooper, Australia J.W. Curran, USA J. Dwyer, Australia A.S. Fauci, USA L. Fransen, EC D. de Gagnd, Canada E. Guerrero, Dominican Republic K-O. Habermehl, Germany C. Ikegami, Japan N. Kaleeba, Uganda L.O. Kallings, Sweden T. Kitamura, Japan Y.H. Kouri, USA Y. Kumamoto, Japan J.M. Mann, USA M.H. Merson, WHO L. Montagnier, France Y-F. Ngeow, Malaysia E.N. Ngugi, Kenya J. Paavonen, Finland G. Petersen, WHO P. Phanuphak, Thailand R. Philpot, Australia P. Piot, WHO L.G.M. Rodrigues, Brazil A. Ronald, Canada Y. Shiokawa, Japan J. Slootbeed, Netherlands S. Yamagata, Japan Organizing Committee Y. Shiokawa, Chair S. Matsumoto K. Nagasu K. Takagi Y. Hinuma W. Mori S. Nakahara H. Takahide G. Hiraiwa T. Murase A. Oya S. Tani K. Inaba T. Nagano T. Ozawa K. Toyoshima T. Kitamura Steering Committee Y. Shiokawa, Chair J. Kawamoto M. Nishimura B. Takeda Y. Kumamoto, Vice Chair K. Kiikuni K. Nishioka K. Toyoshima M. Fujimaki T. Kitamura Y. Saito K. Yamada K. Higuchi T. Kurimura N. Sakamoto S. Yamagata Y. Hinuma M. Minamitani K. Shimada S. Yamazaki H. Hirose T. Miyamoto S. Shiraogawa M. Yauchi C. Ikegami M. Naruse K. Soda Y. Yoshimoto K. Kamiya Advisors M. Hatanaka N. Ishida S. Sakamoto F. Takaku K. Hirosawa T. Ishimaru I. Shigematsu K. Takatsuki A. Igata H. Nakamura T. Shimao T. Tokunaga Y. Ikawa T. Oda S. Someya S. Yamamoto Community Liaison Committee C. Ikegami, Japan, Chair T. Oishi, PWA J. Koijane, USA M. Negishi, Vice Chair Subcommittee J.J. Singh, GNP+ M. Noda, Vice Chair T.M.P. Bagasao, ICASO 4

Page  5 Developing Countries Committee K. Kiikuni, Chair H. Gayle, USA H. Moerkerk, Netherlands L. Fransen, EC F.S. Mhalu, Tanzania F. Zacarias, USA Program Committee T. Kitamura, Japan, Chair TRACK A: Basic Science T. Kurimura, Japan, Chair F. Wong-Staal, USA, (Co-Chair) J. Esparza, WHO S. Harada, Japan M. Hayami, Japan M. Honda, Japan H. Hoshino, Japan K. Ikuta, Japan T. Kurata, Japan A. Matsumoto, Japan S. Mori, Japan T. Okamoto, Japan K. Sugamura, Japan J. Thomas, USA S. Ueda, Japan M.A. Wainberg, Canada N. Yamamoto, Japan S. Yamazaki, Japan TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care K. Shimada, Japan, Chair D.D. Ho, USA, (Co-Chair) D.A. Cooper, Australia T. Hattori, Japan M. Ikeda, Japan A. Ito, Japan M. Ito, Japan S. Kimura, Japan J. Kumazawa, Japan J. Lange, WHO S. Matsuda, Japan K. Matsumoto, Japan S. Matsushita, Japan T. Merati, Indonesia T. Miyazaki, Japan S. Oka, Japan M.S. Saag, USA H. Sagara, Japan A. Saito, Japan H. Saito, Japan K. Yamada, Japan N. Yoshihara, Japan TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention K. Soda, Japan, Chair J.B. Brunet, France, (Co-Chair) W.A. Blattner, USA S. Isomura, Japan T. Kawana, Japan M. Kihara, Japan H. Maruyama, Japan T. Mori, Japan S. Morio, Japan M. Niimura, Japan B. Nkowane, WHO K. Osato, Japan R. Parker, Brazil Y. Sakurai, Japan M. Shimizu, Japan K. Tajima, Japan Y. Takebe, Japan T. Tango, Japan S. Tatsunami, Japan T. Umenai, Japan H. Yoshizawa, Japan TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response and Education H. Hirose, Japan, Chair W. Sittitrai, Thailand, (Co-Chair) P. Aggleton, WHO N. Asano, Japan M. Gotoh, Japan K. Higuchi, Japan H. Himmich, Morocco E. Ikeda, Japan A. Ishii, Japan M. Kamakura, Japan M. Matsuda, Japan H. Matsuoka, Japan Y. Matsuyama, Japan A. Morita, Japan T. Munakata, Japan M. Negishi, Japan S. Okamoto, Japan C. Sato, Japan I. Suzuki, Japan B. Takeda, Japan K. Thomson, UK S. Tsuchida, Japan 5

Page  6 International Program Committee TRACK A: Basic Science D.V. Ablashi, USA G.L. Ada, Australia A. Adachi, Japan A. Aldovini, USA S. K. Arya, USA B. Asjb, Norway E. Belsey, WHO N. Bhamarapravati, Thailand G. Biberfeld, Sweden D.P. Bolognesi, USA J. Brady, USA A. Burny, Belgium I. Chen, USA Y. Cheng, USA C. Cheng-Mayer, USA J-C. Chermann, France L. Chieco-Bianchi, Italy J.M. Coffin, USA B.R. Cullen, USA E.M. Dax, Australia M. Essex, USA P.N. Fultz, USA R.C. Gallo, USA B. Galvio-Castro, Brazil H. Gelderblom, Germany F. Genoveffa, USA G-M. Gershy-Damet, Congo G. Giraldo, Italy M.P. Girard, France J-C. Gluckman, France S. Goto, Japan J. Goudsmit, Netherlands W.C. Greene, USA W.A. Haseltine, USA L.A. Herzenberg, USA D.L. Heyman, WHO P.J. Hitchcock, USA Y. Iwakura, Japan H. Kaneshima. USA P. Kanki, USA R. Kawana, Japan H. Kido, Japan S. Kim, Korea Y. Koga, Japan Y. Koyanagi, Japan R. Kurth, Germany J. Leibowitch, France J.A. Levy, USA M.A. Martin, USA F.S. Mhalu, Tanzania H. Mitsuya, USA K. Nagashima, Japan P.L. Nara, USA S. Nii, Japan S. Osmanov, WHO G.N. Pavlakis, USA R. Penny, Australia B.M. Peterlin, USA A.M. Prince, USA A. Ranki, Finland L. Ratner, USA C.A. Rosen, USA L.J. Rosenthal, USA H. Riibsamen-Waigmann Germany J. Schupbach, Switzerland M. Sinniah, Malaysia J.G. Sodroski, USA P. Sonigo, France H. Takahashi, Japan T. Takemori, Japan S.P. Tripathy, India B. Wahren, Sweden S. Wain-Hobson, France C. Wasi, Thailand M. Weinhold, Germany H. Wigzell, Sweden H. Yoshikura, Japan S. Zolla-Pazner, USA TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care D.I. Abrams, USA M.W. Adler, UK O. Akerele, Zimbabwe S.F. Anderson, WHO F. Antunes, Portugal H. Ardila, Columbia S. Blanche, France F. Brun-Vezinet, France J.L. Champalimaud, Portugal C. Chela, Zambia A. Chitwarakorn, Thailand N. Clumeck, Belgium G. A. Dallabetta, USA J. Darbyshire, UK E. De Clercq, Belgium K.M. De Cock, UK J. Dormont, France P. D'Souza, USA M.A. Fischl, USA S.D. Foster, UK G. Friedland, USA H. Friensen, Uganda K. Fukutake, Japan J. Goedert, USA H. Goto, Japan J.S. Greenspan, USA C. Griscelli, France J.E. Groopman, USA H. Grosskurth, Tanzania M. Hirsch, USA B. Hirschel, Switzerland M. Honda, Japan N. Ikegami, Japan M. Imamura, Japan S. Kalibala, WHO S. Kamidono, Japan B. Kapita, Zaire S. Kashiwagi, Japan E.T. Katabira, Uganda C. Katlama, France P. Koeffler, USA P.K. Kohl, Germany H.C. Lane, USA A.S. Latif, WHO W.C. Levine, USA T. Matsuda, Japan S. Mboup, Senegal J. Mills, Australia R. Mugerwa, Uganda J.O. Ndinya-Achola, Kenya M. Noguchi, Japan P.S.J. Nsubuga, Uganda P. Nunn, WHO Y. Ohi, Japan K. Oishi, Japan D.M. Owili, Kenya J. Oxford, UK J.W. Pape, Haiti G. Pialoux, France A.J. Pinching, UK P. Reiss, Netherlands D.D. Richman, USA A.R. Ronald, Canada W. Rozenbaum, France G.M. Ruiz-Palacios, Mexico K. Sakurada, Japan E. Sandstrom, Sweden J. Schachter, USA J. Shao, Tanzania S. Shigeta, Japan A. Shirahata, Japan T. Sirisanthana, Thailand F. v. Sonnenburg, Germany J. Takamatsu, Japan H. Tamashiro, WHO J. Torres Bauza F.T. Valentine, USA P.A. Volberding, USA R. Wabitsch, WHO J. Weber, UK J. Wirima, Malawi R. Yarchoan, USA

Page  7 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention M. Bianco, Argentina A.R. Brathwaite, Jamaica R. Chan, Singapore J. Chin, USA C-Y. Chuang, Taiwan R.A. Coutinho, Netherlands J.W. Curran, USA R. Detels, USA A.R. Diwan, USA F. Elkamel, WHO J.C. Emmanuel, WHO N. Ferencic, WHO J.P. Figueroa, Jamaica P. Friel, WHO K. Fukutomi, Japan S. Furuta, Japan M.T.A. Gaafar, Egypt H. Gayle, USA J.J. Goedert, USA E. Guerrero, Dominican Republic S. Gunawan, Indonesia K. Holmes, USA N. Horita, Japan A.M. Johnson, UK J. Kaldor, Australia L. Kaptue, Cameroon Y. Kataniwa, Japan H. Kiyokawa, Japan H. Kojima, Japan P. Kunasol, Thailand M. Laga, Belgium S. Leong, Hong Kong D. Mabey, UK T. Mertens, WHO M. Mizokami, Japan O.T. Monzon, Philippines N. Nzila, Congo T. Ogino, Japan K.R. O'Reilly, WHO K.M. Pavri, India Z.A.B. Pawanchee, Malaysia C.S. Peckham, UK G. Petersen, WHO A. Phillips, UK F.A. Plummer, Canada V.I. Pokrovsky, Russia S. Popova, Bulgaria T.C. Quinn, USA M.C. Ramos, Brazil S. Rerk-Ngarm, Thailand M.F. Rogers, USA W. Rojanapithayakorn, Thailand M.T. Schechter, Canada N.K. Shah, WHO Y. Shin, Korea G. Slutkin, WHO A. Stary, Austria M. Sugase, Japan G. de The, France K. Thomson, UK M. Toba, Japan S. Tokudome, Japan A. Toukan, Jordan J.L. Valdespino, Mexico J. Wasserheit, USA B.G. Weniger, USA Z. Yi, China D. Zewdie, Kenya TRACK 0: Impact, Societal Response and Education E. Roscam Abbing, Netherlands M. Baldo, WHO R. Bayer, USA E. Bedecarrax, USA S. Berkley, USA R-P. Bernard, Switzerland C. Bianco, USA D. Blake, WHO M. Bronfman, Mexico T. J. Coates, USA D. Defert, France M. Diamond, USA S. Dobinson, Australia L. S. Doll, USA S. Ekeid, WHO A. Filgueiras, Brazil L. Fransen, Belgium L.O. Gostin, USA M. Das Gupta, India C.A. Healy, New Zealand G.M. Herek, USA J.J. Hernandez, Mexico D. Higgins, USA M. Horton, WHO J. Hunter, USA A.N. Husdal, Norway N. Kaleeba, Uganda Y. Kanenaga, Japan K. Kanitha, Thailand T. Klauda, UK N. Koinuma, Japan F. Kroger, USA P. Lam, Hong Kong P. Lamptey, USA P. Mane, India K.L. Manlan, Ivory Coast M. Mhloyi, Zimbabwe T. Minami, Japan H. Moerkerk, Netherlands J-O. Morfeldt, Sweden R.G. Morgan Thomas, UK I. Ndoye, Senegal E.N. Ngugi, Kenya G. Ohi, Japan J.E. Osborn, USA A. Pettigirard, Switzerland E. van Praag, WHO L.G.M. Rodriguez, Brazil D. Shopper, WHO M.F. Silverman, USA B. Somaini, Switzerland A. Spira, France B.J. Stiles, USA P. Sumbung, Indonesia E.H. Sy, Senegal S. Takuma, Japan M. Tarui, Japan P. Uitendosch, USA D. Wilson, Zimbabwe T. Yamada, Japan iin i i i inn nni

Page  8 Conference Information Conference Dates Conference Venue 7- 12 August 1994 Conference News Bulletin Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama (Pacifico Yokohama) Address: Minato Mirai 1-1-1, Nishi-ku Yokohama 220, Japan Phone: +81-(45)-221-2155 Business hours: 09:00-18:00 daily (GMT/UTC +9 hours) *The conference venue is a 12-minute walk from Sakuragicho Station, which is served by three train lines as well as bus connections. A daily conference newspaper, provided free of charge to participants every morning, will report on and review highlights of the conference sessions and keep participants up to date on program changes and events of interest. The Tenth International Conference on AIDS/International Conference on STD has been approved by the American Medical Association for up to 23 hours of category 1 credit toward the AMA Physician's Recognition Award. CME Credits First Aid A first aid station will be located on the basement floor of the conference center. This emergency care facility is available to all conference participants. In addition, there will be an assistance center for people living with HIV/AIDS with a medical staff specially trained to aid HIV-infected persons. In the event of an emergency, please inform a staff member. On-site Services for Persons with HIV/AIDS No-smoking Policy Shuttle Bus Service A comfort lounge and access to emergency medical care will be available on-site. For details, please inquire at the community liaison office. A strict no-smoking policy will be in effect throughout the conference venue. Those who wish to smoke may do so only in the smoking areas indicated. From Sunday 7 August through Thursday 11 August, free shuttle bus service is available between JR Sakuragicho Station, east exit of JR Yokohama Station, and the Pacifico Yokohama, the conference venue. Also we provide bus service between major hotels in Yokohama and the conference center every morning and evening. Please refer to the Shuttle Bus Time Table leaflet found in your delegate bags. 8

Page  9 Conference Registration Registration Fees Registration Desk Full Registration Y80,000 Student Registration ~35,000 Full registration applies to all who wish to attend the Tenth International Conference on AIDS/International Conference on STD except students, representatives of the news media, and exhibitors. Full registrants are entitled to admission to all sessions and exhibits, a final program, one set of abstract volumes, and other relevant materials. Student registration is available to any registrant submitting an official Registration Form accompanied by proof of current student enrollment. Student registration confers the same benefits as full registration. Please note that residents (house officers) and post-doctoral candidates are not eligible for student registration. The registration desk will be located on the first floor lobby of the Exhibition Hall in Pacifico Yokohama. Opening Hours: Saturday 6 August 10:00-19:00 Sunday 7 August 08:00-20:00 Monday 8 August 08:00-18:00 Tuesday 9 August 08:00-18:00 Wednesday 10 August 08:00-18:00 Thursday 11 August 08:00-17:00 No refunds will be made for cancellations received after 15 June 1994. No telephone or telefax cancellations can be accepted. Please note that all refunds will be made after the conference. Representatives of the news media must submit an official conference registration form. There is no registration fee for accredited media representatives. The press registration desk will be located on the first floor lobby of the Exhibition Hall in Pacifico Yokohama. Registration Fee Refund Policy Press Registration I III III I IIIII I I I Yr1Y Yl I 11 IY I 1 1 II I I 11 1 IIWI III III It ICI III IIp I I 1111 IrYY W YY W t 9

Page  10 Program Information Conference Schedule Programs of the Tenth International Conference on AIDS/International Conference on STD will be held from Sunday 7 August through Friday 12 August. On Saturday 6 August, registration opens and the Community Forum and satellite meetings begin. Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 6 August 7 August 8 August 9 August 10 August 11 August 12 August 09:00 12:00 15:00 18:00 20:00 Registration Registration Community Satellite Forum Meetings Satellite Opening Meetings Ceremony Welcome Reception -lnr Ssin Orl1bsrctSes-n -oun-ta-lCeremonyn Orl btr Ssi ons Closing OrlAb- - - esin ermn Satellite Meetings f Session Formats Below are descriptions of the various session formats that will be used at the conference. Plenary Sessions Experts of international stature in a variety of HIV/AIDS disciplines will present their most recent and comprehensive work in these plenary sessions, attempting to shed new light on key issues. The sessions will cover a wide range of subjects, and are designed to bring updated information to the widest possible audience. The format for the plenaries will consist of a brief introduction, followed by the speaker's presentation. Two simultaneous sessions will be held every day, one session comprising three or four 30-minute speeches. " Simultaneous interpretation between English, French and Spanish is provided by the courtesy of Bristol-Myers Squibb. Round-table Sessions In the round-table sessions, speakers will present their individual views on controversial or problematic topics in HIV/AIDS, followed by a moderated discussion among the speakers and audience. These programs are intended for a lively exchange of diverse information and opinions, other than those presented in abstract sessions or poster sessions. Each session will consist of two moderators and three speakers. 10

Page  11 Abstract Sessions Abstracts selected by the Program Committee on the basis of particular merit and interest for oral presentation will be presented at these abstract sessions. Authors will share their ideas and experiences in working toward the results of their work, and respond to questions from the audience. Each presentation will be 10 minutes in length, followed by a five-minute discussion period. Concurrently, nine sessions will be held each day. Poster Sessions Poster presentations will be held in the Exhibition Hall. Approximately 1,400 posters will be on display during each two-day period on 8 & 9 August and 10 & 11 August, totaling approximately 2,700 posters. The availability of the presenters to discuss their work and answer questions will be indicated on the poster board. Tenth Anniversary Special Sessions Special symposiums commemorating the tenth anniversary of the International Conference on AIDS is scheduled for the first three days of the conference. The symposiums, featuring presentations by worldrenowned HIV/AIDS experts, will review the progress made during the last decade and will attempt to chart a course for the future. Other Sessions The following sessions are planned on 8-10 August: * Evening Special Sessions These sessions will cover a different topic on each of the three evenings: Persons with HIV/AIDS, Women's Issues, and Education. Moderators will chair each discussion, and participants will be invited to present their views. * Special Recent Report Sessions and Recent Report Sessions Important research findings reported after the abstract submission deadline will be presented at these sessions. The official language of the conference is English. The Organizing Committee will provide simultaneous interpretation in French, Spanish, and Japanese. This includes the opening and closing ceremonies, plenary sessions, and tenth anniversary special sessions. Abstract sessions will be translated into Japanese only. At the receiver desk earphones will be handed out in exchange of a receiver ticket. Please return them before you leave the conference center. These earphones are specially made for simultaneous interpretation and are of absolutely no use for any other purpose. Please be sure to return Official Language and Simultaneous Interpretation 11

Page  12 I 11 General Instructions to Speakers and Poster Presenters Abstract Session Speakers We kindly ask speakers to observe the following procedures: 1. Report to the speakers desk at least 24 hours before the scheduled time of your presentation and drop off your materials such as oral text, copies of slides, etc. in order to facilitate simultaneous translation. 2. Report to a slide reception desk set up at the entrance of each room. Please set your slides in a slide tray and test screening before submitting it to the receptionist at the desk. 3. Prepare 24 X 36 mm slides, horizontally mounted in 50 x 50 mm plastic frames. We cannot accept paper mount slides. 4. Meet with the session chairpersons in the session room before the session begins. 5. During the presentation, please conform to the time limit of a 10 -minute speech followed by a 5-minute discussion. 6. Pick up your slides at the slide reception desk after conclusion of your session. Poster Presenters Authors are responsible for setting up and removing their posters themselves according to the following schedule: Part I: Monday-Tuesday Session Mounting: Monday 8 August Removal: Tuesday 9 August 08:00-10:00 17:00-19:00 Part II: Wednesday-Thursday Session Mounting: Wednesday 10 August 08:00-10:00 Removal: Thursday 11 August 17:00-19:00 No specific time will be set when authors should be present in front of their posters for questions and answers. Authors are requested to indicate when they are available for discussions. A form for this purpose will be provided at the poster assistance desk in the Exhibition Hall. Please note that posters not removed by 19:00 on the last day of their presentation will be removed and discarded by the conference staff. The Tenth International Conference on AIDS/International Conference on STD cannot accept liability for lost or damaged posters. 12

Page  13 Other Conference Programs Community Forum On Saturday 6 August a Community Forum will be held to discuss solidarity in AIDS work. We extend an invitation to all front-line community workers coming from community-based organizations and AIDS service organizations, and people living with HIV/AIDS to participate in this pre-conference event. The introduction session will provide participants an opportunity to get a feel of the Japanese culture that lies behind the problems of, and the efforts to overcome, the AIDS epidemic in this country. Presentations by speakers and group discussion sessions that will follow, invite individuals involved with AIDS work at the community level to share their experiences and knowledge with one another. Accomplishments will be celebrated, problems and concerns unique to this field will be addressed. We hope that, by gathering together and exchanging information in a friendly environment of mutual respect and understanding, we will find the common thread which connects us all beyond our daily work that can be solitary and stressful, beyond cultural and social limitations and towards strengthening solidarity. When the day-time program has ended, we will move to a floating amphitheater at Yokohama Seaside Park to attend Toronagashi, a traditional Japanese ceremony of sending to the sea our ancestral spirits, in our case dear memories of lives lost to AIDS. Throughout the week of the conference, we will provide a space called the Communication Room, for AIDS workers and people living with HIV/AIDS to follow up on the discussions held during the Community Forum as well as to discuss other important issues related to HIV/AIDS community work. Date: Saturday 6 August Time: 11:00-21:00 Place: Day-time program (11:00-19:30) Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center Night-time Program (20:00-21:00) Yokohama Seaside Park Amphitheater Timetable: 11:00-12:00 Forum registration and lunch 12:00-12:30 Opening 12:45-14:00 Plenary 14:00-14:30 Announcement 14:30-15:30 Group discussion-Session 1 15:30-16:30 Break 16:30-17:30 Group discussion-Session 2 17:30-18:15 Orientation about the conference 18:15-18:30 Closing 18:30-19:30 Dinner 19:30-20:00 Move to Floating Amphitheater 20:00-21:00 Traditional Japanese Ceremony of Remembrance 13

Page  14 Communication Room The following organizations are among those to hold meetings to discuss AIDS-related issues at the Communication Room. * AHRTAG * AIDS & Society * Alliance * APICHA * Global AIDS Action Network * Hand in Hand Network * ILGA * International AIDS Project * International Center for Research on Women * International Indigenous AIDS Network * Jerusalem AIDS Project * Pink Triangle Malaysia * Trust Foundation AIDS Control Council Opening and Closing The opening ceremony will be held from 16:00, Sunday 7 August and CerPemonies8 the closing ceremony from 17:00, Thursday 11 August, at the National Convention Hall. Exhibition An exhibition of scientific and professional products and materials will take place at the Exhibition Hall of Pacifico Yokohama, Monday through Thursday 8-11 August. In addition, the same site will house exhibition booths for non-profit organizations, including community-based and nongovernmental organizations. Participants are encouraged to visit these exhibits to see the latest equipment, products and publications relating to AIDS and HIV, and to interact with non-governmental AIDS organizations, service providers and advocacy groups. Information on all exhibitors will appear in the list of exhibitors available at the conference site. 14

Page  15 Welcoming Events Events The City of Yokohama, citizens' groups and many NGOs are planning numerous events to welcome conference participants to Yokohama. These will include traditional Japanese performances as well as opportunities to enjoy sightseeing in the port of Yokohama, meet local residents, and participate in both traditional and modern aspects of Japanese culture. We cordially invite all conference participants to take part in these events. An Invitation to Yokohama's Cultural Facilities The Insect Song Lovers' Gathering The Yokohama Evening Festival Yokohama Port Cruise Traditional Performing Arts of Yokohama and Asia Ikebana Exhibition and Workshop Tea Ceremony Doll Dance by Hiroshi Hori A Visual Introduction to Japanese Culture and Entertainment Koto Performance and Kimono Show with Kimono Wearing Demonstration AIDS Discussion Forum AIDS Quilts: Exhibition and Workshop AIDS Memorial Quilts Exhibition of Japanese AIDS Posters Welcoming Rock Concert in Nishi Ward Cultural Facilities 7-11 August Complimentary admission to the Yokohama Museum of Art, the Sankeien Garden, the Yokohama Archives of History, and the Yokohama Maritime Museum. 5-7 August, 18:00-21:00, Kamonyama Park Spend a summer evening enjoying the Japanese custom of listening to the captivating songs of summer insects. 8 August, 18:30-20:30, the Plaza in Rinko Park Participate in an outdoor summer festival by seeing the mikoshi shrine parade, by shouting encouragement, or by joining in the parade accompanied by a musical band and torchlight procession. 9-11 August Cruises leave Minato Mirai Pier at 10:30, 13:30, and 15:00. Japan's Cultural and Artistic Traditions 9 August, 14:00-20:30, Opening Ceremony 13:00-14:00, Kannai Hall Twenty-seven groups will demonstrate a variety of songs, dances, and musical performances in the styles of the traditional performing arts. 9 August, from 15:00 and 17:30, 2nd basement, Kannai Hall You are invited to enjoy an ikebana exhibition and to try your hand at flower arranging in an ikebana workshop. 10 August, 14:00-18:30, 2nd basement, Kannai Hall At this tea ceremony in the ryurei style, you can taste tea while seated on a chair in a traditional tea room. 10 August, from 18:30, Kannai Hall Renowned performer Hiroshi Hori integrates the classical style of a Bunraku Puppet Show with traditional Noh Dance. 10 August, 14:00-18:00 (with intermission), Kannai Hall Videos of Kabuki and Noh performances will be shown beginning every hour on the hour. 11 August, 14:00-17:00, Kannai Hall Enjoy a performance of traditional Japanese koto and taiko music followed by an introduction to the wearing of a kimono. AIDS-Awareness Events 6-14 August, Conference Room, Kanagawa International Association An NGO forum, intended to encourage discussion of the issue of AIDS, will be held in conjunction with various cultural events. 6-13 August (Exhibition until 20 August), Forum Yokohama (Landmark Tower) Exhibition of babies' quilts for HIV-positive infants. 7-9 August, Rinko Park Exhibition of memorial quilts honoring the memory of those who have died of AIDS around the world. 9-11 August, 2nd Basement, Kannai Hall Posters by Japanese prefectural governments, major cities and related bodies will be exhibited. Brochures will also be exhibited and distributed. Rock Concert 6 August, 16:00-20:30, Rinko Park This outdoor concert will feature six amateur bands and one professional band. i 15

Page  16 Daily Programs Saturday 6 AUGUST Community Forum Time: 11:00-21:00 Place: Day-time program (11:00-19:30) Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center Night-time Program (20:00-21:00) Yokohama Seaside Park Amphitheater Timetable: 11:00-12:00 Forum registration and lunch 12:00-12:30 Opening 12:45-14:00 Plenary 14:00-14:30 Announcement 14:30-15:30 Group discussion-Session 1 15:30-16:30 Break 16:30-17:30 Group discussion-Session 2 17:30-18:15 Orientation about the conference 18:15-18:30 Closing 18:30-19:30 Dinner 19:30-20:00 Move to Floating Amphitheater 20:00-21:00 Traditional Japanese Ceremony of Remembrance SSee page 13 for details. 16

Page  17 Sunday 7 AUGUST Opening Ceremony The opening ceremony will be held from 16:00, Sunday 7 August at the National Convention Hall of Pacifico Yokohama. You are recommended to come to the National Convention Hall by 15:30. Overflow areas will be provided at Room 2 (Main Hall) in the conference center. Live transmission of the opening ceremony will be available. Immediately after the opening ceremony, a welcome reception for all participants will be held at Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel and the Exhibition Hall of Pacifico Yokohama from 18:00. Admission is included in the registration fee. Welcome Reception 17

Page  18 8 AUGUST Plenary Sessions 08:30-10:80 PS1 Global Status of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and the Response PS2 Host Factors in the Immunopathogenesis of HIV Disease PS3 Update on Antiretroviral Therapy PS4 The Dilemma of Developing a Vaccine Against HIV PS5 Women Helping Themselves PS6 Control and Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Challenges for the 1990's PS7 STD and HIV Epidemiology in Asia PS8 Models of Counseling and Support in Resource Poor Countries Room 1 Room 1 Room 1 Room 1 Room 2 Room 2 Room 2 Room 2 Poster Sessions Part 1 Abstract Sessions 11:00-12:30 Posters (Part 1) will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall from 10:00 Monday 8 August through 17:00 Tuesday 9 August. AS-1 AS-2 AS-3 AS-4 AS-5 AS-6 AS-7 AS-8 AS-9 Antiretroviral Therapy: New Approaches Epidemiological Factors of AIDS Progression (Co-factors) Replication I Pathogenesis in vitro Socio-economic Impact of HIV/AIDS Heterosexual Men-Behavioral Issues HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Asia and Oceania Malignancies Clinical Course Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 10 Round-table Sessions 18:80-15:00 RT-1 Antiretroviral Therapy RT-2 Acute Infection Stage RT-3 Influence of STDs on the AIDS Epidemic RT-4 IDU in Developing Countries RT-5 Sexual Behavior Surveys and Design of Prevention Programs RT-6 Community Development, Innovative Strategy in Community Care and Social Support RT-7 HIV-Positive Women RT-8 Vaccine Design Strategy Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 10 Special Recent Report Session 13:30-15:00 SR-1 The Newly Identified HIV-1 Subtype 0 Viruses Infection Room 5 18

Page  19 Monday Program 10th Anniversary Special Session 1 15:80-17:00 Abstract Sessions 15:80-17:00 TS-1 HIV 10 Years On: Research Findings and Future Prospects Room 1 Chair: Masakazu Hatanaka, Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University, Japan Speakers: Robert Gallo, National Cancer Institute, USA Jay A. Levy, University of California, San Francisco, USA Luc Montagnier, Institut Pasteur, France TS-1 Antiretroviral Therapy: Combination Therapy Room 2 AS-11 Empowerment of Women Living with HIV/AIDS Room 3 AS-12 HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Latin America, Room 4 Caribbean and Africa AS-13 Epidemiological Issues of Intravenous Drug Use Room 5 AS-14 STD (I) Room 6 AS-15 Cytokines Room 7 AS-16 Self-help Groups for People Living with AIDS Room 8 AS-17 Care in Developing Countries Room 9 AS-18 Epidemiology of Heterosexual Transmission Room 10 AS-19 Antivirals I Room 2 AS-20 Models for Prevention in Developing Countries Room 3 AS-21 HIV/AIDS in Developed Countries: North America and Europe Room 4 AS-22 Replication II Room 5 AS-23 Care Providers: Education and Support Room 6 AS-24 Virus Specific Humoral Immunity Room 7 AS-25 Detection of HIV Infection Room 8 AS-26 HIV/AIDS among Women Room 9 AS-27 Vaccines and Immunotherapy Room 10 Abstract Sessions 17:30-19:00 Evening Special Session Recent Report Session 19:15-20:45 ES-1 The Aldyn McKean Symposium on Long-Term Survivors RR-1 Track A (Basic Science) and Track B (Clinical Science and Care) related issues Room 2 Room 7 Room Guide Room 1: National Convention Hall Room 6: 305 Room 2: Main Hall Room 7: 501 Room 3: 301 + 302 Room 8: 502 Room 4: 303 Room 9: 503 Room 5: 304 Room 10: Ballroom Intercontinental 19

Page  20 Monday 8 August / 08:30-10:30 PLENARY SESSIONS Room 1 (National Convention Hall) Room 2 (Main Hall) 08:30 PS1 08:30 PS5 Chairs: Takashi Kitamura (Japan) Jean-Louis Lamboray (USA) GLOBAL STATUS OF THE HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIC AND THE RESPONSE Michael H. Merson, WHO, Global Programme on AIDS (Switzerland) Chairs: Akiko Ishii (Japan) Elizabeth N.Ngugi (Kenya) WOMEN HELPING THEMSELVES Zena A. Stein, New York State Psychiatric Institute (USA) 09:00 PS2 09:00 PS6 Chairs: Terumasa Miyamoto (Japan) David D. Ho (USA) HOST FACTORS IN THE IMMUNOPATHOGENESIS OF HIV DISEASE Anthony S. Fauci, National Institutes of Health (USA) Chairs: Yoshiaki Kumamoto (Japan) Jorma Paavonen (Finland) CONTROL AND PREVENTION OF SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES: CHALLENGES FOR THE 1990's Peter Piot, WHO, Global Programme on AIDS (Switzerland) 09:30 Chairs: Kaoru Shimada (Japan) Michael S. Saag (USA) UPDATE ON ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY Stefano Vella, Istituto Superiore Di Sanity (Italy) PS3 09:30 Chairs: Kenji Soda (Japan) John Dwyer (Australia) STD AND HIV EPIDEMIOLOGY IN ASIA Yun-Fong Ngeow, University of Malaya (Malaysia) PS7 10:00 PS4 10:00 PS8 Chairs: Akira Oya (Japan) Jose Esparza (WHO) THE DILEMMA OF DEVELOPING A VACCINE AGAINST HIV Dani P. Bolognesi, Duke University Medical Center (USA) Chairs: Soroku Yamagata (Japan) Thomas J. Coates (USA) MODELS OF COUNSELING AND SUPPORT IN RESOURCE POOR COUNTRIES Jon Ungphakorn, ACCESS (Thailand) 20

Page  21 Monday 8 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 2 (Main Hall) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS01: Antiretroviral Therapy: New Approaches Chairs: Seizaburo Kashiwagi (Japan) Paul A. Volberding (USA) 11:00 001B EFFECT OF ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY ON HIV BURDEN AND REPLICATION IN LYMPHOID TISSUE Cohen, OJ; Pantaleo, G; Graziosi, C; Niu, M; Fauci, AS; NIAID, NIH, USA 11:15 002B TREATMENT OF PRIMARY HIV INFECTION WITH ZIDOVUDINE Kinloch, S; Hoen, B; Cooper, D; Hirschel, B; Lazzarin, A; Mathiesen, L; de Witt, S; Antunes, R; Luthy, J; von Overbeck, J; Chave, JP; Hawkins, D; Baumberger, C; Yerly, S; Perrin, L; Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland 11:30 003B d4T (STAVUDINE) THERAPY: ONE LARGE CLINIC'S EXPERIENCE Conant, M; Okabe, M; Slaton, A; Cafaro, V; Illeman, M; Sanford, G; English, L; King, C; University of California, San Francisco, USA; Conant Medical Group, USA; d4T Working Group of the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power, USA 11:45 0048 PHARMACOKINETIC INTERACTIONS WITH ORAL GANCICLOVIR: ZIDOVUDINE, DIDANOSINE, PROBENECID Gaines, K'; Wong R'; Jung, D'; Cimoch, P2; Lavelle, J3; Pollard, R4; 'Syntex Development Research, USA; 2 Irvine USA; 3Washington DC, USA; 4Galveston, USA 12:00 005B PRELIMINARY RESULTS OF A PHASE I STUDY OF VESNARINONE (0PC-8212) IN HIV-INFECTED PERSONS WITH CD4 >300 CELLS/MM3 Mitsuyasu, R; Bort, L; Miles, SA; Hardy, WD; Petit, RG'; UCLA CARE Center, USA; 'Otsuka America Pharm, Inc, USA 12:15 006B RESULTS OF A RANDOMIZED STUDY OF GLQ223 IN AIDS AND ARC Kahn, f; Gorelick, K2; 'UCSF, USA; "Genelabs Inc, USA 12:30 007B HYDROXYUREA AS A NOVEL POTENT INHIBITOR OF HIV-1 REPLICATION Lori, F; Malykh, A; Cara, A; Sun, D; Lisziewicz, J; Gallo, RC; LTCB, NCI, NIH, USA Room 3 (301 + 302) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention ASO2: Epidemiological Factors of AIDS Progression (Co-factors) Chairs: Helene Gayle (USA) Shinsuke Morio (Japan) 11:00 007C HEALTHY LONG-TERM HIV POSITIVES: VIRAL BURDEN AND CELL-MEDIATED IMMUNITY Buchbinder, S; Elbeik, T; Harrer, T&E; Feinberg, MB; Walker, BD; O'Malley, PM; Scheer, S; Holmberg, S; Katz, MH; San Francisco AIDS Office, USA 11:15 008C IMMUNOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF HIV-INFECTED NONPROGRESSORS Easterbrook, PJ; Foster, S; Henderson, D; Crane, M; Yu, LM; Weber, J'; Gazzard, BG; Chelsea and Westminster Hospital; 'St Marys Hospital, UK 11:30 009C SURVIVAL OF AIDS PATIENTS IN BANGKOK, THAILAND Kitayaporn, D'2; Tansuphaswadikul, S'; Lohsomboon, P'; Pannachet, K3; Kaewkungwal, J'4; Limpakarnjanarat, K'; Mastro, TD"'; 'HIV/AIDS Collaboration, Thailand; Mahidol University, Thailand; Ministry of Public Health, Thailand; 4Rajamangala Inst of Tech, Thailand; 'CDC, USA 11:45 010C PREDICTORS FOR SURVIVAL FOLLOWING AIDS IN AUSTRALIA Luo, K; Law, M; McDonald, A; Kaldor, J; National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research, Australia 12:00 011C SURVIVAL DIFFERENCES IN HIV INFECTION: EFFECT OF ADJUSTING FOR SEQUENTIAL MEASURES OF CD4 CELLS Smith, GD; Egger, M; Hiachler, I; von Overbeck, J; Ledergerber, B; University of Glasgow, UK 12:15 012C DIFFERENCES IN IMMUNE FUNCTION AMONG PATIENTS INFECTED WITH DISTINCT THAILAND HIV-1 STRAINS Weniger, BG2; Tansuphaswadikul, 5; Young, NL1.2 Pau, C-P'; Lohsomboon, P2; Yindeeyoungyeon, W2; Limpakarnjanarat, K2; 'CDC, USA; 2The HIV/AIDS Collaboration, Thailand; 'Bamrasnaradura Infectious Disease Hospital, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand 21

Page  22 Monday 8 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 4 (303) TRACK A: Basic Science Room 5 (304) TRACK A: Basic Science ASO3: Replication I ASO4: Pathogenesis in vitro Chairs: Birgitta Asjo (Norway) Hiroshi Yoshikura (Japan) 11:00 013A RESTRICTED REPLICATION OF SIVMAC239 IN MACROPHAGES Mori, K; Desrosiers, R; Harvard Medical School, USA 11:15 014A DOMAIN BETWEEN V1 AND V2 REGIONS OF HIV-1 GP120 IS CRITICAL FOR VIRUS INFECTIVITY Wang, W-K; Essex, M; Lee, TH; Harvard School of Public Health, USA 11:30 015A MECHANISMS OF HIV-1 ENVELOPE GLYCOPROTEINMEDIATED MEMBRANE FUSION Dimitrov, DS'; Golding, H2; Broder, CC'; Blumenthal, R'; 'NCI, NIH; 2FDA; 'NIAID, NIH, USA 11:45 016A FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS OF HIV-1 GAG PROTEINS Kawamura, M; Kitamura, T'; Ishimoto, A; Adachi, A; Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University; 'National Institute of Health, Japan 12:00 017A HIV INFECTION OF ADHERENT CELLS AND EXPRESSION OF MEMBRANE MOLECULES Dolei, A'; Serra, C'; Tilocca, F'; Ceraulo, F'; Conaldi, PG2; Modesti, A3; Ameglio, F4; Toniolo, A'; 'Univ of Sassari; 2'Univ of Pavia; 'Univ of Chieti; 'Inst S Gallicano, Italy 12:15 018A SELECTIVE SUSCEPTIBILITY OF HUMAN EPIDERMAL LANGERHANS CELLS TO HIV-1 INFECTION IN VITRO Soto-Ramirez, LE; Renjifo, B; Wang, W; Marlink, R; Lee, TH; Essex, M; Harvard School of Public Health, USA Chairs: Ashley T. Haase (USA) Yoshio Koyanagi (Japan) 11:00 019A A NOVEL IN VITRO HIV PROPERTY IN PEDIATRIC ISOLATES St Clair, M'; Vavro, CL'; Pennington, KN'; Valentine, M2; McKinney, RE'; 'Burroughs Wellcome Co; 2Duke University Medical Center, USA 11:15 020A ENCOUNTER OF UNPRIMED CD4+T LYMPHOCYTES WITH HIV1 gpl20-EXPRESSING CELLS RESULTS IN LYSIS OF BOTH TARGET AND EFFECTOR CELLS Jassoy, C; Heinkelein, M; Sopper, S; Wiirzburg University, Germany 11:30 021A GLUCOCORTICOIDS RESCUE CD4+T CELLS FROM ACTIVATION-INDUCED APOPTOSIS TRIGGERED BY HIV-1 Lu, W; Salerno-Goncalvez, R; Yuan, J; Andrieu, JM; H6pital Laennec, Universite de Paris V, France 11:45 022A HIV-1 INFECTION OF T CELLS IN VITRO IS MODULATED BY COSTIMULATION VIA CD28 Haffar, OK; Smithgall, M; Wong, J; Linsley, P; BristolMyers Squibb, USA 12:00 023A IDENTIFICATION OF A COMPLEMENT ACTIVATING SITE IN GP120 Siisal, C; Kirschfink, M; Krapelin, M; Daniel, V; Opelz, G; University of Heidelberg, Germany 12:15 024A APOPTOSIS INDUCED IN CD4+ CELLS EXPRESSING gpl60 OF HIV TYPE 1 Koga, Y'; Sasaki, M2'; 'Tohkai Univ; 'Kyushu Univ, Japan 22

Page  23 Monday 8 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 6 (305) TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS05: Socio-economic Impact of HIV/AIDS Chairs: Lynda S. Doll (USA) Mitsuhiro Kamakura (Japan) 11:00 0250D ESTIMATED PRODUCTION LOSS DUE TO HIV/AIDS MORTALITY IN CANADA, 1987-91 Hanvelt, R; Ruedy, N; Hogg, RS; Strathdee, SA; O'Shaughnessy, MV; Montaner, JSG; Schechter, MT; BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada 11:15 0260D MEASURING THE IMPACT OF HIV/AIDS ON AFRICA'S COMMERCIAL SECTOR Forsythe, S'; Roberts, M'; Wongombe, J2; Gakuru, 02; 'AIDSCAP/FHI, USA; 2HEDRA, Kenya 11:30 027D0 THE IMPACT OF HIV/AIDS ON THE EDUCATION SYSTEM Shaeffer, S; UNICEF, Thailand 11:45 0280D AIDS MORTALITY IN MEXICO: 1983-92 YEARS OF POTENTIAL PRODUCTIVE LIFE LOST Izazola-Licea, JA; Valdez-Garcia, M; CONASIDA, Mexico 12:00 0290D HIV MORTALITY AND THE IMPACT ON SOCIAL BENEFITS GIVEN TO EMPLOYEES FAMILY Ntumbanzondo, M; Bertozzi, S'; Doppagne, A2; Khondi, N; Engele, B; Wandu, M'; Nzila, N; Project Sida, Zaire; 'MIT, USA; 2Bcz; '3UNIKIN, Zaire 12:15 0300 WHY ISN'T INCREASED SURVIVAL ENOUGH Wilson, AD; Drummond, MF'; The Wellcome Foundation Ltd; 'Centre for Health Economics, University of York, UK Room 7 (501) TRACK 0: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS06: Heterosexual Men - Behavioral Issues Chairs: Susan Kippax (Australia) Tsunetsugu Munakata (Japan) Cheikh I. Niang (Senegal) 11:00 0310 THE FIRE IN THE DRAGON: A STUDY OF RISK FACTORS FOR HIV/AIDS AMONG URBAN MEN AND COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS IN VIETNAM Franklin, BAK; Khanh, NT; CARE INTERNATIONAL IN VIETNAM, Vietnam 11:15 0320 BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTION FOR THAI ARMY CONSCRIPTS MAY REDUCE HIV INCIDENCE Bond, KC1"2; na Chiang Mai, C2; Vaddhanaphuti, C2; Eiumtrakul, S'; Nelson, KE '; Celentano, DD'; 'Johns Hopkins Univ, USA; 'Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai Univ, Thailand; 'Royal Thai Army, Thailand 11:30 0330 CLIENTS OF FEMALE SEX WORKERS AND UNSAFE SEX Plumridge, E; Chetwynd, J; Reed, A'; Christchurch School of Medicine; 'N Z Prostitutes Collective, New Zealand 11:45 0340 THE GENDER GAP: WHAT YOUNG UNMARRIED LATINOS THINK & DO ABOUT SEX Marin, B; Gomez, CA; Grinstead, OA; University of California, San Francisco, USA 12:00 0350 RESISTANT TO RISK REDUCTION; MALE CLIENTS OF COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS IN KENYA Ngugi EN'; Njeru, EK'; Plummer, FAI'; Moses, S1~2; Karanja, M'; 'University of Nairobi, Kenya; 'University of Manitoba, Canada, 'Ministry of Health, Machakos General Hospital, Kenya 12:15 0360 MALE INTERVENTION PROGRAMME IN RED LIGHT AREA OF BOMBAY Thanekar, JG; Nigudkar, P; Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay, India 23

Page  24 Monday 8 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 8 (502) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention ASO7: HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Asia and Oceania Chairs: Masahiro Kihara (Japan) Wiwat Rojanapithayakorn (Thailand) 11:00 037C THE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF HIV/AIDS IN THE WESTERN PACIFIC REGION: AN OPPORTUNITY FOR PREVENTION Sarda, RM; Petersen, G; Gertig, D; Effler, P; WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Philippines 11:15 038C HIV INCIDENCE IN ADULTS IN NORTHERN THAILAND Khamboonruang, C'; Beyrer, C4; Natpatan, C2; Eiumtrakol, S'; Celentano, D4; Nelson, KE4; 'Chiang Mai University, Thailand; 2Ministry of Public Health; 'Royal Thai Army, Thailand; 'Johns Hopkins University, USA 11:30 039C HIV INFECTION IN INDIA TRENDS ANALYSIS Lal, S'; Khodakevich, L2; Salil, P'; 'National AIDS Control Organization; 2World Health Organization, India 11:45 040C HIV INFECTION IN MALAYSIA: CASES SEEN AT THE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, KUALA LUMPUR Ismail, R; University of Malaya, Malaysia 12:00 041C HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS(HIV) EPIDEMIOLOGICAL TRENDS AMONG RISK GROUPS IN KOREA Shin, Y-O; Hur, SJ; Kim, SS; Kee, MK; Center for AIDS Research, NIH, Korea 12:15 042C EPIDEMIOLOGICAL PATTERN OF HIV INFECTION IN YUNNAN PROVINCE, CHINA Cheng, H; Zhang, JP; Zhao, SD; Kou, JD; Jia, MH; Yunnan Provincial Health & Anti-epidemic Center, China Room 9 (503) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS08: Malignancies Chairs: Takao Matsumoto (Japan) Tetsutaro Sata (Japan) 11:00 043B LYMPHOMAGENESIS IN SIV IMMUNOSUPPRESSED MONKEYS Biberfeld, P'; Li, SL'; Kaaya, EE'; Feichtinger, H'; Rezikyan, S'; Putkonen, P'; 'Immunopathol Lab, KI; 2SMI, Sweden 11:15 044B INTENSIVE CHEMOTHERAPY AND G-CSF IN HIVASSOCIATED NON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA Clauvel, J-P'; Oksenhendler, E'; Dubreuil, ML2; Gerard, L'; Barateau, V'; Levy, Y2; Deforges, L2; Ferchal, F'; 'H6pital Saint-Louis; 2H6pital Henri-Mondor, France 11:30 045B PATHOGENESIS OF AIDS ASSOCIATED LARGE CELL LYMPHOMA Tsuzuki, A; Herndier, B; Marsh, J; Ng, V; Nolan, T; Shiramizu, B; McGrath, M; University of California, San Francisco, USA 11:45 046B DAUNOXOME~-PHASE II TRIAL FOR EPIDEMIC KAPOSI'S SARCOMA (EKS) Wernz, JC; Taubes, B; Friedberg, A; NYU Kaplan Cancer Center, USA 12:00 047B INCIDENCE OF KAPOSI'S SARCOMA AMONG PWAIDS OVER TIME: IS IT DECREASING? Casabona, J; Blanch, C; Castilla, J; Podzamczer, D; Riera, S; Rubio, R; The Spanish Study Group on AIDS and Cancer; AIDS Programme, Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain 12:15 048B HIV/AIDS RELATED NEOPLASMS IN THE POPULATION OF GENOA, ITALY Crovari, P; Canessa, A'; De Rosa, MG; Donnini, R; Orengo, A4; Piersantelli, N2; Rizzo, F'; Vercelli, M4; Inst Hygiene and Prey Med; 'Univ of Genova; 2 Galliera H6spital; 'S Martino H6spital; IST Genoa, Italy 24

Page  25 Monday 8 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 10 (Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care ASO9: Clinical Course NOTE Chairs: David D. Ho (USA) Shinichi Oka (Japan) 11:00 049B STUDIES ON HIV INFECTED INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE LONG TERM NON-PROGRESSORS Graziosi, C; Demarest, JF; Vaccarezza, M; Cohen, OJ; Pantaleo, G; Fauci, AS; MACS, NIH, USA 11:15 050B COMBINED p24 ANTIGEN AND ANTI-p66 AS MARKERS OF AIDS-FREE TIME Henrard, DR; Meiszberg, T; Wiesner, D; Goedert, J1; Abbott Labs; 'NCI, USA 11:30 051B FIRST HIV-1 POSITIVE DIAGNOSIS COINCIDENT WITH AIDS: PRESENTATION AND PROGNOSIS Poznansky, MC; Coker, R; Skinner, C; Bailey, S; Renton, A; Weber, J; St Mary's Hospital, UK 11:45 052B GLUTATHIONE DEFICIENCY IN THE LIVER OF HIV SEROPOSITIVE SUBJECTS Barbarini, G; Filice, C; Zanaboni, D; Garavelli, G; Malfitano, A; Brunetti, E; Bellomo, G; IRCCS, Italy; Univ of Torino, Italy 12:00 053B PEDIATRIC AIDS IN SAO PAULO-BRAZIL=8 YEARS LATER Queiroz, W; Della Negra, M; Yu, CL; Paste, AA; Soraggi Neto, C; Silva, LMG; Vazquez, CMP; Inst Infectol, Brazil 12:15 054B EFFECT OF MATERNAL HIV STATUS ON INFANT GROWTH & SURVIVAL Boulos, R; Ruff, A; Coberly, J; McBrien, M; Jules, D; Halsey, N; CDS, Haiti; Johns Hopkins, USA 25

Page  26 Monday 8 August / 18:80-15:00 ROUND-TABLE SESSIONS m m RT-1 Room 1 (National Convention Hall) RT-3 Room 3 (301 + 302) ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY Moderators: Sean Hosein Community AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (Canada) Michael Saag The University of Alabama at Birmingham (USA) Speakers: Claudia Brabazon Canadian AIDS Society (Canada) James Kahn University of California, San Francisco (USA) INFLUENCE OF STDs ON THE AIDS EPIDEMIC Moderators: Marie Laga Institute of Tropical Medicine (Belgium) Judith Wasserheit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA) Speakers: Joan Kreiss University of Washington (USA) Timothy Mastro HIV/AIDS Collaboration (USA) Noah Robinson INSERM U88 (France) RT-2 Room 2 (Main Hall) RT-4 Room 4 (303) ACUTE INFECTION STAGE IDU IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Moderators: Andrew Carr St. Vincent's Hospital (Australia) Charles Farthing AIDS Healthcare Foundation(USA) Speakers: Allen Mayer Irwin Memorial Blood Centers (USA) Court Pedersen Hvidovre Hospital (Denmark) Luc Perrin University Cantonal Hospital (Switzerland) Moderators: Karen Nasser IKHLAS Centre (Malaysia) Alexander Wodak St. Vincent's Hospital (Australia) Speakers: Fely Lacaolacao Cebu Youth Center, Inc. (Philippines) Faibio Mesquita NUPAIDS University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) Sujata Rana Lifesaving & Lifegiving Society (Nepal) 26

Page  27 Monday 8 August / 18:30-15:00 ROUND-TABLE SESSIONS m RT-5 Room 7 (501) RT-7 Room 9 (503) SEXUAL BEHAVIOR SURVEYS AND DESIGN OF PREVENTION PROGRAMS Moderators: Thomas Coates University of California, San Francisco (USA) Swaminathan Sundararaman AIDS Research Foundation of India (India) Speakers: Brendan Bain University of the West Indies (Jamaica) Tuti Merati Udayana University AIDS Working Group (Indonesia) Ken Morrison Canadian AIDS Society (Canada) HIV-POSITIVE WOMEN Moderators: Martina Clark Global Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS, WORLD (USA) Yolanda Simon Global Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (Trinidad) Speakers: Juliet Awino The AIDS Support Organization (Uganda) Rebecca Denison WORLD (USA) Araceli Marquez ORAIN, ICW, Global Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (Mexico) RT-6 Room 8 (502) RT-8 Room 10 (Ballroom Intercontinental) COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, INNOVATIVE STRATEGY IN COMMUNITY CARE AND SOCIAL SUPPORT Moderators: Elhadj As Sy Health Programme ENDA (Senegal) Laisiasa Wainikesa Fiji AIDS Task Force (Fiji) Speakers: Teresita Bagasao KABALIKAT Ng Pamilyang Philipino Foundation, Inc. (Philippines) Bal Bernard Provincial STD/AIDS Committee (Papua New Guinea) Suki Terada Ports Family Health Project, Inc. (USA) VACCINE DESIGN STRATEGY Moderators: Marc Girard Institut Pasteur (France) Speakers: Shan Lu University of Massachusetts Medical Center (USA) Quentin Sattentau Centre d'Immunology de Marseille-Luminy (France) Kathelyn Steimer Chiron Corporation (USA) Michael Wyand TSI Mason Laboratories (USA) 27

Page  28 Monday 8 August 13:30-15:00 SPECIAL RECENT REPORT SESSION Room 5(304) 15:30-17:00 TENTH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL SESSION Room 1(National Convention Hall) SR-1 TS-1 The Newly Identified HIV-1 Subtype 0 Viruses Infection Moderators: Namiko Yoshihara National Institute of Health (Japan) Peter Piot WHO Global Programme on AIDS (Switzerland) Speakers: Guido van der Groen Institute of Tropical Medicine (Belgium) James R. George Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (USA) Josef Eberle Max v. Pettenkofer-Institut (Germany) A speaker from France to be announced Commentator: Souleymane Mboup Universite Cheikh Anta Diop (Senegal) Leopold Zekeng University Teaching Hospital (Cameroon) HIV 10 Years On: Research Findings and Future Prospects Chair: Masakazu Hatanaka Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University (Japan) Speakers: Robert C. Gallo National Cancer Institute (USA) Jay A. Levy University of California, San Francisco (USA) Luc Montagnier Institut Pasteur (France) 28

Page  29 Monday 8 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 2 (Main Hall) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care ASO10: Antiretroviral Therapy: Combination Therapy Chairs: Gohta Masuda (Japan) Shiro Shigeta (Japan) 15:30 055B RANDOMIZED COMPARATIVE TRIAL OF ZDV+ddl vs ZDV+ ddC ON SHORT-TERM SAFETY AND LABORATORY MARKERS IN SUBJECTS WITH CD4s OF 50 TO 350/,uL Montaner, JSG; Srour, L; Singer, J; Cassol, S; O'Shaughnessy, MV; Schechter, MT; Canadian HIV Trials Network; Bristol-Myers & Squibb, Canada 15:45 0568 HIV-1 VIREMIA CHANGES AND DEVELOPMENT OF DRUGRELATED VIRAL MUTATIONS IN PATIENTS (pts) RECEIVING LONG-TERM COMBINATION THERAPY WITH AZT/DDI Mitsuya, H; Kojima, E; Shirasaka, T; Anderson, BD; Chokekijchai, S; Steinberg, S; Broder, S; Yarchoan, R; National Cancer Institute, USA 16:00 057B SAFETY AND EFFICACY OF ZDV ADDITION TO 3TC MONOTHERAPY van Leeuwen, R; Boucher, C; Reiss, P; Schuurman, R; Nijhuis, M; Danner, S; National Aids Therapy Evaluation Centre, Academic Med Ctr, Univ of Amsterdam, The Netherlands 16:15 058B8 COMPARATIVE STUDY OF Ro 31-8959 AND ZIDOVUDINE (ZDV) VS ZDV AND ZALCITABINE (ddC) VS Ro 31-8959, ZDV, AND ddC Collier, AC; Coombs, RW; Timpone, J; Schoenfeld, DA; Bassett, R; Baruch, A'; Corey L; NIAID, NIH; 'Hoffman La-Roche, USA 16:30 059B ZIDOVUDINE & a-INTERFERON VS ZIDOVUDINE ALONE IN HIV INFECTED PERSONS WITH CD4+CELL COUNTS OF 150 -500/mm3-RESULTS OF THE 'ZIDON' TRIAL Chateauvert, M; Fernandez-Cruz, E; Lang, J-M; Frissen, PHJ; Furner, V; Boucher, CAB; Dowd, P; Stevens, J; The ZIDON study group, Canada 16:45 060B ACYCLOVIR/ZIDOVUDINE COMBINATION THERAPY AND AIDS SURVIVAL Graham, NMH; Stein, DS; Park, LP; Hoover, DR; Phair, JP; Detels, R; Ho, M; Saah, AJ; Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study, USA Room 3 (301 + 302) TRACK 0: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS11: Empowerment of Women Living with HIV/ AIDS Chairs: Martina Clark (USA) Hakima Himmich (Morocco) 15:30 0610 WOMEN, AIDS AND SOCIAL REPRESENTATION Alonso, LBN; NEPAIDS, University of S Paulo, Brazil 15:45 0620 THE WHEEL PROJECT: ASSESSING A COMMUNITY-BASED MODEL FOR PREVENTING HIV/AIDS AMONG WOMEN Wild, JL; Young, P; Rosenshine, N; Klein, H; NOVA Research Company, USA 16:00 0630 DOES COUNSELLING HELP TO EMPOWER WOMEN TO NEGOTIATE FOR SAFER SEX Chanda, C'; Baggaley, R"2; Phiri, M'; Kelly, M'; 'London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK; 'Kara Counselling and Training Trust, Zambia 16:15 0640 SEXUAL COERCION IN THE FACE OF AIDS: WILL LATINO MEN & WOMEN CHALLENGE IT? G6mez, CA; Marin, BV; Grinstead, OA; University of California, San Francisco, USA 16:30 0650 THE ROLE OF SELF-HELP GROUPS AND PEER SUPPORT NETWORKS FOR WOMEN WITH HIV/AIDS Greet, B; Positive Women, Australia 16:45 0660 SEXUAL BEHAVIOR OF YOUNG JAPANESE WOMEN TOURISTS IN SOUTHERN THAILAND AND RISK FOR HIV INFECTION Vorakitphokatorn, S; IPSR, Mahidol University, Thailand 29

Page  30 Monday 8 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 4 (303) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS12: HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Latin America, Caribbean and Africa Chairs: Roger-Paul Bernard (Switzerland) Takusei Umenai (Japan) 15:30 067C EFFECT OF HIV-1 INFECTION ON POPULATION GROWTH IN RURAL RAKAI DISTRICT, UGANDA Sewankambo, NK '; Wawer, MJ'3; Gray, RH"'; Serwadda, D"2; Li, C4; Konde-Lule, J"',2; Lainjo, B"'; 'Rakai Project; 'Makerere Univ, Ugauda; 'Columbia Univ, New York; 'Johns Hopkins Univ, USA 15:45 068C HIV-1 INCIDENCE IN ADULTS AND RISK FACTORS FOR SEROCONVERSION IN A RURAL POPULATION IN UGANDA: 3 YEARS OF FOLLOW-UP Kengeya-Kayondo, J; Kamali, A; Nunn, AJ; Malamba, S; Wagner, HU; Mulder, DW; MRC (UK) Programme on AIDS in Uganda/UVRI, Uganda 16:00 069C HIV SEROPREVALENCE SURVEY AMONG TRUCK AND BUS DRIVERS IN DOUALA AND EKOK (CAMEROON) Sam-Abbenyi, A; Akamba, JJ; Zekeng, L; Mbouni, G; Zingeser, J; Ministry of Health, Cameroon 16:15 070C ANONYMOUS ANTENATAL HIV SEROPREVALENCE SURVEYS IN RURAL SOUTH AFRICA Wilkinson, D; Hlabisa Hospital, Kwa Zulu Dept Health, South Africa 16:30 071C PROJECTIONS OF THE AIDS EPIDEMIC IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Gomez, E'; Sweat, M'; Arbaje, M'; Butler de Lister, M2; 'Dominican Ministry of Health, The Dominican Republic; 'Family Health International, AIDSCAP, USA 16:45 072C HIV SEROSURVEILLANCE IN BRAZIL:A NEW EPIDEMIC EMERGES Rodrigues, L'; Lauria, L'; Berro, 0'; Ferreira, J'; Sereno, A'; Loures, L'; 'Ministry of Health; 'Department of Health, Brazil Room 5 (304) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS13: Epidemiological Issues of Intravenous Drug Use Chairs: Johanna A. R. van den Hoek (Netherland) Naoki Horita (Japan) 15:30 073C NEW INJECTORS REMAIN AT HIGH RISK FOR HIV INFECTION Friedman, SR'; Des Jarlais, DC'; Wenston, J'; WHO Collaborative Study Group; 'National Development & Research, Inc; 'Beth Israel Medical Center, USA 15:45 074C RISK FACTORS FOR HIV SEROCONVERSION AMONG INJECTING DRUG USERS IN MONTREAL: THE SAINT-LUC COHORT EXPERIENCE Lamothe, F; Bruneau, J; Soto, J; Lachance, N; Franco, E; Vincelette, J; Fauvel, M; HOpital Saint-Luc, Canada 16:00 075C HIV-1 SYNCYTIUM-INDUCING PHENOTYPE DOES NOT PREDICT AIDS IN A COHORT OF INJECTING DRUG USERS IN CONTRAST WITH FINDINGS IN HOMOSEXUAL MEN Spijkerman, IJB; Koot, M'; Prins, M; Mientjes, GH; van den Hoek, JAR; Miedema, F'; Coutinho, RA; Municipal Health Service; 'Central Laboratory of the Netherlands Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, The Netherlands 16:15 076C COHORT STUDY OF HIV INFECTION AMONG DRUG USERS IN RUILI AND OTHER COUNTIES IN YUNNAN PROVINCE, CHINA Zheng, X; Zhang, JP; Qu, SQ; Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, China 16:30 077C DRUG INJECTORS MAY UNDERREPORT DRUG RISK BUT NOT SEXUAL RISK BEHAVIOR Gibson, DR"2; Young, M"'; Choi, K'; 'University of California, San Francisco; 'Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, USA 16:45 078C SURVIVAL OF GERMAN HIV-INFECTED INJECTING DRUG USERS WITH AND WITHOUT METHADONE Baumgarten, R; Helm, EB; ArastEh, K; Sadri, I; Brockmeyer, NH; Bogner, JR; GASG(German AIDS Study Group), Germany 30

Page  31 Monday 8 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 6 (305) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care Room 7 (501) TRACK A: Basic Science AS14: STD (1) AS15: Cytokines Chairs: Michihito Niimura (Japan) Allan Ronald (Canada) 15:30 079B PAPANICOLAOU (PAP) SMEARS VERSUS COLPOSCOPY AS SCREENING TESTS FOR CERVICAL INTRAEPITHELIAL NEOPLASIA (CIN) IN HIV SEROPOSITiVE WOMEN Norton, D; Brosgart, C; Barkin, M; Zaloudek, C; Palefsky, J; Padian, N; Greenblatt, R; BARCWA, AmFAR, USA 15:45 080B A COMPARISON OF CERVICAL ABNORMALITIES IN HIV INFECTED AND UNINFECTED PREGNANT WOMEN Connor, J; Mitchell, JL; Lockhart, M; Loftman, PO; Carrington, B; Matseaone, S; Harlem Hospital Center, USA 16:00 0818 ANAL INFECTION WITH MULTIPLE HPV TYPES IN MEN WITH SYMPTOMATIC HIV DISEASE Palefsky, JM; Holly, EA; Ahn, D; University of California, San Francisco, USA 16:15 082B GENITAL TRACT INFECTIONS IN HIV-INFECTED WOMEN Ellerbrock, T'; Wright, T'; Rice, R'; Chiasson, MA'; 'CDC, 'Columbia University; 'New York City, Dept of Health, USA 16:30 083B PREVALENCE OF GYNECOLOGIC INFECTIONS IN A COHORT OF HIV-INFECTED WOMEN Spence, M; Gagnon, S; Cohn, J; Harrison, D; Brinson, C; Stein, A; Hellinger, J; AmFAR's CBCTN, USA 16:45 084B FEMALE GENITAL HERPES-22 YEARS' EXPERIENCE IN TOKYO Kawana, T; Tokyo University Branch Hospital, Japan Chairs: John L. Fahey (USA) Jiro Imanishi (Japan) 15:30 085A HIV INFECTION ALTERS CYTOKINE KINETICS IN STIMULATED PBMC Fahey, JL; Fan, J; Breen, E; Derzic, S; Nguyen, T; Martinez-Maza, O; UCLA, USA 15:45 086A HIV-I INFECTION ALTERS RESPONSE OF MACROPHAGES TO ACTIVATING STIMULI: IMPLICATIONS FOR AIDS NEUROPATHOGENESIS Bukrinsky, M'; Nottet, HSLM2; Dubrovsky, L'; Schmidtmayerova, H'; Sherry, B'; Gendelman, HE2; Picower Institute for Medical Research; UNMC, USA 16:00 087A SUPPRESSION OF HIV REPLICATION BY THE INTERLEUKIN-1 RECEPTOR ANTAGONIST Poli, G'; Kinter, AL'; Fox, LM2; Turchetto, L'; Vicenzi, E'; Fauci, AS2; 'San Raffaele Institute, Italy; 2LIR, NIAID, NIH, USA 16:15 088A CYTOKINE(S) RELEASED BY CD8+ T CELLS FROM HIVSERONEGATIVE INDIVIDUALS SUPPRESSING IN VITRO HIV REPLICATION Tsuchie, H'; Tesfamariam, N2; Trickett, A2; Lam-PoTang, PR2; Dwyer, JM2; Ichimura, H'; Kurimura, T'; 'Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University, Japan; 'Prince of Wales Hospital, University of New South Wales, Australia; 'Kure National Hospital, Japan 16:30 089A ROLE OF ADF/HUMAN THIOREDOXIN IN CYSTINE TRANSPORT: POSSIBLE APPLICATION OF ADF/THIOREDOXIN AND NAC IN AIDS Iwata, S; Hori, T; Sato, N; Masutani, H; Mitui, A; Nakamura, K; Yodoi, J; Inst for Virus Research, Kyoto Univ, Japan 16:45 090A SEROTONIN REDUCES INTRACELLULAR cAMP AND RESTORES THE PROLIFERATIVE CAPACITY OF T CELLS FROM HIV SEROPOSITIVE SUBJECTS Afzelius, P; Hofmann, B; Kronborg, G; Iversen, J; Nielsen, JO; Hvidovre University Hospital, Denmark 31

Page  32 Monday 8 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 8 (502) TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS16: Self-help Groups for People Living with AIDS Chairs: Karen J. Lee (Australia) Jack Jagjit Singh (Malaysia) 15:30 0 FUNCTIONS OF SUPPORT GROUPS FOR HIV POSITIVE PEOPLE AND PEOPLE WITH AIDS Uebersfeld, F; Ferrari, I; AIDES Paris Ile de France, France Room 9 (503) TRACK B/D: Clinical Science and Care/Impact, Societal Response and Education AS17: Care in Developing Countries Chairs: Shin Isomura (Japan) Tsuyoshi Nagatake (Japan) 910 15:30 097B, IMPACT OF PRACTICAL TRAINING ABROAD ON INDIAN PHYSICIANS Meshram, D'; Khodakevich, L'; Sengupta, D2; lWorld Health Organization; 'National AIDS Control Organization; 'Christian Medical Assoc of India, India /D 15:45 092 ROLE OF PLWAs Chiboola, H; Zulu, W; Kelly, MKFr; Kara Counselling and Training Trust, Zambia 16:00 093 AN HIV+ PERSON'S VIEW OF AUSTRALIA'S RESPONSE Counter, M, Australia 16:15 094 STRUCTURING PROCESS OF SELF-HELP GROUPS IN COLOMBIA Rubio, S; FundaciO6n Proyecto Vida, Colombia 16:30 095 LINKING CARE AND PREVENTION:A DROP IN CTR RUN BY PHIV Lovati, R; Brambilla, M'; Serpelloni, G2; Donini, S'; Turrini, G; Austin, D2; Frighetto, R2; Coop Azalea; 'Coord Persone Sieropositive; 2Gruppo C-SSH ULSS, Italy i' 0 15:45 098B/D SUPPORT TO FAMILIES AND CHILDREN AFFECTED BY HIV/ AIDS: THE LUSAKA DECLARATION Chevallier, E; Floury, D; Centre International de I l'Enfance, France 16:00 099B/D COSTING AND EVALUATING HOME BASED CARE IN ZAMBIA ID Chela, CM'; Msiska, R'; Chava, T'; Martin, A; Mwanza, A'; Yamba, B'; van Praag, E; 'Ministry of Health, Zambia; 'University of Zambia, Zambia; 'Karolinska Institute, Sweden; 'World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland 0 16:45 0960D TRADITIONAL HEALERS AND PWA SUPPORT GROUPS:FILLING THE GAP IN KAMPALA, UGANDA Lattu, K'; King, R"'; Ssemyalo, C'; Namangi, F'; Kasolo, S'; Kabatesi, D'; Homsy, J"2; 'THEWA; 'MSFCH, Uganda 16:15 100B/O AIDS ORPHANS KUSIMBA, J'; PLUMMER, F2; NDINYA-ACHOLA, J'; MOSES, S2; FISH, D2; KIMANI, G'; NJENGA, S; 'UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI, KENYA, 'UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA, Canada 16:30 101B/D A SUCCEEDING COMMUNITY-BASED PROGRAM IN ASSISTING ORPHANS, A CASE STUDY OF TANZANIA AND UGANDA Rutayuga, JBK; Ukimwi Orphans Assistance, USA 16:45 102B/D DRAWING AS A MANNER OF EXPRESSION FOR PEDIATRIC AIDS PATIENTS Baricca, A M; Alves, RN; Instituto de Infectologia Emillio Ribas, Brazil 32

Page  33 Monday 8 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 10 (Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS18: Epidemiology of Heterosexual Transmission NOTE Chairs: Roger Detels (USA) Hiroshi Yoshizawa (Japan) 15:30 103C HUSBAND HIV DISCORDANCE AMONG HIV-INFECTED PREGNANT WOMEN, BANGKOK, THAILAND Roongpisuthipong, A'; Siriwasin, W'; Chaiyakul, P'; Bhiraleus, P'; Laosakkitiboran, J'; Shaffer, N3'4; Mastro, TD3'4; 'Siriraj Hospital; 'Rajvithi Hospital; 'HIV/AIDS Collaboration, Thailand; 'CDC, USA 15:45 104C ALARMING LEVELS OF PROSTITUTE CONTACT, STD, AND CONDOM NEGLECT AMONG HIV-1, HIV-2, DUALLY REACTIVE, AND HIV-NEGATIVE MEN WITH TB IN ABIDJAN, COTE D'IVOIRE Sassan-Morokro, M'; Coulibaly, IM2; Coulibaly, D'; Sidibe, K'; Ackah, A'; Abouya, L'; Digbeu, H'; DeCock, KM,"; Greenberg, AE"'; 'Projet RETRO; 'Centres Anti-TB, Cote d'Ivoire; 'CDC, USA 16:00 105C PROBABILITY OF MALE-TO-FEMALE HIV TRANSMISSION AMONG MARRIED COUPLES IN CHIANG MAI, THAILAND Duerr, A'; Xia, Z'; Nagachinta, T'; Tovanabutra, S'; Tansuhaj, A3; Nelson, K4; 'Centers for Disease Control, USA; 'CONRAD Program, USA; 'RIHES, Chiang Mai, Thailand; 'Johns Hopkins University, USA 16:15 106C PARTNER CHANGE AND THE RISK OF HIV-1 INFECTION IN TWO UGANDAN POPULATIONS Malamba, S; Kamali, A; Kengeya-Kayondo, JF; Okongo, M; Nunn, AJ; Mulder, DW MRC(UK)/ UVRI, Uganda 16:30 107C GENDER SPECIFIC HIV TRANSMISSION/PREVENTION IN DISCORDANT COUPLES IN RURAL UGANDA Serwadda, D'; Gray, RH'; Sewankambo, NK'; Wawer, MJ'; 'Makerere Univ, Uganda; 'Johns Hopkins, USA; 'Columbia Univ, NY, USA 16:45 108C INCIDENCE OF HIV INFECTION AMONG WOMEN IN DAR-ESSALAAM, TANZANIA Shao, JF'; Kapiga, SH'; Lwihula, G'; Hunter, DJ'; 'University of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania; 'Harvard School of Public Health, USA 33

Page  34 Monday 8 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 2 (Main Hall) TRACK A: Basic Science AS19: Antivirals I Chairs: Roelf Datema (Austria) Naoki Yamamoto (Japan) 17:30 109A GEM 91: THERAPEUTIC AGENT FOR AIDS BASED ON ANTI-SENSE OLIGONUCLEOTIDE APPROACH Agrawal, S; Tang, J-Y; Lisziewicz, J'; Gallo, RC'; Hybridon, Inc, USA; 'NCI, NIH, USA 17:45 110A STRUCTURES OF CYCLIC UREAS COMPLEXED WITH NATIVE AND V821 MUTANT HIV-1 PROTEASE Chang, C-H; DeLoskey, RL; Lam, P; Schadt, M; Duke, J; Weber, PC; et al: The DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Co, USA 18:00 111A SULFATED COLOMINIC ACID: AN ANTIVIRAL AGENT THAT INHIBITS THE INFECTIVITY OF HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS TYPE 1 IN VITRO Yang, D'; Ohta, Y'; Yamaguchi, S'; Tsukada, Y2; Haraguchi, Y'; Liu, H-Y'; Amagai, H'; Hoshino, H'; 'Gunma University; 2Marukin Shoyu Co Ltd, Japan 18:15 112A /-L-2', 3'-DIDEOXY-5-FLUOROCYTIDINE (L-FDDC) A NOVEL POTENT AND SELECTIVE INHIBITOR OF HIV AND HBV REPLICATION IN VITRO Sommadossi, J-P'; Faraj, A'; Schinazi, R2; Gosselin, G'; Imbach, J-L'; 'Univ of Alabama at Birmingham; 2Emory Univ, USA; 'Univ of Montpellier II, France 18:30 113A SDZ SID 791 (JM 3100): A MECHANISTICALLY UNIQUE ANTIHIV AGENT WITH POTENT ANTIVIRAL ACTIVITY IN VITRO AND IN VIVO Datema, R; Sandoz Research Institute, Austria 18:45 114A THE ANTI-HIV ACTIVITY OF RECOMBINANT MAP 30 FROM BITTER MELON Lee-Huang, S; Bourinbaiar, A; Chen, H-C'; Huang, P; Huang, PL; Kung, H-F'; NYU Medical School; 'NICHD, NIH; 'NCI-FCRDC, USA Room 3 (301 + 302) TRACK 0: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS20: Models for Prevention in Developing Countries Chairs: Tuti Merati (Indonesia) Kevin O'Reilly (WHO) 17:30 1150 RESULTS OF PARTICIPATORY ACTION RESEARCH IN EAST AFRICA ON AIDS AND THE COMMUNITY Tusubira, C; Zinga, K; Benn, C; CMC, Switzerland 17:45 1160 INTEGRATION OF THE DIMBA TRADITIONAL ORGANIZATION IN HIV/AIDS PREVENTION IN KOLDA, SENEGAL Niang, CI; University Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal 18:00 1170 REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS, SEXUAL RIGHTS, AND POWER IN BRAZILIAN NIGHT SCHOOL STUDENTS Paiva, V; Stempliuk, V; Antunes, M; Silveira, F; Blessa, C; Serrano, O; NEPAIDS/University of Sao Paulo, Brazil 18:15 1180 SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR OF INHABITANTS OF CEMETERIES IN CAIRO Hasan, MA; Arab International Center for Fighting against AIDS, Egypt 18:30 1190 THE MULTI-SECTORAL AIDS PREVENTION STRATEGY IN NE THAILAND Elkins, DB"2; Rujkorakam, D2; Kuyyakanond, T2; Maticka-Tyndale, E3; 'Qld Inst of Med Res, Australia; 'Khon Kaen Univ, Thailand; 'Univ of Windsor, Canada 18:45 1200 SUSTAINABILITY AND EXTENSION OF FIELD RESPONSES TO HIV/AIDS Rader, A; Campbell, ID; The Salvation Army International Headquarters, UK 34

Page  35 Monday 8 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 4 (303) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS21: HIV/AIDS in Developed Countries: North America and Europe Chairs: Hiko Tamashiro (WHO) Judith N. Wasserheit (USA) 17:30 121C THE IMPACT OF THE 1993 EXPANDED AIDS SURVEILLANCE DEFINITION ON DIAGNOSIS AND REPORTING OF AIDS IN THE USA Ward, JW; Green, T; CDC, USA 17:45 122C 1993 EUROPEAN AIDS CASE DEFINITION: IMPACT ON SURVEILLANCE Ancelle-Park, R; Alix, J; Dubois, D; Brunet, JB; National Correspondents for AIDS Surveillance; European Centre for the Epidemiological Monitoring of AIDS, France 18:00 123C HIV SEROPREVALENCE TRENDS IN THE UNITED STATES 1988-1992 Petersen, LR; Gwinn, M; Janssen, R; CDC, USA 18:15 124C THE CHANGING SPECTRUM OF AIDS INDEX DISEASES IN CANADA Schechter, MT'; Sutherland, D2; Hogg, RS'; Strathdee, SA'; Le, TN'; O'Shaughnessy, MV'; Montaner, JSG'; 'BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS; 'Bureau of HIV/AIDS Epidemiology, Canada 18:30 125C BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS AND HIV SEROCONVERSION AMONG INJECTING DRUG USERS IN ROME, IN THE EARLY 1990S Zaccarelli, M'; Gattari, P'; Rezza, G'; Spizzichino, L2; Portaleone, A'; Valenzi, C2; Visco, G'; Gigli, B'; 'Ospedale L Spallanzani; 2Ospedale Santo Spirito; 'Istituto Superiore di Sanitt Rome, Italy 18:45 126C NEW FEATURES OF HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIC IN RUSSIA Kozlov, AP; Volkova, GV; Verevochkin, SV; Emeljanov, AV; Malykh, AG; Reitz, M'; Farzadegan, H2; Research Institute of Pure Biochemicals, Russia; 'National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA; Johns Hopkins Univ, USA Room 5 (304) TRACK A: Basic Science AS22: Replication II Chairs: Kazuyoshi Ikuta (Japan) Sunyong Kim (Korea) 17:30 127A THE HOST CELL ANTIGENICITY DETERMINES THE CELL MEMBRANE PROTEINS ON HIV-1 PROGENY Capobianchi, MR; Fais, S; Abbate, I; Castilletti, C; Mercuri, F; Cordiali Fei, P'; Ameglio, F'; Ficociello, B; Dianzani, F; University "La Sapienza";'Institute S Gallicano, Italy 17:45 128A RNASE H DOMAIN OF HIV-2: CRYSTAL STRUCTURE AND RECONSTITUTION OF THE ACTIVITY Hostomska, Z; Matthews, DA; Knighton, DR; Hostomsky, Z; Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc, USA 18:00 129A THE ROLE OF ADHESION MOLECULES IN HIV INFECTION Gomez, MP; Hildreth, JEK; Johns Hopkins University, USA 18:15 130A INCORPORATION OF gpl60 IN SIVmac VIRUS-LIKE PARTICLES ASSEMBLED FROM GAG IN INSECT CELLS AND LARVAE Ahmad, S; Giavedoni, L; Gardner, M; Luciw, P; Yilma, T; University of California, Davis, USA 18:30 131A SYNTHETIC PEPTIDES FROM THE V3 LOOP MODULATE HIV-1 INFECTION Zanotto, C; De Rossi, A; Calderazzo, F; Cabrelle, A; Dettin, M; Di Bello, C; Chieco-Bianchi, L; University of Padova, Italy 18:45 132A TRANSDOMINANT AND ATTENUATED HIV-ls: IMPLICATIONS FOR GENE THERAPY Jeang, K-T; Smith, S; Huang, L-M; NIAID, NIH, USA 35

Page  36 Monday 8 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 6 (305) TRACK B/D: Clinical Science and Care/Impact, Societal Response and Education AS23: Care Providers: Education and Support Chairs: Dorothy Blake (WHO) Takeshi Nagao (Japan) 17:30 133B/D NATIONAL HIV TELEPHONE CONSULTATION SERVICE FOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS Goldschmidt, RH; Balano, KB; Legg, JJ; Moy, A; Rambo, M; Liljestrand, P; San Francisco General Hospital, USA 17:45 134B/D THE HIV PROJECT CENTRE PRIMARY CARE MENTOR PROGRAM: FINAL EVALUATION Berger, P'; Rachlis, A2; Peter, A2; Hettiarachchi, D2; Klein, A3; Tipping, J4; 'Wellesley Hosp; 2Sunnybrook Health Science Centre; 'Mount Sinai Hosp; 'University of Toronto, Canada 18:00 135B/D A MODEL OF STANDARDIZED RESOURCES FOR HEALTH CARE WORKERS Wood, BR; West, E; Nichols, C; EC Wood Found, USA 18:15 136B/D CARING SAFELY FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV OR AIDS: RESOURCES FOR SAFEGUARDING NONPROFESSIONAL CAREGIVERS Shotton, P; de Burger, R; Canadian Public Health Association, Canada 18:30 137B/D DEVELOPING SUPPORT STRUCTURES FOR HIV/AIDS PASTORAL CARE PROVIDERS Fuller, J; Vitillo, RJ; National Catholic AIDS Network, USA 18:45 138B/0D THE IMPACT OF HIV/AIDS CARE ON THE HOME LIVES OF HEALTH WORKERS: FINDINGS FROM THE MOMS STUDY Miller, D; Gillies P; University of Nottingham, UK Room 7 (501) TRACK A: Basic Science AS24: Virus Specific Humoral Immunity Chairs: Jose Esparza (WHO) Toshitada Takemori (Japan) 17:30 139A A MINIANTIBODY TO HIV NEUTRALIZES HIV STRAINS Levi, M; Hinkula, J; Ruden, U; Osterhaus, A; Wigzell, H; Wahren, B; Karolinska Institute, Sweden 17:45 140A BINDING, ADCC AND NEUTRALIZATION OF PRIMARY HIV-1 ISOLATES BY HIGH AFFINITY CROSS-LINKING OF GP41 TO HUMAN MACROPHAGE FC IGG RECEPTOR USING BISPECIFIC ANTIBODY Mabondzo, A; Deo, Y'; Graziano, R'; Raoul, H; Le Naour, R; Romet-Lemonne, JL'; Dormont, D; SSA/ DSV, CEA, France; 'Medarex, USA; 2IDM, France 18:00 141A CONFORMATION-DEPENDENT gp120 ANTIBODIES DETECTED IN NATURAL INFECTION RECOGNIZE EPITOPES WITH COMMON STRUCTURAL CONSTRAINTS Lee, T-H; Lee, CN; Syu, WJ'; Essex, M; Harvard School of Public Health, USA; 'National Yang-Ming Medical College, Taiwan 18:15 142A HIV-1 STRAIN SPECIFIC B-CELL RESPONSE TO V3 LOOP DISAPPEARS FROM EARLY TO LATE STAGES OF INFECTION Schreiber, M; Wachsmuth, C; Muller, H; Lunzen, JV; Schmitz, H; Bernhard Nocht Inst f Tropical Medicine, Germany 18:30 143A A NATURALLY OCCURRING SINGLE AMINO ACID SUBSTITUTION WITHIN THE V3 REGION OF HIV-1 ENV PROTEIN AFFECTS THE VIRAL CELLULAR HOST RANGE AND ANTIGENIC STRUCTURE Shioda, T; Oka, S; Ida, S; Nokihara, K'; Toriyoshi, H; Mori, S; Takebe, Y2; Kimura, S; Shimada, K; Nagai, Y; Inst of Medical Science, Univ of Tokyo; 'Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology; 'Natl Inst Health, Japan 18:45 144A MOLECULAR MIMICRY BETWEEN V3 LOOP OF HIV-1 gpl20 AND ENDOGENOUS HUMAN PROTEINS Trujillo, JR; McLane, MF; Lee, T-H; Essex, M; Harvard School of Public Health, USA 36

Page  37 Monday 8 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 8 (502) Room 9 (503) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS25: Detection of HIV Infection Chairs: Elizabeth M. Dax (Australia) Hidehiko Saito (Japan) 17:30 145 QUANTITATION OF PLASMA HIV-1 RNA BY BRANCHED DNA(bDNA) SIGNAL AMPLIFICATION Wilber, J; Urdea, M; Detmer, J; Kolberg J; Zanki, S; Todd, J; Chiron Corporation, USA 17:45 146 PRECISION AND POWER OF DISCRIMINATION OF A NOVEL QUANTITATIVE HIV RNA PCR ASSAY Kwok, S; Christopherson, C; McKinney, N; Mulder, J; Meyers, L'; Sninsky, J; Roche Molecular Systems; 'Research Triangle Institute, RTP, USA TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS26: HIV/AIDS among Women Chairs: Yutaka Miyazawa (Japan) Ofelia T. Monzon (Philippines) B 17:30 151C BETWEEN GENDER COMPARATIVE DYNAMICS OF BIOLOGICAL MARKERS OF HIV DISEASE PROGRESSION De Vincenzi, I'; Jadand, C2; Deveau, C2; Bucquet, D'; 'European Centre for the Epidemiological Monitoring of AIDS; 'SEROCO, INSERM U292, France B 18:00 1478 ULTRASENSITIVE DETECTION OF HIV AND OTHER RETROVIRUSES IN PLASMA BY A NOVEL TEST FOR REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE(RT) Schipbach, J; Pyra, H; BOni, J; Swiss National Center for Retroviruses; Swiss Federal Office of Public Health; University of Zurich, Switzerland 18:15 148B A NEW SUPPLEMENTAL ASSAY FOR THE CHARACTERIZATION AND SIMULTANEOUS DETECTION OF HIV ANTIBODY AND ANTIGEN Delagneau, J-F; Basse, J-M; Morat, L; Prigent, V; Sanjuan, A; SANOFI Diagnostics PASTEUR, France 18:30 149B DIAGNOSIS OF HIV-1 INFECTION WITH WHOLE SALIVA Ishikawa, E; Ishikawa, S; Hashida, S; Hashinaka, K; Saitoh, A'; Shinagawa, H'; Takamizawa, A'; Oka, S'; Shimada, K'; Miyazaki Med College; 'Res Inst Microbial Dis, Osaka Univ; 'Res Found Microbial Dis, Osaka Univ; 'Inst Med Sci, Uni Tokyo, Japan 18:45 150B STUDY ON THE CLINICAL USEFULNESS OF URINE HIV EIA KIT Yoshihara, N'; Yamazaki, S'; Shimada, K'; Clinical Study Group; 'NIH; 'University of Tokyo, Japan 17:45 152C MATERNAL OUTCOME IN HIV-1 INFECTED UGANDAN WOMEN Mmiro, FA; Marum, L'; Nakabito, C; Bagenda, D; Owor, M; Mirembe, F; Meirik, 0'; Makerere University, Uganda; 'Case Western Reserve University, USA; 'WHO/HRP, Switzerland 18:00 153C PREDICTORS OF HIV INFECTION IN REPRODUCTIVE-AGE WOMEN IN AN AIDS EPICENTER Araba-Owoyele, LA; Truax, SR; Hughes, MJ; Makris, K; California Department of Health Services, Office of AIDS, USA 18:15 154C BARRIERS TO DRUG AND SEXUAL RISK REDUCTION AMONG WOMEN Nyamathi, AM; UCLA School of Nursing, USA 18:30 155C A PROSPECTIVE GYNECOLOGIC STUDY OF HIV-INFECTED WOMEN Hocke, C"2; Boulogne, N'; Morlat, P'; Rivel, J2; Dupon, M'; Brun, JL'; Dabis, F'; 'GECSA, University Bordeaux II, France; 2Bordeaux University Hospital, France 18:45 156C THE HIV EPIDEMIOLOGY RESEARCH STUDY (HERS) OF US WOMEN Mayer, KH; THE HERS Investigators' Executive Committee; Memorial Hospital, USA 37

Page  38 Monday 8 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 10 (Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS27: Vaccines and Immunotherapy NOTE Chairs: Nobuko Ikegami (Japan) Shuzo Matsushita (Japan) 17:30 1578 INCREASE OF THE CD4 COUNT AND STABILIZATION OF THE VIRAL LOAD IN 44 HIV+ ASYMPTOMATIC PATIENTS TREATED BY PREDNISOLONE FOR ONE YEAR Andrieu, J-M; Lu, W; Levy, R; Salerno-Goncalvez, R; Yuan, J; Eme, D; Sala, M; Lowenstein, W;Tourani, JM; Stern, M; Hopital Laennec, France 17:45 158B RHESUS MONKEYS IMMUNIZED WITH SOLUBLE RHESUS CD4 DEVELOP ANTI-CD4 ANTIBODY WITH ANTI SIVmac ACTIVITY Watanabe, M; Hibi, T; Letvin, N'; Keio University, Japan; 'Harvard Medical School, USA 18:00 1598 PHASE 1/11I TRIAL OF INTERLEUKIN-4 IN KS(ACTG 224) Miles, SA; Mitsuyasu, R; LaFleur, F'; Ryback, M'; Kasden, P2; Suckow, C'; Groopman, J4; Scadden, D4; UCLA CARE Center; 4NE, Deaconess; 2ACTG Program; 'SDAC; 'Schering Plough, USA 18:15 160B A PLACEBO CONTROLLED STUDY OF A THERAPEUTIC VACCINE, rgp 160 (VAXSYN~), FOR EARLY HIV INFECTION Tsoukas, CM; Fong, W; Gill, J; Montaner, J; Rachlis, A; Schlech, W; Cassol, S; Wainberg, M; Freedman, J; Lafreniere, R; Smith, G'; Volvovitz, F'; Canadian HIV Trials Network, Canada; 'MicroGeneSys, USA 18:30 161B EUROPEAN rgpl60 VACCINE TRIAL IN HIV-POSITIVE VOLUNTEERS Goebel, F-D; Eibl, M; Mannhalter, JW; Belshe, R; Grob, PJ; Erfle, V; Griffith, PD; The European Multinational Immuno AIDS Vaccine Study Group, Germany 18:45 162B A PHASE I GENE TRANSFER CLINICAL TRIAL OF AN HIV-1 IMMUNOTHERAPEUTIC BASED ON AUTOLOGOUS FIBROBLASTS TRANSDUCED WITH A RETROVIRAL VECTOR ENCODING HIV-1 ENV Jolly, DJ; Mento, S; Merchant, B; Peters, G; Ziegner, U; Sajjadi, N; Klump, W; Barber, J; Bohart, C; Hartnett, D; Prussak C; Galpin, J '; Warner, J; Viagene, Inc; 'Shared Medical Research Foundation, USA 38

Page  39 Monday 8 August / 19:15-20:45 EVENING SPECIAL SESSION RECENT REPORT SESSION Room 2(Main Hall) Room 7(501) ES-1 The Aldyn McKean Symposium on Long-Term Survivors Moderators: Andrew Velez ACT UP New York (USA) Wital N. Patrick Hennessey New York University Medical Center (USA) RR-1 Track A(Basic Science) and Track B(Clinical Science and Care) Related Issues Chair: Takashi Kitamura (Japan) Speakers: Ronald B. Moss Immune Response Corporation (USA) ~ <Other speakers to be announced. mrmm rrrrrrrrrMrrrrrrrrrrrrrririrrrmunrrririrrnwirinmrnnrrmirrrrrrrrrrrr rr r i i...rrrr 39

Page  40 9 AUGUST I GHI P I III88 I0I8 I Plenary Sessions 08:30-10:30 PS9 A Turning Point in AIDS Research: The Search for New Frontiers Room 1 PS10 Long-Term Non-Progressor PS11 Materno-Fetal HIV Transmission PS12 Human Rights Violations as a Barrier to Effective Policies in Prevention and Care PS13 Recent HIV/AIDS Developments Among Men Who Have Sex With Men PS14 Papillomavirus Infection and Immunosuppression PS15 HIV Destroys the Nucleolus; Future Prospect of Molecular and Cellular Biology PS16 New Molecular Technology in HIV Research Room 1 Room 1 Room 1 Room 2 Room 2 Room 2 Room 2 Poster Sessions Part 1 Abstract Sessions 11:00-12:30 Posters (Part 1) will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall from 10:00 Monday 8 August through 17:00 Tuesday 9 August. AS-28 AS-29 AS-30 AS-31 AS-32 AS-33 AS-34 AS-35 AS-36 Virus Specific Cellular Immunity Room 2 Gay and Bisexual Men-Behavioral Issues Room 3 STD (2) Room 4 Modeling, Scenario-Analysis of HIV Projection Room 5 Minority Groups and Indigenous People Room 6 Animal Models I: Primates Room 7 Organ Manifestations: Oral and Gastrointestinal Manifestation Room 8 Human Rights Issues Room 9 Molecular Epidemiology of HIV Room 10 Round-table Sessions 13:30-15:00 RT-9 RT-10 RT-11 RT-12 RT-13 RT-14 RT-15 RT-16 Molecular and Cellular Pathogenesis of HIV Room 1 Health Care Strategy for PWAs Room 2 Animal Model Room 3 Making Surveillance and Forecasting Useful Room 4 STD Case Management Room 7 Science and Ethical Issues of Preparing for HIV Vaccine Trials Room 8 Reliability and Accessibility of Testing Room 9 Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Room 10 Special Recent Report Session 13:30-15:00 SR-2 Mother to Child Infection Room 5 40

Page  41 Tuesday Program 10th Anniversary Special Session 2 15:30-17:00 Abstract Sessions 15:30-17:00 TS-2 Current Concepts of Care and Prevention Room 1 Chair: Jonathan Mann, Harvard School of Public Health, USA Speakers: Jonathan Mann, Harvard School of Public Health, USA Juan Jacobo Hernandez, Colectivo Sol, Mexico Junsuda Suwunjundee, Wednesday Friends' Club Program on AIDS, Thailand AS-37 Epidemiology of Perinatal Infection Room 2 AS-38 Pathogenesis in vivo Room 3 AS-39 Organ Manifestations: Nervous System Room 4 AS-40 Evaluation of Prevention Programs Room 5 AS-41 Animal Models II: Non-Primates Room 7 AS-42 Vaccine: Vaccine Design Room 8 AS-43 Prognostic Markers Room 9 AS-44 Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Room 10 SS-1 Innovative Models of Care for People Living with Room 6 HIV and AIDS AS-45 Pediatric Room 2 AS-46 Care Providers: Occupational Exposure and Room 3 Stress Management AS-47 Empowerment and Community Support for People Room 4 Living with AIDS AS-48 Organ Manifestations: Other Organ Systems Room 5 AS-49 Methodology of Surveillance for HIV/STDs Room 6 AS-50 Preventive Education Room 7 AS-51 Homosexual and Bisexual Men: Risk Factors for Room 8 Infection and Disease AS-52 HIV Receptors Room 9 AS-53 Vaccine: Clinical Studies Room 10 Special Session 15:30-17:00 Abstract Sessions 17:80-19:00 Evening Special Session Recent Report Session 198:15-20:45 ES-2 RR-2 Gender, Policy and HIV/AIDS: Action for Empowerment Room 2 Track C (Epidemiology and Prevention) and Track D (Impact, Room 7 Societal Response, and Education) related issues 41

Page  42 Tuesday 9 August / 08:30-10:30 PLENARY SESSIONS Room 1 (National Convention Hall) Room 2 (Main Hall) 08:30 PS9 08:30 PS13 Chairs: Fumimaro Takaku (Japan) Karl-Otto Habermehl (Germany) A TURNING POINT IN AIDS RESEARCH: THE SEARCH FOR NEW FRONTIERS William E. Paul, National Institutes of Health (USA) 09:00 P Chairs: Mikio Minamitani (Japan) David A. Cooper (Australia) LONG-TERM NON-PROGRESSOR David D. Ho, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (USA) Chairs: Seiichi Matsumoto (Japan) Jack Jagjit Singh (Malaysia) RECENT HIV/AIDS DEVELOPMENTS AMONG MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN Michael L. Tan, Health Action Information Network (Philippines) SIO 09:00 Chairs: Shudo Yamazaki (Japan) Allan Ronald (Canada) PS14 PAPILLOMAVIRUS INFECTION AND IMMUNOSUPPRESSION Lutz Gissmann, Loyola University Medical Center (USA) 09:30 Chairs: Kaneo Yamada (Japan) Hakima Himmich (Morocco) MATERNO-FETAL HIV TRANSMISSION Stephane Blanche, H6pital Necker (France) PS11 09:30 PS15 Chairs: Takashi Kitamura (Japan) Jay A.Levy (USA) HIV DESTROYS THE NUCLEOLUS; FUTURE PROSPECT OF MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY Masakazu Hatanaka, Kyoto University (Japan) 10:00 PS12 10:00 PS16 Chairs: Don de Gagne (Canada) Toshihiro Oishi (Japan) HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AS A BARRIER TO EFFECTIVE POLICIES IN PREVENTION AND CARE Marco A. Osorio-Ramirez, Global Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS/Voz Humana A.C. (Mexico) Chairs: Kiyoshi Takatsuki (Japan) Robert Gallo (USA) NEW MOLECULAR TECHNOLOGY IN HIV RESEARCH Ashley T. Haase, University of Minnesota Medical School (USA) 42

Page  43 Tuesday 9 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 2 (Main Hall) TRACK A: Basic Science AS28: Virus Specific Cellular Immunity Chairs: Christian Jassoy (Germany) Hidemi Takahashi (Japan) 11:00 163A PERSISTENTLY SERONEGATIVE MEN FROM WHOM HIV-1 HAS BEEN ISOLATED ARE GENETICALLY & IMMUNOLOGICALLY DISTINCT Detels, R; Mann, D; Wu, Z; Visscher, BR; Giorgi, JV; UCLA Sch of Public Health, Dept of Epidemiology (Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study), USA 11:15 164A HIV-SPECIFIC CTL RESPONSES AND IMMUNODOMINANT REACTIVITIES IN THE FRENCH IMMUNOCO COHORT Autran, B; Gomard, E'; Riviere, Y'; Bouley, JM; Aboulker, JP2; Katlama, C; et al; CH Pitie-Salpetriere; 'Inst Pasteur; 'CH P Brousse, France 11:30 165A CYTOTOXIC T-LYMPHOCYTES IN HIV-1, HIV-2 AND DUALLY SEROPOSITIVE INDIVIDUALS Ariyoshi, K'; Cham, F'; Rowland-Jones, S2; Gotch, F'; McMichael, AJ2; Whittle, H'; 'MRC Lab, The Gambia; 2IMM, UK 11:45 166A SUPPRESSION OF HIV REPLICATION BY NORMAL CD8+ CELLS R sok, B; Asj$, B; National Virus Center, Univ of Bergen, Norway 12:00 167A HIV-1 SPECIFIC CYTOTOXIC T-LYMPHCYTE(CTL) ACTIVITIES IN JAPANESE HEMOPHILIACS SEROPOSITIVE FOR HIV-1 Sugiura, W'; Okamoto, Y'; Kitamura, K'; Nakasone, T'; Yoshizaki, H'; Watanabe, K'; Sasaki, Y'; Fukushima, Y"; Takamatsu, J; Meguro, T4; Yamada, K'; Moritsugu, Y'; Yamazaki, S'; Honda, M'; 'Aids Res Cent, NIH, USA; 2Dept Bact and Blood Prod, NIH, USA; 'Nagoya Univ Hosp, Japan; 4Seibu Hosp, St Marianna Univ, Japan; 'Inst Med Sci, St Marianna Univ, Japan Room 3 (301 + 302) TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS29: Gay and Bisexual Men - Behavioral Issues Chairs: Peter Aggleton (WHO) Teishiro Minami (Japan) 11:00 1690 SEX IN SILENCE: THE NATIONAL SURVEY OF YOUNG GAY MALES Goggin, M'; Sotiropoulos, J2; 'LaTrobe University, 'Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men's Health Centre, Australia 11:15 1700 NEW REPRESENTATIONS OF MALE BISEXUALITY IN LATIN AMERICA AND THE PREVENTION OF AIDS Caceres, CF; IEPO, Cayetano Heredia University, Peru 11:30 1710 THE AIDS PREVENTION FOR MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN IN RIO DE JANEIRO AND SAO PAULO Terto, V; Parker, R; Quemmel, R; Sant'Anna, P; Pimenta, C; ABIA & Pela Vidda Groups, RI/SP, FHI, Brazil 11:45 1720 PAMPHLETS TARGETTING HOMOSEXUAL MEN IN FRANCE: ACCEPTANCE AND IMPACT ON RISK BEHAVIORS Pelk, G; Anguenot, M; Charfe, Y; Charvet, D; Matet, P; de Savigny, J; Varet, F; Ministere delegue de la Sante(AFLS), France 12:00 1730 HIGH RISK SEXUAL BEHAVIOR AMONG GAY MEN IN RUSSIA Issaev, DD; Bekhterev Institute, Russia 12:15 1740 THINKING IN SEX: A NEW AIDS EDUCATION STRATEGY FOR GAY MEN? Rosenthal, D'; Gold, R'; 'La Trobe University, Australia; 'Deakin University, Australia 12:15 CD8+ T CELL-MEDIATED SUPPRESSION OF HIV-1 REPLICATION IN THE PBMC OF ASYMPTOMATIC HIV-1 CARRIERS Kannagi M; Nakamura, T; Kurata T; Harada, S; Kumamoto University, Japan 168A 43

Page  44 Tuesday 9 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 4 (303) Room 5 (304) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS30: STD (2) Chairs: Sadao Kamidono (Japan) Elly T. Katabira (Uganda) 11:00 175B SENSITIVITIES OF COMMERCIAL-AVAILABLE TEST KITS FOR DETECTION OF CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS Matsumoto, A; Miyashita, N; Kawasaki Med Sch, Japan 11:15 176B BOMBAY: HYPERENDEMIC FOR PPNG Shroff, HJ; Tilwe, S; Kulkarni, M; Rewankar, D; Grant Medical College, India 11:30 177B DECLINING IMPORTANCE OF B-LACTAMASE AS A CAUSE OF PENICILLIN RESISTANCE IN NEISSERIA GONORRHOEAE ISOLATED IN HONG KONG Kam, KM; Ho, KY; Cheung, MM; Chan, CB; Inst of Pathology, Hong Kong 11:45 178B OUTBREAK OF FLUOROQUINOLONE-RESISTANT NEISSERIA gonorrhoeae STRAINS IN JAPAN Tanaka, M; Matsumoto, T; Kumazawa, J; Kyushu Univ, Japan 12:00 179B CLINICAL ETIOLOGIC DIAGNOSIS OF GENITAL DISCHARGE IN MALES Ndinya-Achola, J'; Kihara, AN'; Fisher, LD2; Krone, MR'; Plummer, FA'; Holmes, KK'; 'Univ Nairobi, Kenya; 2Washington, USA; 'Manitoba, Canada 12:15 180B SYNDROMIC STD CASE MANAGEMENT IN INDIA Lal, S'; van Dam, CJ2; Bhargava, NC'; Verma, BS': 'National AIDS Control Organization, 2WHO Global Programme on AIDS/INDIA; 'Baroda, India AS31: Modeling, Scenario - Analysis of HIV Projection Chairs: Karen A. Stanecki (USA) Shigesato Takahashi (Japan) 11:00 ESTIMATION AND PROJECTION OF HIV/AIDS IN ASIA Chin, J; Univ of California, Berkeley, USA 181C 11:15 182C ESTIMATES OF HIV INFECTION LEVELS IN THE THAI POPULATION Brown, T'; Sittitrai, W2; East-West Center, USA; 'Program on AIDS, Thai Red Cross Society, Thailand 11:30 AGE-MATCHING IN SEXUAL PARTNERSHIPS AND THE SPREAD OF HIV/AIDS IN THAILAND Morris, M; Podhisita, C; Wawer, M; Mahidol University, Thailand 183C 11:45 184C MODELING THE IMPACT OF HIV DISEASE ON PATTERNS OF MORTALITY IN GAY AND BISEXUAL MEN Hogg, RS; Strathdee, SA; Craib, KJP; O'Shaughnessy, MV; Schechter, MT; Montaner, JSG; British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada 12:00 185C ESTIMATION OF AVERAGE LIFE TIME FOR JAPANESE HIV-1 INFECTED HEMOPHILIA PATIENTS Tatsunami, S; Mimaya, J'; Meguro, T; Fukuda, N2; Yago, N; Yamada, K; St Marianna Univ School of Medicine, Japan; 'Children's Hospital of Shizuoka Pref, Japan; 'National Inst of Radiological Sciences, Japan 12:15 186C ON THE EFFECTS OF AGE AND THE SUSCEPTIBLE POPULATION ON AN AGE, PERIOD AND COHORT BACKCALCULATION METHOD Verdecchia, A; Mariotto, A; Istituto Superiore di SanitY, Italy 44

Page  45 Tuesday 9 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 6 (305) Room 7 (501) TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS32: Minority Groups and Indigenous People Chairs: Suki Terada Ports (USA) Ron Rowell (USA) 11:00 1870D AIDS AWARENESS AMONG DAI MINORITY VILLAGERS IN RUILI, YUNNAN Liao, S-S; Sun, G; Wang, R'; Zhang, K; Zhang, J; Pan, S'; Peking Union Med College; 'Chinese Acad of Preventive Medical Science; 'Inst of Sociology, Yunnan; 'Provincial Anti-epidemic Sta, China 11:15 1880D THE MUNICIPAL PROGRAM FOR HIV-RELATED HARM REDUCTION AMONG IMMIGRANTS FROM DEVELOPING COUNTRIES IN ROME Spizzichino, Li; Gattari, P'; Zaccarelli, M'; Valenzi, C'; Casella, P'; Rezza, G'; Visco, G'; 'Ospedale Santo Spirito; 'Ospedale L Spallanzani; 'Istituto Superiore Di Sanita, Italy 11:30 1890 TRADITIONAL HEALING AND HOLISTIC CASE MANAGEMENT FOR AMERICAN INDIANS Duran, BES; Bellymule, G; Geren, T; National Native American AIDS Prevention Center, Ahalaya Project, USA 11:45 1900D GENDER DIFFERENCES IN THE USE AND INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL AND DRUGS UPON SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR IN AN ABORIGINAL POPULATION Myers, T; Calzavara, L; Bullock, S; Cockerill, R; Marshall, V; University of Toronto, Canada 12:00 1910D ETHNOCULTURAL COMMUNITIES FACING AIDS: CHINESE & SOUTH ASIAN IMMIGRANTS' RISK BEHAVIOURS IN VANCOUVER Manson Singer, S; Willms, DG; Adrien, A; Godin, G; Cappon, P; Maticka-Tyndale, E; University of British Columbia; McMaster University; McGill University; Laval University; Laurentian University; University of Windsor, Canada 12:15 1920 SEASONAL MIGRATION AND ITS RELATION TO HIV TRANSMISSION IN WESTERN NEPAL Suvedi, BK; Gurubacharya, VL; Thapa, K; National AIDS Centrol Project, Nepal TRACK A: Basic Science AS33: Animal Models I: Primates Chairs: Yoichiro Iwakura (Japan) Helga Riibsamen-Waigmann (Germany) 11:00 193A PATHOGENICITY AND INFECTIVITY OF HIV-2 IN MACAQUES McClure, J'; Scheibel, M'; Anderson, D2; Steele, J2; Misher, L'; Morton, W'; Hu, S-L'; 'Bristol-Myers Squibb; 'University of Washington RPRC, USA 11:15 194A RECTAL AND VAGINAL EXPOSURE OF MACAQUES TO MONKEY CELL GROWN SIV Le Grand, R'; Nadal, M'; Cheret, A'; Vaslin, B'; Roques, P'; Gras, G'; Theodoro, F'; Aubertin, AM2; Dormont, D'; 'CEA, DSV/DPTE/SSA, France; 'Universite Louis Pasteur, France 11:30 195A INFECTION OF RHESUS MACAQUES WITH T-CELL-LINE TROPIC AND MACROPHAGE-TROPIC SHIVs Cheng-Mayer, C'; Levy, JA'; Luciw, PA'; 'Univ of Calif, San Francisco; 'Univ of Calif, Davis, USA 11:45 196A HIV-1 ENV VARIATION IN MACAQUE MONKEYS INFECTED WITH AN SIVMAC CHIMERIC VIRUS HAVING HIV-1 ENV Igarashi, T; Kuwata, T; Takehisa, J; Miura, T; Komatsu, T'; Okada, M; Mukai, R'; Adachi, A; Hayami, M; Inst for Virus Research, Kyoto University; 'National Institute of Health, Japan 12:00 197A INFECTION OF MACACA NEMESTRINA LEONINA BY HIV-1 Agy, MB'; Florey, M'; Schmidt, A'; Lapin B2; Katze, M'; Morton, W'; 'University of Washington, USA; 'Institute of Medical Primatology, Russia 12:15 198A DEVELOPMENT OF HIV-1/CHIMPANZEE DISEASE MODEL FOR VACCINE STUDY Shibata, R; Broscius, C; Rizvi, T2; Israel, Z'; Satterfield, WC'; Hoggan, MD; Rimsky-Clarke, L'; Matthews, T'; Nigida, SM; Arthur, LO; Lane, HC; Schultz, A; Martin, MA; NIAID/NIH; 2Anderson Cancer Center; 'Coulston foundation; 'Duke Univ, USA 45

Page  46 Tuesday 9 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 8 (502) Room 9 (503) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS34: Organ Manifestations: Oral and Gastrointestinal Manifestation Chairs: John S. Greenspan (USA) Hiroko Sagara (Japan) 11:00 199B LATENT MEMBRANE PROTEIN SEQUENCE VARIATION IN EBV STRAINS FROM HAIRY LEUKOPLAKIA Palefsky, JM; Berline, J; Lennette, E'; Penaranda, ME; Greenspan, D; Greenspan, JS; University of California, San Francisco; 'Virolab Inc, USA 11:15 200B ASSOCIATION BETWEEN ORAL ULCERS AND ZALCITABINE Greenspan, D; Hilton, JF'; Canchola, AJ; MacPhail, LA; Oral AIDS Center; 'Universtiy of California, San Francisco, USA 11:30 2018 RISK FACTORS FOR HIV-RELATED OROFACIAL MANIFESTATIONS IN CHILDREN Ramos-Gomez, FJ'; Hilton, JF; Canchola, AJ; Greenspan, D; Greenspan, JS; Maldonado, YA; 'Stanford University, USA; 'University of California, San Francisco, USA 11:45 2028 ORAL MANIFESTATIONS OF HIV INFECTION IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Arthur Nouel, A; STDC, Dominican Republic 12:00 203B ENTERIC PATHOGENS AND DIARRHEA IN HIV INFECTION Weber, R; Sauer, B; Meister, T; Ammann, R; Briner, J; Altwegg, M; Pfyffer, G; Kaiser, L'; Chave, JP'; Liithy, R; University Hospital of Zurich; ' University Hospital of Geneva; 'University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland 12:15 204B ENTEROPATHOGENS IN GASTROINTESTINAL DYSFUNCTION IN PEDIATRIC HIV Ramos, AG; Saavedra, J; Wu, T; Bobo, L; Viscidi, R; Livingston, R; Hutton, N; Perman, J; Yolken, R; Johns Hopkins Univ, USA TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS35: Human Rights Issues Chairs: Eric L. Sawyer (USA) Isomi Suzuki (Japan) 11:00 2050 FROM CONCEPTS TO ACTION: THE AIDS; HEALTH AND HUMAN RIGHTS PROJECT Petitgirard, A; Mann, JM'; Tomasevski, K2; Gilmore, N3; IFRC, Switzerland; 'GAPC; 2DCHR; 'McGill Univ 11:15 2060 HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AND AIDS:TWO PARALLEL PUBLIC HEALTH EPIDEMICS Panebianco, S; del Rio, C; Baez-Villasefior, J; Uribe, P; Morales, G; CONASIDA(National AIDS Council), Mexico 11:30 2070 MANDATORY HIV-ANTIBODY TESTING OF NEWBORNS & PREGNANT WOMEN: A PUBLIC POLICY & LEGAL ANALYSIS Cooper, E; Del Deo, Dolan, Griffinger and Vecchione, USA 11:45 2080 VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS OF HOMOSEXUALS IN JAPAN Nakagawa, S'; Morino, Y2; Kazama, T'; 'Musashino Lawyers Office; 'Ikebukuro Lawyers Office; 'Assoc for the Lesbian & Gay Movement (OCCUR), Japan 12:00 LEGAL EDUCATION - MEANS TO EMPOWER WOMEN Kalyango SN; CONCERN, Uganda 209D 12:15 2100 PROHIBITING AIDS DISCRIMINATION BY FUNERAL HOMES Wojcik, ME; The John Marshall Law School, USA 46

Page  47 Tuesday 9 August /11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 10 (Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS36: Molecular Epidemiology of HIV NOTE Chairs: Jose Esparza (WHO) Yutaka Takebe (Japan) 11:00 211C MOLECULAR EPIDEMIOLOGY OF HIV-1 INFECTIONS IN ASIA Takebe, Y; Sato, H; Oka, S'; Miyakuni, T2; Imai, M'; Pau, C-P4; Ou, C-Y4; Weniger, BG4; Kimura, S'; Shimada, K'; Yamazaki, S; AIDS Research Center, NIH; 'Univ of Tokyo; 'Naha Hospital; 'Kanagawa Inst of Public Health, Japan; 'CDC, USA 11:15 212C HIV-EPIDEMIC IN ASIA: GENETIC ANALYSIS OF HIV-1/HIV-2 MIXED INFECTIONS IN INDIA REVEALS A RECENT SPREAD OF HIV-1 AND HIV-2 FROM A SINGLE ANCESTOR FOR EACH OF THESE VIRUSES Riibsamen-Waigmann, H; Dietrich, U; von Briesen, H; Mahambre, G; Maniar, JK; Delwart, EL; Mullins, JI; Grez, M; BAYER AG, Georg-Speyer-Haus, Germany 11:30 213C IDENTIFICATION OF THE NEW HIV-1 H SUBTYPE IN RUSSIA Bobkov, A; Cheingsong-Popov, R; Garaev, M; Rzhaninova, A; Mullins, J; McCutchan, F; Weber, J; et al; The DI Ivanovsky Institute of Virology, Russia 11:45 214C CHARACTERIZATION OF HIV-1 FROM ROMANIA Holm-Hansen, C; Grothues, D'; R$sok, B; Rustad, S; Pascu, R'; Asj6, B; University of Bergen, Norway; 'EMBL, Germany; 'University of Tirgu Mures, Romania 12:00 215C HIV-1 SUBTYPES IN CAMEROON Nkengasong, JN; Janssens, W; Heyndrickx, L; Ndumbe, P'; Fransen, K; Leonaers, A; Motte, J; Ngolle, M2; Ayuk, J2; Piot, P; van der Groen, G; Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium; 'Faculty of Medicine; 'Military Hospital, Cameroon 12:15 216C HIV INFECTION AND HIV-1 SUBTYPES AMONG HETEROSEXUAL COUPLES IN THAILAND Kunanusont, C"'; Foy, HM'; Kreiss, JK'; Rerks-Ngarm, 5'; Phanuphak, P3; Raktham, S4; Pau, C5; Young, NL'; Kunasol, P'; 'Ministry of Public Health, Thailand; 'University of Washington, USA; 'Chulalongkorn University, Thailand; 'Bangkok Metropolitan Authority, Thailand; 'Centers for Disease Control, USA; 6HIV/ AIDS Collaboration, Thailand 47

Page  48 Tuesday 9 August / 18:30-15:00 ROUND-TABLE SESSIONS m m RT-9 Room 1 (National Convention Hall) RT-11 Room 3 (301 + 302) MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR PATHOGENESIS OF HIV Moderators: Cecilia Cheng-Mayer Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (USA) Takashi Okamoto Nagoya City University Medical School (Japan) Speakers: Eva M. Fenyo Karolinska Institute (Sweden) B. Matija Peterlin University of California, San Francisco (USA) Mario Stevenson University of Nebraska Medical Center (USA) RT-10O Room 2 (Main Hall) HEALTH CARE STRATEGY FOR PWAs Moderators: Toshihiro Oishi OCCUR (Japan) Freddie Teo Tiong Hien Asia-Pacific Network of People Living with AIDS (Singapore) Speakers: Juan Carlos De la Concepcion Medicine Health Education (Cuba) Sunil Carlton D'Souza Sahara House (India) Auxillia Chimusoro (Zimbabwe) ANIMAL MODEL Moderators: Karl-Otto Habermehl Free University of Berlin (Germany) Masanori Hayami Kyoto University (Japan) Speakers: Patricia Fultz The University of Alabama at Birmingham (USA) Hideto Kaneshima SyStemix, Inc. (USA) Reinhard Kurth Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (Germany) RT-12 Room 4 (303) MAKING SURVEILLANCE AND FORECASTING USEFUL Moderators: Jean B. Brunet European Centre for the Epidemiological Monitoring of AIDS (France) James Curran Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA) Speakers: James Chin University of California, Berkeley (USA) Thierry Merten WHO, Global Programme on AIDS (Switzerland) Kumnuan Ungchusak Ministry of Public Health (Thailand) 48

Page  49 Tuesday 9 August / 18:30-15:00 ROUND-TABLE SESSIONS RT-13 Room 7 (501) STD CASE MANAGEMENT Moderators: Jorma Paavonen University of Helsinki (Finland) Allan Ronald University of Manitoba (Canada) Speakers: Subhash Hira MGM Medical College (India) Hiroyuki Kojima Japanese Red Cross Medical Center (Japan) Ibra Ndoye National AIDS Committee, IHS Dakar (Senegal) RT-15 Room 9 (503) RELIABILITY AND ACCESSIBILITY OF TESTING Moderators: Gerald Schochetman Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA) Hiko Tamashiro WHO, Global Programme on AIDS (Switzerland) Speakers: Gunnel Biberfeld Karolinska Institute (Sweden) Souleymane Mboup Universite de Dakar (Senegal) Ofelia Monzon Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (Philippines) RT-16 Room 10 (Ballroom Intercontinental) REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH AND HIV/AIDS Moderators: Joyce Hunter New York State Psychiatric Institute (USA) Jeanette Slootbeek Women and AIDS Network (the Netherlands) Speakers: Mabel Bianco Fundacion para Estudio e Investigacion de la Mujer (Argentina) Purnima Mane WHO, Global Programme on AIDS (India) Pearl Nwashili STOPAIDS Organization (Nigeria) RT-14 Room 8 (502) SCIENCE AND ETHICAL ISSUES OF PREPARING FOR HIV VACCINE TRIALS Moderators: Jose Esparza WHO, Global Programme on AIDS (Switzerland) Rodney Hoff National Institutes of Health (USA) Speakers: Natth Bhamarapravati Mahidol University at Salaya (Thailand) Derek Hodel Gay Men's Health Crisis, Inc. (USA) Edward Mbidde Mulago Hospital (Uganda) 49

Page  50 Tuesday 9 August 13:30-15:00 15:30-17:00 SPECIAL RECENT REPORT SESSION TENTH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL SESSION Room 5(304) Room 1(National Convention Hall) SR-2 TS-2 Mother to Child Infection Current Concepts of Care and Prevention Moderators: Kaneo Yamada St. Marianna University Hospital (Japan) Joep Lange WHO Global Programme on AIDS (Switzerland) Speakers: James F. Balsley National Institutes of Health (USA) Chair: Jonathan Mann Harvard University of Public Health (USA) Speakers: Jonathan Mann Harvard University of Public Health (USA) Juan Jacobo Hernandez Colectivo Sol (Mexico) Junsuda Suwunjundee Wednesday Friends' Club, Program on AIDS (Thailand) 50

Page  51 Tuesday 9 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 2 (Main Hall) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS37: Epidemiology of Perinatal Infection Chairs: Takashi Kawana (Japan) Dirk Mentzer (Germany) 15:30 217C PREGNANCIES, CONTRACEPTION AND CONDOM USE IN A COHORT OF 414 HIV INFECTED WOMEN De Vincenzi, I'; Jadand, C2; Zagury, P'; Deveau, C2; Bucquet, D2; 1European Centre for the Epidemiological Monitoring of AIDS, 2INSERM U292, France 15:45 218C LATE POSTNATAL MOTHER-TO-CHILD HIV TRANSMISSION IN ABIDJAN, COTE D'IVOIRE Ekpini, E'; Wiktor, SZ1'2; Sibailly, T'; Diaby, L'; Brattegaard, K'; Whitaker, Pl'2; George, R2;Ou, C-Y2; DeCock, KM"2;Greenberg, AE"1,2; 1Projet RETRO-CI, Cote d'Ivoir; 2CDC, USA 16:00 219C MOTHER TO CHILD HIV-1 TRANSMISSION IN UGANDA Marum, LH; Guay, L; Mmiro, F'; Nakabito, C'; Kalyesubula, I'; Ndugwa, C'; Olness, K; Jackson, JB; Case Western Reserve University, USA; 'Makerere University, Uganda 16:15 220C MORTALITY AMONG CHILDREN BORN TO HIV INFECTED MOTHERS Tindyebwa, D'; Marum, L2; Ndugwa, C'; Aceng, E'; Bagenda, D'; Olness, K2; Mmiro, F'; 'Makerere University, Uganda; 2Case Western Reserve University, USA 16:30 221C HIV-1 VERTICAL TRANSMISSION IN BANGKOK, THAILAND Chotpitayasunondh, T; Chearskul, S'; Siriwasin, W2; Roongpisuthipong, A'; Young, N'; Shaffer, N'4; Children's Hospital; 'Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol Univ; 2Rajvithi Hospital, MOPH; 'HIV/AIDS Collaboration, Thailand; 'CDC, USA 16:45 222C SURVIVAL AMONG HIV-1 PERINATALLY-INFECTED INFANTS, BANGKOK, THAILAND Chearskul, S; Chotpitayasunondh, T'; Wanprapa, N; Sangtaweesin, V'; Teeraratkul, A'; Tuchinda, M; Shaffer, N2'3; Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol Univ; 'Children's Hospital, MOPH; 2HIV/AIDS Collaboration, Thailand; 'CDC, USA Room 3 (301 + 302) TRACK A: Basic Science AS38: Pathogenesis in vivo Chairs: Takeshi Kurata (Japan) Ronald Penny (Australia) 15:30 223A ASSOCIATION OF COMPLEMENT-FIXING AUTOANTIBODIES WITH CD4+ LYMPHOCYTE DEPLETION IN HIV-INFECTED HEMOPHILIA PATIENTS Daniel, V; Stisal, C; Weimer, R; Zipperle, S; Kropelin, M; Zimmermann, R'; Huth-Kthne, A'; Opelz, G; Univ of Heidelberg; 'Rehabilitation Hospital and Hemophilia Center Heidelberg, Germany 15:45 224A MAJOR EXPANSION OF CD8+ T LYMPHOCYTES WITH A PREDOMINANT V, USAGE DURING PRIMARY IMMUNE RESPONSE TO HIV Pantaleo, G; Demarest, JF; Soudeyns, H; Graziosi, C; Shaw, GM; Sekaly, RP; Fauci, AS; NIAID, NIH, USA; IRCM; Univ of Alabama, USA 16:00 225A PHENOTYPIC AND GENOTYPIC VARIATIONS OF HIV-1 FROM RAPID PROGRESSOR AND SLOWER PROGRESSOR IN INJECTING DRUG USERS Yu, X; Wang, W; Farzadegan, H; Margolick, J; Astemborski, J; Vlahov, D; Johns Hopkins University, USA 16:15 226A IMMUNOPATHOGENESIS OF DEMENTIA AND SENSORY NEUROPATHY IN AIDS Yoshioka, M; Shapshak, P2; Nagano, 11"2; Srivastava, A'; Stewart, R2; Nakamura, S'; Xin, K; Bradley, W2; Sun, N4; Itoyama, Y'; 'Tohoku Univ, Japan; 2Univ of Miami; 'WRAIR; 4UCLA, USA 16:30 227A BASIC SCIENCE ON HIV INFECTION: A REPORT FROM THE FRONT Gonsalves, G; Treatment Action Group, USA 16:45 228A LOW INFECTION RATE OF MATURE INTERDIGITATING DENDRITIC CELLS IN HIV+ PATIENT SPLEENS Mcllroy, D; Autran, B; Cheynier, R'; Oksenhendler, E2; Wain-Hobson, S'; Debre, P; Hosmalin, A; Hosp La Pitie-Salpetriere; 'Institut Pasteur; 2Hosp St Louis, Paris, France 51

Page  52 Tuesday 9 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 4 (303) Room 5 (304) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS39: Organ Manifestations: Nervous System Chairs: Tamotsu Miyazaki (Japan) Mitsuhiro Osame (Japan) 15:30 22! DELAYED HEMORRHAGE AFTER BRAIN BIOPSY IN AIDS PATIENTS Manner, CE'; Gildenberg, PL"'; Gathe, Jr, J'; 'Park Plaza Hosp, USA; 'Houston Stereotactic Center, USA 15:45 231 RESULTS OF CEREBRAL BIOPSY IN AIDS PATIENTS Gildenberg, PL"'; Gathe, Jr, J'; Kim, JH'; 'Houston Stereotactic Center, USA; 'Park Plaza Hospital, USA; Chonnam University, Korea 16:00 23 EVALUATION OF A NEW SELF-SCREENING CHART FOR CYTOMEGALOVIRUS (CMV) RETINITIS IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS Teich, SA; Saltzman, B; Beth Israel Medical Center, USA 16:15 23 PILOT STUDY OF THE EFFICACY OF ATEVIRIDINE IN AIDS DEMENTIA COMPLEX(ADC) Brew, BJ; Dunbar, N; Druett, J; National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research, Australia 16:30 23 COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE AND SPECT FINDINGS Tozzi, V; Balestra, P; Galgani, S; Narciso, P; Pau, F; Pigorini, F; Sette, P; Visco, G; L Spallanzani Hospital, Italy TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS40: Evaluation of Prevention Programs Chairs: Alexandre Berlin (Luxembourg) Gen Ohi (Japan) 9B 15:30 235C PWA PEER COMMUNICATION IN A COUNTRY HARD HIT BY HIV/AIDS Wangalwa, S; Nakazibwe, M; Nabwiso, F; Ofwono, E; AIDS Information Centre, Uganda OB 15:45 236C IMPACT OF AIDS EDUCATION ON KNOWLEDGE ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOR OF STREET YOUTH IN BRAZIL 3 Pinto, J'; Rafaelli, M'; Andrade, J'; Greco, M'; Antunes, C'; Halsey, N2; Greco, DB'; 'Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil; 'Johns Hopkins University, USA I I1B 16:00 237C EVAL OF A TRIBALLY BASED TRI-RACIAL HIV/AIDS ED PREV DEMONSTRATION PROG IN RURAL NC Locklear, CR; Sampson, CS; Tuscarora Tribe of NC, USA 2B 16:15 238C AFRO-BRAZILIAN CULTS AND AIDS: EVALUATION OF INTERVENTION Pinel, A'; Inglesi, E2; de Oxum, F'; Picazio, C'; 'Genos Internacional; 'Secretariat of Health/SP; 'GECAIDS International, Brazil 3B 16:45 234B SPECT PATTERNS IN HIV ENCEPHALOPATHY: A STUDY IN 50 PATIENTS Moulin, T'; Snidaro, MH'; Mas, J2; Chopard, JL'; Valet, B'; Cellule SIDA-CHU; 'Besancon University-Hospital, France 16:30 239C HIV/AIDS PEER EDUCATION FOR THAI MILITARY CONSCRIPTS Nopkesorn, T'; Sangkaromya, S'; Mastro, TD'"; Chinvarasopak, W; Laosakkitiboran, J2; Teppa, T'; Buadit, N'; 'Kai Somdej Pranaresuan Hospital; 'HIV/ AIDS Collaboration, Thailand; 'CDC, USA; 4PATH, Thailand 16:45 240C IMPACT OF A SOCIAL SUPPORT CLUB FOLLOWING HIV COUNSELING AND TESTING (CT), UGANDA, 1993-1994 Marum, E'; Gumisiriza, E'; Moore, M'; Onen, J2; 'CDC/ USAID; 2AIC/PTC, Uganda; 'CDC, USA 52

Page  53 Tuesday 9 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 6 (305) TRACK B/D: Clinical Science and Care/Impact, Societal Response and Education SS1: Innovative Models of Care for People Living with HIV and AIDS Chair: Robert Voigt (Canada) SS2 Speakers: Gustavo Gonzales Canali H6pital de l'Institut Pasteur, France SS3 Marcio Soares Serra University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil SS4 Catherine Smith The FACTS Health Coordination Centre, UK SS5 Noboru Takata Hiroshima University Hospital, Japan Room 7 (501) TRACK A: Basic Science AS41: Animal Models II: Non-Primates Chairs: Myron Essex (USA) Hideto Kaneshima (USA) 15:30 241A MACROPHAGE-TROPIC HIV CAUSES UNIQUE PATTERNS OF CD4 T CELL DEPLETION IN LYMPH NODES OF HUMAN-PBLSCID MICE Mosier, DE; Gulizia, RJ; Lin, Y; Rochford, R; TennerRacz, K; Racz, P; Sieburg, HB; The Scripps Research Institute, USA; Bernhard Nocht Institut fur Tropenmedizin, Germany; Univ California, San Diego, USA 15:45 242A IMMUNE ACTIVATION INDUCES HIV GENE EXPRESSION IN TRANSGENIC MICE CARRYING THE HIV GENOME Iwakura, Y; Ozaki, H; Hasegawa, C; Asano, M; Tanaka, S; University of Tokyo, Japan 16:00 243A RECONSTITUTION OF SCID MICE WITH MACAQUE AND CHIMPANZEE LYMPHOCYTES Fultz, P; Schwiebert, RS; May, P; Wei, Q; University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA 16:15 244A A NEW SCID-HU MODEL FOR SYSTEMIC AND MULTITISSULAR HIV INFECTION Cesbron, JY; Agut, H'; Raphael, M'; Gosselin, B2; Puech, F2; Autran, B'; et al; Inst Pasteur; 'H6p PitieSalpetriere; 'CHRU Lille, France 16:30 245A LATENT HIV INFECTION IN HUMAN CD4 TRANSGENIC MICE Forte, P; Aiuti, A; Simeoni, L; Uccini, S; Stopacciaro, A; Verani, P'; Rossi, GB'; Federico, M'; Fantoni, A; University di Roma "La Sapienza"; 'Ist Sup Sanity, Italy 16:45 246A PREVENTION OF HIV INFECTION BY ANTI-HIV NEUTRALIZING ANTIBODY IN SCID/HU:PBL MICE Okamoto, Y; Ogura, A'; Amagai, T'; Sasaki, Y'; Nakasone, T; Kitamura, K; Katsura, Y; Asano, T', Honda, M; AIDS Res Cent, NIH; 'Dept of Vet Sci, NIH; 'Meiji Coll of Oriental Med; 'Dept of Safety Res on Biologics, NIH; Chest Disease Res Inst, Kyoto Univ, Japan SS1 Robert Voigt St. Paul's Hospital, Canada 53

Page  54 Tuesday 9 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 8 (502) Room 9 (503) TRACK A: Basic Science AS42: Vaccine: Vaccine Design Chairs: Dani P. Bolognesi (USA) Mitsuo Honda (Japan) 15:30 247A PROTECTIVE IMMUNITY IN CYNOMOLGUS MONKEYS IMMUNIZED WITH CANARY POX HIV-2 VACCINES Biberfeld, G2; Andersson, S'; Putkonen, P'; Thorstensson, R'; Makitalo, B'; Franchini, G2; Tartaglia, J'; Paoletti, E3; 'Karolinska Institute; Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, Sweden; 2LTCB, NCI, NIH; 'Virogenetics, USA 15:45 248A ADENO-HIV PRIMING & SUBUNIT BOOST: SECOND GENERATION AIDS VACCINES Natuk, R'; Robert-Guroff, M2; Lubeck, M'; Steimer, K3; Gallo, R 2; Eichberg, J '; ' Wyeth - Ayerst, Radnor; 2 NCI; 'Chiron Corp, USA 16:00 249A LIVE RECOMBINANT MENGO VIRUS VACCINES INDUCE PROTECTIVE HUMORAL AND CELLULAR IMMUNE RESPONSES Altmeyer, R'; Escriou, N'; Saron, MF2; Mimic, V'; van der Werl, S'; Girard, M2; Institut Pasteur, France 16:15 250A HIV-PND-INSERTED SECRETORY PROTEIN SYSTEM OF RECOMBINANT BCG VECTOR CAN EFFECTIVELY INDUCE IMMUNE RESPONSE TO JAPANESE CONSENSUS HIV Honda, M; Matsuo, K'; Kitamura, K; Nakasone, T; Okamoto, Y; Watanabe, K; Yoshizaki, H; Fukushima, Y; Sugiura, W; Tasaka, H2; Yamazaki, A'; Moritsugu, Y; Yamada, K'; Yamazaki, S; NIH, Japan; 'Ajinomoto Co Inc; 'Hiroshima Univ; 'Saint Marianna Med Univ, Japan 16:30 251A HIV-1 ENV SPECIFIC KILLER LYMPHOCYTES IN MACAQUE MONKEYS INFECTED WITH SIVmac HIV-1 CHIMERIC VIRUSES Yamamoto, H; Igarashi, T'; Ami, Y2; Komatsu, T'; Shibata, R'; Kuwata, T'; Adachi, A'; Shida, H'; Tanaka, M; Hayami, M'; Toyama Med & Pharma Univ; 'Inst Virus Res, Kyoto Univ; 'Nat Inst Health, Japan TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS43: Prognostic Markers Chairs: Jay A. Levy (USA) Junki Takamatsu (Japan) 15:30 253B PLASMA HIV RNA PREDICTS CLINICAL OUTCOME ON AZT THERAPY Vahey, MT; Mayers, DL; Wagner, KF; Chung, RCY; Weislow, OS; Zhou, S; Burke, DS; RV43 STUDY GROUP MMCARR, USA 15:45 254B PLASMA HIV RNA AND p2 MICROGLOBULIN AS SURROGATE MARKERS O'Brien, WA; Hartigan, PM; McCreedy, B; Hamilton, JD; VAMC, USA 16:00 255B HIV-1 VIRAL LOAD IN PATIENTS WITH LOW CD4 CELL COUNTS WITH OR WITHOUT CLINICAL SYMPTOMS OF AIDS Izopet, J; Massip, P; Lheritier, D; Mansuy, JM; Puel, J; CHU Toulouse, France 16:15 256B PHENOTYPIC PROFILE OF HIV LYMPH NODES AND TONSILS USING QUANTITATIVE IMAGE ANALYSIS Turnicky, R; Anderson, D; Nau, M; Zhao, F; Coates, J; Mayers, D; Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, USA 16:30 257B OPSONOPHAGOCYTIC DYSFUNCTION IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Ono, Y'; Kimura, S; Oka, S; Shimada, K; Kunii, O; Kanegasaki, S; Goldstein, E; 'Teikyo University, Japan 16:45 258B INHIBITION BY AUTOLOGOUS SERUM AND INDUCTION BY T CELL ACTIVATION OF SYNCYTIA INDUCING (SI) HIV-1 Grunow, R; von Overbeck, J; Bettens, F; Pichler, WJ; Inst Clin Immunol, Switzerland 16:45 PRECLINICAL EVALUATION OF AN ORAL HIV VACCINE CANDIDATE Lu, Y; et al; Virus Research Institute, USA 252A 54

Page  55 Tuesday 9 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 10 (Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS44: Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and NOTE Tuberculosis Chairs: Charoen Chuchottaworn (Thailand) Toru Mori (Japan) 15:30 259C THE IMPACT OF HIV ON TUBERCULOSIS IN 10 AFRICAN COUNTRIES Binkin, N; Cantwell, M; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA 15:45 260C INCREASE OF ANNUAL RISK OF TUBERCULOSIS INFECTION IN ABIDJAN, COTE D'IVOIRE, DURING THE EMERGENCE OF HIV EPIDEMIC 1986-1993 Coulibaly, IM'; Doulhourou, C'; Coulibaly, A2; Peyre, M"; Traore, M'; Msellati, P4; 'Ivoirian National Tuberculosis Program, Antituberculosis Centers; 2National Institute of Public Health, 'Projet Sante Abidjan(French Cooperation); 4ORSTOM, Cote d'Ivoire 16:00 261C INCREASING HIV-RELATED TUBERCULOSIS BURDEN IN CHIANGRAI, THAILAND Uthaivoravit, W; Panich, V; Yanai, H; Sawanpanyalert, P; Chaimanee, B; Limpakarnjanarat, K; Chiangrai Regional Hospital, Thailand 16:15 262C MULTIRRESISTANT M tb AMONG PERSONS LIVING WITH HIV IN MEXICO Garcia, ML; Valdespino, JL; Balandrano, S; Palacios, MM; Garcia, SC; Mayar, ME; Sepilveda, J;Balandrano, S; INDRE SCD, Secretariat of Health, Mexico 16:30 263C RISK FOR TUBERCULOSIS AMONG A COHORT OF FEMALE PROSTITUTES IN THAILAND Mastro, TD"2; Limpakarnjanarat, K'; Utaivoravit, W'; Korattana, S'; Young, N'2; Weniger, BG"2; Nieburg, PI 2; 'HIV/AIDS Collaboration, Thailand; 2CDC, USA; 'Chiang Rai Regional Hosp, Thailand 16:45 264C TUBERCULOSIS AND HEALTH CARE WORKERS WITH AIDS Ciesielski, C; Jones, J; Fleming, P; Ward, J; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA 55

Page  56 Tuesday 9 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 2 (Main Hall) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS45: Pediatric Chairs: Akira Shirahata (Japan) Kazuhiro Ueda (Japan) 17:30 2658 HUMORAL PARAMETERS IN VERTICAL HIV TRANSMISSION Gras, G'; Mabondzo, AM'; Beyssen, V'; Rostocker, J'; Marce, D'; Parnet-Mathieu, F2; Herve, F'; Courpotin, C4; Dormont, D'; 'CEA/CRSSA; 2Centre d' Hemobioogie Perinatale; 'CHU Saint Antoine; 4H6pital Trousseau, France 17:45 266B EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF HIV BY PCR IN INFANTS ENROLLED IN WITS Bremer, JW; Carrington, J '; Cooper, E'; Hillyer, G3; Hoff, R4; Mendez, H '; Moye, Jf; Pitt, fJ; Rich, K$; Rush-Presbyterian-St Luke's; 'NERI, Watertown; 2Boston City Hospital; 'University of Puerto Rico; 4NIAID, 'SUNY-Brooklyn; 'NICHD; 'Columbia College P&S; "U of Illinois, USA 18:00 2678 SENSITIVITY AND SPECIFICITY FOR DETECTION OF HIV-1 ANTIBODIES USING AN ORAL COLLECTION DEVICE IN CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS Febo, I; Diaz, C; Rivera, C; Martin, M; Hillyer, G; Toledo, N; Puerto Rico 18:15 268B CONTROLLED TRIAL OF TOLERANCE AND EFFICACY OF ZIDOVUDINE (ZDV) AT STANDARD AND LOW DOSE IN CHILDREN (ACTG 128) Brady, M; McGrath, N; Brouwers, P; Gelber, R; Fowler, M; Weintrub, P; The Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Group; The NICHD Pediatric HIV Centers, USA 18:30 269B ACTG 153:A MULTICENTER PHASE I STUDY OF ALPHAINTERPHERON IN HIV INFECTED CHILDREN Diaz, C; Yogev, R; Culnane, M; Rogers, A; Van Dyke, R; Fenton, T; AIDS Clinical Trials Group; DAIDS; NIAID; NIH, USA 18:45 2708 PEDIATRIC AIDS IN A BRAZILIAN POPULATION:9 YEARS OF FOLLOW-UP Grumach, AS; Marques, HHS; Aquino, MZ; Sato, H; Araujo, AC; Jacob, CMA; Pastorino, AC; Sakane, PT; Okay, Y; Univ Slo Paulo; Inst A Lutz Slo Paulo, Brazil Room 3 (301 + 302) TRACK B/D: Clinical Science and Care/ Impact, Societal Response and Education AS46: Care Providers: Occupational Exposure and Stress Management Chairs: Minoru Inagaki (Japan) Joichi Kumazawa (Japan) 17:30 271B/D RISK OF OCCUPATIONAL HIV INFECTION AFTER NEEDLESTICK INJURIES Ippolito, G; Puro, V; De Carli, G; The Italian Study Group on Occupational Risk of HIV Infection; 'L Spallanzani Hosp, Italy 17:45 272B/D PERCUTANEOUS INJURY SURVEILLANCE IN A 58 HOSPITAL NETWORK Jagger, J'; Blackwell, B'; Fowler, M; Carter, K,; Funderburk, S; Bradshaw, E; Swapp, J; 'Univ of Virginia, USA 18:00 2738/D UPDATE ON EC MULTICENTER STUDY OF OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE TO HIV IN HEALTH CARE WORKERS De Andres, R; Fitch, K; Perez, L; N.jera, R; The European Collaborative Study Group on Accidental Exposure to HIV; CNBCR Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain 18:15 2748/D TECHNIQUE FOR REMOVING NEEDLES FROM NON DISPENSABLE ASPIRATING SYRINGES IN DENTAL PRACTICE Mendoza, P; Bustos, P; Child, R; Dental Service of Barros LUCO Hospital, National Comission of AIDS, Chile 18:30 275B/D STRESS OF THE NURSES TAKING CARE OF AIDS PATIENTS IN HOSPITAL Atsumi, M; Negishi, M; Ajisawa, A; Oota, K; Yamaguchi, G; The Komagome Metropolitan Hospital, Japan 18:45 2768/D SUCCESSFUL STAFF BURNOUT PREVENTION: LESSONS FROM 6 MAJOR UK HIV/AIDS TREATMENT SITES Miller, D; Gillies, PAG; Elliott, CA; University of Nottingham, UK 56

Page  57 Tuesday 9 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 4 (303) Room 5 (304) TRACK 0: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS47: Empowerment and Community Support for People Living with AIDS Chairs: Suki Terada Ports (USA) Elhadj (As) Sy (Senegal) 17:30 2770D POSITIVE BUDDY: A MODEL PEER PREVENTION CASE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FOR AND BY PEOPLE WITH HIV/ AIDS Thurnherr, MD; Moore, J; Bonk, N; Sturm, R; Test Positive Aware Network, USA 17:45 2780D FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE THE RISK AND DURATION OF HOSPITALIZATION OF AIDS PATIENTS Heikel, J; Himmich, H; Zahraoui, M; El Filali Marhoum, K; University Hospital Center, Morocco 18:00 2790 PWA EMPOWERMENT & LONG-TERM SURVIVAL IN AUSTRALIA Harrison, G; National Association of People with HIV/ AIDS, Australia 18:15 2800 NEIGHBORHOOD SOCIAL CENTER "POINT SOLIDARITECENTRE JEAN-FLORIAN METTETAL" Faucher, J-M; ARCAT-SIDA, France 18:30 2810 HIROSHIMA AIDS DIAL(HAD): A UNIQUE MODEL OF VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION WORKING IN A LOCAL COMMUNITY Kohno, M; Okuda, R; Takata, N; Aoyama, H; Nagao, A; Asayama, M; Ueda, K; Hiroshima AIDS Dial, Japan 18:45 2820D BUILDING ON LOCAL INITIATIVES IN PREVENTION OF STD'S/ HIV/AIDS AND CARE OF PEOPLE WITH AIDS Byangire, M; Kagwa, P; Muhumuza, C; AIDS Control Programme, Uganda TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS48: Organ Manifestations: Other Organ Systems Chairs: Donald I. Abrams (USA) Seiji Matsuda (Japan) 17:30 283B VIRAL SKIN INFECTIONS AND IMMUNODEFICIENCY IN HIV-1 INFECTION Hulsebosch, HJ; van Leeuwen, R; Univ of Amsterdam, The Netherlands 17:45 2848 PLATELET COUNT DECREASE AND PROGRESSION TO AIDS: A COHORT STUDY Galli, M; Gervasoni, C; Ridolfo, AL; Riva, A; Rusconi, S; Niero, F; Lupo, A; Galimberti, L; Meroni, L; Vezzoli, S; Murgo, L; Piconi, S; Di Marco, A; Lovicu, G'; Radice, D'; Musicco, M'; University di Milano; 'ITBACNR, Italy 18:00 285B PECULIARITIES OF SPONTANEOUS AND INDUCED TNF-a PRODUCTION IN HIV- INFECTED CHILDREN Chaldeeva, NA; Kalinina, NM; Ketlinsky, SA; Rahmanova, AG; Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Russia 18:15 286B THE VALUE OF BRONCHOSCOPY VERSUS SPUTUM IN EVALUATION OF HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS: A RETROSPECTIVE STUDY Garland, J; Gathe, Jr, J; Stool, E; Piot, D; Stenoien, R; Frazier, R; Bockmon, K; Park Plaza Hosp, USA 18:30 2878 UNUSUAL OPPORTUNISTIC MICRO-ORGANISMS IN HIVINFECTED PATIENTS Gianotti, N; Ceserani, N; Guffanti, M; Uberti-Foppa, C; Lazzarin, A; Scientific Institute HS Raffaele, Italy 18:45 288B CLINICAL CONDITIONS ASSOCIATED WITH HIV INFECTION IN THAI WOMEN Nagachinta, T'; Duerr, A2; Wanapirak, C'; Rungruengthanakit, K '; Kaewvichit, R 3; Nelson, KE 4; 'CONRAD; 'CDC, USA; 'Chiang Mai Univ, Thailand; 'Johns Hopkins University, USA 57

Page  58 Tuesday 9 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 6 (305) Room 7 (501) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS49: Methodology of Surveillance for HIV/STDs Chairs: James Chin (USA) Shinobu Tatsunami (Japan) 17:30 289C TRENDS IN CRUDE PREVALENCE MAY NOT REFLECT INCIDENCE IN COMMUNITIES WITH MATURE EPIDEMICS Wawer, MJ'; Sewankambo, NK'; Gray, RH3; 'Columbia Univ, NY, USA; 2Makerere Univ, Uganda; 'Johns Hopkins Univ, USA 17:45 290C FEMALE ADOLESCENTS AS A TARGET FOR PRIMARY PREVENTION OF PERINATAL TRANSMISSION OF HIV-1 IN KINSHASA, ZAIRE Nsuami, M; Kamenga, M; Muniaka, K; Manzila, T; Matela, B; Mayala, M; Nzila, N; Projet SIDA, Zaire 18:00 291C PRENATAL HIV SCREENING: AN INDIGENOUS MODEL FOR INDIA Gogte, M; Gilada, I; Palmer Beasly, R'; Indian Health Organisation, India; 'Univ of Texas, USA 18:15 292C RAPID SCREENING FOR EARLY DETECTION OF VERTICAL HIV1 TRANSMISSION Cassol, S'; Butcher, A2; Kinard, S2; Lapointe, N'; Read, S'; Major, C'; Sy, T; O'Shaughnessy, MV'; 'B C Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada; 'Roche Molecular Systems, USA; 'The Canadian Pediatric Study Group, Canada 18:30 293C FALLING HIV PREVALENCE HIDES HIGH HIV INCIDENCE MIAMI Peterman, TA '; Zaidi, A'; Wroten, J; 'CDC; 'Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, USA 18:45 294C COMPARISON OF SEROPREVALENCE ESTIMATES BY DIRECT SEROPREVALENCE STUDIES AND BACKCALCULATION Houweling, H; Heisterkamp, SH; Wijngaarden van, JK; Wiessing, LG; Coutinho, RA; Jager, JC; Natl Instit Publ Hlth (RIVM), The Netherlands TRACK 0: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS50: Preventive Education Chairs: Jeannette Koijane (USA) Karen Nassser (Malaysia) 17:30 2950 DIFFERENT COURSES OF THE HIV EPIDEMIC AMONG IDUS IN 11 COUNTRIES Wodak, A '; Ball, A'; WHO Collaborative Group; 'St Vincent's Hospital, Australia; 'WHO, Programme on Substance Abuse, Switzerland 17:45 2960 OUTREACH PROGRAM FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSERS Austin, B; Hewitt, W; Mata, A; McConnell, W; Rael, M; Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, USA 18:00 2970 DRUG USERS INVOLVEMENT IN AIDS PREVENTION Rossi, D; Touze, G; Fondo de Ayuda Toxicologica, Argentina 18:15 2980 NEEDLE EXCHANGE SCHEMES: INCREASING THE POTENTIAL FOR HARM REDUCTION AMONG INJECTING DRUG USERS Klee, H; Morris, J; Manchester Metropolitan University, UK 18:30 2990 THE PREVENTION OF HIV INFECTION AMONG DRUG USERS: RELEVANT PSYCHOPATHOGICAL AND PSYCHOSOCIAL ISSUES Xavier da Silveira, D; Escola Paulista Medicina, Brazil 18:45 3000 SEX PARTNERS OF ALASKAN DRUG USERS: A VECTOR OF HIV TRANSMISSION BETWEEN WHITE MEN AND NATIVE WOMEN? Fenaughty, A; Cagle, H; Queen, P; Fisher, D; University of Alaska Anchorage, USA 58

Page  59 Tuesday 9 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 8 (502) Room 9 (503) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS51: Homosexual and Bisexual Men: Risk Factors for Infection and Disease Chairs: Shin Isomura (Japan) John Kaldor (Australia) 17:30 301C PREDICTORS OF SEROCONVERSION IN VACCINE PREPAREDNESS STUDIES OF GAY MEN Buchbinder, S; Scheer, S; Judson, F; Douglas, J; McKirnan, D; O'Malley, P; Sheon, A; MacQueen, K; AIDS Office, San Francisco Dept of Public Health, USA 17:45 302C COMPARING OLD AND YOUNG GAY MEN IN SAN FRANCISCO AND AMSTERDAM: SUBSTANTIAL DECREASE IN RISK BEHAVIOR AND HIV PREVALENCE OVER TIME van Griensven, G; Page, K '; Veugelers, P; Keet, I; Osmond, D '; Dept of Public Health, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 'University of California, Berkeley, USA 18:00 303C HIV PREVALENCE AND RISK FACTORS IN JAPANESE HOMO/ BISEXUALS Isomura, S; Miyake, K; Morishita, T; Kobayashi, K; Mizokami, M; Nagoya University, Japan 18:15 304C HIV IN MEXICO: RECTAL BLEEDING, ANAL WARTS AND SHORT HEIGHT AS RISK FACTORS AMONG HOMOSEXUAL MEN Coplan, PM; Gortmaker, SL; Hernandez, M; Sepulveda, J; Mueller, NE; Harvard School of Public Health, USA; Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica, Mexico 18:30 305C PATTERNS AND TRENDS IN HIV-SEROCONVERSION IN RECENT YEARS AMONG DANISH HOMO/BISEXUAL MEN Smith, E; Jensen, L; Statens Seruminstitut, Denmark 18:45 306C A COMPARISON OF PROGNOSTIC MARKERS IN HIV SEROCONVERTERS BEFORE AND AFTER 1989 Keet, I; Veugelers, P; Koot, M; Goudsmit, J; Miedema, F; Coutinho, R; The Amsterdam Cohort Study among Homosexual Men, The Netherlands TRACK A: Basic Science AS52: HIV Receptors Chairs: Ara Hovanessian (France) Hiroshi Kido (Japan) 17:30 307A THE ROLE OF CD26 IN HIV INFECTION: VIRAL ENTRY AND ITS CYTOPATHIC EFFECT Hovanessian, AG; Marie, I; Blank, U; Cointe, D; Laurent, AG; Rey, MA; Krust, B; Jacotot, E; Callebaut, C; Institut Pasteur, France 17:45 308A INTERACTION OF CD4 WITH HLA-DR, gpl20 AND OTHER NATURAL LIGANDS Guardiola, J; Piatier-Tonneau, D '; Autiero, M; IIGB, CNR, Italy; 'UPR420, CNRS, France 18:00 IDENTIFICATION OF CANDIDATE HIV CO-RECEPTORS Sommerfelt, MA; Asj, B; University of Bergen, Norway 309A 18:15 310A NEUTRALIZATION OF CD4-INDEPENDENT HIV INFECTION BY ANTI-CARBOHYDRATE MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES Nakasone, T; Horie, R '; Shigeta, K'; Murayama, K'; Saito, T'; Kitamura, K; Yoshizaki, H; Watanabe, K; Okamoto, Y; Fukushima, Y; Sugiura, W; Yamazaki, S; Honda, M; NIH, Japan; 'Tosoh Corporation, Japan 18:30 311A MONKEY CD4 CAN SERVE AS A RECEPTOR FOR HIV-1 IN HUMAN NOT IN MONKEY CELLS; IMPLICATION FOR HUMAN COFACTOR(S) NECESSORY FOR EFFICIENT ENTRY OF HIV-1 Tatsumi, M; Morikawa, S; Sakai, K; NIH, Japan 18:45 312A INVOLVEMENT OF MEMBRANE-BOUND PROTEASES, TRYPTASE TL2 AS A BINDING PROTEIN OF V3 LOOP OF HIV1 GP120 AND CD26, FOR PATHOGENICITY OF HIV-1 Kido, H'; Niwa, Y'; Ohkubo, 12; 'The Univ of Tokushima; 2 Shiga Univ of Med Science, Japan 59

Page  60 Tuesday 9 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 10 (BallRoom, Intercontinental Hotel) TRACK A: Basic Science AS53: Vaccine: Clinical Studies NOTE Chairs: Prasert Thongcharoen (Thailand) Mary Clare Walker (USA) 17:30 313A HIV-1 VACCINE DEVELOPMENT AND CLINICAL TRIALS Walker, MC; Schultz, AM; Fast, PE; Mathieson, BJ; Bradac, J; Vogel, FR; Glass, M; Wescott, S; Miller, N; NIAID, NIH, USA 17:45 314A MN rgpl20 (Genentech) VACCINE SAFE AND IMMUNOGENIC - BUT WILL IT PROTECT HUMANS? Francis, DP '; Fast, P2; Harkonen, S'; McElrath, MJ; Belshe, R'; Berman, P'; Gregory, T'; AIDS Vaccine Evaluation Group; 'Genentech, Inc, 2DAIDS, NIH; 'Univax Biologics; 'Univ Washington; 'St Louis Univ, USA 18:00 315A INDUCTION OF CTL ACTIVITY IN RESPONSE TO IMMUNIZATION OF UNINFECTED ADULT VOLUNTEERS BY A HIV-gpl60 RECOMBINANT CANARYPOXVIRUS Riviere, Y'; Janvier, G'; Fleury, B'; Autran, B2; Excler, JL'; Pialoux, G4; Salmon, D'; Siccard, D'; Paoletti, E6; Plotkin, S'; 'Inst Pasteur; 2H6p PitieSalpetriere; 'Pasteur; 'Cochin, 'PMSV, Marcy l'Etoile, France; 'Virogenetics, USA 18:15 316A NEUTRALIZATION OF PRIMARY FIELD ISOLATES OF HIV-1 FROM GLOBALLY DIVERSE CLADES Potts, BJ '; Field, K'; Hanson, C2; Mascola, J'; Wang, C'; Koff, W'; 'United Biomedical, Inc; 'Cal Pub Health; 'Walter Reed Army Inst Res, USA 18:30 317A A PHASE II HIV VACCINE TRIAL IN SERONEGATIVE SUBJECTS: SAFETY, IMMUNOGENICITY, AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS McElrath, MJ '; Corey, L'; Clements, ML; Belshe, R; Keefer, M; Graham, B; Fast, P; Matthews, T; Duliege, AM; Francis, D; The NIAID AVEG; 'Univ Washington, USA 18:45 318A PHASE 1 STUDY OF HIV-1 MN OCTAMERIC V3 PEPTIDE VACCINE IN HIV-1 NEGATIVE ADULTS Kahn, J', Richardson, J2, Murcar, N', Koff, W'; Forrest, B'; 'UCSF, 'UBI Hauppauge, USA 60

Page  61 Tuesday 8 August / 1t15 -2:45 EVENING SPECIAL SESSION RECENT REPORT SESSION Room 2(Main Hall) Room 7(501) ES-2 Gender, Policy and HIV/AIDS: Action for Empowernment Moderators: Dorothy Blake WHO Global Programme on AIDS (Switzerland) Jacques du Guerny Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (Italy) RR-2 Track C(Epidemiology and Prevention) and Track D (Impact, Societal Response and Education) Related Issues Chair: Takashi Kitamura (Japan) Program to be announced. 61

Page  62 10 AUGUST Plenary Sessions 08:30-10:30 PS17 PS18 Psi 8 PS19 PS20 PS21 PS22 PS23 PS24 Considerations in the Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy Gene Therapy for HIV Infection Who Cares? Systematic Amplification of Hidden Community Health Structures Responding to AIDS in Southern Africa Prevention Programs for Commercial Sex Workers Promoting Health Among Out-of-School Youth Sexuality from the Perspective of an HIV-Positive Person HIV Variability and Its Implications for Pathogenesis HIV Drug Resistance: Molecular Basis and Clinical Significance Room 1 Room 1 Room 1 Room 1 Room 2 Room 2 Room 2 Room 2 Poster Sessions Part 2 Abstract Sessions 11:00-12:30 Posters (Part 2) will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall from 10:00 Wednesday 10 August through 17:00 Thursday 11 August. AS-54 AS-55 AS-56 AS-57 AS-58 AS-59 AS-60 AS-61 AS-62 Antivirals II Safety of Blood and Blood Products Opportunistic Infections: Bacterial and Viral Care Models Education Among Sex Workers Gene Regulation I: tat and rev Antiretroviral Therapy: Nucleoside Monotherapy STD Control Program Innovative School-based Education of HIV/AIDS Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 10 Round-table Sessions 18:30-15:00 RT-17 RT-18 RT-19 RT-20 RT-21 RT-22 RT-23 RT-24 School-Based AIDS Education Gene Therapy Protease Inhibitor AIDS and Journalism Mucosal Immunity End-point of Clinical Trials Front-line Education for Commercial Sex Workers Nursing and Home Care and HIV Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 10 Special Recent Report Session 13:30-15:00 SR-3(1) (2) HIV and Cancer HIV Transmission from HIV-Infected Persons to Their Stable Heterosexual Partners Room 5 62

Page  63 Wednesday Program 10th Anniversary Special Session 83 15:30-17:00 Abstract Sessions 15:30-17:00 TS-3 International Cooperation in the Fight Against AIDS Room 1 Opening: Norio Hattori, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan Chairs: Jean-Louis Lamboray, The World Bank, U.S.A. Fumimaro Takaku, International Medical Center of Japan, Japan Speakers: Helen Gayle, USAID, U.S.A. Lars 0. Kallings, National Institute of Public Health, Sweden Jeffrey O'Malley, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, U.K. (One more speaker is to be announced.) AS-63 HIV Reverse Transcriptase and Drug Resistance Room 2 AS-64 HIV Variability I Room 3 AS-65 Opportunistic Infections: Fungal and Protozoal Room 4 AS-66 Epidemiological Issues of Commercial Sex Workers Room 5 and Clients AS-67 Gene Regulation II: Cellular Factors Room 7 AS-68 Mycobacterial Infections: Tuberculosis Room 8 AS-69 HIV/AIDS in STD Clinic Patients Room 9 AS-70 Students Understanding of HIV/AIDS Room 10 SS-2 Female-Controlled Prevention Room 6 AS-71 Antivirals Ill Room 2 AS-72 Quality of Life for People Living with HIV/AIDS Room 3 AS-73 Design Evaluation and Ethical Issues of Clinical Trials Room 4 AS-74 Policies of AIDS Programming Room 5 AS-75 Structural Issues Affecting Sex Work Room 6 AS-76 HIV Variability II Room 7 AS-77 Role of STD as Risk Factors Room 8 AS-78 HIV/AIDS Among Prisoners Room 9 AS-79 Street Children and Out-of-school Youth Room 10 Special Session 15:30-17:00 Abstract Sessions 17:30-19:00 Evening Special Session 19:15-20:45 ES-3 AIDS Education Room 2 63

Page  64 Wednesday 10 August / 08:30-10:80 PLENARY SESSIONS National Convention Hall Room 2 (Main Hall) 08:30 Chairs: Tamotsu Matsuda (Japan) Lars O.Kallings (Sweden) CONSIDERATIONS IN THE INITIATION OF ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY Paul A. Volberding, University of California, San Francisco (USA) 09:00 Chairs: Takashi Kurimura (Japan) Mark A. Wainberg (Canada) PS17 08:30 PS21 Chairs: Mamoru Noda (Japan) Helene Gayle (USA) PROMOTING HEALTH AMONG OUT-OF-SCHOOL YOUTH Ana Filgueiras, Hand-in-Hand Network (Brazil) PS18 09:00 Chairs: Chizuko Ikegami (Japan) Peter Aggleton(WHO) PS22 GENE THERAPY FOR HIV INFECTION Flossie Wong-Staal, University of California, San Diego (USA) SEXUALITY FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF AN HIVPOSITIVE PERSON Karen J. Lee, Global Network or People Living with HIV and AIDS (Australia) 09:30 PS19 09:30 PS23 Chairs: Itsuzo Shigematsu (Japan) Richard Burzynski (Canada) WHO CARES? SYSTEMATIC AMPLIFICATION OF HIDDEN COMMUNITY HEALTH STRUCTURES RESPONDING TO AIDS IN SOUTHERN AFRICA Renee Sabatier, Southern African AIDS Training Programme (Zimbabwe) Chairs: Kusuya Nishioka (Japan) Joep M. A. Lange (WHO) HIV VARIABILITY AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR PATHOGENESIS Jaap Goudsmit, University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) 10:00 Chairs: Mizuho Matsuda (Japan) Teruko Enomoto (Japan) PREVENTION PROGRAMS FOR COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS Priti Patkar, Prerana (India) PS20 10:00 Chairs: Michio Fujimaki (Japan) Anthony S. Fauci (USA) HIV DRUG RESISTANCE: MOLECULAR BASIS AND CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE Mark A. Wainberg, McGill University AIDS Centre (Canada) PS24 64

Page  65 Wednesday 10 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 2 (Main Hall) TRACK A: Basic Science AS54: Antivirals II Chairs: Hiroaki Mitsuya (USA) Karoly Nagy (Hungary) 11:00 319A STRUCTURAL COMPARISON OF CLINICALLY RELEVANT INHIBITORS OF THE HIV-1 PROTEASE Kim, EE; Rao, BG; Deininger, DD; Baker, CT; Dwyer, MD; Navia, MA;Thomson, JA; Tung, RD; et al; Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc, USA 11:15 320A XM412: AN IMPROVED CYCLIC UREA INHIBITOR OF HIV PROTEASE FOR ORAL ADMINISTRATION Otto, MJ; Aldrich, P; Grubb, M; Shum, L; EricksonViitanen, S; et al; DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Co, USA 11:30 321A AG 1343 AN ORALLY BIOAVAILABLE NON-PEPTIDIC HIV-1 PROTEASE INHIBITOR Shetty, BV; Kaldor, S'; Kalish, V; Reich, S; Webber, S; Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc; 'Lilly Research Laboratories, USA 11:45 322A STRUCTURE-BASED NON-PEPTIDIC HIV PROTEASE INHIBITORS Thaisrivongs, S; Tomich, PK; Watenpaugh, KD; Romines, KR; Howe, WJ; Chong, KT; Schwende, FJ; Padbury, GE;Ruwart, MJ; Zipp, GL; Upjohn Labs, USA 12:00 323A DE NOVO DESIGN, CHARACTERIZATION, AND ANTIVIRAL EFFECT OF THE IRREVERSIBLE HIV PROTEASE INHIBITOR Kim, SC; Choy, N; Lee, CS; Yoon, H; Koh, JS; Son, YC; Choi, H; Park, C; Kim, S; Lucky Biotech Research Institute, Korea 12:15 324A ANTIVIRAL ACTIVITY OF HIV-1 PR INHIBITORS IN EARLY PHASE Nagy, K"2; Rayner, MM'; Jadhav, PK3; Oroszlan, S'; ' ABL-BRP, NCI-FCRDC, USA; 2Nati Jnst for DermatoVenereology, Hungary; 'DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Co, USA Room 3 (301 + 302) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS55: Safety of Blood and Blood Products Chairs: Susan Leong (Hong Kong) Masaru Shimizu (Japan) 11:00 325C COST-EFFECTIVENESS OF UGANDA BLOOD PROGRAMME Watson-Williams, EJ; Kataaha, P; Senyonga, P; Kyeyune, D; Ministry of Health Nakasero Blood Bank, Uganda 11:15 326C BLOOD DONOR DEFERRAL BY HIV RISK FACTORS IS COSTEFFECTIVE IN ZIMBABWE McFarland, W; Kahn, JG; Katzenstein, D'; Mvere, D2; Shamu, R2; UCSF; 'Stanford Univ, USA; 2Zimbabwe BTS, Zimbabwe 11:30 327C RATE OF WINDOW PERIOD BLOOD DONATION IN BANGKOK, THAILAND Kaewkunqwal, J',2; Kitayaporn, D"'; Bejrachandra, S'; Rungroung, E'; Chandanayingyong, D3; Mastro, TD"4; 'HIV/AIDS Collaboration; 2Rajamangala Institute of Technology; 'Mahidol Univ, Thailand; 'CDC, USA 11:45 328C MONITORING ON HIV INFECTION AMONG THE GENERAL POPULATION Shimizu, M; Suzuki, T; Yoshizawa, H; Sayama, T; Sekiguchi, S; Fuzisawa, K; Kamiya, T; Tokyo Women's Medical College, Japan 12:00 329C U S HEMOPHILIA/HIV SEROCONVERSION SURVEILLANCE PROJECT: SAFETY OF BLOOD PRODUCTS USED IN THE TREATMENT OF HEMOPHILIA Augustyniak, L; Brownstein, A; Wiley, S; Simonds, R; Fricke, W; Evatt, B; The National Hemophilia Foundation, USA 12:15 330C HIV INFECTION IN RECIPIENTS OF BLOOD PRODUCTS FROM DONORS WITH KNOWN DURATION OF INFECTION Ashton, L; Learmont, J'; Luo, K; Wylie, B'; Stewart, G; Kaldor, J; National Centre in HIV Epidemiology & Clinical Research; 'NSW BTS; 2Westmead Hospital, Australia 65

Page  66 Wednesday 10 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 4 (303) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS56: Opportunistic Infections: Bacterial and Viral Chairs: Richard E. Chaisson (USA) Keizo Matsumoto (Japan) 11:00 331B DESIGN AND DEMOGRAPHICS IN A MULTICENTER TRIAL OF CYTOMEGALOVIRUS (CMV) PROPHYLAXIS IN ADVANCED HIV DISEASE Brosgart, C; Craig, C; Louis, TA; Hillman, D; Costanzo, L; Timpone, J; Scott, J; Nunley, F; Stempien, MJ; CPCRA, NIH, USA 11:15 332B INTRAVITREAL TREATMENT OF CMV RETINITIS WITH AN ANTISENSE OLIGONUCLEOTIDE, ISIS 2922 Palestine, A G; Cantrill, HL; Luckie, AP; Ai, E; USA 11:30 333B IMPLICATION OF HIV-1 AND HHV-6 IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF AIDS RETINITIS Qavi, H'; Green, M'; Lewis, D'; Hollinger, B'; Pearson, G2; Ablashi, D2; 'Baylor College of Medicine; 2Georgetown University, USA 11:45 334B JCV-DNA IN CNS OF AIDS PATIENTS WITH AND WITHOUT PML Vago, L'; Cinque, P'; Sala, E'; D'Arminio Monforte, A'; Lazzarin, A'; Costanzi, G; University of Milan; 'L Sacco Hospital; 2S Raffaele Hospital, Italy 12:00 335B HIV/AIDS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC Machala, L; Spala, J; Rozsypal, H; Hearst, N'; Mandel, J'; Faculty Hospital Bulovka-Dept of Infectious Diseases, Czech Republic; 'Univ of Calif, San Francisco, USA 12:15 336B HIGH INCIDENCE AND RECURRENCE RATES OF BACTERIAL ENDOCARDITIS IN HIV + DRUG INJECTORS Hardalo, C; Khoshnood, K; Alcabes, P; Friedland, GH; Yale University School of Medicine, USA Room 5 (304) TRACK B/D: Clinical Science and Care/Impact, Societal Response and Education AS57: Care Models Chairs: Tsunetsugu Munakata (Japan) Jean William Pape (Haiti) 11:00 337B/D INTEGRAL CARE OF PWA AND FAMILY A MODEL FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Navarro, S; Luna, M; Garcia, L; Villegas, M; Martinez, J'; National Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference; 'Mexican Foundation of Fight Against AIDS, Mexico 11:15 338B/D A COMPARISON OF PWA AND NURSE REPORTS OF SYMPTOMS Holzemer, WL; Henry, SB; Reilly, CA; Slaughter, RE; University of California, San Francisco, USA 11:30 339B/D GENDER DIFFERENCES IN UTILIZATION OF HEALTH SERVICES AND INFORMAL CARE Crystal, S; Sambamoorthi, U; Rutgers University, USA 11:45 340B/D THEATRICAL AND PSYCHODRAMATIC ELEMENTS AS PSYCHOTHERAPY FOR GAY AND BISEXUAL HIV(+) MEN Pardo Moreno, M; Liga Colombiana de Lucha Contra el SIDA(LCLCS), Colombia 12:00 341B/D TRADITIONAL COUNSELLING FOR THE SICK IN RURAL AREAS Ssemukasa, M; Melony, N; CONCERN, Uganda 12:15 342B/D COMPREHENSIVE PRISON HIV MEDICAL CARE AND PRERELEASE COUNSELING Burzynski, JN; Flanigan, TP; Kim, J; DeCiantis, ML; Brown University, USA 66

Page  67 Wednesday 10 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 6 (305) TRACK 0: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS58: Education among Sex Workers Chairs: Nobuo Koinuma (Japan) Cheryl Overs (UK) 11:00 3430D "MARGINALS TO MARGINALS": EXPANSION OF PROGRAMA PEGACAO Longo, P; Nicleo de Orientacao em Satde Social, Brazil 11:15 344D OUTREACH WORK WITH OFF-STREET FEMALE SEX WORKERS Nathan, T; Sheffield Centre for HIV & Sexual Health, UK 11:30 3450 "100% CONDOM" USE FOR BADII SEX WORKERS IN NEPAL Bhatt, P; Baltes, R; Swiss Development Cooperation, Nepal 11:45 3460 CHANGES IN SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR OF PROSTITUTES IN CALCUTTA Jana, S, '; Khodakevich, L2; Larivee, C2; Dey, I3; Sarder, N, 4; 'All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, 2WHO/GPA-I, 'Health and Ecodefence Society(HEDS), 4Human Development and Research Institute (HDRI), India 12:00 3470 PROXIMITY PREVENTION AMONG MALE PROSTITUTION IN MOROCCO Boushaba, A Association Morocaine de Lutte coutre le SIDA, Morocco 12:15 3480D EMPOWERMENT AGAINST AIDS IN THE SEX INDUSTRY De Moya, EA; Ferreira, F; Rosario, S; Bello, A; Mensajeras de, S; COIN, The Dominican Republic Room 7 (501) TRACK A: Basic Science AS59: Gene Regulation I: tat and rev Chairs: Akio Adachi (Japan) Eva-Marie Feny6 (Sweden) 11:00 349A MECHANISMS OF TNF, ACTIVATION BY HIV-1 TAT PROTEIN Buonaguro, L; Buonaguro, FM; Ensoli, B'; Giraldo, G; INT "Fond G; Pascale", Italy; 'NCI, NIH, USA 11:15 TAT-MINUS HIV-1 REPLICATION Chang, Lung-Ji; University of Alberta, Canada 350A 11:30 351A MOLECULAR EVIDENCE FOR A BLOCK IN REV-FUNCTION IN CHRONICALLY HIV-1 INFECTED HUMAN GLIAL CELLS Neumann, M",2; Kleinschmidt, A'; Erfle, V'; Felber, BK 2; Brack-Werner, R'; Pavlakis, GN"'2; 1GSF-Institute for Molecular Virology, Neuherberg, Germany; 2NCIFCRDC, ABL Basic Research Program, USA 11:45 352A REV-DEPENDENCY OF THE EXPRESSION OF GAG, ENV, AND NEF GENES OF HIV-1 Furuta, RA; Hatanaka, M; Kawamura, M; Adachi, A; Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University, Japan 12:00 353A REV-INDEPENDENT EXPRESSION OF HIV-1 Pavlakis, GN; Schneider, R; Nasioulas, G; Valentin, A; Zolotukhin, A; Song, S; Felber, BK; NCI-FCRDC, ABL Basic Research Program, USA 12:15 354A ACCURATE DIFFERENTIAL QUANTIFICATION OF HIV-1 tat, rev, nef AND pol mRNAs IN PATIENTS WITH EARLY-STAGE INFECTION Mo, T; O'Shaughnessy, M; Merzouki, A; Estable, M; Vellani, N; Cassol, S; British Columbia St Paul's Hospital, Canada 67

Page  68 Wednesday 10 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 8 (502) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS60: Antiretroviral Therapy: Nucleoside Monotherapy Chairs: Satoshi Kimura (Japan) Hiroaki Mitsuya (USA) 11:00 355B ZIDOVUDINE IN EARLY ASYMPTOMATIC HIV DISEASE: A CONTROLLED TRIAL IN SUBJECTS WITH GREATER THAN 500 CD4+ CELLS/AL Volberding, P; Lagakos, SW; Grimes, JM; Stein, DS; The ACTG 019 Team; UCSF; Harvard School of Public Health; NIAID, USA 11:15 356B THE POST-CONCORDE ERA: CURRENT TRENDS IN ZIDOVUDINE UTILIZATION O'Shaughnessy, MV; Hogg, RS; Strathdee, SA; Le, TN; Campbell, D; Schechter, MT; Montaner, JSG; University of British Columbia; The British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada 11:30 357B ZIDOVUDINE USE IN 104 PREGNANCIES: BIRTH DEFECTS Kumar, MR; Hughes, PF; Khurranna, A; UAE University, UAE 11:45 358B RESULTS OF LONG TERM FOLLOW-UP OF A DOUBLE BLIND STUDY OF ddl vs CONTINUED AZT AMONG INDIVIDUALS WITH CD4s 200-500/mm3 Ruedy, N; Montaner, JSG; Wainberg, M; Rachlis, A; Gill, J; Beaulieu, R; Schlech, W; Tsoukas, C; O' Shaughnessy, M; Raboud, J; Thorne, A; Smaldone, L; Schechter, MT; et al; Canadian HIV Trials Network, Canada; Bristol-Myers & Squibb, USA 12:00 359B VIROLOGIC RESPONSE TO DDI FOLLOWING PROLONGED AZT RX Mayers, DL; Wagner, KF; Chung, RCY; Vahey, MT; Weislow, OS; Zhou, S; Burke, DS; RV43 STUDY GROUP; MMCARR, USA 12:15 360B FIVE YEAR FOLLOW-UP OF A PHASE-I STUDY OF DIDANOSINE (DDI) IN PATIENTS (PTS) WITH ADVANCED HIV INFECTION Yarchoan, R; Nguyen, B -Y; Wyvill, KM; Venzon, DJ; Pluda, JM; Mitsuya, H; Broder, S; NCI, USA Room 9 (503) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS61: STD Control Program Chairs: Joan Kreiss (USA) Kazuhisa Osato (Japan) 11:00 361C MOBILIZATION OF STUDENTS FOR STDs/AIDS PREVENTION IN UNIVERSITIES IN CAMEROON Ella, M'; Boupda, A'; Fouda, A2; Debuysscher, R'; 'AIDSCAP; 'Ministry of Health, Cameroon, 'AIDSCAP Africa Regional Office, Kenya 11:15 362C HIV/STD PREVENTION AMONG SEX WORKERS IN NICARAGUA Rivera R'; Egger, M; Paniagua, M'; Volken, K'; Davey Smith, G'; 'UNAN Le6n, Nicaragua; 'Univ of Berne, Switzerland; 'Univ of Glasgow, UK 11:30 363C CONDOM USE AND THE INCIDENCE OF HIV/STD AMONG STUDENTS Kosia, A; Connaught Hospital, Leone 11:45 364C SYPHILIS SCREENING OF PREGNANT WOMEN IN KABAROLE DISTRICT, UGANDA. Sahlmueller, G; Kipp, W; Masheija, C'; Deut Gesell f Tech Zusammenarb (GTZ); 'Ministry of Health, Uganda 12:00 365C INTRODUCTION OF PARTNER REFERRAL & TREATMENT FOR CONTROL OF SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES IN A POOR HAITIAN COMMUNITY Desormeaux, J'; Behets, F'; Adrien, M'; Dallabetta, G'; Davis, H'; Hoffman, I'; Cohen, M2; Boulos, R'; 'Centres pour le Developpement, Haiti 'University of North Carolina; 'Family Health International, USA 12:15 366C DRUGS FOR STDs IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Nieto, fJ'; Casanova, fJ'; Fransen, L'; C EC; 'European Community, Belgium 68

Page  69 Wednesday 10 August / 11:00-12:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 10 (Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel) TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS62: Innovative School-based Education of HIV/ NOTE AIDS Chairs: Alan J. C. King (Canada) Bin Takeda (Japan) 11:00 367D DEVELOPING AND IMPLEMENTING CURRICULA TO ADDRESS HIV/AIDS IN SCHOOLS IN 12 ASIAN COUNTRIES Barthes, AM'; Baldo, M2; Bahri, S'; Jones, JT'; Chowdury, S; 'UNESCO, France; 'WHO/GPA; 'WHO/ HED, Switzerland; 'UNESCO, India 11:15 368D HOW TO SPEAK ABOUT SEXUALITY IN THE SCHOOL IN MORROCO? Imane, L; El Bernoussi, S; Haddad, F; Derkaoui, M; Verbeke, R; Association Marocaine de Lutte Contre le SIDA, Morocco 11:30 369D AIDS EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS Muley, DS'; Larivee C'; 'National AIDS Control Organization; 'World Health Organization; Delhi, India 11:45 370D DEVELOPING AIDS POLICY IN AN UNIVERSITY SETTING: A CANADIAN PERSPECTIVE Cox, BA; The University of Western Ontario, Canada 12:00 371D ASSESSING EFFECTIVENESS OF SCHOOL-BASED HIV PREVENTION Rugg, D'; Collins, J'; Sogolow, E'; Banspach, S'; Gilliam, A'; Kirby, D'; 'CDC; 'ETR, USA 12:15 372D THE EFFECTS OF A SEXUALITY/AIDS/STD EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM ON KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOURS OF CANADIAN GRADE 9 STUDENTS: A 3-YEAR STUDY King, A JC'; Warren, WK'; Beazley, RP'; Wright, NP'; 'Queen's University; 'Dalhousie University, Canada 69

Page  70 Wednesday 10 August / 18:80-15:00 ROUND-TABLE SESSIONS RT-17 Room 1 (National Convention Hall) RT-19 Room 3 (301 + 302) SCHOOL-BASED AIDS EDUCATION Moderators: Mariella Baldo WHO, Global Programme on AIDS (Switzerland) Bin Takeda Chiba University (Japan) Speakers: Marva Deane Parkinson Memorial School (Barbados) Bernard Gatawa UNICEF AIDS Education (Zimbabwe) Simone Monteiro Associacao Brasileria Interdisciplinar de AIDS (Brazil) PROTEASE INHIBITOR Moderators: Eric De Clercq Rega Institute (Belgium) Hiroaki Mitsuya National Cancer Institute (USA) Speakers: Keith Bragman Roche International Clinical Research Centre (France) John Erickson PRI/NCI-FCRDC (USA) Joseph Vacca Merck Research Laboratories (USA) RT-18 Room 2 (Main Hall) RT-20 Room 4 (303) GENE THERAPY AIDS AND JOURNALISM Moderators: David Klatzmann Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (France) Flossie Wong-Staal University of California, San Diego (USA) Speakers: Robert Gallo National Institutes of Health (USA) Philip Greenberg University of Washington (USA) Moderators: Oliver Morton The Economist (United Kingdom) Laurence Zavriew PANOS Institute (United Kingdom) Speakers: Jon Cohen Science Magazine (USA) Bachi Karkaria The Independent (India) John Ogen The Monitor (Uganda) (Note: Individuals with asterisk * are not confirmed.) 70

Page  71 Wednesday 10 August / 18:30-15:00 ROUND-TABLE SESSIONS RT-23 Room 9 (503) RT-21 Room 7 (501) MUCOSAL IMMUNITY Moderators: Ivan Hirsch INSERM U322 (France) Takashi Kurimura Osaka University (Japan) Speakers: Martin Kagnoff University of California, San Diego (USA) Hiroshi Kiyono The University of Alabama at Birmingham (USA) David Lewis St. George's Medical School (United Kingdom) FRONT-LINE EDUCATION FOR COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS Moderators: Paulo Longo Nucleo de Orientacao em Saide Social (Brazil) Ruth Morgan Thomas Scottish Prostitutes Education Project (United Kingdom) Speakers: Claudia Colimoro Sarellano Musa, A.C. (Mexico) Mizuho Matsuda HELP Asian Women's Shelter (Japan) Shane Petzer AIDS Support and Education Trust (South Africa) RT-22 Room 8 (502) RT-24 Room 10 (Ballroom Intercontinental) END-POINT OF CLINICAL TRIALS Moderators: Donald Abrams University of California, San Francisco (USA) John Dwyer AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific (Australia) Speakers: Mark Feinberg University of California, San Francisco (USA) Carlton Hogan University of Minnesota (USA) Praphan Phanuphak Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) Ellen Cooper AmFAR Community Based Clinical Trials Network (USA) NURSING AND HOME CARE AND HIV Moderators: Sandra Anderson WHO, Global Programme on AIDS (Switzerland) Hiroko Minami College of Nursing Art and Science, Hyogo (Japan) Speakers: Vuyelwa Ngcongco WHO Sub-Regional Office III (Zimbabwe) Mayuree Siripoon- Sozanski Ministry of Public Health (Thailand) Thomas Snee Private Consultant (United Kingdom) 71

Page  72 Wednesday 10 August 13:30 -15:00 SPECIAL RECENT REPORT SESSION Room 5(304) 15:30 -17:00 TENTH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL SESSION Room 1(National Convention Hall) SR-3 TS-3 1) HIV and Cancer Chair: Shigeo Mori Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo (Japan) Speaker: Brian G. Herndier San Francisco General Hospital (USA) 2) HIV Transmission from HIV Infected Persons to Their Stable Heterosexual Partners Chair: Kazuo Tajima Aichi Cancer Center Research Institute (Japan) Speaker: Isabelle de Vincenzi Hopital St. Maurice (France) International Cooperation in the Fight Against AIDS Opening: Norio Hattori, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japan) Chairs: Jean-Louis Lamboray The World Bank (USA) Fumimaro Takaku International Medical Center of Japan (Japan) Speakers: Helene Gayle Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (USA) Lars O Kallings National Institute of Public Health (Sweden) Jeffrey O' Malley International HIV/AIDS Alliance (UK) R. Msiska National AIDS Control Programme (Zambia) 72

Page  73 Wednesday 10 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 2 (Main Hall) TRACK A: Basic Science AS63: HIV Reverse Transcriptase and Drug Resistance Chairs: Nobuko Ikegami (Japan) Mark Wainberg (Canada) 15:30 373A ROLE OF THE THUMB SUBDOMAIN OF HIV-1 REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE ANALYZED BY AN INHIBITORY MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY Chiba, J'; Yamaguchi, A'; Wei, Z'; Ohba, H'; Saito, A2; Shinagawa, H2; Kurata, T'; 'Science Univ of Tokyo; 'Osaka Univ; 'NIH, Japan 15:45 374A MECHANISM OF ddC RESISTANCE OF THE K65R SUBSTITUTION IN HIV-1 REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE Gu, Z; Arts, E; Li, X; Parniak, M; Wainberg, MA; McGill AIDS Centre-Jewish General Hospital, Canada 16:00 375A HIV-1 RESISTANCE GENOTYPES IN THE PLASMA RNA AND PBMC DNA DURING ZDV/DDI COMBINATION THERAPY Eastman, PS'; Boyer, E'; Urdea, M'; Kolberg, J'; Mole, L2; Holodniy, M2; 'Chiron Corp; 'VA Medical Center, USA 16:15 376A CHARACTERISATION OF HIV ISOLATED FROM PATIENTS ENROLLED IN THE ALPHA DDI TRIAL Zheng, NN; Simasathiansophan, S; McQueen, PW: Hurren, L; Evans, L;Delaney, SF; Penny, R; Cooper, DA; University New South Wales and St Vincent's Hospital, Australia 16:30 377A HIV-1 DEVELOPS A SET OF NOVEL MUTATIONS CONFERRING MULTI-DRUG RESISTANCE DURING COMBINATION CHEMOTHERAPY Shirasaka, T; Kavlick, MF; Gao, W-Y; Kojima, E; Yarchoan, R; Mitsuya, H; National Cancer Institute, USA 16:45 378A LIMITING DILUTION PCR TO DETECT CHANGES IN THE RT OF HIV-1 FROM PATIENTS ON LONG TERM AZT TREATMENT Stein, CA; Levantis, P; Goh, B; Hillman, R; Oxford, JS; LHMC, UK Room 3 (301 + 302) TRACK A: Basic Science AS64: HIV Variability I Chairs: Mangalam Sinniah (Malaysia) Kazuo Tajima (Japan) 15:30 379A CHARACTERIZATION OF E SUBTYPE HIV-1 FROM AIDS PATIENTS AND RECENT SEROCONVERTERS IN NORTHERN THAILAND Wang, Z; Yu, X; Beyrer, C; Chamboonruang, S; Nelson, K; Johns Hopkins University, USA; Chiang Mai University, Thailand 15:45 380A VARIATION AND SHIFT OF HIV-1 ENV FOUND IN IDUs OF DEHONG EPIDEMIC-AREA IN CHINA Shao, YM"'; Wang, B'; Zeng, Y'; Hell, W'; Wolf, H'; 'Institute of Virology, China; 'Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, German 16:00 THE GPGQ STRUCTURE IN THE V3 LOOP DOMAIN IN A JAPANESE HEMOPHILIAC Miura, T; Meguro, T; Yamada, K; Watanabe, K; Honda, M; Haga Red Cross Hosp, Japan 381A 16:15 382A CORRELATION BETWEEN GENETIC AND BIOLOGIC PROPERTIES OF AFRICAN AND EUROPEAN HIV-1 AT THE BIOLOGICAL CLONE LEVEL Zhong, P; Peeters, M; Janssens, W; Fransen, K; Heyndrickx, L; Willems, B; Piot, P; van der Groen, G; Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium 16:30 383A GENETIC CHARACTERIZATION OF HIV-1/2 ISOLATES FROM GHANA Osei-Kwasi, M'; Takehisa J; Ayisi, NK'; Brandful, J'; Ampofo, W'; Magnusen, A'; Hishida, O; Igarashi, T; Yamashita, M; Ido, E; Miura, T; Hayami, M; 'University of Ghana, Ghana; 'Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University, Japan 16:45 384A MOLECULAR CHARACTERIZATION OF A HIV-1 STRAIN (HIVlIbNg) FROM NIGERIA Howard, TM; Rasheed, S; University of Southern California, USA 73

Page  74 Wednesday 10 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 4 (303) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS65: Opportunistic Infections: Fungal and Protozoal Chairs: Masaru Nasu (Japan) Kaoru Shimada (Japan) 15:30 385B EFFECT OF DIFFERENT VARIABLES ON THE RESULTS OF MICROBROTH DILUTION METHOD FOR IN VITRO ANTIFUNGAL SUSCEPTIBILITY TESTING OF YEASTS Maurizio, DP'; Arzeni, D'; Barchiesi, F',2; Marinucci, G'; Ancarani, F'; Scalise, G'; 'University of Ancona, Italy; 2Univ of Texas, and Audie L Murphy Mem Veteran's Hosp, USA 15:45 386B ITRACONAZOLE SOLUTION FOR FLUCONAZOLE-REFRACTORY OROPHARYNGEAL CANDIDIASIS IN AIDS: CORRELATION OF CLINICAL RESPONSE WITH IN VITRO SUSCEPTIBILITY Mahmood, W; Hamann-Trou, D; Phillips, P; Zemcov, SJ; Montaner, JSG; Clarke, AM; St Paul's Hospital, Canada 16:00 387B8 HIGH MORTALITY IN AIDS PATIENTS WITH CRYPTOCOCAL MENINGITIS DESPITE FLUCONAZOLE THERAPY IN UGANDA Oishi, K; Mugerwa, R'; Mitarai, S; Mayanja, H'; Nalongo, K'; Nagatake, T; Matsumoto, K; Nagasaki Univ, Japan; 'Makerere Univ, Uganda 16:15 388B SURVIVAL, DEATH, AND DESENSITIZATION TO TRIMETHOPRIM/SULFAMETHOXAZOLE (TMP/SMX) King, C; Slaton, A; Okabe, M; Conant, M; Conant Medical Growp; University of California, San Francisco, USA 16:30 389B THE IMPACT OF PROPHYLAXIS GUIDELINES ON PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII PNEUMONIA (PCP) IN INFANTS, USA Simonds, RJ'; Lindegren, M; Thomas, P; Scott, G; Connolly, G; Laraque, F; Hanson, D; PSD and PACTS Projects; 'CDC USA 16:45 390B IMPACT OF A COMMUNITY-WIDE OUTBREAK OF CRYPTOSPORIDIOSIS ON PATIENTS WITH AIDS Gilson, I; Buggy, BP; Brummitt, CF; Busalacchi, M; Ivantic, K; Wisconsin Community-Based Research Consortium, USA Room 5 (304) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS66: Epidemiological Issues of Commercial Sex Workers and Clients Chairs: Juzo Matsuda (Japan) Kenrad E. Nelson (USA) 15:30 391C INCIDENT HIV AND STDs IN DIRECT AND INDIRECT COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS (CSWs) IN THAILAND Beyrer, C; Khamboonruang, C; Narpratan, C; Celentano, D; Nelson, KE; Johns Hopkins Univ, USA; Chiang Mai University; Ministry of Public Health, Thailand 15:45 392C RAPID SPREAD OF HIV-1 INFECTION AMONG MALE COMMERCIAL STREET SEX WORKERS IN MIAMI, FLORIDA Klaskala, W; Lai, S; Shor-Posner, G; Sfakianaki, E; Gomez, O; Baum, M; University of Miami, USA 16:00 393C THE INCREASE IN HIV-1 PREVALENCE IN COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS (CSWs) IN THE GAMBIA, AND ASSOCIATION WITH OTHER STDS INCLUDING CERVICAL ABNORMALITIES Hawkes, S; St Mary's Hospital Medical School, UK 16:15 394C RISK FACTORS FOR HIV SEROCONVERSION IN COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS IN MOMBASA, KENYA: ROLE OF HORMONAL CONTRACEPTION AND STDs Martin, HL Jr; Nyange, PM; Jackson, DJ; Mandaliya, K; Holmes, KK; Ngugi, E; Ndinya-Achola, JO; Plummer, F; Kreiss, J; Univ of Washington, USA; Nairobi & Manitoba, Coast Province General Hospital, Kenya 16:30 395C FEASIBILITY OF PREVENTIVE ACTIONS AMONG TRANSVESTITE/TRANSSEXUAL PROSTITUTES IN PARIS Serre, A; Cabral, C'; Castelletti, S'; De Vincenzi, I; European Centre for the Epidemiological Monitoring of AIDS; 'PASTT, France 16:45 396C 2-YEAR FOLLOW-UP STUDY ON HIV, HEPATITIS B AND C VIRUSES AND SYPHILIS INFECTIONS IN A COHORT OF JAPANESE FEMALE SEX WORKERS Kihara, M'; Imai, M'; Kondoh, M'; Watanabe, S2; Kihara, M'; Soda, K'; 'Kanagawa Cancer Center Res Inst; 2 Kanagawa Prefectural Public Health Lab Yokohama City Univ, Japan 74

Page  75 Wednesday 10 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 6 (305) TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education SS2: Female-Controlled Prevention Chairs: Christopher Elias (USA) Purnima Mane (Switzerland) Speakers: SS7 Christopher Elias The Population Council, USA SS8 Cheikh Ibrahima Niang University Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal SS9 Ellen Weiss International Center for Research on Women, USA Room 7 (501) TRACK A: Basic Science AS67: Gene Regulation II: Cellular Factors Chairs: Hiroo Hoshino (Japan) George N. Pavlakis (USA) 15:30 397A A NOVEL EFFECTOR KINASE TO NFKB THAT ACTIVATES LATENT HIV Okamoto, T; Hayashi, T; Nakano, T; Sakurada, S; Nagoya City Univ, Japan 15:45 398A REGULATION OF MAD3 IkB IN HIV-INFECTED MONOCYTESMACROPHAGES McElhinny, JA; Bren, GD; Israel, A'; Paya, CV; Mayo Clinic, ULSA; 'Institute Pasteur, France 16:00 399A MODULATION OF HIV TRANSCRIPTION BY MULTIPLE FACTORS Ishii, S; Maekawa, T; Yasukawa, T; Sudo, T; RIKEN Tsukuba Life Science Center, Japan 16:15 400A CELLULAR FACTORS COOPERATIVELY INTERACT WITH THE REV AXIS OF HIV-1 AUTOREGULATION Zahng, MJ; Dayton, E; Dayton, Andrew I; LIR/ NIAID/NIH, USA 16:30 INHIBITION OF NF-kB DNA BINDING BYd-LIPOIC ACID Suzuki, YJ; Packer, L; University of California, Berkeley, USA 401A 16:45 402A TAT-DEPENDENT AND TAT-INDEPENDENT TRANSCRIPTIONAL ACTIVATION OF THE HIV-1 LTR BY THYROID HORMONE RECEPTOR Desai-Yajnik, V; Samuels, HH; NYU Med Ctr, USA 75

Page  76 Wednesday 10 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 8 (502) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS68: Mycobacterial Infections: Tuberculosis Chairs: Masakazu Aoki (Japan) Atsushi Saito (Japan) 15:30 403B DETECTION OF M TUBERCULOSIS AND M AVIUM IN AIDS PATIENTS THROUGH PCR; PROBLEMS AND PROMISES De Miranda, AB'; Grinstejn, B2; Veloso, VG2; Degrave, WM'; Suffys, PN'; 'DBBM and2HEC-Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Brazil 15:45 404B CYTOKINE PROFILES IN PATIENTS WITH PULMONARY TB AND HIV: EFFECTS OF ANTI-TB TREATMENT Morris, L; Makena, SN; Tiemessen, CT; Martin, DJ; National Institute for Virology, South Africa 16:00 405B PROSPECTIVE EVALUATION OF RISK OF TUBERCULOSIS IN HIV-INFECTED PERSONS BY TUBERCULIN REACTION SIZE Girardi, E; Antonucci, G; Ippolito, G; Armignacco, O; Spallanzani Hospital, Italy 16:15 406B PRESERVED PPD REACTIVITY AND FREQUENT CAVITARY DISEASE AS INITIAL CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS OF PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS IN HIV-INFECTED UGANDANS Nsubuga, P'; Whalen, C2; Johnson, JL2; Byekwaso, F'; Okwera, A'; Mugerwa, R'; Ellner, JJ2; Makerere University, Uganda; 2Case Western Reserve University, USA 16:30 407B ATYPICAL CHEST RADIOGRAPHIC PATTERNS IN PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS (PTB) PREDICT ADVANCED HIV INFECTION Wood, R; Post, FA; Pillay, GP; Univ of Cape Town, South Africa 16:45 408B AUTOPSY-PROVEN CAUSES OF DEATH IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS TREATED FOR TUBERCULOSIS IN ABIDJAN, COTE D'IVOIRE Greenberg, AE"; Lucas, S'; Tossou, O'; Coulibaly, IM4; Coulibaly, D4; Sidib, K1; Ackah, A'; DeCock, KM"2; Projet RETROCI; C6te d'Ivoir; 'CDC, USA; 'Univ Coil London Med School, UK; 4Centres Antituberculeux, C6te d'Ivoir Room 9 (503) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS69: HIV/AIDS in STD Clinic Patients Chairs: Subhash K. Hira (India) Hiroyuki Kojima (Japan) 15:30 409C HIV/STD INCIDENCE AMONG TRUCK DRIVERS IN MOMBASA, KENYA: ROLE OF CIRCUMCISION STATUS Jackson, DJ; Rakwar, J; Bwayo, J; Martin, H; Mandaliya, K; Moses, S; Kreiss, J; University of Washington, USA; University of Nairobi, Kenya; University of Manitoba, Canada; Coast Province General Hospital 15:45 410C DECREASED HIV/STD RISK BEHAVIOUR IN SEXUALLY ACTIVE ADULTS Rekart, ML; Knowles, LJ; Patrick, DM; BC Centre for Disease Control, Canada 16:00 411C THREE YEAR HIV SURVEILLANCE AMONG STD CLINIC PATIENTS IN PARIS, FRANCE Meyer, L'; Couturier, E2; Brossard, Y'; the Prevadav Group; 'INSERM U292; 2European Center for Surveillance of AIDS; 'HI St-Antoine, France 16:15 412C UNLINKED ANONYMOUS SURVEY OF HIV PREVALENCE IN ATTENDERS AT STD CLINICS IN ENGLAND AND WALES, 1990-1993 Joyce, CF; Nicoll, AG; Mercey, D'; Simms, I; Rogers, P; Catchpole, M; Gill, ON; CDSC; Middlesex Hospital, UK 16:30 413C THE AETIOLOGY OF SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE IN BOTSWANA Moffat, H'; Rahman, M'; Ballard, R2; Dangor, Y2; vd Veen, F3; 'AIDS/STD Unit, Botswana; 'SAMIR, South Africa; 'AIDS Task Force, EC 16:45 414C PREVALENCE OF HIV INFECTIONS AMONG THAILANDERS ATTENDING TO AN STD CLINIC IN TOKYO METROPOLITAN AREA Shimizu, M'; Kihara, M2; Kihara, M-; Nakahara, T'; Soda, K2; 'Shimizu Clinic, Tsuchiura; 'Yokohama City Univ School of Med; 'Kanagawa Cancer Center Res Inst; 'Inst of Public Health, Japan 76

Page  77 Wednesday 10 August / 15:30-17:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 10 (Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel) TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS70: Students Understanding of HIV/AIDS NOTE Chairs: June Crawford (Australia) Shoji Tsuchida (Japan) 15:30 4150 KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOR AMONG NEWCOMERS OF COLLEGE IN PORTO ALEGRE, STATE OF RIO GRANDE DO SUL, BRAZIL Correa, CC'; Zampese, MS'; Barcellos, NT2; Bozko, MP'; Gomes, A'; Rodrigues, ACS2; Soibelman, M'; Willers, D2; Ramos, MC'; 'Hospital Clinicas Porto Alegre; 2RGS State Health Secretariat, Brazil 15:45 4160 KNOWLEDGE AND SAFE SEX PRACTICE AMONG HETEROSEXUAL TERTIARY STUDENTS AS AN OUTCOME OF SOCIOCULTURAL CHANGE Crawford, J; Kippax, S; Rodden, P; Macquarie University, Australia 16:00 4170 KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDES TO HIV AND AIDS AND SEXUAL PRACTICES AMONGST UNIVERSITY STUDENTS IN LUSAKA, ZAMBIA Baggaley, R2; Mukosha, J'; Chipanta, D'; Phiri, M'; Tembo, M'; Godfrey-Faussett, P2'; 'Kara-Zambart Project, Zambia; 'London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; 'Kara Counselling and Training Trust, 4Univ Teaching Hospital; 'UNZA Counselling, Centre, Zambia 16:15 4180 THE IMPACT OF AIDS EDUCATION ON UNDERGRADUATE MEDICAL STUDENTS Aggarwal, OP; Sharma, AK; Univ Coil of Med Sci, India 16:30 4190 MEDICAL STUDENTS' ATTITUDES ABOUT HIV-RELATED ISSUES CHANGE AFTER 1 CLERKSHIP MacArthur, RD; White, D; Kosmyna, J; Lipton, L; Asbury, P; MacArthur, RG; Medical College of Ohio, USA 16:45 4200 RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL NORMS VERSUS SAFE SEX PROGRAM FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN: THE CASE OF TANZANIA Mmari, V; HIV/AIDS Unitech Program, Tanzania 77

Page  78 Wednesday 10 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 2 (Main Hall) TRACK A: Basic Science AS71: Antivirals Ill Chairs: John M. Dwyer (Australia) Shigeharu Ueda (Japan) 17:30 421A ANTI-HIV AND ANTI-APOPTOTIC ACTIVITY OF THE WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE: IMMUNOCALTM Baruchel, S'; Olivier, R'; Wainberg, M'; 'Montreal Children's & Jewish General Hosp, Canada; 'Pasteur Institute, France 17:45 422A RETROVIRAL ZINC FINGER CHELATE AS A NEW TARGET SITE FOR HIV CHEMOTHERAPY Kun, E; Mendeleyev, J; Hakam, A; Rice, WG; San Francisco State Univ, NCI-Frederick Carcer Research and Development Center, USA 18:00 423A AN INHIBITOR OF LIPID SIGNALING SUPPRESSES HIV EXPRESSION Leung, D; Peterson, P'; Gekker, G'; Chao, C'; Bursten, S; Bianco, J; Singer, J; Cell Therapeutics Inc; 'University of Minnesota, USA 18:15 424A VARIATIONS AT AMINO ACID 82 IN HIV-1 PROTEASE(PR) CONFER REDUCED SENSITIVITY TO STRUCTURALLY DISSIMILAR HIV PR INHIBITORS Winslow, DL; Anton, E; Horlick, R; Zagursky, R; Tritch, R; Scarnati, H; Ackerman, K; Otto, M; Bacheler, L; Dupont Merck Pharmaceutical Co, USA 18:30 425A ALX40-4C: ANTI-HIV, CELL UPTAKE AND PHARMACOKINETIC ANALYSES Sumner-Smith, M; Dabek, B; Presseault, S; Yungblut, P; Climie, SC; Chen, ISY'; Conway, B'; Allelix Biopharmaceuticals Inc, Canada; 'UCLA, USA; 'Ottawa General Hospital, Canada 18:45 426A DESIGN AND OPTIMIZATION OF POTENT, ORALLY ACTIVE HIV ASPARTYL PROTEASE INHIBITORS Tung, RD; Livingston, DL; Rao, GB; Kim, E; Pazhanisamy, S; Deininger, DD; et al; Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc, USA Room 3 (301 + 302) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS72: Quality of Life for People Living with HIV/AIDS Chairs: Kunihiko Akagi (Japan) Kaneo Yamada (Japan) 17:30 427B THANATOLOGICAL HOME-ATTENTION: AN ATTENTION MODEL TO FAMILY, FRIENDS AND/OR PARTNERS OF PATIENTS WITH AIDS TERMINALLY ILL Martinez, J'; Cruz, CJ'; Guerra, A'; Ramos, M'; Salame, E2; 'Mexican Foundation of Fight Against AIDS; 2INDRE, SCD, Mexico 17:45 428B REDUCING LENGTH OF STAY (LOS) FOR HIV+ PATIENTS AT AN URBAN MEDICAL CENTER Holmes, J; Alcabes, P; Zampano, C; Selwyn, P; Friedland, GH; Rawlings, J; Yale-New Haven Hospital; Yale School of Medicine, USA 18:00 429B QUALITY OF LIVE IN HIV ASYMPTOMATIC PATIENTS WITH LESS THAN 500 CD4 CELL COUNTS, RECEIVING AZT Izazola-Licea, JA; del Rio, C; Valdez-Garcia, M; Ortiz, R; Flores, M; CONASIDA, Mexico 18:15 430B MENTAL STATUS OF JAPANESE HIV/AIDS PATIENTS AND THEIR MAJOR CONCERNS Ishihara, M"',2; Kimura, S'; Oka, S'; Shimada, K'; University of Tokyo; 'Japanese Foundation for AIDS Prevention, Japan 18:30 431B NUTRITIONAL STATUS AND QUALITY OF LIFE Turner, J; Muurahainen, N; Terrell, C; Graeber, C; Kotler, C'; Phila FIGHT PA; 'St Lukes Hospital, USA 18:45 4328 GROWTH HORMONE THERAPY OF AIDS WASTING Schambelan, M; LaMarca, A'; Mulligan, K; Grunfeld, C; Kennedy, S'; Breitmeyer, J'; Daar, E'; UC San Francisco; 'Therafirst Ft Lauderdale; 'Cedars Sinai Los Angeles; 'Serono Laboratories, USA 78

Page  79 Wednesday 10 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 4 (303) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS73: Design Evaluation and Ethical Issues of Clinical Trials Chairs: Souleymane Mboup (Senegal) Robert Yarchoan (USA) 17:30 433B EVALUATING AUTOMATED ELIGIBILITY DETERMINATION FOR HIV CLINICAL TRIALS Sison, J"2; Miller, E'; Tu, S'; Carlson, R'; Deresinski, S"2; Musen, M'; 'Stanford Univ; 'Santa Clara Valley Med Ctr, USA 17:45 434B TWO-YEARS EXPERIENCE IN ENROLLMENT AND RETENTION OF PREGNANT WOMEN IN AIDS CLINICAL TRIALS: NEW CHALLENGES, NEW PERSPECTIVES Bardeguez, A; Grandchamp, J; Picardi, J; McSherry, G; Connor, E; NJ Medical School, USA 18:00 435B A COMMUNITY BASED, OPEN ARM, RANDOMIZED STUDY OF ZDV/ddl VS ZDV/ddC-SHOULD WE EMBRACE NEW DRUGS WITH OPEN ARMS? Srour, L; Montaner, JSG; Hogg, RS; Mandigo, K; Barber, CG; O'Shaughnessy, MV; Schechter, MT; et al; BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS; the Canadian Trials Network, Canada 18:15 436B A STRATEGY FOR THE EVALUATION OF MULTIPLE PROPHYLACTIC AGENTS FOR OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS AMONG HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS El-Sadr, W; Wentworth, D; Cohen, D; Gordin, F; Brosgart, C; Costanzo, L; Walker, J; Hafner, R; CPCRA; NIAID, NIH, USA 18:30 437B BARRIERS TO PRISONER PARTICIPATION IN AIDS-RELATED CLINICAL TRIALS IN THE US Kelly, ET; Correctional Assoc of NY, USA 18:45 438B INTERACTION BETWEEN BIOMEDICAL/SOCIAL FIELDS AND NGO'S IN RIO DE JANEIRO VACCINE CENTER Sutmoller, F; Bastos, C; Penna, T; Souza, C; Evnadro Chagas Hosital, Brazil Room 5 (304) TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS74: Policies of AIDS Programming Chairs: Dennis Altman (Australia) Masayoshi Tarui (Japan) 17:30 4390 ASSESSING GOVERNMENT STRATEGIES FOR ORGANIZING AND MANAGING THE HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIC Porter, M; The World Bank, USA 17:45 4400 INNOVATION, TOLERANCE AND PRAGMATISM: THREE ESSENTIAL TOOLS IN DEVELOPING A PARTNERSHIP APPROACH Chalkley, M; Fowler, D'; Young, F2; C'wealth Dept of Human Services & Health; 'New South Wales Dept of Health, 'Australian Federation of AIDS Org's, Australia 18:00 4410 THE PHILIPPINE NATIONAL AIDS PREVENTION AND CONTROL PROGRAM: 1988-1993 Hernandez, ER; Villanueva, JHF; PHIL-AIDS Foundation, Philippines 18:15 4420 SOCIETAL RESPONSIBILITY AND RIGHTS OF THE HIVINFECTED Wong, ECL; Hong Kong Government, Hong Kong 18:30 4430 INTERNATIONAL HIV/AIDS ALLIANCE: LINKING ORGANIZATIONS FOR TA & FUNDING TO LOCAL NGOs Crane, SF'; Calica, C'; Dahourou, R'; 'lntl HIV/AIDS Alliance, UK; 'PANSuP, Philippines; 'PSBP, Burkina Faso 18:45 HIV/AIDS GRASSROOTS POLICY ACTION TEAM Donnelly, A; Lewis, D; Project Inform, USA 4440 79

Page  80 Wednesday 10 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 6 (305) TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS75: Structural Issues Affecting Sex Work Chairs: Teresita Marte P. Bagasao (Philippines) Ruth G. Morgan Thomas (UK) 17:30 4450D THAI PROSTITUTION: ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL FACTORS Lamsam, S1''2; Viravaidya, M'; 'Population and Community Development Association; 2Thailand Business Coalition on AIDS, Thailand 17:45 4460 A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON COMMERCIAL SEX INDUSTRIES AND AIDS WIdjaya, S1; Morati, TP2; 'Provincial Health Office of Bali; 2Y Citra Usadha, Indonesia 18:00 4470 THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL ECONOMIC AND SEXUAL EMPOWERMENT: COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS (CRS) Kiruhi, M'; Ngugi, EN2; Kamau, P'; Nyambola, L'; Ronald, A'; Voluntary Women Rehabilitation Institute (VOWRI); 2University of Nairobi and VOWRI, Kenya; 'University of Manitoba, Canada, 'University of Nairobi, Kenya 18:15 4480D COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS' RISK TO HIV IN PUNE Mawar, N; Divekar, AD; Tripathy, SP; Bagul, RG; Swamy, M; Banerjee, K'; Rodrigues, JJ; National AIDS Research Institute; 'NIV(ICMR), India 18:30 4490 AN EUROPEAN OBSERVATORY FOR SANITARY AND SOCIAL RESEARCHES ON SEX WORKERS Braggiotti, L; El Amri, M; Cantero, A; Boutet, N; the Whole Team of Bus des Femmes, France 18:45 4500D SEX WORK, HUMAN RIGHTS AND HEALTH WHAT ARE THE CONNECTIONS AND WHAT IS GOING WRONG? Overs, C; Network of Sex Work Related HIV/AIDS Projects, UK Room 7 (501) TRACK A: Basic Science AS76: HIV Variability II Chairs: Shinji Harada (Japan) Suraiya Rasheed (USA) 17:30 451A COMPARATIVE STUDY USING THREE REGIONS OF THE HIV-1 GENOME IN A CASE INVOLVING PERSON-TO-PERSON TRANSMISSION Luo, C-C; Simonds, RJ; Baldwin, A; Moore, CR; Schochetman, G; Kalish, ML; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA 17:45 452A SELECTIVE FEATURES OF HIV-1 THAT INFLUENCE MATERNAL: CHILD TRANSMISSION Kliks, S; Contag, C'; Wara, D; Levy, JA; Univ of Calif San Francisco; 'Stanford Univ, USA 18:00 453A CHARACTERIZATION OF A CASE OF INTRAFAMILIAL INFECTION OF HIV-1 SUBTYPE E Sato, H'; Taniguchi, K'; Tomita, Y'; Miyakuni, T'; Takebe, Y'; 'NIH 'Naha Prefectural Hospital, Japan 18:15 454A CHARACTERIZATION OF HIV ISOLATES FROM A SET OF TWINS WITH DIFFERENT DISEASE COURSES Zhou, Y; Hutto, C; Hue, J; Scott, W; Wood, C; University of Miami, USA 18:30 455A MAPPING CD4 T-LYMPHOCYTE EPITOPES IN A LONG TERM SURVIVOR Ratto, S; Sitz, KV; Robb, ML; Frey, SC; Moriarty, R'; Redfield, RR; Birx, DL; WRAIR; 'NNMC, USA 18:45 456A INTRA-PATIENT VARIABILITY OF HIV-2 ENVELOPE V3 LOOP AND DISEASE PROGRESSION Sankale, J-L; Sallier de la Tour, R; Renjifo, B; Marlink, R; Mboup, S'; Essex, M; Kanki, P; Harvard University, USA; 'Universite CA Diop, Senegal 80

Page  81 Wednesday 10 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 8 (502) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS77: Role of STD as Risk Factors Chairs: H. Martin (Luxembourg) Noah Jamie Robinson (France) 17:30 457C INCREASE IN ENDOCERVICAL CD4 LYMPHOCYTES IN WOMEN WITH NON-ULCERATIVE STD Levine, WC'; Pope, V'; Bhoomkar, A2; Bullard, J'; Zaidi, A'; Tambe, P2; 'CDC; 2FCHD, USA 17:45 458C RISK FACTORS FOR GENITAL ULCER DISEASE IN STD CLINIC ATTENDERS Nasio, JM'; Nagelkerke, NJD"2; Mwatha, A'; Moses, S',2; Ndinya-Achola, JO'; Plummer, FA'1,2; 'University of Nairobi, Kenya; 2University of Manitoba, Canada 18:00 459C PREVALENCE OF STDs AMONG HIV+ AND HIV- PATIENTS IN AN STD CLINIC IN HAITI Mellon, LR; Gelin-Charlot, C; Grand'Pierre, R; Mevs, M; Liautaud, B; Cornell-GHESKIO, Port-au-Prince, Haiti 18:15 460C HIV TRANSMISSION TO FEMALE PARTNERS OF HIVPOSITIVE BLOOD DONORS IN CHIANG MAI, THAILAND Suriyanon, V'; Nagachinta, T2; Duerr, A'; Rugpao, S'; Khamboonruang, C'; Nelson, KE4; 'Chiang Mai University, Thailand; 2CONRAD, 'CDC; 'The Johns Hopkins University, USA 18:30 461C DETECTION OF HIV ANTIBODY AMONG CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS INFECTED PREGNANT WOMEN IN JAPAN Umenai, T'; Sasaki, T; Sato, N; Endo, C; Honda, S; Hiroi, M; Ito, C; Nakagomi, O; Osaka, Y; 'University of Tokyo, Japan 18:45 462C ROLE OF GARDNERELLA VAGINALIS AS A COFACTOR IN HIV INFECTION Bhave, GG; Surve, CR; GSMC & KEM Hospital Bombay, India Room 9 (503) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS78: HIV/AIDS among Prisoners Chairs: Arwind Diwan (USA) Hideo Ohashi (Japan) 17:30 463C OUTBREAK OF HIV IN A SCOTTISH PRISON Taylor, A; Goldberg, D; Cameron, S; Emslie, J; Ruchill Hospital, UK 17:45 464C HIV-RELATED RISK REDUCTION AMONG WOMEN OFFENDERS IN JAIL AND IN THE COMMUNITY Schilling, RF; Ivanoff, A; El-Bassel, N; Borne, D; Kabas, F; Columbia University, USA 18:00 465C HIV-1 INFECTION IN ADULTS AND YOUNG OFFENDERS IN ONTARIO, CANADA Calzavara, L'; Major, C2; Myers, T'; Schlossberg, J'; Millson, M'; Wallace, E2; Fearon, M2; Rankin, J'; 'University of Toronto; 'Ontario Ministry of Health, Canada 18:15 466C HOW DO PRISIONERS USE CONDOMS IN BRAZILIAN JAILS? Oliveira, SJ; Longo, P; Damsceno, JL; Ntcleo de Orientacao em Safde Social, Brazil 18:30 467C HIV INFECTION IN PRISON IN MEXICO Magis, C'; Del Rio, A'; Gonzalez, G'; Garcia, ML'; Valdespino, JL'; Sepulveda, J2; 'Instituto Nacional de Diagn6stico y Referencia Epidemiologicos; 'Subsecretario de Salud; Mexico 18:45 468C COMPULSORILY DETAINED HIV PATIENTS IN SWEDEN Alexius, B; Wistedt, B; Danderyd Hospital, Sweden 81

Page  82 Wednesday 10 August / 17:30-19:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 10 (Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel) TRACK 0: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS79: Street Children and Out-of-School Youth NOTE Chairs: Daisuke Onuki (Japan) Shimpei Takuma (Japan) 17:30 4690 AN EVALUATION OF AN AIDS EDUCATION PHOTO-COMIC FOR THE YOUTH OF SOUTH AFRICA Reddy, P; Everett, K; Mathews, C; Swanevelder, S; Medical Research Council, South Africa 17:45 4700 ADOLESCENTS AS SKILLED AND COMMITTED HIV/STD PEER EDUCATORS IN JAMAICA Hue, L; Bain, B; White, B; Richardson, A; Petitgirard, A; Fee, N; Intern'l Fed of Red Cross; Red Crescent Societies; Jamaica Red Cross Society, Jamaica 18:00 4710 SCHOOL BASED COMMUNITY ACTION FOR AIDS/STD PREVENTION Tanskul, P; Ministry of Education, Thailand 18:15 4720 SOCIAL MARKETING OF 'AIDS EDUCATION FOR YOUTH'THE INDIAN EXPERIMENT Quraishi, SY; Youth Action on AIDS, India 18:30 473D GENDER-SPECIFIC CORRELATES OF MULTIPLE SEXUAL PARTNERS AMONG AFRICAN-AMERICAN ADOLESCENTS IN A HIGH RISK URBAN ENVIRONMENT Harper, G'; Lodico, M; DiClemente, R; Coates, T'; Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS); University of California, San Francisco, USA 18:45 4740 HAZARDS OF HIV/AIDS WORK: EXPERIENCES OF A COMMUNITY BASED HIV/AIDS PREVENTION AND CARE PROGRAM FOR HOMELESS YOUTH AND ADULTS IN THE SEX TRADE Urban, MT, Fellizar, IF; Kabalilat Ng Pamilyang Pilipino, Philippines 82

Page  83 Wednesday 10 August / 19:15 - 20:45 EVENING SPECIAL SESSION Room 2(Main Hall) ES-3 NOTE AIDS Education Moderators: Bin Takeda Chiba University (Japan) Daisuke Onuki Japanese Foundation for AIDS Prevention (Japan) 83

Page  84 11 AUGUST Plenary Sessions 08:80-10:00 PS25 Building Effective Partnerships Between Communities and Governments PS26 Controlling the Emergence of Tuberculosis in HIV-Infected Patients PS27 Knowledge Attitudes and Practices of Moroccan Medical Residents Towards HIV Infection PS28 Evaluation of Harm Reduction Methods Among Drug Users PS29 Future Strategies Regarding Children Affected by AIDS PS30 The Impact of HIV/AIDS Room 1 Room 1 Room 1 Room 2 Room 2 Room 2 Poster Sessions Part 2 Abstract Sessions 10:30-12:00 Posters (Part 2) will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall from 10:00 Wednesday 10 August through 17:00 Thursday 11 August. AS-80 AS-81 AS-82 AS-83 AS-84 AS-85 AS-86 AS-87 AS-88 Condom Use and HIV/AIDS Prevention Hemophilia Prisoners STD (3) HIV-Induced Abnormalities of Cellular Immunity Virus Co-factors Antiretroviral Therapy: Non Nucleosides and Protease Inhibitions Counseling HIV Variability Ill Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 10 Round-table Sessions 18:00-14:80 RT-25 When to Start Antiretroviral Treatment RT-26 Women and Research on HIV/AIDS RT-27 People with Hemophilia and HIV-Lessons for the Future RT-28 Migration Issues and HIV/AIDS RT-29 Alternative Therapy RT-30 Increasing AIDS Prevention Through Increasing Condom Use RT-31 Trends and Involvement of Development NGOs in HIV/AIDS Work RT-32 Control of HIV-Related Tuberculosis Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 10 84

Page  85 Thursday Program Abstract Sessions 15:00-10:80 PAS-89 AS-90 AS-91 AS-92 AS-93 AS-94 AS-95 AS-96 AS-97 Viral Accessory Genes Traditional and Natural Medicine HTLVs Education for STD Prevention Mycobacterial Infections: Other than Tuberculosis Intervention for Drug Users Public Education Through Mass Media The Workplace and HIV/AIDS Virus Isolation, Detection and Characterization: New Technology Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 10 Closing Ceremony 17:00-19:00 Closing ceremony program to be announced. Room 1 85

Page  86 Thursday 11 August / 08:80-10:00 PLENARY SESSIONS Room 1 (National Convention Hall) Room 2 (Main Hall) m 08:30 Chairs: Kenzo Kiikuni (Japan) Teresita M. P. Bagasao (Philippines) BUILDING EFFECTIVE PARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN COMMUNITIES AND GOVERNMENTS Dennis Altman, La Trobe University (Australia) PS25 08:30 PS28 Chairs: Tsunetsugu Munakata (Japan) L.G.M.Rodrigues (Brazil) EVALUATION OF HARM REDUCTION METHODS AMONG DRUG USERS Palaniappan Narayanan, Pink Triangle (Malaysia) 09:00 PS26 09:00 PS29 Chairs: Tadao Shimao (Japan) James W.Curran (USA) CONTROLLING THE EMERGENCE OF TUBERCULOSIS IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Jose M.Gatell, Hospital Clinic (Spain) Chairs: Dorothy Blake (Switzerland) J. B. Brunet (France) FUTURE STRATEGIES REGARDING CHILDREN AFFECTED BY AIDS Mazuwa Banda, Churches Medical Association of Zambia (Zambia) 09:30 PS27 09:30 PS30 Chairs: Jonathan M. Mann (USA) Kazuhiko Higuchi (Japan) KNOWLEDGE ATTITUDES AND PRACTICES OF MOROCCAN MEDICAL RESIDENTS TOWARDS HIV INFECTION Hakima Himmich, University Hospital Center (Morocco) Chairs: Hirotada Hirose (Japan) Lieve Fransen (Belgium) THE IMPACT OF HIV/AIDS Stefano M. Bertozzi, WHO, Global Programme on AIDS (Switzerland) 86

Page  87 Thursday 11 August / 10:30-12:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 2 (Main Hall) TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS80: Condom Use and HIV/AIDS Prevention Chairs: Masashi Mizokami (Japan) Faustn Yao (Switzerland) 10:30 475C USER ACCEPTABILITY OF FEMALE CONDOM AMONG FEMALE SEX WORKERS IN SINGAPORE Chan, R; Soon, T; Dept of STD Control, Singapore 10:45 476C PROMOTION OF CONDOM USE FOR AIDS PREVENTIONEXPERIENCE IN THE UGANDA MUSLIM COMMUNITY Walakira, Y; Kagimu, M; Munyagwa, R; Islamic Medical Association of Uganda, Uganda 11:00 477C GLOBAL PROJECTIONS OF CONDOM REQUIREMENTS FOR STD/AIDS PREVENTION, 1994-2005 Freil, P; Lustig, E; WHO/GPA, Geneva, Switzerland 11:15 478C THE ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CONDOM PROGRAMME IN THAILAND, AN UPDATE Rojanapithayakorn, W; Department of Communicable Disease Control, Thailand 11:30 479C HOT RUBBER-THE CONDOM: MARKETING LIFESTYLE, IMPROVING PREVENTIVE BEHAVIOUR, GENERATING MONEY FOR NGO's: THE SWISS EXPERIENCE Htusermann, M; Roggli, C; Riedener, H; Stshli, A; Swiss Aids Foundation, Switzerland 11:45 480C PREDICTORS OF CONDOM USE WITH CASUAL PARTNERS AMONG MEN IN KAMPALA, UGANDA Kamya, MR; Ssali, A; Busulwa, R; Marin, BV'; Hearst, N'; Makerere University, Uganda; 'CAPS, Univ of Calif, San Francisco, USA Room 3 (301 + 302) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS81: Hemophilia Chairs: Anastasia Karafoulidou (Greece) Jun-ichi Mimaya (Japan) 10:30 481B DETERMINANTS OF PROGRESSION IN A HEMOPHILIA COHORT FOLLOWED FOR 14 YEARS Hatzakis, A'; Karafoulidou, A'; Touloumi, G'; Polychronaki, H'; Gialeraki, A'; Kapsimali, V'; Economidou, I'; Mandalaki, T'; 'Athens Univ Med Sch; 'Laikon; 3Evangelismos Hosp, Greece 10:45 482B PROGRESSION TO AIDS AMONG HIV-POSITIVE HEMOPHILIACS Ghirardini, A; Chiarotti, F; Puopolo, M; Mancuso, G'; Zanetti, L; Perugini, L'; Arcieri, R; Scaraggi, FA'; The Italian Group of Congenital Coagulopathies (GICC); Istituto Superiore di Sanity; Hemophilia Centre of 'Torino; 'Palermo; 'Bari, Italy 11:00 483B CHANGES IN VIRAL LOAD IN HIV-1 INFECTED HEMOPHILIACS Horikoshi, Y'; Mimaya, J'; Tonouchi, T'; Amano, K'; Morita, T'; Naitou, H'; 'Shizuoka Children's Hospital; 'University of Shizuoka, Japan 11:15 484B CONDITIONS OF HIV INFECTED HEMOPHILIACS IN JAPAN Ishida, Y'; lenishi, S'; Ogasawara, K; Kawamura, M; 'Friendly Society of Hemophiliacs in Kyoto, Japan 11:30 485B COUNSELING FOR HIV-POSITIVE HEMOPHILIACS IN JAPAN Yanaga, Y; Ono, O; Shirahata, A; Univ of Occup & Educ Health, Japan 11:45 486B HIV INFECTED HEMOPHILIACS TREATED WITH ANTIRETROVIRALS Santarelli, M; Perez, BR; Varnavi, D; Tezanos, PM; Inst Inv Hematologicas 'Mariano R Castex', Argentina 87

Page  88 Thursday 11 August / 10:30-12:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 4 (303) TRACK 0: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS82: Prisoners Room 5 (304) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS83: STD (3) Chairs: Joan Anderson (Canada) Catherine Hankins (Canada) 10:30 48 IMPRISONED WOMEN, A POSITIVE CHANGE Perelis, L; Perez, P; SOLDAR, Argentina 10:45 48 EFFECTIVE HIV/AIDS POLICIES AND PROGRAMS FOR THE PRISON SYSTEM Vumbaca, G; Department of Corrective Services, Australia Chairs: Timothy D. Mastro (Thailand) Motoyasu Sugase (Japan) 70 10:30 493B MOLECULAR DETECTION OF HIV IN CERVICAL SCRAPINGS Rasheed, S; Li, Z; Xu, D; Kovacs, A; University of Southern California, USA 80 11:00 4890D STD/HIV PEER EDUCATION INCARCERATED: MULTIMEDIA MODEL Cozza, S; LCSW; ACSW; Cal Medical Facility, USA 11:15 4900D HOMOSEXUAL CONTACTS AMONG MALE PRISON INMATES IN RUSSIA Albov, AP'; Issaev, DD'; 'Ministry of Internal Affairs; ZBekhterev Institute, Russia 11:30 4910D SITUATION OF HIV/AIDS INMATES WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF INTERNATIONAL RIGHTS, WHO DIRECTIVES AND CHILENA LEGISLATION Ortiz, F; Bustos, SP; Child, R; National Comission of AIDS, Chile 11:45 4920D PEOPLE IN DETENTION, PROTAGONIST OF CHANGE Vazquez, LN; Barberis, D; FUNDESO, Argentina 10:45 494B HIV MODIFIES SYPHILIS: SECONDARY RASH AND CHANCRE IN HIV+ PATIENTS Cruz, C; Garcla, ML; Lopez, A; Loo, E; Martinez, BJ; Villaseior, HM; Valdespino, JL;Seplveda, J; INDRE, SCD, Mexico 11:00 495B AETIOLOGY OF COMMON STD RELATED SYNDROMES OBSERVED AT A CLINIC IN WINDHOEK: A RESEARCH STUDY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF STD CLINICAL ALGORITHMS Ghidinelli, MN'; lyambo, S2; Hernandez, D2; Ludik, P2; Dangor, Y'; Ballard, R3; 'CEC/STD Adviser to NACP; 2NACP, Ministry of Health, Namibia; 'SAIMR, South Africa 11:15 496B HEALTH SEEKING BEHAVIOUR AMONG MALE STD PATIENTS OF PUNE, INDIA Gangakhedkar, R; Mehendale, S; Quinn, T'; Mawar, N; Rodrigues, J; Bollinger, R'; National AIDS Research Institute, India; JHU, USA 11:30 497B THE INTEGRATION OF STD/HIV SERVICES AS EFFECTIVE AND INTEREST EXAMPLE FOR DEVELOPPING COUNTRIES IN AID'S PREVENTION Ndoye, I; Sakho, ML; Benga, E; Tardy, M; Sart, LC; Diaw, I; Mboup, S; National AIDS Committee Senegal, Senegal 11:45 498B THE ALGORITHMS FOR SYNDROMIC APPROACH OF STD IN ADOPTION BY THE BRAZILIAN MINISTRY OF HEALTH(MOH) Moherdaui, F; Rodrigues, LGM; Lima, JRC; Bueno, H; Gomes, F; National STD/AIDS Program, MOH, Brazil 88

Page  89 Thursday 11 August / 10:30-12:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 6 (305) TRACK A: Basic Science AS84: HIV Induced Abnormalities of Cellular Immunity Chairs: Toshio Hattori (Japan) Kazuyuki Yoshizaki (Japan) 10:30 499A THE CARBOXYL-TERMINAL REGION OF HIV-1 Nef PROTEIN IS A CELL SURFACE DOMAIN WHICH INTERACTS WITH CD4+ T CELLS Ikuta, K'; Otake, K2; Nakaya, T'; Nishino, Y'; Zhong, Q'; Fujinaga, K'; Kameoka, M'; Ohki, K'; Fujii, Y; 1' Hokkaido University; 'Nagoya University, Japan 10:45 500A CD4+ T HELPER CELLS WITH A THO/TH2-LIKE FUNCTION DURING HIV INFECTION: EXPANSION AND INFECTION OF THE CD7-SUBSET Autran, B; Blanc, C; Legac, E; Gorochov, G; Debre, P; Hop Pitie-Salpetriere, France 11:00 501A ALTERATIONS IN PHENOTYPICALLY-DEFINED SUBSETS OF CD4 AND CD8 CELLS IN ASYMPTOMATIC HIV+ PATIENTS Benito, JM; Zabay, JM; Sanchez, E; Fernandez-Cruz, E; Hospital Gregorio Marafon, Spain 11:15 502A VIRO-IMMUNOLOGICAL STUDIES IN ACUTE HIV-1 INFECTION Roos, MTL; de Leeuw, NASM; Huisman, HG; Meyaard, L; Schellekens, PTA; Claessen, FAP'; Schuitemaker, H; Miedema, F; Univ of Amsterdam; 'Free University, The Netherlands 11:30 503A V61 REPERTOIRE OF yST CELLS IN HUMAN PERIPHERAL LYMPHOCYTES: INFLUENCE OF HIV-INFECTION Boullier, S; Cochet, M; Poccia, F; Gougeon, ML; Institut Pasteur, France 11:45 504A RAPID FLOW CYTOMETRY DETECTION OF T CELL SUBSET ACTIVATION IN AIDS Maino, VC'; Suni, M'; Ruitenberg, J'; Holodniy, M2; 'Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems; 'Palo Alto VA Medical Center, USA Room 7 (501) TRACK A: Basic Science AS85: Virus Co-factors Chairs: Paolo Lusso (USA) Kazuo Nagashima (Japan) 10:30 505A HHV-7 USES CD4 AS A RECEPTOR AND INTERFERES WITH HIV INFECTION IN CD4+ T-CELLS AND MONONUCLEAR PHAGOCYTES Lusso, P; Secchiero, P; Crowley, RW; Berneman, ZN; Gallo, RC; NCI, NIH, USA 10:45 506A TRANSACTIVATION OF THE HIV LTR BY IE2 PROTEIN OF HUMAN CYTOMEGALOVIRUS IS DOWNREGULATED BY THE RETINOBLASTOMA GENE PRODUCT Choi, KS; Kim, S-J; Kim S'; 'Seoul National University, Korea 11:00 507A FREQUENCY OF HHV-6 INFECTION IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS Ablashi, D'; Kaplan, M2; Salahuddin, SZ'; Pearson, GR'; 'G'town Univ; 'No Shore Univ Hosp; 'Univ of So Cal, USA 11:15 508A HHV-6 SALI-L ORF-1 REACTIVATES HIV-1 PROVIRUS Rosenthal, L; Sadaie, MR; Kashanchi, F; Georgetown University, USA 11:30 509A BK VIRUS INFECTION IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS Sata, T'; Matsukura, T'; Kurata, T'; Wakabayashi, T2; 'NIH; 2University of Tokyo, Japan 11:45 510A ASSOCIATION OF MYCOPLASMA PENETRANS WITH HIV INFECTION Grau, O'; Slizewicz, B2; Tuppin, P'; Launay, V'; Lafeuillade, A'; Bahraoui, E'; Blanchard, A'; Rozenbaum, W4; Montagnier, L'; 'Institut Pasteur; 2Diagnostics Pasteur; 'Hfpital Chalucet, Toulon; 'Hopital Rothschild, France 89

Page  90 Thursday 11 August / 10:30-12:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 8 (502) Room 9 (503) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS86: Antiretroviral Therapy: Non Nucleoside; and Protease Inhibitions Chairs: David A. Cooper (Australia) Michael S. Saag (USA) 10:30 EFFICACY OF NEVIRAPINE ADDED TO ZIDOVUDINE IN Pi HIV-1-INFECTED PATIENTS WITH CD4 +COUNTS< 500/ mm3 Carr, A; St Vincent's Hospital, Australia 10:45 PHASE II CLINICAL TRIALS OF DELAVIRDINE MESYLATI COMBINATION THERAPY Freimuth, WW; Davey, R'; Batts, D'; Lane, C'; Co: Wathen, L; Peel, B; Daenzer, C; Morse, G; Chaitt, Herpin, B'; Upjohn; 'NIH, USA 11:00 EVALUATION OF THE EFFICACY AND TOLERANCE OF R18893, R89439 (loviride) AND PLACEBO IN ASYMPTOMATIC HIV1 PATIENTS Staszewski, S'; Vandercam, B2; DeVuyst, H2; Colebunders, B2; Clumeck, N2; Stille, W'; Peeters, I Andries, K3; Stoffels, P'; Van Den Broeck, R'; Jans PAJ'; 'Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitat; 2The Belgian Alpha-APA clinical trial group; 'Janssen Research Foundation, Germany 11:15 FINDING NEW INHIBITORS OF THE HIV-1 INTEGRASE: STRUCTURE-BASED AND EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES Weinstein, JN; Raghavan, K; Buolamwini, J; Zahar D; Paull, KD; Mazumder, A; Fesen, M; Kohn, K'W Pommier, Y; National Cancer Institute, USA 11:30 CHARACTERISATION OF "IN VIVO" SELECTED HIV-1 VARIANTS WITH REDUCED SENSITIVITY TO PROTEINAS INHIBITOR SAQUINAVIR Mous, J; Brun-Vezinet, F'; Duncan, IB2; Hanggi, 1\ Jacobsen, H; Vella, S'; F Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Switzerland; Hopital Bichat-Claude Bernard, Franc( 2Roche Products Ltd, UK; 'Inst Superiore di Sanita, Italy 11:45 IN VITRO INDUCTION OF HIV-1 WITH REDUCED SENSITI TO HIV PROTEASE INHIBITORS, KNI-227 AND KNI-272 Anderson, B; Kageyama, S; Ueno, T; Mitsuya, H; National Cancer Institute, USA TRACK B/D: Clinical Science and Care/Impact, Societal Response and Education AS87: Counseling Chairs: Kazuhiko Higuchi (Japan) Eric van Praag (WHO) 10:30 517B/D CONFIDENTIAL SHARING - THE LINK FROM INDIVIDUAL TO COMMUNITY COUNSELLING Campbell, ID; Rader, AD; The Salvation Army International Headquarters, UK 10:45 518B/D HIV PREVENTION COUNSELING USING AN ON-SITE, RAPID HIV ASSAY Kassler, WJ'; Dillon, B'; Haley, C2; Schenk, T2; Hutcheson, D2; Jones, W'; Gerber, R'; Beeker, C'; Stark, K'; Holtgrave, D'; 'Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 2Dallas County Health Department, USA 11:00 519B/0 VOLUNTARY HIV COUNSELLING AND TESTING (C&T) IN LUSAKA, ZAMBIA WHO COMES, WHY AND DOES IT HELP Kelly, M'; Baggaley, R"2; Phiri, M'; Bennett, J'; Chanda, C'; 'Kara Counselling and Training Trust, Zambia; 2London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 11:15 5 TRAINING TRADITIONAL HEALERS FOR AIDS AND STD PREVENTION AND COUNSELLING: A COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE IN UGANDA King, R"; Kyeyune, P"2; Kabatesi, D'; Ssali, A'; K D'; Kwamya, L'; Kaleeba, N2; Homsy, J"'; 'THEW 2TASO; 'MSF-CH, Uganda 20B/D (itto, VA; 515B 11:30 AIDS COUNSELLING IN RURAL MALAWI E Sliep, Y; Memisa Medicus Mundi, Malawi 521B/D 11:45 522B/D DEVELOPMENT OF AN INTERVIEW MODEL TO GIVE RESULTS OF HIV POSITIVE SEROLOGIC TESTS Castro, P'; Guerra, A2; Escalante, A'; 'Casa de la Sal, AC; 2Banco Central de Sangre Centro Medico La Raza, Mexico 90

Page  91 Thursday 11 August / 10:30-12:00 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 10 (Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel) TRACK A: Basic Science AS88: HIV Variability III NOTE Chairs: Bencha Petchclai (Thailand) Bruce G. Weniger (USA) 10:30 523A ANALYSIS OF HIV-1 LTR VARIANTS FROM MULTIPLE BODY SITES Ait-Khaled, M; Emery, VC; Royal Free Hospital Med Sch, UK 10:45 524A COMPARISON OF HIV-1 ENV AND POL EVOLUTION N LYMPH NODE, PERIPHERAL BLOOD AND PLASMA Robb, ML; Frey, S; Polonis, V'; Mayers, DL; Ruderman, J; White, FA'; Lane, J'; Michael, NL; Turnicky, R; Redfield, RR; WRAIR; 'SRA Technologies, USA 11:00 525A PCR ANALYSIS OF HIV-1 ENV VARIABILITY IN LONG-TERM BENIGN INFECTIONS Scolaro, MJ; Brucker, R; Javaherbin, P; Sevall, JS; Los Angeles Oncologic Institute, USA 11:15 526A IMPAIRED CTL RECOGNITION DUE TO GENETIC VARIATIONS IN THE MAIN IMMUNOGENIC REGION OF THE HIV-1 NEF PROTEIN Couillin, I; Culmann-Penciolelli, B; Gomard, E; Choppin, J; Levy, J-P, Guillet, J-G; Saragosti, S; Hospital COCHIN, France 11:30 527A SERA FROM HIV-1 INFECTED THAI SUBJECTS CROSSNEUTRALIZE A VARIETY OF HIV-1 SEQUENCE SUBTYPES Kliks, S; Ichimura, H'; Visrutaratna, S2; Dumitrescu, O; Levy, JA; Univ of Calif, San Francisco, USA; 'Kure Nat Hospital, Japan; 2Chiang Mai Public Health, Thailand 11:45 528A VARIATION OF Vi AND V2 DOMAINS OF HIV-2 ENV GENE IN EXPERIMENTALLY INFECTED MACAQUES Btyon-Auboyer, M-H; Boussin, F; Vogt, G; Le Grand, R; Vaslin, B; Dormont, D; CRSSA/CEA, France 91

Page  92 Thursday 11 August / 18:00-14:30 ROUND-TABLE SESSIONS RT-25 Room 1 (National Convention Hall) WHEN TO START ANTIRETROVIRAL TREATMENT Moderators: David Cooper St. Vincent's Hospital (Australia) Joep Lange WHO, Global Programme on AIDS (Switzerland) Speakers: Mark Harrington Treatment Action Group (USA) H. Clifford Lane National Institutes of Health (USA) Lars Mathiesen Hvidovre Hospital (Denmark) RT-27 Room 3 (301 + 302) PEOPLE WITH HEMOPHILIA AND HIV-LESSONS FOR THE FUTURE Moderators: Terkel Andersen Centre for Rare Diseases and Disabilities (Denmark) Dana Kuhn Hemophilia CSS (USA) Speakers: Kiyohiko Katahira Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Japan) Egmont Koch Writer and Author (Germany) Debra Rosenberg Peer Association/WORLD (USA) Yukuo Yasuda Tokyo Hemophilia Fraternal Association (Japan) RT-26 Room 2 (Main Hall) RT-28 Room 4 (303) WOMEN AND RESEARCH ON HIV/AIDS Moderators: Isabelle De Vincenzi European AIDS Centre (France) Waafa El Sadr Harlem Hospital (USA) Speakers: Agnes Runganga Blair Research Institutes (Zimbabwe) Judith Stephenson University College London Medical School (United Kingdom) Barbara Suligoi Istituto Superiore Di Saniti (Italy) MIGRATION ISSUES AND HIV/AIDS Moderators: Mary Haour-Knipe Assessing AIDS Prevention (Switzerland) Rinske van Duifhuizen European Project 'AIDS & Mobility' (the Netherlands) Speakers: Alix Adrien Montreal General Hospital (Canada) Maria Nenette Motus International Organization for Migration (Croatia) Richard Rector HIV-Danmark Migration, Health and AIDS (Denmark) Jamie Tovar-Reyes AIDS Coordinator for Migrants (Germany) 92

Page  93 Thursday 11 August / 18:00-14:30 ROUND-TABLE SESSIONS RT-29 Room 7 (501) ALTERNATIVE THERAPY Moderators: Olayiwola Akerele Medical Cabinet (Zimbabwe) Koji Miyamoto Fukuoka University School of Medicine (Japan) Speakers: Albert Cheeks Us Helping Us (USA) Erick Gbodossou Traditional Health Center (Senegal) Wei-Bo, Lu Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China) Sadras Thyagarajan University of Madras (India) RT-31 Room 9 (503) TRENDS AND INVOLVEMENT OF DEVELOPMENT NGOs IN HIV/AIDS WORK Moderators: Abdelkader Bacha ENDA Health Programme/AfriCASO (Senegal) Timothy MacKay Project Concern International (Indonesia) Speakers: Ian Campbell The Salvation Army (United Kingdom) Jane Galvio Associaqio Brasileira Interdisciplinar de AIDS (Brazil) Susai Michael Madras Christian Council of Social Service (India) RT-30 Room 8 (502) RT-32 Room 10 (Ballroom Intercontinental) INCREASING AIDS PREVENTION THROUGH INCREASING CONDOM USE Moderators: Maria Eugenia Fernandes Family Health International (Brazil) Richard Frank Population Services International (USA) Speakers: Auguste Kpognon Association Beninoise Pour le Marketing Social (Benin) Mukami Mugo Kenya Condom Social Marketing Project (Kenya) Vijay Thakur Janaksingh South India AIDS Action Programme (India) CONTROL OF HIV-RELATED TUBERCULOSIS Moderators: Arata Kochi WHO, Tuberculosis Programme (Switzerland) Tadao Shimao Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association (Japan) Speakers: Arata Kochi WHO, Tuberculosis Programme (Switzerland) Alwyn Mwinga University of Zambia (Zambia) Lee Reichman New Jersey Medical School (USA) 93

Page  94 Thursday 11 August / 15:00-16:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 2 (Main Hall) TRACK A: Basic Science AS89: Viral Accessory Genes Chairs: Akinori Ishimoto (Japan) Reinhard Kurth (Germany) 15:00 529A FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS OF HIV-1 VIF AND VPU PROTEINS Tokunaga, K; Ikuta, K'; Kawamura, M; Adachi, A; Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University,; Hokkaido University; Japan 15:15 530A HIV-1 NEF DOWN-REGULATES CD4 RECEPTOR BY A BIMODAL MECHANISM Venkatesan, S'; Hiller, S'; Popov, S'; Gratton, S2; Chandrasekhar, S'; Sekaly, RP'; 'NIAID, USA; 'IRCM, Canada 15:30 531A MECHANISM OF CELL SURFACE CD4 DOWN-REGULATION BY NEF Garcia JV; Anderson, SJ; St Jude Children's Research Hospital, USA 15:45 532A POSITIVE EFFECT OF NEF ON SIV REPLICATION IN MICROGLIA Kawahara, T'; Desrosiers, RC; Kodama, T'; 'Oregon Regional Primate Research Center, USA 16:00 533A COMPLIANCE WITH PREVENTION GUIDELINES: CONGENITAL SYPHILIS OUTCOMES AMONG URBAN WOMEN IN ATLANTA GA 1990-1993 Fichtner, RR'; Warner, DL2; Rochat, RW2; Conlon, RT'; 'CDC; 'GA DHR, USA 16:15 534A VIF & VPU OF HIV-1: CROSSTALK IN THE HIV GENOME? Dayton, ET; Cantaloupo, L; Dayton, AI; NIAID, NIH USA Room 3 (301 + 302) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS90: Traditional and Natural Medicine Chairs: Michio Fujimaki (Japan) Toshio Hattori (Japan) 15:00 535B ANTI-HIV AND IMMUNOSTIMULANT EFFECTS OF GSPH-1 ON HIV INFECTED PATIENTS Ben Amar, M; Morisset, R; Poirier, G; Hotel-Dieu Hospital, Canada 15:15 536B EFFECTS OF THALIDOMIDE ON WASTING SYNDROME IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS A RANDOMIZED, DOUBLE-BLIND, PLACEBO CONTROLLED CLINICAL TRIAL Reyes-Tertn, G; Sierra-Madero, JG; Martinez del Cerro, V; MunOz-Trejo, T; Arroyo-Figueroa, H; Pasquetti, A; Calva, JJ; Ruiz-Palacios, GM; Instituto Nacional de la Nutrici6n, Mexico 15:30 537B JOHREI IN THE TREATMENT OF HIV/AIDS Bihari, B; Foundation for Integrative Research, USA 15:45 538B PRELIMINARY STUDY ON TREATMENT OF HIV INFECTION WITH AIDS-NO 1 Ni, Y; Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences, China 16:00 539B COLLABORATING WITH TRADITIONAL HEALERS IN AIDS RESEARCH, PREVENTION AND CARE IN UGANDA Kabatesi, D'; King, R1'; Kwamya, L'; Katabira, E2; Kalibala, S; Kaleeba, N2; Homsy, J"; 'THETA/ THEWA; 2TASO; 'MSF-CH; Uganda; 'WHO/GPA/ IDS, Switzerland 16:15 540B ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT AS CONTRIBUTION TO CARE OF pwHIV/AIDS Wolflers, I; de MorSe, S; Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands 94

Page  95 Thursday 11 August / 15:00-16:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 4 (303) Room 5 (304) TRACK A: Basic Science AS91: HTLVs Chairs: Phyllis Kanki (USA) Shigeo Mori (Japan) 15:00 541A CHRONOLOGICAL EXAMINATION OF HISTOPATHOLOGY AND mRNA EXPRESSION OF CYTOKINES AND NITRIC OXIDE SYNTHASE IN THE NERVOUS SYSTEM OF THE HAM RAT DISEASE Ohya, O; Tomaru, U; Kasai, T; Yamashita, I; Hanlon, C'; Abe, M; Seto, K; Ikeda, H; Wakisaka, A; Koprowski, H'; Yoshiki, T; Hokkaido Univ Sch Med, Japan; 'Thomas Jefferson University, USA 15:15 542A INTEREST OF ANTI-HTLV-I ANTIBODY TITER IN SYMPTOMLESS INDIVIDUALS Joubert, L; Mariotti, M; Reed, D'; Petit, JC; Lefrere, J-J; INTS, HOpital St-Antoine, France; 'Diagnostic Biotechnology, Switzerland 15:30 543A PRENATAL AND POSTNATAL TRANSMISSION OF HTLV-1 IN RATS Hori, M; Kushida, S; Uchida, K; Abe, T; Miwa, M; University of Tsukuba, Japan 15:45 544A HTLV-I IN JAPAN EVIDENCE FOR TWO MOLECULAR SUBTYPES WITH A NORTH SOUTH GRADIENT Gessain, A'; Ureta Vidal, A'; Mahieux, R'; Yoshida, M'; Nishioka, K'; Tekaia, D'; Rosen, L'; de The, GB'; 'Institut Pasteur, France; 'Tokyo University; 'Japanese Red Cross Society, Japan 16:00 545A VIRAL AMPLIFICATION VIA CLONAL EXPANSION, RATHER THAN BY REVERSE TRANSCRIPTION, WOULD HELP EXPLAIN THE GENETIC STABILITY OF HTLV-1 Wattel, E; Vartanian, JP; Wain-Hobson, S; Service des Maladies du Sang, L; Institut Pasteur; France 16:15 546A RESTRICTED TCR Va AND Vl USAGE BY HTLV-1 SPECIFIC CD8+CTL FROM PERIPHERAL BLOOD OF PATIENTS WITH HAM/TSP Elovaara, I; Utz, U; Smith, S; Lehky, T; Jacobson, S; National Institutes of Health, Finland TRACK 0: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS92: Education for STD Prevention Chairs: Yasuhiro Kanenaga (Japan) Shoji Okamoto (Japan) 15:00 5470 STD/HIV PREVENTION IN TURKEY: PLANNING A SEQUENCE OF INTERVENTIONS Aral, SO'; Fransen, L'; Koral, S'; Fincancioglu, N'; 'CDC Atlanta, USA; 'EC Brussels, Belgium; 'FPA and HRDF, Turkey 15:15 5480 STD/HIV PREVENTION PROGRAM FOR WOMEM OF LOW SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS IN LIMA, PERU Sanchez, S; Woolcott, D; Mejia, A; Rouillon, M; Blume, E; Mazzotti, G; Sanchez, J; VIA LIBRE, Peru 15:30 549D STD PREVENTION IN LOW-RISK POOR WOMEN OF DELHI Sushma, S; Mathur, R; Yadav, N; Sarin, E; Sahi, R; Rao, B; AIWC-Delhi, India 15:45 5500 KAP STUDY ABOUT STDS AND FAMILY PLANNING AMONG RURAL YOUTH IN UGANDA Sentumbwe, S; Lyomoki, SW; Guwattude, D; Makerere University, Uganda 16:00 5510 AIDS AND STD TOLD TO CHILDREN Laforest, FG'; Alexandre, G2; Ndimurukundo, N'; Nyabaraha, L'; Agoh, J'; Ruobti, D; Margron, E2; Alexandre, Y'; 'CRIPS, France; 'University d'HAITI, Haiti; 'UniversitE du BURUNDI, Burundi; 4PNLS, Burundi; 'AssemblEe Nationale du CAMEROUN, Cameloon; 'OMS/PNLS, Burundi 16:15 5520 SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR & PREVALENCE OF STD & HIV INFECTION IN NIGERIAN ADOLESCENTS Osotimehin, B; Dare, L; Ojengbede, O; Univ of Ibadan, Nigeria 95

Page  96 Thursday 11 August / 15:00-16:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 6 (305) Room 7 (501) TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care AS93: Mycobacterial Infections: Other than Tuberculosis Chairs: Akira Ito (Japan) Noboru Takata (Japan) 15:00 553B OCCULT 01'S IN HIV DISEASE Carroll, E; Salvato, P; Thompson, C; Flores, R; Houston Immuno Institute, USA 15:15 554B BACILLUS CALMETTE-GUERIN INFECTION IN CHILDREN WITH AIDS Sato, HK; Ferrazoli, L; Goncalves, AM F; Pastorino, AC; Jacob, CMA; Marques, HH S; Grumach, AS; Univ Sao Paulo; Inst A Lutz, Brazil 15:30 555B THE CANADIAN RANDOMIZED OPEN-LABEL TRIAL OF COMBINATION THERAPY FOR MAC BACTEREMIA: BLOOD CULTURE RESULTS Phillips, P; Chomyc, S; Talbot, J; Gill, J; Singer, J; Shafran, S; the Canadian MAC Study Group; Canadian HIV Trials Network, Canda. 15:45 556B THE CANADIAN RANDOMIZED OPEN-LABEL TRIAL OF COMBINATION THERAPY FOR MAC BACTEREMIA:QUALITY OF LIFE OUTCOMES Singer, J; Fanning, M; Thorne, A; Turgeon, F; Duperval, R; Schlech, W; Shafran, S; the Canadian MAC Study Group; Canadian HIV Trials Network, Canada 16:00 557B RIFABUTIN MAC PROPHYLAXIS TREATMENT IND Gordin, FM'; Sullam, PM; Smith, BR; Schoenfelder, J; Depietro, N; Wynne, B; Washington, DC-VAMC, VAMC-UCSF, PACT, Inc; Pharmacia Adria, USA 16:15 558B CLARITHROMYCIN FOR THE PREVENTION OF M AVIUM COMPLEX IN AIDS Pierce, M'; Heifets, L2; Crampton, S'; 'Vanderbilt University;2Nat'I Jewish Center; 'Abbott Lab, USA TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AS94: Intervention for Drug Users Chairs: Sander G. Genser (USA) Kiyoshi Wada (Japan) 15:00 559C THE BASICS BOX:A BOX FOR SAFER INJECTING AND THE PREVENTION OF NEEDLE STICK INJURIES Doorninck, M V; de Loor, A'; NIAD; 'Adviesburo Drugs, The Netherlands 15:15 560C CHANGES IN HIGH-RISK BEHAVIORS AMONG HETEROSEXUALS FOLLOWING ALCOHOL AND DRUG TREATMENT Avins, AL; Woods, WJ; Lindan, CP; Boscarino, JA; Hudes, ES; Clark, W; Hulley, SB; University of California, San Francisco, USA 15:30 561C DECLINING RISK FOR HIV AMONG IDUs IN KATHMANDU: IMPACT OF A HARM REDUCTION PROGRAMME Maharjan, SH'; Peak, A'; Rana, S'; Crofts, N2; 'Lifesaving & Lifegiving Society, Nepal; 'Macfarlane Burnet Ctr for Med Res, Australia 15:45 562C INTEGRATION OF HIV PRIMARY CARE IN METHADONE MAINTENANCE TREATMENT PROGRAMS(MMTP) IN HARLEM Govia, L; Scimeca, M; El-Sadr, W; Patel, G; Nkanga, N; Ampy, L; Harlem Hospital Center, USA 16:00 563C TRAINING PEOPLE TO REACH INJECTING DRUG USERS IN N E INDIA-ANAGALAND EXPERIENCE Basu, AR; Gosh, S; Zaveri, Y; Roy, T'; Panghal, JS'; Outreach & Counselling Consuling; 'Monitoring & Evaluation; 'IEC Consultants for SIDA Project in N E India; 5 NGOs, India 16:15 564C THE PUBLIC HEALTH IMPACT OF NEEDLE EXCHANGE PROGRAMS(NEPS) Lurie, P'; Sorensen, J'; Lane, S'; Kahn, JG'; Guydish, J'; Foley, J'; Chen, D'; Bowser, B'; Jones, TS'; Reingold, AL'; 'University of California, San Francisco, 2Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 'UC, Berkeley, lISA 96

Page  97 Thursday 11 August / 15:00-16:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS Room 8 (502) TRACK 0: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS95: Public Education through Mass Media Chairs: Hirotada Hirose (Japan) Eriko Ikeda (Japan) Takao Yamada (Japan) 15:00 5650D DEVELOPMENT OF GENERIC-IECPACKAGES FOR TARGET POPULATIONS IN INDIA Larivee, C'; Kashyap, N2; Prashar, A2; Panghaal, J2; 'WHO; 2National AIDS Control Organization, India 15:15 5660D BRAZILIAN PLAYBOY AGAINST HIV:A PIONEERING APPROACH Lemes, C'; Varella, D'; Hearst, N'; Castilho, E4; 'Editora Abril; 2Unip, Brazil; 'CAPS, USA; 'Fiocruz, Brazil 15:30 5670D ARGENTINA:USE OF THE PREVENTION HANDBOOK IN THE FORMATION OF HUMAN RESOURSES Burgos, A; Girotti, C; Revsin, N; Diaz, A; Moreno, S; RED Foundation, Argentina 15:45 5680D THE EFFECT OF EDUCATION CAMPAIGN FOR AIDS/HIV THROUGH MASS MEDIAS FROM 1992 TO 1994 Maeda, M; Inagaki, T; Ishii, A; Ashizawa, M; Minamitani, M; Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan 16:00 5690D ETHNIC YOUTH'S SOCIAL NETWORK STRUCTURE CAN INFORM HIV PREVENTION Lovely, RH; Liebow, EB; Battelle, S; Vera, M'; McGrady, GA2; Mueller, C; Mann, E'; Klovdahl, AS'; Battlile Seattle Research Center; 'Univ Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico; 2Morehouse School of Med; 'Univ Hawaii, USA; 'Australia Nat Univ, Australia 16:15 5700 "AIDS RISK" AND "RISK POLICY" IN THE MEDIA: COMPARING FRANCE, GERMANY AND THE UK IN THE 90'S Preda, A; Bielefeld University, Germany Room 9 (503) TRACK 0: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AS96: The Workplace and HIV/AIDS Chairs: Tsunetoshi Fukuzawa (Japan) Ann Marie Kimball (USA) 15:00 5710 THE RESPONSE OF MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS TO HIV/AIDS Albers, C; Tarantola, D; Bezmanilovic, B; Barese, P; Harvard School of Public Health, USA 15:15 5720 PEER EDUCATION IN THE WORKPLACE BY MEMBERS OF THE POSITIVE AND LIVING SQUAD IN LUSAKA, ZAMBIA:IS IT EFFECTIVE? Baggaley, R1,2; Mukosha, J'; Chipanta, D'; Zulu, W'; Bennett, J'; Godfrey-Faussett, P2,4; 'Kara-Zambart Project; 2London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; 'Kara Counselling and Training Trust; 'University Teaching Hospital, Zambia 15:30 AIDS EDUCATION AND INTERVENTION TRIALS AMONG YOUTH IN FACTORIES: A PILOT PROJECT Sakondhavat C; Khon Kaen University, Thailand 5730 15:45 5740 EDUCATION PROGRAMME FOR TRANSPORT STAFF IN WORK PLACE Palaniappan, K; State AIDS Project Cell, India 16:00 5750 A MULTI-CENTER STUDY ON THE CHANGE OF KNOWLEDGE, IMAGINARY AND BEHAVIOURS IN A WORKING ENVIRONMENT THROUGH A PREVENTION PROGRAM Agnoletto, V'; Ceserani, N'; D'Alessandro, A';et al; 'LILA, Italy 16:15 5760 AIDS POLICY AND EDUCATION AT WORKPLACE IN JAPAN Onoda, K; Fukuwatari, Y; Muto, T; Sakurai, Y'; Umetada, Y2; Nagumo, A'; Juntendo Univ; 'National Medical Center; 2Sanwa Bank; 'Nippon Express, Japan 97

Page  98 Thursday 11 August / 15:00-16:30 ABSTRACT SESSIONS RoomlO (Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel) TRACK A: Basic Science AS97: Virus Isolation, Detection and NOTE Characterization: New Technology Chairs: Chantapong Wasi (Thailand) Namiko Yoshihara (Japan) 15:00 577A QUANTITATION OF HIV-1 RNA BY BRANCHED DNA ASSAY DURING LONG-TERM ZIDOVUDINE THERAPY Cotte, L; Trabaud, MA; Bissuel, F; Trepo, C; INSERM U 271, France 15:15 578A DIRECT DETECTION OF HIV-1 DNA OR RNA AT THE SINGLE CELL LEVEL BY IN-CELL PCR Gorochov G; Parizot, C; Debre, P; Autran, B; Angevin, E; URA CNRS, France 15:30 579A ENHANCED DETECTION RATE OF HIV DNA AND RNA BY PCR IN SALIVA FROM HIV SEROPOSITIVE IDUs Hewlett, IK'; Joshi, B'; Lee, SF; Epstein, J; Qureshi, MN2; 'CBER, FDA; 2Beth Israel Hospital, USA 15:45 580A QUANTITATION OF HIV VIRAL LOAD IN PBMCS AND PLASMA USING BRANCHED DNA(bDNA) SIGNAL AMPLIFICATION Dailey, P; Wilber, J; Neuwald, P; Chiron Corporation, USA 16:00 581A GENETIC CHARACTERIZATION OF INFECTIOUS HIV-1 POPULATION IN PERIPHERAL BLOOD MONONUCLEAR CELLS Kato, S; Hiraishi, Y; Sugita, T; Takano, T; Keio University School of Medicine,, Japan 16:15 582A AN APPROACH TO MONITOR VIABLE HIV-1: (1) POLY A LINKED NON-ISOTOPIC MICROTITER PLATE ASSAY FOR REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE OF RETROVIRUSES Suzuki, K; Saito, T'; Takahashi, T; Kano, K; Watanabe, S'; Imai, M'; Olympus Co; 'Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Health, Japan 98

Page  99 POSTER SESSIONS PART 1 Monday 8 AUGUST & Tuesday 9 AUGUST

Page  100 TRACK A: Basic Science PA01: Entry and Tropism I PA0001 DIFFERENT ACTION OF TRYPTASE TL2 ON TWO VARIETIES OF HIV-1 V3 LOOP WHICH WAS NATURALLY OCCURRED ON ONE AMINO ACID SUBSTITUTION Oka, S; Ida, S; Hirabayashi, Y'; Nokihara, K2; Shioda, T; Nagai, Y; Kimura, S; Shimada, K; Ohkubo, P; Niwa, Y4; Kido, H4; Inst Med Sci, Univ of Tokyo; 'Tokyo Metropolitan Inst for Neurosci; 'Tokyo Univ Agriculture & Technology; 'Shiga Med Coil; Inst for Enzyme Res, Univ of Tokushima, Japan PA0002 TACRINE: AN ANTI-HIV ACTING ON THE MACROPHAGE NA+ SODIUM CHANNEL MOLECULAR MIMICRY BETWEEN THE SCORPION VENOM AND HIV ENVELOPE gp 120 SECOND CONSERVED DOMAIN C2 & V3 LOOP Tran, MKG; Nguyen, DX; Univ Paris V, France PA0003 V3-SEQUENCE HOMOGENEITY AND HETEROGENEITY IN VIVO Yamashita, A'; Koyanagi, Y'; Matsuda, J2; Yamamoto, N'; 'Tokyo Med and Dent Univ; 'Teikyo, Univ, Japan PA0004 CHARACTERISATION OF THE V3 REGION OF HIV ISOLATES IN SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Distler, O; McQueen, P W; Tsang, M; Byrne, C; Evans, L; Penny, R; Cooper, D; Delaney, SF; Univ NSW; St Vincent's Hospital, Australia PA0005 V3 LOOP BINDING PROTEIN FROM U937 CELLS Xu, Y; Murakami, T; Kawase, S; Uchiyama, T; Hattori, T; Inst for Virus Res, Kyoto University, Japan PA0006 CONSTRUCTION OF INFECTIOUS MOLECULAR CLONE OF HIV-1 VARIANTS AND THEIR INFECTIVITY TO BRAIN-DERIVED CELLS Shimizu, NS; Shimizu, NG; Takeuchi, Y; Hoshino, H; Gunma Univ, Japan PAO007 GENERATION OF TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE MUTANT OF HIV-1 Sakuragi, J; Ueda, S; Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka Univ, Japan PA0008 FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS OF TWO BIOLOGICALLY DISTINCT HIV-2 CLONES Adachi, A; Kawamura, M; Inst for Virus Res, Kyoto University, Japan PAO009 CYTOLYTICALLY ACTIVE REGIONS OF HIV-1 ENVELOPE Andreev, S; Gorbunova, Z; Vafina, M; Molodtsov, N; Meshcheryakova, D; Khaitov, RM; Institute of Immunology, Moscow, Russia PAO010 HIV INFECTION OF HUMAN MAMMARY EPITHELIAL CELLS MODULATES THE EXPRESSION OF CELL SURFACE MARKERS Serra, C; Falcone, V; Conaldi, PG; Basolo, F; Speziale, P; Dolei, A; Toniolo, A; Univ of Pavia; Univ of Sassari, Italy PA0011 UNSTIMULATED HUMAN SPLEEN CELLS ARE HIGHLY PERMISSIVE FOR PRIMARY AND LAB STRAINS OF HIV-1 Tsai, WP; et al; NCI-FCRDC, USA PA0012 FUNCTIONAL ROLE OF THE V2 REGION OF HIV-1 ENVELOPE GP120 ON CELL TROPISM Koito, A; Stamatatos, L; Cheng-Mayer, C; Univ of Calif, San Francisco, USA PAO2: Entry and Tropism II PA0013 INVOLVEMENT OF ACTIN MICROFILAMENTS IN HIV-1 ENV-INDUCED CELL-CELL FUSION Minoguchi, S; Jin, N-Y; Murata, M; Shida, H; Inst for Virus Res, Kyoto Univ, Japan PAO014 INTEGRIN-MEDIATED HIV-CELL INTERACTION Karamov, EV; Bilinov, V; Zverev, V; Kornilayeva, G; Turgiev, A; Tatarintsev, A; Ivanovsky, DI; Inst of Virology, Moscow, Russia PA0015 CELL SENSITIVITY TO HIV AND CHANGE IN THEIR KARYOTYPE Kushch, A; Grabovskaya, I; Pashkova, T; Karamov, E; Institute of Virology, Moscow, Russia PA0016 CULTURED DENDRITIC CELLS (DC) ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO HIV INFECTION AND EFFICIENTLY TRANSMIT VIRUS TO T CELLS Tsunetsugu-Yokota, Y'; Akagawa, KS'; Kimoto, H'; Meyerhans, A2; Takemori, T'; 'National Institute of Health, Japan; 'Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, Germany PA0017 GP120 INDUCES CD4-ASSOCIATION WITH MEMBRANE COMPONENT (S) AND SUSCEPTIBILITY TO PMA-INDUCED CO-MODULATION Golding, H; Lapham, C; CBER, FDA, USA PA0018 LAMININ AND FIBRONECTIN INTERFERE WITH THE BINDING OF HIV-1 gpl20/160 TO CD4 Bozzini, S; Falcone, V; Conaldi, PG; Visai, L; Dolei, A; Speziale, P; Toniolo, A; University of Pavia; University of Sassari; Italy PA0019 POSSIBLE ROLE OF HIV gpl20 IN CD2/LFA-3 ACTIVATION PATHWAY Blinov, VM; Resenchuk, SM; Denisov, SI; Chirikova, GB; Zverev, VV; Institute of Molecular Biology, Russia PAO020 FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS OF HIV-1 GLYCOPROTEINS WITH DELETIONS IN gpl20 Adams, O; Schaal, H; Scheid, A; Universitt Dttsseldorf, Germany 100

Page  101 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0021 POSSIBLE COOPERATIVITY OF TRYPTASE TL2 AND CD26 ON PROTEOLYTIC CLEAVAGE OF V3 LOOP OF HIV-1 gpl20 Niwa, Y'; Ohkubo, I2; Kido, H'; ' Inst for Enzyme Res, Univ of Tokushima; 2Shiga Univ of Med Science, Japan PA0022 PEPTIDASE ACTIVITY OF CD26 IS NOT NECESSARY FOR ITS FUNCTION IN HIV ENTRY AND CYTOPATHIC EFFECT Callebaut, C; Krust, B; Marie, I; Jacotot, E; Robert, N; Guichard, G; Briand, JP; Muller, S; Barth, A; Montagnier, L; Hovanessian, AG; Institut Pasteur, France; IBMC Strasbourg; AGMV, Germany PA0023 HIV-INFECTED CELLS CAN KILL CD4+ CELLS UPON CONTACT Nardelli, B'; Gonzalez, CJ'; Schechter, M2; Valentine, FT'; 'NYU Medical Center, USA; 2Fed Univ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PA0024 UNESSENTIAL OF CALCIUM IONS AND INHIBITOR SPECIFICITY FOR THE INTRACELLULAR gpl60 PROCESSING Okumura, Y'; Kamoshita, K'; Koga, Y'; Sasaki, M'; Kido, H'; 'Inst for Enz Res, Univ of Tokushima; 2Tokai Univ; 'Kyushu Univ, Japan PAO3: Reverse Transcription and Integration PA0026 IDENTIFICATION OF FUNCTIONAL DOMAINS OF HIV-1 INTEGRASE Kitamura, Y'; Coffin, JM2; 'NIH, Japan; 'Tufts University, USA PA0027 UNINTEGRATED HIV-SPECIFIC DNA IN PLASMA OF INFECTED INDIVIDUALS Nandi, J; Bhavalkar, V; Kamat, H; Banerjee, K; National Inst of Virology, India PA0028 INHIBITORY MECHANISM OF CAMPTOTHECIN ON HIV-1 REPLICATION Takahashi, H; Kojima, A; Kurata, T; NIH, Japan PA0029 LTR-DIRECTED HOMOLOGOUS RECOMBINATION OF HIV-1 PROVIRAL CLONE IN recA (-) BACTERIA Yamada, K; Nakano, T; Okamoto, T; Nagoya City Univ Med School, Japan PAOO30 HIV-1 PRODUCTION FROM UNINTEGRATED PROVIRUS IN TRANSFECTED JURKAT CLONES Gurgo, C2; Zella, D'; Reitz Jr, MS'; Gallo, RC'; 'NCI, NIH, USA; 'CEOS-CNR, Italy PAO031 DELAY OF EMERGENCE OF DDI RESISTANT SPECIFIC MUTATION AFTER LONG TERM THERAPY Kondo, M'; Saito, T'; Hayashi, T'; Ito, A'; Nagao, T'; Oka, S; Imai, M'; 'Kanagawa Pref Inst of Health; 2School of Med, Yokohama City Univ; 'Kanagawa Children's Med Ctr; 4Inst of Medical Science, Univ of Tokyo, Japan PA0032 THE MICROTITER POINT MUTATION ASSAY TO DETECT DRUG RESISTANCE IN HIV-SEROPOSITIVE PATIENTS TREATED WITH AZT van der Feltz, M; de Haas, C; de Graaf, L; Borleffs, JCC; Visser, MR; Verhoef, J; University Hospital, The Netherlands PA0033 DETECTION OF REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE (RT) CODON 215 MUTATIONS BY PCR IN HIV-INFECTED ADULTS: CORRELATION WITH CLINICAL DISEASE Nelson, R; Bradley, W; Day, N; Good, R; Univ South Florida/All Children's Hospital, USA PAO4: Gene Expression/Regulatory Gene Function PA0034 HIV LTR DRIVES GENE EXPRESSION IN MOUSE AND HUMAN EGGS Kiessling, A; Crowell, R; Michalopoulos, J; Waldorf, T; Deaconess/Harvard Surgical Service, Faulkner Hospital, USA PA0035 DISTINCT MECHANISMS OF HIV-1 LATENCY IN THE TWO CELL LINE MODELS U1 AND ACH-2 Kim, S-H'; Cannon, P; Ulich, C; Kim S'; 'Seoul National University, Korea PA0036 STUDY OF DIFFERENTIAL RNA EXPRESSION DURING HIV INFECTION USING ARBITRARILY PRIMED PCR Boyer, V; Ferre, F; Pezzoli, P; Jensen, FC; Carlo, DJ; The Immune Response Corporation, USA PA0037 ROLE OF HIV AS COFACTOR IN HPV ONCOGENESIS Tornesello, ML; Buonaguro, FM; Del Gaudio, E; Buonaguro, L; Beth-Giraldo, E; Giraldo, G; INT, "Fond G Pascale", Italy PA0038 A NEW METHOD OF SELECTING HIV INHIBITOR IN VITRO Cai, C; Koga, Y; Nomoto, K; Kyushu University, Japan PA0039 REGULATION OF HIV-1 GENE EXPRESSION IN MONOCYTE-DERIVED MACROPHAGES Moelans, I; de Vos, M; de Graaf, L; Nottet, H; Visser, MR; Verhoef, J; Eijkman-Winkler Institute of Medical Microbiology, The Netherlands PAOO40 IDENTIFICATION OF EBV-TRANSFORMED LYMPHOCYTES IN HIV-INFECTED LYMPHNODES Zheng, H; Mori, S; Univ of Tokyo, Japan PAO041 ROLE OF NATURAL SUPPRESSOR GLUTAMINE tRNA ON GROWTH CONTROL OF RETROVIRUSES Kuchino, Y'; Mtller, WEG'; Odawara, T'; Yoshikura, H3; 'National Cancer Ctr Res Inst, Japan; 2Univ Mainz, Germany; 'Univ of Tokyo, Japan 101

Page  102 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0042 REGULATION OF HIV BY RETINOIC ACID (RA) CORRELATES WITH EXPRESSION OF RA RECEPTORS Yamaguchi, K; Groopman, JE; Byrn, RA; New England Deaconess Hospital, USA PA0043 ANALYSIS OF POL GENE OF A NON-INFECTIOUS HIV-1 CLONE Nakano, T'; Sano, K'; Goto, T'; Morimatsu, S'; Ueda, S2; Ikuta, K3; Kato, S4; Nakai, M'; 'Osaka Med Coll; 2Res Inst for Microbial Diseases, Osaka Univ; 3Inst of Immunological Science, Hokkaido Univ; 4Sumitomo Pharmaceutical Research Center, Japan PA0044 THE C-TERMINAL DOMAIN OF HIV-1 Vpr CAUSES CELL GROWTH ARREST AND STRUCTURAL DEFECTS Macreadie, I; Castelli, L; Hewish, D; Ward, A; Azad, A; Biomolecular Research Institute, Australia PA0045 HIV-1 VPU LIBERATES GOLGI-TARGETED HIV-1 ENV gpl60 FROM CD4-DEPENDENT RETENTION IN THE ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM Nishikawa, M; Kimura, T; Kansai Med Univ, Japan PA0046 STUDY OF HIV1 Tat TRANSACTIVATION MECHANISM BY USING SYNTHETIC Tat PROTEIN AND Tat PEPTIDES Vives, E'; Charneau, P2; Van Rietschoten, J'; Rochat, H'; Bahraoui, E'; 'CNRS URA; 'Institut Pasteur, France PA0047 REQUIREMENT OF HOST FACTORS FOR HIV-1 Rev FUNCTION Shukla, RR; Marquis, SMP; Kimmel, PL; Kumar, A; The George Washington University, USA PA0048 CELLULAR FACTOR THAT BINDS TO THE LEUCINE-RICH MOTIFS OF HIV-1 Rev AND HTLV-I REX PROTEINS Kubota, S; Adachi, Y; Copeland, TD; Oroszlan, S; ABL-Basic Research Program, NCI-FCRDC, USA PA0049 IN VIVO INTERACTION OF HIV-1 Rev WITH AN EXTENDED STEM I DUPLEX STRUCTURE OF Rev RESPONSE ELEMENT RNA Kimura, T; Kansai Med Univ, Japan PA0050 RETROVIRAL INTEGRATION INTO HIGHLY REPETITIVE Alu AND HERV-K ELEMENTS IN 13. 1 KB HUMAN CD4 LOCUS Blinov, VM; Zverev, VV; Nedospasov, SA; Institute for Viral Preparations, Russia PAO051 EFFECT OF HUMAN INTERFERON-INDUCED dsRNA-DEPENDENT PROTEIN KINASE ON HIV-1 INFECTION Nagai, K; Wainberg, MA; Geleziunas, R; Sonenberg, N; Koromillas, AE; McGill AIDS Centre and Lady Davis Institute, McGill University, Canada PA05: Assembly/Maturation PA0052 PROVIRAL DNA IN VIRIONS FROM PRIMARY ISOLATES Asjo, B; Sommerfelt, MA; University of Bergen, Norway PA0053 INTERNALLY INITIATED GAG AND GAG-POL PRECURSORS OF HIV-1 Kojima, A; Tachibana, Y; Hoshikawa, N; Kurata, T; NIH, Japan PA0054 THE EXPRESSION OF "gag-pol" AND "gag-pol-env" SEQUENCES OF HIV-1 BY RECOMBINANT VACCINIA VIRUSES Grigoriev, VB; Gibadulin, RA; Liendeman, LF; Sazykin, AY; Institute of Virology, Russia PAO055 THE ROLE OF THE GAG PROTEIN MYRISTOYLATION IN HIV-1 PRODUCTION Furuishi, K; Oh-ishi, H; Misumi, S; Matsuoka, H; Ikeda, S; Hantani, Y; Ashizawa, H; Shoji, S; Kumamoto Univ, Japan PA0056 ASSEMBLY OF HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS MATRIX PROTEIN Morikawa, Y'; Kishi, T'; Nermut, M2; Hockley, D2; Jones, I3; 'The Kitasato Inst, Japan; 2NIBSC, UK; 'IVEM, UK PA0057 HIV-1 gpl60 PROCESSING IN FURIN-DEFECTIVE LoVo CELLS Nagai, Y'; Ohnishi, Y2; Shioda, T'; 'Inst of Medical Science, Univ of Tokyo; 2Nagoya Univ, Japan PA0058 MATURATION OF THE HIV gpl60 BY THE Kex2P ENDOPROTEASE Moulard, M'; Kieny, MP2; Achsterrer, T2; Montagnier, L'; Bahraoui, E4; 'Universitt Marburg, Germany; 2Transgene, Strasbourg; 'Institut Pasteur, France; 4CNRS URA, France PA0059 THE CYTOSKELTAL PROTEINS CLEAVING ACTIVITY OF THE RECOMBINANT HIV-1 PROTEASE Azuma, R'; Furuishi, K'; Saito, A2; Shinagawa, H2; Ikeda, S'; Shoji, S'; 'Kumamoto Univ; 2Inst of Micro Dis, Osaka Univ, Japan PA0060 TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM OF THE VIRAL PROTEINS IN THE HIV-INFECTED CELLS Takahasi, I; Takama, M'; Ushijima, K2; Ozel, M'; Gelderblom, H'; 'Teikyo Univ; 2NIH, Japan; 'Robert Koch Inst, Germany PA0061 MUTATIONS OF BASIC AMINOACIDS OF NCp7 OF HIV-1 AFFECT RNA BINDING IN VITRO Schmalzbauer, E'; Dannull, J2; Guehmann, S; Moelling, K; 'Saarland Univ, Germany; 2Max-Planck-Inst for Molecular Genetics, Germany; 'Univ of Zurich, Switzerland PAO7: Virus Variability PA0062 CHARACTERISATION OF HIV-1 VIRUS ISOLATES INVOLVED IN MOTHER TO CHILD TRANSMISSION Narwa, R; Roques, P; Boussin, F; Marce, D; Dormont, D; CRSSA/CEA, France 102

Page  103 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0063 A COMPUTER SIMULATOR GENERATING NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE VARIATION OF THE HIV-1 GENOME Doi, H; Fujitsu Labs Ltd, Japan PA0064 DIFFERENT MECHANISMS FOR PERSISTENT INFECTION OF HIV-1 IN MT-4 AND MOLT-4 CELL LINES Fujinaga, K; Nakaya, T; Kameoka, M; Kishi, M; Ikuta, K; Inst of Immunological Science, Hokkaido University, Japan PAO065 AIDS PATHOGENESIS: DRUG ABUSE, CYTOKINES, AND VIRAL STRAIN Xin, K; Shapshak, P; Nagano, I; Stewart, R; Univ of Miami Medical School, USA PA0066 DARWINIAN EVOLUTION OPERATES ON THE V3 REGION OF HIV WITHIN A SINGLE HOST Yamaguchi, Y; Gojobori, T; National Institute of Genetics, Japan PA0068 DIVERSITY (MACROPHAGE-TROPISM) IN THE V3 LOOP REGION OF HIV-1 gp120 FROM SALIVA Kakizawa, J'; Ando, S2; Morishita, Y'; Nishimura, S'; Oka, S'; Mori, S3; Muller, W4; Ushijima, H,2; 'Inst of Public Health, Japan; 2NIH, Japan; 'Univ of Tokyo, Japan; 4Mainz Univ, Germany PA0069 PATTERNS OF AMINO ACID SUBSTITUTIONS IN THE THIRD VARIABLE ENVELOPE REGION FOR HIV WITHIN A HOST Gojobori, T; Yamaguchi, Y; National Institute of Genetics, Japan PA0070 HIV-1 V3-LOOP ANTIBODIES AND IT'S ASSOCIATION WITH CLINICAL STATUS IN NAIROBI Songok, M; Tukei, P; Mulaa, FJ; Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kenya PA0071 AN ANALYSIS OF THE V3 GENE OF HIV-1 ISOLATED IN UGANDA Mitarai, S'; Byarugaba, W2; Oishi, K'; Nagatake, T'; Matsumoto, K1; Fukasawa, M'; 'Nagasaki Univ, Japan; 2Makerere Univ, Uganda PA0072 UNUSUAL A/G RATIO IN HIV-1 gpl20 V3 LOOP PROVIRAL SEQUENCES OBTAINED IN VIVO Gomez Carrillo, M; Rabinovich, R; Marquina, S; Galvan, V; Libonatti, O; National Centre of Reference for AIDS, Argentina PA0073 INCREASING PERSISTENT INFECTION OF SERIAL PASSAGES OF HIV-1 IS CORRELATED WITH MUTATIONS AT vif AND vpr REGIONS Nakaya, T; Fujinaga, K; Nishino, Y; Kishi, M; Ikuta, K; Hokkaido University, Japan PA0074 GENETIC HETEROGENEITY IN vif AND vpr REGIONS OF HIV-1 IN PBMC FROM ASYMPTOMATIC CARRIERS Kishi, M; Zheng, Y -H; Tokunaga, K; Bahmani, MK; Tateno, M'; Tateno, Y2; Oka, S'; Kurata, T4; Kakinuma, M; Ikuta, K; Inst Immunol Sci, Hokkaido Univ; 'Sapporo City Hospital; 2Hokkaido Univ Sch Med; 'Univ Tokyo; 4Nat Inst Health, Japan PA0075 CONSERVED DOMAINS OF THE HIV-1 VIF GENE IN VIVO Wieland, U; Seelhoff, A; Salzberger, B; Schwander, S; Dietrich, M; Eggers, HJ; Kuehn, JE; Mugerwa, R; Institut for Virologie, Universitaet Koeln, Germany PA0076 ANALYSIS OF HIV-1 nef GENE SEQUENCES DIRECTLY ISOLATED FROM INFECTED INDIVIDUALS Kang, MR'; Kim, SH'; Lee, MH'; Huh, JE'; Shin, Y'; Kim, DG'; Kim, TG4; Cho, MH'; Kim, S'; 'Seoul National University, Korea; 2National Institute of Health; 'Chon Buk National University Medical College; 4Catholic University Medical College; 'Kun Kuk University PA0077 BIOLOGICAL PROPERTIES OF HIV-1 STRAINS OCCURING IN THE UKRAINE Antonenko, S; Barbasheva, E; Green, E; Lujlchujk, M; Persidsky, Y; Frolov, A; Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases, Ukraine PA0078 SERODIAGNOSTIC PROFILES OF HIV-1 FROM NIGERIA Offor, E"2; Mclane, MF; Trujillo, R; Kanki, P; Essex, M'; Harvard School of Public Health, USA; 2Univ Benin, Nigeria PA0079 AIDS IN HIV1/HIV2 SERONEGATIVE PATIENT IN YAOUNDE-CAMEROON Zekeng, L'; Afan Z, E2; Gurtler, L'; Ondoa, P'; Knapp, S4; Eberle, J'; Kaptue, L'; 'Laboratoire d'hematologie, CHU; 2HOpital Jamot; Cameroon; 'Pettenkofer Institut; 4Behring, Marburg, Germany PROBABLE REASONS OF HYPERVARIABILITY BY AIDS Deichman, AM; Cancer Research Centre, Russia PAO080 PA0081 POSSIBLE ROLE OF dUTPase ANALOG IN COMPOSITIONAL DIVERGENCY IN EVOLUTION OF RETRIVIRUSES Blinov, VM; Resenchuk, SM; Chirikova, GB; Denisov, SI; Zverev, VV; Institute of Molecular Biology, Russia PA0082 EVIDENCE FOR THE PRESENCE OF NORTH AMERICAN TYPE HIV-I IN HYDERABAD, INDIA Rao, R; Baskar, P; Ray, S; Quinn, T; Hildreth, JEK; Bollinger, R; Apollo Hospitals, India; Johns Hopkins Universtiy, USA 103

Page  104 TRACK A: Basic Science PAO083 THE V3 REGION OF HIV-1 ISOLATES PREVALENT IN TAIWAN CONTAINS A UNIQUE SIGNATURE PATTERN IN ADDITION TO THE THAILAND E SUBTYPE SEQUENCE Chen, Y-MA"2; Sheu, T-T'; Lee, C-M'; Jang, Y-J2; 'National Yang-Ming Medical College; 2Academia Sinica, Taiwan, ROC PAO084 V3 REGION SEQUENCES FROM HIV-1 ISOLATES FROM INDIA Tripathy, S; Renjifo, B; McLane, MF; Tripathy, SP; Essex, M; Harvard School of Public Health, USA PA0085 FULL SEQUENCE OF gpl20 OF AN HIV-1 VARIANT (GWGR) HIGHLY PREVALENT IN BRAZIL Tanuri, A'; Costa, SM'; Shindo, N; Vicente, AN2; Pinto, ME3; Schechter, M'; 'UFRJ; 'FIOCRUZ; 'AIDS Program, HUCFF, UFRJ, Brazil PA0086 PHENOTYPIC HETEROGENEITY BETWEEN PERIPHERAL BLOOD (PB) AND LYMPH NODE (LN) HIV ISOLATES Tamalet, C; Lafeuillade, A; Vignoli, C; Rousseau, S; De Micco, P; Timone Hospital, France PA08: Pathogenesis: in vitro PA0087 MODELING HIV PATHOGENESIS USING ARTIFICIAL LIFE CONCEPTS AND METHODS Baehr, M; Mind Designs, USA PA0088 COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS WITH CRYOGLOBULINEMIA Schmit, J-L; Redeker, S; Fuentes, V; Prin, L; University Hospital Amiens, France PA0089 RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INFECTIOUS HIV-1 VIRAL LOAD, CD4 COUNT AND CLINICAL STATUS Margolick, J; Farzadegan, H; Hoover, D; Rubb, S; Scott, E; Saah, A; Johns Hopkins University, USA PA0090 VARIATION IN SUSCEPTIBILITY TO HIV-1 & 2 OF PBMCs FROM HEALTHY BANGLADESHI, AND CORRELATION WITH HLA TYPE Al-Jabri, AA; Taylor, M; McCloskey, D; Sefton, A; Race, E; Navarrete, C; Oxford, JS; The London Hosp Med College, University of London, UK PAOO91 AMPLIFICATION OF VIRAL REPLICATION RELEVANTLY WITH REVERSE DIFFERENTIATION IN HIV-1 INFECTED CELLS WITH MACROPHAGE PHENOTYPE Okada, Y; Kameoka, M; Kimura, T; Kishi, M; Ikuta, K; Institute of Immunological Science, Hokkaido University, Japan PA0092 INCREASED DEGRADATION OF NEWLY SYNTHETIZED PROTEINS IN T-LYMPHOCYTES FROM HIV+ASYMPTOMATIC INDIVIDUALS Piedimonte, G'; Silvotti, L'; Montroni, M'; Silvestri, G2; Guetard, D'; Montagnier, L; 'Univ of Parme, Italy; 2Univ of Ancona, Italy; 'Institut Pasteur, France PA0093 DIFFERENCE IN SURFACE STRUCTURE BETWEEN MATURE AND DEFECTIVE HIV VIRUS PARTICLES Morita, C'; Ashina, T'; Sukenaga, A'; Ikuta, K2; Goto, T'; Nakai, M'; 'Osaka Medical College; 2Hokkaido University, Japan PA0094 SURFACE EXPRESSION OF p17-GAG PROTEIN DURING HIV-1 REACTIVATION Yoshimura, K; Matsushita, S; Matsumi, S; Obaru, K; Takatsuki, K; Kumamoto University, Japan PA0095 HIGHLY LFA-1-EXPRESSING U937 SUBCLONES SHOWING LOWER SUSCEPTIBILITY TO HIV-1 CAN LEAD TO CONTINUOUSLY STABLE VIRUS PRODUCTION AFTER LONG PERSISTENT PERIOD Kameoka, M'; Okada, Y'; Fujinaga, K'; Kimura, T'; Fujii, N2; Ikuta, K'; 'Hokkaido Univ; 2Sapporo Med Univ, Japan PA0096 CYTOKINE PRODUCTION AND VIRAL REPLICATION IN HUMAN MDMS TREATED WITH RP55778, A TNFa SYNTHESIS INHIBITOR, PRIOR TO HIV INFECTION Le Naour, R'; Henin, Y2; Raoul, H'; Bousseau A2; Mabondzo, A'; Clayette, P'; Dormont, D'; 'IFRC, CEA; 2Rh6ne-Poulenc Rorer, France PA0097 CHROMOSOME STUDIES OF HIV-INFECTED AND UNINFECTED CELL LINES AND BLOOD LYMPHOCYTES Manolov, G; Argirova, RM; Manolova, Y; Central AIDS Lab, Bulgaria PA0098 ESTABLISHMENT OF HIV-1-PRODUCING T CELLS FROM PERIPHERAL LYMPHOCYTES: PARTICIPATION OF HUMAN COMPLEMENT FACTOR B Nozaki-Renard, J; Hirabuki, N; Mizuno, F; lino, T'; Tada, T2; Tokyo Medical Coll; 'Bayer Yakuhin; 2Tokyo Univ, Japan PA0099 TRANSFORMATION OF HUMAN DIPLOID FIBROBLASTS BY A TRANSMISSIBLE AGENT OBTAINED FROM AN HIV-INFECTED PATIENT Dolei, A; Serra, C; Gentile, M; Falcone, V; Conaldi, PG; Casalone, R; Toniolo, A; Univ of Sassari; Univ of Rome "La Sapienza"; Univ of Pavia, Italy PAO100 ACQUIRED SPECIFIC CYTOTOXIC ACTIVITY IN CD8 HIV-1ImB CARRIER CELL CLONES DERIVED FROM CD4+CD8+ PARENTAL HUMAN T CELL LEUKEMIA CELL LINES Minowada, J; Otani, T; Kamiya, T; Fujisaki Cell Center, Japan 104

Page  105 TRACK A: Basic Science ANALYSIS OF THE CELLULAR TRANSDUCTION PATHWAYS REGULATING HIV GENOME TRANSCRIPTION AS POTENTIAL TARGETS FOR ANTIVIRAL THERAPY Virelizier, J-L'; Arenzana, F'; Alcami, J2; Hay, RT'; Moscat, J4; 'Institut Pasteur, France; 2Hosp 12 Octubre, Spain; 'St Andrews Univ; 4ICBM, Spain PA0102 POLYUNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS REDUCE gp120-INDUCED SYNCYTIA FORMATION Aloia, R'; Tian, HR'; Mlekusch, W2; VanGent, CM'; Jensen, FC'; 'Loma Linda University & JL Pettis VA Hospital, USA; 2University of Graz, Austria; 'Immune Response Corp, USA PA0103 PROPERTIES OF THE ENZYME DIPEPTIDYL PEPTIDASE IV (DPP IV/CD26) FROM A CHEMICAL VIEWPOINT Barth, A; Neubert, K; Born, I; Heins, J; Faust, J; Rahfeld, J; Brandt, W; Hovanessian, AG; Institute of Biochemistry, University of Halle, Germany; Institut Pasteur, France PA0104 MULTIPLE INPUT OF INFECTIOUS HIV-1 IS ESSENTIAL TO SINGLE CELL KILLING Kuroda, MJ; EI-Farrash, MA; Kannagi, M; Harada, S; Kumamoto University, Japan PA0105 SOLUBLE CD95 (FASATM) INHIBITS HIV-RELATED APOPTOSIS Krowka, JF'; Sheppard, HW'; Ascher, MS'; Fitzpatrick, P2; Kiefer, MC2; Pavloff, N2; Barr, PJ2; 'VRDL, CA; 'LXR Biotechnology Inc, CA, USA PA0106 MONOMERIC HIV-gpl20 INDUCES BOTH INHIBITION OF CELL PROLIFERATION AND APOPTOSIS Tuosto, L'; Lorenzetti, S'; Cundari, E2'; Moretti, S2; Lombardi, G'; Piccolella, E'; 'Univ of Rome; 2CNR; 'Univ of Viterbo, Italy PAO107 INDUCTION OF DEMYELINATION AND NEURONAL DEATH BY HIV-1 gpl20 DEPENDS ON NEURAL DEVELOPMENT Kimura-Kuroda, J'; Nagashima, K2'; Yasui, K'; 'Tokyo Metro Inst for Neurosci; 2Hokkaido Univ, Japan PA0108 SALIVARY ANTI-HIV ACTIVITY Nagshunmugam, T; Friedman, H; Davis, C; Abrams, W; Malamud, D; Univ Penn Sch of Dental Med, USA PA0109 REGULATION OF THE MnSOD GENE IN HIV INFECTED MACROPHAGES Raoul, H; Le Naour, R; Mabondzo, A; Dormont, D; SSA/ DSV, CEA, France PAO11O CD4 CROSS-LINKING INDUCES ABERRANT CYTOKINE SECRETION, FAS ANTIGEN EXPRESSION AND T-CELL APOPTOSIS Oyaizu, N; McCloskey, TW; Than, S; Hu, R; Pahwa, S; North Shore University Hospital, Cornell University Medical College, USA PAO9: Pathogenesis: in vivo COSELECTION IN AIDS PATHOGENESIS Hoffmann, GW; Immune Network Research Ltd; The University of British Columbia, Canada PA0111 PA0112 ASSOCIATION BETWEEN CHANGES OF HIV-1 QUASISPECIES IN SERUM AND DISEASE PROGRESSION Ida, S; Oka, S; Hirabayashi, Y'; Shioda, T; Nagai, Y; Kimura, S; Shimada, K; Inst of Medical Science, Univ of Tokyo; 'Tokyo Metropolitan Inst for Neuroscience, Japan PAO113 LIPID PEROXIDATION ROLE IN FORMATION OF IMMUNODEFICIENCY IN HIV-1 INFECTION Pastushenkov, V; Mitin, Y; Karpischenko, A; Ivanov, G; Military Medical Academy, Russia PA0114 THE ROLE OF NITRIC OXIDE IN PATIENTS WITH HIV-1 INFECTION Torre, D; Ferrario, G; Bonetta, G; Zeroli, C; Giola, M; Fiori, GP; Div Infectious Diseases, Italy PA0115 DNA STAINING CHANGES ASSOCIATED WITH APOPTOSIS AND NECROSIS IN LYMPHOCYTES OF INDIVIDUALS WITH HIV INFECTION Echaniz, P; De Juan, M; Cuadrado, E; Hosp Ntra Sra de ArAnzazu, Spain PA0116 PRIMARY INFECTION IN LYMPH NODES OF MACAQUES INOCULATED WITH PATHOGENIC AND ATTENUATED SIV Chakrabarti, L; Cumont, M; Baptiste, V; Khatissian, E; Montagnier, L; Hurtrel, B; Institut Pasteur, France PA0117 HIV INFECTION INDUCES THYMOCYTE DEPLETION IN THE SCID-hu MOUSE Kaneshima, H'; Bonyhadi, M'; Su, L'; Connor, R2'; Ho, D2; McCune, JM'; 'SyStemix, Inc; 'Aaron Diamond AIDS Res Center, USA PA0118 EFFECTS ON VIROLOGICAL PARAMETERS OF PASSIVE IMMUNOTHERAPY IN AIDS PATIENTS Joubert, L'; Chevret, S2; Vittecoq, D'; Lefrere, JJ4; the PI Collaborative Study Group; 'Hopital St-Antoine; 'Hop St-Louis; 'Hop Paul Brousse; 4INTS, HOp St-Antoine, France PA0119 MORE APOPTOSIS OF T-CELL SUBSETS WERE OBSERVED IN THE MORE ADVANCED HIV-INFECTED INDIVIDUALS USING BM-1/ JIMRO mAb AND FLOW CYTOMETRIC ANALYSIS Ruxrungtham, K'; Kashiwagi, N'; Adachi, M; Sirivichayakul, S'; Maruyama, I4; Phanuphak, P'; et al; 'Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thailand; 'JIMRO; 'Otsuka Pharm Co; 'Kagoshima University, Japan 105

Page  106 TRACK A: Basic Science CYTOFLUORIMETRIC AND IMMUNOELECTRONMICROSCOPIC ANALYSIS OF GM3 EXPRESSION ON LYMPHOCYTES FROM HIV INFECTED PATIENTS Sorice, M; Pavan, A; Garofalo, T; Circella, A; d'Agostino, F; Sansolini, T; Pinter, E; Lenti, L; Torrisi, MR; Universitt "La Sapienza", Italy PA18: Opportunistic Pathogens PA0121 INTERLEUKIN 12 ENHANCES HOST RESPONSES OF HIV POSITIVE DONORS AGAINST MYCOBACTERIUM AVIUM IN VITRO Newman, G; Guarnaccia, J; Vance, E; Remold, H; Kazanjian, P; Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA PA0122 MODULATION OF Th1 RESPONSES IN HIV INFECTION AND TUBERCULOSIS (TB) Barnes, P; Zhang, M; Jones, B; University of Southern California, USA PA0123 SERUM CYTOKERATIN 19 (CK 19) AND PULMONARY PNEUMOCYSTOSIS (PCP) IN HIV INFECTION Amiel, C; Dousset, B; Rabaud, C; May, T; Canton, P; CHU Nancy, France PA0124 ORAL CANDIDIASIS IN HIV INFECTION - MUCOSAL IMMUNITY VERSUS STRAIN SELECTION Challacombe, SJ; Sweet, SP; UMDS Guy's Hospital, UK PA0125 EVALUATION OF CELL CULTURE IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF CEREBRAL AND PULMONARY TOXOPLASMOSIS Contini, C'; Magno, S4; Romani, R4; Zenobi, P2; Angelici, E3; Cultrera, R'; Delia, S4; 'University of Ferrara; 2Ist Sup di Sanitt; 3VI Med Clin; 4lnst Infect Dis, University "La Sapienza", Italy PA0126 ACTIVATING EFFECTS OF DIOXIN ON HIV-1 IN HUMAN CD4+ LYMPHOID CELLS Tsyrlov, IB'; Pokrovsky, AG2; 'NCI/NIH, USA; 'MB, Russia PA0127 FUO IN HIV PATIENTS: A STUDY OF 83 EPISODES Iribarren, JA; Oyarbide, I; Arrizabalaga, J; Rodriguez, F; Von Wichmann, MA; Idigoras, P; Mentxaka, B; Hosp Aranzazu, Spain PA0128 OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS IN HIV-2 INFECTED PATIENTS IN DAKAR (SENEGAL) Sow, PS; Faye, MA; Diouf, G; Coll-Seck, AM; Fann Hospital, Senegal PA0129 PULMONARY INFECTIONS OF ARC/AIDS PATIENTS IN THE NORTHEAST OF THAILAND Chetchotisakd, P; Mootsikapun, P; Intarapoka, B; Khon Kaen University, Thailand PA19: Opportunistic Tumors PA0130 EVIDENCE FOR RETROVIRAL INSERTIONAL MUTAGENESIS IN A SUBSET OF HIV-ASSOCIATED LYMPHOMAS Herndier, B; Shiramizu, B; McGrath, M; University of California, San Francisco, USA PAO131 VASCULAR ENDOTHELIAL GROWTH FACTOR PRODUCED BY CULTURED AIDS-ASSOCIATED KAPOSI'S SARCOMA SPINDLE CELLS Sakurada, S'; Mori, KM2; Salahuddin, SZ2; Okamoto, T'; Nakamura, S2; 'Nagoya City Univ, Japan; 2Huntington Memorial Hospital, USA PAO132 IS THE COFACTOR ASSOCIATED WITH KAPOSI'S SARCOMA IN HIV INFECTED HOMOSEXUAL MEN DECLINING OVER TIME? Veugelers, PJ'; Strathdee, SA2; Moss, AR3; Page, KA4; Tindall, B'; Schechter, MT6; Coutinho, RA; van Griensven, GJP'; 'Municipal Health Service, The Netherlands; 'Vancouver Lymphadenopathy AIDS Study, Canada; 'San Francisco General Hospital Study; 'San Francisco Men's Health Study, USA; 'Sydney Cohort Study, Australia PA20: Animal Models PA0133 CLONAL DELETION VERSUS CLONAL ANERGY-FACTS AND CONTROVERSIES Salam, A; Waer, M; Vandeputte, M; Rega Institute, Belgium PA0134 ADAPTATION OF HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS TYPE2 (HIV-2) PRIMARY ISOLATES TO THE IN VIVO REPLICATION IN MACAQUE Wakrim, L; Nicol, I; Le Grand, R; Boussin, F; Vaslin, B; Roques, P; Btyon-Auboyer, MH; Dormont, D; SSA/CEA, France PA0135 PRIMARY ANTIBODY RESPONSE OF HUMAN LYMPHOCYTES FROM SCID-HU MICE INJECTED WITH HIV1 PEPTIDES Touraine, J-L; Chargui, J; Desgranges, C'; Transplantation & Clinical Immunology Unit, INSERM U80, Pay P, H6p, E; 'INSERM U281, France PA0136 IMMUNE RESPONSE AND VARIATION IN PROVIRUS LEVEL DURING EARLY PHASE OF FIV-INFECTED CATS Ohkura, T',2; Iwa, S'; Tanabe-Tochikura, A'; Tamura, T'; Sato, N2; Kurimura, T'; 'Res Inst Microbial Diseases, Osaka Univ; 'Maruishi Pharmaceutical Co; 'National Sasayama Hospital, Japan PA0137 FURTHER STUDIES ON THE ABILITY OF LITHIUM (Li) TO MINIMIZE THE BLOOD CELL TOXICITY OF AZT Gallicchio, VS; Kazini, S; Townsley, E; Hughes, NK; Tse, KF; Scott, KFW; Lin, J; Birch, NJ; University of Kentucky; VA Medical Centers, USA; University of Wolverhampton, UK 106

Page  107 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0138 MECHANISMS OF 2'3'-DIDEOXYCYTIDINE-INDUCED MURINE THYMIC LYMPHOMA Irons, RD; Le, AT; Stillman, WS; University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, USA PA0139 THE EFFECT OF GLYCYRRHIZIN IN MICE INFECTED WITH MURINE RETROVIRUS I: PREVENTION OF THE PROGRESSION OF DISEASE Miyaji, C"2; Watanabe, H'; Makino, M'; Abo, T'; 'Niigata Univ; 2Minophagen Pharmaceutical Co; 'NIH, Japan PA0140 THE EFFECT OF GLYCYRRHIZIN IN MICE INFECTED WITH MURINE RETROVIRUS II INHIBITORY EFFECTS ON PROLIFERATION AND FUNCTION OF LYMPHOID CELLS Watanabe, H'; Miyaji, C"2; Makino, M3; Abo, T'; 'Niigata Univ; 2Minophagen Pharm Co; 'NIH, Japan PA0141 A TRIAL TO ESTABLISH A NOVEL MOUSE MODEL FOR AIDS Yoshimoto, T; Nagase, H; Kojima, K; Kanamori, Y; Nariuchi, H; Univ of Tokyo, Japan PA0142 MYCOBACTERIUM AVIUM INFECTION AND "MURINE AIDS" Perronne, C; Grassi, F; Levacher, M; Cohen, Y; Maslo, C; Chau, F; Sinet, M; Vilde, JL; Pocidalo, JJ; H~pital Claude Bernard, France PA0143 SEQUENCE NECESSARY FOR THE PATHOGENICITY OF MURINE AIDS (MAIDS) VIRUS Ishimoto, A; Kubo, Y; Higo, K; Kobayashi, H; Hirama, T; Inst for Virus Res, Kyoto University, Japan PA0144 SIVMAC CHIMERIC VIRUSES HAVING HIV-1 ENV USEFUL FOR HIV-1 VACCINE EVALUATION USING MACAQUE MONKEYS Kuwata, T'; Igarashi, T'; Okada, M'; Ido, El; Ami, Y'; Komatsu, T2; Jin, M'; Adachi, A'; Hayami, M'; 'Inst for Virus Res, Kyoto University; 2National Institute of Health, Japan PA0145 DYNAMICS OF CD4 AND CD8 CELLS IN BLOOD AND LYMPH NODES OF SIVmac239 INFECTED MONKEYS Murayama, Y'; Mukai, R'; Matui, K'; Sata, T2; Takasaka, M'; Noguchi, A'; Hassan, MA4; Hayami, M4; Yoshikawa, Y'; 'Tsukuba Primate Center for Medical Research, NIH; 'Laboratory of Pathology, AIDS Research Center, NIH; 'Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Univ of Tsukuba; 4Inst for Virus Res, Kyoto Univ, Japan PA0146 THE GROWTH POTENCY AND CYTOPATHOGENICITY OF RECOMBINANT CHIMERIC VIRUSES BETWEEN HIV-1 AND SIVagm Jin, M'; Ido, E; Kuwata, T'; Igarashi, T'; Okada, M'; Cichutek, K2; Kurth, R2; Miura, T'; Hayami, M'; 'Inst for Virus Res, Kyoto Univ, Japan; 'Paul-Ehrlich Inst, Germany PAO147 INVOLVEMENT OF B CELL SUBPOPULATION IN PROGRESSION OF MURINE RETROVIRUS-INDUCED IMMUNoDEFICIENCY SYNDROME Hitoshi, Y; Numata, F; Uehara, S; Takatsu, K; Univ Tokyo, Japan PA0148 INVOLVEMENT OF IFN-y IN THE PROGRESSION OF THE MURINE ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME Uehara, S; Hitoshi, Y; Numata, F; Takatsu, K; Univ Tokyo, Japan PA0149 MAINTENANCE OF HIGH VIRUS LOAD EVEN AFTER SEROCONVERSION IN NEWBORN CATS ACUTELY INFECTED WITH FELINE IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS Zheng, Y-H'; Tokunaga, K'; Shoda, K"2; Nishino, Y'; Kishi, M'; Zhong, Q'; Asahi, S"2; Ishihara, C2; Kanda, M'; Ikuta, K'; 'Inst Immunol Sci, Hokkaido Univ; 2Rakuno Gakuen Univ; 'Shionogi & Co, Ltd, Japan PA21: HTLVs PA0150 HIV / HTLV WESTERN BLOT CROSS REACTIVITY Constantine, NT; Jones, KS; Zhang, X; Abdel-Hamid, M; Univ of Maryland Sch of Med and VA Medical Center, USA PAO151 EVALUATION OF IMMUNOASSAYS FOR DETECTION OF HTLVI/II ANTIBODIES Andersson, S'; Godoy, K'; Thorstensson, R'; Dias, F2; Biberfeld, G'; 'Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control; 'Public Health Lab, Guinea-Bissau, Sweden PA0152 PREVALENCE OF HTLV-I/II ANTIBODIES AMONG HIV-1 ASYMPTOMATIC PATIENTS IN SAO PAULO, BRAZIL Casseb, JSR'; Caterino-de-Araujo, A2; Duarte, AJS'; 'Inst de Infect, Emilio Ribas and LIM-73/FMUSP; 'Instituto Adolfo Lutz: 'Hospital des Clinicas/FMUSP and LIM/73, Brazil PA0153 EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDY ON HTLV-II INFECTION AMONG COLOMBIAN NATIVE INDIANS Fujiyama, C; Fujiyoshi, T; Yashiki, S; Tajima, K; Hayami, M; Zaninovic, V; Sonoda, S; Kagoshima University, Japan PA0154 TROPICAL SPASTIC PARAPARESIS AND HTLV-I INFECTION ON THE CARIBBEAN COAST OF COLOMBIA Pareja, J'; Daza, J'; Boshell, J'; Rojas, MC'; Gonzilez, M'; Marrugo, S'; Mc Allister4; Navas, MC4; Jeannel, D4; 'Universidad de Cartagena; 2Universidad del Norte; 3Instituto Nacionalde Salud, Colombia; 4Institut Pasteur, France PA0155 EVALUATION OF HTLV-I INFECTION IN HEALTHY NIKKEI POPULATION OF LIMA-PERU Gotuzzo, E'; Yamamoto, V'; Kanna, M2; Chauca, G'; Philipps, I'; Watts, D'; 'IMT "AvH", UPCH Peru; 'Centro Peruano-Japones; 'NAMRID, Peru PA0156 HTLV-I AMONG NATIVE PEOPLE OF FAR EASTERN REGIONS OF RUSSIA Gurtsevitch, V; Senyuta, N; Stepina, V; Yakovleva, L; Syrcev, A; Susova, O; Pavlish, O; Cancer Research Center, Russia 107

Page  108 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0157 HTLV-I INFECTION IN HEALTHY BLOOD DONORS IN RUSSIA Parfanovich, M; Zuntova, Yu; Vlshemirsky, O; Plvovarova, I; The DI Ivanovaky Institute of Virology, Russia PAO158 HTLV-I/II INFECTION AMONG FRENCH BLOOD DONORS Pillonel, J'; Courouce, AM2; Lemaire, JM; Brunet, JB4; 'National Network of Public Health; 2National Inst of Blood Transfusion (BT); 'Regional Center of BT, Montpellier; 'European Center for AIDS Epidemiology, France PA0159 EVIDENCE FOR HTLV-1 INFECTION IN UGANDA Biryahwaho, B; Downing, RG; de The, G; Uganda Virus Research Institute, Uganda; Pasteur Institute, France PA0160 RAT MODEL OF HTLV-I INFECTION MORPHOLOGICAL STUDY OF HAM RAT DISEASE Abe, M'; Fukatsu, R2; Seto, K'; Tomaru, U'; Ohya, O'; Kasai, T'; Yamashita, I'; Ikeda, H'; Wakisaka, A'; Yoshiki, T'; 'Hokkaido Univ; 'Sapporo Medical University, Japan PAO161 ROLES OF HTLV-1 AND GENETIC BACKGROUND IN RAT MODEL OF HAM/TSP Kushida, S; Mizusawa, H; Tanaka, H; Ami, Y; Hori, M; Yagami, K; Kameyama, T'; Yoshida, A2; Nyunoya, H3; Iwasaki, Y'; Uchida, K; Miwa, M; Univ Tsukuba; 'Juntendo Univ; 2Hamamatsu Univ; 'National Cancer Center; 4Tohoku Univ, Japan PA0162 GENETIC ANALYSES OF HTLV-I FROM INDIA AND NEWLY IDENTIFIED ENDEMIC LOCI, IRANIAN MASHHAD AND RUSSIA Yamashita, M'; Syrtsev, A2; Achiron, A'; Shohat, B'; Gurtsevitch, V2; Ishida, T4; Yamamoto, N'; Takehisa, J'; Igarashi, T'; Ibuki, K'; Ido, El; Miura, T'; Hayami, M'; 'Inst Virus Res, Kyoto Univ, Japan; 2RAMS, Russia; 'Beilinson Med Ctr, Israel; 'Tokyo Univ; 'Tokyo Med and Dental Univ, Japan PA0163 PHYLOGENETIC ANALYSIS OF HTLV-I/II FROM COLOMBIA, CHILE AND GHANA Miura, T'; Zaninovic, V2; Cartier, L'; Osei-Kwasi, M4; Aysi, NK4; Tajima, K'; Sonoda, S6; Yamashita, M'; Igarashi, T'; Takehisa, J'; Ibuki, K'; Ido, E'; Hayami, M'; 'Inst for Virus Res, Kyoto Univ, Japan; 2Univ of Valle, Colombia; 'Univ of Chile, Chile; 'Aichi Cancer Canter RES, Inst, Japan; 4Noguchi Memorial Inst, Univ of Ghana; 'Aichi Cancer Center Res Inst; 'Kagoshima Univ, Japan PA0164 LATENT INFECTION OF HUMAN T-CELL LEUKEMIA TYPE I (HTLV-I) IN HUMAN MONOCYTIC CELL (THP-1) Ohara, Y; Iwasaki, Y; Terunuma, H; Tsunoda, I; Mizobuchi, M; Tohoku University, Japan PA0165 CHARACTERIZATION OF ENHANCER-BINDING PROTEINS THAT RECOGNIZE HTLV-I LTR Nyunoya, H; Shimotohno, K; National Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan PA0166 PROTEIN TYROSINE PHOSPHORYLATION IN HTLV-1 INFECTED AND TAXI-TRANSDUCED T LYMPHOCYTES Akagi, T; Ono, H; Shimotohno, K; National Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan PA0167 EXPRESSION OF HTLV-I REX AND TAX RECOMBINANT PROTEINS IN E COLI Susova, O; Pavlish, O; Scherbak, L; Gurtsevitch, V; Cancer Research Center, Russia PA22: Animal Lentiviruses PA0168 PROPERTIES OF A DEFECTIVE SIVsm VIRUS CLONE Kraiselburd, E; Malaga, C; Beltran, M; Leung, N; Torres, J; UPR Med School; UC Davis, USA PA0169 INVERSE CORRELATION BETWEEN VIREMIA AND NATURAL KILLER CELLS IN A NATURALLY SIVcpz-ant INFECTED CHIMPANZEE Kestens, L'; Vingerhoets, J'; Peeters, M'; Vanham, G'; van der Groen, G'; Gigase, P'; Heeney, J2; et al; 'Inst of Trop Med, Antwerpen, Belgium; 'Biomedical Primate Research Center, The Netherlands PAO170 INCREASED RISK FOR A SECOND RETROVIRAL INFECTION (SIV OR STLV) FOR WILD MONKEYS ALREADY INFECTED BY ONE RETROVIRUS Tuppin, P'; Durand, J-P2; Maison, P'; Galat, G'; Galat-Luong, A'; Jeannel, D'; de The, G'; 'Institut Pasteur; 2IMTSSA, France; 'ORSTOM, Senegal PAO171 ANALYSIS OF GAG PROTEIN REGION INVOLVED IN FELINE IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS PARTICLE FORMATION Morikawa, S; Kitamura, T; National Institute of Health, Japan PA23: Other Retroviruses PA0172 FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS OF RETROVIRAL ENV PEPTIDE RECOGNIZED BY T HELPER CLONES Yamagishi, H'; Shimizu, T'; Uenishi, H'; Teramura, Y'; Iwashiro, M'; Kuribayashi, K'; 'Kyoto University; 'Mie University, Japan PA0173 SPLICING SIGNALS ARE REQUIRED FOR THE EXPRESSION OF UNSPLICED GAG -CONTAINING MESSAGE OF MOLONEY MURINE LEUKEMIA VIRUS Odawara, T; Ohshima, M; Matano, T; Iwamoto, A; Yoshikura, H; University of Tokyo, Japan PA24: Co-factors PA0174 A STUDY OF VIRAL LOAD IN HIV-2 INFECTION IN A RURAL COMMUNITY OF WEST AFRICA Ariyoshi, K'; Berry, N'; Wilkins, A'; Ngom, PT'; Tedder, RS2; Whittle, H'; 'MRC Lab, The Gambia; 2UCMSM, UK 108

Page  109 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0175 IS THERE ANY RECEPTOR OTHER THAN CD4 ESSENTIAL FOR HIV-1 INFECTION? Furlini, G; Re, MC; Vignoli, M; Ramazzotti, E; Monari, P; La Placa, M; University of Bologna, Italy PA0176 THE ROLE OF HUMAN CD4 AND CD26 IN HIV INFECTION OF MURINE AND RABBIT TRANSFECTANTS Yamamura, Y; Ikawa, Y; Tokyo Medical & Dental Univ, Japan PAO177 POSSIBLE ROLE OF PREGNANCY-SPECIFIC GLYCOPROTEIN (PSG) IN MOTHER-CHILD HIV INFECTION TRANSFER Blinov, VM; Resenchuk, SM; Chirikova, GB; Denisov, SI; Zverev, VV; Institute of Molecular Biology, Russia PA0178 ENHANCEMENT OF HIV-1 EXPRESSION WITH LIPOPOLISACCHARIDE (LPS) Sanuma, K; Chowdhury, H; Matsuda, K; Koyanagi, Y; Yamamoto, N; Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ, Japan PA0179 SUPERANTIGEN TSST-1 ENHANCES THE REPLICATION OF HIV-1 IN PBMCs THROUGH SELECTIVE ACTIVATION OF CD4+T-CELL AND INDUCTION OF TNF-a Hashimoto, K; Baba, M; Shigeta, S; Fukushima Medical College, Japan PAO180 LIPIDS OF MYCOPLASMA FERMENTANS HAVE AN ACTIVITY OF HIV INDUCTION Matsuda, K; Sanuma, K; Takai, T; Handa, S; Yamamoto, N; Harasawa, R'; Tokyo Med & Dent Univ; 'Faculty of Medicine, Univ of Tokyo, Japan PAO181 ROLE OF MYCOPLASMA IN SIV INFECTION OF RHESUS MACAQUES Bharaoui, E'; Kovacic, R2; Canarelli, S'; Guetard, D2; Hurtrel, B2; Blanchard, A2; Montagnier, L2; 1URA, CNRS; 2Institut Pasteur, France PA0182 COMPARISON OF HUMAN HERPESVIRUS-6 (HHV-6) VARIANT A AND B GENES Yamanishi, K; Yamamoto, T; Isegawa, Y; Mukai, T; Osaka University, Japan PAO183 INTERACTION OF HIV-1 AND HHV-6 IN HUMAN T-CELL LINE Takasaki, T'; Yamaguchi, J'; Ohkawa, N'; Sano, K2; Nakano, T2; Nakai, M2; 'Kinki Univ; 'Osaka Medical College, Japan PA0184 INHIBITION OF HUMAN HERPESVIRUS 7 INFECTION BY ANTI-CD4 MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES AND HIV-1 gpl20 Yasukawa, M; Yakushijin, Y; Furukawa, M; Hato, T; Takada, K; Fujita, S; Ehime University, Japan PA0185 HIV 'tat' GENE IS HOMOLOGOUS WITH REGIONS IN HSV AND EBV SUGGESTING POSSIBLE BASIS FOR SYNERGISM Smith, R, W; Inst for Postgrad Interdisc Stud, USA PA0186 INTERACTION OF HIV AND HUMAN HERPESVIRUS 7 IN A CD4+ T CELL LINE Yamada, M'; Kamiya, T2; Yoshida, M'; Matsuo, Y2; Ikuta, K3; Yamanishi, K4; Okuno, T4; Minowada, J2; Nii, S'; 'Okayama Univ; 2Fujisaki Cell Center, Hayashibara Biochem Lab Inc; 'Hokkaido Univ; 4Res Inst Microbial Dis, Osaka Univ, Japan PA25: Conventional STD Agents and Pathogenesis PA0187 REPLICATION OF CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS AND CHLAMYDIA PNEUMONIAE IN HUMAN MONOCYTIC CELL LINE U-937 Numazaki, K; Suzuki, K; Chiba, S; Sapporo Medical University, Japan PA0188 CHLAMYDIAL CONJUNCTIVITIS ASSOCIATED WITH SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES Suzuki, K1'; Numazaki, K'; Aoki, K2; Isobe, K'; Ohno, S3'; Chiba, S'; 'Sapporo Med Univ; 2Aoki Eye Clinic; 'Yokohama City Univ Sch of Med, Japan PA0189 HOST IMMUNE RESPONSE IN CHLAMYDIAL CERVICITIS Mittal, A; Kapur, S; Institute of Pathology-ICMR, India PA0190 LABORATORY FINDINGS FOR THE PREVALENCE OF HIV AND OTHER STDS IN ANTENATAL ATTEDEES AT MNAZI MMOJA HOSPITAL: A PILOT STUDY Othman, AA; Shein, AM; Ali, AK; AIDS Control Programme, Tanzania 109

Page  110 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB01: Clinical Course PB0001 DEMOGRAPHICS AND SURVIVAL IN URBAN ADULTS WITH HIV DISEASE Chaisson, RE; Keruly, J; Moore, RD; Johns Hopkins Uni, USA PB0002 NATURAL HISTORY OF HIV INFECTION IN INFECTED HAITIANS WITH KNOWN DATE OF SEROCONVERSION Deschamps, MM; Pape, JW; Johnson, WD, Jr; Cornell Univ; GHESKIO-Port-au-Prince, Haiti PBOOO3 NATURAL HISTORY OF HIV-INFECTION IN BULGARIA Plochev, K,S'; Dicov, I2; Duchovnicova, T2; Radinov, A'; Brankova, J'; Penkova, K'; Valcova, I2; Doganova, I'; 'MMA Centre of Immunology; 2Clinic of Infection Diseases, Bulgaria PB0004 DOES PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII PROPHYLAXIS MODIFY THE CLINICAL AND BIOLOGICAL AIDS PRESENTATION? RESULTS OF THE BORDEAUX HOSPITAL COHORT (FRANCE, 1985-1993) Morlat, P',2; Hubert, JB2; Chene, G"2; Dequae, L2; Vimart, E'; Dabis, F' 2; The GECSA"',2; 'Hopital Saint-Andre; 2INSERM U330, France PB0005 THE SLOPE OF CHANGE IN CD4 COUNTS AS PROGNOSTIC FACTOR IN THE PROGRESSION OF HIV INFECTION Touloumi, G'; Hatzakis, A'; Karafoulidou, A'; Milona, I'; Kapsimali, V'; Economidou, 1; Mandalaki, T2; 'Athens Univ Med. School; 2Laikon Hosp; 'Evangelismos Hospital, Greece PB006 ACUTE AND SUSTAINED IMMUNOSUPPRESSION WITH HIV SEROCONVERSION Gupta, KK; Houston, USA PB0007 THE SURGICAL COMPLICATIONS IN AIDS: 92 CASES Lowenstein, W; Arsac, M; HOpital Laennec, France PB0008 SERONEGATIVATION IN AN ASYMPTOMATIC HIV1 INFECTED PATIENT Sousa, AE; Lourenco, MH; Ferreira, MOS; Teles, LC; Victorino, RMM Fundacao NSB Sucesso, Portugal PB009 ENVELOPE V2 AND V3 REGIONS IN CIRCULATING HIV-1 FROM PATIENTS WITH SI-VARIANTS Telenti, A; Grunow, R; Deiss, V; Bernasconi, C; Matter, L; von Overbeck, J; University of Berne, Switzerland PB0010 CLINICAL PROGRESSION IN HIV1 AND HIV2 INFECTION Vasconcelos, C'; Castro-Melo, J'; Carvalho, MF'; Santos, E'; Cerveira, C'; Sarmento, R2; Marques, R2; Campos, M'; Hosp St Ant~nio; 2H J Urbano, Portugal PBO011 THE PREVALENCE OF SLOW PROGRESSORS IN HIV-1 INFECTION IN GALICIA, SPAIN Castro, A'; Hermida, M2; Pereiro, C3; Lopez, S'; Ruanova, S'; F-Moreno, J'; Pedreira, J'; 'Hospital Juan Canalejo, La Coruna; 2La Coruna University; 'Drug Dependence Center, Spain PB0012 CLINICAL AND PATHOLOGICAL ASPECT OF HIV-SERO POSITIVE INPATIENTS Okubo, T; Fujita, H; Soga, T; Mohri, H; Nagashima, Y; Misugi, K; Ichikawa, S; Soda, K; Yokohama City Univ School of Medicine, Japan PBO013 HIV INFECTION IN WOMEN IN ARGENTINA FIVE YEARS OBSERVATIONAL STUDY Lupo, S; Santarelli, MT; Kneitschel, R; Bortolozzi, R; Navarret, N; Taborda, M; Hospital Centenario, Univ of Rosario, Argentina PB0014 PATHOGENY RECAPITULATES EPIDEMOGENY Pieczenik, G; Rutgers University, USA PB0015 NATURAL HISTORY OF HIV-1 & HIV-2 IN COHORT OF W AFRICAN FEMALES Marlink, R'; Traore, I'; Thior, I2; Ndoye, I3; Essex, M'; Mboup, S2; Kanki, P'; 'Harvard School of Public Health, USA; 'University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar; 'Institute of Social Hygiene, Dakar PB0016 GASTROINTESTINAL PARASITES AND HIV-1 IN UGANDAN MALE ADULTS Mugyenyi, PN; Tugume, S; Lutalo, T; Kibende, S; JCRC, Uganda PB0017 TOXOPLASMIC MYOCARDITIS IN AN AIDS PATIENT: DIAGNOSIS WITH AN ENDOMYOCARDIAL BIOPSY Zucman, D; Lebras, P; Bicetre Hospital, France PB0018 IS HIV DISEASE PROGRESSION INFLUENCED BY CMV CO-INFECTION? Salmon-Ceron, D'; Colasante, U2; Carre, N3; Deveau, C3; Persoz, A'; Rouzioux, C4; Bucquet, D; SEROCO Study Group; 'Hopital Cochin; 2Hopital Bichat; 'INSERM U292; 4Hopital Necker, France PB0019 DO CORTICOSTEROIDS PREDISPOSE TO INFECTIONS OR KAPOSI'S SARCOMA IN HIV+ PATIENTS WITH LOW CD4 COUNTS? Tetreault, D; DeLeo, M; Beck, K; French, C; Beall, G; Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, USA PBO020 GREAT DISTURBANCES OF STEROIDS EXCRETION OF AIDS PATIENTS Socolov, I; Pokrovsky, VV; Emelianov, BA; Semenov, VA; Yurin, OG; Gruzdev, BM; Institute of Epidemiology-AIDS Center and Anti-Doping Center, Russia 110

Page  111 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care HIV-1 INFECTION AND LIVER DISEASE IN IDUs Miguez-Burbano, MJ; Lu, Y; Page, B; Gregory, M; Fletcher, MA; Quesada, J; Shor-Posner, G; Baum, MK; University of Miami School of Medicine, USA PB0022 TRACE ELEMENTS IN PATIENTS WITH HIV-1 INFECTION Richart, C; Peraire, J; Vidal, F; Schuhmacher, M; Domingo, J; Porras, J; Hospital Joan XXIII and University Rovira i Virgili, Spain PB0023 EVIDENCE OF AN IN VITRO ASSOCIATION OF HIV WITH OTHER DNA VIRUSES Cisterna, R; Campelo, C; Gorrinfo, MT; Malave, C; Sarria, L; Fdez-Aranguiz, A; Lardelli, P; Suften, E; Madariaga, L; University of the Basque Country, Spain PB0024 HERPESVIRUS ANTIBODIES LEVELS IN HIV2 POSITIVE POPULATION Marques, AL'; Palminha, P'; Graca, A2'; 'National Institute of Health, Lisbon, 2Military Hospital Lisbon, Portugal PB0025 CD8 HYPERLYMPHOCYTOSIS IN 17 HIV PATIENTS Coutellier, A; Autran, B; Cherin, P; Debre, P; Herson, SSce de Medecine Interne, France P0026 TRENDS IN CLINICAL ENTITIES: CASE DEFINITIONS OR REAL FACT? Salcedo, A; Valdespino, JL; Garcia, ML; del Rio, A; Magis, C; Mora, JL; Sepalveda, J; INDRE, SCD, Secretariat of Health, Mexico PB0027 CLINICAL AND EPIDEMIOLOGICAL PROFILE OF HIV1 & HIV2 INFECTION IN DAKAR-SENEGAL Diouf, G'; Ouangre, A'; Kanki, P3; Mboup, S'; Marlink, R3; Coll Seck, A; 'Infectious Deseases Center; 2Lab Bacteriology-Virology; 'Harvard School of Public Health, USA PB0028 HIV DISEASE: CLINICAL SPECTRUM IN STATE OF GUJARAT, INDIA Patel, AK; Sheth, JT; Vasa, CV; Patel, RK; Saxena, DM; BJ Medical College & Civil Hospital, India PB0029 HIV 1 AND HIV 2 IN COMMERCIAL BLOOD DONORS OF GUJARAT AN EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDY Bhattacharya, RD; Khatri, F; GAP, SIRMCE, India P0O030 THE EFFECT OF AIDS EPIDEMIC ON THE DEATH PATTERNS IN MULAGO HOSPITAL, UGANDA DURING 1993 Sezi, CL; Mulago Hospital, Uganda P0O031 CLINICAL FEATURES OF PATIENTS WITH AIDS IN JAPAN Ajisawa, A; Negishi, M; Yamaguchi, T; Tamagawa, S; Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, Japan PB0032 THE CLINICAL PRESENTATION OF HIV-1 DISEASE AND AIDS AT THE CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL IN BANGKOK, THAILAND Ruxrungtham, K'; Muller, 02; Teeratakulpisrn, S'; Sirivichakul, S'; Ubolyam, S'; Hanvanich, M'; Phanuphak, P'; 'Thai Red Cross Society, Thailand; 2MRC, The Gambia PB0033 HIV SEROPREVALENCE SURVEY IN A GUATEMALAN AIDS CLINIC Arathoon, EG; Estrada y Martin, RM; Oroxom, A; AGPCS, Guatemala PB0034 AIDS IN AFRICA: CLINICAL MAJOR PROBLEMS AND PRIORTIES FOR RESEARCH Kapita, B; Bima, M; Gen Hospital, Zaire PB0035 HIV INFECTION PROGRESSION SINCE FIRST PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS EPISODE (PTB) Mandala, K'; Mukadi, YD'; Ntikala, B'; Mayala, M'; Matela, B2; Nzila, N'; 'Projet SIDA; 'National Aids Program, Zaire PB0036 PROFILE OF OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS AMONG HIV-INFECTED PEOPLE IN HONG KONG Wong, K H; Lee, SS; Sitt, WH; Li, CK; Ho, HF; Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong PB0037 THE HIV OUTPATIENT STUDY (HOPS): EARLY RESULTS Marlowe, S'; Moorman, A2; Holmberg, S2; HOPS Investigators/Health Research Network3; 'Atlanta; 2CDC; 'Shaumburg, USA PB0038 CHARACTERIZATION OF AIDS PATIENTS SURVIVING MORE THAN 5 YEARS Rozenbaum, W; Maslo, C; Jacomet, C; Lebrette, MG; Girard, PM; Wirbel, E; Hopital Rothschild, France PB0039 MORTALITY PATTERNS IN A HEMOPHILIA COHORT FOLLOWED FOR 14 YEARS Karafoulidou, A'; Touloumi, G2; Louizou, C'; Markakis, C'; Economidou, I3; Hatzakis, A2; Mandalaki, T'; 'Laikon Hospital; 'Athens Univ Med sch; 'Evangelismos Hospital, Greece PB0040 GENDER DIFFERENCES IN INFECTIOUS HIV VIRAL BURDEN AMONG INJECTING DRUG USERS Farzadegan, H; Vlahov, D; Nelson, K; ALIVE Study, Johns Hopkins University, USA P0O2: Prognostic Markers P0O041 LABORATORY MARKERS OF LONG-TERM SURVIVORS WITH HIV DISEASE Knight, B; Salvato, P; Thompson, C; Houston Immuno Institute, USA 111

Page  112 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0042 CLINICAL SPECTRUM OF HIV IN BOMBAY Maniar, Janak'; Hira, S2'; 'GT Hospital, Bombay, India; 2'Uv Texas, USA; 'MGM College, India PB0043 LONGDITUDINAL IMMUNOPHENOTYPIC STUDIES ON A COHORT OF ASYMPTOMATIC HIV+VE PATIENTS Trickett, A'; Tesfamariam, N2; Dwyer, J2; Kwan, YL'; 'St George Hospital; 2Prince of Wales Hospital, Australia PB0044 URINARY NEOPTERIN AS A PROGNOSTIC INDEX OF SURVIVAL TIME IN HIV-1 INFECTION Rogstad, KE'; Morgan, L2; Hughes, J2; Bignell, CJ'; 'City Hospital; 2University Hospital, UK PB0045 PROGNOSTIC FACTORS IN HIV DISEASE Cahn, P; Santarelli, MT; Ben, G; Rol6n, M; Oshiro, G; Perez, H; Hospital Fernandez, Argentina PB0046 PROGNOSTIC VALUE OF HIV-1 BIOLOGICAL PHENOTYPE FOR SURVIVAL AFTER AIDS DIAGNOSIS Koot, M'; van Leeuwen, R2; Danner, S2; Schuitemaker, H'; Tersmette, M'; Reis, P2; 'CLB; 2AMC, The Netherlands PB0047 CD4 LYMPHOCYTE DEPLETION: CORRELATION WITH P24 ANTIGEN, NEOPTERIN, 92 MICROGLOBULIN, CD8 COUNT Salvato, P; Thompson, C Houston Immuno Institute, USA PB0048 al ACIDGLYCOPROTEIN AS EARLY CLINICAL MARKER REFLECTING PATHOPHYSIOLOGICAL STATE IN SIV INFECTED MONKEY Mukai, R'; Matsui, K'; Murayama, Y'; Sara, T'; Kurata, T'; Fujii, Y'; Tamura, K2; Izumi, M2; Komine, K2; Takasaka, M'; Hayami, M'; Yoshikawa, Y'; 'NIH; 2Saikin Kagaku Co, Ltd; 'Inst. for Virus Res, Kyoto University, Japan PB0049 OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS IN PATIENTS WITH CD4 COUNTS ABOVE 300 Stool, E; Piot, D; Gathe, Jr, J; Najjar, A; Edwards, S; Park Plaza Hospital, USA PB0050 SOLUBLE IL-2 RECEPTOR (slL-2R) IN SEROPOSITIVE INDIVIDUALS Tateno, Y'; Takahashi, T2; Tateno, M2; Togashi, T'; Sato, H2; Yoshiki, T'; 'Hokkaido Univ; 2Sapporo City General Hospital, Japan PBO051 PREDICTIVE VALUE OF SYMPTOMATIC PRIMARY ACUTE HIV-1 INFECTION: A TWO YEARS EVALUATION FOLLOWING CONTAMINATION Derancourt, C'; El M'Rini, T'; Borne, MC2; Drobacheff, C'; Vuitton, D'; Leroy, J'; Portier, H2; Laurent, R'; 'University Hospital, Besancon; 2Department of Infectious Diseases, France PB0052 CELLULAR AND SEROLOGICAL ACTIVATION MARKERS INCLUDING SICAM 1 IN LONG TERM OBSERVATIONS Schoenwald, E; Duschet, P; Marhold, I; Gschnait, F; Hospital of Lainz, Austria PB0053 HIGH LEVELS OF,3-HEXOAMINIDASE AND A-MANNOSIDASE IN SERA OF HIV+ INDIVIDUALS Ltlgering, N; Stoll, R; Kucharzik, T; Busch, H; Domschke, W; University Munster, Germany PB0054 STRUCTURAL CHANGE IN OLIGOSACCHARIDE CHAINS OF IgG IN HIV-1 INFECTED INDIVIDUALS Mizuochi, T'; Nakata, M'; Oka, S2; Shimada, K'; 'Tokai University, 2'Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo, Japan PB0055 MAJOR LYMPHOCYTE VALUES IN SEROPOSITIVE WEST AFRICAN PROSTITUTES (HIV1 ONLY, HIV2 ONLY AND HIV1&2) AS COMPARED TO HEALTHY SERONEGATIVE WEST AFRICANS Hanett, I'; Strauss, K'; Siby, T2; Diaw, RA2; Ndaw, M'; Marlink, R'; Diouf, G'; M'Boup, S2'; 'Becton Dickinson, Belgium; 2Hopital Le Dantec, Senegal; 'Harvard AIDS Institute, USA PB0056 CORRELATION BETWEEN APOPTOSIS AND LACK OF CD28 IN HIV+ pts Castelli, F'; Prati, E2; Brugnoni, D2; Malacarne, F2; Signorini, L'; Tebaldi, A'; Caligaris, S'; Cattaneo, R2; Carosi, G'; 'Clinic Infectious Diseases; 2'Univ Brescia, Italy PB0057 ANALYSIS OF IMMUNOLOGICAL PARAMETERS SHOWED THAT ANTI-RETROVIRAL TREATMENT IS NECCESSARY FOR THE PGL STATE Takata, N; Fujii, T; Hiroshima Univ, Japan PB0058 IMMUNE ACTIVATION MARKERS AND CD4 CELLS COUNTS IN HIV CLINICAL STAGES PREDICTORS OF ADVANCED DISEASE? Portilla, J; Sanchez, J; Boix, V; Munoz, C; Sen, ML; Reus, S; Perez-Mateo, M; Hospital General de Alicante, Spain PB0059 HIV DNA IN SEROPOSITIVE SUBJECTS SHOWING STABLE LEVELS OF CD4 COUNTS Garbuglia, A'; Salvi, R'; Di Caro, A'; Benedetto, A'; Montella, A2; Recchia, 02; Di Sora, F2; Lauria, F2; Delfini, C'; 'S Camillo Hosp; 2S Giovanni Hosp; 'Ist Sup Sanita, Italy PB0060 EVALUATION OF IMMUNO-STATUS IN HIV DISEASE USING SERUM 2'5'-OLIGOADENYLATE SYNTHETASE ACTIVITY Ueda, M; Higasa, S; Suehiro, A; Kakishita, E; Hyogo College of Medicine, Japan PBO061 BIOLOGICAL MARKERS IN THE STUDY OF HIV INFECTED AND HIV NON-INFECTED DRUG ABUSERS Mir6, JM; Bedini, JL; Serrano, J; Filella, X; Mallolas, J; Lozano, L; et al; Hospital Clinic i Provincial, Spain 112

Page  113 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0062 THIROID FONCTION DURING THE HIV INFECTION Garcia Quintana, AM'; Capdevila, JA; Ocanfa I; Barbera, J; Castellanos, JM'; Catalan, R; Galarza, R; Hospital General Vail d'HebrOn, Spain PB0063 RELATIONS OF TRACE ELEMENT STATUS TO IMMUNOLOGICAL ACTIVITY MARKERS AND PROGRESSION OF HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS INFECTION Dousset, B; May, T; Dubois, F; Allavena, C; Rabaud, C; Nabet-Belleville, F; Canton, P; CHU, France PB0064 OTOLARYNGOLOGICAL FINDINGS IN HIV INFECTIONS Gonsalves, D; Silva, MS; Toledo Jr, AC; Greco, DB, UFMG, Brazil PB0065 LYMPHOPROLIFERATIVE RESPONSE CORRELATES TO THE MARKERS OF HIV-INFECTION Markova, R; Beshkov, D; Argirova R; Military Medical Academy, Bulgaria PB0066 PROGRESSION OF HIV INFECTION FROM THE MOMENT OF PROBABLE TRANSMISSION Meir, DA; Souza LR; Marcondes-Machado, J; Zacchi, B; UNESP, Brazil PB0067 VARIANT HIV RNA DISTRIBUTION WITHIN LYMPH NODES AND TONSILS OF STAGE MATCHED PATIENTS Turnicky, R; Anderson, D; Nau, M; Zhao, F; Coats, J; Mayers, D; Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, USA PB0068 A SEMI-AUTOMATED 4-COLOR METHOD FOR T-CELL SUBSET ENUMERATION Mandy, F; Bergeron, M; Shenkin, M'; Horton, A'; Mylvaganan, R'; Rud, E; Health Canada, Canada; 'Coulter Co, USA PB0069 DYSREGULATION OF CYTOKINE PRODUCTION AS NEW SURROGATE MARKER IN HIV-1 INFECTION Tateyama, M'; Fukutake, K'; Hattori, T2; Ohmoto, Y'; 'Tokyo Medical College; 2Kyoto Univ; 'Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd, Japan PB0070 A COMMUNITY-BASED STUDY OF THE RELIABILITY OF ABSOLUTE CD4 LYMPHOCYTE COUNTS IN HIV INFECTED SUBJECTS Jimmerson, C; Bockmon, K; Harrison, J; Houston Clinical Research Network, USA PBO071 CD4+/CD8+ SUBSET IMMUNOASSAY IN HIV+ ADULTS AND CHILDREN Denny, T'; Jensen, B2; Garcia, A'; Vella, F2; Gavin, E'; Stein, D'; Oleske, J'; Wong, W'; 'UMDNJ; 2 Zynaxis, Inc, USA PB0072 ALT AS A MARKER FOR HEPATITIS B AND C IN DRUG USERS Brooks, K; Orr, S; Fenaughty, A; Fisher, D; University of Alaska, USA PB0073 COURSE OF CD8+CD38+ LYMPHOCYTE SUBSET DURING CONTINUOUS AZT-ddC COMBINATION THERAPY IN 25 HIV INFECTED INDIVIDUALS Holmgren, Ch; Knechten, H; Praxiszentrum Blondelstrae, Germany PB0074 INTER LABORATORY ASSESSMENT OF THE FACSCOUNTTM SYSTEM Shiba, A'; Landay, A2; Ullery, S'; Webster, K'; et al'; 'Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems; 2Rush Presbyterian St Luke's Medical Center, USA PB0075 MONITORING OF CD8/DR LYMPHOCYTE SUBSET IN PEDIATRIC HIV INFECTION: A PRELIMINARY STUDY Tzantzoglou, S; Ajassa, C; Berardelli, G; Falciano, M; Bellagamba, R; Catania, S; La Sapienza University, Italy PB0076 ANTI-P24 TITER: A MARKER FOR AIDS IN CUBAN HIV SEROPOSITIVES Benitez, J; Rivero, J; et al; Ctr for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Cuba PB0077 HETEROSEXUAL TRANSMISSION OF HIV IN RIO DE JANEIRO: IMMUNOLOGICAL ASPECTS Morgado, M'; Guimaraes, MDC2; Neves Jr, I'; Castilho, E'; 'FIOCRUZ (IOC & SICT); 2UFMG, Brazil PB0078 CD5 +/CD8 + PERCENTAGE RATIO: A NEW EVOLUTION PREDICTIVE MARKER OF HIV INFECTION Traina, C'; D'Alia, G2; Barone, T2; 'Centro AIDS; 'Osp. Civico-USL, Italy PB0079 IMMUNOLOGYCAL MARKERS INDICATING THE AIDS EVOLUTION JAuregui Rueda, H; Balbaryski, J; Del Castillo, M; Monticelli, A; LIC Laboratory, Argentina PB0080 USE OF CD4 TO PREDICT OUTCOME IN HIV EMERGENCIES Chang, R; Memorial Hospital, USA PB0081 ADENOSINEDEAMINASE (ADA): INDICATOR OF EVOLUTION OF THE HIV INFECTION Monticelli, A; Balbaryski, J; Lewi, D; Jfuregui Rueda, H; COINSIDA Foundation, Argentina PB0082 REDUCING THE VARIATION IN CD4 LYMPHOCYTE COUNT MEASUREMENTS Raboud, JM; Haley, L; Montaner, JSG; Murphy, C; Januszewska, M; Schechter, MT; Univ of British Columbia, Canada 113

Page  114 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0083 ASSOCIATION OF PROVIRAL LOAD AND IMMUNE DISEASE Conway, B; Ko, DS; Dufour, D; Salas, T; Montpetit, M; Univ of Ottawa, Canada PB0084 PRECISION AND STABILITY OF CD4, 8 AND 3 VALUES IN HIV+ AND HIV- POPULATIONS IN SHIRATI, TANZANIA, AS EVALUATED BY FACSCOUNTTM Strauss, K'; Brubaker, G2; Kumbi, D2; Shao, J'; Krenkler, W'; Blattner, W3; Levin, A4; 'Becton Dickinson, Belgium; 2Tanzania; 'USA; 4UK PB0085 SKIN TESTS AS AN IMMUNOSUPPRESSION MARKER IN HIV INFECTION Viana, L; Pardini, R; Toledo Jr, AC; Jeronymo, M; Astete, F; Greco, DB; Antunes, CM; UFMG, Brazil PB0086 DELAYED TYPE HYPERSENSITIVITY SKIN TESTING IN HIV-INFECTED PERSONS, CHIANGRAI, THAILAND Yanai, H; Uthaivoravit, W; Sawanpanyalert, P; Limpakarnjanarat, K; Mastro, TD; Chiangrai Health Club, Thailand PB0087 ACTIVATED CD8-CELLS - A NEW SURROGATE MARKER? Hoffmann, UJ; Mischo, M; Reichelt, D; Busch, H; Zidek, W; University of Monster, Germany PB0088 PROGRESSIVE BIOLOGICAL MARKERS OF HIV INFECTION DEPENDING ON DIFFERENT RISK GROUPS AND CDC STAGES Fuster, M; Martinez, C; Cortes, M; Cadafalch, J; Domingo, P; Barrio,; Sambeat, MA; Hospital de Sant Pau, Spain PB0089 HEAT VERSUS ACID DISSOCIATION OF IMMUNE COMPLEXES FOR THE DETECTION OF P24 ANTIGENEMIA Schechter, M'; Oliveira, E2; Pinto, ME'; Souza, VM2; Bronstein, M'; 'Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; 2Bronstein Lab, Brazil PB0090 TWO-COLOR FLOWCYTOMETRIC DETERMINATION OF ABSOLUTE COUNTS OF LYMPHOCYTE SUBPOPULATIONS IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Goto, T'; Takano, K'; Kimura, S'; 'Shionogi Biomed Lab; 'Univ of Tokyo, Japan PB0091 NATURAL KILLER (NK) CELLS IN HIV DISEASE Whitelaw, J; Brettle, R; Scott, G; Robertson, R; Royal Infirmary, UK PBO092 CRYOGLOBULINEMIA IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS Redeker, S; Schmit, JL; Fuentes, V; Prin, L; University Hospital Amiens, France PBO093 SERUM NEOPTERIN CONCENTRATION IN HIV INFECTED IVDUs Rogowska-Szadkowska, D; Borzuchowska, A; Prokopowicz, D; Grzeszczuk, A; Chodynicka, B; Andrzejewicz, A; Rogowski, F; Medical Sch, Poland PB0094 COMPARISON OF SURROGATE MARKERS PREDICTIVE FOR RAPID PROGRESSION OF HIV DISEASE IN PATIENTS WITH INITIAL CD4 COUNTS OF 200 TO 500 Lange, M; Klein, EB; Inada, Y; Maitra, US; Mohan, VP; Columbia University, USA PB0095 VIRAL PHENOTYPE AND CLINICAL OUTCOME IN HIV+ CHILDREN Munl6z-Fdez, MA; Navarro, J; Obreg6n, E; Garcla, D; Gurbindo, D; Sampelayo, T; Fernandez-Cruz, Eduardo; Hospital Gregorio Maranon, Spain PB0096 p24 ANTIBODY LEVEL AS A PRONOSTIC MARKER IN HIV INFECTION Ghioni, G; Fernandez, E; Viglianco, R; Bortolozzi, R; Taborda, M; Fay, O; National University of Rosario, Argentina PBO097 FLOW CYTOMETRIC ANALYSIS OF PERIPHERAL BLOOD LYMPHOCYTE SUBSETS IN HEALTHY CHINESE ADULTS IN HONG KONG Kam, KM; Lee, SS; Mak, WP; Lee, SH; Yaumatei Polyclinic, Hong Kong PB0098 IS NEOPTERIN A DIAGNOSTIC MARKER IN EARLY HIV NEUROMANIFESTATIONS? Jandl, M; Enzensberger, W; Enzensberger, R; Proescholdt, M; Demisch, L; Fischer, P-A; University Hosp, Germany PB0099 COMPARISON OF HIV VIRAL LOAD MARKERS DURING THERAPY Donovan, R; Bush, C; Manzor, O; Golembiesky, A; Baxa, D; Markowitz, N; Saravolatz, L; Henry Ford Hospital, USA PB0100 CORRELATION OF SELECTED CD8 LYMPHOCYTE ACTIVATION MARKERS WITH QUANTITATIVE CELLULAR VIREMIA IN ASYMPTOMATIC HIV INFECTED INDIVIDUALS Levacher-Clergeot, M'; Bouscarat, F'; Dazza, MC'; Sinet, M'; Strauss, K4; Girard, PM'; Rozenbaum, W'; Coulaud, JP2; Pocidalo, JJ'; INSERM U13; 2Bichat; 'Rothschild Hospitals, France; 'Becton Dickinson, Belgium PB101 PROGNOSTIC VALUE OF CD4+ COUNT AND CD8+ T-CELL ACTIVATION IN HIV SEROPOSITIVE PATIENTS Declercq, E'; Lavreys, L'; Kestens, L2; Vanham, G2; Colebunders, R2; Gigase, P2; 'Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, 2'Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium PB0102 SEROLOGIC AND VIRAL CORRELATES OF HIV-1 DISEASE PROGRESSION; A MULTICENTER AIDS COHORT REPORT Black, C; Farzadegan, H; Henrard, D; Saah, A; Renaldo, C; Detel, R; Phair, J; Johns Hopkins University, USA 114

Page  115 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PBO7: Malignancies PB0103 ULTRASTRUCTURE OF NUCLEAR BODIES IN KAPOSI'S SARCOMA ASSOCIATED AIDS Oyafuso, LKM'; Hayashi, H2; Hotta, Y3; 'Inst Infect Emilio Ribas; 2Escola Paulista de Medicina, Brazil; 'Nagoya City Univ, Japan PB0104 VESNARINONE INHIBITS AIDS-KS CELLS IN CULTURE Petit, RG'; Miles, S'; Magpantay, L2; Mitsuyasu, R'; 'Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, UCLA CARE Center, USA PB0105 KAPOSI'S SARCOMA (KS) EPIDEMIOLOGY IN A PUBLIC HOSPITAL DISTRICT, HOUSTON, TEXAS Shandera, WX; Wilson, J; Baylor College of Medicine, USA PB0106 EPIDEMIOLOGIC APPROACHES: AIDS RELATED KAPOSI'S SARCOMA (KS) Haverkos, HW'; Drotman, DP2; 'NIDA, NIH; 'CDC, USA PBO107 ON THE EPIDEMIOLOGIC ASSOCIATION BETWEEN ENDEMIC KAPOSI'S SARCOMA AND MALARIA Baumann, S; Geier, SA; Noehl, MA-A; Goebel, FD; Medizinische Poliklinik der LMU, Germany PB0108 KAPOSI'S SARCOMA: A LYMPHOSCINTIGRAPHIC STUDY OF HIV-INFECTED AND HIV-SERONEGATIVE PATIENTS Cestari, SC; Petri, V; Castiglioni, MLV; Alchorne, MMA; Katiki, T; Escola Paulista de Medicina, Brazil PB0109 PROTEIN-LOSING ENTEROPATHY DEVELOPING IN AN AIDS PATIENT WITH DUODENAL KAPOSI'S SARCOMA Takechi, A; Masuda, G; Ajisawa, A; Negishi, M; Yamaguchi, T; Yamada, Y; Fujii, H; Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, Japan PB0110 PRESENTATION OF PULMONARY KAPOSI SARCOMA Laurence, H; Schnapp, LM; Goodman, PC; Hopewell, PC; Stansell, JD; University of California, San Francisco, USA PB111 IMPROVEMENT IN DIAGNOSIS OF VISCERAL KAPOSI-SARCOMA BY ENDOSCOPIC ULTRASOUND (EUS) Goebel, F-D; Bogner, JR; Liess, H; Zoller, WG; University of Munich, Germany PB0112 AIDS-ASSOCIATED KAPOSI SARCOMA AND INCIDENCE OF GASTROINTESTINAL INVOLVEMENT-HOW EFFICIENT IS ENDOSCOPY Liess, H; Zoller, WG; Bogner, J; Powitz, F; Zietz, C; Goebel, F-D; University of Munich, Germany PB0113 SERUM HYALURONAN IN HIV AND IN AIDS RELATED KAPOSI'S SARCOMA Blum, L; Guechot, J; Picard, O; Cabane, J; Giboudeau, J; Imbert, JC; St Antoine Hospital, France PB0114 KAPOSI'S SARCOMA ASSOCIATED WITH AIDS A COMPARISON OF CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS BETWEEN INTRAVENOUS DRUGS USERS (IVDU) AND HOMOSEXUALS Carriedo, C; Rubio, R; Pulido, F; Moreno, S; Buz6n, L; Pintado, V; Barros, C; Valencia, E; Verdejo, J; Costa, JR; Castilla, V; Yebra, M; Gil, A; Sanz, J; Flores, E; Gonzalez, J; Hospitals: 12 de Octubre, Gregorio Maranon, Ramon y Cajal, la Paz, La Princesa, C Puerta de Hierro, Mostoles, I Salud Carlos III, Spain PB0115 KAPOSI'S SARCOMA ASSOCIATED WITH AIDS A COMPARISON OF CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS BETWEEN MALE AND FEMALE Carriedo, C; Rubio, R; Pulido, F; Moreno, S; BuzOn, L; Pintado, V; Barros, C; Valencia, E; Verdejo, J; Costa, JR; Castilla, V; Yebra, M; Gil, A; Sanz, J; Flores, E; Gonzalez, J; Hospitals: 12 de Octubre, Gregorio Maranon, Ramon y Cajal, la Paz, la Princesa, C Puerta de Hierro, Mostoles, Inst, Salud Carlos III, Spain PB0116 CHARACTERISTICS OF KAPOSI'S SARCOMA IN AIDS PATIENTS Stavrianeas, N; Botsi, C; Polydorou, D; Zagoreos, J; Chatzakis, A; Stratigos, I; "A Sygros" Hospital, Greece PB0117 REASONS FOR SIGNIFICANT DISRUPTIONS IN THE PLANNED THERAPY OF AIDS-RELATED KAPOSI'S SARCOMA Toi, M; Caven, G; Gilden, J; Myers, AM; UCHSC-Denver General Hospital, USA PB118 A PHASE II STUDY OF ORAL ETOPOSIDE (VP-16) IN AIDS-RELATED KAPOSI'S SARCOMA (KS) Mans, D; Sprinz, E; Sander, E; Kalakun, L; Jung, F; Prolla, G; Schwartsmann, G; Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, Brasil PB0119 LIPOSOMAL DOXORUBICIN IN AIDS-RELATED KAPOSI'S SARCOMA Caldeira, L; Antunes, F; Carvalho, C; Duarte, N; Doroana, M; Forte, M; Hospital de Santa Maria, Portugal PB0120 EFFECT OF INTERFERON a2A ON SERUM ANDROGEN IN HIV+ MEN WITH KAPOSIS SARCOMA Christeff, N; Gharakhanian, S; Thobie, N; Wirbel, E'; Rozenbaum, W'; Nunez, EA; CHU; 'Hopital Rothschild, France PBO121 AN ALTERNATIVE CHOICE TO STAGE (AND TREAT) THE EPIDEMIC KAPOSI'S SARCOMA (EKS) Moresco, L'; Scala, M2; Meszaros, P2; Badellino, F2; 'Univ of Genoa; 2Nat Cancer Institute of Genoa, Italy 115

Page  116 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0122 A RANDOMIZED TRIAL OF 2 DOSES OF a INTERFERON (IFN) ADDED TO AZT FOR THE TREATMENT OF KAPOSI'S SARCOMA (KS) Beaulieu, R; Shepherd, F; Murphy, K; Gelmon, K; Thuot, C; Sawka, C; Singer, J; Canadian HIV Trials Network, Canada PB0123 EFFICACY AND SAFETY OF STEALTH~ LIPOSOMAL DOXORUBICIN (DOX-SLTM) IN AIDS-RELATED KAPOSI'S SARCOMA Goebel, F-D; The International Dox-SL Study Group; Medizinische Poliklinik der Universitat Munchen, Germany PB0124 RESPONSE TO SUBLINGUAL ALFA INTERFERON IN KAPOSI'S SARCOMA Lanjewar, DN'; Shetty, CR'; Shroff, HJ'; Hira, SK2'; 1Grant Medical College, India; 2UNI Texas, USA PB0125 EBV TYPE A AND B ASSOCIATION WITH PRIMARY CNS LYMPHOMAS Ciardi, M'; Del Re, V2; Toma, L'; Fedele, CG'; Cirelli, A'; Sorice, F'; 'La Sapienza Univ; 2Aviano (PN); 'Pisa Univ, Italy PBO126 HODGKIN'S DISEASE AND HIV INFECTION (HD-HIV) IN 114 PATIENTS (PTS) Errante D '; Serraino, D'; Franceschi, S'; Nasti, G'; Bernardi, D'; Boiocchi, M'; Carbone, A'; Tirelli, U'; Rossi, G2; Ridolfo, A'; 'C RO, Aviano; 2General Hospital; 'H Sacco, Italy PB0O127 UNDER-REPORTING OF AIDS-ASSOCIATED KAPOSI'S SARCOMA (KS) AND NON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMAS (NHL) Serraino, D; Franceschi, S; Dal Maso, L; Rezza, G; Vaccher, E; Tirelli, U; Aviano (PN), Italy PB0128 MULTIPLE COIN LESIONS REVEALING A PRIMARY PULMONARY LYMPHOMA IN A PATIENT WITH AIDS Allegre, T; Cailleres, S; Tadrist, Z; Leprince, Y; Jarry, J-M; Sault, M-C; Branc, AP; Hopital Cezanne, France PBO129 HIV-RELATED NON HODGKIN LYMPHOMAS (NHL): REPORT OF 53 CASES Schlacht, I; Landonio, G; Nosari, AM; Caggese, L; Orso, M; Schiantarelli, C; Niguarda Hospital, Italy PB0130 TWO CASES OF PRIMARY INTRACAVITARY CARDIAC LYMPHOMA IN IMMUNOCOMPROMISED PATIENT Trylesinski, A; Troisvallets, D; Ghanem, M; Godard, S; Nizou, R; CH, Gonesse, France PB0131 ORAL NON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA (ONHL) IN 7 HIV-POSITIVE HOMOSEXUAL MALES Lozada-Nur, F; Silverman, S; Univ of California, San Francisco, USA PB0132 407 PATIENTS (PTS) WITH AIDS-RELATED NON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA (AIDS-NHL): THE EXPERIENCE OF THE GICAT (ITALIAN COOPERATIVE GROUP ON AIDS AND TUMORS) Tirelli, U'; Spina, M'; Vaccher, E'; Nasti, G; Bermardi, D'; Serraino, D'; Rizzardini, G2; Fasan, M2; 'CRO, Aviano; 'H Sacco, Italy PB0133 SURVIVAL IMPACT OF PRIOR OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTION (01) OF KAPOSI'S SARCOMA (KS) AMONG AIDS RELATED LYMPHOMAS (ARL) Schmilovich, A'; Perez, H',2; Gil Deza, E'; Marantz, A2; Savignano, R'; Cahn, P",; 1Fundaci6n Huesped; 'H Fernandez; 'Acad Nac de Medicina, Argentina PB0134 PROTON MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN VIVO SPECTROSCOPIC ENERGY METABOLITE SCREENING IN AIDS Sharma, R; Sharma, A; Agrawala, A; Rehani, MM; Jodhpur University, India PB0135 CLINICAL REGRESSION AND LACK OF PROGRESSION NON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA (BURKITT TYPE) DURING TREATMENT WITH GANCICLOVIR (GCV) IN A HIV (+) PATIENT WITH CYTOMEGALOVIRUS RETINITIS Luna, N; Bistoni, A; David, D O; Rawson Hospital, Argentina PB0136 ARE SOME HIV-RELATED NON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMAS CURABLE MALIGNANCIES? Vaccher, E; Tirelli, U; Errante, D; Serraino, D; Tavio, M; Spina, M; Bernardi, D; Nasti, G; Carbone, A; CRO Aviano, Italy PB0137 AIDS-RELATED PRIMARY CENTRAL SYSTEM LYMPHOMA TREATED WITH RADIOTHERAPY: OVER A DECADE OF CLINICAL EXPERIENCE AT UCSF Ling, C; Coleman, L; Roach, M; Wara, W; Univ of California, San Francisco, USA PB0138 CHEMOTHERAPY AND DIDANOSINE (DDI) IN AIDS-LYMPHOMA Harrington, WJ; Ucar, A; Cabral, L; Lai, S; Byrnes, JJ; Univ of Miami, USA PB0139 SIGNET CELL CARCINOMA OF THE STOMACH IN A PATIENT WITH AIDS: A CASE REPORT Uchida, T; Takamatsu Red Cross Hospital, Japan PB0140 A CASE OF HIV POSITIVE HEMOPHILIA A WITH HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA Tao, M; Karino, Y; Yoshida, J; Kobayashi, S; Hashino, S; Imamura, M; Sakurada, K; Miyazaki, T; Hokkaido Univ Sch Med, Japan 116

Page  117 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care INTERFERON a-2a + ZIDOVUDINE VS BLEOMYCIN + ZIDOV FOR HIV-ASSOCIATED KAPOSI'S SARCOMA Opravil, M; Hodapp, K; Luthy, R; The Swiss Group Clinical Studies on AIDS; University Hospital, Zurich Switzerland INCREASING INCIDENCE OF HIV-RELATED LYMPHOMAS, 1983-1992 Beck, EJ; Peters, BS; Desmond, N; Stuart, S; Tomlin Harris, J; Weber, JN; St Mary's Hospital Medical Sch UK TESTICULAR GERM-CELL TUMORS (GCT) IN 23 PATIENTS WITH HIV INFECTION Bernardi, D; Errante, D; Vaccher, E; Tumolo, S; Spi Nasti, G; Marini, B; Repetto, L; Pizzoccaro, G; Mon S; Tirelli, U; Centro di Riferimento Oncologico, Avia (PN), Italy THE CANADIAN RANDOMIZED OPEN-LABEL TRIAL OF COMBINATION THERAPY FOR MAC BACTEREMIA: MORTAl RESULTS Zarowny, D; Cameron, W; Fong, I; Salit, I; Lemieux, Raboud, J; Shafran, S; the Canadian MAC Study Gro Canadian HIV Trials Network, Canada PB08: Organ Manifestations: Oral and Gastrointestinal Manifestation DEVELOPMENT OF ORAL LESIONS IN SEXUALLY AND PARENTERALLY HIV-1 INFECTED PERSONS Hilton, JF'; Lifson, AR2; Canchola, AJ'; Greenspan, I Greenspan, JS'; the Oral AIDS Center Epidemiology University of California, San Francisco; 2University o Minnesota, USA EARLY ATENTION OF ORAL INFECTIONS Ruiz, O; Feregrino, M; Alexis, A; Clinica ISI de Norteamerica, Mexico FOLLOW UP OF ORAL MANIFESTATIONS IN HIV/AIDS Korchma, E; Lelkes, M; Btnhegyi, D; Miskovits, E; S Liszi6 Hospital, Hungary ORAL MANIFESTATIONS OF HIV INFECTION IN JAPANESE Motegi, N; Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital PROGNOSTIC VALUE OF FLUCONAZOLE RESPONSE PATTE HIV INFECTED PATIENTS WITH OROPHARYNGEAL CANDID' Diz, D.P; Miralles, C,; Ocampo, A; Feujoo, JF; Sope De la Fuente, J; Martinez, C; Xeral-Cles Hospital, Sp ORAL CANDIDDIAIS, THE STAEADY PARTNER'S TREATMEI Rosello, X; Lopez, J; Jane, E; University of Barcelona PBO141 UDINE for 1, PB0142 son, D; iool, 00143 PB0143 (PTS) PB0O151 ORAL MYCOPLASMA AND CANDIDA FROM HIV INFECTED (+) NON-AIDS SUBJECTS Rowland, RW; Blankenship, P; Dobis, L; Gunsolley, J; Moray, L; Univ of Detroit, USA PB0O152 ULTRASTRUCTURAL STUDY OF ORAL HAIRY LEUKOPLAKIA Sugihara, K; Yamashita, S; Kagoshima University Dental School, Japan PB0O153 ORAL HAIRY LEUKOPLAKIA (OHL): TOPICAL USE OF TRICHLOROACETIC AND GLYCOLIC ACIDS-RESULTS Nishio, CE; Petri, V; Narahashi, E; Escola Paulista de Medicina, Brazil na, M; PB0154 fardini, SITE-SPECIFIC RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ORAL SPIROCHAETES ano AND PERIODONTAL DISEASE IN HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY INFECTION Wanzala, P'; Riviere, G2; Lukehart, S'; Kreiss, J'; DeRouen, PB0144 T3; Ndinya, A4; 'Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kenya; 2Oregon Health Sciences Univ, USA; 3Univ of Washington, LITY USA; 4Univ of Nairobi, Kenya, C; PB0155 )up; EPIDEMIOLOGY OF LINEAR GINGIVAL ERYTHEMA IN HIV INFECTION Konzelman, JL'; Rams, TE2; Swango, PA2; Kleinman, DV2; Nowjack-Raymer, RE2; 1Henry M Jackson Foundation; 2NIDR/NIH, USA PB0156 P45 CD4+ AND CD8+ LYMPHOCYTES IN GINGIVAL TISSUE FROM HIV-INFECTED PERSONS Odden, K; Schenck, K; Hurlen, B; University of Oslo, 'u Norway Group'; f PB0158 TREATMENT OF APHTOUS ORAL ULCERS WITH PENTOXIFYLLINE PB0146 Navarro, A'; Pizarro, A2; Herranz, P2; Aguayo, M'; Leon M'; Pujol, E'; 'Hosp Jr Jimenez; 2Hosp La Paz, Spain PB0159 STOMATITIS APHTHOUS IN PATIENTS HIV +, TREATMENT PB0O147 Lopez, J; Rosello, X; Jane, E University of Barcelona, Spain a PB0161 aint AN ETHNO-EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDY OF THE ORAL MANIFESTATIONS OF HIV/AIDS PATIENTS IN SOUTH AFRICA PB0148 Sauer, G; Arendorf, TM; Wood, R; O'Keefe, E; MRC/ UWC Faculty of Dentistry, South Africa, Japan PB0162 PB149 EXPERIENCE ON 584 HIV+ PATIENTS OF A DENTAL REFERAL PB0149 CENTER RNS IN Silva, Jr A; Ferreira, S; Perez, MA; Brilhante, E; Camillo, R; OSIS Tortes, S; NESC, UFRJ, Brazil ena, D; ain PB0150 NT a, Spain PB0163 ORAL MANIFESTATIONS OF HIV INFECTION IN CAMPINAS CITY Bertazzoli, R; Lourenco, C; Corsini Center, Brazil 117

Page  118 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0164 INITIAL REPORT OF CD4 COUNTS AND ORAL LESIONS IN A TEXAS HIV SEROPOSITIVE COHORT Yeh, C-K1,2; Puttaiah R'; Fabre, C'; Dove, S'; Cottone, J'; 'UTHSCSA; 2ALMMVH, USA PB0165 ORAL LESIONS IN PATIENTS WITH HIV INFECTION ENROLLED IN CPCRA TRIALS Torres, R; Tobin, J; Vaughn, A; Podhurst, L; Bolden, B; Raschella, N; The Terry Beirn CPCRA; Clinical Directors Network of Region II, USA PB0166 PROLONGED HEALING PERIOD OF THE EXTRACTED WOUND REPORT OF A CASE Maeda, N; Mizobe, J; Kohshikai Dental Clinic, Japan PB0167 CROSS-CONTAMINATION RISKS OF INVASIVE DENTAL PROCEDURES USING HIGH-SPEED HANDPIECES Ito, M; Ashoori, M; Osuka, S; Matsuyama, M; Usami, T; Kaneda, T; Nagoya University, Japan PB0168 ORAL MANIFESTATIONS OF HIV/AIDS Ssali, C; Entebbe Grade A Hospital, Uganda PB0169 UPPER DIGESTIVE TRACT ENDOSCOPY IN HIV INFECTED PATIENT Aoki, FH; Meirelles, JO; Monteiro, DT; Lima, J; Abreu, W; Pavan, M; State Univ of Campinas, Brazil PB0170 ENDOSCOPY STUDIES OF AIDS: THE 90'S VERSUS THE 80'S Bernal, A; Frazier, R; Del Junco, G; Gathe Jr, J; Piot, D; Park Plaza Hospital, USA PB0171 HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS IN THE ESOPHAGUS IN HIV PATIENTS Bouchaud, O; Marche, C; Cadiot, G; Longuet, P; Rent, E; Coulaud, JP; Bichat Claude Bernard Hospital, France PB0172 IMPAIRED GASTRIC EMPTYING IN PATIENTS WITH HIV INFECTION Piot, D; Gathe, Jr J; Bernal, A; Stool, E; Clemmons, J; Stenoien, R; Goldstein, J; Park Plaza Hospital, USA PB0O173 CARBOHYDRATE MALABSORPTION IN PATIENTS WITH HIV INFECTION Ginaldi, L'; Furia, N'; DiGiammartino, D'; Marani-Toro, G'; Corazza, GR1; Quaglino, D'; 'University of L'Aquila; 2TULSS, Italy PB0174 CMV GASTROINTESTINAL DISEASE AND SALMONELLA SEPSIS IN AIDS De Agostini, M; Lipani, F; Sinicco, A; Univ of Turin, Italy P0175 AIDS ASSOCIATED DIARRHEA PRELIMINARY RESULTS OF A STUDY Tumbarello, M; Ventura, G; Tacconelli, E; Scoppettuolo, G; Papi, G; Cauda, R; Universita Cattolica, Italy PB0176 ETIOLOGY OF ACUTE ABDOMEN IN AIDS PATIENTS Figueroa, R; Espinosa, RF; Santillan, MA; Cruz, MA; Centro Medico La Raza, Mexico PB0177 EXPERIENCE OF TWO YEARS IN THERAPY OF AIDS HYPERSECRETORY DIARRHEA WITH OCTREOTIDE Miranda-Ruiz, R; Feregrino-Goyos, M; Alvarado-Diez, R; Castanon, GJ; Gallegos-Perez, H; Eid-Lidt, G; Hospital Especialidades del Centro Medico siglo XXI del IMSS y Clinica ISI de Norteamerica, Mexico PB0O178 ETIOLOGY, NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF CHRONIC DIARRHEA IN 24 HIV PATIENTS Wanke, C; Pleskow, D; DeGirolami, P; Federman, M; New England Deaconess Hospital, USA PB0179 VIP AND REFRACTORY DIARRHEA IN AIDS/ARC PATIENTS Manfredi, R; Mastroianni, A; Coronado, O; Vezzadini, P; Fanti, MP; Chiodo, F; University of Bologna, Italy PR0180 CHRONIC BACTERIAL ENTEROPATHY IN AIDS Giang, TT; Kotler, DP; Orenstein, JM; GeorgeWashington Univ, USA PB0181 CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF HYPERAMYLASEMIA IN HIV PATIENTS Merino, E; Reus, S; Sanchez, J; Trigo, C; Boix, V; Portilla, J; Perez-Mateo, M; Hospital General Universitario de Alicante, Spain PB0182 HEPATOBILIARY DISORDERS IN HIV-PATIENTS Verdejo, J; Ifliguez, A; Polo, R; Martinez, ML; Inchaustegui, L; Enriquez, A; Gonzalez-Lahoz, JM; Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain PB0183 LIVER DISEASE IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS Silva, MA; Tannuri, AAS; Lobo, ALN; Costa, RS; Mello, CEB; Lima, MBC; Oliveira, CAB; Universty of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PR0184 G-CSF INDUCED HEPATITIS AND PANCREATITIS IN A HIV-SEROPOSITIVE PATIENT Zylberberg, L'; Zylberberg, H2; Havard, S'; Hagege, H2; Franck, N'; Escande, JP'; 'Tarnier Hospital; 2Intercommunal Hospital, France PB0185 PREFERENTIAL DEPLETION OF RECTAL LAMINA PROPRIA CD4+ LYMPHOCYTES Clayton, F",2; Reka, S'; Kotler, DP2; 'St Luke's-Roosevelt Hosp; 2Uni of Utah, USA P0186 COMPARISON OF HIV VIRAL BURDEN IN PERIPHERAL BLOOD AND RECTAL MUCOSA Reka, S; Kotler, DP; St Luke's-Roosevelt Hosp, USA 118

Page  119 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0187 REFRACTORY ESCHERICIA COLI 0157: H7 ASSOCIATED HEMOLYTIC UREMIC SYNDROME (HUS) AND HIV-INFECTION Albrecht, H; Stellbrink, HJ; University of Hamburg, Germany PB0188 ITRACONAZOLE AS SECONDARY PROPHYLAXIS AGAINST ORAL / OESOPHAGEAL CANDIDOSIS IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS OR ARC Smith, D'; Gazzard, B2; Kenny, DW'; Community HIV/ AIDS Trials Network, Australia; 2Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, UK PB0189 PATHOGENICITY OF ENTAMOEBA HISTOLYTICA IN JAPANESE MALE HOMOSEXUAL POPULATION Takeuchi, T'; Kobayashi, SI; Okusawa, E'; Tachibana, H2; Takada, S3; Ohtomo, H4; 1Keio Univ; 2Tokai Univ; 3Osaka City Univ; 4Jikei Univ, Japan PB0O190 A SURVEY ON THE ORAL LESIONS OF HIV/AIDS PATIENT IN JAPAN (REPORT 1) Ikeda, M; Maeda, N; et al; Research Committee on Prevention of Developing Ignesies and Therapy for HIV Infected Patients, Japan PBO9: Organ Manifestations: Nervous System PB0191 PATHOLOGY OF THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM OF AIDS IN JAPAN Funata, N; Koike, M; Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, Japan PB0192 PSYCHONEUROLOGIC DISORDERS AND EVALUATION OF ABILITY TO WORK IN HIV INFECTION Ivanov, KS; Lobzin, YV; Zhdanov, KV; Medico-Military Academy, Russia PB0193 ACUTE PARALYSIS OF THE SERRATUS MUSCLE IN AN HIV POSITIVE PATIENT TREATED BY DDC Faller, JP; Ziegler, F; Balblanc, JC; Labouret, P; Ruyer, O; Centre Hospitalier, France PB0194 STROKE IN YOUNG HIV PATIENTS: ASSOCIATION WITH COCAINE ABUSE AND MENINGITIS Qureshi, AI; Akbar, MS; McGaffigan, S; Weissman, J; Frankel, M; Janssen, R; Emory Univ School of Medicine, USA P0195 PSYCHOLOGICAL APROACH TO AIDS PATIENTS Costa, LM; Azevedo, RC; Estadual University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil P0196 BAEPs IN EARLY STAGES OF HIV-INFECTION De la Fuente, J; Rodriguez, E; Ocampo, A; Miralles, C; Sopefla, B; Moreno, JA; Martinez, C; Hospital Xeral, Spain PB0197 PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS IN HIV PATIENTS: HOSPITALIZED VS NON-HOSPITALAIZED Prenzlauer, SL; Bialer, PA; Bogdonoff, L; Kato, KS; Wilets, I; Beth Israel Medical Center, USA PB0O198 HIV INDEPENDENT FACTORS INFLUENCING NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL PERFORMANCE IN ARC AND AIDS INDIVIDUALS Dally, LG; Chiesi, A; Tomino, C; Floridia, M; Seeber, A; Vella, S; ISS, Lab of Virology, Italy PB0199 SUBCLINICAL MOTOR DEFICITS IN HIV INFECTION ARE NOT INFLUENCED BY INTRAVENOUS DRUG ABUSE Giesen, HJv; Roick, H; Hefter, H; Jablonowski, H; Freund, HJ; Arendt, G; Universityof Dusseldorf, Germany PB0O200 RISK OF NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL IMPAIRMENT STEADILY RISES FROM DATE OF SEROCONVERSION: HNRC EXPERIENCE Grant, I"2; Heaton, RK'; Deutsch, R'; McCutchan, JA'; Atkinson, JH1',2; Chandler, J3; 'UCSD; 2VAMC; 3Naval Hospital, USA PB0O201 PROGRESSIVE LESION OF ASCENDING SENSORY TRACTS Husstedt, IW; Grotemeyer, KH; Busch, H; Hoffmann, U; Zidek, W; Wilhelms-Universitat, Germany PB0202 HIV-1-GP120 CAUSES INDUCTION OF NEURONAL INJURY IN VITRO: PREVENTION BY MEMANTINE Muller, WEG'; Bormann, J2; Schroder, HC'; Ushijima, H3; 'Institut fur Physiologische Chemie, Germany; 2MPI, Germany; Institute of Public Health, Japan PB0O203 PROGRESSION OF NERVOUS SYSTEM DYSFUNCTION IN HIV; 5 YEAR FOLLOW-UP Hall, CD; Messenheimer; Wilkins; Whaley; Robertson; Radzion; Hall; Kwock; Donovan; Robertson; University of North Carolina, USA PB0O204 HIV-1 ASSOCIATED COGNITIVE-MOTOR COMPLEX IN EUROPE Chiesi, A'; Dally, LG'; Vella, S'; Lundgren, JD2; Pedersen, C2; the AIDS IN EUROPE study group; 'ISS, Lab of Virology, Italy; 2Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark PB0O205 QUALITY OF LIFE IN PEOPLE WITH DEPRESSIVE SYMPTOMS AND HIV Rubin, HC'2; Patterson, TL2; Atkinson, JH1,2; Kaplan, RM'; Koch, WL'; McCutchan, JA'; Chandler, JL; Grant, I,2; UCSD; 2VAMCSD; 'Naval Medical Center, USA P0O206 STEREOTACTIC BRAIN BIOPSY IN AIDS PATIENTS Valadas, E; Melo, AZ; Ferreira, G; Quaresma, MJ; Hospital de Santa Maria, Portugal 119

Page  120 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0207 STEREOTACTIC BRAIN BIOPSY OF FOCAL INTRACEREBRAL LESIONS IN AIDS PATIENTS Cosin, J; Miralles, P; Moreno, S; Parras, M; Salazar, F; Bouza, E; Hosp G MaraflOn, Spain PB0208 PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS IN HIV-1 DISEASE Shor-Posner, G; Feaster, D; Blaney, N; Miguez-Burbano, M; Goodkin, K; Eisdorfer, C; Baum, MK; Univ of Miami, USA PB0209 STRESSFUL LIFE EVENTS, CORTISOL AND CELLULAR IMMUNE CHANGES IN ASYMPTOMATIC, HIV INFECTED INDIVIDUALS Petitto J; Lesserman J; Perkins, D; Golden, J; Folds, J; Evans, D; Univ of Florida, USA PBO210 HIV SEROPREVALENCE AMONG PSYCHIATRIC IN-PATIENTS AT THE PSYCHIATRIC UNIT OF S GIOVANNI HOSPITAL, ROME Di Genio, M'; Chiesi, A2; Pariante, F'; Falchi Delitala, N'; D'Aloia, El; Degli Esposti, M'; 'USL RM4; 2ISS, Lab of Virology, Italy PB0211 PROGNOSTIC VALUE OF CONVENTIONAL EEG-RECORDINGS IN EVALUATING HIV-ENCEPHALOPATHY Arendt, G; Bohn, J; Schroerschwarz, T; Giesen, HJv; Roick, H; Jablonowski, H; Univ of Dusseldorf, Germany PB0212 THE ROLE OF TNF-a IN THE PATHOGENESIS OF VACUOLAR MYELOPATHY IN AIDS Ciardi, A'; Tan, SV2; An, SF'; Guiloff, RJ'; Scaravilli, F'; 'Inst of Neurology, 2Charing Cross and Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals, UK PB0213 INTRATHECAL SYNTHESIS OF ANTI gpl20 V3 LOOP ANTIBODIES IN HIV-INFECTION Matr, S'; Lolli, F'; Pinto, F'; Colao, MG2; DeMajo, E2; Mecocci, L'; Brizzi, M3; Blanc, PL'; Paci, P'; Mazzotta, F'; 'University of Florence; 2USL 10/D; 'USL 10/H, Italy PB0214 HIV AND THE BRAIN: P300 CHANGES DO NOT REFLECT GENERAL SUBCORTICAL DAMAGE Katner, HP; Moore, NC; Tucker, KA; Smith, MU; Coburn, KL; Mercer University, USA PB0215 IS ROUTINE OPHTHALMOLOGICAL STUDY IN VIH PATIENTS PROFITABLE? Mufloz, JJ; Artiaga, E; Tafil, P; Carrasco, JM; Vidal, T; Portilla, J; Boix, V; Belmonte, J; Hospital General Universitario de Alicante, Spain PB0216 CYTOMEGALOVIRUS MYELITIS MIMICKING INTRAMEDULLARY SPINAL CORD TUMOR Moulignier, A'; Mikol, J3'; Gonzalez-Canali, G2; Wallays, C'; Thiebaut, JB4; Dupont, B2; 'Hopital Tenon; 'Institut Pasteur; 'Lariboisiere; 'H Dunant, France PB0217 CMV POLYRADICULOMYELITIS IN AIDS: 7 CASES Jacomet, C; Lebrette, MG; De Montfort, L; El Amrani, M; Gozlan, J; Girard, PM; Rozenbaum, W; H6pital Rothschild, France PB0218 RISK FACTORS FOR RETINAL DETACHMENT IN PATIENTS WITH CMV-RETINITIS Geier, St A; Sadri, I; Bogner, JR; Klauss, V; Goebel, F-D; Medizinische Poliklinik und Augenklinik der LMU, Germany PB0219 LASER PHOTOCOAGULATION IN AIDS PATIENTS WITH CMV RETINITIS Kosmides, P'; Ladas, JD2; Dadoush, G'; Nicolaidou, S'; Koulios, P'; Vergados, J2; Liarikos, S'; 'St Savvas Hospital Eye Clinic; 'Athens University Eye Clinic; 'Pammakaristos Hosp; Greece PB0220 MAINTENANCE THERAPY OF CYTOMEGALOVIRUS RETINITIS WITH INTRAVITREAL INJECTION ONLY: SAFETY AND EFFECTIVENESS Pastor, M; Viciana, P; Calvo, R; Nuno, E; Seva, E; Rodriguez, MJ; Hospital V Rocio, Spain PB0221 OCULAR MANIFESTATIONS IN HIV PATIENTS IN JAPAN Nagata, Y; Fujino, Y; Ono, A; Mochizuki, M; Oka, S; Kimura, S; Shimada, K; Univ of Tokyo, Japan PB0222 PREDICTIVE FACTORS OF SEQUELAE IN AIDS PATIENTS WITH BRAIN TOXOPLASMOSIS Perez-Cecilia, E; Sanchez, J; Jimenez-Escrig, A; Roca, V; Romero, J; Palau, E; Picazo, J; Hospital Universitario San Carlos, Spain PB0223 OUTBREAK OF CNS TOXOPLASMOSIS DUE TO AIDS IN BOMBAY Lanjewar, DN; Grant Medical College, India PB0224 HIV ASSOCIATED DEMENTIA: FREQUENCY AND DIFFERENTIATING FACTORS COMPARED TO OTHER NEUROLOGICAL COMPLICATIONS OF HIV INFECTION Sanchez-Portocarrero, J; Jimenez-Escrig, A; Ayuso, J; Perez-Cecilia, E; Roca, V; Barquero, M; Varela de Seijas, E; Hospital Cllnico, Spain PB0225 AIDS DEMENTIA COMPLEX: A STUDY OF 20 PATIENTS Stavrianeas, N'; Kivellos, S'; Retzos, M; Samartzis, D'; Chatzivasiliou, M'; Stratigos, J'; "'A Sygros" Hospital; 'Aeginition Hospital, Greece PB0226 NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL AND NEURODIAGNOSTIC BY IMAGING (MRI-SPECT) EARLY SIGNS OF AIDS DEMENTIA COMPLEX (ADC) IN ASYMPTPMATIC HIV-1 INFECTED SUBJECTS: FOLLOW UP Rosci, MA'; Pigorini F'; Bernabei, A'; Pau, FM2; Merigliano, DE'; Leonetti, C2; 'L Spallanzani Hospital for Infectious Diseases; 'C Forlanini Hospital; 'La Sapienza University, Italy 120

Page  121 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care CLINICAL EVALUATION OF A HIV+ PATIENT WITH GUILLAINBARRE SYNDROME (GBS) Watanbe, R; lino, M; Tachikawa, H; Honda, M; Sagara, H; Yokohama City Hospital, Japan PB0228 TREATMENT WITH INTRAVENOUS IMMUNOGLOBULIN IN SEVERE GUILLAIN-BARRE SYNDROME AND HIV INFECTION Rodriguez, AF; Huarte, I; Von Wichmann, MA; Iribarren, JA; Arrizabalaga, J; Urtasun, M; Hospital Ntra Sra Aranzazu, Spain PB0229 XEROPHTHALMIA IN HIV-DISEASE Libera, St; Geier, St A; Klauss, V; Goebel, F-D; Medizinische Poliklinik and Augenklinik der LMU, Germany PB0230 PERSISTENT NEUTROPHILIC MENINGITIS IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS Roca, V; Sanchez-Portocarrero, J; Martin, T'; Perez-Cecilia, E; de la Torre, F; Picazo, JJ; Fernandez-Cruz, A; Hospital Universitario San Carlos; 'Clinica Puerta de Hierro, Spain PB0231 TREATMENT OF AIDS AND PROGRESSIVE MULTIFOCAL LEUCOENCEPHALOPATHY (PML) WITH CYTARABINE WHEN THE BRAIN BIOPSY IS UNSUCCESSFULL OR IMPOSSIBLE Ravaux, I; Quinson, AM; North, MO; Gallais, H; H6pital La Conception Marseille, France PB0232 ELECTROPHYSIOLOGICAL EVALUATION OF 2' 3' -DIDEOXYCYTIDIN (ddC) CAUSED POLYNEUROPATHY A FOLLOW-UP STUDY Roick, H; Giesen, HJv; Jablonowski, H; Arendt, G; Heinrich-Heine-University, Germany PB0233 PILOT STUDY OF ZIDOVUDINE (AZT) AND ZALCITABINE (ddC) COMBINATION IN HIV-ASSOCIATED DEMENTIA McIntyre, K; Torres, R; Luck, D; Tavalouras, G; St Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center of New York, USA PB0234 DELAYED PML DIAGNOSIS AND d4T TREATMENT Lutz, B; Mogabgab, W; Santos, M; Combs, K; New Orleans Health Department; Owen Home Infusion; Southern Baptist Hospital, USA PB11: Antiretroviral Therapy: New Approaches PB0238 PANAVIR: A NOVEL THERAPY FOR HIV INFECTION Hendler, SS'; Sanchez, RA'; Nagourney, RA'; Lauermann, MW2; Sonne, M2; Strayer, G2; 'Vyrex Corp; 2Long Beach Memorial Med Ctr, USA PB0239 PHASE 1/II TRIAL OF ORAL PANAVIR FOR HIV INFECTION Nagourney, RA'; Hendler, SS2; Sanchez, RA2; Strayer, G'; Sonne, M'; Lauermann, MW; 'Long Beach Memorial Med Ctr; 'Vyrex Corporation, USA PB0240 ANTI-HIV FLAVANOIDES FROM MORUS ALBA L Luo, SD; Nemec, J; Ning, BM; Li, QX; Kunming Institute of Botany, China PBO241 VESNARINONE; A PRELIMINARY THERAPEUTIC APPROACH IN HIV-1 INFECTION Maruyama, Y'; Kobayashi, N2; Maruyama, I'; Osame, M'; 'Kagoshima Univ; 'Yamaguchi Univ, Japan PB0242 LOVIRIDE INDUCES A PROLONGED RISE OF THE CD4 COUNT IN ASYMPTOMATIC HIV-l1 SUBJECTS De Brabander M'; Staszewski, S; De Cree, J'; Verhaegen, H'; Stoffels, P; Van Den Broeck, R; Roels, V'; Janssen, PAJ; et al; 'CRU St Bartholomeus, Belgium PB0243 TODOXIN IN AIDS: PHASE 3 CONTROLLED MULTINATIONAL COOPERATIVE OPEN STUDY Radojicic, C; Jovanovic, T; Petrovic, S; TODOXIN Study Group, Austria PB0244 PHASE 1/11I STUDY OF CURDLAN SULFATE - AN HIV INHIBITOR Gordon, M; Guralnik, M; Lang, W; Baker, M; Goodgame, J; DeMarzo, C; Mimura, T; Kaneko, Y; Ajinomoto Co, Inc, USA PB0245 TREATMENT OF HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS WITH ADVANCED SYMPTOMATIC DISEASE WITH WFO0 SOLUTION (TCDO) Busch, HW; Christensen, St; Reichelt, D; Jahn, S; Zidek, W; WWU, Germany PB0235 PB0246 MAGNESIUM LEVEL AND PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY Stroud, S'; Salvato, P'; Thompson, C2; 1Med Univ Charleston; 'Houston Immuno Institute, USA PB023 A SURVEY OF ADULT MENINGITIS IN ZIMBABWE Malin, A; Bwakura, T; Robertson, V; Musvaire, P; University of Zimbabwe Medical School, Zimbabwe PB023 HIV-1/HTLV-1 COINFECTION IS ASSOCIATED WITH A HIGH FREQUENCY OF MYELOPATHIES Harrison, LH'; Schechter, M2; Vaz, BP2; McArthur, JC'; 'Johns Hopkins University, USA; 'Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil USE OF N- (4 -{{(2, 4-DIAMINO-6-PTERIDINYL) METHYL} METHYLAMINO)}-1- GLUTAMIC ACID (METHOTREXATE) (MT) IN INHIBITING REPLICATION OF HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS-1 (HIV-1) IN VITRO Kumar, S; Clinical Regional Laboratory, USA PB0248 NIMODIPINE+ZDV VS ZDV IN PATIENTS WITH ADC 7 Galgani, S; Narciso, P; Balestra, P; Pigorini, F; Pau, F; Sette, P; Tozzi, V; Alba, L; Grisetti, S; Visco, G; S Camillo Hosp, Italy 121

Page  122 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0249 TRIALS OF ELABORATION MORE UNIVERSAL AIDS THERAPY: ANTI-HIV LASER TRAPS FOR BLOOD, VIRUCIDAL HYPERBARIC GAS, TISSUE pH MODIFIERS Vasilionakaitis, V; Research Lab of Clinical Biomechanics & Modern Treatment Methods, Lithuania PB12: Antiretroviral Therapy: Combination Therapy PB0250 ASSOCIATION ZIDOVUDINE AND DIPYRIDAMOLE: A PHARMACOKINETIC STUDY Livrozet, J-M'; Schrive, I2; Brunel, F'; Fournier, F'; Plasse, JC2; Touraine, JL'; 'H6pital E Herriot; 2Pharmacie Centrale, France PB0251 TOW CASES OF AIDS ASSOCIATED WITH HEMOPHILIA A, TREATED EFFECTIVELY BY THE CONCOMITANT USE OF SNMC AND ddl Mori, K; Sendai Hematologic Clinic, Japan PB0252 THE INTERIM SAFETY RESULTS AND PHARMACOKINETICS OF A COMBINATION OF R89439 AND ZIDOVUDINE THERAPY IN HIV-INFECTION Colebunders, R'; Vandenbruaene, M'; Delescluse, J2; Vander Endt, D2; De Cree, J'; De Brabander, M'; Peeters, M'; Van Den Broeck, R'; Stoffles, P'; 'Tropical Institute of Antwerp; 2Brussels Dermatology Clinic; 'Janssen Research Foundation, Belgium PB0253 EFFECT OF CONCORDE STUDY RELEASE ON ANTI-RETROVIRAL (AR) USE IN COMMUNITY PROGRAMS FOR CLINICAL RESEARCH ON AIDS (CPCRA) TRIALS Ward, TT'; Sampson, J2; Wentworth, D3; Wallace, JA'; 'Portland OR VA Med Ctr; 2The Research & Education Group; 'Univ of Minnesota, USA PB0254 ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY EFFECT ON CD4+ CELL COUNTS: A WAY TO EVALUATE DRUG EFFICACY D'Offizi, G; Ferrara, R; Pinter, E; Rosso, R; Prozzo, A; Pontesilli, O; Aiuti, F; Univ of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy PB0255 EFFICACY OF ZDV/DDC MEASURED BY SURROGATE MARKERS Binhegyi, D'; Ujhelyi, E2; Gerlei, Z'; FtLst, G'; 'St Liszl6 Hosp; 2National Inst for Haemat, Hungary PB0256 DIDANOSINE (DDI) VS ZIDOVUDINE (ZDV) IN HIV PATIENTS Milini, P; Casari, S; Donisi, A; Gregis, G; Tomasoni, D; Bergamasco, A; Carosi, G; Univ of Brescia, Italy PB0257 OPEN LABEL COMBINATION OF ZIDOVUDINE (ZVD) PLUS DIDANOSINE (ddl) FOR THE TREATMENT OF PATIENTS WITH HIV INFECTION AND ABSOLUTE CD4 LYMPHOCYTES COUNTS >100 < 500 mega/I Suleiman, G; Suleiman, J; Suleiman, S; Castro, I; Ferreira Jr, O; Instituto de Infectologia Emilio Ribas, Brazil PB0258 EFFECTS OF COMBINED TREATMENT WITH ZIDOVUDINE AND DIDEOXYINOSINE IN 104 HIV + PATIENTS WITH PRIOR ZIDOVUDINE THERAPY de Saint Martin, L; Pialoux, G; Tuppin, Ph; Gonzalez-Canali, G; Feuillie, V; Dupont, B; et al; Institut Pasteur Hospital, France PB0259 TOXICITY AND CARCINOGENICITY OF DIDEOXYCYTIDINE IN MICE Rao, G'; Sanders, V'; Elwell, M'; Giles, H2; Heath, J2; Lindamood III, C2; 'NIEHS, NIH; 2Southern Research, USA PB0260 AZT MONOTHERAPY COMPARED TO AZT+DDC COMBINED ANTIVIRIC THERAPY AND AZT+DDC+NAC (100 PATIENTS EACH GROUP) Feregrino-Goyos, M; Eid Lidt, G; Gallegos Perez, H; Alvarado, DR; Mino, LD Clinica ISI de Norteamerica, Mexico PB0261 EFFICACY AND TOXICITY OF DDI AND AZT MONOTHERAPY VERSUS COMBINED AND ALTERNATING AZT/DDI REGIMENS Schlenzig, C; Poppinger, J; Wolf, E; Jaeger, H; KIS-Curatorium for Immunedeficiency, Germany PB0262 STUDY OF 31 ACUTE HIV-1 INFECTION (API) Sinicco, A; Biglino, A; Gioannini, P; Univ of Turin, Italy PB0263 INFLUENCE OF ANTIRETROVIRAL TREATMENT ON THE AIDS PATIENTS SURVIVAL - A PRIVATE PRACTICE EXPERIENCE Del Bianco, R; Ministerio da Saide, Brazil PB0264 NON-NUCLEOSIDE RT INHIBITORS WITH STRUCTURAL DIVERSITY BUT POTENT ANTI-HIV ACTIVITY Yang, SS; Buckheit, RW, Jr'; Bader, JP'; 'NCI; 2SRI-FRC, USA PB0265 EFFECT OF RATE OF CD4 DECLINE ON THE EFFICACY OF EARLY ZDV THERAPY IN ASYMPTOMATIC HIV INFECTION Easterbrook, PJ; Yu, LM; Babiker, A; Gazzard, BG; Boag, F; McLean, K; Chelsea and Westminster Hospital; MRC Clinical Trials Centre, UK PB0266 RETROSPECTIVE STUDY OF ZIDOVUDINE (ZDV) OR DIDANOSINE (ddl) MONOTHERAPY OR ZALCITABINE PLUS ZIDOVUDINE (ddC+ ZDV) COMBINATION THERAPY IN PATIENTS WITH EARLY AIDS Barr, MR; Torres, RA; St Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center, USA PB0267 TRIPLE COMBINATION THERAPY OF FOSCARNET Convey, P; Scolaro, M; Brucker, R; CAREMARK Inc, USA PB0268 SAFETY OF ZALCITABINE (ddC) IN ZIDOVUDINE (ZDV) INTOLERANT INDIVIDUALS: RESULTS OF THE EUROPEAN EXPANDED ACCESS STUDY Moyle, GJ'; Goll, A'; Snape, S; 'F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Switzerland; 'The ddC Coordinating Center, Germany 122

Page  123 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0269 DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMMUNITY BASED TRIAL FOR THE COMPARISON OF COMBINATION ZDV WITH ddC OR ddl TO ZDV MONOTHERAPY Saravolatz, L; Winslow, D; Stein, D; Dehlinger, M; Collins, G; Deyton, L; CPCRA, NIH, USA PB0270 PRELIMINARY RESULTS OF A PHASE II STUDY ON THE EFFICACY AND TOLERABILITY OF AZT PLUS ALFA-INTERFERON IN PATIENTS WITH ASYMPTOMATIC HIV INFECTION AND CD4 BETWEEN 200 AND 500 Tavio, M; Colomba, A'; Izzo, E2; Pintus, A3; Puppo, F4; Serraino, D; Traina, C5; Tirelli, U; Centro di Riferimento Oncologico; 'Casa del Sole; 2Osp Cotugno; 'Universitt di Cagliari; 4Universita di Genova; 5Ambulatorio AIDS, USL58, Italy PB0271 COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF ZDV AND DDI IN AIDS PATIENTS WITH PREVIOUS ZDV TREATMENT: A RANDOMIZED MULTICENTER STUDY ISS-901 Tomino, C; Floridia, M; Chiesi, A; Dally, LG; Seeber, A; Fragola, V; Sebastiani, G; Vella, S; the Italian AZT/DDI Evaluation Group; Istituto Superiore di Santa, Italy PB0272 STANDARD VS LOW DOSE ZDV+DDI THERAPY IN PTS WITH FAILURE OF ZDV MONOTHERAPY Narciso, P; Tozzi, V; Sette, P; Alba, L; Grisetti, S; Colaiacomo, M; Campitelli, G; Missori, R; Visco, GL; Spallanzani Hosp, Italy PB0273 ANTIVIRAL COMBINED AND THYMOSTIMULIN IN PATIENTS WITH HIV STAGES III AND IV: EFFECTS ON THE CD4 CELLS COUNTS Conde-mercado, JM; Feregrino Goyos, M; Eid Lidt, G; Torras, GV; Gallegos Perez H; Alvarado Diez, R; Clinica ISI de Norteamerica, Mexico PB0274 A PHASE 1/11I OPEN LABEL COMBINATION STUDY OF THE TOLERABILITY AND ACTIVITY OF ddC AND INTERFERON ALPHA IN PATIENTS WITH EARLY SYMPTOMATIC HIV-INFECTION (ANRS PROTOCOL 016) Mouton, Y; Goujard, C; Raffi, F; Seigneurin, JM; Bilbault, P; Al ANRS; Tourcoing Hospital; HOtel Dieu Hospital; Grenoble Hospital; Produits Roche, Neuilly and ICRC, France PB0275 FIRST EVALUATION OF 20 HIV POSITIVE PATIENTS ON TREATMENT OF AZT/DDI AT THE LJ ENGELMAJER ASSOCIATION Puchot, P'; Puppo, P2; Engelmajer, LJ; 'Addepos; 2European Institute for documentation and research on Drug Abuse; 'Engelmajer Foundation, France PB0276 PHASE II STUDY OF COMBINATION OF LENTINAN WITH ddl IN HIV-POSITIVE PATIENTS Kaneko, Y; Mimura, T; Guralnik, M; Baker, M; Goodgame, J; DeMarzo, C; Pierce, D; Lang, W; Gordon, M; Ajinomoto Co, Inc, Japan PB0277 SYNERGISTIC EFFECT OF RECOMBINANT CD4-IMMUNOGLOBULIN IN COMBINATION WITH AZIDOTHYMIDINE, DIDEOXYINOSINE AND 0.5 p-MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY ON HIV INFECTION IN VITRO Ushijima, H"2; Ando, S2; Kitamura, T2; Muller, WEG'; 'Institute of Public Health, Japan; 2NIH, Japan; 'Mainz University, Germany PB0278 ZALCITABINE (ddC) IN COMBINATION WITH ZIDOVUDINE (ZDV, AZT) FOR TREATMENT OF ADVANCED HIV DISEASE: A MULTICENTER, OPEN LABEL, NON COMPARATIVE STUDY Perez-Ancona, F; Cano, C; Lisker, A; Montenegro, A; Hospital Central Sur de Alta Especialidad Pemex, Mexico PB0279 IMPACT OF AZT MONOTHERAPY VERSUS SEQUENTIAL OR COMBINATION ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY ON SURVIVAL Thompson, M'; Creagh, T'; Rimland, D2; Thompson, S'; Toomey, K4; 'AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta, Inc; 'Veterans Administration Medical Center; 'Emory Univ School of Medicine; 4GA Dept of Human Resources, USA PB0280 ZIDOVUDINE OR ZIDOVUDINE/ACICLOVIR IN PATIENTS WITH ASYMPTOMATIC HIV INFECTION AND CD4+ CELL COUNTS GREATER THAN 400/pL Jahn, S; Busch, HW; Reichelt, D; Christensen, St; Zidek, W; WWU Munster, Germany PB0281 HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE STRUCTURE OF A SOCIAL POLITIC IN ARGENTINA Zalazar, A; Comunidad Homosexual Argentina, Argentina PB15: Vaccines and Immunotherapy PB0282 TREATMENT OF HIV INFECTED ADULT PATIENTS WITH HIGHDOSE INTRAVENOUS IMMUNOGLOBULIN - A RANDOMIZED TRIALKiehl, M; Heese, Ch; Stoll, R; Domschke, W; University of Munster, Germany PB0283 THE IMPACT OF PENTOXIFYLLINE ON QUALITY OF LIFE Cohen, CJ2; Dezube, BJ2; Day, JM2; Andradas, V2; Gagnon, S'; Rieker, PP2; 2CRI/New England; 'Univ of Kansas; USA PB0284 EFFECT OF FLUCONAZOLE (FLU) ON THE CLINICAL PHARMACO KINETICS OF DELAVIRDINE (DLV) Cox, S; Anderson, RD'; Driver, M; Carel, B; The Upjohn Company; 'Novum Inc, USA PB0285 PENTOXIFYLLINE DECREASES TNF IN AIDS PATIENTS Dezube, BJ; Lederman, M; Spritzler, J; Ahlers, C; Pardee, AB; Crumpacker, CS; Beth Israel Hosp; Case Western Res Univ, USA PB0286 EFFECT OF CRYOPRESERVATION ON HIV+VE LYMPHOCYTES STORED FOR ADOPTIVE IMMUNOTHERAPY Trickett, A'; Dwyer, J2; Tesfamariam, N'; 'St George Hospital; 'Prince of Wales Hospital, Australia 123

Page  124 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0287 THERAPEUTIC IMMUNIZATION WITH HIV gpl60 IN HIV-SEROPOSITIVE PATIENTS SandstrOm, E; Bratt, G; Eriksson, L; Samuelsson, M; Persson, C; Volvovitz, F; Redfield, R; Wigzell, H; Wahren, B; South Hospital, Karolinska Institute, Sweden PB0288 COLLECTION OF AUTOLOGOUS BLOOD AND BONE MARROW FOR ADOPTIVE IMMUNOTHERAPY IN HIV+VE PATIENTS Trickett, A'; Dwyer, J'; Tesfamariam, N2; Lam-Po-Tang, R2; Kwan, YL'; 'St George Hospital; 'Prince of Wales Hospital, Australia PB0289 THE EFFECT OF RED GINSENG AND ZIDOVUDINE ON HIV PATIENTS Cho, YK'; Kim, Y'; Choi, M2; Kim, Y2; Choi, B2; Shin, Y2; 'Univ of Ulsan; 2NIH; Korea PB0290 HAPLOTYPE-MATCHED PERIPHERAL BLOOD MONONUCLEAR CELL (PBMC) TRANSFUSIONS IN PATIENTS WITH LATE-STAGE AIDS Gomatos, PJ; Reiter, WM; Keller, RH; Cimoch; PJ; Vorce, DE; Giannetti, B; Uribe, MR; Center for Special Immunology, USA PB0291 AHCC IMMUNOTHERAPY IN AIDS PATIENTS Ghoneum, M; Priestly, J; Drew Univ of Med & Sci, USA PB0292 IL-2 ADMINISTRATION TO HIV+INDIVIDUALS AND AIDS PATIENTS AN OPEN-LABEL STUDY PERFORMED IN SAO PAULO, BRAZIL Timerman, A; Hutzler, RU; Albert Einstein Hospital, Brazil PB0293 PASSIVE IMMUNOTHERAPY (PIT) IN HIV DISEASE: STUDY OF PATIENTS AND DONORS Bainbridge, D'; Karpas, A2; 'Royal London Hospital; 2University of Cambridge, UK PB0294 BINATIONAL EXPERIENCE IN THE TREATMENT OF AIDS WITH A LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT NATURAL CARBOHIDRATE (ECA-10-142), AS STIMULATE OF THE INMUNOLOGY SYSTEM Cevallos, EA'; Ardila, HA2'; 'Oncology Clinic at the Metropolitan Hospital, Ecuador; 2The Liga Colombiana de Lucha Contra el SIDA, Colombia PB0295 CLINICAL AND IMMUNOLOGIC MONITORING OF HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS TREATED WITH TOPICAL DINITROCHLOROBENZENE (DNCB) Stricker, RB'; Elswood, BF'; Goldberg, B'; Henry, J2; Winger, EE'; Epstein, WL; 'HemaCare Corporation; 'DNCB Study Group; 'IDL Laboratories; 4University of California, San Francisco, USA PB0296 ANTI-CMV HUMAN IMMUNOGLOBULINS IN THE PROPHILAXIS OF HCMV DISEASE IN HIV POSITIVE PATIENTS PRELIMINARY RESULTS Traina, C'; Magaraci, G2; Bellissima, P'; Panella, L4; Di Stefano, G5; Zola, S6; 'Centro AIDS USL 58, Italy; 2Osp R Margherita; 3Osp Gravina; 4Osp Civile, Barcellona 'Osp Civile, Siracusa; 6Osp Ferrarotto, Italy PB0297 INTRA-VENOUS GAMMAGLOBULIN: A WEAPON AGAINST BACTERIAL INFECTIONS IN HIV INFECTED CHILDREN? Della Negra, M; Castro, IO; Queiroz, W; Yu, CL; Soraggi Neto, C; Paste, AA; Vizquez, CMP; Inst Infectol Emllio Ribas, Brazil PB0298 CD4 CELL COUNT OF HIV1 ASYMPTOMATIC PATIENTS REMAINS STABLE UNDER CYCLOSPORIN A Levy, R; Tourani, JM; Jals, JP; Even, P; Andrieu, JM; Hopital Laennec Universite Paris V, France PB0299 RECOVERY OF AN ADVANCED AIDS PATIENT FROM SERIOUS END STAGE WITH TREATMENT Andoh, Y; Andoh Clinic, Japan PBO300 EFFECT OF TRACE ELEMENTS AND VITAMINS ON THE IMMUNE SYSTEM AND AIDS Michael, SS; Australia PB0301 HOMOEOPATHIC DRUGS AS IMMUNO MODULATORS: A STUDY IN 34 HIV SUBJECTS Singh, V'; Rastogi, DPZ; Dey, SK'; Rao, PK'; 'Regional Research Inst (H); 'CCRH; India PBO0302 THE IMMUNOACTIVETHERAPY FOR PATIENTS WITH POSITIVE HIV USING GLYCYRRHIZIN Endo, Y; Akita University, Japan PBO303 CD4 CELL COUNT IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS TREATED WITH ORAL IFN ALPHA-PRELIMINARY REPORT Smiatacz, T; Dzierbicki, A; Trocha, H; Zielinska, W; Gdansk School of Medicine, Poland PBO304 USE OF DNCB AS A IMMUNE MODULATOR IN HIV POSITIVE PATIENTS: A PILOT STUDY Traub, A; Irmandade Santa Casa de Misericordia, Brazil PBO305 LYMPHOPROLIFERATIVE RESPONSES IN HIV-1-SEROPOSITIVE VOLUNTEERS PRE AND POST IMMUNIZATION WITH IMMUNO RGP160 Mannhalter, JW; Eibl, MM; Wahren, B; Blazevic, V; Goebel, F-D; the European Multinational IMMUNO AIDS Vaccine Study Group, Austria 124

Page  125 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0306 THERAPEUTIC ID VACCINATION IN HIV DISEASE Sutor, G-C; Jurkiewicz, E'; Hunsmann, G'; Himn, M2; Deicher, H; Schedel, I; Med School of Hannover; 'German Primate Centre, Germany; 2Immunotech SA, France PB0307 THERAPEUTIC gpl60 VACCINE (VaxSyn) IN ADULTS WITH CD4 COUNTS <400/mm3 DeMaria, A; Coady, W; Cohen, C; Epstein, P; Kunches, L; Mayer, K; Werner, B; the Massachusetts DPH gpl60 working Group, USA PB0308 INHIBITION OF THE ANTIBODY RESPONSE TO AN HIV VACCINE BY MATERNAL ANTIBODY Jelonek, M'; Maskrey, J'; Steimer, K2; Potts, B'; Higgins, K2Keller, M'; 'Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, 2Chiron Corp; 'Repligen Corp, USA PB0309 EQUIMMUNE IN TREATMENT OF HIV INFECTED PATIENTS Bissbort, SH; Davis, H; van Brummelen, R; Miller, S; Mauff, Zail & Partners, South Africa PB0310 EFFICACY OF INTERFERON FOR CHRONIC HEPATITIS C IN HIV+ PATIENTS Soriano, V; Garcia-Samaniego, J; Bravo, R; Castro, A; Gonzalez, J; Mtnez-Odriozola, P; Colmenero, J; Carballo, E; Del Romero, J; Pedreira, J; Glez-Lahoz, J; The HIV/IFN/ HCV Spanish Study Group, Spain PB0311 IMMUNOTHERAPY WITH AUTOLOGOUS HIV-SPECIFIC CTL Lieberman, J; Fabry, JA; Skolnik, PR; Parkerson, GR; Fong, DM; Kagan, J; Standiford, H; Lee, E; Landry, B; New England Medical Center, and NIAID, USA PB0312 TREATMENT WITH THALIDOMIDE IN AIDS PATIENTS Klausner, JD'; Makonkawkeyoon, S2; Akarasewi, P'; Kasinrerk, W2; Nakata, K4; Kaplan, G'; 'NYU Med, USA; 2Chiang Mai Univ, Thailand; 'M Pub Health, Thailand; 4A Diamond AIDS Res Ctr, USA; 'Rockefeller Univ, USA PB0313 ZIDOVUDINE-THYMOSTIMULIN ASSOCIATION IN THE TREATMENT OF CDC2 AND CDC3 HIV-POSITIVE PATIENTS: THE SECOND STAGE OF TPI-AZT MULTICENTER STUDY(TAMS-2) Barbaro, G'; Barbarini, G2; De Rosa, F'on behalf of the TAMS-2 Group; 'University "La Sapienza"; 'University of Pavia, Italy PB0314 EFFECTS OF HIV-1 IMMUNOGEN ON CLINICAL STATUS Bergman, GE; Moss, R; Petillo, J; Slade, H; Rhone Poulenc Rorer Pharm/Immunization Products Ltd, USA PB0315 BLOCKING EFFECTS OF KF506 FOR APOPTOTIC CELL DEATH INDUCED BY HIV-GP120 Sekigawa, I; Juntendo Univ, Japan PB0316 THE ROLE OF hrGM-CSF IN NEUTROPENIA DUE TO THE CYTOSTATIC OR GANCICLOVIR TREATMENT Szlivik, J; Binhegyl, D; Miskovits, E; Gerlei, Zs; Laszl6 Hospital, Hungary PB0317 EVALUATION OF LONG TERM ORAL ADMINISTRATION OF GLYCYRRHIZIN IN ASYMPTOMATIC HIV-1 CARRIER Kinoshita, S; Tsujino, G; Yoshioka, K; Akatani, K; Imai, M; Ikegami, N; Osaka National Hospital, Japan PB0318 CLINICAL STUDIES OF XENOGENEIC HIV-1 IMMUNOGLOBULIN Osther, KB'; Fralick, R2; Hung, CH'; Thorn, RM'; 'Verigen Inc, USA; 2 Canada PB0319 RESPONSE TO N-ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE ON THE CD'-CD8 SYSTEM Focaccia, R; Cattapan, A; Conceicao, O; Buainain, R; Salaroli, A; Focaccia, MT; Fac Medicina Jundiail, Brazil PB0320 EFFICACY OF AM3 (GLIFOFOSFOPEPTICAL) AS MODULATOR OF INMUNITY IN THE TREATMENT OF AIDS Ruiz I, R; Torrecillas, L; Teran, L; Centro Medico 20 de Noviembre, Mexico PB0321 PHARMACOKINETICS OF GM-CSF AND EARLY LEUCOCYTE RESPONSE AFTER SUBCUTANEOUS (SC) GM-CSF ADMINISTRATION TO AIDS PATIENTS Henrivaux, P'; Fairon, Y2; 'C H St Joseph-Esperance; 2Private Contribution, Belgium PB0322 DHEA: A POTENTIAL TREATMENT FOR HIV DISEASE Hasheeve, D'Vorah; Salvato, P; Thompson, C; Houston Immuno Institute, USA PB0323 PREVENTION OF SEVERE NEUTROPENIA IN AIDS PATIENTS WITH INTERMITTENT, LOW-DOSE G-CSF (FILGRASTIM) Balbiano, R; Degioanni, M; Valle, M; Crivelli, P; Bordino, C; Mastinu, A; Biglino, A; ASTI, Italy PB0324 HUMAN RECOMBINANT ERYTROPOITEIN (r-Hu EPO) FOR TREATMENT OF ANEMIA IN HIV-INFECTED CHILDREN Caselli, D'; Maccabruni, A'; Fundara, C2; Portelli, E'; De Santis, U4; Gabiano, C'; Forni, GL'; 'IRCCS Policl San Matteo Univ; 2Univ Sacro Cuore Roma; 'Univ, Palermo; 4Osp Giovanni XXIII Bari, 'Osp Galliera Genova; 'University Torino, Italy PB0325 CONTRIBUTION OF INTRAVENOUS IMMUNOGLOBULINES (IVIG) THERAPY IN HIV INFECTED ADULTS Mars, ME; Quinson, AM; North, MO; Gallais, H; Hopital La Conception, France PB0326 EFFECT OF LONG TERM THERAPY WITH GLYCYRRHIZIN FOR HIV INFECTION IN A HEMOPHILIA PATIENT Imaizumi, M'; Goto, Y'; Tada, K'; Mori, K2; 'Tohoku Univ; 2Sendai Hematologic Clinic, Japan 125

Page  126 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0327 THALIDOMIDE FOR TREATMENT OF APHTHOUS ULCERS IN PATIENTS WITH HIV Ball, SC; Sepkowitz, KA; Jacobs, JL; New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, USA PB0328 CD4 COUNTS DURING TREATMENT OF HERPES SIMPLEX INFECTION IN HIV-1 INFECTED CHILDREN Fomin, J; Voronin, E; Rakhmanova, A; Popova, I; Medical Academy Postgraduate Education, Russia PB0329 USE OF GRANULOCYTE COLONY STIMULATING FACTOR (G-CSF) IN PATIENTS WITH HIV INFECTIONS Miguelez, M; Laynez, P; Linarez, M; Romero, F; Rosquete, J; Antolin, J; Hospital de la Candelaria, Spain PB0O330 BENEFICIAL EFFECTS OF INTRAVENOUS IMMUNOGLOBULINS (IVIG) IN THE TREATMENT OF ARC PATIENTS Saint-Marc, T; Berra, N; Perraud, P; Livrozet, J-M; Fournier, F; Touraine, J-L; Transplantation & Clinical Immunology Unit, Pay P, Hop France PB0O331 VALUE OF ANTIOXIDANTS & MICRONUTRIENTS IN HIV/AIDS TREATMENT Ssali, C; Mariandina AIDS Research Foundation, Uganda PB0332 RANDOMIZED COMPARISON OF GRANISETRON vs ONDANSETRON IN PATIENTS WITH HIV-RELATED MALIGNANT TUMORS RECEIVING MODERATELY EMETOGENIC CHEMOTHERAPY REGIMENS Spina, M; Fedele, P; Valentini, M; Vaccher, E; Errante, D; Tavio, M; Nasti, G; Bernardi, D; Polizzi, P; Tirelli, U; CRO, Italy PB0333 A PHYTOPHARMACEUTICAL WITH POTENTIAL FOR DELAYING HIV DISEASE PROGRESSION Sawyer, RC; Greenspan, H; Torigian, PC; Pharmakon USA, USA PB0334 INTENSIVE NON SPECIFIC IMMUNOTHERAPY FOR AIDS Cima, M'; Catapano, S; 'New York University School of Medicine; Immunologist USA PB0335 PASSIVE IMMUNOTHERAPY IN AIDS: RESULTS OF A DOUBLE BLIND RANDOMISED STUDY Lefrere, JJ'; Vittecoq, D2; French Passive Immunotherapy Study Group; 'INTS, Hop St-Antoine, 2Hop Paul-Brousse, France PB0336 SELECTIVE INHIBITION OF CTL AGAINST CD4S Grant, M; Gomez, A; Smaill, F; Muller, S; Kohler, H; Rosenthal, K; Immune Network Research, Canada PB0337 IMMUNOTHERAPY WITH rgpl60 (VAXSYN~), AND AZT, IN ASYMPTOMATIC HIV-INFECTED INDIVIDUALS Aiuti, F'; Pontesilli, O'; Guerra, El; Ricci, G'; Varani, AR'; Carlesimo, M'; Scala, E'; Mollicone, B'; Giovannetti, A'; Pandolfi, F'; Mezzaroma, I'; Ortona, L2; Antinori, A'; Tamburrini, E2; De Luca, A2; Ammassari, A2; Murri, R2; Damiano, F2; Visconti, E2; Pilsudski, R'; Gioud-Paquet M3; 'Univ of Rome "La Sapienza"; 2Inst of Infect. Diseases, Catholic Univ, Italy; 'Wyeth-Ayerst Research, France PB16: Detection of HIV Infection SALIVARY SCREENING FOR HIV IN MADRAS, INDIA Sankaran JR; Prabhakar K: Apollo Hospital, India PB0338 PB0339 WHAT IS THE REAL ADVANTAGE OF SALIVA COLLECTORS IN ANTI-HIV TESTING? Ubolyam, S'; Phanuphak, P'; Fang, C2'; 'Chulalongkorn Hospital Medical School, Thailand; 2Saliva Diagnostic System, Singapore PB0O340 DETECTION OF ANTIBODIES TO HIV-1 IN SALIVA Ichikawa, S'; Tsukano, K'; Ito, A2; Soda, K'; 'Yokohama City Univ,2Yokohama City Univ Hospital, JAPAN PB0O341 THE USE OF ORAL SAMPLES (CREVICULAR FLUID) TO DETECT HIV-1 PREVALENCE RATES Izazola-Licea, JA'; del Rio, C'; Guarner, J2; L6pez-Portillo, M'; 'CONASIDA (National AIDS Council); 'Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia; 'Corporacion Mtdica Mexicana, Mexico PB0342 STUDIES ON THE HIV-SPECIFIC IGA ANTIBODIES IN SERA AND SALIVA Yasuda, S'; Iwasaki, M'; Honda, M'; Oka, S'; Takemori, T'; Tsunetsugu-Yokota, Y'; 'NIH; 'BML, Inc; 3 Iustitute of Medical Science, Univ of Tokyo, Japan PB0343 USE OF AGGLUTINATION TEST FOR THE DETERMINATION OF SALIVARY HIV-1 ANTIBODIES Castillo, N; Barriga, AG; Hospital de Infectologia, Mexico PB0344 EVALUATION OF THE HIV ANTIBODY DETECTION IN ORAL FLUID FROM HIGH RISK SUBJECTS IN THAILAND Isarangura Na Ayuthaya, P'; Auwanit, W'; Lokett, R'; Songsomboon, S'; Bhumisawasdi, J'; 'Ministry of Public Health; 'Bangkok RIA Center, Thailand PB0345 SALIVA LEVELS OF HIV-1 ANTIBODIES DURING SERO-CONVERSION Sangare, KA'; Hofman, L'; 'Institute Pasteur de Cote D' Ivoire, France; 2Saliva Diagnostic Systems, Inc, USA 126

Page  127 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0346 SEARCHING FOR ANTI-VIH ANTIBODIES IN SALIVA SAMPLES Hurtado, LV; Andrade Arzabe, R; Camacho, M; Zegarra, L; Torrico, L; Von Poser, B; National Net Work of AIDS, Bolivia PB0347 SALIVA HIV TESTING AMONG HIGH-RISK GROUPS Vall M; Casabona, J; Rabella, N; De Miniac, D; Hosp Sant Pau Barcelona, Spain PB0348 ANTIGENS AND ANTIBODIES FOR HIV TYPE 1 IN SERUM, SALIVA AND GINGIVAL FLUID IN PATIENTS WITH ADVANCED DISEASE Ramos, J; Arce, AY; Santos, SI; Morones, MT; Mendoza, J; UANL, Monterrey, Mexico PB0349 SALIVA-BASED HIV TESTING IN THAILAND Frerichs, RR'; Silarug, N2; Eskes, N3; Pagcharoenpol, P2; Rodklai, A2; Thangsupachai, S2; Wongba, C2; 'UCLA, USA; 'Thailand Ministry of Public Health; 'SDS PB0O350 SALIVARY HIV ANTIBODY TESTING: IS IT ACCURATE? Cook, D'; King, AS2; Marion, SA2; Montaner, J2; Rekart, M'; Middleton, P'; O'Shaughnessy, M2; 2University of British Columbia; 'B C Centre for Diseases Control, Canada PB0351 EVALUATION OF SALIVA TEST IN HIV INFECTION IN ROSARIO, ARGENTINA Taborda, M; Fuster, L; de Rueda, M; Bortolozzi, R; Lupo, S; Fay, O; National University of Rosario, Argentina PB0352 SALIVA CAN SHOW SEROCONVERSION Sangare, KA; Koffi, AR; Ehouman, A; Pasteur Institute, Cote d'Ivoire PB0353 URINTEST FOR ANTI-HIV ANTIBODIES BASED ON SYNTHETIC PEPTIDES Sidorovitch, IG; Ignatieva, GA; Inst for Immunology, Russia PB0354 DIAGNOSIS OF HIV-1 INFECTION WITH URINE Hashinaka, K'; Hashida, S'; Saitoh, A2; Shinagawa, H'; Takamizawa, A3; Oka, S4; Shimada, K4; Ishikawa, El; 'Miyazaki Med College; 2Res Inst Microbial Dis, Osaka Univ; 'Res Found Microbial Dis, Osaka Univ; 4lnst Med Sci, Univ Tokyo, Japan PB0355 VALUE OF URINARY HIV ANTIBODY IN STAGING IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS Vardinon, N; Yust, I; Yavorkovsky, E; Zeldis, I; Stanescu, R; Burke, M; Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel PB0356 DETECTION OF HIV RNA AND DNA IN SALIVA BY RT-PCR AND PCR UNDER DIFFERENT CONDITIONS Ando, S'; Kakizawa, J2; Yamamoto, Y'; Saito, K2; Oka, 5'; Muller, WEG4; Ushijima, H"2; 'NIH, Japan; 'Inst of Public Health; 'University of Tokyo, Japan; 4Mainz, University Germany PB0357 DETECTION OF HIV-1 PROVIRAL DNA BY PCR USING AMPLICOR HIV-1 TEST KIT Suzuki, H'; Yoshihara, N'; Fukushima, K'; Honda, M'; Yamazaki, S'; Fukutake, K2; Meguro, T3; Yamada, K'; Oka, S4; AIDS Research Center, NIH,; 2Tokyo Medical College; 'St Marianna University School; 4The University of Tokyo; Japan PB0358 TARGETTING OF HIV-DNA BY PROBE DNA BEADS TO IMPROVE PCR SENSITIVITY Tano, H'; Fan, K'; Kitajima, M'; Kasai, K'; Hayashi, T2; Kondo, M2; Imai, M2; Japan Synthetic Rubber Co, Ltd; 2Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Health, Japan PB0359 BELGIAN MULTICENTRE QUALITY CONTROL ON THE PERFORMANCE OF SELECTED PRIMER SETS FOR DIAGNOSTIC HIV-1 PCR Vandamme, AM'; Fransen, K2; Burtonboy, G'; Debaisieux, L4; Marissens, D'; Sprecher, S6; Vaira, D'; Verhofstede, C'; 'Rega Inst; 2'Inst of Tropical Med; 'Uiversitre Catholique de Louvain; "HOpital Universitaire Erasme; 'Universitair Ziekenhuis St Pieter; 'Institut Pasteur du Brabant; 'Centre Hospitalier Universitaire; "Universitaire Ziekenhuis, Belgium PB0O360 QUANTITATION OF HIV-1 PROVIRUSES IN PERIPHERAL BLOOD LYMPHOCYTES BY COMPETITIVE NESTED PCR Hiraishi, Y; Kato, S; Asakawa, M; Takano, T; Keio University School of Medicine, Japan PB0O361 SIMULTANEOUS ANALYSIS OF RETROVIRUSES BY PCR AND COHYBRIDIZATION Di Macco, E; Aebischer, ML; Angeloni, U; Civita, G; Giuliacci, S; Matarazzo, P; Angeloni, P; Italian Red Cross, Italy PB0362 USE OF A QUANTITATIVE PCR ASSAY FOR MEASUREMENT OF HIV RNA IN PLASMA DURING INFECTION AND SEROCONVERSION Herman, S; Frenkl, T; Mulder, J; Payne, H; Wang, Z; Spadoro, J; Roche Molecular Systems, USA PB0363 NASBA HIV-1 RNA AMPLIFICATION COMPARED TO HIV-1 RNA-PCR ON PLASMA OR SERUM SAMPLES: A BELGIAN FIELD EVALUATION Vandamme, A-M'; Van Dooren, S'; Kok, W2; Goubau, P'; Fransen, K'; Kievits, T2; Desmyter, J'; 'Rega Inst, Belgium; 2Organon Teknika, The Netherlands; 3Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium PB0364 VIRION HIV RNA IN PLASMA DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE PLATELET ASSOCIATED Holodniy, M'; Mole, L'; Carroll, R2; Todd, J'; 'VA Medical Center; 2Syracuse Research Group, 'Chiron Corporation, USA 127

Page  128 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0365 QUANTITATION OF SERUM HIV-RNA USING MRT-PCR Tsukada, K'; Katayama, K'; Meguro, T2; Taki, M2; Itoh, H2; Yamada, K2; Oya, A'; 'BML Inc; 2St Marianna Univ School of Medicine, Japan PB0366 QUANTITATION AND PREVALENCE OF HIV RNA IN JAPANESE HIV CARRIERS AND AIDS PATIENTS Ohno, T'; Hayashi, T'; Saito, T'; Ito, A2; Nagao, T3; Akagi, K3; Imai, M'; 'Kanagawa Pref Inst of Health; 2Yokohama City Univ; 'Kanagawa Children's Med Center, Japan PB0367 HIV 1 SPECIFIC LTR-AND GAG-SEQUENCES WITH ESSENTIAL DEFECTS IN SERONEGATIVE INJECTING DRUG USERS Dennin, RH'; Chen, Z2; Meiftner, Ch'; 'Institut fur Medizinische Mikrobiologie; 'Zhejiang Medical University, China; 'Medizinische Universitt zu Lubeck; FRG PB0368 ANTIBODIES TO HIV-1 NEF (P27) ON THE DIFFERENT STAGES OF HIV INFECTION Vlassov, N; Noskova, O; Smolskaya, T; St Petersburg Pasteur Institute, Russia PB0369 SELECTION OF APPROPRIATE STRATEGIES FOR HIV TESTING Vercauteren, Gaby; van der Groen, G; Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium PBO370 SEROREVERSION IN PATIENTS WITH END-STAGE HIV DISEASE Gutierrez, M; Soriano, V; Bravo, R; Vallejo, A; Gonzilez-Lahoz, J; Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain PBO371 COMPARISON OF SENSITIVITY AND SPECIFICITY OF ACID DISSOCIATED AND REGULAR HIV P24 ANTIGEN ASSAYS Hofheinz, D; Toedter, G; Coulter Immunology, USA PB0372 CLINICAL EVALUATION OF THE ABBOTT HIV AG-1 MONOCLONAL EIA WITH AND WITHOUT IMMUNE COMPLEX DISRUPTION (ICD) ON A PANEL OF ASYMPTOMATIC HIV-1 SEROPOSITIVE PATIENTS Cunningham, PH; Carr, AD; Nichols, D; Penny, R; Cooper, DA; St Vincent's Hospital, Australia; Abbott Diagnostics Division, USA PB0373 COMPARATIVE STUDY OF P24 ANTIGEN CAPTURE ASSAYS IN HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS-1 (HIV) SEROPOSITIVES Gotoh, M; Matsuda, J; Gohchi, K; Tsukamoto, M; Saitoh, N; Teikyo Univ School of Medicine, Japan PB0374 p24 IN SERUM FROM HIV-1 SEROPOSITIVES Hashida, 5'; Hashinaka, K'; Nishikata, I'; Oka, 52; Shimada, K'; Saitoh, A'; Shinagawa, H'; Takamizawa, A4; Ishikawa, E'; 'Miyazaki Med College; 'Inst Med Sci Univ Tokyo; 'Res Inst Microbial Dis, Osaka Univ; 4Res Found Microbial Dis, Osaka Univ, Japan PB0375 HIV-1 P24 QUALITY ASSURANCE AND STANDARDISATION OF ENZYME IMMUNO ASSAYS Best, SJ; Healey, DS; Silvester, C; Dax, EM; National HIV Reference Laboratory, Fairfield Hospital, Australia PB0376 PERFORMANCE OF A NEW COMMERCIAL TEST TO MEASURE HIV P24 ANTIGEN UTILIZING ACID DISSOCIATION Sherlock, CH; Karakas, L; Craib, K JP; BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada PB0377 CELL-ASSOCIATED AND EXTRACELLULAR HIV-1 ANTIGENS: VARIATIONS IN SEROLOGIC ENZYME-IMMUNO ASSAYS (EIAs) Troshev, O; Argirova, R; Central AIDS Lab, Bulgaria PB0378 HIV ANTIBODIES & P24 ANTIGEN REVEALED IN SERONEGATIVE BLOOD DONORS VIA MITOGEN STIMULATION IN VITRO Jehuda-Cohen, T; Mumo, J; Bwayo, J; Ndungu, PT; Kiama, N; Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Israel PB0379 SEVERAL CD4/CD8 RATIO VALUES IN HIV-INFECTED CHILDREN WITH NEGATIVE-, OR POSITIVE-P24-ANTIGENAEMIA Voiculescu, C; Avramescu, C; Balasoiu, M; Faculty of Medicine, Craiova, Romania PB0380 PREVALENCE OF P24 ANTIGEN IN A SHOCK TRAUMA POPULATION Constantine, NT; Abesamis, C; Bansal, J; Preas, MA; Caplan, E; Univ of Maryland Sch of Med, USA PB0381 CLINICAL EVALUATION OF AN AUTOMATED ASSAY (VIDAS, BIOMERIEUX) FOR DETERMINATION OF P24 ANTIGENEMIA Barin, F'; Buzelay, L'; Vernet, G2; Goudeau, A'; 'Lab Virologie, CHRU Bretonneau, 2bioMerieux, France PB0382 CROSS REACTIVITY OF THE HTLV-I, HTLV-II, HIV-1 POSITIVE SERA WITH HETEROLOGOUS SYNTHETIC PEPTIDES Rasulee, A; Rasulee, S; Klepikov, N; Andreev, S; Mescheryakova, D; Tarasova, S; Gurtsevitch, V; Co-operative BIOLAM, Cancer Research Center, Russia PB0383 DETECTION OF ANTIBODY TO HIV 1 & 2 IN BLOOD DONORS Prabhakar K; Apollo Hospitals, India PB0384 CONFIRMATORY DIAGNOSIS OF HIV-2 ANTIBODIES EVALUATION OF A WESTERN BLOT Cruz, O; Perez, MT; Lobaina, L; Noa, B; Diaz, H; AIDS Research Laboratory, Cuba PB0385 DETECTION OF HIV-2 ANTIBODIES IN SALIVA Fang, C; Hofman, L; Lugalia, L; Saliva Diagnostic Systems, Inc, USA 128

Page  129 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0386 SAMPLE ADDITION MONITOR GIVES IMPROVED SAFETY OF BLOOD SUPPLY WITH WELLCOZYME HIV 1+2 ASSAY Povey, J; Beckford, U; Rayment, F; Evans, CJ; Murex Diagnostics Ltd, UK PB0387 PERFORMANCE OF THE RED-DOT HIV 1 & 2 ASSAY Abdel-Hamid, M; Constantine, NT; University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA PB0388 DETECTION OF HIV-1 AND HIV-2 ANTIBODIES USING A NEWLY DEVELOPED HIV-1 AND HIV-2 COMBINED PASSIVE HEMAGGLUTINATION ASSAY Jyomura, S; Dainabot Co, Ltd, Japan PB0389 A SPECIFICITY EVALUATION OF A HIV-1/HIV-2 IMMUNOASSAY ON A RANDOM ACCESS AUTOMATED ANALYZER Hall-Steele, G; Nehmadi, F; Reichert, H; Kewin, D; Phelps, B; Abbott Labs, USA PB0390 CROSS-REACTIVITY OF PARTICLE AGGLUTINATION TEST FOR ANTIBODY TO HIV-2 Handa, N; Maeda, Y; Kato, M; Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, Japan PB0391 AN IN VITRO QUALITATIVE ASSAY FOR THE DETECTION OF ANTIBODIES TO HIV TYPE 1/2 CONTAINED IN HUMAN SALIVA Chakrabarti, T; Mukherjee, K; Majumder, K; Paul, S; Chakrabarty, MS; School of Tropical Medicine, India PB0392 EVALUATION OF HIV-1/HIV-2 ANTIBODY TESTS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Liomba, G'; Maskill, W; Belsey, E'; Gershy-Damet, G'; M' Boup, S4; Wasi, C'; Fairfield Hospital, Australia; 'WHO, Switzerland; 2'Inst Pasteur, Cote d'Ivoir; 'National AIDS Control Programme, Malawi; 4Univ of Dakar, Senagal; 'Mahidol University, Thailand PB0393 DETECTION OF COMBINATION-TYPE PARTICLE AGGLUTINATION ASSAY FOR DETECTION OF HIV-1 AND HIV-2 ANTIBODIES Nishimura, Y; Nakamura, K; Kido, K; Matsui, T; Miyakoshi, H; Fujino, R; FUJIREBIO Inc, Japan PB0394 DIFFERENTIATION OF HIV-1 INFECTION CROSS REACTING WITH HIV-2 FROM REAL HIV-1 AND HIV-2 DOUBLE INFECTION BY SEROLOGICAL ABSORPTION TEST Hayashi, T'; Kondo, M'; Saito, T'; Hayami, M2; Nishioka, K'; Imai, M'; 'Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Health; 'Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto Univ; 'The Viral Hepatitis Research Foundation, Japan PB0395 COMPARATIVE CLINICAL EVALUATION OF AN ANTI-HIV 1+2 3 GEN EIA WITH A HIV ANTIGEN EIA IN SEROCONVERSION PHASE Faatz, E; Melchior, W; Hess, G; Jilek, F; Babiel, R; Boehringer Mannheim GmbH, Germany PB0396 QUALITY ASSURANCE IN LITHUANIAN LABORATORIES DETECTING HIV ANTIBODIES Griskevicius, A; Milinaviciute, R; Caplinskas, S; AIDS Centre of Lithuania, Lithuania PB0397 EVALUATION OF VIRONOSTIKA HIV UNI-FORM II EIA, A THIRD GENERATION ASSAY Vercauteren, G; Mangelschots, M; van der Groen, G; Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium PB0398 QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA) IN DOMINICAN LABORATORIES DOING HIV TESTING Koenig, RE'; Malla, A'; Butler, M2; 'National Laboratory of Public Health'; 'AIDSCAP/FHI, Dominican Republic PB0399 REDUCTION OF FALSE POSITIVE REACTION BY A COMBINATION ASSAY OF TWO DIFFERENT TEST PRINCIPLES (EIA AND PA) FOR HIV ANTIBODY SCREENING Imai, M; Hayashi, T; Kondo, M; Saito, T; Suzuki, K'; Sugimoto, K2; Kihara, M'; Nojiri, N4; Juji, T4; Nisihioka, K'; Kanagawa Pref Inst of Health; 'Health Science Res Inst; 2Koto Inst of Microbiology; 'Kanagawa Pref Cancer Ctr; 'Japanese Red Cross Central Blood Ctr; 'The Viral Hepatitis Research Foundation, Japan PB0400 FIELD ASSESSMENT OF HIV ANTIBODY TESTING STRATEGIES NOT REQUIRING THE WESTERN BLOT Tamashiro, H'; Maskill, W2; Belsey, E'; Wasi, C'; M'Boup, S4; Gershy-Damet, G'; Liomba, G6; 'WHO, Geneva, Switzerland; 'Fairfield Hospital, Australia; 'Mahidol University, Thailand; 4Univ. of Dakar, Senegal; 'Inst Pasteur, Cote d'Ivoire; 'National AIDS Control Programme, Marawi PB0401 FIELD COMPARISON OF LINE-IMMUNOASSAYS WITH WESTERN BLOT Maskill, W'; Tamashiro, H2; Belsey, E2; M'Boup, S'; Wasi, C4; Liomba, G'; Gershy-Damet, G6; 'Fairfield University, Australia; 2WHO, Geneva, Switzerland; 'Univ of Dakar Senegal; 4Mahidol Univ, Thailand; 'National AIDS Control Programme, Marawi; 6Inst Pasteur, Cote d'Ivoire PB0402 WESTERN-BLOT - DOES IT REALLY HELP AS A CONFIRMATORY TEST IN A DEVELOPING COUNTRY? Buchalter, M; Schneider, EZ; Nottar, VL; Barcellos, NT; Ramos, MC; Ferreira, JT; Balsan, AM; Willers, DM; Goncalves, JE; Mondini, LG; Becker, FF; Escobar, LR; Torres, MC; IPB-SSDT/AIDS-Rio Grande Do Sul State Health Secretariat, Brazil PB0403 IS INDETERMINATE WESTERN BLOT IN DIALYSIS PATIENTS CAUSED BY MULTIPLE TRANSFUSIONS? Yust, I; Vardinon, N; Katz, O; Burke, M; Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel 129

Page  130 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0404 CONFIRMATORY TESTS FOR HIV DETECTION CONSTRUCTED IN LATVIA Svirska, R; Konicheva, V; Line, I; Ose, V; Meldrajs, J; BMC University of Latvia, Latvia PB0405 AN APPROACH TO MONITOR VIABLE HIV-1: (II) NON-ISOTOPIC MICROTITER PLATE REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE ASSAY FOR DRUG SUSCEPTIBILITY OF CLINICAL HIV ISOLATES Saito, T'; Suzuki, K2; Takahashi, T2; Kano, K2; Kondo, M'; Hayashi, T'; Imai, M'; 'Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Health; 2Olympus Co, Japan PB0406 IMPROVING COMPLIANCE WITH GUIDELINES FOR PREVENTION OF RESPIRATORY DISEASE WITHIN A COHORT OF GAY MEN Carlos, Z; Montaner, JSG; Phillips, P; Craib, KJP; Strathdee, SA; Schechter Martin, T; O'Shaughnessy, MV; BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, NHRDP, Canada PB0407 APPROACHES TO THE CREATION OF ANTIBODY TO HIV-1 REFERENCE PANEL FOR QUATITIVE ESTIMATION OF ENZYME IMMUNOASSAY DIAGNOSTIC KITS Kanev, AN; Gutova EA; Vorobyova, MS; Lomanova GA; Shalaev FY; Institute of Molecular Biology, Russia PB0408 EVALUATION OF CAMBRIDGE BIOTECH WESTERN BLOT KIT Senyonga, P; Kataaha; Nakasero Blood Bank, Uganda PB0409 ANTI-HIV-1 KITS INTER- AND INTRALOT PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Ueda, M; Oliveira, CAF; Yamashiro, R; Instituto Adolfo Lutz (IAL); Secretary of Health of Sao Paulo, Brazil PB0410 HIV ANTIBODY RESPONSES DETERMINED BY THE ELISA SANDWICH CAPTURE ASSAY USING RECOMBINANT GLUTATHIONE-S-TRANSFERASE-FUSED ANTIGENS Tachibana, Y1,2; Yamauchi, Y'; Sairenji, T'; Takahashi, H'; Kurata, T'; Kojima, A'; 'National Inst of Health; 2Nippon Zeon Co, Ltd, Japan PB0411 COMPARATIVE STUDY OF RESULTS OBTAINED BY ELISA IN DETECTING ANTI-HIV ANTIBODIES IN HUMAN SERUM USING VARIOUS KITS Negut, E; Mazilu, E; Butur, D; Balteanu, M; Ciufecu, C; Vrinceanu, L; Cantacuzino Institute, Romania PB0412 EVALUATION OF A PARTICLE AGGLUTINATION ASSAY FOR DETECTION OF HIV-1 ANTIBODIES Ferreira, LAP'; Ferreira, JAPS2; Berro, OJ'; Sykora, R'; Shimauchi, A4; Fujino, R4; 'Nacional Program of STD/AIDS; 2Biomanguinhos/FIOCRUZ/RJ; 'Noel Nutels Laboratory; 4Fujirebio Inc PB0413 EVALUATION OF A RAPID AND SIMPLE HIV-1 ASSAY Zhang, X; Constantine, NT; Univ of Maryland Sch of Med, USA PB0414 AUTOMATED CHEMILUMINESCENCE ASSAY FOR THE DETECTION OF ANTIBODY TO HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS TYPE-1 (HIV) IN SERUM AND WHOLE BLOOD Matsuda, J'; Tsukamoto, M'; Saitoh, N'; Gohchi, K'; Gotoh, M'; Kawamoto, M2; Takizawa, N2; 'Teikyo Univ School of Medicine; 2Iatron Inc, Japan PB0415 EVALUATION OF 7 SIMPLE/RAPID HIV ANTIBODY ASSAYS USING SEROCONVERSION PANELS Vercauteren, G'; Beelaert, G'; Belsey, E2; Constantine, N2; van der Groen, G'; Tamashiro, H2; 'Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium; 2WHO/GPA, Geneva, Swizerland PB0416 THE CORRELATION BETWEEN HIV SYNTHETIC PEPTIDE-BASED ELISA SENSITIVITY AND PEPTIDE CONFORMATION Nikolaeva, I; Sidorovitch, IG; Khaitov, RM; Andreev, SM; Prokopenko, VD; Tarasova, SO; Denisova, SK; Institute of Immunology, Russia PB0417 SIMPLE AND SENSITIVE DETECTION OF ANTIBODIES TO HIV-1 USING CHEMILUMINESCENT IMMUNOCHROMATOGRAPHY Hasegawa, A; Andoh, A; Kawabata, K; Ashihara, Y; Fujirebio Inc, Japan PB0418 EVALUATION OF PEPTIDE-BASED HIV ELISA KITS Nishimura, H'; Watanabe, T'; Hirakawa, H'; Kageyama, S2; Kurimura, T2; 'Nippon Shoji, Ltd; 2Res Inst Microbial Diseases, Osaka Univ, Japan PB0419 WHO COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF 21 COMMERCIAL SIMPLE/ RAPID HIV ANTIBODY ASSAYS Vercauteren, G'; Beelaert, G'; Van kerckhoven, I'; van der Groen, G'; Tamashiro, H2; 'Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium; 2WHO/GPA, Geneva, Switzerland PB0420 CLINICAL EVALUATION OF EMPYREAN'S SIMPLE & RAPID HIV-1 TEST Akerkar, A; Medical Device Inspection Company, Inc, USA PB0421 A FAST, SIMPLE AND VISUAL HIV ANTIBODY TEST IN ZAMBIAN SERA/PLASMA Musonda, RM; Kaetano, L; Chizu, C; Mluanda, F; Tropical Diseases Research, Zambia PB0422 PRESENCE OF HIV IgM IN EARLY SEROCONVERSION AND IN THE PHASE OF INFECTION Hellings JA; v Binsbergen J; Trines, C; Organon Teknika, The Netherlands PB0423 PURIFICATION, PROCESSING, AND DIAGNOSTIC USE OF THE HIV-1 GAG GENE PRODUCTS EXPRESSED IN ESCHERICHIA COLI Shinagawa, H'; Saitoh, A'; Morimoto, M2; Nakata, A'; 'Res Inst Microbial Dis, Osaka Univ, Suita; 2Osaka Prefec Inst Public Health, Japan 130

Page  131 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0424 A NEWLY-DEVELOPED IMMUNOFLUORESCENCE ASSAY FOR SIMULTANEOUS DETECTION OF ANTIBODIES TO HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS TYPE 1 AND TYPE 2 Tanabe-Tochikura, A',2; Singh, MTA'; Tsuchie, H'; Zhang, J'; Mattunda, SM'; Paladin, FJE'; Kurimura, T'; 'Res Inst For Microbial Dis, Osaka Univ; 2'Japanese Foundation for AIDS Prevention, Japan; 'Research Inst for Tropical Medicine, Philippines PB0425 LACK OF HUNDRED PERCENT SENSITIVITY OF ELISA IN INDIAN PATIENTS WITH AIDS Sehgal, Shobha; PGIMER, India PB0426 IgA AND IgM ANTIBODY CAPTURE GELATIN PARTICLE ADSORPTION TEST FOR ANTI-HIV Petchclai, B; Khupulsup, K; Warachit, P; etal; Mahidol University, Virus Research Inst, Chiengrai Hosp, Thailand PB0427 CORRELATION BETWEEN BORDERLINE RESULTS OF ELISA AND THE CLINICAL STATUS AT KINSHASA, ZAIRE Kashamuka, M; Mbala, S; Mama, A; Kambembo, L; Nzila, N; Projet SIDA, Zaire PB0428 INTERACTION OF HIV-1 PROTEINS WITH ANTIBODIES ON THE SURFACE OF LATEX PARTICLES Manykin, AA; Krylov AS; Efremova EV; Institute of Virology, Russia PB0429 COST EFFECTIVENESS OF DIFFERENT CONFIRMATORY HIV TESTING SCHEDULES IN COLOMBIA Boshell, J; Gonzalez, M; Rey, E; Rojas, MC; Marrugo, S; Instituto Nacional de Salud, Colombia PB0430 NEW FAST LOW-COST METHOD OF HIV DIAGNOSTICS BASED ON CARBON-CONJUGATED ANTIGENS Shevalier, A'; Mikhailov, M'; Nikolaeva, 12; Turchinsky, M'; 'Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry; 'Institute of Immunology, Russia PB0431 RAPID SCREENING TESTS FOR HIV Sciandra, M; Brusa, T; Lingua, A; Sinicco, A; Inst of Infect Dis, Univ of Turin, Italy PB0432 THE VALIDITY OF IMPLEMENTING BLOOD DONOR SELF-DEFERRAL FORM IN NORTHEAST THAILAND Urwijitaroon, Y; Barusrux, S; Puapairoj, C; Romphruk, A; Kumratana, R; Pakote, L; Sinkuakul, Y; Khon Kaen University, Thailand PB0433 HIV POSITIVITY IN DONATED BLOODS SCREENED NEGATIVE FOR HIV ANTIBODY THAILAND, 1993 Auwanit, W'; Tanprasert, 52; Bhumisawadi, J'; Wasi, C'; 'Ministry of Public Health; 2National Blood Transfusion Center, Thai Red Cross; 'Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand PB0434 HIV SURVEILANCE AND BLOOD DONOR SCREENING IN ZIMBABWE Chitsva, J; The Institute of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe PB0435 IMPLEMENTATION OF QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAMME FOR HIV SCREENING IN BLOOD TRANSFUSION CENTRES Kumar, ND; Sharma, A; Madan, N; University College of Medical Sciences, India PB0436 TESTING POOLED SERA FOR HIV ANTIBODIES Torimiro, JN; Ashu, FA; Lobe, VE; Ndumbe, PM; Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Cameroon PB0437 HIV1/HIV2 EIA SERONEGATIVITY IN HIV1 SUBTYPE 0 INFECTED PATIENTS IN FRANCE Ly, TD'; Lousset-Ajaka, I2; Chaix, ML'; Saragosti, S3'; Brun-Vesinet, F2; Simon, F2; 'Institut Alfred Fournier; 2Hopital Bichat; 'ICGM INSERM U363, France PB0438 POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS OF AN HIV-1 PCR PROCEDURE IN A DIAGNOSTIC TESTING LABORATORY ALGORITHM-RESULTS OF A PROSPECTIVE STUDY Fearon, M'; Galli, R'; Major, C'; Read, S2; Gomez, P'; 'Ontario Ministry of Health Laboratory, Canada; 2Hospital for Sick Children, Canada; 'Princess Margaret Hospital, Bahamas PB23: Pediatric PB0439 HIV VERTICAL TRANSMISSION IN BUENOS AIRES: FOLLOW-UP Laube, G; Caniizal, AM; Zarwanitzer, S; Hirsch, R; Sosa, CE; Benetucci, J; FUNDAI y Pediatria, H Mutiz, Argentina PB0440 POOR PREGNANT WOMEN AND HIV-1 INFECTION: MATERNAL PROGNOSIS IN A BRAZILIAN COMMUNITY Duarte, G; Quintana, SM; Gir, E; Marana, HRC; Mussi-Pinhata, MM; University of Sao Paulo, Brazil PBO0441 SEROPREVALENCE OF HIV INFECTED CHILDREN WITH SICKLE CELL ANEMIA Lukuni, ML; Binda, P; Mbensa, L; Pediatrie Cliniques Universitaires, Zaire PB0442 ARTERIOPATHY IN CHILDREN WITH AIDS Lanjewar, DN; Maheshwari, MB; Grant Medical College, India PB0443 HIV TESTING SEXUALLY ABUSED CHILDREN: REDUCING UNCERTAIN CLINICAL DECISION-MAKING Durfee, M'; Gellert, GA2; MillwoodVA'; Berkowitz, C'; 'LA Dept Health; 2Project HOPE; 'UCLA Med Ctr, USA 131

Page  132 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0444 HEMATOLOGIC ABNORMALITIES IN HIV NONVERTICALLY INFECTED CHILDREN Strauss, I; Marcu, M; Marin, C; Colentina Hospital, Romania PB0445 TUBERCULOSIS IN BRAZILIAN HIV-INFECTED CHILDREN REPORT 10 CASES Hamamoto, LA; Sato, H; Sakane, PT; Kamikawa, J; Costa, PSS; Biodillo, TA; Marques, HHS; Univ Sao Paulo, Brazil PB0446 CRYPTOCOCCOSIS IN HIV INFECTED CHILDREN Valada, MG; Nunes, C; Jacob, CMA; Del Negro, G; Marques, HHS; Grumach, AS; Aquino, MZ; Univ Sao Paulo, Brazil PB0447 HIV IgA IMMUNOBLOT AS A DIAGNOSTIC TOOL IN PEDIATRICS Deluchi, G; Caflizal, AM; Zarwanitzer, S; Hirsch, R; Sosa, CE; Benetucci, J; Laboratorio Retrovirus FUNDAI y Pediatria H Munfiz, Argentina PB0448 EFFICACY OF HIV ANTIGEN ACID DISOCIATION IN PEDIATRIC AIDS Canizal, A; Zarwanitzer, S; Benetucci, J; Laube, G; Rubinstein, E; Sosa, CE; Laboratorio de Retrovirus, FUNDAI y Pediatria, H Munfiz, Argentina PB0449 NEONATAL DIAGNOSIS OF PERINATAL HIV-1 INFECTION: THE USE OF POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION IN BRAZILIAN INFANTS Mussi-Pinhata, MM; Feres, MC; Covas, DT; Duarte, G; Isaac, ML; Univ of Sao Paulo, Brazil PB0O450 DIAGNOSIS OF PERINATALLY ACQUIRED HIV-1 INFECTION BY IgA EIA TEST Liberatore, D; Avila, M; Calarota, S; Libonatti, O; Martinez Peralta, L; National Reference Centre for AIDS, Argentina PB0O451 LABORATORY DIAGNOSIS OF HIV INFECTION IN CHILDREN BORN TO HIV WOMEN IN CHILE Mufloz, G; Ramirez, E; Ojeda, M; Child, R; National Comission of AIDS, Chile; National Reference Lab of AIDS, Chile PB0452 CLINICAL MARKERS IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF PERINATAL HIV INFECTION Arabe, J; Rubini, NPM; Guimaraes, MDC; Crasto, MCV; Sion, FS; Morais-de-Sa CA; Univ of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PB0453 PERSISTING CD4 IMMUNOSUPPRESSION AMONG NON-INFECTED CHILDREN BORN TO HIV + MOTHERS Lapointe, N; Charest, J; Samson, J; Boucher, M; Hankins, C; Delage, G; Fauvel, M; Hopital Ste-Justine, Canada PB0454 PAEDIATRIC HIV DIAGNOSIS IN THE MALAYSIAN CONTEXT Sinniah, M; et al; Institute For Medical Research, Malaysia PB0455 HIV-SPECIFIC IgG3 FOR EARLY DETECTION OF UNINIFECTED CHILDREN BORN TO HIV-INFECTED MOTHERS Caselli, D'; Maccabruni, A'; Marconi, M'; Pasinetti, G2; Stronati, M'; Bossi, G'; Arico, M'; 'University of Pavia; 2IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo & Neonatology OSP Riuniti, Italy PB0456 OUR EXPERIENCE IN DIAGNOSIS AND FOLLOWING OF HIV INFECTED CHILDREN ON A 4 YEARS TIME Costa, R; Serban, M; Cucuruz, M; Lesovici, M; Jena-riu, S; 1st Clinic of Pediatric, Romania PB0457 ORAL MANIFESTATION AND DENTAL TREATMENT OF A PATIENT OF MOTHER-TO-CHILD TRANSMISSION OF HIV Kubodera, T; Ikeda, M; Banba, S; Inoue, Y; Kanagawa Children's Medical Center, Japan PB0458 AIDS IN ODONTOLOGIC PEDIATRICS: DIAGNOSTIC DEFINITION Teles, G; Perez, MA; Souza, I; Ferreira, S; Oliveira, R; Fonseca, R; Bastos, G; Dental School, NESC, IPPMG, Brazil PB0459 ODONTOLOGIC PEDIATRICS: AIDS MOST RELEVANT ORAL LESIONS Ronan, F; Perez, MA; Souza, I; Ferreira, S; Oliveira, R; Teles, G; Henriques, M; Dental School, NESC, IPPMG, Brazil PB0460 ORAL PATHOLOGY IN PEDIATRIC PATIENTS WITH HIV INFECTION Sacco, R'; Startari, R2; Arosio, A2; Simoni, L'; Mannucci, PM'; 'Istituto Stomatologico Italiano; 21 Clinica Pediatrica, University of Milan; 'A Bianchi Bonomi Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center, University of Milan; Italy PB0461 ORAL PATHOLOGY IN PEDIATRIC HIV+ PATIENTS IN ARGENTINA Coll, P; Casariego, Z; Luccarini, M; Lattner, J; Cahn, P; Hospital Fernandez, Argentina PB0462 PAROTID SWELLING IN CHILDREN WITH HIV INFECTION Tucci, F; Castelli, G; Bottero, S; Scaccia, S; Livadiotti, S; Bernardi, S; Krzysztofiak, A; Mattia, S; Elia, L; Bambino Gest Children Hospital, Italy PB0463 HIV INFECTION IN CHILDREN: MUCOCUTANEOUS MANIFESTATIONS El Hakem, M; Castelli, G; Pianosi, G; Krzysztofiak, A; Livadiotti, S; Ferri, M; Bambino Gesi) Children Hospital, Italy 132

Page  133 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0464 ENTERIC PATHOGENS IN POSTMORTEM TISSUE OF PEDIATRIC HIV PATIENTS Ramos, AG; Wu, TC; Saavedra, JM; Bobo, LD; Livingston, RA; Perman, JA; Yolken, RH; Johns Hopkins Hospital, USA PB0465 STATE OF VEGETATIVE NERVOUS SYSTEM IN CHILDREN WITH HIV-INFECTION Simovanjan, EN; Kolodyazhnaya, NM; Stadnikova, LA; Medical Institute, Russia PB0466 NEUROLOGICAL MANIFESTATION IN PARENTERALLY HIV-1 INFECTED CHILDREN IN RUSSIA Rakhmanova, A; Fomin, J; Chernykh, M; Popova, I; Burova, N; Fomina, M; Russian Clinical HIV-AIDS Center, Russia PB0467 NEUROLOGICAL MANIFESTATIONS OF HIV INFECTION-AIDS IN CHILDREN Matusa, R'; Ilie, M'; Cernescu, C'; Borcea, A2; Marinescu, S'; 'Municipal Hospital, Constanta; 2Virology Institute, Romania PB0468 MENINGOCOCCAL MENINGITIS IN HIV NONVERTICALLY INFECTED CHILDREN Strauss, I; Iagaru, R; Pascu, G; Colentina Hospital, Romania PB0469 MACROPHAGES' FUNCTION IN THE TREATMENT OF HIV 1 INFECTED CHILDREN Sizyakina, LP; Chernyshov, VN; Simovanian, EN; Shemshura, AB; Denisenko, VB; Medical Institute, Russia PB0O470 CLINICAL OUTCOME OF HIV INFECTION IN CHILDREN AND SURVIVAL DUE TO EARLY TREATMENT BY RETROVIR Rakhmanova, A; Fomin, Y; Chernykh, M; Popova, I; Voronin, E; Vlasov, N; Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Russia PB0O471 ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY IN HIV INFECTED CHILDREN WITH PROTEINURIA Binda Ki Muaka, P; Mbensa-Massabi, L; Cliniques Universitaires, Zaire PB0472 PAEDIATRIC EUROPEAN NETWORK FOR TREATMENT OF AIDS (PENTA) Grosch-Woerner, I; Castelli, G; Rosado, L; Debre, M; Gibb, DM; PENTA Steering Committee, Germany PB0473 PENTAMIDINE PHARMACOKINETICS IN A NEONATE AND HIS MOTHER WITH AIDS Schwebke Kay'; Fletcher, C2; Acousta, E'; Henry, K'; 'St Paul-Ramsey Medical Center; 2Univ of Minn, Mpls, USA PB0474 MATERNAL-INFANT TRANSMISSION OF HEPATITIS C VIRUS AND HIV INFECTION Maccabruni, A; Bossi, G; Caselli, D; Mondelli, M; Cerino, A; Silini, E; IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, Italy PB0475 MATERNAL RISK FACTORS IN HIV VERTICAL TRANSMISSION Maccabruni, A; Caselli, D; Bossi, G; Calderon, W; Degioanni, M; Gatti, M; Comolli, G; IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, Italy PB0476 EARLY DIAGNOSTIC MARKERS OF HIV INFECTION IN INFANTS BORN TO HIV SEROPOSITIVE MOTHERS Wasi, C; Suporn, F; Sutthent, R; Likanonsakul, S; Louisirirotchanakul, S; Chearskul, S; Thongcharoen, P; Siriraj Hospital, Thailand PB0477 USEFULNESS OF INDIRECT ENZYME IMMUNOASSAY FOR DIAGNOSIS OF CHLAMYDIAL INFECTIONS IN INFANTS Yamazaki, T'; Nozomu, S'; Honda, A2; Nakada, H2; 'Saitama Medical School; 2Asahi General Hospital, Japan PB0478 IS REGIONAL ANESTHESIA SAFE FOR THE HIV+ PARTURIENT? Dattel, BJ; Steve, W; Coltrin, D; Rubio, T; Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA PB0479 HIV INFECTION IN CHILDREN: MUCOCUTANEOUS MANIFESTATIONS El Hachem, M; Castelli, G; Pianosi, G; Krzysztofiak, A; Livadiotti, S; Ferri, M; Bambino Gesti Children Hospital, IRCCS, Italy PB0480 BEHAVIOURAL ASSESSMENT INCLUDING NEURO-DEVELOPMENTAL AND COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS OF HIV SEROPOSITIVE/AIDS CHILDREN Khan, MA; National AIDS Research Institute (ICMR), India PB20: STD (1) PB0481 EVALUATION OF EFFECTIVENESS OF TREATING VARIOUS FORM OF SYPHILIS IN HIV-INFECTION WITH LARGE DOSES OF INTRAMUSEULAR BENZYLPENICILLIN Gruzdev, BM; Potekaev, SN; Potekaev, NS; Moscow AIDS Clinical Centre, Sechenov Medikal Academy Russia PB0482 PECULIARITIES OF CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS AND COURSE OF SYPHILIS IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Potekayev, N; Potekayev, S; Gruzdev, B; Specialized Research Laboratory for AIDS Epidemiology and Prevention, Russia PB0483 OPTIC NEURITIS IN SYPHILIS Gangaram, HB; May, KN2; S'ng, KH'; 'Hospital Kuala Lumpur; 'University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia 133

Page  134 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0484 HIV/AIDS: CONCURRENT NEUROSYPHILIS PAZ, RB; PALHARES, MCA Ueda, M; Instituto Adolfo Lutz Group, Brazil PB0485 AIDS AND SYPHILIS-AN ANALYSIS OF 129 HIV+PATIENTS Pavan, MH P; Fornazieri, ME; Abreu, WB; Lima, JN; Monteiro, DT; Aoki, FH; St Univ of Campinas, Brazil PB0486 HIV & HEPATITIS B (HBV) IN WOMEN - A RETROSPECTIVE CHART REVIEW Keohane, DJ; Flanigan, T; Feller, E; Carpenter, C; The Miriam Hospital-Brown Univ, USA PB0487 CORRELATION OF HIV INFECTION WITH HEPATITIS B AND SYPHILIS Mittal, A; Kapur, S; Institute of Pathology-ICMR, India PB0488 HIGH CUMULATIVE INCIDENCE OF GENITAL HERPES AMONGST HIV-1 SEROPOSITIVE HETEROSEXUALS IN SOUTH LONDON O'Farrell, N; Tovey, SJ; Lloyd Clinic, Guy's Hospital, UK PB0489 VAGINAL FLUID COLLECTED WITH OMNI-SAL COLLECTION DEVICE AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO SERUM FOR IMMUNODIAGNOSIS Singh, N; Singh, S; All India Inst of Medical Sciences, India PB0490 TRAINING PROPOSAL FOR FEMALE COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS IN JAKARTA, INDONESIA: A CONTEXTUAL APPROACH IN STD/ AIDS PREVENTION Sedyaningsih, ER; MOH Indonesia PB0491 SYNERGISTIC EFFECT OF ZIDOVUDINE (AZT) AND SHO-SAIKO-TO (SST) A TRADITIONAL KAMPO DRUG ON HIV REPLICATION IN LYMPHOCYTE CULTURES Maitra, U; Mohan, VP; Klein, EB; Inada, Y; Lange, M; St Luke's-Roosevelt Hosp Ctr, Columbia University, NY, USA PB21: STD (2) PB0492 STD AND HIV INFECTION IN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL OF TLEMCEN (WEST ALGERIA) Merad-Boudia, A; Boudghene-Stambouli, O; CHU of Tlemcen, Algeria PB0493 IS HEPATITIS B VACCINE EFFECTIVE IN HIV POSITIVES? CHANGES IN HEPATITIS MARKERS DURING THE AIDS EPIDEMIC Ifft, FN; Greater Phila Health Action, USA P0494 STUDY OF URETHRITIS MANAGEMENT IN PHARMACIES IN SAO PAULO, BRAZIL Lima, VCP'; Brito, GS2; Fernandes, MEL3; Fini, GI2; Ribeiro, MA2; Morais, JC'; Souza, G; et Cols'; 'Santa Casa Medical School; 2Associagno Satide da Familia; 3Family Health International; Brazil PB0495 CLINICAL OUTLINE OF AIDS PATIENTS WITH CARDIAC MANIFESTATIONS IN AFRICA Mouanodji, M; Mbaigonro, D; Bredon, P; Central Hospital, Chad PB0496 STUDY OF URETHRITIS MANAGEMENT IN PHARMACIES IN SAO PAULO, BRAZIL Lima, VPC'; Brito, GS2; Fernandes, MEL3; Fini, GI2; Ribeiro, MA2; Morais, JC'; et Cols'; 'Santa Casa Medical School,; 2Associacao Satde da Familia,; 3Family Health International, Brazil PB0497 CLINICAL EVALUATION OF DIFFERENT TESTS FOR CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS- INFECTION; Petrova, E; Borissov, I; High Medical School, Bulgaria PB0498 NUCLEOLAR ORGANIZER REGIONS-ASSOCIATED PROTEINS IN CERVICAL DYSPLASTIC LESIONS FROM HIV-SEROPOSITIVE WOMEN Spinillo, A; lasci, A; Barbarini, G; Tenti, P; Piazzi, G; Baltaro, F; IRCCS Italy PB0499 COMPARISON OF CERVICAL CYTOLOGY WITH COLPOSCOPIC BIOPSIES IN US HIV-INFECTED WOMEN Gagnon, S; Cohn, J; Spence, M; Harrison, D; Brinson, C; Stein, A; Hellinger, J; AmFAR's CBCTN, USA PB0500 RISK FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THE OCCURENCE OF SQUAMOUS INTRA-EPITHELIAL LESIONS (SIL) IN HIV-INFECTED WOMEN Heard, I"2; Bergeron, C3; Henrion, R'; Kazatchkine, M2; 'Maternite Port-Royal; 'Ipeca, Cerba; 2HOpital Broussais, France PB0501 CERVICAL DYSPLASTIC LESIONS AMONG HIV-SEROPOSITIVE PREGNANT WOMEN Spinillo, A; Iasci, A; Maccabruni, A; Piazzi, G; Nicola, S; Baltaro, F; University of Pavia, Italy PB22: STD (3) PB0502 EVALUATING SENSITIVITY IN VITRO AND IN VIVO OF NEISSERIA GONORRHOEA TO KANAMYCINE IN STD PATIENTS IN MOZAMBIQUE De Hulsters, B; Noya, A; Bastos, R; Crucitti, T; Foigosa, E; Barretto, A; Ministry of Health, Mozambique P0O503 THE FEASIBILITY OF SYNDROME BASED STD MANAGEMENT INTEGRATED INTO A RURAL PRIMARY HEALTH CARE SETTING Grosskurth, H1'2; Mwijarubi, E'; Muhaya, P3; Mayaud, P1,2; Gavyole, A3; Mabey, D2; 'AMREF, Tanzania; 2London Sch of Hyg and Trop Medicine; 3Regional Medical Office, Mwanza, Tanzania 134

Page  135 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0504 PREVALENCE OF SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES (STD) IN CYTOLOGIC SMEARS AMONG WOMEN IN THE STATE OF S PAULO, BRAZIL Pinotti, JA"2; Bacha, A'; Pastene L'; Linhares, IM': Miranda, SD'; 'Secretary of Health, Sao Paulo; 'University of Sao Paulo, Brazil PB0505 SURVEY OF STD MANAGEMENT IN MISSION HOSPITALS IN ZAMBIA Plourde, PJ'; Sichinga, K; Banda, M; Churches Medical Association of Zambia, Zambia; 'University of Manitoba, Canada PB0506 ATYPICAL HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS TYPE II (HSV II) PERINEAL MASS ASSOCIATED WITH HIV-1 INFECTION Mijch, A; Garland, S; Wright, E; Fairfield Hospital & Royal Women's Hospital, Australia PB0507 THE SOFT CHANCRE IN TLEMCEN (WEST ALGERIA):STATE OF THIS STD IN 1993 Boudghene-Stambouli, O; Merad-Boudia, A; CHU of Tlemcen, Algeria PB0508 TRENDS IN ANTIMICROBIAL SUSCEPTIBILITY PATTERNS FOR N GONORRHOEAE IN KUMASI, GHANA Addy, P A-K; UST School of Medical Sciences, Ghana PB0509 IN VITRO AND IN VIVO ACTIVITIES OF SPARFLOXACIN AGAINST CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS Nakata, K; Matsui, T; Miyazaiki, S; Arakawa, S; Ishigami, J; Kamidono, S; Kobe University, Japan PB0510 THE PUBLIC RESPONSE TO A FREE SERVICE FOR HIV ANTIBODY SCREENING AND COUNSELLING Biryahwaho, B; Tugume, B; Turyaguma, P; Uganda Virus Research Institute, Uganda P0511 SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES IN THE WESTERN PACIFIC REGION Petersen, G; Sarda, R; Effler, P; Kerse, L; WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Philippines 135

Page  136 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC01: HIV/AIDS in Developed Countries: North America and Europe PC0001 TRENDS IN RECENT HIV-1 INFECTION AMONG PATIENTS AT SENTINEL HOSPITALS, 1988-1992 Weber, JT; Satten, GA; Hanson, DL; Schable, CA; Janssen, RS; CDC, USA PCOOO2 AIDS-INCIDENCE RATES IN EUROPE AND THE UNITED STATES Franceschi, S; Dal Maso, L; Negri, E'; Serraino, D; Aviano Cancer Centre,; 'Istituto "M Negri", Italy PCOOO3 PREVALENCE RATES OF PATHOGENS IN DIFFERENT POPULATIONS IN BALTIMORE DURING 1990-1993 Bansal, J; Constantine, NT; Zhang, X; Li, L; Abesamis, C; Preas, MA; Bosse, M; Caplan, E; Univ of MD, USA PCOOO5 TRENDS IN DISTRIBUTION OF HIV INFECTION BY RISK FACTORS IN FRENCH BRITTANY 1990-1993 Cartier, F; Favre, C; Michelet, C; Arvieux, C; Camus, C; Ruffault, A; University RENNES, France PC006 EDINBURGH VERSUS GLASGOW (1984-93): THE DIFFERENCE IN HIV PREVALENCE AMONG IDUs AND THE IMPACT ON HETEROSEXUAL SPREAD Goldberg, DJ; Emslie, JA; Taylor, A; Scott, G; Kennedy, R; Stewart, M; Ruchill Hospital, UK PC007 DECLINING TREND IN HIV PREVALENCE AMONG INJECTING DRUG USERS IN ITALY Rezza, G; Alliegro, B; Pezzotti, P; Suligoi, B; Giuliani, M; Cozzi Lepri, A; Dorrucci, M; Napoli, P; Zaccarelli, M; Serafin, I; Istituto Superiore di Sanitr, Italy PCO008 INCREASING TREND IN HIV-1 PREVALENCE AMONG STD HETEROSEXUAL FEMALES: DATA FROM THE NATIONAL SENTINEL SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM Giuliani, M; Suligoi, B; STD Surveillance Working Group; Centro Operativo AIDS Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Italy PC0009 HETEROGENEITY OF HIV EPIDEMIC IN THE ITALIAN REGIONS Cantoni, M; Grossi, P; Mariotto, A; Verdecchia, A; Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Italy PCO010 HIV INFECTION SURVEILLANCE AMONG PREGNANT WOMEN IN LIGURIA, ITALY Cuneo-Crovari, P; Faraldi, L; Gabutti, G; Gaino, M; Nelli, M; Melica, F; Petralia, P; Zai, C; Genoa Univ, Italy PCO011 AIDS AS A LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH AMONG YOUNG MEN IN ITALY Conti, S; Farchi, G; Prati, S; National Institute of Health, Italy PC00oo12 HIV INFECTION TRENDS IN INJECTING DRUG USERS AND HOMO/ BISEXUAL MEN IN THE AREA OF MADRID (SPAIN) 1988-1994 del Romero, J; Garcla, S; Rodriguez, C; Clavo, I; Carri6, D; Ballesteros, J; Centro Sanitario Sandoval, Spain PC0013 EPIDEMIOLOGY OF AIDS IN CANARY ISLANDS SPAIN Calvo-Fernandez, JR; Nufiez, D'; Armas, M; Gomez, J; Calvo, J; Gonzalez-Lama, Z; University of Las Palmas; 'Direccion Territorial de Salud, Spain PC0014 THE AIDS EPIDEMIC IN PORTUGAL Paixao, MT'; Leitao, AE'; Ferreira, MOS'; 'National Institute of Health; 2Direccao Geral da Sasae; 'National comittee on AIDS, Portugal PC0015 AIDS-DEFINING DIAGNOSES IN NORWAY AND DENMARK UP TO SEPTEMBER 30, 1993 Hasseltvedt, V'; Smith, E2; National Institute of Public Health, Norway; 'Statens Seruminstitut, Denmark PC0016 PREVALENCE AND SPREAD OF HIV INFECTION AMONG IV DRUG ADDICTS IN THE SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES Annell, A; Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, Sweden PC0017 EPIDEMIOLOGICAL MODEL OF RECENT INTRODUCTION OF HIV IN A VIRGIN POPULATION HIV INFECTION OF CHILDREN IN NORTH-EAST ROMANIA Apetrei, C; Mitroi, I; Buzdugan, I; Iancu, L; Strat, L; Macovei, O; State, E; Sumuciuc, I; Duca, M; University of Medicine, Romania PC0018 CAN RUSSIA BE CLASSIFIED AS PATTERN 3 AREA OF HIV-INFECTION? Savchenko, I; Pokrovsky, V; Russia AIDS Centre, Russia PC0019 EPIDEMIOLOGICAL PECULIARITIES OF SPREADING OF HIV-INFECTION IN MOSCOW FROM 1990 Gorbacheva, ES; Golikov, VA; Moscow AIDS Clinical Centre, Russia PCOO21 FEATURES OF HIV INFECTION IN CROATIA: 1985-93 Burek, V; Maretit, T; University Hospital of Infectious Diseases, Croatia PC0022 EPIDEMIOLOGICAL TREND OF HIV-INFECTION IN UKRAINE DURING 1987-1993 Shcherbinskaya, A; Kobyshcha, Y; Kruglov, Y; Morosov, V; Mukharskaya, L; Chentsova, N; Goreglyad, N; National AIDS Centre, Ukraine PC0023 HIV-INFECTION IN THE SOUTH REGION OF UKRAINE Novitsky, V; Mogilevsky, L; Boshchenko, Y; Southern Ukrainian Centre for AIDS Prevention, Ukraine 136

Page  137 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0619 MONITORING INCIDENT HIV INFECTIONS IN ONTARIO Galli, R'; Major, C'; Fearon, M'; Green, L'; Calzavara, L2; the Ontario HIV Seroconverter Study Group; 'Ontario Ministry of Health; 2'University of Toronto, Canada PCO2: HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Latin America, and the Caribbean PC0024 CHANGES AFTER 10YEARS OF AIDS EPIDEMIC IN MEXICO Valdespino, JL; Garcia, ML; del Rio, A; Salcedo, A; Magis, C; Martinez, J; Mora, JL; Sepulveda, J; INDRE SCD Secretariat of Health, Mexico PC0025 IVDU IS A KEY FACTOR FOR CHANGES IN THE AIDS EPIDEMIC IN BRAZIL Castilho, E; Rodrigues, L; Lauria, L; Sereno, A; Loures, L; Ministry of Health, Brazil PC0026 AIDS AND INTERNATIONAL BORDERS: COMPARATION BETWEEN MEXICO AND USA Magis, C'; Gonzalez, F'; Senini, L2; Del Rio, A'; Gonzalez, G'; Valdespino, JL'; Sepulveda, J'; 'INDRE, Mexico; 2California Dept of Health Services, USA; 'Subsecretario de Salud, Mexico PC0027 THE FIRST DECADE OF THE AIDS EPIDEMIC AMONG CHILDREN IN BRAZIL-A DYNAMIC PROFILE Lauria, L; Chequer, P; Castilho, E; Rodrigues, L; Loures, L; Ministry of Health, Brazil PC0028 CHANGING DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS OF HIV INFECTION IN RIO DE JANEIRO-BRAZIL Eyer-Silva, WA; Morais de SA, CA; Sion, FS; Pinto, JFC; Alcantara, VG; Costa, MF; Almeida, ES; Universidade do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PC0029 ASSESSING THE AIDS EPIDEMIC DYNAMICS THROUGH GEOPROCESSING TECHNIQUES Bastos, F',2; Barcellos, C'; Telles, P'; 'DIS/FIOCRUZ; 2 NEPAD/UERJ, Brazil PCOO30 IMPROVING PEDIATRIC AIDS CASE DEFINITION IN SAO PAULO, BRASIL Gianna, MC; Barbieri, DD; Niskier, H; Ruiz, EAC; Domingues, CSB; Santos, LFJG; Santos, NJS; Epidomiologic Surveillance Center, Brazil PCOO31 NECROPSY: AS A SOURCE OF INFORMATION IN SAO PAULO Barbieri, DD; Pasqualucci, C; Gianna, MC; Domingues, C; Ruiz, E; Kalichman, AO; Scapolan, V'; Centro de Referencia e Treinamento-AIDS; 'Secretaria de Estado da Satide, Brazil PC0032 HIV INFECTION INCIDENCE BASED ON SEROPREVALENCE DATA IN BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL Greco, DB; Toledo Jr, AC; Oliveira, HC; Cordeiro, P; Silva, SR; Antunes, C; Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil PC0033 EPIDEMIOLOGICAL TRENDS IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS IN BUENOS AIRES Avolio, J; Rimoldi, I; Arreseigor, T; Provincial Reference Center for AIDS, Argentina PC0034 HIV INFECTION BY BLOOD AND HETEROSEXUAL WAY IN ROSARIO, ARGENTINA Fay, O; Rodenas, E; Rubio, L; Ghioni, G; Fernandez, E; Taborda, M; National University of Rosario, Argentina PC0036 ESTIMATING THE MAGNITUDE OF THREE EPIDEMICS: INFECTION, DISEASE AND MORTALITY IN MEXICO Valdespino, GJL; Garcla, ML; Del Rio, A; Salcedo, A; Magis, C; Mora, JL; Septilveda, J; INDRE SCD Secretariat of Health, Mexico PC0037 INCREASE AMONG RURAL CASES IN MEXICO Valdespino, JL; Garcia, ML; Magis, C; Del Rio, A; Salcedo, A; Gonzalez, G; Septilveda, J; INDRE SCD Secretariat of Health, Mexico PC0038 EPIDEMIOLOGY OF HIV-1 INFECTION IN EL SALVADOR Schoenenberg, M; Wollants, E; Bonilla, G; Shor-Posner, G; Baum, MK; University of Miami School of Medicine, USA PC0039 EPIDEMIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF HIV INFECTION IN CUBA Torres, R'; Joanes, J'; Perez, J'; Rodriguez, R2; Terry, H2; 'Sanatorio Santiago de las Vegas; 'Ministry of Public Health, Cuba PCO3: HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Africa and Near East PCOO40 MIGRATION AND HIV-1 SEROPREVALENCE IN A RURAL UGANDAN POPULATION Nunn, AJ; Kamali, A; Kengeya-Kayondo, JF; Mulder, DW; Uganda Virus Research Institute, Uganda PCOO41 ASSESSING TRENDS OF THE HIV EPIDEMIC IN WESTERN UGANDA Weis, P; Masheisha, Ch'; Sahlmtiller, G; Asiimwe-Okiror'; Korte, R; von Sonnenburg, F; GTZ and Univ of Munich, Germany; 'MOH, Uganda PC0042 THE PREVALENCE RATE OF HIV/AIDS INCREASES WITH THE PROXIMITY TO THE KENYA / UGANDA BORDER Baltazar, GM; ACP, Kenya 137

Page  138 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0043 SEVEN YEARS OF HIV/AIDS IN MAIDUGURI, NIGERIA Harry, T; University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, Nigeria PC0054 THE PROBABILITIES OF HIV SPREAD IN EGYPT Hasan, MA; Farag, AB; Hanna, NE; Arab International Center for Fighting Against AIDS, Egypt PC0055 EPIDEMIOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF HIV/AIDS INFECTION IN LEBANON.Tawilah, J'; Adib, SM2'; 'National AIDS Control Program; 2American University of Beirut, Lebanon MONITORING THE TRENDS OF HIV/INFECTION IN A POPUI AFRICAN COUNTRY Tilley-Gyado, A; Ali-Salad, A2; Spiegel, R'; Nnorom, SAPCS FOR 17 STATES; 'NASPC; 2WNO/GPA; 'C Nigeria RURAL HIV TRANSMISSION IN NORTHER NIGERIA Garba, ML; AIDSCAP, Nigeria HIV SEROSURVEY AMONG RURAL POPULATION 1993, ET Negassa,H; Ministry of Health, Ethiopia WHY MIGRATIONS ARE IN CENTER OF AFRICAN AIDS EPI Kane, F'; Ouattara, S2; Kouakou, K2; Lalou, R'; Alat Catray, J; 'CCISD, C6te d'Ivoire; 2Universite Abidja d'Ivoire; 'Universir~ Montreal, Canada HIV INCIDENCE IN A COHORT OF BURUNDIAN MALE WOR Tobi, S'; Buzingo, T2; Sokal, D'; Kamuragiye, A2; Ri E2; Alexandre, Y'; 'Family Health International, USA 'Project National de Lutte Contre le SIDA, Burundi HIV-1 AND HIV-2 STATUS IN GHANAIAN AIDS AND ARC P Ayisi, NK'; Ishikawa, K2; Magnusen, AF'; Sata, T2; M'; 'Noguchi Memorial Inst for Med Res, Ghana; 21 Japan; 'Catholic Hospital, Ghana SLOWER HETEROSEXUAL SPREAD OF HIV-2 COMPARED HIV-1 Kanki, PJ; Mbuop, S'; Travers, K; Marlink, R; Siby, Essex, M; Harvard School of Public Health, USA; 'H A Le Dantec, SenEgal SENTINEL SURVEILLANCE AMONG PREGNANT WOMEN IN NORTHERN TOGO DURING 1992 AND 1993 Mattke, P'; Grunitzky-Bekele, M2; Klee, E'; 'Deutsch Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit, Germat 2Programme National de Lutte contre le SIDA, Togc AIDS IN AFRICA: THE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF HIV-ASSOCIATEI TUBERCULOSIS AND HETEROSEXUAL TRANSMISSION Shamssain, MH; Transkei Univ, UK THE EFFECT OF A TRANSIENT PERIOD WITH HIGH RISK CONTACTS ON THE DYNAMICS OF THE HIV EPIDEMIC Wittkowski, KM'; Hasan, M2; 'Univ Ttibingen, Gem 2Arab International Center for Fighting against AIDS PC0056 PC0045 HIV SCREENING IN SUSPECTED PATIENTS Ali, NA; et al; Mirjan Teaching Hospital, Iraq PCO4: HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Asia and Oceania PC0057 PREVALENCE OF HIV-1 INFECTION IN YOUNG MEN ENTERING THE ROYAL THAI ARMY; TRENDS AND RISK FACTORS Torugsa, K; et al; AFRIMS, Thailand PREVALENCE OF HIV-1 AND HIV-2 SEROPOSITIVITY OF DIFFERENT RISK GROUPS IN WESTERN INDIA Banerjee, K; National Institute of Virology, India PC0058 PC0059 AIDS IN INDONESIA Gunawan, S; Abednego, HM; NIHRD/MOH, Indonesia PC0049 ATIENTS PCOO60 Mensah, CURRENT STATUS OF HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIC IN JAPAN 4IH Shiokawa, Y'; Soda, K'; Nishioka, K'; Kitamura, T'; Shimada, K'; Yamada, K'; Minamitani, M'; Miyamoto, T'; Ozaki, S2; Shinmura, K2; Yamamoto, N2; 'National AIDS PCOO50 Surveillance Committee; 'Ministry of Health & Welfare, WITH Japan T'; PCOO61 [Opital SEROPREVALENCE OF HIV IN THE TOKYO DITSRICT Mori, K; Sadamasu, K; Tabei, Y; Inaba, M; Yamazaki, K; Itoh, T; Sekine, S; Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory PCOO51 of Public Health, Japan PC0062 1e A COMMERCIAL LABORATORY-BASED SURVEY OF ANTI-HIV ny; SEROPREVALENCE IN SOUTHERN TOKYO METROPOLITAN AREA Suzuki, K'; Kihara, M2; Kihara, M'; Imai, M4; Ichikawa, S3; Soda, K'; 'Hoken-kagakuLab; 2Kanagawa Cancer Ctr Res PC0052 Inst; 'Yokohama City Univ Sch of Med; 4Kanagawa D Prefectural Public Health Lab, Japan PC0063 HIV MONITORING AT REGIONAL HEALTH CENTERS IN JAPAN PC0053 Etoh, S'; Imai, M'; Sekine, H2; Nishioka, K'; 'KanagawaPrefectural of Health; 'Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Health; 'The Viral Hepatitis Research nany; Foundation, Japan, Egypt PC0064 AIDS SURVEILLANCE IN JAPAN Miyazaki, M'; O'Brien, T2; Naemura, M'; Ministry of Health and Welfare, Japan; 'National Cancer Institute, USA 138

Page  139 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0065 EPIDEMIOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF HIV/AIDS PREVALENCE IN JAPAN Kodama, M; Kodama, T; Kodama Res Inst Prey Med, Japan PC0066 RESEARCH ON THE EPIDEMIC OF HIV INFECTION IN YUNNAN PROVINCE, CHINA Zhang, JP; Cheng, HH; Zhao, SD; Duan, S; Duan, YJ; Yunnan Provincial Health & Anti-epidemic Center, China PC0067 ARE STD PATIENTS AT RISK FOR HIV INFECTION IN CHINA? Choi, K-H'; Tian, C2; Zheng, X2; Hall, T'; Coates, TJ'; 'University of California, San Francisco, USA; 'National Center for AIDS Surveillance, China PC0068 CURRENT STATUS OF HIV INFECTION IN TAIWAN Chang, Y-H; Hsu, H; Chuang, C; Chang, P; Dept of Health, China PC069 PC0076 HIV-1 SEROTYPES IN THAILAND DURING 1985-1994 Louisirirotchanakul, S'; Wasi, C'; Surisanee, V'; Kanoksinsombat, C'; Young, N'; Vanichseni, S'; Thongcharoen, P'; 'Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital; 2The HIV/AIDS Collaboration; 'Bangkok Metropolitan Administration; Thailand INCIDENCE OF AIDS INFECTION IN INDIA Kuthiala, SK; Siddhartha Publications, India PC0077 PC0078 POTENTIALS FOR HIV EPIDEMIC SPREAD IN INDIA Khodakevich, L'; Lal, S2; Salil, P2; 'World Health Organization; 'Ministry of Health, Government of India, India PC0079 HIV INFECTION IN INDIA Puthenveetil, JA; National South Asian AIDS Organization, USA PCOO81 PRESENT STATUS AND PREVALENCE OF HIV INFECTION IN TAIWAN, JANUARY 1994 Wang, G-R; Shih, C-H; Chuang, C-Y; Taipei Municipal VD Control Institute, China PC070 EPIDEMIOLOGY OF HIV INFECTION IN HONG KONG Lee, SS; Lim, WL; Lee, SH; Chan-Fung, MFC; Department of Health, Hong Kong Government, Hong Kong HIV INFECTION IN PREGNANT WOMEN IN BOMBAY Gilada, I1; Mahajan, R'; Hira, S2; 'Indian Health Organization, India; 2Univ of Texas, USA PC0082 EPIDEMIOLOGY OF RETROVIRAL INFECTIONS IN SOUTH INDIA Babu, PG'; Ishida, T2; Nerurkar, V'; John, TJ" 'CMC Hosp, India; 'Univ Tokyo, Japan; 'NINDS, NIH, USA PCOO71 HIV INFECTION IN SINGAPORE, 1985-1993 Oh, HM-L; Chew, S-K; Communicable Disease Centre, Singapore PC0072 HIV PREVALENCE AND RISK BEHAVIOR IN YOUNG MEN IN N THAILAND, 1991-1993 Nelson, K'; Beyrer, C'; Eiumtrakol, S2; Khamboonruang, C'; Celentano, DD'; Wright, N'; 'Johns Hopkins Univ, USA; 2Royal Thai Army, Thailand; 'Chiang Mai University, Thailand; 4UMDNJ, USA PC0073 HIV-ANTIBODY TESTING AT ANONYMOUS TESTING SITES AND STD CLINICS IN NORTHERN THAILAND Sombutmai, S'; Wannarat, A'; Taywaditep, K2; Lindan, C2; Mandel, J2; 'Chiang Mai University, Thailand; 2University of California, San Francisco, USA PC0074 HIV-1 SEROPREVALENCE AMONG YOUNG THAI MEN 1990 TO 1993 Jugsudee, A; et al; Army Institute of Pathology, Thailand PC0075 INCIDENCE OF HIV-1 SEROCONVERSION AMONG INDUCTEES OF THE ROYAL THAI ARMY Sirisopana, N; et al; AFRIMS, Thailand PC0083 SEROEPIDEMIOLOGY OF HIV INFECTION IN CALCUTTA Chakrabarty, MS; Dey, PN; Paul, S; Chakrabarti, T; School of Tropical Medicine, India PC0084 HIV INFECTION IN LAO REPUBLIC Prasongsith, BC'; Blanche, P2; Phouvang, K'; Insisiengmay, S'; Rajpho, V4; Sicard, D2; 'Institut National d'hygitne et d'epidemiologie, Laos; 2Department de Medecine Interne Cochin, France; 'Service de Phtisiologie Mahosot; 'Ministere de la Sante, Laos PCOO86 A STUDY OF STD/AIDS TREND IN SRI LANKA Buddhakorala, K; STD/AIDS Control Programme, Sri Lanka PC0617 ACTIVITIES OF A HIV SURVEILLANCE CENTER AT MIZORAM Raju, RSKP'; Zohminthangha, J'; Purohit, A2 '; Thangdailova, B'; Chakraborty, J2; Kiessling, A'; 'Civil Hosp Aizawl, India; 'Medical Coll of OH, USA; 'Harvard-Deaconess, USA PC0621 EPIDEMIOLOGY OF HIV IN CAMBODIA Tia, P'; Kruy, SL2; Tea, S'; Meyner, L'; Renas, R4;'National AIDS Programme; 'Pasteur Institute; 'National Blood Transfusion Center; 4WHO, Cambodia 139

Page  140 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC06: Epidemiological Issues of Homosexual and Bisexual Behavior PC0089 HIV INFECTION IN A NATIONAL SAMPLE OF HOMOSEXUAL MEN IN THE NETHERLANDS Wiessing, LG'; Houweling, H'; Sandfort, ThGM2; Schop, W1; Bosga, MB2; Van den Akker, R'; Hoogenveen, RT'; 'Natl Inst Public Health (RIVM); 2Univ of Utrecht, Netherlands PC0090 AIDS INCIDENCE TRENDS AMONG BIRTH COHORTS OF GAY MEN IN CALIFORNIA Rutherford, GW; Singleton, JA; Tabnak, F; Kuan, J; California Dept of Health Services, USA PC0092 TRENDS IN HIV SEROPREVALENCE AMONGST GAY MEN ATTENDING A SOUTH LONDON STD CLINIC; 1988-1992 Asboe, D; Band, B; Palmer, S; Barlow, D; St Thomas Hospital, UK PC0093 TRENDS IN URETHRITIS INCIDENCE AMONG HIV-INFECTED HOMOSEXUAL MEN IN THE SEROCO FRENCH COHORT Meyer, L; Creusvaux, H; the Seroco Group; INSERM U292, France PC0094 FACTORS INFLUENCING CYTOMEGALOVIRUS INFECTION AMONG HIV+ PATIENTS WITH KNOWN DATE OF INFECTION Carte, N'; Deveau, C'; Persoz, A'; Rouzioux, C2; Colasante, U3; Salmon-Ceron, D4; Bucquet, D; Seroco Study Group; 'INSERM U292; 2Hopital NECKER; 'Hopital Bichat; 4Hopital Cochin, France PC0095 HIV PREVALENCE AND ASSOCIATED RISK BEHAVIORS IN HOMOSEXUAL MALES IN A STD CLINIC OF SEVILLE Pueyo, I'; Viciana, P2; Mendo, A'; Torrego, A'; Martinez-Marcos, F2; 'STD Clinic of Andalucia Health Service; 2Univ Hos V Rocio, Spain PC0096 MONITORING SOCIAL AND BEHAVIOURAL DETERMINANTS OF HIV SERO-CONVERSION IN HOMOSEXUALLY ACTIVE MEN Kaldor, J'; Kippax, S2; Crofts, N'; Hendry, 0'; 'National Centre in HIV Epidemiology & Clinical Research; 2National Centre for HIV Social Research; 3Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research, Australia PC0097 KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES, BELIEFS & PRACTICES OF HOMOSEXUALS IN JAMAICA Hassad, R; Jamaica AIDS Support, Jamaica PC0099 BISEXUAL BEHAVIOR AT AN ANONYMOUS TESTING SITE IN BRAZIL Lima, LA; Souza, E; Passos, S; Klajmic, S; Abud, S; HM Rocha Maia, Brazil PC0100 HIV-ASSOCIATED BEHAVIORS AND ATTITUDES AMONG GAY AND BISEXUAL MEN IN BARCELONA, SPAIN Rodes, A; Blanch, C; Wang, J; Tort, X; Petit, J; Casabona, J; Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain PCO101 HIV RISK-RELATED SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR OF HOMO-AND BISEXUAL MEN AND STD PATIENTS IN THE UKRAINE Kobyshcha, Y; Kruglov, Y; Secheiko, H; Shchebinskaya, A; Morosov, V; Stoyan, H; National AIDS Commitee and Centre, Ukraine PCO102 DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BISEXUAL AND HETEROSEXUAL WOMEN IN SELF-REPORTED HIV-RISK BEHAVIOR, LOS ANGELES COUNTY Simon, P; Wiley, D; Ford, W; CDC, USA PCO103 LESBIAN SEX AND HIV-1 Raiteri, R; Fora, R; Sinicco, A; Univ of Turin, Italy PC0620 HIV-1 SEROPREVALENCE AMONG GAY AND BISEXUAL (GAY/BI) MEN ATTENDING SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE (STD) CLINICS IN CALIFORNIA Ruiz, JD; Wilson, D; Mikanda, J; Littaua, R; Kerndt, P; Lemp, G; California Department of Health Services, USA PCO7: Epidemiology of Heterosexual Transmission PC0104 HIV-1 INFECTION IN YOUNG THAI MEN DISCHARGED FROM THE ARMY Renzullo, P"'; Beyrer, C2; Nelson, K2; Celentano, D2; Eiumtrakul, S; Khamboonruang, C4; 'WRAIR, USA; 'Johns Hopkins U, USA; 'Royal Thai Army, Thailand; 'Chang Mai U, Thailand PCO105 HETEROSEXUAL TRANSMISSION OF HIV THE FOLLOW UP OF 174 COUPLES IN THE PERIOD 1985-1993 Falciano, M; Bergami, N; Rubino, L; Macedonio, A; Salotti, A; Vullo, V; Turbessi, G; Rome University 'La Sapienza, Italy PCO106 TYPE OF INTERCOURSE IN HETEROSEXUAL TRANSMISSION Falciano, M; Bergami, N; Rubino, L; Missori, R; Macedonio, A; Salotti, A; Vullo, V; Turbessi, G; Rome University "La Sapienza", Italy PCO107 SPERM PARAMETERS IN HIV-1 INFECTED PATIENTS Rossi, T'; Mazzilli, F'; D'Offizi, G'; Rosso, R'; Pinter, E2; Sarandrea, N'; Dondero, F'; Aiuti, F2; 15th Medical Clinic Univ of Rome "La Sapienza"; 2Univ of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy PCO108 HYPOTHESIS ABOUT TRANSMISSION OF HIV VIRUS IN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE "FALLATIO" (COITUS AB ORE) WITH FINAL EJACULATION D'Agostino, S; Monteferrario, L; Furlan, GC; Biella's Hospital, Italy 140

Page  141 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0109 THE IMPACT OF HETEROSEXUAL TRANSMISSION ON A HIV COHORT IN THE SOUTH OF SPAIN Dlez F; Laynez, F; Collado, A; Lopez, A; Perez, F; Hospital Torrecirdenas, Spain PC0110 THE INCREASE IN HETEROSEXUALLY TRANSMITED AIDS CASES IN GALICIA; SPAIN Pedreira, J'; Castro, A'; Pereiro, C2; Juega, J'; De la Iglesia, F'; 'Internal Medicine Service; 2Drug Dependence Center, Spain PC0111 INCREASING HIV INFECTION DUE TO HETEROSEXUAL EXPOSURE IN ENGLAND AND WALES Noone, A; Gilbart, V; Nicoll, A; Gill, N; Wright, M; Macdonald, N; Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre, UK PCO112 HETEROSEXUAL TRANSMISSION OF HIV IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC Jedlicka, J; Briikovi, M; Tomalek, L; National Institute of Public Health, Czech Rep PC0113 SEXUAL ASSAULT AND HIV POSITIVITY IN ADULTS AND ADOLESCENTS Cary, JM; Hahnemann University School of Medicine, USA PCO114 ASSESSMENT OF SEXUAL HISTORY AMONG HIV EXPOSED WOMEN Guimaraes, MDC'; Castilho, E2; Signorini, D'; Berbara, V4; Gomes, V'; 'UFMG; 2FIOCRUZ; 'HGG-UNIRIO;4 INAMPS; 'UFRJ, Brazil PC0115 RISK FACTORS FOR MALE-TO-FEMALE HIV TRANSMISSION Guimaraes, M'; Castilho, E2; Cavalcante, S2; Lima, LA'; Gomes, VR4; 'UFMG; 2FIOCRUZ; 'CHESC; 4UFRJ, Brazil PCO116 FOLLOW-UP OF HIV-1 SERONEGATIVE FEMALE PARTNERS OF SEROPOSITIVE MEN IN BRAZIL Boschi-Pinto, C'; Castilho, E'; Guimarales, MDC2; Alves, LA'; Hearst, N4; 'FIOCRUZ, Brazil; 2UFMG, Brazil; 'CHESC, Brazil; 4CAPS/UCSF, USA PC0117 HETEROSEXUAL TRANSMISSION IN WOMEN IN SAO PAULO, BRAZIL Santos, NS; Gianna, MC; Grangeiro, A; Kalichman, A;. Munhoz, R; Ruiz, EAC; Santos, LFJG; Grupo de Vigilancia Epidemiologica (CVE/CRTA), Brazil PCO118 HIV-1 RISK FACTORS AMONG SELF-REPORTED HETEROSEXUAL MEN IN MEXICO CITY: CONTROLLING FOR MISCLASSIFICATION BIAS Fernandez Difranco, G'; Uribe, P2; Hernandez Avila, M'; Gortmaker, S'; 'Harvard School of Public Health, USA; 'CONASIDA, Mexico; 'INSP, Mexico PC0119 HIV-1 SPREAD IN COLOMBIAN WOMEN Cespedes, J'; Bello, S2; Castellanos, J2; Moreno, F2; Hernindez, C2; 'FEI/Universidad Javeriana; 2Cruz Roja Colmbiana, Colombia PCO120 BRIDGE POPULA ONS IN THE SPREAD OF HIV/AIDS IN THAILAND Podhisita, C; Morris, M; Wawer, M; Mahidol University, Thailand PCO121 SEXUAL RISK BEHAVIOR AMONG INJECTING DRUG USERS IN BANGKOK, 1989 VS 1993 Vanichseni, S'; Des Jarlais, DC'; Choopanya, K'; Raktham, S'; Friedmann, P2; 'Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Thailand; 'Beth Israel Medical Ctr, USA PC0122 PROSPECTIVELY AND RETROSPECTIVELY DETERMINED SEXUAL BEHAVIORS AMONG HIV+ BLOOD DONORS Sawanpanyalert, P; Yanai, H; Ministry of Public Health, Thailand SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR PATTERN IN NEPAL Gurubacharya, VL; Suvedi, BK; GPO, Nepal PC0123 PC0124 TRADITIONAL SEXUAL PRACTICES AMONG WOMEN AT A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES (STD) CLINIC IN ZAMBIA Sandala, L'; Sunkutu, MR'; Lurie, P'; Chani, EM'; Hearst, N2; 'Univ Teaching Hospital, Zambia; 2CAPS-Univ Calif, USA PC09: Epidemiological Issues of Drug Users PC0125 RISK FACTORS FOR HIV SEROPREVALENCE AMONG IDUS IN BANGKOK, 1989 VS 1993 Choopanya, K'; Des Jarlais, DC'; Vanichseni, S'; Raktham, S'; Friedmann, P2; 'Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Thailand; 2Beth Israel Medical Ctr, USA PC0126 SURVIVAL AMONG INJECTING DRUG USERS WITH AIDS, UNITED STATES, 1988-1990 Neal, JJ; Fleming, PL; Green, TA; Chu, SY; Burgess, DA; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA PC0127 A BIRTH COHORT ANALYSIS OF BRAZILIAN AIDS CASES 1980-93 Struchiner, C'; Rodrigues, L'; Castilho, E'; Stoneburner, R2; Sereno, A'; Lauria, L'; Loures, L'; 'Ministry of Health, Brazil; 2GPA, WHO, Switzerland PC0128 HIV SEROINCIDENCE AMONG INJECTION DRUG USERS IN LOS ANGELES, USA, 1989-1994 LOS ANGELES, USA Kerndt, PR; Weber, MD; Ford, WL; Cheng, FK; Lehman, JS; HIV Epidemiology Program, USA 141

Page  142 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0129 INCIDENCE OF THROMBOCYTOPENIA (TP) IN HIV-INFECTED INJECTING DRUG USERS (IDUs) Hershow, RC; Fukuda, K; Graber, J; Vlahov, D; Rezza, G; Klein, RS; Des Jarlais, D; Vitek, C; Khabbaz, R; Freels, S; Zuckerman, R; Pezzotti, P; Kaplan, JE; CDC International Collaborative Study, USA PC0131 ASSESSING RISK BEHAVIORS AND HIV SEROPREVALENCE AMONG IDUS IN TWO MAJOR PORTS OF SOUTH AMERICA Telles, P'; Bastos, FI'; Mesquita, F2; Stall, R'; Hearst, N3; Bueno, R2; et al; 'NEPAD-UERJ, Brazil; 'IEPAS, Brazil; 'CAPS, USA PC0132 THE RISK OF TRANSMISSION OF HIV AND OTHER BLOOD-BORNE DISEASES VIA JET INJECTORS DURING IMMUNIZATION MASS CAMPAIGNS IN BRAZIL Brito, GS'; Chen, RT'; Stefano, ICA2; Campos, AMF'; Oselka, G2; et cols; 'State Department Health, SP-BR, Brazil; 2Ministry of Health of Brazil, Brazil; 'CDC, USA PC0133 GENDER TRANSMISSION PATTERN OF HIV IN A BRAZILIAN IDU COMMUNITY Bueno, RC; Carvalho, HB; Paes, G; Mesquita, F; Burattini, M; Massad, E; IEPAS-Santos, Brazil PC0134 PREVALENCE AND RISK FACTORS FOR HIV-1 INFECTION AMONG STRET- RECRUITED IVD Us IN BARCELONA, SPAIN Rodes Monegal, A; Casabona, J; Vail, M; Rabella, N; Hos S Pau, Spain PC0135 TRENDS IN HIV PREVALENCE AMONG MALE AND FEMALE IDU's Muga, R; Rodriguez, R; Egea, JM; Moreno, I; Navio, M; Tor, J; Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Spain PC0136 DRUG INJECTION CAREER AND HIV INFECTION Rodriguez, R; Muga, R; Egea, J, M; Navio, M; Aldeguer, X; Tor, J; Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Spain PC0137 MONITORING HIV TRENDS IN INJECTING DRUG USERS STARTING TREATMENT Tor, J; Muga, R; Egea, JM; Rodriguez, R; Navio, M; Moreno, I; Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Spain PCO138 IMPACT OF AIDS IN THE PROGNOSIS OF INTRAVENOUS DRUG ADDICTION Egea, JM; Muga, R; Rodriguez, R; Moreno, I; Navio, M; Tor, J; Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Spain PC0139 THE TREND IN THE APPLICATION FOR HIV TESTING AND PERCENTAGE OF HIV+IN DA DURING 9 YEAR-PERIOD Turbessi, G; Salotti, A; Rubino, L; Missori, R; Macedonio, A; Bergami, N; Falciano, M; University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy PCO140 BEHAVIORS CONCERNING AIDS AMONG IV DRUG-USERS ATTENDING 3 ANONYMOUS AND FREE TESTING CENTRES Helal, H; Momas, I; Cherie, L; Pretet, S; Poinsard, PR; DASES, France PCO141 SLOW-DOWN OF HIV EPIDEMIC AMONG IDUS IN GENEVA, SWITZERLAND Broers, B; Junet, C; Gabriel, V; Perrin, L; Hirschel, B; University Hospital, Switzerland PC0142 HIGH MORTALITY BUT FEW SEROCONVERSIONS AMONG HARD-CORE DRUG ADDICTS IN STOCKHOLM Fugelstad, A; Bottiger, M; Romelsjo, A; Agren, G; Psychiatric Dependency Clinic, Sweden PC0143 AIDS AND INTRAVENOUS DRUG USERS IN EGYPT Hasan, MA; Farag, AB; Ismail, MA; Arab International Center for Fighting Against AIDS, Egypt PC0145 COMPARISON OF HIV PREVALENCE WITH HBV, HCV AND HDV INFECTIONS IN NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN ITALIAN IVD A Grisorio, B'; Lucchini, A'; Salmoni, A'; Edo, S'; Paoletti, V'; Filetti, M2; Barbarini, G'; 'Division of Infectious Diseases OO RR; 2Clinic of Infectious Diseases, Italy PC0146 ASSOCIATED SEROCONVERSION TO HIV-HBV Fora, R; Raiteri, R; Sciandra, M; Sinicco, A; Univ of Turin, Italy PC0147 DISCORDANT EVOLUTION OF HIV AND HCV SEROLOGIES IN IVDUs: A FOUR YEARS RETROSPECTIVE STUDY Mansuy, J-M'; Lheritier, D'; Puchot, P'; Puppo, P'; Gayet, C'; Izopet, J'; Puel, J'; 'CHU Purpan; 2IDRET Toulouse, France PC0148 THE PREVALENCE OF HIV, HEPATITIS B AND HEPATITIS C IN A PRENATAL CLINIC FOR DRUG USING WOMEN Mitchell, JL'; Ozick, L'; Jacobs, L'; Baroudy, B2; 'Harlem Hospital; 'Gamble Institute of Medical Research, USA PC0149 HIV AND INFECTIONS WITH RELATED TRANSMISSION IN AN IDU COMMUNITY OF SANTOS, BRAZIL Carvalho, HB; Bueno, R; Paes, G; Mesquita, F; Burattini, M; Massad, E; IEPAS-SANTOS, Brazil PCO150 PREVALENCE OF HIV, HCV AND HBV INFECTION AMONG DRUG ADDICT USERS IN CHIANG MAI Apichartpiyakul, C; Apichartpiyakul, N; Chittivudikarn, C; Hotta, H; Homma, M; Vithayasai, V; Chiang Mai University, Thailand 142

Page  143 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0151 PREVALENCE OF BLOOD-BORNE VIRUSES AMONG INTRAVENOUS DRUG USERS AND ALCOHOLICS IN JAPAN Ichimura, H'; Kurimura, 0'; Tamura, I'; Tsuchie, H2; Kurimura, T2; 'Kure National Hospital; 'Osaka University, Japan PC0152 HIV INFECTION AND STD AMONG METHAMPHETAMINE ABUSERS AND SOLVENT ABUSERS IN JAPAN Wada, K'; Konuma, K2; Hirai, S2; 'National Institute of Mental Health; 2National Sanatorium of Shimohusa, Japan PC0626 CHANGES IN THE AGE-AT-ONSET OF HIV INFECTION AMONG IVDU'S IN ITALY Mariotto, A; Verdecchia, A; Istituto Superiore di Sanitt, Italy PCJ1: Epidemiology of Perinatal Infection (Mother to Child Transmission) PC0153 RISK OF HIV-RELATED SYMPTOMS IN 40 SETS OF TWINS: A POPULATION-BASED ANALYSIS Fanning, T'; Krasinski, K2; Chiarella, J'; Turner, BJ, 3; 'New York State (NYS) Dept of Social Services; 'Bellevue Hospital; 'Thomas Jefferson Univ, USA PC0154 THE DIRECT COMPARISON OF MOTHER-TO-CHILD TRANSMISSION RATE Bomboko, B; Nsuami, M; Tulane School of Public Health, USA PC0155 RISK FACTORS FOR VERTICAL TRANSMISSION OF HIV-1 Ometto, L'; De Rossi, A'; Zanotto, C'; Maccabruni, A2; Caselli, D'; Chieco-Bianchi, L'; 'University of Padova; 'Infect Dis Institute; 'University of Pavia, Italy PC0156 RISK FACTORS FOR PERINATAL TRANSMISION IN HIV POSITIVE PREGNANT WOMEN Soriano, R; Carreras, R; Rovira, MT; Torrent, A; Payl, A; Xercavins, J; Autonomus University of Barcelona, Spain PC0157 SUSCEPTIBILITY OF HUMAN FETAL CELLS TO HIV INFECTION, IN VITRO AND IN VIVO IN THE SCID-HU MODEL Touraine, J-L; Sanhadji, K; Firouzi, R; INSERM U80, France PC0158 RISKS OF BOTTLE-FEEDING IN INFANTS BORN TO HIV-INFECTED MOTHERS FROM LOW-INCOME FAMILIES IN RIO DE JANEIRO-BRAZIL Rusbini, NPM; Silva, WAE; Sion, FS; Morais-De-Sa, CA; Lima, AJ; Rocco, R; University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PC0159 CORRELATION BETWEEN TIMING OF RUPTURE OF AMNIOTIC MEMBRANES AND RISK OF HIV-1 PERINATAL TRANSMISSION Paiva, JVM2; Hutto, C2; Antunes, C'; Scott, G2; 'Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil; 2University of Miami, USA PC0160 VERTICAL TRANSMISSION RISK (VTR) OF HIV-1 IN BRAZIL: THE IMPACT OF LOW LOSS TO FOLLOW-UP Tess, B"3; Rodrigues, LC'; Duarte, G2; Mussi-Pinhata, MM2; Cervi, MC2; Newell, ML'; 'Instituto de Saude, Brazil; 2Med Sch of Ribeirao Preto, Brazil; 'London Sch of Hygiene & Tropical Med, UK; 'Institute of Child Health, UK PCO161 INCREASE IN PERINATAL TRANSMISSION IN A COUNTRY WITH HIGH RATES OF FECUNDITY THE CASE OF MEXICO Garcia, ML; Loo, E; Valdespino, JL; Salcedo, A; Del Rio, A; Magis, C; Sepulveda, J; INDRE, Mexico PC0162 RISK FACTORS AND CHARACTERISTICS OF HIV+ ANTENATAL WOMEN, BANGKOK, THAILAND Mangclaviraj, Y'; Chaisilwattana, P2; Siriwasin, W'; Roongpisuthipong, A2; Shaffer, N3'4; the Bangkok Perinatal HIV Transmission Study; 'Rajvithi Hospital; 2Mahidol University; 'HIV/AIDS Collaboration; Thailand; 'CDC, USA PC0163 PERINATAL TRANSMISSION AMONG WOMEN SEROCONVERTING DURING PREGNANCY, BANGKOK Shaffer, N"2; Roongpisuthipong, A'; Siriwasin, W4; Wasi, C'; Kaewchaiyo, G4; Chearskul, S; Chotpitayasunondh, T'; 'HIV/AIDS Collaboration, Thailand; 2CDC, USA; 'Mahidol University, Thailand; 4Rajvithi Hospital, Thailand; 'Children's Hospital, Thailand PC0164 HIV-1 GENOTYPES IN INFANTS AND THEIR MOTHERS, BANGKOK, THAILAND Samakoses, R; Nitayaphan, S; Chamnanvanakij, S; Gaywee, J; Sithongdee, S; Chinaworapong, S; Mccutchan, F, E; Phramonkutklao Hospital, Thailand PC0165 ANTE & POST NATAL HIV SCREENING IN BOMBAY-INDIA Merchant, RH; Gilada, IS'; Mahajan, RP'; Agarwal, JG'; Mehta, AC; Wadia Maternity Hospital; 'Indian Health Organization, India PC0166 INVESTIGATING OF HIV-1 TRANSMISSION FROM MOTHER TO CHILD Tabei, Y'; Sadamasu, K'; Mori, K'; Inaba, M'; Sekine, H'; Hirokawa, J2; Miyazawa, Y2; 'Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health; 2Ootsuka Hospital, Tokyo, Japan PC0167 DIAGNOSIS OF HIV INFECTION STATUS IN HIV-EXPOSED INFANTS Paul, M; Pahwa, S; Tetali, S; Abrams, E; Wang, X; Bakshi, S; Lesser, M; North Shore University Hospital-Cornell University Medical College, USA PC0168 INFANTS BORN FROM HIV+ MOTHERS Rimoldi, I; Avolio, J; Arreseigor, T; Provincial Ref Center for AIDS, Argentina 143

Page  144 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0169 A SCORE WITH IMMUNOLOGICAL, VIROLOGICAL AND CLINICAL FEATURES TO ESTIMATE HIV PROGRESSION IN PERINATAL HIV-INFECTION Mentzer, D; Funk, M; Sehrt, P; Wehner, S; Cinatl, J'; Pfeiffer, A; Steiner, JJ; Kreuz, W; Centre of Pediatrics;Univ Frankfurt am Main, Germany PCO170 NATURAL HISTORY OF VERTICALLY ACQUIRED HIV INFECTION Giaquinto, C; De Rossi, A'; Pagliaro, A; Cozzani, S; Ruga, E'; Mazza, A2; Giacomelli, A; Tessarotto, L; Oletto, S; Dept of Pediatrics; 'Univ of Padova; 2Pediatric Division, Italy PCO171 MATERNAL-FETAL TRANSMISSION OF HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS INFECTION: MEXICAN EXPERIENCE Torres, FEG; Infectology Hospital CMR, Mexico PC0172 AIDS-LIKE SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS PROGNOSIS ON PERINATAL HIV INFECTED CHILDREN Baangi, M2; Mputu, M1; Mabasi, M'; Lubaki, M'; Mongatunge, M'; Nzilami, N'; 'Projet SIDA; 2National AIDS Program, Zaire PC13: HIV/AIDS among Women PC0173 RISK BEHAVIORS AMONG WOMEN WITH HIV/AIDS WHO REPORT SEX WITH WOMEN Chu, SY; Diaz, T; Schable, B; the SHAS Project Group; CDC, USA PC0174 THE ROLE OF PREGNANCY/PUERPERIUM IN TUBERCULOSIS DEVELOPMENT IN HIV-INFECTED WOMEN Espinal, M'; Reingold, AL2'; 'CENISMI, Dominican Republic; 'University of California, USA PC0175 PREVALENCE OF NON-PROGRESSION OF IMMUNODEFICIENCY IN WOMEN WITH HIV INFECTION Carpenter, CCJ; Flanigan, TP; Mayer, KH; Brown University, USA PC0176 VIRAL HEPATITIS IN THE HIV-INFECTED WOMAN Kloser, P; Passanante, M; Mayberry, B; Gill, C; Cowan, J; UMDNJ: New Jersey Medical School, USA PC0177 HOSPITALIZATION AND MEDICAL CARE PATTERN OF HIV POSITIVE WOMEN IN MONTREAL Osborne, ME; Ghadirian, P; Poisson, M; Morisset, R; Beaulieu, R; HOtel-Dieu de Montreal, Canada PCO178 NUTRITIONAL ABNORMALITIES IN HIV-1 INFECTED FEMALE DRUG USERS (IDUS) Baum, M; Carcamo, C; Quesada, J; Page, BJ; Fletcher, MA; Shor-Posner, G; University of Miami, USA PC0179 HIV RISK IN WOMEN Harlow, L'; Morokoff, P'; Quina, K'; Rose, J'; Johnsen, L'; Lang, M'; Deiter, P'; Burkholder, G'; Mayer, KH2; 'Univ of Rhode Island; 2Brown Univ, USA PCO180 SEXUAL ABUSE DURING CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENCE AS PREDICTORS OF HIV-RELATED SEXUAL RISK BEHAVIORS IN ADULTHOOD Klein, H; Young, P; Wild, J; NOVA Research, USA PC0182 COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF HIV INFECTION IN MEN AND WOMEN Kadree, M'; Clark, J'; 'Morehouse School of Medicine; 2Univ of Alabama, USA PC0183 HIV AND OTHER SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES (STDS) AMONG WOMEN ATTENDING TWO ANTENATAL (AN) CLINICS IN CITE SOLEIL, HAITI Boulos, R'; Behets, F'; Desormeaux, J'; Hoffman, I'; Adrien, M'; Moeng, S'; Davis, H'; Joseph, D'; Dallabetta, G'; Cohen, M'; 'Centres pour le Developpement et la Sante; 'University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 'Family Health International, USA PC0184 HIV INFECTION IN WOMEN: A EIGHT YEAR LONGITUDINAL, OBSERVATIONAL STUDY Laynez, F; Diez, F; Collado, A; Yelamos, F; Fernandez P; Hospital Torrecirdenas, Spain PC0185 NIMH-SPONSORED PREVENTION OF HIV AMONG WOMEN Stover, E; Pequegnat, W; Fernandez, I; National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), NIH, USA PC0186 EVALUTION OF THE PREVENTIVE WORK EFFICIENCY WITH HIV-INFECTED WOMEN Macharova, N; Pokrovsky, V; Savchenko, I; Russia AIDS Centre, Russia PC0187 HIV SEROPREVALENCE TRENDS AMONG WOMEN IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Stanecki, KA; Way, PO; US Bureau of the Census, USA PC0188 CLINICAL AND EPIDEMIOLOGICAL FEATURE OF 274 HIV+ WOMEN Perez, MA; Potsch, DV; Peixoto, CAM; Rapparini, C; HUCFF; NESC; DI; UFRJ, Brazil PC0189 PREVALENCE OF HIV AMONG PREGNANT WOMEN IDENTIFIED AT PRENATAL CLINICS IN BRAZIL Oliveira, R'; Antunes, C'; Perini, N'; Pinheiro, M'; Rodrigues, L2; Sato, P4; Loures, L'; 'Department of Health; 'Ministry of Health; 'UFMG, B Horizonte, Brazil; 4GPA; WHO, Geneva, Switzerland 144

Page  145 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0190 HIV POSITIVE WOMEN-AN EXPERIENCE IN AN ANONIMOUS TESTING CENTER (ATC) IN RIO DE JANEIRO Freitas, L; Silvia, S; Almeida, C; Rodrigues, M; Masson, F; Silva, C; Vasconcelos, A; HESFA; UFRJ, Brazil PC0191 TRENDS OF AIDS EPIDEMIC AMONG WOMEN IN SAO PAULO STATE, BRAZIL Kalichman, AO; Santos, NJSS; Gianna, MC; Grangeiro, A; Santos, LFJG; Domingues, C; Barbieri, DD; Centro de Referencia Treinamento-AIDS, Brazil PC0192 THE PSYCHIC MECHANISMS IN HIV-POSITIVE WOMEN THAT FAVORED CONTAMINATION Verissimo, J; Pucheu, D; Morais de Sa, CA; Gaffree and Guinle University Hospital, Brazil PC0193 CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS INFECTION IN WOMEN IN RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL Lowndes, CM; Domingues, A; Basso, N; Giffin, K; Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil PC0194 THE SEXUAL PRACTICE AMONG IN-LAWS AS A FUNCTION OF HIV TRANSMISSION: THE CASE OF WIDOWS IN TANZANIA Vivian J; Medical AID Foundation, Tanzania PC0195 SEROCONVERSION TO DUAL REACTIVITY AMONG HIV-1 AND HIV-2 SEROPOSITIVE WOMEN IN ABIDJAN, COTE D'IVOIRE Wiktor, SZ"'; Ekpini, E'; Sibailly, T'; Diaby, L'; Teurquetil, MJ'; Tossou, O'; DeCock, KM"'2; Greenberg, AE"'; 'Projet RETRO-CI, COte d'Ivoire; 'CDC, USA PC0618 HIV AND HCV PREVALENCE IN CHILDBEARING WOMEN AT OUTCOME OF PREGNANCY IN THE PARIS AREA, FRANCE Couturier, E'; Six, C'; Brossard, Y'; Larsen, M2; Henrion, R'; Brunet, JB'; 'European Centre for the Epidemiological Monitoring of AIDS, 2Centre d'HEmobiologie Ptrinatale, Hopital St-Antoine, 'Hopital Cochin-Port-Royal, France PC0623 SENTINEL SURVEILLANCE FOR HIV INFECTION IN SEVEN CITIES, COLOMBIA, SOUTH AMERICA Castro, J; Garcia, R; et al; Ministry of Health, Colombia PC15: Epidemiological Factors of AIDS Progression: AIDS of HIV Infection PC0196 LONGITUDINAL OBSERVATION OF 1554 GERMAN IV DRUG ADDICTS WITH HIV-INFECTION: NONLINEAR CD4 SLOPES DECREASING WITH BASELINE CD4 COUNTS Baumgarten, R; Helm, EB; Arasteh, K; Sadri, I; Brockmeyer, NH; Bogner, JR; German AIDS Study Group, Germany PC0197 AIDS MORTALITY RATES AND FACTORS RELATED TO SURVIVAL IN A COHORT OF HOMOSEXUAL MEN Craib, KJP; Strathdee, SA; Hogg, RS; Le, TN; Montaner, JSG; O'Shaughnessy, MV; Schechter, MT; UBC & BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada PC0198 LONG-TERM SURVIVAL IN PATIENTS WITH ADVANCED IMMUNODEFICIENCY Chene, G2; Easterbrook, PJ'; Jusczak, E; Yu, LM'; Pocock, S; Gazzard, BG'; 'Chelsea and Westminster Hospital; 2INSERM, UK PC0199 MALIGNANT OUTCOMES FROM A CROSS-STUDY ANALYSIS OF PATIENTS PARTICIPATING IN A COMMUNITY-BASED CLINICAL TRIALS PROGRAM Abrams, DI; Wentworth, DR; Neaton, JD; Sherer, R; Deyton, L;, NIAID, NIH, USA PCO200 VIRAL BURDEN, ANTIVIRAL IMMUNE RESPONSE, AND NONSPECIFIC IMMUNE ACTIVATION IN PREDICTING PROGRESSION OF HIV DISEASE Ascher, MS'; Sheppard, HW'; Lang, W; Busch, MP; Lee, T-H; 'Calif Dept Health Serv, USA PCO201 DETERMINANTS OF HIV DISEASE PROGRESSION AMONG HOMOSEXUAL MEN IN THE TRICONTINENTAL SEROCONVERTER STUDY Veugelers, PJ'; Page, KA2; Tindall, B'; Schechter, MT4; Moss, AR'; Coutinho, RA'; van Griensven, GJP'; 'Municipal Health Service, Netherlands; 2San Francisco Men's Health Study, USA; 'Sydney Cohort Study, Austlaria; 4Vancouver Lymphadenopathy-AIDS Study, Canada; 'San Francisco General Hospital Study, USA PC0202 NATURAL HISTORY OF HIV-1 INFECTION AMONG INJECTING DRUG USERS Siddiqui, N; Brown, LS; Meyer, TJ; Addiction Research and Treatment Corporation, USA PC0203 ACTIVATED CD8+ LYMPHOCYTES IN HIV INFECTION De Martinis, M'; D'Ostilio, A'; Ginaldi, L2; Profeta, FV2; Quaglino, D'; 'University of L'Aquila; 2Ser T ULSS TERAMO, Italy PC0204 QUANTITATIVE MEASURES OF p24/gp41 AND p24 HIV ANTIBODY AS PREDICTORS OF PROGRESSION TO AIDS: EVIDENCE FOR EFFECT MODIFICATION BY ZIDOVUDINE Strathdee, SA; Frank, J; Leblanc, M; McLaughlin, J; Major, C; Le, TN; Read, SE; Univ of Toronto; BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada PC0205 PROGRESSION TO AIDS IN A COHORT OF ZDV-TREATED SYMPTOMATIC PATIENTS IN ITALY Vella, S; Barcherini, S; Bucciardini, R; Mariotti, S; Ist Sup di Sanitr, Italy 145

Page  146 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0206 ANALYSIS OF HIV-I DISEASE PROGRESSION BY RACE-ETHNICITY Levin, LI2; Chung, RC'; Milazzo, M'; Brundage, JF'; 'The Military Medical Consortium for Applied Retroviral Research; 2WRAIR, USA PC0207 DISEASE PROGRESSION AND SURVIVAL AMONG HIV-INFECTED INJECTING DRUG USERS (IDUs) BY GENDER Brown, LNJD; Wentworth, DN; Sherer, R; Besch, L; Addiction Research & Treatment Corp, USA PCO208 PROGNOSTIC MARHERS OF IMMUNE DECLINE IN THE CASE OF A HIV-1 INFECTED MAN WITH A PRE-EXISTING AUTOIMMUNE DISORDER Douvas, A; Takehana, Y; Ehresmann, G; Univ of Southern Calif, USA PC0209 PROGNOSTIC VALUE OF NEUROLOGICAL SIGNS IN ACUTE HIV INFECTION Bachmeyer, C'; Boufassa, F2; Sereni, D'; Deveau, C2; Carre, N2; Bucquet, D2; SEROCO study group; 'Hopital Cochin, 2HOpital Bicetre, Kremlin-Bicetre, France PCO210 DOES HTLV-II COINFECTION PREDICT CLINICAL PROGRESSION IN HIV-INFECTED DRUG USERS? Hershow, Ronald C; Fukuda, K; Graber, J; Vlahov, D; Rezza, G; Klein, RS; Des Jarlais, D; Vitek, C; Galai, N; Khabbaz, R; Freels, S; Zuckerman, R; Pezzotti, P; Kaplan, J; CDC International Collaborative Study PCO211 SEROPREVALENCE OF M PENETRANS IN HIV-POSITIVE AND HIV-NEGATIVE INDIVIDUALS IN BRAZZAVILLE (CONGO) Grau, O'; Tuppin, P'; Slizewicz, B2; Delamare, 0'; Samba-Lefebre, MC4; Gueguen, M'; Pambou, M'; M'Pele, P'; Montagnier, L'; 'Institut Pasteur; 2Diagnostics Pasteur, Marnes-La-Coquette-France; 'CHU; 4Hospital de Makelekele-Brazzaville; 'PNLS, Congo PC0212 NATURAL HISTORY OF AIDS IN THE CITY OF SAO PAULO Figueiredo, GM'; Lagonegro, E'; Buchala, CM2; 1SES; 2FSPUSP, Brazil PC0213 INTERLEUKIN 6 AND AIDS KAPOSI'S SARCOMA Dourado, I; Detels, R; Martinez-Maza, O; UCLA, USA PC0215 MORTALITY IN HIV INFECTION IN SWITZERLAND AND US A Egger, M; Wentworth, D; von Overbeck, J; Sherer, R; Ledergerber, B; Saravolatz, L; Swiss HIV Cohort Study (SHCS); Community Programs for Clinical Research on AIDS (CPCRA), Switzerland PC0216 MORTALITY ATTRIBUTABLE TO HIV/AIDS AMONG PERSONS AGED 25-44 YEARS BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA; 1990-1991 Wainstein, C; Licciardi, L; Programa SIDA, Secretaria de Salud, MCBA, Argentina PC0217 THE EFFECT OF AIDS ON MORTALITY IN RIO DE JANEIRO Sanches, K1"2; Valente, K'; Sayeg, F'; 'AIDS Department of Secretariat of Health of Rio de Janeiro State; 2Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil PCO218 AIDS SURVIVAL PATTERNS IN A RURAL STATE, 1982-1992 Sy, Francisco S; Scott, WK; Jackson, KJ; University of South Carolina, USA PC0219 DISEASE PROGRESSION AND SURVIVAL AMONG HIV-INFECTED INJECTING DRUG USERS (IDUs) BY ENROLLMENT IN DRUG ABUSE Brown, LS; Stanley J; Neaton, JD; Wentworth, D; Addiction Research & Treatment Corp, USA PC0220 SOCIOECONOMIC CHARACTERISTICS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH RATE OF WEIGHT LOSS IN HOMOSEXUAL MEN Voigt, R; Hogg, RS; Craib, KJP; Strathdee, SA; Zadra, J; Montaner, JSG; Schechter, MT; UBC & BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada PC0221 IS LOW SOCIAL SUPPORT A RISK FACTOR FOR SUBSEQUENT HIV DISEASE PROGRESSION? Willoughby, B; Hogg, RS; Strathdee, SA; Craib, KJP; Zadra, J; Montaner, JSG; Schechter, MT; BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada PC0222 SEROCONVERSION TIME AND ITS POSSIBLE RELATION WITH THE WAY OF INFECTION Fay, O; Fernandez, E; Rodenas, E; Taborda, M; Galante, N; Viglianco, R; National University of Rosario, Argentina PC0223 SILICONE APPLICATION AS A RISK FACTOR FOR HIV INFECTION Goihman, S; Ferreira, A; Santos, S; Grandi, JL; Reference and Training Center for AIDS, Brazil PC0224 HLA TYPE AND SUSCEPTIBILITY TO HIV INFECTION AND AIDS AMONG CHILDREN IN CATALONIA Just, JJ; Casabona, J; King, MC; Participating Pediatricians; Hospital de Sta Creu i St Pau, Spain; University of California, Berkeley USA; Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain PC0225 POSSIBLE LETHAL OUTCOME OF PRIMARY HIV-INFECTION IN CHILDREN OF NOSOCOMIAL FOCUS Sauhat, S'; Pokrovsky, VV2; Savkova, Z'; Tormozova, N'; Prokopenkova, 5'; Orlov, N'; Zhuravliova, I'; 'SIU "Biopreparat", Rostov-on-Don; 2Russia AIDS Centre; Russia PC0226 SALMONELLA ENTERITIDIS PT4 FOOD POISONING AND HIV INFECTION Das, S; Das, PK; India 146

Page  147 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC17: Methodology of Surveillance for HIV/STD PC0227 COMBINED SURVEILLANCE OF ADVANCED HIV DISEASE Abeni, DD; Perucci, CA; Ancona, C; Brancato, G; Peano, RM; Sangalli, M; the Lazio AIDS Coil Group; LRHA, Italy PC0228 VERBAL AUTOPSY AS A TOOL FOR ASSESSING ADULT HIV-1 ATTRIBUTABLE MORTALITY IN A RURAL POPULATION Kamali, A; Wagner, H-U; Kengeya Kayondo, JF; Nakiyingi, J; Mulder, DW; MRC (UK) Programme on AIDS in Uganda/UVRI, Uganda PC0229 SURVEILLANCE METHODS FOR HIV AND STDS Kantharaj, K; Usman; Ganesh; Usha; State AIDS Cell, India PC0230 UNDER-REPORTING OF AIDS CASES IN BRITISH COLUMBIA Le, TN; Strathdee, SA; Craib, KJP; Hogg, RS; Devlin, B; Montaner, JSG; Schechter, MT; UBC & BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada PC0231 'EVERYBODY COUNTS': AN INNOVATIVE HIV SURVEILLANCE APPROACH Burkman, J; McCoskey, L; Koelndorfer, M; Naylor, D; Stover, D; Kurth, A; Indiana State Department of Health, USA PC0233 ESTIMATION OF THE NUMBER OF HIV SEROPOSITIVE PATIENTS KNOWN TO GENERAL PRACTITIONERS IN FRANCE Massari, V; Valleron, A-J; Faculte de Medecine St Antoine, France PC0234 THE REPRODUCIBILITY OF HIV TRANSMISSION CATEGORY IN ITALIAN AIDS SURVEILLANCE Dal Maso, L'; Serraino, D'; Franceschi, S'; Tirelli, U2; Aviano Cancer Center, Italy PC0235 COMPLETENESS OF AIDS REPORTING INMEXICO; A STUDY BASED ON DEATHS BETWEEN 1990 AND 1993 Candelas, E'; Magis, C'; Del Rio, A'; Gonzalez, F'; Gonzalez, G'; Valdespino, JL'; Sepulveda, J2; 'Instituto Nacional de Diagn6stico y Referencia Epidemiol6gicos; 2Subsecretario de Salud, Mexico PC0236 INEXPENSIVE SYSTEM FOR COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS OF STD CASES IN A SPECIALIZED CLINIC PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL Ramos, MC; Barcellos, NT; Poitevin, N; Gorelik, M; Ferrary, MB; Dias, HC; Willers, DC; Ferreira, J; Patricio, MA; Guedes, LA; Friedrich, R; Torresini R; Silva, VS; Orviedo, JEG; Becker, FF; State Health Secretariat, Brazil PC0237 RESULTS OF THREE CONSECUTIVE INQUIRIES FOR HIV INFECTION SENTINEL SURVEILLANCE AMONG SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES PATIENTS IN PORTO ALEGRE, RS, BRAZIL Loureiro, R; Balsan, M; Ramos, M; Silveira, V; Becker, F; Ferreira, J; Collaborators; Secretaria da Saude, Brazil PC0238 ARE BOTH AIDS CASE REPORTING AND HIV SEROSURVEILLANCE NECESSARY? Lauria, L; Sereno, A; Chequer, Pedro; Ferreira, L; Rodrigues, L; Loures, L; Ministry of Health, Brazil PC0239 1992 NEW AIDS CASE RATE, BY COUNTRY AND WHO-REGION Bernard, RP; Liaison UN & NG Organizations, AIDS FEEDBACK, Switzerland PC0240 DIFFERENTIAL SURVIVAL OF AIDS PATIENTS ACCORDING TO THE 1987 AND THE 1993 CDC CASE DEFINITIONS Vella, S; Chiesi, A; Floridia, M; Giuliano, M; Volpi, A; Dally, LG; Binkin, N; Istituto Superiore di Sanit, Italy PC0241 A SIMPLIFIED PAEDIATRIC AIDS CASE DEFINITION FOR USE WHERE HIV TESTING IS AVAILABLE Loures, L; Gianna, M; Negra, M; Succi, R; Barreira, D; Rubini, N; Lauria, L; Ministry of Health, Brasilia, Brazil PC0242 INVESTIGATION OF MAC BY THE HIV INSIGHT DATABASE Fletcher, P1; Deresinski, SC2; Stavrakas, S3; Fisher, D3; 'IMS International, UK; 2AIDS Community Research Consortium, CA and Stanford University, USA; 'Dun & Bradstreet Health Care, USA PC0243 PREMARITAL HIV TESTING: THE CASE OF MEXICO del Rio, C; Trevino, A; Mellado, E; Quintanilla, M; Muniz, M; CONASIDA (National AIDS Council), Mexico PC0244 FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR COHORT DEVELOPMENT IN REGULAR THAI ARMY SOLDIERS; BARRIERS TO SCREENING FOR HIV Virochsiri, K; et al; AFRIMS, Thailand PC0246 A COMMERCIAL LABORATORY-BASED SURVEY OF ANTI-HIV SEROPREVALENCE IN NORTHERN TOKYO METROPOLITAN AREA Sugimoto, K'; Kihara, M2; Kihara, M'; Imai, M4; Ichikawa, S'; Soda, K3; Kotohbiken Med Lab; 2Kanagawa Cancer Ctr Res Inst; 'Yokohama City Univ; 4Kanagawa Prefectural Public Health Lab, Japan PC0248 IMPROVING STD SURVEILLANCE AMONG TRADERS Wellington, F; Epidemiology Unit, Jamaica PC0249 CHANGES IN THE LABORATORY TEST REQUIRE DURING THE SPREAD OF HIV INFECTION IN ROSARIO, ARGENTINA Taborda, M; Rubio, L; Rodenas, E; Ghioni, G; Fernandez, E; Fay, O; National University of Rosario, Argentina PC0250 POOLED TESTING FOR HIV SCREENING: CAPTURING THE DILUTION EFFECT Wein, LM; Zenios, SA; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 147

Page  148 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0251 HIV SURVEILLANCE METHOD BY SALIVARY HIV-ANTIBODY TESTING Meesiri, S'; Tussana, P'; Jugsudee, A2; Eiamtrakul, S'; Supakalin, P'; Sirisopana, N'; Singharaj, P'; 'AFRIMS; 2Army Institute of Pathology, RTA, 'Kawila Fort Hospital, RTA, Thailand PC0252 PREVALENCE OF ANTIBODIES TO HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS IN SALIVA AMONG JAPANESE FEMALE BATH-HOUSE WORKERS Ichikawa, S'; Tsukano, K'; Okumura, S'; Zhang, ZQ'; Kihara, M2; Toba, M'; Soda, K'; 'Yokohama City Univ; 2Kanagawa Cancer Center Research Inst; 'Yokohama City Inst of Health, JAPAN PC18: Modeling, Scenario-Analysis of HIV Projection PC0253 ESTIMATING THE GLOBAL IMPACT OF INTERVENTIONS TO DECREASE THE SPREAD OF HIV IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES BY THE YEAR 2000 Schopper, D'; Bertran, A2; 1WHO, Switzerland; 2INSERM U88, France PC0254 RECONSTRUCTION AND PREDICTION OF HIV/AIDS IN EUROPE Downs, AM'; Heisterkamp, SH2; Ancelle-Park, RA'; Brunet, JB'; 'European Centre for the Epidemiological Monitoring of AIDS, France; 2RIVM, the Netherlands PC0255 BACKCALCULATION USING DATES OF HIV ANTIBODY TESTS Dietz, K; Dept of Med Biometry, Germany PC0256 SEGMENTED COX MODELS CAN DISTINGUISH SHORT AND LONG TERM AIDS PROGRESSION MARKERS Fore, AJ'; Kramer, A',2; Grund, B'; Hannan, P'; 'University of Minnesota, USA; 2Bielefeld University, Germany PC0257 INFLUENCE OF THERAPY ON HIV INCIDENCE ESTIMATES IN ITALY Mariotti, S; Cascioli, R; Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Italy PC0258 MODELLING HIV-INFECTION AMONG CHILDREN IN QUEBEC Remis, RS; Palmer, RWH; Centre for AIDS Studies, Montreal General Hospital Public Health Unit, Canada PC0259 COUNTRY-SPECIFIC PROJECTIONS OF THE DEMOGRAPHIC IMPACT OF AIDS IN THE COMING DECADES Way, PO; Stanecki, K; US Bureau of the Census, USA PC0260 EXTRAPOLATION OF PEAK AND POSSIBLE DECLINE OF HIV INCIDENCE IN ASIA Sankaran, H; Manoharan, SJ; Sankaran, S; DESH, India PC0261 PREDICTION ON HIV AND AIDS INCIDENCE IN JAPAN Kakehashi, M'; Anderson, RM2; 'Hiroshima Univ, Japan; 2Univ of Oxford, UK PC0262 PREDICTION OF THE INCIDENCE OF AIDS/HIV IN JAPAN BY DELPHI METHOD Kamakura, M'; Shimada, N; Ichikawa, S2; Soda, K; Morio, S'; Fukutomi, K4; Hashimoto, S4; Shiomi, S'; 'Keio Univ; 2Yokohama City Univ; 'Tottori Univ; 4The Inst of Public Health; 'Utsunomia Public Health Center, Japan PC0263 EXPONENTIAL PHASE OF HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIC IN JAPAN Inaba, H; Institute of Population Problems, Japan PC0264 RISK ASSESSMENT OF SPREAD OF STD (SPECIFICALLY, AIDS) BY COMPUTER SIMULATION Kubo, T; Shigemitsu, S; Asaka, M; Tsukuba University, Japan PC0265 SIMULATION OF A FUZZY MATHEMATICAL MODEL OF HIV/ AIDS EPIDEMIC IN JAPAN Morio, S; Soda, K; Hashimoto, S; Fukutomi, K; Shiomi, S; Ichikawa, S; Kamakura, M; Tottori Uniiersity, Japan PC0266 HIV/AIDS IN FRENCH GUIANA: MODELLING THE EPIDEMIC Sobesky, M'; Nadal, JM2; Pradinaud, R';'Hospital Center Cayenne, French Guiana; 2Ministry of Health, France PC0267 EVOLUTION OF HIV PREVENTION & CONTROL STRATEGIES IN INDIA Ashar, R; Bhimani, G; Gilada, I; Bora, P; Indian Health Organisation, India PC0268 MONITORINGMECHANISM FOR THE AIDS CONTROL PROGRAMME-THE INDIAN EXPERIENCE Dasgupta, PR; van Dam, CJI'; Lal, S; Salil, P; Brenny, PJ'; National AIDS Control Organization; 'WHO, India PC0269 AIDS/HIV, PROJECTION AND OPTIMAL INTERVENTION STRATEGIES McGrail, LM; Moy, EV'; Financial Engineering Associates, 'Internal Medicine Private Practice, USA PC0270 DILEMMA BETWEEN PREVENTION OF EPIDEMIC OF AIDS AND FALL IN POPULATION BY CONDOM USE Sasaki, N'; Naito, M2; Kambara, T'; 'Nippon Dental Univ; 2Hitachi Ltd; 'Univ Electro-Communications, Japan PC0271 EFFECT OF MATCHING MALE AND FEMALE SEXUAL PARTNER REPORTS ON THE SPREAD OF HIV Le Pont, F'; Clem, C'; Pakdaman, K'; ACSF investigators2; Valleron, AJ; 'B3e INSERM U263; 2INSERM U292, France PC0272 AIDS AMONG IDU'S: WHEN A NEEDLE CAN BE A 'VECTOR' Burattini, MN; Massad, E; Carvalho, HB; Mesquita, F; Bueno, RC; Paes, GL; LO1/HCFMUSP, IEPAS-Santos, Brazil 148

Page  149 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0273 A MATHEMATICAL MODEL FOR HIV TRANSMISSION AMONG IDU Yang, HM; Carvalho, HB; Massad, E; Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil PC0274 TRENDS IN YEAR OF POTENTIAL LIFE LOST IN AIDS COMPARING TO PRINCIPAL DEATHS CAUSES IN CHILE Bachelet, M; Ortiz, E; Child, R; National Comission of AIDS, Chile PC0275 EVALUATION ON A YEAR PERIOD OF ANTIRETROVIRAL DRUG BANK FOR HIV/AIDS PATIENTS OF PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES IN CHILE Bustos, P; Child, R; Toro, L; National Comission of Health, Chile PC19: Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis PC0276 SOCIOECONOMIC RISK FACTORS FOR HIV AND TUBERCULOSIS IN KENYA Orege, P; Obura, M; Okello, C; Okuku, P; Were, M; Alupe Research Centre, Kenya PC0277 HIV/AIDS, TUBERCULOSIS (Tb) AND PUBLIC HEALTH PRACTICE IN CANADA de Burger, R; Canadian Public Health Association, Canada PC0278 HIV-1, HTLV-1, AND TUBERCULOSIS AMONG INTRAVENOUS DRUG USERS IN RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL Kritski, A'; Carvalho, ACC2; Schechter, M2; Vieira, MAS'; Oliveira, J'; Werneck-Barroso, E'; Ferreira, 04; Novor, P4; Hearst, N'; 'Serv Pneumologia Hosp Clem Fraga/UFRJ; 2Serv DIP-HUCFF/UFRJ; 'ITP/UFRJ; 4lnst Emilio Ribas/SP; 'CAPS/UCSF, USA PC0279 HOSPITALIZATION OF HIV INFECTED PATIENTS WITH TB IN NY STATE: 1987-92 Han, Y; Kaufman, G; Hoos, D; Feldman, I; Agins, B; AIDS Institute New York State, USA PC0280 COINFECTION IN TUBERCULOSIS/AIDS-DESCRITIVE ANALYSES OF CASES IN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-BRAZIL 1988/1992 Patroclo, MA; University Hospital Clementino F Filho= UFRJ, Brazil PCO281 TUBERCULOSIS MORTALITY AND HIV/AIDS IN BUENOS AIRES Wainstein, C; Notari, M; Cahn, P; Bennetucci, J; Secretaria de Salud; Hosp JA Fernandez; Hosp F Muniz, Argentina PC0282 AIDS, TUBERCULOSIS AND SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC FACTORS IN LONDON 1993 Maguire, HC'; El Mosuly, S2; PHLS Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre; 2South West Thames Regional Health Authority, England PC0283 FROM DISEASE CLASSIFICATION TO SURVEILLANCE: BENEFIT FROM NAMING HIV TUBERCULOSIS AIDS? Laporte, A; Lot, F; Pinget, R; Pillonel, J; Triol, I; National Network of Public Health, France PC0284 AIDS AND TUBERCULOSIS IN ASIA: A PUBLIC HEALTH PRIORITY FOR THE REGION Narain, JP; Pattanayak, S; WHO/SEARO, India PC0285 HIV SERPOSITIVITY IN Tb-A STUDY IN CALCUTTA Dey, SK'; Chatterjee, I'; Chakroborty, MS2; Pal, NK'; Chakraborty, S'; 'Cal Med Coll; 2Sch Trop Med, India PC0286 HIV INFECTION IN CASES OF TUBERCULOSIS (AN INDIAN PROFILE) Das, PK; Das, S; Calcutta Peerless Hospital, India PC0287 THE INTERRELATIONS BETWEEN STDs, HIV & TUBERCULOSIS IN COLOMBO DISTRICT OF SRI LANKA Fernando, DFS, Sri Lanka PC20: Preparation Programs for Vaccine Trials PC0288 THE FEASIBILITY OF VACCINE EFFICACY TRIALS IN GAY MEN AND IDU'S IN THE USA Sheon, A; Buchbinder, S; Davenny, K; Judson, F; MacQueen, K; Mckiman, D; Metzger, D; Marmor, M; Nelson, K; NIAID, NIH, USA PC0O290 THE PREPARATION FOR AIDS VACCINE EFFICACY TRIAL IN INDIA Rodrigues, J'; Mehendale, S'; Shephard, M2; Quinn, T2; Divekar, A'; Brookmeyer, R2; Gangakhedkar, R'; Gokhale, M'; Bollinger, R2'; 'NARI (ICMR), India; 2JHU, USA PC0291 ACCEPTABILITY OF HIV VACCINE TRIALS IN HIGH RISK COHORTS IN MOMBASA, KENYA Bwayo, J; Jackson, D; Rakwar, J; Nyange, P; Martin, H; Kreiss, J; University of Nairobi, Kenya; University of Washington, USA PC0292 HIV-VACCINE TRIAL PREPARATIONS IN KIGALI, RWANDA Estey, JD; Fox, E,; Allen, S; University of California, USA PC0293 HIV PREVENTIVE VACCINES: SOCIAL, ETHICAL AND POLITICAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR DOMESTIC EFFICACY TRIALS Hodel, D'; Burke, D2; Chesney, M3; Fullilove, R4; Osborn, J'; Stevens, C6; Vermund, S'; the Steering Committee; 'AIDS Action Foundation; 2Walter Reed Army Institute for Research; 'Center for AIDS Prevention Studies; 4HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies; 'University of Michigen; 'New York Blood Center; 'National Institute of Health, USA 149

Page  150 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0294 PSYCHIATRIC FOLLOW-UP OF VOLUNTEERS IN AN HIVVACCINE TRIAL Linard, F'; Stoessel, P2; Giami, A3; Souteyrand, Y4; VAX Group; 'INSERM U158; 2Hopital Pasteur; 3INSERM; 4ANRS, France PC0295 PROPHYLACTIC VACCINE TRIALS: WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT HIV? Kippax, S; Crawford, J; Macquarie University, NSW, Australia PC28: Evaluation of Prevention Programs PC0296 EFFECTIVENESS OF AN AIDS CAMPAIGN AND THE LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE ABOUT AIDS IN TURKEY Balik, I; Univ of Ankara, Turkey PC0297 THE CHALLENGE OF HIV PREVENTION AMONG MIGRANTS IN CANADA: A PUBLIC HEALTH INTERVENTION MODEL Adrien, A; Leaune, V; Montreal General Hospital PHU, Canada PC0298 EVALUATION OF AIDS EDUCATION PROGRAMS FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS IN HONG KONG Lau, JTF; Lee, SS; Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong PC0299 PROGRAM EVALUATION OF HIV EDUCATION IN CITY/PERIPHERAL SCHOOLS Chandhok, K; Meloot, J; Sankaran, S, Peter S; Santoshi; Deepam Educational Society for Health (DESH), India PCO300 ADOLESCENTS HIV/AIDS SENSITIZATION LEVEL: IMPLICATIONS FOR INTERVENTION Igbanugo, V; University of Ibadan, Nigeria PC0303 SHARING EVALUATION FINDINGS WITH THE COMMUNITY Kabanda, M'; Musungu, M1; Marum, E2; Mutambi, A1; Coglan, A3; 'TASO; 2USAID; 'World Learning Inc, Uganda PC0304 EVALUATION OF AIDS KNOWLEDGE BEFORE AND AFTER THE MAGIC JOHNSON ANNOUNCEMENT Calmes, D, Brown, CP, Singleton, AF; King-Drew Medical Center, University of California, Los Angeles, USA PC0305 EVALUATION OF AN HIV EDUCATIONAL INTERVENTION: DIRECT MEASUREMENT OF HIV INCIDENCE Daniell, FD; Garland, FC; Skelly, RR; Navy Medical HIV Program, USA PC0306 INTERDISCIPLINARY MONITORING AND EVALUATION OF HIV EDUCATION EFFORTS Skelly, RR; Daniell, FD; Garland, FC; Allely, E; Uniformed Services University, USA PC0307 EVALUATION DILEMMA: SEROTESTING IN NEEDLE-EXCHANGE PROGRAMS, HELPFUL OR COUNTERPRODUCTIVE? Schepp-Beelen, JCHM; de Jongh-Wieth, FE; de Wildt, GR; Beaumont, WJO; GGD-City Health Department, Netherlands PC0308 EVALUATION OF RISK BEHAVIOUR: RESULTS AND LESSONS LEARNED IN FOUR SETTINGS Carael, M; Mertens, T; WHO/Global Programme on AIDS, Geneva, Switzerland PC0309 AIDS PREVENTION WITH THE HELP OF STREETWORKERS AMONG THE PROSTITUTES OF THE CAPITAL Bolvary, K; Vaczi, M; National Institute for Health Promotion, Hungary PCO310 EVALUATION OF TALKS ABOUT BASIC AIDS INFORMATION AND PREVENTION IN OAXACA, MEXICO Wulf, U'; Munoz, B2; Wolf, B2; Mayagoitia, N2; 'ASA-Project, Germany; 2Frente Comun Contra el SIDA, Mexico PCO311 STD/AIDS EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL IN A MAJOR REGIONAL NEWSPAPER: EVALUATION OF IMPACT ON KNOWLEDGE Rigotti, G; Loureiro, R; Barcellos, N; Gerbase, A; Collaborators; Secretaria da Satde, RGS, Brazil PC0312 EVALUATION OF A PREVENTION INDICATOR IN PRENATAL CLINICS IN BRAZIL Perini, N'; Pinheiro, M'; Bernardo, E'; Oliveira, D'; Paranhos, N'; Loures, L2; Lauria, L2; 'Health Department, Brazil; 2Ministry of Health, Brazil PC0313 THE GENERAL PUBLICS KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDES TO HIV IN LEICESTERSHIRE, A CROSS-CULTURAL COMPARISON, 1994 Chohan, SK; Weisner, W; Leicestershire, UK PC0314 HEALTH PROPAGANDA ON AIDS IN SICHUAN Yan, D; Zhang, L; Liu, G; Health and Anti-Epidemic Center of Sichuan Province, China PC0315 INTERVENTION DEVELOPMENT IN HIGH RISK SETTINGS-THE TAMIL NADU EXPERIENCE Radhakrishnan, KM; State AIDS Cell, India PC0316 IMPACT OF HIV TESTING AND COUNSELING ON KNOWLEDGE AND SEXUAL BEHAVIOR: A SURVEY CARRIED OUT IN PARIS Momas, I; Pretet, S; Helal, H; Marsal, L; Poinsard, R; DASES-Paris, France PC0317 IMPACT OF AIDS PREVENTION PROGRAMMES ON THE HUMAN POPULATION FROM THE CENTRAL PART OF UGANDA Mworeko, A; Asega, C; Kyeyune, D; NBB, MOH, Uganda Blood Transfusion Service, Uganda 150

Page  151 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0318 NATION WIDE INFORMATION CAMPAIGNS HAVE LITTLE IMPACT ON CALLS RECEIVED AT THE NATIONAL AIDS HOT LINE IN SWEDEN Viherkoski, J; Rommel-Westling, A; HammarstrOm, E; Ahlin, P; Uhlen, M'; The Noah's Ark-Red Cross Foundation; Statistic Sweden, Sweden PC0319 IMPACT OF INTEGRATED FP AND STD ACTIVITIES ON AIDS PREVENTION Fofanah, MF; Kosia, A; NACP, Connaught Hosp, S, Leone PC0320 ANALYSIS OF PERSONAL BACKGROUND OF EXAMINEES OF HIV ANTIBODY TEST AT MUNICIPAL HEALTH CENTERS IN YOKOHAMA CITY Tsuchida, K; Satomi, M; Katsushima, S; Tabata, K; Tsukamoto, M; Kohoku Newtown Health Service Center, Japan PC0321 INVOLUNTARY HIV TESTING: A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF IMMUNE PROFILES OF HIV+ PATIENTS TESTED INVOLUNTARILY VS VOLUNTARILY D'Allesandro, DJ; Schechter, CS; Masci, JR; Mt Sinai Sch of Medicine, USA PC0322 THE STATE OF THE WORLD'S RESPONSE TO THE HIV/AIDS PANDEMIC Tarantola, D; Mann, J; Harvard School of Public Health, USA PC0323 IMPACT OF THE HIV IN THE MORBITY AND MORTALITY OF LOW CLASS URBAN POPULATION DURING A MEASLES EPIDEMIC Martinez, L; Ducos, J; Familia, D; Uni6n Latinoamericana contra lasETS (ULACETS), Rep Dominica 151


Page  153 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0025 DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE AIDS PREVENTION MESSAGES Johnson, E; Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Admin, USA PD0026 REACHING OUT TO THE HARD-TO-REACH PUBLIC Periaswamy, K; Usha, R; Communicable Diseases Hospital, India P00027 OUTREACH WORK Mataka, EN; Kasote, C; Nkhata, L; Kapusa, ER; Family Health Trust, Zambia P00028 WHAT INTEREST HAS PUBLIC HEALTH IN BUSINESS RELATED AIDS PREVENTION IN APEC? Kimball, AM'; University of Washington, USA PD00029 PREVENTIVE ACTS, SYSTEMS OF PREVENTION, AND PERCEPTION OF RISK Schiltz, MA';Adam, P'; 'CAMS-CNRS; 2EHESS, France PD0030 EFFECTIVE AIDS EDUCATION MATERIALS Kitazawa, K: AHNI Publishing Co, Ltd, Japan PD0031 A CREATIVE COMPETITION: "3000 FILM SCENARIOS AGAINST A VIRUS" Jayle, D'; Ugidos, A'; Poutier, A'; Boujenah, J-L2; Guilbert, M2; Roux, P'; Poirot, J-L3; 'Centre Regional d'lnformation et de Prevention du SIDA (CRIPS); 2Medecins Du Monde; 'Association des Enseignants SIDA de St-Antoine (AESSA), France PD0032 HOTLINE MOBILE TO SCHOOLS FOR AIDS EDUCATION Intarajit, O; Karinchai, N; Hotline Center Foundation, Thailand PD0033 REACHING THE 'INVINCIBLE' CULT MEMBERS WITH AIDS EDUCATION Adegboye, A; Eze, E; Ojo, O; OAU, Nigeria PD0034 CORRELATES OF CONDOM USE Corless, I'; Cobb, B2; Gray, S2; Fulton, R'; Belyea, M2; 'MGH, IHP; 2'Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; 'Univ of Minnesota, USA PDO035 THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ADOLESCENT SEXUAL SELF Buzwell, S; Rosenthal, D; La Trobe University, Australia PDO036 FEAR AND NEGATIVE FEELINGS AS OBSTACLES TO PREVENT AIDS Wilches, I; Pino, E; Psychologist, Colombia PD0037 EFFECTIVENESS OF PEER EDUCATORS IN IMPARTING HIV EDUCATION Ganesh, V; Manoharan, SJ; Chrysostem, J; Sridhar; Sankaran, S; DESH, India P00038 AIDS AND SEX RELATED EDUCATION THROUGH ACTIVE LEARNING Mpemba, NG; Maclachlan, M; Chimombo, M; University of Malawi, Malawi PD0039 FIRST INTERNATIONAL COURSE ON PLANNING AND ADMINISTRATION OF THE STD/AIDS PROGRAMS IN LATIN AMERICA Guerrero, E'; Casanova, J2; Betts, C3; Carrington, C4; 'UniOn Latinoamericana contra las ETS (ULACETS), Dominican Republic; 'AIDS Task Force, Brussels, EEC; 3PAHO; 4UNACETS, USA PD00040 THE RESPONSE OF THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY IN UGANDA TO AIDS EDUCATION Kagimu, M'; Munyagwa, R'; Marum, E2; 'Islamic Medical Association; 2USAID, Uganda IMPACT OF AIDS EDUCATION AMONG COLLEGE YOUTHS Padhye, M; Das, S; AIDS Prevention & Research Organisation, India PD0041 PD0042 A CREATIVE SEXUALITY IN SERVICE OF AIDS PREVENTION Rojas, EJ; Comunidad Homosexual Argentina, Argentina P00043 APTATEEN, AN AIDS PREVENTION PROJECT WITH SAO PAULO TEENAGERS Pinto, T; Moraes, W; Okida, C; Rivadavia, B; Will, D; APTA Association for AIDS prevention and Treatment, Brazil WORKING MODULE FOR HIV EDUCATION FOR YOUTH Sankaran, S; Chandhok, K; Ganesh, RV; Deepam Educational Society for Health (DESH), India PD0044 PD00045 INTEGRATION OF RURAL YOUTHS ON AIDS PREVENTION Odera, EOM; Omondi, B; The Kenya Society for People with AIDS (KESPA), Kenya PD02: Minority Groups and Indigenous People PD00046 DESIGNING, NEGOTIATING AND IMPLEMENTING AN INTERSECTORAL AIDS PROGRAM IN A CONSERVATIVE, DECENTRALISED POPULATION WITH A SIGNIFICANT INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY Donald, K; Steinberg, M; Univ of Queensland Medical School, Australia 153

Page  154 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education P00047 THE RESPONSE OF THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY IN UGANDA TOWARDS THE CHALLENGE OF THE AIDS EPIDEMIC Rashid, M; Kagimu, M; Walakira, Y; Islamic Medical Association of Uganda, Uganda PD0048 HIV POSITIVE ASIANS IN SYDNEY: A HIDDEN MINORITY Camit, MC; AIDS Council of NSW, Australia P00049 BELIEFS ABOUT HIV AMONG ASIAN/PACIFIC ISLANDERS Loue, S; Lloyd, LS; Phoombour, E; Case Western Reserve U, USA PD0050 AIDS AWARENESS IN THE AFGHAN REFUGEES AND THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY Gohar, A; The Human-Nest, Pakistan P00051 PROFILES OF AMERICAN INDIAN ADOLESCENT CONCERN ABOUT AIDS Barney, DD; MSW Indian Child Welfare Specialist, USA PD0052 CREATING A SELF RELIANT COMMUNITY BASED AGENCY SERVING AFRICANS IN CANADA Oloo, DO; Nakyonyi, M; Africans in Partnership against Aids (APAA), Canada PD00053 EMOTIONAL SUPPORT GROUPS FOR AIDS AFFECTED SPECIAL GROUPS: IMMIGRANTS WITH LANGUAGE BARRIERS IN THE USA Goldvarg, D; AIDS Project Los Angeles, USA PD0054 TO PREVENT HIV TRANSMISSION AMONG HIGH-RISK HARD-TO-REACH GROUPS IN STOCKHOLM Komolafe, R; Jallow, A; EDO-Kulturforening, Sweden PD0055 A KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES, AND BEHAVIOR STUDY OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN, LATINO, AND WHITE MEN Minns, DR; National Task Force On AIDS Prevention, USA PD0056 NATIONAL HIV/AIDS HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICE PROVIDER NEEDS ASSESSMENT FOR NATIVE AMERICANS Rowell, R; National Native American AIDS Prevention Center, USA PD0057 FINAL REPORT ABOUT AIDS/HIV KNOWLEDGE IN NORTH WEST ARGENTINIAN INDIGENOUS WOMEN Oria, P; Taller Permanente de la Mujer, Argentina PD0058 A STUDY OF KAB ON AIDS/STD AMONG IMMIGRANT WORKERS IN AN INDIAN RESTAURANT, SELANGOR, MALAYSIA Subbiah, E; Univ of Malaya, Malaysia PD0059 KNOWLEDGE OF HIV/AIDS AMONG PEOPLE FROM AFGHANISTAN RESIDING IN CANADA Purohit, A"2; Chakraborty, J2; Fahim, Z'; Shah, S2; Niru, KM4; 'Harvard-Deaconess; 2Med Coll of OH; 'St Paul's Hosp, USA; 'Afghan Assoc, Canada P00060 CHALLENGES OF ADDRESSING NEEDS OF ASIANS & PACIFIC ISLANDERS LIVING WITH HIV IN NEW YORK CITY Eckholdt, H; Chin, J; Manzon, J; Kim, D; Asign & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS, USA PDO4: Key Issues for Health Care Providers PD0061 HIV EDUCATION FOR PRIMARY CARE PROVIDERS: USE OF A SLIDE-LECTURE SERIES Fuller, JD; Libman, H; Boston City and Beth Israel Hospitals, USA PD0062 CHANGES IN KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDES ABOUT AIDS AMONG NURSES IN MIE PREFECTURE, JAPAN Kawahara, N'; Hashizume, E'; Murashima, S'; Tanaka, H'; Nagami, K'; Mizutani, S'; Morishita, T'; Tomita, Y'; Minami, N2; Deguchi, K2; 'Mie Nursing College; 2Mie University School of Medicine, Japan PD0063 COMPLIANCE WITH UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS AND CLIENT COUNSELING AMONG PHARMACY OPERATORS IN TWO NIGERIAN TOWNS Uwakwe, C'; Lurie, P2; Mansaray, A'; Onwu, G'; 'Ibadan University, Nigeria; 2University of California, San Francisco, USA PD00064 TUBERCULOSIS AND HIV A COLLABORATIVE TRAINING COURSE; Carvalho, RMG'2; Dalcomo, MMP2; Passman, L'; Costa, MEW2; Procopio, MJRO2; et al'; 'Secretariat of Health Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 2Ministry of Health, Brazil; 'UCLA, USA PD0065 STUDIES ON KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES, AND BEHAVIOR TO HIV/ AIDS IN YOKOHAMA, PART 3 HEALTH CARE AND MEDICAL CARE WORKERS Kimura, H; Tanaka, Y; Ichikawa, S; Toba, M'; Kashima, Y; Yamada, T; Ito, A; Doi, R; Soda, K; Yokohama City University; 'Yokohama City Institute of Health; Japan P00066 PATIENT ADHERENCE ISSUES: AN EDUCATIONAL AND SUPPORT PROGRAM FOR RESEARCH NURSES Child, C'; Charlebois, E'; Chesney, M2; Camp, B'; Mitchell, T'; Abrams, DI'; 'Univ of CA, Community Consortium; 2Univ of CA, Center for AIDS Prevention Studies; 'AIDS Community Research Consortium, USA PD0067 ASSESSING AIDS TRAINING OF HEALTH WORKERS Gacad, EG; Villaflor, C; Cortez, G; Fandino, J; Department of Health, Philippines 154

Page  155 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education P00068 EVALUATING THIRD YEAR MEDICAL STUDENTS SKILLS IN PERFORMING HIV RISK ASSESSMENT Gates, JD; Nyquist, J; AIDS Education and Training Center for Southern California, USA PD0069 CHINESE HEALTH PROFESSIONALS' ATTITUDES TOWARDS AIDS CARE; Li, VC; Cole, B; UCLA School of Public Health, USA PD0070 A SURVEY OF SURGEONS' ATTITUDES AND PRACTICES IN THE CARE OF PATIENTS WITH HIV INFECTION IN JAPAN Eriguchi, M; Fujii, Y; Takeda, Y; University of Tokyo, Japan PD0071 R&D ON NEW PREVENTIVE MEDICINE FOR THE ERA OF LIVING WITH AIDS Maruchi, N; Wei, N; Fattah, A; Li, T; Nakama, H; Shinshu University School of Medicine, Japan PD0072 PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS IN HIV/AIDS PROGRAMMES Jayaratnam, R; Smith, C; Elcha, UK PD0073 SURVEY OF DENTIST'S KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDES TO AIDS/ HIV IN JAPAN Aizawa, F'; Aizawa, Y'; Asakawa, H2; Inoue, K2; Nishihara, T2; Hanada, N2; Akada, H2; 'Iwate Medical Univ; 2NIH, Japan P00074 REQUESTS OF SEROLOGIC HIV TESTS IN GENERAL PRACTICE AND IN HOSPITAL OUTPATIENT CLINICS Maria, V; Pimpao, V; Carvalho, L; Lucas, M; Sousa, A; Victorino, R; University Hospital of Santa Maria, Portugal PD0075 INFECTION CONTROL AND THE AWARENESS IN DENTAL CLINICS IN JAPAN Shinsho, F'; Komai, T2; 'Osaka Univ; 2Tottori Univ, Japan PD0076 EVALUATION OF TRAINING COURSE FOR FRENCH NURSES POPULATION FROM FRANCE REGION ILE DE FRANCE Troussier, T; Timol, F; DDASS (Ministere de la Sante), France PDO077 NURSE EDUCATION AND HIV INFECTED STUDENTS Hayter M; Rimmer, A; Hodgson, I; Bussingham C; Crowley, J; University of Sheffield, UK P00078 ATTITUDES AND OPINIONS TOWARD AIDS AND SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR OF HOSPITAL DOCTORS AND NURSES IN PORTUGAL Amaro, F'; Teles, L'; Mourao, V'; 'Bom Sucesso Foundation and International University; 2Bom Sucesso Foundatin; Technical University, Portugal PD0079 "KNOWLEDGE ABOUT TUBERCULOSIS (TB) OF HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS (HCP) IN A CENTER FOR AIDS" Pacca, JC; Cavalcante, NF; Barbieri, DD; Monteiro, AL; Mendes, NR; Training and Reference Center-AIDS, Brazil PDOO80 THE RESULTS OF A SERIES OF AIDS EDUCATION PROGRAMS FOR NURSES IN JAPAN Iijima, M'; Kamakura, M2; Matsuoka, S'; 'National Federation of Health Insurance Societies; 'Keio Univ; 'Matsusita Electric Health Insurance Societies, Japan PD00081 EVALUATION OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM ON AIDS CONTROL BY INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH Osaki, Y; Institute of Public Health, Japan PD0082 COLLEAGUE RESPONSIBILITY IN BIOLOGICAL FLUID EXPOSURES AMONG HEALTH CARE WORKERS (HCWS) IN A GENERAL HOSPITAL Chiodera, A; Milini, P; Tomasoni, D; Gulletta, M; Cristini, G; Gussago, A; Bonardi, A; Signorini, A; Carosi, G; Univ & Gen Hosp, Italy PD0083 EDUCATING A NATIONAL MEDICAL WORKFORCE IN HIV/AIDS Stewart, GJ; Westmead Hospital, Australia PD0084 THE CANADIAN HIV PRIMARY CARE MENTORSHIP PROJECT Klein, A'; Rachlis, A2; Peter, A2; Hettiarachchi, D2; Berger, P3; Lavery, J2; 'Mount Sinai Hosp; 'Sunnybrook Health Science Centre; 'Wellesley Hosp, Canada PD00085 INDIVIDUAL AND COMMUNITY RESPONSES TO LOSS: COPING WITH HIV AND AIDS GRIEF Braybrook, T; French, J; Kippax, S; Macquarie University, Australia PD0086 KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE AND BEHAVIOR TO AIDS/HIV IN ACUPUNCTURE THERAPISTS AND HAIRDRESSERS Tajima, K'; Hirose, K'; Fujihira, N2; Hasegawa, S2; Fujioka, M2; 'Aichi Cancer Ctr Res Institute; 'Department of Health, Aichi Prefecture, Japan PD0087 AIDS COMMUNITY AWARENESS PROJECT NWFP PAKISTAN Mohammad, T; Shah, H; Khan, I; Physicians Forum for Family Planning, Pakistan PD0088 PUBLIC AND HEALTH CARE WORKER KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDES TOWARD HIV INFECTION IN SAGA Inoue, E'; Sano, M; Tadano, J; Miyazaki, S; Shimamoto, Y; Ohta, Y; Harada, Y; Edakuni, Y; Saga Medical School, Japan PDO089 HIV/AIDS EDUCATION FOR POLISH NURSES Williams, A'; Burgess, J'; Chalecka, I'; Orlowska, J'; Ortowska, E'; Zielinska, W; 'Yale University, USA; 'Gdansk Medical Academy, Poland 155

Page  156 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD090 KNOWLEDGE ATTITUDES AND PRACTICES OF MOROCCAN MEDICAL RESIDENTS TOWARDS HIV INFECTION Himmich, H; Chraibi, S; Heikel, J; Chakib, A; University Hospital Center, Morocco PD0091 A PSYCHIATRIC NURSES TRAINING PROGRAM IN AIDS: WHY DIDN'T WE ACHIEVE OUR INITIAL GOALS? Tostes, M'; Ribeiro, E2'; 'AIDS Program HUCFF-Psych Inst; 2NUTES-Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brasil PD0092 THIRD COUNTRY TRAINING OF HIV LABORATORY TECHNICIANS Ndumbe, PM; Tchonwou, PB; Abongwa, JN; Salla, R; Fransen, L; Faculty of Medicine and the AIDS Control Service, Cameroon; the EEE, Belgium P00093 KNOWLEDGE, BEHAVIOUR AND PRACTICES OF NURSE/MIDWIVES AND TRADITIONAL BIRTH ATTENDANTS IN ZAMBIA Kaona, F; Kanyama, I; Siziya, S; Tropical Diseases Research Centre, Zambia PD0094 415 GENERAL PRACTITIONERS (GP) IN A REGIONAL FRENCH AREA FACING HIV EPIDEMY May, T; Rabaud, C; Amiel, C; Vicherat, N; Canton, Ph; CHU Nancy, France PD0095 HIV IN SEMEN: AWARENESS OF PHYSICIANS FROM MIZORAM, INDIA Thangdailova, B'; Purohit, A2'3; Chakraborty, J'; Lamparelli, N'; Zohminthangha, J'; Kiessling, A2; 'Civil Hospital, India; 2Harvard-Deaconess; 3Med Coll of Ohio, USA PD0096 IMPACT OF AIDS WORKSHOP ON KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDES OF HOSPITAL NURSES Daniel, T; Yust, I; Vardinon, N; Daniel, Y; Lupu, P; Burke, M; Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel PD0098 PROMOTING APPROPRIATE REFERRALS TO WELFARE SERVICES: -AN ALGORITHM TO GUIDE CARE-GIVERS Weller, PD; Wilson, A; Figueroa, JP; Ministry of Health, Jamaica PD0099 SURVIVAL OF PATIENTS A CHALLENGE TO MEDICAL CARE Garcia, Ma de Lourdes; Valdespino, JL; del Rio, A; Magis, C; Salcedo, A; Martinez, J; Sepulveda, J; INDRE, SCD, Secretariat of Health, Mexico P00100 PREVENTIVE MEASURES AGAINST AIDS IN OUR CORPORATE GROUP Sakagami, K; Sano, A; Okada, Y; Gohda, M; Matsushita Health Care Center, Japan PD0101 THE ACTIVITIES OF JAPAN HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION'S "STOP AIDS CAMPAIGN COMMITEE (SAC) " NETWORK AND SYSTEM FORMATION AMONG HOSPITALS AND EDUCATION AMONG HEALTH SERVICES PROVIDERS, CUSTOMERS AND SOCIETY AT LARGE Takayanagi, K; SAC, Japan Hospital Association, Japan PD0102 YOUTH CLINICS IN SWEDEN: A PROGRAM EVALUATION Bah, M; Gunnarsson, L; Ljungberg, B; Sjogren, TC; Univ of Goteborg, Sweden PD00103 HEALTH CARE WORKERS: BEHAVIOUR AND NEEDS DEALING WITH THE AIDS PROBLEM Miura, SRR; Barollo, CR; Arantes, DV; Lomar, AV; Lorenco, R; Schulte, G; Instituto de Infectologia Emilio Ribas, Brazil PD0104 DEVELOPING AND DELIVERING HEALTH SERVICES TO HIV+ WOMEN Tanur, M; Brown, L; Carrol, N; Franklin, C; Freebody, J; Hyuett, J; Handler, H; Mayer, K; Fenway Community Health Center, USA PD0105 HIV TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONALS - A MODEL OF CLIENT LED SERVICE DEVELOPMENT Hawkes, R; Hamlyn, D; Boston, S; Band, M; Souch, A; Judkins, M; Thames Valley Positive Support, UK PD0106 HETEROGENEITY OF CLINICAL MANAGEMENT OF HIV DISEASE DECREASES WITH DISEASE PROGRESSION Robyn, S; Hogg, RS; Patullo, ALS; Schilder, A'; Goldstone, IL; O'Shaughnessy, MV; British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS; 'PWA of BC Society, Canada PDO0107 ISSUES IN DELIVERY OF NURSING CARE TO HIV POSITIVE WOMEN Mouton, JA'; Brown, N'; Barros, C'; Bumett, D'; Willis, B'; Pettit, R'; Kotarba, J2; 'Park Plaza Hospital; 2University of Houston, USA PD0108 A SURVEY OF ACCEPTABILITY OF HIV/AIDS CASES IN HOSPITALS IN YOKOHAMA Doi, R'; Ichikawa, S'; Toba, M2; Kimura, K'; Tanaka, Y'; Kashima, Y'; Yamada, T'; Ito, A3; Soda, K'; 'Yokohama City Univ; 2Yokohama City Institute of Health; 3Yokohama City University Hospital, Japan PD0109 KNOWLEDGE OF HIV TRANSMISSION AMONG PHYSICIANS IN NORTHERN INDIA Verma, G'; Kalla, S; Purohit, A3'4; Lamparelli, N3; Chakraborty, J4; Kiessling, A3; 'Kota Med Coll, India; 2Univ of Ill Med Coll; 3Harvard-Deaconess; 4Med Coll of OH, USA 156

Page  157 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0110 HIV/AIDS IN SWEDEN HEALTH AND MEDICAL CARE ESTIMATES WITH RESPECT TO CD4 LEVELS AND SURVIVAL Malmquist, H'; Nilsson, BR2; 'National Swedish Board of Health & Welfare; 2Cancer Epidemiol Dep Karolinska Inst, Sweden PD0111 NEEDS IN TEAM TRAINING IN LONG AND MEDIUM STAYS OF PATIENTS WITH AIDS Malafronte, B'; Pradier, C2; Mondain, V'; Caries, M'; Dunais, B2; Dellamonica, P1, 2; 'Infectious and Tropical diseases,; 2CISIH, Nice University Hosp, France PD0112 KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDE IN RELATION TO HIV/AIDS AMONG IN-SERVICE NURSES OF CALCUTTA, INDIA Dutta, C'; Bandyopadhyay, D2; 1Med College; 2Sch Trop Med, India PD05: Empowerment of Women Living with AIDS/ HIV PD0113 EMPOWERING GUATEMALAN WOMEN TO PREVENT HIV: A CASE STUDY Salazar, A'; Duflon, W'; Bezmalinovic, B2; 1AGPCS; 2Data Pro/Ideas SA, Guatemala PD00114 YOUNG WOMEN'S VULNERABILITY TO HIV/AIDS IN ARGENTINA Gonzailez, C; Bianco, M; FEIM, Argentina PD0115 HIV TRANSMISSION IN WOMEN - THE UGANDAN EXPERIENCE Nabalonzi, J; The AIDS Support Organ, Uganda PD00116 WOMEN'S ISSUES AND SPECIAL HEALTH NEEDS IN THE CHANGING HIV/AIDS SITUATION (LITHUANIA) Tchaplinskiene, M; AIDS Center of Lithuania, Lithuania PD00117 CAN THE AFRICAN WOMAN PROTECT HERSELF AGAINST AIDS IN SOCIETY? Mwadi Kadi, A; Akafomo, V; Bimwala, A; Ndala, L; SWAA/ZAIRE; UNICEF; BCC/SIDA, Zaire PD0118 PATTERNS AND PROCESSES OF SEXUAL NEGOTIATION: INITIAL FINDINGS FROM A MULTI-SITE STUDY Mane, P'; Aggleton, PJ'; Niang, CI2; Seriadi, B3; Hernandez, G4; 'WHO, Switzerland; 2Univ Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal; 3Univ Indonesia, Indonesia; 4CONASIDA, Mexieo PD0119 PRIORITIZING WOMEN'S ABILITY TO BE SELF-SUFFICIENT Paxton, S; Positive Women (VIC), Australia PD0120 SOS WOMEN & AIDS PUBLICATIONS Cavalheiro, TR; Osvaldo e Edith Cavalheiro, Brazil PDO121 ATIITUDES REGARDING HIGH RISK SEXUAL BEHAVIORS AND CONDOM USE AMONG WOMEN IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: STUDY OF THE URBAN POPULATION OF SANTO DOMINGO, 1992 Del Riego, A'; Reingold, A2; Hearst, N'; 'Dominican Republic, PAHO/WHO; 2University of California at Berkeley; 'CAPS-San Francisco, USA PD0122 THE VULNERABILITY TO AIDS AMONG WOMEN IN RIO DE JANEIRO-BR Matida, AH'; Carvalho, RMG'; Sanches, K'; 'Secretariat of Health of Rio deJaneiro State, Brazil PD00123 AN ANALYSYS OF BEHAVOIR OF FEMALE ADOLESCENTS IN A URBAN PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE, AS A MODEL-SAO PAULO-BRASIL Takiuti, A; Magar, V; Feil, D; Secretary of health of State of SP, BRAZIL PD0124 MOBILIZING HOUSEWIVES TO START AIDS EDUCATION IN FAMILY Mak, MV; Hong Kong P00125 SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ASPECTS OF WOMEN WITH AIDS IN RIO DE JANEIRO Marins, H; Lima, MA; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (FURJ), Brazil PD00126 TRIBAL SEX SELLER WOMEN & HIV/AIDS INFECTION IN INDIA Jain, K; Gram Bharati Samiti, India PD0127 SEXUALITY, HIV/AIDS AND THE INDIAN WOMAN Kaur, JJ; Population Services International, India PD0128 Bawa, M; Sengupta, S; Rao, B; All India Women's Conference, India WOMEN WITH HIV INFECTION IN SINGAPORE Verghese, I; Ong, D; Leo, YS; Chew, SK; Disease Centre, Singapore PD0129 Communicable PD0130 WOMEN AND AIDS STEADY PARTNERS, ARE THEY SAFE? Pereira, TMS; Santos, V; Fonseca, CM; Banco da Providencia da Arquidiocese do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil P00131 CULTURAL ASPECTS OF HIV+ WOMEN Knauth, DR; Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil PD00132 KNOWLEDGE ABOUT AIDS AND HUSBAND-WIFE COMMUNICATION AMONG MARRIED WOMEN IN PALEMBANG, INDONESIA Surapaty, RM; Surapaty, SC; Erina, L; Sriwijaya University, Indonesia 157

Page  158 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education HIV/AIDS EDUCATION FOR RUSSIAN WOMEN Savelyeva, I'; Stachowiak, J2; 1AESOP Ctr; 2AIDS Infoshare Russia, Russia PD0134 WE, WOMEN, FACING HIV/AIDS; WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? Pesce, L; Sosa, C; Pereira, M; Paulina Luisi Movement, Uruguay P00135 TRAINING HEALTH AGENTS FOR PREVENTION IN URBAN LOW SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS WOMEN Ferreira, AD; Mallol, S; ADEUEM, Argentina PD0136 HIV INFECTED WOMEN AND THEIR EXPERIENCES: A PILOT STUDY INTO ISSUES OF ABUSE Gregonis, S'; Grant, C2; 1St Christopher's Hospital for Children; 2University of Pennsylvania, USA PD0137 EFFECTIVE WAYS OF COMMUNICATING THE DANGERS OF HIV INFECTION AMONG ILLITERATE WOMEN Onyango, D; Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya, Kenya P00138 CHANGES IN SEXUAL PRACTICES IN A COHORT OF HIV-INFECTED WOMEN Cohn, J; Gagnon, S; Spence, M; Harrison, D; Brinson, C; Stein, A; Hellinger, J; AmFAR's CBCTN, USA PD0139 LIFE REVIEW BY HIV POSITIVE WOMEN Weil, J; Thompson, C; Salvato, P; Hasheeve, D; Houston Immunological Institute, USA PD0140 SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ANALYSIS OF THE AIDS WOMAN Guillermina, A; Macias, J; MASINI, R; "F J Munliz" Hospital, Argentina PD00141 HIV POSITIVITY: INITIAL REACTIONS OF HIV-POSITIVE WOMEN Morris, A; Thompson, C; Salvato, P; Weil, J; Hasheeve, D; Couvaras, S; Houston Immuno Institute, USA P00142 NETWORKING AMONG HIV POSITIVE WOMEN IN UGANDA Kaddumukasa, A; The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO), Uganda PD0143 RETROSPECTIVE STUDY WITH INFECTED WOMEN IN SAO PAULOBRAZIL Munhoz, R; Zamboni, R; Santos, NJS; Ruiz, EAC; Laurindo, JS; Grangeiro, A; Niskier, H; Centro Referencia e Treinamento/AIDS, Brazil PD0144 WOMEN'S EMOTIONAL RESPONSE TO AIDS Kasta, W; Moore, C; Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, Canada PD06: Gay and Bisexual Men - Behavioral Issues PD0145 SEXUAL BEHAVIOR AND BEHAVIOR CHANGE AMONG MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN IN BRAZIL, 1989-1993 Parker, R; Lorenco, L; Mota, M; Valle, A; ABIA, Grupo Pela VIDDA-RJ, Brazil PD0146 UNPROTECTED SEX & HIV POSITIVE YOUNG MEN: IS IT EVER OK? Goggin, M; Rosenthal, D; La Trobe University, Australia PD0147 SAFER SEX WORKSHOPS FOR MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN IN RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL Quemmel, R; Parker, R; Pimenta, C; Haman, E; Terto Jr, V; Grupo Pela Vidda, Brazil GAY MEN PREVENTION MODEL Hourcade BJL; BET FOR LIFE proyect, Argentina PD0148 PD0149 MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN IN RIO DE JANEIRO: AN ANALYSIS OF RESEARCH METHODOLOGY FOR A HARD-TO-REACH POPULATION Mota, MP; Parker, R; Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association, Brazil PD0150 OUTREACH ACTIVITIES FOR MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN Guimaries, K; Parker, R; Quemmel, R; Terto Jr, V; Pimenta, MC; Grupo Pela VIDDA, Brazil IDENTITE POSITIVE Junod, P; Rochette, P'; HOpital Saint-Luc, Canada TACKLING UNSAFE SEX IN GAY COMMUNITY EDUCATION Bartos, MR; Victorian AIDS Council, Australia PD0151 PD0152 THE GAY AND LESBIAN CLIENT IN SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT: CREATING A WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT Hart, JE; The Mobile AIDS Resource Team, USA PD0153 P00154 EXPRESSIONIST THEATRE AND HIV/AIDS PREVENTION FOR MV WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN IN BRAZIL Almeida, V; Parker, R; Quemmel, R; Terto Jr, V; ABIA Grupo Pela VIDDA-RJ, Brazil lEN PD0155 GAY COMMUNITIES AND 'DE-ISOLATING' CAREERS Rigde, DT; Minichiello, V; Plummer, D; LaTrobe University, Australia PD0156 EVALUATION OF A PILOT STUDY DESIGNED TO HELP MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN (MSM) Raghavan, U; Clinical Psychologist, India 158

Page  159 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0157 MALE BISEXUALITY AND HIV RISK: SYNTHESIS OF RESEARCH AND IMPLICATIONS FOR HIV/AIDS INTERVENTIONS Doll, L; Beeker, C; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA PD0158 INTERVENTION DEVELOPMENT WITH MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN IN MADRAS Pradeep, K; Kumar, SM; Nagarajan; Hariharan AJ; Community Action Network, India PD0159 MALE SEXUAL PSYCHE FROM A SOUTH INDIAN PROSPECTIVE Menon, S; Vel, S; Danny, R; Usha, R; Anthropologist, India PD0160 MEXICAN BISEXUALS, RISK AND SOCIAL INFLUENCE Tolbert, K'; Yando, R2; Izazola-Licea, JA'; 'The Population Council; 2Harvard Medical School, USA; 'CONASIDA, Mexico PD00161 CONSTRUCTING A SAMPLING FRAMEWORK FOR HOMOSEXUAL GATHERING PLACES AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO CONVENIENCE SAMPLES TO DETERMINE RISK BEHAVIORS IN TIJUANA, MEXICO Rangel-Gomez, G'; Izazola-Lioea, JA2; del Rio, C2; Bustamante, J'; 'El Colegio de la Frontera Norte; 2CONASIDA, Mexico PD0162 THE SAFER SEX CAMPAIGN AND ITS IMPACT IN THE GAY COMMUNITY IN JAPAN Oishi, T; Osawa, J; Mikami, K; Association for the Lesbian & Gay Movement (OCCUR), Japan PD0163 FORMATION OF HIV SUPPORT GROUP FOR GAY AND BISEXUAL MEN IN A COUNTRY WHERE HOMOSEXUALITY IS ILLEGAL Sylvester, C; Lambda Community of Trinidad & Tobago, Trinidad PD0164 COMMUNITY-LEVEL HIV PREVENTION PROGRAM FOR YOUNG GAY MEN Hays, RB; Kegeles, S; Coates, T; University of California, San Francisco, USA P00165 A PROPOSAL TO DEVELOP THEORY BASED EDUCATIVE INTERVENTIONS BASED ON QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE RESEARCH FINDINGS Izazola-Licea, JA; Aldana, A; Del Rio, C; CONASIDA, Mexico P00166 INHIBITION - A FACTUAL HINDRANCE Swayamprabha, R; Sasikala, A; Apollo Hospitals, India PD0167 AIDS ACTION ON THE STREET Minami, T; Japan AIDS Action, Japan PD0168 NITRITE INHALANT USE BY GAY MEN IN THE USA Wilson, H; Committee to Monitor Poppers, USA PD0169 NEW STRATEGIES OF OUTREACH INTERVENTION FOR MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN IN SAO PAULO CITY Sant'Anna, PA; Grupo Pela Vidda, Brazil PD0170 CRACK SMOKING METHODS AS RISK FACTORS FOR HIV INFECTION Porter, J'; Bonilla, L2; Drucker, E2; Hammond, JP; Lax, L3; 'Bryn Mawr College; 2New York City; 'Philadelphia, USA PD0171 INTERVENTION AMONG HOTEL BOYS IN THE KAMATHIPURA AND KHETWADI AREAS OF BOMBAY Nigudkar, P; Patil, B; Municipal Corporation of Greater, India PD0172 A SENSE OF BELONGING: A PROGRAM OF EDUCATION AND SUPPORT FOR MEN OF ASIAN CULTURES WHO HAVE SEX WITH OTHER MEN, IN SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Landicho, AM; AIDS Council of NSW, Australia PD0173 THE AUSTRALIAN SAUNA AND SEX ON PREMISES VENUES PROJECT Toomey, M; Crooks, L; Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, Australia PD10: Self-help Groups for People Living with AIDS P00174 CONFRONTING THE HIV RESEARCH CRISIS Farlinger, B; et al; AIDS Action Now!, Canada PD0175 SERVICES FOR THE SELF-HELP OF SEROPOSITIVE PEOPLE IN LIMA Vega, A; Rossell, C; Chuquiviguel, A; Castro, L; Donet, R; Trefogli, J; PROSA, Selfaid Support Program of HIV Positive; MHOL; WHO/GPA, Peru PD0176 RUSSIA AIDS RELIEF: MATERIAL/INFORMATIONAL/ PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE Roshchupkin, G'; Kovalevsky, A2; Kisilyov, V2; 'AIDS Infoshare Russia; 2AESOP Ctr, Russia PD0177 REPORT OF A SELF-HELP GROUP BASED ON QUALITY OF LIFE FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDS Mello, J; Jose, M; Grupo de Incentivo a Vida-GIV, Brazil P00178 HELLENTIC AIDS NGO: ELPIDA Diomidis, M'; Antzel, M'; Mantas, J2; Vassilopoulos, G'; 'ELPIDA; 2University of Athens, Greece 159

Page  160 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0179 SKILLS TRAINING FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV: DOES IT HELP PEOPLE TO COPE Baggaley, R1'2; Zulu, W3; Muluti, J3; Macmillan, M3; Kelly, M3; Godfrey-Faussett, P2,4; 1Kara-Zambart Project; 2London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; 'Kara Counselling and Training Trust; 4Univ Teaching Hospital, Zambia PD0180 THE EXPRESSION PHASES IN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Moreira, C; Belucci, S; Centro Corsini, Brezil PD0181 CURRENT CUTTING-EDGE HIV TREATMENT INFORMATION DISSEMINATION THROUGH THE TOWN MEETING FORUM Thomas, JW; Project Inform, USA PD0182 HIV/AIDS TREATMENT INFORMATION DISSEMINATION USING A TOLL-FREE HOTLINE Mark, F; Project Inform, USA P00183 ACTIVITIES OF WEDNESDAY FRIENDS' CLUB Pavenayotin, P; Siriboonlue, S; Thai Red Cross Society, Thailand PD0184 A GROUP OF PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS: A NEW SOCIAL ACTOR Camara, CL; Delima, RM; Grupo Pela VIDDA, Brazil P00185 INVESTIGATION WORK CARRIED OUT WITH GROUPS OF SELF-HELP GUILTINESS AND ITS INFLUENCE Carril, AO; FundaciOn SPES, Argentina PD0186 MOBILISING NGOs AGAINST AIDS: EXPERIENCE IN BURKINA FASO McPhee, D; Plan International, Burkina Faso PD0187 THE ROLE OF NGO IN COMMUNITY CARE FOR PWA AND AIDS PREVENTION IN JAPAN Koyano, J; Yokota, K; Gotoh, M; Japan HIV Center, Japan PD0188 GROUP WORK TOWARDS REDUCING WORRIES OF PEOPLE WITH AIDS Mbuga, S; CONCERN, Uganda P0189 WORK OF A NGO IN ASSISTANCE AND PREVENTION IN A SEVERE LOW RESOURCE COMMUNITY Gramajo, EA; J Fundacion SPES, Argentina PD0190 DEVELOPING NETWORKS AMONG AIDS SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS (ASO) IN SOUTH EUROPE Vyras, P, Papadopoulos, N; ELPIDA, Greece PD0191 A ROOM WITH A VIEW: AN ITALIAN SELF-HELP GROUP FOR WOMEN Carli, L'; Cavalli, E2; R, Cristina2; M, Paola2; S, Sonia2; Austin, D'; 'Gruppo C Network Italiano; S; 2Gruppo di Auto-Aiuto per Donne Sieropositive; 'Euro CASO, Italy PD0192 TOGETHER AGAINST THE VIRUS - NETWORKING FOR AIDS PREVENTION Maheshwaran, BU; Stephens, EJ; Dolrose Mary, V; Muthiah, P; Anthonysamy, L; NETWORK-SMI, India PD0193 HOLISM, THE OTHER VOICE OF AIDS ACTIVISM Elbaz, G; MHRA, NDRI, USA PD00194 STANDUP HARLEM-AN HIV SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY Jones, L; Standup Harlem, USA PD0195 USING THE AIDS MEMORIAL QUILT AS A TOOL FOR AIDS AWARENESS Faigle, M; Koijane, J; AIDS Education Consultants, USA PD0196 NGO NETWORKING AND TRAINING FOR TRAINERS ON HIV AND AIDS Bhattacharya, RD; Bhattacharjee, P; Shah, U; Shodhan, D; GAP, SIRMCE, India PD0197 ASSESSING NGO MANAGEMENT GAPS TO EFFECT AIDS EDUCATION Resurreccion, P'; Carey, P'; Bhatt, P2; 1CARE-Philippines, Philippines; 2CARE-HQ, USA PD00198 THE MALAYSIAN COUNCIL OF NGOs ON AIDS - AN EXAMPLE OF A PARTNERSHIP IN COMBATTING AIDS Abdul Aziz, MN; Ministry of Health, Malaysia PD0199 EDUCATIONAL GAINS FROM A RESIDENTIAL HIV/STD WORKSHOP FOR ADOLESCENT PEER EDUCATORS IN JAMAICA Bain, B; Hue, L; White, B; Richardson, A; Petitgirard, A; Fee, N; UWI, Jamaica PD0200 ADOLESCENCE FAMILY LIFE & AIDS EDUCATION Nansubuga, A'; Mugumya, H2; Philly Lutaaya Initiative; 2Family Planning Services, Uganda PD0201 WORKING TOGETHER: AN EXPERIENCE AMONG NGOS, PRIVATE ENTERPRISES AND THE GOVERNMENT Blume, E; Rouillon, M; Mazzotti, G; Ciellar, L; Rosasco, A; VIA LIBRE, Peru PD0202 THE ROLE OF PEOPLE WITH AIDS (PWA) GROUP IN HIV/AIDS PREVENTION STRATEGIES Otolok-Tanga, E; The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO), Uganda 160

Page  161 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0203 CRISES FACING NGO'S IN SOUTH AFRICA REGARDING AIDS Adriaans, L; Univ of the Western Cape, RSA PD0204 EUDES FOUNDATION: TOTAL HELP FOR HIV SEROPOSITIVE PEOPLE AND AIDS PATIENTS FIGHTING AGAINST DISCRIMINATION Vergara, B; F Eudes, Colombia PD11: Empowerment and Community Support for People Living with AIDS P00205 INTERPERSONAL LEARNING PROCESS (ILP) AS A THERAPEUTIC FACTOR IN MINIMIZING AIDS SYMPTOMS Gallego, VS; Grupo de Incentivo a Vida-GIV, Brazil PD00206 A STUDY OF SUICIDE AND ATTEMPTED SUICIDE IN HIV CARRIERS AND PATIENT WITH AIDS Gotoh, T; Ajisawa, A; Negishi, M; Yamaguchi, T; Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, Japan P00207 PSYCHOSOCIAL STRESSORS AFFECTING THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF HIV SEROPOSITIVE PUERTO RICAN GAY MEN AFTER DIAGNOSIS Ortiz-Col6n, R'; Marin, B2; 'Univ of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico; 2Univ of California, San Francisco, USA PD0208 HOPE OF LIFE OF AIDS PATIENTS: EXPERIENCE OF THE AVIGNON HOSPITAL, VAUCLUSE, FRANCE Lepeu, G; Touchais, AM; Bournaz, M; Soutif, C; Boulat, O; Chami, S; Imbert, S; Bakouch, M; Laroche, A; Hematology and Infectious Diseases Units, France PD0209 SOME WAYS OF HIV-INFECTED INDIVIDUALS'S ADAPTATION Rouchkina, Y; Belyaeva, VV; Pokrovsky, VV; Russia AIDS Research Centre, Russia PD0210 PSYCHOPATHOLOGICAL DISORDERS IN HIV-POSITIVE SUBJECTS AND SEXUAL RISK OF HIV-TRANSMISSION Andreetto, U'; de Bertolini, C'; Scarso, C'; Saccavini, R'; Baldo, M'; Rupolo, GP'; Garofoli, B'; Cadrobbi, P2; Salmaso, L2; 'University of Padova; 2Padova General Hospital; Italy PD0211 EMOTIONAL BEHAVIOUR, PSYCHOPHATHOLOGICAL FACTORS AND RESPONSE TO TREATMENT IN HIV+ Giulianelli, M; Del Maestro, A; Speranza, T; Liberti, N; Micaroni, F; Visco, GL; Spallanzani Hosp, Italy PD0212 PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL STATE FOR PERSONS INFECTED WITH HIV Faye, MA; Sow, PS; Ndiaye, BP; Coil Seck, AM; Infectious Diseases Department, Senegal PD0213 PSYCHOSOCIAL PROBLEMS IN HIV-SEROPOSITIVE POPULATION AFTER RECEIVING THE TEST RESULTS IN RUSSIA Belyaeva, V; Routchkina, Ye V; Pokrovsky, VV; Russia AIDS Research Centre, Russia PD0214 SOCIAL WORK FOR PERSONS WITH HIV INFECTION IN JAPAN Konishi, K; Hyogo Coil of Med Hospital, Japan PD0215 LIVING, LOVING AND SMILING AS HIV-INFECTED PERSON Da Silva, JO; Gama, J; Da Silva, L; Sao Lourenco, Brazil PD0216 VOLUNTARY SUPPORT GROUPS IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF HIV-1 INFECTED PATIENTS Szalardi, M; Reboredo, G; Miguez-Burbano, MJ; Shor-Posner, G; Baum, MK; Fund Ginkgo Biloba, Argentina; University of Miami School of Medicine, USA PD0217 PEOPLE WITH AIDS AS EDUCATORS Bwimbo, R; Omondi, A; Muriuki, J; Awino, A; Kenya AIDS Society, Kenya PD0218 PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS Taiti, J; Kenya AIDS Society, Kenya PD0219 HOME-BASED CARE SERVICES FOR PEOPLE WITH AIDS, Samba, S; Kosia, A; Mansaray, N; Connaught Hospital, Sierra Leone PD0220 DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNITY CARE FOR PWA AND A NETWORK OF NGOS IN JAPAN Gotoh, M'; Yashiki, K'; Kohno, M'; Hata, T'; 'Japan HIV Center; 2Hiroshima AIDS Dial; 'WITH, Japan PD0221 HOME CARE: THE EXPERIENCE MILANESE OF ASA Cernuschi, M; D'Avanzo; MM; Motta, G; Musolino, A; Associazione Solidarieta AIDS, Italy PD0222 THE "AMIGOS ACOMPANIANTES" AS HOME CARE PROMOTERS Arteaga, R; Perez, R; Romero, ML; Osorio, M; Accion Humana por la Comunidad, Mexico PD0223 A VIDEO AS A MEAN TO PROMOTE PLWA HOME CARE STRATEGIES Solis, AA; Arteaga, R; Perez, R; Osorio, M; Accion Humana por la Comunidad, Mexico PD0224 CONSEQUENCES OF TELLING ONE'S SEROPOSITIVITY TO OTHERS Defeu, I'; De Vuyst, H2; Van Renterghem, H2; Fleerackers, Y'; Peeters, R'; Colebunders, R2; 1Witte Raven; 2Institute of Tropical Medicine; 'University of Antwerp, Belgium 161

Page  162 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD00225 POSITIVE WOMEN RELATING THEIR EXPERIENCES OF SERVICE PROVISION WITHIN EDINBURGH Policek, N; McKenzie, M; Body Positive, Scotland, UK PD0226 IRIS HOUSE: A COMPREHENSIVE MODEL OF SERVICES FOR WOMEN WITH HIV AND THEIR IDENTIFIED FAMILY MEMBERS St Cyr Delpe, MM; Terada PS; A Center For Women Living With HIV/AIDS, USA PD0227 UNSTABLE HOUSING AND ITS IMPACT ON HOSPITAL UTILIZATION Goldstone, IL; Hogg, RS; Schilder, A; Patullo, ALS; Sussel, R; O'Shaughnessy, MV; UBC & BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada P00228 A STUDY OF THE HIV CASE-TRACING IN 100 INFECTED PERSONS AND AN ANALYSIS OF THE DIFFICULTIES IN THE PRACTICE Negishi, M; Matsumoto, T; Matsuda, Z; Itoh, A; Kimura, S; Saitoh, H; Tanaka, N; Minamitani, M; Carrier Clinic Research Group, Japan PD0229 AIDS AND DISABILITY Butler, D; World Institute on Disability, USA PD0230 PEOPLE WITH AIDS Mulinda, KG; Friends of Children Association, Uganda PD0231 THE RELEVANCE OF THE PSYCHOSOMATIC APPROACH IN THE TREATMENT OF HIV POSITIVE ASYMPTOMATIC PATIENTS Stoeckicht, I'; Verissimo, J'; 'Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine; 2Gaffree and Guinle University Hospital, Brazil PD0232 CHILDREN AND HIV/AIDS: EMOTIONAL INDICATORS MEDIATING CHILDREN'S UNDERSTANDING OF THEIR DISEASE Mendez I'; Mendez, S2; Torres-Ortiz, P'; 'San Juan AIDS Intitute; 2Central Connecticut State University; 'Center for Psychological and Family Services, USA PD0233 PREVENTION PROGRAM FOR SALVATION ARMY PROFESSIONALS AND RESIDENTS Cherabi, K'; Lebaillif, D2'; 'ARCAT-SIDA; 2ARMEE DU SALUT, France PD0234 AIDS/TRAINING OF BRAZILIAN MILITARIES (CNPq) Valente, RB; Bueno, SMV; Bueno, LV; Mamede, FV; Farinelli, RF; Guimaraes, EM; Oliveira, MHP; University of San Paulo, Brazil PD0235 PSYCHO-SOCIAL IMPACT OF HIV AND COPING STRATEGIES IN SIXTY-FOUR HIV INFECTED PERSONS IN INDIA Das, S; Deemed University, India PD0236 IMPORTANCE OF MEDICAL SUPPORT FOR HIV-INFECTED PEOPLE WITH HEMO-DIALYSIS AND EDUCATION OF MEDICAL WORKERS Kimura, M; Kiyama, R; Saitou, Y; Masuda, M; Oyama, T; Tanaka, K; Kumamoto University School of Medicine, Japan PD0237 THE INFLUENCE OF HIV SEROPOSITIVITY ON THE EMOTIONAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HETEROSEXUAL COUPLES Lambiase, L; Pozzi, G; Pravettoni, G; Caprioli Suter, F; General Hospital, Italy PD0238 PREDICTING DEPRESSION IN HIV DISORDER Atkinson, JH; Patterson, TL; Chandler, JL; Grant, I; Sciolla, A; Navy Hospital & VAMC, USA PD0239 HOUSEHOLD AND COMMUNITY RESPONSES TO HIV AND AIDS: IMPLICATIONS FOR THE PLANNING OF SUCCESSFUL INTERVENTIONS Verrall, J'; Aggleton, PJ'; Kippax, S; Bharat, 5'; Leshabari, M4; 'WHO, Switzerland; 2Macquarie Univ, Australia; 'Tata Inst for Soc Science, India; 4University College of Health Science, Tanzania PD0240 A PSYCHO/SOCIAL/SPIRITUAL RESPONSE TO STAFF BEREAVEMENT: A MEMORIAL GATHERING Bonnar, A; Leeks, K; Tsoukas, C; Mont real General Hospital, Canada P00241 SUPPORTING HOUSE FOR CHILDREN HIV-POSITIVE Ferreira, VB'; Durovni, B'; Cunha, LB'; 'State Secretary of Health of Rio de Janeiro; 2Municipal Secretary of Health of Rio de Janeiro; Brazil PD0242 HIV/AIDS PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTING: PREVENTION AND CARE Perkins, H; Laski, M; Hofman, S; Centro de Salud Mental y Accion Comunitaria Nol, Argentina P00243 MANSA DISTRICT COMMUNITY-BASED HIV/AIDS CARE PROJECT Kapyepye, E; Chileshe, F; UNV/MOH, Zambia PD0244 HOMELESS PEOPLE IN RIO DE JANEIRO - A STRATEGY TO CARE Carvalho N, Lahire D; Carvalho-Linhares, MI; Santos, V; Banco da Providencia da Arquidiocese do RJ, Brazil PD0245 SUPPORT HOUSES-AN ALTERNATIVE SOCIAL CHOICE IN SAO PAULO, BRAZIL Laurindo, JS; Scapini, RL; Scapolan, V; Domingues, CSB; Lee, B; Vidinha, JC; Crepaldi, PC; Centro de Referencia e Treinamento-AIDS, Brazil P00246 THE HOUSE OF TOMORROW - CHIANG MAI Karinchai, N; Intarajit, O; Hotline Center Foundation, Thailand 162

Page  163 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0247 TRADITIONAL HEALERS AS AIDS EDUCATORS AND COUNSELLORS IN KAMPALA, UGANDA King, R"'; Ssali, A'; Kitto, D'; Kyeyune, P3; Kabatesi, D'; Kaleeba, N2; Homsy, J',3; 'THEWA; 2TASO; 'MSF-CH, Uganda PD0248 QUALITY OF LIFE: OUTCOME OF TAPWAK GROUP THERAPY COUNSELLING FOR PWAS AND PWHIVS Lenya, RG; TAPWAK, Kenya PD0249 FEAR OF HIV INFECTION AMONG CLIENTS OF AIDS HOTLINE IN JAPAN Yashiki, K; Gotoh, M; Ikegami, C; Hatae, T; Imai, B; Shirakawa, S; Japan HIV Center, Japan PD0250 SUSTAINABILITY OF THE LOCAL RESPONSE TO HIV/AIDS Heckert, K'; Bandcroft, S2; Rogers, G2; 'Johns Hopkins Univ, USA; 2Bristol & District Health Authority, UK P00251 THE SYSTEM OF PSYCHOLOGICAL REHABILITATION OF AIDS INFECTED AND AIDS PATIENTS Estrin, BM; Olkhov, OG; Shirinkin, VG; Koretskaja LR; Dniepropetrovsk Centre for AIDS Prevention, Ukraine PD0252 SEROPOSITIVE PEOPLE OF COLOR - UNDER-UTILIZED RESOURCE IN HIV EPIDEMIC Nyamu, B W; With These Hands, We Can, USA PD0253 REVISIONING COMMUNITY HIV/AIDS STRATEGY Marchand, R; Trussler, T; AIDS Vancouver, Canada PD0254 LONDON LIGHTHOUSE-A MODEL OF COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT AND MOBILISATION Pearson, C; Spence, C; Atkins, L; Davis, M; London Lighthouse, UK PD0255 INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION BETWEEN TWO COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATIONS (FRANCE-POLAND) TO SET UP A MOBILIZATION MODEL Defert, D; Marty-Lavauzelle, A; AIDES Ftderation Nationale, France PD0256 AN EFFECTIVE SYSTEM FOR TRACKING CHALLENGING POPULATIONS IN COMMUNITY BASED HIV RESEARCH Fuentes, L; EL-Sadr, W; Capps, L; et al; Harlem Hospital Center, USA PD0257 BRITISH COLUMBIA'S WOMEN AND FAMILY HIV CENTRE: A UNIQUE MODEL FOR CARE OF HIV INFECTED WOMEN, CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILIES Forbes, J; Burdge, D; Univ of British Columbia, Canada PD0258 BRITISH COLUMBIA'S WOMEN AND FAMILY HIV CENTRE: AN EXAMPLE OF COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT IN PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT Burdge, DR; Forbes, J; University of British Columbia, Canada PD0259 FACILITATING COMMUNITY SUPPORT: AIDS IN INDIA Abraham, T; Hariharan, N; AIDS Control and Community Education Programmes Trust, India PD0260 AIDS/HIV-KISUMU SHANTY TOWN Ogoi, P; Okiya, M; Otieno, V; Pandipieri AIDS Programme, Kenya PD0261 INTEGRATION OF THE FIGHT AGAINST HIV/AIDS IN ACTIVITIES OF TECHNICAL COOPERATION OUTSIDE THE HEALTH SECTOR; Baltes, R; Swiss Development Cooperation, Switzerland PD0262 SUSTAINING COMMUNITY BASED WORK IN HIV/AIDS Daines, L; The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, Australia PD0264 FACILITATING PARTICIPATORY EVALUATION: A CASE STUDY OF TASO Anderson, S'; Kaleeba, N2; Kalibala, S'; Kaseje M'; Katabira, E2; Ssebbanja, P2; van Praag, El; 'World Health Organization; 'TASO; 'Consultant; Switzerland P00265 EVALUATION OF DANCHURCHAID'S AIDS SUPPORT Victor, B W'; Staugaard, F'; Kaijage, T2; 'The Nordic School of Public Health, Sweden; 2WAMATA, Tanzania PD0266 HEALTH EDUCATION BROCHURES FOR HIV-POSITIVE PEOPLE Nedzelsky, NA'; Savelyeva, IV2; Stachowiak, J'; 'NAMES Fund; 2AESOP Center, Moscow; 'AIDS Infoshare Russia, Russia PD0267 LIVING WITH HIV Moraila, J; University of Sinaloa, Mexico PD12: Human Right Issues PD0268 ETHICAL CRITERIA FOR DECISIONS ON THE DISTRIBUTION OF SCARCE RESOURCES IN AIDS CARE AND RESEARCH Benn, C; Christian Medical Commission, Geneva, Switzerland P00269 "THE AIDS PREVENTION LAW" IN JAPAN; HAS IT BEEN PREVENTIVE OR PROMOTIVE? Nakagawa, S'; Morino, Y2; 'Musashino Lawyers Office; 2Ikebukuro Lawyers Office, Japan 163

Page  164 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0270 PROVIDING LEGAL ASSISTANCE TO THE HIV + COMMUNITY Atkinson, MJ; HIV Legal Project, Canada PD0271 ANTIDISCRIMINATORY APPEAL FOR PROTECTION Anselmino, V; Perez, P; Barberis, D; SOLDAR, Argentina P00272 A CLASH OF PARADIGMS: DEVELOPMENT OF US LAW REGARDING THE HIV-INFECTED HEALTH CARE WORKER Isbell, MT; Gay Men's Health Crisis, USA PD0273 POSTMORTEM LIABILITY OF A PHYSICIAN WITH AIDS Perry, E; Lutz, B; Mogabgab, W; New Orleans Health Department, USA P00274 TOWARDS HIV/AIDS JURISPRUDENCE: THE STUDY ON LEGISLATIVE RESPONSES TO HIV/AIDS INFECTED PERSONS Mutembei, B; HIV/AIDS UNITECH PROGRAM, Tanzania P00275 OSTRACISM OF HIV POSITIVE PEOPLE Maladkar, MN; Health Alert Organisation of India, India PD0276 EUTHANASIA: THE PATIENTS PERSPECTIVE Van Wanzeele, F'; Van Renterghem, H2; Van Damme, L2; Fleerackers, Y'; Suys, F4; Colebunders, R'; 'University of Ghent; 'Institute of Tropical Medicine; 'University of Antwerp; 'Witte Raven; Belgium PD0277 DISCRIMINATION AGAINST PATIENTS WITH HIV INFECTION BY HEALTH CARE WORKERS D'Andrea, C; Vaccher, E; Spina, M; Errante, D; Bernardi, D; Simonelli, C; Nasti, G; Tirelli, U; CRO, Aviano, Italy P00278 IS THERE DISCRIMINATION AGAINST PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDS WHEN THEY SEEK DENTAL CARE? Charbonneau, A; Maheux, B; Beland, F; Univ of Montreal, Canada PD0279 HUMAN RIGHTS OF HIV INFECTED PERSONS/P As IN EGYPT Hasan, MA; Farag, AB; Elkerdawi, MM; Arab International Center for Fighting Against AIDS, Egypt P00280 RIGHTS OF PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS Da Silva, MV; Menezes; MAB Pela VIDDA Group, Brazil P00281 PARTNER NOTIFICATION: EVALUATION OF AN ITALIAN MODEL Serpelloni, G; Cali, L; Galvan, U; Simeoni, Sez di Screening HIV-ULSS 25, Italy P00282 THE ETHICS OF ANTI-HIV VACCINE RESEARCHS: CONTRIBUTION FROM PEOPLE LIVING WITH AIDS Costa, R; Delima, RM; Messias, C; Ventura, M; Pela VIDDA/Niteroi Group, Brazil PD0283 ETHICS AND MED LEGAL PROBLEMS IN HIV SEROPOSITIVITY COMUNICATION Gnarini, R; Serpelloni, G; Guidetti, E; Izzo, E; Guarnaccia, D; Esposito, C; Liberti, A; Sica, S; Tarro, G; Soscia, M; Group C-I, "D Cotugno" Hospita 1, Italy PD0284 WORKSHOPS FOR AWARENESS ON VACCINE TRIALS IN BRAZIL Beloqui, J; Grupo pela VIDDA, Brazil P00285 THE EFFECTS OF STIGMATIZATION ON AIDS/HIV PREVENTION Nozaki, S; Sugawara, T; Niimi, H; Association for the Lesbian & Gay Movement (OCCUR), Japan PD0286 VENEZUELAN LEGISLATION ON STD/AIDS Carrasco, EJ; ACCSI, Venezuela P00287 HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES RELATED TO HIV STATUS--A SURVEY OF REPORTS RECIEVED Cortinas, JI; International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), USA P00288 THE INCOMPATIBILITY OF HIV INFECTION WITH LOW CD4 COUNT IN ITALY IS THE LEGALIZATION OF KILLING LICENCE Garavelli, G'; DelConte, RC2; Bruno, R'; Boninsegna, D'; Viani, M'; Salomoni, A4; Barbarini, G'; 'Univ of Pavia; 2Tortona Court of Justice; 'Penitentiary of Pavia; 'Penitentiary of Voghera, Italy P00289 ATTITUDE OF HIV (+) WORKERS FACING PERSONNEL REDUCTION IN A LARGE FIRM OF KINSHASA Khondi, N; Mposo, N'; Nzila, N'; Doppagne, A2; Kilombo, N2; 'Projet SIDA; 2Polyclinique BCZ, Belgium P00290 SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL RESEARCH IN HIV VACCINE TRIALS IN RWANDA: IDENTIFICATION OF PRIORITIES Gasekurume, J'; Saba, J1,2; Souteyrand, Y'; Ferry, B2; Ntereye, P4; N'Sengimana, J4; Raynaut, C'; 'PAMEVA-Kigali; 2WHO; 'ANRS-Paris; 4Universite Nationale du Rwanda; 'Universite de Bordeaux II PD13: Models for Prevention in Developing Countries P00291 CONTEXTUAL AIDS-AWARENESS WORK IN SOUTH-WEST INDIA Schumann, U; Centre for Development Initiative, India PD0292 NEW CONCEPTUAL FORMULA FOR IEC METHODOLOGY IN SOCIAL PROGRAMS Sankaran, D; Sankaran, S; Meloot, J; Ganesh, VDESH, India P00293 HOW RURAL HOUSEHOLDS ADAPT IN THE TIMES OF CRISES IN ZAMBIA Bond, V; University of Hull, UK 164


Page  166 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0316 REINFORCING COMMUNITY'S PARTICIPATION Peixoto, A; Novellino, S; Galvao, J; Parker, R; Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association (ABIA), Brazil PD0317 AIDS PREVENTION AND HEALTH EDUCATION IN THE REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA Leskovsek, E; Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia PD0318 THE USE OF SEXUAL WORDS IN AIDS HEALTH EDUCATION CAMPAIGNS Adu-Sarkodie, Y; Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Ghana PD0319 'TEMPLE OF LOVE'-AN AWARENESS PROGRAM ON INDIAN SEXUALITY Pradeep, K'; Kumar, SM'; Hariharan, AJ'; Radhakrishnan, KM2; Kantharaj, K2; Community Action Network; 2State AIDS Cell, India PD0320 PUBLIC HEALTH LECTURES AND AIDS IMPACT IN KENYA Kamanda, WM; Lenya, RG; Muriuki, JM; Nairobi City Council, Kenya PD00321 ARGENTINE: URGENCY AIDS, WAY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF A COMMUNITARY NETWORK Burgos, M; Revsin, N; Girotti, H; Moreno, S; Fundacion RED, Argentina PD0322 POETRY AS AN EDUCATIONAL TOOL TO PREVENT AIDS IN PUERTO RICO Unda, R'; Landr6n, E'; Suarez, A'; Acevedo, HL2'; 'San Juan AIDS Inst; 'Univ of Puerto Rico; 2Mayor of San Juan, USA PD0323 AIDS EDUCATION-A NEW EXPERIMENT Vashist, RP'; Kulashreshtha, M'; Kaur, H2; Manchanda, RK'; Aggarwal, KK'; Kishora, N'; 'Govt of Delhi, India; 'National Institute of Immunology; 'KCKR Hospital PD0324 CAMEROON'S EXPERIENCE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE NEW GENERATION OF MIDDLE TERM PLAN TO FIGHT AGAINST AIDS Salla, R;'; Schmidt-Ehry, B2; 'ULS/MOH; 2GTZ, Cameroon PD0325 COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION IN AIDS PREVENTION Hariharan, N; Abraham, T; AIDS Control and Community Education Programmes Trust, India PD0326 A PROJECT TO EMPOWER THE COMMUNITY FOR THE PREVENTION AND CONTROL OF HIV IN AN EPIDEMIC AREA OF NORTH-EASTERN STATES OF INDIA Thomas, J; Hangzo, C; Deb, BC; WHO-ICMR Unit on HIV-AIDS. India PD0327 MODEL PROGRAM FOR HIV/AIDS PREVENTION IN RURAL AREAS Apostolescu, S; Parvu, E; Gheorghiu, V; National Centre for Health Promotion, Romania PD0328 NAP MANAGEMENT IN SURINAME del Prado, RF; NAP, Suriname PD0329 SPORTS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES AGAINST AIDS Ssekayiba, EK; CONCERN-Rakai, Uganda PD0330 HIV/AIDS RESEARCH IN INDONESIA Gunawan, S; Nat Inst of Health R&D, Indonesia PD0331 FIGHTING AIDS AT PHILIPPINE SETTING Angeles, RE; Trustfoundation AIDS Control Council, Philippines PD0332 "CARNIVAL AIDS", AIDS EDUCATION UTILIZING CARNIVAL STREET BANDS Campbell, EC; Roach, T; AIDS Information Centre, Ministry of Health, Barbados P00333 AN EXPERT SYSTEM APPROACH TO AIDS PREVENTION Li, N'; Xu, LD2'; 'Chinese Ministry of Public Health, China; 'Wright State University, USA P00334 CASE-BASED REASONING FOR AIDS INITIAL ASSESSMENT Xu, L'; Xu, LD2; 'Shanghai Medical University, China; 2Wright State University, USA PD0335 NON-DIDACTIC STRATEGIES IN WORKSHOPS COVERING INFORMATION EMPOWERMENT & COLLECTIVE ACTION Iyer, U; Sankaran S; Ganesh, VR; DESH, India PD0336 EVALUATION OF IMPACT OF INTERVENTION AMONG TRUCKERS IN MADRAS Meera, B; Shareef, M; South India AIDS Action Programme, India PD0337 TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: ENABLING PROGRAM SUSTAINABILITY - THE CHIKANKATA EXPERIENCE Hatwiinda, J; Siame, D; Mwilu, R; Winters, D; Chikankata Hospital, Zambia P00338 AMBULATORY CARE SYSTEM FOR CUBAN HIV-POSITIVES de la Conception, JC; Perez, J; Torres, R; Sanatorium Santiago de las Vegas, Cuba 166

Page  167 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0339 STRUCTURE AND PROCESS EVALUATION OF AIDS PREVENTION AND CONTROL PROGRAM IN GUADALAJARA, MEXICO Campos-Lopez, P2; Canales, JL2; Lopez, FC'; Sierra, JJ'; Vazquez-Valls, El; 'Western Biomed Research Center, IMSS; 2University of Guadalajara; Mexico PD0340 INTEGRATION AND NOT INTERVENTION: PROSPECTS FOR HIV PREVENTION THROUGH RURAL WOMEN - Varma, S; Government India PD0341 REDUCING HIV RISK AMONG COUPLES: A STUDY FROM NORTHERN THAI VILLAGES Dumronggittigule, P1; Wakeman, El; Luke, C1; Lindan, C3; Arthamet, R2; Taywaditep, K3; Mandel, J3; 'Payap Univ; 2Chiang Mai Teachers College, Thailand; 3Univ of California, San Francisco, USA PD0342 INFLUENCE OF WIDOW INHERITANCE ON THE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF HIV IN AFRICA Okeyo, TM; ACP, Kenya PD0343 AN INNOVATIVE MODEL FOR COMMUNITY AWARENESS GENERATION IN AIDS CONTROL FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Nandan, D; Subharwal, M, SN Medical College, India PD0344 THE AIDS RISK REDUCTION MODEL AND HIV PREVENTION IN UGANDA Schumann, DA; Stallings, R; Nathanson, C; Nabwiso, F; Salmond, W; Rwabukwali, C; Assingwire, N; Marks, J; Johns Hopkins Univ, USA PD0345 A BASELINE STUDY FOR AIDS INTERVENTION AMONG TARGET POPULATION GROUPS IN UPPER WEST REGION, GHANA Tetteh, C; Appiah-Denkyira, E; Regional Health Directorate, Ghana PD0346 TRAINING ON AIDS TRAINERS AND COMMUNITY RELAYS: THE EXAMPLE OF ENDA IN SENEGAL Gueye, M; Etchepare, C; Sy, A; ENDA-T M Sante (Environment and Development Actions in the Third World) Senegal PD0347 ARGENTINA: THE PUBLIC PEOPLE ROLE IN THE COMMUNITARY PREVENTION Girotti, C; Burgos, AM; Revsin, N; Diaz, A; Moreno, S; RED Foundation, Argentina PD0348 SOME ASPECTS OF REALIZATION OF HEALTH PROMOTION WORK IN REPUBLIC BELARUS Pimenov, A; Glazovsky, V; National Centre for AIDS Prevention of Republic Belarus PD0349 PLANNING FOR AIDS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Whiteside, AW; University of Natal, South Africa PD0350 WOMEN, CHILDREN & HIV IN AFRICA: THE NEED TO PLAN FOR THE FUTURE Mworozi, EA; Makerere University, Uganda PD0351 ASSESSING THE ROLE OF TRADITIONAL BALINESE YOUTH GROUPS (STT'S) IN AIDS PREVENTION PROGRAMS Merati, TP'; Suarmiartha, E3; Ruddick, AC'; Ekstrand, M2; Mandel, J2; 1Udayana University, Indonesia; 3Citra Usadha Indonesia Foundation; 2University of California, San Francisco, USA HIV PREVENTION WITHIN FP COUNSELLING Brissot, M; Baltes, R; Bhatt, P; Swiss Development Cooperation, Nepal BUKOBA POST TEST CLUB Rugayana, G; Medecin du Monde, Tanzania PD18: Heterosexual Men - Behavioral Issues PD0352 PD0353 PD0354 ADAPTING FIELD MODEL PROGRAMME TO SUIT COMMUNITY LEVEL INTERVENTIONS: HIV/AIDS PREVENTION AMONG TRUCKERS IN TAMILNADU Kumaresan, G; Amarjothi-South India AIDS Action Programme, India PD0355 TRUCKERS AND SAFE SEX: WHAT REDUCES RISK Ganesh, AK; Selvaraj, S; Prabahkar, ML; Baskar, J; Sundararaman, S; AIDS Research Foundation of India, India PD0356 COMMUNICATIONS FOR BEHAVIOUR CHANGE-A POSTAL INFORMATION NETWORK ON AIDS/SAFER SEX FOR SEMI-URBAN AND RURAL MEN IN TAMILNADU Jaya, S; Media Foundation, India PD0357 THE RELIABILITY OF ACCOUNTS OF THE HIV MALE WHO CLAIMS TO MAINTAIN A HETEROSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP Pucheu, D; Verissimo, J; Sion, F; Morals de Sa, CA; Gaffree and Guinle University Hospital, Brazil PD00358 SEXUAL BEHAVIOR AND BELIEFS IN MEN LIVING IN CARACAS, VENEZUELA Barrios, L'; Marin, B'; 'Universidad Central, Venezuela; 2University of California, San Francisco, USA P00359 SEROSTATUS SELF-DISCLOSURE FOR MEN IN A HETEROSEXUAL COHORT STUDY Moore, LD; Padian, NS; University of California, San Francisco, USA PD0360 PRE-MARITAL SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD: RESULTS OF 17 AIDS-RELATED SURVEYS Carael, M; WHO/Global Programme on AIDS, Switzerland 167

Page  168 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0361 RISKY BEHAVIOUR OF TRUCK AND BUS DRIVERS IN CAMEROON Akamba, JJ; Sam-Abbenyi, A; Zekeng, L; Mbouni, GE; Schmidt-Ehry, B; Ministry of Health, Cameroon PD0362 LACK OF CONDOM USE AMONG HIGH-RISK HETEROSEXUAL MALES APPLYING FOR US IMMIGRATION Sankary, T; University of California, Los Angeles, USA PD0363 CHANGES IN SEXUAL BEHAVIOR AMONG HETEROSEXUALS - COMPARING 1991-1994 Mourao, MV; Teles, LC'; Carreira, M2; ISCSP/CESAS; 'FNSBS/CESAS; 2CSVN, Portugal P00364 EDUCATION: IN SCHOOL AND SOCIETY TO MEET THE CHALLANGES Milon, IH; Hoque,SA; BMS, Bangladesh P00365 PRIVATE-SECTOR FEMALE VS MALE AIDS COSTS IN AN AREA OF HIGH-PREVALENCE HETEROSEXUAL TRANSMISSION Rodriguez, MR'; Lopez, J2; Alvarez, M'; Benitez, J; Cucurella, B'; 'University of Puerto Rico; 2Seguros de Servicio de Salud de Puerto Rico; Puerto Rico P00366 THE BRAZILIAN MAN AND AIDS Lemes, C'; Debert-Ribeiro, M2; Varella, D3; Timerman, A4; Rovery, M'; Ramos - Filho, C6; Castilho, E'; 'Editora Abril; 2EPM; 'Unip; 4A Einstein H; 'Unicamp; 'UFRJ; 7Fiocruz; Brazil PD0367 HETEROSEXUAL BEHAVIOR RELATED TO THE RISK OF HIV INFECTION AMONG JAPANESE MEN IN BANGKOK, THAILAND Cash, R; Harvard Institute for International Development USA PD0799 KNOWLEDGE OF AND ATTITUDES TO HIV AMONG JAPANESE BUSINESSMEN ABROAD Tanaka, H'; Hiyama, T'; Tajima, K2; 'Center for Adult Diseases; 2Aichi Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan PD20: Socio-economic Impact of HIV/AIDS PD0368 CHARACTERISTICS OF CLIENTS WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE RECEIVING HIV COUNSELING AND TESTING AT PUBLIC SITES IN THE UNITED STATES (USA) Valdiserri, RO; Gerber, R; Dillon, B; Campbell, C; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA PD0369 HEALTH CARE COSTS: IMPLICATIONS FOR HIV PREVENTION Sergeant, J; Murray, R; Maderson, L; Johnson-Laird, L; Department of Health, UK PD0370 SOCIO ECONOMIC PROBLEMS OF AIDS-PATIENTS PRIOR TO DEATH Parli, K; Schoep, M; Kopp, C; Furrer, HJ; von Overbeck, J; Medical Policlinic, University Hospital, Switzerland PD0371 MINIMUM LEVELS OF SOCIAL WELL-BEING APPROPRIATE HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT Edelmann, F; ARCAT-SIDA, France PD0372 IMPACT OF SOCIAL FACTORS ON AIDS PROGNOSIS IN RUSSIA Odinokova, IA; Pokrovsky, VV; Russia AIDS Federal Centre, Russia PD0373 THE SPREAD OF HIV/AIDS AND ITS CONSEQUENCES IN AFRICA: THE TANZANIA EXPERIENCE Bazira, I; Medical AID Foundation, Tanzania P00374 TEN YEARS OF AIDS TREATMENT IN A LARGE HOSPITAL ORGANISATION Beaujouan, L; de Bonnay, P; Herson, S; Sauvat, JF; Vittecoq, D; Assistance Publique-HOpitaux de Paris, Mission SIDA, France PD0375 THE COST OF AIDS IN GREECE: RECENT ESTIMATIONS AND FINANCING PROBLEMS Kyriopoulos, J; Kornarou, H; Gitona, M; Roumeliotou, A; Papaevangelou, G; Athens School of Public Health, Greece PD0376 MAGNITUDE AND SOCIAL IMPACT OF AIDS EPIDEMIC IN MEXICO Valdespino, JL; Del Rio, A; Garcia, ML; Salcedo, A; Magis, C; Sepulveda, J; Secretariat of Health, Mexico PD0377 AIDS SUPPORT AND INCOME GENERATION Jackson, H'; Chandra-Mouli, V2; Udwin, M; 'ZAINet, Zimbabwe; 'WHO/GPA, Switzerland PD0378 THE SUPPORT HOUSE: COST OF EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE ASSISTANCE IN BRAZIL Scapini, R; Silva, J; Scapolan, V; Leonardo, C; Pinto, W; Centro de Referencia/AIDS, Brazil PD0379 MEDICAL CARE COSTS OF HIV-1 INFECTED PATIENTS WITH CD4<50 von Overbeck, J; Schraner, C; Schoep, M; Furrer, HJ; Jaeger, PH; Medical Policlinic, University Hospital, Switzerland PDO380 THE IMPACT OF INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND AND WORLD BANK POLICIES ON HIV TRANSMISSION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Lowe, RA''; Hintzen, P'; 'Univ of California, San Francisco; 2Univ of Pennsylvania; 3Univ of California, Berkeley, USA 168

Page  169 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education AIDS AND TOURISM IN A SUN, SAND AND SEA TOURIST DESTINATION THE PORTUGUESE CASE Nossa, P; Malta, P; Cruz, M; Correia, J; Portugal PD0381 P00382 CURRENT ESTIMATES OF THE ECONOMIC COSTS OF AIDS IN THAILAND AND THEIR REGIONAL IMPACTS Obremskey, S; Viravaidya, M; Sittitrai, W'; Brown, T2; 'Population and Community Development Association; 2Thai Red Cross, Thailand; 'East-West Center, USA PD0383 IMPACT OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTORS AS ADJUVANT IN AIDS-TREATMENT-A FOLLOW UP OF 18 PATIENTS TAKING RETROVIR Minlangu, M'; Nzila, N'; Kapita, B2; 'Projet SIDA; 2Mama Yemo Hospital, Zaire PD0384 IMPACT OF HIV/AIDS ON THE FAMILY IN NAMIBIA Bor, R; Mberira, M'; Du Plessis, P'; 'City University; 2Guy's Hospital, UK PD0385 RESPONDING TO THE EMERGING AIDS CRISIS IN THE POST-SOVIET STATES Saldanha, VP'; Chaika, N2; Altschuler, S'; Moseley, K'; 'International AIDS Project (IAP); 2St Petersburg Pasteur Institute, Russia PD0386 MEDICATIONS CONSUMED BY HIV-INFECTED PERSONS Mahulkar, S'; Hira, S2'3; 'GT Hospital, India; 2Univ Texas, USA; 'MGM College, India PD28: Models of Health Care PD0387 VALIDATION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A HIV+ PATIENT (P) CLUSTER IN AN ACUTE CARE SETTING Kenyon, VS; Shumaker, RL; Woods, JP; Ricchezza, CE; Yangco, BG; St Joseph's Hospital, USA PD0388 HOSPITALIZATION-DAY HOSPITAL-HOME ASSISTANCE: A MODEL OF CARE IN AIDS PATIENTS Lopez, S; Gola, T; Russo, B; Strepparola, G; Morini, L; Bruggi, P; Barbarini, G; SER T, Italy PD0389 A TRIAL OF MAKING A MODEL OF HEALTH-CASE-UNIT FOR PERSONS WITH HIV AND AIDS Yamaguchi, T; Negishi, M; Ajisawa, A; Ohta, K; Minamitani, M; Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, Japan PD0390 HIV POSITIVE IVDUs PERCEPTIONS OF HEALTH CARE Tellier, A; Sobel, A; Hopital Henri Mondor, France PD0391 PROBLEMS WITH COMMUNICATION BETWEEN A SPECIALIST HIV UNIT AND PRIMARY CARE Guthrie, B; Barton, S; Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, UK PD0392 L A COMMUNITY CONSENSUS ON STANDARDS OF CARE Eggan, F'; Dube, M2; Senterfitt, JW'; 'City AIDS Coordinator; 2Univ of So CA; 'Being Alive: People with HIV/AIDS, USA P00393 HOME CARE - AN ALTERNATIVE TO INPATIENT CARE FOR AIDS-PATIENTS Frederiksen, D; Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark PD0394 THE AIDS CONSULTANT NURSE van der Kruk, T; University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands PD0395 A NURSE-BASED, ALGORITHM-GUIDED SYSTEM TO IMPROVE HIV-RELATED OUTPATIENT CARE MacArthur, RD; Bowles, M; Lipton, L; Asbury, P; Kosmyna, J; Medical College of Ohio, USA PD0396 PREDICTORS OF HOSPITALIZATION IN PERSONS WITH HIV-DISEASE Woodfall, B; Hogg, RS; Strathdee, SA; Le, R; Schechter, MT; Montaner, J SG; O'Shaughnessy, MV; British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada PD0397 IMPACT OF HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE ON HIV-DISEASE MORTALITY Le, R; Hogg, RS; Thomson, A; Strathdee, SA; Schechter, MT; O'Shaughnessy, MV; Montaner, J SG; British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada PD0398 THE HEALTH CARE DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR HIV/AIDS PATIENTS IN ITALY: A NATIONWIDE SURVEY Guzzanti, E; Arici, C; Ippolito, G; Mastrilli, F; Rizzi, M; Scheggi, M; Center for Health Care for HIV Infected Patients, Under The National Commission on AIDS, Italy PD0399 DAY CLINIC: A PIONNER EXPERIENCE IN RIO DE JANEIRO Joao, CE; Cunha, Q; Silva, A; Machado, E; Costa, I; Cruz, J; Menezes, J; Servidores do Estado Hospital, Brazil PD0400 MULTIDISPLINARY HOMECARE FOR SOCIO-ECONOMICALLY DEPRIVED HIV-INFECTED CHILDREN McCarley, J; Tate, D; TERRIFIC, Inc, USA PD0401 CARING FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDS: DELIVERY SYSTEMS AND COSTS Martin, AL; Tarantola, D; Cameron, C; Chen, G; Albers, C; Harvard School of Public Health, USA 169

Page  170 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0402 CARING PRACTICES FOR PWAS IN THE FAMILIES Chantcharas, P; Thanprasertsuk, S; Yachompoo, CH; Dechsiri, N; Ministry of Public Health, Thailand PD0403 SENSITIZATION OF NURSING PERSONNEL IN A CLINIC IN ORDER TO TAKE CARE OF AIDS IN THEIR SURROUNDINGS Akafomo, V; Mwadi, A; Saidi, C SWAA/ZAIRE - UNICEF - BCC/SIDA PD0404 THE PERCEPTION OF THE QUALITY OF ASSISTANCE IN HOSPITALIZED AIDS PATIENTS Tommaso, S; Giulianelli, M; Del Maestro, A; Liberti, N; Giacchetti, F; Visco, G; L Spallanzani Hospital, Italy PD0405 WHAT PEOPLE IN JAPAN HOPE IN TERMS OF ENLIGHTENMENT ON AIDS INFORMATION AND HIV-EXAMINATION AVAILABILITY Sawa, H'; Denpo, K2; Yoshikawa, I'; Kano, E4; Miyamoto, H'; Agematsu, R6; Sunagawa, K'; Dept of Health: 'Aichi Pref,2Hokkaido,3Tokyo Met,4Osaka Pref,'Kobe City,6Saga Pref,'Okinawa Pref, Japan PD0406 FREE AND ANONYMOUS HIV TESTING AND COUNSELING SITES (T&C) IN FRANCE: VOLUME AND CLIENT CHARACTERISTICS (1988-1993) Oliveira, N'; Serfaty, A'; Rondenet, A'; Harinck, P'; Laporte, A2; 'Ministry of Health; 2RNSP, France PD00407 HIV PARTNER NOTIFICATION IN DENMARK Worm, A-M; Smith, E; Haxholdt, H; Bispebjerg Hosp, Denmark PD0408 ASSESSING CLINICAL STANDARDS OF CARE IN NON-EPICENTERS Deutsch, J'; Kurth, A2; Stover, D'; Cloe, L2; Bantom, B'; 'Clinical Training Associates; 2Indiana State Department of Health, USA PD0409 HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS IN HIV REAL NEEDS, MEDICAL PRACTICE OR LACK OF ALTERNATIVES? Rabanaque, MJ; Toms, C; G6mez, LI; Aibar, C; Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain 170

Page  171 POSTER SESSIONS PART 2 Wednesday 10 AUGUST & Thursday 11 AUGUST

Page  172 TRACK A: Basic Science PA06: Virus Isolation, Detection and Characterization: New Technology PA0191 PCR METHOD FOR DIRECT SEQUENCING OF THE HIV-1 PROTEASE GENE Yamaguchi, K; Groopman, JE; Byrn, RA; New England Deaconess Hospital, USA PA0192 USE OF PCR FOR DETECTION OF HIV INFECTION IN TANZANIA Nkya, WMMM'; Nyombi, B'; Bergsj, P'; Shao, J'; 'KCMC Res Centre; 2Tanzanian Norwegian AIDS Project (MUTAN); 'Muhimbili Med Centre, Tanzania PA0193 GENE-LEVEL MONITORING OF HIV INFECTION BY PCR WITH TWO INTERNAL STANDARDS Yolov, AA; Kozlova, AV; Karamov, EV; Ivanovsky DI; Inst of Virology, Russia PA0194 DETECTION OF HIV-RELATED GENES IN VIRUS-INFECTED CELLS BY ELECTRON MICROSCOPICAL IN SITU HYBRIDIZATION Goto, T'; Fukui, T': Nakano, T'; Hirai, K2; Nakai, M'; 'Osaka Medical College; 2Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan PA0195 ARE CLINICAL ISOLATES MORPHOLOGICALLY DIFFERENT FROM LABORATORY STRAINS OF HIV? Gelderblom, HR'; AsjO, B2; Moore, JP'; Ho, DD'; Sandfort, J; Pauli, G; 'Robert Koch-Inst; 'University of Bergen, Germany; 'The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, USA PA0196 ISOLATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF HIV-1 CLINICAL ISOLATES IN JAPAN Watanabe, K'; Kitamura, K'; Nakasone, T'; Shiosaki, K2; Yamada, K'; Moritsugu, Y'; Yamazaki, S'; Honda, M'; NIH, Tokyo; 'Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Res Inst; 'St Marianna Univ, Japan PA0197 ISOLATION AND BIOLOGICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF HIV-1 STRAINS IN CUBA. Lobaina, L; Noa, E; Navea, L; Dubed, M; Vilarrubia, OL; Martinez, I; Diaz, H; AIDS Research Laboratory, Cuba PA0198 PHARMACO-MECHANICAL APPLICATIONS TO HIV INFECTION Lister, MW; USA PAO199 HIV: A BLACK TULIP IN THE BOUQUET OF HEMOTRANSMISSIVE DISEASES Zhiburt, E; Belgesov, N; Leschev, A; Voltchek, I; Medical Military Academy, Avalanche Ltd, Russia PAO200 HIV VIRAL LOAD IN LYMPHOID TISSUES USING BRANCHED DNA (bDNA) SIGNAL AMPLIFICATION Dailey, P; Wilber, J; Urdea, MS; Chiron Corporation, USA PA0201 ENHANCED HIV-1 ACTIVITY AFTER REACTIVATION CRYOSTORAGE INFECTED CELLS Selimova, LI; Uryvaev, L'; Yurin, 02; Guschina, E'; Irova, T'; Pokrovsky, V'; Lvov, D'; 'Ivanovsky Institute of Virology; 'Specialized Research Lab for AIDS Epidemiology & Prevention, Russia PA0202 SEQUENCE IN V2 AND V3 REGIONS OF SYNCYTIUM INDUCING HIV-I Miyamoto, K'; Tomita, N2; Nishizawa, T'; 'Okayama Univ; 'Okayama Red C; 'Sumitomo Metal Indu, Japan PA0203 AFFINITY ISOLATION OF HIV-1 EPITOPE-SPECIFIC ANTIBODIES Denisoiva, S; Meshcheryakova, D; Andreev, S; Khaitov, R; Tarasova, S; Institute of Immunology, Russia PA0204 EPITOPE ANALYSIS OF HIV-1 p17 Ota, A; Liu, XL; Sakato, N; Fujio, H; Ueda, S; Res Inst Microb Diseases, Osaka Univ, Japan PA0205 SIMULATION OF HIV-1 CULTURE PASSAGE: EFFECTS ON V3 LOOP PHENOTYPE Galvan, V; Rabinovich, R; Gutierrez, P; Gomez Carrillo, M; Marquina, S; Libonatti, O; National Centre of Reference for AIDS, Argentina PA0377 RAPID DETECTION OF HIV-1 DNA BY FLUORESCENCE IN A SEALED CONTAINMENT CASSETTE Fields, R; Institute for Therapeutic Immunology, USA PAlO: Virus-specific Humoral Immunity PA0206 HIV-1 SPECIFIC ACC IS CONTROLLED BY CD55 AND CD59 Schmitz, Jorn"'; Zimmer, JP'; Kluxen, B'; Aries, S'; Schmitz, H'; 'Bernhard-Nocht-Institute, Germany; 2Harvard Medical School, USA PA0207 INFECTION OF VAGINAL AND COLONIC EPITHELIAL CELLS BY HIV-1 IS NEUTRALIZED BY ANTIBODIES RAISED AGAINST CONSERVED EPITOPES IN THE ENVELOPE GLYCOPROTEIN GP120 Furuta, Y'; Eriksson, K2; Svennerholm, B'; Fredman, P'; Horal, P'; Vahlne, A'; Czerkinsky, C2; 'Dept of Clin Virol; 2Med Microbiol and Immunol; 'Neurochem, University of Goteborg, Sweden PA0208 CERVICO-VAGINAL SYNTHESIS OF SECRETORY IgA AND IgG TO HIV ASSOCIATED WITH TRANSUDATION OF SERUM-BORNE IgG TO HIV, EXPRESSING DIFFERENTIAL AVIDITY TO GP 160, IN HIV-1-INFECTED WOMEN Belec, L; Tevi-Benissan, C; Pillot, J; Institut Pasteur, France PA0209 HIV-1 NEUTRALIZATION IN BRAZIL Bongertz, V; Costa, CI; Morgado, MG; dos Santos, V GV; Evandro Chagas Hosp, IOC-FIOCRUZ, Brazil 172

Page  173 TRACK A: Basic Science PAO210 NEUTRALIZING MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY AGAINST AN EXTERNAL ENVELOPE PROTEIN (GP120) OF SIVmac 251 Matsumi, S'; Matsushita, S'; Yoshimura, K'; Javaherian, K2; Takatsuki, K'; 'Kumamoto Univ School of Med; 2Repligen Corporation, Japan PAO211 BROADLY NEUTRALIZING ANTIBODIES TO HIV-1 OCCURING IN AN AUTOIMMUNE PARADIGM Douvas, A; Takehana, Y; University of Southern California, USA PA0212 QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE HUMORAL IMMUNE RESPONSES IN HIV-1 SEROPOSITIVE PATIENTS Efremova, EV; Papuashvili, MN; Khaitov, RM; Inst of Immunology, Russia PA0213 TWO DISTANT ANTIGENIC LINEAR SEQUENCES OF HIV-1 P24 (aa 181-185 AND 316-319) MIGHT BE PARTS OF A CONFORMATIONAL EPITOPE Janvier, B'; Baillou, A'; Hoebecke, J'; Lasarte, JJ2; Sarobe, P2; Barin, F'; URA CNRS 1334, France; 2Univ de Navarra, Spain PA0214 SLOWER CLINICAL DETERIORATION OF HIV1 SEROPOSITIVE INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE ANTI-P24 HIGH RESPONDERS Barin, F; Besnier, JM; Rouillard, E; Guerois, C; Choutet, P; Goudeau, A; CHRU Bretonneau and CHRU Trousseau, France PA0215 ASSAY FOR AVIDITY OF P24 SPECIFIC IMMUOGLOBULIN G IN SERA OF HIV-1 INFECTED PATIENTS Ikegami, N; Akatani, K; Imai, M; Yoshioka, K Osaka; National Hospital, Japan PA0216 STUDY OF THE ANTIGENICITY OF SIV GP140 WITH MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES Babas, T'; Legrand, R2; Montagnier, L3; Bahraoui, E'; 'CNRS URA; 2CEA; I3lnstitut Pasteur, France PA0217 RABBITS IMMUNIZED WITH RECOMBINANT VACCINIA VIRUSES EXPRESSING TRUNCATED FORMS OF THE ENVELOPE GLYCOPROTEIN GP160 OF HIV-2 DEVELOPED NEUTRALIZING ANTIBODIES Schaffner, J; Otteken, A; Jurkiewicz, E; Voss, G; Dittmer, U; Bodemer, W; Hunsmann, G; German Primate Centre, Germany PAO218 CHARACTERIZATION OF THE COMPLEMENTARITY DETERMINING REGIONS IN IMMUNOGLOBULIN BY THE 6-MERS WHICH ARE MOST VARIABLE IN THE HIV-1 GENOME Takiguchi, K; Doi, H; Fujitsu Labs Ltd, Japan PA0219 INFECTION ENHANCEMENT AND COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION BY HUMAN GP41 ANTIBODIES Fast G'; Prohiszka, Z'; Hidvegi, T'; Ujhelyi, E'; T6th, DF2; Thielens, N3; 'NIHBTI; 2Inst Microbiol, Hungary; 'Inst Biol Struct, France PA0220 TR-FIA TEST SYSTEM FOR HIV-1 ANTIBODY IN HUMAN SERA Khristova, M; Kushch, A; Busse, T; Stachanova, V; Institute of Virology, Russia PA0221 PERSPECTIVE NEW METHOD FOR ESTIMATION OF AIDS PATIENTS IMMUNE STATUS Emelianov, BA; Pokrovsky, VV; Socolov, IA; Semenov, VA; Buravtsova, E; Institute of Epidemiology-AIDS Center and Anti-Doping Center, Russia PA0222 EFFECT OF SIALIC ACID REMOVAL ON THE ANTIBODY RESPONSE TO V3 OF HIV-1 ENVELOPE GLYCOPROTEIN Benjouad, A; Mabrouk, K'; Gluckman, JC; Fenouillet, E; CNRS URA 1463, Hopital Pitie-Salpetriere; 'CNRS URA 1455, Facult de Medecine Nord, France PA0223 VIROLYSIS AND IN VITRO NEUTRALIZATION OF HIV BY HUMANISED MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY hNM-01 Nakamura, M'; Armour, K2; Terada, M'; Carr, FJ2; Ohno, T'; Harris, WJ'; 'Jikei University, Japan; 2Scotgen Biopharmaceuticals Inc, UK; 'NMBI, USA PA0224 HUMAN ANTIBODY TO MATRIX PROTEIN (P17) NEUTRALIZES HIV IN VITRO Kageyama, S'; Ismail, S'; Katsumoto, T'; Hossain, M'; Gao, M'; Taniguchi, K2; Sasao, F'; Toya, M4; Wakamiya, N'; Tsuchie, H'; Kurimura, T'; 'Res Inst for Microbial Dis, Osaka Univ; 2Eiken Chemical; 'Tottori Univ; 4Sawai Pharmaceutical, Japan PAl1: Virus-specific Cellular Immunity PA0225 HIV RESISTANCE? Rowland-Jones, S'; Sutton, J'; Aryoshi, K2; Dong, T'; Gotch, F '; McAdam, S'; Sabally, S2; Whittle, H2; McMichael, A'; 'Inst Mol Medicine, UK; 2MRC, The Gambia PA0226 LYMPHOPROLIFERATIVE RESPONSES TO MICROBIAL AND HIV-1 SPECIFIC ANTIGENS IN HIV POSITIVE THAI INDIVIDUALS Supapongse, T; et al; AFRIMS, Thailand PA0227 SPECIFIC CELLULAR IMMUNE RESPONSES IN HEALTH CARE WORKERS AFTER HIV EXPOSURE Kessler, H'; Sullivan, J'; Pinto, L2; et al; 'Rush Med College; 'NCI, USA 173

Page  174 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0228 LACK OF CTL RESPONSE ASSOCIATED WITH LOW VIRAL LOAD IN TWO HEALTHY ASYMPTOMATIC HIV INDIVIDUALS WITH HIGH, STABLE CD4 CELL COUNTS Dalod, M'; Dufresne, G'; Guillet, JG'; Salmon, D; Sicard, D; Gomard, E'; Hopital Cochin, France PA0229 INCREASED EXPRESSION OF CD38 MARKER ON CD8+ T CELLS AND p24 ANTIGEN LEVEL IN HIV DISEASE PROGRESSION Campisi, D; Chiesa, A; Gatti, M; Comolli, G; Asti, A; Barbarini, G; Univ of Pavia, Italy PA0230 ESTABLISHMENT OF CD8+ CELL LINES FROM SEROPOSITIVES Tateno, M'; Takahashi, T'; Sato, H'; Tateno, Y2; Togashi, T2; Yoshiki, T2; 1Sapporo City General Hospital; 2Hokkaido University, Japan PA0231 IDENTIFICATION OF HIV-1 T CELL EPITOPES BY REVERSE IMMUNOGENETICS Shiga, H'; Shioda, T'; Takamiya, Y'; Oka, S'; Kimura, S'; Miwa, K2; Takiguchi, M'; 'Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo; 2Ajinomoto Central Research Laboratories, Japan PA0232 PENTOXIFYLLINE REDUCES CYTOKINE RELEASES AND THE ABILITY TO STIMULATE CELL SURFACE ANTIGEN AND HIV-1 EXPRESSION BY CD8+CYTOTOXIC T LYMPHOCYTES (CTL) Heinkelein, M; Schneider-Schaulies, J; Walker, BD; Jassoy, C; University of Wtirzburg, Germany; Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA PA0233 EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINAL HERBS -GLYKE ON TREATMENT OF AIDS Guan, C; et al; China Academy of TCM, China PA0234 ANTIGENIC PROFILE OF EARLY HIV CTL RESPONSES IN A SERIES OF SEROCONVERTER PATIENTS Hadida, F'; Debre, P'; Oksenhendler, E2; Katlama, C'; Seligman, M2; Autran, B'; 'CH Pitie-Salpetriere; 'CH Saint-Louis, France PAl2: HIV Induced Abnormalities of Humoral Immunity PA0235 ANTIBODY RESPONSE TO PNEUMOCOCCAL VACCINATION IN HIV-1 INFECTED PATIENTS Cimoch, PJ; Loss, SD; Houghton, RA; Reiter, WM; Keller, RH; Vorce, DE; Nemechek, PM; Berger, DS; Piperado, JR; Tomaka, FL; Center for Special Immunology, USA PA0236 ANTI-LACTOFERRIN ANTIBODIES IN HIV-1 INFECTION Defer, MC'; Follkzou, J -Y2; Picard, 0'; Damais, C1; 'U313 INSERM; 2Hopital de la Pitie Salpetriere,'Hopital Saint-Antoine, France PA0237 EVIDENCE OF POLYCLONAL B CELL ACTIVATION IN HIV INFECTION Chia, WK; Wright, F; Li, X; Freedman, J; Read, SE; University of Toronto, Canada PA0238 SERUM IgG AND IgA SUBCLASS CHANGES OVER THREE YEARS IN HEMOPHILIAC CHILDREN WITH HIV INFECTION Takahashi, Y; Odate Municipal Hospital, Japan PA0239 CHANGES IN AUTOREACTIVITY DURING HIV rgpl60 VACCINATION Lundholm, P; Wahren, M; Sandstrom, E; Volvovitz, F; Wahren, B; Karolinska Institute, Sweden PA0240 MOLECULAR MIMICRY OF HIV gpl20 PROTEIN TO VOLTAGE-DEPENDENT CA+ + CHANNEL RECEPTOR Blinov, VM; Resenchuk, SM; Chirikova, GB; Denisov, SI; Zverev, VV; Institute of Molecular Biology, Russia PA0241 SEROLOGICAL ASPECTS OF AUTOIMMUNITY IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Stanekova, D; Habekova, M; Mokras, M; Inst of Preventive and Clinical Medicine, Slovakia PA0242 HEPATITIS C VIRUS (HCV) RNA AND HUMAN IMMUNE-DEFICIENCY VIRUS (HIV) P24 ANTIGEN IN THE CRYOGLOBULIN OF HEMOPHILIACS WITH HIV AND OR/HCV INFECTION Gohchi, K; Matsuda, J; Gotoh, M; Tsukamoto, M; Saitoh, N; Teikyo Univ School of Medicine, Japan PA0243 THEORETICAL STUDY OF THE MECHANISM BY WHICH HIV INDUCES AIDS Shiozawa, M; Kashimori, Y; Kambara, T; The University of Electro-Communications, Japan PA0244 DIMINISHED SURFACE EXPRESSION OF IgA Fc RECEPTORS (FcaR) ON BLOOD NEUTROPHILS AND MONOCYTES AND THEIR SATURATION BY ENDOGENOUS IgA IN AIDS PATIENTS Grossetete, B; Viard, JP; Bach, JF; Lehuen, A; Monteiro, R; Hopital Necker, France PA0245 COMPUTER SIMULATION OF HIV INDUCED DEFORMATION OF IMMUNE NETWORK SYSTEM Hirai, M; Kashimori, Y; Kambara, T; The University of Electro-Communications, Japan PAl3: HIV Induced Abnormalities of Cellular Immunity PA0246 DISTINCT T CELL DISTURBANCES IN HIV2 INFECTION Jaleco, A; Covas, MJ; Pinto, L; Victorino, RMM; Hospital Santa Maria, Medicina2/Imunologia Clinica, Portugal 174

Page  175 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0247 THE EFFECT OF HIV-INFECTION ON EARLY AGING OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM & THE POSSIBLE ROLE OF MODIFICATION OF REVERSED CD4/CD8 RATIO IN HIV-INFECTION TREATMENT Raoufi, M; Iran's University of Medical Sciences, Iran PA0248 CD4 AND CD8 LYMPHOCYTES IN HIV INFECTED AND NON-INFECTED BABIES BORN TO HIV-1 SEROPOSITIVE MOTHERS, BANGKOK, THAILAND Likanonsakul, S; Wasi, C; Thepthai, C; Sutthent, R; Louisirirotchanakul, S; Chearskul, S; Vanprapar, N; Siriraj Hospital, Thailand PA0249 CHARACTERIZATION OF THE V62T CELL SUBSET SPECIFICALLY DELETED DURING HIV-INFECTION Poccia, F; Boullier, S; Cochet, M; Gougeon, ML; Inst Pasteur, France PA0250 MONITORING OF CD6+ AND CD8+CD38+ LYMPHOCYTE COUNTS IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS IN PROSPECTIVE FOLLOW-UP STUDY Tsertsvadze, T; Shavdia, N; Mebonia, I; Georgian AIDS Reserch Center, Georgia PA0251 HIGH CD4 ANTIGEN DENSITY ON T CELLS IN ADVANCED HIV DISEASE Ujhelyi, E'; BInhegyi, D2; Horvath, A'; TarjAn, V'; Ftist, G'; 'NIHBTI; 2St Llszl6 Hosp; 'Univ Budapest, Hungary PA0252 NEUTROPHIL FUNCTION AS A PROGNOSTIC MARKER IN AIDS Shepeleva, G; Serebrovskaya, LV; Gabrilovich, DI; Ivanova, LA; Kravchenko, AV; Pokrovsky, VV; Russia AIDS Research Centre, Russia PA0253 SJOGREN'S SYNDROME: HIV IgE-LIKE BINDING PROTEINS CAUSE THE AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE Blinov, VM; Grinev, AA; Zverev, VV; Institute for Viral Preparation, Russia PA0254 SUPPRESSIVE EFFECT OF V3 LOOP ON IL-2 INDUCED T CELL GROWTH Sakaida, H; Murakami, T; Kawase, S; Hattori, T; Uchiyama, T; Inst for Virus Res, Kyoto Univ, Japan PA0255 SYNOVIAL CELL APOPTOSIS BY HIV-1 INFECTION Hasunuma, T'; Koyanagi, Y2; Aono, H'; Yamamoto, N2; Nishioka, K'; 'St Marianna University; 2Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan PA0256 INFLUENCE OF HIV IN THE INDUCTION OF THE V/G-SPECIFIC ANERGY IN T CELLS FROM HIV-INFECTED INDIVIDUALS Dadaglio, G; Garcia S; Montagnier, L; Gougeon, ML; Institut Pasteur, France PA0257 SCREENING FOR HIV-Ab IN SALIVA-A MULTICENTER STUDY Burke, M; Vardinon, N; Bentwich, Z; Burstein, R; Maayan, S; Ben Porat, E; Pollack, S; Yust, I; Morag, A; Israel Task Force, Israel PA0258 ENHANCED IMMUNODEFICIENCY IN HEMOPHILIACS CO-INFECTED WITH HIV-1 AND HTLV-1 Usuku, K; Yashiki, S; Fujiyoshi, T; Osame, M; Sonoda, S; Kagoshima Univ, Japan PA0259 IMPAIRMENT OF T CELL PROLIFERATION BY INCREASED INTRA CELLULAR CAMP DOES NOT PREVENT INDUCTION OF CYTOKINE MRNA Hofmann, B; Sorensen, A; Hansen, JES; Nielsen, JO; Hvidovre University Hospital, DK PA0378 THE EFFECTS OF CYTOKINES ON ANTIBODY-DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT OF HIV-1 INFECTION Takeda, A; Kontny, U; Kurane, I; Monroe, JE; Ennis, FA; Jichi Med School, Japan; 2'University of Massachusetts Med School, USA PAl4: Cytokines PA0260 HEAT-INACTIVEATED HIV-1 INDUCES PRODUCTION OF BOTH TUMOR NECROSIS FACTOR ALPHA AND ITS SOLUBLE RECEPTOR (TNF-SR75) BY HUMAN MONOCYTES Rimaniol, AC'; Boussin, F'; Herbelin, A'; De Groote, D'; Dormont, D3; Bach, JF'; Descamps-Latscha, B'; Zavala, F'; 'INSERM U25, Necker Hosp, France; 2Medgenix Group Research Fleurus, Belgium; 'Laboratoire de Neuropathologie experimentale, France PA0261 INHIBITION OF TNF PRODUCTION BY LENTINAN AND CURDLAN SULFATE Masihi, KN'; Chihara, G2; Kaneko, Y'; 'Robert Koch Inst, Germany; 2Biotech Res Ctr Teikyo Univ; 'Ajinomoto Co, Japan PA0262 DOWNREGULATION OF ADF/HUMAN THIOREDOXIN AS A POSSIBLE MEDIATOR OF HIV-INDUCED APOPTOSIS Sato, N; Iwata, S; Masutani, H; Nakamura, K; Hori, T; Yodoi, J; Kyoto Univ, Japan PA0263 REGULATION OF TNF-a RELEASE BY DIFFERENT NEOPLASTIC B CELLS Simonelli, C; Coral, S; Gasparollo, A; Tirelli, U; Altomonte, M; Maio, M; INRCCS-CRO, Italy PA0264 DECREASED SPONTANEOUS PRODUCTION OF IL-1 AND TNFa IN HIV SEROPOSITIVE INDIVIDUALS TREATED WITH AZT Sadeghi, H; Weiss, L; Ledur, A; Kazatchkine, MD; Haeffner-Cavaillon, N; INSERM U28, UniversitE Pierre et Marie Curie, Hopital Broussais, France 175

Page  176 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0265 EFFECT OF TNF-a AND IFN-y ON HIV-1 REPLICATION IN VITRO Han, X'; Becker, K2; Degen, H'; Jablonowski, H2; Strohmeyer, G2; Jungwirth, C'; 'Univ Wtirzburg; 2Univ Dtusseldorf, Germany PA0266 TNF-alpha IN AIDS ASSOCIATED TOXOPLASMOSIS Singh, S; Singh, N; Maniar, JK; Saple, DG; Seth, T; New Delhi & GT Hospital, India PA0267 TUMOR NECROSIS FACTOR PRODUCTION IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS UTILITY AS A SURROGATE AND RELATIONSHIP WITH OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS Sala, M; Monteagudo, M; Amengual, MJ; Sasal, M; Cervantes, M; Segura, F; Hospital de Sabadell, Spain PA0268 TRANSCRIPTIONAL ALTERATION OF TNF-ALPHA AND IL-6 IN AN HIV-INFECTED MONOCYTE/MACROPHAGE LINEAGE CELL LINES Terunuma, H; Ohara, Y; Mizobuchi, M; Tsunoda, I; Iwasaki, Y; Tohoku University School of Medicine, Japan PA0269 TUMOR NECROSIS FACTOR-a, INTERLEUKIN-1 p AND IL-6 CONCENTRATIONS ASSOCIATED WITH LIPID ABNORMALITIES IN THE SERUM OF HIV-1 INFECTED PATIENTS Dupon, M; Sion, A; Iron, A; Paty, MC; Cassaigne, A; Lacut, JY; Pellegrin Hospital, France PA0270 TRIGLYCERIDES (TG) AND TUMOR NECROSIS FACTOR-a (TNF-a) IN HIV INFECTION Llobet, P; Muga, R; Abad, E; Gonzalez, JA; Ruzafa, A; Rey-Joly, C; Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Spain PA0271 DETECTION OF LOCAL PRODUCTION OF INTERLEUKIN-O10 IN KAPOSI'S SARCOMA ASSOCIATED WITH AIDS Oyafuso, LK'; Akridge, RE2; Reed, SG2'3; 'Inst Infect Emilio Ribas, Brazil; 'Infect Dis Research Inst, USA; 'Cornell Univ Med College, USA PA0272 DECREASED CONCENTRATIONS OF IL-10 IN PATIENTS WITH HIV-INFECTION Kucharzik, T; Stoll, R; Ltlgering, N; Domschke, W; University of Munster, Germany PA0273 SOLUBLE IL-6R IS GENERATED THROUGH AN ALTERNATIVE SPICING Horiuchi, S; Koyanagi, Y; Shou, E; Tanaka, Y; Waki, M; Matsumoto, A; Yamamoto, M; Yamamoto, N; Tokyo Med and Dent University, Japan PA0274 USEFULNESS OF CYTOKINES FOR ADVANCED HIV INFECTION DIAGNOSIS Portilla, J; Sanchez, J; Boix, V; Mutnoz, C; Sen, ML; Priego, M; P~rez-Mateo, M; Hospital General Universitario de Alicante, Spain PA0275 INTERFERON-a AUGMENTS INTERLEUKIN-8 RELEASE FROM LATENTLY HIV-1-INFECTED MONOCYTIC CELL LINE, U937 CELLS Ohashi, K; Akazawa, R; Kurimoto, M; Hayashibara Biochem Labs, Inc, Japan PA0276 TNF AND IL-6 PRODUCTION IN LPS-STIMULATED BLOOD OF HIV-INFECTED PERSONS Heyligenberg, R; Romijn, JA; Godfried, MH; Endert, E; Sauerwein, HP; Academic Medical Center, the Netherlands PA0277 CYTOKINES IN THE URINE OF HIV+ AND AIDS PATIENTS Stein, TP; Koerner, B; Schluter, MD; Condoluci, D; Univ of Med and Dent of NJ, USA PA0278 CYTOKINES IN ACUTE HIV1 AND EBV INFECTIONS Biglino, A; Forno, B; Pollono, A; Sinicco, A; Univ of Turin, Italy PA0279 SUPPRESSION OF HIV-REPLICATION IN MACROPHAGES INDUCED BY GM-CSF Matsuda, S; Akagawa, K; Honda, M; Yokota, Y; Takebe, Y; Takemori, T; NIH, Japan PA0280 DIFFERENCE IN LATENCY BETWEEN TWO CELL LINES CHRONICALLY INFECTED WITH HIV Owatari, S; Zhang, J; Gao, M; Hossain, M; Tanabe-Tochikura, A; Kageyama, S; Wakamiya, N; Tsuchie, H; Kurimura, T; Res lust for Microbial Dis, Osaka University, Japan PAO281 ROLE OF CYTOKINES ON HERPES SIMPLEX INFECTION IN HIV DISEASE Kundu, S; Merigan, TC; Stanford Univ, Med Center, USA PA0282 ENHANCEMENT OF IN VITRO REPLICATION OF CYTOMEGALOVIRUS (CMV) BY IL-8 Murayama, T; Mukaida, N; Matsushima, K; Kanazawa Med Univ; Kanazawa Univ, Japan PA0283 ONCOSTATIN M INHIBITS HIV-TAT MEDIATED TRANSACTIVATION IN HELA-TAT CELLS EstE, JA; Witvrouw, M; Tu, J; Pauwels, R; De Clercq, E; Vandamme, A-M; Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium PA0284 THE EXPRESSION OF CELL ADHESION MOLECULES IS MODULATED BY THE GP120-INDUCED CYTOKINES-POSSIBLE IMPLICATIONS IN HIV-1 INFECTION Dianzani, F'; Capobianchi, MR'; Castilletti, C'; Fais, S'; Ameglio, F'; Cordiali Fei, P'; Mercuri, F'; Ficociello, B'; 'University "La Sapienza"; 'Institute San Gallicano, Italy 176

Page  177 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0285 PENTOXIFYLLINE (PTX) AS A TNF INHIBITOR IN HIV+ INDIVIDUALS Sonnabend, J'; Buimovici-Klein, E; Freeman, K; Smith, B; Mohan, V; Harrington, M; 'Community Research Initiative on AIDS, USA PA0286 INDUCTION OF IFN PRODUCTION BY OLIGO DNA WITH CERTAIN PALINDROMIC SEQUENCES Yamamoto, T; Yamamoto, S; Kataoka, T; Kohase, M; Komuro, K; Tokunaga, T; NIH, Japan PA0287 EVALUATIVE INVESTIGATION OF PSICOSOCIAL FACTORS IN 20 HIV MORE SURVIVAL Gonzalez, N; Fundacion Amigos de la Vida, Venezuela PA0288 MATCHED BACTERIAL EXPRESSION AND PROVIRAL INFECTION VECTORS FOR DIRECT CLONING OF PCR-GENERATED WILD-TYPE AND MUTANT (DRUG RESISTANT) HIV-1 PROTEASE GENES Maschera, B; Furfine, E; Blair, E; Wellcome Research Laboratories, UK; Burroughs-Wellcome Co, USA PA0289 IGE SYNTHESIS DRIVEN BY IL-4 PRODUCING CD8+ CELLS IN AIDS Scala, E'; Paganelli, R'; Ansotegui, IJ'; Ausiello, CM2; Sirianni, MC'; Halapi, E3; D'Offizi, G'; Mezzaroma, I'; Fanales-Belasio, E'; Cassone, A2; Aiuti, F'; 'Univ "La Sapienza" Italy; 2ISS, Italy; 'Karolinska Inst, Sweden PAl5: Antivirals PA0290 OXIDATIVE STRESS & APOPTOSIS IN HIV INFECTION A ROLE FOR SYNERGISTIC ANTIOXIDANT METABOLITES FROM PLANTS Greenspan, H; Aruoma, O'; LGD Biomedical Group, USA; 'University of London, UK PA0291 BIRM-CARBOHIDRATE OF LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT ECA 10-142 CONTROLS AIDS Cevallos, AE; Metropolitan Hosptal Quito, Ecuador PA0292 CYSTEAMINE AND CYSTAMINE INHIBIT HIV-1 REPLICATION IN CELLS OF MONOCYTE/MACROPHAGE AND T CELL LINEAGES Ho, W-Z; Zhu, X -H; Song, L; Cutilli, J; Douglas, SD; The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA PA0293 INHIBITION OF HIV-1 REPLICATION BY SDZ NIM 811, A NON-IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVE CYCLOSPORIN A ANALOG Rosenwirth, B; Sandoz Research Institute, Austria PA0294 PENTOXIFYLLINE ENHANCES THE ANTIVIRAL ACTIVITY OF DDI AGAINST HIV-1 IN CULTURED MONONUCLEAR CELLS Zhang, L; Novick, W; Crumpacker, CS; Beth Israel Hospital; Hoechst-Roussel Pharm, USA PA0295 SEXUAL TRANSMISSION OF ZIDOVUDINE-RESISTANT HIV-1 Imrie, A'; Carr, A'; Zheng, N'; Roggensack, M'; Duncombe, C2; Finlayson, R2; Vizzard, J3; Kaldor, J'; Penny, R'; Cooper, DA3; the PHI Study Group; 'St Vincent's Hospital; 2Private practice; 'NCHECR, UNSW, Australia PA0296 INHIBITION OF HIV-1 PROVIRAL DNA INTEGRATION IN CELL CULTURES BY AZT TREATMENT Bruno, R; Debiaggi, M; Carlevari, M; Romero, E; Filice, G; Universiy of Pavia, Italy PA0297 CELLULAR RESISTANCE INDUCED BY IN VITRO AZT-TREATMENT OF CEM CELLS Riva, E3; Turriziani, 03; Simeoni, E3; Di Marco, P'; Bellarosa, D'; Romagnoli, G2; Cianfriglia, M2; Antonelli, G'; Dianzani, F3; 3Univ "La Sapienza"; 2ISS; 'Univ of Pisa, Italy PA0298 ANALYSIS OF THE PRESENCE OF AZT-RESISTANT HIV IN CARRIERS Sakamoto, T"2; Tochikura, A'; Sasao, F'; Kageyama, S'; Wakamiya, N'; Tsuchie, H'; Uemura, H2; Kurimura, T'; 'Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka Univ; 2Foso Pharmacentical Industries, Japan PA0299 KYNOSTATIN (KNI) -272: AN ORALLY BIOAVAILABLE TRIPEPTIDE HIV PROTEASE INHIBITOR CONTAINING ALLOPHENYLNORSTATINE Kiso, Y'; Mimoto, T"2; Enomoto, H'; Kisanuki, S2; Moriwaki, H'; Kimura, T'; Hattori, N2; Hayashi, H2; Takada, K'; Akaji, K'; 'Kyoto Pharmaceutical University; 2Japan Energy Co, Japan PAO300 STRUCTURE-ACTIVITY RELATIONSHIPS OF A NOVEL ANTI-HIV SYNTHETIC PEPTIDE, T22, AND ITS DERIVATIVES Nakashima, H'; Ito, M'; Murakami, T'; Terakawa, Y'; Masuda, M'; Tamamura, H3; Fujii, N3; Waki, M4; Matsumoto, A4; Yamamoto, N2; 'Yamanashi Med Univ; 2Tokyo Med Dent Univ; 'Kyoto Univ; 4Seikagaku Co, Japan PAO301 T22 PEPTIDE INHIBITS MEMBRANE MIXING OF CELL FUSION Murakami, T'; Koyanagi, Y'; Minoguchi, S2; Shida, H2; Waki, M'; Matsumoto, A3; Yamamoto, N'; 'Tokyo Med Dent University; 2Kyoto University; 'Seikagaku Co, Japan PA0302 MOLECULAR PARAMETER FOR ANTI-HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS ACTIVITY OF T22 ( [TYR5, 12, LYS7]-POLYPHEMUSIN II) Fujii, Ni; Terakawa, y'; Otaka, A'; Tamamura, H'; Masuda, M'; Koide, T'; Matsuzaki, K'; Murakami, T2; Nakashima, H3; Waki, M4; Miyajima, K'; Yamamoto, N'; 'Kyoto Univ; 2Tokyo Med Dent Univ; 'Yamanashi Med Univ; 4Seikagaku Co, Japan PA0303 THE STUDY OF CHITOZAN SULPHATE ANTI-HIV ACTION MECHANISM Kornilayeva, GV; Andreev, SM; Gamzazade, AI; Karamov, EV; DI Ivanovsky Inst of Virology, Russia 177

Page  178 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0304 ANTI-HIV ACTIVITY OF SULFATED ALKYLOLIGOSACCHARIDES IN A QUASI-IN-VIVO ASSAY SYSTEM AS AN INTERMEDIARY STEP TO CLINICAL TRIALS Inazawa, K'; Nakashima, H'; Ito, M'; Yamamoto, N2; Ikushima, N3; Shoji, T3; Katsuraya, K4; Uryu, T4; 'Yamanashi Med Univ; 2Tokyo Med Dent Univ; 'Dainippon Ink; 4Univ of Tokyo, Japan PA0305 EFFECTS OF SULFATED DERIVATIVES OF PLANT ORIGIN ON HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS INFECTION Ogawara, H'; Hirayama, F2; Mizuno, T3; Uchino, K3; Saito, T2; Nakashima, H4; Yamamoto, N'; 'Meiji College of Pharmacy; 2Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co; 3Nippon Flour Mills Co; 4Yamanashi Medical University; 'Tokyo Medical and Dental University; Japan PA0306 DESIGN OF ANTI-HIV AGENTS BASED ON GLYCYRRHIZIC ACID Plyasunova, 01; Pokrovsky, A1; Baltina, L2; Murinov, Y'; Tolstikov, G2; 'Institute of Molecular Biology; 2'Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russia PA0307 VESNARINONE, A QUINOLINONE DERIVATIVE, INHIBITS THE REPLICATION OF HIV-1 IN CULTURED CELLS Maruyama, I'; Nakajima, T'; Kitajima, I'; Osame, M'; Zhao, JQ'; Chen, ISY'; Aihara, K'; Nakai, S3; Ikeda, M'; Adachi, M3; 'Kagoshima Univ, Japan; 2UCLA School of Med, USA; 3Otsuka Pharm Co, Ltd, Japan PA0308 A SERIES OF SULFONATED AND PHOSPONATED DERIVATIVES OF DISTAMYCIN WHICH INHIBIT THE REPLICATION OF HIV Clanton, DJ'; Rice, WG'; Buckheit, RW'; Mongelli, N3; Borgia, AL3; Bader, JP4; 'Program Resources, Inc, USA; 2Frederick Research Center, USA; 3Farmitalia Carlo Erba, Italy; 'National Cancer Institute, USA PA0309 MODIFIED CYCLODEXTRIN SULFATE (mCDS71); PROTEIN BINDING AND ANTI-HIV MECHANISM Otake, T'; Mori, H'; Moriya, T'; Yamasaki, K'; Yamakita, H2; Morimoto, M'; Matsumoto, K2; Ueba, N'; 'Osaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health; 2Tanabe Seiyaku Co Ltd, Japan PAO310 NPO6: A NOVEL ANTI-HIV OLIGOPEPTIDE PRODUCED BY ACTINOMYCES Machida, M'; Date, T'; Toyota, K'; Ishida, S'; Watanabe, K'; Ohta, K'; Yoshioka, H'; Chokekijchai, S2; Kojima, E2_; Roller, P3; Mitsuya, H2; Murakami, K'; 'Nippon Paper Industries, Co, Ltd, Japan; 2NCI, NIH, USA PAO311 PHARMACOKINETICS OF CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM (CNS) - TARGETING 6-HALO-DIDEOXYGUANOSINES IN MICE AND MONKEYS Watanabe, K'; Fujii, Y'; Kojima, E'; Balis, F'; Hawkins, M2; Shirasaka, T2; Machida, M'; Yoshioka, H'; Mitsuya, H2'; Murakami, K'; 'Nippon Paper Industries, Co, Ltd, Japan; 'NCI, NIH, USA PA0312 NOVEL HIGHLY PROMISING HEPT ANALOGUE: MKC-442 Ubasawa, M'; Takashima, H'; Sekiya, K'; Yuasa, S'; Niwa, T'; Yamamoto, M'; Tsutsui, N'; Tanaka, H2; Miyasaka, T2; Baba, M3; 'Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation; 'Showa University; 3Fukushima Medical College, Japan PA0313 MODULATION OF HIV PRODUCTION BY SALICYLATES Kotler, DP'; Buimovici-Klein, E; Mohan, V; Maitra, U; Sonnabend, J; St Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center, USA PA0314 ANTIVIRAL EFFECT OF CONVERGENT VS DIVERGENT DRUG COMBINATION ON HIV-1 SPREAD IN VITRO Chong, KT; Pagano, PJ; Upjohn Laboratories, USA PA0315 LACTOFERRIN PREVENTS INFECTION OF HIV IN VITRO Tanaka, S; Tokai University, Japan PA0316 STRUCTURE-ACTIVITY RELATIONSHIPS OF NOVEL AMIDES OF BETULINIC ACID BLOCKING HIV-1 ENTRY Dereu, N; Bousseau, A; Poujade C; Evers, M; Henin, Y; Mayaux, JF; Rh6ne-Poulenc Rorer SA, France PA0317 NOVEL NON-NUCLEOSIDE COMPOUND WITH IN VITRO ANTI-HIV-1 ACTIVITY De la Fuente, JA; Cross, S; Marugin, JJ; PharmaMar SA, Spain PAO318 ANTI-HIV-1 ACTIVITY OF THE EXTRACT OF FUSCOPORIA OBLIQUA Mori, H'; Otake, T'; Yamasaki, K'; Nishio, M2; Morimoto, M'; Ueba, N'; 'Osaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health; 2Tanabe Seiyaku Co Ltd, Japan PA0319 SCREENING OF ANTI-HIV ACTIVITY OF KOREAN AND CHINESE TRADITIONAL MEDICINES Lee, J-S; Lee, HR; Nam, JG; Lee, YJ; Kang, C; Shin, YO; Center for AIDS Research, Korea PA0320 ENCYCLANE DERIVATIVES AS ANTI-HIV DRUGS Pokrovsky, A'; Plyasunova, O'; Fedyuk, N'; Kiselev, O'; Ponizovsky, M2; Charushin, V'; Chupahin, 02'; 'Inst Molecular Biology; 2'Ural Politech Inst, Russia PA0321 INHIBITION OF HIV ACTIVITY IN VITRO AND IN VIVO BY MDI-P Morrow, RE'; Welch, DW2; 'Medical Discoveries, Inc; 2WMCL INC, USA PA0322 CONFORMATIONAL STUDIES ON ANTI-AIDS DRUGS AND AGENTS Saran, A; Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India PA0323 HIV-1 REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE (RT) BINDING AND BOUND RT ASSAYS WITHOUT USING RADIOISOTOPE Sano, K; Nakamura, T; Nakano, T; Odawara, F'; Norimatsu, S; Misaki, H'; Nakai, M; Osaka Medical College; 'Asahi Chemical Industry Co, Japan 178

Page  179 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0324 VIRAL CHARACTERIZATION AND COMPARISON OF WILD-TYPE HIV-1 WITH RT INHIBITOR-RESISTANT MUTANTS Ijichi, K'; Fujiwara, M'; Konno, K'; Shigeta, S2; Yokota, T'; Baba, M2; 'Rational Drug Design Laboratories; 2Fukushima Medical College, Japan PA0325 IN VITRO ISOLATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF HIV-1 MUTANTS RESISTANT TO BOTH AZT AND MKC-442 Yuasa, S'; Sadakata, Y'; Seki, M'; Hashimoto, K2; Baba, M2; Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation; 2Fukushima Medical College, Japan PA0326 A SIMPLE EIA FOR ASSAYING HIV PROTEASE ACTIVITY Syu, W-J; National Yang-Ming Medical College, Taipei, ROC PA0327 BIOLOGICAL PROFILE OF ANALOGS OF THE HIV-1 PROTEASE INHIBITOR CGP 53 437 Schneider, P; Alteri, E; Bold, G; Capraro, H -G; Faessler, A; Lang, M; Mestan, J; Roesel, J; Ciba-Geigy Ltd, Switzerland PA0328 INHIBITORY EFFECTS OF TROPICAL PLANTS ON HIV-PROTEASE Miyashiro, H'; Lim, JA'; Nakabayashi, T'; Miyaji, M'; Hattori, M'; Shimotohno, K2; 'Toyama Med Pharm Univ; 2Nat Cancer Cent Res Inst, Japan PA0329 INHIBITION OF HIV-1 BY ANTISENSE DNA OLIGONUCLEOTIDE Bochkova, MS2; Zhigulin, AO'; Petrova, MS'; Kalnina, LB'; Pokrovsky, VV2; Nossik, DN'; 'D I Ivanovsky Institute of Virology; 2Institute of Epidemiology, Russia PA0330 MECHANISMS OF MODIFIED ANTISENSE OLIGONUCLEOTIDES Hatta, T'; Takaki, K'; Nakashima, N2; Yamamoto, N2 Takaku, H'; 'Chiba Institute of Technology, 2Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan PA0331 ADDITIONAL ANTI-HIV ACTIVITY OF ANTISENSE WITH INTERFERONS Matsukura, M'; Zon, G2; 'Kumamoto Univ Med School, Japan; 2Lynx Therapeutics, USA PA0332 MULTI-BRANCHED PEPTIDE CONSTRUCTS (MBPC) OF THE V3 LOOP OF gpl20 INHIBIT HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS INFECTION Benjouad, A; Fenouillet, E; Chapuis, F; Gluckman, JC; Sabatier, JM'; CNRS URA 1463, Hopital Piti-Salpetriere; 'CNRS URA 1455, Faculte de Madecine Nord, France PA0333 PEPTIDE T ANTAGONISES THE POTENTIATION OF HIV-1 REPLICATION BY TNFa Race, E'; Stein, CA'; Chargelegue, D'; Oxford, JS'; Aston, R2; 'Retroscreen Ltd, London Hospital, Medical College; 'Peptech UK PA0334 NEW HIV-1 RT INHIBITORS BELONGING TO THE CLASS OF TIBO/ NEVIRAPINE COMPOUNDS Bellarosa, D"2; Antonelli, G2; Bambacioni, F'; Turriziani, O'; Riva, E'; Giannotti, D2; Giachetti, A2; Dianzani, F'; 'Univ La Sapienza; 2Menarini Ricerche Sud, Dept of Pharmacology; 'Univ of Pisa, Italy PA0335 NEW ANTI-HIV DRUG WHICH TARGETS THE OLIGOSACCHARIDE CHAINS OF HIV ENVELOPE GLYCOPROTEIN Mizuochi, T'; Nakata, M'; Oki, T2; Murakami, T'Nakashima, H'; Yamamoto, N'; 'Tokai University; 2Tamagawa University; 'Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan PA0336 ANTI-HIV EFFECTS OF REDOX REAGENTS ON HIV-1 INFECTED CELL LINES Shoji, S; Furuishi, K; Misumi, S; Miyazaki, T; Kino, M; Yamataka, K; Matsuoka, H; Tachibana, K; Kumamoto Univ, Japan PA0337 EFFECTS OF POLYCATIONS ON INFECTION WITH HUMAN RETROVIRUSES Haraguchi, Y; Yang, D; Shimizu, N; Takeuchi, Y; Hoshino, H; Gunma University, Japan PA0338 THERAPEUTIC POTENTIAL OF FK 506 IN PATIENTS WITH HIV DISEASE Karpas, A; University of Cambridge, UK PA0339 HIV-1 RESISTANT TO PROTEASE INHIBITORS IN VITRO DUE TO ONE POINT MUTATION IN POL GENE El-Farrash, MA; Kuroda, MJ; Harada, S; Kumamoto University, Japan PA0340 TODOXIN-HIV INHIBITORY AND IMMUNOSTIMULATING EFFICACY Jovanovic T'; Jondal, M2; Cragg, G'; 'Todoxin Study Group, Austria; 2Karolinska Institute, Sweden; 'NIH, USA PA0341 VESNARINONE, A QUINOLINONE DERIVATIVE, INHIBITS THE CYTOKINE SECRETIONS BY HUMAN PBMCs Aihara, K'; Momota, H"2; Okada, H2; Takamatsu, J'; Akamatsu, S'; Sogo, S'; Shindoh, Y'; Ohmoto, Y'; Nishida, T'; Nakai, S'; Kitajima, I4; Maruyama, I4; Adachi, M'; 'Otsuka Pharm Co, Ltd; 2Nagoya City Univ; 'Nagoya Univ, 4Kagoshima Univ, Japan PA0342 INHIBITION OF HIV INFECTION BY A NOVEL SOLUBLE FACTOR PRODUCED BY NON-LYMPHOID CELL LINE Teshigawara, K; Hattori, T'; Okubo, Y; Sun, L; Fukata, H; Honda, M2; Uchida, A; 'Kyoto Univ2Virus Inst; 'NIH, Japan PA0343 HIV PROTEASE INHIBITOR RO 31-8959: ABSENCE OF IMMUNOREGULATORY EFFECTS Dulioust, A; Goujard, C; Crouvoisier, M; Wallon, C; Delfraissy, JF; H6pital Antoine Becltre, France 179

Page  180 TRACK A: Basic Science PA0344 PROPOSAL FOR EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES TO EVALUATE SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE DIALYSATE IN RETROVIRAL TREATMENT Avlicino, AA; Newton, CL; USA PAl6: Gene Therapy PA0345 GENETIC IMMUNIZATION OF HUMANS FOR AIDS IMMUNOTHERAPY USING DIRECT RETROVIRAL VECTOR ADMINISTRATION Warner JF; Irwin, M; Laube, L; Lee, V; Anderson, C-G; Chada, S; Peters, G; Ziegner, U; Merchant, B; Klump, W; Sajjadi, N; Jolly, D; Mento, S; Galpin, J'; Viagene, Inc; 'Shared Medical Research Foundation, USA PA0346 INTERFERONp TRANSFECTED HUMAN CELLS ARE PROTECTED FROM HIV INFECTION IN VITRO AND IN VIVO FOLLOWING TRANSPLANTATION INTO SCID MICE Sanhadji, K'; Firouzi, R'; Leissner, P'; Laplace, S'; Touraine, J-L'; Mehtali, M2'; 'Faculte A Carrel, INSERM U80; 'Transgene, France PA0347 GENE THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES TO AIDS Symonds, G; Sun, L-Q; Pyati, J; Smythe, J; Gerlach, W; The RW Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Australia PA0348 A REV MUTANT EXPRESSED IN CYTOPLASM RESCUED CELLS FROM HIV-1 INDUCED CELL DEATH Furuta, RA; Kubota, S; Hattori, T; Hatanaka, M; Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto Universtiy, Japan PA0349 INTRACELLULAR ANTIBODIES "INTRABODIES" FOR AIDS GENE THERAPY Marasco, WA'; Chen, S -Y'; Bagley, J'; Mhashilkar, A'; Khouri, Y'; Jones, S'; Ramstedt, U2'; 'Dana-Farber Cancer Inst, Harvard Med School; 'Virus Research Institute, USA PA0350 MONOCLONAL HUMAN Fab AGAINST HIV-1 rev and tat PROTEINS Pilkington, GR; Duan, L'; Keil, W; Pomerantz, R'; Intracel Corp; 'Thomas Jefferson University, USA PA0351 DEVELOPMENT OF A SHOTGUN-TYPE ANTI-HIV-1 MULTI-TARGETED RIBOZYME EXPRESSION SYSTEM Ohkawa, J,2'; Yuyama, N'; Homann, M'; Sczakiel, G'; Takebe, Y'; Taira, K'; 'National Inst of Bioscience and Human Technology, 2NIH, Japan; 3Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Germany PA0352 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ANTI-HIV-1 RIBOZYME EXPRESSION VECTOR Yuyama, N; Ohkawa, J; Taira, K; National Institute of Bioscience and Human Technology, Japan PA0353 DOMINANT NEGATIVE ENV MUTANT OF FRIEND MURINE LEUKEMIA VIRUS Matano, T; Odawara, T; Ohshima, M; Iwamoto, A; Yoshikura, H; University of Tokyo, Japan PA0354 MOLECULAR THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES TO HIV-1 INFECTION AND AIDS Lisziewicz, J'; Sun, D'; Lori, F'; Peng, B'; Ensoli, B'; Agrawal, S2; Gallo, RC'; 'NCI, NIH; 2Hybridon, Inc, USA PA0355 SPECIFIC ABLATION OF ATL CELLS USING HIV VECTOR CARRYING THYMIDINE KINASE GENE Obaru, K; Matsushita, S; Fujii, S; Shimada, T; Takatsuki, K; Kumamoto University, Japan PAl7: Vaccines PA0356 ENHANCING IMMUNOGENICITY OF HIV-1 PND BY USING FOREIGN T-h EPITOPE Kumar, A; AIIMS, India PA0357 IMPROVED CONSTRUCTION OF SYNTHETIC HIV VACCINE CANDIDATES Sia, C'; Chong, P'; Matthews, T2; Bolognesi, D2; Klein, M' 'Connaught Labs Ltd, Canada; 'Duke University, USA PA0358 CONTROLLED RELEASE SUBUNIT VACCINE FOR HIV-1 Cleland, JL'; Powell, MF'; Lim, A'; Barron, L'; Berman, PW2; Nunberg, JH'; Murthy, KK2; 'Genentech, Inc; 2SFBR, USA PA0359 T-CELL PROLIFERATIVE AND CYTOTOXIC ACTIVITY INDUCED IN ANIMALS BY A HIV 1-NEF RECOMBINANT BCG Gheorghiu, M; Gicquel, B; Lagranderie, M; Institut Pasteur, France PA0360 INDUCTION OF CROSS-NEUTRALISING ANTIBODIES AND CTL BY A CHEMICALLY INACTIVATED WHOLE HIV VACCINE Race, E'; Addawe, MD'; Frezza, P'; Oxford, JS'; 'London Hospital, Medical College, UK; 2ISI, Italy PA0361 PRIMING OF CD8+ CTL BY IMMUNIZATION WITH SYNGENEIC IRRADIATED HIV-1 DERIVED PEPTIDE-PULSED DENDRITIC CELLS Takahashi, H; Nakagawa, Y; Yokomuro, K; Berzofsky, J'; Nippon Medical School, Japan; 'NCI, NIH, USA PA0362 EXPRESSION OF HIV-1 CORE/ENVELOPE CHIMERIC VIRUS-LIKE PARTICLES IN BACULOVIRUS-INFECTED CELLS Truong, C; Brand, D; Roingeard, P; Mallet, F; Goudeau, A; Barin, F; CHRU Bretonneau, and ENS, France PA0363 EX VIVO NEUTRALIZATION OF HIV QUASISPESIES BY A BROADLY REACTIVE HUMANIZED MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY Matsushita, S'; Eda, Y'; Yoshimura, K'; Murakami, T2; Shiozaki, K'; Tokiyoshi, S; Takatsuki, K'; 'Kumamoto Univ; 'CSTRI, Japan 180

Page  181 TRACK A: Basic Science A NOVEL MULTICOMPONENT VACCINE (VC1) Bukawa, H; Hamajima, K; Okuda, K; Yokohama City University, Japan PA0365 ADJUVANT STRATEGY FOR TH-1 TYPE IMMUNITY Sugimoto, M; Ohishi, K; Fukasawa, M; Shikata, K; Kawai, H; Itakura, H; Sakakibara, R; Ishiguro, M; Nakada, M; Mizuochi, T; Hatanaka, M; Nagasaki Univ, and Tokai Univ; Japan PA0366 HIV ISOLATES REPOSITORIES IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD: ESTABLISHMENT AND PRELIMINARY CHARACTERIZATION Brlgido, LFM;Beltrao, PCB; Rossini, MAA; Oliveira, MI; Santos, VA'; Wakin, VL'; Duarte, AJS'; Instituto Adolfo Lutz; 'Faculty of Medicine USP, Brazil PA0367 HIV-1 V3 LOOP SEQUENCE FROM GULU DISTRICT (UGANDA) Giraldo, G'; Buonaguro, FM1; Greco, D2; Beth-Giraldo, E'; Lukwiya, M'; Sempala, SDK4; 'I NT, Italy; 2ISS, Italy; 'Lacor Hospital, Uganda; 4UVRI, Uganda PA0368 V3 EPITOPE-GRAFTED IMMUNOGLOBULIN AS A NEW AIDS VACCINE CANDIDATE Kumagai, Y; Biomaterial Research Institute, Japan PA0369 SYNTHETIC GP120-DERIVED PEPTIDE IMMUNOGENS INDUCE IL-4 AND IL-6 SECRETION IN VIVO Klinman, D'; Haynes, BF2; Conover, J'; 'CBER/FDA; 2Duke University Medical Centre, USA PA0370 IMMUNOGENECITY OF MACROMOLECULE SYNTHETIC PEPTIDE (AG3) CORRESPONDING TO THE EPITOPE OF V3 REGION IN HIV-1 ENVELOPE gpl20 Hamajima, K'; Bukawa, H'; Yamamoto, A2; Okuda, K'; 'Yokohama City University; 2Terumo Corporation R and D Center, Japan PA0371 IMMUNOGENICITY OF AN HIV-1-MULTIEPITOPE PEPTIDE (MEP) Montero, M'; Duarte, C'; Menendez, A'; Navea, L2; et al; 'Center for Gen Eng and Biotechnology (CIGB); 'AIDS Ref Labs, Cuba PA0372 DNA VACCINE INDUCES STRONG CTLS AGAINST HIV-1 TARGET CELLS Okuda, K'; Bukawa, H'; Hamajima, K'; Fukushima, J'; Yamamoto, A2; Kawamoto, S'; 'Yokohama City Univ Sch of Med; 'Terumo Corporation R and D Ctr, Japan PA0373 COMBINED MODALITY IMMUNIZATION ELICITS SIV-SPECIFIC CTL Yasutomi, Y'; Alving, CR'; Wassef, N2; Conard, P'; Conley, AJ'; Emini, EA; Madsen, J4; Woods, R4; Koenig, S4; Letvin, NL'; 'Harvard Medical School, Southborough; 'Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; 'Merck Research Lab; 'MedImmune, Inc, USA PA0375 PHASE I STUDY OF HIV-1 MN V3 OCTAMERIC PEPTIDE VACCINE Gorse, GJ'; Keefer, M; Weinhold, K; Matthews, T; Stablein, D; Potts, B2; Forrest, B2; The NIAID AIDS Vaccine Clinical Trials Network (AVEG); 'Saint Louis Univ and VAMC; 2United Biomedicals, Inc, USA PA0376 PPD-V3 LOOP PEPTIDE CONJUGATE VACCINE Rubinstein, A; Goldstein, H; Cryz, S'; Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA; 'Swiss Serum and Vaccine Inst, Switzerland 181

Page  182 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB03: Opportunistic Infections: Bacterial and Viral PB0512 USE OF INTRA-OCULAR GANCICLOVIR IN EYES WITH CMV RETINITIS PREVIOUSLY HAVING UNDERGONE SILICONE OIL TAMPONADE OF A RETINAL DETACHMENT Ussery, FM III; Park Plaza Hospital, USA PB0513 A LONGITUDINAL COMPARISON OF RETINAL FUNCTION OF INTRAVENOUS GANCICLOVIR VS THE CHIRON INTRAOCULAR IMPLANT IN AIDS PATIENTS WITH CMV RETINITIS Latkany, P'; Frost, K2; Seiple, W'; Holopigian, K'; 'New York University Medical Center; 'Treatment Action Group, USA PB0514 FOSCARNET AND GANCYCLOVIR ASSOCIATED THERAPY FOR CYTOMEGALOVIRUS RETINITIS IN AIDS PATIENTS Ursitti, MA; Zotti, CA'; Gaft, S; Giudici, MG; Testa, L; Corradini, R; Chiaravalloti, F'; Bonazzi, L; Div. Malattie Infettive; 'Div. Oculistica, USL 9, Italy PB0515 LASER TREATMENT ON RETINAL FOCAL LESIONS AS PROPHILAXIS OF RETINAL DETACHMENT CAUSED BY CYTOMEGALOVIRUS AND HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS RETINITIS IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS Zotti, CA'; Gaff, S2; Ursitti, MA2; Testa, L2; Barchi, E2; Giudici, MG2; Corradini, R2; Bonazzi, L2; Chiaravalloti, F'; 'Div Oculistica; 'Div Malattie Infettive, USL9, Italy PB0516 CMV ANTIGENEMIA IN AIDS PATIENTS RECEIVING GANCICLOVIR FOR CMV RETINITIS Magno, M'; Sebastiani, G'; Folgori, F'; Mastroianni, CM'; Vullo, V'; Volpi, A'; "'La Sapienza" University; 'Tor Vergata University, Italy PB0517 LONG-TERM VISUAL OUTCOME IN CMV RETINITIS Olmari, M; Gabriel, V; Sansonetti, A; Hirschel, B; Infectious Dis and Ophthal, HCUG, Switzerland PB0518 EFFECTS OF SERUM STARVATION ON CYTOMEGALOVIRUS INFECTION OF CULTURED HUMAN RETINAL PIGMENT EPITHELIAL CELLS Ando, Y1,2; Soushi, S"'; Arao, Y'; Sata, T'; Kurata, T'; 'NIH; 2Keio Univ; 'Tokai Univ, Japan PB0519 FOSCARNET 5 VS 7 DAYS A WEEK IN GASTROINTESTINAL CMV-DISEASE Salzberger, B; Stoehr, A; Heise, W; Jablonowski, H; Ewald, U; Peters, K; Schrappe, M; UK Koln; AK St Georg Hamburg; AVK Berlin; UK Dusseldorf; Astra Chemicals, Germany PB0520 COMBINED THERAPY WITH GANCICLOVIR AND FOSCARNET FOR CMV POLYRADICULOMYELITIS Karmochkine, M'; Lesprit, P2; Coutellier, A'; Scieux, C'; Welker, Y'; Chrin, P'; Moda, J'; Herson, S'; 'Internal Medicine, Salpetriere; 2Infectious Disease; 'Microbiology, St-Louis, France PB0521 CYTOMEGALOVIRUS POLYRADICULOPATHY (CMV-PR) IN AIDS: IMPROVEMENT WITH THERAPY Espinoza, LA; Jayaweera, DT'; Maiewski, S; Fischl, MA; University of Miami, USA PB0522 GANCICLOVIR THERAPY IN EXTRAOCULAR CMV INFECTION Manata, MJ; Forte, M; Quaresma, MJ; Hospital de Santa Maria, Portugal PB0523 ABSOLUTE BIOAVAILABILITY OF ACYCLOVIR IS SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASED FOLLOWING ORAL VALACICLOVIR (VALTREX) Bentley, S'; Soul-Lawton, J'; Rolan, P'; 'Nippon Wellcome KK, Japan; 'Wellcome Research Laboratories, UK PB0524 INCIDENCE OF CMV INFECTION AND DISEASE IN AIDS PATIENTS Claramonte, X; Gatell, JM; Moreno, A; Zamora, L; Vidal, J; Mallolas, J; Soriano, E; Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain PB0525 CYTOMEGALOVIRUS INFECTION IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS IN BRAZIL: STUDY OF 119 CASES BY AUTOPSY EXAMINATION Edelweiss, MI; Sfair, A; Golbspan, L; Kronfeld, M; Sprinz, E; Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil PB0526 CMV INFECTION ON AIDS PATIENTS Potsch, DV; Perez, MA; Peixoto, CAM; Martins, MMC; Fonseca, IVT; HUCFF/NESC/DI/UFRJ, Brazil PB0527 CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS OF CYTOMEGALOVIRAL VASCULITIS IN AIDS PATIENTS WITH COLITIS McNamara, P; Garland, J; Gathe, Jr, J; Bernal, A; Clemmons, J; Bockmon, K; Piot, D; Park Plaza Hospital, USA PB0528 CORRELATION BETWEEN DETECTION OF CMV DNA IN SERUM BY PCR AND ONSET OF CLINICAL SYMPTOMS Hansen, KK; Richsten, A; Hofmann, B; et al; Hvidovre University Hospital, Denmark PB0529 CYTOMEGALOVIRUS BLOODANTIGENTEST (CMV-AG TEST) AS A MARKER OF FAILING TREATMENT OF CMV DISEASE AND OF CMV RESISTANCE IN AIDS PATIENTS Sprenger, HG'; Schirm, J2; van der Giessen, M'; The, TH'; Weits, J'; 'University Hospital; 2Public Health Lab, The Netherlands PB0530 EBVREPLICATIVE CYCLE IN ORAL HAIRY LEUKOPLAKIA Meyohas, MC; Rea, D; Ovaguimian, O; Marachal, V; Sergeant, A; Nicolas, JC; Hopital St Antoine, France; Hopital Rothschild, France PB0531 HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS INFECTION IN 2 POPULATION GROUPS WITH HIV DISEASE Del Amo, J; Goh, B-T; Hillman, J; Forster, GE; Royal London Hospital, UK 182

Page  183 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0532 HHV-6 AMONG HIV INFECTED INDIVIDUALS AND BLOOD DONORS Zapiola, I; Savy, V; Cando, O; Bouzas, MB; Cahn, P; Muchinik, G; Wainstein, C; Hosp De Nifios R Gutierrez; IDEFI; Hosp Fernandez; Secretaria de Salud, Argentina PB0533 HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS TYPE 64 INDUCES A CHARACTERISTIC DYSPLALSTIC LESION IN VAGINAL MUCOSA Iwasaki, T'; Sata, T'; Kurata, T'; Matsukura, T'; Sugase, M2; 'NIH; 2Nagano Red Cross Hospital, Japan PB0534 HPV INFECTION AMONG HIV INFECTED WOMEN: CLINICAL EVALUATION, CORRELATED WITH HIV (-) WOMEN Rodriguez Rios, E; Macias, JR; Masini, R; Franchi, M; Lloveras, S; Navarro, L; Argentina PB0535 B19 PARVOVIRUS INFECTION IN AIDS Ramratnam, B'; Gollerkeri, A; Flanigan, T; Schiffman, F; Ueda, P; Gottlieb, F; Deutsch, J; 'Brown Univ, USA PB0536 DIAGNOSIS, DETECTION AND GENOTYPING OF HEPATITIS C VIRUS IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS IN A NORTH-WEST CITY IN FRANCE Clotteau, L; Mendel, I; Pfaff, F; Prevost, M; Buffet-Janvresse, C; Caron, F; Humbert, G; Hosp C Nicolle, France PB0537 HEPATITIS C VIRUS GENOMIC SEQUENCES IN CEREBROSPINAL FLUID OF HIV-1 INFECTED PATIENTS Morsica, G; Gianotti, N; Novati, R; Bernardi, MT; Migone, TS; Accordini, A; Castagna, A; Lazzarin, A; IRCCS San Raffaele, Italy PB0538 COURSE OF HEPATITIS C IN HIV-COINFECTED HEMOPHILIACS Rockstroh, J; Spengler, U; Hammerstein, U; Ltichters, G; Brackmann, HH; Oldenburg, J; Sauerbruch, T; University of Bonn, Germany PB0539 ANTIBODY RESPONSE TO HEPATITIS B VACCINE IN A HIV CLINIC COHORT Broisman, LB; Hartford Hospital, USA PB0540 ANTIBODY RESPONSE TO HEPATITIS B VACCINATION OF HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Garcia, S'; del Romero, J'; Perez, A'; Rodriguez, C'; Garcia, A'; Gil, A2; 'Centro Sanitario Sandoval, CAM; 2Medicina Preventiva, UAM; Spain P0541 HTLV PREVALENCE IN PREGNANT WOMEN IN SOUTHERN FRANCE Vignoli, C; Tamalet, C; Zandotti, C; Rousseau, S; de Micco, P; HOpital de la Timone, France PB0542 CMV IgG, HSV IgG, HSV2 IgG AND T gondii IgG PREVALENCE AMONG PRIMARY BLOOD DONORS IN LOW HIV PREVALENCE COUNTRY Milinaviciute, R; Griskevicius, A; Valanciauskaite, V; Caplinskas, S; AIDS Centre of Lithuania, Lithuania PB0543 PREVALENCE OF HBV, HCV AND HDV IN 500 HIV+ PATIENTS Denis, F; Adjide, CC; Ranger-Rogez, S; Rogez, JP; Weinbreck, P; CHU Dupuytren, France PB0544 SEROPREVALENCE OF CHRONIC COINFECTION IN HIV (+) PATIENTS IN ARGENTINA Bortolozzi, R; Lupo, S; Taborda, M; Fernandez, E; Viglianco, R; Fay, O; Nac Univ of Rosario, Argentina PB0545 VIRAL MARKERS IN HIV1I+ CHILDREN SHELTERED IN AN ORPHANAGE Sfartz, S'; Dragomir, C'; Zugun-E, F'; Balteanu, M2; 'UMF, Iasi; 2'Inst Cantacuzino, Romania PB0546 FINAL RESULTS OF A TWO YEAR, MULTIPLE OPPORTUNISTIC PATHOGEN PROPHYLAXIS STUDY (MOPPS) PERSONS WITH CD4 < 200/MM3 Sullivan, C; Henry, K; Weiser, J; Melroe, H; St Paul Ramsey Med Ctr, USA PB0547 DECREASED GAMMA GLOBULIN CONCENTRATION AND DECREASED CD4+ COUNT ARE PROGNOSTIC FOR THE OCCURRENCE OF CMV DISEASE: A LONGITUDINAL STUDY Geier, St A; Sadri, I; Bogner, JR; Klauss, V; Goebel, F-D; Medizinische Poliklinik und Augenklinik, Germany PB0548 FALSE POSITIVE IgM SEROLOGIES ASSOCIATED WITH RECENT HIV DIAGNOSIS Rusnak, JM; Blatt, SP; Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland Air Force Base, USA PB0549 REPORTED CASES OF HIV I IN DIABETES MELLITUS PATIENTS ALONG WITH HUMAN HERPES VIRUS Bagalkote, SG; Mehta, JPS; Kenyatta University; Nairobi & Mehta Nursing Home; Kenya PB0550 ANAL CONDILOMATOSIS RECURRENCE IN HIV (+) PATIENTS: COMPARATION BETWEEN THREE MODALITIES OF TREATMENT Alfonzo Nuez, R; Vainrub, B; Morgenterns, J; Baptista, A; Gorrin, M; Fernandez, J; Franco, G; Hospital de Clinicas Caracas, Venezuela PB0551 ASTEROID NOCARDIA INFECTION IN TWO HIV INFECTED PATIENTS AS THE FIRST EPISODE OF OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTION Daniele, A; Masini, R; Macias, J; FJ Mufliz Hospital, Argentina PB0552 BACTERIAL PNEUMONIAS AS A MARKER OF DISEASE PROGRESSION Teira, R; Virosta, M; Mufloz, J; Zubero, Z; Baraia-Etxaburu, J; Santamaria, JM; Hosp de Basurto, Spain 183

Page  184 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0553 RESPIRATORY INFECTION BY P AERUGINOSA IN HIV PATIENTS Arrizabalaga, J; Mentxaka, B; Iribarren, JA; Oyarbide, J; Rodriguez, FJ; Garde, C; Von Wichmann, MA; H Aranzazu, Spain PB0554 AZITHROMYCIN VERSUS AMOXICILLIN/CLAVULANATE IN COMMUNITY ACQUIRED PNEUMONIAS OF HIV-PATIENTS Ciaffi, L'; Franzetti, F2; Gervasoni, C2; Romaniello, A2; Maillard, M'; Moro, M'; Ruggieri, A'; Cernuschi, M'; Lazzarin, A'; 'HSR; 2H Sacco, Italy PB0555 PULMONARY INFECTION IN AIDS PATIENTS CAUSED BY THE "RHODOCOCCUS EQUI": A CASE DESCRIPTION AND A REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE Gomes, VR; Pozzobon, E; Lima, DB; Pinho, KG; Estadual Univ of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PB0556 RHODOCOCCUS EQUI INFECTION IN AIDS PATIENTS: PROTECTIVE ROLE OF HUMORAL IMMUNITY Mastroianni, CM; Vullo, V; Delia, S; "La Sapienza" Unirersity, Italy PB0557 CLARITHROMYCIN 500mg BID AS PRIMARY PROPHYLAXIS IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS Grossman, HA; USA PB0558 CLARITHROMYCIN 500mg BID FOR MAC PROPHYLAXIS IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS Golden, SW; USA PB0559 CLARITHROMYCIN 500 mg BID FOR dMAC PROPHYLAXIS Coulston, DR; Wood, CD; USA PB0560 MAC PROPHYLAXIS WITH CLARITHROMYCIN 500 MG BIG IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS Greiger-Zanlungo, P; Alaie-Petrillo, A; The Mt Vernon Hospital, USA PB0561 COMMUNITY AND NOSOCOMIAL BACTEREMIA IN HIV-PATIENTS Bernard, E; Carles, M; Ozouf, N; De Salvador, F; Pradier, C; Dellamonica, P; Hopital de L'archet, France PB0562 BLOOD CULTURES IN AIDS PATIENTS IN SOUTH OF BRAZIL Silbert, S; Sprinz, E; Mallmann, R; Barcellos, S; Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil PB0563 ANTIBIOTIC PREMEDICATION-PREVENTION OF SUBACUTE BACTERIAL ENDOCARDITIS IN METHADONE MAINTENANCE PATIENTS Reich, D; McEachrane, D; Quart, A; North Central Bronx & Montefiore Hospitals, USA PB0564 INFECTIOUS MORBIDITY ASSOCIATED WITH LONG TERM VENOUS ACCES DEVICES IN AIDS Capdevila, JA; Barbera, J; Garcia Quintana, A; Gasser, I; Ocania, I; Hospital General Vail d'Hebr6n, Spain PB0565 INFECTIVE ENDOCARDITIS IN INTRAVENOUS DRUG USERS AND HIV POSITIVE Serrano, A; Martins, T; Machado, J; Maltez, F; Coutinho, F; Morgado, A; Proenca Rui Hospital Curry Cabral, Portugal PB0566 MICROBIOLOGY OF SINUSITIS IN AIDS Gonsalves, DU; Greco, DB; Toledo Jr, AC; Tupinambis, U; Immunodeficiency and ENT Sectores, UFMG, Brazil PB0567 PNEUMOCOCCAL ENDOPHTHALMITIS IN AN HIV+ PATIENT Lionett, F; Pulik, M; Genet, P; Petitdidier, C; Le Turdu, F; Victor Dupouy Hospital, France PB0568 ANTIMICROBIAL SUSCEPTIBILITY OF STREPTOCOCCUS PNEUMONIAE IN HIV PATIENTS de la Rubia, F; Clavo, A; Lopez Prieto, D; de Cueto, M; Perez Ramos, S; Sanchez Porto, A; Lopez Sanchez, A; Group of Infectious Diseases (GIDC), Spain PB0569 CAMPYLOBACTER AND YERSINIA IN HIV+ PATIENTS Franzin, L; Sinicco, A; Scramuzza, F; Zaccaria, T; Univ of Turin, Italy PB0570 SURGICAL DISEASES IN THE AREA ANORECTUM IN AIDS PATIENTS AT THE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL IN BUTARE, RWANDA Gatera, G; Bugingo, G; Bizimungu, D; Rurangirwa, A; University Hospital in Butare; Committee IEC/AIDS Butare, Rwanda PB0571 DALACIN C IN THE TREATMENT OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES OF THE UROGENITAL TRACT Zudin, B; Borisenko, K; Kisina, V; "SANAM", Russia PB0572 SPINAL EPIDURAL ABSCESS IN 8 PATIENTS INFECTED WITH HIV Andrade, ASA; Akdar, N; Rothman, M; Rigamonti, D; Wheeler, D; University of Maryland, USA PB0573 AUTOPSY FINDINGS IN A SERIE OF 56 AIDS PATIENTS IN BRAZIL Veloso, V; Grinsztejn, B; Werneck-Barroso, E; Freitas, W; Serapiso, M; Bottino, A; Chicarino, J; Evandro Chagas Hospital/IOC/FIOCRUZ, Brazil PB0574 NEUTROPENIA IS ASSOCIATED WITH BACTERIAL INFECTIONS Keiser, P; Higgs, E; Peterson, D; University of Texas, USA PB0575 FACTOR-R-A PERORAL POLYBACTERIAL VACCINE FOR IMMUNOSTIMULATION AGAINST AIDS Petrounov, B; Nenkov, P; Shekerdjiski, R; Cvetanov, J; Life Choice International AD, Bulgaria 184

Page  185 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0576 NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND AIDS 1994 A REVIEW Silvestri, M; Tarchi, R; Ambu, S; Leoncini, F; Mennuti, A; Ospedale di Prato, Italy PB0577 BACILLARY ANGIOMATOSIS Hooi, AYS; Lawlor, F; Meadway, JV; Wisdom, AR; Newham General Hospital, UK PB0578 DISSEMINATED BACILLARY ANGIOMATOSIS IN AIDS PATIENTS Bonasser, F; Dias, M; Pereira, L; Pozan, G; Oyafuso, LK; Instituto Infectologia Emilio Ribas, Brazil PB0579 IN VITRO EVALUATION OF MACROLIDE ANTIBIOTICS AGAINST SPECIES OF ROCHALIMAEA Ives, TJ; Regnery, RL; Manzewitsch, P; Kebede, M; Majerus, TC; Univ of North Carolina; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA PB0O580 SEVERE LEPTOSPIROSIS IN A HIV-POSITIVE PATIENT Nebut, M'; Zylberberg, H'; Hagege, H'; Gelain, P'; Legal, FA2; Chousterman, M '; 'Hopital Intercommunal, CRETEIL; 2Hopital Necker, France PB0581 INEFFICACY OF GANCICLOVIR IN CMV RETINITIS AND ENDOCARDITIS Datta, R; Airedale General Hospital, UK PB0582 OUTCOME OF HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS AFTER THEIR CD4 IS LOWER THAN 50/MM3 Vanhems, P; Cyr, L; Toma, E; Beaulieu, R; University of Montreal, Canada PB0583 STUDY OF VIRAL HEPATITIS B, D, C IN A COHORT OF 1000 HIV+ PATIENTS IN FRANCE Geffray, L'; Lechowski, L; Cevallos, R'; Veyssier, P'; members of the "RESIF"2'; 'Hospital of Compiegne (F); 2Study Rail of AIDS in Ile de France, France PB0584 BACTEREMIA AND FUNGEMIA IN AIDS PATIENTS Cortes, E; Nogueira, S; Cauiby, J; Thuler, LC; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PB0585 LOCAL GANCICLOVIR FOR CMV OPTIC NEURITIS Smith, D; Robinson, M; Valenti, W; Betts, R; Keffer, M; Griepp, A; Univ of Rochester, USA PB0586 PROGRESSIVE MULTIFOCAL LEUKOENCEPHALOPATHY: TWO INDOLENT CASES Smith, D; Griepp, AE; Valenti, WM; Univ of Rochester, USA PB0587 CMV RETINITIS IN AIDS PATIENTS: A THRICE WEEKLY MAINTENANCE THERAPY Mallolas, J; Gatell, JM; Buira, E; Mir6, JM; Adin, A; Morales, M; Zamora, L; Soriano, E; Hospital Clinic, Spain PB0588 CMV RETINITIS RELAPSES IN AIDS PATIENTS: THE IMPORTANCE OF THE DRUG REGIMEN DURING INDUCTION THERAPY Livrozet, J-M'; Chapuis, F'; Cinquin, D'; Zech, C'; Matillon, Y2; Touraine, JL'; 'Hopital Ed Herriot; 'CIM HOtel-Dieu Lyon, France PBO4: Opportunistic Infections: Fungal and Protozoal PB0589 EFFECTS OF SMOKING ON THE PREVALENCE OF ORAL CANDIDIASIS IN HIV-INFECTED PERSONS Nittayananta, W; Prince of Songkla University, Thailand PB0O590 VAGINAL CANDIDIASIS IN FEMALES HIV+/AIDS: LOCAL THERAPY WITH NISTATIN Lloveras, S; Macias, JR; Masini, R; Franchi, M; Rodriguez Rios, E; Navarro, L; "FJ Muniz" Hospital, Argentina PB0591 TREATMENT AND COMPARISON OF FUNGAL SPECIES IN MUCOSAL OROPHARYNGEAL CANDIDIASIS AND GINGIVAL SULCUS IN HIV (+) METHADONE MAINTENANCE PATIENTS Quart, A; Budner, N; Reich, D; North Central Bronx & Montefiole Hospitals, USA PB0592 ORAL CANDIDIASIS: A FOUR-YEAR PROSPECTIVE STUDY Alfandari, S; Ajana, F; Beuscart, C; Senneville, E; De La Tribonniere, X; Chidiac, C; Mouton, Y; Centre Hospitalier, France PB0593 ESOPHAGEAL CANDIDIASIS IN ACUTE HIV INFECTION Manata, MJ; Melo, AZ; Quaresma, MJ; Hospital de Santa Maria, Portugal PB0594 ORAL CANDIDA ALBICANS CARRIAGE IN JAPANESE HIV SEROPOSITIVE HEMOPHILIACS Usami, T; Ohsuka, S; Masuda, K; Ito, M; Ueda, M; Kaneda, T; Nagoya Univ, Japan PB0595 GRANULOCYTE-MACROPHAGE COLONY STIMULATING FACTOR IN AIDS PATIENS WITH MENINGITIS BY CRYPTOCOCCUS NEOFORMANS Torres, IR; Villarreal, UC; Robles, RM; Terrazas E, JJ; Cano, DC; Hospital of Infectology, Medical Center "LA RAZA", IMSS, Mexico PB0596 IN VIVO ACTIVITY OF GAMMA-INTERFERON IN EXPERIMENTAL CRYPTOCOCCOSIS Joly, V; Saint-Julien, L; Carbon, C; Yeni, P; INSERM U13, France 185

Page  186 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0597 SUSCEPTIBILITY OF C NEOFORMANS Igreja, R; Caiuby, M; Lazera, M; Wanke, B; UFRJ, Brazil PB0598 CORRELATION OF CSF CRYPTOCOCCAL ANTIGEN TITER WITH QUANTITATIVE CULTURES Milefchik, EN; Leal, ME; Larsen, RA; LAC-USC MC, USA PB0599 CRYPTOCOCCUS NEOFORMANS IN AIDS PATIENTS IN SOUTH OF BRAZIL Mallmann, R; Sprintz, E; Silbert, S; Barcellos, S; Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil PBO600 CRYPTOCOCCAL ANTIGEN 1: 1, 048, 576: A CASE REPORT Graves, M; Salvato, P; Thompson, C; Medina, G; Houston Immuno Institute, USA PB0601 CEREBROSPINAL FLUID MICROSCOPY FOR CRYPTOCOCCAL MENINGITIS: A 10-YEAR EXPERIENCE IN NAIROBI, KENYA Odhiambo, P; Kabiru, P; Murage, E; Ngare, W; Ndinya-Achola, JO; Univ of Nairobi; KNH, Kenya PB0602 ASPERGILLUS BRAIN ABSCESSES: THERAPEUTIC EFFECT OF G-CSF AND LIPOSOMAL AMPHOTERICIN B Geissmann, F'; Viard, JP'; Hennequin, C'; Maarek, H'; Zylberberg, L2; Descamps-Latscha, B'; 'Necker; 2Tarnier Hospitals, France PB0603 DISSEMINATED HISTOPLASMOSIS (DH) IN HIV+PATIENTS (pts) Macias, JR; Masini, R; Franchi, M; Trombetta, L; Valerga, M; Muniz Hospital, Argentina PB0604 HISTOPLASMOSIS IN AIDS: INCIDENCE AND RISK FACTORS McKinsey, D; Stanford, J; Mason, M; Kansas City AIDS Research Consortium, USA PB0605 HISTOLOGIC RESPONSE OF DISSEMINATED HISTOPLASMOSIS IN AIDS PATIENTS WITH SKIN LESIONS Chalub, E; Sambuelli, R; Armando, R; Bistoni, A, Argentina PB0606 TREATMENT OF PENICILLIOSIS MARNEFFEI IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS Supparatpinyo, K; Nelson, K; Khamwan, C; Sirisanthana, T; Chiang Mai University, Thailand PB0607 FUNGAL INFECTIONS IN HIV-POSITIVE PATIENTS-AUTOPSY REVIEW Edelweiss, ML; P6lvora, R; Cartell, A; Scrofferneker, ML; Golbspan, L; HCPA, UFRGS, Brazil PB0608 DAPSONE PROPHYLAXIS IN HIV POSITIVE INNER CITY POPULATION Spencer, M; Andrews, L; Ross, J; Klimek, J; Hartford Hospital, USA PB0609 RISK OF PCP IN A CONTEMPORANEOUS COHORT OF HIV+ PATIENTS Markowitz, N; El-Sadr, W; Wentworth, DN; Gordin, F; Neaton, JD; Terry Beirn Community Program for Clinical Research on AIDS (CPCRA), USA PBO610 PCP PROPHYLAXIS, PENTAMIDINE AND CD4 CELL COUNTS Frederick, W'; Delapenha, R'; Jones, S2; Greaves, W'; 'Howard Univ; 2Capitol Hill Resp Serv, USA PB0611 DAPSONE PENETRATES CSF WHEN GIVEN FOR PCP PROPHYLAXIS Rich, JD'; Sax, P E'; Mirochnick, M'; 1Brigham & Women's Hospital; 2Boston City Hospital, USA PBO612 TWO DOSAGES OF INHALED PENTAMIDINE FOR SECONDARY PROPHYLAXIS OF PCP: A 1-YR RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIAL Rizzardi, GP'; Lazzarin, A'; Frigerio, D2; Maillard, M'; Lucchini, M2; Musicco, M'; Moroni, M'; 'Dpt Inf Dis Milan; 2RPR, Italy PBO613 P CARINII PROPHYLAXIS WITH INTRAVENOUS PENTAMIDINE IN HIV POSITIVE PATIENTS Cernuschi, M; Ciaffi, L; Maillard, M; Moro, M; Ruggieri, A; Lazzarin, A; Ospedale San Raffaele, Italy PB0614 TWICE-WEEKLY ORAL COTRIMOXAZOLE AS PRIMARY PROPHYLAXIS OF P carinii PNEUMONIA Moreno, S; Arzuaga, JA; Diaz, MD; Miralles, P; Ptrez-Tasc6n, M; Bouza, E; Hosp G MaraflOn, Spain PBO615 PROGNOSTIC FACTORS OF HIV PATIENTS WITH PCP Ruiz H; Ramirez Ronda, C; Rivera-Vazquez, C; Laureano A; Ojeda, A; San Juan VAMC, USA PB0616 EFFICACY AND SAFETY OF TRIMETHOPRIM-SULFAMETHOXAZOLE DESENSITIZATION IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Gilquin, J; Piketty, C; Kazatchkine, MD; INSERM U28, Hopital Broussais; Hbpital Saint Joseph, France PB0617 PROSPECTIVE STUDY OF CUTANEOUS ADVERSE REACTIONS TO TRIMETHOPRIM- SULFAMETHOXAZOLE IN HIV INFECTION Khuong, MA; Blum, L; Meynard, JL; Farinotti, R; Therond, P; Coulaud, JP; Hopital Bichat-Claude Bernard; Hopital Saint-Antoine; Hopital Robert Debre, France PB0618 SULFAMETHOXAZOLE PHARMACOKINETICS IN HEALTHY VOLUNTEERS AND HIV SEROPOSITIVES van der Ven, A; Vree, TB; Koopmans, PP; van der Meer, JWM; Nijmegen Univ, The Netherlands PB0619 IT IS SAFE TO DESENSITIZE THE HIV PATIENT ALLERGIC TO TMP-SMX Saavedra S; Rivera-Vazquez, C; Buonomo, L; Ramirez-Ronda, C; San Juan VAMC, USA 186

Page  187 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0620 ANTIGEN-SPECIFIC SUPPRESSION OF ANTI-SULFAMETHOXAZOLE ANTIBODIES IN ANIMAL MODELS McCall, C'; Gallegos, A'; Kehl, J'; McLeod, D'; Terhune, T'; Blodgett, J'; Cohn, D2; de la Cruz, V; 'Cortech, Inc; 2Denver Disease Control Service, USA PB0621 RELATIVE ANTI Pneumocystis carinii ACTIVITIES OF TEN DRUGS Hughes, WT; Killmar, J; Oz, H; St Jude Children's Research Hospital, USA PB0622 DETECTION OF PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII BY USING PCR Yamada, A',2; Kamimura, N'; Ishizaki, T'; Yoshida, Y'; Shiota, T2; Arizono, N'; 'Kyoto Prefectual Institute of Hygienic and Environmental Sciences; 2Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Japan PB0623 RADIOACTIVELY LABELLED DIETHYLENETRIAMINE PENTA ACETATE (DPTA) LUNG SCAN IN DIAGNOSIS OF PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII PNEUMONIA Dimian, C; O'Doherty, MJ; Bingham, JS; Bateman, NT; St Thomas' Hospital, UK PB0624 PREDICTORS OF PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII PNEUMONIA (PCP) IN HIV-INFECTED PERSONS WITH CD4 LYMPHOCYTE COUNTS GREATER THAN 200/MM3 Stansell, JD'; Osmond, D; Turner, J; Lavange, L; Wallace, J; Hopewell, P; The NHLB Pulmonary Complications of AIDS Study (PACS); 'UCSF, USA PB0625 COMPLICATIONS OF STEROIDS FOR PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII PNEUMONIA (PCP) IN AN INNER-CITY POPULATION Cheung, T; Wallach, F; Estok, L; Cohen, S; Sacks, H; Mount Sinai Medical Center, USA PB0626 ATOVAQUONE IN CEREBRAL TOXOPLASMOSIS: PRELIMINARY EXPERIENCE Iribarren, JA; Goenaga, M; Arrizabalaga, J; Rodriguez, F; Von Wichmann, MA; Huarte, I; Garde, C; Hospital Aranzazu, Spain PB0627 CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM TOXOPLASMOSIS (CNST) AND AIDS-A 5-YEARS EXPERIENCE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMPINAS-SAO PAULO-BRAZIL Oliveira, ACP; Abreu, WB; Reis, M; Nouer, SA; Tani, S; Aoki, FH; Lima, JN; Universidale Estadual de Campinas, Brazil PB0628 WHY DOES TOXOPLASMIC ENCEPHALITIS STILL OCCUR? Sereni, D; Bachmeyer, C; Salmon, D; Blanche, P; de la Blanchardiere, A; Chapuis, L; Sicard, D; H6pital Cochin, France PB0629 PREVENTION OF CEREBRAL TOXOPLASMOSIS IN SEVERELY DEPRESSED PATIENTS WITH AIDS Gregoire, NE; Hopital Hotel-Dieu de Montreal, Canada PB0630 TWICE-WEEKLY VERSUS DAILY MAINTENANCE THERAPY FOR TOXOPLASMIC ENCEPHALITIS Podzamczer, D; Mir6, JM; Bolao, F; Cosin, J; Sirera, G; Domingo, P; Laguna, F; The Spanish Toxoplasmosis Study Group; Hospital Bellvitge, Spain PB0631 ISOLATED FEVER DUE TO DISSEMINATED TOXOPLASMOSIS UNDER COTRIMOXAZOLE PROPHYLAXIS Zylberberg, H'; Le Gal, FA'; Robert, F2; Zylberberg, L; Dupouy-Camet, J2; Viard, JP'; 'Necker; 2Cochin Hospital; 3Tarnier Hospital, France PB0632 67 CASES OF DISSEMINATED TOXOPLASMOSIS (DT) IN PATIENTS INFECTED WITH HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS Rabaud, C; May, Th; Amiel, C; Leport, C; Canton, Ph; Groupe d'Etude de la Societe de Pathologie Infectieuse de Langue Francaise; CHU Nancy, France PB0633 SEROPREVALENCE OF ANTI TOXOPLASMA GONDII ANTIBODIES IN HIV INFECTED SUBJECTS FROM MADRID (SPAIN) del Romero, J; Menendez, B; Garcia, S; Rodriguez, C; Clavo, I; Ballesteros, J; Arroyo, E'; CS Sandoval; 'Centro de Transfusion, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain PB0634 IgA ANTIBODIES TO P30 OF TOXOPLASMA GONDII IN AIDS PATIENTS WITH CEREBRAL TOXOPLASMOSIS Mastroianni, CM; Mengoni, F; Valenti, C; Marchese, R; Vullo, V; Delia, S; "La Sapienza" University, Italy PB0635 TOXOPLASMA GONDII SEROLOGY IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS AS A PREDICTOR OF SUBSEQUENT CLINICAL TOXOPLASMOSIS Castro, CC'; Reingold, LA2; Suleiman, J'; Hearst, N4; 'Ezequiel Dias Foundation-Public Health School of Minas Gerais; 'University of California at Berkeley, USA; 3Emilio Ribas Hospital, Brazil; 4Univ of California, San Francisco, USA PB0636 TOXOPLASMIC DISEASE IN AIDS PATIENTS IN GUATEMALA Hernindez, JE; Flores, LE; Estrada y Martin, RM; Mayorga, R; Arathoon, E; AGPCS, Guatemala PB0637 FAILURE OF ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES IN AN AIDS PATIENT WITH CEREBRAL TOXOPLASMOSIS Petit, N; Dhiver, C; Gastaut, JA; Institut J Paoli, France PB0638 PANCREATITIS ASSOCIATED WITH DISSEMINATED TOXOPLASMOSIS IN AIDS Piketty, C; Gilquin, J; Merad, M; Bejanin, H; Salah, S; Kazatchkine, MD; Unit d'Immunologie Clinique; INSERM U28, Hopital Broussais, France PB0639 DIAGNOSIS OF TOXOPLASMOSIS IN AIDS PATIENTS BY PCR Sicard, D; Blanche, P; Robert, F; Dupouy-Camet, J; Paugam, A; Bachmeyer, C; HOpital Cochin, France 187

Page  188 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0640 MOLECULAR ANALYSIS OF NTPASE ISOZYMES FROM TOXOPLASMA GONDII Asai, T'; Okabayashi, H'; Miura, S2; Takeuchi, T'; 'Keio University; 2Yokohama City University, Japan PB0641 INTESTINAL MICROSPORIDIOSIS: ABOUT CLINICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND LABORATORY DIAGNOSIS WITH A VARIANT OF GOMORI STAINING Deluol, AM'; Poirot, JL2; Heyer, F'; Beaugerie, L'; Mahoun, H'; Levy, D2; Rozenbaum, W'; The CISIH of the east part of Paris; 'Rothschild Hospital; 2Saint Antoine Hospital, France PB0642 ROXITHROMYCIN IN AIDS-RELATED CRYPTOSPORIDIUM DIARRHEA Barcellos, S; Sprinz, E; Bemrn David, D; Mallman, R; Wolffenbuttel, L; Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Allegre, Brazil PB0643 ENTERIC PARASITES IN AIDS PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC DIARRHEAL SYNDROME Espinosa, RF; Figueroa, R; Santillan, MA; Cruz, MA; Hospital Infectologia, IMSS, Mexico PB0644 PARASITIC DIARRHEA WITH AIDS Lanjewar, DN'; Surve, KV'; Maniar, JK'; Hira, SK2'; 'Grant Medical College, India; 2'Uni of Texas, USA PB0645 SUCCESSFUL PAROMOMYCIN INHALATION THERAPY FOR RESPIRATORY CRYPTOSPORIDIOSIS IN AIDS PATIENTS Fujita, H; Mohri, H; Inayama, Y; Amano, T; Okubo, T; Yokohama City University, Japan PB0646 STRONGYLOIDES STERCORALIS IN A PATIENT WITH AIDS Velasquez, J; Masini, R; Macias, J; Bellegarde, E; Bosini, J; Di Risio, C; Gentile, S; "FJ Muniz" Hospital, Argentina PB0647 5 CASES OF SEVERE STRONGYLOIDIASIS IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS IN ONE AIDS CARE CENTER IN GUADELOUPE FRENCH WESTERN INDIES Sow, M T'; Gabriel, JM'; Strobel, M'; Leonardi, C'; Nicolas, M'; Roudier, M'; 'CISIH; 'Labo Parasito; 'Labo Amapath CHU P/A/P, Guadeloupe PB0648 DEEP NECROTIZING PITYROSPORUM FOLLICULITIS IN A HIV-POSITIVE PATIENT Le Gal, F-A'; Zylberberg, H'; Zylberberg, L2; Gorin, I'; Deleuze, J'; Franck, N'; Viard, JP'; 'Hopital Necker; 2HOpital Tarnier-Cochin, France PB0649 CO-INFECTION HIV-CHAGAS: FREQUENCY, CLINICAL PRESENTATION, THERAPY AND FOLLOW UP Lima, JN'; Almeida, EA'; Aoki, FH'; Torres-Morales, AE'; Giraldo, LER'; Abreu, WB'; Monteiro, DT'; 'State University of Campinas,; 2Uberaba, MG Medical School, Brazil PB0650 VISCERAL LEISHMANIASIS IN AN HIV-2 ASYMPTOMATIC PATIENT Sarmento e Castro, R'; Horta, A'; Vasconcelos, OM'; Coelho, H; Granato, CA2; Rocha-Marques, AS'; 'Hosp Joaquim Urbano; 2Hosp S Joao, Portugal PB0651 VISCERAL LEISHMANIASIS IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS: REPORT OF 7 CASES Rodrigues, P; Machado, J; Maltez, F; Correia, F; Gonsalves, P; Coutinho, F; Morgado, A; Proenga, R; Hospital Curry Cabral, Portugal PB0652 VISCERAL LEISHMANIASIS IN 50 HIV-1 INFECTED PATIENTS Rosenthal, E'; Marty, P'; Poizot-Martin, I2; Mondain, V'; Reynes, J'; Pratlong, F'; Lafeuillade, A4; Jaubert, D4; Boulat, O'; Dereure, J'; Dumon, H2; Dujardin, P'; Gastaut, JA2; Cassuto, JP'; Hospital Centers of: 'Nice; 'Marseille; 'Montpellier; 4Toulon; 'Avignon, France PB0653 SEPTATA INTESTINALIS MICROSPORIDIOSIS IN 8 HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Dore, GJ; Field, AS; Hing, MC; Verre, J; Marriott, DJ; Harkness, JL; St Vincent's Hospital, Australia PB0654 POSITIVE COCCIDIOIDAL SEROLOGIES IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS WITHOUT EVIDENCE OF ACTIVE COCCIDIOIDOMYCOSIS Arguinchona, HL; Ampel, NM; Dols, CL; Mohler, J; Fish, DG; Tucson VAMC; University of Arizona, USA PB0655 FUNGAL INFECTION IN HIV INFECTED CHILDREN Aquino, MZ; Sato, HK; Pastorino, AC; Rodriguez, MCG; Carrera, ALM; Sakane, PT; Marques, HHS; Univ Sao Paulo, Brazil PB05: Mycobacterial Infections: Tuberculosis PB0656 HISTOLOGICAL FEATURES OF TUBERCULOSIS IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS IN BRAZIL Teixeira, EG; Belo, MTC; Trajman, A; Ferrari, G; Spector, N; Castello Branco, MM; Gama Filho and Souza Marques Universities, Brazil PB0657 PCR DETECTION OF OCCULT PULMONARY MTB Flores, R; Salvato, P; Thompson, C; Houston Immunological Institute, USA PB0658 DETECTION OF MYCOBACTERIAL DNA IN SPECIMENS FROM HIV INFECTED PATIENTS BY PCR-RFLP Ishikawa, K'; Sata, T'; Sato, Y'; Maeda, Y2; Wakabayashi, T'; Uematsu, K4; Kurata, T'; 'NIH, Japan; 2Komagome Metropolitan Hosp; 'Tokyo Univ; 4Yamanashi Inst Pub Health, Japan 188

Page  189 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0659 DETECTION OF MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS DNA FROM FORMALIN FIXED PARAFFIN EMBEDDED TISSUES BY NESTED PCR Scarpellini, P; Delfanti, F; Finazzi, R; Vago, L; Dell'Antonio, G; Lazzarin, A; IRCCS Ospedale S Raffaele, Italy PB0660 DIAGNOSIS OF PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS BY SPUTUM SMEAR Merrick, ST; Walsh, J; Sepkowitz, K; Jacobs, J; New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, USA PB0O661 BLOOD CULTURE IS A USEFUL DIAGNOSTIC TOOL FOR MYCOBACTERIOSIS IN AIDS Kaufman, S; Barrera, L; Guelfand, L; Perez, H; Bozano, C; Cahn, P; Hospital Fernandez; Inst Malbran, Argentina PB0662 ISOLATION OF MYCOBACTERIA FROM BLOOD OF AIDS PATIENTS IN BRAZIL: A PROSPECTIVE STUDY Grinsztejn, B'; Fandinho, F2; Veloso, V'; Werneck-Barroso, E'; Joao, E'; Nogueira, S2; Gontijo, P2; 1Evandro Chagas Hospital, IOC; 2UFRJ; 'HSE; Brazil PB0663 PPD AS A PREDICTOR OF TUBERCULOSIS IN HIV+ PERSONS IN BRAZIL Toledo Jr, AC; Victoria, MAA; Oliveira, HCA; Castro, A; Nunes, CM; Padua, CAJ; Greco, DB; Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil PB0664 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE TUBERCULIN REACTION SIZE IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Baraia, J; Moreno, S; Cuesta, F; Cosin, J; Parras, F; Bouza, E; HG MaraflOn, Spain PB0665 PPD SKIN TEST REACTIVITY IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS IN HAWAII Heath-Chiozzi, M'; Congdon, S'; Hanks, N'; Richmond-Crum, S2; 'University of Hawaii RCMI Program; 'Hawaii State Department of Health, USA PBO666 PREVALENCE OF ANTI-MYCOBACTERIAL (ANTI-A60) ANTIBODIES AMONG HIV POSITIVE INJECTING DRUG USERS IN ROME Speziale, D'; Grillo, RL'; Cattani, P'; Venezia, S2; Zaccarelli, M3; Casella, P2; Gattari, P2; 'Univ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore; 'SERT RM-10, Ospedale Santo Spirito; 'Ospedale L Spallanzani, Italy PB0667 ANTIBODY RESPONSES TO RECOMBINANT 38kDa PROTEIN OF MYCOBACTERIUM tuberculosis IN HIV-INFECTED AND NON HIV-INFECTED TUBERCULOSIS PATIENTS da Costa, C'; Khanolkar-Young, S'; Moreno, C2; Elliott, AM'; Wasunna KM'; McAdam KPWJ'; 'London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; 2MRC TB Unit, UK PR0668 QUANTITATION OF ANTIMYCOBACTERIAL ANTIBODIES TO A60 ANTIGEN IN HIV INFECTED INDIVIDUALS Thakur, A; Sharma, V; Mandal, A; GB Pant Hospital, India PB0669 CLINICAL SPECIFICITIES OF PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS AMONG HIV-1 SEROPOSITIVE PATIENTS IN KINSHASA, ZAIRE Ntikala, B; Mandala, K; Projet SIDA, Zaire PB0O670 RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS: AN EXCLUSION CRITERIA IN TB PREVENTIVE THERAPY? Mwinga, A'; Hosp, M'; Godfrey-Faussett, P'; Pobee, J'; Lusaka Porter, J2; McAdam K,2; 'UTH; 2LSHTM, Zambia PB0O671 NATURAL HISTORY OF TUBERCULOSIS IN HIV/AIDS IN RUSSIA Vlassov, N; Selizarova, E; Chaika, N; Rachmanova, A; St Petersburg Pasteur Institute, Russia PB0672 CEREBRAL MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS ABSCESS DURING AIDS: AN UNCOMMUN ETIOLOGY; ONE CASE Boulat, O; De Martino, S; Lanza, F; Chami, S; Lecrivain, F; Gevaudan, M; Merabei, M; Henric, A; Barai, JL; Hassoun-Najar, H; Martin, M; Lefranc, H; Lepeu, G; Lhemann, G; Touchais, AM; Derre, M; CH Henri Duffaut, France PB0673 PLEURAL TUBERCULOSIS IS AN EARLY MANIFESTATION OF HIV DISEASE IN BRAZIL Trajman, A; Belo, MTC; Teixeira, EG; Neto, EB; Spector, N; Castello Branco, MM; Gama Filho and Souza Marques Universities, Brazil PB0674 COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS ON CLINICAL AND IMMUNOLOGICAL FEATURES BETWEEN HIV-SEROPOSTIVE AND-SERONEGATIVE PATIENTS WITH PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS IN UGANDA Okwera, A'; Oishi, K2; Mitarai, S2; Mugerwa, R'; Nagatake, T2; Matsumoto, K2; 'Old Mulago Hospital, Uganda; 'Nagasaki Univ, Japan PB0675 HIV INFECTION IN PRISONER: TUBERCULOUS ACUTE ABDOMEN Monticelli, A; Cabrera, R; Serrano, R; Parreno, M; Pacheco, C; Alvarez Casado, J; Jiuregui Rueda, H; UNIT21-Federal Penintentiary Service, Argentina PB0676 GASTRIC TUBERCULOSIS AS FIRST MANIFESTATION OF AIDS: PRESENTATION OF A CASE WITH ANTRAL FISTULA Sasal, M; Sala, M; Serrate, G; Font, B; Cervantes, M; Segura, F; Hospital de Sabadell, Spain PB0677 HIV INFECTION IN PRISONERS: TUBERCULOUS ACUTE ABDOMEN CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS Jfuregui Rueda, H; Serrano, R; Cabrera, R; Silva, R; Alvarez Casado, JJ; Monticelli, A; UNIT21-Federal Penitentiary Service, Argentina PB0678 IMMUNOLOGICAL CHANGES IN AFRICAN HIV/TB PATIENTS: EFFECTS OF TB TREATMENT Martin, DJ; Lyons, SF; Sole, G; Meddows-Taylor, S; National Institute for Virology, South Africa 189

Page  190 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0679 THRESHOLD FOR TREATMENT OF SMEAR-NEGATIVE CULTURE-POSITIVE SPUTUM FOR AFB IN HIV INFECTION Policar, M; Alonso, G; Masci, J; Nicholas, P; Elmhurst Hospital Center, USA PB0680 DO WE GET THE JOB DONE? ANALYSIS OF TUBERCULOSIS TREATMENT IN A HIV OUTPATIENT SETTING IN GERMANY Poppinger, J; Jaegel Guedes, E; Morbach, K; Popescu, M; Jaeger, H; KIS, Curatorium for Immundeficiency, Germany PB0681 TWICE WEEKLY INH FOR TB PROPHYLAXIS Halsey N; Coberly, J; Atkinson, J; Boulos R; et al; CDS, PaP Haiti; Johns Hopkins University, USA PB0682 PREVALENCE OF DRUG RESISTANCE IN THAI HIV SEROPOSITIVE TUBERCULOSIS PATIENTS Chuchottaworn, C; Central Chest Hospital, Thailand PB0683 DRUG-RESISTANT TUBERCULOSIS IN MADRID (SPAIN) Miralles, P; Parras, F; Moreno, S; Cosln, J; Cercenado, E; Bouza, E; Hosp G MaraflOn, Spain PB0684 DRUG RESISTANT TUBERCULOSIS AT AIDS CARE UNIT-SAO PAULO BRAZIL Pinto, WP; Palaci, M; Souza, RA; Sanios, LFJ; Teles, MAS; Ferrazoli, L; Palhares, MCA; State Heath Departament, Brazil PB0685 DRUG RESISTANCE TO TUBERCULOSIS IN HIV INFECTION Palmieri, F'; Bordi, E'; De Mori, P; Ferri, F'; Guarascio, P'; Mancini, P2; Mazzei, L2; Parola, D2; 'Visco Comandini, U, Visco, GL Spallanzani Hosp; 2C Forlani Hosp, Italy PB0686 MULTIDRUG RESISTANT TUBERCULOSIS (MDRTB) IN AIDS PATIENTS Errante, I'; Penati, V2; Astolfi, A'; Rastrelli, M'; Caggese, L'; Villa, MR'; Orcese, C1; 'Niguarda Hospital; 2Villa Marelli Institute, Italy PB0687 DRUG-RESISTANT TUBERCULOSIS IN HIV+ AND HIV-PATIENTS Machado, ES; Cruz, ML; Souza, MJ; Ribeiro, S; Silva, MG; Giordani, ML; Guimaraes, M; HSE (Hospital dos Servidores do Estado), Brazil PB0688 DESENSITIZATION TO RIFAMPIN: A STUDY OF 16 CASES Arrizabalaga, J; Oyarbide, I; Iribarren, JA; Rodriguez, F; Von Wichmann, MA; Garde, C; Mentxaka, B; Hospital Aranzazu, Spain PB0689 TUBERCULOSIS DRUG-RESISTANCE IN ITALIAN HIV+ SUBJECTS Italian Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Study Group; Angarano, G; Carbonara, S; Costa, D; University of Bari, Italy PB0690 A NOVEL DIRECTLY OBSERVED THERAPY (DOT) PROGRAM FOR THE TREATMENT OF TUBERCULOSIS (TB) IN HARLEM Medard, F; El-Sadr, W; Dickerson, M; et al; Harlem Hospital, USA PB0691 PREDICTORS OF DEVELOPING ACTIVE TUBERCULOSIS IN HIV POSITIVE AND HIV NEGATIVE HEROIN USERS ATTENDING A DRUG TREATMENT CENTER IN ROME Gattari, P'; Zaccarelli, M2; Speziale, D3; Spizzichino, L'; Venezia, S'; Casella, P'; Valenzi, C'; 'Ospedale Santo Spirito; 'Ospedale L Spallanzani; 'Univ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy PB0692 TUBERCULOSIS AND HIV INFECTION AIDS: THE PROBABILITIES OF THE GENETIC PREDISPOSITION IN THEIR PATHOGENESIS Munema, FM; Mbena, EC; Muhimbili Medical Centre, Tanzania PB0693 THE PROGNOSIS OF A HIV POSITIVE TUBERCULOUS PATIENT Munogolo, K; Zirimwabagabo, L; Kel-A-We, I; Cliniques Universitaires, Zaire PB0694 PREDICTIVE FACTORS FOR TUBERCULOSIS IN HIV-INFECTED PERSONS: A COHORT STUDY Antonucci, G; Girardi, E; Ippolito, G; Gruppo Italiano di Studio Tubercolosi e AIDS (GISTA); Spallanzani Hosp, Italy PB0695 INCIDENCE OF TUBERCULOSIS IN AIDS PATIENTS IN BOLIVIA Andrade Arzabe, R; Camacho, M; Hurtado, LV; Venegas, E; Torricos, MC; Von Poser, B; Immunology and Tuberculosis Lab, Bolivia PB0696 TUBERCULOSIS IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS Mota-Miranda, A; Marques, R; Gomes, MH; Abreu, C; Figueiredo, P; Serrao, MR; Nogueira, J; Lecour, H; Sarmento, R; Vasconcelos, O; Horta, A; Marques, AR; HS Joao and H Joaquim Urbano, Portugal PB0697 EPIDEMIOLOGICAL AND CLINIC STUDY OF AIDS INFECTION IN PATIENTS WITH TUBERCULOSIS STUDIED IN HEALTH'S PUBLIO SERVICE AT CAMPINAS, SAO PAULO-BRAZIL Torres-Morales, AE; Aoki, FH; Gonales Jr, FL; Branchini, MLM; Pedro, RJ; Lima, JN; State University of Campinas, Brazil PB0698 PREVALENCE OF MYCOBACTERIA IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS IN SAO PAULO-BRAZIL Dias, M'; Pereira Jr, LC; Marinho, S'; Andrade, M'; Palaci, M'; Barreto, JA'; 'Inst Infectologia Emilio Ribas; 2Inst Adolpho Lutz, Brazil PB0699 MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS INFECTION IN THE AIDS PATIENTS IN SINGAPORE Leo, YS; Allen, DM; Monteiro, EHA; Communicable Disease Centre, Singapore 10

Page  191 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0O700 TRENDS OF HIV INFECTION IN CASES OF TUBERCULOSIS THROUGHOUT THE GLOBE Das, PC; Das, PK; Das, SC; India PB0O701 THE INCREASING TB MORBIDITY IN CONGO: TB-ASSOCIATED AIDS DURING FIVE YEARS AMONG PATIENTS OF THE BRAZZAVILLE CENTRAL MILITARY HOSPITAL Loemba, HD'; Beuzit, Y'; Makuwa, M2; 'Brazzaville Central Military Hospital; 2Laboratoire National de Sante Publique, Congo PB0702 TUBERCULOSIS IN HIV INFECTION IN THE INTERNAL MEDECINE OF CHU DAKAR Diallo, S; Diouf, B; Pouye, A; Mbengue, M; N'diaye, MF; Diop, TM; Bao, O; CHU, HALD, Senegal PB0703 MYCOBACTERIOSIS IN PATIENTS WITH AND WITHOUT AIDS IN RIO GRANDE, RS, BRAZIL Boffo, MMS; Coch, MNG; Silva, PEA; Silveira, JM; Silva, CM; Cielo, LF; Alvariza, MCB; Hospital Universitario, FURG, Brazil PB0O704 IMPACT OF HIV INFECTION UPON TUBERCULOSIS IN BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: STUDY COMPRISING 136 PATIENTS Masini, R; Macias, J; Marino, R; Romano, M; Di Lonardo, M; "FJ Munfiz" Hospital, Argentina PB0O705 TB IN HIV INFECTED INDIVIDUALS-A CLINICAL RETROSPECTIVE STUDY, 1989-1993 Ventura, FAAN; Campos, MJF; Silva Barra, AJBS; Champalimaud, JLFT; Hospital de Egas Moniz, Portugal PB0O706 MYCOBACTERIAL INFECTION IN AIDS IN HONG KONG Li, PCK; Ho, HF; Tsang, D; Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong PB0O707 TUBERCULOSIS IN ALASKAN NATIVE WOMEN WITH HIV DISEASE: THE FIRST CASES Macher, A'; Jones, M2; Webb, V2; Mann, M2; Palmer, J'; Goosy, E'; 'U S Public Health Service; 2Alaska Department of Health, USA PB0708 DOES THE HIV/TUBERCULOSIS ASSOCIATION FAVOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF MULTIDRUG RESISTANCE TB (MDRTB) CASES? Anagonou, SY'; Gninafon, M2; Tawo, L2; Josse, R2; 'SidAlerte; 2National TB Programme, Benin P0O709 INTRADERMAL PPD, SKIN TEST, HIV INFECTION AND TB DISEASE IN INTRAVENOUS DRUG ABUSERS Boschini, A'; Begnini, M'; Di Fine, M'; Smacchia, C'; Schiesari, A'; Legnani, D2; 'San Patrignano Medical Centre; 2Istituto Pneumotisiologia Universita Di Milano, Italy PB0710 LOW INCIDENCE OF TB AMONG SWISS HIV PATIENTS Sudre, P; Flepp, M; Ledergerber, B; Rieder, H; von Overbeck, J; Bucher, H; Hirschel, B; University Hospital, Switzerland PBO6: Mycobacterial Infections: Other Than Tuberculosis PB0711 ANALYSIS OF MYCOBACTERIAL DNA FROM BLOOD Emler S'; Anwar, D2; Perrin, L'; Hirschel, Bt; 'University Hospital Geneva, Switzerland; 2Atlanta/Georgia, USA PB0712 STOOL EXAMINATION IN DIAGNOSIS OF MYCOBACTERIUM AVIUM-COMPLEX (MAC) INFECTION IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS Rabaud, C; May, T; Dailloux, M; Amiel, C; Boulard, P; Bevilacqua, S; Canton, P; CHU, France PB0713 GOITRE WITH HYPOTHYROIDISM & HYPOPARATHYROIDISMIN ASSOCIATION WITH AIDS & M KANSASII INFECTION Siddiqi, A; Goh, BT; Monson, JP; Hillman, RJ; Royal London Hospital, UK PB0O714 MYCOBACTERIAL INFECTION IN AIDS: AUTOPSY CORRELATION Afessa, B; Peters, B; Green, W; Frederick, W; Howard University Hospital, USA PB0715 CYTOPENIAS IN OVER AGED-50 HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Diez-Manglano, J; Crusells-Canales, MJ; Marin-Bullve, A; Fiteni-Mera, I; Cuesta-Munfoz, J; Franco-Alcalde, L; Hospital Clinico, Spain PB0O716 THE CANADIAN RANDOMIZED OPEN-LABEL TRIAL OF COMBINATION THERAPY FOR MAC BACTEREMIA: STUDY PROGRESS O'Neill, R; Tsoukas, C; Smaill, F; Aoki, F; Rachlis, A; Singer, J; Shafran, S; the Canadian MAC Study Group; Southern Alberta HIV Clinic; Canadian HIV Trial Network; BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada PB0717 THE CANADIAN RANDOMIZED OPEN-LABEL TRIAL OF COMBINATION THERAPY FOR MAC BACTEREMIA: UVEITIS TOXICITY Toma, E; Lalonde, R; Rachlis, A; Miller, M; Singer, J; Grant, K; Shafran, S; the MAC Study Group; Canadian HIV Trials Network; BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada P0718 EFFECTIVENESS OF RIFABUTIN IN PREVENTING MAC IN PERSONS WITH HIV-DESEASE Mandigo, K; Hogg, RS; Le, R; Phillips, P; Montaner, JSG; O'Shaughnessy, MV; British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada 191

Page  192 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0719 CLARITHROMYCIN IN 500 mg BID AS PROPHYLAXIS FOR MAC DISEASE-A RESTROSPECTIVE STUDY Sinnott, T2; Houston, SH2; Majerus, TC'; Sanders, LI'; Bergen, G'; Ganguly, R'; 'Hillsborough Cty H Dept; 'Tampa (FL) General Hospital; 'Marietta, USA PB0720 CLARITHROMYCIN: SAFE AND EFFECTIVE PROPHYLACTIC AGENT AGAINST MAC Miller, DA; Respiratory Associates of Corpus Christi, USA PB0721 CLARITHROMYCIN (CLA) FOR THE PREVENTION OF MYCOBACTERIUM AVIUM COMPLEX (MAC) IN AIDS Hellinger, JA'; Cohen, CJ'; Mazzullo, J2; 'CRI/New England; 2New England Medical Center, Tufts University, USA PB0722 MAI COMPLEX INFECTIONS IN AIDS PATIENTS Sambeat, MA; Gurgui, M; Cadafalch, J; Ris, J; Domingo, P; Coll, P; Sanchez, F; Hospital Sant Pau, UAB, Spain PB0723 ATYPICAL MYCOBACTERIOSIS IN AIDS PATIENTS IN ARGENTINA Perez, H; Kaufman, S; Ben, G; Barrera, L; Cahn, P; Hospital Fernandez & Instituto Malbrin, Argentina PB0724 ATYPICAL MYCOBACTERIAL INFECTIONS IN HIV-POSITIVE (+) PATIENTS (PTS) Yamaguchi, E; Gill, C; Cunniff, D; Smith, S; East Orange VA Hosp, USA PB0725 MYCOBACTERIAL INFECTIONS IN AIDS PATIENTS Massetti, AP; Paoletti, F; Romani, R; Santopadre, P; Lichtner, M; Sorice, F; Univ "La Sapienza", Italy PB0726 MAIC PREVENTION: CLARITHROMYCIN VS RIFABUTIN Qualls, J; Salvato, P; Thompson, C; Houston Immun Institute, USA PB0727 MAIC INFECTION IN ACALCULOUS CHOLECYSTITIS Thompson, C'; Salvato, P'; Stroud, S2; 'Houston Immuno Institute; 'Med Univ, USA PB0728 THE ACTIVITY OF AZITHROMYCIN, CLARITHROMYCIN AND RIFABUTIN AGAINST CLINICAL MYCOBACTERIAL ISOLATES Halkias, KD; Yangco, BG; St Joseph's Hospital IDRI, USA PB1O: Organ Manifestations: Other Organ System PB0729 SPUTUM EXAMINATION IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII PNEUMONIA Toma, E; Pirzadeh, B; Ravaoarinoro, M; Cyr, L; Hotel-Dieu de Montreal, Canada PB0730 UTILITY OF GALLIUM LUNG SCANNING AS A PREDICTOR OF BRONCHOSCOPIC PROVEN PULMONARY DISEASE Stenoien, R; Stool, E; Gathe, Jr, J; Frazier, R; Najjar, A; Piot, D; Gustafson, P; Park Plaza Hospital, USA PB0731 CHANGING PATTERNS OF BAL SPECIMENS IN HIV+/AIDS PATIENTS IN THE PCP PROPHYLAXIS ERA Ceserani, N; Guffanti, M; Gianotti, N; Uberti-Foppa, C; Fumagalli, F; IRCCS, Italy PB0732 BRONCHOALVEOLAR LAVAGE (BAL) OF PULMONARY INFECTIONS IN HIV SEROPOSITIVE PATIENTS Pothirat, C; Lertprasertsuke, N; Tharavichitkul, P; CMU, Thailand PB0733 RELATION BETWEEN BRONCHOPULMONARY INFECTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE SEROPOSITIVITY STATE BY HIV Gnarini, R; Ferraro, V; Abbazia, L; Guidetti, E; Soscia, M; Drug-Addicts Service, Italy PB0734 LUNG INFILTRATES IN AIDS IN A HOSPITAL IN BUENOS AIRES Losso, MH; Kalina, M; Flaster, NH; Saenz, C; Sanguinetti, C; Hospital JM Ramos Mejia, Argentina PB0735 CLINICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND EVOLUTION OF PNEUMOCOCCAL INFECTION IN HIV PATIENTS Clavo, A; Giron, JA; Torres, M; Gonzalez; Vergara, A; Barrera, A; L6pez Sanchez, A; Group of Infectious Diseases, Cadiz (GIDC), Spain PB0736 LOWER RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTIONS IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Arzuaga, JA; Moreno, S; Miralles, P; Cosin, J; Ptrez-Tasc6n, M; Bouza, E; Hosp G Maranon, Spain PB0737 PNEUMOTHORAX AND AIDS: A CASE-CONTROL STUDY Salit, IE; Hajiabdolbaghi, M; Walmsley, SL; The Toronto Hospital, Canada PB0738 PNEUMOTHORAX IN AIDS PATIENTS Bascuftana, A; Serrano, A; Gonzalez, M; Vergara, A; Torres, M; Sanchez, MC; Clavo, A; Giron, JA; Group for the Study of Infectious Diseases, Spain PB0739 CAVITARY PNEUMONIA CAUSED BY RHODOCOCCUS EQUI IN PATIENT WITH AIDS Halpern, M; Castifleiras, TMPP; Souza, QS; Hofer, E; Martins, FSV; DIP, HUCFF, UFRJ, Brazil PB0740 PULMONARY CAVITY IN AIDS: ETIOLOGY, CLINICAL PRESENTATION AND OUTCOME Furman, A; Sepkowitz, KA; Jacobs, J; Cornell University, USA 192

Page  193 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0O741 EVALUATING A BEHAVIOURAL INTERVENTION IN HIGH RISK SETTINGS IN ABIDJAN, COTE D'IVOIRE Kale, K'; Gnaore, E2; Mahbi, G'; Tawil, 03; Tiemele, A'; Djadji, El; 'Institut National de Sante Publique (INSP); 2Programme National de Lutte Contre le SIDA (PNLS), Cote d'Ivoire; 'WHO, Geneva, Switzerland PB0742 ACANTHOSIS NIGRICANS AND AIDS Martins, T; Maltez, F; Morgado, A; Proenta, RH; Curry Cabral, Serl, Portugal PB0743 ATYPICAL VIRAL VERRUCOUS SKIN LESIONS IN AIDS PATIENTS Franca, I; Baptista, AP; Borges, F; Claro, C; Nunes, JM; Champalimaud, J; Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical, Portugal PB0744 PRURITIC PAPULAR ERUPTION OF THE AIDS PATIENT Ishii, N; Nakajima, H; Yokohama City Univ, Japan PB0745 PORPHYRIA CUTANEA TARDA IN HIV INFECTION Calderon, W; De Filippi, C; Patruno, S; Klersy, K; Sacchi, P; Capelli, D; Barbarini, G; IRCCS, Italy PB0746 SPONDYLARTHROPATHY AND PSORIATIC BALANITIS IN AIDS PATIENT Franca, I; Mansinho, K; Claro, C; Baptista, AP; Nunes, JM; Champalimaud, J; Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical, Portugal PB0747 PORPHYRIA CUTANEA TARDA (PCT) AND HIV INFECTION: A REPORT OF TWO CASES, AND REVIEW Granier, F; Leclerc, V; Bourgeois-Droin, C; Tremolieres, F; F Quesnay Hospital, France PB0748 DISSEMINATED SPOROTRICHOSIS PRESENTING CONCOMITANTLY WITH AN ACUTE DROP IN CD4 CELLS Hennessey, NP; Gaan, J; Mullen, M; Schnoll, S; New York University, USA PB0749 RAPID DIAGNOSIS OF HIV-ASSOCIATED EOSINOPHILIC PUSTULAR FOLLICULITIS Schnoll, S; Sanchez, M; Reisfeld, P; New York University, USA P0750 MODULATION OF IMMUNE RESPONSE AND HIV ANTIGEN EXPRESSION IN UVB-TREATED PSORIASIS PATIENTS Lightfoote, M'; Beer, JZ'; Smudzka, B'; Gregory, N2; 'CDRH, Food and Drug Administration; 2Columbia Univ, USA PB0751 CUTANEOUS HISTOPLASMOSIS AND CRYPTOCOCCOSIS IN AIDS PATIENTS Gan, AT; Gangaram, HB; Suraiya, HH; Ganesapillai, T; Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Malaysia PB0752 SKIN DISEASE AND STDs IN A GROUP OF ITALIAN INJECTING DRUG USERS Barba, A'; Gomma, M'; Tessari, G'; Leoni, A'; Chieregato, GC'; Serpelloni, G2; 'University degli Studi Verona; 'Sezione di Screening HIV-ULSS, Italy PB0753 UNUSUAL PRESENTATION OF ULCEROUS DISEASE (GENITAL AND NON-GENITAL) IN HIV-SEROPOSITIVE PATIENTS Petri, V'; Pereira, A'; Campos, RV; 'Escola Paulista de Medicina, Brazil PB0754 UNUSUAL MANIFESTATIONS OF SKIN DISEASES IN HIV+ PATIENTS Stavrianeas, N; Botsi, C; Paparizos, V; Polydorou, D; Zagoreos, J; Potouridou, I; Vareltzidis, A; "A Sygros Hospital, Greece PB0755 HEMATOLOGICAL ALTERATIONS IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS Barragin, S; Deluchi, G; Canizal, AM; Benetucci, J; Sosa, CE; FUNDAI, Argentina PB0756 HEMOPHAGOCYTIC SYNDROME IN HIV PATIENTS Grateau, G; Bachmeyer, C; Jouanne, M; Blanche, P; Tulliez, M; Sicard, D; Sereni, D; HOpital Cochin, France PB0757 HIV-1 INFECTION OF MEGAKARYOCYTIC CELL LINES Sato, T'; Sekine, H2; Kakuda, H'; Miura, N'; Noguchi, Y'; Suwabe, S'; Niimi, H'; Fuse, A'; 'Chiba Unvierstiy; 2Tokyo Metropol Res Lab of Pub Health; 'NIH, Japan PB0758 IMMUNOTHERAPY WITH INTRAVENOUS IMMUNOGLOBJLIN G (IVIG) IN HIV ILLNESS Diaz Brito, A; Feregrino, GM; Eid Lidt, G; Alvarado DR; Gallegos Perez, H; Perez AI; Clinica ISI de Norteamerica, Mexico PB0759 INFLUENCE OF INTRAVENOUS THERAPY WITH NORMAL HUMAN IMMUNOGLOBULIN ON HAEMOSTASIS SYSTEM IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Kravchenko, AV; Polyakova, AM; Yurin, OG; Astrina, OS; Serebrovskaya, LV; Pokrovsky, VV; Russian AIDS Centre, Russia PB0760 LOW SERUM G-CSF LEVEL IN HIV POSITIVE HEMOPHILIACS AS A CAUSE OF NEUTROPENIA Hanabusa, H'; Matsuda, F'; Miura, T2; 'Ogikubo Hospital; 'Haga Red Cross Hospital, Japan P0761 TRANSFUSIONS, r-HuEPO & IMMUNE FUNCTION IN HIV DISEASE Scarazinni, L; Muurahainen, N; Kosok, A; Reeves, L; Young, C; Turner, J; Graduate Hosp/Phila FIGHT, USA 193

Page  194 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0762 REDUCTION OF CD8+CELL COUNT DEVELOPS THROMBOCYTOPENIA IN HIV-INFECTED HEMOPHILIACS Tokumaru, O; Ohji, T; Shirahata, A; University of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan, Japan PB0763 SEVERE THROMBOCYTOPENIA (ST) IN HIV-1+ PTS Maiello, A; Sciandra, M; Sinicco, A; Univ Turin, Italy PB0764 MORPHOLOGY OF BLOOD PLATELETS AND THEIR FUNCTIONAL CONDITION IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Polyakova, AM; Astrina, OS; Kravchenko, AV; Maleev, VV; Central Institute of Epidemiology, Russia PB0765 PLASMACYTOSIS IN CYTOLOGIC BONE-MARROW EXAMINATION IN PATIENTS WITH HIV-INFECTION Sandor, P; Jung, C; Bogner, JR; Goebel, FD; Medizinische Poliklinik, University of Munich School of Medicine, Germany PB0766 FUNGAL BONE MARROW CULTURES AND PLATELETS Ramirez-Ronda, R; Nieves, E; Del Valle, C; Aponte, A; Santos, M; Immunology Clinic OCASET, USA PB0767 FEVER PLUS NEUTROPENIA IN AIDS PATIENTS: ETIOLOGY AND RESPONSE TO G-CSF Hernandez-Quero, J; Viciana, P; Villanueva, J; Vergara, A; Giron, JA; Lozano, F; Andalousian Infectious Diseases Group (GAEI), Spain PB0768 AIDS NEUTROPENIA MANAGEMENT WITH COLONIES STIMULATING FACTORS (GMCSF AND GCSF) Alvarado-Diez, R; Feregrino-Goyos, M; Eid-Lidt, G; Gallegos-Perez, H; Clinica ISI de Norteamerica, Mexico PB0769 ZIDOVUDINE EFFECT ON VITAMIN B12 AND FOLATE MEASURED BY THE DEOXYURIDINE SUPRESSION TEST IN HIV PATIENTS Remacha, A; Cadafalch, J; Garcla-Die, F; Fuster, M; Sambeat, MA; Domingo, P; Hospital de Sant Pau, Spain PB0770 IRON STORES AND ANEMIA IN HIV-1 INFECTION Velati, C'; Macagni, A'; Vismara, L'; DeFerrari, C'; Lobbiani A'; Galli, M2; Musicco, M3; Fiorelli, G4; 'Immunohematology Centre; 2Med University of Milan; 3CNR, Italy PB0771 HLA PHENOTIPES & TNF-a PRODUCTION IN HIV PATIENTS Kalinina, N; Ketlinsky, SA; Bubnova, LN; Rachmanova, AG; Institute of Pure Biochemicals, Russia PB0772 PROINFLAMMATORY CYTOKINES IN HIV PATIENTS Ketlinsky, SA; Kalinina, NM; Prokopieva, ED; Chaldeeva, NA; Institute of Pure Biochemicals, Russia PB0773 DIFFERENTIATION OF CD34+STEM CELLS (SC) FROM HIV HEMOPHILIACS IN CULTURED THYMIC EPITHELIAL FRAGMENTS Knutsen, AP; Ruiz, M; Roodman, ST; Arens, M; O'Connor, D; Bouhasin, JD; St Louis Univ Med Ctr, USA PB0774 ANTIPHOSPHOLIPID ANTIBODY SYNDROME (APS) IN ARC AND AIDS PATIENTS Gritti, FM; Fondacaro, A; Bini, A; Guerra, L; Cannella, B; Cicognani, M; Schiattone, ML; Raise, E; Maggiore Hospital, Italy PB0775 IMMUNOGLOBULIN E (IGE) LEVELS IN DIFFERENT RISK GROUPS Carcamo, C; Miguez, MJ; Shor-Posner, G; Lu, Y; Quesada, J; Page, BJ; Fletcher, MA; Baum, MK; University of Miami, USA PB0776 IMMUNE EVOLUTION MARKERS IN HIV INFECTION: EFFECT INDUCED BY TREATMENT Tuset, C; Ferrer, C; Casas, E; Pedro, F; Carbonell, F; Herrera, A; Lopez-Santovefia, F; H General Universitario, CTCV, SPAIN PB0777 NO ADDITIONAL EXPANSION OF IMMUNE ACTIVATION PARAMETERS IN 264 AIDS PATIENTS WITH OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS (01) AS COMPARED TO PATIENTS WITH AIDS DUE TO 01 BUT WITHOUT ACTUAL 01 Bogner, JR; Sadri, I; Kinzel, D; Geier, SA; Goebel, F-D; Medizinische Poliklinik, University of Munich, Germany PB0778 CD4+ LYMPHOPENIA IN HIV+PATIENTS ONGOING INTERFERON FOR CHRONIC HEPATITIS C Soriano, V; Bravo, R; G Samaniego, J; Gonzalez, J; Castro, AM; Odriozola, P; Carballo, E; Colmenero, J; Del Romero, J; Pedreira, J; Glez-Lahoz, J; The HIV/IFN/HCV Spanish Study Group; Instituto Salud Carlos III, Spain PB0779 EFFECT OF TOTAL EXCHANGE TRANSFUSION (Ex-Tx) FOLLOWED BY CR1 RICH ERYTHROCYTE TRANSFUSION OR PLASMAPHERESIS ON COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION AND HIV COMPLEX FORMATION Inada, Y; Sakai, K; Sulzberger, J; Miyamoto, K; Lange, M; St Luke's-Roosevelt Hosp Ctr, Columbia University, USA PB0780 IDIOPATHIC CD4 + T-LYMPHOCYTOPENIA ACCOMPANYING HYPOGAMMAGLOBULINEMIA WITH INCREASED CD5+ B LYMPHOCYTES Fujiyama, Y; Hodohara, K; Yoshida, T; Matsubara, H; Bamba, T; Shiga Univ Med Sci, Japan PB0781 SEROLOGICAL MARKERS OF CMV-INFECTION IN RUSSIAN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS; RELATION WITH CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS Ermak, TN; Schahgildjan, VI; Kravchenko, AV; Stakhanova, VM; Karagas, NV; Ribalkina, TI; Pokrovsky, VV; Russian AIDS Centre, Russia 194

Page  195 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0782 PREGNANCY AND HIV-INFECTION IN UGANDAN WOMEN Naamara, W'; Katabira, P'; Reingold, A2; Hearst, N3; 'MOH, Uganda; 2Univ of Calif, Berkeley, USA; 3Ctr for AIDS Prevention Studies, Univ of Calif, San Francisco, USA PB0783 OBSTETRICS PATHOLOGY IN HIV POSITIVE IN PREGNANT WOMEN Carreras, R; Torrent, A; Rovira, MT; Payl, A; Soriano, RM; Xercavins, J; Autonomus University of Barcelona, Del Mar Hospital, Spain PB0784 POSTOPERATIVE COMPLICATIONS OF GYNECOLOGICAL AND OBSTETRICAL PATIENTS WITH HIV-INFECTION Dathe, O; Grubert, T; Lutz-Friedrich, R; Stauber, M; Univ of Munich, Germany PB0785 PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE, IN A BRAZILIAN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Becker Jr, E; Naud, P; Passos, E; Hospital de Clinieas de Porto Alegre, Brazil PB0786 DISEASE PROGRESSION IN HIV1 INFECTED WOMEN AFTER DELIVERY: A CASE CONTROL STUDY Bongain, A; Durant, J; Zammit, V; Dellamonica, P; Gillet, JY; University of Nice, France PB0787 THE EFFECT OF HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS INFECTION ON THE COURSE OF PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE Biggers, SD; Laguardia, KD; The New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center, USA PB0788 HIV INFECTION IS ASSOCIATED WITH MORE SEVERE CLINICAL PRESENTATION OF PID Munkolenkole, K1'2; De Cock, KM'; St Louis, M3; Ghys, P'; TourE, CK4; Kreiss, J2; 'Projet Retro-CI, CO d'Ivoir 2University of Washington; 'CDC, USA; 4CHU de Treichville, COte d'Ivoir PB0789 PATHOLOGY OF KIDNEY IN HIV INFECTION/AIDS Lanjewar, DN; Ansari, MAA; Grant Medical College, India PB0790 EXPERIENCE WITH STAVUDINE (d4T) THERAPY OF PATIENTS WITH ADVANCED AIDS AND <50 CD4 CELLS Pottage, Jr, J; Benson, C; Sha, B; et al; Rush Medical College, USA PB0791 DIDANOSINE-INDUCED EJACULATORY DYSFUNCTION Mayo, J; Collazos, J; Martinez, E; Hospital de Galdakao, Spain PB0792 HIV FREE SPERM PREPARATION FROM HIV CARRIER'S SEMEN Ando, Y'; Kakimoto, K'; Yoshioka, A2; Honda, M'; 'Wakayama Med Col; 2Nara Med Univ; 'JNIH, Japan PB0793 TRH-LHRH IN AIDS Tendrich, M; Galhardo, MCG; Cuba, J; Veloso, VG; Moreira, RB; Souza, RV; Guimarnes, MRC; Evandro Chagas Hospital, Brazil PB0794 HLMAN CRH TEST IN AIDS Galhardo, MCG; Cuba, J; Veloso, VG; Moreira, RB; Cavalcante, SC; Grinsztejn, B; Tendrich, M; Evandro Chagas Hosp, IOC/FIOCRUZ, Brazil PB0795 MALNUTRITION AND SURVIVAL IN AIDS Dickerson, C; Salvato, P; Thompson, C; Houston Immunological Institute, USA PB0796 METABOLIC ALTERATIONS IN PATIENTS WITH VIH ILLNESS Eid-Lidt, G; Feregrino, GM; Gallegos, PH, Alvarado, DR; Clinica ISI Norteamerica, Mexico PB0797 DIABETES INSIPIDUS IN AIDS Harris, PJ; Curry, R; AIDS Clinical Research Center of Washington, USA PB0798 MUSCULOSKELETAL OPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS IN AIDS Lorena, RO; Silva, MA; Lima, MBC; Salgado, MCF; Leao, ACH; Oliveira, CAB; University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PB0799 NON-INVASIVE METHODS FOR THE PRECOCIOUS DIAGNOSIS OF CARDIAC ABNORMALITIES IN HIV INFECTED CHILDREN Yu, CL'; Catani, LH2; Della Negra, M'; Queiroz, W'; Paste, AA'; Soraggi Neto, C'; Silva, LMG'; 'Inst Infectol Emilio Ribas; 2FCMSCSP, Brazil PB0800 ARE CARDIAC ABNORMALITIES RELATED TO A POORER VITAL PROGNOSIS IN AIDS PATIENTS? d'Ivernois, C; Chene, G; Dupon, M; Lacut, JY; CHU, France PB0801 CARDIAC MANIFESTATIONS OF AIDS Kalla, S'; Chakraborty, J2; Purohit, A'; Verma, G4; 'Univ of Ill; 2Medical College of Ohio; 'Harvard Deaconess Surgical Service USA; 4Kota Medical College, India PB0802 STEREOLOGY OF THE MYOCARDIUM IN AIDS/HIV PATIENTS Paiva, D; Lima, DB; Gomes, ND; Mandarim-de-Lacerda, CA; Santos, MB; State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PB0803 FEVER OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS: A MULTICENTRIC-PROSPECTIVE STUDY OF 116 CASES Lozano, F; Pujol, E; Tortes Cisneros, J; Bascunana, A; Carias, E; Garcia-Ordonez, MA; Hernandez-Quero, J; Vergara, A; Marquez, M; Diez, F; Torres, M; Pasquau, J; Hernandez-Burruezo, JJ; Suarez, I; Andalusian Group For Study of Infectious Diseases, Spain 195

Page  196 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0804 HEMOLYTIC-UREMIC SYNDROME IN PATIENTS WITH HIV INFECTION Blanche, P; Bachmeyer, C; Sereni, D; Salmon, D; Boissonnas, A; Dreyfus, F; Sicard, D; Hopital Cochin, France PB0O805 26 CASES OF ACUTE RETINITIS NECROSIS (ARN) IN 26 HIV INFECTED PATIENTS Batisse, D; Eliaszewicz, M; Zazoun, L; Baudrimont, M; Dupont, B; Hopital de l'Institut Pasteur, France PB0806 ADRENAL INSUFFICIENCY (AI) IN SEVEN AIDS PATIENTS Baraia-Etxaburu, J; Astigarraga, B; Zubero, Z; Muftoz, J; Teira, R; Santamaria, JM; Hosp Basurto, Spain PBO807 THYROID FUNCTIONAL RESERVE EVALUATION IN AIDS Lima, MBC; Pires, MLE; Silva, MA; Ribero, JE; Alessandro, FA; Dimetz, T; Povoa, LC; University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PB0O808 ETIOLOGICAL EVALUATION OF THE ADRENAL ACCESS IN AIDS Oliveira, CAB; Pires, MLE; Silva, MA; Lima, MBC; Ribeiro, JE; Koeppe, AS; Conceicao, FL; University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PB0809 CLINICAL AND LABORATORIAL EVALUATION OF THE ENDOCRINE PANCREAS IN AIDS Pires, MLE; Silva, MA; Lima, MBC; Carrera, JA; Vangueloti, AM; Ribeiro, JE; Faulhaber, MHW; University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PB0810 AIDS AND RHEUMATIC MANIFESTATIONS- STUDY OF 15 CASES Verztman, JF; Leite, NH; Goldfarb, M; Joao, E; Guimaraes, S; Hospital dos Servidores do Estado, Brazil PB0811 IMMUNOHISTOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT OF CUTANEOUS DRUG HYPERSENSITIVITY REACTIONS IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Cooper, DA"2; Carr, A'; Vasak, E'; Munro, V2; Penny, R'; Penny, R'; 'Centre for Immunology; 2ST Vincent's Hospital, 'Univ of New South Wales, Australia PB0812 TRIMETHOPRIME-SULFAMETHOXAZOLE DESENSITIZATION IN HIV PATIENTS Guerin, C; Bachmeyer, C; Salmon, D; Barre, C; Hazebroucq, G; Sicard, D; Sereni, D; Hopital Cochin, France P0O813 NEVIRAPINE (NEV) IS LESS TOXIC TO PROGENITOR CELLS (BFU-E) THAN AZT OR DDI Weinberg, RS; Chusid, ED; Galperin, Y; Gerits, P; Sacks, H; Mt Sinai School of Medicine, USA PB0814 THE EFFECT OF HIV INFECTION ON MEASLES ANTIBODY Brunell, PA; Vimal, V; Courville, T; Israele, V; Daar, E; Sandhu, M; Ahmanson Pediatric Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA PB0815 RENAL TISSUE LEVELS OF MHC PROTEIN AND INTERFERON IN HIV NEPHROPATHY Kimmel, PL; Bodi, I; Abraham, AA; Phillips, TM; George Washington Univ Med Ctr, USA PB13: Antiretroviral Therapy: Nucleoside Monotherapy PB0816 CLARITHROMYCIN AND ZIDOVUDINE PHARMACOKINETIC STUDY Vance, E; Guzman, J; Bitar, M; Kazanjian, P; Brigham & Women's Hospital/ Harvard Med School, Boston, USA PB0817 SURVIVAL TRENDS OF PATIENTS INFECTED WITH HIV TREATED WITH ZIDOVUDINE (RETROVIR~) EXPERIENCE FROM A PRIVATE PRACTICE GROUP IN VENEZUELA Rodriguez-Adrian, L; Comegna, M; Guzman, M; Isttriz, M; Murillo, J; Hospital Privado Centro Medico de Caracas, Venezuela PB0818 INTRACELLULAR PHOSPHORYLATION OF ZIDOVUDINE IN VIVO Veal, GJ; Wild, MJ; Barry, MG; Back, DJ; University of Liverpool, UK PB0819 INFLUENCE ON ZIDOVUDINE/PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII PNEUMONIA PROPHYLAXIS ON SURVIVAL FROM AIDS DIAGNOSIS Mijch, A; Carlin, J; Hoy, J; Gertig, D; Graham, M; Lucas, R; Fairfield Hospital, Australia PB0820 THE EFFICACY OF ZIDOVUDINE IN AIDS PATIENTS IN BRAZIL Sprinz, E; Kronfeld, M; Sfair, A; Hospital de Clinicas, Porto Alegre (HCPA), Brazil PB0821 ComPACT 1: A RANDOMIZED, CONTROLLED TRIAL OF IMMEDIATE VS DEFERRED ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY IN ASYMPTOMATIC HIV INFECTED INDIVIDUALS Mitchell, T'; Abrams, D'; Smith, RP2; Meier, P2; Peto, R4; 'University of California, San Francisco; 'Brown University; 'Columbia University; 'Oxford University; USA PB0822 DISPOSITION OF AZT AND ZdU IN LYMPH NODES OF MICE Chu, CK; Manouilov, KK; White, CA; Federov, I; Boudinot, FD; 'Univ of Georgia, Athens; Emory University, USA PB0823 SHOULD ASYMPTOMATIC HIV POSITIVE PATIENTS TAKE AZT: A DECISION ANALYSIS APPROACH Walmsley, S; Naimark, D University of Toronto, Canada PB0824 THE EFFECT OF THE CONCORDE TRIAL ON INITIATION OF DIDANOSINE (ddl) THERAPY Peter, A; Rachlis, A; Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, Canada 196

Page  197 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0825 LYMPHOCYTE FUNCTION AND CYTOKINES IN HIV+ PATIENTS TREATED ON AZT OR DDI Raise, E; Fondacaro, A; Guerra, L; Chen, CH; Cicognani, MA; Schiattone, ML; Martuzzi, M; Gritti, FM; Maggiore Hospital, Italy PB0826 IN VIVO EFFECTS OF ZIDOVUDINE ON HIV-1 PROVIRAL LOAD AND 2-LTR CIRCULAR HIV-1 DNA Baxter, JD; Gekowski, KM; Rockoff, TA; Parisi, JM; Byrne, BC; UMDNJ/RWJ Medical School, USA PB0827 EARLY ANTIRETROVIRAL TREATMENT AND SURVIVAL AFTER AIDS DIAGNOSIS IN A COHORT OF HOMOSEXUAL MEN Bindels, PJE; Krol, A; Keet, IPM; Van Den Hoek, JAR; Coutinho, RA; Municipal Health Service, Amsterdam, The Netherlands PB0828 MEASUREMENT OF HIV ANTIVIRAL ACTIVITY BY DIRECT HIV RNA QUANTITATION IN FROZEN PERIPHERAL BLOOD MONONUCLEAR CELLS (PBMCs) USING A BRANCHED DNA (bDNA) ASSAY Anderson, RE2; Mohanty, S2; Wilber, JC'; Dailey, PJ 1; 2Bristol-Myers Squibb Co; 'Chiron Corp, USA PB0829 NOVEL 6- (PHENYLSELENENYL) PYRIMIDINE DERIVATIVES AS POTENTIAL ANTI-AIDS AGENTS Kim, DK'; Gam, J'; Kim, Y-W'; Kim, H-T'; Cho, Y-B'; Kim, KH'; Shin, Y-O2; 'Sungkyong Industries R&D Center; 2National Institute of Health, Korea PB0830 CHARACTERISTIC FEATURES OF NON-NUCLEOSIDE REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE INHIBITORS (NNRTIs) AS HIV-1-SPECIFIC RT INHIBITORS De Clercq, E; Ka tholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium PB0831 DIDANOSINE (ddl)-INDUCED FULMINANT HEPATITIS Bissuel, F'; Cotte, L'; Bruneel, F2; Lucet, J2; Trepo, C'; 'HOtel-Dieu Hospital, Lyon; 2Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital, France PB0832 BINDING OF AZT TO LIPID MEMBRANES Gabev, EE'; Gabev, EB2; Bulg Ac Sci; Med Sch, Sofia, Bulgaria PB0833 PHASE I STUDIES IN ANTI-AIDS DRUGS AND GCP Lim, C'; Fourtillan, JB2; 1Chuan Lim Conseil; 2CEMAF, France PB0834 CLINICAL DECISION-MAKING AND TRIAL DESIGN: A REVIEW AND CRITIQUE OF RECENT TRIALS Link, D; Gay Men's Health Crisis, USA PB0835 THE EFFECTS OF AZT ON SURVIVAL: A REVIEW OF PUBLISHED RANDOMIZED EVIDENCE Smith, R; Abrams, D; Mitchell, T; Meier, P; Peto, R; USA & UK PB0836 MEASUREMENT OF THE ANTI HIV AGENT-2', 3'-DIDEHYDRO-2', 3' DIDEOXYTHYMIDINE (D4T) BY COMPETITIVE ELISA Guedj, R; Ferrua, B; Tran, TT; Rotpin, C; Quaranta, J-F; Sinet, M; Durand, J; Laboratoire de Chimie Bio-Organique, France PB0837 IS ZIDOVUDINE EFFECTIVE IN ASYMPTOMATIC CHINESE HIV CARRIERS? Twu, SJ; Lin, HC; Chuang, CY; National Taiwan University, Taiwan PB0838 ZIDOVUDINE IN A LOW-DOSE ESCHEDULE IN INFECTED CHILDREN: A BRAZILIAN EXPERIENCE Marques, HHS; Aquino, MZ; Kamikawa, J; Hamamoto, LA; Jacob, CMA; Pastorino, AC; Grumach, AS; Univ Sao Paulo, Brazil PB0839 2 YEAR FOLLW-UP OF HIV VIREMIA IN PATIENTS ON DDI Yerly, S; Kaiser, L; Hirschel, B; Perrin, L; Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland PB14: Antiretroviral Therapy: Non Nucleosides and Protease Inhibitions PB0840 TOLERANCE AND PHARMACOKINETICS OF ORAL FOSCARNET IN HIV SEROPOSITIVES Youle, MS'; Noormohamed, FH'; Higgs, CJ'; Gazzard, BG'; Nelson, M'; Martin-Munley, S2; Lant A FHIV Unit Kobler Centre, UK; 'Astra, USA PB0841 KNI-272: A POTENT HIV PROTEASE INHIBITOR EXHIBITING A FAVORABLE ORAL BIOAVAILABILITY IN BEAGLE DOGS Fukazawa, T'; Takeuchi, N'; Fujisawa, N4; Hattori, N'; Mimoto, T'; Abe, S; Yuki, K2; Kiso, Y'; Tomaszewski, J4; Hayashi, H'; Mitsuya, H4; 'Japan Energy Corporation; 2Panapharm Laboratories; 'Kyoto Pharmaceutical Univ, Japan; 'National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA PB0842 FOSCARNET DECREASES HIV VIREMIA Kaiser L; Perrin, L; Hirschel, B; Olmari, M; Yerly, S; Infectious Dis and Virology, Switzerland PB0843 ANTI-HIV OR -SIV ACTIVITY OF A NEW AMPHOTERICIN-B DERIVATIVE Clayette, P'; Seman, M2; Martin, M'; Cherifi, K'; Pleskoff, 02; Dormont, D'; 'CEA, DSV/DPTE/SSA, France; 2Universiti Paris VII; 'Laboratoires Mayoly-Spindler, France PB0844 ACETAMINOPHEN (A) METABOLISM IN HIV INFECTION Gonzalez, M; Esteban, A; Mora, A; Priego, M; Boix, V; Portilla, J; Perez-Mateo, M; Universitary Hospitals of Alicante and Elche, Spain 197

Page  198 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0845 IMMUNOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF HIV INFECTION Khaitov, R; Prokopenko, VD; Sidorovitch, IG; Trubcheninova, LP; Nikolaeva, IA; Papuashvily, MN; Simonova, AV; Ignatjeva, GA; RF Min of Public Health, Russia PB0846 DOSE RANGING STUDY OF PROTEASE INHIBITOR ABT-987 IN HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Gil-Aguado, A'; Moreno, S2; Rubio, R'5; Danner, S3'; Alcami, J4"; Garcia de Lomas, J4; 'Hosp La Paz; 2Hosp General "Gregorio Maranon", Spain; 'Academic Med Ctr, The Netherlands; 4Hosp Clinico, Valencia; 5Hosp Doce de Octubre, Spain PB0847 ANTIVIRAL RESPONSE TO NEVIRAPINE MONOTHERAPY IN NUCLEOSIDE NAIVE PERSONS de Jong, M; Dutch-Italian-Australian Nevirapine Study Group, NATEC, Netherlands PB0848 A PILOT PHASE I STUDY OF ORAL MONOTHERAPY WITH U-87201E (ATEVIRDINE, ATV) IN LATE STAGE HIV DISEASE Wagner, KF'; Mayers, DL'; Cox, SR2; Batts, DH2; RV-65 Study Group, 'MMCARR; 2UpJohn, USA PB17: Design Evaluation and Ethical Issues of Clinical Trials PB0849 HIV STATUS AND WILLINGNESS TO PARTICIPATE IN HIV VACCINE TRIALS IN RWANDA Lartigue, K; Kantarama, G; Haynes-Saanstad, K; Gasakerume J; Muska, S; Allen, S; Projet San Francisco, Rwanda PB0850 DENTAL COST DISTRIBUTION FOR AIDS PATIENT TREATMENT Najjar, T; Shovlin, F; Chance, K; NJDS, USA PB0851 PB0854 REASONS FOR PARTICIPATING IN CLINICAL TRIALS IN BRAZIL Murta, F'; Schechter, M'; Zajdenverg, R'; Artemenko, S'; Gay, V2; 1 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 'St Mary's Medical School, UK PB0855 INFLUENCE OF DIFFERENT FLOW CYTOMETERS, MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES, TWO AND THREE COLOR LABELLING ON THE CD4 CELL COUNT IN HIV INFECTION Knechten, H; Holmgren, C; Knickmann, M; Ruback, C; Praxiszentrum Blondelstra/3e, Germany PB0856 A TRIAL PROCEDURE ON HIV INFECTED PREGNANT WOMEN Miyazawa, Y; Ogura, Y; Okada, K; Inomata, Y; Tokyo Metropolitan Otsuka Hospital, Japan PB0857 1994 HIV TREATMENT DIRECTORY IN FRANCE: A GENUINE PARTNERSHIP WITH HIV ACTORS Chambon, JF; Ahouanto, M; Landman, R; Cohen, S; Cohen, B; Fontenay, F; Rouzioux, C; ARCAT-SIDA, France NEW METHODOLOGIES FOR CLINICAL TRIALS Cheng, B; Project Inform, USA PB0858 PB0859 PATIENT ADVOCATES AS EXPERTS TO IMPROVE PATIENTS' INFORMATION BEFORE THEY ENROLL IN A CLINICAL TRIAL Fontenay, F'; Dagron, N2; Prestel, T'; Ahouanto, M'; Volny-Anne, A2; Meyer, P4; Rey-Coquais, X'; 'Arcat-Sida; 2Act Up; 'Aides; 4VLS; 'Actions-Traitements, France PB0860 PARTICIPATION OF HIV POSITIVE PATIENTS IN CLINICAL TRIALS: MOTIVATIONS, PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT AND EFFECTS Faucht, N'; Obadia, M'; Bicart-See, A'; Partisani, M2; Lapeyre, M3; Beslay, C3; Auvergnat, JC'; Hopital Purpan; 'Dept of Immuno-Hematology; 'Human Sciences University, France PB0861 ENROLLMENT OF HIV-INFECTED MINORITY WOMEN INTO CLINICAL TRIALS Sheffield, D; Kloser, P; Gill, C; Correll, P; UMDNJ, NJ Med School; USA DETERMINANTS OF LEVELS OF COMPLIANCE IN PATIENTS ENROLLED IN A PCP PROPHYLAXIS PROTOCOL (COMMUNITY PROGRAMS FOR CLINICAL RESEARCH ON AIDS (CPCRA) ): BASELINE DATA Besch, CL; Morse, EV; Simon, PM; Bincsik, A; Cefali, F; Connett, J; Child, C; Costanzo, L; Cox, L; Landry, S; Guity, C; Ragland, K; Ropka, M; Louisiana Community AIDS Research Program USA PB0852 HUMAN LEUKOCYTE a-INTERFERON IN CREAM FOR THE TREATMENT OF GENITAL HERPES A PLACEBO-CONTROLLED, DOUBLE-BLIND STUDY Syed, TA'; Lundin, S'; Kahlon, BMM'; Ahmad, SA2; Kahlon, RC2; 'University of Lund, Sweden; 2'University of the Punjab, Pakistan PB0853 COMPREHENSIVE DENTAL CARE FOR AIDS PATIENTS Talib, N; Shovlin, F; Chance, K; NJDS, USA PB0862 A TEAM WORK AGREEMENT BETWEEN INVESTIGATORS, ACTIVISTS AND PWAS TO IMPROVE CLINICAL TRIALS IN FRANCE 2 Lestrade, D'; Chambon, JF'; Dagron, N'; Fontenay, F2; Prestel, T'; Meyer, P4; Rey-Coquais, X5; 'Act Up; 'Arcat-Sida; 'Aides; 4VLS; 'Actions-Traitements, France PB0863 TRAINING IMPACT IN STD/AIDS AMONG FEMALE SEX WORKERS IN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY: BOLIVIA Quit6n, M; Gisbert, M; TES, La Paz, Bolivia 3 198


Page  200 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB19: Quality of Life for People Living with HIV/ AIDS PB0886 A COMPARISON OF THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF HIV POSITIVE PATIENTS AND HEALTHY CONTROLS Jackson, LS; Bukar, JG; Gesundheit, N; Deasy, CA; Genentech, Inc, USA PB0887 DENIAL OF PWAS SEXUAL LIFE AND IMPORTANCE OF CREATING SEXOLOGICAL CONSULTATIONS FOR HIV+ PATIENTS IN PARIS HOSPITALS Dudoret, N1'2; Silvagni, G-O2; 'Hosp-Mondor-Paris; 2Solidarite Plus Association; France PB0888 A PROSPECTIVE COMPARATIVE STUDY BETWEEN EXTERNALLY SITED (HICKMAN LINE), CHEST IMPLANTED (PORT-O-CATH) AND ARM IMPLANTED (PASport) FOR LONG TERM VENOUS ACCESS IN AIDS PATIENTS Tanner, AG; Skinner, CJ; McBride, MO; Harris, JRW; Monson, JRT; Glazer, G; St Mary's Hospital, UK PB0889 ASSESSMENT OF QUESTIONNAIRES IN A QUALITY OF LIFE STUDY Costantini, M2; Serpelloni, G'; Morasso, G2; Parise, M'; Carli, L; Borreani, C'; Bassi, A'; 'SSH ULSS 25, 2Istituto Tumori, Italy PB0890 PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION OF HIV-INFECTED JAPANESE INDIVIDUALS Konishi, M; Mori, K; Mikasa, K; Sawaki, M; Narita, N; Yoshioka, A; Fujimura, Y; Nara Medical University, Japan PB0891 INDIVIDUALIZED PHYSIOTHERAPEUTIC PROGRAM FOR POSITIVE HIV (AIDS) PATIENTS PHASE IV Ardila, EF; Martinez Santa, J; Sandoval Vivas, V; Liga Colombiana de Lucha Contra el SIDA (NGO), Colombia PB0892 ART COALITION Stover, B; Arthur, R; Los Angeles County; Univ of Southern California Medical Center, USA PB0893 THE EFFECT OF HYPERBARIC OXYGENATION (HBO) ON HIV-ASSOCIATED CHRONIC FATIGUE Steinhart, CR; Montoya, I; Kaiser, MR; Mercy Hospital, USA PB0894 THE EFFECT OF MICRONUTRIENT INTAKE ON SURVIVAL IN HIV-1 INFECTION Tang, AM; Graham, NMH; Saah, AJ; Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, USA PB0895 DETECTION OF OCCULT WASTING BY BIA TECHNOLOGY Muurahainen, N'; Kosok, A'; Simon, G'; Lehmann, R'; Kotler, D2; Turner, 3'; 'Graduate Hosp Phila, 'St Lukes Hosp, USA PB24: Hemophilia PB0896 STUDIES ON ANTI-PND ANTIBODIES AGAINST HIV-1 V3 LOOP FOUND IN JAPANESE HEMOPHILIACS Yamanaka, T; Fujimura, Y; Ishimoto, S; Konishi, M; Narita, N; Yoshioka, A; Mimaya, J; Meguro, T; Yamada, K; Watanabe, K; Fukushima, E; Honda, M; Nara Medical University; Japan NH Subcommittee, Japan PB0897 THE STATUS OF NATURAL COAGULATION INHIBITORS IN HEMOPHILIACS WITH HIV INFECTION Saito, M; Siobara, S; Asakura, H; Matsuda, T; Kanazawa University School of Medicine, Japan PB25: Nutrition PB0898 PREVALENCE OF NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES IN PATIENTS WITH HIV-1 INFECTION Tomaka, FL; Cimoch, PJ; Reiter, WM; Keller, RJ; Berger, DS; Piperado, J; Nemechek, PM; Loss, SD; Houghton, RA; Center for Special Immunology, USA PB0899 ZINC AND COPPER LEVELS IN CHILDREN WITH HIV WASTING SYNDROME Soraggi, CN'; Della Negra, M'; Queiroz, W'; Lian, YC'; Amancio, 02; Braga, JP2; Fisberg, M2; 'Inst Infect Emilio Ribas; 2Escola Paulista de Medicina, Brazil PB0900 EFFECTS OF MEGESTROL ACETATE THERAPY UPON BODY COMPOSITION AND SERUM TESTOSTERONE IN AIDS Engelson, ES; Tierney, AR; Pi-Sunyer, FX; Kotler, DP; St Luke's-Roosevelt Hosp, USA PB0901 AIDS AND NUTRITION Sharma, R; Sharma, A; IIT Delhi; Jodhpur University, India PB0902 ALTERATIONS IN HYDRATION IN HIV-INFECTION Babameto, G; Kotler, DP; Burastero, S; Wang, J; Pierson, RN; St Luke's-Roosevelt Hosp, USA PB0903 EFFECT OF A COMBINATION OF GROWTH HORMONE (rhGH) AND INSULIN-LIKE GROWTH FACTOR-I (rhlGF-I) ON THE APPETITE OF HIV-1+PATIENTS (PTS) WITH WEIGHT (WT) LOSS Bukar, JG'; Jackson, L'; Muro, J'; Jenks, BH; Bakst, R; Brodsky, M; Gesundheit, N; 'Genentech, Inc, USA PB0904 NUTRITIONAL PARAMETERS AND IMMUNE STATUS IN A GROUP OF DRUG DEPENDENT MALES WITH HIV INFECTION IN A DIFFERENT CLINICAL STAGE Verani, DA; Andreoni, M; Moggio, G; Salatino, A; de Saraca, M; Ospedale degli Infermi, Italy PB0905 VITAMIN B12 AND FOLATE IN AIDS Bieber, S; Fremont, S; May, T; Sarem, F; Gerard, P; Nicolas, JP; Canton, P; CHU, France 200

Page  201 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0906 NUTRITIONAL STATUS (NS) OF HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Pugliese, P'; Pradier, C'; Caries, M'; Delpech, D2; Bernard, E'; Dellamonica, P'; Hopital L'Archet,2DASS, France PB0907 TREATMENT WITH MEDROXY-PROGESTERON-ACETATE REVERSES WEIGHT LOSS BUT NOT BODY CELL MASS DEPLETION: RESULTS OF BODY-IMPEDANCE ANALYSIS Stute, A2; Poppinger, J'; Spitz, S2; Jaegel Guedes, E'; Jaeger, H'; 'KIS Curatorium for Immundeficiency; 2Caremark, Germany PB0908 A PILOT ITALIAN STUDY WITH MEGESTROL ACETATE (MA) IN AIDS RELATED CACHEXIA Vigano, M; Danise, A; Novati, R; Finazzi, R; Gaiera, G; Lazzarin, A; Scientific Institute HS Raffaele, Italy PB0909 EXPERIENCE WITH NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT IN PATIENTS WITH WASTING SYNDROME IN ADVANCED AIDS Gallegos-Perez, H; Feregrino-Goyos, M; Alvarado Diez, R; Eid Lidt, G; Clinica ISI de Norteamerica, Mexico PB0O910 EFFECTS OF ENTERAL NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTS ON HIV DISEASE Cope, FO'; Hellerstein, M2; et al; 'University of California, San Francisco; 'Ross Laboratories, USA PBO911 NUTRITIONAL STATUS OF HIV NONVERTICALLY INFECTED CHILDREN Strauss, I; Marin, C; Marcu, M; Colentina Hospital, Romania PB0912 RISK FACTORS FOR WASTING IN HIV1 INFECTED PATIENTS Bentata, M; Kerchouni, R; N'Guyen, G; Ferriere, F; Uzzan, B; Krivitzky, A; Modigliani, E; Hopital Avicenne, France PB0913 DEMOGRAPHIC CORRELATES OF MALNUTRITION IN HIV DESEASE Kosok, A'; Muurahainen, N'; Simons, G'; Turner, J'; Kotler, D'; 'Graduate Hosp; 2St Lukes Hosp, USA PB0914 MEETING THE NUTRITION NEEDS OF AN ETHNICALLY DIVERSE POPULATION WITH HIV/AIDS IN A LARGE URBAN SETTING Stricker, JD; Kraak, V; God's Love We Deliver, USA PB0915 THE OPEN HAND: THE EFFECT OF A NUTRITION PROGRAM ON WEIGHT STATUS IN PERSONS WITH SYMPTOMATIC HIV DISEASE Jarvie, J; McMillan, L; Romeyn, M; Project Open Hand, USA PB0916 DETERMINING THE NUTRITION NEEDS OF AN ETHNICALLY DIVERSE URBAN POPULATION WITH HIV/AIDS Kraak, V'; Stricker, JD'; Utermohlen, V2; 'God's Love We Deliver; 'Cornell Univ, USA PB0917 THE ROLE OF NUTRITION ON HIV INFECTION AND AIDS Matulessy, PF; Forina, MP; Asmuni, R; Epidemiology Study Group for Nutrition & Health, Indonesia PB0918 HIV SERO PREVALANCE IN MALNOURISHED CHILDREN AND ESTIMATION OF TRACE ELEMENTS Samuel, MN; Meenakshi, B; Gnanasundaram, S; Rajan, BP; TN Dr MGR Medical University, India PB0919 NUTRITIONAL COFACTORS IN AIDS Shanmugam, S; Kannayiram, A; Rajathi, A, Geeyes Medical Centre, India PB0920 ANTIOXYDATIVE PRINCIPLES OF HIV-PROPHYLAXIS AND HIV-THERAPY Sinichkin, AA; Polyak, AI; Kirsanova, ON; State University, Russia PB26: Care and Counseling PB0921 HOME ADMINISTRATION OF AMPHOTERICIN B Tillman, KR; Santos, M; Lutz, B; Owen Home Infusion, Southern Baptist Hospital; New Orleans Health Department, USA PB0922 ARTERIO-VENOUS FISTULAE FOR CHRONIC VASCULAR ACCESS IN PTS WITH AIDS Greene, JB'; Giangola, G'; Salik, JM'; Walsh, I2; Felice, JA2; Ratkewich, M"2; 'NYU Medical Center; 2NMC Homecare, Inc, USA PB0923 USING NURSING DIAGNOSIS TO IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE OF PATIENTS INVOLVED IN CLINICAL TRIALS L' Homme, C; Lambert, A; Palardy, D; Payette, Y; Canadian HIV Trials Network, Canada PB0924 NURSING CARE FOR A HIV+ PATIENT WITH GUILLAIN-BARRE SYNDROME (GBS) Koshimizu, K; Hachimura, K; Kabe, K; Yonai, M; Tabuchi, J; Yokohama City Hospital, Japan PB0925 FACTORS PROLONGING HOSPITALIZATION OF AIDS PATIENTS AND COMMON PROBLEMS Umezu, A; Oritsu, R; Yokohama Municipal University School of Medicine Affiliated Hospital, Japan PB0926 PROBLEMS THAT FACE THE HIV/AIDS PATIENTS IN JAPAN Takeuchi, T; Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, Japan PB0927 ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION WITH PROCESSED SPERM IN HIV-DISCORDANT COUPLES PROSPECTIVE 2 YEAR TRIAL Sonnenberg-Schwan, U; Reuter, U; Jaeger, H; KIS-Curatorium for Immunedeficiency, Germany 201

Page  202 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0928 COUNSELING AND TESTING: A NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR HIV/ AIDS PREVENTION Lago, R; Rodrigues, L; Sereno, A; Lauria, L; Teixeira, P; Walker, R; Ministry of Health, Brazil PB0929 COMPREHENSIVE GUIDELINES FOR PROVIDERS OF HIV CARE Andrews, L; Broisman, L; Crowe, H; Novick, L; Ross, J; Spencer, M; Klimek, J; Hartford Hospital, USA PB0930 EXPERIENCE IN A DAY-CARE UNIT FOR HIV INFECTED PATIENTS Polo, R; Verdejo, J; Mendez, E; Blasco, C; Barrera, M; Martinez, ML; Gonzalez-Lahoz, JM; CIC Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain PB0931 CENTRAL VENOUS CATHETERS IN INTRA-VENOUS DRUG USERS Minola, E; Arici, C; Finazzi, MG; Gavazzeni, G; Minelli, L; Quinzan, GP; Rizzi, M; Ospedali Riuniti, Italy PB0932 NOTIFICATION AND COUNSELING-TWO CASES OF HEMOPHILIA A PATIENTS Murata, R'; Miura, T'; Hanabusa, H2; 'Haga Red Cross Hospital, 'Ogikubo Hospital, Japan PB0933 HOME CARE IN CHILDREN WITH HIV INFECTION Bernardi, S; Castelli, G; Mastrilli, F; Scaccia, S; Ferri, M; Krzysztofiak, A; Visco, V; Elia, L; Guzzanti, E; Bambino Gest1 Children Hospital, Italy PB0934 LIFE-TIME OF AIDS PATIENTS IN RUSSIA Yurin, O; Kravchenko, A; Gorbachova, E; Odinokova, I; Pokrovsky, VV; Russia AIDS Centre, Russia PB0935 MENTAL HEALTH CARE UTILIZATION OF ASIAN AND PACIFIC ISLANDER MEN WITH HIV IN SAN FRANCISCO Nakajima, GA; Kono, R; Katz, M; Liu, J; O'Malley, P; UCLA; Dept. Public Health San Francisco, Asian/Pacific AIDS Coalition, USA PB0936 SUCCESS OF INDIA'S FIRST ANONYMOUS HIV TESTING CENTRE Shirgopikar, N'; Gilada, I'; Bothra, R2; 'Indian Health Organisation, India; 'Indian AIDS Foundation, USA PB0937 HOMOSEXUAL MEN WITH HIV INFECTIONIN FLANDERS: HOW THEY APPRECIATE THEIR PHYSICIANS Revntiens, P'; De Vuyst, H2; Suys, F'; Peeters, R3; Colebunders, R2; 'Witte, Raven; 2 Instilute of Tropical Medicine; 'University of Antwerp Belgium PB0938 A BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP DECREASES DISTRESS IN HIV INFECTED GAY MEN Goodkin, K; Blaney, NT; Feaster, D; Burkhalter, J; Leeds, B; Tuttle, R; Fletcher, MA; Univ of Miami School of Med, USA PB0939 ADDRESSING THE REHABILITATIVE NEEDS OF PEOPLE WITH HIV DISEASE: A CALL FOR ACTION Chan, RSK; Ilaria, G; Jacobs, J; The New York Hospital, USA PB0940 NOSOCOMIAL INFECTIONS (NI) IN AIDS PATIENTS (PTS) Yangco, BG; Ricchezza, CE; Cancela, JA; Aadland, RA; St Joseph's Hospital, USA PB0941 FOLLOW UP OF COMPOUND ELS TO HIV/AIDS PATIENTS IN TANZANIA Lugakingira, ES'; Barongo, L2; Katarama, F3; Kaswamila, S4; 'Traditional Medicine Unit Ukerewe; 'National Institute for Medical Research Mwanza; 'Regional Hospital Mwanza; 'District Hospital Ukerewe, Tanzania PB0942 JAPANESE NURSES' PERCEPTION TOWARD HIV/AIDS PATIENT CARE Katada, N; et al; Japanese Nursing Association, Japan PB0943 PILOT TRANSITIONAL RESIDENCE FOR CHILDREN WITH HIV/AIDS Neumann, E; FEBEM-RS, Brazil PB0944 PEER EDUCATORS IN COUNSELLING ACTIVITIES IN YAOUNDE (CAMEROON) Betima, J'; Romocki, LS'; Monny, L'; Foumena, JC'; O'Dell, V'; Tita, I2'; 'National AIDS Control Program,; 'GTZ AIDS Control Project; 'AIDSCAP, Cameroon PB0945 COUNSELLING AS A SUPPORTIVE THERAPY FOR HIV PATIENTS Ashok, S; Deepam Educational Society for Health (DESH), India PB0946 THE INTEGRATION OF A COUNSELLING SERVICE WITH THE BLOOD TRANSFUSION SERVICE IN BRAZZAVILLE, CONGO Peko, JF'; Mukaka, J'; M'Pele, P'; 1SidAlerte/Congo; 'PNLS; 'CHU Brazzaville, Congo PB27: Management and Care PB0947 HOME CARE FOR ITALIAN PWAs A THREE YEAR ASSESSMENT Bosco, 0'; Serpelloni, G'; Donini, S'; Perini, GP'; Lovati, R2; 'Sezione di Screening HIV ULSS 25; 'Cooperativa Azalea, Italy PB0948 TINA'S HOUSE PROJECT: A MODEL OF HOSPICE CARE FOR TERMINALLY ILL AIDS PATIENTS IN MEXICO Vallejo, O; Lopez, E; Tansey, R; Tina's House Foundation, Mexico 202

Page  203 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0949 HOME CARE FOR AIDS PATIENTS IN SPAIN Sanchez, A; Gonzalez, I; Pedrosa, C; Martin-Mingorance, JA; Quiros, E; Cabezas, T; Orovitg, F; Folgado, J; Red Cross, Valencia; Microbiology, Gynecology and STD Center of Granada, Spain PB0950 ADAPTING GPA GUIDELINES FOR THE CLINICAL MANAGEMENT OF HIV INFECTION TO NATIONAL USE AN EVALUATION OF THE OUTCOME Margolis, CZ'; Wabitsch, R2; Ben-Gurion University, Israel; 2WHO Geneva, Switzerland PB0951 CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF HEPATIC BIOPSIES IN AIDS Lima, BD'; Jurado, E2; Pinho, P'; Moreira, P'; Paiva, D'; 'State University of Rio de Janeiro; 2Health Ministry, Brazil PB0952 CLINICAL MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES FOR HIV INFECTION IN THE CARIBBEAN Roach, TC; Caribbean Regional Epidemiology Centre, Trinidad PB0953 CHLORINE DIOXIDE STERILIZATION OF RED BLOOD CELLS FOR TRANSFUSION, ADDITIONAL STUDIES Rubinstein, A'; Chanh, T2; Rubinstein, DB'; 'University of Southern California; 'Southwest Foundation,; 'Boston Univ, USA PB0954 MANAGEMENT OF A LARGE COMMUNITY BASED CLINICAL TRIALS MODEL Al-Hashimi, LK; Wisconsin Community-Based Research Consortium (WCRC), USA PB0955 STANDARDIZING HIV/AIDS CLINICAL MANAGEMENT Rwomushana, J; Ojwok, O; Uganda AIDS Commission, Uganda PB0956 TAILORING HIV CARE TO COMMUNITY NEEDS: THE HARLEM HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE Pamphile, RE; Flam, R; EI-Sadr, W; Harlem Hospital Center, USA PB0957 REFLEXOLOGY-A RELAXATION EXERCISE FOR AIDS PATIENTS-RAKAI DISTRICT Naluyange, M; Ssemukasa, M; Brehony, E; CONCERN, Uganda PB0958 HIV DISEASE IN INTENSIVE CARE-AN INDIAN EXPERIENCE Kulkarni, SD; Chawla, KP; Jaindani, PG; Soman, SS; Karnik, ND; Gogate, AS; LTMG Hospital, India PB0959 THE IMPACT OF HIV INFECTION ON CLINICAL LABORATORY SERVICES AND PATIENTS CARE IN SUB SAHARAN AFRICA Musonda, RM; Tropical Diseases Research Centre, Zambia PB0960 A META-T CELL APPROACH: TRAINING MEDICAL STUDENTS AND RESIDENTS IN OUTPATIENT HIV CARE Gurfolino, V; Tanur, M; Bennett, T; Bonnano, J; Calame, C; Perryman S; Martin, G; Trinity Hospice of Greater Boston, USA PB0961 PHYSICIAN AGREEMENT WITH RECOMMENDED THERAPEUTIC GUIDELINES FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF HIV DISEASE Sestak, P; Donald, KJ; Hogg, RS; Craib, K JP; Strathdee, SA; O'Shaughnessy, MV; Montaner, J SG; St Paul's Hospital, Canada PB0962 INFORMATION NETWORK ON TREATMENTS TRAINING AND CARE FOR AFRICAN PATIENTS Brucker, G; SIDAFRIQUE, France PB0963 A NEEDLELESS INTRAVEINOUS SYSTEM FOR BLOOD DRAW Descamps, J-M; Bortolotti, V; Damade, R; Fleury, L; Rouveix, E; Verdon, R; Bouvet, E; H6pital BICHAT, France PB0964 STRENGTHENING AIDS CASE SURVEILLANCE IN INDIA Khodakevich, L'; Meshram, D2; Sengupta D', 'WHO/GPA-India; 'Christian Medical Association of India; 'Ministry of Health, Government of India, India PB0965 WOMEN AS CARETAKERS Ssentongo, R; Sharpe, U; Nanteza, C; Kitovu Hospital, Uganda PB0966 INTENTIONALLY HASTENED DEATH IN AIDS-ROLE OF CAREGIVING PARTNERS Cooke, M; Gourlay, L; Collette, L; Boccellari, A; Chesney, M; Folkman, S; University of California, San Francisco, USA PB0967 INCIDENCE OF HIV NEEDLESTICK ACCIDENT IN HEALTH CARE WORKERS AND FAMILY MEMBERS OF HEMOPHILIACS ON HOME INFUSION THERAPY Inagaki, M; Nagao, T; Kawasaki, N; Shirahata, S; National Children's Medical Research Center, Japan PB0968 MEDICAL PERSONNEL AT HIV/AIDS RISK: THE CASE STUDY OF HOSPITAL SAFETY FACILITIES AT MUHIMBILI Maganga, NA, Tanzania PB0969 CARING FOR PWA: THE FAMILY CARE GIVERS' EXPERIENCE Katabira, E'; Kaleeba, N'; Sebbanja, P'; Okurut, N'; Kaseje, M2; Anderson, 52; Tembo, G2; Marum, E'; 'TASO, 2GPA/ WHO; 'CDC/USAID, Uganda PB0970 HOME CARE FOR PWA'S: INVOLVING THE FAMILY AS A BETTER ALTERNATIVE TO INSTITUTIONS AMONG SPANISH-SPEAKING COMMUNITIES Uribe, P; Hernindez, G; del Rio, C; Pelayo, B; Ortiz, V; Panebianco, S; de Caso, LE, CONASIDA (National AIDS Council), Mexico 203

Page  204 TRACK B: Clinical Science and Care PB0971 THE DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES COORDINATION FOR PWAs AND THEIR FAMILIES IN THAILAND Thanprasertsuk, S'; Chantcharas, P'; Rerks-ngarm, S'; Paowanaporn, V'; Samitrakasaetrin, S'; Kraus, SJ2; 'Ministry of Public Health; 2World Health Organization, Thailand PB0972 CHILDREN ORPHANED BY AIDS: PROVIDING HOMES FOR A MOST VULNERABLE POPULATION Cameron, T; Cornell Univ, USA 204

Page  205 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PCO5: HIV/AIDS among Various Subpopulations PC0324 ANONYMOUS BUT LINKED HIV TESTING OF MALE PRISONERS IN CONNECTICUT Mostasharif, F; Altice, FL; Singh, R; Selwyn, PA; Yale University AIDS Program, USA PC0325 AIDS AMONG ASIANS & PACIFIC ISLANDERS (A/PI) REPORTED IN THE USA Metier, R; Hu, DJ; Fleming, PL; Ward, JW; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA PC0326 EPIDEMIOLOGY OF AIDS IN ASIAN AND PACIFIC ISLANDERS IN LOS ANGELES Cheng, K-J; Lee, M; Sorvillo, F; Lieb, L; Kerndt, P; HIV Epidemiology Program, USA PC0327 UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS WITH HIV INFECTION IN NEW YORK CITY: A PROGRAM REPORT Sheran, M; Torres, R; Torres, S; Green, M; Baney, M; St Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center of New York, USA PC0328 DESCRIPTIVE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF HIV IN AFRICANS IN LONDON Low, N; Taylor, C; Clark, R; Pozniak, A; King's College Hospital, UK PC0329 PRESENTATION OF AIDS IN AFRICANS IN SOUTH LONDON O'Farrel, N'; Lau, R2; Yoganathan, K'; Pozniak, A'; Griffin, G2; 1Guy's & St Thomas'; 2St George's; 'King's Hospitals, UK PC0330 PREVALENCE AND DETERMINANTS OF STD/HIV IN AN URBAN MIGRANT POPULATION Jain, D'; Sahgal, K; Bhalla, P; van Dam, CJ; 'Deptt of Preventive and Social Medicine; Maulana Azad Medical College, India PC0331 AIDS & SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR OF GARBAGE COLLECTORS IN EGYPT Hasan, MA; Farag, AB; Mickail, DB; Arab International Center for Fighting Against AIDS, Egypt PC0332 PREVALENCE OF HIV INFECTION AND AIDS BEHAVIORAL RISK AMONG PORT WORKERS IN SANTOS, BRAZIL Lacerda, R, M'; Tellini, R'; Ruiz, M; Troiani, A'; Stall, R2; Hearst, N2; 'Nucleo de Educacao e Prevencao as DST/ AIDS, Brazil; 'University of California, San Francisco, USA PC0333 CHANGING PRESENTATION OF HIV IN A RURAL POPULATION FROM THE SOUTHEASTERN USA Katner, HP; Smith, MU; Whyte, BM; Stephens, JL; Mercer University, USA PC0334 AIDS ALSO LIVES ON THE FARM Ayala Leal, S; Liga Colombiana de Lucha Contra el SIDA (NGO), Colombia PC0335 ALCOHOL-RELATED FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH HIV INFECTION AMONG ALCOHOLICS Boscarino, JA; Avins, AL; Woods, WJ; Lindan, CP; Clark, W; Hulley, SB; Hudes, ES; University of California, San Francisco, USA PC0336 HIV INFECTION AND VIOLENT DEATH (HOMICIDES/SUICIDES) CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA 1990-1993 Reardon, J; Wise, F; Hart, J; Keilch, R; Warren, N; Brunner, W; Ruiz, J; Contra Costa County, USA PC0337 HIV SEROPREVALENCE AMONG PSYCHIATRIC PATIENTS IN TOKYO Igarashi, Y'; Horita, N2; Mizutani, Y'; Hieda, M'; Kaneko, T'; 'Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital; 2Tokyo Metropolitan Mental Health Center, Japan PC0338 IMPACT OF THE HIV/AIDS INFECTION ON SPANISH HOSPITALS A SEQUENTIAL CROSS-SECTIONAL PREVALENCE STUDY Viciana, P; Sanchez-Mora, D; Jurado, R; Pujol, E; Colmenero, MA; Diez, F; Andalousian Infectious Diseases Group (GAEI), Spain PC0339 HETEROSEXUALLY INFECTED HIV PATIENTS IN TEN HOSPITALS IN THE PARIS REGION Bourdillon, F; Bez, G; Ministere des Affaires Sociales, France PC0340 CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY OF HIV INFECTION IN THE FOLLOW UP STUDY IN THE TOKYO JAPAN METROPOLITAN AREA Matsumoto, T; Shiokawa, Y; Shimada, K; Negishi, M; Matsuda, J; Mizogami, M; Oosato, K; Hamashima, N; Sakurai, Y; HIV Epidemiology Research Committee of the MHW, Japan PC0341 FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR COHORT DEVELOPMENT IN REGULAR THAI ARMY SOLDIERS; LABORATORY STUDIES Chuenchitra, C; et al; Royal Thai Army-US Army HIV Research Collaboration; AFRIMS, Thailand PC0342 RISK FACTORS RELATED TO HIV IN THE INDIGENOUS POPULATION OF THE GUATEMALAN ARMY Flores, LE; Arathoon, EG; AGPCS, Guatemala PC0343 BEHAVIOR PATTERNS OF HIV/AIDS TRANSMISSION IN THE MILITARY IN EL SALVADOR Wollants, ES; Schoenenberg, M; Concepcion, F; Shor-Posner, G; Baum, MK; Central Military Hospital, EL Salvador; University of Miami School of Medicine, USA 205

Page  206 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0344 CORRELATES OF HIV-1 INFECTION RATES IN MILITARY RECRUITS IN UGANDA Mugerwa, RD'; Mugerwa, MJ'; Vjecha, M'; Muhumuza, E2; Musinguzi, A2; Mbonye, B2; Hom, D'; Day-Lally, C3; Ellner, JJ'; 'Makerere University, Uganda; 2Joint Clinical Research Centre, Uganda; 'Case Western Reserve University, USA PC0345 PROMOTING SAFE BEHAVIOUR IN PRISONS: A PROGRAM DIRECTED AT DETAINEES AND PRISON STAFF de Jongh-Wieth, FE; Schepp-Beelen, JCHM; GGD-City Health Department, The Hague, Netherlands PC0346 KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDE TO HIV/AIDS IN HUNGARIAN GARRISONS AND PRISONS Gerlel, Z; Szlivik, J; BAnhegyi, D; Miskovits, E; LAszl6 Hosp, Hungary PC0347 CONTROLLING HIV/AIDS IN AFRICAN PRISONS Simooya, OO; Copperbelt-University, Zambia PC0348 ESTABLISHING A PROGRAM TO PROVIDE APPROPRIATE INFORMATION AND HEALTH CARE TO PRISONERS IN RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL Hanan, J LL'; Morais De SA, CA'; Biondi, EJ2; 'Hosp Universitrio Gaffree e Guinle; Univ of Rio de Janeiro; 2Justice Secretary of Rio de Janeiro State, Health Care Program, Brazil PC0349 BLEEDING INJURIES IN PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL: IMPLICATIONS REGARDING HIV TRANSMISSION Brown, LS; Drotman, P; Chu, A; Adddiction Research and Treatment Corporation (ARTC), USA PC0350 HIV-1 IN PATIENTS WITH SICKLE CELL DISEASE IN ZAMBIA Mbewe, AL; UTH, Zambia PC08: Epidemiological Issues of Commercial Sex Workers and Their Clients PC0351 STDS AND HIV INFECTION IN CNWs OF PUNE, INDIA Mehendale, S'; Rodrigues, JJ'; Gangakhedkar, R'; Divekar, A'; Mawar, N'; Paranjape, R'; Quinn, T2; Bollinger, R2; 'NARI, India; 2JHU, USA PC0353 STDs PREVALENCES AMONG FCSW FROM MEXICO CITY: A POPULATION BASED STUDY Uribe, F'; Herndndez-Avila, M'; Conde, C'; Ju~rez, L'; Uribe, P2; Del Rio, C2; De Zalduondo, B3; 'INSP, Mexico; 2CONASIDA, Mexico; 'Johns Hopkins University, USA PC0354 CENSUS OF COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS (CSWs) IN SANTOS CITY, BRAZIL Gravato, N'; Tellini, R'; Lacerda, R'; Martins, D2; Linhares, A'; Brito, GS3; Fernandes, MEL3; et Cols; 'Santos Municipal Dept of Health; 2University of Sao Paulo; 'AIDSCAP/Brazil-Family Health International, Brazil PC0355 A SYPHILIS AND HIV STUDY COHORT OF MALE STREET SEX WORKERS Grandi, JL; Ferreira, A; Santos, S; Goihman, S; IAL Study Group; Reference And Training Center / AIDS, Brazil PC0356 PREVALENCE AND RISK FACTORS AMONG PROFESSIONAL SEX WORKERS IN B HORIZONTE, BRAZIL Tupinambas, U; Jeronymo, M; Oliveira, E; Fonseca, J; Oliveira, M; Greco, DB; Minas Gerais AIDS Vaccine Center, UFMG, Brazil PC0357 PREVALENCE OF HIV 1 AMONG FEMALE SEX WORKERS IN RIO DE JANEIRO DeLorenzi, A; Nogueira, SA; Lessa, VM; Thurel, LC; FIOCRUX/HUCFF, Brazil PC0358 FEMALE SEX WORK IN BRAZIL: RISK AND PREVALENCE Andrade-Neto, JL; Hospital De Clinicas, Brazil PC0359 SEROPREVALENCE AND RISK FACTORS FOR HIV INFECTION AMONG PROSTITUTES IN CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA Navas, C'; Boshell, J 2; Mendoza, K'; Gonzalez, M 2; Pena, W3; 'Universidad de Cartagena; 2nstituto Nacional de Salud; 'Servicio Seccional de Salud Bolivar, Colombia PC0361 PREVALENCE OF STD ANTIBODIES OF JAPANESE FEMALE COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS FROM 1983 TO 1993 IN OSAKA Osato, K; Matsubayashi, T; Nagao, T; Inuzumi, K; Araki, H; Kawai, K; Osaka Prefectural Bandai Clinic for STD, Japan PC0362 SOCIAL BACKGROUNDS AND SEXUAL BEHAVIORS OF FOREIGN FEMALE SEX WORKERS IN JAPAN Kihara, M'; Kihara, M2; Nakahara, T'; Uchino, H4; Imai, M'; Soda, K2; 'Yokohama City Univ Sch of Med; 2Kanagawa Cancer Ctr Res Inst; 'Inst of Public Health; 4Komoro Public Health Center; 'Kanagawa Prefectural Public Health Lab, Japan PC0363 A KAB STUDY ABOUT HIV-AIDS AMONGST FEMALE PROSTITUTES IN DETENTION CENTERS IN FOUR CITIES OF CHINA Zhang, K-L; Tang, WH; Peking Union Medical College, China PC0364 GONORRHOEA PREVALANCE AMONG SINGAPORE SEX WORKERS IS ASSOCIATED WITH METHOD OF BROTHEL REIMBURSEMENT Archibald, CP; Chan, RKW; Yap, CK; Goh, CL; National University of Singapore, Singapore 206

Page  207 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0365 INCIDENCE OF HIV-1 SUBTYPE E IN A COHORT OF FEMALE PROSTITUTES IN NORTHERN THAILAND Limpakarnjanarat, K'; Mastro, TD",2; Saisorn, S'; Young, NL"2; Kunjara-na-ayudya, R'; Korattana, S'; Weniger, BG2; 'HIV/AIDS Collaboration, Thailand; 2CDC, USA; 'Provincial Health Office, Thailand PC0366 SERO-SURVEILLANCE FOR HIV p24 ANTIGEN IN HIGH RISK NORTHERN THAI ADULTS Narpratan, C'; Kunawararak, P'; Beyrer, C2; Palapunya, P'; Niraroot, W'; 'Royal Thai Ministry of Public Health, Thailand; 2Johns Hopkins University, USA PC0367 HIV INFECTION AMONGST COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS (CSW) OF CALCUTTA: A PERIOD OF 3 YEARS STUDY Paul, S; Chakrabarty, S; Chakrabarti, T; Chakrabarty, MS; School of Tropical Medicine, India PC0368 TRANSMISSION AND PREVALENCE OF HIV IN BOMBAY-INDIA Salunke, SR; Govt of Maharashtra, India PC0369 SEX WORKERS OF SURAT: AN ENVIRONMENTAL STUDY Bhattacharya, RD; Raval, S; Sangeeta; GAP, SIRMCE, India PC0370 INTERVENTION WITH SEX WORKERS AND CLIENTS IN AREAS OF CHENGAI Asirvatham, E; Christy, A; Usharani, K; Elizebeth; Stephens, EJ; ARWP, India PC0371 FACTORS AFFECTING CONTROL OF AIDS IN NIGERIA Gill, HS; Mohammed, SZ; Bayero University, Nigeria PC0372 AIDS AND PROSTITUTES IN KINSHASA: IS THE SITUATION BECOMING WORSE? Mayala, M; Nzila, N; Tuliza, M; Projet SIDA, Zaire PC10: Blood Transfusion/ Coagulation Factor (Epidemiology, Prevention and Safety) PC0373 PREVALENCE OF ANTI-HIV, P24 ANTIGEN AND OTHER MARKERS IN BLOOD DONORS Kamtorn, N'; Mundee, Y'; Chaiyaphruk, S'; Nanthachit, N'; Ness, P2; Nelson, KE2; 'Chiang Mai University, Thailand; 2Johns Hopkins University, USA PC0374 NATURAL HISTORY OF HIV-1 INFECTED PATIENTS IN JAPAN Mimaya, J; Meguro, T; Tatsunami, S; Fujimura, Y; Takamatsu, J; Fukutake, K; Yanagawa, H; Ministry of Health and Welfare for the Prevention and Treatment of HIV Infectrons Japan PC0375 INCREASED BLOOD SAFETY BY SCREENING BLOOD DONORS Mainuka, P'; Kataaha, P'; Kipp, W2; 'Uganda Blood Transfusion Service; 'Deutsche Gesellsch f Tech Zusammenarb (GTZ), Uganda PC0376 RESULTS OF A NATIONWIDE LOOK-BACK ON TRANSFUSION-ASSOCIATED HIV-INFECTIONS IN SWITZERLAND Zwahlen, M'; Bosshard, H'; Frey-Wettstein, M'; Kammerlander, R'; Marti, B'; Somaini, B'; 'Swiss Federal Office of Public Health; 2Swiss Red Cross, 'ISPM, Switzerland PC0377 ESTIMATION OF THE NUMBER OF HIV-POSITIVI SUBJECTS AND PREDICTION OF FUTURE TRANSFUSION-ASSOCIATED AIDS CASES IN ITALY Cascioli, R; Arcieri, R; Bellocco, R; Schinaia, N; Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Italy PC0378 LONG TERM SYMPTOMLESS HIV POSITIVE BLOOD TRANSFUSION RECIPIENTS Learmont, J'; Sullivan, J'; Gerrard, J2; 'Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service; 'Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Australia PC0380 HIV & HBsAg IN TRANSFUSED PATIENTS WITH SICKLE CELL ANAEMIA (SCA) IN LAGOS NIGERIA Animashaun, R; Akinsete, I; Njoku, O; Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria HBV AND HCV SEROLOGY IN ITALIAN HIV+ AND HIVHAEMOPHILIACS Cecconi, N'; Carducci, A'; Scasso, A2; Panicucci, F1; 'University of Pisa; 'Hospital of Pisa, Italy PC0381 PC0382 PERIODS FROM AIDS ONSET TO DEATH IN JAPANESE HEMOPHILIA PATIENTS INFECTED WITH HIV-1 Tatsunami, S'; Meguro, T'; Mimaya, J'; Yamada, K'; Yago, N'; 'St Marianna Univ; 2Children's Hospital of Shizuoka Pref, Japan PC0383 HIV ISOLATION MAY NOT CORRELATE WITH CLINICAL STATE OR IMMUNOLOGICAL FUNCTION OF RESPECTIVE HIV INFECTED PATIENTS Urano, H; Ariyoshi, N; Shirahata, A; Univ of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan, Japan PC0384 HAEMOPHILIA AND HIV INFECTION IN HONG KONG Lee, SS; Wong, KH; Dickinson, AJ; Hong Kong Government, Hong Kong PC0385 HIGH VERSUS ULTRA-HIGH PURITY FACTOR VIII CONCENTRATE THERAPY: PROSPECTIVE EVALUATION OF IMMUNOLOGICAL AND CLINICAL PARAMETERS IN HIV (-) AND HIV (+) HEMOPHILIACS Barzilai, A; Varon, D; Schulman, S; Dardik, R; Bashari, D; Martinowitz, U; The National Hemophilia Center, Israel 207

Page  208 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0386 BLOOD TRANSFUSION INDUCED IMMUNODEFICIENCY AND AIDS IN HAEMOPHILIA Guerra, AM; Centro Medico La Raza IMSS, Mexico PC0387 TOWARDS INCREASING BLOOD SAFETY Bharucha, ZS; Reporter, RM; D'mello, L; Tata Memorial Hospital, India PC0389 METHODOLOGY TO PREVENT BLOOD RELATED HIV TRANSMISSION: PROFESSIONAL DONORS IDENTITY Ramanathan, RR; Raminathan, AR; Rayan, JA; Manimangalam, JS; Meenatchisundaram, PM; Ramanathan, SR; CAPE Manali, India PC0391 PREVALENCE OF HIV INFECTION AMONG BLOOD DONORS IN ISTANBUL, TURKEY Yilmaz, G; Turkoglu, S; Iik, N; Badur, S; Aksu, Y; Aker, E; Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Turkey PC0392 EVOLUTION OF HIV SEROPREVALENCE AMONG BLOOD DONORS AT THE GENERAL HOSPITAL OF YAOUNDE Tapko, JB; Kouinche, A; Kamdem, T; General Hospital of Yaounde, Cameroon PC0393 VOLUNTARY AND BENEVOLE BLOOD DONATION IN LOW HIV RISK GROUPS THE EXPERIENCE WITH HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN CAMEROON Mbozo'o Edjongolo, N'; Monny Lobe, M2; Nkoa She, C'; 'Orgarization of blood donors in Cameroon; 2Blood Transfusion Yaound Central Hospital; 'Cameroon Red Cross, Cameroon PC0394 IMPACT OF PREVENTION ON BLOOD TRANSMISSION Garcia, ML; Valdespino, JL; Salcedo, A; del Rio, A; Sotelo, A; Magis, C; Sepulveda, J; INDRE, SCD, Secretariat of Health, Mexico PC0395 SEROPREVALENCE OF HIV, HBV AND SYPHILIS AMONG BLOOD DONORS IN A SLUM-BASED HOSPITAL OF RIO DE JANEIRO Pilotto, J; Veloso, V; Grinsztejn, B; Lima, Ma; Joao, E; Monteiro, M; Costa, R General Hospital of Nova Iguacu, Brazil PC0396 SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM TO DECREASE THE HIV POSITIVITY AMONG BLOOD DONORS IN ROSARIO, ARGENTINA FernAndez, E; Taborda, M; Galante, N; de Rueda, M; Viglianco, R; Fay, O; National University of Rosario, Argentina PC0397 INCIDENCE OF POST TRANSFUSION HIV INFECTION; EFFECT OF ANTI-HIV SCREENING OF VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONORS IN JAPAN Osada, K; Shimizu, M; Nishioka, K; Tokyo Women's Medical College, Japan PC0398 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (MIS) TO MONITOR EUROPEAN COMMISSION SUPPORTED SAFE BLOOD INITIATIVES Rao, P'; Nieto, J'; Fransen, L2; 'AIDS Task Force; 2European Commission, Belgium PC12: Epidemiological Issues of Children and Adolescents PCO400 HIV SEROCONVERSION AMONG YOUNG CANADIAN ADULTS BEFORE AND AFTER AN INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM: 1990-1993 Morisset, R'; Czyziw, E',2; Agbaba, 0'; Ghadirian, P'; 'HOtel-Dieu de Montreal; 2Sant Publique en Monteregie, Canada PCO401 SEXUAL TRANSMISSION OF HIV INFECTION IN CHILDREN (<13 YEARS OLD) REPORTED WITH AIDS, USA Hanson, IC2; Lindegren, ML'; Hammett, T'; Fleming, P'; participating state health dept staff; 'CDC; 2Baylor, USA PC0402 ADOLESCENT CONTRACEPTIVE COUNSELING BY PEDIATRICIANS Beatty, M; Lewis, J; University of Connecticut, USA PC0403 AN EXPERIMENT IN SEXUAL EDUCATION AND PREVENTION IN PRIMARY SCHOOL Servant, A-M'; Thomas, P2; Szejman, A2; Montfort, M3; Paris, P'; 'Ministry of Health (AFLS); 2Mairie d'Argenteuil; 'Education Nationale, France PC0404 PROMOTING SAFE BEHAVIOUR: SIMULATING ENCOUNTERS AND THE SPREAD OF HIV de Wildt, GR; Frencken, HR; van Rens, LEM; Buckers, MJF; de Jongh-Wieth, FE; GGD-City Health Department, The Hague, Netherlands PC0405 UNDERPRIVILEGED YOUTH AND HIV RISK AFTER EDUCATIONAL INTERVENTION Andrade, J'; Coelho, DF'; Oliveira, L'; Ruff, A'; Halsey, N2; Antunes, C; Greco, DB; 'Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil; 'Johns Hopkins University, USA PC0406 STUDY AMONG PUBLIC ADOLESCENT STUDENTS IN SAO PAULO Miranda, SD'; Linhares, IM'; Fonseca, AM; Pinotti, JA'; 'Medical School, Sao Paulo University, SP, Brazil PC0407 SEXUAL EDUCATION AND HIV/AIDS PREVENTION OF ADOLESCENTS IN ARGENTINA Pagani, L; Re, MI; Bianco, M; FundaciOn para Estudio e InvestigaciOn de la Mujer FEIM, Argentina PC0408 EVALUATION OF 6 MONTHS PROJECT -AIDS EDUCATION AND PREVENTION FOR YOUTH OF SCHOOL AGE- MBALE, UGANDA Adams, M; Clemence, J; ACET, UK 208

Page  209 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention AIDS PREVENTION STRATEGY TARGETED ADOLESCENTS IN RWANDA Ndibeshye, T; Butera, JB; Kone, M; AIDS NCP; WHO/ GPA, Rwanda PCO AIDS EDUCATION EXPERIENCES AMONGST THE YOUTH IN ZIMBABWE: EXPERIENCES FROM ZIMBABWE Hatendi, F; Adult Health Educator, Zimbabwe 410 PC14: HIV/AIDS Issues in Health Care Settings PC0421 PROSPECTIVE STUDY OF HCW OF A MEDICAL CENTER WITH ACCIDENTAL EXPOSURE TO PATIENTS INFECTED WITH HIV -1 Barriga, GA; Castillo, TN; Fajardo, VR; Hospital 1Al Infectologia CMR, Mexico I pAlI I PC0412 UNEMPLOYED YOUTH: UNTAPPED RESOURCE FOR COMMUNITY AIDS EDUCATION IN ZIMBABWE McCleary, S; Mupomwi, P; Alexander, J2; Sogunro, R2; 'Family AIDS Caring Trust, Zimbabwe; 2Plan International, USA PC0413 AIDS PREVENTION AMONG ADOLESCENTS: AN INTERVENTION STUDY IN NORTHEAST THAILAND Thongkrajai, E; et al; Khon Kaen University, Thailand PC0414 RUNAWAY/HOMELESS STREET YOUTH IN DENVER, NEW YORK, AND SAN FRANCISCO: DETERMINANTS OF HIGH RISK BEHAVIOR Watters, JK; Molnar, BE; Booth, RE'; Kral, AH; University of California, San Francisco; 'University of Colorado, USA PC0415 THE AMMOR STREET KIDS COHORT: WINDOW ON EPIDEMIOLOGY IN THIS POPULATION Adams, I, K'; Martins, RF'; Campos, MA"2; Paiva, JV'; 'AMMOR-Atendimento Medico aos Meninos de Rua; 2Fed Univ Minas Gerais, Brazil PC0416 STREET YOUTH AT A HIGH HIV RISK IN BRAZIL: COHORT STUDIES Andrade, J'; Ottoni, M'; Jeronymo, M'; Greco, DB'; Ruff, A2; Halsey, N2; Antunes, C'; 'Federal University of Minas Gerais; 'Johns Hopkins University, USA PC0417 FEMALE STREET YOUTHS: SOCIAL FACTORS ASSOCIATED TO BEHAVIORAL RISKS FOR HIV INFECTION Campos, R; Greco, M; Ude, W; Machado, A; Raffaelli, M; Campos, MA; Greco, DB; Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil-State University of New Jersey RUTGERS, USA PC0418 GENDER DIFFERENCES IN HIV KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDES IN BRAZILIAN STREET YOUTH Paiva, J VM'; Campos, MA'; Pinto, J'; Adams, I'; Halsey, N2; Ruff, A2; Greco, DB'; 'Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil; 2'Johns Hopkins University, USA PC0419 STD PREVALENCE IN GUATEMALAN STREET CHILDREN Sol6rzano, E; Jacome, L; AGPCS, Guatemala PC0420 STD/HIV AMONG CHILDREN ASSOCIATED WITH WAR Stevens, T; Kosia, A; Kargbo, A; Connaught Hospital, Sierra Leone PC0422 HIV AT RISK EXPOSURES TO BLOOD AND BODY FLUIDS IN THE DIALYSIS SETTING Petrosillo, N'; Puro, V'; Arici, C'; Jagger, J2; Ippolito, G'; The Italian Multicenter Study on Nosocomial and Occupational Risk of Infections in Dialysis; 'Spallanzani Hospital, Italy; 2Univ of Virginia, USA PC0423 WORKING IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS FROM THE WORKING PARTY ON INFECTION PREVENTION (WIP) Verstege, EJ; Van der Woude, WM; Loosschilder, GH National Committee on AIDS Control, The Netherlands PC0425 SURGICAL GLOVE FAILURE DURING GENERAL SURGICAL OPERATIONS Rifkin, CH; Tedesco, SA; Lansigan, NC; Bayley Seton Hospital, USA PC0426 FOLLOW-UP STUDY OF MEDICAL STAFFS WHO SEEM TO HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO HIV-1 Yano, S; Izumi, T; Sakurada, N; Hokkaido Institute of Public Health, Japan PC0427 DENTAL PROFESSIONALS ATTITUDE AND KNOWLEDGE TOWARDS HIV INFECTION AND AIDS-AN INDIAN PERSPECTIVE Sukumaran, A; Nair, RG; Beena, VT; Vijayakumar, T; Govt Dental College, India PC0428 BEHAVIORAL EPIDEMIOLOGIC STUDY ON PREVENTION OF HIV/ AIDS INFECTION ON DENTAL STAFFS Chikumaru, H; Fujita, K; Soda, K; Yokohama City Univ School of Med, Japan PC0429 AIDS CONSCIOUSNESS OF DENTAL STAFF IN JAPAN Matsumoto, H; Terauchi, Y; Matsuzawa, H; Suda, H; Tokyo Med & Dent Univ, Japan PC16: Application of HIV/AIDS Diagnostic Assays in Epidemiology Studies PC0430 HIV-1 V3 SEROTYPES: DISTRIBUTION AND CORRELATION WITH GENOTYPES Cheingsong-Popov, R; Chappey, C; Callow, D; Lister, S; Bobkov, A; Weber, J; St Mary's Hospital Medical School, UK 209

Page  210 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0431 SURVEILLANCE OF HIV-1 SUBTYPES IN THAILAND, 1992-93 Young, N1'"2; Limpakarnjanarat, K'; Ungchusak, K'; Yindeeyoungyeon, W'; Saengwanloy, 0'; Pau, C-P2; Weniger, BG2; Mastro, TD1"2; 'HIV/AIDS Collaboration, Thailand; 'CDC, USA; 'Ministry of Public Health, Thailand PC0433 ALTERNATIVE CONFIRMATORY STRATEGIES: A PROBLEM FOR COUNTRIES WITH LOW PREVALENCE Martin, R; Machado, F; Nibot, C; Rodriguez, O; Lopez, G; AIDS Research Laboratory, Cuba PC0434 EVALUATION OF FILTER-PAPER ELISA SEROLOGY FOR HIV INFECTION SCREENING Costa, E'; Pinheiro, M'; Alves, M'; Sarmento, A'; Oliveira, R'; Ferreira, L2; Rodrigues, L2; 'Department of Health; 2Ministry of Health, Brazil PC0435 HIV-FALSE POSITIVE RESULTS IN PATIENTS WITH SKIN DISEASES Dourmishev, A'; Petrova, E'; Argirova, R2; 'High Medical School, 2Central AIDS Lab, Bulgaria PC0436 PERFORMANCE RECOMBINANT HIV1/HIV2 3rd GENERATION EIA IN UKRAINE Chentsova, N; Kislykh, H; Maximenok, H; Vatamanyuk, M; Scherbinskaya, A; Centre for AIDS Prevention, Ukraine PC21: Prevention Programs for the General Public and Communities PC0437 THE RESPONSE TO HIV/AIDS IN THE WESTERN PACIFIC REGION: PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE Sarda, R; Petersen, G; Shrestha, DB; Kerse, L; WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Philippines PC0438 COMMUNITY HIV PREVENTION PROJECT Donovan, C; Doyle, B; Eastern Newfoundland Health Unit, Canada PC0439 A BRFSS-BASED SURVEY OF AIDS EDUCATION AND PERCEPTIONS IN FLORIDA, USA Vincent, AL'; Ganguly, R'; Sanders, L2; Sinnot, JT'; Majerus, TC'; Houston, SH'; Greene, JN2; 'Tampa General Hospital; 2Hillsborough Country Health Department; 'Abbott Laboratories, USA PC0440 HIV PREVENTION IN A LOCAL EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITY Milesi, ML; Lambrechts, SB; COPSEE, Argentina PC0441 THE ROLE OF STREETWORKERS ON AIDSAND DRUG PREVENTION SAO PAULO'S EXPERIENCE 1991/1994 Reale, D; Guimarnes, BR; Cavallari, CD; Department of Health of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil PC0442 ITINERANT PREVENTION TRUCK Winkler, GB; Winkler, HA; Winkler, FYB; Porto Alegre, Brazil PC0443 PREVENTING HIV/AIDS AMONG TRUCK DRIVERS OF INDIA Kumar, R; SPYM, India PC0444 SAFER SEX FOR TRUCKERS ON NATIONAL HIGHWAYS Goud, RR; SOS Foundation, India PC0445 HIGH RISK COMMUNITY FOR STD/AIDS IN WESTERN NEPAL Dhungana, RR; Institute of Community Health, Nepal PC0446 A COMMUNITY-BASED MODEL TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF INFORMATION GIVEN TO PWAS WHO WANT TO ENROLL IN A CLINICAL TRIAL Dagron, N'; Fontenay, F2; Chambon, JF2; Prestel, T'; Roche, N'; Meyer, P4; Rey-Coquais, X'; 'Act Up; 2Arcat-Sida; 'Aides; 4VLS; 5Actions-Traitements, France PC0447 ITALIAN HOT-LINE FOR A REAL APPROACH OF CITIZENS TO PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND THE DIFFUSION OF LOCAL INITIATIVES OF EDUCATION Frati, A; Rosa, E; Bertinato, L; Greco, D; Serafin, I; Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Italy PC0448 A REVIEW OF AIDS PROGRAMME DEVELOPMENT IN HONG KONG Lee, SS; Lee, SH; Department of Health, Hong Kong Government, Hong Kong PC0449 MOBLIZING GRASSROOT WOMEN WORKING AT 3 MAJOR INTERSTATE/ INTERNATIONAL MOTOR PARKS FOR AIDS AND STD PREVENTION IN NIGERIA Nwashili, P'; Nwabuko, B; Olukoya, P'; Kanem, N'; 'STOPAIDS Organisation; 2College of Medicine Uni of Lagos; 'The Ford Foundation, Nigerra PC0450 MULTIPURPOSE AIDS INFORMATION CENTER FOR PHYSICIANS, PWAs AND NGOs Sano, M'; Keita, MO; Kourouma, K'; Diallo, F'; 'SidAlerte Guinee; 2Hopital of Siguiri; 'PNLS, Guinea PC0451 ORIGINAL GRASSROOT PREVENTION EFFORT IN A COUNTRY TORN BY CIVIL UNREST Teko, A; Kekeh, H; Apedo, A; SidAlerte Togo, Togo PC0452 HIV SEROSURVEILLANCE IN HIGH RISK GROUPS AND EFFECT OF MASS MEDIA APPROACH Raman, RS; Research Associate, India PC0453 PROVIDER AND PARTNER REFERRAL IN PARTNER NOTIFICATION AND RISK OF HIV TRANSMISION Pankova, G; Galina, M; Morgunova, N; Pokrovsky, V; Moscow AIDS Centre, Russia 210

Page  211 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0454 EPIDEMIOLOGY AND HIV PREVENTION IN KAZAKHSTAN Klebanov, Y; Saparbekov, M; National AIDS Center, Kazakhstan PC0456 EPIDEMIOLOGICAL CONCEPTION OF THE RUSSIAN PROGRAMME OF FIGHT AGAINST AIDS Sirotina, NV; Yasinsky, AA; The State Committee for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, Russia PC0457 FIVE LEVEL MODULE FOR HIV INTERVENTION EDUCATION AT WORKPLACE Sankaran, S; Chrysostem, J; Deepam Educational Society for Health (DESH), India PC0458 A DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR AIDS PREVENTION Li, LX'; Xu, LD2; 'Ohio State University; 2Wright State University; USA PC0459 AN INFORMATION SYSTEMS APPROACH TO THE PREVENTION OF AIDS Xu, LD; Wright State University, USA PC22: Intervention for Drug Users PC0461 BEHAVIORAL OUTCOMES OF AIDS COMMUNITY-BASED INTERVENTION FOR DRUG USERS IN PUERTO RICO Robles, RR; Col6n, H; Marrero, CA; Matos, TD; Munoz, A; MHAASA, Puerto Rico PC0462 DEATH FROM SUICIDE AND OVERDOSE AMONG DRUG INJECTORS AFTER FIRST HIV TEST-RESULT DISCLOSURE van Haastrecht, HJA; Mientjes, GHC; van den Hoek, Johanna, AR; Coutinho, RA; Municipal Health Service, the Netherlands PC0463 THE EFFECTS OF FACILITATION OF ATTENDANCE AT DRUG TREATMENT AND SELF-HELP ON HIV RISK REDUCTION WITH IDUS Stark, M'; He, H2; Russell-Alexander, Y'; Roggenburg, L'; Gould, J'; Fleming, D'; McAnulty, J'; 'Multnomah Co Health Dept; 2'Oregon Health Division, USA PC0464 MONTREAL NEEDLE EXCHANGE ATTENDERS VERSUS NON-ATTENDERS: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Hankins, C; Gendron, S; Tran, T; Centre for AIDS Studies, Canada PC0465 U S MOBILITY AND HIV TRANSMISSION AMONG DRUG USERS McCoy, VH'; McCoy, AC2; McCoy, AJ; 'Florida International University; 2Miami Dade Community College, USA PC0466 RECRUITMENT OF INJECTING DRUG USERS INTO HIV TESTING Battjes, R; Needle, R; Cooperative Consortium; National Institute on Drug Abuse, USA PC0467 OUTREACH AND ENTRY INTO SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT Mata, A; Austin, B; Hewitt, W; McConnell, W; Rael, M; Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, USA PC0468 HIV PREVENTION: REACHING OUT-OF-TREATMENT HIGH-RISK DRUG USERS IN JAIL Anderson, R'; Flynn, N'; Clancy, L'; Anglin, D2; Anon, K2; 'Univ of Calif, Davis; 2'Univ of Calif, Los Angeles, USA PC0469 HEALTH GROUPS IN DRUG TREATMENT SETTINGS Nessel, JT; Addiction Research & Treatment Corp; Found of Thanatology; Mercy College, USA PC0470 NEW YORK CITY SYRINGE EXCHANGE: EXPANSION, RISK REDUCTION, AND SEROINCIDENCE Paone, D'; Des Jarlais, DC'; Caloir, S'; Jose, B2; Friedman, SR2; 'BIMC; 2NDRI, Inc, USA PC0471 CONTINUED RISK REDUCTION AMONG IDUS IN NEW YORK CITY AND BANGKOK, 1989-1993 Raktham, S'; Des Jarlais, DC2; Choopanya, K'; Vanichseni, S'; Friedmann, P2; Sotheran, JL'; et al '; 'Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Thailand; 2Beth Israel Medical Ctr; 'NDRI, Inc, USA PC0472 AIDS AND DRUG ABUSE TREATMENT PROGRAMS Touze, GD; Rossi, D; Fondo de Ayuda Toxicologica, Argentina PC0473 STREET SURVEYS ON DRUG USERS' BEHAVIOR & PEER COUNSELLING FOR PREVENTIVE EDUCATION & CRISIS INTERVENTION Ch'ien, JMN; Founding President of PUi Hong Self-Help Assn, Hong Kong PC0475 THE USE OF SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE FOR FORMULATING NATIONAL PREVENTION GUIDELINES AMONG IDUS McCoy, C'; Shapshak, P'; McCoy, V'; Chitwood, D'; Rivers, J'; Inciardi, J'; McBride, D4; Weatherby, N'; McCoy, A'; McCoy, J; 'University of Miami; 2Fla Inter Univ; 'University of Delaware; 4Andrews University; 'Miami-Dade Comm College, USA PC0477 HEPATITIS B SELF-REPORT VALIDITY IN DRUG USERS Davis, D; Fisher, D; Kuhrt-Hunstiger, T; Orr, S; University of Alaska Anchorage, USA PCO616 THE EFFICACY OF USING MOBILE VANS WHILE PROVIDING OUTREACH SERVICES TO HIGH RISK SUBSTANCE ABUSERS McConnell, W; Rael, M; Hewitt, W; Mata, A; Austin, B; Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, USA 211

Page  212 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC23: Condom Use in North America, Europe, and Oceania PC0478 VIDEO-BASED STD/HIV EDUCATION: PREDICTORS OF CONDOM ACQUISITION SanDoval, A; O'Donnell, L; Duran, R; O'Donnell, C; Education Development Center, USA PC0479 THE AIDS COMMUNITY DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS: EARLY RESULTS INDICATE INCREASED CONDOM USE AND BLEACHING Higgins, DL'; Johnson, WD'; Guenther-Grey, C'; O'Reilly, KR2; The AIDS Community Demonstration Projects Research Team; 'Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA; 2World Health Organization, Switzerland PC0481 CONTRACEPTIVE AND SEXUAL PRACTICES OF HIV-INFECTED WOMEN OVER TIME Lai, KK; University of Massachusetts Medical Center, USA PC0482 INCREASED CONDOM USE IN THE PERIOD 1987-92 REPORTED BY YOUNG FEMALES Stigum H; Magnus, P; Veier d, M; Bakketeig, LS; National Inst of Public Health, Norway PC0483 DETERMINANTS OF CONDOM USE AMONG PATIENTS ATTENDING 6 STD CLINICS IN SWITZERLAND, 1990-92 Paget, WJ'; Zwahlen, M'; Eichmann, A2; Marti, B'; 'Swiss Federal Office of Public Health; 2City Polyclinic for Dermatology and STDs, Switzerland PC0484 IMPACT OF INCREASED CONDOM USE IN THE SEXUAL TRANSMISSION OF GONORRHOEA, NSU AND CHLAMYDIAL INFECTION Mohanty, KC; St Luke's Hospital, UK PC0486 THE USE OF CONDOM DURING INTERCOURSE WITH HIV+ SUBJECTS Turbessi, G; Bergami, N; Salotti, A; Missori, R; Macedonio, A; Rubino, L; Vullo, V; Falciano, M; Institute of Infectious Disease, Italy PC0487 CONDOM USE AMONG YOUNG ITALIAN ADULTS: RESULTS OF A NATIONWIDE PREVALENCE SURVEY Fara, GM; Bossi, A; Marceca, M; Meledandri, G; Signorelli, C; University "La Sapienza," Italy PC0488 ANTI-AIDS-CONDOM Chuadra, M; Robert Koch Institut, Germany PC0489 EFFECTIVENESS OF CONDOMS AGAINST HIV BY EM AND ELISA Mekushinov, K; Sheikov, N; Military Medical Academy, Bulgaria PC0490 EXPERIMENTAL SURVEY ON CONDOM USAGE IN RUSSIA Tarasiev, M'; Lunin, I2; 'AIDS Prevention Project SVIRK, St Petersburg; 2St Petersburg Department of Russia Branch of IPPF, Russia PC0491 CONDOM DESIGN AND USER TECHNIQUES AFFECT CONDOM ACCEPTABILITY Gerofi, J'; Deniaud, F2; Friel, P3; 'Enersol, Australia; 2ORSTOM; WHO PC24: Condom Use in Latin America, Africa, and Asia PC0492 LESSONS FROM AFRICA: CONDOM SOCIAL MARKETING FOR US TEENS Convisser, J; Population Service International, USA PC0493 THE MEANING OF CONDOM AMONG MEXICAN TEENAGERS THROUGH SEMANTIC NETWORKS Soto-Chavez, CA; Izazola-Licea, JA; CONASIDA, Mexico PC0494 CONDOM UTILIZATION AND STD/AIDS KNOWLEDGE AMONG FEMALE COMMERCIAL SEXUAL WORKERS IN MEXICO CITY Cruz, A'; Hernandez-Avila, M'; Uribe, F'; Uribe, P2; De Zalduondo, B'; 'INSP, Mexico; 2CONASIDA, Mexico; 'Johns Hopkins University, USA PC0495 INCREASED CONDOM USE IN JAMAICA Figueroa, JP; Brathwaite, AR; Samiel, S; Weller, P; Byfield, L; Wedderburn, M; et al; Ministry of Health, Jamaica PC0496 UNDERSTANDING CONDOM USE IN JAMAICA Wyatt, G'; LeFranc, E2; Tucker, MB2; Simeon, D2; Mitchell-Kernan, C'; Bain, B2; 'UCLA, Los Angeles, USA; 2UWI, Jamaica PC0497 BREAKING DOWN THE CONDOM TABOO Sealy, G; Lambda Community of Trinidad & Tobago, Trinidad PC0498 CONDOM USE AMONG THE CLIENTELE OF AN ANONYMOUS TESTING SITE IN BRAZIL Lima, LA; Morais, G; Klajmic, S; Abud, S; Center of Orientation on Serological Support, HM Rocha Maia, Brazil PC0499 ANALYSIS OF CONDOM USE AMONG SEXUALLY ACTIVE WOMEN IN THE STATE OF SAO PAULO, BRAZIL Bacha, A'; Fernandes, MEL'; Pastene L'; Linhares, IM2; Miranda, SD'; Pinotti, JA"2; 'Secretary of Health; 2University of Sao Paulo, Brazil 212

Page  213 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PCO500 WOMEN AND CONDOMS - FEMALE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR STUDIED AT ATC - RJ Silva, SB'; Ferreira, MP'; 'ATC-Schoolhospital Slo Francisco de Assis UFRJ, 2Secretariat of Health of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil PCO501 ANALYSIS OF CONDOM SOCIAL MARKETING (CSM) IN BRAZIL Perez, R'; Fernandes, MEL2'; Pimenta, MC2; Ferreiros, C'; Wasek, G3; 'DKT International; 2AIDSCAP/Brazil-Family Health International; 'John Snow Incorporated, USA PC0502 EVALUATION OF AIDS PREVENTION METHODS FOR WOMEN IN AFRICA Mulanga Kabeya, C; Williams, EE; Luo, N; Meilo, H; Bamba, B; Mwadi, K; Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, Greece PC0503 CONDOM USE AMONG WOMEN IS VERY LOW Rubagiza, J; Mukisa, E; National STD Control Program, Uganda PC0505 CONDOM USE IN YOUNG ADULTS IN RURAL UGANDA Konde-Lule, JK'; Wawer, MJ2; Lainjo, B2; 'Makerere Univ, Uganda; 2'Columbia Univ, USA PC0506 CONDOM USE AMONG TASO CLIENTS Sebbanja, P'; Katabira, ET'; Kaleeba, N'; Okurut, N'; Kaseji, M2; Tembo, G'; Marum, E'; Anderson, S2'; 'TASO; 2GPA/WHO; 'CDC/USAID-Uganda, Uganda PC0507 CONDOM QUALITY CONTROL FOR ZIMBABWE AND THE REGION Matondo, NI; Zimbabwe Regional Drug Control Laboratory (ZRDCL), Zimbabwe PC0508 ZAMBIA AIDS AWARENESS AND CONDOM CONSUMER USAGE SURVEY Olson, D'; Chaganti, S'; Phiri, D'; 'PSI/Zambia; 'Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia, Zambia PC0509 POOR SUBTAINABILITY OF CONDOM USE DUE TO DECREASED PURCHASING POWER AMONG PROSTITUTES IN KINSHASA, ZAIRE Nzila, N; Malele, B; Luila, K; Nanlele, K; Projet SIDA, ZaIre PCO510 EPIDEMIOLOGY AND PREVENTION Muh'd, ZM; Ali, MS; Nassor, HS; Tanzania PCO511 HIGH RISK BEHAVIOR AND CONDOM USE BY WOMEN IN NAZARETH TOWN, ETHIOPIA Eshete, H; National Research Institute of Health, Ethiopia PC0512 CONDOM USE AMONG THE DAR ES SALAAM UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY Mulokozi, D; HIV Cordial Project, Tanzania PC0513 KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE & PRACTICE OF CONDOMS BY MAKERERE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS UGANDA IN STD/AIDS PREVENTION Rwabugahva, H; Lugada, E; Kiragga, D; Isiyagi, M; Students/Members of University Students' AID Control Association (MUSACA), Uganda PC0514 TANZANIA REACTS TO RELIGIOUS PRESSURE ON CONDOMS Swai, RO; Paalman, MEM; Ndyetabura, EF; NACP, Tanzania PC0515 ENHANCING THE ACCEPTABILITY OF CONDOMS: LESSONS FROM THE NATIONAL AIDS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Samuel, OB'; Goraseb, M2; Xoagub, A2; 1WHO/IEC; 2NACP, Namibia PC0516 TRADITIONAL BELIEFS AS A MOTIVATING FACTOR FOR CONDOM USE Mansaray, K; Harris, M; Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, Sierra Leone PC0517 FOLLOW-UP SURVEY TO ASSESS THE IMPACT OF AIDS PREVENTION EDUCATION AND CONDOM SOCIAL MARKETING PROGRAM IN THE GHANA ARMED FORCES Apeagyei, F; Romocki, L; Grant, S; Githens, W; Amponsah, K; Ansah, J; Frimpong, E; Weir, S; Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), Ghana PC0519 PREVENTION OF HIV BY USING CONDOMS IN EGYPT Hasan, MA; Farag, AB; Shawki, MA; Arab International Center for Fighting Against AIDS, Egypt PC0520 THE RELATIONAL DETERMINANTS OF CONDOM USE IN THAILAND Pramualratana, A; Morris, M; Wawer, M; Podhisita, C; Mahidol University, Thailand PC0522 MOTIVATING HETEROSEXUAL MEN TO USE CONDOMS: BARRIERS TO BREAK INDONESIA Leavell, R; Soerojo Futures Group/Somarc, Indonesia PC0523 CONDOM USE AMONG FEMALE COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS AND MALE CLIENTS IN HONG KONG Lo, KK; Lee, SS; Wong, KH; Health Dept, Hong Kong PC0525 CONDOM PROMOTION THROUGH SOCIAL MARKETING: PHILIPPINE EXPERIENCE Calica, CL; Darden, C; Llapitan, A; DKT, Philippines PC0526 TRUST EXPRESS: AN INNOVATIVE WAY OF MARKETING CONDOMS Llapitan, ABL Jr; DKT International, Inc, Philippines PC0527 AN AIDS-SPECIFIC CONDOM Deiparine, RC; Population Services Pilipinas, Philipines 213

Page  214 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0528 ACCEPTANCE OF CONDOM USE AMONG STUDENT CALLERS OF THE REMEDIOS AIDS HOTLINE IN METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES Jardenil, J K C; Balquiedra, MS; Remedios AIDS Found, Philippines PC0529 "COCCAG" A NEWER STRATEGY IN AIDS PREVENTION: STD/AIDS EXPOSURE OF LORRY DRIVERS - A STUDY Kootikuppala, SR; Pilli, RD; Murty, MN; Child Foundation of India, India PC0530 CURRENT AIDS PREVENTION AND EDUCATION STRATEGIES Kim, CK; Park, JS; Yon-E AIDS Prenatal Hospital, Korea PC0531 THE EFFECTIVE PREVENTION OF HIV BY FEMALE CONDOM (FEMIDOM) Park, JS; Kim, CK; Yon-E AIDS Prenatal Hospital, Korea PC0624 CONDOM USE AND ITS DETERMINANTS AMONG FEMALE SEX WORKERS WITH TOURIST CLIENTS IN BALI, INDONESIA Thorpe, L'; Wirawan, DN2; Ford, K'; Fajans, P'; 'University of Michigan, USA; 2Udayana University, Indonesia PC25: STD Control Programs PC0532 STRENGTHENING STD CLINICAL SERVICES IN MAHARASHTRA, INDIA Hira, S; Salunke, S'; Univ of Texas, USA; MGM College, India; 'Gov of Maharashtra, India PC0534 A RANDOMIZED TRIAL COMPARING HIV COUNSELING INTERVENTIONS: ENROLLMENT RESULTS Kamb, ML '; Miller, KG2; latesta, M2; Malotte, CK2; LeDrew, C2; Lentz, A'; Graziano, S'; Fishbein, M'; 'CDC; 2Project RESPECT Study Group, USA PC0535 HIV TEST RESULTS AND POST-TEST COUNSELING BY TELEPHONE Branson, B'; Ballenger, A'; Olthoff, G2'; 'CDC; 'Prince George's County Health Dept STD Clinic, USA PC0536 PERSONS WITH STDS: IS HIV COUNSELING AND TESTING REACHING THEM? Fichtner, RR'; Rabins, CB2; Johnson, WD'; Fishbein, M1; Anderson, JE'; Holtgrave, DR'; 'Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 2Illinois Dept of Public Health, USA PC0538 STD/AIDS PREVENTION PROGRAM IN RIBEIRAO PRETO (CNPq) Bueno, SMV; Valente, RB; Bueno, LV; Mamede, FV; Farineli, RF; Malta, MSS; Luiz, JR; University of San Paul, Brazil PC0539 STD/AIDS PREVENTION PROGRAM IN SCHOOLS: EVALUATION OF THE SUBJECTS OF INTEREST IN SPECIFIC AGE AND SOCIAL GROUPS Barcellos, N; Loureiro, R; Silveira, V; Correa, C; Mondini, L; Rigotti, G; Secretaria da Saide, RGS, Brazil PC0540 HIGH PREVALENCE OF REPRODUCTIVE TRACT INFECTIONS (RTI) AMONG PREGNANT WOMEN OF LOW SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS (SES) IN HAITI Behets, F; Desormeaux, J2; Joseph, D2; Adrien, M2; Coicou, G2; Dallabetta, G'; Hamilton, H'; Cohen, M'; Boulos, R2; 'University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 2Centres pour le Developpement et la Sante; 'FamilyHealth International, USA STD CONTROL INTERVENTION WITH TRUCK DRIVERS IN TIRUMANGALAM, TAMIL NADU Trust, T; Tamil Nadu, India STD STATUS AND OCCUPATION Sankaran, S'; K, J2; Meloot, J'; Kumar, SR'; 'DESH 2GH/MMC, India PC0541 PC0542 PC0543 RISK FACTORS IN SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES Chaubey, D'; Sharma, AK2; 'New York Medical College, USA; 2LHMC, India PC0544 HIV/AIDS-EDUCATION IMPACTS ON KAP AND STD-INCIDENCE AMONG FACTORY WORKERS Thongkrajai, P; Thongkrajai, E; Kiewying, M; et al; Khon Kaen University, Thailand PC0545 EUROPEAN COMMISSION ASSISTANCE FOR HIV/STD PREVENTION IN CHINA: DESIGNING THE SUPPORT Fransen, L'; Coutinho, R'; Mabey, D3; Nieto, J'; 'EC, Belgium; 2GG & GD, The Netherlands; 'London School of Tropical Medicine, UK PC0546 DECREASE OF GONORRHEA AND INCREASE OF THE RATIO OF THE GONORRHEA INFECTED BY ORAL SEX DURING AIDS CAMPAIGN IN JAPAN Kojima, H; Takai, K; Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, Japan PC0547 TREND OF SEROEPIDEMIOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS ANTIBODIES IN FEMALE ACUTE UNCOMPLICATED CYSTITIS ON URETHRAL SYNDROME Suzuki, K; Hiratsuka City Hospital, Japan PC0548 WOMEN'S PERCEPTIONS OF VAGINAL DISCHARGE AND THEIR TREATMENT SEEKING BEHAVIOUR IN RURAL SW UGANDA Babuwe-Ngobi, J; Ruberantwari, A; Mulder, DW; MRC (UK) UVRI, Uganda 214

Page  215 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PCO549 HIV/STD COUNSELLING AT NATIONAL STD CLINIC UGANDA AND GENDER Mukisa, E; Rubagiza, J; STD Control Programe, Uganda PC0551 FORMULATION OF NATIONAL STD STRATEGY AND CONTROL PLAN FOR TANZANIA Paalman, M'; Ndyetabura, EF2; 'EC Advisor/NACP; 2NACP, Tanzania PC0552 STD TREATMENT, SURVEILLANCE AND INTERVENTION IN RURAL SOUTH AFRICA Wilkinson, D; Jaffe, A; Stuart, J; Hoosen, A; Irlam, J; Larsen, J; Stein, Z; Columbia University, USA PC0553 SURVEILLANCE OF NEISSERIA GONORRHOEA IN KUMASI, 1989-1992 Adjei, O; University of Science & Technology, Ghana PC26: STO Clinic Studies PC0555 STD AMONG HIV-INFECTED PERSONS IN BOMBAY Dhurat, RS; Jerajani, HR; Atal, RK; Vishalakshi, P; LTMG Hospital, India PCO558 A SIX YEAR SEROPREVELANCE STUDY AMONGST STD ATTENDERS IN LONDON Barlow, D; Bradbeer, CS; Thin, RNT; Band, B; Chrystie, I; Palmer, S; Banatvala, JE; St Thomas' Hospital, UK PC0559 REGIONAL ANALYSIS OF HIV-1 SEROPREVALENCE AMONG PERSONS ATTENDING SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE (STD) CLINICS IN CALIFORNIA, 1989-1992 Mikanda, JN; Ruiz, JD; Wilson, D; Littaua, R; Kerndt, P; Lemp, G; California Department of Health Services, USA PC0560 HIV SEROINCIDENCE AMONG MEN ATTENDING SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE CLINICS IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY Ford, WL; Weber, MD; Cheng, FK; Kerndt, PR; HIV Epidemiology Program, USA PC0561 HIV SENTINEL SEROSURVEILLANCE IN STD PATIENTS ECUADOR, 1991-93 Reyes, O'; Baquerizo, M2; Hearst, N3; 'CETS, Quito; 2CETS, Guayaquil, Ecuador; 'CAPS, UCSF, USA PCO562 COMPUTERIZED PATIENT FLOW ANALYSIS IN BRAZILIAN STD CENTERS Gomes, FB; Rodrigues, LGM; Lima, JRC; Bueno, H; Moherdaui, F; cols; Ministry of Health, Brazil PCO563 SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM FOR HIV INFECTION IN RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL Sole Pla, M; Quinhoes, EP; Valente, K; Matida, HA; Sikora, R; Sanches, K; Secretariat of Health of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil PC0564 HIV INFECTION AMONG PATIENTS WITH URETHRITIS (U) AND GENITAL ULCER DISEASE (GUD) IN BLANTYRE, MALAWI Godfrey, Li; Behets, F2; Hoffman, I2; Dallabetta, G'; Liomba, G4; Cohen, M2; 'University of Malawi, Malawi; 2University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA; 'Family Health International, USA; 4Ministry of Health, Malawi PC0565 STD & HIV AMONG PATIENTS AT A PUBLIC HEALTH LAB Ilori, O; Awolaru, C M; Macaulay, GK; Ariyo, K, Oyewole, FC; Central Public Health Lab, Nigeria PC0566 HIV INFECTION AMONG STD ATTENDERS IN BOMBAY Saple, D'; Kohli, M'; Hira, 52.3; 'GT Hospital, India; 2Univ Texas, USA; 'MGM College, India PC0567 HIV INFECTION IN STD PATIENTS IN NEW DELHI Seth, P; Khanna, N; Broor, S; Nair, P; Pandhi, RK; Bhutani, LK; AIIMS, India PC0568 HIV PREVALENCE AMONG THE STD HIGH-RISK GROUP IN THE TOKYO AREA Taguchi, S; Nakano, M; Onimaru, M; Nakamura, Y; Yamazaki, M; Kataniwa, Y; Nihon University School of Medicine, Japan PC0569 PREVALENCE OF HIV INFECTION AMONG FEMALE FOREIGNERS ATTENDING TO AN STD CLINIC IN A RURAL DISTRICT OF JAPAN Uchino, H; Komoro Public Health Center, Japan PC0615 PREVALENCE OF SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES (STD) IN AN URBAN FAMILY PLANNING CLINIC: IMPLICATIONS FOR STD/ AIDS CONTROL PROJECT Ogundiran, A'; Weir, MJ2; Brunger, W'; 'STD Control Program, Nigeria; 2Dept of G-U Med Glasgow Royal Infirmary, UK; 'EC ATF, Belgium PC27: Role of STD as Risk Factors PCO570 PREVENTION OF SEXUAL TRANSMITTED DISEASES/AIDS AMONG COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS AND THEIR CLIENTS IN YAOUNDE, CAMEROON Foumena AJC; Betima JN; Boupda, KA; Debuysscher, R; Salla, R; AIDSCAP-National AIDS Control Unit, Cameroon PCO571 HIV INFECTION AMONG STD CLINIC PATIENTS IN ZHEJIANG Liu, F; Zhu, JP; Zhejiang MED SCI Academy, China 215

Page  216 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention WHICH SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES (STD) ARE ASSOCIATED TO HIV RISK SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR? Warszawski, J; Meyer, L; INSERM U292, France PC0573 GENITAL ULCERATIVE DISEASE AND INCIDENCE OF HIV INFECTION IN PATIENTS VISITING AN STD CLINIC IN GUATEMALA Mayorga, R; Ramirez, L; Solorzano, E; Hernandez, JE; AGPCS, Guatemala PC0574 RISE IN PREVALENCE OF GUD AMONG STD CLINIC ATTENDERS IN JAMAICA: SIGNIFICANCE FOR HIV TRANSMISSION Brathwaite, AR; Figueroa, JP; Morris, J; Ward, E; Peruga, A; Vermund, SH; et al; Ministry of Health, Jamaica PC0575 STDs AND MALE-TO-FEMALE HIV TRANSMISSION IN BRAZIL Guimaraes, M DC1; Castilho, E2; Cavalcante, S2; Gomes, V3; Zacarias, F4; 'UFMG; 2FIOCRUZ; 'UFRJ, Brazil; 4PAHO, USA PC0576 STD AS A RISK FACTOR IN THE TRANSMISSION OF HIV IN SRI LANKA Samarakoon, S; STD AIDS Programme, Sri Lanka PC0577 COINFECTED STD/HIV INDIVIDUALS: RISK-RELEVANT BEHAVIORS AND TRANSMISSION POTENTIAL Sharp-Breslau, E'; Daniell, FD2; Nannis, E'; Brandt, U'; Johnson, C'; Schlangen, K'; Patterson, T'; Jenkins, P'; Temoshok, LR'; 'HMJF; 2MMCARR and WRAIR; 'University of California, San Diego, USA PC0578 BEHAVIORAL CORRELATES OF COMBINED STD AND AIDS DIAGNOSES IN MASSACHUSETTS, USA: 1986-1992 Gallagher, KM; Jain, MK; Whelan, M; Etkind, P; DeMaria, A; New England Medical Center, USA PC0579 ARE STD PRIMORDIAL FACTORS OF HIV SEROCONVERSION AMONG DISCORDANT COUPLES Sebastien, J; Mibandumba, N; Nzilambi, N; Projet SIDA, Zaire PC0580 EFFECT OF HIV ON CLINICAL PRESENTATION, ETIOLOGY AND RESPONSE TO THERAPY OF GENITAL ULCERS IN RWANDA Bogaerts, J'; Kestens, L2; Martinez Tello, W'; Mukantabana, V3; Vuylsteke, B2; Piot, P4; 'CHK, Rwanda; 2ITM, Belgium; 'CMS de Bilyogo, Rwanda; 4GPA, Switzerland PC0581 HIV-1 IMPACT ON THE INCIDENCE OF SYPHILIS Griemberg, G; Pizzimenti, MC; Casco, RH; Yaya, J; Cardinalli, AC: Buenos Aires University, Argentina PC0582 CONGENITAL SYPHILIS AS A MARKER FOR PAEDIATRIC AIDS INFECTION Ward, E; Figueroa, JP; Brathwaite, AR; Ministry of Health, Jamaica PC0583 PREVALENCE OF CONGENITAL SYPHILIS IN A BRAZILIAN CENTER (HOSPITAL DE CLINICAS DE PORTO ALEGRE/FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF RS) IN THE 90'S Naud, P; Becker Jr, E; Reis, R; Faccin, A; Matos, J; Matias, M; Hospital De Clinicas De Porto Alegre, Brazil PC0584 DETECTION OF HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS DNA IN SEMEN BY NESTED PCR Iwasawa, A; Kumamoto, Y; Nitta, T; Hirose, T; Sapporo Med Univ, Japan PC29: Costs and Other Economical Issues THE COST OF PREVENTION IN AN AIDS EPICENTER Kegebein, V; Mills, S; Kunney, R; San Francisco Department of Public Health AIDS Office, USA PC0585 PC0586 COSTS OF STRATEGIES FOR ROUTINE HIV COUNSELING AND TESTING OF US HOSPITAL PATIENTS Janssen, RS; Gorsky, R; Raimondi, V; Centers for Disease Control (CDC), USA PC0587 THE COST BENEFIT OF HIV BLOOD SCREENING IN INDIA Sardana, VN'; Brenny, PJ2; 'Ministry of Health, Government of India; 2WHO/GPA-I, India PC0589 IDENTIFYING GOALS FOR BEHAVIOR CHANGE PROGRAMS IN URBAN AFRICAN SETTINGS: HIGH EFFECTIVENESS AND MODERATE COVERAGE MAXIMIZE IMPACT AND COST-EFFECTIVENESS Sweat, M'; Siegel, G'; De Zoysa, I'; Coates, T2; 'Family Health International, AIDSCAP; 2Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, University of California, USA PC0590 AIDS CONTROL AND PREVENTION IN BRAZIL Fini, IG'; Fernandes, MEL2; Ribeiro, MA'; Arnette, L2; Lima, EMSP2; 'Associaclo Satide da Famllia, Brazil; 2Family Health International, USA PC30: Health Care Requirements for People Living with HIV/AIDS PC0591 GENDER DIFFERENCES IN A MEDICAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FOR HIV-INFECTED PATIENTS Vogt, RL; Zaza, S; Richmond-Crum, S; O'Neal, S; Heath-Chiozzi, M; State of Hawaii Department of Health, USA PC0592 TRENDS IN PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUES AND HEALTH CARE REQUIREMENTS AMONG HIV INFECTED PATIENTS IN FRANCE BETWEEN 1990 AND 1993 Pradier, C; Nadal, JM; Demeulemeester, R; Antoine, G; Ministere De La Sante, France 216

Page  217 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0593 HEALTH ISSUES AND CARE NEEDS IN HIV INFECTED PERSONS IN FRANCE RESULTS OF A 1993 SURVEY Nadal, JM; Pradier, C; Demeulemeester, R; Antoine, G; Ministere De La Sante, France PC0594 PSYCHIATRIC CO-MORBIDITY IN HOSPITALIZED AIDS PATIENTS VS NON-AIDS PATIENTS Bialer, PA; Prenzlauer, S; Bogdonoff, L; Richman, B; Wilets, I; Beth Israel Medical Center, USA PC0595 PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT TO AIDS HOSPITALIZED PATIENTS Pontes, M; Carvalho, NL; Gafree e Guinle University Hospital, Brazil PC0596 A CLINICAL AND ECHOCARDIOGRAPHIC STUDY OF AIDS PATIENTS WITH DILATED CARDIOMYOPATHY Arroja, I; Campos, M; Azovodo, J; Borgos, A; Jacques, A; Santos, I; Araujo, C; Borgos, A; Mansinho, K; Champalimaud, J; Marques, JC; Araujo, V; Egas Moniz Hospital, Portugal PC31: HTLV 1/11 Infection PC0597 HTLV II INFECTION AMONG ANTI-HIV POSITIVE SUBJECTS Icardi, GC'; Butini, M'; Cardona, E'; Dodi, F4; Ferrante, P'; Gabutti, G'; Lazzereschi, M'; Maretti, E'; Penco, G'; Wicks, R'; 'Genoa Univ; 2Milan Univ; 'Galliera; 4S Martino Hosp, Italy PC0599 SEROPREVALENCE AND RISK OF CO-INFECTION OF HTLV-I/II AND HIV-1 IN HEMOPHILIACS IN BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL Martins, MV'; Rocha, VG'; Proietti, F2; Oliveira, D'; Carmo, R'; Proietti, A'; 'Fundacao Hemominas; 2UFMG; Brazil PCO600 EVIDENCE FOR SEXUAL TRANSMISSION OF HTLV 1/11I IN BRAZIL Santos, C'; Sampaio, E'; Santana, I'; Galvao, B'; Sereno, A2; Castilho, E'; Loures, L'; 'Department of Health, Brazil; 2Ministry of Health, Brazil PCO601 HTLV-I/II COINFECTION WITH HIV-1 IN ARGENTINIAN DRUG USERS Arreseigor, T; Rimoldi, I; Avolio, J; Pampuro, S; Martinez-Peralta, L; Libonatti, O; AIDS Ref Center, Argentina PC0602 PREVALENCE AND RISK FACTORS OF INFECTION WITH HIV-1 AND HTLV-I/II IN SURGICAL AND GYNECOLOGICAL PATIENTS OF CALl, COLOMBIA Boiling, N'; Rovero, P2; Dathe, O'; Frosner, G'; 'Univ of Munich, Germany; 2Univ del Valle, Colombia PC0603 HTLV-I/II DIFFERENTIAL GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION IN BRAZIL Sereno, A'; Galvao, B'; Proietti, F'; Rodrigues, L'; Franco, L2; Santana, A'; Loures, L'; 'Ministry of Health; 2HEMORIO; 'HEMOBA, Brazil PC0604 AGE AND SEX DISTRIBUTION AMONG HTLV-I/II SEROPOSITIVE BRAZILIAN BLOOD DONORS Galvao, B'; Sereno, A'; Proietti, F'; Muller, M2; Sampaio, D3; Passos, L4; Leite, C'; 'Ministry of Health; 2HEMOSC; 'HEMOPE; 4HEMOAM; 'HEMOGO, Brazil PC0605 HTL V-I/II SEROLOGY AMONG ELIGIBLE BLOOD DONORS AND HEMOPHILIACS IN BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL Martins, MV'; Proietti, FA2; Calazans, F'; Proietti, A'; Passos, VM'; 'Fundacao Hemominas; 'UFMG, Brazil PC0606 ANTI HTLVI/II SCREENING ON BLOOD DONORS IN ROME Mannella, E; Miceli, M; Bronzini, M; Di Lorenzo, A; Fioravanti, D; Lavorino, C; Marinelli, L; Mercurio, G; Mirolo, M; Italian Red Cross, Italy PC0607 SCREENING OF ANTIBODIES TO HUMAN T CELL LYMPHOTROPIC VIRUS TYPE I (HTLV-I) IN BLOOD DONORS AND RISK GROUPS Silva, E; Perez, M; Lubian, A; De la Fuente, JL; Navea, L; Cruz, O; AIDS Research Laboratory, Cuba PC0608 HTLV 1/11I SEROPREVALENCE AMONG INTRAVENOUS DRUG USERS IN BUENOS AIRES Vazquez, A; Biglione, M; Canizal, A; Benetucci, J; Sosa, CE; Laboratorio de Retrovirus FUNDAI, Hospital Mufliz, Argentina PC0609 SEROPREVALENCE OF HTLV 1/11I IN ITALIAN STD PATIENTS Suligoi, B'; Galli, C2; The Italian Study Group for HTLV and STDs; 'Istituto Superiore di Sanita; 2Abbott Diagnostics Division, Italy PC0610 HUMAN T - LYMPHOTROPIC VIRUS TYPE 1/II INFECTION IN HONG KONG Lim, WL; Wong, MC; Ho, YK; Government Virus Unit, Department of Health, Hong Kong PCO611 SEROPREVALENCE STUDIES ON HTLV 1/11I IN TUNISIA Regaya, F'; Amine, S2; Khelifa, R'; Zouiten, F2; Rziga, H2; Karoui, M2; Zribi, A2; 'CNTS; 2Fac Med; 3Inst S Azaiz, Tunisia PC0612 TSP IS ASSOCIATED WITH SEXUALLY ACQUIRED HTLV-1 INFECTION Kramer, A'; Maloney, E'; Rodgers-Johnson, P'; Morgan, O; Manns, A'; Blatner, W2; et al; 'Bielefeld University, Germany; 'National Cancer Institute, USA; 'Universitey of the West Indies, Jamaica PC0613 SEROLOGICAL DIFFERENTIATION OF HTLV-I/-II INFECTIONS AND ITS APPLICATIONS TO CLINICAL SPECIMENS Fukushima, Y'; Kitamura, K'; Nakasone, T'; Yoshizaki, H'; Nakata, S; Meguro, T'; Yamada, K'; Moritsugu, Y'; Yamazaki, S; Honda, M'; Komuro, K; 'NIH; 'Nat Med Cent; 'St Marianna Univ; Japan 217

Page  218 TRACK C: Epidemiology and Prevention PC0614 SYNTHETIC PEPTIDES (SP) FOR HTLV-I SEROEPIDEMIOLOGY Rasulee, A; Klepikov, N; Rasulee, Sh; Andreev, S; Senjuta, N; Gurtsevitch, V; Cancer Research Center, Russia 218

Page  219 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD03: Street Children and Out-of-School Youth PD0410 EVALUATION OF EDUCATORS TRAINING IN AIDS: A BRAZILIAN EXPERIENCE Greco, M; Campos, R; Campos, M; Marques, C; Paiva, JV; Greco, DB; Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil PD0411 A TREATMENT UNIT FOR STREET CHILDREN WITH AIDS IN SAO PAULO Ommundsen, C'; Inglesi, E2; Riihinen, A'; 'ARCA; 'State Secretariat of Health; Brazil; 'Sweden PD0412 AIDS PREVENTION-AMONG VULNERABLE GROUPS WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO STREET CHILDREN IN FRANCISTOWN-A HOLISTIC APPROACH Mudariki, TP; University of Botswana, Botswana PD0413 SKILLS TRAINING AS AN ALTERNATIVE FOR DISADVANTAGED PRIMARY SCHOOL LEAVERS Sserwadda, J; CONCERN, Uganda PD0414 PREVENTION OF SEXUAL TRANSMISSIBLE DISEASES, HIV/AIDS IN CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS FROM THE STREETS OF BOGOTA Penarete, D; Correal, S; Roellens, T; Unidad Medical de la Bergerie, Colombia PD0415 FUTURE CARE OF STREET YOUTH WITH AIDS IN SAO PAULO Riihinen, A'; Holmgren, G'; Inglesi, E2; Ommundsen, C'; 'Stockholm, Sweden; 'State Secretariat of Health; 'ARCA Brazil PD07: Policies of AIDS Programming PD0416 WORLDWIDE TRENDS IN POLICIES AND PRACTICES IN THE CONTEXT OF HIV/ AIDS Gruskin, S; Harvard School of Public Health, USA PD0417 APPARENT LUXURY, SLOWS DOWN PREVENTION PROGRAM van Osch, G; AIDS Committee, St Maarten, Dutch West Indies PD0418 CITY OF COPENHAGEN AGAINST HIV AND AIDS, A CITY STRATEGY Damm, C; Fallov, J; Lundstedt, C; Medical Office of Health, Denmark PD0419 NATIONAL STRATEGY OF PREVENTION: AIDS HAS SOMETHING GOOD: THINK WELL! Alvarez de Weldefort, A; Ardila, H; Liga Colombiana de Lucha Contra el SIDA (NGO), Colombia PD0420 DEMOCRACY AS A MEANS OF AIDS PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT Linard, F'; Cohen, B'; Edelmann, F2; 'ARCAT-SIDA; 'CIVIS-LE JOURNAL DU SIDA, France PD0421 EXTENT TO WHICH TEACHERS' UNIONS AND MINISTRIES OF EDUCATION ARE REPORTED TO BE ACTING TO PREVENT HIV INFECTION AND DISCRIMINATION ASSOCIATED WITH HIV/AIDS Jouen, E'; Fouilloux, M'; Jones, JT2; O'Byrne, D2; 'Education International, Belgium; 'WHO/HED, Switzerland PD0422 AIDS INSTITUTES IN RUSSIA Pokrovsky, VV; Frolova, OP; Russia AIDS Federal Centre, Russia PD0423 CONAIDS - A BRAZILIAN CHALLENGE OF AIDS Schechtmann, M'; Monte, 02; Miura, SR'; Barollo, CR'; Lomar, A'; Schulte, G'; 'Depto Medico da Prisao Estadual; 2Policia Militar; 'Inst Infect Emilio Ribas; Brazil PD0424 AIDS PREVENTION MANAGEMENT Somse, P"2; Kimball, AM'; Hawkins, R'; 'University of Washington; 'Min Health CAR; 'CDC, USA PD0425 LOCAL GOVERNMENT POLICIES AS OBSTACLES TO EFFECTIVE AIDS PREVENTION: THE CASE OF THE CITY OF MANILA Castillo, FA; Phil Health Social Science Association, Philippins P00426 LESSONS LEARNED FROM AN AIDS POLICY PROGRAM IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Arbaje, M'; Butler de Lister, M2; Gomez, E'; Sweat, M2; 'Dominican Ministry of Health; 'Family Health International, AIDSCAP, USA PD0427 RUSSIAN FEDERAL AIDS PROGRAM Goliusov, A; Narkevich, M; Pokrovsky, V; Russian Health Ministry, Russia PD0428 ARGENTINA: CONTRADICTIONS BETWEEN THE STATE AND THE POLICY OF AIDS PREVENTION Girotti, C; Burgos, M; Revsin, N; Diaz, A; Moreno, S; RED Foundation, Argentina PD0429 EVALUATING THE UN RESPONSE TO HIV-AIDS Garbus, L; Tarantola, D; Harvard School of Public Health, USA PD0430 THE BRAZILIAN NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR COMMUNITY ACTION IN STD/AIDS PREVENTION Pedrosa, J; Rodrigues, L; Walker, R; Ministry of Health, Brazil P00431 SOCIAL RESPONSE TO A PREVENTION PROGRAM WITH COMMUNITY LEADERS Lopez, IS; Then, AP; LOpez, SS; Mercedes, C; Patronato de Lucha Contra el SIDA Inc, Dominican Republic 219

Page  220 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0432 PD08: Education amono Sex Workers AIDS TRAINING FOR ADOLESCENTS AND STAFF Walton, J; Shedrick, D; Andom, M; Ruff, D; Westover Consultants Inc, USA PD0433 AIDS PROTECTION POLICY IN A REPRESENTATIVE URBAN PUBLIC HEALTH CENTER IN JAPAN Morita, R; Oyama, Y; Okubo, H; Yokoyama, Y; Yasuda, S; Shinjuku Public Health Center, Japan PD0434 HOUSING FOR PEOPLE WITH AIDS IN FRANCE: A 1993 SURVEY Antoine, G; Sternberg, JP2; Ruelle, S'; Serfaty, A" iMinistry of Health; 2Direction de la Securite Sociale; 'Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie, France PD0435 METAMORPHOSIS OF AN OXYMORON: CASE STUDY OF A RYAN WHITE CARE ACT NETWORK Murphy, DL; Harrison, B; Columbia Univ, USA PD0436 THREE MODELS OF AIDS-CARE IN DENMARK: STUDIES OF PATIENTS' COPING STRATEGIES, DYNAMICS BETWEEN PATIENTS/STAFF, AND JOB STRAINS Hertz, E; University Hospitals, Centre for Nursing Research, Denmark PD0437 PSYCHO-SOCIAL NEEDS OF HIV INFECTED PEOPLE IN LOW PREVALENCE COUNTRIES--TRAINING THE PROFS Altschuler, S; Saldanha, V; Chaika, N; International AIDS Project, USA PD0438 PLANNING OF AIDS HEALTH-CARE (PAHC) IN NORTH EAST OF ITALY (NEI) Tramarin, A'; Campostrini, S2; Tolley, K'; NEI Group for PAHC; 'Bortolo Hospital, Italy; 2Univ of Padua, Italy; 'Univ of Nottingham, UK PD0440 PERMANENT PROGRAM ON AIDS/STD OF SAO PAULO GOVERNMENT Fleury, NP; Lago, LW; Sampaio, MIO; Fundo de Solidariedade do Estado de Seo Paulo, Brazil PD00441 SUMMARY OF ACTIVITIES OF THE NATIONAL INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTATION CENTRE ON AIDS IN YAOUNDE Mougnutou, PD'; Abossolo, BR'; Boupda-Kuate, A2; 'Ministry of Health; 2AIDSCAP/Family Health International, Cameroon PD0442 HOW MINISTRIES OF HEALTH CAN HELP MINISTRIES OF EDUCATION STRENGTHEN EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS TO PREVENT HIV/AIDS IN 12 ASIAN COUNTRIES Jones, JT'; Jha, 52; Bahri, 5'; Baldo, M; Chowdhury, 5'; Shaeffer, 56; Warren, C7; 'WHO/HED, Switzerland; 2WHO/SEARO, India; 'UNESCO, France; 4WHO/GPA, Switzerland; 'UNESCO, India; 'UNICEF, Thailand; 7IUHPE, France PD0443 SEX WORKER AS AIDS EDUCATOR; SUCCESS IN PEER EDUCATION Tambe, M'; Gilada, 12; Gilada, S2; 'Project Saheli of Indian Health Organisation; 2Indian Health Organisation, India PD0444 STD KNOWLEDGE, BELIEFS AND PRACTICES AMONG FEMALE SEX WORKERS IN BALI, INDONESIA Wirawan, DN'; Fajans, P2; Ford, K2; Thorpe, L2; 'Udayana University, Indonesia; 2University of Michigan, USA PD0445 TRAINING OF FEMALE SEX WORKERS TO BECOME CHANGE AGENTS FOR HIV/ AIDS PREVENTION (PHASE IV) Tayag, JG'; Dominguez, CE'; Carpenter, CCJ2; 'University of the Philippines Manila; 2Brown University, AIDS Collaboration Manila, Philippines PD00446 COMPARATIVE STUDY ON CONDOM USE BY TRANSVESTITE MALE SEX WORKERS AND CLIENTS IN RIO DE JANEIRO Szterenfeld, C'; Peterson, C'; Cardoso da Silva, 02; 'Institute for Religious Studies; 2ASTRAL - Association for Transvestites and the Liberated, Brazil PD0447 INTERVENTION DEVELOPMENT IN AREAS OF TRADITIONAL PROSTITUTION IN TAMILNADU Stephens, EJ; Vincent; John; Maheshwaran; Parimala, D; Network SMI, INDIA PD0448 AIDS, SEXUALITY, SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES: EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW AND HAD THE COURAGE TO ASK: a book for Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) Linhares, IM'; Miranda, SD'; Hughes, V; Santos, MFQ'; Pinel, A4; Fernandes, MEL', 'University of Sao Paulo; 2Sao Paulo State Department of Health; 'AIDSCAP/Brazil, 4Genus International, Brazil PD0449 CHANGES IN CONDOM USE AMONG DOMINICAN SEX WORKERS Rosario, S'; Moreno, L'; Gomez, B'; De Moya, EA'; Fox, L2; 'Centro Orientacion, Investigacion Integral-coin, Dominican Republic; 2FHI PD0450 DEV'T OF A MODEL AIDS/STD EDUCATION AND COUNSELLING AMONG FEMALE SEX WORKERS IN THE PHILIPPINES Melgar, IE; Arciaga, RS; Paladin, FJE; Monzon, OT; Institute for Tropical Medicine, Philippines PD0451 INTERVENTION WITH FEMALE SEX WORKERS & CLIENTS IN MADRAS Kumar, SM; Pradeep, K; Hariharan; Uwa, S; Community Action Network, India 220

Page  221 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education IMPACT, SOCIETAL RESPONSE, AND EDUCATION; D 41 SE WORKER Machu, MM; Ali, MS; Muh'd, ZM; SEIF, MJ; Z'BA Control Programie, Tanzania BEHAVIORAL RESEARCH IN SUPPORT OF HIV/AIDS PREV IN THE PHILIPPINES Morisky, DE; Williams, NJ; Tiglao, T; Baltazar, JC; Tempongko, S; et al; UCLA, USA; University of the Philippines, Philippines PREVENTION OF HIV INFECTION IN MALE SEX WORKERS PARIS (FRANCE) Trenado, E; AIDES Paris-Ile De France, France STRATEGY TO ATTITUDINAL CHANGE IN CSW, WA GHANI Opare, BK; Tietoree, L; Bayor, S; Wa Hospital, Gha SEXUAL PRACTICES AMONG COMMERCIAL SEX WORKER IN FREETOWN Makiu, E; Kosia, A; Williams, D; Connaught Hosp, Leone PEER GROUP EDUCATION AMONG PROSTITUTES OF KAMATHIPURA AND KHETWADI AREAS OF BOMBAY Gadgil, A'; Patkar; PP2; 'Municipal Corporation of C Bombay; 2Prerana, India TRAINING OF MALE COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS TO BE( CHANGE AGENTS Hernandez, LI'; Imperial, RH'; Simbulan, NP'; Domii CE'; Carpenter, CCJ2'; 'University of the Philippines, Philippines; 2Brown University - AIDS Collaboration Philippines AIDS PREVENTION AMONG PROSTITUTE TRAVESTIES IN 1 OF PORTO ALEGRE Suzana H, SSL; GAPA/RS (Support Group for AIDS Prevention), Brazil PD0452 PD0463 -X INTERVENTION WITH ALl (THIRD GENDER) IN TAMIL NADU Kumar, SM; Pradeep, K; Nagarajan; Jayashree, G; Dhanam R AIDS Community Action Network, India P00464 PD0453 THAI SEX WORKER'S KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE, AND PRACTICES ENTION RELATED TO HIV/AIDS IN JAPAN AND IN THAILAND: A COMPARISON Munakata, T; Suh, S; Fujisawa, K; University of Tsukuba, Japan PD0465 PD0454 RETRAINING CSWS: EXPERIENCE FROM CALABAR IN Esu-Williams, E; Asuquo, A; Oku, O; AIDSCAP Field Office, Nigeria PD0466 P00455 POVERTY AND PROSTITUTION A Bhawani, SK; Gram, BS, India na PD0467 PDO456 STREET WORKER, AIDS AND DRUG: HOW TO WORK S (CSW) Brites, C; Reale, D; Cavallari, CD; Puntschart, L; Guimaraes, BR; Department of Health of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil PD0468 SAFE SEX WORKSHOPS IN GAY NIGHT CLUBS PD0457 Maia, MR; Grupo Pela Vidda-SP, Brazil PD0469 INTERVENTION WITH SEX WORKERS IN MADURAI CITY & SUBURBS, TAMIL NADU Thiagarajan, D; Maheswaran; Pitchaimmal; Ravi; Shanthi; IMAGE, India PD0470 SENSITIZATION OF PROSTITUTES AND THEIR CLIENTS USING A COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS' (CSWS') DRAMA TOUPE IN CAMEROON Boupda-Kuate, A2; Ella, M'; Debuysscher, R'; Betina, J'; Salla, R'; 'NACU/MOH, Cameroon; 2AIDSCAP, USA PD00471 PEER GROUP EDUCATION ON AIDS/STD FOR COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS IN NIGERIA Society for Woman and AIDS in Nigeria, Nigeria PD0472 TRAINING FEMALE SEX WORKERS AS PEER COUNSELORS FOR HEALTH CARE AND HUMAN RIGHTS AWARENESS Garcia, R'; Fonseca, E2'; 'Ministry of Health; 2Women 2000 for the Ecology, Colombia PD0473 A HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICE PROGRAM FOR PROSTITUTES Estebanez, P; Barahona, MJ; Colomo, C; Medicos del Mundo, Spain PD0474 DEMANDS OF 494 FEMALE PROSTITUTES HAVING ATTENDED A DROP-IN CENTRE ( "BUS DES FEMMES" ) IN PARIS, 1993 Serre, A'; Siggilino, J'; El Amri, E'; Braggiotti, L'; De Vincenzi, I'; 'European Centre for the Epidemiological Monitoring of AIDS; 2ANRS, France P00460 SEXUAL PRACTICES AND THE USE OF CONDOMS AMONG TRANSVESTITES PROSTITUTES IN BAHIA, BRAZIL Mott, LR; Grupo Gay da Bahia/UFBA, Brazil PD0461 ANDEAN FEMALE COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS AND THEIR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT STD/AIDS, THEIR BELIEFS AND BEHAVIORS ON CONDOMS USE Gisbert, M; Quit6n, M, Bolivia PD0462 UNSAFE SEX & OTHER RISKY BEHAVIOUR Aduwa, PA'; Menya, PA'; Nkaangi, AN'; Lenya, RG2; Abol, TO2; 'POWOTA; 2TAPWAK, Kenya 221

Page  222 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD09: Structural Issues Affecting Sex Work PD00475 BEHAVIOURAL CHARACTERISTIC OF THE CLIENTS OF SEX WORKERS---- BANGLADESH Hossain, S; National AIDS & Tuberculosis Association of Bangladesh, Bangladesh PD0476 FACTORS RELATED TO CONDOM USE BY CLIENTS OF FEMALE SEX WORKERS IN BALI, INDONESIA Fajans, P'; Ford, K'; Wirawan, DN2; 'University of Michigan, USA; 2Udayana University, Indonesia PD0477 RISK OF AIDS AMONG SEX WORKERS IN HUNGARY Csepe, P; Bolvary, K; Semmelweis University, Hungary PD0478 FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH UNPROTECTED SEX IN FEMALE CSW ATTENDING A STD AND HIV DETECTION CLINIC IN MEXICO CITY Vandale, SE; Uribe, F; Cruz, A; Uribe, P; Hernandez, M; National Institute of Public Health and CONASIDA, Mexico PD0479 ETHNOGRAPHIC STUDY OF COMMERCIAL SEX CIRCUITS IN MADURAI, SALEM, TIRUCHIRAPPALLI, TIRUNELVELI AND COIMBATORE (TAMIL NADU, INDIA) Kumaramangalam, L'; Pradeep, K2; Kumar, SM'; 'Prakriti; 2Community Action Network, India PD00480 A SURVEY OF FOREIGN SEX WORKERS IN JAPAN AND THE IMPACTS OF JAPANESE POLICY AND INTERVENTIONS Jitthai, N; Ohi, G; Univ of Tokyo, Japan PD0481 SEX AS WORK IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA Jenkins, Carol L; Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research, Papua New Guinea PD0482 YOUNG FEMALE MIGRANTS INVOLVED IN PEER EDUCATIONALS FOR AIDS PREVENTION Bocoum, MS'; Bocoum, B2; Maiga, YI3; 'SidAlerte Mali; 2Ministere Affaires Etrangeres; 'PNLS, Mali P00483 MONITORING AIDS PREVENTIVE ACTION IN THE SEX INDUSTRY Moreno, L; Bello, A; Ferreira, F; Rosario, S; Mensajeras de Salud COIN, Dominican Republic P014: Drug Users and Treatment PD0484 ITALIAN DRUG SERVICES NETWORK AGAINST AIDS: NIS PROJECT Serpelloni, G; Rezza, G2; Nicolosi, A3; Dalla Valentina, S'; Austin, D4; 'SeZ Screening HIV ULSS 25; 2Nat AIDS Ctr Rome; 'IBTA Milan; 4EuroCASO, Italy PD0485 HIV SEROPOSITIVITY & KABP OF A SAMPLE OF DRUG-USERS UNDER TREATMENT Attia, MS; Mandil, AMA; El-Fawwal, K; 'Alexandria University; 2Ministry of Health, Egypt PD0486 THE TREATMENT OF DRUG ADDICTION AND THE PREVENTION OF AIDS IN THE CITY OF FRANKFURT, GERMANY Moesch, M; Verein Arbeits- und Erziehungshilfe, Germany PD0487 SUCCESSFUL PEER ORG Maisonet, C; Norwood, C; Johnson, B; Rumsey, S; Bronx Commmunity College, USA PD00488 METHADONE TREATMENT AND THE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF AIDS AMONG IDUs IN THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY Reisinger, M; In-Dependance, Belgium PD0489 ENGELMAJER HEALTH AND CARE FOUNDATIONS ASSESSEMENT OF TWO FRENCH MEDICAL AND HUMANE STRUCTURES IN TAKING CARE OF THE HIV POSITIVES DRUG ABUSERS Hernt, P; Engelmajer, LJ2; Houngues, S'; Julien, T'; 'Addepos; 'Engelmajer Foundation; 'ADDEPOS, France PD0490 KNOWLEDGE OF HIV SEROPOSITIVITY ADVERSLY AFFECTS DRUG ABUSE TREATMENT OUTCOME IN POLISH IDUs Smiatacz, T'; Sekiewicz, J'; Karaczynska, B'; Ryder, R'; Williams, A2; Zielinska, W; 'Gdansk Medical Academy, Poland; 'Yale University METHADONE PROGRAM STAFF ATTITUDES & PATIENT TREATMENT OUTCOME Hartel, D2; Caplehorn, JRM'; Irwig, L'; Sauders, JB'; University of Sydney; 'Montefiore Med Center, USA PD0491 PD0492 DRUGS SELF-ADMINISTRATION IN AIDS PATIENTS BY USING SUBCUTANEUS PORTS Flores, J; Valenro, A; Bellver, F; Monz6, E; Mayins, J; Arnau de Vilanova, Hospital, Spain PD0493 RETAINING AT-RISK DRUG ABUSERS IN DRUG TREATMENT AND MEDICAL CARE: STRATEGIES FOR HIV RISK INTERVENTION Genser, SG'; Schlenger, W2'; 'National Inst on Drug Abuse; 'Research Triangle Inst, USA PD0494 HIV+ INTRAVENOUS DRUG USERS MOTHER'S GROUP Abreu, CM; Nyland, K; GAPA/RS, Brazil PD0495 BIOLOGIC VALIDATION OF SELF-REPORTED BEHAVIOR CHANGE AMONG IDUS Des Jarlais, DC'; Hagan, H2; Friedman, SR', Choopanya, K4; Lima, E'; Paone, D'; et al; 'Beth Israel Medical Center, USA; 2'Tacoma-Pierce County Health Dept, USA; 'National Development & Research, Inc, USA; 4Bangkok Metro Admin Thailand; 'NEPAD - UERJ, Brazil 222

Page  223 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0496 HIV PREVALENCE AND INCIDENCE IN A COHORT OF IDUS IN MONTREAL, ACCORDING TO THEIR NEEDLE EXCHANGE ATTENDANCE Bruneau, J; Lamothe, F; Lachance, N; Soto, J; Vincelette, J; HOpital Saint-Luc, Canada PD0497 INTERVENTION AMONG IVDUS Rangamani, S; Sankaran, S; DESH, India PD00498 THE CLANDESTINE EPIDEMIC: AIDS AND INJECTING DRUG USERS IN SAO PAULO Fernandez, OFRL; Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Brasil PD0499 A MULTI-SITE ETHNOGRAPHIC STUDY OF INJECTION RISK BEHAVIORS Needle, RH'; Cesari, HC'; Jones, S2; 'National Institute on Drug Abuse; 2Cooperative Consortium Ethnographers, USA PD0500 RAPID, INEXPENSIVE METHOD FOR ASSESSING HIV RATES & RISK OF HIV TRANSMISSION AMONG IDU Ruiz, J2; Flynn, N'; Anderson, R'; Hughes, M2; Watters, J'; Kizer, K'; 'Univ of Calif, Davis; 2Calif Office of AIDS; 'Univ of Calif, SF, USA PD0501 HIV TESTING BEHAVIOUR OF IDU'S IN 11 COUNTRIES Donoghoe, M'; WHO Collaborative Group; Centre for Research on Drugs & Hlth Behav, UK PD0502 PATTERNS OF NEEDLE PROCUREMENT IN ANCHORAGE, ALASKA Cagle, H'; Fisher, D'; Queen, P'; Des Jarlais, D2; 'University of Alaska Anchorage; 'Beth Israel Medical Center, USA PD0503 OUTREACH MODEL FOR HIV PREVENTION AMONG ITALIAN IDUs Serpelloni, G'; Austin, D'; Vitiello, A2; Monreale, I3; Cordone, MN4; Serafin, I4; 'Sez di Screening HIV ULSS 25; 2La Tenda; 'SerT ULS4, Parma; 4SeCeDAS, Italy P00504 NEEDLE SHARING AMONG IVDU'S IN ANCHORAGE ALASKA Fisher, DG; Cagle, HH; Queen, PJ, University of Alaska Anchorage, USA PD0505 FEMALE DRUG USERS: PROVIDER ASSESSMENT OF AIDS RISK Queen, P'; Cagle, H'; Fisher, D'; Haverkos, H2; 'University of Alaska Anchorage; 2National Institute on Drug Abuse, USA PD0506 RISK PERCEPTION OF HIV INFECTION TROUGH SEX IN DRUG USERS Cavallari, CD; Reale, D; Inglesi, E; Puntschart, L; Brites, CM; Augusta, A; Department of Health of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil PD0507 HIGH-RISK DRUG USE PRACTICE IN EUROPEAN IDU Papaevangelou, G; Richardson, SC; Athens Sch of Hygiene, Greece P00508 AN INDIGENOUS HARM REDUCTION PROGRAMME FOR IDUs IN A DEVELOPING COUNTRY, NEPAL Peak, A"',; Rana, S'; Maharjan, SH'; Crofts, N2'; 'Lifesaving & Lifegiving Society, Nepal; 'Medical Research, Australia PD0509 DO METHADONE TREATMENT CLIENTS CHANGE THEIR HIV RISK BEHAVIORS? Brackbill, RM; MacGowan, RJ; Rugg, DL; Disease Control and Prevention, USA PD0510 RAPID ASSESSMENT OF LOCAL DRUG USE PATTERNS FOR HIV TRANSMISSION RISK Flynn, N'; Anderson, R'; Nassar, N'; Anglin, D2; Anon, K'; Clancy, L'; 'Univ of Calif, Davis; 'Univ of Calif, Los Angeles, USA PD0511 PERCEIVED RISK OF HIV INFECTION IN ALASKAN DRUG USERS Massay, H; Fenaughty, AM; Fisher, DG; University of Alaska Anchorage, USA PD0512 USE OF CONDOMS BY EUROPEAN IDU Richardson, CS'; Papaevangelou, G2; 'Panteion University; 2Athens Sch of Hygiene, Greece PD0513 IDENTIFYING HIGH RISK SITUATIONS FOR HIV TRANSMISSION AMONG IDUS Kelaher, M'; Ross, MW'; 'National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre; 'University of Texas, USA PD0514 HIV+ GAY MEN AND IDUS IN NON-URBAN SETTINGS: DIFFERENCES IN RESOURCES & SUPPORT USE Mayne, T'; O'Leary, A'; 'University of California, San Francisco; 'Rutgers University, USA PD0515 RISK BEHAVIOURS AMONG FEMALE DRUG INJECTORS IN 12 CITIES Taylor, A; Green, ST; Ruchill Hospital, UK PD0516 PSYCHOSOCIAL RISK FACTORS AND CONDOM USE IN INTRAVENOUS DRUG USERS Masci, JR'; Brook, DW'; Brook, JS'; Whiteman, M3; Roberto, J'; DeCatalogne, J'; Amundsen, F'; Wynn, PS2; 'Elmhurst Hospital; 'New York Med College; 'Columbia University, USA PD0517 THE ROLE OF DRUG USER ORGANIZATIONS IN THE PREVENTION OF HIV AND AIDS IN GERMANY Hermann, W; Deutsche AIDS Hilfe/JES, Germany 223

Page  224 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0518 DRUG USERS SELFHELP GROUPS IN HIV PREVENTION IN EEC Javanni, J; Brossais, P; Leguay, JP; Toufik, A; APAR TS, France PD0519 LINKING MOBILE HEALTH SERVICES TO THE NEW HAVEN NEEDLE EXCHANGE PROGRAM (NEP) Altice, FL; Selwyn, PA; Singh, R; Zampano, C; Friedland, G; Yale Univ, USA PD15: Prisoners PD0520 PRISON POPULATION AND AIDS Hernander, R; Santa Cruz, R; Co Loccini, R; Laboratorio de Criminologia-URII, Argentina PD0521 LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX AND DRUGS: HIV TRANSMISSION AND PREVENTION BEHIND BARS Mahon, N; AIDS in Prison Project, USA PD0522 UTILIZATION OF HEALTH SERVICES BY HIV+ AND HIV- DRUG INJECTING PRISONERS Altice, FL'; Brewer, A2; Tanguay, S2; Selwyn, PA'; 'Yale Univ; 2Dept of Correction, USA PD0523 AIDS PREVENTION IN A SWISS PRISON: A PILOT PROJECT INCLUDING THE DISTRIBUTION OF STERILE INJECTION EQUIPMENT Bernasconi, S; Btechi, M; Stutz S; T Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, Switzerland PD0524 MODELLING HIV TRANSMISSION IN NSW PRISONS, AUSTRALIA Dolan, K'; Kaplan, E2; Wodak, A3; Hall, W'; Gaughwin, M4; 'NDARC; 'Yale Univ; USA; 'St Vincent's Hosp, Australia; 'Royal Adelaide Hosp, Australia PD0525 VOLUNTARY HIV TESTING IN THE SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY JAILS - AN ETHICAL DILEMMA Greenberg, R; Forensic AIDS Project, USA PD0526 HIV OUTBREAK IN A SCOTTISH PRISON: INTERVENTION Emslie, J; Taylor, A; Goldberg, D; Wrench, J; Gruer, L; Ruchill Hospital, UK P00527 THE STREET DOG-A COMIC STRIP FOR INMATES Malavoglia, L; Garfunkel, P; Escaleira, N; Varella, D; UNIP/Objetivo-Universidade Paulista, Brazil P00528 PROGRAM FOR THE PREVENTION OF RECONTAMINATION/ CONTAMINATION AND RECIDIVISM AMONG PRISONERS WITH HIV/AIDS IN RIO GRANDE DO SUL Perin, SM; Secretary of Justice, Brazil PD0530 REVIEW OF INSERVICE TRAINING COURSE ON STD/AIDS 1980 TO 1993 IN ZAMBIA Sunkutu, R'; Msiska, R'; Kamanga, J'; Perine, P'; Hira, SK'; 'National AIDS/STD/TB & Leprosy programme MoH, Zambia; 'University of Washington, USA; 'Haffikine Institute for Training Research, India PD16: Education for STD Prevention PD0531 INTERVENTIONS TO CONTROL STD/HIV RISK SITUATION INDUCED BY POPULATION MOVEMENTS DURING RESETTLEMENT IN POST-WAR MOZAMBIQUE Barreto, A; De Hulsters, B; Noya, A; Bastos, R; National STD/AIDS Control Program, Mozambique PD0532 CHALAMYDIAL INFECTIONS, STD AND SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR AMONG OUT OF SCHOOL ADOLESCENTS IN SOUTH WEST NIGERIA RESULTS FROM BASELINE STUDIES Dare, OO; Cleland, JG; Osotimehin, BO; Harvard Center For Population and Development Studies, USA PD00533 ETIOLOGY OF GENITAL ULCER DISEASE (GUD) IN MALE STD PATIENTS IN BLANTYRE MALAWI Hoffman, I'; Behets, F'; Liomba, G'; Dallabetta, G'; Lule, G4; Hamilton, H'; Cohen, M'; 'University of North Carolina, USA; 2Ministry of Health, Malawi; 'Family Health International, USA; 'University of Malawi, Malawi PD17: Students Understanding of HIV/AIDS P00534 A SURVEY OF UNIVERSITY FACULTY REGARDING AIDS/HIV POLICY AND INCLUSION OF AIDS/HIV ISSUES INTO CURRICULA Stempel, R; Arauz, K; Velez, V; White, C; Sandiford, J; Dollinger, R; Florida International University, USA PD0535 GENDER DIFFERENCES OF STUDENTS IN AN AIDS EDUCATION COURSE Fennell, R; Patton, JM; Miami Universty, USA PD0536 A STATISTICAL STUDY OF AIDS AS PERCEIVED BY JAPANESE COLLEGE STUDENTS Kinoshita, E; Hyogo College of Medicine, Japan PD0537 ANAL AND VAGINAL SEX AMONG UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: GENDER DIFFERENCES Cunningham, I; Rodriguez, M; Dlaz, C; Gonzalez, M; University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico P00538 HIV-RELATED RISK BEHAVIORS AMONG YOUTH WHO ATTEND SCHOOL AND THOSE WHO DO NOT Kann, L; Warren, W; Collins, J; Kolbe, L; CDC, USA 224

Page  225 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0539 STUDIES ON KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOR TO HIV/ AIDS IN YOKOHAMA: PART2 UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Kashima, Y'; Yamada, T'; Doi, R'; Ichikawa, S'; Kimura, H'; Tanaka, Y'; Toba, M'; Soda, K'; 'Yokohama City Univ; 'Yokohama City Inst of Health, Japan PD0540 CHANGES OF ATTITUDE TOWARDS AIDS AMONG STUDENTS THROUGH EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS Tarui, M'; Inagaki, M2; Yoshida, S'; 'Keio University; 2National Children's Medical Research Center; 'Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan PD0541 UNIVERSITY STUDENTS APPROACH IN INFORMATION EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATION ON HIV/AIDS Otieno, P; University Students AIDS Control Association, Kenya PD0542 A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON AIDS IN URBAN & RURAL COLLEGE STUDENTS Dash, R; Tripathy, SK; Community Action For Rural Development, India PD0543 AIDS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS OF A DISTRICT IN INDIA-A LESSON Bhatlavande, PV; Mugade, R; Bedagkar, M; Health Services, India PD0544 SOURCE OF AIDS INFORMATION AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS OF A DISTRICT IN INDIA AND ITS IMPLICATIONS Bedagkar, MV; Salunke, S; Bhatlavande, P; Mugade, R; Health Services, India PD0545 HIV/AIDS KAP AMONG JAPANESE STUDENTS IN HAWAII Diamond, M; Baba, M; Univ of Hawaii, USA PD0546 OBSTACLES OF CONDOM USE AS A MEANS OF HIV/AID PREVENTION AMONG UNIVERSITY STUDENTS/COMMUNITY Manongi, MJ; Tanzania PD0547 PERCEPTIONS & MISCONCEPTIONS OF 650 NIGERIAN UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ABOUT HIV/AIDS Macaulay, GK; Aiyelari, OS; Awolaru, CM; Akanmu, S; College of Medicine, Nigeria P00548 SURVEY OF SEX EDUCATION STATUS AMONG UNIVERSITIES STUDENTS IN SHANGHAI Huang, JH; Chen, XC; Shanghai Medical University, China PD0549 AIDS KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES AND SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR STUDY AMONG UNIVERSITY STUDENTS IN JAKARTA, INDONESIA Lohy, J; Matulessy, PF; Christian University of Indonesia, Indonesia PD0550 A STUDY OF COLLEGE STUDENTS' KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE AND BEHAVIOR TOWARD HIV/AIDS Yamamoto, T; Waseda University, Japan P00551 HEALTH EDUCATION FOR AIDS PREVENTION IN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES IN CHINA He, J; Guangiun Inst of Child and Adolescent Health, China PD0552 HIV/AIDS KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDES AMONG UNIVERSITY STUDENTS IN SIERRA LEONE Richter, DL'; Stewart, TJ'; 'University of South Carolina; 'South Carolina State University, USA PD00553 TRAINING OF STUDENT YOUTH FOR AIDS PREVENTION Anand, A; Thandavan, R; Ganapathy, M; Vivek VG; Radhakrishnan, KM; Kantharaj, K; Madhumathi, V; Awareness Communication Team, India PD0554 AIDS-RELATED KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDES TOWARD AIDS AMONG STUDENTS Mizutani, S; Morishita, T; Murashima, S; Mie Nursing College, Japan PD00555 A PILOT STUDY OF AIDS EDUCATION COMBINED WITH VIPASSANA MEDITATION AMONG THAI UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Amawattana, T'; Mandel, J'; Ekstrand, M2'; 'Thammasat University, Thailand; 2CAPS, University of California, San Francisco, USA P00556 EFFECTS OF A BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE-BASED AIDS EDUCATION AMONG COLLEGE FEMALE STUDENTS Murata, T'; Munakata, T'; Tajima, K'; 'Shiraume Gakuen College; 2'Univ of Tsukuba; 'Aichi Cancer Center Res Inst, Japan PD00557 AIDS EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR STUDENTS OF NATIONAL UNIVERSITIES Tobe, K; Inagaki M; Kodama, K; Amano, K; Haritani, H; Yamamoto, K; Ohkochi, T; Special Committee on AIDS, National Universities, Japan PD0558 THE DESIGN AND PILOT TESTING OF AN AIDS PREVENTION PROGRAM AMONG UNIVERSITY STUDENTS (THE ALERTA PROJECT) Cornejo, M; Rodriguez, A; Turenne, J; Casanova, D; Peroni, S; Univ of Valparaiso, Chile PD0559 IMPACT OF AIDS EDUCATION PROGRAMMES ON SEXUAL BEHAVIOR OF STUDENTS IN AMRLTSAR, INDIA Chahal, GS; Kaur, AP; Bimal, D; Tejinder, BK; Grewal, R; Shala, S; AIDS Prevention Society, India PD0560 UNAWARE RURAL COLLEGIATES ARE MORE HELPFUL Bharti, R; Singh, HP; Saini, R; Amritsar, India 225

Page  226 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0561 PERCEPTION OF HIV INFECTION/AIDS AMONG STUDENTS IN CALCUTTA Poddar, DP; Sen, P; Mandal, FB; West Bengal Voluntary Health Association, India P00562 AIDS AND UNIVERSITY Turra, M; Model Law Office of Candido Mendes College, Brazil P00563 STUDENTS OF MOUNT DESERT ISLAND MAINE, KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE, AND BEHAVIOR TOWARD HIV/AIDS Cash, DF; College of the Atlantic, USA PD0564 STUDENTS AND AIDS Cromack, LMF'; Carvalho, R2; Barros, CRP2; Almeida, AC3; Lima, MF'; Brito, MA'; Pires, DF'; 'Secretariat of Health of Rio de Janeiro State; 'University of Rio de Janeiro State; 'Fondation Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ), Brazil PD0565 ATTITUDES OF THE YOUTH IN TOKYO METROPOLITAN AREA TOWARD AIDS Tsuchida, S; Meiji Univ, Japan PD0566 HIV/AIDS COURSE FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS Chakraborty, J'; Purohit, A2; Gray, A'; 'Medical College of Ohio; 2Harvard-Deaconess Surgical Service; 'American Red Cross, USA P00567 HIV HYPERMEDIA MEDICAL EDUCATION SOFTWARE Kidd, M; Bearman, M; Cesnik, B; Turnidge, J; McCoy, R; Monash University, Australia P00568 A KAB SURVEY IN METRO MANILA AMONG DENTAL, MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, AND MIDWIFERY STUDENTS Abaquin, JM; Tan, M; Ortega, N; Health Action Information Network, Philippines PD0569 KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS OF HIV/AIDS AMONG MEDICAL STUDENTS IN A TOWN IN INDIA Purohit A"'; Kalla, S'; Kalla, AR'; Chakraborty, J4; Joshi, A'; Kiessling, A'; 'Harvard-Deaconess, USA; 'Univ Ill, USA; 'SN Med Coll, USA; 4Med Coil of OH, USA; 'P&T, India P00570 KNOWLEDGE ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOR (KAB): HIV INFECTION AMONG DENTAL STUDENTS Ferreira, S; Cortezzi, W; Silva, A; Uzeda, M; Perez, MA; Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil P00571 PREVENTION IN THE EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT OF ILE-DE-FRANCE Baranne, F'; Brousselle, C'; Felix, B'; Jayle, D'; Truchet, N'; Ricard, E'; Lert, F"2; 'Centre Regional d'Information et de Prevention du SIDA (CRIPS); 2INSERM U88, France PD0572 TRAINING OF TEAMS INVOLVING STUDENTS FROM ILE-DE-FRANCE SCHOOLS Ricard, E'; Baranne, F'; Jayle, D'; Lert, F"'; Servant, AM'; 'Centre Regional d'Information et de Prevention du SIDA (CRIPS); 2INSERM U88, St Maurice; 'Agence Francaise de Lutte contre le SIDA (AFLS), France PD0573 IN-HOUSE TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR TEACHERS - CRUCIAL FOR HIV EDUCATION Jones, V; Ganesh, V; Sankaran, S; Mathews, G; Kumar, S; DESH, India PD0574 TRAINING TEACHERS AND PARENTS AS TRAINERS IN AIDS PREVENTION AMONG SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN NIGERIA Oyedepo, B; Nigeria PD0575 THE IMPACT OF TRAINING FOR 4000 HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPALS ON AIDS PREVENTION IN ITALY Bertinato, L'; Mirandola, M2; Greco, D'; Poli, S4; Crenca, A'; Serafin, I'; 'SSH-ULSS25; 2Univ of Verona; 3National Health Institute; 'Ministry of Education; 'Ministry of Health; Italy PD0576 KAB SURVEY TO ASSESS TEACHERS ATTITUDE TOWARDS PWA Chandhok, K; Meloot, J; Sankaran, S; Rajan, S; Deepam Educational Society for Health (DESH), India P00577 VARIABLES ASSOCIATED WITH CONDOM USE AMONG ADOLESCENT PRIMARY NIGHT SCHOOL STUDENTS IN SAO PAULO, BRAZIL Antunes, MC'; Paiva, V'; Valestrini, M'; Stempliuk, V'; Silveira, F'; Stall, R2; 'NEPAIDS/Univ of Slo Paulo, Brazil; 2Univ of California, San Francisco, USA PD00578 DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION OF AN AIDS EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN THE PHILIPPINES Aplasca, MRA'; Monzon, OT'; Santana-Arciaga, RT'; Mandel, J2; Siegel, D2; Hearst, N2; 'Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, Philippines; 2University of California, San Francisco, USA PD0579 TRAINING STUDENT (PEER YOUTH LEADERS) IN PREPARING IEC MATERIALS ON HIV/AIDS Madhumathi, V; Radhakrishnan, R; Awareness Communication Team, India PD0580 RESULTS FROM TWO SCHOOL-BASED HIV PREVENTION STUDIES Banspach, S'; Collins, J'; Rugg, D'; Main, D'; Popham, J'; 'CDC, 'Univ of CO; 'IOX, USA P00581 JAPANESE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS' AWARENESS OF AIDS Fuchi, I; Nishimaki, K; Minamiyama, M; Kotani, M; Syukuin Public Health Center, Japan 226

Page  227 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0582 AIDS PREVENTION IN CLASSROOM Suplicy, M; Barbirato, MA; Silva, MCG; Sayso, Y; GTPOS (Grupo de Trabalho e Pesquisa em Orientacao Sexual), Brazil PD0583 DEVELOPING POLICIES REGARDING EDUCATION ABOUT AIDS IN SCHOOLS IN 12 ASIAN COUNTRIES Shaeffer, S'; Bahri, S2; Jones, JT'; Chowdury, S4; Barthes, AM2; Baldo, M'; 'UNICEF, Thailand; 2UNESCO, France; 'WHO/HED, Switzerland; 4UNESCO, India; 'WHO/GPA, Switzerland PD0584 ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND CHALLENGES IN PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTING EDUCATION ABOUT HIV/AIDS IN SCHOOLS IN 12 ASIAN COUNTRIES Bahri, S'; Jones, JT2; Baldo, M'; Barthes, AM'; Shaeffer, S4; Chowdhury, S'; Bunde-Birouste, A6; 'UNESCO, France; 'WHO/HED, Switzerland; 'WHO/GPA, Switzarland; 4UNICEF, Thailand; 'UNESCO, India; 6 IUHPE, France P00585 TEENAGERS, SEXUALITY AND HIV PREVENTION IN HIGH SCHOOLS Laski, M; Perkins, H; Hofman, S; Centro de Salud Mental y Accion Comunitaria Nol, Argentina PD0586 A STRATEGY TO DEVELOP AWARENESS AMONG HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS THROUGH EDUCATIONAL TALKS Tamoufe, U'; Kaptue, L'; Kembou, E'; Djiena, A2; Kamouke, B'; 'SidAlerte/Cameroun; 'Inspection Medico-scolaire Douala, Cameroon; 'Sage femme Perpijnan, France PD0587 AIDS AWARENESS INCULCATED THROUGH HEALTH EDUCATION AMONG SCHOOL STUDENTS Rayan, JA; Ravinathan, R; Manimangalam, JS; Meenarchisundaram, PM; Kandaswamy, JK; CAPE Manali, India P00588 KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HIV INFECTION AMONG HIGH-SCHOOL STUDENTS IN PALEMBANG CITY, INDONESIA Surapaty, SC; Surapaty, RM; Irdianto, I; Sriwijaya University, Indonesia PD0589 HIGHSCHOOL TEENAGERS' KNOWLEDGE ON HIV INFECTION AND AIDS: IMPACT OF AN INFORMATION DAY Mary-Krause, M"; Roux, P2-; Poirot, J -L2; Bravard, C3; Highschool physicians'; 'B3E-INSERM SC4; 2CISIH Paris Est; 'Service Promotion de la Sante, Academie de Paris, France PD0590 USE OF CONDOMS AMONG JAPANESE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Iwamuro, S; Kanagawa Prefectural Hadano Health Center, Japan PD0591 AWARENESS OF THE MODES OF TRANSMISSION OF AND PROTECTION AGAINST HIV AMONG A GROUP OF ADOLESCENT STUDENTS IN THE IVORY COAST Ahouanto, M; Ancelot, J; Ngnaore, E; Henzel, D; Delaporte, E; Chambon, JF; Coulaud, J-P; ARCAT-SIDA; MDM; Ivorian PNLS; Fion Leon M'Ba; Inserm; Bichat-Claude-Bernard, France PD0592 AIDS EDUCATION FOR SCHOOL YOUTH - DILEMMA OF A CURRICULUM DEVELOPER/EDUCATOR Nturibi, FT; Kenya Institute of Education, Kenya PD0593 PROMOTING AWARENESS FOR AIDS PREVENTION AMONG ADOLESCENT STUDENTS Naquatee, Z; Mashwara-SPYM, India PD0594 KNOWLEDGE OF HIV/AIDS AMONG GREEK HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Kokkevi, A; Terzidou, M; Mostriou, A; Richardson, C; Stefanis, C; Athens University Medical School, Greece PD0595 IMPORTANCE OF TRAINING IN DEVELOPMET AND APPLICATION OF HIV/AIDS PROGRAMS IN JUNIOR HIGH AND HIGH SCHOOLS IN MEXICO Marchetti, R; Rodriguez, A; Barquera, M; Rodriguez, C; Uribe, P; del Rio, C; CONASIDA (National AIDS Council), Mexico PD0596 TRAINING ON AIDS FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT LEADERS AND DEVELOPING PEER-GROUPS Sri W; Djauzi, S; Zubairi, D; Samekto, B; University of Indonesia, Indonesia PD0597 RESEARCH OF ATTITUDES TOWARDS AIDS IN SCHOOL TEENAGERS Geli, M; Rodes, A; Miret, M; Angelats, J; Viger, F; Calle, L; ACAS: Associaci6 Comunitaria anti Sida de Girona, Spain PD0598 ASSESSMENT OF SUPPORT HIV/AIDS PREVENTION PROGRAM OFFERED BY THE HEALTH CENTERS TO REGIONAIL SCHOOLS Shirai, C'; Higuchi, J2; Nakase, K'; 'Higashinada Health Center; 'Nishi Health Center; 'Nada Health Center, Japan PD0599 AIDS PREVENTION IN SCHOOLS THROUGH PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN GOVERNMENTS AND NGOS Monteiro, S; Castello BC; Galvao, J; Parker, R; ABIA, Brazil PD0600 EVALUATION OF A MODEL HUMAN SEXUALITY/HIV/AIDS CURRICULUM IN HIGH SCHOOLS Cerepnalkoski, LA; Molina, G; Richardson, J; Levine, AM; Univ So Calif School of Med, USA 227

Page  228 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education USE OF AN EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM ON HIV/AIDS WITHJ HIGH STUDENTS Alteneder, RR; Medical College of Ohio, USA I THE KNOWLEDGE LEVEL OF STUDENTS CONCERNING AIDS Tagawa, T'; Yamane, Y2; 1Shimane Women's JR Collh 2Shimane Medical University, Japan HIV/AIDS EDUCATION IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS OF EGYPT Hasan, MA; Farag, AB; Arab International Center for Fighting Against AIDS, Egypt THE SCARLET LETTER A: TEACHING THE LITERATURE OF Kyle, C; University of Illinois, USA I AIDS AWARENESS AND ATTITUDES AMONG JAPANESE AD AND ADOLESCENTS Takahashi, T'; Ito, M2; 'Aichi University of Education 2Aichi Prefecture Anjo Public Health Center, Japan PD19: Public Education through Mass Media I THE MASS MEDIA RESPONSE TO A NATIONAL AIDS CAMP Chileva, A; Metodieff, M; National AIDS Campaign, Bulgaria COOPERATION BETWEEN A NGO (NON GOVERNMENTAL OR A NEWSPAPER Campos, MJ; Abraco, Portugal AGE-DEPENDENT DIFFERENCES IN JAPANESE CONSIDERAT AIDS INFECTION---WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO INFORM OBTAINED FROM AIDS VIDEOS Shimizu, M'; Ishikawa, N'; Fujihira, N2; Hasegawa, S2; Tsukamoto, Y'; Fujioka, M2; Shimizu, K2; 'Aichi Prefe Institute of Health; 2 Department of Health, Aichi Prefecture, Japan AIDS, PROSTITUTION AND INFORMATION Morelli, D; Cattorini, P; Maffei, C; Mauri, MA; Palur G; Visintini, R; Scientific Institute H San Raffaele, Ita THE IMPACT OF "MAGIC" JOHNSON'S VISIT ON THE MEX SOCIETY PERCEPTION AND ATTITUDES ABOUT AIDS Trevifo, A; Mufliz, M; Pego, U; Hemindez, G; Carri] del Rio, C; CONASIDA (National AIDS Council), N AIDS RELATED NEWSPAPER ARTICLES IN JAPAN Takahashi, K; Gunma University, Japan PD0612 RADIO PROGRAMMES IN VERNACULAR LANGUAGES FOR RURAL POPULATIONS: A STRATEGY FOR HIV/AIDS PREVENTION TO BE USED MORE WIDELY Verbeke, R'; Fransen, L'; Brulnger, W'; Djumoi, T2; 'EC AIDS Task Force; 2Al Wattan Newspaper, Comoros; Belgium PD0613 THE FIRST NATIONAL BULGARIAN AIDS CAMPAIGN Methodieff, M; Chileva, A; National AIDS Campaign, Bulgaria PD0614 "UNE MINUTE D'ATTENTION" - ONE MINUTE OF ATTENTION: TV SPOTS FOR PREVENTION AND CARE Marty-Lavauzelle, A.; Joucla, F; AIDES Federation Nationale, France PD0615 PREVENTION CAMPAIGN "RADIO FOR LIFE" Nascimento, MF; Pinto, MLF; Pela VIDDA Group, Brazil PD0616 AIDS TALK AND MASS MEDIA IN THAILAND Nishino, Y; Issaruggura, C; Kaeo-Dumkoeng, K; Pariyat, C; Kwandee, P; Namsuwan, W; University of Pennsylvania, USA P00617 A SURVEY TO KNOW AWARENESS TOWARDS 'AIDS' AMONG WORKING WOMEN IN VARANASI Durbey, VKR; Srivastava, R; Nagayama, GS; India P00618 HIV/AIDS EDUCATIONAL-INFORMATIVE MESSAGES AN ANALYSIS OF THE ROLE OF MEDIA IN THE AIDS PANDEMIC IN MEXICO Rosas, F; Colectivo Sol, AC, Mexico PD0619 A MEDIA STD/HIV/AIDS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN IN RUSSIA Gardner, KJ; Savelyeva, IV; AESOP Ctr, Russia PD0620 AIDS EPIDEMIC AND MASS MEDIA IN BRAZIL Cortes, E; Arce, S; Coelho, A; Haas, E; Costa, M; PD0609 Madureira, M; Eksterman, L; Oliveira, A; Hospital Universitario, UFRJ, Brazll nbo, PD21 ly P0621 PREVENTION MARKETING IN THE UNITED STATES: MULTIPLE PD00610 MEDIA STRATEGIES AND EARLY EFFECTS ICAN Kroger, F; Shepherd, M; Gentry, E; Siska, M; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA llo, E;PDO622 Ixico P0622 MEDIA INTERVENTION AND BEHAVIOUR CHANGE IN P00DO611 TAMILNADUAN INDEPENDENT INITIATIVE Shreedhar, R; Media Foundation, India PD0623 THE METAPHORE IN THE MASS COMMUNICATION TO THE AIDS COMBAT: METODOLOGY AND RESULTS Pereira, H; Bellucci, S; Francabandiera, E; Paulino, M; Araujo, E; Florence, H; Miranda, K; Corsini Center, Brazil 228

Page  229 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0624 THE MOVIE AS A VEHICLE FOR AIDS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Zaldivar, S; Balis, A; Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, Philippines PD0636 REPORT ON RESULT OF SOME QUESTIONS IN ASSOCIATED WITH AIDS Yokose, T; Ijyuuin, K; Nakagawa, S; Matsuoka, S; Tsuruwaka, K; Ami, S; Matsushita Tokyo Health Care wwwAwm PDUUb25 Center, Japan JAPANESE NEWSPAPER REPORTS OF AIDS Nakatsuka, Y; Nakatsuka, N; Nakatsuka Clinic, Japan PD0626 RADIO PROGRAM "EXPRESSION OF LIFE":AN EXPERIENCE IN SOCIAL COMMUNICATION Carneiro, PL; GAPA/RS, Brazil PD0627 SPIDNET: RUSSIAN HIV/AIDS ELECTRONIC MAIL CONFERENCE Stachowiak, J'; Gardner, K2; 'AIDS Infoshare Russia; 2AESOP Resource Center, Moscow, Russia PD0628 MASS MOBILISATION FOR AIDS CONTROL IN INDIA Dutt, S; Gilada, I'; Indian Parliament; 'Indian Health Organ, India PD0629 A TELEPHONE HOTLINE'S CAPACITY FOR HIV EDUCATION AND BEHAVIOR CHANGE MOTIVATION Herrell, D; American Social Health Association, USA P00630 "RADIO FG PARIS":COMMUNITY PROGRAMMES AGAINST AIDS Lamien, E; Javanni, J; Jove, C; Maurel, H; Radio FG, France PD0631 IMPACT OF MEDIA ON AIDS KNOWLEDGE REPORTED CONDOM USE IN A COHORT OF EMPLOYEES AND THEIR SPOUSES Alima, N; Jingu M; Kusaka N; NZILA N; Projet SIDA, Zaire PD21: The Workplace and HIV/AIDS PD0632 DEVELOPMENT OF AN AIDS EDUCATION MODEL FOR URBAN CONSTRUCTION WORKERS Duangsa, D; Chiangmai University, Thailand PD0633 AIDS AWARENESS PROGRAMME FOR WORKER TEACHERS Sankaran, S; Karthikeyan, R; Daniel, A; Kumar, RS; DESH, India PD0634 SUSTAINING A COUNSELING PROGRAM SUPPORTED BY PRIVATE ENTERPRISE Castro, JRMD; Fleras, JB; Resurreccion, PA; Reach Out AIDS Education Foundation, Philippines PD0635 POLICY TOWARDS AIDS WITHIN WORKPLACE Muto, T; RECLUIT CO, LTD, Japan PD0637 AIDS EDUCATION PROGRAM USING QUESTION SHEETS Fukuzawa, T'; Kamakura, M2; Yamagata, S'; 'Medical Support Institute; 2Keio University; 'Japanese Foundation for AIDS Prevention, Japan P00638 PRESENT STATE AND PROBLEMS IN THE AWARENESS OF AIDS BY COMPANIES IN YOKOHAMA AS POLLED BY QESTIONNAIRE Ito, A'; Soda, K2; Toba, M'; Kawamoto, J4; 'Yokohama City Univ Hospital; 2Yokohama City Univ; 'Yokohama City Institute of Health; 'The Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japan PD0639 HIV KNOWLEDGE AMONG INDUSTRY WORKERS IN BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL Vitoria, MA'; Toledo Jr, AC2; Brito, C'; 'Health State Department; 2Federal Univ of Minas Gerais, Brazil PD0640 HIV/AIDS PREVENTION AND EDUCATION IN THE WORK PLACE Nascimento, S; GAPA/RS, Brazil PD0641 AIDS KNOWLEDGE, OCCUPATIONAL PRECAUTIONS, AND EDUCATION ACTIVITIES AMONG PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICERS Gellert, G; Maxwell, R; Higgins, K; Project HOPE, USA PD0642 AIDS EDUCATION AMONG MANAGERS OF FUE COMPANIES Lubega, NC; Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE), Uganda PD0643 PRIVATE SECTOR PERSPECTIVES ON AIDS AND THE WORKPLACE: RESULTS FROM A KENYA NEEDS ASSESSMENT Roberts, M'; Forsythe, S'; Wangombe, J2; Gakuru, 02; 'AIDSCAP/FHI, USA; 2HEDRA, Kenya PD0644 A WORKPLACE BASELINE KABP STUDY IN NIGERIA Awosiyan, W; Tilley-Gyado, A; Adeniyi, J; Federal Ministry of Health and Social Services, Nigeria PD0645 KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDE OF ARMY PERSONS IN BAHRAIN (ARABIAN GULF) RELATING TO HIV INFECTION Parida, SK; Bahrain Defence Force Medical Services, Bahrain PD0646 WORKPLACE AIDS EDUCATION PROGRAMME: CROSS RIVER STATE, NIGERIA Mbang, EE; Mboto, CI; Society Against the Spread of AIDS (SASA), Nigeria 229

Page  230 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0647 A BLUE PRINT FOR PROTECTING THE BASIC ENTITLEMENTS OF AN HIV+ EMPLOYEE Hamilton, H; Reid, G; Ministry of Health, Jamaica P00648 PERCEPTIONS OF JAPANESE COMPANIES IN ESTABLISHING A CORPORATE AIDS POLICY Muto, T'; Fukuwatari, Y'; Onoda, K'; Sakurai, Y2; Umetada, Y'; Nagumo, A4; 'Juntendo Univ; 2National Med Center; 'Sanwa Bank; 4Nippon Express, Japan PD22: Female Controlled Prevention PD0649 BEEHIVE PROJECT: EDUCATION AND PREVENTION IN AIDS FOR WOMEN Hebling, E; Bellucci, S; Corsini Center, Brazil PD0650 HIV/AIDS RELATED KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES, AND PREVENTIVE BEHAVIOR OF KOREAN CHILDBEARING WOMEN Chang, SB; Yonsei University, Korea PD00651 SAFER SEX INCREASES AFTER PEER EDUCATION FOR WOMEN IN BOTSWANA Norr, KF'; Moeti, MR2; Tlou, SD3; et al; 'University of Illinois, USA; 2Ministry of Health; 'University of Bostwana; Bostwana PD0652 CONTRACEPTIVE PRACTICES AMONG HIV EXPOSED WOMEN Guimaraes, M DC'; Castilho, E2; Signorini, D'; Lima, LA4; Berbara, V'; 'UFMG; 2FIOCRUZ; 'HGG-UNIRIO; 4CHESC; 5INAMPS, Brazil PD0653 WOMEN AND HIV: MOST COMMON QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS Arboleda, P; Balquiedra, M; Remedios AIDS Foundation, Philippines PD0654 SEXUAL SATISFACTION AND CONDOM USE AMONG WOMEN: A PROFILE Izazola-Licea, JA; Aquilar, F; Aldana, A; Basanlez, R; Conasida, Mexico PD0655 STAGES OF WOMEN'S CONDOM USE Rivera, M'; Norwood, C'; Adderley, B'; Felipe, L'; Davis, S'2; 'Bronx Community College,2Columbia University, USA PD0656 WOMEN AT RISK: HEALTH CARE UTILIZATION PATTERNS AND HIV RISK BEHAVIORS AMONG INNER-CITY WOMEN Eastwood, EA'; Rapkin, BD'; Mantell, JE2Ortiz-Torres, B",3; Tross, S"4; 'Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; 2Medical and Health Research Association of New York City, Inc; 'Columbia University; 4National Denelopment and Research Institutes, Inc, USA P00657 SOCIO-CULTURAL FACTORS IMPACTING HIV PREVENTION AMONG LATINA WOMEN IN NEW YORK CITY Maldonado, M; Hispanic AIDS Forum Inc, USA PD0658 EXPERIENCES OF AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN WITH USE OF THE REALITY FEMALE CONDOM Shervington, DO; Louisiana State University, USA PD0659 AN AFROCENTRIC APROACH TO STD/HIV PREVENTION AMONG HIGH RISK AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMEN Dillard-Smith, C; et al; California Prostitutes Education Project, USA PD23: Risk Perception and Attitudinal Change PD0660 EMOTIONAL REACTIONS Wertman, S; Albuquerque RVL; Nunes Pena, J; Moura Maulaz, EM; Assistent Fund of Bank of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil PD0661 EMOTIONAL REACTIONS OF PEOPLE INTERNED IN CONSEQUENCE OF HIV COMPLICATIONS Albuquerque, VLR; Wertman, S; Moura, EMM; Nunes, JP; Assistent Fund of Bank of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil P00662 EMOTIONAL STATE AND WAY OF COPING IN PATIENTS WITH AIDS AND HIV INFECTION Fukda, K; Tohoku University Health Center, Japan P00663 CHANGES IN COMMUNITY PERCEPTION AND EDUCATIONAL NEEDS ABOUT AIDS OBSERVED THROUGH A HOT-LINE IN MEXICO Carrillo, E; Diaz, M; Perez, J; Cipriano, B; del Rio, C; CONASIDA (National AIDS Council), Mexico PD0664 PSYCHOSOMATIC SYMPTOMS OF SERONEGATIVE HIV TESTEES Kuboyama, I; Tokyo Metropolitan Hachioji Health Center, Japan PD0665 SURVEY OF KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES AND BELIEFS IN FAMILIES WITH HIV+ MEMBER (S) Muriuki, JM; Gathirwa, N; Odhiambo, D; Lenya, R; Muriithi, J; KAS (Know AIDS Society of Kenya), Kenya PD0666 PEOPLE'S PERCEPTION ABOUT SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR IN WESTERN UGANDA Mwesigye, B'; Neema, S; Kipp, W'; 'Ministry of Health; 2Child Health Development Center; 'Deutsche Gesell f Tech Zusammenarb (GTZ), Uganda PD0667 'COMMUNITY AIDS-AWARENESS PROGRAMME' (CAP) Rayapu, RB; 'Boss & Cipca' Organisations, India 230

Page  231 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0668 PREVENTION ON AIDS & STDS Shajahan, MD; SKS, Bangladesh PD0669 RISK PERCEPTION AND HIV VOLUNTARY TESTING Couteau, MJ; CESE, CNRS, France PD0670 GENDER RESPONSE TO HIV SEROPOSITIVITY Couvaras, S; Thompson, C; Salvato, P; Weil, J; Hasheeve, D; Morris, A; Houston Immuno Institute, USA P00672 DIMENSIONS OF KNOWLEDGE ON MODES OF HIV TRANSMISSION, BRAZIL 1993 Castilho, E'; Szwarcwald, C1; Lemes, C2; 'Oswaldo Cruz Foundation; 2Playboy/Editora Abril, Brazil PD0673 MOTIVATION WORKSHOPS FOR COMMERCIAL BLOOD DONORS: ALTERNATIVE SOURCE OF INCOME Bhattacharya, RD; Qureshi, O; Bhattacharjee, P; Shah, U; GAP; SIRMCE, India PD0674 KNOWLEDGE AND PREJUDICES ABOUT AIDS/HIV-INFECTION IN YOUNG ESPERANTO-SPEAKERS Brath, H; TEJO, Netherlands; LSG, UK PD0675 AIDS KNOWLEDGE AND BEHAVIOURS AMONG ITALIAN CALLED UP Carducci, A; Avio, CM; Balocchini, E'; Mazzotta, F; 'University of Pisa; 2USL 1OH, Italy P00676 YOUTH & AIDS Bhuiyan, MU; Jagannath University College, Bangladesh PD00677 RISK PERCEPTION AND PERSONALITY IN DRUG ADDICTS SUBJECTS HIV-NEGATIVE Del Maestro, A; Speranza, T; Giulianelli, M; Liberti, N; Galati, D; Visco, GL; Spallanzani Hosp, Italy PD0678 WHAT DO HIV INFECTED PERSONS AND PATIENTS DESIRE? Sakurai, H; Fukumura, M; Ito, A; Doi, R; Soda, K; Yokohama City Univ Japan P00679 HOW CAN WE IMPROVE PUBLIC AWARENESS OF AIDS? Takeuchi, KH; Deguchi, Y'; Hokkai-Gakuen University; 'Sapporo Indsl Machinery Co, Japan P00680 HUMAN FACTORS AND THE SPREAD OF HIV INFECTION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Soyinka, F; AOU IFE, Tilley-Gyado & FMOH, Nigeria PD0681 THE IMPORTANCE OF RISK PERCEPTION ON TAKING HIV-TEST Nakase, K'; Babazono, A2; Nagai, P; Tsuda, T2; Mino, Y2; 'Nada Health Center; 2Okayama Univ; 'Kobe Univ, Japan PD0682 STUDY OF PATIENT'S KNOWLEDGE AND RISK PERCEPTIONS ON HIV/AIDS Yen, B; University Hospital, Malaysia PD0683 ATTITUDINAL CHANGE EFFECTED THROUGH HIV EDUCATION PROGRAMS FOR TEACHERS Meloot, J; Sankaran, S; Chandhok, K; DESH, India PD0684 CHILDREN'S VIEW OF AIDS IN RIO DE JANEIRO Zornitta, M; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil P00685 HOW TO TRANSFORM INFORMATION IN ACTION IN HIV/AIDS PREVENTION Re, MI; Pagani, L; Bianco, M; FundaciOn para Estudio e InvestigaciOn de la Mujer, Argentina P00686 PEOPLE'S PERCEPTION ABOUT SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR IN WESTERN UGANDA Mwesigye, B'; Neema, S'; Kipp, W'; 'Ministry of Health; 'Child Health Development Center; 'Deutsche Gesell f Tech Zusammenarb (GTZ); Uganda PD0687 GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCES IN KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDES OF HIV IN GREECE Malliori, M; Kokkevi, A; Athens University, Greece PD0688 "ARE YOU AT RISK?" A SIMPLE GAME WHICH MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE Diomande, C'; Eiger, R'; Dogore, E2'; 'PSI/Ecoform; 'Peace Corps, Cote d'Ivoire PD0689 OVERVIEW OF STUDIES ON KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES, AND BEHAVIORS RELATED TO AIDS/HIV AMONG JAPANESE Hamajima, N'; Tajima, K'; Munakata, T'; Murata, T'; Hiyama, T4; Jitsukawa, W'; 'Aichi Cancer Center Res Inst; 2Univ of Tsukuba; 'Shiraume Gakuen Coll; 'Osaka Adult Diseases Center; 'Japanese Quarantine Association, Japan PD0690 COPING STRATEGIES AND THE RISK OF HIV SEXUAL TRANSMISSION Bajos, N; Ducot, B; Javelle, S; Spira, A; ACSF, INSERM U 292, France PD0691 HEALTH CARE WORKER'S VERSUS GENERAL PUBLIC'S KNOWLEDGE OF HIV INFORMATION Seeley, P; Craig, D; Cobian, L; Sinnott, J; Greene, J; Univ South Florida, USA PD0692 BEHAVIOURAL RESPONSE TO THE IMPACT OF AIDS (STD) CAMPAIGNS Cruz, M; Nossa, P; Malta, P; Pombo, V; Delgado, F; Meligo-Silvestre, A; Geographical Inst-UC and Infectious Diseases Clinic-HUC, Portugal 231

Page  232 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0693 ATTITUDES TO AIDS: A PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS Moriya, TM; Gir, E; Hayashida, M; University of Sao Paulo, Brasil PD0694 ITALIAN NATIONAL SURVEY ON SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR AND RISK FOR HIV INFECTION Signorelli, C; Zantedeschi, E; Cattaruzza, SM; Osborn, JF; University" La Sapienza", Italy PD0695 KNOWLEDGE OF AIDS AND THE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR OF JAPANESE WHO SPENT TWO YEARS OVERSEAS Okamoto, N'; Jitsukawa, W2; Tajima, K3; 'Kanagawa Cancer Center; 2Japan Quarantine Association; 'Aichi Cancer Center, Japan PD0696 STUDIES ON KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOR TO HIV/ AIDS IN YOKOHAMA PART 1 RESIDENTS IN YOKOHAMA CITY Nagao, N; Fujino, T; Kodama, R; Soda, K; Doi, R; Ito, A; Toba, M; Yokohama City Univ, Japan P00697 AIDS AND BEHAVIOR: AN INTEGRATED APPROACH Auerbach, JD; NAS, USA PD0698 RUSSIAN YOUTH, HIV AND SAFER SEX: A POTENTIAL EPIDEMIC! Lunin, I'; Hall, T2; Mandel, J2; Hearst, N2; 'Crisis Sexological Service for Adolescents, Russia; 2Univ of Calif, USA PD0699 PROMOTING SEXUAL DECISIONS TO REDUCE THE RISK OF HIV INFECTION WITH SIMULATION SOFTWARE Rothberg, MA: Sandberg, S; Awerbuch, T; Harvard Sch of Public Health, USA P00700 BEHAVIOR OF ADOLESCENTS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC Trojan, O; Zverina J; Weiss, P; ABAS, Czech PD0701 A SURVEY ON THE SEXUAL PRACTICES, ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS OF ADOLESCENTS IN THREE URBAN POOR COMMUNITIES Orande, HO; Foundation for Adolescent Development, Inc, Philippines PD0702 THE PROBLEMS OF CONDOM PROMOTION IN RUSSIA Lunina, I'; Lunin, 12; 'AIDS Prevention Project SVIRK; 2IPPF, Russia PD0703 COMMUNITY HIV/AIDS EDUCATION: MOVING FROM KNOWLEDGE TO BEHAVIOR CHANGE Salisbury, ZT; Bonifer-Tiedt, P; Peterson, K; American Red Cross, National Hdqs, USA PD0704 HOW AIDS IS ACCEPTED BY OUTPATIENTS IN A JAPANESE CITY HOSPITAL Yagi, S; Yagi Hospital, Japan PD0705 HETEROSEXUAL BEHAVIOR AND RISK PERCEPTION FOR HIV/AIDS IN ARGENTINIAN WOMEN Bianco, M; Gonzilez, C; Re, MI; FEIM, Argentina PD0706 CONSTRUCTION OF AIDS IMAGES IN JAPAN Mima, T; Magome, T; Institute for Medical Humanities, Japan PD0707 BEHAVIOR CHANGE AFTER KNOWLEDGE OF HIV SEROSTATUS Guimaraes, MDC'; Castilho, E2; Boschi, C2; Berbara, V'; Weinssenbacher, M4; 'UFMG; 2FIOCRUZ; 'INAMPS, Brazil; 4PAHO, USA PD0708 EXPECTED VERSUS ACTUAL HIV ANTIBODY TEST RESULTS Kalule, J'; Baryarama, F'; Tukwasibwe, EB'; Nabwiso, F'; Ikwap, T'; Marum, E2; Melinda, M2; 'AIDS Information Centre; 2CDC/USAID, Uganda PD0709 ADOLESCENTS AND AIDS: RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CHANGING HIGH RISK BEHAVIORS Chittick, JB; Harvard University Graduate School of Education, USA P00710 KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HIV INFECTION AMONG PEOPLE IN TOCHIGI PREFECTURE: EFFECT OF EDUCATION TO IMPROVE THE DISCRIMINATION OF HIV PATIENTS Gunji, Y; Yamauchi, T; Kashii, Y; lizuka, A; Yanagisawa, M; Jichi Med School, Japan PD0711 HOW TO EVALUATE PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE OF HIV IN THE COMMUNITY Imamura, Y; Kaminaka Hospital, Japan PD0712 THE IMPACT OF IMAGES IN THE EDUCATION OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, REGARDING STDS AND AIDS Kembou, E'; Tamoufe, U'; Kaptue, L'; Djiena, A2; Kamouke, B; 'SidAlerte/Cameroun, Cameroon; 2Inspection Medico-scolaire Douala; 'Sage Femme Perpignan, France PD0713 GENDER NORMS AND SEXUAL RISK AMONG TEENAGERS IN SAO PAULO, BRAZIL Stempliuk, V'; Paiva, V1; Antunes, M'; Silveira, F'; Ballestrini, M'; Hearst, N2; 'NEPAIDS/University of Sao Paulo, Brazil; 2CAPS/University of California, San Francisco, USA PD0714 KNOWLEDGE ATTITUDE SURVEY OF RURAL ADOLESCENTS Sharma, AK; Sehgal, VN; Kant, S; Chawla, SC; Prev and Soc Medi, India PD0715 RISKY BEHAVIOR AND KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HIV-TRANSMISSION IN ST PETERSBURG Issaev, DD; Umirhanyan, J; Sexological Center, Russia 232

Page  233 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0716 CONDOM USE AND RISK PERCEPTION AMONG MALE TEENAGERS AND YOUNG ADULTS IN MEXICO Izazola-Licea, JA'; Veldez, M'; Soto, CA'; Ortiz, R'; Tolbert, K2; del Rio-Chiriboga, CA'; 'CONASIDA, 2The Population Council, Mexico PD0717 ATTITUDES OF AIDS ACTORS ON CONDOM USE IN PEMBA, ZANZIBAR Nassor, HS; Wazir, AA; Zanzibar AIDS Control Programme, Tanzania P00718 COMPARATIVE STUDY: CHANGES IN SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR AMONG PEOPLE IN RIO DE JANEIRO-BRAZIL (1992-1993) Linhares-Carvalbo, MI'; Carvalho N, L'; Parseghian, M'; Costa, SR'; Almeida, C2; 'Banco da Providencia da Arquidiocese do Rio de Janeiro; 2IBOPE, Brazil PD0719 AIDS AND DISEASE PERCEPTION IN ITALY Campanile, AM; Fazio, A; CNR Central Library, Italy PD0720 COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS OF SCREENING HIV-ANTIBODY (AIDS) IN VENEREAL DISEASE PATIENTS Kongsin, S'; Dhiratayakinant, K2; 'Ministry of Public Health; 2Chulalongkorn University, Thailand PD0721 RISK PERCEPTION IN WOMEN ACCORDING TO THEIR MALE PARTNERS SEXUAL BEHAVIOR Izazola-Licea, JA; Basanez-Arriola, R; del Rio, C; CONASIDA, Mexico PD0722 THE EVALUATION OF KNOWLEDGE AND ANXIETY ON TAKING HIV TEST Tanihara, S'; Nakase, K2; Babazono, A'; Miyamoto, K2; Sawa, H3; 'Okayama Univ; 2Nada Health Center; 'Dept of Health, Aichi Pref, Japan PD0723 AIDS FROM THE GENDER PERSPETIVE Tovar Torres, N; Gonzalez, M; Dialogo Mujer, Colombia PD0724 STATISTICAL ANALYSIS ON PREJUDICE AGAINST AIDS: THROUGH A SURVEY ON THE ATTITUDE OF JAPANESE TOWARD SEX Yoshinaga, Y; Hayashi, M2; Tatsunami, S'; Yamada, K'; Yago, N'; 'Miyamae Public Health Center; St Marianna Univ School of Med; 2Juntendo Univ Med, Japan PD24: Psychotherapy and Counseling PD0725 MODEL OF PSYCHOTHERAPY FOR EMOTIONAL "CRISIS" CONDITIONS IN HIV-POSITIVE PATIENTS Garofoli, B'; de Bertolini, C'; Andreetto, U'; Scarso, C'; Saccavini, R'; Baldo, M'; Cadrobbi, P2; Realdon, P2; 'Univ of Padova; 2Padova General Hospital, Italy PD0726 THE PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPLICATIONS OF HIV TESTING WITHOUT COUNSELLING Mudarikiri, MM; Harare Association for AIDS Affected Resource People, Zimbabwe; Systemic Psychotherapy, UK PD0727 A LIA 'S PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICE "EDUARDO PORTELLO PEREZ" FOR HIV/AIDS OR CRA PATIENTS Teson, NE; ALIA, Brazil PD0728 ROLE OF HELPLINE FOR HIV INFORMATION AND COUNSELLING IN UGANDA Byaruhanga, R; Ruranga, R; Mugyenyi, PN; Joint Clinical Research Centre, Uganda PD0729 FREE HEALTH COUNSELING SERVICE IN ENGLISH AND THAI AT A PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE CENTER Arase, K; Tsukuba Public Health Service Center, Japan PD0730 THE CHANGE IN DEMAND FOR HIV COUNSELING AND TESTING AMONG 20, 000 INNER CITY MINORITY PATIENTS AT COOK COUNTY HOSPITAL, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, 1987-1993 Cohen, G'; Sherer, R'; Cohen, M'; Williamson, M'; Albrecht, G2; 'Cook County HIV Primary Care Center; 2Univ of Illinois USA PD0731 ESTABLISHING HIV-COUNSELLING IN RUSSIA: OBSTACLES AND OPPORTUNITIES Savelyeva, MV'; Ribakov, V2; 'AESOP Ctr, Russia; 2SOROS Foundation, USA PD0732 EXPERIENCES IN PREPARING-A SELF-LEARNING MODULE FOR GRASS ROOTS WORKERS ON AIDS AND COUNSELLING Chitale, V; Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India PD0733 DEVELOPMENT OF AIDS COUNSELLING SERVICES IN RUSSIA Yulina, MV; Belyaeva, V; Ruchkina, E; Odinokova, I; Savchenko, I; Kravchenko, A; Russia AIDS Federal Centre, Russia PD0734 USE OF HIV COUNSELLING IN RURAL UGANDA Lainjo, B'; Wawer, MJ'; Lutalo, T2; Sewankambo, N'; Kelly, R'; 'Columbia Univ USA; 2Rakai Project, Uganda; 'Makerere Univ, Uganda PD0735 THE ROLE OF THE CHURCH IN HIV/AIDS BLOOD DONOR COUNSELLING Chihwai, D; Machamire, C; Magora, A; NGO, Zimbabwe PI0736 AIDS PREVENTION AND PASTORAL COUNSELING Maung, R; Pyone, MM; Myanmar Baptist Convention, Myanmar 233

Page  234 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0737 STD/HIV COUNSELLING SERVICE DEVELOPMENT FOR PRIVATE HOSPITALS IN THAILAND Murphy, M; ASIN, Thailand PD0738 EXPERIENCE IN A COUNSELLING UNIT FOR HIV-HIGH RISK INDIVIDUALS Polo, R; Capa, A; Martin, ML; Mufioz, M; Verdejo, J; Gonzalez-Lahoz, JM; CIC, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain PD0739 COUNSELLING BLOOD DONORS (VBD) TESTED HIV POSITIVE IN INDIA Pujari, S; Oak, V; Khatavkar, P; Pujari, P; Wahi, S; Workers of Health Plus (NGO), India PD0740 THE EFFECT OF COUNSELING ON HIV PREVALENCE AMONG BLOOD DONORS AT NAKASERO BLOOD BANK (NBB) Opollo, MS; Aciro, B; Kyeyune, D; NBB, Uganda PD0741 TRENDS IN ANONYMOUS HIV-COUNSELING AND TESTING 1985-1993 IN BERNE Schoep, M1; Gebhardt, M2; Kopp, C'; von Overbeck, J'; 'Medical Policlinic University Hospital, 2Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (SFOPH), Switzerland PD0742 THE IMPORTANCE OF COUNSELING ON HIV/AIDS IN A UNIT OF ANONIMOUS TESTING IN RIO DE JANEIRO Rodrigues, M; Silva, S; Freitas, L; Silva, C; Lima, C; Masson, S; Vasconcelos, A CTA-Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PD0743 HIV COUNSELLING SKILLS USED BY HEALTH CARE WORKERS IN ZAMBIA Baxter, P; Campbell, T; Kara Counselling & Training Trust, Zambia P00744 EFFICIENCY EVALUATION OF THE GROUP COUNSELING TECHNIQUES FOR THE MODIFICATION OF PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDES NOT ADEQUATE FOR STUDENTS OF PSYCHOLOGY Malagoli Togliatti, M; Clemente, A; Masci, M; Ardone, RG; Univ "La Sapeienza", Italy PD0745 GROUP COUNSELLING OF PEOPLE WITH HIV-LUSAKA, ZAMBIA Campbell, T; Chanda, C; Phiri, M; Mukosha, J; Sheth, G; Kara Counselling & Training Trust, Zambia PD0746 USE OF A NEW THEORETICAL MODEL IN HIV-COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY Zirulnik, J; Cahn, R; Soriano, S; Cahn, P; Hospital Fernandez, Argentina PD0747 NEW MODEL IN COUNSELLING HIV POSITIVE PERSONS USING A PERSONAL COMPUTER WITH MODEM Wainstein, C; Amed, MA; MCBA, Argentina PD0748 PARTICIPATORY DEVELOPMENT OF COUNSELING MEDIA FOR HIV-INFECTED PERSONS Ngamvitayapong, J'; Uthaivoravit, W2; Sawanpanyalert, P2; Takahashi, H3; 'Chulalongkorn Univ; 2Chiangrai Hospital, Thailand; 3AMDA, Japan PD0749 THE RESPONSE OF CLIENTS BY GENDER TO HIV COUNSELLING AND TESTING IN KAMPALA, UGANDA Kabasharira, N; Marum, E; Moore, M; AIDS Information Centre, Uganda PD0750 REASONS FOR HIV TESTING AT AN ANONYMOUS TESTING SITE IN BRAZIL Lima, L; Souza, E; Passos, SL; Rocha Maia Municipal Hospital, Brazil PD0751 NATIONWIDE COUNSELING & TESTING (CT) IN UGANDA: COMPARISONS ACROSS SITES AND OVER TIME Moore, M'; Nabwiso, F2; Tukwasiibwe, E2; Kalule, J2; Marum, E3; 'CDC, USA; 2AIC, Uganda; 3CDC/USAID, Uganda PD0752 PROJECT TO PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC APPROACH TO FACE UP HIV/ AIDS DIAGNOSED PATIENTS Sosa, L; Acosta, MA; Lupo, S; Faculty of Medical Science, UNR, Argentina PD0753 AN ANCIENT INDIAN APPROACH TO HIV/AIDS PREVENTION Bagalkote, SG; Dharmadhikary, V; Kenyatta University, Kenya PD0754 COMMUNITIES PROMOTING AIDS COUNSELLING AND TESTING PROJECT (COMPACT) Sapanuchart, T Association for Strengthening Integrated National Health (ASIN), Thailand P00755 AN ASSESSMENT OF SATISFACTION OF CLINICAL RESEARCH PARTICIPANTS IN A LONG TERM STUDY Johnson, LM; UCSF, USA PD0756 SUICIDAL RISK ON AIDS PATIENTS: IMPORTANCE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL INTERVENTION Zornitta, M; Bastos, C; F de Siqueira, VH; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PD0757 FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE COUNSELLING OF WOMEN INFECTED WITH HIV Kavuma, L; The Aids Support Organisation (TASO), Uganda PD0758 CARE AND SOCIAL SERVICES FOR HIV/AIDS Kalyebara, Joy N; AIC Kisenyi Complex, Uganda 234

Page  235 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0759 PRE-AND POST-TEST COUNSELING TO A DIVERSE GROUP OF HIV INFECTED POPULATION Purohit, A"2; Chakraborty, J2; Danner, R'; Hein, D'; Anderson, C3; Kiessling, A'; 'Harvard-Deaconess; 2Med Coil of OH; 'Boston Dept Health, USA PD25: Socio-cultural Factors Influencing Transmission PD0760 DOES CULTURE MATTER IN AIDS PREVENTION? Nemoto, T; University of California, San Francisco, USA PD0761 HOW SOCIO-CULTURAL BEHAVIOR NORMS AMONG PUERTO RICAN ADOLESCENTS INTERFERE WITH HIV PREVENTION EFFORTS Vera, M; Alegra, M; Castillo, X; Univ of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico P00762 INDIAN CULTURE AND AIDS AWARENESS PROGRAMMES Deore Patil, A; Bombay Municipal Corpn, India PD0763 AIDS AND BANGLADESH Ruhul, Q; Bangladesh Grameen Dustho Kalyan Sangstha, Bangladesh PD0764 HIGH RISK BEHAVIOR DURING CARNIVAL IN BRAZIL Hughes, V'; Stall, R2; Klouri, C'; Inglesi, E'; Taddei, J'; Hearst, N2; 'Sao Paulo State Health Secretariat, Brazil; 2University of California, San Francisco, USA P00765 AIDS PREVENTION CAMPAIGNS DURING CARNIVAL IN S PAULO, BRAZIL Inglesi, E; Pacca, J; Barbosa, R; Prebill, JR; S Paulo State Secretariat of Health, Brazil PD0766 THE ROLE OF INDONESIAN RELIGIOUS LEADERS TO PREVENT HIV TRANSMISSION AMONG THE COMMUNITY Matulessy, PF; Forina, PM; Lohy, J; Theodorus, R; Epidemiology Study Group for Nutrition & Health, Indonesia PD0767 THE COLLECTIVE DRAWING; A PROPOSAL FOR ANALYSIS OF HIV KABP Santos, CE; Trahtman, M; Costa, M; Fernandes, C; Community Health of Conceicao Hospital, Brazil PD0768 REACHING WOMEN IN LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN: AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO SAFER SEX Roitstein, F; Becker, J; International Planned Parenthood Fed/WHR, NY, USA PD0769 AN INVENTORY AND REVIEW OF STUDIES ON SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR AND AIDS KABP IN THE WESTERN PACIFIC REGION Sarda, R'; Shrestha, DB'; Kerse, L'; Brown, T2; 'WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific; 2East-West Center, USA PD0770 IMPEDIMENTS TO HIV TESTING AMONG US LATINO ADULTS Grinstead, OA; Marin, BV; G6mez, CA; University of California, San Francisco, USA PD0771 SOCIO-CULTURAL FACTORS INFLUENCING HIV/AIDS TRANSMISSION Ndhlovu, A; Zimbabwe Red Cross Society, Zimbabwe PD0772 SEXUAL CULTURE, SEXUAL IDENTITY AND RISK-UNDERSTANDING YOUNG PEOPLE'S RESPONSES TO HIV: INITIAL FINDINGS FROM WHO/GPA MULTI-SITE STUDIES Aggleton, PJ'; Malcolm, A'; Dowsett, G'; Schifter, J4; Tan, M'; Jenkins, C6; Runganga, A'; Marshall, MT'; Abega, S-C'; 'WHO Geneva, Switzerland; 2AIDS Council of NSW; 'Macquarie Univ; Australia; 4ILPES, Costa Rica; 5HAIN, Philippines; 'Institute of Medical Research, Papua New Guinia; 7Blair Research Institute Harare, Zimbabwe; 'CORSAPS, Chile; 9Universite de Yaounde, Cameroon PD0773 RISKY SEXUAL PRACTICES OF NORTHERN THAI MEN AND WOMEN: PRELIMINARY RESULTS Im-Em, W; Australian National University, Australia PD0774 KAPB SURVEY RELATED TO HIV/AIDS IN 4 SLUM POPULATIONS OF RIO DE JANEIRO Fernandes, J; Pereira, M; Vallinoto, T; Fonseca, A; ABIA/ SES-RJ/SMS-RJ, Brazil TRADITIONS PRACTICES AND AIDS IN KENYA Abol, TO'; Lenya, RG'; Menya, PA2; 'TAPWAK; 2POWOTA, Kenya PD0775 Nkaangi, AN2; PD0776 TRADITIONAL CULTURE AND AIDS EDUCATION IN CAMEROON Kengmo, P; Lurie, M; Metangmo, P; Johns Hopkins University, USA PD26: AIDS Orphans PD0777 FOLLOW-UP DISRUPTION IMPACT UPON AIDS ORPHAN, IN KINSHASA, ZAIRE Baangi, M2; Nkusu, M'; Kol, M'; 'Projet SIDA; 'National AIDS Program, Zaire PD0778 RESPONSE TO THE PLIGHT OF AIDS ORPHANS IN KENYA Muriithi, J; Gathirwa, N; Odhiambo, D; Angienda, M; AIDS Orphans Support Organization, Kenya 235

Page  236 TRACK D: Impact, Societal Response, and Education PD0779 PD29: Methods in Social/Behavioral Research CARE OF ABANDONED INFANTS WITH SYMPTOMATIC HIV INFECTION Vithayasai, V; Vithayasai, P; Support The Children Foundation, Thailand PD0780 PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED BY AIDS ORPHANS AND THEIR GUARDIANS MOROGORO URBAN IN TANZANIA Lyimo, CS; Ukende, MK; Mkuyu, MN; Lyimo, H; Ministry of Health Tanzania, Tanzania PD0781 CARE FOR HIV POSITIVE ORPHANS AT NYUMBANI HOSPICE Mwangi, FW; Nyumbani Hospice, Kenya PD0782 GREAT CONCERN OVER AIDS ORPHANS (VULNERABLE GROUP) IN KASAMA Tibenderana, RK; UNV Home base care (and Support)] Specialist, Zambia PD0783 AIDS ORPHAN'S SOCIAL AND HEALTH IMPACT, IN KINSHASA, ZAIRE Baangi, M2; Mbuene, D'; MandaLa, N'; Kol, M'; 'Projet SIDA; 2National AIDS Program, Zaire PD27: Hemophilia PD0784 SEXUAL PRACTICES AMONG LATINO MEN WITH HEMOPHILIA Hoffman, V'; Marin, BV'; Baker, J2; Mandel, J'; Vallejo-Alviso, L'; Parra, L'; 'University of California, SF; 'Region IX Hemophilia Program; 'Hemophilia Foundation, USA PD00785 THE STRUCTURE OF HIV-CONTAMINATED-CONCENTRATES-CAUSED SUFFERINGS AFFECTING LIVES OF HEMOPHILIACS AND THEIR FAMILIES IN JAPAN Makino, T; et al; Nagano University, Japan PD0786 HIV-INFECTION AND ITS MEDICAL CARE AMONG HEMOPHILIACS IN JAPAN Katahira, K'; Makino, T2'; et al; 'Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ; 'Nagano Univ, Japan PD0787 THE USE OF THE TA EGOGRAM WITH JAPANESE HEMOPHILIACS WITH AIDS/ HIV+ Shirai, S; Fukutake, K; Yamashita, Y; Tokyo Medical College Hospital, Japan PD0788 OUTCOMES OF THE HOTLINE FOR HEMOPHILIACS WITH HIV IN JAPAN Ikegami, M"2; Ohta, Y'; Ishigami, W"2; Okamoto, K"2; Yashiki, K"'; Gotoh, M'; 'CARES; 2Japan HIV Center,, Japan PD0789 RELIABILITY OF ADOLESCENT HIV BEHAVIORAL SELFREPORTS Collins, J'; Davis, N2; Kann, L'; Warren, C'; 'CDC; 2Princeton University, USA PD0790 STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE RESEARCH ON BEHAVIORAL ISSUES IN HIV VACCINE TRIALS Pequegnat, W; Stover, E; National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA PD0791 RELIABILITY & VALIDITY OF DRUG USERS' SELF-REPORT OF RISK Dowling-Guyer, S; Johnson, M; Fisher, D; Andersen, M; Watters, J; Williams, M; Kotranski, L; Booth, R; Rhodes, F; Weatherby, N; et al; University of Alaska Anchorage, USA P00792 EUROPEAN MULTILINGUAL THESAURUS ON AIDS AND HIV Pluskwa, D'; Jayle, D'; Madsen, P2; Clerc, F'; Akehurst, C4; de Wit, P'; Bertrand-Baschwitz, T6; Mirabet, M'; Shotton, P8; 'Centre Regional d'Information et de Prevention du Sida; 'Aids-Info, ODENSE; 'ARCAT-Sida, France; 'Bureau of Hyg& Trop Dis, UK; 'NISSO, Netherland; 'RESODOC, Belgium; 'Sida - Studi, Spain; "ACSP, Canada; P00793 SEX EDUCATION-EFFECTIVE TOOL IN SEXUAL HEALTH AMONG TEENAGERS IN ZIMBABWE Jijide, J; Society for AIDS Affected Children, Zimbabwe PD0794 DISSEMINATION OF HIV PREVENTION RESEARCH FINDINGS TO PRIMARY HEALTH CARE WORKERS Faugier, J; Cranfield, S; Butterworth, CA; University of Manchester, UK PD0795 VALIDATION OF POPULATION SURVEYS Konings, E'; Bantebya, G2; Bagenda, D2; 1Institut universitaire de medecine sociale et preventive, Switzerland; 2Makerere Univ, Uganda PD0796 MODES OF ARTICULATION OF QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE METHODS IN AIDS AND SEXUALITY RESEARCH Agrafiotis, D; Avgeridis, K; Koulierakis, G; Manti, P; Pantzou, P; Siontorou, V; Tselepi, Ch; Athens School of Public Health, Greece HIV INFECTION AND SEXUAL PRACTICES: A CRITICAL EVALUATION Gir, E; Moriya, TM; Figueiredo, MAC; Duarte, G; University of Sao Paulo, Brazil A PSYCHOANALYTICAL APPROACH TO EVALUATION Tardy, L; Cnerabi, K'; 'CIE & Lamutualite, France PD0797 PD0798 236

Page  237 INDEX OF SPEAKERS AND MODERATORS Plenary Round-table Special Recent Report Tenth Anniversary Special Evening Special Recent Report Special Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions

Page  238 ABRAMS, Donald: RT22 ADRIEN, Alix H: RT28 AKERELE, Olayiwola: RT29 ALTMAN, Dennis: PS25 ANDERSEN, Terkel: RT27 ANDERSON, Sandra: RT24 AWINO, Juliet: RT7 BACHA, Abdelkader: RT31 BAGASAO, Teresita MF: RT6 BAIN, Bredan: RT5 BALDO, Mariella: RT17 BALSLEY, James F: SR2 BANDA, Mazuwa A: PS29 BERNARD, Bal MF: RT6 BERTOZZI, Stefano M: PS30 BHAMARAPRAVATI, Natth: RT14 BIANCO, Mabel: RT16 BIBERFELD, Gunnel: RT15 BLAKE, Dorothy: ES2 BLANCHE, Stephane: PS11 BOLOGNESI, Dani P: PS4 BRABAZON, Claudia: RT1 BRAGMAN, Keith: RT19 BRUNET, Jean B: RT12 CAMPBELL, lan D: RT31 CARR, Andrew: RT2 CHEEKS, Albert: RT29 CHENG-MAYER, Cecilia: RT9 CHIMUSORO, Auxillia: RT10 CHIN, James: RT12 CLARK, Martina: RT7 COATES, Thomas J: RT5 COHEN, Jon: RT20 COOPER, David A: RT25 COOPER, Ellen: RT22 CURRAN, James W: RT12 D'SOUZA, Sunil C: RT10 DE CLERCQ, Erick: RT19 DE LA CONCEPCION, Juan Carlos: RT10 de VINCENZI, Isabelle: RT26, SR3 DEANE, Marva: RT17 DENISON, Rebecca: RT7 du GUERNY, Jacques: ES2 DWYER, John: RT22 EBERLE, Josef: SR1 ELIAS, Christopher: SS2 EL SADR, Waafa: RT26 ERICKSON, John: RT19 ESPARZA, Jos6 M: RT14 FARTHING, Charles A: RT2 FAUCI, Anthony S: PS2 FENYO, Eva-Marie: RT9 FERNANDES, Maria Eug6nia: RT30 FILGUEIRAS, Ana: PS21 FRANK, Richard: RT30 FULTZ, Patricia N: RT11 GALLO, Robert C: TS1, RT18 GALVAO, Jane: RT31 GATAWA, Bernard SM: RT17 GATELL, Jose: PS26 GAYLE, Helene: TS3 GBODOSSOU, Eric: RT29 GEORGE, James R: SR1 GIRARD, Marc: RT8 GISSMANN, Lutz: PS14 GONZALES, Gustavo: SS1 GOUDSMIT, Jaap: PS23 GREENBERG, Philip: RT18 HAASE, Ashley T: PS16 HABERMEHL, Karl-Otto: RT11 HAOUR-KNIPE, Mary H: RT28 HARRINGTON, Mark: RT25 HATANAKA, Masakazu: PS1 5,TS1 HAYAMI, Masanori: RT11 HENNESSEY, Patrick WN: ES1 HERNANDEZ, Juan J: TS2 HERNDIER, Brian G: SR3 HIMMICH, Hakima: PS27 HIRA, Subhash: RT13 HIRSCH, Ivan: RT21 HO, David D: PS10 HODEL, Derek: RT14 HOFF, Rodney: RT14 HOGAN, Carlton: RT22 HOSEIN, Sean R: RT1 HOUSE, Sahara: RT10 HUNTER, Joyce: RT16 KAGNOFF, Martin F: RT21 KAHN, James: RT1 KALLINGS, Lars O: TS3 KANESHIMA, Hideto: RT11 KARKARIA, Bachi: RT20 KATAHIRA, Kiyohiko: RT27 KITAMURA, Takashi: RR1, 2 KIYONO, Hiroshi: RT21 KLATZMANN, David: RT18 KOCH, Egmont R: RT27 KOCHI, Arata: RT32 KOJIMA, Hiroyuki: RT13 KPOGNON, Auguste: RT30 KREISS, Joan: RT3 KUHN, Dana: RT27 KURIMURA, Takashi: RT21 KURTH, Reinhard: RT11 LACAOLACAO, Fely: RT4 LAGA, Marie: RT3 LAMBORAY, Jean-Louis: TS3 LANE, H Clifford: RT25 LANGE, Joep: RT25, SR2 LEE, Karen J: PS22 LEVY, Jay A: TS1 LEWIS, David JM: RT21 LONGO, Paulo H: T23 LU, Shan: RT8 LU, Wei-Bo: RT29 MACKAY, Timothy J: RT31 MANE, Purnima: RT16, SS2 MANN, Jonathan: TS2 MARQUEZ, Araceli: RT7 MASTRO, Timothy D: RT3 MATHIESEN, Lars: RT25 MATSUDA, Mizuho: RT23 MAYER, Allen J: RT2 MBIDDE, Edward K: RT14 MBOUP, Souleymane: RT15, SR1 MERATI, Tuti: RT5 MERSON, Michael H: PS1 MERTEN, Thierry: RT12 MESQUITA, Fabio: RT4 MICHAEL, Susai: RT31 MINAMI, Hiroko: RT24 MSISKA, R: TS3 MITSUYA, Hiroaki: RT19 MIYAMOTO, Koji: RT29 MONTAGNIER, Luc: TS1 MONTEIRO, Simone S: RT17 MONZON, Ofelia: RT15 MORGAN THOMAS, Ruth G: RT23 MORI, Shigeo: SR3 MORRISON, Ken: RT5 MORTON, Oliver: RT20 MOSS, Ronald B: RR1 MOTUS, Maria Nenette H: RT28 MUGO, Mukami: RT30 MWINGA, Alwyn G: RT32 NARAYANAN, Palaniappan: PS28 NASSER, Karen: RT4 NDOYE, Ibra: RT13 NGCONGCO, Vuyelwa N: RT24 NGEOW, Yun-Fong: PS7 NIANG, Cheikh Ibrahima: SS2 NWASHILI, Pearl 0: RT16 OGEN, John KA: RT20 OISHI, Toshihiro: RT10 OKAMOTO, Takashi: RT9 O'MALLEY, Jeffrey W: TS3 ONUKI, Daisuke: ES1 OSORIO-RAMIREZ, Marco A: PS12 PAAVONEN, Jorma: RT13 PATKAR, Priti: PS20 PAUL, William E: PS9 PEDERSEN, Court: RT2 PERRIN, Luc H: RT2 PETERLIN, B Matija: RT9 PETZER, Shane: RT23 PHANUPHAK, Praphan: RT22 PlOT, Peter: PS6, SR1 PORTS, Suki Terada: RT6 RANA, Sujata RL: RT4 RECTOR, Richard H: RT28 REICHMAN, Lee: RT32 ROBINSON, Noah J: RT3 RONALD, Allan R: RT13 ROSENBERG, Debra: RT27 RUNGANGA, Agnes: RT26 SAAG, Michael S: RT1 SABATIER, Renee: PS19 SARELLANO, Claudia Colimoro: RT23 SATTENTAU,Quentin S: RT8 SCHOCHETMAN, Gerald: RT15 SERRA, Marcio S: SS1 SHIMAO, Tadao: RT32 SIMON, Yolanda: RT7 SIRIPOON-SOZANSKI, Mayuree: RT24 SLOOTBEEK, Jeanette: RT16 SMITH, Catherine: SS1 SNEE, Thomas H: RT24 STEIMER, Kathelyn S: RT8 STEPHENSON, Judith: RT26 STEVENSON, Mario: RT9 STEIN, Zena A: PS5 SULIGOI, Barbara: RT26 SUNDARARAMAN, Swaminathan: RT5 SUWUNJUNDEE, Junsuda: TS2 SY, Elhadj As: RT6 TAJIMA, Kazuo: SR3 TAKAKU, Fumimaro: TS3 TAKATA, Noboru: SS1 TAKEDA, Bin: RT17, ES3 TAMASHIRO, Hiko: RT15 TAN, Michael L: PS13 TEO, Freddie TH: RT10 THAKUR JANAKSINGH, Vijay: RT30 THYAGARAJAN, Sadras P: RT29 TOVAR-REYES, Jamie: RT28 UNGCHUSAK, Kumnuan: RT12 UNGPHAKORN, Jon: PS8 VACCA, Joseph P: RT19 van der GROEN, Guido: SR1 van DUIFHUIZEN, Rinske: RT28 VELEZ, Andrew: ES1 VELLA, Stefano: PS3 VOIGT, Robert: SS1 VOLBERDING, Paul A: PS17 WAINBERG, Mark A: PS24 WAINIKESA, Laisiasa: RT6 WASSERHEIT, Judith N: RT3 WEISS, Ellen: SS2 WODAK, Alexander D: RT4 WONG-STAAL, Flossie: PS18, RT18 WYAND, Michael S: RT8 YAMADA, Kaneo: SR2 YASUDA, Yukuo: RT27 YOSHIHARA, Namiko: SR1 ZAVRIEW, Laurence: RT20 ZEKENG, Leopold: SR1 SIndex refers to session number 238


Page  240 AAARP, Support Group: PD0726 AADLAND, Regina A.: PB0940 ABAD, Elena: PA0270 ABAQUIN, Juanito Martin N.: PD0568 ABBATE, Isabella: 127A ABBAZIA, Leonardo L.A.: PB0733 ABDEL-HAMID, Mohamed: PA0150 ABDEL-HAMID, Mohamed: PB0387 ABDUL AZIZ, Mohd Nasir: PD0198 ABE, Masakazu: PA0160 ABE, Masakazu: 541A ABE, Shin-Ichiro: PB0841 ABE, Shiro: PB0856 ABE, Tsukasa: 543A ABEDNEGO, Hadi M.: PC0059 ABENI, Damiano D.: PC0227 ABESAMIS, Chris: PB0380 ABESAMIS, Criselda G.: PC0003 ABLASHI, Dharam V.: 333B ABLASHI, Dharam V.: 507A ABO, Toru: PA0139 ABO, Toru: PAO140 ABOL, Thomas: PD0248 ABOL, Thomas O.: PD0462 ABOL, Thomas O.: PD0775 ABONGWA, Judith N.: PD0092 ABOSSOLO, B.R.: PD0441 ABOULKER, Jean-Pierre: 164A ABOUYA, Lucien: 104C ABRAHAM, Andrew A.: PB0815 ABRAHAM, Thomas: PD0259 ABRAHAM, Thomas: PD0325 ABRAMS, Donald: PB0821 ABRAMS, Donald: PB0835 ABRAMS, Donald: PC0199 ABRAMS, Donald I.: PD0066 ABRAMS, Elaine: PC0167 ABRAMS, Michael: 113A ABRAMS, William R.: PA0108 ABREU, Candida: PB0696 ABREU, Claudia M.: PD0494 ABREU, William: PB0169 ABREU, William: PB0627 ABREU, William B.: PB0485 ABREU, Willian B.: PB0649 ABUD, Sergio: P00099 ABUD, Sergio: PC0498 ACCORDINI, A.: PB0537 ACCORSI, Walter R.: PB0878 ACENG, Ester: 2200 ACEVEDO, Hector L.: PD0322 ACHIRON, A.: PA0162 ACHSTETTER, Tilman A.T.: PA0058 ACIRO, Balbina: PD0740 ACKAH, Alain: 1040 ACKAH, Alain: 408B ACKERMAN, Kelly: 424A ACOSTA, Maria: PD0752 ACOUSTA, Edward P.: PB0473 ACSF INVESTIGATORS: PC0271 ADACHI, A.: 196A ADACHI, A.: 251A ADACHI, A.: PA0144 ADACHI, Akio: PA0008 ADACHI, Akio: 016A ADACHI, Akio: 352A ADACHI, Akio: 529A ADACHI, M.: PA0341 ADACHI, M.: PA0307 ADACHI, Masakasu: PAO119 ADACHI, Yoshifumi: PA0048 ADAM, A.: PB0587 ADAMS, Irene: PC0418 ADAMS, Irene K.: PC0415 ADAMS, Maurice: PC0408 ADAMS, Ortwin: PAOO20 ADDAWE, Mohammed D.: PA0360 ADDERLY, Beatrice: PD0655 ADDY, Patrick A-K: PB0508 ADEGBOYE, Ajibola A.: PD0033 ADEKUNLE, Lola: PD0644 ADENIYI, Joshua D.: PD0644 ADIB, Salim M.: P00055 ADJEI, Ohene: PC0553 ADJIDE, Crespin: PB0543 ADRIAANS, Leonora G.: PD0203 ADRIEN, A.: 191D ADRIEN, Alix: PC0297 ADRIEN, M.: PC0183 ADRIEN, M.: PC0540 ADRIEN, M.: 365C ADUWA, Petronila A.: PD0462 ADU-SARKODIE, Yaw: PD0318 AEBISCHER, Maria Luisa: PB0361 AFANE ZE, E.: PA0079 AFESSA, Bekele: PB0714 AFZELIUS, Pia: 090A AGARWAL, J.G.: PC0165 AGARWAL, Sudhir: PA0354 AGARWALA, Arun: PB0901 AGARWALA, Arun K.: PB0134 AGBABA, Onder: PC0400 AGEMATSU, Ryuji: PDO405 AGGARWAL, K.K.: PD0323 AGGARWAL, Om Prakash: 418D AGGLETON, Peter: PD0118 AGGLETON, Peter: PD0239 AGGLETON, Peter J.: PD0772 AGHAGA, Michael O.: PD0137 AGINS, Bruce: PC0279 AGNIHOTRI, S.: PB0425 AGNOLETTO, Vittorio E.: 575D AGOH, Justine: 551D AGRAFIOTIS, Demosthenes D.: PD0796 AGRAWAL, Sudhir X.: 109A AGREN, Gunnar: PC0142 AGUAYO, Mariano: PB0158 AGUILAR, Francisco: PD0654 AGUT, Henri: 244A AGY, Michael B.: 197A AHLERS, Christoph M.: PB0285 AHLIN, Peder: PC0318 AHMAD, Seyed A.: PB0852 AHMAD, Shabbir: 130A AHN, D.: 081B AHOUANTO, Marie: PB0857 AHOUANTO, Marie: PB0859 AHOUANTO, Marie: PD0591 AI, Everett: 332B AIBAR, Carlos C.: PD0409 AIHARA, Koutoku: PA0307 AIHARA, Koutoku: PA0341 AIT-KHALED, Mounir: 523A AlUTI, Alessandro: 245A AIUTI, F.: PA0289 AIUTI, F.: PC0107 AIUTI, Fernando: PB0254 AIUTI, Fernando: PB0337 AIYELARI, Olusoji: PD0547 AIZAWA, Fumie: PD0073 AIZAWA, Yuzuru: PD0073 AJANA, Faiza: PB0592 AJASSA, Camilla: PB0075 AJISAWA, Atsushi: PB0031 AJISAWA, Atsushi: PB0109 AJISAWA, Atsushi: PD0206 AJISAWA, Atushi: 275B/D AJISAWAHI, Atsushi: PD0389 AKADA, Hiromasa: PD0073 AKAFOMO, Virginie: PDO117 AKAFOMO, Virginie: PD0403 AKAGAWA, Kiyoko: PA0O016 AKAGAWA, Kiyoko: PA0279 AKAGI, K.: PB0366 AKAG I, Tsuyoshi: PAO0166 AKAJI, K.: PA0299 AKAMATSU, Seiji: PA0341 AKAMBA, Jean Jacques: 069C AKAMBA, Jean-Jacques: PD0361 AKANMU, Sulaiman A.: PD0547 AKARASEWI, Pasakorn: PB0312 AKATANI, Kaoru: PAO215 AKATANI, Kaoru: PB0317 AKAZAWA, Rieko: PA0275 AKBAR, Muhammad: PB0194 AKDAR, Navid: PB0572 AKEHURST, Caroline: PD0792 AKER, Ertugrul: PC0391 AKERKAR, 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ALVARADO-DIEZ, Rocio: PB0768 ALVARADO-DIEZ, Rocio: PB0796 ALVAREZ CASADO, Juan Jose: PB0675 ALVAREZ CASADO, Juan Jose: PB0677 ALVAREZ DE WELDEFO, Alicia: PD0419 ALVAREZ, Manta: PD0365 ALVARIZA, Maria C.: PB0703 240

Page  241 ALVES, Luiz A.: PCO116 ALVES, Maria: PC0434 ALVES, Rosilda: 102B/D ALVING, Carl: PA0373 AL-JABRI, Ali A.: PA0090 AMAGAI, Hatsuo: 111A AMAGAI, Takashi: 246A AMANCIO, Olga: PB0899 AMANO, Keiko: PD0557 AMANO, Kouji: 483B AMANO, Teruaki: PB0645 AMARJOTHI, -: PD0354 AMARO, Denise: PD0640 AMARO, Fausto R.: PD0078 AMATTAYAKUL, Natthaya: PB0682 AMAWATTANA, Tipawadee: PD0555 AMBU, Silvia: PB0576 AMED, Miguel A.: PD0747 AMEGLIO, Franco: PA0284 AMEGLIO, Franco: 017A AMEGLIO, Franco: 127A AMENGUAL, M. Jose: PA0267 AMI, Sayuri: PD0636 AMI, Yasushi: PA0144 AMI, Yasushi: 251A AMI, Yoshihiro: PA0161 AMIEL, Corinne: PA0123 AMIEL, Corinne: PB0632 AMIEL, Corinne: PB0712 AMIEL, Corinne: PD0094 AMINE, Slim: PC0611 AMIRI, Jane W.: PD0541 AMMANN, Rudolf: 203B AMORIM, Analia: PD0315 AMPEL, Neil M.: PB0654 AMPOFO, William: 383A AMPONSAH, Kwaku: PC0517 AMPY, Leonard: 562C AMRI, E.: PD0474 AMUNDSEN, Frances: PD0516 AN, S.F.: P80212 ANAGONOU, Severin Y.: PB0708 ANAND, Aramugam: PD0553 ANAND, Aramugam: PD0579 ANAND, Dharm: PDO300 ANCARANI, Fausto: 385B ANCELLE-PARK, Rosemary A.: PC0254 ANCELLE-PARK, Rosemary A.: 122C ANCELOT, Jacqueline: PD0591 ANCONA, Carla: PC0227 ANDERSEN, Marcia: PD0791 ANDERSON, Barry D.: 056B ANDERSON, Barry D.: 516B ANDERSON, Carol-Gay: PA0345 ANDERSON, Curt: PD0759 ANDERSON, David: PB0067 ANDERSON, David: 193A ANDERSON, David W.: 256B ANDERSON, John E.: PC0536 ANDERSON, Rachel: PDO510 ANDERSON, Rachel L.: PC0468 ANDERSON, Rachel L.: PDO500 ANDERSON, Robert E.: PB0828 ANDERSON, Roger D.: PB0284 ANDERSON, Roy: PC0261 ANDERSON, S.: PC0506 ANDERSON, Sandra: PB0969 ANDERSON, Sandra V.: PD0264 ANDERSON, Steve: 531A ANDERSSON, Soren: PA0151 ANDERSSON, Soren: 247A ANDO, Shuichi: PA0068 ANDO, Shuichi: PB0277 ANDO, Shuji: PB0356 ANDO, Yasutaka: PB0518 ANDO, Yoshiya: PB0792 ANDOH, Ayako: PB0417 ANDOH, Yoshiki: PB0299 ANDOM, Martha: PD0432 ANDRADAS, Virginia: PB0283 ANDRADE-NETO, Jose Luiz: PC0358 ANDRADE, Adriana S.A.: PB0572 ANDRADE, Julio: PC0405 ANDRADE, Julio C.: PC0416 ANDRADE, Julio C.: 236C ANDRADE, Monica: PB0698 ANDRADE-ARZABE, Ronald: PB0695 ANDRADS AIZABE, Ronald: PB0346 ANDREETTO, Umberto: PDO210 ANDREETTO, Umberto: PD0725 ANDREEV, Sergei: PA0303 ANDREEV, Sergei M.: PA0203 ANDREEV, Sergei M.: PAOOO9 ANDREEV, Sergey: PB0382 ANDREEV, Sergey: PC0614 ANDREEV, Sergey M.: PB0416 ANDREONI, Massimo: PB0904 ANDREWS, Laurie: PB0608 ANDREWS, Laurie J.: PB0929 ANDRIEU, Jean-Marie: 157B ANDRIEU, Jean Marie: PB0298 ANDRIEU, Jean-Marie: 021A ANDRZEJEWICZ, Adam: PB0093 ANGARANO, Gioacchino: PB0689 ANGELATS, Jaume: PD0597 ANGELES, Ruben E.: PD0331 ANGELICI, Elena: PA0125 ANGELONI, Pasquale: PB0361 ANGELONI, Ulrico: PB0361 ANGEVIN, Eric: 578A ANGIENDA, Mary: PD0218 ANGIENDA, Mary A.: PD0778 ANGLIN, Douglas: PC0468 ANGLIN, Douglas: PD0510 ANGUENOT, Mark: 172D ANIL, Sukumaran: PC0427 ANIMASHAUN, Rafiat: PC0380 ANNE, Serre: 395C ANNELL, Anders E.: PC0016 ANON, Kiku: PC0468 ANON, Kiku: PD0510 ANSAH, Jane: PC0517 ANSARI, Mohammed Amin A.W.: PB0789 ANSELMINO, Valentin: PD0271 ANSOTEGUI, Ignacio J.: PA0289 ANTOINE, Genevieve: PD0434 ANTOINE, Genevieve: PC0592 ANTOINE, Genevieve: PC0593 ANTOLIN, Jose: PB0329 ANTON, Elizabeth: 424A ANTONELLI, Guido: PA0297 ANTONELLI, Guido: PA0334 ANTONENKO, Svetlana: PA0077 ANTONUCCI, Giorgio: PB0694 ANTONUCCI, Giorgio: 405B ANTONYSAMY, L.: PD0192 ANTUNES, Carlos: PC0405 ANTUNES, Carlos: PC0416 ANTUNES, Carlos M.: PB0085 ANTUNES, Carlos M.: P00032 ANTUNES, Carlos M.: PC0189 ANTUNES, Carlos M.: 236C ANTUNES, Carlos M.F.: PC0159 ANTUNES, Francisco: PB0119 ANTUNES, Maria C.: PD0577 ANTUNES, Maria C.: PD0713 ANTUNES, Maria C.: 117D ANTZEL, M.: PD0178 ANUSORNTEERAKUL, Soiy: PC0413 ANWAR, Dominique: PB0711 AOKI, Francisco: PB0697 AOKI, Francisco H.: PB0485 AOKI, Francisco H.: PB0627 AOKI, Francisco H.: PB0649 AOKI, Francisco Hideo: PB0169 AOKI, Fred: PB0716 AOKI, Koki: PA0188 AONO, Hiroyuki: PAO255 AOYAMA, Hitoshi: 281D APEAGYEI, Francis A.: PC0517 APEDO, Amah: PC0451 APETREI, Cristian S.T.: PC0017 APICHARTPIYAKUL, Chatchawann: PC0150 APICHARTPIYAKUL, Nisarat: PC0150 APLASCA, Mari Rose A.: PD0578 APONTE, A.: PB0766 APOSTOLESCU, Sanda S.: PD0327 APPIAH-DENKYIRA, Emmanuel: PD0345 AQUINO, Maria Zilda: PB0446 AQUINO, Maria Zilda: PB0655 AQUINO, Maria Zilda: PB0838 AQUINO, Maria Zilda: 270B ARABA-OWOYELE, Lalekan: 153C ARABE, Jucara: PB0452 ARAKAWA, Soichi: PB0509 ARAKI, Hisami: PC0361 ARAL, Sevgi 0.: 547D ARANTES, Dorothee V.: PDO103 ARAO, Yujiro: PB0518 ARASE, Kumiko: PD0729 ARASTEH, K.: PC0196 ARASTEH, K.: 078C ARATHOON, Eduardo: PC0342 ARATHOON, Eduardo: PD0113 ARATHOON, Eduardo G.: PB0636 ARATHOON, Eduardo G.: PB0033 ARAUJO, Adele C.: 270B ARAUJO, C.: PC0596 ARAUJO, Eliana: PD0623 ARAUJO, V.: PC0596 ARAUZ, Kira: PD0534 ARBAJE, M.: PD0426 ARBAJE, M.: 071C ARBOLEDA, Pia C.: PD0653 ARCE, Alma: PB0348 ARCE, Sidney: PD0620 ARCHIBALD, Chris P.: PC0364 ARCIAGA, Rosemarie: PD0450 ARCIAGA, Rosemarie S.: PD0578 ARCIERI, Romano: PC0377 ARCIERI, Romano: 482B ARDILA ARDILA, Edgar F.: PB0891 ARDILA ARDILA, Henry E.: PD0419 ARDILA, Henry A.: PB0294 ARDONE, Ritagrazia: PD0744 ARENDORF, Trevor: PB0161 ARENDT, Gabriele: PB0232 ARENDT, Gabriele: PB0199 ARENDT, Gabriele R.: PB0211 ARENS, Max: PB0773 ARENZANA, Fernando: PA0101 ARGIROVA, Radka: PB0377 ARGIROVA, Radka M.: PB0065 ARGIROVA, Radka M.: PA0097 ARGIROVA, Radka M.: PC0435 ARGUINCHONA, Henry: PB0654 ARICI, Claudio: PB0931 ARICI, Claudio: PC0422 ARICI, Claudio: PD0398 ARICO, Maurizio: PB0455 ARIES, Sven: PA0206 ARIMA, Mina: PB0926 ARIYO, Kayode: PC0565 ARIYOSHI, Koya: PA0174 ARIYOSHI, Koya: 165A ARIYOSHI, Nobuaki: PC0383 ARIZONO, Naoki: PB0622 ARMANDO, Raul: PB0605 ARMAS-PORTELA, Mario: PC0013 ARMIGNACCO, Orlando: 4058 ARMOUR, Kathryn: PA0223 ARNETTE, Lee: PC0590 AROSIO, A.: PB0460 ARRESEIGOR, Teresa S.: P00033 ARRESEIGOR, Teresa S.: PC0168 ARRESEIGOR, Teresa S.: PC0601 ARRIZABALAGA, Julio: PB0228 ARRIZABALAGA, Julio: PB0553 ARRIZABALAGA, Julio A.: PB0626 ARRIZABALAGA, Julio: PA0127 ARRIZABALAGA, Julio: PB0688 ARROJA, Isabel: PC0596 ARROYO, Alexis B.: PB0146 ARROYO, Eduardo P.: PB0633 ARROYO, FIGUEROA Hugo: 5368 ARSAC, Michel: PB0007 ARTEAGA, Rogelio: PD0222 ARTEAGA, Rogelio: PD0223 ARTEMENKO, Sofia: PB0854 ARTHAMET, Renu: PD0341 ARTHUR NOUEL, Adolfo A.: 202B ARTHUR, Larry 0.: 198A ARTHUR, Roger: PB0892 ARTIAGA, Enrique: PB0215 ARTS, Eric: 374A ARUOMA, Okezie: PA0290 241

Page  242 ARVIEUX, Cedric: PC0005 ARVIND, Tatu: PDOO20 ARYOSHI, Koya: PA0225 ARZENI, Daniela: 385B ARZUAGA, Jose: PB0614 ARZUAGA, Jose A.: PB0736 ASAHI, S.: PA0149 ASAI, Takashi: PB0640 ASAKA, Mitsuhiro: PC0264 ASAKAWA, Hideharu: PD0073 ASAKAWA, Mayako: PB0360 ASAKURA, Hidesaku: PB0897 ASANO, Masahide: 242A ASANO, Toshihiko: 246A ASAYAMA, Masako: 281D ASBOE, David: PC0092 ASBURY, Peggy C.: PD0395 ASBURY, Peggy C.: 419D ASCHER, Michael S.: PAO105 ASCHER, Michael S.: PC0200 ASEGA, Christopher: PC0317 ASHAR, Ram D.: PC0267 ASHAWAPIRIYANONT, Suwanna: PC0544 ASHIDA, Tsutomu: PDO711 ASHIHARA, Yoshihiro: PB0417 ASHINA, Taisuke: PA0093 ASHIZAWA, Hiroshi: PA0055 ASHOK, Shyamala: PB0945 ASHOORI, Mandana: PB0167 ASHTON, Lesley J.: 330C ASHU, Felicia: PB0436 ASIIMWE-OKIROR: P00041 ASIRVATHAM, E.: PC0370 ASJO, Birgitta: PA0052 ASJO, Birgitta: PA0195 ASJO, Birgitta: 166A ASJO, Birgitta: 214C ASJO, Birgitta: 309A ASSINGWIRE, Nathan: PD0344 ASTEMBORSKI, J.: 225A ASTETE, Fulvia: PB0085 ASTI, Annalia: PA0229 ASTIGARRAGA, Beatriz: PB0806 ASTOLFI, Alberto: PB0686 ASTON, Roger: PA0333 ASTRINA, Olga: PB0764 ASTRINA, Olga S.: PB0759 ASUQUO, Andem: PD0465 ATAL, Radha K.: PC0555 ATANASOV, Radislav: PD0023 ATKINS, Leo: PD0254 ATKINSON, J. Hampton: PB0200 ATKINSON, J. Hampton: PD0238 ATKINSON, Joan: PB0681 ATKINSON, Joseph H.: PB0205 ATKINSON, Maggie: PD0174 ATKINSON, Maggie J.M.: PD0270 ATOS-RADZION, Elaine C.: PB0203 ATSUMI, Mariko: 275B/D ATTIA, Medhat S.: PD0485 AUBERTIN, A.M.: 194A AUERBACH, Judith D.: PD0697 AUGUSTA, Amauri: PD0506 AUGUSTYNIAK, Linda M.: 329C AURANGIRWA, G.: PB0570 AUSIELLO, Clara M.: PA0289 AUSTIN, Brad L.: 2960D AUSTIN, Bradley: PC0467 AUSTIN, Bradley L.: PC0616 AUSTIN, Davide: PD0191 AUSTIN, Davide: PD0484 AUSTIN, Davide: 095D AUSTIN, Davide W.: PD0503 AUTIERO, Monica: 308A AUTRAN, Brigitte: PA0234 AUTRAN, Brigitte: 164A AUTRAN, Brigitte: 228A AUTRAN, Brigitte: 244A AUTRAN, Brigitte: 315A AUTRAN, Brigitte: 500A AUTRAN, Brigitte: 578A AUTRAN, Brigtte: PB0025 AUVERGNAT, Jean-Charles: PB0860 AUVERT, Bertran: PC0253 AUWANIT, Wattana: PB0344 AUWANIT, Wattana: PB0433 AVGERIDIS, Kyriakos: PD0796 AVILA, Maria: PB0450 AVINS, Andrew: PC0335 AVINS, Andrew L.: 560C AVIO, Carlo M.: PD0675 AVLICINO, Aldo A.: PA0344 AVOLIO, Jorge: PC0168 AVOLIO, Jorge O.: P00033 AVOLIO, Jorge 0.: PC0601 AVRAMESCU, Carmen: PB0379 AWERBUCH, Tamara: PD0699 AWINO, Anastacia: PD0217 AWOLARU, Comfort M.: PC0565 AWOLARU, Comfort M.: PD0547 AWOSIYAN, Wale A.: PD0644 AYALA LEAL, Sara E.: PC0334 AYISI, N.K.: PA0163 AYISI, Nana K.: P00049 AYISI, Nana K.: 383A AYUK, J.: 215C AYUSO MATEOS, Jose Luis: PB0224 AZAD, Ahmed A.: PA0044 AZEVEDO, Rejane: PB0195 AZOVODO, J.: C0596 AZUMA, Ryuji: PA0059 B NHEGYI, D Nes: PB0316 B.C.C., Sida: PD0117 B.C.C., Sida: PD0403 BAANGI, Matela: PC0172 BAANGI, Matela: PD0777 BAANGI, Matela: PD0783 BABA, Masanori: PA0179 BABA, Masanori: PA0312 BABA, Masanori: PA0324 BABA, Masanori: PA0325 BABA, Megumi: PD0545 BABAMETO, Gance: PB0902 BABAS, Tahar: PA0216 BABAZONO, Akira: PD0681 BABAZONO, Akira: PD0722 BABIEL, Reiner: PB0395 BABU, Palla G.: PC0082 BABUWE-NGOBI, Joy G.: PC0548 BABYE, Engele: 029D BACH, Jean-Francois: PA0244 BACH, Jean-Francois: PA0260 BACHA, Angela: PB0504 BACHA, Angela: PC0499 BACHELER, L.: 424A BACHELET, Michelle: PC0274 BACHENGANA, Cissy: PD0304 BACHMEYER, Claude: PB0628 BACHMEYER, Claude: PB0639 BACHMEYER, Claude: PB0756 BACHMEYER, Claude: PB0804 BACHMEYER, Claude: PB0812 BACHMEYER, Claude: PC0209 BACK, David J.: PB0818 BADELLINO, F.: PB0121 BADER, John P.: PA0308 BADER, John P.: PB0264 BADUR, Selim: PC0391 BAEHR, Maureen: PA0087 BAEZ-VILLASEINOR, Javier: 206D BAEZ-VILLASEIIOR, Javier: PB0867 BAGALKOTE, Subhash G.: PB0549 BAGALKOTE, Subhash G.: PD0753 BAGENDA, Danstan: PD0795 BAGENDA, Dunstan: 152C BAGENDA, Dunstan: 220C BAGGALEN, Rachel: 572D BAGGALEY, Rachel: 063D BAGGALEY, Rachel: 519B/D BAGGALEY, Rachel C.: 417D BAGLEY, Jesamyn: PA0349 BAGUL, Rajani G.: 448D BAHAMAN, M.: 413C BAHMANI, M.K.: PA0074 BAHRAOUI, Elmostafa: PA0058 BAHRAOUI, Elmostafa: PA0216 BAHRAOUI, Elmostafa: PA0046 BAHRAOUI, Elmostafa: PA0181 BAHRI, Sonia: PD0442 BAHRI, Sonia: PD0583 BAHRI, Sonia: PD0584 BAHRI, Sonia: 367D BAILEY, Suzanne: 051 B BAILLOU, Arnelle: PA0213 BAIN, Brendan: PC0496 BAIN, Brendan C.: PD0199 BAIN, Brendon: 470D BAINBRIDGE, Douglas: PB0293 BAJOS, Nathalie: PD0690 BAKER, Chris T.: 319A BAKER, David: PB0876 BAKER, Judith: PD0784 BAKER, Michael: PB0244 BAKER, Michael: PB0276 BAKKETEIG, Leiv S.: PC0482 BAKOUCH, M.: PD0208 BAKSHI, S.: PC0167 BAKST, Ronna: PB0903 BALANDRANO, Susana: 262C BALANO, Kirsten: 133B/D BALASOIU, Maria G.: PB0379 BALBARYSKI, Jeanette: PB0079 BALBARYSKI, Jeanette: PB0081 BALBIANO, Rosanna: PB0323 BALBLANC, Jeau-Charles: PB0193 BALDO, Marcella: PD0210 BALDO, Marcella: PD0725 BALDO, Mariella: PD0442 BALDO, Mariella: PD0583 BALDO, Mariella: PD0584 BALDO, Mariella: 367D BALDWIN, Amy: 451A BALESTRA, Pietro: PB0248 BALESTRA, Pietro: 233B BALESTRINI, Margareth: PD0577 BALIK, Ismail: PC0296 BALlS, Angelita: PD0624 BALIS, Frank M.: PAO311 BALL, Andrew: 295D BALL, Susan C.: PB0327 BALLARD, R.: 413C BALLARD, Ron: 495B BALLENGER, Anne: PC0535 BALLESTEROS, Juan: PC0012 BALLESTEROS, Juan M.: PB0633 BALLESTRINI, Margareth: PD0713 BALMER, Donald H.: PD0304 BALOCCHINI, Emanuela: PD0675 BALQUIEDRA, Marianna: PC0528 BALQUIEDRA, Marianna: PD0653 BALSAN, Almeri: PC0237 BALSAN, Almeri Marlene: PB0402 BALTARO, Federica: PB0498 BALTARO, Federica: PB0501 BALTAZAR, Godfrey M.: P00042 BALTAZAR, Jane C.: PD0453 BALTEANU, M.: PB0411 BALTEANU, Moaica: PB0545 BALTES, Raphael: PD0352 BALTES, Raphael: 345D BALTES, Raphael A.: PD0261 BALTINA, Lidia A.: PA0306 BAMBA, B.: C0502 BAMBA, Tadao: PB0780 BAMBACIONI, Federica: PA0334 BAMGBOYE, E.: PD0644 BAMJI, Mahrukh: PC0167 BANATVALA, Jangu: PC0558 BANBA, Setsue: PB0457 BAND, Barbara: P00092 BAND, Barbara: PC0558 BAND, Mandie: PD0105 BANDA, Mazuwa: PB0505 BANDA, Mazuwa: PS29 BANDCROFT, Susan: PD0250 BANDYOPADHYAY, Debabrata: PD0112 BANERJEE, Kalyan: PA0027 BANERJEE, Kalyan: P00058 BANERJEE, Kalyan: 448D BANEY, Matthew: PC0327 BANHEGYI, Denes: PAO251 BANHEGYI, Denes: PB0147 BANHEGYI, Denes: PB0255 BANHEGYI, Denes: PB0316 BANHEGYI, Denes: PC0346 BANHEGYI, Denes: PD0001 BANIK, Upendra K.: PB0866 BANSAL, Jaya: PB0380 BANSAL, Jaya: PC0003 BANSPACH, Stephen W.: PD0580 BANSPACH, Stephen W.: 3710 BANTEBYA, Grace: PD0795 BANTOM, Bonita: PD0408 242

Page  243 BAO, Oumar: PB0702 BAPTISTA, Alberto J.: PBO550 BAPTISTA, Antonio P.: PB0743 BAPTISTA, Antonio P.: PB0746 BAPTISTE, Valerie: PA0116 BAQUERIZO, Mario: PC0561 BARAHONA, Maria Jose: PD0473 BARAI J.L.: PB0672 BARAIA, Josu: PB0664 BARAIA-ETXABURU, Josu: PB0552 BARAIA-ETXABURU, Josu: PB0806 BARANNE, Francoise: PD0571 BARANNE, Francoise: PD0572 BARBA, Annalisa: PB0752 BARBARINI, Giorgio: PA0229 BARBARINI, Giorgio: PB0313 BARBARINI, Giorgio: PB0498 BARBARINI, Giorgio: PB0745 BARBARINI, Giorgio: PC0145 BARBARINI, Giorgio: PD0288 BARBARINI, Giorgio: PD0388 BARBARINI, Giorgio: 052B BARBARO, Giuseppe: PB0313 BARBASHEVA, Elena: PA0077 BARBER, Clayton: 435B BARBER, Jack: 162B BARBERA, Jose: PB0062 BARBERA, Jose: PB0564 BARBERIS, Daniel: PD0271 BARBERIS, Daniel: 492D BARBERO, Luis: PD0148 BARBIERI, Dagmar: P00C030 BARBIERI, Dagmar D.: P00031 BARBIERI, Dagmar D.: PCO191 BARBIERI, Dagmar D.: PD0079 BARBIRATO, Maria: PD0582 BARBOSA, Renato: PD0765 BARBOZA, Renato: PD0079 BARCELLOS, Cristovam: P00029 BARCELLOS, Nemora: PC0236 BARCELLOS, Nemora T.: PB0402 BARCELLOS, Nemora T.: PC031 1 BARCELLOS, Nemora T.: PC0539 BARCELLOS, Nemora T.: 415D BARCELLOS, Suzana: PB0642 BARCELLOS, Suzana: PB0562 BARCELLOS, Suzana: PB0599 BARCHERINI, Sabrina: PC0205 BARCHI, Enrico: PB0514 BARCHI, Enrico: PB0515 BARCHIESI, Francesco: 385B BARDEGUEZ, Arlene D.: 434B BARESE, Paul: 571D BARICCA, Ana Maria: 102B/D BARIN, Francis: PA0213 BARIN, Francis: PA0362 BARIN, Francis: PB0381 BARIN, Francis R.: PA0214 BARKIN, Marilyn: 079B BARLOW, David: PC0092 BARLOW, David: PC0558 BARNES, D.: PDO001 BARNES, Peter F.: PA0122 BARNEY, David D.: PDOO51 BAROLLO, Celia R.: PD0103 BAROLLO, Celia R.: PD0423 BARONE, Teresa: PB0078 BARONGO, L.: PB0941 BAROUDY, Bahige: PC0148 BARQUERA, Mirna: PD0595 BARQUERO, Marisa: PB0224 BARR, Michael R.: PB0266 BARR, Phillip J.: PA0105 BARRAGAN, Sergio C.: PB0755 BARRE, Catherine: PB0812 BARREIRA, Draurio: PC0241 BARRERA, Antonio: PB0735 BARRERA, Margarita: PB0930 BARRERA, Lucia: PB0661 BARRERA, Lucia: PB0723 BARRETO, Avertino: PB0502 BARRETO, Avertino: PD0531 BARRETO, Jos A.: PB0698 BARRIGA, Gustavo: P80343 BARRIGA, Gustavo A.: PC0421 BARRIO, Jose: PB0088 BARRIOS, Leoncio: PD0358 BARRON, Lorena: PA0358 BARROS, C.: PB0114 BARROS, C.: PB0115 BARROS, Carolina: PD0564 BARROS, Colleen: PD0107 BARRY, Michael G.: PB0818 BARTH, A.: PA0022 BARTH, Alfred: PA0103 BARTHES, Anna M.: PD0583 BARTHES, Anna Maria: 367D BARTHES, Anna Marie: PD0584 BARTON, Simon: PD0391 BARTOS, Michael R.: PD0152 BARUCH, Alice: 058B BARUCHEL, Sylvain: 421A BARUSRUX, Sahawat: PB0432 BARYARAMA, Fulgencia: PD0708 BARZILAI, Asher: PC0385 BASANEZ, Ruth: PD0654 BASANEZ, Ruth: PD0721 BASCUNANA, Antonio: PB0738 BASCUNANA, Antonio: PB0803 BASHARI, Dalia: PC0385 BASKAR, Padmavathi: PA0082 BASOLO, Fulvio: PAO010 BASSALEY, Rachel: PD0179 BASSE, Jean-Michel: 148B BASSETT, Roland: 0588B BASSI, Anna: PB0889 BASSO, Nadia G.: PC0193 BASTOS, Cristiana: PD0756 BASTOS, Cristiana: 4388 BASTOS, Francisco: PC0131 BASTOS, Francisco: PD0299 BASTOS, Francisco I.: PC0029 BASTOS, Gustavo: PB0458 BASTOS, Rui: PB0502 BASTOS, Rui: PD0531 BASU, Amit R.: 563C BATEMAN, Nigel T.: PB0623 BATISSE, Dominique O.: PB0805 BATTJES, Robert J.: PC0466 BATTS, D. H.: PB0848 BATTS, Donald H.: 512B BAUDRIMONT, Marielle: PB0805 BAUM, M.K.: PD0216 BAUM, M.K.: PB0775 BAUM, Marianna: PB0208 BAUM, Marianna K.: PB0021 BAUM, Marianna K.: P00038 BAUM, Marianna K.: PC0178 BAUM, Marianna K.: PC0343 BAUM, Marianna K.: 392C BAUMANN, Susanne: PB0107 BAUMGARTEN, Renate: PC0196 BAUMGARTEN, Renate: 078C BAVIKER, Abdul: PB0265 BAWA, Manorama: PD0128 BAXA, Dwayne: PB0099 BAXTER, John D.: PB0826 BAXTER, Philip: PD0743 BAYON-AUBOVER, M.H.: PA0134 BAYON-AUBOYER, Marie-Helene: 528A BAYOR, Smith: PD0455 BAZIRA, Iruganyuma: PD0373 BAZOLA, Malele: PC0509 BCLGESOV, Nicolay: PA0199 BEALL, Gildon: PB0019 BEARMAN, Margaret: PD0567 BEATTY, Mark E.: PC0402 BEAUGERIE, Laurent: PB0641 BEAUJOUAN, Laure: PD0374 BEAULIEU, Raymond: PB0122 BEAULIEU, Raymond: PC0177 BEAULIEU, Raymond: 358B BEAULIEU, Raymond R.B.: PB0582 BEAUMONT, Willem J.O.: PC0307 BEAZLEY, Richard: 3720D BECK, Eduard J.: PB0142 BECK, Keith: PBOO19 BECKER, Eduardo: PC0583 BECKER Jr, Eduardo: PB0785 BECKER, F.F.: PC0236 BECKER, Fernando F.: PC0237 BECKER, Julie: PD0768 BECKER, Klaus: PA0265 BECKFORD, U.: PB0386 BEDAGKAR, Mohan V.: PD0543 BEDAGKAR, Mohan V.: PD0544 BEDINI, Jose: PB0061 BEEKER, Carolyn: PD0157 BEELAERT, Greet: PB0419 BEELAERT, Greta: PB0415 BEER, Janusz: PB0750 BEGNINI, Marco: PB0709 BEHETS, Frieda: PC0183 BEHETS, Frieda: PC0540 BEHETS, Frieda: PC0564 BEHETS, Frieda: PD0533 BEHETS, Frieda: 365C BEIMOMTE, Jose: PB0215 BEJANIN, Herve: PB0638 BEJRACHANDRA, Sasitorn: 327C BELAND, Francois: PD0278 BELANI, Gangaram H.: PB0483 BELEC, Laurent: PA0208 BELFER, Myron L.: PD0313 BELLAGAMBA, Rita: PB0075 BELLAROSA, Daniela: PA0297 BELLAROSA, Daniela: PA0334 BELLEGARDE, Ernesto: PB0646 BELLISSIMA, Pietro B.P.: PB0296 BELLO, Adelaida: PD0483 BELLO, Adelaida: 348D BELLO, Silvia: PC0119 BELLOCCO, Rino: PC0377 BELLOMO, Giorgio: 052B BELLUCCI, Silvia: PD0623 BELLUCCI, Silvia: PD0649 BELLVER, Francisco: PD0492 BELLYMULE, Gloria: 189D BELO, Marcia: PB0656 BELO, Marcia: PB0673 BELOQUI, Jorge A.: PD0284 BELSEY, E.: PB0415 BELSEY, Elizabeth: PB0392 BELSEY, Elizabeth: PB0400 BELSEY, Elizabeth: PB0401 BELSHE, Robert: 1618 BELSHE, Robert: 314A BELSHE, Robert: 317A BELTRAN, Manuela: PA0168 BELTRAO, Patricia: PA0366 BELUCCI, Silvia: PD0180 BELYAEVA, Valentina: PD0209 BELYAEVA, Valentina: PD0733 BELYAEVA, Valentina V.: PD0213 BELYEA, Michael J.: PD0034 BEM DAVID, Denise: PB0642 BEN AMAR, Mohamed: 535B BEN PORAT, Edna: PA0257 BEN, Graciela: PB0723 BEN, Grdciela: PB0045 BENEDETTI, Regina: PD0315 BENEDETTO, Arrigo: P80059 BENETUCCI, Jorge: PC0281 BENETUCCI, Jorge A.: PB0439 BENETUCCI, Jorge A.: PB0447 BENETUCCI, Jorge A.: PB0448 BENETUCCI, Jorge A.: PB0755 BENETUCCI, Jorge A.: PC0608 BENGA, Elisabeth: 497B BENITEZ, Jesus V.: PB0076 BENITEZ, Juan C.: PD0365 BENITO, Jose: 501A BENJOUAD, Abdelaziz: PA0222 BENJOUAD, Abdelaziz: PA0332 BENN, Christoph: 115D BENN, Christoph H.: PD0268 BENNETT, Janet: 5198/D BENNETT, Thomas: PB0960 BENSON, Constance: PB0790 BENSON, Constance A.: PA0227 BENTATA, Michelle: PB0912 BENTLEY, Stephen: PB0523 BENTWICH, Zvi: PA0257 BERARDELLI, Giuseppina: PB0075 BERBARA, Victor: PC0114 BERBARA, Victor: PD0652 BERBARA, Victor: PD0707 BERGAMASCO, Alberto: PB0256 BERGAMI, Nicoletta: PC0105 BERGAMI, Nicoletta: PC0106 BERGAMI, Nicoletta: PC0139 BERGAMI, Nicoletta: PC0486 BERGEN, Gary: PB0719 BERGER, Daniel S.: PB0898 BERGER, Philip: PDO084 BERGER, Philip: 134B/D BERGERON, Christine: PB0500 243

Page  244 BERGERON, M.: PB0068 BERGMAN, Garrett E.: PB0314 BERGSJO, P.: PA0192 BERKOWITZ, Carol D.: PB0443 BERLINE, J.: 199B BERMAN, Philip W.: PA0358 BERMAN, Phillip: 314A BERNABEI, Antonio: PB0226 BERNAL, Antonio: PB0049 BERNAL, Antonio: PB0170 BERNAL, Antonio: PB0172 BERNAL, Antonio: PB0527 BERNARD, Evelyne: PB0561 BERNARD, Evelyne: PB0906 BERNARD, Roger P.: PC0239 BERNARDI, D.: PB0332 BERNARDI, Daniele: PB0126 BERNARDI, Daniele: PB0132 BERNARDI, Daniele: PB0136 BERNARDI, Daniele: PB0143 BERNARDI, Daniele: PD0277 BERNARDI, Maria Teresa: PB0537 BERNARDI, Stefania: PB0933 BERNARDI, Stefania: PB0462 BERNARDO, Eneida: PC0312 BERNASCONI, Claudia: PBOOO9 BERNASCONI, Sandra: PD0523 BERNEMAN, Zwi N.: 505A BERRA, Nora: PB0330 BERRO, Oscar: 072C BERRO, Oscar J.: PB0412 BERRY, Neil: PA0174 BERTAZZOLI, Rita C.: PB0163 BERTINATO, Luigi: PC0447 BERTINATO, Luigi: PD0575 BERTOZZI, Stefano M.: PS30 BERTRAN, Auvert: PC0253 BERTRAND-BASCHWITZ, Tonia: PD0792 BERZOFSKY, Jay A.: PA0361 BESCH, Ceryl L.: PBO851 BESCH, Lynn: PC0207 BESHKOV, Danail: PB0065 BESLAY, Christophe: PB0860 BESNIER, Jean-Naec: PA0214 BEST, Susan: PB0375 BETH-GIRALDO, Elke: PA0037 BETH-GIRALDO, Elke: PA0367 BETIMA NDONGO, Joseph: PB0944 BETIMA, Joseph: PC0570 BETINA, J.: PD0470 BETTENS, Florence: 258B BETTS, Claudio: PD0039 BETTS, R.: PB0585 BEUSCART, Claude: PB0592 BEUZIT, Yves: PBO701 BEVILACQUA, Sibylle: PB0712 BEYRER, Chris: PC0072 BEYRER, Chris: PC0104 BEYRER, Chris: PC0366 BEYRER, Chris: 038C BEYRER, Chris: 379A BEYRER, Chris: 391C BEYSSEN, Veronique: 265B BEZ, Gabriel: PC0339 BEZMALINOVIC, Bea: 571D BEZMALINOVIC, Beatrice: PD0113 BHALLA, Preena: PC0330 BHARAT, Shalini: PD0239 BHARGAVA, Naresh C.: 180B BHARTI, Rakesh: PD0560 BHARUCHA, Zarin S.: PC0387 BHASKAR, John: PD0355 BHATLAVANDE, Prakash V.: PD0543 BHATLAVANDE, Prakash V.: PD0544 BHATT, Paurvi: PD0197 BHATT, Pushpa: PD0352 BHATT, Pushpa: 345D BHATTACHARJEE, Pratima: PD0673 BHATTACHARJEE, Pratima N.: PD0196 BHATTACHARYA, Radium: PC0369 BHATTACHARYA, Radium: PDOO20 BHATTACHARYA, Radium: PD0196 BHATTACHARYA, Radium: PD0673 BHATTACHARYA, Radium D.: PB0029 BHAVALKAR, Varsha: PA0027 BHAVE, Geeta G.: 462C BHIMANI, Ghanshyam: PC0267 BHIRALEUS, Prapas: 103C BHOOMKAR, Asha: 457C BHUIYAN, Mahbub Uddin: PD0676 BHUMISAWADI, Jakkriss: PB0433 BHUMISAWASDI, Jakkriss: PB0344 BHUTANI, Lalit K.: PC0567 BIALER, Philip: PB0197 BIALER, Philip A.: PC0594 BIANCO, James A.: 423A BIANCO, Mabel: PC0407 BIANCO, Mabel: PD0114 BIANCO, Mabel: PD0685 BIANCO, Mabel: PD0705 BIBERFELD, Gunnel: PA0151 BIBERFELD, Gunnel: 247A BIBERFELD, Peter: 043B BICART-SEE, Alain: PB0860 BIEBER, Stephane: PB0905 BIGGERS, Shaun D.: PB0787 BIGLINO, Alberto: PA0278 BIGLINO, Alberto: PB0262 BIGLINO, Alberto: PB0323 BIGLIONE, Mirna: PC0608 BIGNELL, Christopher J.: PBO044 BIHARI, Bernard: 537B BILBAULT, Pascal: PB0274 BILLICH, Andreas: PA0293 BIMA, Mpukie: PB0034 BIMAL, D.: PD0559 BIMWALA, Alice: PD0117 BINCSIK, Arlene: PB0851 BINDA KI MUAKA, Prosper: PB0471 BINDA, Prosper: PB0441 BINDELS, Patrick J.: PB0827 BINGHAM, James S.: PB0623 BINI, Alessandra: PB0774 BINKIN, Nancy: PC0240 BINKIN, Nancy J.: 259C BINTOU, Bamba: PC0502 BIONDELLO, Thais A.: PB0445 BIONDI, Edson Jos: PC0348 BIRCH, N.J.: PA0137 BIRX, Deborah L.: PA0226 BIRX, Deborah L.: 455A BIRYAHWAHO, Benon: PAO159 BIRYAHWAHO, Benon: PB0510 BISSBORT, Siegbert H.: PB0309 BISSUEL, Francois: PB0831 BISSUEL, Francois: 577A BISTONI, Adriana: PB0135 BISTONI, Adriana: PB0605 BIZIMUNGU, D.: PB0570 BLACK, Cindy: PB0102 BLACKWELL, Beth: 272B/D BLAIR, Edward D.: PA0288 BLANC, Andre-Pierre: PB0128 BLANC, Catherine: 500A BLANCH, Caries: PCO100 BLANCH, CarIes: 047B BLANCHARD, Alain: PA0181 BLANCHE, Philippe: PB0628 BLANCHE, Philippe: PB0639 BLANCHE, Philippe: PB0756 BLANCHE, Philippe: PB0804 BLANCHE, Philippe: P00084 BLANCHE, Stephane: PS11 BLANEY, Nancy: PB0208 BLANEY, Nancy: PB0938 BLANK, U.: 307A BLANKENSHIP, Pamela: PB0151 BLASCO, Carmen: PB0930 BLATT, Stephen: PB0548 BLATTNER, W.: PB0084 BLATTNER, William A.: PC0612 BLAZEVIC, Vesna: PB0305 BLESSA, Cely: 117D BLINOV, Victor: PAOO14 BLINOV, Vladimir: PA0019 BLINOV, Vladimir: PA0050 BLINOV, Vladimir: PAOO81 BLINOV, Vladimir: PA0240 BLINOV, Vladimir: PA0253 BLINOV, Vladimir M.: PA0177 BLODGETT, Jim: PB0620 BLUM, Laurent: PB0113 BLUM, Laurent: PB0617 BLUME, Eduardo: PD0201 BLUMENTHAL, Robert: 015A BOADU, Samuel O.: PC0515 BOAG, Fona: PB0265 BOBKOV, Aleksei F.: PC0430 BOBKOV, Aleksei F.: 213C BOBO, Linda D.: PB0464 BOBO, Linda D.: 204B BOCCELLARI, Alisa: PB0966 BOCHKOVA, Marina S.: PA0329 BOCKMON, K.: PB0527 BOCKMON, Kimball: PB0070 BOCKMON, Kimball: 286B BOCOUM, Bocary: PD0482 BOCOUM, Mariame Sano: PD0482 BOCUZE, Philippe: PD0614 BODEMER, Walter: PA0217 BODI, Istvan: PB0815 BOLLING, Norbert: PC0602 BOER, Alexandre: PD0626 BOFFO, Marta M.: PB0703 BOGAERTS, Jos: PC0580 BOGDONOFF, Lisa: PB0197 BOGDONOFF, Lisa: PC0594 BOGNER, J. R.: PC0196 BOGNER, J. R.: 078C BOGNER, Johannes R.: PB0111 BOGNER, Johannes R.: PB0112 BOGUER, Johaunes R.: PB0218 BOGUER, Johaunes R.: PB0547 BOGNER, Johannes R.: PB0765 BOGNER, Johannes R.: PB0777 BOHART, Sack R.: 162B BOHN, Jume: PB0211 BOIOCCHI, Mauro: PB0126 BOISSONADE, Jean-Yves: 091D BOISSONNAS, Alain: PB0804 BOIX, Vicente: PA0274 BOIX, Vicente: PB0058 BOIX, Vicente: PB0181 BOIX, Vicente: PB0215 BOIX, Vicente: PB0844 BOLAO, Ferran: PB0630 BOLD, Guido: PA0327 BOLDEN, Barbara: PB0165 BOLLINGER, R.: PC0290 BOLLINGER, R.: PC0351 BOLLINGER, Robert C.: PA0082 BOLLINGER, Robert C.: 496B BOLOGNESI, Dani: PA0357 BOLOGNESI, Dani P.: PS4 BOLVARY, Katalin: PC0309 BOLVARY, Katalin: PD0477 BOMBOKO, Bombelenga F.: PC0154 BONARDI, Agnese: PD0082 BONASSER, Francisco: PB0578 BONAZZI, L.: PB0515 BONAZZI, Lucio: PB0514 BOND, Katherine C.: 032D BOND, Virginia A.: PD0293 BONETTA, Giancarla: PAO114 BONGAIN, Andre: PB0786 BONGERTZ, Vera: PA0209 BONI, Jurg: 147B BONIFER-TIEDT, Patricia: PD0703 BONILLA, G.: P00038 BONILLA, Louis: PD0170 BONINSEGNA, Daniela: PD0288 BONK, Norman M.: 277D BONNANO, James: PB0960 BONNAR, Arlen J.: PD0240 BONYHADI, Mark: PAO117 BOOTH, R.: PD0791 BOOTH, Robert E.: PC0414 BOPING, Wu: PB0868 BOR, Robert: PD0384 BORA, Prakash: PC0267 BORCEA, Adina: PB0467 BORDI, Eugenio: PB0685 BORDINO, Claudio: PB0323 BORGES, Fernando C.: PB0743 BORGIA, Andrea L.: PA0308 244

Page  245 BORGOS, A.: PC0596 BORGOS, A.: PC0596 BORISENKO, Konstantin: PB0571 BORISSOV, Ilia: PB0497 BORLEFFS, Jan C.C.: PA0032 BORMANN, Joachim: PB0202 BORN, I.: PA0103 BORNE, Debra: 464C BORREANI, Claudia: PB0889 BORT, Laurie: 005B BORTOLOTTI, V. Ronique: PB0963 BORTOLOZZI, R.: PB0013 BORTOLOZZI, Raul: PB0096 BORTOLOZZI, Raul: PB0351 BORTOLOZZI, Raul: PB0544 BORZUCHOWSKA, Agnieszka: PB0093 BOSCARINO, Joseph A.: PC0335 BOSCARINO, Joseph A.: 560C BOSCHI, Cynthia: PD0707 BOSCHINI, Antonio: PB0709 BOSCHI-PINTO, Cynthia: PC0116 BOSCO, Oliviero: PB0947 BOSGA, Marion B.: P00089 BOSHCHENKO, Yuri A.: P00023 BOSHELL, Jorge: PAO154 BOSHELL, Jorge: PB0429 BOSHELL, Jorge: PC0359 BOSINI, J.: PB0646 BOSSE, M.: PC0003 BOSSHARD, Hanspeter: PC0376 BOSSI, Aldebrando: PC0487 BOSSI, Grazia: PB0455 BOSSI, Grazia: PB0474 BOSSI, Grazia: PB0475 BOSTON, Steve: PDO105 BOTHRA, Raj: PB0936 BOTSI, C.: PB0116 BOTSI, C.: PB0754 BOTTERO, Sergio: PB0462 BOTTIGER, Margareta: PC0142 BOTTINO, Adriana: PB0573 BOUCHAUD, Olivier P.: PB0171 BOUCHER, Charles: 057B BOUCHER, Charles A.B.: 059B BOUCHER, Marc: PB0453 BOUCHERON, Stephane: 091D BOUDGHENE-STAMBOULI, Omar: PB0492 BOUDGHENE-STAMBOULI, Omar: PB0507 BOUDINOT, F. D.: PB0822 BOUFASSA, Faroudhi: PC0209 BOUHASIN, John D.: PB0773 BOUJENAH, Jean-Louis: PDO031 BOULARD, Pascal: PB0712 BOULAT, O.: PB0652 BOULAT, Olivier: PB0672 BOULAT, Olivier: PD0208 BOULEY, Jean-Marc: 164A BOULLIER, Severine: PA0249 BOULLIER, Severine: 503A BOULOGNE, Nathalie: 155C BOULOS, R.: PC0183 BOULOS, R.: PC0540 BOULOS, R.: 365C BOULOS, Reginald: PB0681 BOULOS, Reginald: 054B BOUPDA, Alexis K.: PC0570 BOUPDA-KUATE, Alexis: PD0441 BOUPDA-KUATE, Alexis: PD0470 BOUPDA-KUATE, Alexis: 361C BOURDILLON, Francois: PC0339 BOURGEOIS-DROIN, Chantal Y.: PB0747 BOURINBAIAR, Aldar S.: 114A BOURNAZ, Moncef: PD0208 BOUSCARAT, Fabrice: PB0100 BOUSHABA, Amine: 347D BOUSSEAU, Anne: PA0096 BOUSSEAU, Anne: PA0316 BOUSSIN, Francois: PA0062 BOUSSIN, Francois: PA0134 BOUSSIN, Francois: PA0260 BOUSSIN, Francois: 528A BOUTET, Noelle: 449D BOUVET, Elisabeth: PB0963 BOUZA, Emilio: PB0207 BOUZA, Emilio: PB0664 BOUZA, Emilio: PB0683 BOUZA, Emilio: PB0736 BOUZAS, Maria B.: PB0532 BOWLES, Mary G.: PD0395 BOWSER, B.: 564C BOYER, Eric: 375A BOYER, Veronique: PA0036 BOZANO, Carlos: PB0661 BOZKO, Marcia P.: 415D BOZZINI, Silvia: PA0018 BRACKBILL, Robert M.: PD0509 BRACKMANN, Hans H.: PB0538 BRACK-WERNER, Ruth: 351A BRADAC, James: 313A BRADBEER, Caroline: PC0558 BRADLEY, W.: 226A BRADLEY, William: PA0033 BRADSHAW, Eileen T.: 2728/D BRADY, Michael T.: 268B BRAGA, Josefina P.: PB0899 BRAGGIOTTI, L.: PD0474 BRAGGIOTTI, Lydia: 449D BRAMBILLA, Martino: 095D BRANCATO, Giovanna: PC0227 BRANCHINI, Maria Luiza M.: PB0697 BRAND, Denys: PA0362 BRANDFUL, James: 383A BRANDT, Ursula: PC0577 BRANDT, W.: PAO103 BRANKOVA, Julia T.: PB0003 BRANO, R.: PB0778 BRANSON, Bernard M.: PC0535 BRATH, Helmut: PD0674 BRATHWAITE, Alfred: PC0574 BRATHWAITE, Alfred R.: PC0495 BRATHWAITE, Alfred R.: PC0574 BRATHWAITE, Alfred R.: PC0582 BRATT, G Ran: PB0287 BRATTEGAARD, Kari: 218C BRAVARD, Claude: PD0589 BRAVO, R.: PB0778 BRAVO, Rosa: PB0310 BRAVO, Rosa A.: PB0370 BRAYBROOK, Trevor: PDO085 BREDON, Philippe: PB0495 BREEN, Elizabeth: 085A BREHONY, Eamonn: PB0957 BREITMEYER, James B.: 432B BREMER, James W.: 266B BREN, Gary D.: 398A BRENNY, Patrick: PC0587 BRENNY, Patrick J.: PC0268 BRETTLE, Ray: PB0091 BREW, Bruce J.: 232B BREWER, Arthur: PD0522 BRIAND, Jean-Paul: PA0022 BRIDGER, Gary: 113A BRIGIDO, Luis F.M.: PA0366 BRILHANTE, Ellen A.: PB0162 BRINER, Jakob: 203B BRINSON, Cynthia: PB0499 BRINSON, Cynthia: PD0138 BRINSON, Cynthia: 083B BRISSOT, Michel: PD0352 BRITES, Cristina M.: PD0467 BRITES, Cristina M.: PD0506 BRITO, Cintia V.: PD0639 BRITO, G.: PB0494 BRITO, Glacus: PB0496 BRITO, Glacus S.: PC0132 BRITO, Glacus S.: PC0354 BRITO, Maria A.: PD0564 BRIZZI, Mauro: PB0213 BROCKMEYER, N. H.: PC0196 BROCKMEYER, N. H.: 078C BRODER, Christopher C.: 015A BRODER, Samuel: 056B BRODER, Samuel: 360B BRODIE, H. Keith: PD0697 BRODSKY, MarIa: PB0903 BROERS, Barbara: PC0141 BROISMAN, Larry: PB0929 BROISMAN, Larry B.: PB0539 BRONSTEIN, Mario: PB0089 BRONZINI, Monika: PC0606 BROOK, David: PD0516 BROOK, Judith S.: PD0516 BROOKMEYER, Ronald: PC0290 BROOKS, Kenneth: PB0072 BROOR, Shobha: PC0567 BROSGART, Carol: 079B BROSGART, Carol: 436B BROSGART, Carol L.: 331B BROSSAIS, P.: PD0518 BROSSARD, Yves: PC0618 BROSSARD, Yves: 411C BROUSSELLE, Catherine: PD0571 BROUWERS, Pim: 268B BROWN, Clyde: PC0304 BROWN, L.: PD0104 BROWN, Lawrence: PC0202 BROWN, Lawrence: PC0207 BROWN, Lawrence: PC0349 BROWN, Lawrence S.: PC0219 BROWN, Norma: PD0107 BROWN, Tim: PD0382 BROWN, Tim: 182C BROWN, Tim B.: PD0769 BROWNSTEIN, Alan: 329C BRUBAKER, G.: PBO084 BRUCKER, Gilles: PB0962 BRUCKER, R.: 525A BRUCKER, Robert: PB0267 BRUCKOVA, Marie: PC0112 BRUGGI, Patrizia: PD0388 BRUGNONI, Duilio: PB0056 BRUMMITT, Charles F: 390B BRUN, Jean-Luc: 155C BRUNDAGE, John F.: PC0206 BRUNEAU, Julie: PD0496 BRUNEAU, Julie: 074C BRUNEEL, Fabrice: PB0831 BRUNEL, Florence: PB0250 BRUNELL, Philip A.: PB0814 BRUNET, Jean-Baptiste: PA0158 BRUNET, Jean-Baptiste: PC0254 BRUNET, Jean Baptiste: PC0618 BRUNET, Jean Baptiste: 122C BRUNETTI, Enrico: 052B BRUNGER, W.: PC0615 BRUNGER, Wolfram: PD0612 BRUNNER, Wendel: PC0336 BRUNO, Raffaele: PA0296 BRUNO, Raffaele: PD0288 BRUN-VESINET, F.: PB0437 BRUN-VEZINET, Francoise: 5158 BRUSA, Teresa: PB0431 BUADIT, Nivej: 239C BUAINAIN, Renata P.: PB0319 BUBNOVA, Ludmila N.: PB0771 BUCCIARDINI, Raffaella: PC0205 BUCHALLA, Cassia M.: PC0212 BUCHALTER, Marili S.: PB0402 BUCHALTER, Marili S.: PC0237 BUCHBINDER, Susan: PC0288 BUCHBINDER, Susan: 301C BUCHBINDER, Susan P.: 007C BUCHER, Hans: PB0710 BUCKERS, Marinus J.F.: PC0404 BUCKHEIT, Robert: PB0264 BUCKHEIT, Robert W.: PA0308 BUCQUET, Denis: PB0018 BUCQUET, Denis: P00094 BUCQUET, Denis: PC0209 BUCQUET, Denis: 151C BUCQUET, Denis: 217C BUDDHAKORALA, Kulasiri: P00086 BUDNER, Nancy: PB0591 BOECHI, Martin L.: PD0523 BUEHLER, James: PC0325 BUENO, Helvecio: PC0562 BUENO, Helvecio: 498B BUENO, Luciana V.: PC0538 BUENO, Luciana V.: PD0234 BUENO, Regina: PC0149 BUENO, Regina: PD0299 BUENO, Regina C.: PC0131 BUENO, Regina C.: PC0133 BUENO, Regina C.: PC0272 BUENO, Sonia Maria: PD0234 BUENO, Sonia Maria V.: PC0538 BUFFET-JANVRESSE, Claudine: PB0536 BUGINGO, G.: PB0570 BUGGY, Brian: 390B BUIMOVICI-KLEIN, Elena: PA0285 BUIMOVICI-KLEIN, Elena: PA0313 BUIRA, E.: PB0587 BUKAR, Julie: PB0886 BUKAR, Julie G.: PB0903 245

Page  246 BUKAWA, Hiroki: PA0364 BUKAWA, Hiroki: PA0370 BUKAWA, Hiroki: PA0372 BUKRINSKY, Michael I.: 086A BULLARD, Janice C.: 457C BULLOCK, Sandra L.: 190D BUNDE-BIROUSTE, Anne: PD0584 BUOLAMWINI, J.: 514B BUONAGURO, Franco: PA0037 BUONAGURO, Franco: PA0367 BUONAGURO, Franco M.: 349A BUONAGURO, Luigi: PA0037 BUONAGURO, Luigi: 349A BUONOMO, Luzmarie: PB0619 BURASTERO, Santiago: PB0902 BURATTINI, Marcelo: PC0133 BURATTINI, Marcelo N.: PC0149 BURATTINI, Marcelo N.: PC0272 BURAVTSOVA, Elen V.: PA0221 BURDGE, David: PD0257 BURDGE, David R.: PD0258 BUREK, Vitomir: PCOO21 BURGESS, Delores A.: PC0126 BURGESS, Jane: PD0089 BURGOS, Antonio: PD0321 BURGOS, Antonio: PD0428 BURGOS, Antonio: 567D BURGOS, Antonio M.: PD0347 BURKE, Donald: PC0293 BURKE, Donald S.: 253B BURKE, Donald S.: 359B BURKE, Michael: PA0257 BURKE, Michael: PBO355 BURKE, Michael: PB0403 BURKE, Michael: PD0096 BURKHALTER, Jack: PB0938 BURKMAN, Jerry: PC0231 BURNETT, David W.: PD0107 BUROVA, Nadezda V.: PB0466 BURSTEIN, R.: PA0257 BURSTEN, Stuart: 423A BURTONBOY, Guy: PB0359 BURZYNSKI, Joseph N.: 342B/D BUSALACCHI, Mary: 390B BUSCH, Heiner: PB0053 BUSCH, Heiner: PB0087 BUSCH, Heiner: PBO201 BUSCH, Heiner: PB0245 BUSCH, Heires: PB0280 BUSCH, Michael P.: PC0200 BUSH, Charlene: PB0099 BUSSE, Tatiana L.: PA0220 BUSSINGHAM, Carol: PD0077 BUSTAMANTE, Jorge: PD0161 BUSTOS, Patricio: PC0275 BUSTOS, Patricio: 274B/D BUSTOS, Patricio: 491D BUSULWA, Rogers: 480C BUTCHER, Ann: 292C BUTERA, Jean Baptiste: PC0410 BUTINI, Manuela: PC0597 BUTLER, Doris: PD0229 BUTLER, Martha: PB0398 BUTLER, Martha: 071C BUTLER DE LISTER, Martha: PD0426 BUTTERWORTH, Charles A.: PD0794 BUTUR, D.: PB0411 BUZDUGAN, Ion: P00017 BUZELAY, Laurence: PB0381 BUZINGO, Thaddee: P00048 BUZON, L.: PB0115 BUZON, L.: PB0114 BUZWELL, Simone A.: PDOO35 BWAKURA, Tapiwa: PB0236 BWAYO, J.: PB0378 BWAYO, Job: PC0291 BWAYO, Job: 409C BWIBO, Rose E.: PD0217 BYANGIRE, Mary A.: 282D BYARUGABA, Wilson: PA0071 BYARUHANGA, Rose K.: PD0728 BYEKWASO, Fred: 406B BYFIELD, Lovette: PD0307 BYFIELD, Lovette L.: PC0495 BYRN, Randal A.: PA0042 BYRN, Randal A.: PAO191 BYRNE, Bruce C.: PB0826 BYRNE, C.: PAOOO4 BYRNES, John J.: PB0138 C.GOMES, Fabio B.: PC0562 CABANE, Jean: PB0113 CABEZAS, Teresa: PB0949 CABRAL, Camille: 395C CABRAL, Lisa: PB0138 CABRELLE, Anna: 131A CABRERA, Roberto: PB0675 CACERES, Carlos F.: 170D CADAFALCH, Jose: PB0088 CADAFALCH, Jose: PB0769 CADIOT, Guillaume: PBO171 CADROBBI, P.: PDO210 CADROBBI, P.: PD0725 CAFARO, Virginia: 003B CAGGESE, Liliana: PB0129 CAGGESE, Liliana: PB0686 CAGLE, Henry: PD0504 CAGLE, Henry: PD0505 CAGLE, Henry: 300D CAGLE, Henry H.: PD0502 CAHN, Pedro: PB0133 CAHN, Pedro: PB0461 CAHN, Pedro: PB0532 CAHN, Pedro: PC0281 CAHN, Pedro E.: PB0045 CAHN, Pedro E.: PB0661 CAHN, Pedro E.: PB0723 CAHN, Pedro E.: PD0746 CAHN, Rapnel: PD0746 CAI, Changxi: PA0038 CAILLERES, Sylvie: PB0128 CAIUBY, Maria: PB0597 CALAME, Christy: PB0960 CALAROTA, Sandra: PB0450 CALAZANS, Fatima: PC0605 CALDEIRA, Luis: PB0119 CALDERAZZO, Francesca: 131A CALDERON, Willy: PB0475 CALDERON, Willy: PB0745 CALICA, Carlos: 443D CALICA, Carlos L.: PC0525 CALIGARIS, S.: PBO056 CALLE, Luis Miguel: PD0597 CALLEBAUT, C.: 307A CALLEBAUT, Christian: PA0022 CALLOW, David: PC0430 CALMES, Daphne P.: PC0304 CALOIR, Stephanie: PC0470 CALVA, Juan J.: 536B CALVO, Roberto: PB0220 CALVO-FERNANDEZ, Jose R.: PC0013 CALVO-ROSALES, Jose: PC0013 CALZAVARA, Liviana: PC0619 CALZAVARA, Liviana: 190D CALZAVARA, Liviana M.: 465C CAMACHO, Mirtha: PB0346 CAMACHO, Mirtha: PB0695 CAMARA, Cristina: PD0282 CAMARA, Cristina Luci: PD0184 CAMARA, Cristina Luci: PD0302 CAMERON, Charles: PDO401 CAMERON, Sheila: 463C CAMERON, Theresa: PB0972 CAMERON, William: PB0144 CAMILLO, Roberto S.: PB0162 CAMIT, Michael C.: PD0048 CAMP, Brian: PD0066 CAMPANILE, Anna Maria: PD0719 CAMPBELL, Carl H.: PD0368 CAMPBELL, Dianne: 356B CAMPBELL, Eugene C.: PD0332 CAMPBELL, lan: 120D CAMPBELL, lan D.: 517B/D CAMPBELL, Tomas: PD0743 CAMPBELL, Tomas: PD0745 CAMPELO, C.: PB0023 CAMPISI, Daniela: PA0229 CAMPITELLI, G.: PB0272 CAMPOS, Ana Maria F.: PC0132 CAMPOS, M.: PC0596 CAMPOS, Manuel: PB0010 CAMPOS, Marcelo: PDO410 CAMPOS, Marcelo A.: PC0415 CAMPOS, Marcelo A.: PC0417 CAMPOS, Marcelo A.: PC0418 CAMPOS, Maria J.: PD0607 CAMPOS, Maria Jose: PB0705 CAMPOS, Regina: PC0417 CAMPOS, Regina: PD0410 CAMPOS, Renato V.: PB0753 CAMPOSTRINI, Stefano: PD0438 CAMPOS-LOPEZ, Patricia: PD0339 CAMUS, Christophe: PC00005 CANALES-MUNOZ, Jose: PD0339 CANARELLI, Stephane: PA0181 CAIIAS, Enrique: PB0803 CANCELA, Julia A.: PB0940 CANCHOLA, Alison J.: PB0145 CANCHOLA, Alison J.: 200B CANCHOLA, Alison J.: 201B CANDELAS, Elizabeth: PC0235 CANDO, Osvaldo: PB0532 CANESSA, Andrea: 048B CAI IZAL, Ana: PB0439 CAIIIZAL, Ana: PB0447 CAIIZAL, Ana M.: PB0448 CAIIZAL, Ana M.: PB0755 CAI IIZAL, Ana M.: PC0608 CANNELLA, Bartolomeo: PB0774 CANNON, Paula: PAOO35 CANO, C.D.: PB0595 CANO, Carlos: PB0278 CANTALOUPO, Loufs: 534A CANTERO, Alain: 449D CANTON, Philippe: PA0123 CANTON, Philippe: PB0063 CANTON, Philippe: PB0632 CANTON, Philippe: PB0712 CANTON, Philippe: PD0094 CANTON, Philippe: PB0905 CANTONI, Monica: PCO009 CANTRILL, Herbert: 332B CANTWELL, Michael: 259C CAPA, Araceli S.: PD0738 CAPDEVILA, Jose Antonio: PB0062 CAPDEVILA, Jose Antonio: PB0564 CAPELLI, Daniela: PB0745 CAPLAN, E.: PC00003 CAPLAN, Ellis: PB0380 CAPLEHORN, John: PD0491 CAPLINSKAS, Saulius: PB0396 CAPLINSKAS, Saulius: PB0542 CAPOBIANCHI, Maria: 127A CAPOBIANCHI, Maria R.: PA0284 CAPPON, P.: 191D CAPPS, Linnea: PD0256 CAPRARO, Hans-Georg: PA0327 CAPRIOLI, Severino: PD0237 CAPSONI, Franco: 575D CARA, Andrea: 007B CARAEL, Michel: PC0308 CARAEL, Michel E.: PD0360 CARAS, Susan: PD0256 CARBALLO, E.: PB0778 CARBON, Claude: PB0596 CARBONARA, Sergio: PB0689 CARBONE, A.: PB0136 CARBONE, Antonino: PB0126 CARBONE, Antonino: PB0132 CARBONELL, Francisco: PB0776 CARCAMO, Cesar: PB0775 CARCAMO, Cesar: PC0178 CARDINALLI, Antonio C.: PC0581 CARDONA, Erminia: PC0597 CARDOSO DA SILVA, Osias: PD0446 CARDUCCI, Annalaura: PC0381 CARDUCCI, Annalaura: PD0675 CAREL, B.: PB0284 CAREY, Patrick: PD0197 CARLES, Michel: PB0561 CARLES, Michel: PB0906 CARLES, Michel: PDO111 CARLESIMO, Maurizio: PB0337 CARLEVARI, Monica: PA0296 CARLI, Lorenza: PB0889 CARLI, Lorenza: PD0191 CARLI, Lorenza: PD0281 CARLIN, John: PB0819 CARLO, Dennis J.: PA0036 CARLSON, Robert W.: 4338 CARMO, Ricardo A.: PC0599 CARNEIRO, Patricia L.: PD0626 CARON, Francois: PB0536 CAROSI, G.: PDO082 CAROSI, Giampiero: PB0056 246

Page  247 CAROSI, Giampiero: PB0256 CARPENTER, Charles: PB0486 CARPENTER, Charles C.J.: PC0175 CARPENTER, Charles C.J.: PD0298 CARPENTER, Charles C.J.: PD0445 CARPENTER, Charles C.J.: PD0458 CARR, Andrew: PA0295 CARR, Andrew: PB0372 CARR, Andrew: PB0811 CARR, Andrew D.: 511B CARR, Francis J.: PA0223 CARR, Jean: P00075 CARR, Jean K.: P00057 CARR, Jean K.: PC0074 CARRASCO, Edgar J.: PD0286 CARRASCO, Jose: PB0215 CARRE, Nicolas: PB0018 CARRE, Nicolas: P00094 CARRE, Nicolas: PC0209 CARREIRA, Mario: PD0363 CARRERA, Ana Lucia: PB0655 CARRERA, Jorge A.: PB0809 CARRERAS, Ramom: PB0783 CARRERAS, R.: PC0156 CARRIEDO, C.: PB0114 CARRIEDO, C.: PB0115 CARRIL, Alicia 0.: PD0185 CARRIL, Alicia 0.: PD0189 CARRILLO, Elvira: PDO610 CARRILLO, Elvira: PD0663 CARRILLO, Hector: PD0296 CARRINGTON, Betty: 080B CARRINGTON, Carmen: PD0039 CARRINGTON, Jane: 266B CARRIO, Dulce: PC0012 CARROL, Nina: PDO104 CARROLL, Eleanor: 553B CARROLL, Richard: PB0364 CARTELL, Andre: PB0607 CARTER, Kimberly H.: 272B/D CARTIER, Francois: PC00005 CARTIER, Luis: PA0163 CARVALHO NETO, Lahire: PC0595 CARVALHO NETO, Lahire: PD0718 CARVALHO NETO, Lahire D.: PD0244 CARVALHO, A.: PC0278 CARVALHO, Celia: PB0119 CARVALHO, Heraclito: PC0131 CARVALHO, Heraclito: PC0133 CARVALHO, Heraclito B.: PC0149 CARVALHO, Heraclito B.: PC0272 CARVALHO, Heraclito B.: PC0273 CARVALHO, Manuel: PB0010 CARVALHO, Maria L.: PD0074 CARVALHO, Regina: PD0564 CARVALHO, Regina Maria: PD0122 CARVALHO, Regina Maria G.: PDO064 CARVALHO-LINHARE, Ines Maria: PD0244 CARY, Joan M.: PC0113 CASABONA, Jordi: PB0347 CASABONA, Jordi: PCO100 CASABONA, Jordi: PC0134 CASABONA, Jordi: PC0224 CASABONA, Jordi: 047B CASALONE, Rosario: PA0099 CASANOVA, Dunny Z.: PD0558 CASANOVA, Joan: PD0039 CASANOVA, Joan: 366C CASARI, Salvatore: PB0256 CASARIEGO, Zulema: PB0461 CASAS, Elena: PB0776 CASCIOLI, Raffaella: PC0257 CASCIOLI, Raffaella: PC0377 CASCO, Rioardo H.: PC0581 CASELLA, Pietro: PB0666 CASELLA, Pietro: PB0691 CASELLA, Pietro: 188D CASELLI, Desiree: PB0455 CASELLI, Desiree: PB0474 CASELLI, Desiree: PB0475 CASELLI, Desiree: PC0155 CASELLI, Desiree: PB0324 CASH, Derek F.: PD0563 CASH, Richard: 066D CASH, Richard A.: PD0367 CASSAIGNE, Andre: PA0269 CASSEB, Jorge: PA0152 CASSOL, Sharon: 055B CASSOL, Sharon: 160B CASSOL, Sharon A.: 292C CASSOL, Sharon A.: 354A CASSONE, A.: PA0289 CASTAGNA, Antonella: PB0537 CASTAlJON-GONZALEZ, Jorge: PB0177 CASTELLANOS, Jose Maria: PB0062 CASTELLANOS, Julio: PC0119 CASTELLETTI, Sonia: 395C CASTELLI GATTINARA, Guido: PB0462 CASTELLI, Francesco: PB0056 CASTELLI, G.: P80463 CASTELLI, Guido: PB0472 CASTELLI, Guido: PB0479 CASTELLI, Guido: PB0933 CASTELLI, Laura: PA0044 CASTELLO BRANCO, C.: PD0599 CASTELLO BRANCO, Mario M.: PB0656 CASTELLO BRANCO, Mario M.: PB0673 CASTIGLIONI, Mario L.V.: PB0108 CASTILHO, Euclides: PC0025 CASTILHO, Euclides: PC0115 CASTILHO, Euclides: PC0116 CASTILHO, Euclides: PC0127 CASTILHO, Euclides: PC0600 CASTILHO, Euclides: PD0366 CASTILHO, Euclides: PD0672 CASTILHO, Euclides: 566D CASTILHO, Euclides A.: PB0077 CASTILHO, Euclides A.: PC0027 CASTILHO, Euclides A.: PC0114 CASTILHO, Euclides A.: PC0575 CASTILHO, Euclides A.: PD0652 CASTILHO, Euclides A.: PD0707 CASTILLA, Jesus: 047B CASTILLA, V.: PB0114 CASTILLA, V.: PB0115 CASTILLETI, Concetta: 127A CASTILLETTI, Concetta: PA0284 CASTILLO, Enrique: PD0015 CASTILLO, Fatima A.: PD0425 CASTILLO, Nohemi: PC0421 CASTILLO, Nohemi T.: PB0343 CASTILLO, Xiomara: PD0761 CASTINEIRAS, Teresinha M.: PB0739 CASTRO MELO, Joao: PB0010 CASTRO ROJAS, Lila: PDO175 CASTRO, A. M.: PB0788 CASTRO, Ana L.: PB0663 CASTRO, Angeles: PB0011 CASTRO, Angeles: PB0310 CASTRO, Angeles: PB0370 CASTRO, Angeles: PC0110 CASTRO, Charles C.: PB0635 CASTRO, 1.0.: PB0297 CASTRO, Ivan: PB0257 CASTRO, Jaime: PC0623 CASTRO, Joan Regina L.: PD0634 CASTRO, Pamela P.: 522B/D CATALAN, Ramon: PB0062 CATANI, Liane: PB0799 CATANIA, Salvatore: PB0075 CATAPANO, Salvatore: PB0334 CATCHPOLE, Michael: 412C CATERINO-DE ARAUJO, Adele: PAO152 CATRAYE, Joseph: P00047 CATTANEO, R.: PB0056 CATTANI, Paola: PB0666 CATTAPAN, Altino: PB0319 CATTARUZZA, Sofia M.: PD0694 CATTORINI, Paolo: PD0609 CAUDA, Roberto: PB0175 CAUIBY, Julieta: PB0584 CAVALCANTE, Nilton: PD0079 CAVALCANTE, Solange: PC0115 CAVALCANTE, Solange: PC0575 CAVALCANTE, Solange Cesar C.: PB0794 CAVALHEIRO, Telma R.: PD0120 CAVALLARI, Celi D.: PC0441 CAVALLARI, Celi D.: PD0467 CAVALLARI, Celi D.: PD0506 CAVALLI, Edda: PDO191 CAVEN, Georgia: PB0117 CECCONI, Nadia: PC0381 CEFALI, Frank: PB0851 CELENTANO, David D.: PC0104 CELENTANO, David D.: PC0072 CELENTANO, David D.: 038C CELENTANO, David D.: 391C CELENTANO, David D.: 032D CELLULE SIDA, Chu Group: 2348 CERAULO, Francesco: 017A CERCENADO, Emilia: PB0683 CEREPNALKOSKI, Liliana A.: PDO600 CERINO, Antonella: PB0474 CERNESCU, Costin: PB0467 CERNUSCHI, Massimo: PB0554 CERNUSCHI, Massimo: PB0613 CERNUSCHI, Massimo: PD0221 CERVANTES, Manuel: PA0267 CERVANTES, Manuel: PB0676 CERVEIRA, Conceicao: PB0010 CERVI, Maria Celia: PC0160 CESARI, Helen: PD0499 CESBRON, Jean-Yves: 244A CESERANI, Norberto: PB0731 CESERANI, Norberto: 287B CESERANI, Norberto: 575D CESNIK, Branko: PD0567 CESPEDES, Juan F.: PC0119 CESTARI, Silmara C.: PB0108 CEVALLOS, Edwin: PB0294 CEVALLOS, Edwin A.: PA0291 CEVALLOS, Ramiro E.: PB0583 CHADA, Sunil: PA0345 CHAGANTI, Sanjay: PC0508 CHAHAL, Gurinder S.: PD0560 CHAHAL, Gurmel S.: PD0559 CHAIKA, Nikolai: PD0385 CHAIKA, Nikolai: PD0437 CHAIKA, Nikolai A.: PB0671 CHAIKA, Nikolai A.: PD0019 CHAIMANEE, Busaba: PD0305 CHAIMANEE, Busaba: 261C CHAISILWATTANA, Pongsakdi: PC0162 CHAISSON, Richard E.: PB0001 CHAITT, D.: 512B CHAIX, M.I.: PB0437 CHAIYAKUL, Pattrawan: 103C CHAIYAPHRUK, Srirath: PC0373 CHAKIB, Abdelfattah: PDOO90 CHAKRABARTI, Lisa: PA0116 CHAKRABARTI, Tapasri: PB0391 CHAKRABARTI, Tapasri: P00083 CHAKRABARTI, Tapasri: PC0367 CHAKRABARTY, Manish Sekhar: PB0391 CHAKRABARTY, Manish Sekhar: P00083 CHAKRABARTY, Manish Sekhar: PC0367 CHAKRABARTY, Sandip: PC0285 CHAKRABARTY, Sandip: PC0367 CHAKRABORTY, Joana: PB0801 CHAKRABORTY, Joana: PC0617 CHAKRABORTY, Joana: PD0059 CHAKRABORTY, Joana: PD0095 CHAKRABORTY, Joana: PD0109 CHAKRABORTY, Joana: PD0566 CHAKRABORTY, Joana: PD0569 CHAKRABORTY, Joana: PD0759 CHAKRABORTY, Manishs.: PC0285 CHALDEEVA, Natalia A.: PB0772 CHALDEEVA, Natalia A.: 285B CHALECKA, Irena: PD0089 CHALKLEY, Marilyn: 440D CHALLACOMBE, Stephen J.: PA0124 CHALUB, Elias P.: PB0605 CHAM, Fatim: 165A CHAMBON, Jean-Francois: PB0857 247

Page  248 CHAMBON, Jean-Frangois: PB0862 CHAMBON, Jean-Frangois: PC0446 CHAMBON, Jean-Frangois: PD0371 CHAMBON, Jean-Francois: PD0591 CHAMBOONRUANG, S.: 379A CHAMI, Soumaya: PB0672 CHAMI, Soumaya: PD0208 CHAMNANVANAKIJ, Sangkae: PC0164 CHAMPALIMAUD, J.: PC0596 CHAMPALIMAUD, Jose L.: PB0743 CHAMPALIMAUD, Jose L.: PB0746 CHAMPALIMAUD, Jose Luis F.T.: PB0705 CHAN, Chor Bun: 177B CHAN, Mary: PB0910 CHAN, Ri Sau Kuen: PB0939 CHAN, Roy: PC0364 CHAN, Roy K.W.: 475C CHANCE, Kenneth B.: PB0850 CHANCE, Kenneth B.: PB0853 CHANCHARAS, Parichart: PD0402 CHANDA, Caroline: PD0745 CHANDA, Caroline: 063D CHANDA, Caroline: 519B/D CHANDA, Dorothy 0.: PD0311 CHANDANAYINGYOONG, Dasnayanee: 327C CHANDHOK, Kavita: PC0299 CHANDHOK, Kavita: PD0576 CHANDHOK, Kavita: PD0683 CHANDLER, James L.: PB0200 CHANDLER, James L.: PB0205 CHANDLER, James L.: PD0238 CHANDRA, Mithilesh: PB0487 CHANDRASEKHAR, Soundararajalu: 530A CHANDRA-MOULI, V.: PD0377 CHANG, Chong-Hwan: 110A CHANG, Lung-Ji: 350A CHANG, Po-Ya: PC0068 CHANG, Raymond Y.: PB0080 CHANG, Soon-Bok S.: PD0650 CHANG, Yao-Hsiung: PC0068 CHANH, Tran: PB0953 CHANI, E. M.: PC0124 CHANTCHARAS, Parichart: PB0971 CHAN-FUNG, Margaret F.: PCOO70 CHAO, Chun C.: 423A CHAPPEY, Colombe: PC0430 CHAPUIS, Frangois: PB0588 CHAPUIS, Frangoise: PA0332 CHAPUIS, L.: PB0628 CHARBONNEAU, Anne: PD0278 CHAREST, Josoe: PB0453 CHARFE, Yves: 172D CHARGELEGUE, Daniel M.: PA0333 CHARGUI, Jamel: PA0135 CHARLEBOIS, Edwin: PD0066 CHARURNSAP, Anothai: PD0032 CHARURNSAP, Anothai: PD0246 CHARUSHIN, Valery N.: PA0320 CHARVET, Dominique: 172D CHATALE, Vineeta: PD0235 CHATEAUVERT, Michel: 0598B CHATTERJEE, Indranil: PC0285 CHATZAKIS, A.: PB0116 CHAU, Francoise: PA0142 CHAUBEY, Damanjeet: PC0543 CHAUCA, Gloria: PA0155 CHAUVIN, Jean-Pierre: PB0833 CHAVA, T.: 099B/D CHAVE, J.P.: 203B CHAWLA, Kala: PB0958 CHAWLA, Satish C.: PD0714 CHA-EM, Pintip: PD0032 CHA-EM, Pintip: PD0246 CHEARSKUL, Sanay: PA0248 CHEARSKUL, Sanay: PB0476 CHEARSKUL, Sanay: PC0163 CHEARSKUL, Sanay: 221C CHEARSKUL, Sanay: 222C CHEINGSONG-POPOV, Rachanee: PC0430 CHEINGSONG-POPOV, Rachanee: 213C CHELA, Clemens: 099B/D CHEN, C.H.: PB0825 CHEN, Donna: 564C CHEN, Guoqing: PD0401 CHEN, Hao-Chia: 114A CHEN, Irvin S.Y.: 425A CHEN, Irvin S.Y.: PA0307 CHEN, Robert: PC0132 CHEN, Si-Yi: PA0349 CHEN, Xiang-Chun: PD0548 CHEN, Yi-Ming A.: PA0083 CHEN, Zhi: PB0367 CHENE, Genevieve: PB0004 CHENE, Genevieve: PB0800 CHENE, Genevieve: PC0198 CHENG, Ben: PB0858 CHENG, Fenny K.: PC0128 CHENG, Fenny K.: PC0560 CHENG, He: PC0066 CHENG, He H.:042C CHENG, Hehe: 076C CHENG, Kai-Jen: PC0326 CHENG-MAYER, Cecilia: PA0012 CHENG-MAYER, Cecilia: 195A CHENTSOVA, Nelly P.: PC0022 CHENTSOVA, Nelly P.: PC0436 CHEQUER, Pedro: PC0027 CHEQUER, Pedro J.: PC0238 CHERABI, Kemal: PD0233 CHERABI, Kemal: 280D CHERET, Arnaud: 194A CHERIE, Laurence: PCO140 CHERIFI, Kamel: PB0843 CHERIN, Patrick: PB0520 CHERIN, Patrick: PBO025 CHERNOVA, Marina N.: PD0251 CHERNYKH, Michael D.: PB0466 CHERNYKH, Michael D.: PB0470 CHERNYSHOV, Viktor: PB0469 CHERUKURI, Ravi: PA0292 CHESNEY, Margaret: PB0966 CHESNEY, Margaret: PC0293 CHESNEY, Margaret: PD0066 CHETCHOTISAKD, Ploenchan: PA0129 CHETWYND, J.: 033D CHEUNG, May May: 177B CHEUNG, Tony W.: PB0625 CHEVALLIER, Eric: 098B/D CHEVRET, Sylvie: PA0118 CHEW, Suok-Kai: PC0071 CHEW, Suok-Kai: PD0129 CHEYNIER, Remi: 228A CHIN, Chi-lien: 442D CHIA, Wah Kiam W.: PA0237 CHIARAVALLOTI, F.: PB0515 CHIARAVALLOTI, Francesco: PB0514 CHIARELLA, Joseph: PC0153 CHIAROTTI, Flavia: 482B CHIASSON, Mary A.: 082B CHIBA, Joe: 373A CHIBA, Midori: PB0148 CHIBA, Naoki: PDO711 CHIBA, Shunzo: PA0187 CHIBA, Shunzo: PA0188 CHIBOOLA, Hector: 092D CHICARINO, Janice: PB0573 CHICKERING, K.L.: PD0453 CHIDIAC, Christian: PB0592 CHIECO BIANCHI, Luigi: PCO155 CHIECO-BIANCHI, Luigi: 131A CHIEREGATO, Giancarlo: PB0752 CHIESA, Antonella: PA0229 CHIESI, Antonio: PB0198 CHIESI, Antonio: PB0204 CHIESI, Antonio: PB0210 CHIESI, Antonio: PB0271 CHIESI, Antonio: PC0240 CHIEZE, Francois: PB0962 CHIEZE, Francois: PD0312 CHIHARA, Goro: PA0261 CHIHWAI, Denias: PD0735 CHIKAFUMBWA, Winnie X.: PD0301 CHIKUMARU, Hiroshi: PC0428 CHIKURU, Iranga: PC0047 CHILD, Carroll: PB0851 CHILD, Carroll C.: PD0066 CHILD, Raquel: PB0451 CHILD, Raquel: PC0274 CHILD, Raquel: PC0275 CHILD, Raquel: 274B/D CHILD, Raquel: 491D CHILESHE, Festus: PD0243 CHILESHE, Janet: PB0875 CHILEVA, Anina: PD0613 CHILEVA, Anina C.: PD0606 CHIMOMBO, Moira: PDO038 CHIN, James: 181C CHIN, John: PD0060 CHINAWORAPONG, Suchada: PCO164 CHINAWORAPONG, Suchada: PC0244 CHINVARASOPAK, Waranuch: 239C CHIODERA, Alessandro: PD0082 CHIODO, Francesco: PB0179 CHIPANTA, David: 417D CHIPANTA, David: 572D CHIRIKOVA, Galina B.: PA0019 CHIRIKOVA, Galina B.: PA0081 CHIRIKOVA, Galina B.: PA0177 CHIRIKOVA, Galina B.: PA0240 CHITALE, Vineeta: PD0732 CHITSVA, James F.: PB0434 CHITTICK, John B.: PD0709 CHITTIVUDIKARN, Charoon: PC0150 CHITWOOD, Dale D.: PC0475 CHIZU, Chilba: PB0421 CHO, Myung Hwan: PA0076 CHO, Yong-Baik: PB0829 CHO, Young K.: PB0289 CHODYNICKA, Bozena: PB0093 CHOHAN, Shamsher K.: PC0313 CHOI, Byung S.: PB0289 CHOI, Hoil: 323A CHOI, Kyeong Sook: 506A CHOI, Kyung-Hee: PC0067 CHOI, Kyung-Hee: PD0022 CHOI, KYung-Hee: 077C CHOI, Min H.: PB0289 CHOKEKIJCHAI, Sudhichai: PAO310 CHOKEKIJCHAI, Sudichai: 056B CHOMYC, Sylvia: 555B CHONG, K.T.: PA0314 CHONG, Kong Teck: 322A CHONG, Pele: PA0357 CHOOPANYA, Kachit: PCO121 CHOOPANYA, Kachit: PC0125 CHOOPANYA, Kachit: PC0471 CHOOPANYA, Kachit: PD0495 CHOPARD, Jean-Luc: 234B CHOPPIN, Jeannine: 526A CHOSA, Toru: PD0367 CHOSA, Toru: 066D CHOTPITAYASUNONDH, Tawee: PC0163 CHOTPITAYASUNONDH, Tawee: 221C CHOTPITAYASUNONDH, Tawee: 222C CHOUSTERMAN, Michel: PB0580 CHOUTET, Zatrick: PA0214 CHOWDHURY, Iqbal: PA0178 CHOWDHURY, Shankar: PD0442 CHOWDHURY, Shankar: PD0583 CHOWDHURY, Shankar: PD0584 CHOWDURY, Shankar: 367D CHOY, Nakyen: 323A CHRAIBI, Said: PDO090 CHRISTEFF, Nevena: PB0120 CHRISTENSEN, Stefan: PB0245 CHRISTENSEN, Stetan: PB0280 CHRISTOPHER, Joyce F.: 412C CHRISTOPHERSON, Cindy: 146B CHRISTY, A.: PC0370 CHRYSOSTEM, John M.: PC0457 CHRYSOSTEM, John M.: PD0037 CHRYSTIE, lan: PCO558 CHU, Alvin: PC0349 CHU, C. K.: PB0822 CHU, Susan Y.: PC0126 CHU, Susan Y.: PC0173 248

Page  249 CHUANG, Che YEN.: P00069 CHUANG, Che-Yen: PB0837 CHUANG, Che-Yen: P00068 CHUCHOTTAWORN, Charoen: PB0682 CHUENCHITRA, Cheodchai: PA0226 CHUENCHITRA, Cheodchai: P00075 CHUENCHITRA, Cheodchai: PC0341 CHUJO, Kazumitsu: PDO550 CHUNG, Ray: PC0206 CHUNG, Raymond C.Y.: 2538B CHUNG, Raymond C.Y.: 359B CHUPAHIN, Oleg N.: PA0320 CHUQUIVIGUEL OLIVA, Andres: PD0175 CHUSID, Eileen D.: PB0813 CH'IEN, James M.N.: PC0473 CIAFFI, Laura: PB0554 CIAFFI, Laura: PB0613 CIANFRIGLIA, M.: PA0297 CIARDI, Antonio: PB0212 CIARDI, Maria: PB0125 CLAYETTE, Pascal: PA0096 CICHUTEK, Klaus: PA0146 CICOGNANI, M.: PB0774 CICOGNANI, Maria Antonietta: PB0825 CIELO, Luis F.: PB0703 CIESIELSKI, Carol: 264C CIMA, Miguel A.: PB0334 CIMOCH, Paul: PB0898 CIMOCH, Paul: 0048 CIMOCH, Paul J.: PA0235 CIMOCH, Paul J.: PB0290 CINATL, Janik: PC0169 CINQUE, Paola: 334B CINQUIN, Didier: PB0588 CIPRIANO, Beatriz: PD0663 CIRCELLA, Annapia: PA0120 CIRELLI, Augusto: PB0125 CISTERNA, Ramon C.: PB0023 CIUFECU, C.: PB0411 CIVITA, Graziella: PB0361 CKANDHOK, Kavita: PD0044 CLAESSEN, Frans A.P.: 502A CLANCY, Lynell: PD5O10 CLANCY, Lynell J.: PC0468 CLANTON, David J.: PA0308 CLARAMONTE, Xavier: PB0524 CLARK, Alison M.: 386B CLARK, Jeff: PC0182 CLARK, Rebecca: PC0328 CLARK, Wayne: PC0335 CLARK, Wayne: 560C CLARO, Cristina M.: PB0743 CLARO, Cristina M.: PB0746 CLAUVEL, Jean-Pierre: 044B CLAVO, Antonio: PB0568 CLAVO, Antonio: PB0735 CLAVO, Antonio: P80738 CLAVO, Isabel: PC0012 CLAVO, Isabel E.: PB0633 CLAYETTE, Pascal: PB0843 CLAYTON, Frederick: PB0185 CLELAND, Jeffrey L.: PA0358 CLELAND, John: PD0532 CLEM, Carole: PC0271 CLEMENCE, Jayne: PC0408 CLEMENT, Santosh: PD0017 CLEMENTE, Anna: PD0744 CLEMENTS, Mary Lou: 317A CLEMMONS, John: PB0172 CLEMMONS, John: PB0527 CLERC, Francoise: PD0792 CLERICI, Mario: PA0227 CLIMIE, Shane C.: 425A CLOE, Lee: PD0408 CLOTTEAU, Laurent: PB0536 CLUMECK, Nathan: 513B COADY, William: PB0307 COATES, Jerry: PB0067 COATES, Jerry: 2568B COATES, Thomas: PC0589 COATES, Thomas: PD0022 COATES, Thomas J.: P00067 COATES, Thomas J.: PD0164 COATES, Thomas J.: 473D COBB, Brenda: PD0034 COBERLY, Jacqueline: PB0681 COBERLY, Jacqueline: 054B COBIAN, Ledya: PD0691 COBURN, Kerry L.: PB0214 COCH, Maria: PB0703 COCHET, Madeleine: PA0249 COCHET, Madeleine: 503A COCKERILL, Rhonda: 190D COELHO, Ana L.: PD0620 COELHO, Denilson F.: PC0405 COELHO, Helena G.: PB0650 COFFIN, John: PA0026 COGLAN, Anna: PC0303 COHEN, Baptiste: PB0857 COHEN, Baptiste: PD0420 COHEN, Baptiste: 280D COHEN, Calvin: PB0307 COHEN, Calvin: PB0721 COHEN, Calvin J.: PB0283 COHEN, Eve: PD0659 COHEN, Ginny: PD0730 COHEN, M.: PC0540 COHEN, M.: PC0183 COHEN, M.: PC0564 COHEN, M.: PD0533 COHEN, M.: 365C COHEN, Mardge: PD0730 COHEN, Oren J.: 001B COHEN, Oren J.: 0498 COHEN, Sandra: PB0625 COHEN, Sylvie: PB0857 COHEN, Yves: PA0142 COHN, David: PB0620 COHN, David: 436B COHN, Jon: PB0499 COHN, Jon: 083B COHN, Jonathan: PD0138 COICOU, G.: PC0540 COINTE, Denis: 307A COKER, Richard: 051B COLAIACOMO, Maurizio: PB0272 COLAO, Maria Grazia: PB0213 COLASSANTE, Ugo: PBO018 COLASSANTE, Ugo: PC0094 COLE, Brian: PDO069 COLEBUNDERS, Robert: PB0252 COLEBUNDERS, Robert: 513B COLEBUNDERS, Robert L.: PB0101 COLEBUNDERS, Robert L.: PB0937 COLEBUNDERS, Robert L.: PD0224 COLEBUNDERS, Robert L.: PD0276 COLEMAN, Lori: PB0137 COLL, Patricia: PB0461 COLLADO, Antonio: PC0109 COLLADO, Antonio: PC0184 COLLAZOS, Julio: PB0791 COLLETTE, Linda: PB0966 COLLIER, Ann: 058B COLLIER, Ann C.: 058B COLLINS, Gary: PB0269 COLLINS, Janet: PD0538 COLLINS, Janet: 371D COLLINS, Janet L.: PD0580 COLLINS, Janet L.: PD0789 COLL-SECK, Awa: PB0027 COLL-SECK, Awa M: PA0128 COLL-SECK, Awa Marie: PD0212 COLMENERO, J.: PB0310 COLMENERO, Miguel Angel: PC0338 COLOMBA, Angelo: PB0270 COLOMO, Concha: PD0473 COLON, Hector: PC0461 COLTRIN, Diane L.: PB0478 COMBS, Kenneth: PB0234 COMEGNA, Mario: PB0817 COMOLLI, Giuditta: PA0229 COMPAGNON, Claire: PD0454 CONALDI, Pier Giulio: PA0010 CONALDI, Pier Giulio: PA0018 CONALDI, Pier Giulio: 017A CONALOI, Pier Giulio: PA0099 CONANT, Marcus A.: 003B CONANT, Marcus A.: 388B CONARD, Patricia: PA0373 CONCEICAO, Flavia Lucia: PB0808 CONCEICAO, Orlando J.G.: PB0319 CONCEPCION, F.: PC0343 CONDE MERCADO, Jose: PB0273 CONDE, Carlos: PC0353 CONDOLUCI, David: PA0277 CONDOM, Roger: PB0836 CONGDON, Sue: PB0665 CONLEY, A.J.: PA0373 CONLEY, S.: PA0011 CONLON, Richard: 533A CONNETT, John: PB0851 CONNOLLY, Gail: 389B CONNOR, Edward: 4348 CONNOR, Jolene: 0808 CONNOR, Ruth I.: PAO117 CONOVER, Jacqueline: PA0369 CONSTANTINE, N.: PB0415 CONSTANTINE, Niel: PB0380 CONSTANTINE, Niel: PB0387 CONSTANTINE, Niel: PB0413 CONSTANTINE, Niel: PC0003 CONSTANTINE, Niel T.: PA0150 CONSTANZO, Lyn: 436B CONTAG, Christopher: 452A CONTI, Susanna: PC0011 CONTINI, Carlo: PA0125 CONVEY, Patrick: PB0267 CONVISSER, Julie: PC0492 CONWAY, Brian: PB0083 CONWAY, Brian: 425A COOK, Darrel A.: PB0350 COOKE, Molly: PB0966 COOMBS, Robert W.: 058B COOPER, David: PA0295 COOPER, David: PB0372 COOPER, David: 002B COOPER, David A.: PA0004 COOPER, David A.: PB0811 COOPER, David A.: 511B COOPER, Elizabeth B.: 207D COOPER, Ellen: 266B COPE, Frederick 0.: PB0910 COPELAND, Richard: PB0876 COPELAND, Terry D.: PA0048 COPLAN, Paul M.: 304C CORAL, Sandra: PA0263 CORAZZA, Ginoroberto: PB0173 CORDEIRO, Paulo R.: P00032 CORDIALI FEI, Paola: PA0284 CORDIALI, Fei P.: 127A CORDONE, Maria Novella: PD0503 COREY, L.: 058B COREY, Lawrence: 317A CORLESS, Inge B.: PD0034 CORNEJO, Monica L.: PD0558 CORONADO, Olga V.: PB0179 CORRADINI, Rita: PB0515 CORREA, Cecilia: 415D CORREA, Cecilia C.: PC0539 CORREAL, S.: PD0414 CORREIA, Fernanda C.: PB0651 CORREIA, Jose A.: PD0381 CORRELL, Patricia: PB0861 CORTES, Eduardo B.: PD0620 CORTES, Ely E.M.: PB0584 CORTES, Mariano: PB0088 CORTEZ, Gladys V.: PD0067 CORTEZZI, Wladimir: PD0570 CORTINAS, Jorge I.: PD0287 CORVISART, Eric: 091D COSIN, Jaime: PB0207 COSIN, Jaime: PB0630 COSIN, Jaime: PB0664 COSIN, Jaime: PB0683 COSIN, Jaime: PB0736 COSSU Franco Jr.: PD0727 COSTA LIMA, Jose R.: PC0562 COSTA LIMA, Jose R.: 498B COSTA, Catia: PA0209 COSTA, Danila: PB0689 COSTA, Elaine: PC0434 COSTA, Isadora R.: PD0399 COSTA, Lizete M.: PB0195 COSTA, J.R.: PB0114 COSTA, J.R.: PB0115 COSTA, M.: PD0620 COSTA, Magda: PD0767 COSTA, Marcia F.: PC0028 249

Page  250 COSTA, Moema W.: PD0064 COSTA, Paulo Sergio S.: PB0445 COSTA, Raldo B.: PD0282 COSTA, Raldo B.: PD0302 COSTA, Rodica: PB0456 COSTA, Ronaldo S.: PB0183 COSTA, Ronaldo S.: PD0718 COSTA, Rosa M.: PC0395 COSTA, Solange: PA0085 COSTANTINI, Massimo: PB0889 COSTANZI, Giulio: 334B COSTANZO, L.: PB0851 COSTANZO, Lyn: 331B COTTE, Laurent: PB0831 COTTE, Laurent: 577A COTTONE, James A.: PB0164 COUILLIN, Isabelle: 526A COULAUD, J.P.: PBO100 COULAUD, Jean P.: PBO171 COULAUD, Jean-Pierre: PB0617 COULAUD, Jean-Pierre: PD0591 COULIBALY, Adama: 260C COULIBALY, Doulhourou: 104C COULIBALY, Doulhourou: 408B COULIBALY, Issa-Malick: 104C COULIBALY, Issa-Malick: 408B COULIBALY, Malick I.: 260C COULSTON, Daniel R.: PB0559 COUNTER, Mark L.: 093D COUPOTIN, C.: 265B COUROUCE, Anne-Marie: PA0158 COURVILLE, Teresa: PB0814 COUTEAU, Marie-Jose: PD0669 COUTELLIER, Anne: PB0025 COUTELLIER, Anne: PB0520 COUTINHO, Filipe: PB0565 COUTINHO, R.: 306C COUTINHO, Roel: PC0545 COUTINHO, Roel: 075C COUTINHO, Roel A.: PA0132 COUTINHO, Roel A.: PB0827 COUTINHO, Roel A.: PC0201 COUTINHO, Roel A.: PC0462 COUTINHO, Roel A.: 294C COUTURIER, Elisabeth: PC0618 COUTURIER, Elisabeth: 411C COUVARAS, Sandra L.: PDO141 COUVARAS, Sandra L.: PD0670 COVAS, Dimas T.: PB0449 COVAS, M. Joao P.: PA0246 COVE, Camille: PD0630 COWAN, Jay: PC0176 COX, Beverlee A.: 370D COX, L.: PB0851 COX, S. R.: PB0848 COX, Steven: PB0284 COX, Steven R.: 512B COZZA, Scott: 489D COZZANI, Sandra: PC0170 COZZI LEPRI, Alessandro: PCO007 CRAGG, Gordon: PA0340 CRAIB, Kevin J.P.: PB0406 CRAIB, Kevin J.P.: PB0376 CRAIB, Kevin J.P.: PB0961 CRAIB, Kevin J.P.: PC0197 CRAIB, Kevin J.P.: PC0220 CRAIB, Kevin J.P.: PC0221 CRAIB, Kevin J.P.: PC0230 CRAIB, Kevin J.P.: 184C CRAIG, Charles: 331B CRAIG, Dede: PD0691 CRAMPTON, Sherri: 5588B CRANE, Maxine: 008C CRANE, Susan F.: 443D CRANFIELD, Steve: PD0794 CRASTO, Maria Do Carmo: PB0452 CRAWFORD, June: PC0295 CRAWFORD, June M.: 416D CREAGH, Terri: PB0279 CRENCA, Antonella: PD0575 CREPALDI, Paulo C.: PD0245 CREUSVAUX, Herve: P00093 CRISTINI, Graziella: PD0082 CRIVELLI, Paolo: PB0323 CROFTS, Nick: P00096 CROFTS, Nick: PD0508 CROFTS, Nick: 561C CROMACK, Luiza M.F.: PD0564 CROOKS, Levinia: PD0173 CROSS, Sue: PA0317 CROUVOISIER, Muriel: PA0343 CROVARI, Pietro: 048B CROWE, Helen M.: PB0929 CROWELL, Richard C.: PA0034 CROWLEY, Jane: PD0077 CROWLEY, Richard W.: 505A CRUCITTI, Tania: PB0502 CRUMPACKER, Clyde S.: PB0285 CRUMPACKER, Clyde S.: PA0294 CRUSELLS-CANALES, Maria-Jose: PB0715 CRUZ, Aurelio: PD0478 CRUZ, Aurelio V.: PC0494 CRUZ, Carlos: 427B CRUZ, Carlos: 494B CRUZ, Leticia S.: PD0399 CRUZ, Marco A.: PB0176 CRUZ, Marco A.: PB0643 CRUZ, Maria Leticia: PB0687 CRUZ, Mariza A.: PD0692 CRUZ, Mariza C.: PD0381 CRUZ, Otto S.: PC0607 CRUZ, Otto S.: PB0384 CRUZ, Raul: PD0015 CRYSTAL, Stephen: 339B/D CRYZ, Stanley: PA0376 CSEPE, Peter: PD0477 CUADRA, Manuel: PC0488 CUADRADO, Emilio: PA0115 CUBA, Janete: PB0794 CUBA, Janete.: PB0793 CUCURELLA, Blanca: PD0365 CUCURUZ, Maria: PB0456 CUELLAR, Luis: PDO201 CUELLAR, Luis E.: 548D CUESTA, Fuensanta: PB0664 CUESTA-MUNOZ, Julian: PB0715 CULMANN-PENCIOLELI, Beatrice: 526A CULNANE, Mary: 269B CULTRERA, Rosario: PAO125 CUMONT, Marie-Christine: PAO116 CUNDARI, Enrico: PAO106 CUNEO-CROVARI, Piera: PCO010 CUNHA TELES, Louise: PD0078 CUNHA, Loreta B.: PD0241 CUNHA, Q.: PD0399 CUNNIFF, Dennis: PB0724 CUNNINGHAM, Ineke: PD0537 CUNNINGHAM, Philip H.: PB0372 CURRY, Richard: PB0797 CUTILLI, Joann: PA0292 CVETANOV, Jordan L.: PB0575 CYR, Lise: PB0729 CYR, Lyse: PB0582 CZERKINSKY, Cecil: PA0207 CZYZIW, Elizabeth: PC0400 D. TOTH, Ferenc: PA0219 DA COSTA, Christopher T.: PB0667 DA SILVA, Jos6 Odimar: PD0215 DA SILVA, Maria Cecilia P.: PD0582 DA SILVA, Miriam V.: PD0280 DAAR, Eric: PB0814 DAAR, Eric S.: 4328B DABEK, Barbara: 425A DABIS, Francois: PB0004 DADAGLIO, Gilles: PA0256 DADOUSH, G.: PB0219 DAENZER, C.: 512B DAGRON, Nathalie: PB0859 DAGRON, Nathalie: PB0862 DAGRON, Nathalie: PC0446 DAHOUROU, Rasmane: 443D DAILEY, Peter: PAO200 DAILEY, Peter: 580A DAILEY, Peter J.: PB0828 DAILLOUX, Michele: PB0712 DAINES, Lindsay W.: PD0262 DAL MASO, Luigino: PB0127 DAL MASO, Luigino: PC00002 DAL MASO, Luigino: PC0234 DALCOMO, Margareth: PD0064 DALLA VALENTINA, Silvano: PD0484 DALLABETTA, G.: 365C DALLABETTA, G.: PC0183 DALLABETTA, Gina: PC0540 DALLABETTA, Gina: PC0564 DALLABETTA, Gina: PD0533 DALLY, Gerald: PB0271 DALLY, Leonard: PB0204 DALLY, Leonard G.: PB0198 DALLY, Leonard G.: PC0240 DALOD, Marc: PA0228 DAMADE, Richard: PB0963 DAMAIS, C.: PA0236 DAMAS, Wilson: PD0043 DAMASCENO, Joao L.: 466C DAMM, Carsten: PD0418 DANGOR, Y.: 413C DANGOR, Yussuf: 495B DANIEL, Abston: PD0633 DANIEL, Tzvia: PD0096 DANIEL, Volker: 023A DANIEL, Volker: 223A DANIEL, Yair: PDO096 DANIELE, Alberto: PB0551 DANIELL, F.D.: PC0577 DANIELL, Fredric: PC0306 DANIELL, Fredric D.: PC0305 DANISE, Anna: PB0908 DANNER, Rose: PD0759 DANNER, S.: PB0846 DANNER, Sven: PB0046 DANNER, Sven A.: 057B DAN N U LL, J.: PAOO61 DARDEN, Craig: PC0525 DARDIK, Rima: PC0385 DARE, Lola: 552D DARE, Lola 0.: PD0532 DAS, Parimal C.: PB0700 DAS, Prasanta: PB0700 DAS, Prasanta: PC0226 DAS, Prasanta K.: PC0286 DAS, S.: PDOO41 DAS, Satadal: PB0700 DAS, Satadal: PC0226 DAS, Satadal: PC0286 DAS, Shankar: PD0235 DASGUPTA, P.R.: PC0268 DASGUPTA, P.R.: TS8 DASH, R. J.: PB0425 DASH, Rudra N.A.: PD0542 DATE, Takashi: PAO310 DATEMA, Roelf: PA0293 DATEMA, Roelf: 113A DATHE, Olaf: PB0784 DATHE, Olaf: PC0602 DATRI 003 STUDY GR: 0018 DATTA, Roopa: PB0581 DATTEL, Bonnie: PB0478 DAVENNY, Katherine: PC0288 DAVEY, Richard: 512B DAVEY SMITH, George: 362C DAVID, Daniel O.: PB0135 DAVIS, Cheryl: PAO108 DAVIS, Dawn: PC0477 DAVIS, H.: PC0183 DAVIS, H.: 365C DAVIS, Henry: PB0309 DAVIS, Matthew: PD0254 DAVIS, Nancy: PD0789 DAVIS, Sybil: PD0655 DAVIS, U.C.: PA0168 DAX, Elizabeth M.: PB0375 DAY, Jeanne M.: PB0283 DAY, Noorbibi K.: PA0033 DAY-LALLY, C.: PC0344 DAYTON, Andrew I.: 400A DAYTON, Andrew F.: 534A DAYTON, Elaae: 400A DAYTON, Elahe T.: 534A DAZA, Jorge: PA0154 DAZZA, Marie-Christine: PBO100 DE AGOSTINI, Maura: PB0174 DE ANDRES, Rafael: 273B/D DE AQUINO, Olympio: PD0454 DE BERTOLINI, Claudio: PD0210 DE BERTOLINI, Claudio: PD0725 de BONNAY, Patricia: PD0374 DE BRABANDER, Marc: PB0242 DE BRABANDER, Marc: PB0252 DE BURGER, Ron: 136B/D DE BURGER, Ron J.: PC0277 DE CARLI, Gabriella: 271B/D DE CASO, Laura: PB0970 DE CIANTIS, Mary Lou: 342B/D DE CLERCQ, Erik: PA0283 250

Page  251 DE CLERCQ, Erik D.: P80830 DE COCK, K.M.: 218C DE COCK, K.M.: 408C DE COCK, K.M.: 104C DE COCK, Kevin: PB0788 DE COCK, Kevin M.: PC0195 DE CREE, Jean: PB0242 DE CREE, Jean: PB0252 DE CUETO, Marina: PB0568 DE FERRARI, C.: PB0770 DE FILIPPI, Claudia: PB0745 de GRAAF, Loek: PA0039 DE GROOTE, Donat: PA0260 DE HULSIERS, Brigitte: PD0531 DE HULSTERS, Brigitte: PB0502 DE JONG, Menno: 511B DE JONG, Menno D.: PB0847 DE JONGH - WIETH, Ferida E.: PC0404 DE JONGH-WIETH, Ferida: PC0307 DE JONGH-WIETH, Ferida E.: PC0345 DE JUAN, M.Dolores: PA0115 de la BLANCHARDIERE, Arnaud: PB0628 DE LA CONCEPCION, Juan Carlos: PD0338 DE LA CRUZ, Vidal: PB0620 DE LA FUENTE, Acuado J.: PB0149 DE LA FUENTE, Javier: PB0196 DE LA FUENTE, Jesus A.: PA0317 DE LA FUENTE, Jose A.: PC0607 DE LA IGLESIA, Fernando: PC0110 DE LA RUBIA, Francisca: PB0568 DE LA TORRE, Fernando: PB0230 DE LA TRIBONNIERE, Xavier: PB0592 DE LEEUW, Nicoline: 502A DE LIMA, Ronaldo: PD0184 DE LIMA, Ronaldo M.: PD0302 DE LOOR, August: 559C DE LORENZI, Andre: PC0357 DE MAJO, Enrichetta: PB0213 DE MARTINIS, Massimo: PC0203 DE MARTINO, Sylvie: PB0672 DE MICCO, Philippe: PA0086 DE MICCO, Philippe: PB0541 DE MINIAC, Daniela: PB0347 DE MIRANDA, Antonio: 403B DE MOREE, Sandra: 540B DE MORI, P.: PB0685 DE MOYA, E. A.: PD0449 DE MOYA, E. Antonio E.: 348D DE OXUM, Francisco: 238C DE ROSA, Franco: PB0313 DE ROSA, M.Grazia: 048B DE ROSSI, Anita: PC0155 DE ROSSI, Anita: PC0170 DE ROSSI, Anita: 131A DE RUEDA, Marcial: PB0351 DE RUEDA, Marcial: PC0396 DE SAINT MARTIN, Luc: PB0258 DE SALAZAR, Annelise: PDO113 DE SALVADOR, Francine: PB0561 DE SANTIS, Ugo: PB0324 de SARACA, Massimo: PB0904 de SAVIGNY, Jean: 172D DE THE, Guy: PA0159 DE THE, Guy: PA0170 DE THE, Guy B.: 544A DE VINCENZI, I.: PD0474 DE VINCENZI, Isabelle: 151C DE VINCENZI, Isabelle: 217C DE VINCENZI, Isabelle: 395C de VOS, Machiel: PA0039 DE VUYST, Hugo: PB0937 DE VUYST, Hugo: PD0224 DE VUYST, Hugo: 513B DE WILDT, Gilles R.: PC0307 DE WILDT, Gilles R.: PC0404 DE WIT, P.: PD0792 DE ZALDUONDO, Barbara: PC0494 DE ZOYSA, Isabelle: PC0589 DEASY, Carol A.: PB0886 DEB, B.C.: PD0326 DEBAISIEUX, Laurent: PB0359 DEBERT-RIBEIRO, Myriam: PD0366 DEBIAGGI, Maurizia: PA0296 DEBRE, Marianne M.: PB0472 DEBRE, Patrice: PA0234 DEBRE, Patrice: PB0025 DEBRE, Patrice: 228A DEBRE, Patrice: 500A DEBRE, Patrice: 578A DEBUYSSCHER, Rose: PD0470 DEBUYSSCHER, Rose: 361C DEBUYSSHER, Rose: PC0570 DECAMP, Jean-Michel: PB0833 DECATALOGNE, Jacques: PD0516 DECEAU, Christiane: 151C DECHSIRI, Nutchanart: PD0402 DECLERCQ, Erik: 113A DECLERCQ, Etienne E.: PB0101 DECOURT, Jean-Philippe: PB0833 DEFER, M.: PA0236 DEFERT, Daniel: PD0255 DEFORGES, Lionel: 044B DEGEN, Hans-Joachim: PA0265 DEGIOANNI, Maria: PB0323 DEGIOANNI, Maria: PB0475 DEGIROLAMI, Paola: PB0178 DEGLI ESPOSTI, Maria: PB0210 DEGRAVE, Wim M.: 403B DEGUCHI, Katsumi: PD0062 DEGUCHI, Yoshitaka: PD0679 DEHLINGER, Marjorie: PB0269 DEICHER, H.: PB0306 DEICHMAN, Alexander M.: PA0080 DEIELS, Roger: PC0213 DEININGER, David D.: 319A DEININGER, David D.: 426A DEIPARINE, Rostom C.: PC0527 DEISS, Veronique: PB0009 DEITER, Pamela: PC0179 DEL AMO, Julia: PB0531 DEL BIANCO, Rosana: PD0294 DEL CASTILLO, Marcelo: PBO079 DEL GAUDIO, Elena: PA0037 DEL JUNCO, Jr., Gerard: PB0170 DEL MAESTRO, Annamaria: PDO211 DEL MAESTRO, Annamaria: PD0404 DEL MAESTRO, Annamaria: PD0677 DEL NEGRO, Gilda: PB0446 DEL POETA, Maurizio: 385B DEL PRADO, Ruben F.: PD0328 DEL RE, Valli: PB0125 DEL RIEGO, Amalia A.: PD0121 DEL RIO, Aurora: PB0026 DEL RIO, Aurora: P00024 DEL RIO, Aurora: P00026 DEL RIO, Aurora: P00036 DEL RIO, Aurora: P00037 DEL RIO, Aurora: PC0161 DEL RIO, Aurora: PC0235 DEL RIO, Aurora: PC0394 DEL RIO, Aurora: PD0099 DEL RIO, Aurora: PD0376 DEL RIO, Aurora: 467C DEL RIO, C.: PD0721 DEL RIO, Carlos: PB0341 DEL RIO, Carlos: PB0867 DEL RIO, Carlos: PB0970 DEL RIO, Carlos: PC0243 DEL RIO, Carlos: PC0353 DEL RIO, Carlos: PDO161 DEL RIO, Carlos: PD0165 DEL RIO, Carlos: PD0595 DEL RIO, Carlos: PDO610 DEL RIO, Carlos: PD0663 DEL RIO-CHIRIBOGA, Carlos: PD0716 DEL RIO, Carlos: 028D DEL RIO, Carlos: 206D DEL RIO, Carlos: 429B DEL ROMERO, J.: PB0310 DEL ROMERO, Jorge: PB0540 DEL ROMERO, Jorge: PB0633 DEL ROMERO, Jorge: PC0012 DEL VALLE, Carlos: PB0766 DELAGE, Gilles: PB0453 DELAGNEAU, Jean-Francois: 148B8 DELAMARE, Olivier: PC0211 DELANEY, Stephen: PA0004 DELANEY, Stephen F.: 376A DELAPENHA, Robert: PB0610 DELAPORTE, Eric: PD0591 DELCONTE, Roberto: PD0288 DELEO, Mary-Margaret H.: PB0019 DELESCLUSE, Jacques: PB0252 DELEUZE, Jean: PB0648 DELFANTI, Fanny: PB0659 DELFINI, Carlo: PB0059 DELFRAISSY, Jean F.: PA0343 DELGADO, Fernanda C.: PD0692 DELIA, Salvatore: PA0125 DELIA, Salvatore: PB0556 DELIA, Salvatore: PB0634 DELIMA, R.M.: PD0282 DELLA NEGRA, Marinella: PB0297 DELLA NEGRA, Marinella: PB0799 DELLA NEGRA, Marinella: PB0899 DELLA NEGRA, Marinella: 053B DELLAMONICA, Pierre: PB0786 DELLAMONICA, Pierre: PB0561 DELLAMONICA, Pierre: PB0906 DELLAMONICA, Pierre: PDO111 DELL'ANTONIO, Giacomo: PB0659 DELOSKEY, Richard: 110A DELPECH, Dominique: PB0906 DELUCHI, Gabriel: PB0755 DELUCHI, Gabriel J.: PB0447 DELUOL, Anne-Marie: PB0641 DELWART, Eric L.: 212C DEMAREST, James: 049B DEMAREST, James: 224A DEMARIA, Alfred: PC0578 DEMARIA, Alfred, Jr.: PB0307 DeMARZO, C.: PB0244 DeMARZO, C.: PB0276 DEMEULEMEESTER, Rene: PC0592 DEMEULEMEESTER, Rene: PC0593 DEMISCH, Lothar: PB0098 DEMONTFORT, Laura: PB0217 DENIAUD, Francois: PC0491 DENIS, Francois: PB0543 DENISENKO, Valentin B.: PB0469 DENISOV, Sergey: PA0177 DENISOV, Sergey I.: PA0019 DENISOV, Sergey I.: PA0081 DENISOV, Sergey I.: PA0240 DENISOVA, Svetlana: PA0203 DENISOVA, Svetlana K.: PB0416 DENNIN, Reinhard H.: PB0367 DENNY, Thomas N.: PB0071 DENPO, Kimimaro: PDO405 DEO, Yashwani: 140A DEOGRATIAS, Bizimungu: PB0570 DEORE PATIL, Ashok T.: PD0762 DEPIETRO, Nicola: 557B DEQUAE, Laurence: PB0004 DERANCOURT, Christian: PB0051 DERESINSKI, Stanley: PC0242 DERESINSKI, Stanley C: 433B DEREU, Norbert: PA0316 DEREURE, J.: PB0652 DERKAOUI, Mneiama: 368D DEROUEN, Tim: PB0154 DERRE, M.: PB0672 DERZIC, Stanislava: 085A DES JARLAIS, Don: PC0121 DES JARLAIS, Don: PC0125 DES JARLAIS, Don: PC0470 DES JARLAIS, Don: PC0471 DES JARLAIS, Don: PD0502 DES JARLAIS, Don: 073C DES JARLAIS, Don C.: PC0129 DES JARLAIS, Don C.: PC0210 DES JARLAIS, Don C.: PD0495 DESAI-YAJNIK, Vandana: 402A DESCAMPS, Jean-Michel C.: PB0963 DESCAMPS-LATSCHA, Beatrice: PA0260 DESCAMPS-LATSCHA, Beatrice: PB0602 DESCHAMPS, Marie M.: PB0002 DESCHAMPS, Marie-Marcelle: 459C 251

Page  252 DESGRANGES, Claude: PA0135 DESMOND, Noreen: PB0142 DESMYTER, Jan: PB0363 DESORMEAUX, Julio: PB0681 DESORMEAUX, Julio: PC0183 DESORMEAUX, Julio: PC0540 DESORMEAUX, Julio: 365C DESROSIERS, Ronald: 013A DESROSIERS, Ronald C.: 532A DETEL, R.: PB0102 DETELS, Roger: 060B DETELS, Roger: 163A DETELS, Roger E.: PD0453 DETMER, Jill: 145B DETTIN, Monica: 131A DEUTSCH, John: PB0535 DEUTSCH, Judy: PD0408 DEUTSCH, Reena: PBO200 DEVEAU, Catherine: PC0209 DEVEAU, Christiane: PB0018 DEVEAU, Christiane: P00094 DEVEAU, Christiane: 217C DEVLIN, Bonnie L.: PC0230 DEVREESE, Karin: 113A DEY, Paresh Nath: P00083 DEY, Subir K.: PC0285 DEY, Swapan K.: PBO301 DEY, I.: 346D DEYTON, Lawrence: PC0199 DEYTON, Lawrence R.: PB0269 DEZUBE, Bruce: PB0283 DEZUBE, Bruce J.: PB0285 DHANAM, Mahadevan, M.: PD0463 DHARPIADHIKAR, Vasant S.: PD0753 DHARPIADHIKARY, Vasubha: PD0753 DHIRATAYAKINANT, Kratyudth: PD0720 DHIVER, Catherine: PB0637 DHUNGANA, Ranga R.: PC0445 DHURAT, Rachita S.: PC0555 DI BELLO, Carlo: 131A DI CARO, Antonino: PB0059 DI FINE, Matteo: PB0709 DI GENIO, Massimo: PB0210 DI GIAMMARTINO, Dante: PBO0173 DI LONARDO, M.: PB0704 DI LORENZO, Angela: PC0606 DI MACCO, Erasmo: PB0361 DI MARCO, Paola: PA0297 DI RISIO, C.: PB0646 DI SORA, F.: PB0059 DI STEFNO, Giuseppe O.G.: PB0296 DIABY, Lacina: PC0195 DIABY, Lacina: 218C DIALLO, Fatoumata: PC0450 DIALLO, Saidou: PB0702 DIAMOND, Milton: PD0545 DIANZANI, F.: PA0297 DIANZANI, F.: PA0334 DIANZANI, Ferdinando: PA0284 DIAS, Francisco: PAO151 DIAS, H.C.: PC0236 DIAS, Marilia: PB0578 DIAS, Marilia D.: PB0698 DIAW, Ibnou: 4978B DIAW, R. A.: PB0055 DIAZ BRITO, Alma: PB0758 DIAZ, Arnoldo: PD0321 DIAZ, Arnoldo: PD0347 DIAZ, Arnoldo: PD0428 DIAZ, Arnoldo: 567D DIAZ, Carmen M.: PD0537 DIAZ, Clemente: 267B DIAZ, Clemente M.D.: 269B DIAZ, H6ctor T.: PA0197 DIAZ, H6ctor T.: PB0384 DIAZ, Marbella: PD0663 DIAZ, Maria D.: PB0614 DIAZ, Theresa: PC0173 DICKERSON, Chester R.: PB0795 DICKERSON, Mattie: PB0690 DICKINSON, Anthony J.: PC0384 DICLEMENTE, Ralph J.: 473D DIENG, Adama: 205D DIETRICH, M.: PA0075 DIETRICH, Ursula: 212C DIETZ, Klaus: PC0255 DIEZ, F.: PB0803 DIEZ, Felipe: PC0109 DIEZ, Felipe: PC0184 DIEZ, Felipe: PC0338 DIEZ-MANGLANO, Jesus: PB0715 DIGBEU, Hippolyte: 104C DIKOV, Ivan: PB0003 DILLARD-SMITH, Carla: PD0659 DILLON, Beth: 518B/D DILLON, Beth A.: PD0368 DIMETZ, Trude: PB0807 DIMIAN, Caroline O.: PB0623 DIMITROV, Dimiter S.: 015A DIOMANDE, Carol: PD0688 DIOMIDIS, Marianna: PD0178 DIOP, Therese M.: PB0702 DIOUF, G: PB0055 DIOUF, Boucar: PB0702 DIOUF, Georges: PA0128 DIOUF, Georges: PB0027 DISTLER, Oliver: PA0004 DITTMER, Ulf: PA0217 DIVEKAR, Anand: 448D DIVEKAR, Anand D.: PC0290 DIVEKAR, Anand D.: PC0351 DIZ, Dios: PB0149 DJADJI, E.: PB0741 DJAFRI, Nadia: PD0233 DJAFRI, Nadia: PD0371 DJAFRI, Nadia: 280D DJAUZI, Samsuridjal: PD0596 DJIENA, A.: PD0586 DJIENA, A.: PD0712 DJUMOI, T.: PD0612 DOBIS, Linda L.: PB0151 DODI, Francesco: PC0597 DOGANOVA, I.: PBO003 DOGORE, Elaine: PD0688 DOI, Hirofumi: PA0063 DOI, Hirofumi: PA0218 DOI, R.: PDOO65 DOI, Rikuo: PDO108 DOI, Rikuo: PD0539 DOI, Rikuo: PD0678 DOI, Rikuo: PD0696 DOLAN, Kate A.: PD0524 DOLEI, Antonina: PA0010 DOLEI, Antonina: PA0018 DOLEI, Antonina: PA0099 DOLEI, Antonina: 017A DOLL, Lynda S.: PD0157 DOLLINGER, Robert: PD0534 DOLMONT, Doninique: PAO109 DOLROSE MARY, V.: PD0192 DOLS, Cynthia L.: PB0654 DOMINGO, Jose Luis: PB0022 DOMINGO, Pedro: PB0088 DOMINGO, Pedro: PB0769 DOMINGO, Pere: PB0630 DOMINGUES, Andre: PC0193 DOMINGUES, Carmen B.: P00030 DOMINGUES, Carmen B.: PC0191 DOMINGUES, Carmen S.: P00031 DOMINGUES, Zilfa: PD0245 DOMINGUEZ, Cynthia: PD0445 DOMINGUEZ, Cynthia E.: PD0298 DOMINGUEZ, Cynthia E.: PD0458 DOMINGUEZ, Maria C.: PA0371 DOMSCHKE, Wolfram: PA0272 DOMSCHKE, Wolfram: PB0053 DOMSCHKE, Wolfram: PB0282 DONALD, Ken: PD0046 DONALD, Kirsten: PB0961 DONATSCH, Peter: PA0293 DONDERO, Francesco: PCO107 DONET MANTILLA, Rina: PD0175 DONG, Tao: PA0225 DONINI, Stefano: PB0947 DONINI, Stefano: 095D DONISI, Alessandra: PB0256 DONNAY, Gabrielle: PD0759 DONNELLY, Anne: 444D DONNINI, Roberto: 048B DONOGHOE, Martin C.: PD0501 DONOVAN, Catherine A.: PC0438 DONOVAN, Richard M.: PB0099 DOORNINCK, Maarten van: 559C DOPPAGNE, Alain: PD0289 029D DORE, Gregory J.: PB0653 DOROANA, Manuela: PB0119 DOUVAS, Angeline: PAO211 DOUVAS, Angeline: PC0208 DOVE, Stephen B.: PB0164 DOWD, Pauline S.: 059B DOWLING-GUYER, Seana: PD0791 DOWNING, Robert G.: PAO159 DOWNS, Angela M.: PC0254 DOWSETT, Gary W.: PD0772 DOYLE, Bernadette: PC0438 DRAGOMIR, Cristiana: PB0545 DREYFUS, Francois: PB0804 DRIVER, Mary: PB0284 DROBACHEFF, Christine: PB0051 DROTMAN, D. Peter: PB0106 DROTMAN, Peter: PC0349 DRUCKER, Ernest: PD0170 DRUETT, Julie: 232B DRUMMOND, Michael: 030D DU PLESSIS, Peter: PD0384 DUAN, Lingxun: PAO350 DUAN, Rongshu: PB0880 DUAN, Song: P00066 DUAN, Song: 042C DUAN, Yi J: P00066 DUAN, Yi J.: 042C DUANGSA, Dusit: PD0632 DUANGSA, Usa: PD0632 DUARTE, Alberto J.S.: PA0152 DUARTE, Alberto J.S.: PA0366 DUARTE, Andrea V.I.: PDOOO8 DUARTE, Carlos: PA0371 DUARTE, Geraldo: PB0440 DUARTE, Geraldo: PB0449 DUARTE, Geraldo: PC0160 DUARTE, Geraldo: PD0797 DUARTE, Nelson: PB0119 DUBE, Michael: PD0392 DUBED, Marta E.: PA0197 DUBEY, Virendra K.R.: PD0617 DUBOIS, Daniel: 122C DUBOIS, Francoise: PB0063 DUBREUIL, Marie-Laure: 044B DUBROVSKY, Larisa: 086A DUCA, Mihai C.: PC0017 DUCHOVNIKOVA, Todora A.: PB0003 DUCOS, Jos: PC0323 DUCOT, B6atrice: PD0690 DUDORET, Nathalie: PB0887 DUERR, Ann: 288B DUERR, Ann: 460C DUERR, Ann C.: 105C DUFLON, Wende: PD0113 DUFOUR, Daniel: PB0083 DUFRESNE, Guillaume: PA0228 DUJARDIN, P.: PB0652 DUKE, Jodie: 110A DULIOUST, Anne: PA0343 DUMITRESCU, Ovidui: 527A DUMRONGGITTIGULE, Pacharin: PD0341 DUMON, H.: PB0652 DUNAIS, Brigitte: PD0111 DUNBAR, Nicole: 232B DUNCAN, lan B.: 515B DUNCOMBE, Chris: PA0295 DUNLOP, David: 439D DORMONT, D.: 194A DORMONT, D.: 265B DORMONT, Dominique: DORMONT, Dominique: DORMONT, Dominique: DORMONT, Dominique: DORMONT, Dominique: DORMONT, Dominique: DORMONT, Dominique: PA0062 PA0096 PA0134 PA0260 PB0843 140A 528A DORRUCCI, Maria: PC00007 DOS SANTOS, Valdileia GV.: PA0209 DOSS, Robert C.: PB0388 DOUGLAS, John: 301C DOUGLAS, Steven D.: PA0292 DOULHOUROU, Coulibaly: 260C DOURADO, Ines: PC0213 DOURMISHEV, Assen L.: PC0435 DOUSSET, Brigitte: PA0123 DOUSSET, Brigitte: PB0063 252

Page  253 DUNN, David: 393C DUPERVAL, Raymond: 556B DUPON, Michel: PA0269 DUPON, Michel: PB0800 DUPON, Michel: 155C DUPONT, Bertrand: PB0216 DUPONT, Bertrand: PB0258 DUPONT, Bertrand: PB0805 DUPOUY-CAMET, Jean: PB0631 DUPOUY-CAMET, Jean: PB0639 DUPRAT, Elina: PD0014 DURAN, Betty E.S.: 189D DURAN, Richard: PC0478 DURAND, J.: PB0836 DURAND, Jean-Paul: PAO170 DURANT, Jacques: PB0786 DURFEE, Michael J.: PB0443 DUROVNI, Betina: PD0241 DUSCHET, Peter: PB0052 DUTT, Sunil: PD0628 DUTTA, Champa: PD0112 DWYER, J.: 088A DWYER, John: PB0286 DWYER, John M.: PB0043 DWYER, John M.: PB0288 DWYER, Maureen D.: 319A DZIERBICKI, Andrzej: PB0303 D'AGOSTINO, Federica: PA0120 D'AGOSTINO, Solangela: PC0108 D'ALESSANDRO, Antonio: 575D D'ALIA, Giuseppe: PB0078 D'ALLESANDRO, Daniel J.: PC0321 D'ALOIA, Elvira: PB0210 D'ANDREA, Cristina: PD0277 D'ARMINIO MONFORTE, Antonella: 334B D'AVANZO, Vittoria: PD0221 D'IVERNOIS, Christophe: PBO800 D'MELLO, Leela C.: PC0387 D'OFFIZI, Gianpiero: PA0289 D'OFFIZI, Gianpiero: PB0254 D'OFFIZI, Gianpiero: PCO107 D'OSTILIO, Annamaria: PC0203 D'ROZARIO, John M.: PD0297 EASTERBROOK, Philippa: PB0265 EASTERBROOK, Philippa: PC0198 EASTERBROOK, Philippa J.: 008C EASTMAN, P. Scott: 375A EASTWOOD, Elizabeth A.: PD0656 EBERLE, J.: PA0079 ECHANIZ, Pilar: PA0115 ECKHOLDT, Haftan M.: PDOO60 ECONOMIDOU, I.: 481A ECONOMIDOU, loanna: PB0005 ECONOMIDOU, loanna: PB0039 EDA, Yasuyuki: PA0363 EDAKUNI, Y.: PD0088 EDELMANN, Frederic: PD0233 EDELMANN, Frederic: PD0371 EDELMANN, Frederic: PD0420 EDELWEISS, Maria: PB0607 EDELWEISS, Maria L.: PB0525 EDO, Sergio: PC0145 EDWARDS, Stephan: PB0049 EFFLER, Paul V.: PB051 1 EFFLER, Paul V.: 037C EFREMOVA, Elena V.: PB0428 EFREMOVA, Elena V.: PA0212 EGEA, Jose Manuel: PC0135 EGEA, Jose Manuel: PC0136 EGEA, Jose Manuel: PC0137 EGEA, Jose Manuel: PC0138 EGGAN, Ferd: PD0392 EGGER, Matthias: PC0215 EGGER, Matthias: 011C EGGER, Matthias: 362C EGGERS, Hans J.: PAOO75 EHOUMAN, Armand: PB0352 EHRESMANN, Glenn: PC0208 EIAMTRAKUL, Sakol: PC0251 EIBL, Martha: PB0305 EIBL, Martha: 161B EICHBERG, Jorg W.: 248A EICHMANN, Alfred: PC0483 EID LIDT, Guering: PB0758 EID-LIDT, Guering: PB0177 EID-LIDT, Guering: PB0260 EID-LIDT, Guering: PB0273 EID-LIDT, Guering: PB0768 EID-LIDT, Guering: PB0796 EID-LIDT, Guering: PB0909 EIGER, Rob: PD0688 EISDORFER, Carl: PB0208 EIUMTRAKOL, Sakol: P00072 EIUMTRAKOL, Sakol: 038C EIUMTRAKUL, Sakol: PC0104 EIUMTRAKUL, Sakol: 032D EKPINI, Ehounou: PC0195 EKPINI, Ehounou: 218C EKSTERMAN, L.: PD0620 EKSTRAND, Maria: PDO351 EKSTRAND, Maria: PD0555 EL AMRANI, Mohamed: PB0217 EL AMRI, Mounir: 449D EL BERNOUSSI, Souad: 368D EL HACHEM, May: PB0479 EL HAKEM, Maya: PB0463 EL MOSULY, Sinda: PC0282 EL MRINI, Tariq: PB0051 ELALI, Habib: 347D ELBAZ, Gilbert: PD0193 ELBEIK, Tarek: 007C ELIA, L.: PB0462 ELIA, Luigi: PB0933 ELIAS, Christopher: PC0413 ELIAS, Christopher: SS6 ELIASZEWICZ, Muriel: PB0805 ELIZEBETH: PC0370 ELKERDAWI, Mohamed M.: PD0279 ELKINS, David B.: 119D ELLA, M.: PD0470 ELLA, M.: 361C ELLERBROCK, Tedd: 082B ELLERBROCK, Tedd V.: 082B ELLIOT, A.M.: PB0667 ELLIOTT, Cathy A.: 276B/D ELLNER, J.J.: PC0344 ELLNER, Jerrold J.: 4068 ELOVAARA, Irina: 546A ELSWOOD, Blaine: P80295 ELWELL, Michael R.: PB0259 EL-BASSEL, Nabila: 464C EL-FARRASH, Mohamed: PA0104 EL-FARRASH, Mohamed A.: PA0339 EL-FAWAL, Kamal: PD0485 EL-SADR, W.: PB0609 EL-SADR, Wafaa: PB0690 EL-SADR, Wafaa: PB0865 EL-SADR, Wafaa: PB0956 EL-SADR, Wafaa: PD0256 EL-SADR, Wafaa: 436B EL-SADR, Wafaa: 562C EME, Denise: 1578B EMELIANOV, Boris A.: PA0221 EMELIANOV, Boris A.: PB0020 EMELJANOV, Aleksandr V.: 126C EMERY, Vincent: 523A EMINI, Emilio A.: PA0373 EMLER, Stefan: PB0711 EMSLIE, John: PC00006 EMSLIE, John: PD0526 EMSLIE, John: 463C ENDERT, Erik: PA0276 ENDO, Chikara: 461C ENDO, Yasuyuki: PB0302 ENGELMAJER, Lucien: PB0275 ENGELMAJER, Lucien: PD0489 ENGELSON, Ellen S.: PB0900 ENGLISH, Laura: 003B ENNIS, F.A.: PA0378 ENOMOTO, Hiroshi: PA0299 ENRIQUEZ, Ana: PB0182 ENSOLI, Barbara: PA0354 ENSOLI, Barbara: 349A ENZENSBERGER, Ruxandra: PB0098 ENZENSBERGER, Wolfgang: PB0098 EPSTEIN, Jay S.: 579A EPSTEIN, Paul: PB0307 EPSTEIN, William L.: PB0295 ERFLE, Volker: 161B ERFLE, Volker: 351A ERICKSON-VIITANEN, Susan K.: 320A ERIGUCHI, Masazumi: PDOO70 ERIKSSON, Kristina: PA0207 ERIKSSON, Lars: PB0287 ERINA, Lily: PD0132 ERMAK, Tatiana N.: PB0781 ERRANTE, Domenico: PB0126 ERRANTE, Domenico: P80136 ERRANTE, Domenico: PB0143 ERRANTE, Domenico: PB0332 ERRANTE, Domenico: PD0277 ERRANTE, Isabella: PB0686 ERYLOV, A.: PB0428 ESCALANTE, Ana Luisa: 522B/D ESCANDE, Jean-Paul: PB0184 ESCRIOU, Nicolas: 249A ESHETE, Hailegnaw: PC0511 ESKES, Nora: PB0349 ESPEJO, Antonio S.: PDOO16 ESPINAL, Marcos A.: PC0174 ESPINOSA, Rogelio: PB0176 ESPINOSA, Rogelio F.: PB0643 ESPINOZA, Luis: PB0521 ESPINOZA, Miguel A: PC0342 ESPOSITO, C.: PD0283 ESSEX, Max: PA0078 ESSEX, Max: PB0015 ESSEX, Max: 018A ESSEX, Max E.: PC0050 ESSEX, Max E.: 144A ESSEX, Max E.: 456A ESSEX, Myron: PA0084 ESSEX, Myron: 014A ESSEX, Myron E.: 141A ESTABLE, Mario: 354A ESTE, Jos6 A.: PA0283 ESTEBAN, Angel: PB0844 ESTEBANEZ, Pilar: PD0473 ESTEY, Jacqueline D.: PC0292 ESTOK, Lois: PB0625 ESTRADA Y MARTIN, Rosa: PB0033 ESTRADA Y MARTIN, Rosa M.: PB0636 ESTRIN, Boris M.: PDO251 ESU-WILLIAMS, Eka E.: PD0465 ESU-WILLIAMS, Eka E.: 205D ETCHEPARE, Christine: PD0346 ETKIND, Paul: PC0578 ETOH, Shigeo: P00063 EVANS, C.J.: PB0386 EVANS, Dwight L.: PB0209 EVANS, Louise: PA0004 EVANS, Louise: 376A EVATT, Bruce: 329C EVEN, Philippe: PB0298 EVERETT, Katherine: 469D EVERS, Michel: PA0316 EWALD, Ulla: PB0519 EXCLER, Jean-Louis: 315A EYER-SILVA, Walter A.: P00028 EZE, Eze E.: PD0033 F. SIQUEIRA, Vera Helena: PD0756 FAATZ, Elke W.: PB0395 FABRE, Chris: PB0164 FABRY, Jessica A.: PB0311 FACIN, Andrea C.: PC0583 FAESSLER, Alex: PA0327 FAHEY, John L.: 085A FAHIM, Ziaullah: PD0059 FAIGLE, Markus: PD0195 FAIRON, Yvette: PB0321 FAIS, Stefano: PA0284 FAIS, Stefano: 127A FAJANS, Peter: PC0624 FAJANS, Peter: PD0444 FAJANS, Peter: PD0476 FAJARDO, Ramon V.: PC0421 FALCHI DELITALA, Nicolo': PB0210 FALCIANO, Mario: PB0075 FALCIANO, Mario: PC0105 FALCIANO, Mario: PC0106 FALCIANO, Mario: PC0139 FALCIANO, Mario: PC0486 FALCONE, Valeria: PA0010 FALCONE, Valeria: PAOO18 FALCONE, Valeria: PAO099 FALLER, Jean-Pierre: PB0193 FALLOV, Joel: PD0418 FAMILIA, Domingo: PC0323 FAN, Jiang: 085A FAN, Kejun: PB0358 253

Page  254 FANDINHO, Fatima: PB0662 FANDINO, Juanita H.: PD0067 FANG, Chyang: PB0339 FANG, Chyang T.: PB0385 FANG, Jing: PA0233 FANNING, Mary: 5568B FANNING, Thomas: PC0153 FANTI, Maria P.: PB0179 FANTONI, Antonio: 245A FARA, Gaetano M.: PC0487 FARAG, Amany B.: PC0054 FARAG, Amany B.: PC0143 FARAG, Amany B.: PC0331 FARAG, Amany B.: PC0519 FARAG, Amany B.: PD0279 FARAG, Amany B.: PD0603 FARAJ. Abdesslem: 112A FARALDI, Leandro: PC0010 FARCHI, Gino: P00011 FARINELLI, Rosana F.: PC0538 FARINELLI, Rosana F.: PD0234 FARINOTTI, Robert: PB0617 FARLINGER, Brian: PD0174 FARZADEGAN, H: 225A FARZADEGAN, Homayoon: PA0089 FARZADEGAN, Homayoon: PB0040 FARZADEGAN, Homayoon: PB0102 FARZADEGAN, Homayoon: 126C FASAN, M.: PB0132 FAST, Patricia: 314A FAST, Patricia: 317A FAST, Patricia E.: 313A FATTAH Abdul: PD0071 FAUCHE, Nathalie: PB0860 FAUCHER, Jean-Marie: PD0233 FAUCHER, Jean-Marie: PD0371 FAUCHER, Jean-Marie: 280D FAUCI, Anthony S.: PS2 FAUCI, Anthony S.: 001B FAUCI, Anthony S.: 0498B FAUCI, Anthony S.: 087A FAUCI, Anthony S.: 224A FAUGIER, Jean M.: PD0794 FAULHABER, Marcelo H.W.: PB0809 FAUST, J.: PA0103 FAUVEL, Micheline: PB0453 FAUVEL, Micheline: 074C FAVRE, Christine: PC0005 FAY, Oscar: PB0351 FAY, Oscar: PB0544 FAY, Oscar: PC0034 FAY, Oscar H.: PB0096 FAY, Oscar H.: PC0222 FAY, Oscar H.: PC0249 FAY, Oscar H.: PC0396 FAYE, Albert: PD0353 FAYE, Maine Awa: PD0212 FAYE, Mane: PA0128 FAZIO, Annunziata: PD0719 FDEZ-ARANGUIZ, A.: PB0023 FEARON, Margaret: PB0438 FEARON, Margaret: PC0619 FEARON, Margaret: 465C FEASTER, Dan: PB0208 FEASTER, Daniel: PB0938 FEBO, Irma: 267B FEDELE, Cesare Giovanni: PB0125 FEDELE, Paola: PB0332 FEDERICO, M.: 245A FEDERMAN, Micheline: PB0178 FEDEROV, Ivan: PB0822 FEDYUK, Nina V.: PA0320 FEE, Nancy: PD0199 FEE, Nancy: 470D FEGAN, Greg: 393C FEICHTINGER, Hans: 043B FEIL, Denise: PD0123 FEINBERG, Mark B.: 007C FELBER, Barbara: 351A FELBER, Barbara: 353A FELDMAN, Ira: PC0279 FELICE, Jody A.: PB0922 FELIPE, Lucia: PD0655 FELIX, Benoit: PD0571 FELLER, Edward: PB0486 FELLIZAR, Irene: 474D FELTZ VAN DER, Machteld: PA0032 FENAUGHTY, Andrea: PB0072 FENAUGHTY, Andrea: PD0511 FENAUGHTY, Andrea: 300D FENNELL, Reginald: PD0535 FENOUILLET, Emmanuel: PA0222 FENOUILLET, Emmanuel: PA0332 FENTON, Terence.: 269B FERCHAL, Francoise: 044B FEREGRINO, Manuel: PB0146 FEREGRINO-GOYOS, Manuel: PB0177 FEREGRINO-GOYOS, Manuel: PB0260 FEREGRINO-GOYOS, Manuel: PB0273 FEREGRINO-GOYOS, Manuel: PB0758 FEREGRINO-GOYOS, Manuel: PB0768 FEREGRINO-GOYOS, Manuel: PB0796 FEREGRINO-GOYOS, Manuel: PB0909 FEREZ, Maria Celia: PB0449 FERNANDES, Carmen: PD0767 FERNANDES, Joao C.: PD0774 FERNANDES, M.E.L.: PB0494 FERNANDES, M.E.L.: PC0354 FERNANDES, Maria: PC0501 FERNANDES, Maria Eugenia: PC0499 FERNANDES, Maria Eugenia: PC0590 FERNANDES, Maria Eugenia L.: PD0448 FERNANDES, Maria L.: PB0496 FERNANDES, Rufino J.O.F.: PC0212 FERNANDEZ DIFRANCO, Gabriela: PC0118 FERNANDEZ QUINTI, Daniel: PD0189 FERNANDEZ, Eduardo: PB0096 FERNANDEZ, Eduardo: PB0544 FERNANDEZ, Eduardo: PC0222 FERNANDEZ, Eduardo R.: P00034 FERNANDEZ, Eduardo R.: PC0249 FERNANDEZ, Eduardo R.: PC0396 FERNANDEZ, Feijoo J: PB0149 FERNANDEZ, I.: PC0185 FERNANDEZ, Juan J.: PB0550 FERNANDEZ, Osvaldo R.L.: PD0498 FERNANDEZ, Pedro: PC0184 FERNANDEZ-CRUZ, Arturo: PB0230 FERNANDEZ-CRUZ, Eduardo: PB0095 FERNANDEZ-CRUZ, Eduardo: 059B FERNANDEZ-CRUZ, Eduardo: 501A FERNANDO, Dallas F.S.: PC0287 FERNANDO, Grace F.: PD0067 FERRAN, Sanchez: PB0722 FERRANTE, Pasquale: PC0597 FERRARA, Rosa: PB0254 FERRARI, Guilherme: PB0656 FERRARI, Isabelle: 091D FERRARIO, Giulio: PA0114 FERRARO, Vincenzo: PB0733 FERRARY, Beatriz: PC0236 FERRAZOLI, Lucilaine: PB0684 FERRAZOLI, Lucilaine: 554B FERRE, Francois: PA0036 FERREIRA, Alicia D.: PDO135 FERREIRA, Ana: PC0223 FERREIRA, Ana: PC0355 FERREIRA, Ana C.: PD0315 FERREIRA, Francisca: PD0483 FERREIRA, Francisca: 3480D FERREIRA, Goncalves: PB0206 FERREIRA, Jair: PB0402 FERREIRA, Jair: PC0236 FERREIRA, Jair: PC0237 FERREIRA, Jose Antonio S.: FESSEHAYE, Tadesse: P00046 FEUILLIE, Vincent: PB0258 FEUJOO, J.F.: PB0149 FEZZI, Mario: 575D FICHTNER, Ronald: 533A FICHTNER, Ronald R.: PC0536 FIELD, Andrew: PB0653 FIELD, K.: 316A FIELD, Robert: PA0377 FIGUEIREDO, Gerusa M.: PC0212 FIGUEIREDO, Marco AC: PD0797 FIGUEIREDO, P.: PB0696 FIGUEROA, J. Peter: PC0495 FIGUEROA, J. Peter: PC0574 FIGUEROA, J. Peter: PC0582 FIGUEROA, J. Peter: PD0307 FIGUEROA, John Peter: PD0098 FIGUEROA, Ricardo: PB0176 FIGUEROA, Ricardo: PB0643 FILELLA, Xavier: PB0061 FILETTI, Mauro: PC0145 FILGUEIRAS, Ana: PS21 FILICE, Carlo: 052B FILICE, Gaetano: PA0296 FINAZZI, Maria Grazia: PB0931 FINAZZI, Renato: PB0659 FINAZZI, Renato: PB0908 FINCANCIOGLU, Nuray: 547D FINI, Ivan G.: PB0494 FINI, Ivan G.: PB0496 FINI, Ivan G.: PC0590 FINLAYSON, R.: PA0295 FIORELLI, Gemino: PB0770 FIORI, Giovanni Paolo: PA0114 FIROUZI, Reza: PA0346 FIROUZI, Reza: PC0157 FISBERG, Mauro: PB0899 FISCHER, Peter-Axel: PB0098 FISCHL, Margaret A.: PB0521 FISH, David: 100B/D FISH, Douglas G.: PB0654 FISHBEIN, Martin: PC0479 FISHBEIN, Martin: PC0536 FISHER, Dennis: PC0477 FISHER, Dennis: PD0502 FISHER, Dennis G.: PB0072 FISHER, Dennis G.: PD0504 FISHER, Dennis G.: PD0505 FISHER, Dennis G.: PD0511 FISHER, Dennis G.: PD0791 FISHER, Dennis G.: 300D FISHER, Diane J.: PC0242 FISHER, Lloyd D.: 1798 FITCH, Kathryn: 273B/D FITENI-MERA, Isabel: PB0715 FITZPATRICK, Paul: PA0105 FLAM, Robin: PB0865 FLAM, Robin: PB0956 FLANIGAN, Timothy: PB0486 FLANIGAN, Timothy: PB0535 FLANIGAN, Timothy: PC0175 FLANIGAN, Timothy: 342B/D FLASTER, Nestor H.: PB0734 FLEERACKERS, Yon: PD0224 FLEERACKERS, Yon: PD0276 FLEMING, David W.: PC0463 FLEMING, Patricia: PC0126 FLEMING, Patricia: 264C PB0412 FERREIRA, FERREIRA, FERREIRA, FERREIRA, FERREIRA, FERREIRA, FERREIRA, FERREIRA, FERREIRA, FERREIRA, Luiz A.: PC0238 Luiz A.: PC0434 Luiz Alberto: PB0412 M.Odette S.: PC0014 M.Odete S.: PB0008 Margarete P.: PC0500 Marina M.: P00099 Marina M.: PC0498 O.: PC0278 Sonia: PB0162 FERREIRA, Sonia: PB0459 FERREIRA, Sonia S.: PB0458 FERREIRA, Sonia S.: PD0570 FERREIRA, Vanja Eessa.: PD0241 FERREIRA Jr., Orlando: PB0257 FERREIROS, Carlos: PC0501 FERRER, Concepcion: PB0776 FERRI, Fabrizio: PB0685 FERRI, Harina: PB0479 FERRI, M.: PB0463 FERRI, Marina: PB0933 FERRIERE, Francoise: PB0912 FERRUA, Bernard: PB0836 FERRY, Benoit: PD0290 FESEN, M.: 5148B 254

Page  255 FLEMING, Patricia L.: PC0325 FLEMING, Patricia L.: PC0401 FLEPP, Markus: PBO710 FLERAS, Jomar: PD0634 FLERAS, Jomar B.: PDOOO5 FLETCHER, Courtney: PB0473 FLETCHER, Mary A.: PB0938 FLETCHER, Maryann: PB0021 FLETCHER, Maryann: PB0775 FLETCHER, Maryann: PC0178 FLETCHER, Peter: PC0242 FLEURY, Beatrice: 315A FLEURY, Laurent: PB0963 FLEURY, Nair P.: PD0440 FLORENCE, Hercules: PD0623 FLORES, E.: PB0114 FLORES, E.: PB0115 FLORES, Juan: PD0492 FLORES, Luis: PB0636 FLORES, Luis E.: PB0033 FLORES, Luis E.: PC0342 FLORES, M.: 429B FLORES, Rey D.: 553B FLORES, Reynaldo D.: PB0657 FLOREY, Mary: 197A FLORIDIA, Marco: PB0198 FLORIDIA, Marco: PB0271 FLORIDIA, Marco: PC0240 FLORIN, Zuguh E: PB0545 FLOURY, Delphine: 098B/D FLYNN, Neil: PC0468 FLYNN, Neil M.: PD0500 FLYNN, Neil M.: PDO510 FOCACCIA, Maria T.: PB0319 FOCACCIA, Roberto: PB0319 FOFANAH, Mayilah F.: PC0319 FOFANAH, Mayilla: PDOOO3 FOLDS, James D.: PB0209 FOLEY, Jill: 564C FOLGADO, J.: PB0949 FOLGORI, Filippo: PB0516 FOLGOSA, Elena: PB0502 FOLKMAN, Susan: PB0966 FOLLEZOU, J. Y.: PA0236 FOMIN, Juriy: PB0470 FOMIN, Juriy A.: PB0328 FOMIN, Juriy A.: PB0466 FOMINA, Marina J.: PB0466 FONDACARO, Alfredo: PB0774 FONDACARO, Alfredo: PB0825 FONG, Donna M.: PB0311 FONG, I. W.: PB0144 FONG, Ignatius: 160B FOUMENA, Jean Claude: PB0944 FONSECA, Angela M.: PC0406 FONSECA, Angelica: PD0774 FONSECA, Claudia M.: PD0130 FONSECA, E.: PD0472 FONSECA, Isabel V.T.: PB0526 FONSECA, Julio: PC0356 FONSECA, Ronan: PB0458 FONSECA, Ronan: PB0459 FONT, Bernat: PB0676 FONTENAY, Franck: PB0857 FONTENAY, Franck: PB0859 FONTENAY, Franck: P60862 FONTENAY, Franck: PC0446 FORA, Roberto: PC0103 FORA, Roberto: PC0146 FORBES, Jack: PD0257 FORBES, Jack: PD0258 FORD, Kathleen: PD0476 FORD, Kathy: PC0624 FORD, Kathy: PD0444 FORD, Wesley L: PC0128 FORD, Wesley L.: PC0102 FORD, Wesley L.: PC0560 FORE, Ami J.: PC0256 FORINA, Matulessy: PB0917 FORINA, Pattiradjawane M.: PD0766 FORNAZIERI, Maria Estela: PB0485 FORNI, Gianluca: PB0324 FORNO, Brunella: PA0278 FORREST, Bruce: 318A FORREST, Bruce D.: PA0375 FORSTER, Greta E.: PB0531 FORSYTHE, Steven: PD0643 FORSYTHE, Steven S.: 026D FORTE, Miguel: PB0119 FORTE, Miguel Augusto: PB0522 FORTE, Pietro: 245A FOSTER, Serene: 008C FOUDA, N.: 361C FOUILLOUX, Monique: PD0421 FOUMENA ABADA, Jean Claude: PC0570 FOURNIER, Fabienne: PB0250 FOURNIER, Fabienne: PB0330 FOURTILLAN, Jean: PB0833 FOWLER, David: 440D FOWLER, Marshall C.: 272B/D FOWLER, Mary Glenn: 268B FOX, Emile: PC0292 FOX, Laurie: PD0449 FOX, Lawrence M.: 087A FOY, Hjordis: 216C FRAGOLA, Vincenzo: PB0271 FRALICK, Richard A.: PB0318 FRANALES-BELASIO, E.: PA0289 FRANCA, Isabel: PB0743 FRANCA, Isabel: PB0746 FRANCA, Isabel E.: PB0743 FRANCABANDIERA, Eliete: PD0623 FRANCESCHI, Silvia: PB0126 FRANCESCHI, Silvia: PB0127 FRANCESCHI, Silvia: PC00002 FRANCESCHI, Silvia: PC0234 FRANCHI, M.: PB0590 FRANCHI, M.: PB0534 FRANCHI, Maria D: PB0603 FRANCHINI, Genoveffa: 247A FRANCIS, Donald P.: 314A FRANCK, Nathalie: PB0184 FRANCK, Nathalie: PB0648 FRANCO, Eduardo: 074C FRANCO, Gustavo: PB0550 FRANCO, Lori: 007B FRANCO, Luiz: PC0603 FRANCO-ALCALDE, Luis: PB0715 FRANK, John: PC0204 FRANKEL, Michael R.: PB0194 FRANKLIN, Barbara A.K.: 031D FRANKLIN, Charles: PD0104 FRANSEN, Katrien: PB0359 FRANSEN, Katrien: PB0363 FRANSEN, Katrien: 215C FRANSEN, Katrien: 382A FRANSEN, L.: PD0092 FRANSEN, Lieve: PC0398 FRANSEN, Lieve: PC0545 FRANSEN, Lieve: PD0612 FRANSEN, Lieve: 366C FRANSEN, Lieve: 547D FRANZETTI, Fabio: PB0554 FRANZIN, Laura: PB0569 FRATI, Annarosa: PC0447 FRAZIER, Roderick: PB0170 FRAZIER, Roderick: PB0730 FRAZIER, Roderick: 286B FREDERICK, Winston: PB0714 FREDERICK, Winston R.: PB0610 FREDERIKSEN, Dennis: PD0393 FREDMAN, Pam: PA0207 FREEBODY, Jeanne: PDO104 FREEDMAN, J.: 160B FREEDMAN, John J.: PA0237 FREELS, S.: PC0129 FREEMAN, Kathleen: PA0285 FREIMUTH, William W.: 512B FREITAS, Jurema: P00099 FREITAS, Jurema: PC0498 FREITAS, Leticia: PC0190 FREITAS, Leticia: PC0500 FREITAS, Leticia: PD0742 FREITAS, Wania: PB0573 FREMONT, Sophie: PB0905 FRENCH, Carolyn: PB0019 FRENCH, Judy: PDOO85 FRENCKEN, Henk: PC0404 FRENKL, Tatjana: PB0362 FRERICHS, Ralph R.: PB0349 FREUND, Hans-Joachim: PB0199 FREY, Susan: 524A FREY, Susan C.: 455A FREY-WETTSTEIN, Manuel: PC0376 FREZZA, Pino: PA0360 FRICKE, William: 329C FRIEDBERG, Abbe: 046B FRIEDLAND, Gerald H.: PD0519 FRIEDLAND, Gerald H.: 336B FRIEDLAND, Gerald H.: 428B FRIEDMAN, Harvey M.: PAO108 FRIEDMAN, Samuel R.: PC0470 FRIEDMAN, Samuel R.: PD0495 FRIEDMAN, Samuel R.: 073C FRIEDMANN, Patricia: PCO121 FRIEDMANN, Patricia: PC0125 FRIEDMANN, Patricia: PC0471 FRIEDRICH, R.: PC0236 FRIEL, Patrick: PC0491 FRIEL, Patrick G.: 477C FRIGERIO, Daniela: PB0612 FRIGHETTO, Roberta: 095D FRISSEN, Jos: 059B FROESNER, Gert: PC0602 FROLOV, Arkadiy: PAO077 FROLOVA, Olga: PD0422 FROST, Kevin R.: PB0513 FU, Lining: 538B FUCHI, Isao: PD0581 FUENTES, Luis A.: PD0256 FUENTES, Vincent: PA0088 FUENTES, Vincent: PB0092 FUGELSTAD, Anna: PC0142 FUJIHIRA, Noboru: PD0086 FUJIHIRA, Noboru: PD0608 FUJII, Hiroshi: PB0109 FUJII, Nobuhiro: PAOO95 FUJII, Nobutaka: PAO300 FUJII, Nobutaka: PA0302 FUJII, Shinichiro: PAO355 FUJII, Teruhisa: PB0057 FUJII, Yoichi: 499A FUJII, Yuji: PAO311 FUJII, Yuji: PB0048 FUJII, Yuzo: PDOO70 FUJIMURA, Yoshihiro: PB0890 FUJIMURA, Yoshihiro: PB0896 FUJIMURA, Yoshihiro: PC0374 FUJINAGA, Koh: PA0064 FUJINAGA, Koh: PA0073 FUJINAGA, Koh: PAOO95 FUJINAGA, Koh: 499A FUJINO, Ryuichi: PB0412 FUJINO, Ryuuichi: PB0393 FUJINO, Tsuguo: PD0696 FUJINO, Yujiro: PB0221 FUJIO, Hajime: PA0204 FUJIOKA, Masaki: PD0711 FUJIOKA, Masanobu: PD0086 FUJIOKA, Masanobu: PD0608 FUJISAWA, Kazumi: PD0464 FUJISAWA, Naoki: PB0841 FUJITA, Hiroyuki: PB0012 FUJITA, Hiroyuki: PB0645 FUJITA, Kiyohide: PC0428 FUJITA, Shigeru: PA0184 FUJIWARA, Masatoshi: PA0324 FUJIYAMA, Chihaya: PA0153 FUJIYAMA, Yoshihide: PB0780 FUJIYOSHI, Toshinobu: PA0153 FUJIYOSHI, Toshinobu: PA0258 FUKASAWA, Masashi: PAOO71 FUKASAWA, Masashi: PA0365 FUKATA, Hideki: PA0342 FUKATSU, Ryou: PAO160 FUKAZAWA, Tominaga: PB0841 FUKUDA, Kazuhiko: PD0662 FUKUDA, Keiji: PC0129 FUKUDA, Keiji: PC0210 FUKUDA, Nobuo: 185C FUKUI, Takeshi: PA0194 FUKUMURA, Motonori: PD0678 FUKUSHIMA, E.: PB0896 FUKUSHIMA, Jun: PA0372 FUKUSHIMA, Koich: PB0357 FUKUSHIMA, Y.: 310A FUKUSHIMA, Yoshiko: PC0613 FUKUTAKE, Katsuyuki: PB0069 FUKUTAKE, Katsuyuki: PB0357 FUKUTAKE, Katsuyuki: PC0374 FUKUTAKE, Katsuyuki: PD0787 FUKUTOMI, Kazuo: PC0262 FUKUTOMI, Kazuo: PC0265 FUKUWATARI, Yasushi: PD0648 FUKUWATARI, Yasushi: 576D FUKUZAWA, Tsunetoshi: PD0637 FULLER, Jon: 137B/D 255

Page  256 FULLER, Jon D.: PDOO61 FULLILOVE, Robert: PC0293 FULTON, Robert: PD0034 FULTZ, Patricia N.: 243A FUMAGALLI, Franco: PB0731 FUNATA, Nobuaki: PB0191 FUNATO, Takashige: PD0635 FUNDARO, Cira: PB0324 FUNDERBURK, Susan G.: 272B/D FUNG, Cheung Tim: PDOOO7 FUNK, Markus: PC0169 FURFINE, Eric S.: PA0288 FURIA, Nanda: PB0173 FURLAN, Giancarla: PC0108 FURLINI, Giuliano: PAO175 FURMAN, Alice C.: PB0740 FURMAN, Craig: 252A FURNER, Virginia: 059B FURRER, Hansjakob: PD0370 FURRER, Hansjakob: PD0379 FURUISHI, Kazuchika: PA0055 FURUISHI, Kazuchika: PA0059 FURUISHI, Kazuchika: PA0336 FURUKAWA, Maho: PA0184 FURUKAWA, Tatsuo: PB0882 FURUTA, Rika: PA0348 FURUTA, Rika A.: 352A FURUTA, Yasushi: PA0207 FUSE, Akira: PB0757 FUSEDA, Tetsuya: PDO711 FOST, George: PA0219 FOST, George: PAO251 FUST, George: PD0001 FUST, Gy6rgy: PB0255 FUSTER, Laura: PBO351 FUSTER, Montserrat: PB0088 FUSTER, Montserrat: PB0769 FUZISAWA, Kiyoshi: 328C F-MORENO, Juana: PB0011 GAAN, Jalong: PB0748 GABEV, Eugene: PB0832 GABEV, Eugene E.: PB0832 GABIANO, Clara: PB0324 GABRIEL, Jean Marc: PB0647 GABRIEL, Victor: PB0517 GABRIEL, Victor: PCO141 GABRILOVICH, Dmitry I.: PA0252 GABUTTI, Giovanni: PC0010 GABUTTI, Giovanni: PC0597 GACAD, Evelyn Grace B.: PD0067 GADGIL, Alka: PD0457 GAFA, Sergio: PB0514 GAFA, Sergio: PB0515 GAGNON, Suzanne: PB0283 GAGNON, Suzanne: PB0499 GAGNON, Suzanne: PD0138 GAGNON, Suzanne: 083B GAIERA, Giovanni: PB0908 GAINES, Kay B.: 004B GAINO, Marina: PC0010 GAJJAR, Manu: PDOO20 GAKURU, O.: PD0643 GAKURU, O.: 026D GALAI, N.: PC0210 GALANTE, Norma: PC0222 GALANTE, Norma: PC0396 GALARZA, Rosa: PB0062 GALAT, Gerard: PAO170 GALATI, Daniela: PD0677 GALAT-LUONG, Anh: PA0170 GALGANI, Simonetta: PB0248 GALGANI, Simonetta: 233B GALHARDO, Maria Clara: PB0793 GALHARDO, Maria Clara G.: PB0794 GALINA, Marina V.: PC0453 GALLAGHER, Kathleen: PC0578 GALLAIS, Herve: PB0325 GALLAIS, Herve P.: PB0231 GALLEGO, Valter S: PD0205 GALLEGOS, Anna: PB0620 GALLEGOS, Humberto: PB0796 GALLEGOS PEREZ, Humberto: PB0273 GALLEGOS PEREZ, Humberto: PB0758 GALLEGOS-PEREZ, Humberto: PBO0177 GALLEGOS-PEREZ, Humberto: PB0260 GALLEGOS-PEREZ, Humberto: PB0768 GALLEGOS-PEREZ, Humberto: PB0909 GALLI, Claudio: PC0609 GALLI, Massimo: PB0770 GALLI, Massimo: 284B GALLI, Richard A.: PC0619 GALLI, Rick: PB0438 GALLICCHIO, Vincent S.: PA0137 GALLO, R.C.: PAOO30 GALLO, Robert C.: PA0354 GALLO, Robert C.: TS1 GALLO, Robert C.: 007B GALLO, Robert C.: 109A GALLO, Robert C.: 248A GALLO, Robert C.: 505A GALPERIN, Yelena: PB0813 GALPIN, Jeffrey: PA0345 GALPIN, Jeffrey: 162B GALVAN, Umberto: PD0281 GALVAN, Veronica: PA0072 GALVAN, Veronica: PA0205 GALVAO, Bernardo: PC0600 GALVAO, Bernardo: PC0603 GALVAO, Bernardo: PC0604 GALVAO, Jane: PD0316 GALVAO, Jane: PD0599 GAM, Jongsik: PB0829 GAMZAZADE, Arif I.: PA0303 GAN, Ain Tian: PB0751 GANAPATHY, M.: PD0553 GANESAPILLAI, T.: PB0751 GANESH, Aylur K.: PD0355 GANESH, Raghavar: PC0229 GANESH, R. V.: PD0044 GANESH, Vidhya: PD0573 GANESH, Vidhya R.: PD0037 GANESH, Vidhya R.: PD0335 GANESH, Vidya R.: PD0292 GANGAKHEDKAR, R.: PC0290 GANGAKHEDKAR, Raman G.: PB0879 GANGAKHEDKAR, Raman R.: PC0351 GANGAKHEDKAR, Raman R.: 496B GANGARAM, Belani: PB0751 GANGULY, Rama: PB0719 GAO, Ming: PA0224 GAO, Ming: PA0280 GAO, Wen-Yi: 377A GARAEV, Mansur M.: 213C GARAVELLI, Giansisto: PD0288 GARAVELLI, Giansisto: 052B GARBA, M.: P00045 GARBUGLIA, Anna Rosa: PB0059 GARBUS, Lisa: PD0429 GARCIA DE LOMAS, J.: PB0846 GARCIA QUINTA, Ana: PB0564 GARCIA QUINTANA, Ana Maria: PB0062 GARCIA, Ambrosia: PB0071 GARCIA, Antonio: PB0540 GARCIA, Dolores: PB0095 GARCIA, J. Victor: 531A GARCIA, Lourdes: 337B/D GARCIA, Ma. De Lourdes: PB0026 GARCIA, Ma. De Lourdes: PB0864 GARCIA, Ma. De Lourdes: P00024 GARCIA, Ma. De Lourdes: P00036 GARCIA, Ma. De Lourdes: P00037 GARCIA, Ma. De Lourdes: PC0161 GARCIA, Ma. De Lourdes: PC0394 GARCIA, Ma. De Lourdes: PD0099 GARCIA, Ma. De Lourdes: PD0376 GARLAND, Jack: 286B GARLAND, Sue: PB0506 GAROFALO, Tina: PAO120 GAROFOLI, Barbara: PD0210 GAROFOLI, Barbara: PD0725 GARRITY, R.: PA0011 GASEKURUME, Jacques: PB0849 GASEKURUME, Jacques: PD0290 GASPAROLLO, Aldo: PA0263 GASSER, Isabel: PB0564 GASTAUT, J.A.: PB0652 GASTAUT, Jean Albert: PB0637 GATELL, J.M.: PB0587 GATELL, Jos6 M.: PS26 GATELL, Jos6 Marfa: PB0524 GATERA, Geoffroy: PB0570 GATES, Jerry D.: PD0068 GATHE Jr., Joseph: PB0049 GATHE Jr., Joseph: PBO170 GATHE Jr., Joseph: PB0172 GATHE Jr., Joseph: PB0527 GATHE Jr., Joseph: PB0730 GATHE Jr., Joseph: 230B GATHE Jr., Joseph: 286B GATHE Jr., Joseph C.: 229B GATHIRWA, Naomi: PD0665 GATHIRWA, Naomi: PD0778 GATTARI, Pietro: PB0666 GATTARI, Pietro: PB0691 GATTARI, Pietro: 125C GATTARI, Pietro: 188D GATTI, Marta: PA0229 GATTI, Marta: PB0475 GAUGHWIN, Matthew D.: PD0524 GAVAZZENI, Giovanna: PB0931 GAVIN, Edie: PB0071 GAVYOLE, Awena A.: PB0503 GAY, Vania: PB0854 GAYET, Catherine: PC0147 GAYLE, Helene: TS7 GAYWEE, Jariyanart: PA0226 GAYWEE, Jariyanart: PC0164 GAZZARD, Brian: PB0188 GAZZARD, Brian: 008C GAZZARD, Brian G.: PB0265 GAZZARD, Brian G.: PB0840 GAZZARD, Brian G.: PC0198 GEBHARDT, Martin: PD0741 GEFFRAY, Loik P.: PB0583 GEIER, Stephan: PB0107 GEIER, Stephan: PB0218 GEIER, Stephan: P60229 GEIER, Stephan A.: PB0547 GEIER, Stephan A.: PB0777 GEISSMANN, Frederic: PB0602 GEKKER, Genya: 423A GEKOWSKI, Kathleen: PB0826 GELAIN, Pierre: PB0580 GELBER, Richard: 268B GELDERBLOM, Hans: PAOO60 GELDERBLOM, Hans H.R.: PAO195 GELEZIUNAS, Romas: PAOO51 GELI, Marina: PD0597 GELIN-CHARLOT, Chantal: 459C GELLERT, George: PB0443 GELLERT, George A.: PD0641 GARCIA, GARCIA, GARCIA, GARCIA, GARCIA, GARCIA, GARCIA, GARCIA, GARCIA, GARCIA, GARCIA, Ma. De Lourdes: 262C Ma. De Lourdes: 494B Ma. Lourdes: 427B Ma. Lourdes: 467C Maria D.: PD0315 R.: PC0623 Ricardo: PD0472 Soledad: PB0540 Soledad: P00012 Soledad P.: PB0633 Sylvie: PA0256 GARCIA-DIE, F.: PB0769 GARCIA-ORDONEZ, Miguel Angel: PB0803 GARCIA SAMANIEGO, J.: PB0778 GARCIA-SAMANIEGO, Javier: PB0310 GARCIA-SANCHO, Cecilia: 262C GARDE, Carmen C.: PB0553 GARDE, Carmen: PB0688 GARDE, Carmen: PB0626 GARDNER, Kevin: PD0627 GARDNER, Kevin J.: PD0619 GARDNER, Murray B.: 130A GARFUNKEL, Paulo: PD0527 GARLAND, Frank: PC0305 GARLAND, Frank C.: PC0306 GARLAND, Jack: PB0527 256

Page  257 GELMON, Karen A.: PB0122 GENDELMAN, Howard: 086A GENDRON, Sylvie: PC0464 GENET, Philippe: PB0567 GENIKALA, Siva N.: PD0617 GENSER, Sander G.: PD0493 GENTILE, Massimo: PA0099 GENTILE, S.: PB0646 GENTILINI, Marc: PB0962 GENTILINI, Marc: PD0312 GENTRY, Eileen: PDOO10 GENTRY, Eileen M.: PD0621 GEOFFREY, Hoffmann W.: PA0111 GEORGE, Richard: 218C GERARD, Laurence: 0448B GERARD, Philipe: PB0905 GERBASE, Antonio C.: PC0311 GERBER, A.R.: 5188/D GERBER, Russell: PD0368 GEREN, Truman: 189D GERITS, Peiter: PB0813 GERLACH, Wayne: PA0347 GERLEI, Zsuzsa: PB0255 GERLEI, Zsuzsanna: PB0316 GERLEI, Zsuzsanna: PC0346 GEROFI, John P.: PC0491 GERRARD, John: PC0378 GERSHY-DAMET, Guy: PB0392 GERSHY-DAMET, Guy: PB0400 GERSHY-DAMET, Guy: PB0401 GERTIG, Dorota: PB0819 GERTIG, Dorota M.: 037C GERVASONI, Cristina: PB0554 GERVASONI, Cristina: 284B8 G ESSAIN, Antoine: 544A GESUNDHEIT, Neil: PB0886 GESUNDHEIT, Neil: PB0903 GEVAUDAN, M.: PB0672 GHADIRIAN, Parviz: PC0177 GHADIRIAN, Parviz: PC0400 GHANEM, Mohamed: PB0130 GHARAKHANIAN, Shahin: PB0120 GHEORGHIU, Marina: PA0359 GHEORGHIU, Viorica: PD0327 GHIDINELLI, Massimo N.: 495B GHIONI, Gabriel E.: PB0096 GHIONI, Gabriel E.: P00034 GHIONI, Gabriel E.: PC0249 GHIRARDINI, Alessandro: 4828B GHONEUM, Mamdooh H.: P80291 GHOSH, Sujit: 563C GHYS, Peter D: PB0788 GIACCHETTI, Fiorella: PD0404 GIACHETTI, Amilcare: PA0334 GIACOMELLI, Antonio: PC0170 GIALERAKI, Argirenia: 4818 GIAMI, Alain J.: PC0294 GIANG, Tony T.: PB0180 GIANGOLA, Gary: PB0922 GIANNA, Maria: PC0117 GIANNA, Maria C.: PC0030 GIANNA, Maria C.: PC0031 GIANNA, Maria C.: PC0191 GIANNA, Maria C.: PC0241 GIANNETI, Bonnie: PB0290 GIANNOTTI, Dario: PA0334 GIANOTTI, Nicola: PB0537 GIANOTTI, Nicola: 287B GIAQUINTO, Carlo: PC0170 GIAVEDONI, Luis: 130A GIBADULIN, Rashit: PA0054 GIBB, Diana GM.: PB0472 GIBOUDEAU, Jacqueline: PB0113 GIBSON, David R.: 077C GICQUEL, Brigitte: PA0359 GIEPP, Ann E: PB0586 GIESEN, Hans-Juergen, V.: PB0211 GIESEN, Hans-Juergen, V.: PB0232 GIESEN, Hans-Juergen Von: PB0199 GIFFIN, Karen M.: PC0193 GIGASE, Paul L.: PA0169 GIGASE, Paul L.: PB0101 GIGLI, B.: 125C GIL DEZA, Ernesto: PB0133 GIL, A.: PB0114 GIL, A.: PB0115 GIL, Angel: PB0540 GIL, G.: PD0472 GILADA, I.S.: PC0165 GILADA, Ishwar: PB0936 GILADA, Ishwar: PD0443 GILADA, Ishwar: PD0628 GILADA, Ishwar: 291C GILADA, Ishwar S.: PC0081 GILADA, Ishwar S.: PC0267 GILBART, Vicky: PC0111 GILDEN, Jane: P80117 GILDENBERG, Philip: 229B GILDENBERG, Philip L.: 230B GILES, Herschell D: PB0259 GILL, Carol: PB0724 GILL, Carol: PB0861 GILL, Carol: PC0176 GILL, Hardev Singh: PC0371 GILL, John: 358B GILL, John: 555B GILL, Noel: 412C GILL, Noel: PC0111 GILL, Peter: 160B GILLET, Jean-Yves: PB0786 GILLIAM, Aisha: 371D GILLIES, Pamela: 138B/D GILLIES, Pamela A.G.: 276B/D GILMORE, Norbert: 205D GILQUIN, Jacques: PB0616 GILQUIN, Jacques: PB0638 GILSON, lan: PB0954 GILSON, lan: 390B GIL-AGUADO, A.: PB0846 GINALDI, Lia: PB0173 GINALDI, Lia: PC0203 GINES, Mercedes: PD0353 GIOANNINI, Paolo: PB0262 GIOLA, Massimo: PAO114 GIORANETTI, A.: PB0337 GIORDANI, Maria Lucia L.: PB0687 GIORGI, Janis V.: 163A GIR, Elucir: PB0440 GIR, Elucir: PD0693 GIR, Elucir: PD0797 GIRALDO, Gaetano: PA0037 GIRALDO, Gaetano: PA0367 GIRALDO, Gaetano: 349A GIRALDO, Luiz E.: PB0649 GIRARD, Christophe: PD0233 GIRARD, Christophe: PD0371 GIRARD, Christophe: 280D GIRARD, Marc: 249A GIRARD, Pierre-Marie: PB0038 GIRARD, Pierre-Marie: PB0100 GIRARD, Pierre-Marie: PB0217 GIRARDI, Enrico: PB0694 GIRARDI, Enrico: 4058B GIRAULT, Jacques: PB0833 GIRON, J.A.: PB0738 GIRON, Jose: PB0735 GIRON, Jose Antonio: PB0767 GIROTTI, Carlos: PD0347 GIROTTI, Carlos A.: PD0321 GIROTTI, Carlos A.: PD0428 GIROTTI, Carlos A.: 567D GISBERT, Maria: PB0863 GISBERT, Maria E.: PD0461 GISSMANN, Lutz: PS14 GITHEN, Wendy: PC0517 GITONA, Mary C.: PD0375 GIUDICI, Gabriella M.: PB0515 GIUDITTA, Comolli: PB0475 GIULIACCI, Sonia: PB0361 GIULIANELLI, Marinella: PDO211 GIULIANELLI, Marinella: PD0404 GIULIANELLI, Marinella: PD0677 GIULIANI, Massimo: PC00007 GIULIANI, Massimo: PC00008 G I U LIANO, Marina: PC0240 GLASS, Marta: 313A GLAZER, G.: PB0888 GLAZOVSKY, Voleri: PD0348 GONZALEZ-LAHOZ, J.: PB0778 GLOVER-AKPEY, Otutey: PDO301 GLUCKMAN, Jean Claude: PA0222 GLUCKMAN, Jean Claude: PA0332 GLUER, Laura: PD0626 GNANASUNDARAM, S.: PB0918 GNAORE, E.: PB0741 GNARINI, Roberto: PD0283 GNARINI, Roberto: PB0733 GNINAFON, M.: PB0923 GODARD, Serge: PB0130 GODEFROID, Bugingo: PB0570 GODFREY-FAUSSETT, Peter: PB0670 GODFREY-FAUSSETT Peter: PD0179 GODFREY-FAUSSETT, Peter: 417D GODFREY-FAUSSETT, Peter: 572D GODFRIED, Mieke H.: PA0276 GODIN, G.: 191D GODOY, Karina: PAO151 GOEBEL, Frank: PB0111 GOEBEL, Frank D.: PB0107 GOEBEL, Frank D.: PB0112 GOEBEL, Frank D.: PB0218 GOEBEL, Frank D.: PB0229 GOEBEL, Frank D.: PB0547 GOEBEL, Frank D.: PB0765 GOEBEL, Frank D.: PB0777 GOEBEL, Frank D.: 161B GOEBEL, Frank-Detlef: PB0305 GOEDERT, James: 050B GOENAGA, Miguel: PB0626 GOES, Sonia C.: PC0280 GOGATE, A.S.: PB0958 GOGGIN, Mark: 169D GOGGIN, Mark P.: PD0146 GOGTE, Maya C.: 291C GOH, Ben: 378A GOH, Beng-Tin: PB0531 GOH, Beng-Tin: PB0713 GOH, Chee L.: PC0364 GOH, Magnolia: PB0881 GOH, Magnolia: PB0884 GOHAR, Ali: PD0050 GOHCHI, Kengo: PA0242 GOHCHI, Kengo: PB0373 GOHCHI, Kengo: PB0414 GOHDA, Mihoko: PD0100 GOIHMAN, Samuel: PC0223 GOIHMAN, Samuel: PC0355 GOJOBORI, Takashi: PA0066 GOJOBORI, Takashi: PA0069 GOKHALE, M.: PC0290 GOLA, Tino: PD0388 GOLBSPAN, Liane: PB0525 GOLBSPAN, Liane: PB0607 GOLD, Ron: 174D GOLDBERG, Billi: PB0295 GOLDBERG, David: 463C GOLDBERG, David J.: PC00006 GOLDBERG, David J.: PD0526 GOLDEN, Robert N.: PB0209 GOLDEN, Samuel W.: PB0558 GOLDFARB, Mauro: PB0810 GOLDING, Hana: PA0017 GOLDING, Hana: 015A GOLDSCHMIDT, Ronald H.: 133B/D GOLDSTEIN, Elliot: 257B GOLDSTEIN, Harris: PA0376 GOLDSTEIN, Jane: PB0172 GOLDSTONE, Irene L.: PD0106 GOLDSTONE, Irene L.: PD0227 GOLDVARG, Damian A.: PD0053 GOLEMBIESKY, Alicia: PB0099 GOLICOV, Viktor: PC0019 GOLIUSOV, Alexander T.: PD0427 GOLL, Alexandra: PB0268 GOLLERKERI, Ashwin: PB0535 GOMARD, Elisabeth: PA0228 GOMARD, Elisabeth: 164A GOMARD, Elisabeth: 526A GOMATOS, Peter: PB0290 GOMES, A.: 415D GOMES, Fabio B.: 4988 GOMES, Helena: PB0696 GOMES, Marcos: PD0282 GOMES, Nadia D.: PB0802 GOMES, Valeria R.: PB0555 GOMES, Valeria R.: PC0114 GOMES, Valeria R.: PC0115 GOMES, Valeria R.: PC0575 257

Page  258 GOMEZ CARRILLO, Manuel: PA0072 GOMEZ CARRILLO, Manuel: PA0205 GOMEZ, Ana: PB0336 GOMEZ, Bayardo: PD0449 GOMEZ, Cynthia: 034D GOMEZ, Cynthia A.: PD0770 GOMEZ, Cynthia A.: 064D GOMEZ, E.: PD0426 GOMEZ, Elizabeth.: 071C GOMEZ, Luis Ignacio: PD0409 GOMEZ, Marisela P.: 129A GOMEZ, Orlando: 392C GOMEZ, Perry: PB0438 GOMEZ-DIAZ, Jose: PC0013 GOMMA, Maurizio: PB0752 GONCALES, Fernando L. Jr.: PB0697 GONQALVES, Angelina Maria F.: 554B GONCALVES, Lufs P.: PB0651 GONCALVES, Denise: PB0064 GONCALVES, Denise U.: PB0566 GONSALVES, Gregg: 227A GONTIJO, Paulo: PB0662 GONZALES, Gustavo: SS2 GONZALEZ CANALI, Gustavo: PB0258 GONZALEZ LONDOIIO, Maritza: PD0723 GONZALEZ, Charles J.: PA0023 GONZALEZ, Cristina: PD0114 GONZALEZ, Cristina: PD0705 GONZALEZ, Fernando: P00026 GONZALEZ, Fernando: PC0235 GONZALEZ, Guadalupe: P00026 GONZALEZ, Guadalupe: P00037 GONZALEZ, Guadalupe: PC0235 GONZALEZ, Ines: PB0949 GONZALEZ, J.: PB0114 GONZALEZ, J.: PB0115 GONZALEZ, Jose Antonio: PA0270 GONZALEZ, Juan: PBO310 GONZALEZ, Juan: PB0370 GONZALEZ, Ma. Guadalupe: 467C GONZALEZ, Maria I.: PD0537 GONZALEZ, Martha: PA0154 GONZALEZ, Martha: PB0429 GONZALEZ, Martha: PC0359 GONZALEZ, Mercedes: PB0735 GONZALEZ, Mercedes: PB0738 GONZALEZ, Mercedes: PB0844 GONZALEZ, Nestor C.: PA0287 GONZALEZ-CANALI, Gustavo: PB0216 GONZALEZ-LAHOZ, J.: PB0788 GONZALEZ-LAHOZ, Juan: PB0310 GONZALEZ LAHOZ, Juan: PD0738 GONZALEZ-LAHOZ, Juan: PB0778 GONZALEZ-LAHOZ, Juan: PB0930 GONZALEZ-LAHOZ, Juan M: PB0182 GONZALEZ-LAHOZ, Juan M.: PB0370 GONZALEZ-LAMA, Zoilo: PC0013 GOOD, Robert A.: PAO033 GOODGAME, Jeff: PB0244 GOODGAME, Jeff: PB0276 GOODKIN, Karl: PB0208 GOODKIN, Karl: PB0938 GOODMAN, Philip C.: PB0110 GOOSBY, Eric: PB0707 GORASEB, Marcus: PC0515 GORBACHEVA, Ella S.: PC0019 GORBACHOVA, Ella S.: PB0934 GORBEA, Mari Carmen R.: PC0171 GORBUNOVA, Zoja: PA0009 GORDIN, F.: PB0609 GORDIN, Fred: 4368B GORDIN, Fred M.: 557B GORDON, Maxwell: PB0244 GORDON, Maxwell: PB0276 GOREGLYAD, Nina I.: P00022 GORELICK, Kenneth: 006B GORELIK, Milton: PC0236 GORIN, Isabelle: PB0648 GOROCHOV, Guy: 500A GOROCHOV, Guy: 578A GORRIN, Manuel J.: PB0550 GORRINO, M.T.: PB0023 GORSE, Geoffrey J.: PA0375 GORSKY, Robin: PC0586 GORTMAKER, Steven: PC0118 GORTMAKER, Steven: 304C GOSSELIN, B.: 244A GOSSELIN, Gilles: 112A GOTCH, Frances: 165A GOTCH, Frances M.: PA0225 GOTO, Toshihiro: PB0090 GOTO, Toshiyuki: PA0043 GOTO, Toshiyuki: PA0093 GOTO, Toshiyuki: PA0194 GOTO, Yoichi: PB0326 GOTOH, Mary: PD0187 GOTOH, Mary: PD0220 GOTOH, Mary: PD0249 GOTOH, Mary: PD0788 GOTOH, Moritaka: PA0242 GOTOH, Moritaka: PB0373 GOTOH, Moritaka: PB0414 GOTOH, Tetsushi: PD0206 GOTTLIEB, Fred: PB0535 GOTUZZO, Eduardo: PA0155 GOUBAU, Patrick: PB0363 GOUD, Ramesh R.: PC0444 GOUDEAU, Alain: PA0214 GOUDEAU, Alain: PA0362 GOUDEAU, Alain: PB0381 GOUDSMIT, J.: 306C GOUDSMIT, Jaap: PA0011 GOUDSMIT, Jaap: PS23 GOUGEON, Marie Lise: PA0249 GOUGEON, Marie Lise: PA0256 GOUGEON, Marie Lise: 503A GOUJARD, Cecile: PA0343 GOUJARD, Cecile: PB0274 GOULD, Jeanne: PC0463 GOURLAY, Linda: PB0966 GOVIA, Lester M.: 5620 GOZLAN, Joel: PB0217 GRAAF DE, Loek: PA0032 GRABER, Judith: PC0129 GRABER, Judith: PC0210 GRABOVSKAYA, Irina: PAOO15 GRACA, Antonio S.: PB0024 GRAEBER, Carol C.: PB0913 GRAEBER, Carol C.: 431B GRAHAM, Barney: 317A GRAHAM, Meredith: PB0819 GRAHAM, Neil: PB0894 GRAHAM, Neil M.: 060B GRAM, B.S.: PD0126 GRAM, B.S.: PD0466 GRAMAJO, Elida A.: PD0189 GRANATO, Claudio A.: PB0650 GRANDCHAMP, Jocelyne: 434B GRANDI, Joao L.: PC0223 GRANDI, Joao L.: PC0355 GRAND'PIERRE, Reynold: 459C GRANERO, Mirta: PD0148 GRANGEIRO, Alexandre: PC0117 GRANGEIRO, Alexandre: PC0191 GRANGEIRO, Alexandre: PD0143 GRANIER, Francoise: PB0747 GRANT, Christine: PD0136 GRANT, Igor: PB0200 GRANT, Igor: PB0205 GRANT, Igor: PD0238 GRANT, Kelly: PB0717 GRANT, Michael D.: PB0336 GRANT, Sarah F.: PC0517 GRAS, Gabriel: 194A GRAS, Gabriel: 265B GRASSI, Fernanda: PA0142 GRATEAU, Gilles: PB0756 GRATTON, Sophie: 530A GRAU, Odile: PC0211 GRAU, Odile: 510A GRAVATO, Neide: PC0354 GRAVATO, Neide S.: PC0332 GRAVES, Marilyn E.: PB0600 GRAY, Agnes: PD0566 GRAY, Ron H.: 107C GRAY, Ronald H.: 067C GRAY, Ronald H.: 289C GRAY, Sue: PD0034 GRAZIANO, R.: 140A GRAZIANO, Sandra: PC0534 GRAZIOSI, Cecilia: 001B GRAZIOSI, Cecilia: 049B GRAZIOSI, Cecilia: 224A GREAVES, Wayne L.: PB0610 GRECO, Dirceu: PB0566 GRECO, Dirceu B.: PB0064 GRECO, Dirceu B.: PB0085 GRECO, Dirceu B.: PB0663 GRECO, Dirceu B.: P00032 GRECO, Dirceu B.: PC0356 GRECO, Dirceu B.: PC0405 GRECO, Dirceu B.: PC0416 GRECO, Dirceu B.: PC0417 GRECO, Dirceu B.: PC0418 GRECO, Dirceu B.: PDO410 GRECO, Dirceu B.: 2360 GRECO, Donato: PA0367 GRECO, Donato: PC0447 GRECO, Donato: PD0575 GRECO, Marilia: PC0417 GRECO, Marilia J.: PD0410 GRECO, Marilia J.: 2360 GREEN, Elena: PA0077 GREEN, Lisa: PC0619 GREEN, Mark: PC0327 GREEN, Mary: 333B GREEN, Stephen T.: PC00006 GREEN, Stephen T.: PDO515 GREEN, Tim: 121C GREEN, Timothy A.: PC0126 GREEN, William: PB0714 GREENBERG, A.E.: 218C GREENBERG, Alan E.: PC0195 GREENBERG, Alan E.: 408B GREENBERG, Ralle: PD0525 GREENBLATT, Ruth: 079B GREENE, Jeffrey B.: PB0922 GREENE, John N.: PC0439 GREENE, John N.: PD0691 GREENSPAN, D.: 199B GREENSPAN, Deborah: PB0145 GREENSPAN, Deborah: 200B GREENSPAN, Deborah: 201B GREENSPAN, Howard: PB0333 GREENSPAN, Howard C.: PA0290 GREENSPAN, John S.: PB0145 GREENSPAN, John S.: 199B GREENSPAN, John S.: 201B GREET, Beverley: 065D GREET, Beverley J.: 065D GREGIS, Giampietro: PB0256 GREGONIS, Suzanne W.: PD0136 GREGORY, Michell: PB0021 GREGORY, Michell: PD0216 GREGORY, Neal: PB0750 GREGORY, Timothy: 314A GREIGER-ZANLUNGO, Paula: PB0560 GRESENGUET, Gerard: PD0424 GREWAL, R.: PD0559 GRIEMBERG, Gloria: PC0581 GRIEPP, A.: PB0585 GRIFFIN, George: PC0329 GRIFFITH, P.D.: 161B GRIGORIEV, Vladimir B.: PA0054 GRILLO, Rita: PB0666 GRIMES, Janet M.: 355B GRINEV, Andrian A.: PA0253 GRINSTEAD, Olga A.: PD0770 GRINSTEAD, Olga A.: 034D GRINSTEAD, Olga A.: 064D GRINSZTEJN, B.: 403B GRINSZTEJN, Beatriz: PB0810 GRINSZTEJN, Beatriz: PB0573 GRINSZTEJN, Beatriz: PB0662 GRINSZTEJN, Beatriz: PC0395 GRINSZTEJN, Beatriz G.: PB0794 GRISETTI, S.: PB0248 GRISETTI, Susanna: PB0272 GRISKEVICIUS, Algirdas: PB0396 GRISKEVICIUS, Algirdas: PB0542 GRISORIO, Benvenuto: PC0145 GRITTI, Francesco M.: PB0774 GRITTI, Francesco M.: PB0825 GROB, Peter J.: 161B GROOPMAN, J.: 159B GROOPMAN, Jerome: PA0042 GROOPMAN, Jerome: PA0191 GROSCH-WOERNER, I.: PB0472 GROSSETETE, Beatrice: PA0244 GROSSI, Patrizia: PC0009 GROSSKURTH, Heiner H.: 258

Page  259 PB0503 GROSSMAN, Howard A.: PB0557 GROTEMEYER, Karl: PB0201 GROTHUES, Dietmar: 214C GRUBB, Mary F.: 320A GRUBERT, Thomas: PB0784 GRUER, Laurence: PD0526 GRUMACH, Anete S.: PB0446 GRUMACH, Anete S.: PB0838 GRUMACH, Anete S.: 270B GRUMACH, Anete S.: 5548B GRUND, B.: PC0256 GRUNFELD, Carl: 432B GRUNITZKY-BEKELE, Meskerem: PCOO51 GRUNOW, Roland: PB0009 GRUNOW, Roland: 258B GRUSKIN, Sofia M.: PD0416 GRUZDEV, Boris M.: PB0482 GRUZDEV, Boris M.: PB0020 GRUZDEV, Boris M.: PB0481 GRZESZCZUK, Anna: PB0093 GSCHNAIT, Fritz: PB0052 GU, Zhengxian: 374A GUAN, Chongfen: PA0233 GUARASCIO, Paolo: PB0685 GUARDIOLA, John: 308A GUARNACCIA, Domenico: PD0283 GUARNACCIA, Joseph: PAO121 GUARNER, Jeannette: PB0341 GUAY, Laura: 219C GUBADULIN, R.A.: PA0054 GUECHOT, Jerome: P80113 GUEDES, L.A.: PC0236 GUEDJ, Roger: PB0836 GUEGUEN, Monique: PC0211 GUEHMANN, S.: PAOO61 GUELFAND, Lilidna: PB0661 GUENTHER-GREY, Carolyn: PC0479 GUERIN, Corinne: PB0812 GUEROIS, Claude: PA0214 GUERRA, Angel: 427B GUERRA, Angel M.: PC0386 GUERRA, Angel R.: 522B/D GUERRA, Emma C.: PB0337 GUERRA, Luca: PB0774 GUERRA, Luca: PB0825 GUERRERO, Ernesto: PD0039 GUETARD, Denise: PA0092 GUETARD, Denise: PAO181 GUEYE, Moustapha: PD0346 GUFFANTI, Monica: PB0731 GUFFANTI, Monica: 287B GUI, Yujiang: PB0883 GUICHARD, Gilles: PA0022 GUIDETTI, Ester: PB0733 GUIDETTI, Ester: PD0283 GUILBEAU, Deanna: PD0659 GUILBERT, Michel: PDOO31 GUILLERMINA, Arbelo: PDO140 GUILLET, Jean Gerard: PA0228 GUILLET, Jean-G6rard: 526A GUILOFF, Roberto J.: PB0212 GUIMARAES, Bianca R.: PD0467 GUIMARAES, Angelica M.: PB0687 GUIMARAES, Bianca: PC0441 GUIMARAES, Eliane M.: PD0234 GUIMARAES, Katia: PD0150 GUIMARAES, Maria Regina G.: PB0793 GUIMARAES, Mark: PB0077 GUIMARAES, Mark: PC0114 GUIMARAES, Mark: PC0575 GUIMARAES, Mark: PD0652 GUIMARAES, Mark: PD0707 GUIMARAES, Mark D.: PC0116 GUIMARAES, Mark D.C.: PB0452 GUIMARAES, Mark D.C.: PC0115 GUIMARAES, Swami J.: PB0810 GUITY, C.: PB0851 GUITY, Cheryl: PD0256 GULIZIA, Richard: 241A GULLETTA, Maurizio: PD0082 GUMISIRIZA, Edmund: 240C GUNAWAN, Suriadi: PD0330 GUNAWAN, Suriadi: P00059 GUNJI, Yuji: PDO710 GUNSOLLEY, John: PB0151 GUPTA, Kaushal K.: PB0006 GUPTA, Sanjay: PD0343 GURALNIK, M.: PB0276 GURALNIK, Mario: PB0244 GURBINDO, Dolores: PB0095 GURFOLINO, Victoria J.: PB0960 GURGO, Corrado: PAOO30 GURTLER, L.: PA0079 GURTSEVITCH, V.: PB0382 GURTSEVITCH, Vladimir: PC0614 GURTSEVITCH, Vladimir E.: PA0156 GURTSEVITCH, Vladimir E.: PA0162 GURTSEVITCH, Vladimir E.: PAO167 GURUBACHARYA, Vijay Lal: 192D GURUBACHARYA, Vijaya Lal: PC0123 GUSCHINA, Elena A: PAO201 GUSHAHA, Sebastian S.: PB0869 GUSSAGO, Adriana: PD0082 GUSTAFSON, Paul: PB0730 GUTHRIE, Bruce: PD0391 GUTIERREZ, Pablo: PAO205 GUTOVA, E.: PB0407 GUWATTUDE, David: 550D GUYDISH, Joseph: 564C GUZMAN, Juan: PB0816 GUZMAN, Manuel: PB0817 GUZZANTI, E.: PB0933 GUZZANTI, Elio: PD0398 GWINN, Marta: 123C HORIBA, Masaki: PC0547 HAAG, A.: PC0623 HAAGA, Claire: PB0884 HAAS DE, Carla: PA0032 HAAS, Eric: PD0620 HAASE, Ashley T.: PS16 HABEKOVA, Monika: PA0241 HACHIMORI, Kei: PD0389 HACHIMURA, Kumiko: PB0924 HADDAD, Fatima: 368D HADIDA, Fabienne: PA0234 HAECHLER, Irene: 011C HAEFFNER-CAVAILLON, Nicole: PA0264 HAENGGI, Markus: 515B HAFFAR, Omar K.: 022A HAGAN, Holly: PD0495 HAGEGE, Herve: PB0184 HAGEGE, Herve: PB0580 HAILU, Negassa: P00046 HAJIABDOLBAGHI, Mahboubeh: PB0737 HAKAM, Alaeddin: 422A HALAPI, Eva: PA0289 HALEY, Charles: 518B/D HALEY, Lawrence: PB0082 HALKIAS, Kalliope D.: PB0728 HALL, Colin D.: PB0203 HALL, David: 511B HALL, Michael J.: PB0203 HALL, Thomas: P00067 HALL, Thomas: PD0698 HALL, Wayne D.: PD0524 HALL-STEELE, Gwendolyn: PB0389 HALPERN, Marcia: PB0739 HALSEY, Neal: PC0405 HALSEY, Neal: PC0416 HALSEY, Neal: PC0418 HALSEY, Neal A.: PB0681 HALSEY, Neal A.: 054B HALSEY, Neal A.: 236C HAMAJIMA, Kenji: PA0364 HAMAJIMA, Kenji: PA0370 HAMAJIMA, Kenji: PA0372 HAMAJIMA, Nobuyuki: PD0689 HAMAMOTO, Lidia A.: PB0445 HAMAMOTO, Lidia A.: PB0838 HAMAN, Edgar M.: PD0147 HAMANN-TROU, Deborah: 386B HAMASHIMA, N.: PC0340 HAMILTON, H.: PC0540 HAMILTON, H.: PD0533 HAMILTON, Howard R.: PD0647 HAMILTON, John D.: 254B HAMLYN, Denise: PD0105 HAMMARSTROM, Eva: PC0318 HAMMERSCHMID, Franz: PA0293 HAMMERSTEIN, Uschi: PB0538 HAMMETT, Teresa: PC0401 HAMMOND, Jon Paul: PD0170 HAN, Xiao: PA0265 HAN, Yangsook: PC0279 HANABUSA, Hidegi: PB0932 HANABUSA, Hideji: PB0760 HANADA, Nobuhiro: PD0073 HANAN, Janete L.: PC0348 HANDA, Nobuko: PB0390 HANDA, Shizuo: PA0180 HANDLER, Henia: PD0104 HANGZO, Chingzaning: PD0326 HANKINS, Catherine: PB0453 HANKINS, Catherine A.: PC0464 HANKS, Nancy: PB0665 HANLON, C.: 541A HANNA, Nawal E.: PC0054 HANNAN, P.: PC0256 HANNET, Irene: PBO055 HANSEN, John-Erik: PA0259 HANSEN, Karen Kaae K.: PB0528 HANSON, C.: 316A HANSON, Debra: PC00001 HANSON, Debra: 389B HANSON, Imelda: PC0401 HANTANI, Yoshiji: PA0055 HANVANICH, Mattana: PB0032 HANVELT, Robin: 0250 HARADA, Shinji: PAO104 HARADA, Shinji: PA0339 HARADA, Shinji: 168A HARADA, Yoshifumi: PD0088 HARAGUCHI, Yuji: PA0337 HARAGUCHI, Yuji: 111A HARASAWA, Ryo: PA0180 HARDALO, Catherine: 336B HARDY, Michelle: PD0256 HARDY, W.D.: 005B HARIHARAN: PD0451 HARIHARAN, Janarathnam A.: PD0158 HARIHARAN, Janarathnam A.: PD0319 HARIHARAN, Narayanan: PD0259 HARIHARAN, Narayanan: PD0325 HARINCK, Patricia: PD0406 HARITANI, Hideaki: PD0557 HARKNESS, John L.: PB0653 HARKONEN, Scott: 314A HARLOW, Lisa L.: PC0179 HARPER, Gary W.: 473D HARRER, Thomas: 007C HARRINGTON, Mark: PA0285 HARRINGTON, William: PB0138 HARRIS, J.R.W.: PB0888 HARRIS, John R.W.: PB0142 HARRIS, Muriel: PC0516 HARRIS, Pamela J.: PB0797 HARRIS, William J.: PA0223 HARRISON, Bonnie: PD0435 HARRISON, Dalrona D.: PB0499 HARRISON, Dalrona D.: PD0138 HARRISON, Dalrona D.: 083B HARRISON, Geoffrey I.: 279D HARRISON, James P.: PB0070 HARRISON, Lee: PB0237 HARRISON, Richard: PA0293 HARRY, Tekena 0.: P00043 HART, John: PC0336 HART, John E.: PD0153 HARTEL, Diana M.: PD0491 HARTIGAN, Pamela: 254B HARTNETT, David E.: 162B HASAN, Mohamed: PC0053 HASAN, Mohamed: PC0054 HASAN, Mohamed: PC0143 HASAN, Mohamed: PC0331 HASAN, Mohamed: PC0519 HASAN, Mohamed: PD0279 HASAN, Mohamed: PD0603 HASAN, Mohamed A.: 118D HASEGAWA, Akira: PB0417 HASEGAWA, Chisato: 242A HASEGAWA, Kazuhito: PA0315 HASEGAWA, Mizuyoshi: PD0030 HASEGAWA, Soh-Ichiro: PD0086 HASEGAWA, Soichiro: PDO608 HASHEEVE, D'Vorah L.: PB0322 259

Page  260 HASHEEVE, D'Vorah L.: PD0139 HASHEEVE, D'Vorah L.: PD0141 HASHEEVE, D'Vorah L.: PD0670 HASHIDA, Seiichi: PB0354 HASHIDA, Seiichi: PB0374 HASHIDA, Seiichi: 149B HASHIMOTO, Koh-lch: PA0325 HASHIMOTO, Koh-lchi: PA0179 HASHIMOTO, Shuji: PC0265 HASHIMOTO, Shuji: PC0262 HASHINAKA, Kazuya: PB0354 HASHINAKA, Kazuya: PB0374 HASHINAKA, Kazuya: 149B HASHINO, S.: PB0140 HASHIZUME, Eiko: PD0062 HASSAD, Rossi A.: P00097 HASSAN, Ma: PA0145 HASSELTVEDT, Viggo: PC0015 HASSOUN-NAJAR, H.: PB0672 HASUNUMA, Tomoko: PA0255 HATA, Tetsuro: PD0220 HATAE, Tadahiko: PD0249 HATANAKA, M.: PA0365 HATANAKA, Masakazu: PA0348 HATANAKA, Masakazu: PS15 HATANAKA, Masakazu: 352A HATENDI, Felicity L.: PC0411 HATO, Takaaki: PA0184 HATTA, Toshifumi: PA0330 HATTORI, Masao: PA0328 HATTORI, Naoko: PA0299 HATTORI, Naoko: PB0841 HATTORI, Toshio: PA0005 HATTORI, Toshio: PA0254 HATTORI, Toshio: PA0342 HATTORI, Toshio: PA0348 HATTORI, Toshio: PB0069 HATWIINDA, Jasper: PD0337 HATZAKIS, Angelos: PBOOO5 HATZAKIS, Angelos: PB0039 HATZAKIS, Angelos: 481B HATZIVASILIOU, Maria: PB0225 HAUCK, Christian: 113A HAUKENES, G.: PA0192 HAUSERMANN, Michael H.: 479C HAVARD, Stephane: PB0184 HAVERKOS, Harry: PD0505 HAVERKOS, Harry W.: PB0106 HAWKES, Richard A.: PDO105 HAWKES, Sarah J.: 393C HAWKINS, Mary E.: PA0311 HAWKINS, Reginald: PD0424 HAXHOLDT, Henrik: PD0407 HAY, Ronald T.: PA0101 HAYAMI, M.: PA0145 HAYAMI, M.: PB0048 HAYAMI, Masanori: PA0144 HAYAMI, Masanori: PA0146 HAYAMI, Masanori: PA0153 HAYAMI, Masanori: PA0162 HAYAMI, Masanori: PA0163 HAYAMI, Masanori: PB0394 HAYAMI, Masanori: 196A HAYAMI, Masanori: 251A HAYAMI, Masanori: 383A HAYASHI, H.: PB0841 HAYASHI, Hideya: PA0299 HAYASHI, Hisakazu: PB0103 HAYASHI, Motoko: PD0724 HAYASHI, Takako: PAOO31 HAYASHI, Takako: PB0358 HAYASHI, Takako: PB0366 HAYASHI, Takako: PB0394 HAYASHI, Takako: PB0399 HAYASHI, Takako: PB0405 HAYASHI, Takuma: 397A HAYASHIDA, Miyeko: PD0693 HAYNES, Barton: PA0369 HAYNES-SAANSTAD, Katherine: PB0849 HAYS, Robert B.: PD0164 HAYTER, Mark: PD0077 HAZEBROUCQ, Georges: PB0812 HE, Haiou: PC0463 HE, Jinglin: PD0551 HEALEY, David S.: PB0375 HEALTH RESEARCH NETWORK: PB0037 HEARD, Isabelle: PB0500 HEARST, N.: PC0278 HEARST, Norman: PB0635 HEARST, Norman: HEARST, Norman: HEARST, Norman: HEARST, Norman: HEARST, Norman: HEARST, Norman: HEARST, Norman: HEARST, Norman: HEARST, Norman: HEARST, Norman: HEARST, Norman: HEARST, Norman: HEARST, Norman: PB0782 PC0116 PC0124 PCO131 PC0332 PDO121 PD0578 PD0698 PD0713 PD0764 3358B 480C 566D HELLINGS, Jan A.: PB0422 HELM, E.: PC0196 HELM, E.: 078C HENDERSON, Don: 008C HENDLER, Sheldon: PB0239 HENDLER, Sheldon S.: PB0238 HENDRIKS, Aart: PD0416 HENDRY, Olympia: P00096 HENIN, Yvette: PA0096 HENIN, Yvette: PA0316 HENNEQUIN, Christophe: PB0602 HENNESSEY, Karen: 163A HENNESSEY, N. Patrick: PB0748 HENRARD, Denis: PB0102 HENRARD, Denis R.: 050B HENRIC, A.: PB0672 HENRION, Roger: PB0500 HENRION, Roger: PC0618 HENRIQUES, Marianna: PB0459 HENRIVAUX, Philippe: PB0321 HENRY, James: PB0295 HENRY, Keith: PB0473 HENRY, Keith: PB0546 HENRY, Suzanne: 338B/D HENSON, Geoffrey: 113A HENZEL, Daniel: PD0591 HERBELIN, A.: PA0260 HERBST, Laura: PD0185 HERBST, Laura: PD0189 HERMAN, Steven A.: PB0362 HERMANN, Werner: PD0517 HERMIDA, Manuel: PB0011 HERNANDES-QUERO, Jose: PB0803 HERNANDEZ AVILA, M.: PC0494 HERNANDEZ AVILA, Mauricio: PC0118 HERNANDEZ AVILA, Mauricio: 304C HERNANDEZ, Carlos: PC0119 HERNANDEZ, Domingo: 495B HERNANDEZ, Enrique R.: 441D HERNANDEZ, Griselda: PB0970 HERNANDEZ, Griselda: PD0118 HERNANDEZ, Griselda: PD0610 HERNANDEZ, Jaime E: PB0033 HERNANDEZ, Jaime E.: PB0636 HERNANDEZ, Jaime E.: PC0573 HERNANDEZ, Laufred: PD0298 HERNANDEZ, Laufred I.: PD0458 HERNANDEZ, Juan J.: TS5 HERNANDEZ, Mauricio: PC0353 HERNANDEZ, Mauricio: PD0478 HERNANDEZ, Raquel E.: PD0520 HERNANDEZ-BURRUEZO, J.J.: PB0803 HERNANDEZ-QUERO, Jose: PB0767 HERNDIER, Brian: 045B HERNDIER, Brian G.: PAO130 HERNE, Philippe: PD0489 HERPIN, B.: 512B HERRANZ, Pedro: PB0158 HERRELL, David J.: PD0629 HERRERA, Agustin: PB0776 HERRERA, Fabian: PD0189 HERSHOW, Ronald: PC0129 HERSHOW, Ronald C.: PC0210 HERSON, S.: PB0520 HERSON, Serge: PB0025 HERSON, Serge: PD0374 HERTZ, Eva: PD0436 HERVE, Francois: 265B HESS, Georg: PB0395 HETTIARACHCHI, Dee: PD0084 HETTIARACHCHI, Dee: 1348/D HEWISH, Dean: PA0044 HEWITT Jr., Warren W.: PC0467 HEWITT Jr., Warren W.: PC0616 HEWITT Warren: 296D HEWLETT, Indira K.: 579A HEYER, Francoise: PB0641 HEYNDRICKX, Leo: 215C HEYNDRICKX, Leo: 382A HIBI, Toshifumi: 1588 HIDVEGI, Tunde: PA0219 HIEDA, Masashi: PC0337 HIESTAND, Peter: PA0293 HIGASA, Satoshi: PB0060 HIGGINS, Donna: PC0479 HIGGINS, Kathleen V.: PD0641 HIGGINS, Keith: PB0308 HIGGS, Christopher J.: PB0840 HIGGS, Elizabeth S.: PB0574 HIGO, Kyoko: PA0143 HIGONE, Thi Sao: PB0537 HIGUCHI, Junko: PD0598 HILDRETH, James: 129A HILIMAN, Richard J.: PB0713 HILL, Alastair: 0518 HILLER, Susanne: 530A HILLMAN, David H.: 331B HILLMAN, Richard: 378A HILLMAN, Richard J.: PB0531 HILLYER, George: 266B HILLYER, George: 2678 HILTON, Joan: 200B HILTON, Joan: 201B HILTON, Joan F.: PB0145 HIMMICH, Hakima: PD0090 HIMMICH, Hakima: PS27 HIMMICH, Hakima: 278D HIMMICH, Hakima: 368D HING, Michael C.: PB0653 HINKULA, Jorma: 139A HINO, Hiroaki: PD0785 HINO, Hiroaki: PD0786 HINTZEN, Percy: PD0380 HIRA, Subhash: PB0042 HIRA, Subhash: PD0386 HIRA, Subhash K.: PD0530 HIRA, Subhash K.: PB0124 HIRA, Subhash K.: PB0644 HIRA, Subhash K.: PC0081 HIRA, Subhash K.: PC0532 HIRA, Subhash K.: PC0566 HIRABAYASHI, Yoshihiro: PA0001 HIRABAYASHI, Yoshihiro: PAO112 HIRABUKI, Noboru: PA0098 HIRAI, Kanji: PA0194 HIRAI, Masahito: PA0245 HIRAI, Shinji: PCO152 HIRAISHI, Yoshiyuki: PB0360 HIRAISHI, Yoshiyuki: 581A HIRAKAWA, Hiromichi: PB0418 HIRAMA, Toshiyasu: PA0143 HEARST, Norman J.: PC0561 HEATH, James E.: PB0259 HEATH-CHIOZZI, Margo E.: PB0665 HEATH-CHIOZZI, Margo E.: PC0591 HEATHERINGTON, Seth: 269B HEATON, Robert: PB0200 HEBLING, Eliana M.: PD0649 HECKERT, Karen A.: PD0250 HEENEY, Jonathan: PA0169 HEESE, Christoph: PB0282 HEFTER, Harald: PB0199 HEIFETS, Leonid: 558B HEIKEL, Jaafar: PD0090 HEIKEL, Jaafar: 278D HEIJLIGENBERG, Rik: PA0276 HEIN, Doug: PD0759 HEINKELEIN, Martin: PA0232 HEINKELEIN, Martin: 020A HEINS, J.: PAO103 HEISE, Walter: PB0519 HEISTERKAMP, Siem: PC0254 HEISTERKAMP, Siem H.: 294C HELAL, Hamida: PC0140 HELAL, Hamida: PC0316 HELL, Walfgang: 380A HELLERSTEIN, Marc: PB0910 HELLINGER, James: PB0499 HELLINGER, James: PD0138 HELLINGER, James: 083B HELLINGER, James A.: PB0721 260

Page  261 HIRANO, Kayoko: PD0081 HIRAYAMA, Fukushi: PAO305 HIRN, M.: PB0306 HIROI, Masahiko: 461C HIROKAWA, Jun: PC0166 HIROSE, Kaoru: PD0086 HIROSE, Takaoki: PC0584 HIRSCH, Roberto R.: PB0439 HIRSCH, Roberto R.: PB0447 HIRSCHEL, Bernard: PB0517 HIRSCHEL, Bernard: PBO710 HIRSCHEL, Bernard: PBO711 HIRSCHEL, Bernard: PB0839 HIRSCHEL, Bernard: PB0842 HIRSCHEL, Bernard: PCO0141 HIRSCHEL, Bernard: 002B HIRSCHORN, Ellette: PB0884 HISAMOTO, Hisako: PD0664 HISHIDA, O.: 383A HISHIKAWA, Takashi: PB0315 HIYAMA, Tomohiko: PD0689 HIYAMA, Tomohiko: PD0799 HNRC GROUP: PD0238 HO, Chi On Billy: PDOOO6 HO, David D.: PAO117 HO, David D.: PS10 HO, David D.: PA0195 HO, Hok Fai: PB0036 HO, Hok-Fai: PB0706 HO, Kwan Yee: 177B HO, Wen-Zhe: PA0292 HO, Yuen-Kwan: PC0610 HOA, Rebecca: PBO910 HOANG, Thuy Lan: 031D HOCKE, Claude: 155C HOCKLEY, David: PA0056 HODAPP, Karola: PB0141 HODEL, Derek: PC0293 HODGSON, lan: PD0077 HODOHARA, Keiko: PB0780 HOEBECKE, Johan: PA0213 HOEN, Bruno: 002B HOFER, Ernesto: PB0739 HOFF, Rodney: 266B HOFFMAN, I.: PC0183 HOFFMAN, I.: PC0564 HOFFMAN, I.: PD0533 HOFFMAN, I.: 365C HOFFMAN, Valerie: PD0784 HOFFMANN, Ulrich: PB0201 HOFFMANN, Ulrich J.: PB0087 HOFHEINZ, David: PB0371 HOFMAN, Lindsay: PB0385 HOFMAN, Lindsay F.: PB0345 HOFMAN, Silvia: PD0242 HOFMAN, Silvia: PD0585 HOFMANN, Bo: PA0259 HOFMANN, Bo: PB0528 HOFMANN, Bo: 090A HOGG, Robert: PB0718 HOGG, Robert: PC0220 HOGG, Robert: PC0221 HOGG, Robert: PD0106 HOGG, Robert: PD0227 HOGG, Robert: PD0396 HOGG, Robert: PD0397 HOGG, Robert: 356B HOGG, Robert: 435B HOGG, Robert S.: PB0961 HOGG, Robert S.: PC0197 HOGG, Robert S.: PC0230 HOGG, Robert S.: 025D HOGG, Robert S.: 124C HOGG, Robert S.: 184C HOLLINGER, Blain F.: 333B HOLLY, E.: 081B HOLMBERG, S.: 007C HOLMBERG, S.: PB0037 HOLMES, June: 428B HOLMES, King K.: 179B HOLMES, King K.: 394C HOLMGEN, Gunnar: PDO415 HOLMGREN, Charlotte: PB0073 HOLMGREN, Charlotte: PB0855 HOLM-HANSEN, Carol: 214C HOLODNIY, Mark: PB0364 HOLODNIY, Mark: 375A HOLODNIY, Mark: 504A HOLOPIGIAN, Karen: PB0513 HOLTGRAVE, David R.: PC0536 HOLZEMER, William L.: 338B/D HOM, David: PC0344 HOMANN, Matthias: PAO351 HOMMA, Morio: PC0150 HOMSY, Jacques: PB0885 HOMSY, Jacques: PD0247 HOMSY, Jacques: 520B/D HOMSY, Jacques: 539B HOMSY, Jacques M.: 096D HONDA, Akihito: PB0477 HONDA, M.: 310A HONDA, M.: PA0196 HONDA, Masao: PB0227 HORTA, Ana: PB0696 HORTON, A.: PB0068 HORVATH, Attila: PAO251 HORVATH, Attila: PD0001 HOSHIKAWA, Nariyoshi: PA0053 HOSHINO, Hiroo: PA0006 HOSHINO, Hiroo: PA0337 HOSHINO, Hiroo: 111A HOSMALIN, Anne: 228A HOSP, Maria: PB0670 HOSSAIN, Akram: PD0763 HOSSAIN, M. Mofazzal: PA0224 HOSSAIN, Mofazzal: PA0280 HOSSAIN, Sakhawat S.: PD0475 HOSTOMSKA, Zuzana: 128A HOSTOMSKY, Zdenek: 128A HOTTA, Hak: PC0150 HOTTA, Yasuaki: PB0103 HOUGHTON, R.A.: PB0898 HOUGHTON, Robert A.: PA0235 HOUNGUES, Sarah R.: PD0489 HOURCADE BELLOCQ, Javier L.: PD0148 HOUSTON, Sally H: PC0439 HOUSTON, Sally H.: PB0719 HOUWELING, H.: P00089 HOVANESSIAN, A.G.: PA0103 HOVANESSIAN, A.G.: PA0022 HOVANESSIAN, Ara G.: 307A HOWARD, Thomas M.: 384A HOWE, W. J.: 322A HOY, Jennifer: PB0819 HSU, Hsu-Mei: P00068 HU, Dale J.: PC0325 HU, Rong: PAO110 HU, Shiu-Lok: 193A HUANG, Jing-Heng: PD0548 HUANG, Laurence: PB0110 HUANG, Li-Min: 132A HUANG, Paul L.: 114A HUANG, Philip L.: 114A HUARTE, Itziar: PB0228 HUARTE, Itziar H.: PB0626 HUBERT, Jean Baptiste: PB0004 HUDES, Esther S.: PC0335 HUDES, Esther S.: 560C HUE, Jun: 454A HUE, Lois: PD0199 HUE, Lois: 470D HUFF, Andrea: PC0418 HUGHES, James: PB0044 HUGHES, Michael: PD0500 HUGHES, Mike J.: 153C HUGHES, Nedda K.: PA0137 HUGHES, Phillip: 357B HUGHES, Veronica: PD0764 HUGHES, Veronica B.: PD0448 HUGHES, Walter T.: PB0621 HUH, Jeong En: PA0076 HUISMAN, Han G.: 502A HULLEY, Stephen B.: PC0335 HULLEY, Stephen B.: 560C HULSEBOSCH, Hendrik J.: 283B HUMBERT, Guy: PB0536 HUNG, Chung-Ho: PB0318 HUNSMANN, G.: P80306 HUNSMANN, Gerhard: PA0217 HUNTER, David J.: 108C HUR, Sook Jin: 041C HURLEN, Bjorn: PB0156 HURREN, Lindsay: 376A HURTADO, Luisa V.: PB0346 HURTADO, Luisa V.: PB0695 HURTREL, Bruno: PA0116 HURTREL, Bruno H.B.: PA0181 HUSSTEDT, Ingo W.: PB0201 HUTCHESON, Donald: 518B/D HUTH-KUHNE, A.: 223A HUTTO, Cecilia: 454A HUTTO, Celia: PC0159 HUTTON, Nancy: 2048 HUTZLER, Rudolf: PB0292 HYUETT, Jeffrey: PD0104 IAGARU, Rozina: PB0468 IANCU, Luminita C.: PC0017 IARSEN, Jon: PC0552 IASCI, Angela: PB0501 IASCI, Angela: PB0498 IATESTA, Michael: PC0534 IBUKI, K.: PA0162 IBUKI, K.: PA0163 ICARDI, Giancarlo: PC0597 ICHIKAWA, S.: P00062 ICHIKAWA, Seiichi: PB0012 ICHIKAWA, Seiichi: PB0340 ICHIKAWA, Seiichi: PC0246 ICHIKAWA, Seiichi: PC0252 ICHIKAWA, Seiichi: PC0262 ICHIKAWA, Seiichi: PC0265 ICHIKAWA, Seiichi: PDOO65 ICHIKAWA, Seiichi: PDO108 ICHIKAWA, Seiichi: PD0539 ICHIMURA, Hiroshi: PC0151 ICHIMURA, Hiroshi: 088A ICHIMURA, Hiroshi: 527A ICHIOKA, Katsumi: PB0148 IDA, Setsuko: PA0001 IDA, Setsuko: PA0112 IDA, Setsuko: 143A IDIGORAS, P.: PA0127 DO, E.: PA0162 IDO, E.: 383A DO, E.: PA0163 DO, Eiji: PA0144 DO, Eiji: PA0146 IENISHI, Satoru: 4848 IFFT, Nicholas F.: PB0493 IGARASHI, T.: PA0162 IGARASHI, T.: 383A IGARASHI, T.: PA0163 IGARASHI, Tatsuhiko: PA0144 IGARASHI, Tatsuhiko: PA0146 IGARASHI, Tatsuhiko: 196A IGARASHI, Tatsuhiko: 251A IGARASHI, Yoshito: PC0337 IGBANUGO, Veronica C.: PC0300 IGNATIEVA, Galina: P80353 IGNATJEVA, Galina A.: PB0845 IGREJA, Ricardo P.: PB0597 IIJIMA, Miyoko: PDO080 IINO, Mitsuharu: PB0227 IINO, Takashi: PA0098 IINUMA, Kazushige: PB0388 IIZUKA, Atsuo: PD0710 IJICHI, Katsushi: PA0324 IJYUUIN, Kazunari: PD0636 HONDA, Mitsuo: HONDA, Mitsuo: HONDA, Mitsuo: HONDA, Mitsuo: HONDA, Mitsuo: HONDA, Mitsuo: HONDA, Mitsuo: HONDA, Mitsuo: PA0279 PA0342 PB0342 PB0357 PB0792 PB0896 PC0613 167A HONDA, Mitsuo: 246A HONDA, Mitsuo: 250A HONDA, Mitsuo: 381A HONDA, S.: 461C HOOGENVEEN, Rudolf T.: P00089 HOOI, Alex Y.S.: PB0577 HOOS, David: PC0279 HOOSEN, Anwar: PC0552 HOOVER, Donald R.: PA0089 HOOVER, Donald R.: 060B HOPEWELL, Philip: PB0624 HOPEWELL, Philip C.: PB0110 HOPS INVESTIGATORS: PB0037 HORAL, Peter: PA0207 HORI, Mitsuo: PA0161 HORI, Mitsuo: 543A HORI, Toshiyuki: PA0262 HORI, Toshiyuki: 089A HORIE, Ryuichi: 310A HORIKOSHI, Yasuo: 4838B HORITA, Naoki: PC0337 HORIUCHI, Sankichi: PA0273 HORLICK, Robert: 424A HORTA, Ana: PB0650 261

Page  262 IKAWA, Yoji: PA0176 IKEDA, Hitoshi: PAO160 IKEDA, Hitoshi: 541A IKEDA, M.: PA0307 IKEDA, Masakazu: PBO190 IKEDA, Masakazu: PB0457 IKEDA, Shigeru: PA0055 IKEDA, Shigeru: PA0059 IKEGAMI, Chizuko: PD0249 IKEGAMI, Masahito: PD0788 IKEGAMI, Nobuko: PA0215 IKEGAMI, Nobuko: PB0317 IKUSHIMA, N.: PA0304 IKUTA, Kazuyoshi: PA0043 IKUTA, Kazuyoshi: PA0064 IKUTA, Kazuyoshi: PA0073 IKUTA, Kazuyoshi: PA0074 IKUTA, Kazuyoshi: PA0091 IKUTA, Kazuyoshi: PA0093 IKUTA, Kazuyoshi: PAOO95 IKUTA, Kazuyoshi: PA0149 IKUTA, Kazuyoshi: PA0186 IKUTA, Kazuyoshi: 499A IKUTA, Kazuyoshi: 529A IKWAP, Tony: PD0708 ILARIA, Gerard: PB0939 LIE, Margareta: PB0467 ILLEMAN, Mark: 003B ILORI, Olabode: PC0565 IMAI, Bunichiro: PD0249 IMAI, Mayumi: PA0215 IMAI, Mayumi: PB0317 IMAI, Mistunobu: PB0251 IMAI, Mitsunobu: PAOO31 IMAI, Mitsunobu: PB0358 IMAI, Mitsunobu: PB0366 IMAI, Mitsunobu: PB0394 IMAI, Mitsunobu: PB0399 IMAI, Mitsunobu: PB0405 IMAI, Mitsunobu: P00062 IMAI, Mitsunobu: P00063 IMAI, Mitsunobu: PC0246 IMAI, Mitsunobu: 211C IMAI, Mitsunobu: 396C IMAI, Mitsunobu: 582A IMAIZUMI, Masue: PB0326 IMAMURA, Masahiro: PB0140 IMAMURA, Youichi: PDO711 MANE, Latifa: 368D IMANE, Latipa: 347D IMBACH, Jean-Louis: 112A IMBERT, Jean Claude: PB0113 IMBERT, Sylvie: PD0208 IMDADUL HAQUE, Milon: PD0364 IMPERIAL, Reynaldo: PD0458 IMPERIAL, Reynaldo H.: PD0298 IMRIE, Allison A.: PA0295 IM-EM, Wassana -: PD0773 INABA, Hisashi: PC0263 INABA, Misako: PC0061 INABA, Misako: PC0166 INADA, Yoritaro: PBO094 INADA, Yoritaro: PB0491 INADA, Yoritaro: PB0779 INADA, Yoritaro: PB0882 INAGAKI, Minoru: PB0967 INAGAKI, Minoru: PD0540 INAGAKI, Minoru: PD0557 INAGAKI, Tomokazu: 568D INAGAKI, Yoshio: PB0315 INAYAMA, Yoshiaki: PB0645 INAZAWA, Kazuhiko: PA0304 INCHAUSTEGUI, Luis: PB0182 INCIARDI, James A.: PC0475 INGLESI, Elisabete: PDO411 INGLESI, Elisabete: PD0415 INGLESI, Elisabete: PD0506 INGLESI, Elisabete: PD0764 INGLESI, Elisabete: PD0765 INGLESI, Elisabete: 238C INIGUEZ, Antonio: PB0182 INOMATA, Yosihiro: PB0856 INOUE, Etsuko M.: PD0088 INOUE, Kazuhiko: PD0073 INOUE, Yoshinori: PB0457 INSISIENGMAY, S.: P00084 INST.ADOLFO LUTZ, Aids Group: PB0484 INTARAJIT, Ornanong: PD0032 INTARAJIT, Ornanong: PD0246 INTARAPOKA, Benjamas: PA0129 INUZUMI, Kiyomi: PC0361 IPPOLITO, Giuseppe: PB0694 IPPOLITO, Giuseppe: PC0422 IPPOLITO, Giuseppe: PD0398 IPPOLITO, Giuseppe: 271B/D IPPOLITO, Giuseppe: 405B IRDIANTO, Isnan I.: PD0588 IRIBARREN, Jose A.: PB0228 IRIBARREN, Jose Antonio: PAO0127 IRIBARREN, Jose Antonio: PB0688 IRIBARREN, Jose Antonio I.: PB0626 IRIBARREN, Jose Antonio J.A.: PB0553 IRLAM, James: PC0552 IRON, Andre: PA0269 IRONS, Richard D.: PA0138 IROVA, Tatiana I.: PAO201 IRWIG, Les: PD0491 IRWIN, Mike: PA0345 ISAAC, Marcia L.: PB0449 ISARANGKURA NA AYUTHYA, Panasda: PB0344 ISBELL, Michael T.: PD0272 ISEGAWA, Yuji: PA0182 ISHIDA, S.: PAO310 ISHIDA, Takafumi: PA0162 ISHIDA, Takafumi: P00082 ISHIDA, Yoshiaki: 484B ISHIGAMI, Jyoji: PB0509 ISHIGAMI, Wataru: PD0788 ISHIGURO, M.: PA0365 ISHIHARA, Chiaki: PA0149 ISHIHARA, Miwa: 430B ISHII, Akiko: 568D ISHII, Norihisa: PB0744 ISHII, Shunsuke: 399A ISHIKAWA, E.: PB0354 ISHIKAWA, Eiji: 149B ISHIKAWA, Kiyohito: PC0547 ISHIKAWA, Koh-lchi: PB0658 ISHIKAWA, Koh-lchi: PC0049 ISHIKAWA, Masaaki: PB0251 ISHIKAWA, Naohisa: PD0608 ISHIKAWA, Setsuko: 149B ISHIKUMA, Toshinori: PD0729 ISHIMOTO, Akinori: PA0143 ISHIMOTO, Akinori: 016A ISHIMOTO, S.: PB0896 ISHIZAKI, Tohru: PB0622 ISIYAGI, Moses: PC0513 ISLK, Nilgun: PC0391 ISMAIL, Mohamed A.: PC0143 ISMAIL, Rokiah BT.: 040C ISMAIL, Samir: PA0224 ISOBE, Kazumi: PA0188 ISOMURA, Shin: 303C ISRAEL, Alain: 398A ISRAEL, Zimra: 198A ISRAELE, Victor: PB0814 ISSAEV, Dmitri: PDO715 ISSAEV, Dmitri: 490D ISSAEV, Dmitri D.: 173D ISSARUGGURA, Chiraporn: PD0616 ISTURIZ, Raul: PB0817 ITAKURA, Hideyo: PA0365 ITO, A.: PDO108 ITO, Akira: PA0031 ITO, Akira: PB0340 ITO, Akira: PB0366 ITO, Akira: PDOO65 ITO, Akira: PD0638 ITO, Akira: PD0678 ITO, Akira: PD0696 ITO, Chuichi: 461C ITO, Masahiko: PAO300 ITO, Masahiko: PA0304 ITO, Masahiko: PB0251 ITO, Masao: P80167 ITO, Maso: PB0594 ITO, Motome: PDO605 ITOH, Akira: PD0228 ITOH, Hironobu: PB0365 ITOH, Tadahiko: P00061 ITOYAMA, Y.: 226A IVANOFF, Andre: 464C IVANOV, George A.: PA0113 IVANOV, Konstantin S.: PB0192 IVANOVA, Larisa A: PA0252 IVANTIC, Karen: 390B IVERSEN, Johan: 090A IVES, Timothy J.: PB0579 IWA, Shinzo: PA0136 IWAKURA, Yoichiro: 242A IWAMOTO, Aikichi: PA0173 IWAMOTO, Aikichi: PA0353 IWAMURO, Shinya: PDO590 IWASAKI, K.: PAO161 IWASAKI, Masahiro: PB0342 IWASAKI, Sakai: PDO101 IWASAKI, Takuya: PB0533 IWASAKI, Yuzo: PAO164 IWASAKI, Yuzo: PA0268 IWASAWA, Akihiko: PC0584 IWASHIRO, Michihiro: PA0172 IWATA, Satoshi: PA0262 IWATA, Satoshi: 089A IYAMBO, Selma: 495B IYER, Uma: PD0335 IZAZOLA, Jose: PC0493 IZAZOLA, Jos6: PD0716 IZAZOLA, Jos6: 429B IZAZOLA-LICEA, Jos6: PD0160 IZAZOLA-LICEA, Jose: PDO161 IZAZOLA-LICEA, Jos6: PDO165 IZAZOLA-LICEA, Jos6: PD0654 IZAZOLA-LICEA, Jose: 028D IZAZALA-LICEA, J.A.: PD0721 IZAZOLA-LICEA, Jos6 Antonio: PB0341 IZOPET, Jacques: PC0147 IZOPET, Jacques: 2558 IZUMI, M.: PB0048 IZUMI, Toshihiko: PC0426 IZZO, Egidio: PB0270 IZZO, Egidio E.G.: PD0283 JABCONOWSKI, Helmut: PB0232 JABLONOWSKI, Helmut: PA0265 JABLONOWSKI, Helmut: PB0199 JABLONOWSKI, Helmut: PB0211 JABLONOWSKI, Helmut: PB0519 JACKSON, Denis: PC0291 JACKSON, Denis: 394C JACKSON, Denis: 409C JACKSON, Helen: PD0377 JACKSON, J. Brooks: 219C JACKSON, Joy J.: PDO400 JACKSON, Kirby L.: PC0218 JACKSON, Lynnae: PB0903 JACKSON, Lynnae S.: PB0886 JACOB, Cristina M.A.: PB0446 JACOB, Cristina M.A.: PB0838 JACOB, Cristina M.A.: 270B JACOB, Cristina M.A.: 554B JACOBS, Jonathan: PB0660 JACOBS, Jonathan: PB0740 JACOBS, Jonathan: PB0939 JACOBS, Jonathan L.: PB0327 JACOBS, Leslie: PC0148 JACOBSEN, Helmut: 515B JACOBSON, Steven: 546A JACOME, Luvia: PC0419 JACOMET, Chrisrine: PB0038 JACOMET, Christine: PB0217 JACOTOT, E.: 307A JACOTOT, Etienne: PA0022 JACQUES, A.: PC0596 JADAND, Corinne: 151C JADAND, Corinne: 217C JADHAV, Prabhakar K.: 324A JAEGEL GUEDES, Eva: PB0680 JAEGEL GUEDES, Eva: PB0907 JAEGER, Hans: PB0261 JAEGER, Hans: PB0680 JAEGER, Hans: PB0907 JAEGER, Hans: PB0927 JAEGER, Philippe: PD0379 JAFFE, Alan: PC0552 JAGER, Hans (J) C.: 294C JAGGER, Janine: PC0422 JAGGER, Janine: 272B/D JAHN, Sabine: PB0245 JAHN, Sabine: PB0280 JAIN, Dharamvir: PC0330 JAIN, Manoj K.: PC0578 JAINDANI, P. G.: PB0958 JAIS, Jean Philippe: PB0298 JALECO, Ana: PA0246 262

Page  263 JALLOW, Amadou: PD0054 JAMES, Hildreth E.K.: PA0082 JANA, Samarjit: 346D JANDL, Martin: PB0098 JANE, Enric S.: PBO150 JANE, Enric S.: PB0159 JANE, Muriithi N.: PD0665 JANG, Yng-Jung: PA0083 JANSSEN, Rob: PB0194 JANSSEN, Robert S.: PC0001 JANSSEN, Robert S.: PC0586 JANSSEN, Robert S.: 123C JANSSENS, Wouter: 215C JANSSENS, Wouter: 382A JANUSZEWSKA, Mariola: PB0082 JANVIER, Blandine: PA0213 JANVIER, Genevieve: 315A JARDENIL, John Kennedy C.: PC0528 JARRY, Jean - Marc: PB0128 JARVIE, Jill A.: PBO915 JASSOY, Christian: PA0232 JASSOY, Christian: 020A JAUBERT, D.: PB0652 JAUREGUI RUEDA, Horacio: PB0079 JAUREGUI RUEDA, Horacio: PBOO81 JAUREGUI RUEDA, Horacio: PB0677 JAUREGUI RUEDA, Horacio: PD0148 JAUREGUT RUEDA, Horacio: PB0675 JAVAHERBIN, P.: 525A JAVAHERIAN, Kashi: PAO210 JAVANNI, Jean: PD0518 JAVANNI, Jean: PD0630 JAVELLE, Sophie: PD0690 JAYARATNAM, Ratnam: PD0072 JAYASHREE, Govindane G.: PA0O011 JAYAWEERA, Dushyantha T.: PB0521 JAYLE, Didier: PDOO31 JAYLE, Didier: PD0571 JAYLE, Didier: PD0572 JAYLE, Didier: PD0792 JEANG, Kuan-Teh: 132A JEANNEL, Dominique: PA0154 JEANNEL, Dominique: PAO170 JEDLICKA, Jaroslav: PC0112 JEHUDA-COHEN, Tamar: PB0378 JELONEK, Marie: PB0308 JENARIU, Stana: PB0456 JENKINS, Carol: PD0772 JENKINS, Carol L.: PD0481 JENKINS, P.: PC0577 JENKINS, Richard A.: PC0244 JENKINS, Robert: PD0392 JENKS, Belinda H.: PB0903 JENSEN, Bruce: PBOO71 JENSEN, Fred C.: PAO036 JENSEN, Fred C.: PAO102 JENSEN, Lise: 305C JERAJANI, Hemangi: PC0555 JERONYMO, Mauro: PBO085 JERONYMO, Mauro: PC0356 JERONYMO, Mauro: PC0416 JHA, Saroja: PD0442 JIA, Man H.: 042C JIAN, Wang: PB0868 JIANG, Rong-Sheng: PC0363 JIJIDE, James: PD0793 JILEK, Franz: PB0395 JIN, M.: PA0144 JIMENEZ, Victor: PA0371 JIMENEZ-ESCRIG, Adriano: PB0222 JIMENEZ-ESCRIG, Adriano: PB0224 JIMMERSON, Christopher J.: PB0070 JIN, Ming-Hao: PA0146 JIN, Ning-Yi: PAOO13 JITSUKAWA, W.: PD0695 JITSUKAWA, Wataru: PD0689 JITTHAI, Nigoon: PD0480 JOAHER ALl,: PD0763 JOANES, Jose: P00039 JOAO FILHO, Esau C.: PC0395 JOAO, Esau: PB0662 JOAO, Esau C.: PBO810 JOAO, Esau C.: PD0399 JOHANSS ON, Torbjorn A.: PD0102 JOHN, H.: PD0447 JOHN, Jacob K.: PD0017 JOHN, Stanley: PC0219 JOHN, T.J.: P00082 JOHNSEN, Laura W.: PC0179 JOHNSON, Benjamin: PD0487 JOHNSON, C.: PC0577 JOHNSON, Elaine M.: PD0025 JOHNSON, John: PD0392 JOHNSON, John L.: 406B JOHNSON, Linda M.: PD0755 JOHNSON, Mark: PD0791 JOHNSON, Warren D.: PBOOO2 JOHNSON, Wayne D.: PC0479 JOHNSON, Wayne D.: PC0536 JOHNSON-LAIRD, Linda: PD0369 JOLLY, Douglas J.: 1628B JOLLY, Douglas, J.: PA0345 JOLY, Veronique A.: PB0596 JONATHAN, Vivian: PC0194 JONDAL, Mikael: PA0340 JONES, Brenda E.: PA0122 JONES, lan M.: PA0056 JONES, Jack: PD0583 JONES, Jack: PD0584 JONES, Jack T.: PD0421 JONES, Jack T.: PD0442 JONES, Jack T.: 367D JONES, Jeffrey: 264C JONES, Kathryn: PAO150 JONES, Louis: PD0194 JONES, Michael: PB0707 JONES, Sherman T.: PB0610 JONES, Stephen T.: PD0499 JONES, Susan: PA0349 JONES, T.S.: 564C JONES, Vanessa: PD0573 JONES, Wanda: 518B/D JOSE, Benny: PC0470 JOSE, Izazola: PD0721 JOSEP, Cadafalch: PB0722 JOSEP, Ris: PB0722 JOSEPH, D.: PC0183 JOSEPH, D.: PC0540 JOSHI, Anand: PD0569 JOSHI, Bharat: 579A JOSSE, R.: PB0708 JOUANNE, Ronique: PB0756 JOUBERT, Laurence: 542A JOUBERT, Laurence M.: PA0118 JOUCLA, Franck: PD0255 JOUCLA, Franck: PD0614 JOUEN, Elie: PD0421 JOVANOVIC, Todor: PA0340 JOVANOVIC, Todor: PB0243 JUAREZ, Luis: PC0353 JUDKINS, Mark: PD0105 JUDSON, Frank: PC0288 JUDSON, Frank: 301C JUEGA, Javier: PC0110 JUGSUDEE, Achara: P00057 JUGSUDEE, Achara: P00074 JUGSUDEE, Achara: P00075 JUGSUDEE, Achara: PC0251 JUJI, T.: PB0399 JULES, Delourdes: 054B JULIEN, Thierry: PD0489 JUMA, Beatrice A.: PD0248 JUMA, Beatrice A.: PD0775 JUNET, Christian: PCO141 JUNG, Christoph: PB0765 JUNG, Don: 004B JUNG, Fabio: PB0118 JUNGWIRTH, Christoph: PA0265 JUNLANANTO, Pitak: P00074 JUNOD, Patrice: PD0151 JURADO, Edson: PB0951 JURADO, Rafael: PC0338 JURKIEWICZ, E.: PB0306 JURKIEWICZ, Elke: PA0217 JUSCZAK, E: PC0198 JUST, Jeanette Joan: PC0224 JYOMURA, Satoshi: PB0388 K, Jayapaul: PC0542 KAAYA, Ephata E.: 043B KABA, Fatos: 464C KABAKCHIEVA, Elena T.: PD0023 KABANDA, Margaret: PC0303 KABASHARIRA, Naome: PD0749 KABATESI, Donna: PB0885 KABATESI, Donna: PD0247 KABATESI, Donna: 096D KABATESI, Donna: 520B/D KABATESI, Donna: 539B KABE, Kasei: PB0924 KABIRU, Pamela N.: PB0601 KADDUMUKASA, Anne C.: PD0142 KADREE, Margaret A.: PC0182 KAEO-DUMKOENG, Kwanmuang: PD0616 KAETANO, Lovemore: PB0421 KAEWCHAIYO, Gitipong: PC0163 KAEWKUNGWAL, Jaranit: 009C KAEWKUNQWAL, Jaranit: 327C KAEWVICHIT, Rassamee: 288B KAGAN, Jonathan: PB0311 KAGEYAMA, Seiji: PA0224 KAGEYAMA, Seiji: PA0280 KAGEYAMA, Seiji: PA0298 KAGEYAMA, Seiji: PB0418 KAGEYAMA, Seiji: 516B KAGIMU, Magid: PD0047 KAGIMU, Magid: 476C KAGIMU, Magid M.: PD0040 KAGWA, Paul: 282D KAHLON, Babar Mahmood M.: PB0852 KAHLON, Riffat C.: PB0852 KAHN, James: 318A KAHN, James: 006B KAHN, James: 326C KAHN, James G.: 564C KAIKOBAD: PD0676 KAIOAGE, Theresa: PD0265 KAISER, L.: 203B KAISER, Laurent: P80839 KAISER, Laurent: PB0842 KAISER, Marc R.: PB0893 KAKEHASHI, Masayuki: PC0261 KAKIMOTO, Kazuhiro: PB0792 KAKINUMA, Mitsuaki: PA0074 KAKISHITA, Eizo: PB0060 KAKIZAWA, Junko: PA0068 KAKIZAWA, Junko: PB0356 KAKUDA, Harumi: PB0757 KAKUNGU, Gaston: PD0353 KALAKUN, Luciane: PB0118 KALDOR, John: PA0295 KALDOR, John: 010C KALDOR, John: 330C KALDOR, John M.: P00096 KALDOR, Stephen: 321A KALE, Kouame: PB0741 KALEEBA, Noerine: PD0264 KALEEBA, Noerine: PB0969 KALEEBA, Noerine: PC0506 KALEEBA, Noerine: PD0247 KALEEBA, Noerine: 520B/D KALEEBA, Noerine: 539B KALIBALA, Sam: PB0885 KALIBALA, Sam: PD0264 KALIBALA, Samuel: 5398 KALICHMAN, Artur: PC0117 KALICHMAN, Artur O.: PC0031 KALICHMAN, Artur O.: PC0191 KALINA, Marcela: PB0734 KALININA, Natalia: PB0772 KALININA, Natalia: 285B KALININA, Natalia M.: PB0771 KALISH, Marcia L.: 451A KALISH, Vince J.: 321A KALLA, Anand: PD0569 KALLA, S.: PD0569 KALLA, Sunil: PB0801 KALLA, Sunil: PD0109 KALLINGS, Lars O.: TS9 KALNINA, Ludmila B.: PA0329 KALULE, Josephine: PD0751 KALULE, Josephine K.: PD0708 KALYANGO, Sophia: 209D KALYANGO, Sophia N.: 209D KALYEBARA, Joy N.: PD0758 KALYESUBULA, Israel: 219C KAM, Kai Man: PB0097 KAM, Kai Man: 1778 263

Page  264 KAMAKURA, Mitsuhiro: PC0262 KAMAKURA, Mitsuhiro: PC0265 KAMAKURA, Mitsuhiro: PD0080 KAMAKURA, Mitsuhiro: PD0637 KAMAL, Gazi Mustafa: PD0763 KAMALI, Anatoli: PCOO40 KAMALI, Anatoli: 068C KAMALI, Anatoli: 106C KAMALI, Anatoli B.: PC0228 KAMANDA, William M.: PD0320 KAMANGA, Joseph: PD0530 KAMAT, Hemant A.: PA0027 KAMAU, Peris: 447D KAMB, Mary L.: PC0534 KAMBARA, Takeshi: PA0243 KAMBARA, Takeshi: PA0245 KAMBARA, Takeshi: PC0270 KAMBEMBO, Luzolo: PB0427 KAMDEM, Theophile: PC0392 KAMENGA, Munkolenkole: PB0788 KAMENGA, Munkolenkole: 290C KAMEOKA, M.: 499A KAMEOKA, Masanori: PA0064 KAMEOKA, Masanori: PAOO91 KAMEOKA, Masanori: PA0095 KAMEYAMA, Tsuneo: PA0161 KAMIDONO, Sadao: PB0509 KAMIKAWA, Janete: PB0445 KAMIKAWA, Janete: PB0838 KAMIMURA, Noriko: PB0622 KAMIYA, Tadashi: 328C KAMIYA, Takashi: PAO100 KAMIYA, Takashi: PA0186 KAMMERLANDER, Raoul: PC0376 KAMOSHITA, Keiichi: PA0024 KAMOUKE, B.: PD0586 KAMOUKE, B.: PD0712 KAMTORN, Nuonchern: PC0373 KAMURAGIYE, Alois: P00048 KAMYA, Moses R.: 480C KANAMORI, Yutaka: PAO141 KANDA, Masanori: PA0149 KANDASWAMY, Jayapaul K.: PD0587 KANE, Fadel: P00047 KANEDA, Toshio: PB0167 KANEDA, Toshio: PB0594 KANEGASAKI, Shiro: 257B KANEKO, Hiroshi: PB0315 KANEKO, Tsuguo: PC0337 KANEKO, Yutaro: PA0261 KANEKO, Yutaro: PB0244 KANEKO, Yutaro: PB0276 KANEM, Natalia: PC0449 KANESHIMA, Hideto: PAO117 KANG, Chun: PA0319 KANG, Mi Ran: PA0076 KANKI, Phillis: PBO027 KANKI, Phyllis: PA0078 KANKI, Phyllis: PBO015 KANKI, Phyllis J.: PCO050 KANKI, Phyllis J.: 456A KANN, Laura: PD0538 KANN, Laura K.: PD0789 KANNA, Manuel: PAO155 KANNAGI, Mari: PAO104 KANNAGI, Mari: 168A KANO, Eizo: PD0405 KANO, Kyouichi: PB0405 KANO, Kyouichi: 582A KANOKSINSOMBAT, Chinda: P00076 KANT, Shashi: PD0714 KANTARAMA, Genevieve: PB0849 KANTHARAJ, K.: PD0553 KANTHARAJ, K.: PD0579 KANTHARAJ, Katsuri: PC0229 KANTHARAJ, Kasturi: PD0319 KANTHARAJ, Kasturi: 574D KANTHARAJAJ, al: PC0315 KANYAMA, Idah: PD0093 KAONA, Frederick A.D.: PD0093 KAPIGA, Saidi: 108C KAPITA, Bila: PB0034 KAPITA, Bila: PD0383 KAPITA, Bila M.: PB0034 KAPLAN, Edward: PD0524 KAPLAN, Gilla: PB0312 KAPLAN, J.E.: PC0129 KAPLAN, Joan E.: PD0400 KAPLAN, Mark: 507A KAPLAN, Robert M.: PB0205 KAPSIMALI, Violeta: PB0005 KAPSIMALI, Violeta: 481B KAPTU, Lazare: PD0712 KAPTUE, Lazare: PA0079 KAPTUE, Lazare: PD0312 KAPTUE, Lazare: PD0586 KAPUR, S.: PA0189 KAPUR, Sujala: PB0487 KAPUSA, Enock R.: PD0027 KAPYEPYE, Ethel E.: PD0243 KARACZYNSKA, Bacia: PD0490 KARAFOULIDOU, Anastasia: PB0005 KARAFOULIDOU, Anastasia: PB0039 KARAFOU LIDOU, Anastasia: 481 B KARAGAS, Natalia V.: PB0781 KARAKAS, Loretta: PB0376 KARAMOV, Eduard V.: PA0015 KARAMOV, Edward V.: PA0014 KARAMOV, Edward V.: PA0303 KARANJA, Mary: 035D KARGBO, Alex: PC0420 KARINCHAI, Narin: PD0032 KARINCHAI, Narin: PD0246 KARINO, Yoshiyasu: PB0140 KARMOCHKINE, Marina: PB0520 KARNIK, N. D.: PB0958 KAROUI, Mongi: PC0611 KARPAS, Abraham: PA0338 KARPAS, Abraham: PB0293 KARPISCHENKO, Anatoly I.: PAO113 KASAI, Kiyoshi: PB0358 KASAI, T.: 541A KASAI, T.: PA0160 KASDEN, P.: 159B KASEJE, Margaret: PB0969 KASEJE, Margaret: PC0506 KASEJE, Margaret: PD0264 KASHAMUKA, Mwandagalirwa: PB0427 KASHANCHI, F.: 508A KASHII, Yoshifumi: PD0710 KASHIMA, Yuji: PD0065 KASHIMA, Yuji: PD0108 KASHIMA, Yuji: PD0539 KASHIMORI, Yoshiki: PA0243 KASHIMORI, Yoshiki: PA0245 KASHIWAGI, Nobuhito: PA0119 KASHYAP, Neera: 565D KASINRERK, Watchara: PB0312 KASOLO, Skovia: 096D KASOTE, Chitalu: PD0027 KASSLER, William J.: 518B/D KASTA, Wendy: PD0144 KASWAMILA, S.: PB0941 KATAAHA, Peter: PB0408 KATAAHA, Peter: PC0375 KATAAHA, Peter: 325C KATABIRA, Elly: PB0885 KATABIRA, Elly: PB0969 KATABIRA, Elly: PD0264 KATABIRA, Elly: 5398B KATABIRA, Elly T.: PC0506 KATABIRA, P.: PB0782 KATADA, Noriko: PB0942 KATAHIRA, Kiyohiko: PD0785 KATAHIRA, Kiyohiko: PD0786 KATANIWA, Yoshio: PC0568 KATAOKA, Tetsuro: PA0286 KATARAMA, F.: PB0941 KATARAMA, Fidelia K.: PB0869 KATAYAMA, Kazuhiko: PB0365 KATIKI, Tunequi: PB0108 KATLAMA, Christine: PA0234 KATLAMA, Christine: 164A KATNER, Harold: PC0333 KATNER, Harold P.: PB0214 KATO, Kyle S.: PB0197 KATO, Miyoko: PB0390 KATO, Shingo: PB0360 KATO, Shingo: 581A KATO, Shiro: PA0043 KATO, Yoshiko: PB0942 KATOH, Shinobu: PC0547 KATSUMOTO, Tetsuo: PA0224 KATSURA, Yoshimoto: 246A KATSURAYA, Kaname: PA0304 KATSUSHIMA, Soichiro: PC0320 KATZ, M.H.: 007C KATZ, Mitch: PB0935 KATZ, Osnat: PB0403 KATZE, Michael G.: 197A KATZENSTEIN, David: 326C KAUFMAN, Gerald: PC0279 KAUFMAN, Sara: PB0723 KAUFMAN, Sara C.: PB0661 KAUR, Amrit: PD0559 KAUR, Harvinder: PD0323 KAUR, Jiv Jyot: PD0127 KAVEN, A.N.: PB0407 KAVLICK, Mark: 377A KAVUMA, Linda C.L.: PD0757 KAWABATA, Kenichi: PB0417 KAWAHARA, Noriko: PD0062 KAWAHARA, Takashi: 532A KAWAI, Hiromi: PA0365 KAWAI, Kazuhisa: PC0361 KAWAMOTO, Joji: PD0638 KAWAMOTO, Michiko: PB0414 KAWAMOTO, Susumu: PA0372 KAWAMURA, Makoto: 484B KAWAMURA, Meiko: PA0008 KAWAMURA, Meiko: 016A KAWAMURA, Meiko: 352A KAWAMURA, Meiko: 529A KAWANA, Takashi: 084B KAWASAKI, Noriyuki: PB0967 KAWASE, Shido: PA0005 KAWASE, Shido: PA0254 KAZAMA, Takashi: 208D KAZANJIAN, Powel H.: PAO121 KAZANJIAN, Powel H.: PB0816 KAZATCHKINE, Michel: PB0500 KAZATCHKINE, Michel: PB0616 KAZATCHKINE, Michel: PB0638 KAZATCHKINE, Michel D.: PA0264 KAZINI, Shamin: PA0137 KEBEDE, Mizanu: PB0579 KEBEDE, Tegest: P00046 KEE, Mee Kyung: 041C KEEFER, Michael: PA0375 KEEFER, Michael: 317A KEET, Ireneus: 302C KEET, Ireneus P.: PB0827 KEET, Ireneus P.: 306C KEFFER, M: PB0585 KEGEBEIN, Valerie J.: PC0585 KEGELES, Susan: PD0164 KEHL, Jane: PB0620 KEIL, Walter: PA0350 KEILCH, Rvsty: PC0336 KEISER, Philip: PB0574 KEITA, Moussa Oria: PC0450 KEKEH, Hugues: PC0451 KELAHER, Margaret A.: PD0513 KELLER, Margaret A.: PB0308 KELLER, Robert H.: PA0235 KELLER, Robert H.: PB0290 KELLER, Robert J.: PB0898 KELLY, Eileen T.: 437B KELLY, Michael: PD0179 KELLY, Michael: 063D KELLY, Michael: 519B/D KELLY, Michael K.: 092D KELLY, Paula: 031D KELLY, Robert: PD0734 KEL-A-WE, Izzia F.: PB0693 KEMBOU, Etienne: PD0586 KEMBOU, Etienne: PD0712 KENGEYA-KAYONDO, Jane F.: PC0040 KENGEYA-KAYONDO, Jane F.: PC0228 KENGEYA-KAYONDO, Jane F.: 068C KENGEYA-KAYONDO, Jane F.: 106C KENGMO, Paul: PD0776 KENNEDY, Robert: PC0006 KENNEDY, Sally M.: 432B KENNY, Daniel W.: PB0188 KENYON, Vicki S.: PD0387 KEOHANE, Denis J.: PB0486 KERCHOUNI, Reda: PB0912 264

Page  265 KERNDT, Peter: PC0326 KERNDT, Peter: PC0559 KERNDT, Peter: PC0620 KERNDT, Peter R.: PC0128 KERNDT, Peter R.: PC0560 KERSE, Lorraine V.: PB0511 KERSE, Lorraine V.: PC0437 KERSE, Lorraine V.: PD0769 KERULY, Jeanne: PBOOO1 KESSLER, Harold A.: PA0227 KESSLER, Harold A.: PB0790 KESTENS, Luc: PC0580 KESTENS, Luc L.: PA0169 KESTENS, Luc L.: PBO101 KETLINSKY, Sergey: PB0771 KETLINSKY, Sergey A.: PB0772 KETLINSKY, Sergey A.: 285B KEWIN, Diane: PB0389 KGOSIDINTSI, Nana: PDO651 KHABBAZ, R.: PC0129 KHABBAZ, R.: PC0210 KHAITOV, Rakhim M.: PA0009 KHAITOV, Rakhim M.: PA0203 KHAITOV, Rakhim M.: PA0212 KHAITOV, Rakhim M.: PB0416 KHAITOV, Rakhim M.: PB0845 KHAMBOONRUANG, Chirasak: P00072 KHAMBOONRUANG, Chirasak: PC0O104 KHAMBOONRUANG, Chirasak: 038C KHAMBOONRUANG, Chirasak: 391C KHAMBOONRUANG, Chirasak: 460C KHAMIS, Ameir A.: PAO190 KHAMWAN, Chantana: PB0606 KHAN MAJLIS, M.Ali.: PD0676 KHAN, Naheed: PD0763 KHAN, Insanullah: PD0087 KHAN, Mohammad A.: PB0480 KHANNA, Neena: PC0567 KHANOLKAR-YOUNG, S.: PB0667 KHATAVKAR, Parag B.: PD0739 KHATISSIAN, Emmanuel: PA0116 KHATRI, Falguni: PB0029 KHELIFA, Ridha: PCO611 KHODAKEVICH, Lev: PB0964 KHODAKEVICH, Lev: 097B/D KHODAKEVICH, Lev: 039C KHODAKEVICH, Lev: 346D KHODAKEVICH, Lev N.: PC0078 KHONDI, N.: 029D KHONDI, Ngimbi: PD0289 KHOSHNOOD, Kaveh: 336B KHOSLA, V. K.: PB0425 KHOURI, Yousef: PA0349 KHRISTOVA, Marina L.: PA0220 KHUONG, Marie-Aude: PB0617 KHUPULSUP, Kalayanee: PB0426 KHURRANNA, Ashok: 357B KIAKULANDA, Luila: PC0509 KIAMA, Teresa N.: PB0378 KIBENDE, Samson M.: PB0016 KIDD, Michael R.: PD0567 KIDO, Hiroshi: PAOOO1 KIDO, Hiroshi: PA0021 KIDO, Hiroshi: PA0024 KIDO, Hiroshi: 312A KIDO, Koji: PB0393 KIEFER, Michael C.: PA0105 KIEHL, Michael G.: PB0282 KIENY, Marie Poule KMP.: PA0058 KIESSLING, Ann: KIESSLING, Ann: KIESSLING, Ann: KIESSLING, Ann: KIESSLING, Ann: KIESSLING, Ann: PA0034 PC0617 PD0095 PDO109 PD0569 PD0759 KIEVITS, Tim: PB0363 KIEWYING, Monthira: PC0413 KIEWYING, Monthira: PC0544 KIHARA, Agnes: 1798B KIHARA, Masahiro: PB0399 KIHARA, Masahiro: PC0062 KIHARA, Masahiro: PC0246 KIHARA, Masahiro: PC0252 KIHARA, Masahiro: PC0362 KIHARA, Masahiro: 396C KIHARA, Masahiro: 414C KIHARA, Masako: 414C KIHARA, Masako 0.: P00062 KIHARA, Masako 0.: PC0246 KIHARA, Masako 0.: PC0362 KIHARA, Masako 0.: 396C KIKUCHI, Saburo: PD0704 KIKUCHI, Utako: PD0785 KILLEEN, Kevin: 252A KILLMAR, John: PB0621 KILOMBO, Numbi: PD0289 KIM, Chang: PC0531 KIM, Chang K.: PC0530 KIM, D.G.: PA0076 KIM, David D.: PD0060 KIM, Dae-Kee: PB0829 KIM, Eunice: 319A KIM, Eunice: 426A KIM, Hun-Taek: PB0829 KIM, J.H.: 230B KIM, Joo: 342B/D KIM, Key Hyup: PB0829 KIM, S.: 323A KIM, Seong - Jin: 506A KIM, Seon-Hee: PA0035 KIM, Seon-Hee: PA0076 KIM, Sung Chun: 323A KIM, Sung Soon: 041C KIM, Sunyoung: PA0035 KIM, Sunyoung: PA0076 KIM, Sunyoung: 506A KIM, Tae Gyu: PA0076 KIM, Yoo: PB0289 KIM, Young B.: PB0289 KIM, Young-Woo: P80829 KIMANI, Gloria G.: 100B/D KIMBALL, Ann Marie: PD0028 KIMBALL, Ann Marie: PD0424 KIMMEL, Paul: PA0047 KIMMEL, Paul L.: PB0815 KIMOTO, Hiroshi: PA0016 KIMURA, Hirokazu: PD0065 KIMURA, Hirokazu: PD0539 KIMURA, Kazuhiro: PD0108 KIMURA, Machiko: PD0236 KIMURA, Satoshi: PA0001 KIMURA, Satoshi: PAO112 KIMURA, Satoshi: PA0231 KIMURA, Satoshi: PB0090 KIMURA, Satoshi: PB0221 KIMURA, Satoshi: PD0228 KIMURA, Satoshi: 143A KIMURA, Satoshi: 2578B KIMURA, Satoshi: 4308B KIMURA, T.: PA0299 KIMURA, Takuro: PAOO91 KIMURA, Takuro: PA0095 KIMURA, Tominori: PAOO45 KIMURA, Tominori: PA0049 KIMURA-KURODA, Junko: PA0107 KINARD, Sharon: 292C KING, Alan J.C.: 372D KING, Arlene: PB0350 KING, Christopher: 388B KING, M.C.: PC0224 KING, Rachel: PB0885 KING, Rachel: 096D KING, Rachel: 520B/D KING, Rachel: 539B KING, Rachel L.: PD0247 KINKELA, Nanlele: PC0509 KINLOCH, Sabine: 002B KINO, Masayasu: PA0336 KINOSHITA, Eizo: PD0536 KINOSHITA, Seiji: PB0317 KINTER, Audrey: 087A KINZEL, Dieter: PB0777 KIPP, W.: PD0666 KIPP, Walter: PD0686 KIPP, Walter: 364C KIPP, Walter E.: PC0375 KIPPAX, Susan: P00096 KIPPAX, Susan: PD0085 KIPPAX, Susan: PD0239 KIPPAX, Susan: 416D KIPPAX, Susan C.: PC0295 KIRAGGA, Dithan: PC0513 KIRBY, Douglas: 371D KIRSANOVA, Olga N.: PB0920 KIRSCHFINK, Michael: 023A KIRUHI, Margaret N.: 447D KISANUKI, Sumitsugu: PA0299 KISELEV, Oleg I.: PA0320 KISHI, Masahiko: PA0064 KISHI, Masahiko: PA0073 KISHI, Masahiko: PA0074 KISHI, Masahiko: PAOO91 KISHI, Masahiko: PA0149 KISHI, Tomonari: PA0056 KISHORA, N.: PD0323 KISILYOV, Vladimir: PD0176 KISINA, Vera I.: PB0571 KISLYKH, Helen: PC0436 KISO, Yoshiaki: PA0299 KISO, Y.: PB0841 KITAJIMA, I.: PA0341 KITAJIMA, Isao: PA0307 KITAJIMA, Masa-Aki: PB0358 KITAMURA, K.: PC0613 KITAMURA, Katsuhiko: PA0196 KITAMURA, Katsuhiko: 246A KITAMURA, Katsuhiko: 250A KITAMURA, Katsuhiko: 310A KITAMURA, Takashi: PA0171 KITAMURA, Takashi: PB0277 KITAMURA, Takashi: PC0060 KITAMURA, Takashi: 016A KITAMURA, Yoshihiro: PA0026 KITANGE, Henry: PD0780 KITAYAPORN, Dwip: 009C KITAYAPORN, Dwip: 327C KITAZAWA, Kyoko: PD0030 KITTO, Dan: PD0247 KITTO, Daniel: 520B/D KIURI, Anne N.: PD0137 KIVELLOS, Spiros: PB0225 KIYAMA, Reiko: PD0236 KIZER, Kenneth: PD0500 KLAJMIC, Sara: P00099 KLAJMIC, Sara: PC0498 KLASKALA, Winslow I.: 392C KLAUSNER, Jeffrey D.: PB0312 KLAUSS, Volker: PB0218 KLAUSS, Volker: PB0229 KLAUSS, Volker: PB0547 KLEBANOV, Yakov A.: PC0454 KLEE, Eva: PC0051 KLEE, Hilary A.: 298D KLEIN, Alex: PD0084 KLEIN, Alex: 134B/D KLEIN, Elena: PB0094 KLEIN, Elena B.: PB0491 KLEIN, Hugh: 062D KLEIN, Hugh A.: PC0180 KLEIN, Michel: PA0357 KLEIN, Robert S.: PC0129 KLEIN, Robert S.: PC0210 KLEINMAN, Dushanka V.: PB0155 KLEINSCHMIDT, Andrea: 351A KLEPIKOV, Nikolay: PB0382 KLEPIKOV, Nikolay: PC0614 KLERSY, Katherine: PB0745 KLIKS, Srisakul: 527A KLIKS, Srisakul C.: 452A KLIMEK, Joseph J.: PB0608 KLIMEK, Joseph J.: PB0929 KLINMAN, Dennis M.: PA0369 KLOSER, Patricia C.: P80861 KLOSER, Patricia C.: PC0176 KLOURI, Celia: PD0764 KLOVDAHL, Alden S.: 569D KLUMP, Wolfgang: 162B KLUMP, Wolfgang: PA0345 KLUXEN, Betina: PA0206 KNAPP, S.: PA0079 KNAUTH, Daniela R.: PD0131 KNECHTEN, Heribert: PB0073 KNECHTEN, Heribert: PB0855 KNEITSCHEL, R.: PB0013 KNICKMANN, Mechthild: PB0855 KNIGHT, Barbara K.: PB0041 KNIGHTON, Daniel: 128A KNOWLES, Linda: 410C KNUTSEN, Alan P.: PB0773 KO, Doreen: PB0083 KOBAYASHI, Hirohiko: PA0143 KOBAYASHI, Nobuyuki: PB0241 KOBAYASHI, Seiki: PB0189 KOBAYASHI, Shin: 303C 265

Page  266 KOBAYASHI, Sumiko: PB0140 KOBYSHCHA, Yuri: PC0022 KOBYSHCHA, Yuri V.: PC011 KOCH, William L.: PB0205 KODAMA, Kenichi: PD0550 KODAMA, Kenichi: PD0557 KODAMA, Mitsuo: P00065 KODAMA, Ryoko: PD0696 KODAMA, Toshiaki: 532A KODAMA, Toshiko: P00065 KOELNDORFER, Marcia: PC0231 KOENIG, R. E.: PB0398 KOENIG, Scott: PA0373 KOEPPE, Adriana S.: PB0808 KOERNER, Bonnie: PA0277 KOFF, W.: 316A KOFF, Wayne: 318A KOFFI, Rose: PB0352 KOGA, Yasuhiro: PA0024 KOGA, Yasuhiro: PA0038 KOGA, Yasuhiro: 024A KOGUSURI, Yuko: PDO101 KOH, Jong Sung: 323A KOHASE, Masayoshi: PA0286 KOHLER, Heinz: PB0336 KOHLI, Malvika: PC0566 KOHNO, Miyoko: PD0220 KOHNO, Miyoko: 281D KOIDE, Daisuke: PD0785 KOIDE, Daisuke: PD0786 KOIDE, Takaki: PA0302 KOIJANE, Jeannette: PD0195 KOIKE, Morio: PB0191 KOITO, Atsushi: PA0012 KOJIMA, Asato: PA0028 KOJIMA, Asato: PA0053 KOJIMA, Asato: PBO410 KOJIMA, E.: PAO311 KOJIMA, E.: PAO310 KOJIMA, Eiji: 056B KOJIMA, Eiji: 377A KOJIMA, Hiroyuki: PC0546 KOJIMA, Kazuyasu: PAO141 KOK, Wessel: PB0363 KOKKEVI, Anna: PD0687 KOKKEVI, Anna E.: PD0594 KOL, Mandala J.: PD0777 KOL, Mandala J.: PD0783 KOLBE, Lloyd: PD0538 KOLBERG, J.: 145B KOLBERG, Janice: 375A KOLODYAZHNAYA, N.M.: PB0465 KOMAGOE, Yoshiyuki: PB0388 KOMAI, Tadashi: PD0075 KOMATSU, R.: PD0769 KOMATSU, Toshihiko: PA0144 KOMATSU, Toshihiko: 196A KOMATSU, Toshihiko: 251A KOMINE, K.: PBO048 KOMOLAFE, Ricky: PDO054 KOMURO, Katsutoshi: PA0286 KOMURO, Katsutoshi: PC0613 KOMURO, Yumie: PB0877 KONDE-LULE, Joseph: 067C KONDE LULE, Joseph K.: PC0505 KONDO, Makiko: PAOO31 KONDO, Makiko: PB0358 KONDO, Makiko: PB0394 KONDO, Makiko: PB0399 KONDO, Makiko: PB0405 KONDOH, Makiko: 396C KONDURU, Prabhakar: PB0383 KONE, Mody: PC0410 KONGSIN, Sukhontha: PD0720 KONICHEVA, Vera: PB0404 KONINGS, Elke: PD0795 KONISHI, Kahoru: PD0214 KONISHI, M.: PB0896 KONISHI, Mitsuru: PB0890 KONNO, Kenji: PA0324 KONO, Robert: PB0935 KONTNY, U.: PA0378 KONUMA, Kyohei: PC0152 KONZELMAN, Joseph L.: PB0155 KOOCHAISIT, Chusri: 573D KOOPMANS, Peter P.: PB0618 KOOT, Maarten: PB0046 KOOT, Maarten: 075C KOOT, Maarten: 306C KOOTIKUPPALA, Surya Rao S.R.: PC0529 KOPP, Christine: PD0370 KOPP, Christine: PD0741 KOPROWSKI, H.: 541A KORAL, Semra: 547D KORATTANA, Supaporn: PC0365 KORATTANA, Supaporn: 263C KORCHMA, Eniko: PB0147 KORETSKAJA, Ljudmila R.: PD0251 KORNAROU, Helen H.: PD0375 KORNILAYEVA, Galina V.: PA0014 KORNILAYEVA, Galina V.: PA0303 KOROMILAS, Antonis E.: PA0051 KORTE, Rolf: PC0041 KOSHIMIZU, Keiko: PB0924 KOSIA, Andrew: PC0319 KOSIA, Andrew: PC0420 KOSIA, Andrew: PDOOO3 KOSIA, Andrew: PD0219 KOSIA, Andrew: PD0456 KOSIA, Andrew M.: 363C KOSMIDES, Pericles K.: PB0219 KOSMYNA, Janet: PD0395 KOSMYNA, Janet: 419D KOSOK, Ana: PB0761 KOSOK, Ana: PB0895 KOSOK, Ana: PB0913 KOTANI, Mikio: PD0581 KOTARBA, Joseph: PD0107 KOTIANKAR, Sashyalatha X.: PDOO21 KOTLER, Donald: PA0313 KOTLER, Donald: PBO180 KOTLER, Donald: PB0186 KOTLER, Donald: PB0902 KOTLER, Donald P.: PB0185 KOTLER, Donald P.: PB0895 KOTLER, Donald P.: PB0900 KOTLER, Donald P.: PB0913 KOTLER, Donald P.: 431B KOTRANSKI, Lynne: PD0791 KOU, Jing D.: 042C KOUAKOU, Kouam: P00047 KOUINCHE M., Adelaide: PC0392 KOULIERAKIS, George: PD0796 KOULIOS, P.: PB0219 KOUROUMA, Kekoura: PC0450 KOVACIC, Remi K.R.: PAO181 KOVACS, Andrea: 4938B KOVALEVSKY, Andro: PDO176 KOYANAGI, Yoshio: PAOOO3 KOYANAGI, Yoshio: PA0178 KOYANAGI, Yoshio: PA0255 KOYANAGI, Yoshio: PA0273 KOYANAGI, Yoshio: PA0301 KOYANO, Junko: PD0187 KOZLOV, Andrei P.: 126C KOZLOVA, Angelika: PA0193 KRAAK, Vivica: PB0914 KRAAK, Vivica I.: PB0916 KRAISELBURD, Edmundo N.: PA0168 KRAL, Alex H.: PC0414 KRAMER, A: PC0256 KRAMER, Alexander: PC0612 KRASINSKI, Keith: PC0153 KRAUS, Steven J.: PB0971 KRAVCHENKO, Alexey: PB0934 KRAVCHENKO, Alexey V.: PA0252 KRAVCHENKO, Alexey V.: PB0764 KRAVCHENKO, Alexey V.: PB0781 KRAVCHENKO, Alexey V.: PB0759 KRAVCHENKO, Alexey V.: PD0733 KREISS, J.: 394C KREISS, Joan: PB0154 KREISS, Joan: PB0788 KREISS, Joan: PC0291 KREISS, Joan: 409C KREISS, Joan K.: 216C KRENKLER, Wolfgang: PB0084 KRINCHAI, Kittithep: PC0341 KRITSKI, Afranio: PC0278 KRIVITZKY, Alain: PB0912 KROEPELIN, Marianne: 023A KROEPELIN, Marianne: 223A KROGER, Fred C.: PD0621 KROL, Anneke: PB0827 KRONBORG, Gitte: 090A KRONE, Mellissa R.: 1798B KRONFELD, Matias: PB0525 KRONFELD, Matias: PB0820 KROWKA, John F.: PAO105 KRUGLOV, Yuri: PC0101 KRUGLOV, Yuri V.: PC0022 KRUST, Bernard: PA0022 KRUST, Bernard: 307A KRUY, Sun Lay: PC0621 KRYLOV, Alexander: PB0428 KRZYSZTOFIAK, A.: PB0463 KRZYSZTOFIAK, Andrea: PB0479 KRZYSZTOFIAK, Andrzej: PB0462 KRZYSZTOFIAK, Andrzej: PB0933 KUAN, Jensen: PC0090 KUBO, Takeshi: PC0264 KUBO, Yoshinao: PA0143 KUBODERA, Tomoko: PB0457 KUBOTA, Satoshi: PA0048 KUBOTA, Satoshi: PA0348 KUBOYAMA, Izumi: PD0664 KUCHARZIK, Torsten: PA0272 KUCHARZIK, Torsten: PB0053 KUCHINO, Yoshiyuki: PAOO41 KUEHN, Joachim E.: PAOO75 KUHRT-HUNSTIGER, Theresa: PC0477 KULASHRESHTHA, Mukul: PD0323 KULKARNI, Mohan G.: 176B KULKARNI, Sunila D.: PB0958 KULSHRESTH, Neelam: PD0300 KUMAGAI, Yoshihiro: PA0368 KUMAMOTO, Yoshiaki: PC0584 KUMAR, Ajit: PA0047 KUMAR, Anil: PA0356 KUMAR, Mona R.: 357B KUMAR, Neelam: PB0435 KUMAR, Neelam D.: PB0435 KUMAR, R.: PD0633 KUMAR, Rajesh: PC0443 KUMAR, Sayee R.: PC0542 KUMAR, Senthil: PD0158 KUMAR, Senthil: PD0463 KUMAR, Senthil M.: PD0319 KUMAR, Senthil M.: PD0451 KUMAR, Senthil M.: PD0479 KUMAR, Sudhir: PB0246 KUMARAMANGALAM, Lalitha L.: PD0479 KUMARESAN, Ganesan: PD0354 KUMAZAWA, Joichi: 178B KUMBAKONAM, Radhakrishna: 574D KUMBI, D.: PB0084 KUMRATANA, Rapeeporn: PB0432 KUMZR, Sayee R.: PD0573 KUN, Ernest: 422A KUNANUSONT, Chaiyos: 216C KUNASOL, P.: 216C KUNAWARARAK, Piyada: PC0366 KUNCHES, Laureen: PB0307 KUNDU, Smriti K.: PA0281 KUNG, H.: PA0011 KUNG, Hsiang-Fu: 114A KUNII, Otohiko: 257B KU NJARA-NA-AYU DHYA, Ratanarojana: PC0365 KUNNEY, Ruth K.: PC0585 KURANE, I: PA0378 KURATA, Takeshi: PA0028 KURATA, Takeshi: PAOO53 KURATA, Takeshi: PB0048 KURATA, Takeshi: PB0410 KURATA, Takeshi: PB0518 KURATA, Takeshi: PB0533 KURATA, Takeshi: PB0658 KURATA, Takeshi: 373A KURATA, Takeshi: 509A KURATA, Tsuyoshi: 168A KURATA, Tuyoshi: PA0074 KURBAN, Suzana M.: PC0311 KURIBAYASHI, Kagemasa: PA0172 266

Page  267 KURIMOTO, Masashi: PA0275 KURIMURA, Osamu: PCO151 KURIMURA, T.: PA0224 KURIMURA, Takashi: PA0136 KURIMURA, Takashi: PB0418 KURIMURA, Takashi: PB0424 KURIMURA, Takashi: PCO151 KURIMURA, Takashi: 088A KURODA, Marcelo: PA0339 KURODA, Marcelo J.: PA0104 KURTH, Ann: PD0408 KURTH, Ann E.: PC0231 KURTH, Reinhard: PA0146 KUSHCH, Alla: PA0220 KUSHCH, Alla A.: PAOO15 KUSHIDA, Shigeki: PA0161 KUSHIDA, Shigeki: 543A KUSIMBA, Judith 0.: 100B/D KUSUM, Bhawani Shanker: PD0466 KUSUMO, Jain: PD0126 KUTHIALA, Sudarshan K.: P00077 KUWATA, Takeo: PA0144 KUWATA, Takeo: PA0146 KUWATA, Takeo: 196A KUWATA, Takeo: 251A KUYYAKANOND, Thicumporn: 119D KWAMYA, L.: 520B/D KWAMYA, Luke: PB0885 KWAMYA, Luke: 539B KWAN, Y.I.: PB0043 KWAN, Y.I.: PB0288 KWANDEE, Panee: PD0616 KWOK, Shirley: 146B KYEYUNE, Dorothy: PC0317 KYEYUNE, Dorothy: PD0740 KYEYUNE, Dorothy: 325C KYEYUNE, Primrose: PD0247 KYEYUNE, Primrose: 520B/D KYLE, Carol A.: PD0604 KYRIOPULOS, John: PD0375 LA PLACA, Michele: PAO175 LABOURET, Pascale: PB0193 LACERDA, Regina: PC0354 LACERDA, Regina M.: PC0332 LACHANCE, Nathalie: PD0496 LACHANCE, Nathalie: 074C LACUT, Jean Y.: PBO800 LACUT, Jean-Yves: PA0269 LADAS, J.D.: PB0219 LAFEUILLADE, Alain: PB0652 LAFEUILLADE, Alain: 510A LAFEUILLAOE, Alain: PA0086 LaFLEUR, F.: 159B LAFOREST, Fernand-Gerard: 551D LAFRENIERE, R.: 160B LAGAKOS, Steve: 3558 LAGO, Luizemir: PD0440 LAGO, Regina F.: PB0928 LAGONEGRO, Eduardo: PC0212 LAGRANDERIE, Micheline: PA0359 LAGUARDIA, Katherine: PB0787 LAGUNA, Fernando: PB0630 LAI, Kwan Kew: PC0481 LAI, Shengan: PB0138 LAI, Shenghan: 392C LAINJO, Bongs: PC0505 LAINJO, Bongs: PD0734 LAINJO, Bongs: 067C LAL, Shiv: PC0078 LAL, Shiv: PC0268 LAL, Shiv: 039C LAL, Shiv: 1808B LALONDE, Richard: PB0717 LALOU, Richard: P00047 LAM, Patrick Y.: 110A LAMARCA, Anthony: 432B LAMBERT, Antoinette: PB0923 LAMBIASE, Laura: PD0237 LAMBL, Barbara: PB0178 LAMBRECHTS, Susana: PC0440 LAMIEN, Eric: PD0630 LAMOTHE, Francios: PD0496 LAMOTHE, Francois: 074C LAMPARELLI, Nicholas: PD0095 LAMPARELLI, Nicholas: PDO109 LAMSAM, Supanya: 445D LAM-PO-TANG, P.R.: 088A LAM-PO-TANG, Reg: PB0288 LANDAY, Alan: PB0074 LANDICHO, Arnel M.: PD0172 LANDMAN, Roland: PB0857 LANDONIO, Giuseppe: PB0129 LANDRON, Eric: PD0322 LANDRY, S.: PB0851 LANE, H. Clifford: 512B LANE, James: 524A LANE, Sandra: 564C LANG, Jean-Marie: 059B LANG, Marc: PA0327 LANG, Michelle: PC0179 LANG, William: PB0244 LANG, William: PB0276 LANG, William: PC0200 LANGE, Michael: PB0094 LANGE, Michael: PB0491 LANGE, Michael: PB0779 LANGE, Michael: PB0882 LANJEWAR, Dhaneshwar: PB0124 LANJEWAR, Dhaneshwar: PB0442 LANJEWAR, Dhaneshwar: PB0644 LANJEWAR, Dhaneshwar: PB0789 LANJEWAR, Dhaneshwar N.: PB0223 LANO, H.C.: 198A LANSIGAN, Nicolas C: PC0425 LANT, Ariel F.: PB0840 LANZA, Francoise: PB0672 LAOHABURANAKIT, Kanokuwan: PD0729 LAOSAKKITIBORAN, Jirasak: 103C LAOSAKKITIBORAN, Jirasak: 239C LAPEYRE, Michel: PB0860 LAPHAM, Cheryl: PA0017 LAPIN, Boris A.: 197A LAPLACE, Sylvie: PA0346 LAPOINTE, Normand: 292C LAPOINTE, Normand D.: PB0453 LAPORTE, Anne: PC0283 LAPORTE, Anne: PD0406 LARAQUE, Fabienne: 389B LARDELLI, P.: PB0023 LARIVEE, Carol: 369D LARIVEE, Carol A.: 346D LARIVEE, Carol A.: 565D LAROCHE, A.: PD0208 LARSEN, Marc: PC0618 LARSEN, Robert A: PB0598 LARTIGUE, Kellie E.: PB0849 LASARTE, J.J.: PA0213 LASKI, Marina: PD0242 LASKI, Marina: PD0585 LATKANY, Paul: P80513 LATORRE, Maria R.D.O.: PC0212 LATTNER, Jorge: PB0461 LATTU, Kirsti A.: 096D LAU, Joseph Tak Fai: PC0298 LAU, Richard: PC0329 LAUBE, Gerardo: PB0439 LAUBE, Gerardo: PB0448 LAUBE, Lisa: PA0345 LAUERMANN, Michael W.: PB0238 LAUERMANN, Michael W.: PB0239 LAUNAY, Valerie: 510A LAURA, F.: PB0059 LAUREANO, Angel: PB0615 LAURENT, Rene: PB0051 LAURENT-CRAWFORD, Anne: 307A LAURIA, Lilian: PC0127 LAURIA, Lilian: PC0238 LAURIA, Lilian: PC0241 LAURIA, Lilian: 072C LAURIA, Lilian M.: PB0928 LAURIA, Lilian M.: P00025 LAURIA, Lilian M.: P00027 LAURIA, Lilian M.: PC0312 LAURINDO, Josefa S.: PD0143 LAURINDO, Josefa S.: PD0245 LAVANGE, Lisa: PB0624 LAVELLE, James: 004B LAVERY, James: PD0084 LAVREYS, Ludo: PB0101 LAW, Matthew: 010C LAWLOR, Frances: PB0577 LAX, Lois: PD0170 LAYNEZ, Francisco: PC0109 LAYNEZ, Francisco: PC0184 LAYNEZ, Pedro: PB0329 LAZERA, Marcia S.: PB0597 LAZZARIN, A.: PB0554 LAZZARIN, A.: 002B8 LAZZARIN, Adriano: PB0537 LAZZARIN, Adriano: PB0612 LAZZARIN, Adriano: PB0613 LAZZARIN, Adriano: PB0659 LAZZARIN, Adriano: PB0908 LAZZARIN, Adriano: 287B LAZZARIN, Adriano: 3348 LAZZERESCHI, Monica: PC0597 LE FRANC, Elsie: PC0496 LE GAL, Frederique-Anne: PB0580 LE GAL, Frederique-Anne: PB0631 LE GAL, Frederique-Anne: PB0648 LE GRAND, Roger: 194A LE GRAND, Roger: 528A LE NAOUR, R.: PA0109 LE NAOUR, Richard: PA0096 LE NAOUR, Richard: 140A LE PONT, Francoise: PC0271 LE, Anh: PA0138 LE, Rick: PB0718 LE, Rick: PD0396 LE, Rick: PD0397 LE, Thinh N.: PC0197 LE, Thinh N.: PC0204 LE, Thinh N.: PC0230 LE, Thinh N.: 124C LE, Thinh N.: 356B LEAL, Mary Ann: PB0598 LEAO, Ana Cristina H.: PB0798 LEARMONT, Jennifer C.: PC0378 LEARMONT, Jenny: 330C LEAU, Jacqueline: PB0962 LEAUNE, Viviane: PC0297 LEAVELL, Rita L.: PC0522 LEBAILLIF, D.: PD0233 LEBLANC, Michael: PC0204 LEBRAS, P.: PB0017 LEBRETTE, Marie-Gisele: PB0038 LEBRETTE, Marie-Gisele: PB0217 LECHOWSKI, Laurent: PB0583 LECLERC, Violaine T.: PB0747 LECOUR, H.: PB0696 LECRIVAIN, Francoise: PB0672 LEDERGERBER, Bruno: PB0710 LEDERGERBER, Bruno: PC0215 LEDERGERBER, Bruno: 011C LEDERMAN, Michael: PB0285 LEDREW, Coleen: PC0534 LEDUR, Annick: PA0264 LEE, Brenda: PD0245 LEE, Chang Sun: 323A LEE, Cheng-Ming: PA0083 LEE, Chun-Nan: 141A LEE, Hong-Rae: PA0319 LEE, Joo-Shil: PA0319 LEE, Karen J.: PS22 LEE, Martha: PC0326 LEE, Min Wha: PA0076 LEE, Sherwin F.: 579A LEE, Shiu Hung: PB0097 LEE, Shiu Hung: PC0070 LEE, Shiu Hung: PC0448 LEE, Shui Shan: PB0036 LEE, Shui Shan: PB0097 LEE, Shui Shan: PC0070 LEE, Shui Shan: PC0298 LEE, Shui Shan: PC0384 LEE, Shui Shan: PC0448 LEE, Shui Shan: PC0523 LEE, Tun-Hou: 014A LEE, Tun-Hou: 018A LEE, Tun-Hou: 141A LEE, Tun-Hou: 144A LEE, Tzong H.: PC0200 LEE, Virginia: PA0345 LEE, Young-Jong: PA0319 LEEDS, B.: PB0938 LEEKS, Kelina: PD0240 LEELAKAIWAN, Chintana: PC0413 LEEUWEN, Remco: PB0046 LEEUWEN, Remko V.: 057B LEE-HUANG, Sylvia: 114A LEFRANE, H.: PB0672 267

Page  268 LEFRERE, Jean-Jacques: PA0118 LEFRERE, Jean-Jacques: PB0335 LEFRERE, Jean-Jacques: 542A LEGAC, Eric: 500A LEGG, Jill J.: 133B/D LEGNANI, Delfino: PB0709 LEGRADY, E.: PD0001 LEGRANO, Roger: PA0134 LEGRAND, Roger: PA0216 LEGUAY, J.: PD0518 LEHKY, Tanya J.: 546A LEHMAN, J.S.: PC0128 LEHMANN, G.: PB0672 LEHMANN, Robert H.: PB0895 LEHUEN, Agnes: PA0244 LEISSNER, Philippe: PA0346 LEITAO, Amelia: P00014 LEITE, Cesar: PC0604 LEITE, Nocy: PB0810 LELKES, Marta: PB0147 LEMAIRE, Jean-Marie: PA0158 LEMES, Conceicao: PD0366 LEMES, Conceicao: PD0672 LEMES, Conceicao: 566D LEMIEUX, Claude: PB0144 LEMP, George: PC0559 LEMP, George: PC0620 LE NAOOR, Richard: 140A LENNETTE, E.: 199B LENTI, L.: PA0120 LENTZ, Andy: PC0534 LENYA, Rowlands: PD0320 LENYA, Rowlands: PD0462 LENYA, Rowlands: PD0775 LENYA, Rowlands G.: PD0248 LENYA, Rowlands G.: PD0665 LEO, Yee-Sin: PB0699 LEO, Yee-Sin: PD0129 LEON, Manuel: PB0158 LEONAERS, A.: 215C LEONARDI, Catherine: PB0647 LEONARDO, Cicero C.: PD0378 LEONCINI, Francesco: PB0576 LEONETTI, Clara: PB0226 LEONI, Arrigo: PB0752 LEPEU, Gerard: PB0672 LEPEU, Gerard: PD0208 LEPORT, Catherine: PB0632 LEPRINCE, Yves: PB0128 LEROY, Joel: PB0051 LERT, France: PD0571 LERT, France: PD0572 LERTPRASERTSUKE, Nirush: PB0732 LESCHOV, A.: PA0199 LESHABARI, Melkizedelk T.: PD0239 LESKOVSEK, Evita: PD0317 LESOVICI, Maria: PB0456 LESPRIT, Philippe: PB0520 LESSA, Virginia M.: PC0357 LESSER, Martin: PC0167 LESSERMAN, Jane: PB0209 LESTRADE, Didier: PB0862 LETURDU, Francoise: PB0567 LETVIN, Norman L.: PA0373 LETVIN, Norman L.: 158B LEUNG, David W.: 423A LEUNG, Nancy: PA0168 LEVACHER, Haryse: PA0142 LEVACHER-CLERGEOT, Maryse: PBO0100 LEVANTIS, Petros: 378A LEVI, Michael: 139A LEVIN, Arthur: PB0084 LEVIN, Lynn I.: PC0206 LEVINE, Alexandra M.: PDO600 LEVINE, William C.: 457C LEVY, Delphine: PB0641 LEVY, Jay A.: 195A LEVY, Jay A.: 452A LEVY, Jay A.: 527A LEVY, Jay A: TS2 LEVY, Jean Paul: 526A LEVY, Nancy W.: PDO400 LEVY, Rafael: PB0298 LEVY, Rafael: 157B LEWI, Daniel: PB0081 LEWIS, David: 444D LEWIS, Dorothy E: 333B LEWIS, Judy: PC0402 LHERITIER, Didier: PC0147 LHERITIER, Didier: 255B LI, Chun J.: 067C LI, Chung Ki: PB0036 LI, Ling: PC00003 LI, Ling X.: PC0458 LI, Ninghua: PD0333 LI, Patrick CK.: PB0706 LI, Qixun: PB0240 LI, Su-Ling: 043B LI, Tao: PDOO71 LI, Virginia C.: PD0069 LI, Xiaoyi: PA0237 LI, Xuguang: 374A LI, Zhi R.: P00066 LI, Zhiliang: 493B LIAN, Yu C.: PB0899 LIAO, Su-Su: PC0363 LIAO, Su-Su: 187D LIARIKOS, S.: PB0219 LIAUTAUD, Bernard: 459C LIBERA, Stephan: PB0229 LIBERATORE, Diana: PB0450 LIBERTI, A.: PD0283 LIBERTI, Nadia: PDO211 LIBERTI, Nadia: PD0404 LIBERTI, Nadia: PD0677 LIBMAN, Howard: PDOO61 LIBONATTI, Osvaldo: PA0072 LIBONATTI, Osvaldo: PAO205 LIBONATTI, Osvaldo: PB0450 LIBONATTI, Osvaldo: PC0601 LICCIARDI, Liliana: PC0216 LICHTNER, Miriam: PB0634 LICHTNER, Miriam: PB0725 LIEB, Loren: PC0326 LIEBERMAN, Judy: PB0311 LIEBOW, Edward: 569D LIENDEMAN, Lydmila F.: PAOO54 LIESS, Helmut: PB0111 LIESS, Helmut: PB0112 LIFSON, Alan: PB0145 LIGHTFOOTE, Marilyn M.: PB0750 LIKANONSAKUL, Sirirat: PA0248 LIKANONSAKUL, Sirirat: PB0476 LILJESTRAND, Petra: 133B/D LIM, Amy: PA0358 LIM, Catherine: PB0833 LIM, Chuan C.: PB0833 LIM, Wei Ling: PC0070 LIM, Wilina: PC0610 LIM, Yasmina: PA0328 LIMA, Azor J.: PC0158 LIMA, Claudete: PD0742 LIMA, Dirce: PB0555 LIMA, Dirce: PB0802 LIMA, Dirce B.: PB0951 LIMA, Eliana M.: PC0590 LIMA, Elson: PD0495 LIMA, Josue: PB0169 LIMA, Josue N.: PB0485 LIMA, Josu6 N.: PB0627 LIMA, Josu6 N.: PB0649 LIMA, Josu6 N.: PB0697 LIMA, Luiz: P00099 LIMA, Luiz: PC0498 LIMA, Luiz A.: PC0115 LIMA, Luiz A.: PD0652 LIMA, Luiz A.: PDO750 LIMA, Maria: PDO125 LIMA, Maria Da Graca C.: PC0395 LIMA, Marilourdes F.: PD0564 LIMA, Mario B.C.: PB0183 LIMA, Mario B.C.: PB0798 LIMA, Mario B.C.: PB0807 LIMA, Mario B.C.: PB0808 LIMA, Mario B.C.: PB0809 LIMA, Vasco P.C.: PB0494 LIMA, Vasco P.C.: PB0496 LIMPAIROJN, Nukool: P00074 LIMPAKARNJANARAT, Khanchit: PB0086 LIMPAKARNJANARAT, Khanchit: PC0365 LIMPAKARNJANARAT, Khanchit: PC0431 LIMPAKARNJANARAT, Khanchit: 009C LIMPAKARNJANARAT, Khanchit: 012C LIMPAKARNJANARAT, Khanchit: 261C LIMPAKARNJANARAT, Khanchit: 263C LIN, Hwang-Chen: PB0837 LIN, Jean: PA0137 LIN, Ying: 241A LINARD, Francoise: PC0294 LINARD, Francoise: PD0420 LINARES, Manuel: PB0329 LINDAMOOD, Charles III.: PB0259 LINDAN, Christina: PC0073 LINDAN, Christina: PD0341 LINDAN, Christina P.: PC0335 LINDAN, Christina P.: 560C LINDEGREN, Mary: 389B LINDEGREN, Mary L.: PC0401 LINE, Inara I.: PB0404 LING, Stella: PB0137 LINGUA, Anna: PB0431 LINHARES, Aparecida: PC0354 LINHARES, lara: PC0406 LINHARES, lara M.: PB0504 LINHARES, lara M.: PC0499 LINHARES, lara M.: PD0448 LINHARES-CARVALHO, Maria I.: PD0718 LINK, Derek: PB0834 LINSLEY, Peter S.: 022A LIOMBA, G.: PC0564 LIOMBA, G.: PD0533 LIOMBA, N.G.: PB0392 LIOMBA, N.G.: PB0400 LIOMBA, N.G.: PB0401 LIONNET, Francois: PB0567 LIPANI, Filippo: PB0174 LIPTON, Lynn M.: PD0395 LIPTON, Lynn M.: 419D LISKER, Arturo: PB0278 LISTER, Mark W.: PA0198 LISTER, Simon: PC0430 LISZIEWICZ, Julianna: PA0354 LISZIEWICZ, Julianna: 007B LISZIEWICZ, Julianna: 109A LITTAUA, Renalto: PC0559 LITTAUA, Renalto: PC0620 LIU, Fangbing: PC0571 LIU, Gang: PC0314 LIU, Huiyu: 111A LIU, J.: PB0935 LIU, Xiao-Liang: PA0204 LIVADIOTTI, S.: PB0463 LIVADIOTTI, Susanna: PB0462 LIVADIOTTI, Susanna: PB0479 LIVINGSTON, David: 426A LIVINGSTON, Robert A.: PB0464 LIVINGSTON, Robert A.: 2048 LIVROZET, Jean-Michel: PB0250 LIVROZET, Jean-Michel: PB0330 LIVROZET, Jean-Michel: PB0588 LLAPITAN, A. Benefredro, L. Jr.: PC0525 LLAPITAN, Albert Benefredo L. Jr.: PC0526 LLOBET, Pilar: PA0270 LLOVERAS, S.: PB0534 LLOVERAS, Susana: PB0590 LLOYD, Linda: PD0049 LO, Kuen Kong: PC0523 LO, B.C.: PC0473 LOBAINA, Leonor B.: PB0384 LOBAINA, Leonor B.: PA0197 LOBBIANI, Andretna: PB0770 LOBE, Vivian E.: PB0436 LOBO, Alexandre Luiz N.: PB0183 LOBZIN, Yuri: PB0192 LOCKHART, Maria: 080B LOCKLEAR, Clisby R.: 237C LODICO, Mark: 473D LOEMBA, Hugues D.: PB0701 LOFTMAN, Patricia 0.: 080B LOHSOMBOON, Pongvipa: 009C LOHSOMBOON, Pongvipa: 012C LOHY, Jerry: P80917 LOHY, Jerry: PD0549 LOHY, Jerry: PD0766 LOKETT, Ruangchai: PB0344 LOLLI, Francesco: PB0213 LOMANOVA, G.A.: PB0407 268

Page  269 LOMAR, Andr V.: PD0103 LOMAR, Andr V.: PD0423 LOMBARDI, Giovanna: PA0106 LONDOIIO, C.: PC0623 LONGO, Paulo: 466C LONGO, Paulo H.P.: 343D LONGUET, Pascale: PBO171 LOO, E.: 494B LOO, Elia: PCO161 LOOSSCHILDER, Gerard H.: PC0423 LOPES, F.: PD0308 LOPES, Suzana S.: PD0459 LOPES SANCHES, A.: PB0568 LOPEZ, Adriano: PB0735 LOPEZ, Angelica: PC0394 LOPEZ, Antonia: PC0109 LOPEZ, Angelica: 494B LOPEZ, Carlos: 429B LOPEZ, Dolores: PB0568 LOPEZ, Elena: PB0948 LOPEZ, Gricel F: PC0433 LOPEZ, Jose: PBO150 LOPEZ, Jose L.: PB0159 LOPEZ, Josefina: PD0365 LOPEZ, Sofia.: PD0431 LOPEZ, Soledad: PB0011 LOPEZ-MARQUEZ, Francisco C.: PD0339 LOPEZ-PORTILLO, Manuel: PB0341 LOPEZ-SANTOVE A, Fernando: PB0776 LOPEZ SEVERINO, Irene: PD0431 LORENA, Rogerio 0.: PB0798 LORENCO, Luiz: PDO145 LORENCO, Rosemarie: PDO103 LORENZETTI, Serena: PAO106 LORI, Franco: PA0354 LORI, Franco: 007B LOSIKOFF, Phyllis: PB0681 LOSS, S.D.: PB0898 LOSS, Scott: PA0235 LOSSO, Marcelo H.: PB0734 LOT, Florence: PC0283 LOUE, Sana: PD0049 LOUIS, Prabhakhar M.: PD0355 LOUIS, Tom A.: 331B LOUISIRIROTCHANAKU, Suda: PA0248 LOUISIRIROTCHANAKU, Suda: PB0476 LOUISIRIROTCHANAKU, Suda: P00076 LOUIZOU, Cathreen: PB0039 LOUREIRO, Regina: PC0311 LOUREIRO, Regina: PC0539 LOURENCO, M.Helena: PB0008 LOURES, Luiz: PC0127 LOURES, Luiz: PC0241 LOURES, Luiz: PC0600 LOURES, Luiz A.: PC0025 LOURES, Luiz A.: PC0027 LOURES, Luiz A.: PC0189 LOURES, Luiz A.: PC0238 LOURES, Luiz A.: PC0312 LOURES, Luiz A.: PC0603 LOURES, Luiz A.: 072C LOUSSERT-AJAKA, I.: PB0437 LOVATI, Rosa: PB0947 LOVATI, Rosa: 0950D LOVELY, Richard H.: 569D LOW, Nicola: PC0328 LOWE, Robert A.: PD0380 LOWENSTEIN, W.: 157B LOWENSTEIN, William A.: PB0007 LOWNDES, Catherine M.: PC0193 LOZADA NUR, Francina: PBO131 LOZANO, Fernando: PB0767 LOZANO, Fernando: PB0803 LOZANO, Laura: PB0061 LU, Wei: 021A LU, Wei: 1578B LU, Yichen: 252A LU, Ying: PB0021 LU, Ying: PB0775 LU, Ying: PD0216 LUBAKI, Mundele: PC0172 LUBECK, Michael D.: 248A LUBEGA, Nantege C.: PD0642 LUBIAN, Ana C.: PC0607 LUCAS, Maria M.: PD0074 LUCAS, Ronald: PB0819 LUCAS, Sebastian: 408B LUCCARINI, Marcola: PB0461 LUCCHINI, Alfio: PC0145 LUCCHINI, Maurizio: PB0612 LUCET, Jean Christophe: PB0831 LUCHTERS, Gerd: PB0538 LUCIW, Paul A.: 130A LUCIW, Paul A.: 195A LUCK, Dana: PB0233 LUCKIE, Alan: 3328B LUDIK, Paul: 495B LUEGERING, Norbert: PB0053 LUGADA, Eric S.: PC0513 LUGAKINGIRA, Emmanuel: PB0869 LUGAKINGIRA, Emmanuel S.: PB0941 LUGAKINGIRA, Geraldine S: PB0869 LUGALIA, Lebah L.: PB0385 LUGERING, Norbert: PA0272 LUICK, Jacinta V.: PD0260 LUIE, Jurema R.: PC0538 LUIZ CEZAR, Povoa: PB0807 LUJLCHUJK, Mari: PA0077 LUKE, Cynthia: PD0341 LUKEHART, Sheila: PB0154 LUKUNI, Laurentine: PB0441 LUKWIYA, Matthew: PA0367 LULE, Godfrey: PC0564 LULE, Godfrey: PD0533 LUNA, Martin: PB0864 LUNA, Martin: 337B/D LUNA, Norma: PB0135 LUNDGREN, Jens D.: PB0204 LUNDGREN, Rebecca: PD0113 LUNDHOLM, Peter: PA0239 LUNDIN, Stefan: PB0852 LUNDSTEDT, Claus: PD0418 LUNIN, Igor: PC0490 LUNIN, Igor: PD0702 LUNIN, Igor I.: PD0698 LUNINA, Irina A.: PD0702 LUO, Chi-Cheng: 451A LUO, Kehui: 330C LUO, Nkandu P.: PC0502 LUO, Shide: PB0240 LUPO, Sergio: PB0013 LUPO, Sergio: PB0351 LUPO, Sergio: PB0544 LUPO, Sergio: PD0752 LUPU, Paula: PD0096 LUQUE, R.: PD0472 LURIE, Mark: PD0776 LURIE, Peter: PC0124 LURIE, Peter: PD0063 LURIE, Peter: PD0380 LURIE, Peter G.: 564C LUSAKA PORTER, J.: PB0670 LUSSO, Paolo: 505A LUSTIG, Eva: 477C LUTALO, Tom: PB0016 LUTALO, Tom: PD0734 LOTHY, Ruedi: PB0141 LOTHY, Ruedi: 203B LUTZ, Brobson: PB0234 LUTZ, Brobson: PB0921 LUTZ, Brobson: PD0273 LUTZ-FRIEDRICH, Renate: PB0784 LVOV, Dmitry K: PAO201 LWANGA, Samson: PB0016 LWELENJA, Debora K.: PD0780 LWIHULA, George K.: 108C LY, T.D.: PB0437 LYIMO, Carle S.: PD0780 LYIMO, Hilder L.: PD0780 LYOMOKI, Sam: 550D LYONS, Susan: PB0678 LYTTLE, Catherine AH.: PD0307 L'HOMME, Catherine: PB0923 M., Paola: PDO191 MADHUMATHI V.: PD0579 MAAREK, Harry: PB0602 MAAYAN, Shlomo: PA0257 MABASI, Mayala: PC0172 MABEY, David: PC0545 MABEY, David D.: PB0503 MABONDZO, Aloise: PA0096 MABONDZO, Aloise: PAO109 MABONDZO, Aloise: 140A MABONDZO, Aloise: 265B MABROUK, Kamel: PA0222 MACAGNI, Alessandra: PB0770 MacARTHUR, Robert G.: 419D MacARTHUR, Rodger: PD0395 MacARTHUR, Rodger D.: 4190 MACAULAY, George K.: PC0565 MACAULAY, George K.: PD0547 MACCABRUNI, Anna: PB0324 MACCABRUNI, Anna: PB0455 MACCABRUNI, Anna: PB0474 MACCABRUNI, Anna: PB0475 MACCABRUNI, Anna: PB0501 MACCABRUNI, Anna: PC0155 MacDONALD, Neil: PC0111 MACEDONIO, Alessandro: PC0105 MACEDONIO, Alessandro: PC0106 MACEDONIO, Alessandro: PC0139 MACEDONIO, Alessandro: PC0486 MacGOWAN, Robin: PD0509 MACHADO, Andrea: PC0417 MACHADO, Elizabeth S.: PB0687 MACHADO, Elizabeth S.: PD0399 MACHADO, Francisco: PC0433 MACHADO, Guilherme F.: PD0607 MACHADO, Joao C.: PB0565 MACHADO, Joao C.: PB0651 MACHALA, Ladislav: 335B MACHAMIRE, Curthbert: PD0735 MACHAROVA, Natalia Q.: PC0186 MACHER, Abe: PB0707 MACHIDA, A.: PD0308 MACHIDA, M.: PAO311 MACHIDA, Makoto: PAO310 MACHU, Mcha M.: PD0452 MAClAS, J.: PB0551 MAClAS, J.: PB0590 MAClAS, J.: PB0704 MAClAS, Jose: PD0140 MAClAS, J.R.: PB0534 MAClAS, Jose R: PB0603 MAClAS, Jose R: PB0646 MacKINTOSH, Ricardo: PD0189 MacLACHLAN, Malcom: PD0038 MacMILLAN, Monica: PD0179 MACOVEI, Olimpia V.: PC0017 MacPHAIL, Laurie A.: 200B MacQUEEN, K.: 301C MacQUEEN, Kathleen: PC0288 MacREADIE, lan: PA0044 MACRERY, Bridget: PD0301 MADAN, Nishi: PB0435 MADARIAGA, L.: PB0023 MADHUMATHI, V.: PD0553 MADHUMATHI, V.: PD0579 MADERSON, Louise: PD0369 MADSEN, J.: PA0373 MADSEN, Paul: PD0792 MADUREIRA, M: PD0620 MAEDA, Migiko: 568D MAEDA, Noriaki: PB0166 MAEDA, Noriaki: PB0190 MAEDA, Yoko: PB0390 MAEDA, Yoshiharu: PB0658 MAEKAWA, Toshio: 399A MAFFEI, Cesare: PD0609 MAGANGA, Nathan A.: PB0968 MAGAR, Veronica: PD0123 MAGARACI, Giuseppe: PB0296 MAGIS, Carlos: PB0026 MAGIS, Carlos: P00024 MAGIS, Carlos: PC0026 MAGIS, Carlos: PC0036 MAGIS, Carlos: PC0037 MAGIS, Carlos: PC0161 MAGIS, Carlos: PC0235 MAGIS, Carlos: PC0394 MAGIS, Carlos: PD0099 MAGIS, Carlos: PD0376 MAGIS, Carlos L.: 467C MAGNO, Maria: PB0516 MAGNO, Sipontina: PA0125 MAGNUS, Per: PC0482 MAGNUSEN, A F.: PC0049 MAGNUSEN, Albert F.: 383A 269

Page  270 MAGOME, Takeshi: PD0706 MAGORA, Alex: PD0735 MAGPANTAY, Larry: PB0104 MAGUIRE, Helen C.: PC0282 MAHAJAN, R.P: PC0165 MAHAJAN, Rajendra: PC0081 MAHAMBRE, Gurudas: 212C MAHARJAN, Shiba Hari: PD0508 MAHARJAN, Shiba Hari: 561C MAHESHWARAN: PD0447 MAHESHWARAN: PD0469 MAHESHWARI, Madhavi B.: PB0442 MAHEUX, Brigitte: PD0278 MAHIEUX, Renaud: 544A MAHMOOD, Wafeeq: 386B MAHON, Nancy B.: PD0521 MAHOUN, Herve: PB0641 MAHULKAR, Sandhya: PD0386 MAH-BI, G.: PB0741 MAIA, Maria R.: PD0468 MAIELLO, Agostino: PB0763 MAIEWSKI, Sharon: PB0521 MAIGA, Yaya Issa: PD0482 MAILLARD, Myriam: PB0554 MAILLARD, Myriam: PB0612 MAILLARD, Myriam: PB0613 MAIN, Deborah: PD0580 MAINO, Vernon C.: 504A MAINUKA, Paul: PC0375 MAIO, Michele: PA0263 MAISON, Patric: PAO170 MAISONET, Cynthia: PD0487 MAITRA, Utpal: PA0313 MAITRA, Utpalendu S.: PB0094 MAITRA, Utpalendu S.: PB0491 MAJERUS, Thomas C: PC0439 MAJERUS, Thomas C.: PB0579 MAJERUS, Thomas C.: PB0719 MAJOR, Carol: PB0438 MAJOR, Carol: PC0204 MAJOR, Carol: PC0619 MAJOR, Carol: 292C MAJOR, Carol: 465C MAJUMDER, Kausik: PB0391 MAK, Venus M.: PD0124 MAK, Wai Ping: PB0097 MAKENA, Stephina: 404B MAKINO, Masahiko: PA0139 MAKINO, Masahiko: PAO140 MAKINO, Tadayasu: PD0785 MAKINO, Tadayasu: PD0786 MAKITALO, Barbro: 247A MAKIU, Edmund J.K.: PD0456 MAKONKAWKEYOON, Sanit: PB0312 MAKRIS, Kathy: 153C MAKUWA, Maria M.: PB0701 MALACARNE, Fabio: PBO056 MALADKAR, Manish N.: PD0275 MALAFRONTE, Bruno: PD0111 MALAGA, Carlos: PA0168 MALAGOLI TOGLIATTI, Marisa: PD0744 MALAMBA, Samuel S.: 068C MALAMBA, Samuel S.: 106C MALAMUD, Daniel: PAO108 MALAVE, C.: PBO023 MALAVOGLIA, Libero: PD0527 MALCOLM, Anne: PD0772 MALDONADO, Miguelina I.: PD0657 MALDONADO, Yvonne A.: 201B MALEEV, Viktor V.: PB0764 MALFITANO, Antonello: 052B MALIN, Adam S.: PB0236 MALLA, A.: PB0398 MALLIORI, Melpomeni: PD0687 MALLMAN, Renato: PB0642 MALLMANN, Renato: PB0562 MALLMANN, Renato H.: PB0599 MALLOL, Susana: PD0135 MALLOLAS, Jose: PB0061 MALLOLAS, Jose J.: PB0524 MALLOLAS, Josep: PB0587 MALMQUIST, Harriet E.: PD0110 MALONEY, Elizabeth: PC0612 MALOTTE, Kevin: PC0534 MALTA, Maria Saluadora S.: PC0538 MALTA, Paula: PD0381 MALTA, Paula A.: PD0692 MALTEZ, Fernando M.: PB0565 MALTEZ, Fernando M.: PB0651 MALTEZ, Fernando M.: PB0742 MALYKH, Andrei: 007B MALYKH, Andrei G.: 126C MAMA, Agbala: PB0427 MAMEDE, Fabiana V.: PC0538 MAMEDE, Fabiola V.: PD0234 MANATA, Maria Jose: PB0522 MANATA, Maria Jose: PB0593 MANCHANDA, Raj K.: PD0323 MANCI, Mercy: PB0873 MANCINI, P.: PB0685 MANCO, S.: PD0472 MANCUSO, Giacomo: 482B MANDAL, Anandita: PB0668 MANDAL, Fatik B.: PD0561 MANDALA, Kol: PB0669 MANDALA, Kol J.: PB0035 MANDALA, Nsuami D.: PD0783 MANDALAKI, T.: PB0039 MANDALAKI, T.: 481A MANDALIYA, Kishorchandra: 394C MANDALIYA, Kishorchandra: 409C MANDARIM-de-LACEROA, Carlos M.: PB0802 MANDEL, Jeffrey: P00073 MANDEL, Jeffrey: PD0341 MANDEL, Jeffrey: PD0351 MANDEL, Jeffrey: PD0555 MANDEL, Jeffrey: PD0578 MANDEL, Jeffrey: PD0698 MANDEL, Jeffrey: PD0784 MANDEL, Jeffrey: 335B MANDIGO, Kathy: PB0718 MANDIGO, Kathy: 435B MANDIL, Ahmed: PD0485 MANDY, Francis F.: PB0068 MANE, Purnima: PD0118 NAME, Purnima: SS7 MANFREDI, Roberto: PB0179 MANGCLAVIRAJ, Yunyong: PC0162 MANGELSCHOTS, Marianne: PB0397 MANIAR, J.K.: PA0266 MANIAR, Janak K.: PB0644 MANIAR, Janak K.: PB0042 MANIAR, Janak K.: 212C MANIMANGALAM, Jayalakshmi S.: PC0389 MANIMANGALAM, Jayalakshmi S.: PD0295 MANIMANGALAM, Jayalakshmi S.: PD0587 MANN, Dean: 163A MANN, Eberhard: 569D MANN, Jonathan: PC0322 MANN, Jonathan: PD0416 MANN, Jonathan: 205D MANN, Jonathan M.: TS4 MANN, Marian: PB0707 MANNELLA, Emilio: PC0606 MANNER, Charles E.: 229B MANNHALTER, J.W.: 161B MANNHALTER, Josef W.: PB0305 MANNS, Angela: PC0612 MANNUCCI, P. M.: PB0460 MANOHARAN, Stella: PC0260 MANOHARAN, Stella: PD0037 MANOLOV, George: PA0097 MANOLOVA, Yanka I.: PA0097 MANONGI, Margaret J.: PD0546 MANOUILOV, Konstantine: PB0822 MANS, Dennis: PBO118 MANSARAY, A.: PD0063 MANSARAY, Abdul A.: PD0018 MANSARAY, Kadiatu: PC0516 MANSARAY, Nancy: PD0003 MANSARAY, Nancy: PD0219 MANSINHO, K.: PC0596 MANSINHO, Kamal: PB0746 MANSON SINGER, Sharon E.: 191D MANSUY, Jean-Michel: PC0147 MANSUY, Jean-Michel: 255B MANTAS, J.: PD0178 MANTELL, Joanne E.: PD0656 MANTI, Panagiota: PD0796 MANYKIN, Anatolii A.: PB0428 MANZEWITSCH, Pablo: PB0579 MANZILA, Tarande C.: 290C MANZON, John A.: PD0060 MANZOR, Odette: PB0099 MAO, F.C.: PC0473 MARANA, Heitor R.C.: PB0440 MARANI-TORO, Giuseppe: PB0173 MARANTZ, Adolfo J.: PB0133 MARASCO, Wayne A.: PA0349 MARCE, Dominique: PA0062 MARCE, Dominique: 265B MARCECA, Maurizio: PC0487 MARCHAND, Richard F.: PD0253 MARCHE, Claudie: PB0171 MARCHESE, Rodolfo: PB0634 MARCHETTI, Raquel: PD0595 MARCON DES-MACHADO, Jussara: PB0066 MARCONI, Massimo: PB0455 MARCU, Mariana: PB0444 MARCU, Mariana: PB0911 MARECHAL, Vincent: PB0530 MARETIC, Tomislav: PC0021 MARETII, E.: PC0597 MARGILLO, Gina: PD0659 MARGOLICK, J: 225A MARGOLICK, Joseph: PA0089 MARGOLIS, Carmi: PB0950 MARGRON, Evelyne: 551D MARGUES, Rui: PB0696 MARHOLD, Ilse: PB0052 MARHOUN EL FILALI, Kamal: 278D MARIE, Isabelle: PA0022 MARIE, Isabelle: 307A MARIN, Barbara: PD0207 MARIN, Barbara: PD0358 MARIN, Barbara: PD0770 MARIN, Barbara: PD0784 MARIN, Barbara: 064D MARIN, Barbara V.: 034D MARIN, Barbara V.: 480C MARIN, Cristi: PB0444 MARIN, Cristi: PB0911 MARINELLI, Leonardo: PC0606 MARINESCU, Simona: PB0467 MARINI, B.: PB0143 MARINHO, S Nia: PB0698 MARINS, Helena R.: PD0125 MARINUCCI, Giovanna: 3858 MARIN-BALLVE, Adela: PB0715 MARINO, R.: PB0704 MARION, Steve A.: PB0350 MARIOTTI, Martine: 542A MARIOTTI, Sergio: PC0205 MARIOTTI, Sergio: PC0257 MARIOTTO, Angela: PC00009 MARIOTTO, Angela: PC0626 MARIOTTO, Angela: 186C MARISSENS, Denise: PB0359 MARK, Frey: PD0182 MARKAKIS, Costas: PB0039 MARKOVA, Roumiana K.: PB0065 MARKOWITZ, Lauri E.: P00057 MARKOWITZ, Norman P.: PB0099 MARKOWITZ, Norman P.: PB0609 MARKS, J.: PD0344 MARLINK, Richard: 018A MARLINK, Richard: PB0015 MARLINK, Richard: PB0027 MARLINK, Richard G.: PC0050 MARLINK, Richard G.: 456A MARLINK, Rick: PB0055 MARLOWE, Steve I.: PB0037 MARMOR, M.: PC0288 MARQUES, Ana L.: PBO024 MARQUES, Conceicao: PD0410 MARQUES, Heloisa Helena: 270B MARQUES, Heloisa Helena S.: PB0445 MARQUES, Heloisa Helena S.: PB0446 MARQUES, Heloisa Helena S.: PB0655 MARQUES, Heloisa Helena S.: PB0838 270

Page  271 MARQUES, Heloisa Helena S.: 554B MARQUES, J.C.: PC0596 MARQUES, R.: PB0010 MARQUES, Margo: PD0315 MARQUES, Sandra M.P.: PA0047 MARQUEZ, M.: PB0803 MARQUINA, Silvia: PA0072 MARQUINA, Silvia: PA0205 MARRERO, Carmen A.: PC0461 MARRIOTT, Deborah J.: PB0653 MARRUGO, S.: PAO154 MARRUGO, Sonia: PB0429 MARS, Marie E.: PB0325 MARSAL, Laurence: PC0316 MARSH, Jane W.: 045B MARSHALL, Victor W.: 190D MARTI, Bernard: PC0376 MARTI, Bernard: PC0483 MARTIN, Anne: 099B/D MARTIN, Anne L.: PD0401 MARTIN, Desmond J.: PB0678 MARTIN, Desmond J.: 404B MARTIN, Gian: PB0960 MARTIN, Harold: PC0291 MARTIN, Harold L.: 394C MARTIN, Harold L.: 409C MARTIN, M.: P80672 MARTIN, Malcolm: 198A MARTIN, Marc: PB0843 MARTIN, Ma. Luisa: PD0738 MARTIN, Milagros: 267B MARTIN, Regina Z.: PC0433 MARTIN, Teodoro: PB0230 MARTINEZ PERALTA, Liliana: PB0450 MARTINEZ SANTA, Jaime: PB0891 MARTINEZ, Cecilia: PB0088 MARTINEZ, Cesar: PB0196 MARTINEZ, Eduardo: PB0791 MARTINEZ, Isabel G: PA0197 MARTINEZ, Javier: PB0864 MARTINEZ, Javier: 337B/D MARTINEZ, Javier: 4278B MARTINEZ, Javier: 494B MARTINEZ, Juan: P00024 MARTINEZ, Juan: PD0099 MARTINEZ, Luis: PC0323 MARTINEZ, Ma Luisa: PB0930 MARTINEZ, Ma Luisa B.: PB0182 MARTINEZ, Vazluez C.: PB0149 MARTINEZ. W.: PC0623 MARTINEZ-DEL-CERRO, Veronica: 536B MARTINEZ-MARCOS, Francisco: PC0095 MARTINEZ-MAZA, Oto: 085A MARTINEZ-MAZA, Otoniel: PC0213 MARTINEZ-ODRIOZOLA, Pedro: PB0310 MARTINEZ-PERALTA, Liliana: PC0601 MARTINEZ-TELLO, Waldina: PC0580 MARTINOWITZ, Uri: PC0385 MARTINS, Denise: PC0354 MARTINS, Fernando S.V.: PB0739 MARTINS, Margarida C.: PD0607 MARTINS, Maria: PC0599 MARTINS, Maria V.: PC0605 MARTINS, Milena M.C.: PB0526 MARTINS, Rosmani: PC0415 MARTINS, Teresa V.: PB0742 MARTINS, Teresa V.: PB0565 MARTIN-MINGORANCE, Jose Antonio: PB0949 MARTIN-MUNLEY, Sarah: PB0840 MARTUZZI, Mario: PB0825 MARTY, Pierre: PB0652 MARTY-LAVAUZELLE, Arnaud: PD0255 MARTY-LAVAUZELLE, Arnaud: PD0614 MARUCHI, Nobuhiro: PDOO71 MARUGAN, Juan J.: PA0317 MARUM, E.: PB0969 MARUM, Elizabeth: PC0303 MARUM, Elizabeth: PC0506 MARUM, Elizabeth: PDOO40 MARUM, Elizabeth: PD0708 MARUM, Elizabeth: PD0749 MARUM, Elizabeth: PDO751 MARUM, Elizabeth: 240C MARUM, Lawrence: 152C MARUM, Lawrence: 220C MARUM, Lawrence H.: 219C MARUYAMA, Ikuro: PA0119 MARUYAMA, Ikuro: PA0307 MARUYAMA, Ikuro: PB0241 MARUYAMA, Yoshikazu: PB0241 MARY-KRAUSE, Murielle: PD0589 MAS, Jacky: 234B MASCHERA, Barbara: PA0288 MASCI, Joseph: PB0679 MASCI, Joseph R: PC0321 MASCI, Joseph R.: PD0516 MASCI, Marco: PD0744 MASCOLA, J.: 316A MASHEIJA, Charles: 364C MASHEISHA, Charles: PC0041 MASIHI, Noel K.: PA0261 MASINI, R.: PB0534 MASINI, R.: PB0551 MASINI, R.: PB0590 MASINI, Ruben: PB0603 MASINI, Ruben: PB0646 MASINI, Ruben: PB0704 MASINI, Ruben: PD0140 MASKILL, William: PB0392 MASKILL, William: PB0400 MASKILL, William: PB0401 MASKREY, Jennifer L.: PB0308 MASLO, Caroline: PA0142 MASLO, Caroline: PBO038 MASON, Carl J.: PA0226 MASON, Carl J.: PC0074 MASON, Martin: PB0604 MASSAD, Eduardo: PC0133 MASSAD, Eduardo: PC0149 MASSAD, Eduardo: PC0272 MASSAD, Eduardo: PC0273 MASSANGA, Marcel: PD0424 MASSARI, Veronique: PC0233 MASSAY, Holly: PD0511 MASSETTI, Anna Paola: PB0725 MASSIP, Patrice: 255B MASSON, Fatima: PC0190 MASSON, S.: PD0742 MASTINU, Alessandro: PB0323 MASTRILLI, Fabrizio: PB0933 MASTRILLI, Fabrizio: PD0398 MASTRO, T.D.: PC0431 MASTRO, Timothy: PC0365 MASTRO, Timothy D.: PB0086 MASTRO, Timothy D.: 009C MASTRO, Timothy D.: 103C MASTRO, Timothy D.: 239C MASTRO, Timothy D.: 263C MASTRO, Timothy D.: 327C MASTROIANNI, Antonio: PB0179 MASTROIANNI, Claudio: PB0556 MASTROIANNI, Claudio M.: PB0516 MASTROIANNI, Claudio M. M.: PB0634 MASUDA, Gohta: PB0109 MASUDA, Koji: PB0594 MASUDA, M.: PA0302 MASUDA, Minako: PD0236 MASUTANI, Hiroshi: PA0262 MASUTANI, Hiroshi: 089A MATA, Adolfo: PC0467 MATA, Adolfo: PC0616 MATA, Adolfo: 296D MATAKA, Elizabeth N.: PD0027 MATANO, Tetsuro: PA0173 MATANO, Tetsuro: PA0353 MATARAZZO, Pasquale: PB0361 MATA', Sabrina: PB0213 MATELA, Baangi B.: PB0035 MATELA, Baangi B.: 290C MATET, Patrick: 172D MATHEWS, Catherine: 469D MATHEWS, Gandhimati: PD0573 MATHIESEN, Lars: P80528 MATHIESEN, Lars: 002B MATHIESON, Bonnie J.: 313A MATHUR, Rama: 549D MATIAS, Marcelo M.: PC0583 MATICKA-TYNDALE, E.: 191D MATICKA-TYNDALE, Eleanor: 119D MATIDA, A. H.: PC0563 MATIDA, Alvaro H.: PD0122 MATILLON, Yves: PB0588 MATONDO, Nyaradzai I.: PC0507 MATOS, Jean C.: PC0583 MATOS, Tomas D.: PC0461 MATSEOANE, Stephen: 0808 MATSUBARA, Hidetoshi: PB0780 MATSU BAYASH I, Takafusa: PC0361 MATSUDA, Fumiko: PB0760 MATSUDA, Juzo: PA0003 MATSUDA, Juzo: PA0242 MATSUDA, Juzo: PB0373 MATSUDA, Juzo: PB0414 MATSUDA, Juzo: PC0340 MATSUDA, Juzo: PD0228 MATSUDA, Kazuhiro: PA0178 MATSUDA, Kazuhiro: PAO180 MATSUDA, Shunji: PA0279 MATSUDA, Tamotsu: PB0897 MATSUI, Kyoko: P80048 MATSUI, Takashi: PB0509 MATSUI, Toshio: PB0393 MATSUKURA, Makoto: PA0331 MATSUKURA, Toshihiko: PB0533 MATSUKURA, Toshihiko: 509A MATSUMI, Shintaro: PA0094 MATSUMI, Shintaro: PAO210 MATSUMOTO, Akira: 175B MATSUMOTO, Akiyoshi: PA0273 MATSUMOTO, Akiyoshi: PAO300 MATSUMOTO, Akiyoshi: PAO301 MATSUMOTO, Hiroyuki: PC0429 MATSUMOTO, Kazuo: PA0309 MATSUMOTO, Keizo: PAOO71 MATSUMOTO, Keizo: PB0674 MATSUMOTO, Keizo: 387B MATSUMOTO, Takao: PB0315 MATSUMOTO, Takao: PC0340 MATSUMOTO, Takao: PD0228 MATSUMOTO, Tetsuro: 178B MATSUO, Kazuhiro: 250A MATSUO, Yoshinobu: PA0186 MATSUOKA, Hidekazu: PA0055 MATSUOKA, Hidekazu: PA0336 MATSUOKA, Shue: PDOO80 MATSUOKA, Shue: PD0636 MATSUSHIMA, Kouji: PA0282 MATSUSHITA, Shuzo: PA0094 MATSUSHITA, Shuzo: PAO210 MATSUSHITA, Shuzo: PAO355 MATSUSHITA, Shuzo: PA0363 MATSUYAMA, Minoru: PB0167 MATSUZAKI, Katsumi: PA0302 MATSUZAWA, Hirotaka: PC0429 MATTEO, S.: 052B MATTER, Lucas: PB0009 MATTHEWS, David: 128A MATTHEWS, Thomas: PA0357 MATTHEWS, Thomas J.: PA0375 MATTIA, S.: PB0462 MATTKE, Petra: PC0051 MATTUNDA, Silvester M.: PB0424 MATUI, Kyoko: PA0145 MATULESSY, Paul: PD0549 MATULESSY, Paul: PD0766 MATULESSY, Paul F.: PB0917 MATUSA, Rodica: PB0467 MATUSA, Rodica: PB0871 MAUNG, Rosy: PD0736 MAUREL, Henri: PB0962 MAUREL, Henri: PD0630 MAURI, Maria Antonia: PD0609 MAURUS, Cyril: PD0353 MAWAR, Nita: PC0290 MAWAR, Nita: PC0351 MAWAR, Nita: 448D MAWAR, Nita: 496B MAXIMENOK, Helen V.: PC0436 MAXWELL, Roberta: PD0641 MAY, Kyi: PB0483 MAY, Pamela: 243A MAY, Thierry: PA0123 MAY, Thierry: PBO063 MAY, Thierry: PB0632 271

Page  272 MAY, Thierry: PB0712 MAY, Thierry: PD0094 MAY, Thierry: PB0905 MAYAGOITIA, Nancy: PC0310 MAYALA, Mabasi: PC0372 MAYALA, Mabasi G.: 290C MAYALA, Mabasi G.G.: PBOO35 MAYAMBA, Caroline: PD0137 MAYANJA, Harriet: 387B MAYANS, Jose: PD0492 MAYAR, M.: PB0864 MAYAR, Ma. Eugenia: 262C MAYAUD, Philippe P.: PB0503 MAYAUX, Jean-Francois: PAO316 MAYBERRY, Bevanne B.: PC0176 MAYER, Kenneth: PB0307 MAYER, Kenneth: PD0104 MAYER, Kenneth H: PCO175 MAYER, Kenneth H.: 156C MAYERS, D.: PB0848 MAYERS, Douglas: PB0067 MAYERS, Douglas: 253B MAYERS, Douglas: 256B MAYERS, Douglas L.: 359B MAYERS, Douglas L.: 524A MAYNE, Tracy J.: PD0514 MAYO, Jose: PB0791 MAYORGA, Ruben: PB0636 MAYORGA, Ruben: PC0573 MAZET, Helene: PD0255 MAZILU, E.: PBO411 MAZUMDER, A.: 514B MAZZA, Antonio: PC0170 MAZZEI, Loredana: PB0685 MAZZILLI, Francesco: PC0107 MAZZOTTA, Francesco: PD0675 MAZZOTTI, Guido: PD0201 MAZZOTTI, Guido: 548D MAZZULLO, John: PB0721 MBAIGONRO: PB0495 MBALA, Sine: PB0427 MBANG, Egbe E.: PD0646 MBENA, Ephraim: PB0692 MBENGUE, Mouhamadou: PB0702 MBENSA, Lucien: PB0441 MBENSA-MANSABI, Lucien: PB0471 MBERIRA, Mara: PD0384 MBEWE, Andrew L.: PC0350 MBONYE, Ben: PC0344 MBOTO, Clement: PD0646 MBOUNI, Georgette E.: 069C MBOUNI, Georgia E.: PD0361 MBOZO'O EDJONGOLO, Nicolas: PC0393 MBUENE, Dasilva Y.: PD0783 MBUGA, Samuel: PD0188 Mc ALLISTER, Andres: PAO154 McCLEARY, Sandy K.: PC0412 McADAM, K.P.W.J.: PB0667 McADAM, Keith: PB0670 McADAM, Stephen: PA0225 McANULTY, Jeremy: PC0463 McARTHUR, Justin C.: PB0237 McBRIDE, Duane C.: PC0475 McBRIDE, M.O.: PB0888 McBRIEN, Maureen: 054B McCALL, Catherine: PB0620 McCARLEY, Joan T.: PDO400 McCASKELL, Tim: PD0174 McCLOSKEY, Daniel: PAOO90 McCLOSKEY, Thomas: PA0110 McCLURE, Jan: 193A McCONNELL, Jerry W.: PC0467 McCONNELL, Jerry W.: PC0616 McCONNELL, Wendell: 296D McCOSKEY, Lucy: PC0231 McCOY, Ann J.: PC0465 McCOY, Anne C.: PC0465 McCOY, Clyde B.: PA0065 McCOY, Clyde B.: PC0475 McCOY, Ron: PD0567 McCOY, Virginia H.: PC0475 McCOY, Virginia H.: PC0465 McCREEDY, Bruce: 254B McCUNE, Mike J.: PA0117 McCUTCHAN, Francine E.: PC0164 McCUTCHAN, Francine E.: 213C McCUTCHAN, J.A.: PB0205 McCUTCHAN, J. Allen: PB0200 McDONALD, Ann: 010C McEACHRANE, Sandra: PB0563 McELHINNY, Julie: 398A McELMURRY, Beverly J.: PD0651 McELRATH, Juliana M: 317A McELRATH, Margaret J.: 314A McFARLAND, William: 326C McGAFFIGAN, Sandy: PB0194 McGRADY, Gene A.: 569D McGRAIL, Lawrence M.: PC0269 McGRATH, Michael S.: PAO130 McGRATH, Michael S.: 0458B McGRATH, Nuala: 268B McILROY, Dorian: 228A McINTYRE, Kerry: PB0233 McKENZIE, Margaret: PD0225 McKINNEY, Nancy: 146B McKINNEY, Ross E.: 019A McKINSEY, David S.: PB0604 McKIRNAN, David: PC0288 McKIRNAN, David: 301C McLANE, Mary F.: PA0084 McLANE, Mary Fran: 144A McLANE, Mary Fran.: PA0078 McLAUGHLIN, John: PC0204 McLEAN, Ken: PB0265 McLEOD, Don: PB0620 McMICHAEL, A.: PA0225 McMILLAN, Lisa: PB0915 McNAMARA, Patrick: PB0527 McNEIL, John G.: PC0057 McPHEE, Donald: PDOOO4 McPHEE, Donald: PD0186 McQUEEN, Paul W.: PA0004 McQUEEN, Paul W.: 376A McSHERRY, George: 434B McWAIN, Duane: PD0392 MEADWAY, Jeanette V.: PB0577 MEBONIA, Irakli N.: PA0250 MECOCCI, L.: PB0213 MEDARD, Frantz: PB0690 MEDDOWS-TAYLOR, Stephen: PB0678 MEDINA, Graciela M.: PB0600 MEENAKSHI, B.: PB0918 MEENATCHISUNDARAM, Premila M.: PC0389 MEENATCHISUNDARAM, Premila M.: PD0295 MEENATCHISUNDARAM, Premila M.: PD0587 MEERA, Balasubramanian: PD0336 MEESIRI, Supanee: PC0244 MEESIRI, Supanee: PC0251 MEGURO, T.: PB0896 MEGURO, Takashi: PB0357 MEGURO, Takashi: PB0365 MEGURO, Takashi: PC0374 MEGURO, Takashi: PC0382 MEGURO, Takashi: PC0613 MEGURO, Takashi: 185C MEGURO, Takashi: 381A MEGURO, Takashi: PA0183 MEHENDALE, Sanjay: PC0290 MEHENDALE, Sanjay: 496B MEHENDALE, Sanjay M.: PC0351 MEHRET, Mengistu: P00046 MEHTA, A.C.: PC0165 MEHTA, Joginder: PB0549 MEHTALI, Matid: PA0346 MEIER, Paul: PB0821 MEIER, Paul: PB0835 MEIJAARD, Linde: 502A MEILO, Henriette: PC0502 MEIRA, Domingos A.: PB0066 MEIRELLES, Jose Olimpio: PB0169 MEIRIK, Olav: 152C MEISSNER, Christian: PB0367 MEISTER, Thomas: 203B MEISZBERG, Terri: 050B MEJIA, Ada: 548D MEKUSHINOV, Krassimir D.: PC0489 MELCHIOR, Walter: PB0395 MELDRAJS, Janis A.: PB0404 MELEDANDRI, Giovanni: PC0487 MELGAR, Isabel E.: PD0450 MELICA, Francesco: PC0010 MELICO-SILVESTRE, Antonio A.: PD0692 MELLADO, Elizabeth: PC0243 MELLO, Carlos Eduardo B.: PB0183 MELLO, Jose: PD0205 MELLO, Jose H.: PD0177 MELLON, Louis Ralph: 459C MELO, Alexandra: PB0206 MELO, Alexandra: PB0593 MELONY, Noel: 341 B/D MELOOT, Joson: PC0299 MELOOT, Joson: PC0542 MELOOT, Joson: PD0292 MELOOT, Joson: PD0576 MELOOT, Joson: PD0683 MELROE, Holly: PB0546 MENDEL, Edita: PB0930 MENDEL, Isabelle: PB0536 MENDELEYEV, Jerome: 422A MENDES, Neusa R.: PD0079 MENDEZ, Herman: 266B MENDEZ, Ingrid: PD0232 MENDO, Angeles: P00095 MENDOZA, Jaime: PB0348 MENDOZA, Ketty: PC0359 MENDOZA, Pedro: 2748/D MENENDEZ, Alfredo: PA0371 MENENDEZ, Blanca P: PB0633 MENEZES, Jaqueline A.: PD0399 MENEZES, Marcus Antonio: PD0280 MENGONI, Fabio: PB0634 MENNUTI, Alberto: PB0576 MENON, Sunil: PD0156 MENON, Sunil C.: PD0159 MENSAH, Margaret: P00049 MENSAJERAS DE, Salud: PD0483 MENSAJERAS DE, Salud: 348D MENTO, Steven: 162B MENTXAKA, B.: PA0127 MENTO, Steven, J.: PA0345 MENTXAKA, Bakarne: PB0553 MENTXAKA, Bakarne: PB0688 MENTZER, Dirk: PC0169 MENYA, Jack 0.: PD0592 MENYA, Pamela A.: PD0248 MENYA, Pamela A.: PD0462 MENYA, Pamela A.: PD0775 MERABEI, M.: PB0672 MERAD, Myriam: PB0638 MERAD-BOUDIA, Abdelkader: PB0492 MERAD-BOUDIA, Abdelkader: PB0507 MERATI, Tuti P.: PD0351 MERCE, Gurgui: PB0722 MERCEDES, Carmen.: PD0431 MERCEY, Danielle: 412C MERCHANT, Bruce: 162B MERCHANT, Bruce: PA0345 MERCHANT, Rashid H.: PC0165 MERCURI, Francesca: PA0284 MERCURI, Francesca: 127A MERCURIO, Guiseppe: PC0606 MERGES, M.: PA0011 MERIGAN, Thomas: PA0281 MERIGLIANO, Daniela Elena: PB0226 MERINO, Esperanza: PB0181 MERKEL, Kimberly: PB0178 MERLO, Mirella: PD0221 MERRICK, Samuel T.: PB0660 MERSON, Michael H.: PS1 MERTENS, Thierry: PC0308 MERZOUKI, Abderrazzak: 354A MESCHERYAKOVA, Diana: PB0382 MESHCHERYAKOVA, Diana V.: PA0009 MESHCHERYAKOVA, Diana V.: PA0203 MESHRAM, Deepak: PB0964 MESHRAM, Deepak: 097B/D MESQUITA. Fabio: PC0133 MESQUITA, Fabio: PC0149 MESQUITA, Fabio: PC0272 MESQUITA, Fabio C.: PC0131 MESQUITA, Fabio C.: PD0299 MESSENHEIMER, John: PB0203 MESSIAS, Carlos: PD0282 272

Page  273 MESTAN, Juergen: PA0327 MESZAROS, P: PBO121 METANGMO, Pierre: PD0776 METHODIEFF, Methody: PD0023 METHODIEFF, Methody: PD0606 METHODIEFF, Methody G.: PD0613 METLER, Russ: PC0325 METZGER, David: PC0288 MEVS, Mimose: 459C MENDEZ, Serafin: PD0232 MEYER, Laurence: P00093 MEYER, Laurence: PC0572 MEYER, Laurence: 411C MEYER, Patrice: PB0859 MEYER, Patrice: PB0862 MEYER, Patrice: PC0446 MEYER, Thomas J.: PC0202 MEYERHANS, Andreas: PA0016 MEYERS, Larry: 1468B MEYNARD, Jean Luc: PB0617 MEYNER, Lars: PC0621 MEYOHAS, Marie Caroline: PB0530 MEZZARO, A.I.: PA0289 MEZZAROMA, I.: PB0337 MHASHILKAR, Abner: PA0349 MIBANDUMBA, Ndilu: PC0579 MICARONI, Fabio: PDO211 MICELI, Michelina: PC0606 MICHAEL, Andrew J.: 165A MICHAEL, N.L.: 524A MICHAEL, Rodney A.: P00075 MICHAEL, Rodney A.: PC0244 MICHAEL, Rodney A.: PC0341 MICHAEL, Shawky S.: PB0300 MICHALOPOULOS, Jiannis: PA0034 MICHELET, Christian: PC00005 MICKAIL, Dorrya B.: PC0331 MIDDLETON, Peter J.: PB0350 MIEDEMA, F.: 306C MIEDEMA, Frank: 075C MIEDEMA, Odalis: PC0342 MIENTJES, Gerard H.: PC0462 MIENTJES, Gerard H.: 075C MIGUELEZ MORALES, Maximo: PB0329 MIGUEZ, Maria: PB0775 MIGUEZ-BURBANO, M.J.: PD0216 MIGUEZ-BURBANO, Maria: PB0208 MIGUEZ-BURBANO, Maria J.: PB0021 MIJCH, Anne: PB0506 MIJCH, Anne: PB0819 MIKAMI, Kazuhiko: PD0162 MIKANDA, John: PC0620 MIKANDA, John N.: PC0559 MIKASA, Keiichi: PB0890 MIKHAILOV, Mikhail: PB0430 MIKOL, Jacqueline: PB0216 MILAZZO, Mark: PC0206 MILEFCHIK, Eric N.: PB0598 MILES, Steven: PB0104 MILES, Steven A.: 005B MILES, Steven A.: 159B MILESI, Marid L.: PC0440 MILINAVICIUTE, Ruta: PB0396 MILINAVICIUTE, Ruta: PB0542 MILINI, Paola: PB0256 MILINI, Paola: PD0082 MILLER, David: 1388/D MILLER, David: 276B/D MILLER, David A.: PB0720 MILLER, Elizabeth T.: 433B MILLER, Ken: PC0534 MILLER, Mark: PB0717 MILLER, Sam: 252A MILLER, Steven: PB0309 MILLS, Stephen: PC0585 MILLSON, Margaret: 465C MILONA, loanna: PB0005 MIMA, Tatsuya: PD0706 MIMAYA, Jun-lchi: PC0374 MIMAYA, Jun-Ichi: PC0382 MIMAYA, Jun-Ichi: 185C MIMAYA, Jun-Ichi: 483B MIMAYA, Jyunichi: PB0896 MIMIC, Vesna: 249A MIMOTO, Tsutomu: PA0299 MIMOTO, Tutomu: PB0841 MIMURA, Tohru: PB0244 MIMURA, Tohru: PB0276 MINAMI, Hirofumi: PD0550 MINAMI, N.: PD0062 MINAMI, Teishiro: PD0167 MINAMITANI, Mikiko: 568D MINAMITANI, Mikio: PC0060 MINAMITANI, Mikio: PD0389 MINAMITANI, Mikio: PD0228 MINAMIYAMA, Masahiko: PD0581 MINASSIAN, A.: PAO011 MINATO, Koji: PD0729 MINELLI, Luciano: PB0931 MINICHIELLO, Victor: PD0155 MINLANGU, Mpingulu: PD0383 MINNS, Daniel R.: PD0055 MINO, Yosio: PD0681 MINOGUCHI, Shigeru: PA0013 MINOGUCHI, Shigeru: PAO301 MINOLA, Eliseo: PB0931 MINOWA, Masumi: PDOO81 MINOWADA, J.: PA0186 MINOWADA, Jun: PA0100 MINO-L., Dolores: PB0260 MIRABET, Magda: PD0792 MIRALLES, Alvarez C.: PB0149 MIRALLES, Celia: PB0196 MIRALLES, Pilar: PB0207 MIRALLES, Pilar: PB0614 MIRALLES, Pilar: PB0683 MIRALLES, Pilar: PB0736 MIRANDA, Kleber: PD0623 MIRANDA, Shirley: PD0448 MIRANDA, Shirley D.: PB0504 MIRANDA, Shirley D.: PC0406 MIRANDA, Shirley D.: PC0499 MIRANDA-RUIZ, Rogelio: PB0177 MIRANDOLA, Massimo: PD0575 MIREMBE, Florence: 152C MIRET, Montse: PD0597 MIRO, J. M.: PB0587 MIRO, Jose: PB0630 MIRO, Jose M.: PB0061 MIROCHNICK, Mark: PB0611 MIROLO, Marina: PC0606 MISAKI, Hideo: PA0323 MISCHO, Markus: PB0087 MISHER, Lynda: 193A MISKOVITS, Eszter: PB0147 MISKOVITS, Eszter: PB0316 MISKOVITS, Eszter: PC0346 MISRA, Sunil: PD0300 MISSORI, R.: PC0139 MISSORI, R.: PC0486 MISSORI, R.: PC0272 MISSORI, Roberto: PC0106 MISUGI, Kazuaki: PB0012 MISUMI, Shogo: PA0055 MISUMI, Shogo: PA0336 MITARAI, Satoshi: PAOO71 MITARAI, Satoshi: PB0674 MITARAI, Satoshi: 3878B MITCHELL, Janet: 080B MITCHELL, Janet L.: PC0148 MITCHELL, Thomas: PB0821 MITCHELL, Thomas: PD0066 MITCHELL, Tom: PB0835 MITCHELL-KERNAN, Claudia: PC0496 MITIN, Yury: PA0113 MITROI, Irina: PC0017 MITSUYA, Hiroaki: PAO310 MITSUYA, Hiroaki: PAO311 MITSUYA, Hiroaki: PB0841 MITSUYA, Hiroaki: 056B MITSUYA, Hiroaki: 360B MITSUYA, Hiroaki: 377A MITSUYA, Hiroaki: 516B MITSUYASU, Ron: PD0392 MITSUYASU, Ronald: 159B MITSUYASU, Ronald T.: PB0104 MITSUYASU, Ronald T.: 005B MITTAL, Aruna: PA0189 MITTAL, Aruna: PB0487 MITUI, Akira: 089A MIURA, Nobuyuki: PB0757 MIURA, Satoshi: PB0640 MIURA, Sonia: PD0103 MIURA, Sonia R.: PD0423 MIURA, T.: PA0162 MIURA, T.: 383A MIURA, T.: PA0146 MIURA, Takuma: PB0760 MIURA, Takuma: PB0932 MIURA, Takuma: 381A MIURA, Tomoyuki: PA0163 MIURA, Tomoyuki: 196A MIWA, Kiyoshi: PA0231 MIWA, M.: PA0161 MIWA, Masanao: 543A MIYAJI, Chikako: PA0139 MIYAJI, Chikako: PAO140 MIYAJI, Makiko: PA0328 MIYAJIMA, Koichiro: PA0302 MIYAKE, Kyouji: 303C MIYAKOSHI, Hideo: PB0393 MIYAKUNI, Tuyoshi: 453A MIYAMOTO, Houko: PDO405 MIYAMOTO, Kaneatsu: PD0722 MIYAMOTO, Kanji: PA0202 MIYAMOTO, Koji: PB0779 MIYAMOTO, Koji: P80882 MIYAMOTO, T.: P00060 MIYASAKA, Tadashi: PA0312 MIYASHIRO, Hirotsugu: PA0328 MIYASHITA, Naoyuki: 175B MIYAZAKI, Motonobu: P00064 MIYAZAKI, Shigenori: PB0509 MIYAZAKI, Sumio: PD0088 MIYAZAKI, Tamotsu: PB0140 MIYAZAKI, Tsuyoshi: PA0336 MIYAZAWA, Yutaka: PB0856 MIYAZAWA, Yutaka: PC0166 MIZOBE, Junko: PB0166 MIZOBUCHI, Masahiro: PA0268 MIZOBUCHI, Masahiro: PA0164 MIZOGAMI, Masashi: PC0340 MIZOKAMI, Masashi: 303C MIZUNO, Fumio: PA0098 MIZUNO, Takashi: PAO305 MIZUOCHI, T.: PA0365 MIZUOCHI, Tsuguo: PB0054 MIZUSAWA, Hidehiro: PAO161 MIZUTANI, Shigeko: PD0062 MIZUTANI, Shigeko: PD0554 MIZUTANI, Yoshihiko: PC0337 MLEKUSCH, Walter: PAO102 MLUANDA, Fred: PB0421 MMARI, Viv: 420D MMIRO, Francis: 219C MMIRO, Francis: 220C MMIRO, Francis A.: 152C MO, Theresa: 354A MOCHIZUKI, Manabu: PB0221 MODAl, Jacques: PB0520 MODESTI, Andrea: 017A MODIGLIANI, Elisabeth: PB0912 MOELANS, Inge: PA0039 MOENG, S.: PC0183 MOESCH, Manfred D.: PD0486 MOETI, Matshidiso: PD0651 MOELLING, K.: PAOO61 MOFFAT, Howard J.: 413C MOGABGAB, William: PB0234 MOGABGAB, William: PD0273 MOGGIO, Gianna: PB0904 MOGILEVSKY, Lev: P00023 MOHAMMAD, Tufail: PD0087 MOHAMMED, Saeed Zakaria: PC0371 MOHAN, V.: PA0285 MOHAN, V.: PA0313 MOHAN, Venkitachalam: PB0491 MOHAN, Venkitachalam P.: PB0094 MOHANTY, Kailash: PB0581 MOHANTY, Kailash C.: PC0484 MOHANTY, Surya: PB0828 MOHERDAUI, Fabio: PC0562 MOHERDAUI, Fabio: 498B MOHLER, Jane: PB0654 MOHRI, Hiroshi: PB0012 MOHRI, Hiroshi: PB0645 MOH'D, Zuweina M.: PD0452 MOKRAS, Milos: PA0241 MOLE, Larry: PB0364 MOLE, Larry: 375A MOLINA, Gregory: PD0600 273

Page  274 MOLLICONE, B.: PB0337 MOLNAR, Beth: PC0414 MOLODTSOV, Nikolai V.: PAOOO9 MOMAS, Isabelle: PC0140 MOMAS, Isabelle: PC0316 MOMOTA, Hiroshi: PA0341 MONARI, Paola: PA0175 MONDAIN, Veronique: PB0652 MONDAIN, Veronique: PDO111 MONDELLI, Mario: P80474 MONDINI, Ludia G.: PC0539 MONFARDINI, S.: PB0143 MONGATUNGE, Motuke M.: PC0172 MONGELLI, Nicola: PA0308 MONIRUZZAMAN, Mohammed: PD0364 MONIRUZZAMAN, I.: PD0763 MONNY LOBE, Marcel: PC0393 MONNY LOBE, Marcel: PB0944 MONREALE, Ignazio: PD0503 MONROE, J.E.: PA0378 MONSON, J.R.T.: PB0888 MONSON, John P.: PB0713 MONTAGNIER, Luc: PA0022 MONTAGNIER, Luc: PA0092 MONTAGNIER, Luc: PA0116 MONTAGNIER, Luc: PA0256 MONTAGNIER, Luc: PC0211 MONTAGNIER, Luc: PA0058 MONTAGNIER, Luc: PAO181 MONTAGNIER, Luc: PA0216 MONTAGNIER, Luc: TS3 MONTANER, Julio: PB0406 MONTANER, Julio: 160B MONTANER, Julio: 358B MONTANER, Julio: 435B MONTANER, Julio S.G.: PB0350 MONTANER, Julio S.G.: PB0082 MONTANER, Julio S.G.: PB0718 MONTANER, Julio S.G.: PB0961 MONTANER, Julio S.G.: PC0197 MONTANER, Julio S.G.: PC0220 MONTANER, Julio S.G.: PC0221 MONTANER, Julio S.G.: PC0230 MONTANER, Julio S.G.: PD0396 MONTANER, Julio S.G.: PD0397 MONTANER, Julio S.G.: 025D MONTANER, Julio S.G.: 055B MONTANER, Julio S.G.: 124C MONTANER, Julio S.G.: 184C MONTANER, Julio S.G.: 3568B MONTANER, Julio S.G.: 386B MONTE, Osmar: PD0423 MONTEAGUDO, Manuel: PA0267 MONTEFERRARIO, Loretta: PC0108 MONTEIRO, Ana L.: PD0079 MONTEIRO, Dinaida: PB0169 MONTEIRO, Dinaida T.: PB0485 MONTEIRO, Dinaida T.: PB0649 MONTEIRO, Edmund H.A.: PB0699 MONTEIRO, Marcos M.: PC0395 MONTEIRO, Renato: PA0244 MONTEIRO, Simone: PD0599 MONTELLA, Alberto: PBO059 MONTENEGRO, Abelardo: PB0278 MONTERO, Marinieve: PA0371 MONTFORT, Marie: PC0403 MONTICELLI, Alejandra: PB0079 MONTICELLI, Alejandra: PB0081 MONTICELLI, Alejandra: PB0675 MONTICELLI, Alejandra: PB0677 MONTICELLI, Alejandra: PD0148 MONTIEL, Ana Maria: PB0867 MONTOYA, Ivan: PB0893 MONTPETIT, Michael: PB0083 MONTRONI, M.: PA0092 MONZO, Encarna: PD0492 MONZON, Aleida: PC0342 MONZON, Ofelia: PD0578 MONZON, Ofelia T.: PDO450 MOORE, Charles R.: 451A MOORE, Cheryl: PD0144 MOORE, Jeffery: 277D MOORE, John J.P.: PA0195 MOORE, Lisa D.: PD0359 MOORE, Melinda: PD0708 MOORE, Melinda: PD0749 MOORE, Melinda: PD0751 MOORE, Melinda: 240C MOORE, Norman: PB0214 MOORE, Richard D.: PB0001 MOORMAN, A.: PB0037 MOOTSlKAPUN, Piroon: PA0129 MORA, Antonia: PB0844 MORA, Jose Luis: PB0026 MORA, Jose Luis: P00024 MORA, Jose Luis: P00036 MORAES, Cassio C.: PB0496 MORAG, Avraham: PA0257 MORAILA, Jesus M.J.: PD0267 MORAlS DE SA, Carlos A: PC0192 MORALS DE SA, Carlos A: PD0357 MORAlS DE SA, Carlos Alberto: P00028 MORAlS DE SA, Carlos Alberto: PC0348 MORAIS, Gilson F.: PC0498 MORAIS, J.C.: PB0494 MORAIS, Wilma: PD0043 MORAISDESA, Carlos A.: PB0452 MORAISDESA, Carlos A.: PC0158 MORALES, Gloria: 206D MORALES, M.: PB0587 MORASSO, Gabriella: PB0889 MORAT, Laurence: 148B MORATI, Tuti: 446D MORAY, Lawrence: P80151 MORBACH, Karin: PB0680 MOREIRA, Celia Emilia A.: PD0180 MOREIRA, Paranagua S.: PB0951 MOREIRA, Regina Barbosa M.: PB0793 MOREIRA, Regina Moreira M.: PB0794 MORELLI, Daniela: PD0609 MORENO, Asuncion A.: PB0524 MORENO, C.: PB0667 MORENO, Francisco: PC0119 MORENO, Isabel: PC0135 MORENO, Isabel: PC0137 MORENO, Isabel: PC0138 MORENO, Jose: PB0196 MORENO, Luis: PD0449 MORENO, Luis: PD0483 MORENO, S.: PBO114 MORENO, S.: PB0115 MORENO, Sandra: PD0321 MORENO, Sandra: PD0347 MORENO, Sandra: PD0428 MORENO, Sandra: 567D MORENO, Santiago: PB0207 MORENO, Santiago: PB0614 MORENO, Santiago: PB0664 MORENO, Santiago: PB0683 MORENO, Santiago: PB0736 MORENO, Santiago: PB0846 MORESCO, Luciano: PB0121 MORETTI, Simona: PA0106 MORGADO, Abiflio A.: PB0565 MORGADO, Abiflio A.: PB0742 MORGADO, Abiflio A.: PB0651 MORGADO, Mariza G.: PA0209 MORGADO, Mariza G.: PB0077 MORGAN, Linda: PB0044 MORGAN, Owen S.C.: PC0612 MORGAN, Patricia A.: PC0341 MORGENTERNS, Jose: PB0550 MORGUNOVA, Nadejda M.: PC0453 MORI, Haruyo: PA0309 MORI, Haruyo: PA0318 MORI, Kaoru: PA0131 MORI, Kazuo: PB0251 MORI, Kazuo: PB0326 MORI, Kazuyasu: 013A MORI, Kei: PB0890 MORI, Kohji: P00061 MORI, Kohji: PC0166 MORI, Shigeo: PA0068 MORI, Shigeo: 143A MORI, Shigeo: PA0040 MORIARITY, Richard: 455A MORIKAWA, Shigeru: PA0171 MORIKAWA, Shigeru: 311A MORIKAWA, Yuko: PA0056 MORIMATSU, Shinichi: PA0043 MORIMATSU, Shinichi: PA0323 MORIMOTO, M.: PA0309 MORIMOTO, Motoko: PA0318 MORIMOTO, Motoko: PB0423 MORINI, Lorenzo: PD0388 MORINO, Yoshihiro: 208D MORINO, Yoshiro: PD0269 MORIO, Shinsuke: PC0262 MORIO, Shinsuke: PC0265 MORISHITA, T.: PD0062 MORISHITA, Takayuki: 303C MORISHITA, Toshiko: PD0554 MORISHITA, Yasuyuki: PA0068 MORISKY, Donald E.: PD0453 MORISSET, Richard: PC0177 MORISSET, Richard: PC0400 MORISSET, Richard: 535B MORITA, Chizuko: PA0093 MORITA, Reiko: PD0433 MORITA, Tamotsu: 483B MORITSUGU, Yasuo: PA0196 MORITSUGU, Yasuo: PC0613 MORITSUGU, Yasuo: 167A MORITSUGU, Yasuo: 250A MORIWAKI, H.: PA0299 MORIYA, Tamon: PA0309 MORIYA, Tokico: PD0797 MORIYA, Tokico M.: PD0693 MORLAT, Philippe: PB0004 MORLAT, Philippe M.E.: 155C MORO, Matteo: PB0554 MORO, Matteo: PB0613 MOROKOFF, Patricia: PC0179 MORONES, Marfa T.: PB0348 MORONI, Mauro: PB0612 MOROSOV, Vladimir F.: P00022 MOROSOV, Vladimir F.: PCO101 MORRIS, Annette R.: PD0141 MORRIS, Annette R.: PD0670 MORRIS, Jo: PC0574 MORRIS, Julie: 298D MORRIS, Lynn: 404B MORRIS, Martina: PC0120 MORRIS, Martina: PC0520 MORRIS, Martina: 183C MORROW, Robert: PA0321 MORSE, Edward: PB0851 MORSE, G.: 512B MORSICA, Giulia: PB0537 MORTON, William: 193A MORTON, William R.: 197A MOSCAT, Jorge: PA0101 MOSELEY, Kera: PD0385 MOSES, Stephen: 035D MOSES, Stephen: 409C MOSES, Steve: 100B/D MOSES, Steve: 458C MOSHI, Boniventure A.: PD0780 MOSIER, Donald E.: 241A MOSS, Andrew R.: PA0132 MOSS, Andrew R.: PC0201 MOSS, Ronald: PB0314 MOSTASHARI, Farzad: PC0324 MOSTRIOU, Aliki: PD0594 MOTA, Murilo P.: PD0145 MOTA, Murilo P.: PD0149 MOTA-MIRANDA, Antonio A.A.: PB0696 MOTEGI, Nobuo: PB0148 MOTSUCHI, Wataru: PA0315 MOTT, Luiz R.: PD0460 MOTTA, Gianni: PD0221 MOTTE, J.: 215C MOUANODJI, Mbaissouroum MB.: PB0495 MOUGNUTOU, P.D.: PD0441 MOULARD, Maxime: PAOO58 MOULIGNIER, Antoine: PB0216 MOULIN, Thierry: 234B MOURA MAULAZ, E.M.: PD0660 MOURA MAULAZ, E.M.: PD0661 MOURA, Glicerio M.A.: PD0008 MOURAO, Maria V.: PD0363 MOURAO, Vitoria G.: PDO078 MOUS, Jan: 515B MOUTON, Jeannie A.: PD0107 MOUTON, Yves: PB0274 MOUTON, Yves: PB0592 MOVALSA, Murty M.N.: PC0529 MOY, Alexander: 133B/D 274

Page  275 MOY, Eileen: PC0269 MOYE, John: 266B MOYLE, Graeme J.: PB0268 MPEMBA, Naomi G.: PD0038 MPOSO, Ntumbanzondo: PD0289 MPUTU, Mosengo J.: PC0172 MSELLATI, Philippe: 260C MSISKA, Roland, M.: PD0530 MSISKA, Ronald: 099B/D MUIOZ, Melba: PB0867 MUIIOZ, Carlos: PA0274 MUNOZ, Carlos: PB0058 MUANA, Jingu: PD0631 MUBIRU, Francis: PB0885 MUCHINIK, Guillermo R.: PB0532 MUDARIKI, Takadiui P.: PD0412 MUDARIKIRI, Maxwell M.: PD0726 MUELLER, Charles: 569D MUELLER, Nancy E.: 304C MUELLER, Werner E.G.: PB0202 MUGA, Roberto: PA0270 MUGA, Roberto: PC0135 MUGA, Roberto: PC0136 MUGA, Roberto: PC0137 MUGA, Roberto: PC0138 MUGADE, Ramchandra: PD0543 MUGADE, Ramchandra B.: PD0544 MUGERWA, Margaret: PC0344 MUGERWA, R.: PA0075 MUGERWA, Roy: PB0674 MUGERWA, Roy: 387B MUGERWA, Roy D.: PC0344 MUGERWA, Roy D.: 406B MUGUMYA, Herbert: PDO200 MUGYENYI, Peter N.: PB0016 MUGYENYI, Peter N.: PD0728 MUHAYA, Potence P.: PB0503 MUHUMUZA, Charles: 282D MUHUMUZA, Ezra: PC0344 MUH'D, Zuweina M.: PC0510 MUKADI, Ya Diul: PB0035 MUKAI, R.: 196A MUKAI, Ryozaburo: PA0145 MUKAI, Ryozaburo: PB0048 MUKAI, Tetsu: PA0182 MUKAIDA, Naofumi: PA0282 MUKAKA, J.: PB0946 MUKANTABANA, Veronique: PC0580 MUKHARSKAYA, Ludmila M.: P00022 MUKHERJEE, Kanak: PB0391 MUKISA, Edith: PC0503 MUKISA, Edith R.: PC0549 MUKOSHA, Joseph: PD0745 MUKOSHA, Joseph: 417D MUKOSHA, Joseph: 572D MUKUL, Khairuddin: PD0475 MUKUYU, Michael: PD0780 MULAA, Francis J.: PAOO70 MULANGA KABEYA, Claire: PC0502 MULDER, Daan: PD0304 MULDER, Daan W.: PC0040 MULDER, Daan W.: PC0228 MULDER, Daan W.: PC0548 MULDER, Daan W.: 068C MULDER, Daan W.: 106C MULDER, John: PB0362 MULDER, John: 146B MULEY, Diwakar S.: 369D MULINDA, Kaggwa Gerald: PD0230 MOLLER, Harm: 142A MULLEN, Michael: PB0748 MOLLER, Marta: PC0604 MOLLER, Olaf: PB0032 MULLER, S.: PA0022 MOLLER, Sybille: PB0336 MOLLER, Werner: PA0041 MOLLER, Werner E.G.: PA0068 MOLLER, Werner E.G.: PB0277 MOLLER, Werner E.G.: PB0356 MULLIGAN, Kathleen: 432B MULLINS, James I.: 212C MULLINS, James I.: 213C MULOKOZI, Damian: PC0512 MULUGETA, Workalemahu: PD0303 MULUTI, John: PD0179 MUMO, Jaspar: PB0378 MUNAKATA, Tsunetsugu: PD0464 MUNAKATA, Tsunetsugu: PD0550 MUNAKATA, Tsunetsugu: PD0556 MUNAKATA, Tsunetsugu: PD0689 MUNDEE, Yuttana: PC0373 MUNEMA, Fares M.: PB0692 MUNHOZ, Rosemeire: PC0117 MUNHOZ, Rosemeire: PD0143 MUNIAKA, Kusu 0.: 290C MUINIIZ, Melba: PC0243 MUINIIZ, Melba: PD0610 MUNOGOLO, Kashongwe Z.: PB0693 MUIIOZ, Aileen: PC0461 MUIOZ, Berta: PC0310 MUIJOZ, Gabriela: PB0451 MUIIOZ, Jose: PB0215 MUlNOZ, Josefa: PB0552 MUlOZ, Josefa: PB0806 MUIIOZ, M.: PD0738 MUNOZ, Margarita: PD0738 MUINOZ-FERNANDEZ, Ma Angeles: PB0095 MUIOZ-TREJO, Teresa: 536B MUNRO, Vincent: PB0811 MUNYAGWA, Rashid: PD0040 MUNYAGWA, Rashid: 476C MUPOMWI, Patrick: PC0412 MURAGE, Ephantus M.: PB0601 MURAKAMI, Kunichika: PAO310 MURAKAMI, Kunichika: PAO311 MURAKAMI, T.: PAO300 MURAKAMI, Toshio: PA0005 MURAKAMI, Toshio: PA0254 MURAKAMI, Toshio: PA0363 MURAKAMI, Tsutomu: PAO301 MURAKAMI, Tsutomu: PA0335 MURASHIMA, Seiko: PD0062 MURASHIMA, Seiko: PDO554 MURATA, Masayuki: PAOO13 MURATA, Reiko: PB0932 MURATA, Tsutomu: PD0556 MURATA, Tsutomu: PD0689 MURAYAMA, I.: PA0341 MURAYAMA, Kei-lchi: 310A MURAYAMA, Tsugiya: PA0282 MURAYAMA, Yuichi: PA0145 MURAYAMA, Yuichi: PB0048 MURCAR, Nelson: 318A MURIITHI, Catherine W.: PD0778 MURIITHI, Jane N.: PD0778 MURILLO, Jorge: PB0817 MURINOV, Yurey I.: PA0306 MURITHI, Jane M: PDOOO9 MURIUKI, Joe: PD0009 MURIUKI, Joe: PD0217 MURIUKI, Joe M.: PD0320 MURIUKI, Joe M.: PD0665 MURO, Josephine: PB0903 MURPHY, Carol: PB0082 MURPHY, Debra L.: PD0435 MURPHY, Kevin C.: PB0122 MURPHY, Marilyn J.: PD0737 MURRAY, Richard: PD0369 MURTA, Fernanda: PB0854 MURTHY, Krishna: PA0358 MUSEN, Mark A.: 433B MUSICCO, Massimo: PB0612 MUSICCO, Massimo: PB0770 MUSICCO, Massimo: 284B MUSINGUZI, A.: PC0344 MUSINGUZI, Ambrose: PB0016 MUSKA, Susan: PB0849 MUSOLINO, Alessandro: PD0221 MUSONDA, Rosemary M.: PB0421 MUSONDA, Rosemary M.: PB0959 MUSSAUER, Ronaldo: PD0282 MUSSI-PINHATA, Marisa M: PC0160 MUSSI-PINHATA, Marisa M.: PB0440 MUSSI-PINHATA, Marisa M.: PB0449 MUSUNGU, Mary: PC0303 MUSVAIRE, Praise: PB0236 MUTALE, Baldwin: PB0875 MUTAMBI, Aron: PC0303 MUTEMBEI, Bazi: PD0274 MUTHIAH, P.: PD0192 MUTO, Takashi: PD0648 MUTO, Takashi: 576D MUTO, Tatsuya: PD0635 MUURAHAINEN, Norma: PB0761 MUURAHAINEN, Norma: PB0913 MUURAHAINEN, Norma: 431B MUURAHAINEN, Norma E.: PB0895 MVERE, David: 326C MWADI KADI, Aimee: PD0117 MWADI, Aimee: PD0403 MWADI, Kadi A.: PC0502 MWANGI, Felicina W.: PD0781 MWANZA, A.: 099B/D MWATHA, Antony: 458C MWESIGYE, B.: PD0666 MWESIGYE, Bob: PD0686 MWIJARUBI, Ezra: PB0503 MWILU, Roy: PD0337 MWINGA, Alwyn: PB0670 MWOREKO, Alex: PC0317 MWOROZI, Edison A.: PD0350 MYERS, Adam M.: PB0117 MYERS, Ted: 190D MYERS, Ted: 465C MYLVAGANAN, R.: PB0068 M'BOUP, S.: PB0055 M'BOUP, Souleymane: PB0015 M'BOUP, Souleymane: PB0027 M'BOUP, Souleymane: PB0392 M'BOUP, Souleymane: PB0400 M'BOUP, Souleymane: PB0401 M'BOUP, Souleymane: P00050 M'BOUP, Souleymane: 456A M'BOUP, Souleymane: 497B M'PELE, Pierre: PB0946 M'PELE, Pierre: PD0312 NA CHIANG MAI, Chainarong: 032D NAAMARA, Warren R.: PB0782 NABALONZI, Jane K.: PD0115 NABET BELLEVILLE, Francine: PB0063 NABWISO, Frank: PD0344 NABWISO, Frank: PD0708 NABWISO, Frank: PD0751 NABWISO, Frank: 235C NADAL, Jean-Marc: PC0266 NADAL, Jean-Marc: PC0592 NADAL, Jean-Marc: PC0593 NADAL, Marc: 194A NAEMURA, Mitsuhiro: P00064 NAGACHINTA, Tippavan: 105C NAGACHINTA, Tippavan: 288B NAGACHINTA, Tippavan: 460C NAGAI, Isamu: PD0681 NAGAI, Kazushige: PA0051 NAGAI, Y.: PA0001 NAGAI, Yoshimi: PA0112 NAGAI, Yoshiyuki: PA0057 NAGAI, Yoshiyuki: 143A NAGAMI, Keiko: PD0062 NAGANO, Isao: PA0065 NAGANO, Isao: 226A NAGAO, Aya: 281D NAGAO, Nobuo: PD0696 NAGAO, Takeshi: PA0031 NAGAO, Takeshi: PB0366 NAGAO, Takeshi: PB0967 NAGAO, Tomoe: PC0361 NAGASE, Hisashi: PAO141 NAGASHIMA, Kazuo: PAO107 NAGASHIMA, Yoji: PB0012 NAGATA, Yoichi: PB0221 NAGATAKE, Tsuyoshi: PAOO71 NAGATAKE, Tsuyoshi: PB0674 NAGATAKE, Tsuyoshi: 387B NAGAYA, Masashi: PB0388 NAGELKERKE, Nico: 458C NAGOURNEY, Robert A.: PB0238 NAGOURNEY, Robert A.: PB0239 NAGSHUNMUGAM, Thandavarayan: PAO108 NAGUMO, Atsuko: PD0648 NAGUMO, Atsuko: 576D NAGY, Karoly: 324A NAIMARK, David: PB0823 NAIR, Prema: PC0567 275

Page  276 NAIR, Raj: PC0427 NAITO, Masayoshi: PC0270 NAITOU, Hirotaka: 483B NAJERA, Rafael: 273B/D NAJJAR, Amjad: PB0049 NAJJAR, Amjad: PB0730 NAJJAR, Talib: PB0850 NAJJAR, Talib A.: PB0853 NAKABAYASHI, Takeshi: PA0328 NAKABITO, Clemensia: 152C NAKABITO, Clemensia: 219C NAKADA, M.: PA0365 NAKADA, Hirokazu: PB0477 NAKAGAWA, Shigeaki: PD0636 NAKAGAWA, Shigenori: PD0269 NAKAGAWA, Shigenori: 208D NAKAGAWA, Yohko: PA0361 NAKAGOMI, Osamu: 461C NAKAHARA, Toshitaka: PC0362 NAKAHARA, Toshitaka: 414C NAKAI, M.: PA0043 NAKAI, Masuyo: PA0093 NAKAI, Masuyo: PA0183 NAKAI, Masuyo: PA0194 NAKAI, Masuyo: PA0323 NAKAI, S.: PA0341 NAKAI, S.: PA0307 NAKAJIMA, Gene A.: PB0935 NAKAJIMA, Hiroshi: PB0744 NAKAJIMA, Toshihiro: PA0307 NAKAMA, Hidenori: PDOO71 NAKAMURA, K.: PA0262 NAKAMURA, Kazuhiro: 089A NAKAMURA, Keiich: PB0393 NAKAMURA, Mariko: PA0223 NAKAMURA, Shinichi: PDO711 NAKAMURA, Shozo: PA0065 NAKAMURA, Shozo: 226A NAKAMURA, Shuji: PAO131 NAKAMURA, Tahei: 168A NAKAMURA, Tsumukata: PA0323 NAKAMURA, Yoshio: PC0568 NAKANO, Manabu: PC0568 NAKANO, Takashi: PA0043 NAKANO, Takashi: PA0183 NAKANO, Takashi: PA0194 NAKANO, Takashi: PA0323 NAKANO, Tatsunori: 397A NAKANO, Tatunori: PA0029 NAKAO, Tadaharu: PD0785 NAKAO, Tadaharu: PD0786 NAKASE, Katsumi: PD0681 NAKASE, Katsumi: PD0722 NAKASE, Katumi: PD0598 NAKASHIMA, H.: PA0302 NAKASHIMA, Hideki: PAO300 NAKASHIMA, Hideki: PA0304 NAKASHIMA, Hideki: PA0305 NAKASHIMA, Hideki: PA0315 NAKASHIMA, Hideki: PA0330 NAKASHIMA, Hideki: PA0335 NAKASONE, T.: PC0613 NAKASONE, Tadashi: PA0196 NAKASONE, Tadashi: 310A NAKATA, Atsuo: PB0423 NAKATA, Katsuhisa: PB0509 NAKATA, Koh: PB0312 NAKATA, Munehiro: PA0335 NAKATA, Munehiro: PB0054 NAKATA, S.: PC0613 NAKATSUKA, Naoko: PD0625 NAKATSUKA, Yoshikatsu: PD0625 NAKAYA, Takaaki: PA0064 NAKAYA, Takaaki: PA0073 NAKAYA, Takaaki: 499A NAKAZIBWE, May K.: 235C NAKIYINGI, Jessica: PC0228 NAKYONYI, Molly: PD0052 NALLET, Francois: PA0362 NALONGO, Kisembo: 387B NALUYANGE, Margaret: PB0957 NAM, Jeong-Gu: PA0319 NAMANGI, Fausta: 096D NAMSUWAN, Wijarn: PD0616 NANDAN, Deoki: PD0343 NANDI, Jayashree: PA0027 NANNIS, E.: PC0577 NANSUBUGA, Agnes: PDO200 NANTEZA, Cotty: PB0965 NANTHACHIT, Niwes: PC0373 NAPOLI, P.: PC00007 NAQUATEE, Zeenat: PD0593 NARAHASHI, Erica: PB0153 NARAIN, Jai P.: PC0284 NARAYANAN, Palaniappan: PS28 NAGARAJAN, Narayanasamy N.: PD0463 NAGARAJAN, Narayanasamy N.: PD0158 NARCISO, Pasquale: PB0248 NARCISO, Pasquale: PB0272 NARCISO, Pasquale: 233B NARDELLI, Bernardetta: PA0023 NARITA, Nobuhiro: PB0890 NARITA, Nobuhiro: PB0896 NARIUCHI, Hideo: PA0141 NARKEVICH, Mikhail: PD0427 NARWA, Remy: PA0062 NASCIMENTO, Mauro F.: PDO615 NASCIMENTO, Solange S.M.: PD0640 NASIO, James M.: 458C NASIOULAS, Georgios: 353A NASSAR, Naiel: PDO510 NASSOR, Hamid: PC0510 NASSOR, Hamid S.: PD0717 NASTI, Guglielmo: PB0132 NASTI, Guglielmo: PB0143 NASTI, Guglielmo: PB0332 NASTI, Guglielmo: PD0277 NASTI, Gugljelmo: PB0126 NATHAN, Tracey A.: 344D NATHANSON, Constance: PD0344 NATPATAN, Chawalit: 038C NATPRATAN, Chavalit: 391C NATPRATAN, Chawalit: PC0366 NATUK, Robert: 248A NAU, Martin: PB0067 NAU, Martin: 256B NAUD, Paulo: PB0785 NAUD, Paulo: PC0583 NAVARRET, N.: PB0013 NAVARRO, Alberto: PB0158 NAVARRO, Joaquin: PB0095 NAVARRO, L.: PB0590 NAVARRO, L.: PB0534 NAVARRO, Sergio: PB0864 NAVARRO, Sergio: 337B/D NAVAS, M.C.: PAO154 NAVAS, Ma.Cristina: PC0359 NAVEA, L.: PA0371 NAVEA, Leonor L.: PA0197 NAVEA, Leonor L.: PC0607 NAVERRETE, Christina: PA0090 NAVIA, Manuel A.: 319A NAVIO, Maria: PC0135 NAVIO, Maria: PC0136 NAVIO, Maria: PC0137 NAVIO, Maria: PC0138 NAYLOR, Dirinda: PC0231 NBABEYO, Abonia: PD0200 NDALA., Louise: PDO117 NDAW, M.: PB0055 NDELE, Patricia: PC0502 NDHLOVU, Angelina A.N.: PD0771 NDIAYE, Birahim Pierre: PD0212 NDIAYE, Mouhamed F.: PB0702 NDIBESHYE, Theoneste: PC0410 NDIMURUKUNDO, Nicephore: 551D NDINYA-ACHOLA, Jackonia: PB0601 NDINYA-ACHOLA, Jeckoniah O.: PB0154 NDINYA-ACHOLA, Jeckoniah O.: 458C NDINYA-ACHOLA, Jeckoniah 0: 394C NDINYA-ACHOLA, Jeckoniah O.: 1008/D NDINYA-ACHOLA, Jeckoniah 0.: 179B NDOYE, Ibra: PBOO15 NDOYE, Ibra: 497B NDUGWA, Christopher: 219C NDUGWA, Christopher: 220C NDUMBE, Peter: 215C NDUMBE, Peter M.: PB0436 NDUMBE, Peter M.: PD0092 NDUNGO, Peter T.: PB0378 NDYETABURA, Elly: PC0551 NDYETABURA, Elly F.: PC0514 NEAL, Joyce J.: PC0126 NEATON, J.D.: PB0609 NEATON, James D.: PC0199 NEATON, Jim: PC0219 NEATON, Jim D.: PC0207 NEBUT, Micheline: PB0580 NEDOSPASOV, Sergey A.: PA0050 NEDZELSKY, Nikolai A.: PD0266 NEEDLE, Richard: PC0466 NEEDLE, Richard H.: PD0499 NEEMA, S.: PD0666 NEEMA, Sella: PD0686 NEESE, Richard A.: PB0910 NEGISHI, Masataka: 275B/D NEGISHI, Masayoshi: PBO031 NEGISHI, Masayoshi: PB0109 NEGISHI, Masayoshi: PC0340 NEGISHI, Masayoshi: PD0206 NEGISHI, Masayoshi: PD0228 NEGISHI, Masayoshi: PD0389 NEGRA, Marinella: PC0241 NEGRI, Eva: PC00002 NEGUT, Eugenia C.: PB0411 NEHMADI, Friedah: PB0389 NELLI, Mauro: P00010 NELSON, K.: PC0288 NELSON, Kenrad: PB0040 NELSON, Kenrad: PB0606 NELSON, Kenrad: 105C NELSON, Kenrad: 379A NELSON, Kenrad E.: PC0104 NELSON, Kenrad E.: P00072 NELSON, Kenrad E.: PC0373 NELSON, Kenrad E.: 032D NELSON, Kenrad E.: 038C NELSON, Kenrad E.: 288B NELSON, Kenrad E.: 391C NELSON, Kenrad E.: 460C NELSON, Mark: PB0840 NELSON, Robert P.: PA0033 NEMEC, Josef: PB0240 NEMECHEK, P.M.: PA0235 NEMECHEK, P.M.: PB0898 NEMOTO, Tooru: PD0760 NENKOV, Plamen: PB0575 NERMUT, Milan: PA0056 NERURKAR, Vivek R.: P00082 NESETRIL, Frederick: PB0881 NESS, Paul M.: PC0373 NESSEL, Jerry T.: PC0469 NETO, Epaminondas B.: PB0673 NEUBERT, K.: PA0103 NEUMANN, Elisete: PD0008 NEUMANN, Elisete M.A.: PB0943 NEUMANN, Markus: 351A NEUWALD, Paul D.: 580A NEVES Jr., Ivan: PB0077 NEWELL, Marie Louise: PC0160 NEWMAN, Gale W.: PAO121 NEWTON, Cindy: PA0344 NG, Valerie L.: 045B NGAMVITAPAPONG, Jintana: PD0305 NGAMVITAYAPONG, Jintana: PD0748 NGARE, William: PB0601 NGEOW, Yun-Fong: PS7 NGNAORE, Emmanuel: PD0591 NGO, Thi Khanh: 031D NGOLLE, M.: 215C NGOM, Pa T.: PA0174 NGUGI, Elisabeth: 394C NGUGI, Elizabeth: 447D NGUGI, Elizabeth N.: 035D NGUNGU, Kaseka L.: PD0631 NGUYEN, Bach-Yen: 360B NGUYEN, Dat Xuong: PA0002 NGUYEN, Gerard: PB0912 NGUYEN, Thang: 085A NI, Ya: 538B NIANG, Cheikh I.: PD0118 NIANG, Cheikh I.: SS8 NIANG, Cheikh I.: 116D NIBOT, Carmen S.: PC0433 NICOLA: PB0731 NICHOLAS, Peter: PB0679 NICHOLS, David: PB0372 NICHOLS, Mark: 135B/D 276

Page  277 NICOL, Isabell: PA0134 NICOLA, Sabrina: PB0501 NICOLAIDOU, S.: PB0219 NICOLAS, Jean Claude: PB0530 NICOLAS, Jean Pierre: PBO905 NICOLAS, Martins: PB0647 NICOLL, Angus: PC0111 NICOLL, Angus: 412C NICOLOSI, Alfredo: PD0484 NIEBURG, Phillip I.: 263C NIELSEN, Jens Ole: 090A NIELSEN, Jens-Ole: PA0259 NIERO, Fosca: 284B NIETO, Jorge: PC0398 NIETO, Jorge: PC0545 NIETO, Jorge: 366C NIEVES, E.: PB0766 NIGIDA, Stephen M.: 198A NIGUDKAR, Pramod: PD0171 NIGUDKAR, Pramod: 036D NIIMI, Hiroo: PB0757 NIIMI, Hiroshi: PD0285 NIJHUIS, Monique: 057B NIKOLAEVA, Irina A: PB0845 NIKOLAEVA, Irina A.: PB0416 NIKOLAEVA, Irina A.: PB0430 NILL, S.: PA0186 NILSSON, Bo: PD0110 NING, Binmei: PB0240 NINOMYA, T.: PD0308 NINOMYA, Tuyoshi: PD0294 NIRAROOT, Wirat: PC0366 NIRU, Mohammed: PD0059 NISHIDA, T.: PA0341 NISHIHARA, Tatsuji: PD0073 NISHIKATA, Ichiro: PB0374 NISHIKAWA, Masao: PA0045 NISHIMAKI, Kengo: PD0581 NISHIMURA, Aoi: PD0101 NISHIMURA, Haruhiko: PB0418 NISHIMURA, Shuichi: PA0068 NISHIMURA, Yuuko: PB0393 NISHINO, Yoshii: PA0073 NISHINO, Yoshii: PA0149 NISHINO, Yoshii: 499A NISHINO, Yoshimi: PD0616 NISHIO, Carlos E.: PB0153 NISHIO, Maki: PA0318 NISHIOKA, Kusuki: PA0255 NISHIOKA, Kusuya: PB0394 NISHIOKA, Kusuya: PB0399 NISHIOKA, Kusuya: PC0060 NISHIOKA, Kusuya: P00063 NISHIOKA, Kusuya: PC0397 NISHIOKA, Kusuya: 544A NISHIZAWA, Tsutomu: PA0202 NISKIER, Helena: PC0030 NISKIER, Helena: PD0143 NITAYAPHAN, Sorachai: PA0226 NITAYAPHAN, Sorachai: PC0164 NITAYAPHAN, Sorachai: PC0341 NITTA, Toshikazu: PC0584 NITTAYANANTA, Wipawee: PB0589 NIU, Mannette: 0018 NIWA, Takuro: PA0312 NIWA, Y.: PAOO1 NIWA, Yasuharu: PAOO21 NIWA, Yasuharu: 312A NIZOU, Robert: PB0130 NJENGA, Simon: 100B/D NJERU, Erastus: 035D NJOKU, O.S.: PC0380 NKAANGI, Anne N.: PD0248 NKAANGI, Anne N.: PD0462 NKAANGI, Anne N.: PD0775 NKANGA, Nkanga: 562C NKENGASONG, John N.: 215C NKHATA, Lillian: PD0027 NKHOMA, Dyna P.: PDO301 NKOA SHE, Celestin: PC0393 NKUSU, Muniaka 0.: PD0777 NKYA, W.M.M.M.: PA0192 NNOROM, Joseph A.: P00044 NOA, Enrique: PA0197 NOA, Enrique R.: PB0384 NOEHL, Michele F.: PB0107 NOEL, Gr6goire E.: PB0629 NOGUCHI, Atsuo: PAO145 NOGUCHI, Yasushi: PB0757 NOGUEIRA, J.: PB0696 NOGUEIRA, Susie: PB0584 NOGUEIRA, Susie: PB0662 NOGUEIRA, Susie A.: PC0357 NOJIR, N.: PB0399 NOKIHARA, K.: PA0001 NOKIHARA, Kiyoshi: 143A NOLAN, Timothy J.: 045B NOMOTO, Kikuo: PA0038 NOONE, Ahilya: PC0111 NOORMOHAMED, Faruq: PB0840 NOPKESORN, Taweesak: 239C NORR, Kathleen F.: PDO651 NORRILD, Bodil: PB0528 NORTH, Marie O.: PB0325 NORTH, Marie-Odile L.: PB0231 NORTON, Deborah E.: 079B NORWOOD, Chris: PD0487 NORWOOD, Chris: PDO655 NOSARI, Anna Maria: PB0129 NOSIK, Dmitri N.: PA0329 NOSKOVA, Olga V.: PB0368 NOSSA, Paulo N.: PD0381 NOSSA, Paulo N.: PD0692 NOTARI, Mario: PC0281 NOTTAR, Vera Lucia: PB0402 NOTTET, Hans: PA0039 NOTTET, Hans: 086A NOUER, Simone A.: PB0627 NOVATI, Roberto: PB0537 NOVATI, Roberto: PB0908 NOVELLINO, Salet: PD0316 NOVICK, Laurie: PB0929 NOVICK, William: PA0294 NOVITSKY, Vladimir A.: PC0023 NOVORT, P.: PC0278 NOWJACK-RAYMER, Ruth E.: PB0155 NOYA, A.: PD0531 NOYA, A.: PB0502 NOZAKI, Shinji: PD0285 NOZAKI-RENARD, Junko: PA0098 NSUAMI, Malanda: PC0154 NSUAMI, Malanda J.: 290C NSUBUGA, Peter: 406B NTIKALA, Booto P.: PB0035 NTIKALA, Booto P.: PB0669 NTUMBANZONDO, Mposo F.: 029D NTURIBI, Freda: PD0592 NTURIBI, Freda T.: PD0592 NUMATA, Fumio: PA0147 NUMATA, Fumio: PA0148 NUMAZAKI, Kei: PA0187 NUMAZAKI, Kei: PA0188 NUNBERG, Jack H.: PA0358 NUNES PENA, Joao: PD0661 NUNES PENA, Joao: PD0660 NUNES, Carmelita M.: PB0663 NUNES, Claudio: PB0446 NUNES, Jose M.: PB0743 NUNES, Jose M.: PB0746 NUIJEZ, Domingo: PC0013 NUNEZ, Emmanuel A.: PB0120 NUIIEZ, Silvia: PB0867 NUNLEY, F.: 3318B N U N N, Andrew J.: PC0040 NUNN, Andrew J.: 068C NUNN, Andrew J.: 106C NUNO, Enrique: PB0220 NWABUKO, Bernard: PC0449 NWASHILI, Pearl O.: PC0449 NYABARAHA, Lazarre: 551D NYABOLA, Lubert: 447D NYAMATHI, Adeline M.:154C NYAMU, Beneva W.: PD0252 NYANGE, Patrick: PC0291 NYANGE, Patrick: 394C NYLAND, Karla: PD0494 NYLAND, Karla: PD0640 NYOMBI, B.: PA0192 NYQUIST, Julie: PD0068 NYUNOYA, H.: PAO161 NYUNOYA, Hiroshi: PA0165 NZILA, Nzilambi: PB0427 NZILA, Nzilambi: PC0372 NZILA, Nzilambi: PC0509 NZILA, Nzilambi: PD0289 NZILA, Nzilambi: PD0383 NZILA, Nzilambi: 290C NZILAMBI, Nzila E.: PB0035 NZILAMBI, Nzila E.: PC0172 NZILAMBI, Nzila E.: PC0579 NZILAMBI, Nzila E.: PD0631 NZILAMBI, Nzila E.: 029D N'SENGIMANA, Joseph: PD0290 N'TEREYE, Pierre: PD0290 OAK, Vikram: PD0739 OBADIA, Martine M.: PB0860 OBARU, Kenshi: PA0094 OBARU, Kenshi: PAO355 OBREGON, Eva: PB0095 OBREMSKEY, Stasia: PD0382 OBURA, Michael: PC0276 OCAMPO, Antonio: PB0196 OCAMPO, Hermida A: PB0149 OCAI9IA, Immaculada: PB0062 OCAI9iA, Immaculada: PB0564 ODAWARA, Fumitomo: PA0323 ODAWARA, Takashi: PAOO41 ODAWARA, Takashi: PA0173 ODAWARA, Takashi: PA0353 ODDEN, Kare: PB0156 ODERA, Edwin M.O.: PD0045 ODHIAMBO, Dorothy: PD0778 ODHIAMBO, Dorothy A: PD0665 ODHIAMBO, Dorothy A.: PD0009 ODHIAMBO, Phoebe A.: PB0601 ODINOKOVA, Irina A.: PB0934 ODINOKOVA, Irina A.: PD0372 ODINOKOVA, Irina A.: PD0733 ODRIOZOLA, Pedro M.: PB0370 OFFOR, Elsie: PA0078 OFWONO, Elizabeth A.: 235C OGASAWARA, Kazuyoshi: 484B OGAWARA, Hiroshi: PA0305 OGOI, Pamela A.: PD0260 OGUNBUFUNMI, Oluseye A.: PC0449 OGUNDIRAN, Adeniyi 0.: PC0615 OGURA, Atsuo: 246A OGURA, Yoji: PB0856 OH, Helen M.L.: P00071 OHARA, Yoshiro: PA0164 OHARA, Yoshiro: PA0268 OHASHI, Kunihiro: PA0275 OHASHI, Yasuhiro: PB0388 OHBA, Hiroyoshi: 373A OHI, Gen: PD0480 OHISHI, Kazue: PA0365 OHJI, Taro: PB0762 OHKAWA, Jun: PA0351 OHKAWA, Jun: PA0352 OHKAWA, Norio: PA0183 OHKI, K.: 499A OHKOCHI, Toshikazu: PD0557 OHKUBO, I.: PA0001 OHKUBO, Iwao: PAOO21 OHKUBO, Iwao: 312A OHKURA, Takako: PA0136 OHMOTO, Y.: PA0341 OHMOTO, Yasukazu: PB0069 OHNISHI, Yukano: PA0057 OHNO, Shigeaki: PA0188 OHNO, Takiko: PB0366 OHNO, Tsuneya: PA0223 OHSHIMA, Masamichi: PA0173 OHSHIMA, Masamichi: PA0353 OHSUKA, Shinji: PB0594 OHTA, K.: PAO310 OHTA, Yasuhiro: 111A OHTA, Yoshihiro: PD0088 OHTA, Yuji: PD0788 OHTOMO, Hiroshi: PB0189 OHYA, Osamu: PA0160 OHYA, Osamu: 541A OH-ISHI, Hitoshi: PA0055 OISHI, Kazunori: PA0071 OISHI, Kazunori: PB0674 OISHI, Kazunori: 387B OISHI, Toshihiro: PD0162 OJEDA, Algia: PB0615 OJEDA, Melba: PB0451 OJENGBEDE, Oladosu: 552D OJO, Olatunji G.: PD0033 OJWOK, O.: PB0874 OJWOK, Omwony: PB0870 OKA, S.: PA0074 OKA, S.: PB0357 OKA, Shinichi: PA0001 OKA, Shinichi: PAO031 OKA, Shinichi: PA0068 277

Page  278 OKA, Shinichi: PA0112 OKA, Shinichi: PA0231 OKA, Shinichi: PB0221 OKA, Shinichi: PB0342 OKA, Shinichi: PB0354 OKA, Shinichi: PB0356 OKA, Shinichi: PB0374 OKA, Shinichi: 430B OKA, Shin-Ichi: PB0054 OKA, Shin-Ichi: 143A OKA, Shin-Ichi: 211C OKA, Shin-Ichi: 257B OKABAYASHI, Hironori: PB0640 OKABE, Mitsunori: 003B OKABE, Mitsunori: 388B OKADA, Hidechika: PA0341 OKADA, Kiyoshi: PB0856 OKADA, M.: PA0146 OKADA, Mineyuki: PA0144 OKADA, Mineyuki: 196A OKADA, Yohei: PA0091 OKADA, Yohei: PA0095 OKADA, Yoshimi: PD0100 OKAMOTO, Kaoru: PD0788 OKAMOTO, Naoyuki: PD0695 OKAMOTO, Takashi: PA0029 OKAMOTO, Takashi: 397A OKAMOTO, Takashi: PA0131 OKAMOTO, Y.: 310A OKAMOTO, Yukari: 246A OKAY, Y.: 270B OKELLO, Cornelius: PC0276 OKETCH, Mary A: PD0009 OKEYO, Tom: PC0042 OKEYO, Tom M.: PD0342 OKI, Toshikazu: PA0335 OKIDA, Cristina: PD0043 OKIYA, Maritha: PD0260 OKONGO, Martin: 106C OKSENHENDLER, Eric: PA0234 OKSENHENDLER, Eric: 044B OKSENHENDLER, Eric: 228A OKU, Offiong E.: PD0465 OKUBO, Hitoe: PD0433 OKUBO, Takao: PB0012 OKUBO, Takao: PB0645 OKUBO, Yuji: PA0342 OKUDA, Kenji: PA0364 OKUDA, Kenji: PA0370 OKUDA, Kenji: PA0372 OKUDA, Rie: 281D OKUKU, Peter: PC0276 OKUMU, Paul: PD0541 OKUMURA, Sayo: PC0252 OKUMURA, Yuushi: PA0024 OKUNO, Toshiomi: PA0186 OKURUT, Nathan: PB0969 OKURUT, Nathan: PC0506 OKUSAWA, Eiichi: PB0189 OKWERA, Alphonse: PB0674 OKWERA, Alphonse: 406B OLAKA, Paul: PD0260 OLDENBURG, Johannes: PB0538 OLESKE, James: PBOO71 OLETTO, S.: PC0170 OLIVEIRA CASTRO, Ivan: PB0297 OLIVEIRA, Ana P.: PD0620 OLIVEIRA, Augusto C.P.: PB0627 OLIVEIRA, Carlos Alberto B.:. PB0183 OLIVEIRA, Carlos Alberto B.: PB0798 OLIVEIRA, Carlos Alberto B.: PB0808 OLIVEIRA, Carmen A.F.: PB0409 OLIVEIRA, Dalva: PC0312 OLIVEIRA, Denise R.: PC0599 OLIVEIRA, Edson: PC0356 OLIVEIRA, Elizabeth: PB0089 OLIVEIRA, Heldilene C.: PB0663 OLIVEIRA, Heldilene C.: P00032 OLIVEIRA, J.: PC0278 OLIVEIRA, Luiz: PC0405 OLIVEIRA, Maria Helena P.: PD0234 OLIVEIRA, OLIVEIRA, OLIVEIRA, OLIVEIRA, OLIVEIRA, OLIVEIRA, OLIVEIRA, Maria I: PA0366 Mariza: PC0356 Norma: PD0406 Ricardo: PB0459 Ricardo H.: PB0458 Rosely: PC0189 Rosely C.: PC0434 OLIVEIRA, Sylvio: 343D OLIVEIRA, Sylvio J.: 466C OLIVIER, Ren6: 421A OLKHOV, Oleg: PD0251 OLMARI, Maya: PB0517 OLNESS, K.: 219C OLNESS, Karen: 220C OLOO, David: PD0052 OLSON, David: PC0508 OLTHOFF, Glenn: PC0535 OLUKOYA, Adepeju A.: PC0449 OMETTO, Lucia: PC0155 OMMUNDSEN, Cecilia: PDO411 OMMUNDSEN, Cecilia: PD0415 OMOKHODION, F.: PD0644 OMOLLO, Mary A.: PD0137 OMONDI, Azaria: PD0217 OMONDI, B.: PDOO45 OMWONY, Ojwok: PB0955 ONDOA, P.: PA0079 ONEN, John: 240C ONG, D.: PD0129 ONGIRWALU, Hendrik: PD0549 ONGIRWALU, Hendrik: PD0766 ONIMARU, Masahiko: PC0568 ONO, Ayako: PB0221 ONO, Hiroaki: PA0166 ONO, Orie: 4858B ONO, Yasuo: 257B ONODA, Kaori: PD0648 ONODA, Kaori: 576D ONWU, G.: PD0063 ONYANGO, Dorothy 0.: PD0137 ONYEBUENYI, Joy N.: PC0449 OOSATO, Kazuhisa: PC0340 OOTA, Keiko: 275B/D OPARE, Bernard K.: PDO455 OPELZ, Gerhard: 023A OPELZ, Gerhard: 223A OPOLLO, Marc S.: PD0740 OPRAVIL, Milos: PB0141 ORANDE, Helen 0.: PDO701 ORCESE, Carloandrea: PB0686 OREGE, Patrick A.: PC0276 ORELLANA, Yuri: PD0759 ORENGO, A.: 048B ORENSTEIN, Jan M.: PB0180 ORIA, Piera: PD0057 ORITSU, Reiko: PB0925 ORLOV, Nickolai V.: PC0225 ORLOWSKA, Jolanta: PD0089 OROSZLAN, Stephen: PA0048 OROSZLAN, Stephen: 324A OROVITG, F.: PB0949 OROXOM, Alan: PB0033 ORR, Sylvia: PB0072 ORR, Sylvia: PC0477 ORSO, Maurizio: PB0129 ORTEGA, Nenet: PD0568 ORTIZ, Edith: PC0274 ORTIZ, Fernando: 491D ORTIZ, Raul: PD0716 ORTIZ, Raul: 4298B ORTIZ, Victor: PB0970 ORTIZ-COLON, Reinaldo: PD0207 ORTIZ-TORRES, Blanca: PD0656 ORTOWSKA, Emma: PD0089 ORVIEDO, J.E.G.: PC0236 OSADA, Koji: PC0397 OSAKA, Y.: 461C OSAKI, Yoneatsu: PDOO81 OSAME, Mitsuhiro: PAO119 OSAME, Mitsuhiro: PA0258 OSAME, Mitsuhiro: PA0307 OSAME, Mitsuhiro: PB0241 OSATO, Kazuhisa: PC0361 OSAWA, Jun: PD0162 OSBORN, John F.: PD0694 OSBORN, June: PC0293 OSBORNE, Maria F.: PC0177 OSE, Velta P.: PB0404 OSEI-KWASI, Mubarak: PA0163 OSEI-KWASI, Mubarak: 383A OSELKA, Gabriel: PC0132 OSHIRO, Graciela: PB0045 OSMOND, Dennis: PB0624 OSMOND, Dennis: 302C OSOJNIK, Teresa M.: PD0014 OSORIO, Marco: PD0222 OSORIO, Marco: PD0223 OSORIO-RAMIREZ, Marco A.: PS12 OSOTIMEHIN, Babatunde: 552D OSOTIMEHIN, Babatunde O.: PD0532 OSTERHAUS, Albert: 139A OSTHER, Kurt: PB0318 OSUKA, Shinji: PB0167 OTA, Akemi: PA0204 OTAKA, Akira: PA0302 OTAKE, Kaori: 499A OTAKE, Toru: PA0309 OTAKE, Toru: PA0318 OTANI, Takeshi: PA0100 OTHMAN, Asha A.: PAO190 OTIENO, Philip 0.: PD0541 OTIENO, W.: PD0780 OTOLOK-TANGA, Erasmus T: PD0202 OTTEKEN, Ahlert: PA0217 OTTO, M.: 424A OTTO, Michael J.: 320A OTTONI, Maria: PC0416 OU, C.-Y.: 218C OU, Chin-Yih: 211C OU, Shuouan: 076C OUANGRE, Amadou: PB0027 OUATTARA, Souleymane: P00047 OVAGUIMIAN, Olivier: PB0530 OVERS, Cheryl: 450D OWATARI, Satsuki: PA0280 OWOR, Maxensia: 152C OXFORD, John: PAOO90 OXFORD, John S.: PA0333 OXFORD, John S.: PA0360 OXFORD, John S.: 378A OYA, Akira: PB0365 OYAFUSO, Luiza: PB0103 OYAFUSO, Luiza K.: PA0271 OYAFUSO, Luiza K.: PB0578 OYAIZU, Naoki: PA0110 OYAMA, Takako: PD0236 OYAMA, Yasuo: PD0433 OYARBIDE, losune: PB0688 OYARBIDE, losune: PA0127 OYARBIDE, losune: PB0553 OYEDEPO, Bola: PD0574 OYUGI, Cathrine A.: PD0137 OZ, Helieh S.: PB0621 OZA, Kalpesh: PD0174 OZAKI, Hidenori: 242A OZAKI, S.: PC0060 OZEL, Mushin: PAOO60 OZICK, Lisa: PC0148 OZOUF, Norbert: PB0561 O'BRIEN, Thomas R.: P00064 O'BRIEN, William A.: 254B O'BYRNE, Desmond: PD0421 O'CONNOR, Dennis: PB0773 O'DELL, Virginia: PB0944 O'DOHERTY, Michael: PB0623 O'DONNELL, Carl: PC0478 O'DONNELL, Lydia: PC0478 O'FARRELL, Nigel: PB0488 O'FARRELL, Nigel: PC0329 O'KEEFE, Elizabeth A: PB0161 O'LEARY, Ann: PD0514 O'MALLEY, Jeffrey Wayne: TS10 O'MALLEY, P: PB0935 O'MALLEY, Paul: 301C O'MALLEY, Paul M.: 007C O'NEAL, Scott A.: PC0591 O'NEILL, Robert: PB0716 O'REILLY, Kevin: PC0479 O'SHAUGHNESSY, M.: 3588 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael: 354A O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: PB0350 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: PB0406 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: PB0718 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: PB0961 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: PC0197 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: PD0106 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: PD0227 278

Page  279 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: PD0396 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: PD0397 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: 025D O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: 055B O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: 124C O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: 184C O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: 356B O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael V.: 435B OTIENO, V.: PD0260 PEREZ, Francisco: PC0109 PAALMAN, Maria: PC0551 PAALMAN, Maria E.: PC0514 PACCA, Julio: PD0765 PACCA, Julio C.: PD0079 PACHECO, Cecilia: PB0675 PACKER, Lester: 401A PADBURY, G.E.: 322A PADHYE, Mohini P: PDOO41 PADIAN, Nancy: PD0359 PADIAN, Nancy: 079B PADMANABHAN, G.: PD0024 PADUA, Charles A.: PB0663 PAES, Giselda L.: PC0133 PAES, Giselda L.: PC0149 PAES, Giselda L.: PC0272 PAGANELLI, Roberto: PA0289 PAGANI, Laura: PC0407 PAGANI, Laura: PD0685 PAGANO, Paul: PA0314 PAGCHAROENPOL, Prasong: PB0349 PAGE, Bryan: PBOO21 PAGE, Bryan J.: PB0775 PAGE, Bryan J.: PC0178 PAGE, Francess E.: PDO400 PAGE, Kimberly: PC0201 PAGE, Kimberly: 302C PAGE, Kimberly A.: PA0132 PAGET, William: PC0483 PAGLIARO, Alessandra: PC0170 PAHWA, Savita: PA0110 PAHWA, Savita: PC0167 PAIVA, Daurita D.: PB0802 PAIVA, Daurita D.: PB0951 PAIVA, Jose: PC0418 PAIVA, Jose V.: PC0415 PAIVA, Jose V.: PDO410 PAIVA, Jose V.M.: PC0159 PAIVA, Vera: PD0577 PAIVA, Vera: PD0713 PAIVA, Vera: 117D PAIXAO, Maria T.: PC0014 PAKDAMAN, Khashayar: PC0271 PAKOTE, Lamul: PB0432 PAL, Nishit K.: PC0285 PALACI, Moisds: PB0684 PALACI, Moisds: PB0698 PALACIOS, Manuel: PB0864 PALACIOS, Manuel: 262C PALADIN, Fem Julia E.: PB0424 PALADIN, Fem Julia E.: PD0450 PALANIAPPAN, Krishnamurthy: 574D PALAPUNYA, Pongnapit: PC0366 PALARDY, Denise: PB0923 PALAU, Enrique: PB0222 PALEFSKY, J.: 199B PALEFSKY, Joel: 079B PALEFSKY, Joel M.: 081B PALESTINE, Alan G.: 332B PALHARES, Maria Cecilia A.: PB0484 PALHARES, Maria Cecilia A.: PB0684 PALMER BEASLY, Robert: 291C PALMER, John: PB0707 PALMER, Robert: PC0258 PALMER, Sarah: P00092 PALMER, Sarah: PC0558 PALMIERI, Fabrizio: PB0685 PALMINHA, Paula: PB0024 PALUMBO, Filippo: 575D PALUMBO, Gianfranco: PD0609 PAMPHILE, Rose Ellen: PB0956 PAMPURO, Sandra: PC0601 PAN, Song Feng: 187D PANATUNG, Anong: PD0032 PANATUNG, Anong: PD0246 PANDHI, Rajinder K.: PC0567 PANDOFLI, F.: PB0337 PANEBIANCO, Silvia: PB0970 PANEBIANCO, Silvia: 206D PANELLA, Letizia P.L.: PB0296 PANGELINA, Cindy: PD0659 PANGHAAL, Jogi: 565D PANGHAL, Jogi S.: 563C PANIAGUA, Margarita: 362C PANICH, Vichai: PDO305 PANICH, Vichai: 261C PANICUCCI, Franco: PC0381 PANKOVA, Galina Y.: PC0453 PANNACHET, Kowit: 009C PANT, Chet: PC0445 PANTALEO, Giuseppe: 001 B PANTALEO, Giuseppe: 049B PANTALEO, Giuseppe: 224A PANTZOU, Pauline: PD0796 PAOLETTI, E.: 315A PAOLETTI, Enzo: 247A PAOLETTI, Francesca: PB0725 PAOLETTI, Vittoria: PC0145 PAONE, Denise: PC0470 PAONE, Denise: PD0495 PAOWANAPORN, Vipa: PB0971 PAPADOPOULOS, Nikolaos: PD0190 PAPAEVANGELOU, George: PD0512 PAPAEVANGELOU, George: PD0375 PAPAEVANGELOU, George J.: PD0507 PAPARIZOS, V.: PB0754 PAPE, Jean: PBOOO2 PAPI, Giampaolo: PB0175 PAPUASHVILI, Marina: PA0212 PAPUASHVILI, Marina N.: PB0845 PARANHOS, Nara: PC0312 PARANJAPE, Ramesh S.: PC0351 PARDEE, Arthur B.: PB0285 PARDINI, Regina: PBOO85 PARDO MORENO, Mauricio H.: 340B/D PAREJA, Jairo: PA0154 PARFANOVICH, Maya T.: PA0157 PARIANTE, Ferdinando: PBO210 PARIDA, Sudhansu K.: PD0645 PARIMALADEVI: PD0447 PARIS, Patricia: PC0403 PARISE, Marcella: PB0889 PARISI, Joseph M.: PB0826 PARIYAT, Chanpen: PDO616 PARIZOT, Christophe: 578A PARK, C.: 323A PARK, Jung: PC0530 PARK, Jung S.: PC0531 PARK, Lawrence P.: 0608B PARKER, Richard: PD0147 PARKER, Richard: PD0149 PARKER, Richard: PDO150 PARKER, Richard: PD0154 PARKER, Richard: PD0316 PARKER, Richard: PD0599 PARKER, Richard: 171D PARKER, Richard G.: PDO145 PARKERSON, George R.: PB0311 PARLI, Kurt: PD0370 PARNET-MATHIEU, Francoise: 265B PARNIAK, Michael: 374A PAROLA, Daniela: PB0685 PARRA, Luis: PD0784 PARRAS, Francisco: PB0664 PARRAS, Francisco: PB0683 PARRAS, M.: PB0207 PARRENO, Miguel: PB0675 PARSEGHIAN, Movses: PD0718 PARTISANI, Maria L.: P80860 PARVU, Emil: PD0327 PASCU, Geta: PB0468 PASCU, Rodica: 214C PASHKOVA, Tatiana A.: PA0015 PASINETTI, Giuliana: PB0455 PASQUALUCCI, Carlos: PC0031 PASQUAU, J.: PB0803 PASQUETTI, A.: 536B PASSANANTE, Marian: PC0176 PASSNAN, Lee: PD0064 PASSOS, Eduardo: PB0785 PASSOS, Leny: PC0604 PASSOS, Sonia: PD0750 PASSOS, Sonia L.: PC0099 PASSOS, Valeria: PC0605 PASTE, Aurea A.: PB0297 PASTE, Aurea A.: PB0799 PASTE, Aurea A.: 053B PASTENE, Laura: PB0504 PASTENE, Laura: PC0499 PASTOR, Maite: PB0220 PASTORINO, Antonio Carlos: PB0655 PASTORINO, Antonio Carlos: PB0838 PASTORINO, Antonio Carlos: 270B PASTORINO, Antonio Carlos: 554B PASTUSHENKOV, Vladimir L.: PA0113 PATEL, Atul K.: PB0028 PATEL, Govind: 562C PATEL, Kalindi: PDOO20 PATEL, R.K.: PB0028 PATERSON, Peter: PD0308 PATHITAT, Nopadol: PC0544 PATIL, Baba: PD0171 PATKAR, Priti: PD0457 PATKAR, Priti: PS20 PATRICK, David M.: 410C PATRICIO, M.A.: PC0236 PATROCLO, Maria A.: PC0280 PATRUNO, Savino: PB0745 PATTANAYAK, S.: PC0284 PATTERSON, T.: PC0577 PATTERSON, Thomas: PB0205 PATTERSON, Thomas: PD0238 PATTON, Jon: PD0535 PATULLO, Andrew L.S.: PD0106 PATULLO, Andrew L.S.: PD0227 PATY, Marie-Claire: PA0269 PAU, Chao-Pong: 211C PAU, Chou Pong: 216C PAU, Chou-Pong: PC0431 PAU, Chou-Pong: 012C PAU, F.: PB0248 PAU, Franca Maria: PB0226 PAUGAM, Andre: PB0639 PAUL, Morris: PC0167 PAUL, Sudeshna: PB0391 PAUL, Sudeshna: P00083 PAUL, Sudeshna: PC0367 PAUL, William E.: PS9 PAULI, Georg G.: PA0195 PAULINO, Marcelo: PD0623 PAULL, K. D.: 514B PAUWELS, Rudi: PA0283 PAVAN, Antonio: PA0120 PAVAN, Maria Helena: PB0169 PAVAN, Maria Helena: PB0485 PAVELO, D.: PC0623 PAVENAYOTIN, Phirasak -: PD0183 PAVLAKIS, George: 351A PAVLAKIS, George N.: 353A PAVLISH, Oleg: PA0167 PAVLISH, Oleg A.: PA0156 PAVLOFF, N.: PA0105 PAXTON, Susan: PD0119 PAYA, Carlos V.: 398A PAYA, A.: PB0783 PAYA, A.: PC0156 PAYETTE, Yolande: PB0923 PAYNE, Helen: PB0362 PAZ, Reinaldo: PB0484 PAZHANISAMY, Sam: 426A PEAK, Aaron: 561C PEAK, Aaron M.J.: PD0508 PEANO, Rosa M.: PC0227 PEARSON, Catherine R.: PD0254 PEARSON, Gary: 3338 PEARSON, Gary R.: 507A PEDERSEN, Court: PB0204 PEDREIRA, J.: PB0310 279

Page  280 PEDREIRA, Jos6: PB0011 PEDREIRA, Jos6: PC0110 PEDRO, Francisco: PB0776 PEDRO, Rog6rio J.: PB0697 PEDROSA, Concepcion: PB0949 PEDROSA, Jose S.: PD0430 PEEL, Bruce G.: 512B PEETERS, Martine: PB0252 PEETERS, Martine: 382A PEETERS, Martine: 513B PEETERS, Martine F.: PA0169 PEETERS, Ruud: PB0937 PEETERS, Ruud: PD0224 PEGO, Ulices: PDO610 PEIXOTO, Andr6 L.G.: PD0316 PEIXOTO, Carlos: PC0188 PEIXOTO, Carlos A.M.: PB0526 PEKO, Jean-Felix: PB0946 PELAYO, Benjamin: PB0970 PELE, Gerard: 172D PELFINI, Andrew: PB0910 PEIIA, William: PC0359 PENARANDA, M.-E.: 199B PEINARETE, D.: PD0472 PEIARETE, Diana V.: PD0414 PENATI, Vittoria: PB0686 PENCO, G.: PC0597 PENG, Bo: PA0354 PENKOVA, Kalina L.: PB0003 PENNA, Therezinha: 438B PENNINGTON, Kevin N.: 019A PENNY, Ronald: PA0004 PENNY, Ronald: PA0295 PENNY, Ronald: PB0372 PENNY, Ronald: PB0811 PEQUEGNAT, Willo: PC0185 PEQUEGNAT, Willo: PD0790 PERAIRE, Joaquin: PB0022 PERE, Coil: PB0722 PERE, Domingo: PB0722 PEREIRA Jr., Luis: PB0698 PEREIRA, Andreia: PB0753 PEREIRA, Hildebrando C.: PD0623 PEREIRA, Luiz C.: PB0578 PEREIRA, Maria: PD0774 PEREIRA, Maria D.: PD0134 PEREIRA, Tania M.S.: PD0130 PEREIRO, Cesar: PBO011 PEREIRO, Cesar: PC0110 PERELIS, Leonardo: 487D PEREZ AISPURO, Indalecio: PB0758 PEREZ AISPURO, Indalecio: PB0273 PEREZ BIANO, Pedro: 486B PEREZ, Amanda: PB0540 PEREZ, Gustavo Enrique: PC0171 PEREZ, Hector: PB0133 PEREZ, Hector M.: PBO045 PEREZ, Hector M.: PB0661 PEREZ, Hector M.: PB0723 PEREZ, Jorge: PC0039 PEREZ, Jorge: PD0338 PEREZ, Juan: PD0663 PEREZ, Lucia: 273B/D PEREZ, Ma. Teresa: PB0384 PEREZ, Maria: PC0607 PEREZ, Mauricio: PB0458 PEREZ, Mauricio: PB0459 PEREZ, Mauricio: PB0526 PEREZ, Mauricio A.: PB0162 PEREZ, Mauricio A.: PC0188 PEREZ, Mauricio A.: PD0570 PEREZ, Patricia: PD0271 PEREZ, Patricia: 487D PEREZ, Robert: PC0501 PEREZ, Ruben: PD0222 PEREZ, Ruben: PD0223 PEREZ, Santiago: PB0568 PEREZ-ANCONA, Franz: PB0278 PEREZ-CECILIA, Elisa: PB0222 PEREZ-CECILIA, Elisa: PB0224 PEREZ-CECILIA, Elisa: PB0230 PEREZ-MATEO, Miguel: PA0274 PEREZ-MATEO, Miguel: PB0058 PEREZ-MATEO, Miguel: PBO181 PEREZ-MATEO, Miguel: PB0844 PEREZ-TASCON, Miguel: PB0736 PEREZ-TASCON, Miguel A.: PB0614 PERIASWAMY, Kuganantham: PD0026 PERIN, Sandra: PD0640 PERIN, Sandra M.: PD0528 PERINE, Peter, L.: PD0530 PERINI, Gian Paolo: PB0947 PERINI, Neusa: PC0189 PERINI, Neusa: PC0312 PERKINS, Diane O.: PB0209 PERKINS, Helen: PD0242 PERKINS, Helen: PD0585 PERMAN, Jay A.: PB0464 PERONI, Sonia P: PD0558 PERRAUD, Patrick: PB0330 PERRIN, Luc: PB0711 PERRIN, Luc: PB0839 PERRIN, Luc: PB0842 PERRIN, Luc: PC0141 PERRIN, Luc H.: 002B8 PERRONNE, Christian M.: PA0142 PERRY, Earl: PD0273 PERRYMAN, Sharon: PB0960 PERSIDSKY, Yuriy: PA0077 PERSOZ, Anne: PB0018 PERSOZ, Anne: P00094 PERSSON, Christina: PB0287 PERUCCI, Carlo: PC0227 PERUGA, Armando: PC0574 PERUGINI, Laura: 482B PESCE, Leda: PD0134 PETCHCLAI, Bencha: PB0426 PETER, Alice: PD0084 PETER, Alice: 134B/D PETER, Alice M.: PB0824 PETER, Shailaja: PC0299 PETERMAN, Thomas A.: 293C PETERS, Barbara: PB0714 PETERS, Barry: PB0142 PETERS, Gloria: PA0345 PETERS, Gloria: 162B PETERS, Kristina: PB0519 PETERSEN, Georg: PB0511 PETERSEN, Georg: PC0437 PETERSEN, Georg: 037C PETERSEN, Lyle R.: 123C PETERSON, Christopher: PD0446 PETERSON, Dolores M.: PB0574 PETERSON, G.: PD0769 PETERSON, Karen: PD0703 PETERSON, Marcelo R.: PD0640 PETERSON, Phillip: 423A PETILLO, John: PB0314 PETIT, Jean-Claude: 542A PETIT, Jordi: PC0100 PETIT, Nathalie: PB0637 PETIT, Robert G.: 005B PETIT, Robert W.: PB0104 PETITDIDIER, Charlotte: PB0567 PETITGIRARD, Anne: PD0199 PETITGIRARD, Anne: 205D PETITGIRARD, Anne: 470D PETITTO, John M.: PB0209 PETO, Richard: PB0821 PETO, Richard: PB0835 PETRI, Valeria: PB0108 PETRI, Valeria: PB0153 PETRI, Valeria: PB0753 PETROSILLO, Nicola: PC0422 PETROUNOV, Bogdan N.: PB0575 PETROVA, Elena: PC0435 PETROVA, Elena P.: PB0497 PETROVA, Marina S.: PA0329 PETROVIC, Slobodanka: PB0243 PETRY, Tereza C.P.: PC0212 PETTIT, Robbie I.: PD0107 PEYRE, Michele: 260C PEZZOLI, Patrick: PA0036 PEZZOTTI, P.: PC0129 PEZZOTTI, Patrizio: PCO007 PFAFF, Francois: PB0536 PFEIFFER, Annette: PC0169 PFYFFER, G.: 2038 PHAIR, J.: PB0102 PHAIR, John P.: 060B PHANUPHAK, Praphan: PAO119 PHANUPHAK, Praphan: PB0032 PHANUPHAK, Praphan: PB0339 PHANUPHAK, Praphan: 216C PHELPS, Bruce: PB0389 PHILIPPS, Irving: PA0155 PHILLIPS, Peter: PB0406 PHILLIPS, Peter: PB0718 PHILLIPS, Peter: 386B PHILLIPS, Peter: 555B PHILLIPS, Terrence M.: PB0815 PHIRI, David: PC0508 PHIRI, Malekardo: 417D PHIRI, Malekiado: 063D PHIRI, Malekiado: 519B/D PHIRI, Melekiado: PD0745 PHOOMBOUR, Eric: PDO049 PHOUVANG, K.: PC0084 PIALOUX, Gilles: 315A PIALOUX, Gilles O.: PB0258 PIANOSI, G.: PB0463 PIANOSI, Giuseppe: PB0479 PIATIER-TONNEAU, Dominique: 308A PIAZZI, Gaia: PB0501 PIAZZI, Gaia: PB0498 PICARD, O.: PA0236 PICARD, Odile: PB0113 PICARDI, Joseph: 434B PICAZIO, Claudio M.: 238C PICAZO, Juan J.: PB0222 PICAZO, Juan J.: PB0230 PICCOLELLA, Enza: PA0106 PICHLER, Werner J.: 2588 PIECZENIK, George: PB0014 PIEDIMONTE, Giuseppe: PA0092 PIERCE, Daniel: PB0276 PIERCE, Mark A.: 558B PIERSANTELLI, Nicolo': 048B PIERSON, Richard N.: PB0902 PIETRO POLLI C, Gustavo: 575D PIGORINI, Francesco: PB0226 PIGORINI, Francesco: PB0248 PIGORINI, Francesco: 233B PIKETTY, Christophe: PB0616 PIKETTY, Christophe: PB0638 PILKINGTON, Glenn R.: PA0350 PILLAY, George P.: 407B PILLI, Rama Devi: PC0529 PILLONEL, Josiane: PC0283 PILLONEL, Josiane M.: PAO158 PILLOT, Jacques: PA0208 PILOTTO, Jose Henrique: PC0395 PIMENOV, Alexander S.: PD0348 PIMENTA, Cristina: 171D PIMENTA, Ma.Cristina: PD0147 PIMENTA, Ma.Cristina: PD0150 PIMENTA, Maria C.: PC0501 PIMENTA, Maria C.: PC0590 PIMPAO, Maria: PD0074 PINEL, Arletty: PD0448 PINEL, Arletty C.: 238C PINGET, Roselyne: PC0283 PINHEIRO, Maria: PC0189 PINHEIRO, Maria: PC0312 PINHEIRO, Maria: PC0434 PINHO, Katia G.: PB0555 PINHO, Paulo A.: PB0951 PINHOLT, Ellen M.: PC0244 PINO, Elizabeth: PD0036 PINOTTI, Jose A.: PB0504 PINOTTI, Jos6 A.: PC0406 PINOTTI, Jos6 A.: PC0499 PINTADO, V.: PB0114 PINTADO, V.: PB0115 PINTER, Elena: PAO120 PINTER, Elena: PB0254 PINTER, Elena: PC0107 PINTO, Francesco: PB0213 PINTO, Jorge A.: PC0418 PINTO, Jorge A.: 236C PINTO, Jorge Francisco C: P00028 PINTO, Ligia A.: PA0227 PINTO, Ligia A.: PA0246 PINTO, Maria Lucia: PD0615 PINTO, Monica E.: PAOO85 PINTO, Monica E.: PBO089 PINTO, Teresinha R.C.: PD0043 PINTO, Walkyria P.: PB0684 PINTO, Walkyria P.: PD0378 PINTUS, Aldo: PB0270 PLOT, Didier: PB0049 PLOT, Didier: PB0170 PLOT, Didier: PB0172 PLOT, Didier: PB0527 PlOT, Didier: PB0730 PLOT, Didier: 286B PLOT, Peter: PC0580 280

Page  281 PIOT, Peter: PS6 PIOT, Peter: 215C PIOT, Peter: 382A PIPERADO, Joseph: PB0898 PIRES, Denise R.F.: PD0564 PIRES, Maria Lucia: PB0807 PIRES, Maria Lucia: PB0808 PIRES, Maria Lucia E.: PB0809 PIRZADEH, Boroushan: PB0729 PI-SUNYER, Xavier F.: PB0900 PITCHAIAMMAL: PD0469 PITT, J.: 266B PIVOVAROVA, Irina K.: PA0157 PIZARRO, Angel: PB0158 PIZZIMENTI, Maria C.: PC0581 PlZZOCCARO, G.: PB0143 PLASSE, Jean-Claude: PB0250 PLESKOFF, Olivier: PB0843 PLESKOW, Douglas: PB0178 PLOCHEV, Kamen S.: PBOOO3 PLOTKIN, S.: 315A PLOURDE, Pierre J.: PB0505 PLUCIENIK, A.M.: PD0308 PLUDA, James M.: 360B PLUMMER, David C.: PD0155 PLUMMER, F.: 394C PLUMMER, Francis A.: 179B8 PLUMMER, Frank: 100B/D PLUMMER, Frank A.: 035D PLUMMER, Frank A.: 458C PLUMRIDGE, Elizabeth: 033D PLUSKWA, Dominique: PD0792 PLYASUNOVA, Olga: PA0320 PLYASUNOVA, Olga A.: PA0306 POBEE, Joseph: PB0670 POCCIA, Fabrizio: PA0249 POCCIA, Fabrizio: 503A POCIDALO, J.J.: PA0142 POCIDALO, J.J.: PBO100 POCOCK, Stuart J.: PC0198 PODDAR, Dipti: PD0561 PODHISITA, Chai: PC0120 PODHISITA, Chai: PC0520 PODHISITA, Chai: 183C PODHURST, Linda: PB0165 PODZAMCZER, Daniel: PB0630 PODZAMCZER, Daniel: 047B POINSARD, Robert: PC0140 POINSARD, Robert: PC0316 POIRIER, Guy: 5358 POIROT, Jean-Louis: PB0641 POIROT, Jean-Louis: PDOO31 POIROT, Jean-Louis: PD0589 POISSON, Michel: PC0177 POITEVIN, Nordon: PC0236 POIZOT MARTIN, Isabelle: PB0637 POIZOT-MARTIN, Isabelle: PB0652 POKROVSKY, Andrey: PA0126 POKROVSKY, Andrey: PA0306 POKROVSKY, Andrey G.: PA0320 POKROVSKY, Vadim: PA0221 POKROVSKY, Vadim: PBO020 POKROVSKY, Vadim: PC0018 POKROVSKY, Vadim: PC0186 POKROVSKY, Vadim: PC0225 POKROVSKY, Vadim: PC0453 POKROVSKY, Vadim: PD0372 POKROVSKY, Vadim V.: PAO201 POKROVSKY, Vadim V.: PA0252 POKROVSKY, Vadim V.: PB0759 POKROVSKY, Vadim V.: PB0781 POKROVSKY, Vadim V.: PD0209 POKROVSKY, Vadim V.: PD0213 POKROVSKY, Vadim V.: PA0329 POKROVSKY, Vadim V.: PB0934 POKROVSKY, Vadim V.: PD0422 POKROVSKY, Vadim V.: PD0427 POLl, Guido: 087A POLl, Sergio: PD0575 POLICAR, Maurice: PB0679 POLICEK, Nicoletta: PD0225 POLIZZI, P.: PB0332 POLLACK, S.: PA0257 POLLARD, Richard: 004B POLLONO, Anna: PA0278 POLO, Rosa: PD0738 POLO, Rosa R.: P80182 POLO, Rosa R.: PB0930 POLONIS, Victoria: 524A POLVAKOVA, Alla M.: PB0764 POLVORA, Rafael P.: PB0607 POLYAK, Alexander: PB0920 POLYAKOVA, Alla: PB0759 POLYCHRONAKI, Helen: 481 B POLYDOROU, D.: PB0116 POLYDOROU, Dorothea: PB0754 POMBO, Vitor M.: PD0692 POMERANTZ, Roger J.: PA0350 PONIZOVSKY, Michail G.: PA0320 PONTES, Monica F.: PC0595 PONTESILLI, Oscar: PB0254 PONTESILLI, Oscar: PB0337 POPE, Victoria: 457C POPESCU, Matei: PB0680 POPHAM, James: PD0580 POPOV, Sergey: 530A POPOVA, Izolda A.: PB0328 POPOVA, Izolda A.: PB0470 POPOVA, Izolda A.: PB0466 POPPINGER, Juergen: PB0907 POPPINGER, Juergen T.H.: PB0680 POPPINGER, Jurgen: PB0261 PORRAS, Jos6: PB0022 PORTALEONE, Andrea: 125C PORTELLI, Enzo: PB0324 PORTER, John: PB0670 PORTER, Judith R.: PD0170 PORTER, Michael J.: 439D PORTIER, Hubert: PB0051 PORTILLA, Joaquin: PA0274 PORTILLA, Joaquin: PBO058 PORTILLA, Joaquin: PB0181 PORTILLA, Joaquin: PB0844 PORTILLA, Joaquin M.: PB0215 POST, Frank: 407B POTEKAYEV, Nikolai: PB0481 POTEKAYEV, Sergey: PB0482 POTEKAYEV, Sergey N.: PB0481 POTEKAYEV, Nikolai S.: PB0482 POTHIRAT, Chaicharn: PB0732 POTOURIDOU, I.: PD0754 POTSCH, Denise V.: PB0526 POTSCH, Denise V.: PC0188 POTTAGE, John C.: PA0227 POTTAGE, John C.: PB0790 POTTS, Barbara: PA0375 POTTS, Barbara J.: PB0308 POTTS, Barbara J.: 316A POUJADE, Christble: PAO316 POUTIER, Anne: PDOO31 POUYE, Abdoulaye: P80702 POVEY, Jane F.: PB0386 POWELL, Michael: PA0358 POWITZ, Frank: PB0112 POZAN, Geanete: PB0578 POZNANSKY, Mark C.: 0518B POZNIAK, Anton: PC0329 POZNIAK, Anton L.: PC0328 POZZI, Giuseppe: PD0237 POZZOBON, Eduardo X.: PB0555 PRABHKAR, K: PB0338 PRADEEP K.: PDO451 PRADEEP, Kaktail: PD0158 PRADEEP, Kaktail: PD0319 PRADEEP, Kaktail: PD0463 PRADEEP, Kaktail: PD0479 PRADIER, Christian: PB0561 PRADIER, Christian: PB0906 PRADIER, Christian: PC0593 PRADIER, Christian: PD011 PRADIER, Christian: PC0592 PRADINAUD, Roger: PC0266 PRAMUALRATANA, Anthony: PC0520 PRASHAR, Amita: 565D PRASONGSITH, B.C.: P00084 PRATA, Ruth M.: PDO315 PRATI, Enrica: PB0056 PRATI, Sabrina: PC0011 PRATLONG, Francine: PB0652 PRAVETTONI, Grazia: PD0237 PREAS, Michael Anne: PB0380 PREAS, Michael Anne: PC0003 PREBILL, Jose R.: PD0765 PREDA, Alexandru C.: 570D PRENZLAUER, Steven: PC0594 PRENZLAUER, Steven L.: PB0197 PRESSEAULT, Suzanne: 425A PRESTEL, Thierry: PB0859 PRESTEL, Thierry: PB0862 PRESTEL, Thierry: PC0446 PRETET, St6phane: PC0140 PRETET, St6phane: PC0316 PREVADAV GROUP: 411C PREVOST, Michele: PB0536 PRIEGO, Manuel: PA0274 PRIEGO, Manuel: PB0844 PRIESTLY, Joan: PB0291 PRIGENT, Vdronique: 148B PRIN, Lionel: PA0088 PRIN, Lionel: PB0092 PRINS, Maria: 075C PRITI, P.: PD0457 PROCOPIO, Maria Jose R.: PD0064 PROENQA, Rui M.: PB0565 PROENQA, Rui M.: PB0651 PROENQA, Rui M.: PB0742 PROESCHOLDT, Margit: PBO098 PROFETA, Filippo Valerio: PC0203 PROHASZKA, Zoltan: PA0219 PROIETTI, Anna B.: PC0599 PROIETTI, Anna B.: PC0605 PROIETTI, Fernando: PC0603 PROIETTI, Fernando: PC0604 PROIETTI, Fernando A.: PC0599 PROIETTI, Fernando A.: PC0605 PROKOPENKO, Vladimir: PB0845 PROKOPENKO, Vladimir D.: PB0416 PROKOPENKOVA, Svetlana A.: PC0225 PROKOPIEVA, Elena D.: PB0772 PROKOPOWICZ, Danuta: PB0093 PROLLA, Gabriel: PB0118 PROZZO, Alessandra: PB0254 PRUSSAK, Charles E.: 1628 PUAPAIROJ, Chintana: PB0432 PUCHEU, Denise: PC0192 PUCHEU, Denise V.: PD0357 PUCHOT, Pierre: PB0275 PUCHOT, Pierre: PC0147 PUECH, F.: 244A PUEL, Jacqueline: PC0147 PUEL, Jacqueline: 255B PUEYO, Isabel: P00095 PUGLIESE, Pascal: PB0906 PUJARI, Pravin N.: PD0739 PUJARI, Sanjay N.: PD0739 PUJOL DE LA LLAVE, Emilio: PB0803 PUJOL, Emilio: PB0158 PUJOL, Emilio: PC0338 PULIDO, F.: PB0114 PULIDO, Federico: PB0115 PULIK, Marc: PB0567 PUNTSCHART, Leslie: PD0467 PUNTSCHART, Leslie: PD0506 PUOPOLO, Maria: 482B PUPO, Pierangelo: PB0275 PUPPO, Francesco: PB0270 PUPPO, Petro: PC0147 PURO, Vincenzo: PC0422 PURO, Vincenzo: 271B/D PUROHIT, Anil: PB0801 PUROHIT, Anil: PC0617 PUROHIT, Anil: PD0059 PUROHIT, Anil: PDOO95 PUROHIT, Anil: PDO109 PUROHIT, Anil: PD0566 PUROHIT, Anil: PD0569 PUROHIT, Anil: PD0759 PUTHENVEETIL, Jos A.: P00079 PUTKONEN, Per: 0438 PUTKONEN, Per: 247A PUTTAIAH, Raghunath: PB0164 PYATI, Jagdeesh: PA0347 PYONE, May: PD0736 PYRA, Halina: 147B QAVI, Hamida B.: 3338 QIAN, Hong Lai: 252A QUAGLINO, Dennis: PB0173 QUAGLINO, Dennis: PC0203 QUALLS, James A.: PB0726 QUARANTA, Jean-Francois: PB0836 QUARESMA, Joana: PB0206 QUARESMA, Maria Joana: 281

Page  282 PB0522 QUARESMA, Maria Joana: PB0593 QUART, Arthur M.: PB0563 QUART, Arthur M.: PB0591 QUDDUS, Ruhul: PD0763 QUEEN, Patricia J.: PD0502 QUEEN, Patricia J.: PD0504 QUEEN, Patricia J.: PD0505 QUEEN, Patricia J.: 300D QUEIROGA, Ricardo: PB0943 QUEIROZ, W.: PB0799 QUEIROZ, Wladimir: PB0297 QUEIROZ, Wladimir: PB0899 QUEIROZ, Wladimir: 053B QUEMMEL, Renato: PDO150 QUEMMEL, Renato: 171D QUEMMEL, Renato C.: PD0147 QUEMMEL, Renato M.: PDO154 QUESADA, Jose: PBOO21 QUESADA, Jose: PB0775 QUESADA, Jose: PC0178 QUINA,