Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde
Geoffrey Chaucer
B.A. Windeatt

Stanzas 91 through 100

This Troilus gan with tho wordes quyken,
And seyde, "frend, graunt mercy, ich assente.
But certeynly thow maist nat so me priken,
Ne peyne non ne may me so tormente,
That for no cas it is nat myn entente,
At shorte wordes, though I deyen sholde,
To rauysshe hire, but if hire self it wolde."
"Whi so mene I," quod Pandare, "al this day.
But telle me thanne, hastow hire wil assayed,
That sorwest thus?" and he answerde hym, "nay."
"Wherof artow," quod Pandare," thanne amayed --
That nost nat that she wol ben yuele appayed --
To rauysshe hire, syn thow hast nought ben there,
But if that Ioue tolde it in thyn ere?
Page  388
"fforthi ris vp as nought ne were anon,
And wasshe thi face and to the kyng thow wende,
Or he may wondren whider thow art goon.
Thow most with wisdom hym and othere blende,
Or vp-on cas he may after the sende
Er thow be war; and shortly, brother deere,
Be glad, and lat me werke in this matere.
"ffor I shal shape it so that sikerly
Thow shalt this nyght som tyme, in som manere,
Com speken with thi lady pryuely,
And by hire wordes ek as by hire cheere
Thow shalt ful sone aperceyue and wel here
Al hire entente, and in this cas the beste;
And fare now wel, for in this point I reste."
The swifte fame, which that false thynges
Egal reporteth lik the thynges trewe,
Was thorugh-out Troye y-fled with preste wynges
ffro man to man and made this tale al newe,
How Calkas doughter with hire brighte hewe,
At parlement with-outen wordes more
Y-graunted was in chaunge of Antenore.
The whiche tale anon right as Criseyde
Hadde herd, she which that of hire fader roughte,
As in this cas, right nought, ne whan he deyde,
fful bisily to Iupiter bisoughte
Ȝeue hem meschaunce that this tretis broughte;
But shortly, lest thise tales sothe were,
She dorst at no wight asken it for fere,
As she that hadde hire herte and al hire mynde
On Troilus i-set so wonder faste,
That al this world ne myghte hire loue vnbynde,
Ne Troilus out of hire herte caste;
She wol ben his while that hire lif may laste.
And thus she brenneth both in loue and drede,
So that she nyste what was best to reede.
But as men seen in towne and al aboute
That wommen vsen frendes to visite,
So to Criseyde of wommen com a route
ffor pitous ioie and wenden hire delite;
And with hire tales deere ynough a myte,
Thise wommen which that in the Cite dwelle,
They sette hem down and seyde as I shall telle.
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Quod first that oon, "I am glad, trewely,
By-cause of ȝow that shal ȝoure fader see.',
Another seyde, "ywis, so nam nat I,
ffor al to litel hath she with vs be."
Quod tho the thridde, "I hope, ywis, that she
Shal bryngen vs the pees on euery syde,
That, whan she goth, almyghty god hire gide."
Tho wordes and tho wommanysshe thynges,
She herde hem right as though she thennes were;
ffor, god it woot, hire herte on othir thyng is:
Al-though the body sat among hem there,
Hire aduertence is alwey elles-where;
ffor Troilus ful faste hire soule soughte;
With-outen word on hym alwey she thoughte.