The Towneley plays

The Salutation of Elizabeth

My lord of heuen, that syttys he,
And all thyng seys with ee,
The safe, Elezabeth.
Welcom, mary, blyssed blome,
Ioyfull am I of thi com
To me, from nazareth.
how standys it with you, dame, of qwart?
well, my doghter and dere hart,
As can for myn elde.
To speke with you me thoght full lang,
ffor ye with childe in elde gang,
And ye be cald, geld,.
ffull lang shall I the better be,
That I may speke my fyll with the,
My dere kyns Woman;
To wytt how thi freyndys fare,
In thi countre where thay ar,
Therof tell me thou can, Page  98
And how thou farys, my dere derlyng.
Well, dame, gramercy youre askyng,
ffor good I wote ye spyr.
And Ioachym, thy fader, at hame,
And anna, my nese, and thi dame,
how standys it with hym and hir?
Dame, yit ar thay both on lyfe,
Both ioachym and anna his wyfe.
Els were my hart full sore.
Dame, god that all may,
yeld, you that ye say,
And, blys you therfore.
Blyssed be thou of all women,
And the fruyte that I well ken,
Within the wombe of the;
And this tyme may I blys,
That my lordys moder is
Comen thus vnto me.
ffor syn that tyme full well I wote,
The stevyn of angell voce it smote,
And rang now in myn ere;
A selcouth thyng is me betyde.
The chyld makys Ioy, as any byrd,
That I in body bere.
And als, mary, blyssed be thou,
That stedfastly wold, trow,
The wordys of oure heven kyng;
Therfor all thyng now shall be kend,
That vnto the were sayd or send,
By the angell gretyng.
Magnificat anima mea dominum;
My saull lufys my lord abuf,
And my gost gladys with luf, Page  99
In god, that is my hele;
ffor he has bene sene agane,
The buxumnes of his bane,
And kept me madyn lele.
Lo, therof what me shall betyde-
All nacyons on euery syde,
Blyssyd shall me call;
ffor he that is full of myght,
Mekyll thyng to me has dyght,
his name be blyssed ouer all;
And his mercy is also
ffrom kynde to kynde, tyll all tho
That ar hym dredand.
Myght in his armes he wroght,
And dystroed in his thoght,
Prowde men and hygh berand,.
Myghty men furth of sete he dyd,
And he hyghtynd in that stede
The meke men of hart;
The hungre With all good he fyld,
And left the rich outt shyld,
Thaym to Vnquart.
Israell has vnder law,
his awne son in his awe,
By menys of his mercy;
As he told before by name,
To oure fader, abraham,
And seyd of his body.
Elezabeth, myn awnt dere,
My lefe I take at you here,
ffor I dwell now full lang.
wyll thou now go, godys fere?
Com kys me, doghter, with good chere,
or thou hens gang; Page  100
ffarewell now, thou frely foode!
I pray the be of comforth goode,
ffor thou art full of grace;
Grete well all oure kyn of bloode;
That lord, that the with grace infude,
he saue all in this place.