The siege of Jerusalem
E. Kölbing and Mabel Day

Lines 401 through 500

Þer by þe cite myȝt se no setlyng wolde rise
Ne no trete of no trewes bot þe toun ȝelde
Or ride on þe romayns for þey han her rede take
Þer britned to be or þe [burghe] wynne
His wynges [brighte wer & brade] boun forto flee Page  23
With belles bordored aboute al of briȝt seluere
Redy whan ouȝte runnen to rynge ful loude
With eche [wap] of a [wynde] þat to þe wynges sprongyn
Ibrytaged aboute þe belfray was þanne
With a tenful tour þat ouer þe toun gawged
Þe b[est] by þe briȝtnesse burnes myȝt knowe
Four myle þer fro so þe feldes schonen
& on eche pomel wer pyȝt penseles hyȝe
Of selke & sendel with seluere ybetyn
Hit glitered as gled fur ful of gold riche
Ouer al þe cite to se as þe sonne bemys
Byfor þe four ȝates he formes to lenge
Sixtene þousand by somme while þe sege lasteþ
Sette ward [to] þe walles þat noȝt awey scaped
Sixe þousand in sercle þe cite alle aboute
Was noȝt while þe nyȝt laste bot nehyng of stedis
Strogelyng in stele wede & stuffyng of helmes Page  24
With armyng of olyfauntes & oþer arwe bestes
Aȝen þe cristen to come with castels on bake
Waspasya[n] in stele wede & his wyes alle
Weren diȝt forþ by day & drowen to þe vale
Of josophat þer jesu crist schal juggen alle þinges
Bigly batayled hym þer to bide[n] þis oþer
Þe fauward titus toke to telle vpon ferste
With six þousand soudiours assyned for þe nones
& mony in þe mydward wer merked to lenge
Þer waspasian was with princes & dukes
& sixtene þousand in þe þridde with a þryuande knyȝt
Sir sabyn of surrie a siker man of armes
Þat prince was of prouynce & michel peple ladde
Fourty hundred in helmes & harnays to schewe
& ten þousand atte tail at þe tentis lafte
Hors & harnays fram harmyng to kepe
By þat bemys on þe burwe blowen ful loude
& baners beden hem forþ now blesse vs our lorde
Þe jewes assembled wer sone & of þe cite come
An hundred þousand on hors with hamberkes atired
Without folke vpon fot at þe four ȝates
Þat preset to þe place with pauyes on hande
Fyf & twenti olyfauntes defensable bestes
With brode castels on bak out of burwe come
& on eche olyfaunte armed men manye
Ay an hundred an hey an hundred withyn
Þo drowen dromedarius doun deuelich þicke
[an] hundred þousand & yheled with harnays of mayle
Eche beste with a big tour þer bold men wer ynne
Twenty told by tale in eche tour euene
Cameles closed in stele comen out þanne
Faste toward þe feld a ferlich nonbr
Busked to batail & on bak hadde
Echon a toret of tre with ten men of armes
Chares ful of chosen charged with wepne
A wonder nonbr þer was who so wite lyste
Many douȝti þat day þat was adradde neuer Page  26
Wer fond fey in þe feld er þat fiȝt endid
An olyfaunt yarmed came out at þe laste
Keuered myd a castel was craftily ywroȝt
A tabernacle in þe tour atyred was riche
Piȝt as a paueloun on pileres of seluere
A which of white seluere wal[w]ynde þer-ynne
On four goions of gold þat hit fram grounde bar
A c[h]osen chayr þerby on charbokeles twelfe
Betyn al with barn[d] gold with brennande sergis
Þe chekes of þe chayr wer cha[r]-bokles fyue
Couered myd a riche cloþe þer cayphas was sette
A plate of pulsched gold was piȝt on his breste
With many preciose perle & pured stones
Lered men of þe lawe þat loude couþe synge
With sawters seten hym by & þe psalmys tolde
Of douȝty david þe kyng & oþer der storijs
Of joseph þe noble jewe & judas þe knyȝt
Cayphas of þe kyst kyppid a rolle
& radde how þe folke ran þroȝ þe re[d]e wa[ters]
Whan pharao & his ferde wer in þe floode drouned
& myche of moyses lawe he mynned þat tyme
Whan þis faiþles folke to þe feld comen
& batayled after þe bent with many burne kene
For baneres þat blased & bestes yarmed
Myȝt no man se þrow þe sonne ne þe cite knowe
Waspasian dyuyseþ þe vale alle aboute
Þat was with baneres ouer[brade] to þe borwe wallis
To barouns & bold men þat hym aboute wer
Seiþ lordlynges aloude lestenyþ my speche
Her nys king noþer knyȝt comen to þis place
Baroun ne burges ne burne þat me folweþ
Þat þe cause of his come nys crist forto venge
Vpon þe faiþles folke þat hym fayntly slowen
Byholdeþ þe heþyng & þe harde woundes
Þe betyng & þe byndyng þat þe body hadde
Lat neuer þis lawles ledis lauȝ at his harmys
Þat bouȝt vs fram bale with blod of his herte Page  28
[i] quyckeclayme þe querels of alle quyk burnes
& clayme of euereche kyng saue of crist one
Þat þis peple to pyne no pite ne hadde
Þat preueþ his passioun who so þe paas redeþ