The siege of Jerusalem
E. Kölbing and Mabel Day

Lines 301 through 400

Þey setten vpon eche side surrie withyn
Brente ay at þe bak & [all] bar laften
Was noȝt bot roryng & r[u]th in alle þe riche tounnes
& red laschyng lye alle þe londe ouer
Token toun & tour teldes ful fele
Brosten ȝates of brass & many borwe wonnen
Holy þe heþen here hewyn to grounde
Boþ in bent & in borwe þat abide wolde
Þe jewes to ierusalem þ[ere] josephus dwelde
Flowen as þe foule doþ þat faucoun wolde strike
A cite vnder syon sett was ful noble
With many toret & tour þat toun to defende Page  18
Princes & prelates & poreil of þe londe
Clerkes & comens of contrees aboute
Wer schacked to þat cite sacrifice to make
At paske tyme as preched hem prestes of þe lawe
Many swykel at þe sweng to þe swerd ȝede
For penyes passed non þoȝ he pay wolde
Bot diden alle to þe deþe & drowen hem after
With engynes to jerusalem þer jewes wer þykke
Þey sette sadly a sege þe cite alle aboute
Piȝten pauelouns doun of pallen webbes
With ropis of riche silk raysen vp swyþe
Grete tentis as a toun of torke[is] cloþys
Choppyn ouer þe cheuentayns with charboklis four
A gay egle of gold on a gilde appul
With grete dragouns grym alle in gold wroȝte
Lyk to lyouns also lyande þervnder
Paled & paynted þe paueloun was vmbe
Stoked ful of storijs strayned myd armys
Of quaynte colour to know kerneld alofte
An hundred stondyng on stage in þat stede one Page  19
Toured with torettes was þe tente þanne
Suþ britaged aboute briȝt to byholde
Er alle þe sege was sette ȝit of þe cite comyn
Messengeres wer made fram maistres of þe lawe
To þe chef cheuentayn þey chosen her wey
Deden mekly by mouþe her message attonys
Sayen þe cite haþ [vs] sent to serche ȝour wille
To here þe cause of ȝour comyng [& what] ȝe coueyte wolde
Waspasian no word to þe wyes schewed
Bot sendeþ sondismen aȝen twelf siker knyȝtes
[gert hem greithely] to go & þe gomes telle
Þat alle þe cause of her com[e] was crist forto venge
Sayþ y bidde hem be boun bishopes & oþer
Tomorow or [mydday] [alle modur-nakyd]
Vp her ȝates to ȝelde with ȝerdes an hande
Eche whiȝt in a white scherte & no wede ellys
Jewyse for iesu crist by juggement to take
& make hem come þat iesu crist þroȝ conseil bytrayede Page  20
Or y to þe walles schal wende & walten alle ouere
Schal no ston vpon ston stonde by y passe
Þis sondismen sadly to þe cite ȝede
Þer þe lordes of þe londe lent weren alle
Tit tolden her tale & wonder towe made
Of crist & of cayphas & how þey come scholde
& when þe knyȝtes of crist carpyn bygonn
Þe jewes token alle twelf without tale mor
Her hondis bounden at her bak with borden stauys
And of flocken her fa[x] & her fair berdis
Made hem naked as a nedel to þe neþer houe
Her visages blecken with bleche & al þe body after
Suþ knyt with a corde to eche knyȝtes swer
A chese & charged hem her chyuentayn to ber
Sayþ vnbuxum we beþ his biddyng to ȝete
Ne noȝt dreden his dom his deþ haue we atled
He schal vs fynde in þe felde ne no ferr seke
Tomorowe pryme or hit passe & so ȝour prince telliþ
Þe burnes busken out of burwe bounden alle twelf Page  21
Aȝen message to make fram þe maister jewes
Was neuer waspasian so wroþe as whan þe wyes come
Þat wer scorned & schende vpon schame wyse
Þis knyȝtes byfor þe kyng vpon knees fallen
& tolden þe tale as hit tid hadde
Of þy manace ne þy myȝt þey make bot lyte
Þus ben we tourned of our tyre in tokne of þe soþe
& bounden for our bolde speche þe batail þey willeþ
Tomorowe prime or hit passe þey put hit no ferre
Hit schal be satled on þy-self þe same þat þou atlest
Þus han þey certifiet þe [to saye] & sende þe þis cheses
Wode wedande wroþ waspasian was þanne
Layde wecche to þe walle & warned in haste
Þat alle maner of men in þe morowe scholde
Be sone after þe sonne assembled in þe felde
He streyȝt up a standard in a stour wyse
Bild as a belfray bretful of wepne
Whan oȝt fauted in þe folke þat to þe feld longed
Atte þe belfray to be botnyng to fynde Page  22
A dragoun was dressed drawyn a lofte
Wyde gapande of gold gomes to swelwe
With arwes armed in þe mouþe & also he hadde
A fauch[ou]n vnder his feet with four kene bladdys
Þerof þe poyntes wer piȝt in partyis four
Of þis wlonfulle wor[l]de þer þei werr fondyn
In forbesyn to þe folke þis fauchoun hengeþ
Þat þey hadde wonnen with [werre] al þe world riche
A bal of brennande gold þe beste was on sette
His taille trayled þer aboute þat tourne scholde he neuere
Whan he was lifte vp[his liche] þer þe lord werred
Bot ay lokande on þe londe tille þat al lauȝte wer