The siege of Jerusalem
E. Kölbing and Mabel Day

Lines 101 through 200

& ȝo a mayde vnmarred þat neuer man touched
As clene as clef þer cristalle sprynges
Without hosebondes helpe saue þe holy goste
A kyng & a knaue child ȝo conceyued at ere Page  7
A touche of þe trinyte touched hir hadde
Þre persones in o place preued to gedres
Eche grayn is o god & o god bot alle
& alle þre ben bot one as eldres vs tellen
Þe first is þe fader þat fourmed was neuer
Þe secunde is þe sone of his sede growyn
Þe þridde in heuen myd hem is þe holy goste
Neþer merked ne made bot mene fram hem passyþ
Alle ben þey endeles & euer of o myȝt
& weren endeles euer [er] þe world was bygonne
As sone was þe sone as þe self fader
Þe holy goste with hem hadde þey euer
Þe secunde persone þe sone sent was to erþe
To take careynes kynde of a clene mayde
& so vnknowen he came caytifes to helpe
& wroȝt wondres ynowe ay tille he wo driede
Wyne he wroȝt of water at o word ene
Ten lasares at a logge he leched at enys
Pyned myd p[ar]il[sye] he putte to hele
& ded men fro þe deþ eche day rered
Croked & cancred he keuered hem alle Page  8
Boþ þe dombe & þe deue myd his der wordes
Dide myracles mo þan y in mynde haue
Nis no clerk with countours couþe aluendel rekene
Fyf þousand of folke is ferr to here
With two fisches he fedde & fif ber loues
Þat eche freke hadde his fulle & ȝit ferre leued
Of brede & of broken mete bascketes twelue
Þer suwed hym out of an cite [seuenty] & twey
To do what he dempte disciples wer hoten
Hem to citees he sende his sawes to preche
Ay by two & by two til hy wer a-twynne
Hym suwed of an-oþer cite semeliche twelue
Pore men & noȝt prute aposteles wer hoten
Þat of cay[ti]fes he ches holy churche to encresche
Þe out-wale of þis worlde þis wer her names
Peter James & Jon & Jacob þe ferþe
& þe fifþe of his felawys Phelip was hoten
Þe sixte Symond was caled & þe seueþ eke Page  9
Bertholomewe þat his bone neuer breke nolde
Þe eyȝt man was Mathu þat is myche yloued
Tadde & Tomas her ben ten euen
& Andreu þe elleueþ þat auntred hym myche
Byfor princes to preche was Petrus broþer
Þe laste man was vnlele & luþer of his dedis
Judas þat Jesu Crist to þe Jewes solde
Suþ hymsulf he slowe for sorow of þat dede
His body on a balwe tree to-breste on þe myddel
Whan Crist hadde heried helle & was [to] heuen passed
For þat mansed man Mathie þey chossyn
Ȝit vnbaptized wer boþe Barnabe & Poule
& noȝt knewen of Crist bot comen sone after
Þe princes & þe prelates aȝen þe paske tyme
Alle þei hadde hym in hate for his holy werkes
Hit was a doylful dede whan þey his deþ caste
Þrow Pilat pyned he was þe prouost of Rome
& þat worliche wif þat arst was ynempned
Haþ his visage in hir veil Veronyk ȝo hatte
Peynted priuely & playn þat no poynt wanteþ Page  10
For loue he left hit hir til hir lyues ende
Þer is no gome [o]n þis [grounde] þat is grym wounded
Meselry ne meschef ne man vpon erþe
Þat kneleþ doun to þat cloþ & on Crist leueþ
Bot alle hapneþ to hele in [ane] hand whyle
At Rome reyned þe emperour quoþ þe kyng riche þan
Cesar synful wrecche þat sent hym fram Rome
Why nadde þy lycam be leyd low vnder erþe
Whan Pilat prouost was made suche a prince to jugge
& or þis wordes wer [wel] wonne to þe ende
Þe canker þat þe kyng hadde clenly was heled
With out faute þe face of flesche & of hyde
As newe as þe nebbe þat neuer was wemmyd
A corteys Crist seide þe kyng riche þan
Was neuer worke þat y wroȝt worþy þe to telle
Ne dede þat y haue don bot þy deþ mened
Ne neuer sey þe in siȝt goddis sone der
Bot now [be] bayne [to] my bone blessed lord Page  11
To stire Nero with noye & newen his sorowe
& y schal buske me boun hem bale to wyrche
To do þe deueles of dawe & þy deþ venge
Telle me tit quoþ Titus what tokne he lafte
To hem þat knew hym for Crist & his crafte leued
Nempne þe trinyte by name quoþ Nathan at þries
& þer myd baptemed be in blessed water
Forþ þey fetten a font & foulled hym þer
Made hym cristen kyng þat for Crist werred
Corrours in to eche coste þan þe cours nomen
& alle his baronage broȝt to Burdewes hauen
Suþ with þe sondes-man he [s]ouȝt to Rome
Þe ferly & þe fair cure his fader to schewe
& he gronnand glad grete god þanked
& loude criande on Crist carped & saide
Worþy wemlese God in whom y byleue
[Als] þou in Bethleem was born of a bryȝt mayde
Sende me hele of my hurt & heyly y a-fowe
To be ded for þy deþ bot hit be der ȝolden Page  12