The siege of Jerusalem
E. Kölbing and Mabel Day

Lines 1 through 100

Page  1
In Tiberyus tyme þe trewe emperour
Sir Sesar hym sulf seysed in Rome
Whyle Pylat was prouost vnder þat prince riche
& Iewen iustice also in Judeus londis
Herodes vnder his emperie as heritage wolde
Kyng of Galile ycalled whan þat Crist deyed
Þey Sesar sakles wer þat oft synne hatide
Þrow Pylat pyned he was & put on þe rode
A pyler pyȝt was doun vpon þe playn erþe
His body bonden þer to beten with scourgis
Whyppes of quyrboyle by-wente his white sides
Til he al on rede blode ran as rayn [i]n þe strete
Suþ stoked hym on a stole with styf Mannes hondis
Blyndfelled hym as a be & boffetis hym raȝte Page  2
Ȝif þou be prophete of pris prophecie þey sayde
Whiche [beryn] her aboute bolled þe laste
A þrange þornen croune was þraste on his hed
Vmbe-casten hym with a cry & on a croys slowen
For al þe harme þat he hadde hasted he noȝt
On hem þe vyleny to venge þat his veynys brosten
Bot ay taried ouer þe tyme ȝif þey tourne wolde
Ȝaf hem space þat hym spilide þey hit spedde lyte
Forty wynter as y fynde & no fewer ȝyrys
Or princes presed in hem þat hym to pyne wroȝt
Til hit tydde on a tyme þat Tytus of Rome
Þat alle Gascoyne gate & Gyan þe noble
Whyle noye noyet hym in Neroes tyme
He hadde a malady vn-meke a-myd[dis] þe face
Þe lyppe lyþ on a lumpe lyuered on þe cheke
So a canker vnclene hit cloched to gedres
Also his fader of flesche is ferly bytide
A biker of waspen bees bredde on his nose Page  3
Hyued vpon his hed he hadde hem of ȝouþe
And Waspasian was caled þe waspene bees after
Was neuer syknes sorer þan þis sir þoled
For in a liter he lay laser at Rome
Out of Galace was gon to glade hym a stounde
For in þat cuþe he was kyng þey he car þolede
Nas þer no leche vpon lyue þis lordes couþ helpe
Ne no grace growyng to gayne her grym sores
Now was þer on N[a]than Neymes sone of Grec[e]
Þat souȝt oft ouer þe se fram cyte to oþer
Knewe contreys fele kyngdomes manye
& was a marener myche & marchaunt boþe
Sensceus out of Surye sent hym to Rome
To þe athel Emperour an eraunde fram þe Jewes
Caled Nero by name þat hym to noye wroȝt
Of his tribute to telle þat þey withtake wolde
Nathan toward Nero nome on his way
Ouer þe Grekys grounde myd þe grym yþes Page  4
An heye setteþ þe sayl ouer þe [salte] water
& with a dromound on þe deep drof on faste
Þe wolco[n] wanned anon & þe water skeweþ
Cloudes clateren gon as þey cleue wolde
Þe racke myd a rede wynde roos on þe myddel
& sone sette on þe se out of þe souþ syde
Blewe on þe brode se bolned vp harde
Nathannys naue a-non on [þe] norþ dryueþ
So þe wedour & þe wynd on þe water metyn
Þat alle hurtled on an hepe þat þe helm ȝemyd
Nathan flatte for ferde & ful vnder hacchys
Lete þe wedour & þe wynde worþe as hit lyked
Þe schip scher vpon schore schot froward Rome
Toward vncouþ costes keuereþ þe yþes
Rapis vnradly vmbe ragged tourres
Þe brode sail at o brayd to-bresteþ a twynne
Þat on ende of þe sschip was ay toward heuen Page  5
Þat oþer doun in þe deep as alle drenche wolde
Ouer wilde wawes he wende as alle walte scholde
St[a]rke stremes þrow yn stormes & wyndes
With mychel langour atte laste as our lord wolde
Alle was born at a by[rre] to Burdewes hauene
By þat wer bernes atte banke barouns & knyȝtes
& [citezeins] of þe syȝt selcouþ [hem] þoȝt
Þat euer barge oþer bot or berne vpon lyue
Vnpersched passed hadde þe peryles wer so many
Þey token hym to Titus for he þe tonge couþe
& he [hem] fraynes how fer þe flode hadde yferked
Sir out of Surre he seide y am come
To Nero sondis-man sent þe [seygnour] of Rome
Ffram Sensceus his seriant with certayn leteres
Þat is iustise & iuge of Jewen lawe
Me wer leuer at þat londe le[ngede] þat y wer
Þan alle þe gold oþer good þat euer god made
Þe kyng in to conseyl calleþ hym sone Page  6
& saide Canste þou any cur or craft vpon erþe
To softe þe grete sore þat sitteþ on my cheke
& y schal þe redly rewarde & to Rome sende
Nathan nyckes hym with nay sayde he non couþe
Bot wer þou kyng in þat kuþþe þer þat Crist deyed
Þer is a worlich wif a womman ful clene
Þat haþ softyng & salue for eche sore out
Telle me tyt quoþ Titus & þe schal tyde better
What medecyn is most þat þat may vseþ
Wheþer gommes oþer graces or any goode drenches
Oþer chauntementes or charmes y charge þe to say
Nay non of þo quoþ Nathan bot now wole y [telle]
Þer was a lede in our londe while he lif hadde
Preued for a prophete þrow preysed dedes
& born in Bethleem one by of a burde schene