The siege of Jerusalem
E. Kölbing and Mabel Day

Lines 1301 through 1334

Þan melys þe man & þe matere tolde
How alle þe ded was don whan he deþ þoled Page  77
For þritty penyes in a poke his postel hym solde
So was he bargayned & bouȝt & as a beste quelled
Now corsed be he quoþ þe kyng þat þe cate made
He wexe marchaunte amys þat þe money fenged
To sille so precyous a prince for penyes so fewe
[Thoghe ilke a ferthynge had bene ful florence an hundrethe]
Bot I schal marchaundise make in mynde of þat oþer
Þat schal be heþyng to hem or I hennes passe
Alle þat here bodyes wol by or bargaynes make
By lower pris for to passe þan þey þe prophete solde
He made in myddel of [þe] ost a market to crye
Alle þat cheffare wolde chepe chepis to haue
Ay for a peny of pris who-so pay wolde
Þrytty Jewes in a þrom þrongen in ropis
So wer þey bargayned & bouȝt & broȝt out of londe
Neuer suþ [on] þat syde cam segge of hem after
Ne non þat leued in her lawe scholde in þat londe dwelle Page  78
Þat tormented trewe God þus Titus commaundyþ
Josophus þe gentile clerke a-jorneyd was to Rome
Þer of þis mater & mo he made fayr bokes
& Pilat to prisoun was do to pyne for euere
At Viterbe þer he veniaunce & vile deþ þoled
Þe wye þat hym warded wente on a tyme
Hym-self fedyng with frut & feffyt hym with a per
& forto paren his pere he praieþ hym ȝerne
Of a knyf & þe kempe kest hym a trenchour
& with þe same he schef hymself to þe herte
& so þe kaytif as his kynde corsedlich deied
Whan alle was demed & d[on]e þei drow vp tentis
Trossen her tresour & trompen vp þe sege
Wenten syngyng away & han her wille forþred
& hom riden to Rome Now rede ous our lord