E.V. Gordon

Section XIX

Ryȝt as þe maynful mone con rys
Er þenne þe day-glem dryue al doun,
So sodanly on a wonder wyse
I watȝ war of a prosessyoun.
Þis noble cité of ryche enpryse
Watȝ sodanly ful wythouten sommoun
Of such vergyneȝ in þe same gyse
Þat watȝ my blysful an-vnder croun:
And coronde wern alle of þe same fasoun,
Depaynt in perleȝ and wedeȝ qwyte;
In vchoneȝ breste watȝ bounden boun
Þe blysful perle wyth gret delyt.
Wyth gret delyt þay glod in fere
On golden gateȝ þat glent as glasse;
Hundreth þowsandeȝ I wot þer were,
And alle in sute her liuréȝ wasse;
Tor to knaw þe gladdest chere.
Þe Lombe byfore con proudly passe
Wyth horneȝ seuen of red golde cler;
As praysed perleȝ his wedeȝ wasse.
Towarde þe throne þay trone a tras.
Þaȝ þay wern fele, no pres in plyt,
Bot mylde as maydeneȝ seme at mas,
So droȝ þay forth wyth gret delyt.
Delyt þat hys come encroched
To much hit were of for to melle
Þise aldermen, quen he aproched,
Grouelyng to his fete þay felle.
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Legyounes of aungeleȝ togeder uoched
Þer kesten ensens of swete smelle.
Þen glory and gle watȝ nwe abroched;
Al songe to loue þat gay juelle.
Þe steuen moȝt stryke þurȝ þe vrþe to helle
Þat þe Vertues of heuen of joye endyte.
To loue þe Lombe his meyny in melle
Iwysse I laȝt a gret delyt.
Delit þe Lombe for to deuise
Wyth much meruayle in mynde went.
Best watȝ he, blyþest, and moste to pryse,
Þat euer I herde of speche spent;
So worþly whyt wern wedeȝ hys,
His lokeȝ symple, hymself so gent.
Bot a wounde ful wyde and weete con wyse
Anende hys hert, þurȝ hyde torente.
Of his quyte syde his blod outsprent.
Alas, þoȝt I, who did þat spyt?
Ani breste for bale aȝt haf forbrent
Er he þerto hade had delyt.
The Lombe delyt non lyste to wene.
Þaȝ he were hurt and wounde hade,
In his sembelaunt watȝ neuer sene,
So wern his glenteȝ gloryous glade.
I loked among his meyny schene
How þay wyth lyf wern laste and lade;
Þen saȝ I þer my lyttel quene
Þat I wende had standen by me in sclade.
Lorde, much of mirþe watȝ þat ho made
Among her fereȝ þat watȝ so quyt!
Þat syȝt me gart to þenk to wade
For luf-longyng in gret delyt.