Paston letters and papers of the fifteenth century, Part I
Paston family
Norman Davis

John Paston I


To John Damme Ser, I recummaund me to you and thank yow of youre grete laboure wyth all myn hert; but as be youre bille my fader shul be bounde to pay all Wyllyam Maryottes dettes, or half at the leest, þat is c li., whych wyth the seid xl li. þat John shuld haue is twyes as meche as is owyng as I conseyve; the whyche shuld hurte me more þan avayle. And I was at that tyme at Crowmer, and wote well þat it was neythyr Maryottes mevyng ne my faders that he shuld be chargeable of more þan he oweth, hys paymentes, expences, and hys bargeyn alowed. I suppose they shall holde hem payed wyth this bill yf ther be ony more that hard it. I prey help they may enseale; but begyn at thise fyrst and theene send tor the toder. I wold we hade vj sealles yf it myght easly be. Ser, Jamys Gressham told me that ȝe thynk the bergeyn were not certen but yf it wer put in certeyn what the dettes be that shuld be content. Me thynketh that the xl li. makyth the bargeyne certen attwyx John and my fader, and thow it be not, wyth oder mater þat I haue it shal be certeyn j-now. My lady Morley, Hastingys, and my moder and I, &c., dyned this day at Lyncolne Kokys and suppyd this nyȝt to-gedyr also, and dyuers persons Page  51were disposed to haue seid no good word of you; and after, or we departed, they that haue seid worst of yow seid better of yow than I herd hem sey thys twelmoneth day, and in substance contrary to all olde tales. multahabeo vobis dicere que non sunt in libro hoc. Be John Paston Herry Gunell N Basyngham N Matelask

PETITION TO HENRY VI Before 1449, 07, 16

To the Kyng oure Souerayn Lord, and to the right wyse and discrete lordis assemblyd in this present Parlement Besechith mekly your homble liege man John Paston that, where he and oder enfeffed to his vse haue be pecybily poscessyd of the maner of Gresham within the counté of Norffolk xx yere and more til the xvij day of Februarij the yere of your nobill regne xxvj, that Robert Hungerford, knyght, the Lord Molyns, entred in-to the seyd maner. And how be it that the seyd John Paston after the seid entré sued to the seid Lord Molyns and his councell, in the most louly maner that he cowde, dayly fro tyme of the seid entré on-to the fest of Mihelmes than next folwyng, duryng which tyme diuers communicasyons were had be-twix the councell of the seid lord and the councell of your seid besechere; and for asmych as in the seid communicasions no titill of right at any tyme was shewed for the seid Page  52lord but that was fully and clerly answeryd, so that the seid lordes councell remitted your seid besechere to sewe to the seid lord for his finall and rightfull answere, and after sute mad to the seid lord be your seid besechere, aswell at Salysbery as in oder places, to his gret coust, and non answere had but delays, which causyd your seid besechere the vj day of Octobre last past to inhabite hym in a mansion with-in the seid town, kepyng stille there his poscession on-tille the xxviij day of Januarij last past the seid lord sent to the seid mansion a riotous peple to the nombre of a thowsand persones, with blanket bendes of a sute as riseres a-geyn your pees, arrayd in maner of werre with curesse, brigaunderes, jakkes, salettes, gleyfes, bowes, arows, pavyse, gonnes, pannys with fier and teynes brennyng there-in, long cromes to draw doun howsis, ladderes, pikoys with which thei myned down the walles, and long trees with which thei broke vp yates and dores and so came in-to the seid mansion, the wiff of your seid besechere at that tyme beyng ther-in, and xij persones with here, the which persones thei dreve oute of the seid mansion and myned down the walle of the chambre where-in the wiff of your seid besechere was, and bare here oute at the yates and cutte a-sondre the postes of the howses and lete them falle, and broke vp all the chambres and coferes with-in the seid mansion, and rifelyd and in maner of robery bare a-wey all the stuffe, aray, and mony that your seyd besechere and his seruauntes had there, on-to the valew of cc li., and part there-of sold and part there-of yaffe, and the remenaunt thei departed among them to the grete and outrageous hurt of your seid besechere; sayng opynly that if thei myght haue found there your seid besechere, and on John Damme which is of councelle with hym, and diuers oder of the seruauntes of your seid besechere, thei shuld haue died. And yet diuers of the seid mysdoeres and ryotous peple onknowyn, contrary to your lawes, dayly kepe the seid maner with force and lyne in wayte of diuers of the frendis, tenauntes, and seruauntes of your seid besecher, and greuously vexe and trobill hem in diuers wise, and seke hem in her howsis, ransakyng and serchyng her shevys and strawe in her bernes and other places with bore speris, swerdes, and gesernys, as it semyth to sle hem if thei myght haue found hem; and summe haue bete and left for ded, so that thei, for doute of here lyves, dare not go home to here houses ner occupy here husbondry, to the gret hurte, fere, and drede aswele of youre seid besechere as of his seid frendis, tenauntes, and seruantes. And also thei compelle pore tenauntes of the seid maner, now with-in ther daungere, a-geyn ther wille to take feyned pleyntes in the courtes of the hundred there ageyn the seid frendis, tenauntes, and seruauntes of your seid besechere, whiche dare not apere to answere for fere of bodily harme, ne can gete no copijs of the seid pleyntes to remedi them be the lawe, because he that kepyth the seid courtis is of covyn Page  53 with the seid misdoeres and was on of the seid ryseres which be coloure of the seid pleyntes greuously amercy the seid frendes, tenauntes, and seruauntes of your seid besechere to ther [deleted in MS] outrageous and importabille hurt. Please it your Hynesse, consideryng that if this gret insurreccyon, ryottis, and wrongis, and dayly continuans ther-of, so heynosly don a-geyn your crowne, dignité, and peas shuld not be your hye myght be duly punysshid, it shall gefe grett boldnesse to them and alle oder mysdoeres to make congregacyouns and conuenticles riottously, on-abille to be seysed, to the subuersyon and finall distruccyon of your liege peple and lawes; and also how that your seid besecher is not abille to sue the commune lawe in redressyng of this heynos wrong for the gret myght and alyaunce of the seid lord; and also that your seid besechere canne haue non accyon be your lawe ageyn the seid riotous peple for the godis and catellis be hem so riottously and wrongfully take and bore a-wey, be-cause the seid peple be onknowe, aswelle here names as here persones, on-to hym; to purvey be the avyse of the lordis spirituall and temporall assembled in this present parlement that youre seid besechere may be restoryd to the seid godis and catellis thus riottously take awey, and that the seid Lord Molyns haue suche comaundment that your seid besechere be not thus, with force in maner of werre, hold oute of his seid maner contrary to alle your statutes mad a-geyn suych forcibille entrees and holdynges; and that the seid Lord Molyns and his seruauntes be sette in suche a rewle that your seid besechere, his frendis, tenauntes, and seruauntes may be sure and saffe from hurt of here persones and pesibily ocupy here londes and tenementes vnder your lawes with-oute oppressyoun or onrightfull vexasion of any of hem, and that the seid riseres and causeres therof may be punysshed that other may eschewe to make any suche rysyng in this your lond of peas in tyme comyng. And he shalle pray to God for yowe.


Page  54

Ser, I pray yow þat ye will send sum chyld to my lord of Bukingham place, and to þe Crown, wich as I conseiue is callid Gerardis Hall in Bredstret, to inquere whedir I haue any answere of my letter sent to Caleys whech ye know off, and that ye will remembre my broþiris ston so þat it myth be mad er I cumm ageyn, and þat it be [unclear] klenly wrowgth. It is told me þat þe man at Sent Bridis is no klenly portrayer, wh [unclear] erfor I wold fayn it myth be portrayid be sum odir man, and he to graue it vp. ... [unclear] It is informyd sum personis in þis cuntré þat ye know þat þe frere will sew a-nodir delegaci fro Rome direkt to sum bischop of Ingland to amend his mater, &c., and how be it þat it may not gretly hurt, yet þe seyd personis, &c., wold not he shuld haue his entent, in as [deleted in MS]moch as his suggestion is vntrewe, but raþer þey wold spend mony to lette it. I suppose þe Abbot of Bery shuld labor for him rather þan anodir becawse þ [unclear] e seyd [deleted in MS] Abbot is aparteynor to þe lord þat is þe freris mayntener, &c.; wherfore, ser, my modir and I pray yow i [unclear] nquere after a man callid Clederro whych is solisitor and attorné with M [unclear] aster Will Grey, þat late was þe Kinggis proktor at Rome, and þe seyd Clederro sendith maters and letters owth of Ingeland to his seyd master euery [deleted in MS] monith, &c. He is well knowe in London and amon [deleted in MS]g þe Lumbardis, and with þe Bischep of Winchesteres men, but I wot not wher he dwellit in London; and I suppos if ye speke with him he knowith me. Plese yow to comen with him of þis mater, but let him not wete of þe mater atwix my modir and him, but desir him to wryth to his master to lett þis if it may be; or ell to se þe best wey þat he haue not his intent, and to comon with þe [deleted in MS] proktor of þe Whith Freris at Rome to hel [deleted in MS]p forth. For þe freris here haue laborid to my modir and praiid her to help to lette his on-trewe intent, and haue wrete to her proketor befor þis; and I suppose if ye speke to þe prior of þe Freris at London he will writh to her seyd proktor, &c. But tell þe prior no word þat I know þer [unclear] of, but let him wete if he will wryth Page  55 to his proktor odir men shall help forth. M [unclear] ore-ouer þat ye will tell Cledero þat I am not seker þat þe frere laborith þus bu [unclear] t be talis of freris and odir. Neuertheles let him writh to his master þat whatsumevyr he do herin he shall be truly content for his labor and costis. And if ye thin [deleted in MS]k þat Cledro will writh efectually herin, geff hym j noble. Le [unclear] t hym let his master know þat my lord of Wynchester and Danyell ow godwill to þe part that he shall labor fore. And if þere be fown no sech swth be þe seyd fre [unclear] re, yet wold I haue sum thing fro Rome to anull þe old bull, &c., or to apeyre it if [unclear] it myth be do esily, &c., and tydin [deleted in MS]g wheder þer be any sech sute, &c. Yowr awn, &c. ... [unclear] how beit þat it may nowþir avayle ner hurt, yet my modir will þis be do. I [unclear] send yow þe copi of þe bull and how execuciun was do, and informaciun of þe mater jn parte, &c. I pray yow red it ouer, and spede yow homward. And, ser, I shal [deleted in MS] content yowr noble [deleted in MS], &c. Bryn [deleted in MS]g þis letter hom with yow, &c.


Vn-to the right reuerent fadir in God and my right gracioux lord the Cardinal Archebisshop of York, Prymat and Chanceller of Inglond. Besecheth mekely John Paston that, where Robert Hungerford, knyght, Lord Molens, and Alianore his wyff late with force and strength and grete multitude of riottous peple, to þe noumbre of a thousand persones and mo, gadered by th' excitacion and procuryng of John Heydon a-yenst the Kyngges pees, in riotous maner enterd vp-on your seid besecher and othir Page  56enfeoffed to his vse in the manoir of Gresham, with þ' appurtenauncez in þe shire of Norffolk; whiche riotous peple brake, dispoiled, and drew doun the place of your seid besecher in the seid toun and drafe out his wiff and seruauntes there beyng, and ryfled, took, and bare awey alle the goodes and catalx that your seid besecher and his seruauntes hadde there to þe value of cc li. and more, and the seid manoir after þe seid riottous entré kept with strong hande in manere of werre, as weel ayenst your seid besecher and his feffees as ayenst oon of þe Kyngges justicez of his pees in þe seid shire that come thedir to execute þe statutes ordeigned and prouyded ayenst suche forcible entrees and kepyng of possessions with force, as it appiereth by recorde of þe seid justice certifyed in-to þe Chauncerie; and yet þe seid Lord Molens the same manoir kepith with force and strengthe ayenst þe fourme of þe seid statutes; please it your reuerent fadirhood and gracioux lordship, these premisses considered, to graunte on-to your seid besecher, for his feffees by hym to be named, a special assise ayenst þe seid Lord Molens, Alianore, and John Heidon, and othir to be named by your seid besecher, and also an oyer and determyner ayenst þe seid Lord Molens, John Heidon, and othir of the seid riotous peple in like fourme to be named, to enquere, here, and determyn all trespaces, extorcions, riottes, forcible entrees, mayntenaunces, champarties, embraceries, offenses, and mesprisions by hem or ony of hem doen; als weel atte sute of our souereign lord þe Kyng as of your seid besecher and his seid feffees and euery of hem, or of ony othir of þe Kyngges lieges. Atte reueren [deleted in MS]ce of God and in weye of charité.


the copie of þe letter of J. P. James Gresham, I prey yow laboure forth to haue answer of my bille for myn especial assise and the oyer and termyner accordyng to my seid bille that I delyuered to my lord Chaunceler, letyng hym wete that, as for that Page  57his lordship conceyved the graunt of suyche a special matier myght cause a rumour in þe cuntré, owt of dowte the cuntré is not so disposed, for it is desired ageyn suche persones as the cuntré [unclear] wolde were ponysshid. And if they be not ponysshid to refourme that they haue do amysse, by liklynesse the cuntré wole rise up on them [unclear] . Men [unclear] talke that a general oier and termyner is graunted to the Duke of Norffolk, my lord of Ely, the Erll of Oxenford, the Lord Scales, Ser John Fastolf, Ser Thomas Fulthorp, and William Yeluerton,and men be right glad therof. Yet that not withstondyng, laboure ye forth for me, for [unclear] in a general oyer and termyner a supersedeas may dassh al, and so shall not in a special. And also if þe justicez come at my request [unclear] they shall sytte als long as I wole, and so shall thei not by the generall. And as for commyssioners in myn, &c., Ser John Fastolf must be pleyntyf als weel as I my-self, and so he may not be commyssioner; and as for alle the remenaunt I can thynke them indifferent j-now in þe matier except my Lord Scales, whos wyff is aunte to þe Lady Moleyns. And as for that þe Lord Moleyns hath wretyn, þat he dar put þe matier in awarde of my lord Chaunceler and in what juge he wole take to hym, &c., whiche offre as I suppose shall be tolde to yow for to make yow to cesse your labour, thanne lete þat be answerid and my lord Chaunceler enfourmed thus. The matier was in treté by th' assent of þe Lord Moleyns atwene his counseil and myn, whiche assembled at London xvj dyuers dayes, and for þe more part there was a sergeant and vj or vij thrifty apprentisez; at whiche tyme the Lord Moleyns title was shewed and clerly answerid, in so meche þat his own counseil seide they cowde no forther in the matier, desiryng me to ride to Salesbury to þe Lord Moleyns, promyttyng of their part that thei wolde moeve the Lord Moleyns so þat þei trusted I shuld haue myn entent or I come thens; of whiche title and answer I sende yow a copie that hath be put in-to þe parlement, the Lord Moleyns beyng there present, wherto he cowde not sey nay. Also by-fore þis tyme I haue agreed to put it in ij juges so þei wolde determyne by our euydences the right, moevyng nother partie to yeve oþer by ony mene, but only the right determyned, he to be fully recompensed that hath right; wherto he wold not agree, but alle tymes wolde þat thoe juges shulde entrete the parties as they myght be drawe to, by offre and profre to my conceyte as men bye hors. Whiche matiers considerid, my conseil hath alwey conceyved that the tretees þat he offred hath be to non othir entent but to delaye the matier, or ellis to entrete me to relese my damages, for title hath he non. And he knowith weel the title shall neuer better be vndirstond thanne it hath be by his counseil and myn atte seid comunycacions. Page  58And also ... [unclear] my lord Chaunceler vndirstond that þe Lord Moleyns men toke and bar away more þanne cc li. worth of my goodes and catalles, wherof I delyuered hym a bylle of euery parcell wherto alle [unclear] þe world knoweth he canne make no title; and if he were disposed to do right my counsell thynketh he shulde restore þat, for þerfor nedith nowthir comunyca [deleted in MS]cion ne treté. And with-owt he wole restore that, I trowe no m [unclear] an can thynk that his treté is to no good purpose. I preye yow hertily laboure ye so to my lord Chaunceller that owther he wole graunte me my desire or ellis that he wole denye it; and lete me haue answer from yow in wrytyng how ye spede. If my lord Chaunceler hath lost my bille þat I delyuered hym, wherof I sende yow a copie, that thanne ye put up to hym an othir of þe same, takyng a copie to your-self. Recomaund me to my cosyn William Whyte, and prey hym to gyf yow his help in this; and lete hym be prevy to þis letter, and lete hym wete [unclear] þat my cosyn his suster hath childe a doughter. Wretyn at Norwich the iiij day of September. Dyuerse men of my freendis auyse me to entre in-to þe maner of Gresham by force of my writte of restitucion, whiche I wole not do by cause þe maner is so decayed by the Lord Moleyns ocupacion that where it was worth to me l marc. clerly by yeere I cowde not now make it worth xx li.; for whiche hurt and for othir hurtis by þis special assise I trust to haue remedye.


Charlys Nowel, Otywell Nowell, Robert Ledeham, John the sone of Hogge Ratkleff, Robert Dallyng, Herry Bangge, Roger Cherche, Nicholas Page  59Goldsmyth, Robert Taylour, Cristofore Grenescheve, Dunmowe, Elis Dokworth, Cristofir Bradlé, Jon Cokkow, assemblyng and gadderyng to hem gret multitude of mysrewled people, kepe a frunture and a forslet at the hows of the seid Robert Ledeham and issu ought at her pleser, sumtyme vj, sumtyme xij, sumtyme xxxti and mo, armed, jakked, and salettyd, wyth bowis, arwys, speris, and bylles, and over-ride the contré and oppresse the people and do many orible and abhomynable dedis lyke to be distruccion of the shire of Norffolk wythoute the Kyng owre sovereyn lord seth it redressid. Vn Mydlent Soneday certeyn of the seid felechep in the chirche of Byrlyngham made afray vpon tweyne of the seruauntis of the reuerent fadyr in Godde Byshop of Norwiche, the seid seruauntis at that tyme knelyng to see the vsyng of the masse; and there and than the seid felechep wold have kelled the seid two servauntis at the prestis bakke ne had they be lettyd, as it semed. Item, vn the Moneday next before Esterne Daye sex of the seid persones made a saute vpon John Paston and hese two seruauntis at the dore of the Cathedrall cherche of Norweche, wyth swerd, bokeler, and dagareis drawe smet at the seid Paston, on of them holdyng the seid Paston be bothe armes at hese bakke, as it semeth purposyng there to have morderid the seid Paston and they had not abe lettyd; and also smet on of the servauntis of the seid Paston vpon the naked hed wyth a swerd and poluted the seyntewary. [deleted in MS]
Item, on þe Monday next before [deleted in MS] Estern Day x of the seid persones lay in a wayte in the hey weye vndyre Thorp woode vp-on Phelep Berney, esquiere, and hese man, and shet at hem and smet her horse wyth arwes, and then over-rede hym and brake a bowe vn the seid Phelippis hed and toke hym presoner, callyng hym traytour; and when they had kepte hym as long as they lyst þei led hym to the seyd Byshop of Norwiche and askid of hym swerté of the peas, and forwyth relessed her suerté and went her way.
Item, iij of the seid felechep lay vn awayte vpon Emond Brome, jentelman, and with nakid swerdes fawte wyth hym be the space of a quarter of a owre, and toke hym presoner; and when they had kepte hym as long as they lyst, lete hym goo. Page  60
Item, xlti of the same felechep come rydyng to Norwiche, jakked and salettyd, wyth bowys and arwys, byllys, gleves, vn Mavndy Thursday; and that day aftyre none when seruice was doo they, in lyke wyse arayid, wold have broke vp the Whyte Freris dores seying that they come to here Evesong, howbeit that they made her a-vaunte in towne they shuld have sum men owt of town qwhyke or deed; and there made a gret rumore where þe Mayre and the aldermen wyth gret multitud of peple asembled, and þer-vpond þe seyd feleschep departid.
Item, dyvers tymes serteyn of the seid felechep have take fro John Wylton, wythoute any cause, hese net, hese shep, and odyre catell, and summe there-of have saltyd and eten, summe there-of have aloyned so that the seid Wylton wot not where for to seke hese bestis; and vn the morwe next aftyre Esterne Day last past they toke fro hym xj bestis and kepte hem two dayis wythowte any cause.
Item, in lyke wyse they have do to John Coke and Kateryn Wylton.
Item, in lyke wyse they have take the goodys and catelles of Thomas Baret and many odyre.
Item, certeyn of the seid felechep late made a sawte vpon John Wylton in Plumsted cherche-yerd, and there beete hym so þat he was dowth of his liff.
Item, in lyke wyse vpon John Coke of Wytton, brekyng vp hese dores at xj of the clok in the nyght, and wyth her swerdis maymed hym and gaf hym vij grete woyndis. Item, smet the modyre of the seid Coke, a woman of iiijxx yeris of age, vpon the crowne of the heed wyth a swerd, wheche wownde was neuer hol to the daye of her deth.
Item, þe seyd Dunmowe, on of the seid felechep [deleted in MS] now late beet the parson of Hasyngham and brake hese hed in hese owne chauncell. Item, iijxx of the seid felechep, arayid as men of werre, now late enterd wyth fors vpon Phelep Berney and dissesid hym of the maner of Rokelondtoftys; wheche darnot for feer of mordyre reentre hese owne lond, how be it he and hese aunseters have be pesibely possessid there-of many yeris. [deleted in MS]Page  61
Item, Alredis sone of Erll Some, fast be Framyngham, vn the Saterday next before Palme Soneday last past was pullid ought of a hows and kyllid. Whedyre any of the seid felechep were there or not men kan not sey, there be of hem so many of wheche many be vnknowe people.
Item, the seid felechep make seche affrayis in the contré abowte the seid Ledehams place, and so frayith the people, that dyvers persones for feer of mordyre darnot abyde in her howses ne ride ne walke abowte ther ocupacions wyth-owte they take gretter people abowte hem then acordith to her degré, wheche they wolnot do in evel exaumple gevyng.
Item, the seid felechep of afer-cast maleys and purpose now late toke Roger Cherche, on of there owne felechep, be hese owne assent; wheche Roger Cherche be her assent had mevid and sterid a risin [deleted in MS]g in þe hundred of Blofeld and hath confessed hym-self to be at þat arysyng and hath enbylled, as it is seid, divers jentelmen and the most part of the trysty yemen and husbondis and men of good name and fame of the hundre abowte the seid Ledehams place, where the seid felechep is abydyng, and nameth hem wyth odyre suspecious people for risers, to the entent to hide and couer her awn gylt and to holde them þat be trw men and innosent in [unclear] þat mater in a dawnger and feer that they shuld not gader peopell ner atempte to resiste ther riotows governauns of the seid reotows felechep. Item, it is conceyved that if the seyd riotows felechep and they that drawe to them were dewly examyned it shuld be knowe that if there were any seche rysyng it was coniectyd, don, jmagened, and labored be the seid reotows felechep and be ther meanes, for aswele the seid Cherche as dyvers of the most suspeciows persones be the seid Cherche enbelled for rysers, as it is seid, be and have be of long tyme dayly in compeny wyth the seid reotows felechep. Item, on of the seid felechep of late tyme, as it is seide, to encresse her maliciows purpoce hath proferid rewardis and goode to a-nodyre persone for to take vpon hym to apele certyn persones and afferme the seying of the seid Roger Cherche. [deleted in MS] In wytnesse of these premesses dyvers knytes and esquieris and jentelmen, whos names folwen, wheche knowe this mater be seying, heryng, or credible reporte to this wrytyng have set her seall, besechyng your lordcheppis to be meanes to the Kyng owre Sovereyn lord for remedy in this behalve. Wrete, &c. Page  62
Item, Robert Taylour bet [deleted in MS] T. Baret be-cause his Memorandum þat Jon, sone of Roger Ratkliff, bet T. Baret, and Beston and Robyn Taylor tok and jmprysonyd Thomas Byrdon of Lyn [deleted in MS]gwode.
Item, Robert Dallin [deleted in MS]g bet Nichol [deleted in MS]as Chirch at Stromsaw chirch. Memorandum of manassin [deleted in MS]g of þe quest at Hengham.
Item, Robert Dallyng bete Thomas Dallyng.
Item, Beston and W. Berton asautid Spany in his hows. þe manassin [deleted in MS]g and fraying of diuers personis þat þei departid owt [deleted in MS] of her hows [deleted in MS]is, þat is to sey T. Holler to Norwich, Spany to Aylesham, Holler to Yermoth, Wilton to Norwich, Oliuer Knivyte to Norwich, Philip Berney to Caster, T. Siluester to my lord of Norwich. Roger att Chirche, Robert Dallyng, and Herry Bang, wyth oþer, went wyth fors and armys and fechid William Clippisby oute of his faderys hous and brought hym to þe town of Walsham, and kept hym þer ij days and ij nytys, and fro thens had hym to Bungey and þer inpresonyd hym and made hym to enseale an oblygacion of c libr. made after [deleted in MS] her owyn desyre.



To the right reuerent fader in God, Cardynale Archebusshop of York and Chauncelere of Inglond. Please it yowre gode lordeshep to know that oon Rogere Cherche, otherwyse Page  63callyd Roger Bylaugh, Roger Wryte, and Roger Baly, late was at a gaderyng and assemblé of xv persones in a feleshep vnder a wode in the town of Possewyke in the counté of Norffolk, which feleshep, as it is seid be hem, was procured and gaderyd be the seid Rogere Cherche and be his councelores, the same Rogere seyng to summe of the same feleshep he had remembred a gode name for here capteyn, that shuld be John A-mend Alle. And the seyd Rogere after the seid gaderyng aggreyd hym-self to be take and examyned be persones of his owyn covyne, and be colour of his seid feleshep of xv persones be hym gaderyd enbilled diuers gentilmen and many thryfty and substanciall yomen, and thryfty husbondes and men of gode name and fame, noysyng and diffamyng to the Kyng and his councell that the seid gentilmen and yomen and thryfty husbondes, with other to the nombre of ccc persones, shuld haue mad a gaderyng and a risyng a-geyn the Kynges peas vnder the seid wode, contrary to the trought; which is veryly conceyved to be don of malyce to put the seid gentilmen and yomen in feer and trobill that thei, aswele as alle the contré, shuld not be hardy to attempt ne lette the purposyd malyce of the seid Cherche and his councellores in diuers riottes extorciouns, forsibil entreys, and vnlawfull disherytauns of gentilmen and other of the Kynges liege peple in the seid shire that thei dayly vse; which riottes extorcions, aswele as the seid vntrewe diffamacions, causyth gret grudgyng, trobill, and comocyon in the seid shire. Please it yowre gode grace, thes premysses considered, not to suffre the seid Cherche to haue no pardon of the comune grace graunted be the Kyng, owre souerayn lord, vn Gode Fryday last past vn-to the tyme that he hath fownde sufficient suerté of wel namyd persones of the seid shire of his gode beryng, and to direct a comyssion vn-to such notabill persones in the seid shire as please you, to take and examyn the seid Rogere Cherche, aswele as othre that them semyth necessary to examyn in this behalf, so that thei that be giltles in this may be so declared and that thei that be gilty may be ponysshed acordyng to here demerytes; and to beseche the Kyng, owre souerayn lord, in the behalf of the gentilmen of the seid shire that his Hignesse wull not take hem ne any of hem in conceyt to be of such rewle and disposicion vp-vn enformacion of such a mysse-rewled and encredibill man as the seid Roger. And thei shall pray to God for you. Page  64


Reueren [deleted in MS]t and Right wurchepfull ser, we comaund vs to yow. Please it yow to wete that we and othire jentilmen of the shire of Norffolk hath be in purpose to assuyd to þe hygh and migthi prens and owr right gode and gracyous lord the Duke of Norffolk to Framyn [deleted in MS]gham to haue enformyd his Highnesse of dyuers assautis and riott mad be Charlis Nowell and odir ageyn þe Kin [deleted in MS]gis pees vpon Jon Paston and odir of owr kyn, frend, and neyboris, ne had be þat dayly þes x days jt hath be do vs to vndirstand þat hys Highnes shuld com in-to Norwich or Claxton. Page  65 we not being in serteyn [deleted in MS] yet where he shall remeue [deleted in MS]; prayin [deleted in MS]g yow, as we trust þat ye tender þe welfare of þis shyre and of the gentilmen þerin, þat ye well let owr seyd lord haue knowing [deleted in MS] of owre intent, and after to send vs ansewere whedir it plese his Hynes we shuld com to his presens and at what plase, or to send owr compleyn [deleted in MS]t to him, trostin [deleted in MS]g to his god lordsh [deleted in MS]ep of remedi in þis mater, whech do semith vs shall be to owr seyd lordis honure and gret rejoy to þe gentilmen of þis shyre, and cause þe pese to kep be þe grase of God, ho haue yow in his blesid kepin [deleted in MS]g, &c. Wret at Norwych on Sent Georgis Day.

Right wurchipfull, we commawnd us to yow. Please it yow to wete that we and othere jentilmen of the shyere of Norffolk hath be in purpose to assewyd to the hygh and myghty prynce and owre ryght gode lord the Duke of Norffolk to Framlyngham, to have enformyd his Highnesse of dyuers assaughtes and ryottes made be Charles Nowell and othere ageyn the Kyngys lawe and peas withowt any cause or occaciun vp-on John Paston and othere of owre kynne, frendes, and neyghborys, ne had be that dayly this x days it hath be do us to wete that his Highnesse shuld come in-to Norwych or Claxton, we not beyng in certeyn yet whedyre he shall remeve; prayng yow, as we trust that ye woll tendere the welfare of this shyere and of the jentylmen there-in, that ye woll lete owre seyd lord haue knowyng of owre entente in this, and aftere to send us answhere wheder it please his Highnesse we shuld come to his presens and in what place, or to send owre compleynt to hym if more informaciun be thowth behoffull, trostyn [deleted in MS]g to his gode lordshep of remedy in this matere, whiche do semyth vs shall be to owre seyd lordys honure and gret reioyng to all the jentylmen of this shyere, and cause the peas to be kept hereaftere be the grace of God, how have yow in hys blyssed kepyn [deleted in MS]g. Wretyn at Norwyche vn Seynt Georgys Day. Ser John Heuenynham, John Ferrers, Thomas Gurnay, John Groos, W. Rokewode, John Bakon, senior, John Bakon, junior, J. Pagraue, Robert Mortimer, Nichulas Appilyard. Page  66

Reuerent and right wurchepfull ser, we recomaund vs to yow. Please it yow to wete that we and othre jentilmen of the shire of Norffolk hath be in purpose to haue sued to the high and myghty prynce and owre right gode lord the Duke of Norffolk to Framlyngham, to haue enformyd his Highnesse of diuers assaughtes and riottes mad be Charlles Nowell and othre a-geyn the Kynges lawe and peas wyth-ought any cause or occasyon vp-vn John Paston and othre of owre kynne, frendes, and neghbores, ne had be that dayly this x days it hath be do vs to wete that his Highnesse shuld come in-to Norwhich or Claxton, we not beyng in certeyn yet wheder he shall remeve; prayng yow, as we trust that ye wull tendere the welfare of this shire and of the jentilmen there-in, that ye wull lete owre seid lord haue knowyng of owre entent in this, and after to send vs answere wheder it please his Highnesse we shuld come to his presens and in what place, or to send owre conpleynt to hym if more enformacion be thought behoffefull; trustyng to his gode lordshep of remedy in this matere, which do semyth vs shall be to owre seid lordes honure and gret reioyng to all the jentilmen of this shire, and cause the peas to be kept here-after be the grace of God, how haue you in his blyssid kepyng. Wretyn at Norwyche vn Seynt Georges Day.


Reuerent and ryth worsepfull ser and my god master, I recommand me to yow. Plese yow to wete þat Charlis Nowell, with odir, hath in þis cuntré mad many riot and savtis, and amon [deleted in MS]g othir he and v of his felachip set vp-on me and to of my seruantis at þe Chathedrall chirch of Norwich, he smytin [deleted in MS]g at me whilis on of his felaws held myn armis at my bak Page  67as the berer herof shall more playnly inform yow; whech was to me strawn [deleted in MS]ge cas, thin [deleted in MS]ki [deleted in MS]ng in my con [deleted in MS]seyth þat I was my lordis man and his homagere or Charlis knew hys [deleted in MS] lor [deleted in MS]dschipe and þat my lord was my god lord, þat I had be with my lord at London within viij days [unclear] be-for Lent, at which tyme he grantyd me his godlordship so largely þat it must cause me euer to be his trew seruan [deleted in MS]t to myn power [deleted in MS]. I thowt also þat I had neuer geff cawse to non of my lordis hous to ow me evill will, ne þat þer was non of þe hows but I wold haue do fore as I cowd desire animan to do for me, and yet will, except my aduersaré. And þus I and my frendis haff mwsid of þis, and thowt he was hired to do þus, and þis notwithstandin [deleted in MS]g, assone as knowlech was had of my lordis coming to Framin [deleted in MS]gham, neuer attemptid to procede ageyns him as justis and law wuld, but to trust to my seyd lord þat his Hyghnes wold se þis punischid, and desirid my master [deleted in MS] Howard [deleted in MS], mi cosin Tymperlé, þe dene, and odir to dayly hath be redy with such jentilmen [unclear] as dwelle here-a-bought that can record the trought to haue come compleyn to my lord, but we haue had contynually tydyngis of my lordis comyng heder that causid vs for to a-bide there-vp-vn, besechyng your gode maystershep that ye wull lete my lord haue knowlech of my compleynt, and that ye wull tender the gode spede of the entent of the letteris wretyn to you fro jentilmen of this shire, prayng you that ye woll yeve credens to the berere here-of, be his gode mayster in cas any man make any qwarell to hym. And what that I may do be your comaundment shall be redi with the grace of God, how haue you in his blissid kepyng. Wretyn at Norwhich vn Seynt Georgis Day. To my lord þe ? [deleted in MS]ch... [unclear] of þis... [unclear] Page  68


Ryth worchepfull ser and cosyn, I recummand me to yow and [deleted in MS] pray yow þat ye will in mi behalf [unclear] inform my lord of þe demen [deleted in MS]in [deleted in MS]g of Charlis Nowell to me ward, withowt [deleted in MS] occa [deleted in MS]ciun gef on mi part, as þe berer herof [deleted in MS] shal remem [deleted in MS]bre yow [deleted in MS]. I am and was my lordis man and homager or þe seyd Charlis knew my lord, and will do my lord sech seruis as I can; and þat ye will tendre þe god sped of þe mater of þe letter direct to yow from serteyn gentilmen of þes shire, with whech jentilmen and odir to bere record [deleted in MS] of riot rowtis I haue be purposed [unclear] dayly toward my lord to compleyn to his lord [deleted in MS]ship. But þe continuall tydin [deleted in MS]gis of my seyd lordis coming heder hath cawsid vs to awayt þeropon; besechin [deleted in MS]g yow, cosine, as my trust is in yow, þat ye will help to kepe þe god rewle of þes shire and my pore honestté, and geff credens to þe berer herof and be his god master if any querel be mad to him. And what I may do for you, I am and euer shall be redi to do it, be the grace of God. hoo Page  69


Brothir Suthwell, I comand me to yow, sertifijn [deleted in MS]g yow þat on Thursday be þe morwe I spak with my cosine Wichin [deleted in MS]gham at London, where he lete me wet of yowr letter sent to Lee, wherby I conseyve þe stedfast godlordship and ladiship of my lord and my lady in þis mater &c., whech geuith cause to all her seruantis to trost verily in þem and to do hem trew seruise. I lete yow wete that the seyd Wychyngham, whan I departid from hym, had knowleche that Jane Boys shuld that nyght be come to London, and he put jn a bylle to the lordis for to have delyuerauns of hyr and to haue hese aduersarys arestid; and this nyght at Norwiche was told me newe tydynggis that she shuld vn Thursday after my departin [deleted in MS]g a be before the lordis, and there a saide untrewly of her-selff, as the berer hereof shal informe yow if ye know it not before; of wheche tydynggis, if they be trew, I am sory for her sake, and also I fere that her frendys shuld sew the more feyntely, wheche Godde defende; for Page  70her seying vntreuly of her-selff may hurt þe mater in no man but her-selff, and thow she wol mescheue her-selff it were gret peté but if the mater were laborid forth--not for her sake but for the worchepe of the estatys and other that have laboryd therin and in ponyshing of the gret oryble dede, wherfore I send yow dyuers articljs in a bill closed herin wheche preue that she was raveshid ayens hyr wel, what so ever she sey. þes be prouis that Jane Boys was rauischid ageyn her wil, and not be her own assent: On is that she, the tyme of her takyng whan she was set upon her hors, she revylid Lancasterother and callid hym knave, and wept and kryid owte upon hym pitows [deleted in MS]ly to her, and seid as shrewdly to hym as coud come to her mende, and fel doune of her hors vnto that she was bound, and callid him fals tr [deleted in MS]aytur þat browth her þe rabbettis.
Item, whan she was bounde she callid vpon her modyre,wheche folwyd her as far as she myght on her feet, and whan the seid Jane sey she myght goo no ferther she kryid to her modyre and seid that what so ever fel of her she shuld neuer be weddyd to that knave, to deye for it.
Item, be the weye at Shraggarys hous in Kokely Cley, and at Brychehamwell and in all other places wher she myght see any people, she kryid owte vpon hym and lete people wete whos dowtyre she was and how she was raveshid a-yens her wyll, desyeryng the people to folwe her and reskew her.
Item, Lancasterotherys prest of the Egle in Lyncolne-shire, wheche shroff her, seid that she told hym in confession that she wold neuer be weddyd to hym to deye for it, and the same prest seid he wold not wedde hem to-gedyre for [deleted in MS] ml li.
Item, she sent diuers tokenes of massage to Sothwell be Robert Inglose, wheche previth welle at that tyme she louyd not Lancasterother.
Item, a man of the master of Carbrokes come dyuers tymes in the weke before she was raveshid to Wychynghams hous and inquerid of her mayde whedyre her mastras was insuerid to Sothwell or nay, the wheche preuyth well that Lancasterother was not sure of her godwill, Page  71ne knew not of her counseyl, for if he had he ne nedid not to haue sent no spyes. Whech seen, I avyse yow to move my lord and my lady to do in this mater as affettualy as they have do before, for this mater touchyth hem, consideryng that they have be-gonne. And dowt not, what so euer falle of the woman, well or evel, my lord and my lady shal have worchep of the mater if it be wel laborid; and also ye shall auayl þerof and þe aduers parte chall gret trobil. Also, it were necessarie that Wychyngham were sent to and con [deleted in MS]forted in hese seute, and that he a-vysid hym of seche articlis and preues of the mater as I haue sent to yow and put hem in wri [deleted in MS]tin [deleted in MS]g, but not to disclose non þe preues to non creature vnto the tyme that it fortune þe mater to be tried be enquest or other wyse take end; but avyse hym for to seye to þe lordis and all... in generall termes that what so euere Lancasterother or hese douter seyn nowh it shal be wel preuyd she was reveshid ayens her wyll, and let him desire of þe lordis þat his dowter mith be in his kepyng and at large fro Lancasterother vn-tylle the mater were duly examynd. I wold þis mater sped the betyre be-cause my lady spa [unclear] ke so feythefully to me therin, and that mevyth me to wryte to yow this long symple lettyre of myn jntent. Wher ye be informyd that vj men of Osbern Monforthes shul a be at the seid raueshing. I sertifie you verely it was not soo, for Osbern Mondeford wol do in the mater all that ever he can or may to help to punish þe doer, and desirith to know þe grownd of þat tale, of wheche I pray send me word, and what ye will ellis. [deleted in MS] God kep yow. Wret at Norwich þe Soneday nex before þe fest of Sent Margeret [deleted in MS]. Page  72


Itt is to remembre vndere hos rule that þe gode lord is at this day, and whiche be of his new cownseyll.
Item, that Debenham, Lee, Tymperlé, and his old cownseyl and attendans, as well as þe gode ladijs servawntys, be avoydyd, and Tymperlé of malys apelyd of treson.
Item, that þe sescionys of þe pees wyth-owte cawse was warnyd in þe myddys of hervest, to grette trobill of the contré, whiche was nevere se in Norffolk at seche tym of the yere; and itt was vnlawfully warnyd to appere wyth-inne iiij or v days aftere þe warnyng, howbeitt þe contré was before warnyd at þe shyere day to have had þe sescionys the Tewysday before Michelmes.
Item, þat at þe seid sescionys was non othere cawse of settyng thereof declaryd but a commysyon beryng dat before Estern, &c., to arest, take, and expungne traytorys and rebellys, of which be Goddis grace is no nede in this contré at þis tyme, &c.
Item, be þe demenyng of þe seyd sescionys was verily conseyvid be þe jantylmen of þe shyere þat it was set of purpose to have be indytementys defowlyd seche personys as were of þe old cownseyl wyth þe seid lord, and seche as kepe Wodhows lond, or seche as help or confort Osbern Munford, Marchale of Kalys, in his rygth of the manere of Brayston, of whiche he is now late wrongfully dyssesyd; and generally to have hurt all othere that wold not folwe þe oppynyons of þe seyd new cownseyll, &c., whiche malysiows purposid oppynyon þe jantylmen of þe seyd shyere þat were sworyn att þe seyd sescions kowd not fynde in her conciens Page  73to observe, but dede þe contrarye as it apperyth be here verdyte if itt be shewed, &c. Remembre þe verdyt of Brayston, &c. And where on Rogere Chirche, wyth on Robert Ledham, Charlys Nowell, John son of Hodge Ratcleff, and on Robert Dallyng had þe rewle and kepyng of þe seyd manere of Brayston to the vse of Thomas Danyell aftere þe dyssesing of þe seyd Osbern Monford, the seyd Rogere, be þe comon ascent of his seyd felashep, be þe colowre of xv personys gadderid be þe exitacion of þe seyd Rogere Chyrche and his felashep, accusid many notable and thryfty men that were well willid to þe seyd Munford for þe seid maner of Brayston to be ryseris, where as þe seyd thrifti men aswell as all þat contré hath at all tymys be pesyble and of non seche dispo [deleted in MS]sicion. It was purposid after þe seid sescions, whan þe intentys of þe seyd new cownseyl mygth not be executyd be indytementys, than to have had þe seyd Roger Chirche owte of þe Kyngys gayle, seying þat he shuld appele for þe Kyng, and wold have do þe sheryff delyverid hym owte of preson howbeit he was comyttyd thiddere be þe justyse of assyse and gayl delyveré be-cawse he was indytyd of fellonye and þat þer apperid not suffycient inquest to delyuer hym.
Item, Day seth þey labour feynid materis to hurt jentilmen and odir be soch acusementis, &c. Memorandum, as itt semyth be þe confescion of dyvers of þe seid xv personys þat þei were innocent and knew not whi þei assemelyd but only be þe excitacion of þe seyd Chirche and his menys, and after þe tym þat þey conseyvid itt was do to no good intent þei neuer medillid forþer in þe mater.
Item, to remembre how suttely þe seyd Chirche was be his owyn assent led to my lord of Norffolk be his owyn felashep, to þe entent to accuse and defame seche as they lovyd nott. Memorandum of þe sescion at Norwich. Memorandum of my lord of Somerset and of þe Blakfrers. Memorandum þat Charlys Nowell is baly of Brayston and hath there ij d. on þe day, and of þat matere growyth his malys. Page  74
Item, Memorandum of them that for fer of disclosid of her falsenes acusid odyr þat þey shuld not be thowth gilti hemsellf, and labour to haue þe matere handlid be her frend, þat þe trowth shuld not be trijd owt.

TO JOHN NORWODE Not before 1453

to John Norwode I lete you wete that Hache hath do no werk of myn where-fore he aught to haue receyvid any mony savyng only for the makyng of the litill hous a-bove the halle wyndownes, for the remenaunte was that fell down in his diffaute. And as for the makyng of that litill hous, he toke that in a comenaunte with makyng of too chymnyes of Ser Thomas Howys for xl s., which comenaunte may not hold be-cause that I must haue thre chymnyes and in a-nothere place.
Item, the seid litill hows drawyth not v thowsand tyle, which after xvj d. the thowsand shuld drawe vj s. viij d. Notwithstandyng, if Ser Thomas thynk that he shuld be a-lowyd mo [unclear] , he shall be. And ye must remembre how that he hath receyvid vj s. viij d. of you, and of Robert Tolle be-fore Halwemesse, as apperith in his accompt, viij s.. And he hath receyvid of Tolle sith Halwemesse v s. iiij d. And than be this rekenyng he shuld be xiij s. iiij d. a-fore hand, which I wuld ye shuld gadere vp in this newe werk as wele as ye myght, for I am be-hold to do hym but litill favour. Page  75
Item, be ware þer leve no firsis in þe deke þat ye repare, and þat þe wode be mad of fagot and leyd vp forthwith as it is fellid for taking away. I wold ye were her on Satirday at euyn [deleted in MS] thow ye red ageyn on Moneday. Jon Paston


Robertus Ledam

Thees be the persons that enformyd the justicez of the Kyngis Benche the last terme of suche ryottis as hath be don be Robert Ledham: the Lord Skales, Ser Thomas Todenham, Ser John Chalers, Edmond Clere, Watere George, John Alyngton, Gilbert Debenham, John Denston, William Whit, William Alyngton, Reynald Rows, John Berney, Richard Suthwell, John Paston, John Henyngham, Raff Shelton, Henry Grey. These be the names of the knyghtes and esquyers that endittyd Robert Ledham: Thomas Todenham, knyght, Androw Ogard, knyght, John Henyn [deleted in MS]gham, knyght, William Calthorp, esquyere, Bryan Stapelton, esquyere, Osbert Mondford, esquyer, John Groos, esquyere, William Rokwod, esquyere, Thomas Morlé, esquyere, Thomas Sholdham, esquyere, John Wyndham, esquyere, John Berney, esquyere, William Narbow, esquyere, John Chippysby, esquyere, William White, esquyere, John Bryston, esquyere, John Paston, esquyere. Page  76 These be dyvers of the ryottis and offensis don in the hundred of Blofeld in the counté of Norffolk, and in other townys, be Robert Lethum, otherwyse callyd Robert Ledham, of Wytton be Blofeld in the counté of Norffolk, and by his ryottys men and by othere of his affinitéz and knowleche, whos names folowyn, and that they contynually folow and ressorte vnto his hous and ther be supported and maynteynet and confortid. These be the principall menealle men of the sayd Robert Ledham ys hous be the whiche the sayd ryottys haue be don, that vse in substaunce non oþer occupacion but ryottys: in primis, John Cokett, Thomas Bury, Thomas Cokowe, Cristofere Bradlee, Elys Dukworth, William Donmowe, Cristofere Grenesheve, Rogere Chirche. Notwythstondyng the sayd Robert Ledham kypith dayly many mo in his house and chaungeth suche as haue be opponly knowyn for riottis and takith oþer for hem as evill as they. And these be the moost principale persons comyng and resortyng vnto the house of the sayd Robert Ledham, and t [unclear] her be supportid and mayntened in ryottis, be whom the sayd ryottes haue be don, that ys to sey: in primis, Robert Taillour, Henry Bang, Robert Dallyng, John Beston, Charles Navell, John the sone of Rogere Ratclyff, Robert Berton: notwythstondyng ther be money moo whos names ben vnknowyn. With the which persons and many moo vnknowyn the sayd Robert Ledham kept atte his hous in maner of a forcelet and issith ouute atte here pleaysoure and atte his lust the sayd Ledham to assigne; somtyme vj and somtyme xij, somtyme xxxti and moo, armyd, jakkid, and salettyd, with bowys and arrowys, speris, billys, and over-ryde the countrey and oppressid the Kyngis [deleted in MS] peple, and didde mony oryble and abhomynable dedes like to haue be destruccion of the enhabitantes in the sayd hundred, in the forme that folowyth, and warse: in primis, on the Monday next before Ester Day and the shire day, the xxx yere of oure souerayne lord the Kyng, x persons of the sayd riottours, with a brothere of the wyff of the sayd Robert Lethum, laye in awayte in the hyght way vnder Thorpe wode vppon Phillip Berney, esquyere, and his man comyng from the shire, and shette atte hym and smote the hors of the sayd Phillipp with arowes, and than over-rode hym and toke hym and bette hym and spoillid hym. And for thayr excuse of this ryot they ledde hym to the Bysshopp of Norwiche, axyng severté of the pees, wher they hadde never waraunt hym to areste. Which affray shorttyd the lyffdayes of the sayd Phillippe, whiche dyed withynne shorte tyme after the said affray. Page  77
Item, iij of the sayd riottys feloshipp, the same day, yere, and place, laye on awayte vppon Edmond Broune, gentilman, and with naked swerdes and oþer wepyng faght wyth hym be the space of on quarte of an houre, and toke and spoillyd hym, and kepte hym as long as them lyst and after that lette hym goo.
Item, xlti of the sayd riottys felowshipp, be the comaundement of the same Robert Lethum, jakket and saletted, with bowes, arowys, billys, and gleyves, oppon Mauyndy Thursday atte iiij of the clokke atte affter noune, the same yere, comyn to the White Freres in Norwyche and wold haue brokyn thayre yates and dorys, feynyng thaym that they wold hire thayre eveson; where they ware aunswered suche seruice was non vsed to be there, nor with-yn the sayd citee, atte that tyme of the daye, and prayd them to departe. And they aunswered and sayd that affore thayre departyng they wold haue some persons ouute of that place qwykke or dede, in somoch the sayd freris were fayn to kype thaire place with forsse. And the mayre and the sheriffs of the sayd cité were fayn to arere a powere to resyst the sayd riottis, which to hem on that holy tyme was tediose and heynous, consedryng the losse and lettyng of the holy seruice of that holy nyght. And theroppon the sayd ryotours departid.
Item, the sayd Robert Lethum, on the Monday nest after Esterne Day the same yere, toke from on John Wilton iiij neet for rent arere, as he said and killid hem and layd them in salte and afterward ete hem.
Item, the sayd Robert Lethum, with vj of his sayd ryottis, the same yere made assaute vppon John Wilton in Plumstede churche-yerde and theer so bete hym that he was in doute of his lyff; and also dede to hym many grete wronggys and oppression, vnto the vnto the vndoyng of the sayd John Wilton.
Item, in lyke wyse the sayd Robert Lethum and his men assauted on John Coke of Witton, in brekyng vppe his dorys atte a xj of the cloke in the nyght; and wyth thaire swerdys maymed hym and gaff hym vij grete wondys, and toke from hym certayn goodys and catalls, of the whiche he hadde, nor yitte hath, no remedy nor restitution.
Item, the same day and yere they bete the moder of the same John Coke, she beyng iiij xx yere of age and more, and smote hure vppon the crowne of here hed with a swerd; of the whiche hurte she myght never be helyd into the day of hure deth.
Item, John the sone of Hodge Ratc [deleted in MS]leff, and oþer of the sayd felowshipp, toke on Thomas Baret of Byrlyn [deleted in MS]gham out of his house, and bete hym and wondid hym that he kept his bedde a month, and toke from hym certayn goodes and catells. Page  78
Item, the sayd Robert Taillour, be-cause the sayd Thomas Baret complayned of the same betyng, lay in awayte oppon hym, with oþer of his feloushipp, and bete hym agayn.
Item, John Beston and the sayd Robert Taillour, and oþer of the sayd riottis felowshipp, toke on Thomas Byrden of Lyngewod and bete hym and prisoned hym till vnto suche tyme that he was delyuered by the mene of my lord of Norwych; and for that sorow, distres, and grete payne and betyng the sayd Thomas Byrden toke suche syknesse that he dyed.
Item, the sayd Robert Dallyng and Herry Bange, and oþer of the sayd felowshipp, toke and bete on Nicholas Chirche atte Strumpeshawe, beyng in the church of the same towne, that he was dout of his lyff.
Item, the sayd Robert Dallyng lay on awayt vppon Thomas Dallyng and hym grevously bete.
Item, on Middleynt Sunday the xxxti yere of oure soueraigne lorde the Kyng that now ys, Robert Dallyng, Robert Churche, Robert Taillour, Herry Bang, Adam atte More, with other vnknowyn, be the comaundement and assent of the sayd Robert Ledham, made affray vppon Herry Smyth and Thomas Chambre atte Suthbirlyn [deleted in MS]gham, the sayd Herry and Thomas at that tyme knelyng to see the vsyng of the masse, and than and there wold haue kyllyd the sayd Herry and Thomas atte the prestys bakke, ne had they be lettyd.
Item, the sayd Robert Lethum, with his sayd ryottis felawshipp, the same yere dide and made so many ryottis in the hundred where he dwellyth that dyuers and many gentilmen, frankeleyns, and good men durst not abyde in here mansyon place ne ryde noþer walke aboute thaire occupacions without mo persons arrayd in maner and forme of werre attendyng and waytyng vppon them than thayr lyvelode wold extende to fynde hem. And so, for sauacion of thaire lyves and in eschewyng of suche inordinat costys as neuer was seen in that countrey befor, many of them forsoke and leffte thare owyn habitacion, wyff and childe, and drewe to forteresses and good townes as for that tyme: in primis, Phillipp Berney, esquyer, Edmond Broom to Castre; Thomas Hollere, John Wylton to Norwych: Oliuere Kubyte to Seynt Benettis; Robert Spany to Aylesham, Thomas Baret with many othere to Meche Yermouth and to oþer placys of strenght.
Item, the sayd Robert Ledham, contynuyng in this wyse, callyd vnto hym his sayd mysgoverned felowshipp, consydryng the absence of many of the well-rewlyd people of the sayd hundred of affere-cast malice, and congected, purposed, and labored to the sheriff of the shire that the sayd Rogere Chirche, on of the sayd riottous felawshipp, was made bailly Page  79of the hundred, and affter causid the same Rogger to be begynnere of arysyng and to take oppon hym to be a captayn, and to excite the peple of the countrey þerto; and ther-oppon, be covyne of the sayd Robert Ledham, to appeche all these sayd well-rewlyd persons and aswell oþer diuers substanciall men of good fame and good gouernaunce that were hated be the sayd Robert Ledham, and promittyng the sayd Rogger harmeles and to sew his pardon be the mene of Danyell. To the which promyse the sayd Roggere aggreed, and was arested and take be the sayd Ledham be covyne betwixt hem, and appeched suche persons as they lust to the entente that the sayd substanciall men of the countré shuld be by that mene so trowblyd and indaungered that they shuld not be of powere to lette and resist the mys-rewle of the sayd Ledham and his mysgouerned felawshipp; the whiche mater ys confessid by the sayd Roger Chirch.
Item, William Berton and John Berton and othere of the sayd ryottis come into the place of on Robert Spany of Poswyke and serched his housez, hous be hous, for to haue bete hym yf they myght haue founde hym.
Item, William Donmowe, seruaunt of the sayd Robert Ledham, and by his comaundement, the same yere bete the parson of Hashyngham and brake his hede in his owyn chauncell.
Item, the sayd Thomas Bery, Elys Dukworth, Thomas Cukowe, George of Chamer, the v day of Novembre last past, with diuers oþer onknowyn men onto the nombre of xx persons, and noman of reputacion among hem, come vndur colour of huntyng and brake vppe gatys and closys of Osburne Monford atte Brayston. And xij persons of the same felowshipp, with bowys bent and arowys redy in thaire handys, abode alone be-twixt the manere of Brayston and the chirche, and there kept hem from vij of the clokke on þe mornyng vnto iij of the clokk after none, lyyng in awayte oppon the seruauntez of the sayd Osburne Monford, lorde of the sayd maner, so that nonne durst come ouut for doute of thaire lyves.
Item, viij of the sayd felowshipp, on the Wennesday next affter, prevely in an hole layn in awayte oppon William Eworth and Robert Camplyon, seruauntz to the sayd Osburn Montford, comyng from Okyll market, till that tyme that the said William Owell and Robert come vppon hem onwarre, and theruppon chasid hem so that yf they had not be well horssyd and well askapped they had ben dede and slayne.
Item, vj or vij of the sayd Ledamys men dayly, boyth workeday and haly day, vse to goo aboute in the countrey with bowys and arowys, Page  80shotyng and playng in mennys closis among mennys [deleted in MS] catall, goyng from alhous to alhousez and manassyng suche as they hated, and soght occasion and quarels and debate.
Item, notwithstandyng that all the lyvelod that the sayd Ledham hath passith not xx li., be-sydes the reparacion and outchargez, and that he hath no connyng ne trew mene of getyng of any good in this countré as fer as any man may conceyve, and yette kypith in his house dayly xx men, besydes women and gret multitude of suche mysgoverned peple as ben resortyng to hym, as ys aboue sayd, to the whiche he yevith clothyng, and yitte bysyde that he yevith to oþer men that be not dwellyng in his household. And of the said xx men ther passith not viij that vse occupacion of husbondrye; and all they that vse husbondrye, as well as oþer, be jakked and salettid redy for to werre, which yn this countrey ys thoght ryght strange, and ys verely so conceyved that he may not kepe this countenaunce be no good menes.
Item, the sayd Ledham hath a supersedias oute of the Chauncerie for hym and diuers of hys men, that no warant of justice of pees may be serued agayn hem.
Item, please vnto your lordshipp to remembre that the sayd Ledham and his sayd mysgoverned feloushipp be endited of many of these articles, and of many moo not comprehendit here, and in especiall of the sayd rysyng agayn the Kyng. Wherfore, though the sayd Ledham can prove the sayd enditement of treson voyde in the lawe for symplenesse of them that gaffe the verdit, that it lyke you, for the Kyngis availl, not redely to suffre the sayd Ledham to departe atte large vnto the tyme that the mater of the sayd enditement be better enquered of for the Kyngis avayll, and that the sayd Ledham fynde surté of his good aberyng. And the inhabytauntz of the sayd hundred of Blofeld shall pray for you; and els they be lyke to be destruyd for euer.

TO THE EARL OF OXFORD 1454, 03, 31

Right wurchepfull and my right especiall lord, I recomaund me to yowre Page  81gode lordshep, besechyng youre lordshep that ye take not to displesauns thow I write you as I here say: that Agnes Denyes, be the meanes of your lordshep and of my lord the Cardynall, hos sowle God assoyle and forgeve, was set in preson beyng with child; which, and the sorough and shame there-of, was nygh here deth, and yet dayly is vexed and trobled, and here seruauntes in like wyse, to the vttermest distruccion of here person and godes. In which, my lord, at the reuerens of God, remembre that she was maried be you, and be my meanes be your comaundment and writyng, and drow there-to full sore a-geyn here entent in the be-gynnyng, and was worth v c marc. and better, and shuld haue had a gentilman of this contré of an c marc. of lond and wele born, ne had be your gode lordshep and writyng to here and me. And this considered in your wise discrecion, I trost, my lord, thow here prisonyng were of oderes labore ye wuld help here; and if she be distroyd be this mariage my conscyens thynketh I am bownd to recompense here after my pore and sympill power. My lord, ye know I had litill cause to do for Thomas Denyes, savyng only for your gode lordshep. Also, my lord, I know wele that Watere Ingham was bete, the matere hangyng in myn a-ward, right fowle and shamefully; and also how the seid Thomas Denyes hath this last terme, a-geyn your nobill estat, right vn-wysely demened hym to his shame and grettest rebuke that euer he had in his lyve; where-fore it is right wele do his person be ponysshed as it pleaseth you. But this not withstondyng, for Goddes loue, my lord, remembre how the gentilwoman is accombred only for yowre sake, and help here; and if aught lyth in my powere to do that that myght please yowre lordshep, or cowde fynde any wey for Water Ingham a-vayll and wurchep, I wull do it to my powere, and the rathere if your lordshep support the jentilwoman, for I know the matere and that longe plee is litill a-vayll, and euery thing must haue an ende. I haue told my brothere Mathew Drury more to enfourme yowre lordshep than I may haue leysere to write for his hasty departyng. Right wurchepfull and my right especiall lord, I besech Allmyghty God send you asmych joy and wurchep as euer had any of my lordes yowre aunceteres, and kepe you and all yowres. Wretyn at Norwich the iiij Sonday of Lent. Yowre seruaunte to his powre, John Paston Page  82

TO LORD GREY: DRAFT 1454, 07, 15

dominus de Grey.

Right worshipfull and my ryght gode lord, I recommand me to yowre godelordship; and where as it pleasyd yowre lordship to dyrecte yowr lettere to me for a maryage fore my pore suster to a jantylman of yowre knowlech of ccc marc. lyflod in cas she were not maryd, wherefore I am gretely bownd to do your lordship servyse, forsoþe my lord she is not marijd ne jnsurid to noman. Ther is, and hath be dyvers tymys and late comunycacion of seche maryagys wyth dyuers jantylmen not determynyd as yett; and wheddere the jantylman þat yowre lordchip menith of be on of hem or nay I dowth. And where as your seyd lettere specyfyith that I shuld send yow word wheddere I thowght ye shuld labour ferthere in the matere or nay, in that, my lord, I dare not preswme to wryte so to yow wythowte I knew the gentylmans name. Notwythstandyng, my lord, I shall take uppe-on me, wyth the avyse of othere of here frendys, that she shall nothere be marijd ner inswryd to no creatwre, ne forthere prosede in no seche matere, before the fest of the Assumpcion of Owre Lady next comyng; dwryng whyche tyme yowre lordship may send me, if itt please yow, certeyn informacion of the seyd gentylmannys name, and of the place and contrey where hys lyfflod lyth, and wheddere he hath any chyldere. And after I shall demene me in the matere as yowre lordship shall be pleasyd. For jn gode feyth, my lord, it were to me grette joy that my seyd pore sustere were, acordin [deleted in MS]g to her pore degré, marijd be yowre avyse, trustyng thanne that ye wold be here gode lord. Ryght wurchipfull and my ryght gode lord, I beseche Almyghty God to haue yow in his kepyng. Wrete att Norwych the xv day of Jull Page  83


Right hy and myghty prynce, my right gode and gracyous lord, I recomand me to your godelordship, &c.; and please itt your Hyghnesse to wete þat Ser Philip Wentewurth purchasid þe Kyngis patentis of the ward of the heyere and londes of a pore kynnesman of myne called John Fastolf of Cowhawe, late passed to God, to þe grett hurte and distrucion aswell of þe inheritance of þe seyd heyer as interrupcion and breking of the last will of the seyd John, and also to my grett troble and dammage. And for asmeche as it fortowned be grase the seyd patentes to be mystake so þat they were not laufull ne suffycyent, be avyce of conceyll certeyn persones to myn vse purchesid be the Kyngis letteres patentes suffycyent and laufull of the ward of the seyd londes, and the rigth of these bothe patentis hath be putte in juges and lerned men, affor hom the seyd Ser Philipp ne his conceyll cowd neuer prove hes tytill lawfull be his seyd patenti [deleted in MS]s; and þis notwythstanding, intendith be fors, as I vnderstand, to take þe profytes of þe seyd londis ageyns all lawe and concyence; beseching your lordchip to tender me in myn age and sekenesse þat may not ryde ne help myself, and of your habundant grace to supporte me in my right þat I be not be fors, ageyns lawe and Page  84concyence, kepte from þe possescion of þe seyd londes in this contré wher ye be prynce and souereyn next owre souereyn lord.

TO JAMES GLOYS: DRAFT 1455, 07, 25?

To Ser Jamis Gloys Ther be dyuers thyngis in your letter, sent to me, on that a slawn [deleted in MS]derus noyse shuld renne ageyns Yeluerton, Alyn [deleted in MS]gton, and me to brynge us owte of the conceytis of the puple be Heydon and his dyscyplis of a bill that shuld haue do put uppe in-to the parlement ageyns my lord of Norwich and odir. I lete yow wete this is the furst day þat I herd of any seche, but I wold wete the namys of hem that vttere this langage and the mater of the bill. As for my lord of Norwych, I suppose ye know I haue not Page  85vsid to meddel wyth lordis materis meche forther than me nedith. And as for Ser Thomas Todynham, he gaff me no cawse of late tyme to labour ageyns hym, and also of seche mater I know non deffaut in hym. And as for Heydon, when I putte a bill ageyns hym I suppose he shall no cause have, ne his discyplis nothere, to avante of so short a remedy þer-of as ye wrygth they sey now. As for that ye desyre þat I shuld send yow word what ye shuld sey in this mater, I pray yow to in this and all oþer lyke ask þe seyeris if þei will abyd be þer langage, and as for me sey I purpose me to take no mater uppon me butt þat I woll abyde by, and in lek wys for Yeluerton [deleted in MS] and Alin [deleted in MS]gton. And that ye send me the namys of them that ye wryte þat herd this langage and seyd shrewydly, and what they seyd, and that ye remembre what men of substance wer ther that herde itt; for if this can be dreve to Heydon or his dissyplis, as ye wryte, it wer a gode preve þat they fere to be appelyd of seche materis. And I thank yow for your godwill. Wrete att Norwych on Seynt James Day, &c [deleted in MS].


To my Maister Fastolf at Castre in Norffolk.

Ryght worshypfull ser and my ryght gode maister, I recommaund me to yow. Please yov to wete that yerstenday I and othyr of youres were at Page  86your manere of Bentlay, whych ys ryght a fayre manere, and yn the shrewdest reule and gouernaunce that euer I sawe. Ye hafe had so manye officers and reulers there whych hafe caused dyuers parties kept yn your toune, to grete trouble of your tenauntes, and som for ylle wylle hafe be put owte of her landes, and your land leten by your officers to your hurt and othyr men ys grete avaylle. And there ys owyng yow by som man for vj yeere, som man for vij yeere, and som lesse and more to the somme of c li. before Myghellmasse; and besyde that for Estern pay drawyth xl li. owyng. The worst mater for yow that we hafe to doo ys that there ys so grete debt lyeng vppon your tenauntes at ones to rere, but we shall do the best that we may; for we be sure of gentlemen of the contree to wayt vppon ws and to help ws yn that at nedeth. And yerstenday there were many wyth ws; and Herry Sotehill of your lerned councell was there and hath tolde ws the weyes yn the lawe for remedye. Your tenauntes and accomptantes be full obedyent to ws, but they be ferd off debt; but we shall entrete hem as feyre as we can till we be sure. And yn asmoch as Barker sent me word that the atteynt hald not, we shall tarye the lenger; for I purpose to take a full conclusyon or I com thens. The Lord Egremont sent for my brother and tolde hym he wold see yow homward as he supposed; and therfor be ye avysed whate grauntes ye make, for ye hafe made to manye. Also y may lete Bentlay and hafe seurtee and it drew v c marc a yeere, but I can not take vppon me till I speke wyth yow because of þe trobill of þe letin [deleted in MS]g of Wyghton, and also till Scrope hath spoke wyth yow, whych wille be wyth yow at thys tyme, as he seyd to me. Ser, please your maistershyp that som seruaunt of youres may survey my stabler yn my close at Maltby, as Robert Lynne or W. Eton or som othyre; but y wold hafe none of Rauff Wodreffes kynnesmen, for here ys hys eme, as lyke hym of condicions and contenaunce as euere I sawe onye. And Ovr Lord have yow in his kepin [deleted in MS]g. Wret at Doncaster þe Wednisday in Pentecost Weke. Yowres to his power, Jon Paston T. Howys Page  87


copia voluntatys Fastolf Anno Domini millesimo quadringentesimo quinquagesimo nono, mensis Novembris videlicet die Sabbati proximo post festum Omnium Sanctorum, Johannes Fastolff, miles, de comitatu Northfolchie, Norwicensis diocesis, in manerio suo de castre, dicte diocesis, quoad bona sua immobilia suam vltimam declarauit voluntatem prout sequitur:

John Fastolff, knyght, the secunde and þe thirde day of the moneth of Nouembre, the yere of the reigne of King Henry the Sexte aftir the Conquest xxxviij yers, being of longe tyme, as he said, in purpos and wille to fo [unclear] unde and stablissh withynne the gret mansion at Castre by hym late edified a college of vij religious men, monkes or seculer prestes, and vij porefolke, to pray for his soule and þe soulys of his wife, his fadir [unclear] and modir, and other þat he was beholde to, imperpetuité; and forasmuch as he had, as he rehercid, a very truste and loue to his cosyn John Paston, and desired the parfourmyng of the purpoos and wille forsai [unclear] d to be accomplisshed, and that the said Sir John shulde not be mevid ne sterid in his owne persone for þe said accomplisshing of þe said purpoos and wille, ne with noon other worldly maters but at his oune request and plesire, wolde, graunted, and ordeyned that the said John Paston shalle, withynne resonable tyme aftir þe dissese of þe said Sir John, doo founde and stablissh in þe said mansion a college of vij monkes or prestes and vij porefolke, forto pray for the soulys abouesaid imperpetuité; so that one of the said monkes or prestes be maister, and haue x li. yerely, and ich oþir monke or preste x marc. yerely, and ich of the porefolke xl s. yerely, and þat the said John Paston shalle make sure to the said collegions a sufficient roume and a competent and an esy duelling place in the said mansion, the said collegions nor her successours bering no charge of reparacion therof. For which, and for othir charges and labours þat þe said John Paston hath doon and take vppon hym, to þe eas and profite of þe said John Fastolf, and for othir consideracions by hym rehercid, the said Sir John Fastolff wolde, graunted, and ordeyned that þe said John Paston shalle haue alle þe maners, landes, and tenementes in Northfolk [deleted in MS], Southfolk, and Norwich in which the said John Paston or any other are or were enfeffed or haue title to þe vse of the said Sir John Fastolf; and at alle þe feffees infeffed in þe said maners, londes, and tenementes shalle make and deliuer astate of þe said maners, landes, and tenementes to such persones, at such tymes, and in such forme as þe said John Paston, his heirs, and his assignes shalle requere thaym or any of thayme. And that the said John Paston shall pay to othir of the said Sir Johns executours iiij ml marc. of laufulle money of England in þe fourme þat folweth, that is to say: where þe said Sir John hadde apointed and assigned that his executours shalle, þe firste yere aftir his disses, dispoos for his soule and parfourmyng his wille a ml marc. or a ml li. of money, and yerely aftir viij c marc. tille þe goodes be disposed, the said John Paston shalle pay iche othir yere þe said summe of viij c marc. tille þe summe of iiij ml marc. be paid, so þat þe said mevabill Page  89goodes shalle þe lenger endure to be disposed, by þ' avise of his executours, for þe said soulys. And also þe said Sir John said, forasmuch as it was the very wille and entent of þe said Sir John þat the said John Paston shulde be thus avauntaged and in no wise hurte of his propir goodes, therefore þe said Sir John wolde and [deleted in MS] graunted that if the said John Paston, aftir the dissese of the said Sir John, by occasion and vnlaufulle trouble in þis reame, or by mayntenaunce or myght of lordes, or for defaute of iustice, or by vnresonable exaccions axid of hym for þe licence of þe said fundacion, withoute coveyne or fraude of hym-selue, be lettid or taried of þe making or stablesshing of þe making of þe said fundacion, that thanne he fynde or doo finde yerely aftir þe first yere of the dissese of the said Sir John vij prestes to pray for þe said soulys in þe said mansion, if he can purvey so many, or els for asmany prestes as faile yeue yerely aftir þe said first yere, by þ' auise of his executours, to bedredmen and othir nedy true pepille asmuch money in almose for the said sowlys as the salary or findyng of the prestes so faillyng is worthe or amounteth to, vnto the tyme he may laufully and peasably founde the said college and doo his true devir for the said fundacion in the meane tyme. And the said Sir John Fastolf wolde, graunted, and desired faithfully alle the resedewe of his executours and feffees to shewe the said John Paston fauoure in the said paymentes and daies, and help hym for the Kinges interesse and the eschetours, and furthir hym in that thay may in alle othir thinges as they wolde doo to hym-selue, and not vex ne inquiete hym for the said fundacion in the meane tyme. Ande where the said Sir John Fastolf made his wille and testament the xiiij day of June in somer last passed, he wolde, graunted, and ordeyned that this his wille touching thes premissez, aswelle as the said wille made the said xiiij day, except and voided oute of his said wille made the said xiiij day alle that concerneth or perteyneth to the fundacion of a college, priory, or chauntery, or of any religious persones, and alle that concerneth the sale or disposing of the said maners, landes, and tenementes, wherof this is the very declaracion of his full wille, stand and be ioyntly his very enteir and laste wille, and annexed and proued togedir. Also the said Sir John Fastolf, knyght, the Tuysday next before the fest of All Saintes, and in þe moneth of Septembre the said yere, and the iij day of Novembre, and diuerse other tymes, at Ca [unclear] stre aforesaid, wolde, ordenyd, and declared his wille touching the making of the said college, aswelle as the graunte of the said maners, landes, and tenementes in Norffolk, Suffolk, and Norwich, in fourme, manere, and substance aforeseid. Also the said Sir John wolde and ordeyned that, if the said John Paston by force or myght of any othir desiring to haue the said mansion were Page  90letted to founde the seid college in the said mansion, that thanne the said John Paston shulde doo poule doun the said mansion and euery stone and stikke therof, and do founde iij of the said vij prestes or monkes at Saincte Benettes, and one at Yermuth, one at Attilbrugh, and one at Sainte Oloves church in Southwerk. Also the said Sir John Fastolf, the iij and the iiij daies of the moneth of Nouembir aforesaid, desired his said wille in writyng touching the fundacion of the said college and the graunte of the said maners, landes, and tenementes to the said John Paston to be redde vnto the said Sir John; and that same wille redde and declared vnto hym articulerly, the said Sir John Fastolf wolde, ordeyned, and graunted that the said John Paston shulde be discharged of the payment of the said iiij ml markes, and noght pay therof in case he did execute the remenaunte of the said wille. Also the said Sir John Fastolf, knyght, aboute the tyme of hervest the yere of þe reigne of King Henry the Sexte xxxvth yere, at Castre faste by Mikel Yermuth in the shire of Norffolk, in presence of diuers persones that tyme called to by the said Sir John, did make astate and feffement and liuerey of the season of the maner of Castre aforesaid, and othir maners, landes, and tenementes in Norffolk, to John Paston, squier, and othir; and at that lyuerey of season therof deliuered, aswelle by the handes of the said Sir John as by other, the said Sir John Fastolf by his owne mouth declared his wille and entente of that feffement and liverey of season made to the vse of the said Sir John asfor during his live onlye, and aftir his decese to the vse of the said John Paston and his heirs. And also the said Sir John said and declared that þe said John Paston was the best frende and helper and supporter to the said Sir John, and that was his wille that the said John Paston shulde haue and enherite the same maners, landes, and tenementes and othir aftir his decese, and there to duelle and abide and kepe householde; and desired Davn William Bokenham, Priour of Yermouth, and Raufe Lampet, squier, Bailly of Yermouth, that tyme present, to recorde the same. Also the said Sir John Fastolf, the vj day of July next aftir the tyme of the sealing of his wille made the xiiij day of June the xxxv of King Henry the Sexte, and aftir in þe presence of Davn William Bokenham, that tyme Prioure of Yermouth, and other, wolde, ordeyned, and declared his [unclear] wille that the said John Paston shulde haue alle thynges as the said Sir John had graunted and declared to the said Prioure and othir at the tyme of the said asta [unclear] te and feffement made to the said [unclear] John Paston the said xxxv yere of King Henry the vjth, the said Sir John seyng that he was of the same wille and purpoos as he was and decla [unclear] red at the tyme of th [unclear] e said astate takyng. Page  91Also the said Sir John wolde that John Paston and Thomas Howes, and noon othir of his executours, shulde selle alle maners [unclear] , landes, and tenementes in whiche any persones were enfeffed to the vse of the said Sir John, excepte the said maners, landes, and tenementes in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Norwich; and the same John Paston and Thomas Howes shalle take and receyve the profites, ysshueys, and emolumentes commyng of the said maners, landes, and tenementes, excepte before except, tille thay may resonably be solde; and that the said John Paston and Thomas the money commyng of the same sale, aswelle of the said proufites, ysshuys, and emolumentes, shulde dispoos in dedys of almose for the soule of the said Sir John and the soulys aforesaid, and in [unclear] executyng of his wille ande testament. And also the said Sir John wolde that alle the feffees enfeffed in the said maners, landes, and tenementes assigned to be solde, whanne thay be required by the said John Paston and Thomas Howes, shalle make astate to persone or persons as the said John Paston and Thomas shalle selle to the said maners, landes, and tenementes, or any parte therof; and that noon othir feffé nor the executours of the said Sir John shall make any feffement, relece, ne quitaunce of any londes before assigned to be solde þat wer at any tyme longing to the said Sir John, withoute þe assente of the said John Paston and Thomas Howes. datum anno Domini, mense, die, et loco supradictis.


To my trusty cosyn Margaret Paston at Norwich be this delyvered To Richard Calle at Castere be this deliuerid in hast.

I recomaunde me to you, letyng you witte þat I sent a letter to John Russe and Richard Kalle that thei, by th' aduyse of Watkyn Shipdam and William Barker, shuld send me word of whom alle the maneres, londes, and tenementes þat were Ser John Fastolffes wern holde, preyng you þat ye wole do them spede them in þat matier. And if my feodaryes whiche lye in þe tye of my gret cofyr may ought wisse ther-in, lete them se it. Page  92
Item, I wolde that William Barker shulde send me a copye of þe olde trauerse of Tychewell and Beyton. And lete Richard Kalle spede hym hidderward, and come by Snaylwel and take suyche mony as may be getyn there; and þat he suffre not þe mony þat þe tenauntes owe to come in þe fermours handes.
Item, þat he come by Cambrigge and bryng with hym Maister Brakkelés licence from þe prouynciall of þe Grey Freres. I prey you recomaunde me to my modir. Wretyn at London the Thursday next to-fore Middesomer. John Paston


To my wurschipfull coosyn Margaret Paston be this delyuerd in haste.

I recomaunde me vnto you, letyng you witte that your vnkyll John Berney is deed, whoos soule God haue mercy; desyryng you to sende for Thomas Holler and enquere of hym wher his goode is and what he is wurthe, and that he take goode eede to all suche goodes as he had, bothe meveable and on-mevable, for I vndre-stande that he is wurthe in money v c marke and in plate to the valwe of other v c marke, beside other goodes. Wherfor I wolde ye schulde not lete hym wete of his dissese vnto the tyme that ye had enquered of the seide Thomas Holler of all suche maters as be a-bovyn wreten. And whan he hathe enformed you therof, than lete hym wete verely that he is deede; desiryng hym that no man come on-to his place at Redham but hym-selfe vnto the tyme that I come.
Item, I lete you witte that gret parte of his goode is at William Tauerners, as I vndrestande. Thomas Holler woll telle you justely the Page  93trouthe, as I suppose; and desyre hym on my behalfe that he doo soo. And ther is writyng therof, and telle Thomas Holler that I and he be executours named. And therfore lete hym take heede that the goodes be kept saffe, and that no body knowe wher it shall lie but ye and Thomas Holler. And Thomas Holler, as your vnkyll tolde me, is prevy wher all his goode lithe, and all his writyng; and so I wol that ye be prevy to the same for casualté of deethe, and ye too schalbe his executours for me as longe as ye doo trewly, as I trowe verely ye woll. Wreten at London the xxviijti day of Jule. Yowre Jon Paston I requer yow be of god cumffoort and be not heuy if ye wil do owth for me.


To þe Kyng ouyr souerayn lord Ples yowyr Hyghnes of yowyr abundant grace in consyderacion of þe seruys and plesur þat yowyr Hyghnes knowyth to yow don by William Paston, late on of yowyr jugys and old seruaunt to þat nobyll prinse yowyr fadyr, to graunt on-to John Paston, esquyer, sone and heyir of the seyd Page  94 Wylliam, yowyr lettrys patentys vnder þe seel of yowr [deleted in MS] Duché of Lancaster being in þe kepin [deleted in MS]g of Thomas Tresham aftyr affecte of note folowyng; and he schall pray to God for yow.

Rex &c. Sciatis quod de gracia nostra speciali et ex mero motu nostro ac pro bono et laudabyli seruicio quod dilectus et fidelis nobis Willelmus Paston, nuper vnus justiciariorum nostrorum, defunctus, nobis in vita sua jnpendydit, consessimus et hac presenti carta nostra confirmauimus, in quantum in nobis est, Johanni Paston, armigero, filio et heredi dicti Willelmi, viginti tria mesuagia, quingintas triginta et iiij acras pasture, bruere, et marissy in villis de Paston, Edythorp, et Bakton in comitatu nostro Norff' quas diuersi tenentes nostri ibidem de nobis separatim natiue tenent ad uoluntatem nostram per virgam siue copiam et per serta redditus et seruissia natiua annualia inde nobis reddenda que ad valorem novem librarum annuatim extendunt vel infra. Concessimus eciam eidem Johanni curiam lete seu visus franciplegij nostri in villis de Paston et Edithorp predictis, que est annui valoris viij solidorum per estimacionem, ad quatuor libratas, quatuor solidatas, et octo denariatas redditus. Redditum octo boschellorum auenarum et trium caponum, cum pertinensijs in villis predictis ac in villis Wytton et Casewyk in comitatu predicto, percipiendum anuatim de omnibus et singulis liberys tenentibus nostris ibidem pro tenementis suis qui de nobis separatim tenent in eisdem villis vna cum fidelitatibus et alijs seruicis eorundem tenentium et eorum cuiuslibet de seu pro tenementis illis et eorum qualibet parcella nobis debitis siue pertinentibus. Concessimus eciam eidem Johanni et heredibus suis officium parcarie ac costidie parci nostri de Gymyngham in comitatu nostro predicto vna cum proficuo agistamenti bestiarum eiusdem parci pro vadijs suis pro officio predicto anuatim percipiendo, saluis nobis et heredibus nostris sufficienti pastura ferarum nostrarum ibidem vt tempore nostro prius vsitatum fuit, quod quidem proficuum agistamenti ad valorem x marcarum extendit per annum, habenda, tenenda, et percipienda predicta messuagia, tarram, pasturam, brueram, mariscum, curiam lete et visus franciplegij, redditus et seruisscia, officium et agistamenti proficuum, cum pertinencijs, prefato Johanni et heredibus suis de nobis et heredibus nostris per fidelitatem et redditum vnius rose rubie ad festum Natiuitatis Sancti Johannis Baptiste annuatim nobis solvendum, si petatur, pro omnibus seruicijs, exaccionibus, et demandis. Eo quod messuagia, terra, pastura, bruera, mariscus, curia lete, redditus, seruicia predicta, officium et agistamenti proficuum valorem supra specificatum non excedant vel valorem illam non attingant, aut aliquo actu, restriccione, seu mandato facto, edito, aut proviso non obstante. Volumus eciam et assignavimus quod omnes illi qui per nos seu ad vsum nostrum jus, titulum, seu statum in premissis seu aliquo premissorum habuerunt seu habent, nobis ante hec non relaxatum, jus, titulum, et statum illa prefato Johanni et heredibus suis dimittent et relaxent. In cuius.


To my cosyn Margaret Paston

I recomaund me to yow, letyng yow wete þat the vndershreve doughtyth hym of John Berney; wherfore I pray yow bryng hem to-gedyr and set hem acord if ye can, so þat the seyd vndershreve be sure þat he shall not be hurt be hym ner of hys cuntrymen. And yf he woll not, lete hym verely vndyrstonde þat he shall be compellyd to fynd hym suerté of the pes, magry in hys heed; and þat shall nowther be profitabyll ner worchepfull. And lete hym wete þat there have be many compleyntes of hym be þat knavyssh knyght Ser Miles Stapilton, as I sent yow word before; but he shall come to hys excuse wele jnow so he have a mannys hert, and the seyd Stapylton shall be vndyrstand as he ys, a fals shrewe. And he and hys wyfe and other have blaveryd here of my kynred in hodermoder, but be þat tyme we have rekned of old dayes and late dayes myn shall be found more worchepfull thanne hys and hys wyfes, or ellys I woll not for Page  96hys gilt gypcer. Also telle the seyd Berney þat the shreve ys in a dought whedyr he shall make a newe eleccion of knyghtes of the shyre be-cause of hym and Grey, where-in it were bettyr for hym to have the shreves good wyll.
Item, me thynkyth for quiete of the cuntré it were most worchepfull þat as wele Berney as Grey shuld get a record of all suche þat myght spend xl s. a yere þat were at the day of eleccion, whech of them þat had fewest to geve it vp as reson wold. Wretyn at London on Relyk Sonday.
Item, þat ye send a-bought for syluer acordyng to the old bylle þat I sent yow from Lynne. John Paston


To my mastres Paston and Richard Calle.

j. First, that Richard Calle fynde the meane that a distresse may be taken of such bestes as occupie the ground at Stratton, and that cleyme and contynuans [unclear] be made of my possession in any wise and that thei be not suffrid to occupie with-owt thei compoune with me; and that aftir the distresse taken the vndirshreve be spoke with-all that he make no replevyn with-out agrement or a-poyntement taken, that the right of the lond may be vndirstand. ij. Item, I here sey the peple is disposed to be at the shire at Norwich on Sen Lauerauns Day for th' affermyng of that thei have do afore, wherof I hold me wele content if thei do it of her owne disposicion; but I woll not be the cause of the labour of hem ner ber no cost of hem at Page  97this tyme, for be þe lawe I am suer befor, but I am wel a-payed it shall be on han halyday for lettyng of the peples werk. I vndirstand ther shall be labour for a coroner that day, for ther is labour made to me for my good wyll here, and I wyll no thyng graunt with-owt the vnder-shreves assent, for he and I thought that Richard Bloumvyle were good to that occupacion. Item, ye shall vndirstand that the vndirshreve was some-what flekeryng whill he was here, for he informyd the Kyng that the last eleccion was not peasibill, but the peple was iakkyd and saletted and riottously disposid, and put hym in fere of his lyfe; wherefore I gate of hym the writte whech I send yow herwith, to that entent thow any fals shrewe wold labour he shuld not be sure of the writ. And therfore ye most se that the vndirshreve have the writ at the day in case the peple be gadered, and thanne lete th' endentures be made vp or er they departe. iij. Item, that ye remembyr Thomas Denys wyfe that her husbond had diuers billes of extorcion don be Heydon and other, whech that he told me that his seid wyfe beryid whan the rumour was, so that thei were ny roten. Bidde her loke hem vp and take hem yow. iiij. Item, as for the seyd distreynyng at Stratton, I wold that Dawbeney and Thomas Bon shuld knowe the closes and the ground, that thei myght attende ther-to that Richard were not lettyd of other occupacions; and I wold this were do as sone as is possibill or I come home. Not withstandyng I trowe I shall come home or the shire, but I woll nat it be knowe till the same day, for I woll not come there with-owt I be sent fore be the peple to Heylisdoune. Not withstandyng, and the peple were wele auertised at that day they shuld be the more redy to shewe the oribyll extorcions and briborys that hath be do vpon hem to the Kyng at his comyng, desyring hym that he shuld not have in fauour the seyd extorcioners but compelle hem to make amendes and sethe to the pore peple. v.Item, that Berney and Richard Wright geve such folkys warnyng as wyll compleyne to be redy with her billes if thei list to have any remedy. vj. vij. Item, that the maters ayens Ser Miles Stapilton at Aylesham may be remembyrd. Also if ye can be any craft get a copy of the bille that Ser Miles Stapilton hath of the corte rolles of Gemyngham, that ye fayle not but assay and do yowre devyr, for that shuld preve some men Page  98shamefully fals. Master Braklé seyd he shuld a get oon of Freston. I wold he shuld assay, or ellys parauenture Skypwith or ellys Master Sloley, for if Stapilton were boren in hande that he shuld be founde fals and ontrewe and first founder of that mater, he wold bothe shewe the bille and where he had it. viij. Item, I wold the prestis of Caster wer content for Midsomer term. ix. Item, ther is a whith box with evidens of Stratton in on of the canvas baggis jn the gret cofir or in the spruse chestt - Richard Call knowith it well; and therin is a ded of feffement and a letter of atorné mad of þe seyd londis in Stratton to John Dam, W. Lomnour, Richard Call, and John Russe. I wold a new dede and letter of atorné [deleted in MS] were mad owth theroff be tho feffees of þe same land to Thome Grene, Tho [deleted in MS]me Playter, þe par [deleted in MS]son of Heylisdon, Jacobo Gloys, klerk, Johann [deleted in MS]i Pampin [deleted in MS]g, and that the ded ber date nowh and þat it be selid at þe next shire; for than I suppose þe seyd feffés will be there, if it may not be don er that tym. I wold haue þe seyd dedis leyd in a box, both old and new, and left secretly at Richard Thornis hows at Stratton, þat whan I com homward [deleted in MS] I might [deleted in MS] fynd it ther and mak seson and stat to be take whil I wer there. Wret at London on Lammes Day.


Page  99

Shewyth and lowly compleynith on-to your good lordship John Paston the older, squier, that where Ser John Fastolff, knyght, cosyn to your seid besecher, was seasid of diuers maners, londes and tenementes in Norffolk, Suffolk, and Norwich the xxvij yere of Kyng Herry that was, and therof infeffid diuers persones to execute and performe his will, and mad his will in especiall that a college of vij monkes shuld be stabilisshed, founded, and indewed with-inne a plase late be the seid Ser John edified at Caster be the see in Norffolk, and certeyn livelode to be inmortesid therto to pray for his sowle, his faderes and moderes, in forme and maner as in his will mad at that tyme more pleynly specifith, whech will and feffement continued till the xxxv yere of the seid late kyng; and aftir, vpon diuers comunicacions had be diuers personys with the seid Ser John Fastolff, and vpon diuers consideracions [unclear] mevid to hym, the seid Ser John Fastolff conceyvid that such monkes be hym there to be indewed shuld not be of power to susteyne and kepe the seid plase edified or the lond that shuld be inmortesid therto acordying to his seyd entent and will; wher [deleted in MS]fore, and for good will that the seid Ser John Fastolff had to the proferryng of your seid besecher, mevid hym to haue the seid plase and certeyn of his livelode of gretter valew than the charge of the seid college shuld drawe, and to found the seid college and to bere the reparacion and defens therof. Vpon whech mocion the seid Ser John Fastolff and your seid besecher apoynted be word, withowt writyng at that tyme mad, that your seid besecher shuld, aftir the decese of the seid Ser John Fastolff, haue the seid plase in Caster and all the maners that were the seid Ser John Fastolffes, or any other to his vse in Norffolk, Suffolk, and Norwich, vp trust that the same John Paston shuld founde ther a college of vij monkes or prestes, havyng a certeyn pension for her sustentacion payid clerly in mony withowt any charge, cost, reparacion, or jopardé of defens of the seid plase, or of any other livelode to be bore be þe seyd colegians, Page  100and more-over to pay a certeyn somme of mony of þe revenus of þe seyd maneris, londes, and tenementes to be disposed yerly be certeyn yeres for the sowle of the seid Ser John Fastolff till þe som of v ml mark wer so disposid. Vpon whech apoyntement it was acordid be-thwyx the seid Ser John and your seid besecher, for asmoch as your seid besecher had non astate in the seid maners, londes, and tenementes, that for his more suerté and vp-on trust that the seyd Ser Jon had to yowr [deleted in MS] seyd besecher in this behalve that a newe feffement shuld be mad of the seid plase and of the maner of Caster and all the seid maners, londes, and tenementes to your seid besecher and diuers other personis, to the vse of the seyd Ser John term of his liff and after his deses to the vse of yowr seyd besecher. And moreouer, for asmoch as your seid besecher was in dowte whedir God wold send hym tyme of lif to execute the seid apoyntement, intendyng that th' effect of the old purpose of the seid Ser John Fastolff shuld not be all voyded, thow it so fortuned your seid besecher cowd not performe the seid apoyntement, mevid the seid Ser John Fastolff that not withstandyng the seid apoyntement that he, aftir the seid feffement mad, shuld make his will for the seid college to be mad in all maner wise as thow the seyd [deleted in MS] Ser Jon Fastolff and your seid besecher shuld not make the seid apoyntement, and that, aftir that, the seid apoyntement to be ingrosid and mad so that the seyd colege shuld hold be the same apoyntement of your seid besecher, and ellis this seid will of þe seyd [deleted in MS] Ser Jon Fastolff to stand in effect for executyng of his seid purpose. And sone aftir this comunicacion and apoyntement, the seid feffement was made acordin [deleted in MS]g and season deliuerid to your seid besecher at the seid plase edified in Caster, aswell as at the seid maners, londes, and tenementes, the seid Ser John Fastolff beyng present at deliuery of season mad to your seid besecher of the seid plase and maner of Caster, where the seid Ser John, more largely expressyng the seid will and entent, deliuerid your seid besecher possession with his owne handes, declaryng Page  101 to notabill personys there the same feffement to be mad to the vse of the seid Ser John as for terme of his lif only, and aftir his decese to the vse of your seid besecher and his heyres; and diuers tymes, in diuers yeres aftir, declared his entent in like wise to diuers personys, and aftir, be gret deliberacion and oft comunicacion of the seid mater, the seid Ser John Fastolff and your seid besecher comenauntyd and apoynted be writin [deleted in MS]g thoroughly for the seid mater, so that your seid besecher shuld haue the seid plase and all the seid maners, londes, and tenementes in Norffolk, Suffolk, and Norwich to hym and to his heyres, and that he shuld founde a college of vij monkes or prestes with-inne the seid plase perpetually, as is before seid, and to pay iiij ml mark to be disposed in serteyn yeris for the sowle of the seid Ser John Fastolff. The whech apoyntement, declared and red before the seid Ser John Fastolff, be good deliberacion was be the seid Ser John fully concludid, agreid, and stabl [deleted in MS]yshid for his last will in that be-halve. And also the seid comenauntes eftsonis callid to remembraunce be the seid Ser John Fastolff, the same Ser John for certeyn consideracions movyng hym, be his word withowt writyng dischargid your seid besecher of the seid somme of iiij ml mark, desiryng hym so to ordeyn that ich of the seid monkes or prestes shull yerly haue as the prestes of the chauntry of Heylesdon had, and that vij pore men shull also be founde yerly in the seid plase inperpetuité to pray for the sowles abovesayd. and aftir, that is to sey the Satirday, Sonday,and Monday next before the decese of the seid Ser John, the same Ser John, remembryng the diuersité of þe forme of þe fundacion of þe seyd colege in hes former willis wret and in þe seyd appoyntement, also remembryng [unclear] diuers maters and intentes in his mynd necessary for the wele of his sowle not expressid in writin [deleted in MS]g in any will be hym mad before, nowithire in the seid apoyntement deklarid, wold haue on will mad and wrete after þe effecte of the seid apoyntementes towchin [deleted in MS]g the fundacion of þe colege aswell as the seid other maters not [deleted in MS] declarid in his intent and Page  102will acordyng, comaundid to haue it so ingrosid and wrete, and wher your seid besecher hath don his part acordying to the seyd will and apoyntementes of the seid Ser John, aswell in fyndyng of the seid prestes and poremen as in all other thynges that to hym belongyth to do in that behalfe. and this notwithstandyng, William Yeluerton, knyght, and William Jenney, whech be infeffid joyntly with your seid besecher in diuers of the seid maners, londes, and tenementes, haue mad a sympill entré in all the seid maners in Suffolk, and chargid the baylifs, fermores, and tenauntes of all the seid maners to pay hem the profitez and reuenews of the same maners, londes, and tenementes, and thus contrary to th' entent of the seid feffement and contrary to the will of the seid Ser John Fastolff thei trobill and lette your seid besecher to take the profitez of the seid maners, londes, and tenementes, of whech your seid besecher hath no remedy at the comon lawe, Wherfore please your good and gracious lordship to direct seuerall writtes of sub pena to the seid William and William, chargyng hem seuerally vpon a peyne conuenient to appere before your lordship in the Chauncery at a certeyn day be your lordship to be limityd, to answer to these premisses and to do as right and consiens requirith. And your seid besecher shall pray God for yow. Page  103


Causa festine barganie inter Fastolf et Paston Vltima exitacio domini Johannis Fastolf ad concludendum festinanter cum Johanne Paston fuit quod vicecomes Bemond, dux Somerset, comes Warwyk, voluerunt emere et quod intendebat quod executores sui desiderabant vendere et non stabilire colegium; quod totaliter fuit contra intencionem sui dicti Johannis Fastolf. Et considerabat quod certum medium pro licencia Regis et dominorum non prouidebatur, et sic tota fundacio colegij pendebat in dubijs. Et idio ad intencionem suam perimplendam desiderauit dictum barganium fieri cum Johanne Paston, sperans ipsum in mera voluntate perficiendi dictum colegium et ibidem manere ne in manibus dominorum veniat. Item, plures consiliarij sui dixerunt quod licet fundaret regulos seu presbiteros, aut eicientur per clamia falsa aut compellantur aderere dominis pro manutenencia sostentacione qui ibidem ad costus colegij permanerent et morarentur et colegium distruerent; et hac de causa consessit eos ditari in pencionibus certis ad modum cantarie Heylysdon, sic quod dictus Johannes haberet ad custus proprios conceruacionem terrarum erga querentes et clamatores, et ne executores diuersi propter contrarietates et dissimulaciones seu favores Item, considerabat quod vbi monechy vel canonesi haberent terras seu tenementa ad magnam valorem, scilicet ml vel ij ml, tam singulares monachi vel canoneci tantum per se resiperent xl s. per annum et prandium, et quod abbas, officiarij, et extraequitatores expendirent residuum in mundanis et riotis, et idio ordinauit dotacionem predictam in annuetatibus. Et quod non fuit intencio dicti Johnnis Fastolf in conuencione predicta mortificare ccc marcas terre, quia prima conuencio Johannis Paston est soluere v ml marcas in tribus annis et fundare colegium quod in intencione dicti Johannis Fastolf constaret ml li., et semper dedit Johanni Paston mancionem suam in manerio et tota terra in Northefolk et Sowthefolk assessa ad v c marcas annuatim; tunc Johannes Paston emeret reuercionem cc marcarum terre que valet predictas iiij ml marcas ad suam propriam aduenturam pro vj ml v c marcis. Item, pro tranquillitate et pace tempore vite, ita vt non perturbetur per seruos hospicij, balliuos, firmarios seu attornatos placitorum. Item, quod abbas de Sente Bede potuit resistere fundacioni, intencione vt tunc remaneat sibi et suis.


To my most reuerent and worchepfull maister, John Paston þe eldest, esquier, be this deliueryd in hast.

Right trusty and welbeloved, I grete yow hartily well, and will ye wyte þat where hit is so þat Ser John Fastolf, wham God assoyle, wiþ oþur, was sum tyme by Ser Herry Inglose enfeffed of trust of his maner offe Pykewurþe in Rutlande, þe which made his wille, proved, þat þe seid maner sholde by solde by Robert Inglose and Edmunde Wychingham his executours, to whom þe seid Ser John haþ relesed as his duté was to do; now it is so þat for John Brown [deleted in MS]e þer is shewed a dede vnder seall of Page  105armes berynge date byfore his reles made to þe Duk of Norffok, Henry Inglose, and oþur, contrarie to þe wille of þe seid Ser Herry and þe trust of þe feffement þat þe seid Ser John Fastolf was enfeffed jnne, and a letter of attourney vnder þe same seal of armes to yow to deliuer seison acordynge to þe same feffement, to þe gret disclaundre of þe seid Ser John and all his, yef þis be true. Wherfore I preie yow hertili þat ye feithfully and truly rescribe to me in all þe hast ye may what ye knowe in þis mater such as ye wull stonde by wiþ-outen glose, and how ye can jmagine þat þis crafte shulde be practised, and specially wheþer ye your-self deliuered seison in Rutland or noo. And þis and what incidentes ye knowe I preie yow by wrytinge certifie me in all hast, þat I may be þe more ripe to answer to þis to þe wurship of þe seid Ser John þat was your maister, so þat þorowh your defaute your seid maisters soule þer-for lie not in perell, but þis disclaundre may be eesed and cesed as reson requireþ, to þe wurship of hym and all þat longe to hym. And þis I pray yow faile not offe, as I truste yow. Wret at London [deleted in MS] þe ix day of Februar. Yowr frend Jon Paston


Page  106

Memorandum, thys is the confescyon of xvj Frenshemen wyth the mastyr takyn at Sheryngham þe [deleted in MS] iij wek of Lent.

Right worshipfull ser, I recomaund me to you and lete you wytte þat I haue be at Shiryngham and examyned þe Frenshmen, to þe nombre of xvj, with þe maister. And þei telle þat þe duk of Somerset is in-to Skotlond, and þei sey þe Lord Hungyrforthe was on Moneday last passed a-fore Sheryngham in-to Skotlondward in a kervyle of Depe, no gret power with hym ne þe seid Duk neyther. And þei sey þat þe Duk of Burgoyn is poysened and not like to recouere. And as for powers to be gaderid a-geynst our weelfare, þei sey þer shuld come in-to Seyne cc gret forstages owt of Spayne from þe kyng þere, and ccc shippes from þe Duk of Bretayne with þe navy of Fraunce, but þei be not yet assembled ne vitayll þere purveyd, as þei sey, ne men. And þe Kyng of Fraunce is in-to Spayne on pilgrymage with fewe hors, as þei sey; what þe purpose is þei can not telle certeyn, &c. In hast at Norwich. Ther wer vpon the costes of Norfolk and Suffolk a xiiij seyle of Depe, Ewe, Hareflew, wherof vij be smalle and passe nott xxiiij men a pese, and the remnawnt be of a vijxx men a pese, wherof ij be in-to Scotland ward. On is lade with wyne and whete and a-nother with iij c menes harneys, white and bregaunders.
Item, ther be passed before tyme a vj or vij shippes in-to Scotland ward in the maner of marchaundes lade with wyne and whete. Memorandum of Burdews. The Kyng of Frauns hath comittid the rewle of Burdews on-to the marchaundis of the town [deleted in MS] and the sowiours that [deleted in MS] be therin to be at ther wages; and like as Caleys is a stapill of wolle here in England, so is that made stapill of wyne. Page  107John Fermer, presoner, seyth on John Gylys, a clerk þat was wyth the Erle of Oxforthe wych was some tym in Kyng Herrys hows, was a prevy secretary wyth the Erle of Oxforthe, and if ony wrytyng wer mad by the seid Erle the seyd Gylys knew ther-of in thes gret materys,&c.


A remembrauns of the goodes that somtyme were Ser John Fastolffes, mad be John Paston aftir such examinacions and writyngges as he can fynd: First, in goold and siluer coyned = mlmldcxliij li. x s.
Item, in plate of siluer gilt and ongilt xiij mllxvij vnc. price gilt ij s. x d. ongilt ij s. vj d. amountyng to the somme of a

mldcxv li. sterlynges
Item, in plate at London of siluer gilt and ongilt mlmldxxv vnc. prised, &c. wyth a cuppe and a peson of gold weyng xlvj vnc. prise the vnc. xx s. in all, amountyng to the somme of = ccciiijxxij li. xx d. sterlynges

Summa totall of coyne and plate prised = iiijmldcxl li. xj s. viij d.

Item, jowelis, nowches, and presious stones not prised: ij cuppes of goold and ij ewers weyng = lxxv vnc. Page  108Memorandum of a flaket and ij prekettes of siluer weying lxv vnc. lying wyth the seid cuppes.
Item, jowellis leyd to plegge be my lord of York to Ser John Fastolff for vjc mark, that is to sey A gret diamant in a white rose. A ragged staff wyth diuers presious stones deliuerid to the Kyng by the assent and comaundement of my lord of Caunterbury.
Item, a gret crosse of gold wyth a flatte diamant, a flat rubye, and iij gret perlis.
Item, a litell nowche of gold mad chernell wise, wyth a poynted dyamant, a rubie, and iij perlis.
Item, a-nother nowche mad fawcon wise, enamelid wyth white, a bukle of gold.
Item, an other nowche mad treyfowle wise, wyth an emerawd in the middes wyth a long perle hangyng.
Item, a ryng of Sent Lowes wyth a ston therin.
Item, a litell cheyne of gold wyth a perle hangyng therby and ij spangell of gold.
Item, a powche of blew velwet wyth pearlis therin ensealid.
Item, a litell purse sealid, and therin certeyn seales of siluer broken, and a signet of gold.
Item, a nowche of gold of the facion of a busshell, wyth a baleys, a safer loseynge, a greet orient pearle, and a square diamant, losenged wyth a strike of gold, garnysshed wyth iij rubies and iiij pearlis wyth iij pendauntes of gold.
Item, a box of blak leder, a nowche of gold after the facion of a rote, wyth a gret safer and a gret perle set therin.
Item, an nowche of gold after the facion of an aungell, wyth a flat dyamaunt loseyngewise wyth a dyamant flourrid, a rubye in the middes, and ij gret moder perlis on eyther side of the aungell.
Item, an other nowche of gold mad aftir the facion of a jentilwoman, and therin a dyamant poynted square, a rubye and an emerawde in the middes, and ij gret orient perlis. Aras.
Item, on hooll bed of aras of the largest assise, seler, tester, and coueryng, wyth a jentilwoman sittyng in a chayer.
Item, viij costers of aras, wherof somme grete and some smalle, wherof Page  109on is of the sege of Phalist, an other of the shepperdes and her wifes, an other of the Morys daunse, an other of Jason and Launcelet, an other of a batayle, on of the coronacion of Our Lady, a-nother of the Assumpcion of Our Lady. As for an jnuentary of the warderobe and of beddyng and [unclear] all stuffe of howsold remaynyng at Caster, the seid Paston hath no very knowlech ner informacion therof except of such parcellis as he reseyvid at the tyme of his first dwelling at Caster, wherof the parcellis be specified in a note of an indenture wretyn vpon the bak of this bille.
Item, the seid John Paston giueth like answere as for an jnuen [deleted in MS]taré of spendyng mony, ryngges and jowellis, clothes, silk, lyne, wollen, bokes Frenshe, Latyn, and Englyssh remaynyng in the chambre of the seid Fastolff.
Item, in like wise as for an jnuentarie of the warderobe, beddyng, and all other stuffe of howsold remaynyng at Southwerk, the seid Paston hath no certeyn informacion therof, ner non cam to his handes except on bed specifijd on the bak of this bille.
Item, as for an jnuentarie of quykke catell, there were goyng upon the maners iijml shep be estimacion prised ich ml at an c mark, except certeyn shep were taken a-wey be fors.
Item, as for all hors and other catell, the seid Paston hath non informacion of it except of on ambelyng hors whech was shulderid and marrid.
Item, as for an jnuentaré of all dettes, aswell be obligacion or be acompt or otherwise diew to the seid Ser John Fastolff, the seid John Paston hath no certeyn informacion therof, ner he neuir reseyvid any part therof. Here is as moch as the seid Paston can make at this tyme touchyng the seid jnuentarie wyth-out sight and examin [deleted in MS]acion of old jnuentaries and Page  110remembrauns and obligacions of creditores whech he hath not in his possession.
Item, of old peces of velwet, reed and roset, to make of jakettes.
Item, a furre of martirs to the valew of xviij s. be estimacion.
Item, as for the remnaunt of the stuffe, plate, coyne, and jowellis conteynid in the seid jnuentari, Paston hath no maner of knowlech where it is kept or lyght at this day, except only of the seid ij cuppes and ewres of gold, and the seid iij nowches conteynid in the seid blak box of leder; whech cuppes, ewres, and nowches remayne in such plase as thei were first leyd be the seid John Paston and Ser Thomas Howes. Here folowen the reseytes of John Paston of the parcelles [unclear] aboueseid: Memorandum of the sommes and parcelles of coyne and plate wythinne wretyn come to the hands and sole kepyng of wythinne wretyn John Paston: in coyne = ml xliij li. vj s. viij d.
Item, in plate in Norffolk = iijml dcccclxviij vnc. valewed after the prise wythinne wretyn = dxij li. x s.
Item, in plate at London = cccxxxiiij vnc. dj. after the valew and prise wythinne wretyn = xliiij li. ij s. vj d. summa mldiiij xx xix li. xix s. ij d.
Item, of the prise of shep wythinne wretyn, after the nombre that remayned not take awey
Item, as for all stuffe of howsold wythinne wretyn or any other stuffe that was the seid Ser John Fastolffes, of gonnes or artillrye remaynyng in the plase at Caster, the seid John hath reseyvid the parcellis vndir wretyn to the valew of xl or l mark be estimacion, and nomore to his Page  111knowlech; whech goodes the seid Ser John Fastolff neuer intended to voyde from the seid John Paston ner owt of the seid plase, but to haue left it bettir stuffid, as it is wele knowe. This endenture mad at Caster the vj day of June the yere of the reigne of Kyng Edward the iiijth the second witnessith that there remaynid in the place at Caster certeyn stuff of housold, that is to sey in the warderobe-xj peyre blankettes.
Item, xvj peyre shetes and on old shete, wherof iij peyre be of iij webbis.
Item, viij wovyn couerlites.
Item, ij donges.
Item, v smale fetherbeddes.
Item, vj traunsomes.
Item, v carpettes.
Item, ij costeres of tapsery werk of huntyng, for the gret chamber ouer the halle.
Item, on coster of tapseri for the somer halle.
Item, ij costeris of reed tapsery pleyn.
Item, j coueryng of pleyn tapsery.
Item, iij white beddis wyth the selours and testeres.
Item, ix curteyns.
Item, iij purpoyntes of white lynen cloth.
Item, a selour, j tester of white lynen cloth.
Item, j coster of tapseri of jentilwomen pleying at the cardes.
Item, j pece of grene say poudrid wyth levys.
Item, j curteyne.
Item, j pece of grene say.
Item, iij old shetes. In Inglose chambre
Item, j fedirbed. Page  112
Item, j traunsom.
Item, j selour, j tester aras, wyth a coueryng to the same.
Item, iij redde curteyns of say.
Item, j banker of tapseri.
Item, iiij costers of tapseri werk.
Item, j peyre blankettes.
Item, xij koshyns of tapseri. In my Master Fastolffes chambre
Item, j fedirbed.
Item, j traunsom.
Item, j selour,j tester of tapseri wyth jentilmen and jentilwomen.
Item, j coster of tapseri.
Item, j coster party white and grene wyth mapill levis.
Item, in the warderobe
Item, ij towaylis of diaper werk ich x yardes long.
Item, iiij napkyns of diaper.
Item, iiij tabill clothes of diaper.
Item, v pleyn clothes.
Item, j towayle of pleyn clothe.
Item, ij old clothes.
Item, iiij cuppebord clothis.
Item, vj pillows of diuers sortes.
Item, iij old pillows coueryd wyth lynen cloth.
Item, ij lavendre pokes.
Item, ij litill pillows stuffid wyth downe.
Item, in the white chambre.
Item, j fedirbed, j traunsom.
Item, in the warderobe chambre, j fedirbed, j traunsom.
Item, j selour reed.
Item, j peyre blankettes. In the chambre next the somyr halle, j fedirbed, j traunsom.
Item, j selour, j tester.
Item, a coueryng of reed tapseri wyth iij curteyns of tarteryn.
Item, j peyre fustiens.
Item, iiij costers of coors tapseri.
Item, j fedirbed for a paylet.
Item, j peyre blankettes.
Item, j cuppebord cloth.
Item, ij pillows.
Item, in the inner chambre.
Item, j fedirbed, j traunsom.
Item, j selour, j tester, j coueryng of boord Alisaundre wyth iij curteyns of white lynen clothe.
Item, j coster of tapseri. In the vtter ward in Bokkyngges chambre
Item, j fedirbed, j traunsom. Page  113
Item, j selour, j tester, wyth popeleres.
Item, j peyre blankettes.
Item, ij couerlytes.
Item, in the kechyn.
Item, vij pottes of brasse, wherof iiij grete, iiij smale.
Item, j chafor of laton.
Item, iij spittes.
Item, ij rakkes.
Item, a ladill of brasse.
Item, ij chaforis of brasse.
Item, ij lache pannys.
Item, ij chariours of peutir.
Item, xj disshis. All whech Ser Thomas Howes, be the handes of John Russe, hath deliuerid to Richard Calle to deliuer to hise mastir John Paston the older, squier, at his comyng to housold to Caster. Wretyn the day and yere a-boueseid.
Item, of the stuffe of howsold in Southwerk deliuered to John Paston, a bed of white lynen cloth wyth shetes and blankettes and a bed and a curyng.
Item, ij gonnes wyth viij chambers shetyng a stone of vij inch thyk, xx vnch compas.
Item, ij lesser gonnes wyth viij chambers shetyng a stone of v inch thyk, xv vnch compas.
Item, a serpentyng wyth iij chambers shetyng a ston of x inch cumpas.
Item, a-nother serpentyn shetyng a ston of vij inch cumpas.
Item, iij fowlers shetyng a ston of xij inch cumpas.
Item, ij short gonnes for shippes wyth vj chambers.
Item, iij smale serpentynges to shete pellettes of leed.
Item, iiij gonnes lying in stokkes to shete pellettes of leed.
Item, vij hande gonnes wyth other apparell longyng to the seid gonnes.
Item, xxiiij paveyz of elm bord, ij of baleyn.
Item, viij white harneys of old facion.
Item, x peyre breganders, febill. Page  114
Item, xiiij jakkes of horn, febill.
Item, j white jak.
Item, x basenettes, xxiiij salettes, vj gorgettes.
Item, xvi malles led.
Item, ix billes and other peces harneys and wepon, and cappis of spelter and wyer of litell valew.
Item, iiij gret crossebows of stell, ij of baleyn, iiij of ew.
Item, ij haberions and a barell to skore hem.


That it please my lordes good grase to be good lord and supporter to Paston in his right and possession of the maner till his right can be lawfully, or be treté, dispreved by his aduersaries, consideryng that the seid Paston is my lordes homager and was neuir ayens his lordship, and that my lord is not gretly behold to do for the seid Pastons aduersaries, as he vndirstandith. And in case my lord woll not supporte the seid Paston in his right, but be indifferent athwyx bothe parties, that thanne it please my lord to haue consideracion to the right of the mater as folowyth in articles, and Page  115therupon to be remembird whedir it be resonably desired by Will Jenney or by Debenham as his waged man, or for his sake, that Paston shuld leve the possession or the takyng of the profitez of the seid maner. First, to be remembird that the seid maner, aswell as the maner of Nakton, were Ser John Fastolffes, and that the seid Paston of the seid maners toke estate at Cotton and atornement of the tenauntes viij or ix yere goo, in such wise as the tenauntes can reporte, and continued there in possession aswell in the live of the seid Ser John as sithen, and hath take the profitez therof sith the discese of the seid Fastolff except for the terme of Mighelmes a yere passed, whech tyme the tenauntes were compellid by fors of distresses to pay ayens ther willes part of the seid profitez. And that also the title of the seid Paston to the seid maner is not all only by the seid feffement, but aswell by a graunt and bargeyn mad a-thwyx the seid Fastolff and the seid Paston as by the last will of the seid Fastolff, whereby the seid Paston ought to take the hole profitez of the seid maner. And also it is lefull to the seid Paston to kepe the seid maner with fors, consideryng he hath be in possession iij yere and more; hough be it the seid Paston intendyth to kepe the seid maner pesibly and non otherwise [unclear] . And that the pretense and cleyme of the seid Jenney is that he shuld be infeffed with the seid Paston in the seid maner, by whech pretense, if it were trewe, yet the seid Paston by reason shuld not be put out of the seid maner; for who som evir had titell therto by feffement or by executrie, Paston shuld be on that had title. Hough be it the seid Paston cleymyth not in that forme, but by the titell of his bargeyn and by the seid Fastolffes will.
Item, to be remembird whech tyme as my lord had wretyn his lettirs and sent his seruauntes for the eyde and supporte of the seid Paston to take the profitez of the seid maner of Nakton as of the maner of Cotton, desyryn [deleted in MS]g the tenauntis to the seid Paston, the seid Jenney wold haue no consideracion therto; hough be it, though he were a feffé he had no titell to take the seid profitez, consideryng he is non executor; but presumptuosly, havyng no consideracion to my lordes lettir ner sendyng, compellid the tenauntes by distresses to pay hym more besely thanne any Page  116feffé or executor, and now at this same tyme hath be at Nakton and reseyvid as moch mony as he coud gader there.
Item, where at Mighelmesse the yere passed the seid Paston sent his sone, a seruaunt of my lordes, and also Richard Calle, seruaunt to the seid Paston put to hym by my lordes fader, to reseyve the profitez of the seid maner as thei had do many yeres befo [unclear] re, the seid Jenney ded arest the seid Calle for a thef, and as a thef caried hym, to th' entent that the tenauntes shuld be discoraged to pay the seid Paston; whech tyme, at the request of the seid Calles kynred, it pleased my lord to write to the seid Jenney and Debenham for the deliuerauns of the seid Calle, to whech letteris they nouther toke hede ner reputacion bu [unclear] t by that sotilté reseyved the profitez of the seid maner, the seid Paston havyng non help by my seid lordes writyng ner sendyng. Wherfore, please my lordes good lordship to supporte the seid Paston in kepyng of his right and possession till it be dispreved or knowe onlawfull, and the seid Paston will applye to such meanes as it pleasith my lord to take wherby the right of the mater may be vndirstand and determined. And also that it like my lord to remembir that it is not behofefull for any prinse lightly to geve trust or to applye to the desires of any persones that haue geve hym cause of mistrust.


To John Pamping, Richard Call, and John Wikes I grete yow well, dyssyryng yow to remembre þe jnstru [deleted in MS]ccion þat I made Page  117 yow for byllys and acciounys to be takyn ayenst Debnham by myn tenauntys at Calcot, wherine on thyng I haue forgete: þat ȝe moust make a remembraunce aparte, besyde þe byllys, in what howse, place, or close, or pece of grownde euery trespace or stres was done or made, and also whedre þat were of myn londes in ferme of aney of myn tenauntys, or ellys vpon ther owyn tenauntrys holdyn of me by copye or ellys holde of me frely, and by what rent as neye as ȝe maye, and whedre it was holdyn of me by Calcote Halle fee or ellys by Freton Halle fee: and yf þe trespace were don in aney othyre manys grownde or fee, telle hooys it was and by what coulloure myn tenauntys bestys went þer as þei were dreuyn, as parauentowr by-cause of comune in chacke tyme or by-cause of her tenowr þat they hylde of othyre men, for wythoute I knowe þis my tenauntys myt be dysseyuyd in þer plee, for paraunture Debnham wylle of suttlté [unclear] justifie he toke them in suche a place as he dede not, and wythowte I knowe þe serteynté I chal not conne answere hym. Also I woulde Debnham schulde haue as lytell knoweleche þat ȝe were abowte suche acciounys as myght be, yf ȝe maye do other-wyse. Also jn leke wyse, where as dyuers of myn tenauntys and fermors at Cotton haue be compellyd by force and dystresscys to paye Jenney and Debnham meche money ayenst þe wylle of myn tenauntys, I woulde, as I haue tolde John Paston þe youngere, that he and Richard Calle, wyth suche frendchyp as þe seyd John cane gete in þe same countré, schulde ryde to Cotton askyng myn hole duté exeppte of suche persons as were compellyd to paye vt supra and þat they chulde make bylles lyke myn seyde tenauntys at Calcote, and þei to take acciounys þis nexte terme ayenst Debunham, &c. vt supra, and I wylle respyte them for þis onys al þat þei haue in þis forme payed tylle it maye be recuryd by þe lawe, so þat they wylle dyssyre this and abyde therby; and ellys I woulde by myn fryndys poletekely put them in juparté of losse of þer fermes and tenowr as they holde of me, and of þer catell. Item, at þe same jurné I woulde Richard Calle chulde haue redy a bylle in a longe rolle of þe tenore of eche of myn tenauntys and fermorrys, as well of þe quantité of þe londe as rent and ferme, wretyn to-gyddre and sumyd wyth a gret spase folowyng, þat ȝe maye, whane ȝe come to Cotton, redely write what catell of eche man was dystreynyd, and where and what daye, and whoo meche money þei payed, and respit þat and ask þe remnant. Page  118 þis bill is god inow to take acciouns by, and vnder this Richard Call may rekkon with euery [deleted in MS] persone for The Statute of Westminster þe furst, the xxxviij chappeter. That no man be so hardy to seye ne telle oney false noueltés or tydyngys wherof [unclear] aney dyscorde or slaundre may ryse or growe atuyxe þe Kyng and hys pepul or [unclear] the grete men of hys londe, and yf aney doo þat he be takyd and putt in preson tylle he hath founde hym that tolde þe tale. The secunde and þe xij yere of Kyng Richard the ijde. That no man be so hardy for to seye, telle, ne countrefet oney false noueltés, massonges, or othre falsse thyngys of prelates, dukys, erlus, barounys, and othyre nobles of the reaulme, ne of þe chauncelere, tresorere, clerk of þe preuy seall, stuard of the Kyngys howse, justice of þe comun banke or of þe thothyre, ne of hothre grete offycerys of þe realme wherthourowe oney dyscorde or sklaundre myght ryse wythi [deleted in MS]nne þe realme; and yf he doo that he be inpresonyd tylle he fynde hym of hwome þe tale or mater was meuyd, and yf he cane not fynde hym þat he be punychyd be þe awyse of þe Kyngys cowncell. And in þes statute is rehersyd þe cauce of þe makyng therof, for as moche as be þe menys of suche tellerys and countre-feterys of tydyngys. noueltés and false mesagys dyuers lordys and othrys were dysslaundryd of thyngys þat they neuer thowte ne dede, wherthorowe debate and stryf grewe as well be-tuyxe lordys as betuyx lordys and comunys. Yf a lorde do an extorcion to me or entre in-to myn londe and make hym a tytell by coulloure of purchace or of kynrede whech is falsse and vntrue, I and myn seruauntys may laufully seye that he doth me wronge and vntrowth and telle þe trowthe of my mater and þe vntrowthe of hys mater as it is, and neuer offende þe statute.


Page  119

To my master Robert Wellis, cosyn and heyre to Ser Robert Wylloughby, knyght, late lorde of Erisby, and to the discrete executores and feffés of the seyde Ser Robert and to euery of them. Compleynyth on-to yow John Paston, esquier, that the seyd Ser Robert, dyuers tymes faylyng sufficenté of goodes to susteyne hys astate, opyned that to his trusty frynde Ser John Fastolff, knyght, and of hym hade and cheuysched dyuers tymes grete soummys of money, and in speciall cc marke in money at on tyme, for whech cc mark the seyd Ser Robert gaff and graunted to þe seyd Fastolff, and to hys heyrys and assignes, c s. of anuell rennt and odre seruice perteynyng to þe seyd Ser Robert be hys inherytaunse goyng owt of the manere of Heynforde in Norfolk, and also the seyd Ser Robert gaff, grauntyd, and obliged his maner of Walcot in Norffolk to the seyd Fastolff, his heyres and assignes, for her surté and jndemnité in case it fortuned the seyd c s. of rennt to be recouered or hade from hym, hys heyres or assignes, whos estat and tytill therof the seyd John Paston hath; ande that Robert Wylluby, esquere, as cosyn and heyre male to the seyde Ser Robert, hat recouered and opteyned the seyde c s. rent and othere seruice wyth the maner of Parham in Suffolk be þe vertue of a tayle of olde tyme therof made, be wheche he is inheritable as heyre male to þe seyd Ser Robert Wyllouby. And also ye, my seyd Mastre Wellys, as cosyn and heyre generall to þe seyd Ser Robert, cleyme and pretend to haue the se [deleted in MS]yde manere of Walcotte frome the seyd Paston, howbeit the seyde manere was of late tyme purchased be þe fadre of þe seyd Ser Robert in fee sympple and ys not tayled; be whiche cleyme and pretence the seyd Paston taryeth and is lettyd and inqueetyd of the takyng of þe profettes of þe seyd manere of Walcotte, and hath forbore and lost the seyde c s. of rent and odre seruice x yere and more, to þe summe of l li., wytoute aney recoumpence or satisfacc [deleted in MS]ion hade therfore. whych is contrarye to seyde grauntes and gyftes made be þe seyde Sere Robert vndre the sealles of hys armys, to hym and his blode werdly dys [deleted in MS]honoure Page  120and to hys soule grett perille, to yowr seyde supplyaunt grete wronge and damages; beschechyng yow to remembre and consedre that ye forseyde feffés and executores be bounde to redresse wronges don and commyttyd be yowr seyde feffowr and testatowr or be hys menys, and more-ouere yowr seyd feffowr and testatowr by expresse wrytyng declarid his last wylle, that his dettes and wronges by hym don schoulde be by yow satysfyed and payed and that hys fryndes, offic [deleted in MS]eres and seruauntes schuld be made sure of alle profites, annuytés, and fees to hem or anney of them by hym grauntyd,aftere the trewe intent and effect of thoo grauntes, and that heys heyres schuld ratyfye and make the seyde grauntes suer before anney astate to hem made of any parte of hys lyflode, as in the seyde wylle more expressly apperyth; wherfor plese yowr gret wysdomys and goode consienses so to prouide that yowr seyd suppliaunt may pesibeli haue and jngoye the seyd maner of Walcottes that of ryght to hym belongyth be reson of the seyd graunt of the seyd Ser Robert. wyth resonable satisfaccion for the hurte that he hath hadde and sufferyd in that behalue.

INVENTORY: DRAFT Probably 1464, not later than 04

This is the plate þat was in my cofir at Norwich. A chaleys of goold playne, weyng ij pound.
Item, a-nother chaleys of goold with this writyng, Calicem salutarisaccipiam, weyng xix vnc.
Item, on table of gold with an jmage of Sen James set with precious stonys, weyng xiij vnc. iij quart.
Item, on peyre of sensers of siluer and gilt with scripture, viz in the first part Datum est eis,&c., and in the second parte Ascendit fumus, weying xiij li. and x vnc. Page  121
Item, on box of siluer and gilt for the sacrement, with a crosse in the heyght and chased with lilijs, weying v li. iij vnc. di.
Item, on potte callid a crismatorie to put in holy creme and oyle of siluer and gilt, weying j li.


This is þe parcell be indentur receiued by Richard Calle of ... [unclear] day of Aprile þe forthe yer ... [unclear] as it apperit by þe copye þat þe seyde Richard sendyth me by John Threccher: vnam cistam rubeam cum xvij bundellis evidenc- ... jn eadem cista content' quadraginta libras argenti in grossis et iiijxx nobil... duo turribula argenti et deaurata vnam pixidem argenti et deauratam vnum osculatorium cum jmagine Sancti Jacobi et... vnum cruett argenti et deauratum I left no cruet in þe cofer

vnum crismatorium rotundum Md vnum calicem argenti et deauratum vnum alium calicem cum jmagine Sancte Trini... I left non soch in þe cofer but chalis of gold Page  122 this is þe coppy of a bille drawin jn Englyche that I sent home ... [unclear] main of suche stuff as wa [deleted in MS]s in myn coffre in þe abbey... [unclear] by a letter sent wyth þe same bylle that he chowlde take hede that ... [unclear] yf he fonde aney more well be it, as it aperit in þe seyd lett... [unclear] woulle be lokyd vppe. vnum calicem de auro playne ponderis duas li... vnum alium calicem de auro cum scriptura cal...

thes to chalis after the vnc. xx s. ar worth xliij li. vnam tabulam de auro cum jmagine Sancti J... ponderis xiij vnc. et iij quart.

this is worth xiij li. xv s.

vnum par turribulorum argenti et deaurat' cum ... et in secunda parte assendit fumus ponderis xiij lb. et ... vnum pixidem argenti pro scacramento deaurat' cum cruce ... lilijs ponderis v lb. et iij vnc. di. vnum ampullam argenti deaurat' ponderis j lb.

thes be worth after xxx d. þe vnc. xxviij li. xiij s. ix d. all þis was put in a panere togyddre and ... [unclear] forto ber it in-to þe coffre.
Item, xl mark in noblis and xl li. in gro... [unclear]
Item, euydens.


Page  123

To the Kyng owre sovereyn Lord

Please it yowre Highnes to graunte vn-to yowre humble seruaunt John Paston the older, squier, yowr gracious lettres patentz of licence to fownde, stabilysh, and endewe in the gret mancion of Castre be Mekyll Yermowth in Norffolk, that late was John Fastolffes, knyght, cosyn to yowre seyd besecher, a colage of vij prystes, wheroff on to be master, and vij pourmen, to praye for your noble astate and for the sowle of the said Fastolff and suche othir as he was be-holde to inperpetuité and to jnmortese and gyve to the seyd prystes and to ther successours, for the sustentacion of hem and of the seyd pourmen, c marke of annuité and rent charge yerly goyng owt of all maneres, londes, and tenementz that were the seyd Fastolffes with-in the shyres of Norffolk and Suffolk, and vj acres of londe in the sayd town of Castre, and the iiij parte of the sayd mancion for the habitacion of the sayd prystes and pourmen to be repared at the costes of your seyd besecher and hys heyres and assignes for euer, as suerly and lawfully as your seyd besecher can devise; and also be your letteres patentz to graunt the same prystes to be on bodie incorperate and to have succession perpetuall and a comon seall, and to be persones abyll to plede and be impletid, and to purchase and alienyn all maner londes, tenementes, godes, and catell, be the name of the master and hys brethyrn of the collage of Saynt John Baptiste of Castre afore sayd; and also be your letteres patentz to licence the sayd prystes to make and receyve and to holde to theym and to ther successours the sayd annuité, rente charge, vj acres of lond, auowsons, and the seyd iiij parte of the said mancion for euer, with-owte eny fyne or fee to be payde for the sayd lettres patentz, licens, or grauntes be your sayd besecher or be the said pristes. And thei shall pray hertly to God for you.

To the Kyng oure liege Lord

Besechyth lowly youre humble seruaunt John Paston the older, squire, that it please youre good grace, for such a fyne as youre Highnes hath Page  124apoynted youre seid besecher to content yow, wherof ye be put in suerté, to graunt on-to youre seid besecher youre gracious lettirs patentes of licence to found, stabilissh, and endewe in the gret mancion of Caster in Flegge in Norffolk, that late was John Fastolffes, knyght, cosyn to youre seid besecher, a college of vij prestes, wherof on to be master, and of vij porefolk, to pray for youre noble astate and for the soule of the seid John Fastolff and such other as he was behold to inperpetuité, aftir ordinauns by youre seid besecher in that behalff to be made; and to inmortese, geve, and graunt to the seid prestes and to ther successours, for the sustentacion of hem and of the seid porefolk, cxx mark of annuité and rent charge, or annuités and rentes charge, yerly goyng out of the maners callid Redhams, Vaux, and Bosomes in Caster forseid, Begviles in Wynterton, Reppis in Bastewyk, Spencers in Heryngby, Loundhall in Saxthorp, Heylesdon, Drayton, Heynesford, Guton in Brandeston, Beyton, Techewell, and of the thrid part of the maner of Runham, with th' apportenauns, in the shire of Norffolk, and of the maners of Hemnalis in Cotton, Burneviles in Nakton, Akthorp in Leystoft, Calcotes, Havelound, Spitlyngges, with th' apportenauns, in the shire of Suffolk, and out of any part of the seid maners, with a clause of distresse for defaut of payment of the seid rente, and vj acres of lond in the seid towne of Caster, and the avowsons of the chirches of the same town, and the fourth part of the seid mancion, or any part therof, for the habitacion of the seid prestes and porefolk, to be reparid at the costes of youre seid besecher and his heires or assignes for evir; and also by youre seid lettirs patentes to graunt the same prestes to be on body incorperate and to haue succession perpetuall and a comon seall, and to be persones abill to plede and to be impletid, and to purchase and alienyn all maner londes, goodes, and catell, by the name of the master and his brethyrn of the college of Sen John Baptist of Castre aforeseid; and also by youre seid lettirs patentes to licence the seid prestes to take and reseyve and to hold to them and to ther successours the seid annuité, rent charge, vj acres of lond, avousons, and the seid = part of the seid mancion for evir, and to geve youre chaunceler of Inglond for the tyme beyng comaundement, power, and auctorité that where as in this petision is not comprehendid the certeynté of termes, maters, clauses, and other circumstances conuenient and requisite after forme of lawe for licens of the seid fundacion, that youre seid chaunceler, that notwithstandyng, do make youre seid lettirs patentes in forme of lawe effectuall and sufficient in that behalff after the very entent aforeseid, not excedyng the valew and somme before specifijd, without any fyne or fee other thanne is afore specifijd to be paijd for the seid lettirs patentes, licens, or grauntes by youre seid besecher or by the seid prestes. And thei shall pray hertly to God for yow. Page  125


I recomaund me to yow, and haue reseyvid your lettir, which causith me to write in the lettir þat I send to yow, Daubeney, and Richard Calle certeyn articles touchyng the rewle of myn hows and myn livelode, as ye shall vndirstand whanne ye see hem. Also I send yow in the same Page  126lettir a bille of all the malt þat remaynid at Mighelmes. I suppose ye haue non such of it; neuirthelesse it had be conuenient it had be had amonges your seruauntes and yow. Also I woll þat ye warne both Daubeney and Richard Calle þat thei disclose nat what malt I haue, ne what I shall selle, ne þat on marchaunt knowe nat what an other hath; for ther is gret spies leid here at London for ingrosers of malt to heyghne the prise, hough be it myne is not but of myn owne growyng and my tenauntes. Also I lete yow wete I faile mony here and must nedys haue vp mony at this tyme for sped of my maters, so þat it may come vp savely whanne James Gresham and other attornés come vp at the begynnyng of this terme, with whom Richard Calle may come the same tyme. And paraventure some trusty carier may come [unclear] at this tyme, and with hym myght some mony come trussid in some fardell, not knowyng to the carier þat it is no mony but som [unclear] e other clothe or vestement of silk or thyng of charge. Wherfore take avise of such as ye trust [unclear] , and purvey þat I may haue vp at this time j c li. of gold aftir the old coynage and xx li. in grotes.
Item, jf [deleted in MS] I myght haue sure cariage I wold haue heder all þe gylt plate þat Richard Call leyd vp = he can tell were, and I trowe ye know also; and ij potell pottis and a rostin [deleted in MS]g jron of siluer lyth at þe same place, for it shuld stand me in gret sted [deleted in MS] her if it mygth be do closly and suerly an take trew men [deleted in MS] of yowr cowncel. Wret þe morwe next after Sent Hillary.
Item, leve a bill indorcid what ye take a-wey, if ye take any. Yowr own, &c [deleted in MS].


Page  127

To my mastres Margrete Paston and to my welbelovid frendes John Daubeney + and Richard Calle.

I praye yow see to the god gouernaunce of my housold and guydyng of other thynges touchyng my profite, and þat ye, with Daubeney and Richard Calle and with other such of my frendes and seruauntes as can avise yow aftir the mater requirith, wekely take a sad communicacion of such thynges as be for to do, or oftenner and nede be; takyng avise of the master and of the viker and Ser Jamis in þat is for to say, aswell for provision of stuffe for myn howsold as for the gaderyng of the reveneus of my livelode or greynes, or for settyng awerk of my seruauntes, and for the more poletik meane of sellyng and carijng of my malt and for all other thynges necessarj for to be do, so þat whanne I come home I haue not an excuse seying þat ye spoke to my seruauntes and þat Daubeney and Calle exkuse hem þat þei were so besy thei myght not attende; for I woll haue my mater so guided þat if on man may not attende a-nother shall be comaundid to do it. And if my seruauntes faile I had lever wage some other man for a iorny or a season thanne my mater shuld be on-sped. As for my livelode, I left with Daubeney a bille of many of my dettes, wherby ye all myght haue be indused whedir ye shuld haue sent for siluer. It liketh me evill to here þat my prestes and poremen be onpaijd, and þat no mony sent to me more thanne x mark be Berney of alle this season. And yet therof telle Richard Calle he sent me viij nobills in goold for v mark and þat as longe as gold was bettir payment thanne siluer I had neuir so moch gold of hym at onys; and telle hym þat I woll nat þat he shall kepe þat vse, for I trowe my tenauntes haue but litell gold to pay. Also, remembir yow in any howsold, felaship, or company þat will be of good rewle, purvyauns must be had þat euery persone of it be helpyng Page  128 and fortheryng aftir his discrecion and powyre, and he þat woll not do so without he be kept of almes shuld be put out of the houshold or felachep.
Item, where ye desire me þat I shuld take your sone to grase, I woll for your sake do the bettir, and will ye knowe þat he shall not be so oute of my favour that I will suffir hym to mischefe without be eftsones his owne defaut. And hough be it þat in his presumptuose and ondiscrete demenyng he gaf bothe me and yow cause of displeasir, and to other of my seruauntes ille exsaumple, and þat also guided hym to all mennes vndirstondyng þat he was wery of bidyng in myn hows, and he not insurid of help in any other place, yet þat grevyth nat me so evill as doth þat I neuir coud fele ner vndirstand hym poletyk ner diligent in helpyng hym-self, but as a drane amonges bees whech labour for gaderyng hony in the feldes and the drane doth nought but takyth his part of it. And if this myght make hym to knowe the bettir hym-self, and put hym in remembrauns what tyme he hath lost and hough he hath leved in jdelnes, and that he coud for this eschewe to do so heraftir, it myght fortune for his best. But I here yet neuir from no plase þat he hath be in of any poletyk demenyng or occupacion of hym: and in þe Kyngis hows he coud not put hym-self foorth to be in favour or trust with any men of substauns þat myght forther hym. Neuirthelesse, as for your house and myne, I purpose not he shall come there, ner be my will non other, but if he can do more thanne loke foorth and make a fase and countenauns.
Item, send me word whedir my glasier hath do at Bromholm and at the Friers of the south towne, and whedir he be paijd such mony as I sent home word he shuld be paijd; and if he haue do all he must haue more mony, but I remembir nat certeynly what till I come home, for I remembir nat what his bargeyn was for þe werk at the south towne. I trowe Master Clement can telle, and also fele hym-selff and send me word. Also, þat ye and Richard Calle and Daubeney see þat Master Clement and Master Braklee, which hath gret nede I wote well, and my prestes and poremen be paijd, and also all other men; and þat ye see þat I be not callid on for þat is my dewté. Also þat ye see amonges yow þat that is owyng me be not lost ne forborn for lewdnes, for þat shall bothe hurt me and do my tenauntes harme. Lete Richard Calle remembir þat my fermour of Sweynesthorp is falle in gret dette for defaut of callyng Page  129vpon but be on yere, and I deme þat bothe John Willeys and my newe fermour of Snaylewell arn like to be in the same case, and paraventure Aleyn of Gresham, and other.
Item, remembir yow or evir I had a-doo with Fastolffes livelode, whill I toke hede to my livelode my-self it bothe servid myn exspenses at home and at London and all other charges, and ye leid vp mony in my cofirs every yere as ye knowe. And I wote well that the payment of my prestes and other charges þat I haue for Fastolffes livelode is not so gret as the livelode is, thow part therof be in trobill. And thanne consider that I had nought of my livelode for myn exspenses at London this thwolmonyth day. Ye may verely vndirstand þat it is not guided wittely ner discretly, and therfore I pray yow hertly put alle your wittes to-gedir and see for the reformacion of it. And ye may remembre be þis how ye shuld do if þis wer yowres alone, and so do now. And þat ye woll remembir I haue sent yow all many lettirs touchyng many maters, and also a bille now last by Pecok of erandes, desiryng yow to see hem alle to-gedir and send me an answere articlerly, and such as ye can not spede at this tyme, lete hem be sped as sone as ye may. þat ye se ouer my seyd letter [deleted in MS]s oft tymis til þey be sped.
Item, I remembir þat myn heygh at Heylesdon the last yere was spent and wasted foull reklesly, and colored vnder my shep. I pray yow see þat I be not servid soo this yere.
Item, Pecok told me of a fermour þat wold haue had Mautby Merssh, paying xij mark, as it went afore; and Richard Calle told me of on þat wold pay more. Burgeys paijd me first xij mark vj s. viij d., and I had the reed and the russhis and he fond the shepherdes hyre in shakke tyme for my fold; and sithen he brigged awey the shepherdes hyre and thanne the nobill, and I trowe he occupijth no lenger hym-self, and I remembir he told me vij yere goo þat my merssh shuld alwey apeyr till the prime were past the nombre of xix and thanne it shuld amend a ix or x yere, promittyng me he wold þanne amend my ferme. I pray yow help to lete it aswell as ye can, rather to hym þanne a-nother man if he woll do aswell, and þat ye comon with Pecok.
Item, as for the mater þat I wrote of to the viker and other goode felaws, desire hem þat thei be [unclear] not to excessiue hasty in the mater for non nede, but to do þat thei may do þerin mesurably and wittely Page  130as sone as thei may; and as for the respite of the mater here lete hem not care therfore, I shall do wel jnough. Telle hem for certeyn the mater is in as good case as any such mater was this xx wynter, as my counsell tellyth me; but I woll be sure of all weyes þat I may haue, and specially of the declaracion of the trought of my mater and of my frendes.
Item, as for the mater athwyx the parson of Mautby, Constantine, and the viker of Derham, whedir it were small mater or gret I care not, but I am sure þat too witnesse which I knowe were apposed þerin before a juge sprituall, whech as I suppose was Master Robert Popy or some other. The viker of Derham can telle, and so I trowe can John Wynter of Mautby or other parysshons telle where the sute was athwyx hem, and I can thynk it was in the chapitell. If ye can safely gette me what the witnesse seid I wold nomore, but do no gret cost on it.
Item, recomaund me to Master Robert Popy and telle hym as for any thyng seid ayens hym in my mater, thow myn aduersaris ment ontrewly thei prevyd nought but þat he is a good man and a worshipfull and a trewe.
Item, if I haue any otes beside my stuffe, or may any bye aftir xiiij d., spare not and take good mesure or bartirre for some other chafare, and send me word hough moch ye may bye.
Item, it is told me ye make no wood nouther at Caster ner Mautby, wherof I merveyle. Remembir yow we must brenne wood a-nodir yere.
Item, I send yow a titelyng þat I mad whill I was at home, what malt I had by estimacion, set at the lest. Wherfore see þat Brigge make a reknyng of his malt, and cast ye my book and loke what ye can amend it; and apeyre it shall not if alle folkes haue do trewly, but I suppose fewe of yow haue take any heed at it asmoch as I ded.
Item, I may selle here for vj s. viij d. a quarter clene-fyed after Royston mesure, whech is lesse thanne the water mesure of London. Cambriggeshire malt is here at x s. Cast ye what I may selle of newe and old, savyng stuffe for myn hows. Item, to remembir þat Guton malt must be shipped at Blakeney. Item, Lynstedes malt at Walcote may be shipped there; ore cast amonges yow what malt may best be sold.
Item, if on man may not attende to gader siluer, sende a-nother; and send me word what hath be reseyvid and spent.
Item, þat I haue an answere of alle my lettirs and of euery article in hem. Page  131
Item, but if ye make such purvyauns þat my prestes be paijd and poremen, beside other charges, and purvey mony for me beside, outher ye gader shrewdly or ellis ye spend lewdly.
Item, I sent a lettir by Rauff Greneakyr to James Gresham and to yow, which he promised me shuld be at Norwich on Wednesday aftir Thwelth Day. And therin were diuers maters, and inespeciall of a mater þat shuld be in comunicacion on Tuisday last past bithwyx Yeluerton and Robert Wyngfeld for Caster as in the seid lettir is specifijd. It is so þat the seid Robard shall be here with-inne this ij dayes; if any thyng ye haue aspied of it send me word. Item, yong Knevet tellith me þat he is my good frend, and he is come ridyng homward on Friday last was. I pray yow ley wetche whedir ye here any thyng þat he medillyth hym in þat mater, and send me word; for I wold vndirstand whedir he were iust and trew or nought, and that do, it shall not ligh in his power to hurt me. But take ye hed and inquere, and knowe other mennes purpos, and kepe your intent as close as ye can; and what some evir boost be mad, werk ye wisely and set not by it but send me word what ye here.
Item, Calle sendyth me word þat Ser Thomas Howes is seke and not like to askape it, and Berney tellyth me the contrary; wherfore I pray yow take hed therat and lete me haue knowleche, for though I be not behold to hym I wold not he were ded for more thanne he is worth.
Item, take the viker the bille þat I send yow herwyth.
Item, þat ye, if ye can, fynd the meane to aspie what goodes Edmond Clere eschetith of any mannes.
Item, remembir well to take heed at your gates on nyghtes and dayes for theves, for thei ride in diuers contrés with gret felaship like lordes, and ride out of on shire in-to a-nother. Wretyn at London the Tuisday next aftir Sent Hillary.
Item, þat Richard Calle brynge me vp mony so þat my prestes be paijd, and þat he come vp suerly with other men and attornis.


To my cosyn Margret Paston and to Jon Dawbeney and Richard Call. Page  132

I [unclear] recumman [deleted in MS]d me to yow, and haue receyvid a letter from yow and a-nother fro Richard Call be John Colman [unclear] and on be Roos, and I haue receyvid of Colman the plate and mony acordin [deleted in MS]g to [deleted in MS] Richard Callis letteris.
Item, I can yow thonk ye send me word the pri [deleted in MS]se of corn.
Item, as for yowre sone: I lete yow wete I wold he dede wel, but I vnderstand in hym no dispocicion of polecy ne of gouernans as man of the werld owt to do, but only leuith, and euer hath, as man disolut, with-owt any prouicion, ne that he besijth hym nothin [deleted in MS]ge to vnderstand swhech materis as a man of lyuelode must nedis vnderstond. Ne I vnderstond nothin [deleted in MS]g of what dispocicion he porposith to be, but only I kan thynk he wold dwell ageyn in yowr hows and myn, and ther ete and drink and slepe. þerfor I lete yow wete I wold know hym or he know myn enten [deleted in MS]t, and how wel he hath ocupijd his tym now he hath had leyser. Euery pore man þat hath browt vp his chylder to the age of xij yer waytyth than to be holp and profitid be his childer, and euery gentilman that hath discrecion waytith that his ken and seruantis þat levith be hym and at his coste shuld help hym forthward. As for yowr sone, ye knowe well he neuer stode yow ne me in profite, ese, or help to valew of on grote, sauyn [deleted in MS]g at Calcot Hall whane he [deleted in MS] and hes brothir kept it on day ageyns Debenha [deleted in MS]m, and yet was it at iij þe coste that euer Debenham sones put hym to; for be her policé they kepe Cotton at my cost and with the profitis of the same. Wherfor geff hem no favor tyle ye feel what he is and will be.
Item, Call sendith me word that Master Phylip hat entrid in Drayton in my lord of Suffolk name, and hat odir purpose to entre in Heylisdon, and he askith myn auyse; whech is that ye conforte my tenantis and help hem til I come hom, and let hem wet I shall not lese it; and that the Dewk of Suffolk that last dijd wold haue bouth it of Fastolff, and for he mygth Page  133 not haue it so he claymyd þe maner, seyin [deleted in MS]g it was on Polis, and for his name was Poole he claymid to be eyr. He was ansueryid þat he com nothin [deleted in MS]g of that stok, and how someuer were kyn to the Polis þat owth it, it hurt not for it was laufully bowth and sold; and he neuer kleymid it after.
Item, I am in purpose to take assise ageynse hem at tis tyme, and ell I wold haue sent theder streyt be a letter of atorney to entre in my name. Neuer the les ye be a gentilwoman, and it is worshep for yow to confort yowr tenantis; wherfor I wold ye myth ryd to Heylisdon and Drayton and Sparha [deleted in MS]m, and tari at Drayton [deleted in MS] and speke with hem, and byd hem hold with ther old master til I com, and that ye haue sent me word but late, wherfor ye may haue non answer yet. And informe hem as I ha wrete to yow [deleted in MS] with-in, and sey oupinly it is a shame that any man shuld set anny lord on so ontrwe a mater, and speciall a preste; and lete hem wete as sone as I am com hom I shall see hem.
Item, that as for distreyn for rent or ferm, thow the Dewk had tytill, as he hath not, he may non ask til the next rent day after his entré, that is Michelmes. And seye þat ye will be paijd euerj pené, and aske hem it, and make mech of men of Cossey becawse þey wer owr welwilleris when we wer neyboris ther; and lete hem wete þat þe begynneris of shech mater had neuer worchip ner profite of me, ne shall, and desyr god will of yowr neyboris, &c., and fynd [deleted in MS] all othir menis þat ye kan to plese þe pepill. And lete yowr tenantes wete that þe Dewke may neuer be lawe compel hem to torn from me, and do all so well as ye can. And if any entyr be mad in Heylisdon [deleted in MS], shuff him owt and set sum man to kepe þe plac [deleted in MS]e if ned be, not with-standin [deleted in MS]g it longith not to þe maner.
Item, I wold fayn haue sum man to be baylé of Heylisdon and Drayton, &c., þat mygth go amongis the tenantis; and ell I wolld han Richard Charllis to go among hem tyl I com hom, and also Richard Call whan he may.
Item, he sent me word that the tenantis of Drayton wold not come to the Dewkis cort, and if þey will be so sted [deleted in MS]fast to me and kepe hem Page  134strawnge and froward from the Dewkis cowncell, all this mater shall turn to a jape and not hurt hem ner, and if þey [deleted in MS] be wauerin [deleted in MS]g it shall hurt hem.
Item, I lete yow wete þis is do to cause me to seese my labor ayens hym for Dedham, whe [deleted in MS]ch I wil not for it. God kepe yow. Wret the Thursday be-for Sent Petris Day.
Item, tel Richard Call jf I [deleted in MS] haue wittene [deleted in MS]ssis redy I wol spede this mater spirituall befor Estern.


To my cosyn Margret Paston.

I recummand me to yow and thank yow of yowr labowr and besynes with þe vnruly felechep that cam befor yow on Monday last past, wherof I herd report be John Hobbis; and in god feyth ye aquyt yow rygth wel and discretly, and hertyly to yowr wurchep and myn and to þe shame of yowr aduersarijs. And I am wel content þat ye avowid þat ye kept possescion at Drayton, and so wold doo; wherfor I pray yow make yowr word god if ye may, and at þe lest let myn aduersarijs not haue it in pees if ye may. Jon Hobbys tellith me þat ye be seekly, whech me lekith not to here, prayin [deleted in MS]g yow hartyly þat ye take what may do yow eese and spare not, and in any wyse take no thowth ne to moch labor for þes materis, ne set it not so to yowr hert þat ye fare þe wers for it. And as for þe mater, so þey ouercome yow not with fors ne bosting I shall have þe maner sewrlyer to me and myn þan þe Dewk shall haue Cossey, dowt ye not. Page  135And jn cas I come not hom within thre wekis, I pray yow come to me; and Wykes hath promisid to kepe the plase in yowr absens. Neuertheles, whan ye come set it in sech rewle as ye seme best and most suer bothe for Castre and Heylisdon, if þe werre hold. In cas ye haue pees, send me word. As for that it is desyrid I shuld shew my tytill and euyden [deleted in MS]s to þe Dewk, me thin [deleted in MS]kyth he had euyll cowncell to entre in opon me trustin [deleted in MS]g I shuld shew hym euydens. And ye seme it may do yow god or eese, lete my lord of Norwich wet that þe maner of Drayton was a marchantis of London callid Jon Heylisdon longe er any of þe Polis þat þe seyd Dewk comyth of wer borne to any lond in Norffolk or Suffolk; and if þey wer at that tyme born to no lond, how may þe seyd Dewk klaym Drayton be þat pedegré? As for þe seyd John Heylisdon, he was a por man born, and from hym þe seyd maner dessendid to Alise his dowtyr, hos estat I haue; and I suppose þe seyd Dewk comyth not of hem.
Item, as for the pedegré of þe seyd Dewk, he is sone to William Pool, Dewk of Suffolk, sone to Mychell Pool, Erl of Suffolk, sone to Mychel Pool, þe furst Erl of Suffolk of þe Polis, mad be King Richard seth my fader was born. And þe seyd furst Mychell was sone to on William Pool of Hull, whech was a wurchepfull man grow be fortwne of þe werld, and he was furst a marchant and after a knygth, and after he was mad baneret. And if any of þees hadde þe maner of Drayton I woll los c li., so þat any persone for þe Dewk will be bond in as mech to proue þe contrary. And I wot weel þe seyd Dewkis cowncell wil not claym þe seyd maner be þe tytill of þe fader of þe seyd William Pool. And what þe fader of þe seyd William was, as be þe pedegré mad in þe seyd last Dewkis fadiris daijs, I know rygt weell; wherof I jnformyd Herry Boteler to tell my old lady of Suffolk, be-cawse he is of her cowncell, and more will I not tell in þes mater but if I be desyrid or compellid.
Item, let my lord of Norwich wete þat it is not profitabl [deleted in MS]e ner þe comen well of gentilmen that any jentilman shuld be compellid be an entré of a lord to shew his evidens or tytill to his lond, ner I nil not begine þat exsample ne thralldam of gentilmen ner of othir. It is god a lord take sad cowncell or he begyne any sech mater. And as for þe Poolis that owth Drayton, if þer were c of hem leuyng, as þer is non, yet haue they no tytill to þe seyd maner. God kepe yow. Wret þe Satirday, &c. Yowr Jon Paston I pray yow be as mery with yowr feluchep as ye kan. Page  136
Item, I send hom writt and proses for yowr [deleted in MS] seruantis and myn.
Item, I may sell yowr [deleted in MS] woll for xl d. þe ston redi mony, as Arblaster can tell yow, and malt for iiij s. þe quarter at daijs xxj for xx deliuerid of Yermoth mesur. If ye fayle mony ye most make it of yowr wole or malt. I send yow hom writtis of repleuin for þe shep and þe hors þat wer take, and avise yow lete þe writtis be deliuerd be-for my lord of Norwich and god rekord; and if ye may make men with fors to take þe catell ageyn [deleted in MS] be waran of repleuyn, spar not rather than fayle.


To my mastresse Margret Paston, James Gresham, and Richard Calle.

I recomaund me to yow, and haue reseyvid ij lettirs from John Russe wherin he remembirth me that I shuld owe hym xix li. or ther-upon for diuers parcelles whech he seith he shuld haue deliuerid in-to myn hows, wherof he seith xiiij li. was deliuerid in-to myn howse ij yere goo [unclear] and that I had a bille deliuerid me therof, and the remnaunt sithen, and desireth of me payment of the seid xix li.; wherfore I certifye [unclear] yow as I vndirstand in the mater. Ye may lete John Russe come to yow and take such a direccion in the mater as reason and trought woll. I lete yow wete that abought ij yere goo the seid John Russe deliuerid me first a bille of the seid xiiij li. [unclear] , and I examined the parcelles; and as I remembir xj li. was my dewté, wherof the certeyn somme is writen in my blak book of foreyn reseytes that yere, and the remnaunt was Richard Calles dewté, wherof he was allowed, savyng a part was Elys dewté. And Page  137 as for the seid xj li., I offerid the seid John Russe payment in hand at þat tyme and desired hym he shuld nomore send in-to myn howse, and warnyd yow and Richard that ye shuld nomore stuffe take in-to myn hows without ye paijd in hand, nowther of hym ner of non other. And the seid John Russe praijd me to remembir that I had graunted hym the maner of Akthorp in Leystoft at a certeyn prise, as it apperyd by writyng vndir my seall, and desired me that I wold take the seid somme in party of payment. And I told hym that, as for such mony that shuld come from hym for that lond, I wold take it of hym and ley it vp by the self, that I myght purchase other lond therwith, bicause I wold lesse Fastolffes lyuelode for the college; but I wold pay hym his dewté without any stoppage. And he thanne desired me to take þat same xj li. and ley it vp to the same vse, seying to me that it was as good to do so as I for to take it hym and he to take it me ayen. And thus he and I agreed and departed, and thanne he praijd me to take more chafar of hym, whech I denyed. And nough I merveyll what shuld cause hym to aske mony for that dewté. Neuirethelesse I deme he supposith that he coud not opteyne his bargeyn by me bicause of the trobill that it standyth in, and for that or for some other cause he repentyth his bargeyn and woll nomore of it. Wherfore send for hym, and take James Gresham or some of your frendes and Richard Calle, and fele what he menyth; and if ye can fynd hym disposed to leve his bargeyn, yet though I myght kepe stille the seid mony, I wold he shuld not lese therby. Neuirthelesse, if he woll refuse his bargeyn, thanne take ayen the writyng that he hath of that bargeyn and a writyng of his hand that he dischargyth me of the graunt that I mad hym of that same bargeyn. And thanne loke that ye enquere what mony he hath reseyvid of the seid maner in my tyme, wherof the ferme is vj li. yerly, whech I suffird hym to occupie to his owne vse by fors of the seid bargeyn all my tyme; and aftir the parcellis cast what I haue had of hym, abbate þerof the mony that he hath reseyvid of the seid maner and also as moch of the xiiij li. as the seid Richard Calle and Elys owen, wherof he is allowid, and thanne see that the seid John Russe be content of the remnaunt of his parcellis that is dew by me; but loke ye pay non other mennes dewtés. Also the seid John Russe writyth in his lettir that, rather thanne he shuld fayle this mony, that I wold lend hym asmoch to pay ayen at Cristemasse; wherfore, if he leve his bargeyn, I woll ye lend hym asmoch mony over his dewté as shall make vp xx li., takyng of hym suerté to pay ayen at Cristemasse, as he writyth. In case be that he will kepe stille his Page  138bargeyn, thanne ye may answere hym it is no reason that he shuld aske me any part of that mony ayen, for he owyth that and moch more.
Item, the seyd John Rus sent me heder a man for þis mater only with-in thes ij daijs, wherfor let him know an ansuer [deleted in MS] betymes, for I fel well he hath mad a gret bargen but late wherfor he hath mor nede of mony now; and I wol do for hym that I may resonably. Neuertheles his wrytin [deleted in MS]g merweylith me that he askith þis mony as dewté whech he toke me for parte of my payment. I deme it comith not all of his owne disposiciun. Inquier ye that ye can [deleted in MS] what it menith. God kepe yow. Wret þe Wednisday nex Lammes. Yowr [deleted in MS]is John Paston In cas ye han Drayton in any quiete, take sewerté of yowr tenantis for paiment, as I haue wret befor.


To my cosyn Margret P [unclear] aston, at Heylisdoune.

I recomaund me to yow, and as for the letter that I send yow touchyng John Russe, I woll that ye and your counsell see it openly, and kepe this bille to your-self or to some secret frend of your. And I pray yow remembir ij thynges: on, if ye fynd hym in any maner wise disposed to leve his bargeyn, take it at his offer and take ayen the writyng that he hath of that bargeyn, or a writyng of his owne hand of relesyng his bargeyn to me; for paraventure at this tyme he woll be glad to leve his bargeyn, as I vndirstand, and whanne he sethe that I haue peas he woll calle ther-on ayen, wherfore I pray yow werk wisely herin, for he may in no maner wise aske the mony of me and kepe his bargeyn, for he hath diuers Page  139tymes desired me to haue take of hym more stuffe þerfore; a-nother, as sone as ye may, or ye breke this mater with John Russe, make due serche with the fermours at Akthorp what mony Russe hath reseyvid there in my tyme: that is to sey for Mighelmes the first, the ij, iij, iiij yeres of Kyng E., of whech he hath reseyvid ij paymentes, that is xij li. at the lest, or er the maner was trobelid by Jenney or Yeluerton. And I deme that he hath reseyvid some sithen, but that he kepith counsell.
Item, for asmoch as Ser Thomas Howes gaderid for the xxxix yere of Kyng Herry, the seid John Russe woll, vnder colour of that, surmytte that he reseyvid in my tyme was therfore; wherfore ye must make a serche what he hath reseyvid sith Ser John Fastolff dyed, and what tyme, and therupon ye shall vndirstand what he hath reseyvid for me and what for hym. And in case he hath reseyvid xij li. and Richard hath paijd hym his duté as he promised, thanne growyth nat to John Russe past iiij or v li. Notwithstandyng, fare fayre with hym and resonabilly, so þat he leve his bargeyn, and lend hym the remnaunt of the xx li. vpon suerté for xx li. he desireth to haue outher by dewté or borowyng at this tyme.
Item, he that shall speke with the fermours of Akthorp, whos name is Langham, he must inquere generally what mony he hath paijd to all men sith Ser John Fastolff dyed, and see his billes of payment and take therof a titelyng. Richard Calle hath a bille of parcellis of euery mannes ferme, and he can serche this best in case he be not to favorabill to John Russe; wherfore I remitte this to your discrecion. But I suppose John Russe woll telle yow what he hath reseyvid, for I [deleted in MS] haue bifore this tyme wretyn by his seying what he had reseyvid, and I suppose and he remembird that he seid to me he wold not aske his mony in this forme. Neuirthelesse it shall do good so he leve his bargeyn by this meane. I merveyll that I here no tidyngges from yow hough ye haue do at the assises. The berer of this lettir is a comon carier and was at Norwich on Satirday, and brought me lettirs from other men; but your seruauntes inquere nat diligently after the comyng of cariers and other men. Wretyn at London the Wednesday next after Lammes Day. Ye shall haue lettirs of me this weke. John Paston Page  140


To my cosyn Margret Paston.

Myn owne dere souereyn lady, I recomaund me to yow and thank yow of the gret chere þat ye mad me here, to my gret cost and charge and labour. Nomore at this tyme but that I pray yow ye woll send me hedir ij elne of worsted for doblettes to happe me this cold wynter, and that ye inquere where William Paston bought his tepet of fyne worsted whech is almost like silk; and if that be moch fyner thanne þat ye shuld bye me after vij or viij s., thanne bye m [unclear] e a quarter and the nayle therof for colers, thow it be derrer thanne the tother, for I wold make my doblet all worsted for worship of Norffolk rather thanne like Gonnores doblet.
Item, as for the mater of the ix xx li. askyd by my lady of Bedford for the maner of Westthurrok, where as Ser Thomas Howes seith that he hath no writyng therof but þat Ser John Fastolff purchased the seid maner and paijd certeyn mony in ernest, and aftirward grauntyd his bargeyn to the Duc of Bedford, and so the mony þat he toke was for the mony that he had paijd; paraventure Ser Thomas hath writyng therof and knowyth it not, for if ther be any such mony paijd vpon any bargeyn he shall fynd it in Kyrtelyngges bookes þat was Ser John Fastolffes reseyvour. And it was abought such tyme as the Duc of Bedford was last in Inglond, whech as it is told me was the viij yere of Kyng Herry the Fift or the viij yere of Kyng Herry the Sext, and the somme that he paijd for the seid bargeyn was ccc mark. Also he shall fynd, the xxij yere of Kyng Herry or therabought, in the acomptes of on of Fastolffes reseyvours at London, that ther was take of Ser Thomas Tyrell and of the Duchesse of Excestre, that was wif to Ser Lowes John, fermours of the seid maner, certeyn mony for repayment of part of the seid ccc mark. Also he shall fynd in yeres after þat, or in that yere or ther-aboutes, that Ser John Fastolff reseyved mony of my Lord Revers þat now is, by the name of Richard Wydevile, Page  141for his owne dette dew to Ser John Fastolff. Wherfore if Ser Thomas be trewe to his master lete hym do his devoir to make þat Worseter, whech is vphold be hym with the dedes goodes, to be trewe to his master; or ellis it is tyme for Ser Thomas to forsake hym and help to punyssh hym, or men must sey that Ser Thomas is not trewe. And more-ouer lete Ser Thomas examine what he can fynd in this mater that I sent hym word of, whech mater he shall fynd in the seid reseyvours bookes, if he list to seke it.
Item, wete of hym whedir any writte of sub pena cam to hym therfore.
Item, I send hym a bille whech on Edmond Carvyle for Robert Otteley askyth of Ser John Fastolff, of whech, aswell as of a bille askyd by on Fraunses for makyng of houses in Southwerk, lete send hedir an answere; for and I coud answere hem I wold not send to hym. And that Richard Calle, or who so evir goo to hym of my seruauntes, lete hym vndirstand that such brethelles as be abought Ser Thomas wene that I sent to hym for maters of myn owne, and that I myght not forbere his frenship, whech is no-thyng so; and if it lay in his power to avayle me an c li., as he can not avayle me xx s., I wold not [deleted in MS] send to hym whill he is cuppilled with such felaship as he is. Wherfore he that shuld speke with hym were best to mete with hym at a sodeyn, where he were with some substanciall man that coud informe hym what were his trought to do in the mater; for it grevyth me full evill to send often to hym till he be of sadder demenyng.
Item, if any answere I shall haue in this mater I must haue it at the ferthest by that tyme as James Gresham shall come hedir, for that tyme must I geve an answere; and if ye can get it ere, send it.
Item, if the seid Ser Thomas be of good disposicion lete hym be spoke to that he be ware of the evidens of Dedham. He told John Pampyng that he had byd John Russe deliuere hem me, and nough he is turnyd and kepyth hem stille; and I dought lest by such as be abought hym it shall rather be appeyrid thanne amendyd, for this xx wynter hath Worseter vsed to bye and selle evidens. And ye can get hem of hym, take hem.
Item, get yow copys of the jnquisicions take bifore Master John Selot for Drayton chirch and bifore Edmond Clere, exchetour, if any such were takyn; and also inquere what day Emond Clere satte, for he is bound to put in the inquisicion with-in a monyth after it is taken in the peyne of xl li. Page  142
Item, I sent yow word ye shuld inquere what bribes or rewardes Edmond Clere toke of outlawed men in Norffolk, or any other fals prattes that he hath doon. Dought ye nat he woll not answere of half the good that he hath taken of outlawed men, if it were well inquered. James Gresham shall cone telle where ye shall best inquere, and such as ye can knowe send me iustly word.
Item, that the exspence mad by Daubeney for myn howsold be mad vp, and that Daubeney be charged with all such somes as ye or I or Richard Calle haue paijd for hym, and ye for that he hath paijd for yow. As for that I paijd of that was Daubeneys charge, I toke Calle therof a bille, wherof lete Calle send me ayen a copy, and also send me the copy of the bille of your reseytes whech ye haue hom with yow from hens; and that Daubeney and ye and Call send me a remembrauns of the exspensis of myn housold and yowres, your children, and the college, and all other foreyn paymentes, and that in the makyng of Pecokkes acompt such thynges as he hath paijd for the college or the housold be mad as mony deliuerid to Calle or Daubeney, and that in ther acompt thei to aske alowaunce of the paymentes by the handes of Pecok, for I woll no-thyng haue charged nor discharged withinne the acomptes of any maners but only such as longyth to the exspensis of the seid maners.
Item, that ye see all acomptes be mad vp, and in especiall for my barly. Notwithstandyng, inasmoch that ye haue had in moch barly and greynes for dettes of your tenauntes of Mautby, therfore Pecokes acompt must be mad first, that such greynes as he hath deliuerid may be charged vpon the maltster or vpon any other that haue reseyved it.
Item, lete Pecokkes acompt be mad aftir the forme of Norwodes acompt, as I suppose is wretyn in your bille of erandes.
Item, take good heed at the charge and discharge of the acompt of Fastolffes barly in all plases, for ye shall haue other increse there thanne ye shall haue at Mautby; for the mesure of the barly in diuers plases is gretter thanne the busshell at Caster, and also ye take an hepe at the comb of fermes, whech in a gret somme castith out a gret. Also the maltster must answere of the increse of maltyng acordyng to old acomptes of Fastolffes, and if Calle can not vndirstand þat wele thanne ye may send for Barker; and ye shall, whan ye haue mad all thyng redy to the acompt, for xl d. haue hym a day or ij, and he can as good skyll theron Page  143as Bernard can on his sheld. Notwithstandyng, the precedentes of Fastolffes acomptes can telle it aswell as he if ther were any man coud vndirstand it.
Item, on the day after your departyng I reseyved lettirs by William Roo from your sones to me and to yow and to Richard Calle, wherby on of hem writyth þat my lord of Norwich, by the meane of Master John Selot, had geue a jugement in the mater of the presentacion for the chirche of Drayton or Euer [unclear] et cam thedir. Neuirthelesse I wote well the Bisshop may geve no jugement, for ther longyth no jugement to the mater. Paraventure he may amitte the Dukes presentacion and leve myn, in which case I and Ser Thomas Howes must take an accion ayens the Duc and the Bisshop and the prest, or ellis I shuld lese the patronage. Neuirthelesse, as for the Bisshop, so ye lete hym haue wetyng aforn secretly and in jentil wise, he woll take no displeasir; for it must be do for eschuyng of a gretter hurt. Notwithstandyng he shall bere no losse but if he woll. Wherfore send me word betymes the very certeynté what is doon in this mater and what is the prestes name that the Duc presentid, and what is the prestes name that I presentid; and that Ser Thomas Howes be felt of his disposicion, whedir he be of hert to take and abide by an accion, as it is told me he woll. And if ye may fynd the meane that he may write a lettir to yow or me therfore, or to speke to James Gresham therfore, and he be thorougly felt in these maters aswell as in the maters wretyn in your bille of erandes. Me thynkyth and he were comond with-all bifore the prior of the White Freres, or some other frend of yours, it shuld cause hym to be the more substanciall in his answere. Item, beware and remembir hough Master John Selot hath deseyvid yow in this mater. Lerne wisdom therby and forgete it neuir.
Item, your seid sones write hedir þat thei wold put some man in Cotton betymes, and þat your yonger sone seith he wold haue do it or this tyme but that he hath no mony in his purs to pay for his costes thedir, wherfore he desirith to haue some mony therfore till he myght gadir it vp. Wherfore, if thei be go or whan thei goo, remembir hem that thei haue diuers tymes had mony thedirward and do right nought, and myn aduersaries sent thedir men without mony and had ther intent. Item, hough be it that Mighelmesse payment may not be askyd till the day, yet ther is arerages jnough to gader more thanne xx li., as it is told me.
Item, lete your sone John the yonger wete þat I reseyved his lettirs and billes for the thyng þat he serched fore, vndir his seall. Neuirthelesse Page  144 I remembir I fayle certeyn writyngges and skrowes on paper and parchemyn touchyng the same mater, and in especiall of the obites and beryin [deleted in MS]gis of diuers of the Poles and of on Pole was a wolle marchaunt paijd gret customes to the Kyng; but I am in dought whedir your seid sone lokyd not iustly ther in the box and bagge þat I bad hym, or ellis þat it were medelid with some other skrowes in the same, or ellis þat it be in a bagge of like maters in my reed chyste at Caster. Wherfore, if he may easely come ther-to without tarying of his gretter maters, lete hym assay.
Item, he shall fynde a dede how my fadir wass infeffid in þe maner of Heylisdon and Drayton, whech I suppose be among þe euidens of Heylisdon wher I wole haue þe copy.
Item, he sendyth me word that ther is a prest callid told Ser William Barbour that he hath speciall evidens longyng to the manoir of Drayton, and that he seid he wold I had hem, but he wold speke with me. Wherfore I pray yow lete Ser William Barbour, with some other frend of yours, goo speke with the seid prest and to fynd the meane that he wold deliuer yow the seid evidens; and in case he woll not deliuer hem till he [deleted in MS] hath spoke with me, thanne desire ye with some frend of yours to see hem, and if ye seme thei be licly desire hym to come to London with on of my men, and to pay for his costes to come hedir to me, and quite his labour. But and ye may, take hem of hym, though ye apoynt to take hem hym ayen or ellis to agree with hym therfore. Neuirthelesse, in the begynnyng lete hym be told þat ye merveyll þat he shuld haue any evidens of that maner, for ye herd me sey þat I had all the evidens of the maner. And lete this be do by-tymes and wittely, and be ware þat this be not do of a sotilté to fele whedir þat I wold inquere aftir any evidens for faylyng.
Item, I pray yow remembir and rede often my bille of erandes, and this lettir, till it be don; and all such maters or articles as ye spede herof, crosse hem þat ye may knowe hem from tho þat be not sped; and send me answere of your good speed.
Item, send me hedir the avise what your counsell thynkyth best for the remedy of the chirch of Drayton. Page  145Though I write right certeynly, if ye loke hem lightly and see hem seld thei shall sone be forgete.
Item, I shall telle yow a tale: Pampyng and I haue piked your male, and taken out pesis v, for vpon trust of Calles promise we may sone onthryve. And if Calle bryng vs hedir xx li., ye shall haue your peses ayen good and round; or ellis if he woll not pay yow the valew of the peses there, to the post do nayle his ere, or ellis do hym some other sorough, for I woll nomore in his defaut borough; and but if the reseyvyng of my livelod be bettir plyed, he shall Cristes curs and myn clene tryed. And loke ye be mery and take no thought, for this ryme is cunnyngly wrought. My Lord Persy and all this house recomaund them to yow, dogge, catte and mowse, and wysshe ye had be here stille, for the sey ye are a good gille. Nomore to yow at this tyme, but God hym saue þat mad this ryme. Wret þe vigill of Sent Mathew [deleted in MS] be yowr trew and trusti husbond, J, P.


This is the instruccion for the messenger That ye grete well Ser William Yeluerton, letyng hym wete in our behalf we be informed that certeyn persones in the name of the right worshipfull Page  146 oure cosyn the Duc of Suffolk, haue enterid in the manoir of Drayton that was Fastolffes, and haue dreven from the seid manoir and other xiijc shep and other bestes pastured vpon the seid manoir, notwithstandyng we merveyle gretly that the seid Ser William, his sones and seruauntes, as it is seid, assiste and counfort the seid persones soo entryng and withdrawyng the seid catell, seying that he is named bothe feffé and executour; and all be it so that there is variaunce bithwene hym and oure welbelovid John Paston in oure coort, consernyng aswell the seid manoirs as other goodes that were Ser John Fastolffes, whom God assoyle, yit it may not acorde with worship and consiens for the seid Ser William to assiste the distruccion of the seid manoirs and goodes in the meane tyme. Wherfore we desire hym that he woll do his devour effectually to help to save the seid manoirs from all such pretense or titell, and to cause the seid catels to be restored to the manoirs aforeseid and not to be withdrawen and distroyed as they be; and þat he do his feithfull part in this behalf acordyng to the trust þat he was put in, as we may do for hym in tyme to come.